Saturday, December 29, 2012

CNN and Piers Morgan - Poor Judgement Leads To Progressive Agenda Backfire

Knowing what every sensible British person thinks about Piers Morgan one would think that an organisation the size of CNN would do a background check before putting their reputation and their ratings at risk.

A cursory glance at any biography would have revealed to them what an odious opportunist and thoroughly repugnant piece of work Morgan is.

Nothing is off limits if it boosts his personal wealth or celebrity status, not even his readers' hard earned money or the safety of British soldiers serving in Iraq.

The Daily Mirror share tipping scandal is a classic example of Morgan pushing the limits of legality to make a fast buck. Two Daily Mirror city reporters would tip the readership on what shares or stocks to buy knowing that the tip itself would increase the price albeit temporarily.

The two Daily Mirror shysters and Piers Morgan would buy the shares before the tip was made public and sell them shortly after, prior to the price dropping. This is illegal and the two Daily Mirror shysters were rightly prosecuted, Morgan on the other hand did it in somebody else's name so got away clean.

The Daily Mirror readership who bought the tipped shares in good faith lost their money. (This prompted a Piers Morgan song on Ytube which is unsuitable for a family blog).

Morgan should know that soldiers do not get to choose when or where to fight, they swear an oath of loyalty and fight wherever Her Majesty's government orders them to. Morgan opposed the Iraq war but instead of taking it out on the politicians he takes it out on our brave men and women in uniform.

As editor of the loony left wing Daily Mirror tabloid he published photographs of British soldiers supposedly abusing Iraqi prisoners. The photographs were faked but they had the effect of enraging the already volatile Muslim population around the world putting military personnel and British citizens abroad in even more danger than they already were.

This was traitorous behavior and Morgan was rightly fired. In the court of public opinion he should have been prosecuted but the Criminal Justice System in Great Britain has been hijacked by the 'progressives' and they, as we all know, take care of their own.

In summary, Piers Morgan is first and foremost a celebrity socialist better known as a 'progressive' who has adopted the typical 'progressive' self loathing agenda,  anti capitalist, anti war, anti Israel, 'combating climate change' etc. and, as we now know,vehemently anti American.

All this should have been obvious to CNN so one must ask why they hired him and especially to replace a much loved national icon such as Larry King.

It doesn't take much of an investigation for the answer to jump off the page.

CNN and Piers Morgan were made for each other, the parallels and similarities are there for all to see, Piersy, as he is sometimes known, is one of them and as we have previously mentioned 'progressives' look after their own.

CNN was set up by loony left wing nutcase Ted Turner with the sole purpose of pushing his personal 'progressive' agenda. Its so called journalists are advocates for socialism, Anderson Cooper and Christian Amanpour for example and any journalist that does not go along with their perverted ideology are off loaded, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs being the most noted.

Ted Turner is the is the ultimate poster boy for self loathing socialist hypocrisy, there is none of this equality and fairness stuff  for our Ted and redistribution of wealth means other peoples wealth not his own.

Champagne Socialist Ted Turner, or Limousine Liberal as his breed is known in the USA, owns 15 ranches, roughly 2million acres, which makes him one of the biggest landowners in the country and he is worth in excess of $2billion. Not bad for someone who's political philosophy bans all private property.

Ted Turner gives financial support to the biggest anti American forum on the planet, the United Nations, money that could be put to better use alleviating poverty and hardship at home.

Ted Turner's agenda is pure 'progressivism' and consists of political correctness, anti Christian, anti military, anti Israel, pro abortion, 'combating climate change', government run healthcare, gun control etc.

Ted Turner also believes that families should be restricted to two children.............except himself, off course, who has fathered five.

Ted Turner excelled himself as a loony left wing nutter when he married communist supporting multi millionaire 'progressive' 'Hanoi' Jane Fonda, who regards the racist Black Panthers as 'our revolutionary vanguards'.

Every American person I have ever met since my first visit to the USA in 1988 hates 'Hanoi' Jane with a passion and the memory of her sitting on a communist North Vietnamese anti aircraft gun while downed American pilots were tortured in rat infested prisons, rankles with them to this day.

CNN's only reason to exist is to promote the 'progressive' transformational agenda at home and on the international stage twenty four hours a day and what better creature to use than a fellow
anti American 'progressive'  than Piers Morgan.

His posh English accent lends itself to the illusion that anti American opprobrium is international and that the Constitution, especially the right of American citizens to bear arms is out of step with the modern civilised world.

It must bring a smile to the face of every patriotic American that CNN's ratings and reputation are joining Pier Morgan down the toilet where they belong and hopefully this will trigger a backlash against their transformational 'progressive' agenda

Hypocrites of the highest order, Ted Turner and Piers Morgan despise the country and the political system that made them wealthy and while it is within Ted Turners Constitutional rights to do so, it is not the case for Piers Morgan.

I would recommend that the government should heed the petition of the American people and deport him forthwith.

(The British have a counter petition to keep him in the USA so any suggestions as to where he should go would be welcome)

* Update - Piers Morgan has defended his anti Second Amendment stance in the Mail on Sunday and is threatening to leave America if you don't mend your ways.

 "I can spare those Americans that want to deport me a lot of effort by saying, that if you don't change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage then you don't have to worry about deporting me....I will seriously consider deporting myself".

This leaves the American people with two choices:

1 - Write to their Congressmen begging them to repeal the Second Amendment and give up their Constitutional Rights.

2 - Call him a cab for the airport......

Friday, December 28, 2012

Piers Morgan - A Stain On The Land Of The Free

"and for support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our scared Honor". - The Declaration of Independence.

"We the People of the United States in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America". - Preamble to the Constitution

These words were created and written by the worlds most intellectual minds in order to establish one of the greatest countries in the history of humanity.

The Founding Fathers created a country based on individual liberty with a constitutionally limited government and once this nation had been established the people were free to become the most prosperous on earth.

