Friday, September 13, 2013

Islamic Jihad And The Treachery Of The Political Establishment

It is worth mentioning at the outset that this post is not intended to be a criticism of Islam or Muslims in general, it is intended to highlight some facts about Islam and in light of these facts, explore why Western 'progressive' politicians are forcing this so called 'religion of peace' onto their unwilling populations with the threat of prosecution and/or imprisonment for anyone who dissents.

The spark that set this article off was the justification used by the mullah's and community leaders for the Million Muslim march on Washington DC which took place on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity.

It was apparently a 'march against fear' and to protest against 'the continued victimization of Muslims after the mass slaughter, by their fellow Muslims, of close to three thousand innocent people on 11 September 2001. They also demand that their 'civil rights' be protected.

The very idea that Muslims would even consider a protest march on such a sensitive date speaks volumes about their ignorance; it also demonstrates their contempt for the feelings of their fellow Americans and their total lack of respect for the victims of 9/11 and their families.

More worrying is the different attitude displayed by the 'progressive' political establishment toward the Muslim protesters as opposed to the loyal American patriots who also wanted to demonstrate in DC.

The Muslims, who were protesting against America and its people, were accommodated with permits but the bikers who wanted to demonstrate their loyalty to America and honour the victims of 9/11 were refused.

In a demonstration of the American people's love of liberty and their contempt for authoritarian politicians, the bikers rode anyway.

It is this kind of attitude by the 'progressive' establishment, together with rigidly enforced, one way political correctness, that is giving Muslim populations across the civilized world the impression that they are a special case.  They believe they can ignore the laws, culture and institutions of their host country and carry on with their barbaric practices with impunity.

Compared to Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the Anglosphere, the American people are thankfully spared the appalling excesses of Muslim criminal activity and the high levels of public abuse that is being suffered by their brothers and sisters abroad. These excesses are with the consent, and therefore the approval of the 'progressive' political establishment and their lickspittle institutions. (Second Amendment Rights have a lot to do with this).

It needs to be stated that instead of being grateful for their deliverance from some of the most violent and vilest cesspits on the planet, Muslims immediately turn on their hosts by complaining and agitating for special privileges and concessions, which are usually accompanied by threats of blood curdling violence.

For some reason the political establishment always cave in to these demands which emboldens them further leading to even more demands.

These demonstrations are now a global phenomenon blighting everyday life for decent people across the Anglosphere. Here are a few examples:

Muslim demonstrations in London, here, and here

Muslim demonstrations in Australia here

Muslim demonstrations in Oslo here

Muslim demonstrations in Paris here

Muslim demonstrations across Europe here

It is incumbent upon Muslims to explain why, when there are fifty Muslim countries on the planet, they voluntarily choose to come to the Western countries they so deeply hate.

Many of these Muslim countries are awash with oil money, they are governed by their beloved Sharia law, they can wear the burqua without let or hindrance, they don't have to worry about seeing pork or alcohol on the supermarket shelves, they can pray five times per day (and have every Friday off) and above all there are no infidels and kaffirs to pollute their holy ground.

All this must be preferable to being continually discriminated against in the evil West.

It must be remembered that any similar demonstrations by the host communities are clamped down on or forbidden by the politicized police 'services' who are now acting as enforcers for the 'progressive' political elite.

Inciting violence and other threatening behaviors are acceptable to the establishment when carried out by Muslim demonstrators but the same would be considered criminal offences, better known as hate crimes, if used by people from the host nation.

Why are the 'progressives' and their agents doing this?

Muslims are now raping their way across Europe with impunity, with women in Norway and Sweden being especially at risk. It is forecast that 1 in 20 Scandinavian women will be raped by a Muslim in their life times. ( See here, here and here)

Why are the politicians in these countries subjecting their women to this barbarity and where are the Scandinavian men? Is this abandonment of their women the result of white guilt or atonement for the excesses of the Viking era?

Even in India rape by Muslim men is being covered up by politicians and the media. Why?

Rape is a shocking crime and its tolerance by 'progressive' politicians is a clear demonstration of their utter contempt for their people but it gets worse, much worse.

Tolerating crimes against adults is bad enough but condoning crimes against children for political ends is unforgivable; for this the political class deserve to rot in hell. How much lower can these 'progressives' sink in pursuit of their political agenda?

Muslim paedophile gangs in Great Britain have been well documented on this site but it is impossible on a small site like this to convey the shear magnitude and extent of these appalling crimes.  Worse still is the complicity of the entire political establishment and its institutions. 
Members of Parliament, local politicians, local council workers, social workers, care homes, school teachers and even the police, all willfully ignored the desperate plight of these young girls at the hands of these monsters citing cultural sensitivities or community cohesion.

See here, here and here

Tolerating the beastial sexual abuse of underage white girls by adult Muslim paedophiles in pursuit of a political agenda is about as bad as it gets and if there is such a place as hell then these 'progressive' scumbags have reserved a place in the hottest corner.

At the time of writing, nobody from the political establishments of Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, London etc. have been disciplined or fired let alone prosecuted and punished, but one hundred and seventy five thousand people (175,000) were prosecuted last year for not having a television licence.

Terrorists, murderers, rapists and torturers cannot be deported from Great Britain because it infringes on their human rights but obviously being drugged and subject to horrific sexual abuse is not a human rights infringement if it involves underage white girls.

The questions being asked by all civilized people are:

Why is the political establishment and its institutions doing this?

Why are they subjecting their own people to such horrific crimes by uncivilized barbarians?

What could possibly be in it for them?

Does the imposition of a political agenda take a higher priority than the well being of their citizens including women and young girls?

Is the pain and suffering a price worth paying?

In conclusion, the biggest questions of all deserve an explanation:

If multi-culturalism is such a good idea and the key to building a more equal future for the world, why does it only apply to the white Anglosphere?

Why is multi-culturalism via open border mass immigration not being forced upon the peoples of Africa, India, Russia, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Central and South America and above all in the fifty Muslim countries around the world?

If no explanation is forthcoming then it can only be assumed that this is a deliberate program of cultural replacement better known as ethnic cleansing.


  1. They cannot be that stupid, even the dimmest politician must, by now, surely realise that islam is an evil ideology, rotten to the core with no hope of redemption. The only logical conclusion is that they see islam as a temporary ally that will help them destroy British traditions and Christianity the two main hurdles they need to overcome in order that they establish their socialist utopia.
    Perhaps they should consult their history books and see what happened to the ayatolla's temporary friends in Iran.

    1. The average politician is dumber than a box of rocks, I've seen more intelligent creatures in the reptile house at the zoo. They are just there to do their masters bidding.

      It's the senior politicians behind the scenes that have designed the agenda and the useful idiots are implementing it at street level.

      You are right they are using Islam to destroy western civilization in order to replace it with their socialist utopia.

      It's going to come back and bite them in the ar*e some day in the future.

  2. Whatever the reason, strange though it is, it can only end one way. Mohammed is already the most popular boy's name in London FFS. When the same happens in Cheltenham I think all hell will be let loose.

    Or maybe not. Maybe the additional question is 'Why, as a nation, are we just constantly bending over and merrily taking this?'.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, we don't care cos there's 12 weeks of dancing coming up to take our feeble minds away from all those horrible thoughts.

    The 4 family members who died in the fire on Friday - horrific though it is, I can only see these sorts of things starting to happen more often. I think you have to assume that the perps knew exactly who was in the house.

  3. Thanks for commenting. That was an awful tragedy and, as you correctly say, it is unlikely be the last.

    The British people are bending over and taking Islamification because they have buckled under the pressure of political correctness which is being ruthlessly imposed by the establishment thought police.