Thursday, February 21, 2019

Islamic Terrorist Remembers She's British And Wants to Go Home

 Don’t be fooled by the media appearances of Shamima Begum, the British citizen that voluntarily left the safety and security of Great Britain to live in the Islamic Caliphate that her death cult proclaims will take over the world and to which we will all eventually be subject whether we like it or not.

The choreographed media appearances portray a demur misguided schoolgirl who was radicalized on the internet and should therefore be allowed to return ‘home’ with her newborn baby.

The title of ‘jihadi bride’ reinforces the image of an innocent participant in bloody events she did not envisage but it hides the truth. Shamima Begum is an unrepentant terrorist who knew exactly what she was doing when she joined ISIS and traveled to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Prior to departing for the Caliphate, she was fully aware of the barbaric methods and punishments metered out to infidels and anyone who did not join the blood-soaked campaign to spread their evil cult across the middle east and beyond. By her own admission she was unfazed by the sight of severed heads and the mutilated bodies of her victims.

The truth is that the only reason she wants to return ‘home’ is because ISIS is defeated, and her beloved Caliphate has been erased. Had this not happened she would be happy to remain in the Islamic State making babies and supporting her husband as he raped, murdered and mutilated his way across the middle east in the name of Allah.

As sure as night follows day the globalist political elite and the Great Britain hating multi-culturalists are calling for her return and are begging that we show compassion even though she has shown no remorse or contrition herself and still believes wholeheartedly in her cause.

These same people are also using the fig leaf of human rights laws to justify bringing this inhuman specimen back to live among civilized people, but they never consider the human rights of those law-abiding citizens who want to live free from the fear of being murdered or mutilated by alien cultists who by their own admission do not belong.

According to those using human rights to justify repatriating Shamima Begum, she cannot have her citizenship revoked leaving her stateless, but this raises some important issues.

It must be remembered that Begum hates Great Britain and western civilization and is fully aware that ISIS is dedicated to the destruction of both. Therefore, she voluntarily surrendered her citizenship when she joined ISIS and traveled to the middle east.

Human rights conventions and laws should not apply to peoples or cults that despise and reject western civilization and who openly declare that they do not recognize these same conventions and laws preferring instead to live by their own sharia law as laid down in the Koran and the Hadith.

It’s madness to give equity of treatment to people who reject the Geneva Convention as they butcher their way across the middle east and are now bringing that same unspeakable butchery into the heart of western countries.     

To conclude, Islamic terrorists like Shamima Begum are not radicalized by the internet or any other media fad; they are radicalized from birth by their families and their belief system. This is reinforced by imams in the mosques and madrassas they attend.

Along with the rest of the repatriated ISIS jihadis, Begum still hates the country she now refers to as home and regards its citizens as infidels and kuffars who deserve to be beheaded if they refuse to accept Allah, Mohammad and the supremacy of Islam.

By all accounts she would be unfazed to see severed heads and corpses littering her home town of Bethnal Green and along the Old Kent Road that was once the home of the long disappeared Cockney culture that once graced that area of London’s East End.