While the continental European nations disintegrated into religious intolerance, perpetual war, tyranny and serfdom, America under its Constitution forged ahead in the opposite direction with religious tolerance, freedom and prosperity.

The success of the United States attracted immigrants from all over the world who were prepared to risk everything for a chance at the American Dream or to live and worship as their conscience dictated.

The United States has always had its enemies and it still attracts opprobrium from a variety malcontents who hypocritically take advantage of the opportunities offered by a free America while rubbishing the system that makes it possible.

Piers Morgan is one such dishonorable hypocrite who seeks to lecture the American people on all that's wrong with their country while simultaneously making a fortune despite being a talentless ignoramus devoid of any basic manners toward his hosts.

With his ratings plummeting down the toilet CNN must regret the moment they tried to cash in on his notoriety as a talent show judge and his editorship of a left wing tabloid newspaper.

Rumour has it that CNN are looking for an excuse to cancel his contract and dump him.

Piers Morgan has made a living out of being a self publicising celebrity, a dissembling coward and a hypocrite.

 As editor of the Daily Mirror tabloid he claimed he was innocent of any knowledge of phone hacking while admitting that he listened to telephone conversations between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills that were hacked.

If Morgan had an ounce of integrity he would return to Great Britain and clear his name, the sad fact is that the British people despise the man with a passion and don't want him back.

As a British person and an admitted lover of America and its history I am embarrassed by Morgan's ignorant utterances and the disrespect he displays for his hosts, especially at a time when the nation mourns a true American hero.

General Norman Schwarzkopf was a man who pledged his Life, his Fortune and his sacred Honor to protect the country he loved and its Constitution so that putrid crap stains like Piers Morgan can remain free to make a fortune out of slandering the very same people and the Constitution without let or hindrance.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mrs Thatcher's Last Laugh - Arthur Scargill Humiliated In Court Decision

With the news that Arthur Scargill has lost his court case which he brought against the remnants of his own union, this is an opportune moment to reflect on the history of this hypocrite who put revolutionary politics before the interests of his members, destroying entire communities in the process.

Free marketeer and avowed anti-socialist Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the same time as the two unrepentant communists Arthur Scargill and Mick McGahey took control of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), Great Britain's most powerful union.

Coal mining was one of the biggest industries in Great Britain which not only powered the industrial revolution but the Royal Navy as well. The entire economy was powered by coal and the industry employed hundreds of thousands of workers with the NUM having a membership approaching half a million. The NUM wielded immense power and in 1974 they used this power to bring down the elected government of Prime Minister Edward Heath.

The discovery of oil in the 1920's  and the conversion of the Royal Navy ships from coal to oil started the decline of the coal industry, this fact combined with the availability of cheap coal from overseas made the nationalised British coal industry uncompetitive and an unsustainable drain on the economy.

The Labour governments of Wilson and Callaghan, under their infamous Plan for Coal, were forced to rationalise the industry which inevitably meant that unproductive mines would have to be closed.

These closures were continued by Edward Heath's Conservative government and were used as an excuse for the NUM to strike work. By using blackmail, intimidation and the usual threats of violence they brought the country to its knees and the downfall of the Heath government. 

Due to the timing of the strike this sad period in British history was known as the 'winter of discontent', there were power cuts, a three day working week, mountains of uncollected rubbish in the streets and even the dead were left unburied.

This collapse of the economy resulted in a general election where power was handed to the union controlled Labour Party who promptly caved in to the NUM. Regardless of the collapsed economy and the dire state of the coal industry, wages were increased by a staggering 20%.

This was a typical piece of socialist logic which did nothing for the long term viability of the industry and only made matters worse in the longer term.

Enough is written about Margaret Thatcher's ideology and motivation elsewhere, but the same is not widely known about Scargill and McGahey.

Arthur Scargill followed his father into coal mining and communism. While his father was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), young Arthur was a member of the Young Communist League (YCL).

As part of the infiltration strategy of communists into mainstream democratic socialist parties, which is laid down in Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, Arthur Scargill resigned the YCL and joined the Labour Party.

Scargill resigned from the Labour Party when it dropped Clause IV from its constitution, this clause committed the party to nationalisation of all the major industries and utilities. He formed his breakaway Socialist Labour Party which went on to get an average of 1% of the popular vote in subsequent elections.

Scargill was and still is a revolutionary Marxist and like the rest of his ilk he is a hypocrite of the very highest order.

What the membership of the NUM didn't know while they were striking work and impoverishing their families was that Arthur Scargill was busy setting himself up with some not very communist sweet deals.

There was to be none of this Marxist nonsense about abolishing private property for our Arthur. He bought his own piece of real estate in Barnsley, after which he negotiated the fuel bills, the security system and even his own tax returns to be paid for out of his members subscriptions for the rest his life.

Scargill also negotiated an all expenses paid apartment in the *Barbican Centre, London, for his use and that of his surviving widow, paid for from the members' union dues. Somewhere along the line he also negotiated a 'Papa' Doc Duvalier President for Life deal.

* For information, the Barbican Centre is an up market housing development in London occupied by the operators of the capitalist system such as bankers, stockbrokers and various other 1%'ers. The very people that Scargill professes to despise.

Arthur Scargill had nice things to say about Stalin and also claimed that the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin "explained the real world".

Mick McGahey, Scargill's deputy in the NUM, was a life long unrepentant communist who's father was a founder of the Communist Party of Great Britain, when that dissolved, McGahey joined the Scottish Communist Party.

McGahey was a communist fanatic who supported the Soviet invasion of Hungary and the subsequent repression of the Hungarian people. He is also quoted a s saying that the USSR "is a beacon of hope for humanity." 

Looking back at 1974 strike and the downfall of the Heath government, Scargill and McGahey were going for a repeat performance with the Thatcher government, a government and Prime Minister they ideologically opposed and hated with a passion.

The only thing that they needed was an excuse to strike work.

Armed the knowledge that many of Britain's coal mines were over 100 years old and suffered geological problems thus making them uneconomical, Scargill and McGahey committed the NUM to fight any mine closures except on the grounds of exhaustion.

As a result of this commitment the entire coal industry needed a massive subsidy from the taxpayer and this made the industries that were dependent on coal, such as the steel industry and electricity generation,  economically uncompetitive.

In order to rescue the bankrupt British economy, which was sunk by previous Labour Party mismanagement, the Thatcher government proposed to remove the subsidy and close uneconomic mines. Scargill and McGahey had their excuse and a year long strike followed.

Scargill and McGahey refused to hold a national strike ballot, instead by using the 'no mine closure rule' they struck work at  a mine that was earmarked for closure.

They went on to abuse the traditional loyalty of the mine working communities by demanding  sympathy action, they resorted to bullying, thuggery and violence to browbeat dissident communities into line.

Mrs Thatcher had read Scargill and McGahey like a book, she knew what was coming and had long prepared for their politically motivated strike by stockpiling supplies of coal. Her government also organised a fleet of trucks ready for its transportation if required.

More controversially she put the police on a war footing to make sure that any mine worker who wished to work would be able to do so without intimidation.

The rest is history, the NUM split with the formation of the Union of Democratic Miners (UDM), the strike collapsed and with it the entire coal industry.

Thanks to Arthur Scargill and Mick McGahey membership of the once mighty NUM plummeted from a peak of 450,000 to around 1,700 today. ( that's not a typo it really is only seventeen hundred)

Instead of a managed introduction of new forms of power generation, the political ambitions of Scargill and McGahey resulted in the industry being shutdown within a matter of years destroying entire communities in the process.

Mick McGahey departed for the great communist utopia in the sky in 1999 to spend eternity with his hero Stalin, the inhabitants of his home town of Cambuslang in socialist Scotland have insulted the murdered victims of Stalin by erecting a memorial in McGahey's honour.

Arthur Scargill still endures with the unshakable belief that the collapse of the coal industry and the most powerful trade union in history was nothing to do with him, it was all Thatchers fault.

It doesn't enter Scargill's thick skull that the duly elected Prime Minister of some 60 million people, including the tens of thousands of NUM members, had a duty to stand up to the bullying and blackmail of two communists fanatics who continually failed to get elected to parliament under their true banner.

Currently, the NUM is in financial straits and can no longer finance the perks of their 'President for Life'. The burden of this largess, as always, falls on the membership.

The NUM reviewed his contract and were unable to understand how these perks found they way in and if they are appropriate.

The financial plight of his union doesn't bother Scargill, his priorities have always been himself and his political agenda, this always took precedence over the interests of his members.

He took his own union to court in order to continue with his 'entitlements' regardless of their affordability.

The judge found in favour of the NUM so Scargill now has to finance his own extravagant bourgeois lifestyle.

Perhaps he could start selling the Big Issue or sitting outside the House of Lords with his dog on a piece of string waiting for his old friend the multi millionaire Marxist Neil Kinnock to pass by and drop a few coins in his battered cup.

This is a final ignominious and humiliating end to a once powerful union baron who abused that power in order to pursue his perverted ideology and a reason for the Iron Lady to indulge in one last laugh to herself.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gun Rights - New York Mayor Bloomberg Does Irony

For those unfamiliar with the name Rahm Emmanuel, he is a senior member of the Chicago Democratic political machine that played a pivotal role in getting a fellow Chicago 'progressive' elected to the Presidency of the United States.

Rahm Emmanuel is as efficient and dedicated as he is ruthless. After bedding down the new President Obama in the White House, he left Washington DC to take over the Mayorship of Chicago from another 'progressive' Democrat, Mayor Richard M. Daley of the all powerful Daley political dynasty which was started by his father and includes his three brothers.

This formidable 'progressive' machine knows how to win elections in Chicago and they put this expertise to use in the 2008 Presidential election.

Rahm Emmanuel occasionally blesses his fellow 'progressives' with his pearls of wisdom on electioneering, one of which is " you never want a serious crisis go to waste". Roughly translated that means that when it comes to the fundamental transformation of America, positive political capital can be extorted from any news story no matter how tragic, in fact the rule of thumb is that the bigger the tragedy, the bigger the potential vote.

This is the politics of the sewer but in the minds of 'progressives' their agenda is so important to them that the ends justify the means therefore even the victims of tragedies such as the appalling shooting in Newtown, Connecticut are fair game to use in order to advance their transformational agenda.

New York's Mayor Bloomberg is from the same gene pool as Mayor Emmanuel therefore he is shamelessly using the terrible shooting tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut to further the 'progressives' long term agenda to disarm law abiding American citizens by stripping them of their Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Whatever an individuals' point of view may be on the issue of gun control, CEO Wayne LaPierre of the NRA made some indisputable points during his pro 2nd ammendment speech, particularly in reference to mental health care and gun crime victims in gun free zones.

More important is the fact that people such as the Presidents supporters including 'progressive' Hollywood actors and brain dead celebrities protect themselves with armed security personel along with potential targets like airports, banks and sport venues.

For reasons known only to 'progressives' the same protection cannot be afforded to schoolchildren and their teachers who are be the most vulnerable group of all.

Listening to Mayor Bloomberg's response to Wayne LaPierre one would be forgiven for thinking that he was rehearsing a satirical sketch for Saturday Night Live.

Mayor Bloomberg failed to address any of the points made by LaPierre but indulged in the usual 'progressive' debating tactic of demonising and smearing the messenger.

Mayor Bloomberg  accused LaPierre of not offering any solutions then derided him in no uncertain terms for the solutions that he had in fact offered.

Mayor Bloomberg ignored whole sections of LaPierre's speech on the effect on young minds of violent video games, including 'Kindergarten Killer' and the incessant violence churned out by Hollywood, risibly he held LaPierre and the NRA responsible for the problem of violence in society.

Mayor Bloomberg surpassed himself to the point where only the terminally stupid could take him seriously when he claimed that LaPierre "offered a paranoid *dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America". ( *Dystopia meaning a society in a repressive and controlled state) This is the very same Mayor Bloomberg who is busy creating a state of dystopia in America's biggest city.

This is the same Mayor Bloomberg who spoke up in support of homosexual marriage by stating that the government shouldn't tell people who to marry and who then went on to tell people they can't have a 16oz soda or put salt on their fries.

Political party flip flopping billionaire Bloomberg is an authoritarian 1%er who is threatening to stand in the next gubernatorial or Presidential race so please remember to drink a toast to his election victory today because when he is elected alcoholic beverages will go the way of sugar, salt and transfats.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Millionaire Ed Miliband - Labour Leader And Dickensian Poverty In Great Britain

I know I am not alone in holding politicians in total contempt and my attitude toward this dissembling shower of s*** was reinforced when I made the mistake of watching the last Prime Ministers Questions from the British Parliament. (PMQ's)

After the expenses scandal and the discovery that the peoples' representatives were engaged in wholesale looting of their hard earned money, they really have got some nerve calling each other Honourable and Right Honourable Gentlemen (and Ladies).

What made my experience worse was the fact the people responsible for bankrupting the British economy were still sitting there in judgement on the people charged with clearing up their mess.

There was the rich aristocrat Harriet Harman nodding in disapproval of welfare capping, then there was her husband, the multi- homed trade union thug 'Grunwick' Jack Dromey, of all women shortlist fame, feigning compassion for the homeless.

There was Evette Cooper, wife of the odious thug Ed Balls shaking her head in disapproval at the proposal to check that those on the permanent invalidity benefit role were actually unfit for any type of work at all.

Then there was the thug himself who can dish out the barracking but then cries like a sissy when he gets it back in return, the Treasury Secretary during the Brown years of devastation and now Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. This obnoxious ignoramus will go down in history as the most incompetent manager of the economy......ever.

Ed Ball's answer to Great Britains' bankruptcy is more of what he did to cause it in the first place, that is more tax, spend, borrow and debt. The man is not just inept, he is economically illiterate bordering on insane.

Finally there was their glorious leader and Prime Minister in waiting, Ed Miliband, who together with his brother David are part of the notorious North London family of wealthy hard left 'intellectuals' which centred around their communist fanatic father Adolph "Ralph" Miliband.

Listening to Ed Miliband speak at PMQ's one has to wonder if he is of this planet or if he thinks that the watching public are as terminally stupid as his core followers. It is almost as if the their thirteen years of devastation didn't happen. They are all in denial about about the mayhem they have caused and the lives they have ruined.

In his attempt to portray David Cameron as out of touch he and his backbench lickspittles orchestrated an attempt to paint a picture of Great Britain as mired in poverty of Dickensian proportions.

Their ludicrous claim is that this poverty is a direct result of the governments' heartless policies that they put in place to cure an economic crisis which, according to Miliband and Balls, all started in evil capitalist America.

This nonsense is as embarrassing as it is insulting. The picture they painted was of the noble poor who were so destitute they were relying on food banks for their basic nourishment. They talked about ragged children turning up for school hungry and begging scraps of food from their teachers. Then there were children riddled with diseases that are associated with poverty such as TB and rickets.

These supposedly unwashed, uncared for, malnourished victims of the government's attempt to save the country from bankruptcy on the backs of the poor and downtrodden.

Then of course to cap it all there was the inevitable and thoroughly threadbare mantra about tax cuts for millionaires paid for by starving diseased schoolchildren and their destitute parents.

Those of us who have lived and worked in the undeveloped world will have seen real poverty, real starvation and real disease first hand. Ed Miliband's attempt at portraying Great Britain in such terms is ridiculous and insulting but typical of a modern 'progressive' politician who needs poverty to justify his perverted ideology.

Ed Miliband nor any of his lickspittles mentioned the fact that almost every British kid nowadays owns an IPhone, an XBox or wears designer trainers and who, unlike the real poor of the world, have access to clean water, welfare, free education, free housing and free healthcare.

Ed Miliband's justification for this Dickensian nonsense was the sensible plan for the government to cap the increase in welfare payments to 1% in line with public sector pay to help to cut the welfare budget which the country can't afford.

I can't claim to be the next Nostradamus but it would appear that my previous post: Fundamental Transformation, Progressivism For Beginners is not only true but prophetic. Ed Milband's 'progressive' rhetoric was exactly as I predicted.

Myth No 1 - Poverty, Ed Miliband gave us visions of poverty in spades.

Myth No 2 - Victims, Ed gave us those also and the most emotionally evocative victims to boot i.e starving, diseased children.

Myth No 3 - Villains, Like a stuck record and ignoring the fact that he is one himself, hypocrite Ed gave us millionaires not paying their fair share.

Myth No 4 - Compliant Media, Ed Miliband gave us this Dickensian poverty nonesense on global television raising eyebrows among the global 'progressives' who believe as Ed Miliband does, that the answer to everything is for the government to tax and spend more.

I have written previously about Cameron and his gang being remote and unable to identify with the people they are supposed to be representing but Ed Miliband is in no position to criticise as he is from a similar remote elite albeit from the communist end of the political spectrum.

If the latest polls are to be believed then Ed Miliband will be the next Prime Minister and Ed Balls will take over the economy, at that point the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from a one time global superpower to a third world banana republic will be complete and may the Lord have mercy on us all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Communication Data Bill - British Government To Spy On Its Own People

Although it has a reputation for individual liberty it will come as a shock to many people around the world that the line between democracy and tyranny in Great Britain is now so thin it has reached breaking point.

Corruption and sleaze notwithstanding the relationship between the government and the people is broken almost beyond repair and it is in desperate need of resetting.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people is long gone, it has been abolished by politicians who pursue power not to serve the people but to impose their own ideologically driven agenda.

Tyrannical governments have always been obsessed by controlling the information that reaches the people and this paranoia has led them to take extraordinary measures to make sure that independent sources of information are suppressed.

The invention of the printing press facilitated the mass production of independent information, and this threatened the governments monopoly of opinion. To counter this it was forced to seek out and destroy the presses and to prosecute their owners.

Independent newspapers and magazines were a thorn in the side of state but they would self censor when ordered. The abdication crisis of King Edward and Mrs Simpson together with wartime censorship being a classic examples.

Under the pretext of press ethics the printed media is in the process of being censored as a result of the Leveson kangaroo court and this will be covered in a later post.

Advances in technology further threatened the government's domination of the communications industry and they responded with legislation.

The General Post Office (GPO)  was a government creation which gave the state a monopoly over mail delivery from sender to receiver and it was this mandated monopoly that was used by the state to justify its control over all forms of communication as technology advanced.

The invention of the telegraph and the setting up of communications businesses by the private sector was perceived as a threat. The state claimed that a telegraph message came under the sender to receiver monopoly therefore they passed the Telegraph Act in 1868 which nationalised the telegraph companies giving the state a monopoly over telecommunications.

Similarly with the invention of the telephone, the state controlled GPO obtained a court judgement that telephone conversations fell under the remit of the Telegraph Act. The telephone companies like the telegraph companies were subsequently nationalised.

With the advent of radio communications, the state responded with the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1904 which gave the state control over radio waves.

Of all the legislation passed so far this Act of 1904 was the most draconian and the one that is rightly associated with totalitarian regimes the world over as it gave the state control over all future communication systems without the need for further legislation.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was set up in 1922 as a government controlled monopoly with all competition banned until 1955, even then the limited independent channels could not compete fairly as the proceeds from the extorted television tax went exclusively to the BBC.

It is universally accepted that the BBC is hideously biased to the left and in breach of its Charter and regardless of its claim to be independent of government it is still in thrall to the Orwellian Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport. The revolving door between the BBC and the Labour Party is legendary.

The BBC monopoly of radio was still in force as late as 1975 when the government did licenced some independent operators but in order to squeeze them out it reorganised BBC Radio accordingly to maintain its dominant position.

The invention of the World Wide Web is the biggest challenge yet for the authoritarian instincts of the government. The use of the Internet and social media has set the people free from government regulated opinion and the politicians don't like it.

To counter the perceived threat posed by the Internet, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc the government has come up with the Communication Data Bill with which they plan to snoop on its own citizens.

Politicians claim they need to know when parents communicate with their children, their family and their friends or what research they have done on the Internet and when they post on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to details of their private communications, the politicians are telling their citizens that they also need to know the details of their salary, bank accounts, race, religion, gender, sexual preferences etc. all for their own safety and protection.

These are the same politicians who paid out hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money to lawyers in an attempt to keep details of their expenses thievery secret from the public.

It appears that the citizens of Great Britain are not entitled to the same human right to privacy as the sleazy charlatans that are supposed to act in their best interests.

If there is any doubt that politicians of all parties have declared war on their own citizens then it should be noted that this authoritarian piece of legislation was dreamt up by the Labour Party who were only doing what socialists the world over do and that is to make free people subservient to the state.

Instead of throwing it in the bin, the legislation has been revived and submitted to parliament by the Conservative Party which used to hold individual liberty and small government as its core principle.

It would appear that authoritarianism in Great Britain has crossed party lines and is no longer the preserve of the socialists.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fundamental Transformation - Progressivism For Beginners

Watching supposedly intelligent people swooning misty eyed over President Obama it is obvious even to the most casual of observers that it was his celebrity and the carefully constructed image that turned them on and not his policies.

It beggars belief that a mysterious man with no history or background, with no experience of anything in the real world outside of Marxist professors and their radical left wing politics, could steal away the peoples ability to see through the sophistry, spin and deceit of his carefully constructed election campaign.

What many people remember most of all from the first campaign are the catchy soundbites and slogans which were repeated so often they stuck in the mind like the riff from a catchy song.

The favorites were, "Hope and Change"  or  "Yes..We..Can".

When one stops to think, they are just media created soundbites with little or no meaning. The one that did stick in mind of the astute observer and one which was pregnant with malice was  "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America". 

Bearing in mind that the United States of America was already the greatest country on earth with more prosperous people than any nation in history, why would anyone want to change it and into what?

The justification is simple, political ideology and in this case that ideology is socialism/communism.

In an attempt to disassociate themselves from their ideology's history of bloodshed and failure, socialists/communists now refer to themselves as 'progressives'.

The USA is a country based on individual liberty in a free enterprise system with constitutionally limited government, a system which is the diametric opposite of 'progressivism'.

As long as Americans remain free and prosperous it makes it impossible for 'progressives' to justify imposing their perverted ideology on the people.

Whenever an individual adopts this ideology it has the effect of driving out common sense and critical thinking which leaves them incapable of basic analysis. It also takes on a religious dimension so when confronted with any indisputable facts, 'progressives' will reject them out of hand if they perceive that it conflicts with their ideology.

Socialism/communism has never been adopted voluntarily, it has always been imposed either by a revolution or a coup d'etat. Now in the modern era it is being imposed by stealth, deceit and electoral corruption.

The likelihood of the American people voluntarily undertaking a revolution to replace liberty and prosperity with socialist induced poverty and servitude is unlikely and any politician foolishly attempting to get elected on a socialist/communist platform would be fighting a losing battle.

For the American 'progressive' the only path to power is by stealth, sophistry, deceit, outright lies and ballot rigging.

In order to justify their existence and achieve power 'progressives have to create four fundamental myths:

Myth 1 - Poverty - this is the biggest driver for 'progressivism', they desperately need poverty and lots of it. The poverty narrative in the media is all too familiar, 'the haves and the have nots',  extreme wealth living cheek by jowl with extreme poverty, the injustice, the inequality, the unfairness etc. ad nauseum.

Without poverty there is no justification for redistribution of wealth. Where poverty does not exist, 'progressives' have simply invented it.

In concert with the anti American global 'progressives' that infest the United Nations they have invented Relative Poverty as a measure for poverty and inequality.

Under this manufactured interpretation of poverty it is possible to live a typical Western materialistic lifestyle with its IPhones, Xboxes and designer clothes and still be classed as poor. Any disparity in material possessions is classed as inequality and used to stir up envy and division, this is then used as pretext for the redistribution of wealth.

Myth 2 - Victims -  a continuous supply of victims is essential and where there are no genuine victims 'progressives' will create their own. Welfare dependents are the biggest group and one of the easiest to convince that they are victims of an unjust system.

Mass immigration is an efficient from of victim creation as immigrants often go straight into the welfare dependence category. As a bonus they can be further marginalised and exploited on ethnic, racial and religious minority grounds. Additionally gender, sexuality, obesity, tall, short or bald can qualify a person for special minority and victim status.

Myth 3 - Villains -  a ready supply of villains to demonise, smear and blame for poverty is essential. 'Progressives' are unable to partake in adult political discourse, they thrive on hatred, they love a good hate, its in their DNA.

Hence we have villains to hate, such as millionaires and billionaires, executives and their corporate jets, Wall Street gamblers, fat cat venture capitalists, Republicans, conservative women, conservative blacks, the NRA, Christians, Fox News etc. ad nauseum.

Multi millionaire politicians, made rich on taxpayer loot, impoverishing entire nations in the process and leaving the bill for future generations to pay, does not qualify as villainy.

The misery, job losses and poverty caused by hypocritical union bosses who grow fat on the backs of coerced union dues and who indulge in the lifestyle of the people they claim to be fighting is also not considered as villainy.

'Progressives' have also invented a generic villain to demonise, blame and tax who they just refer to as  " the rich " which is anyone earning over $250,000 per year in the USA or $67,000 in Great Britain.

The insanity of all this spin and sophistry is that some of the victims from Myth 2 claim so much in welfare benefits and entitlements that they qualify as villains in Myth 3.

Myth 4 - A Compliant Media -  getting the propaganda out and embedded in the minds of the dumbed down electorate is essential. This is the job of the Main Stream Media (MSM) which is shamelessly biased in favour of the 'progressives'.

The politicians' obsession with controlling the message exposes the totalitarian streak that runs through every 'progressive'. They hate any message or messenger that gives the public an alternative view to their own because it shows them up for the liars that they are and lays before the people their real agenda.

If they could, without a doubt, they would close down talk radio together with Fox News and the Internet. Bloggers may well play an important role yet in the destruction of 'progressivism' and the rebuilding of a free and prosperous world.

The biggest crime and to the eternal shame of the political class, schools have been infiltrated by 'progressives' and they now form part of the Compliant Media of Myth 4. Left wing teachers are indoctrinating school children with their political ideology but failing to teach them the basics of reading, writing and mathematics.

Students are leaving school semi-literate and unable to process basic information or to form an opinion as a result of their own analysis. They can only accept orthodox thought, soundbites and groupthink.

'Progressives' claim that their mission is equality, fairness and social justice engineered by a benign government but history shows us that socialist states are totalitarian in nature, blood soaked, unequal and unfair.

The American people have entrusted the 'progressives' with the key to their children's future in the mistaken belief that it they will continue to live in a free and prosperous country.

The crash to earth will be both shocking and painful and when reality of their mistake hits home they will begin to understand, much too late, that their trust has been so badly misplaced.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Europe Goes Over The Fiscal Cliff, Guilty Men Go Free

Honest and responsible people when considering whether to make a purchase such as a house, a car or a new refrigerator are obliged to take time out in order to analyse their financial position.

This analysis revolves around the individuals' monthly income and expenditure eventually hinging on borrowing together with the affordability of loan repayments.

This also applies to businesses from the smallest convenience store to the biggest corporations. Every aspect of the balance sheet and the finances are investigated and all the possible assumptions and projections are factored into the calculation. Whatever the case, the laws of arithmetic will always apply and however much a particular product is desired, if it doesn't fit the financial analysis then the purchase is not made or a more affordable alternative is sought.

There are alternatives ways to acquire the products we may desire such as stealing them, stealing the money to buy them or by borrowing the money outside the rules of arithmetic regardless of the consequences. Such behaviour as we know, is irresponsible, dishonest and in many cases illegal.

In most cases there is no physical harm done and the amounts of money are relatively small but there are victims and they deserve to see the perpetrators brought to justice.

People and business owners engaging in such behaviour are punished either by fines and penalties or sanctions such as being disbarred from running a business and in some cases transgressors have been sentenced to prison.

Politicians engaging in such behaviour, and worse, are rarely punished, in fact the opposite is often true, they are rewarded with a non job which usually attracts a taxpayer funded salary with accompanying allowances and expenses or they are allowed to retire with their gold plated, index linked, taxpayer funded pensions the size of which is beyond the comprehension of the average elector they represent.

Despite being surrounded by the devastation they have caused politicians often carry on in their current position as if nothing as happened.

In the previous article it was revealed how 'progressive' career politician George Papandreou, the man who ignored the arithmetic in order to impose his perverted socialist ideology on the Greek people, destroyed the economy and impoverished the whole nation is now feted around the world as a wise elder statesman.

Perversely, George Papandreou has been appointed as a lecturer at the prestigious Harvard University in the USA lecturing students on debt and governance!

Greece and Papandreou was not an isolated case so the following is an update on the other incompetent politicians who's economic crimes are as bad if not worse than Papandreou and who also got away with their wanton destruction unpunished.

Great Britains' Gordon Brown and his thuggish enforcer Ed Balls were responsible for the unfunded expansion of the state, increasing borrowing beyond what the nation could afford and increasing the national debt to such an extent that future generations will be stuck with consequences long after Brown and Balls have met their maker.

When Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer and sidekick Balls was Treasury Secretary they continually preached prudence while they were emptying the coffers. They repeated the claim that they had abolished boom and bust right up until the day that the economy went..... er.. bust.

They expanded welfare entitlements and made them available to ever more people while taxing the British people to saturation point. Their incompetence is as bad if not worse than the hapless Papandreou. To cap it all, like George the Greek, they are both hard left uncompromising socialists.

Gordon Brown was kicked out of office but remains a Member of Parliament and continues to claim his MP's salary, allowances and expenses even though he doesn't attend the House. It has been a year since he last spoke in the House and his absence has effectively disenfranchised his constituents who are currently without democratic representation.

Gordon Brown travels the world making huge amounts of money by using the contacts he acquired while in Office. His earnings are channelled into his private company where they remain opaque to scrutiny from the people and the tax inspectors.

Gordon Brown the uncompromising socialist and scourge of the wealthy is on course to becoming one of the millionaires he claims to despise.

Ed Balls remains an MP and is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is married to Shadow Home Secretary Evette Cooper, so with their combined taxpayer funded ministerial salaries, allowances and expenses they are seriously rich.

They are rich enough not to suffer from the consequences of their socialist policies that have impoverished the people they claim to represent.

Staying true to his socialist ideology Ed Balls opposes any policy which seeks to put right the damage he has done and he openly campaigns for more tax, borrow, spend and debt. If a general election were to be held tomorrow the polls indicate that in an act of suicidal stupidity the British people would elect the Labour Party into office and Ed Balls would take back control of the economy.


The descent of Ireland into bankruptcy and poverty was engineered by *Brian 'Biffo' Cowen, a boozer and pot smoker who was part of a political family which included his father and brother. As previously reported 'Biffo' Cowen ignored the rules of arithmetic and went on an unprecedented spending spree, spraying taxpayers on welfare entitlements and tax cuts in a successful attempt to bribe the voters.

He also increased the pay and perks of Irish legislators to the point where they were the highest paid in Euroland. As Biffo well knew this was financed by borrowing that would impoverish the Irish people for generations.

Biffo's punishment consists of spending more time with his family financed by a gold plated, taxpayer funded pension of $215,000 per year. The prevailing wisdom is that Biffo will lay low for a while before returning to public life and the gravy train.

(* I have been reliably informed that the initials BIFFO stand for Big Ingnorant F*cker From O'Falley)


Italian politics has been mired in corruption for as long as anyone can remember and its only contribution to the global political scene is to provide us all with entertainment. Italy's reputation as an international laughing stock was confirmed with the election of multi billionaire entrepreneur and playboy Silvio Berlisconi as their Prime Minister.

His time in office has been mired in scandal and the list of alleged crimes and misdemeanors include:

Abuse of office, Mafia collusion, false accounting, tax fraud, bribery, procuring under age girls for sex etc.

Observers of the political scene consider this to be standard behaviour for all modern politicians and in Italy it is positively an electoral advantage.

While Berlisconi was busy enjoying his wealth and celebrity his government was borrowing and spending Italy into bankruptcy racking up debts of 121% of GDP. The irony is that if Berlisconi ran his business enterprises like he ran the Italian economy he would be destitute.

Berlisconi was removed from office in a European Union coup and replaced by a Gauleiter. He is currently enjoying his billions but has indicated he is planning to stand for office in the next election.


The Spanish economic performance was proceeding normally but started to head south in 2004 with the election of Jose Zapatero of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. While his government was busy ignoring the economic arithmetic and spending Spain to the edge of bankruptcy, Zapatero was busy with the global socialist priorities of removing Spanish troops from Iraq, continuing the war on tobacco and legislating for homosexual marriage.

Zapatero did not stand for re-election in 2011 but remains on the political scene as a member of the Spanish Council of State which is a consultative body for the government.


Any analysis of the mismanagement of European national economies can not be completed without scrutiny of the European Union and its leaders.

Briefly, the EU was the idea of post war 'progressive' politicians who dreamt of a socialist federal superstate that would compete with, and ultimately destroy, the hated United States of America together with its free enterprise system based on individual liberty and prosperity.

The EU is based on the old soviet model where power is centralised and used to control all aspects of life, public, private and economic. The EU bureaucracy churns out thousands of regulations every day to achieve this end.

The EU autocrats also believe that the transferring of sovereignty by stealth year on year will facilitate the eventual destruction of the nation states and lead to their goal of 'ever closer union' toward the superstate of their dreams.

The current leaders of this autocracy are the President of the European Parliament the life long German socialist thug Martin Shultz, the President of the European Commission, Portuguese autocrat and self confessed Maoist Jose Manuel Barosso and the President of the European Council the sinister Belgian totalitarian Herman von Rumpoy.

These three autocrats enjoy powerful positions that gives them control over the lives of half a billion people and yet none of them are elected and they cannot be removed electorally by the people they govern.

On the economic front the European Union is such a cesspit of corruption that its own accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for nineteen straight years.

In spite of this corruption and the fact that the European countries are suffering from economic collapse, insolvency, poverty and budget deficits,  these three autocrats insist on growing the budget by substantially increasing the contributions paid by the member states.

The logic of these three lunatics is beyond comprehension.

They are insisting that the bankrupt countries who borrowed and spent themselves into oblivion and who are forced as a result to impose severe austerity programmes at home are being ordered to borrow more money and hand it over to the institutionally corrupt European Union which has not had its accounts signed off for nineteen years!

This insanity will drive these indebted countries further into poverty and for a longer period. It appears that the suffering of people of Europe will not come between these autocrats and  their nation building agenda.

To the suffering people of Europe all of these politicians are no better than criminals who have escaped not only justice, but the consequences of their financially incontinent behaviour.

We can only live in hope that one day justice will prevail and they will be held responsible for the devastation they have caused.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Greek Economic Trainwreck - Politician Walks Away Unscathed

Looking at the devastated economies of Europe and the USA and the ruined lives of millions of people, it's worth reminding ourselves of how this situation came about and the people who should be held responsible.

It's an accepted fact that the political class in any country, regardless of party affiliation, take care of their own. Transgressions of less severity have been punished with imprisonment when committed by the ordinary person but more serious crimes are routinely glossed over and in many cases just ignored when perpetrated by members of the political class together with their bag carriers and their donors

In previous posts it was noted how members of the political elite such as David Laws MP, Baroness Uddin, Lord Paul etc. effectively got away with stealing tens of thousands of pounds of public money but what of the politicians who were responsible for losing billions, and in the case of the USA trillions, wrecking entire economies in the process.

In response to any crisis or scandal, political leaders repeat the familiar slogan that used to adorn the desk of President Truman that 'the buck stops here' or the latest favourite  'I take full responsibility for the actions of my government' but we know from experience that these are empty slogans thrown out to appease the media for the duration of the twenty four hour news cycle. The politicians don't mean a word of it, they remain safe in the knowledge that the dumbed down public will swallow it whole and then return to keeping up with the Kardashians.

The first major economy to fail was that of Greece, who's leader Prime Minister George Papandreou was the latest member of the Papandreou political dynasty. The seeds of Greece's destruction were sown by his grandfather, known as Georgios, the first politician from that blighted land to be described as 'progressive' and who set up the Democratic Socialist Party of Greece.

The fundamental transformation of Greece into a socialist state was finally achieved by Georgios Papandreou's hard left son Andreas who dominated Greek politics for over two decades. Exiled to America in 1938 and one time US citizen, he founded the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK).

Andreas Papandreou renounced his American citizenship on achieving office and immediately started a programme of wealth redistribution. He set up the welfare state and a national health service, he index linked pensions, he provided taxpayer support for cultural programmes,  he legislated a wage indexation system designed to close the inequality gap in earnings.

Predictably, by continually expanding welfare entitlements to almost every Greek citizen  (otherwise known as voter bribery)  he won the subsequent election by a landslide.

The share of the Greek Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dedicated to social welfare was massively increased and despite instituting a progressive taxation system designed to force 'the rich' to finance his largess, the revenues were not sufficient to cover the spending and as a socialist Andreas Papandreou was unable to comprehend that this mismatch would lead to deficits, debt and financial collapse.

Andreas Papandreou's son, American born George Papandreou, who was active in his father's socialist creation the PASOK since its formation, was elected to the legislature at the same time that his father became Prime Minister, so the fundamental transformation of Greece and the destruction of its economy was very much a family affair.

When George Papandreou finally became Prime Minister, the socialist state that his family had set up over two generations had crumbled under the weight of the debt that they had accumulated. Forced by reality to go against his socialist instincts George Papandreou introduced austerity measures in an effort to take back what they had given away in welfare entitlements and tax breaks.

The Greek people refused to accept these austerity measures and consequently the economy has collapsed, democracy has been suspended and the Greek people are impoverished. Suicides are increasing and people are dumping their children on the steps of government buildings because they can't afford to raise them.

Bearing in mind that 'the buck should stop' with George Papandreou and that 'he should take full responsibility for the actions of his government' one would think that George would be prosecuted or at the very least he would be suffering from the consequences of his actions along with the Greek people.

Anyone who thought that justice would be done couldn't have been more wrong. As President of Socialist International, George Papandreou is feted around the world as a revered elder statesman, making speeches and promoting the same 'progressive' ideology that has not only wrecked the Greek economy and impoverished its people but has destroyed liberty and prosperity in every country where it has as been imposed.

George Papandreou was feted in Cape Town South Africa in August 2012 at the 24th Congress of Socialist International. He was feted again when he addressed the Bureau of Socialist International at the United Nations in New York in September 2012

As an international socialist George Papandreou has nothing but contempt for the USA, the country where he was born and raised and gave sanctuary to his family in their hour of need.

Speaking to the delegates at the Socialist International junket in Cape Town Papandreou refuses to even acknowledge that the USA gave sanctuary to his family: "my family found refuge in the social democratic societies of the North...we were inspired by the work of leaders such as Willy Brandt, Kreisky, Palme and others".

'societies of the North' you'll notice, not St Paul, Minneapolis in the United States of America where he was born and raised.

'inspired by leaders', not of the stature of  Eisenhower, Truman or Kennedy etc. but hard left German socialist Willy Brandt who was forced to resign when his personal aid was exposed as an East German spy working for the dreaded Stasi. Or the inspiring Bruno Kreiski, Austria's foremost 'progressive' who appointed former Nazis into his government and then slandered Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal for making it public. Then there was Sweden's revolutionary reformist and pro Soviet Union, Olaf Palme, a vocal critic of the USA and financial supporter of the PLO.

To further insult the American people George Papandreou has been appointed lecturer at Harvard University where he will be educating students on the world debt crisis and good governance.

Greek Professor Aroniadou-Anderjaska of Bethesda Medical School, Maryland has not only questioned this appointment but is calling for Papandreou to returned to Greece to be prosecuted for treason.

There is no hope that 'progressive' criminal ideologues like George Papandreou will ever admit that their perverted ideology always ends with poverty, bloodshed and tears but it remains the duty of those of us who see through the spin and PR to keep highlighting their crimes in the hope that someday they will be held accountable and be punished accordingly.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Millioniares, Billionaires, Deficits and Debt. The Mendacity Of The Political Class

Listening to the political class making excuses about the sad state of the European and American economies one gets the impression that it was some mysterious force of nature that caused the lack of growth, the debt mountains and the subsequent austerity.

If the Greek politicians are to be believed then hard left socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou and his colleagues had no idea that they were spending billions more than the country collected in revenue wracking up unsustainable debts in the process.

Because of their incompetence Greece is now insolvent, impoverished and Papandreou has been removed from office in a European Union coup and replaced by a Gauleiter.

Career politician and Irish Prime Minister ( Taoiseach ) Brian 'Biffo' Cowen obviously had no idea that an unfunded 9% increase in spending in his first budget would increase the national debt or that decreasing taxes in his second budget would have a similar non effect on the national debt.

In a typical act of political populism that has become so familiar of late, Biffo Cowen increased taxes on 'millionaires', a species of which Ireland is not over endowed, supposedly to help fund this largess.

Biffo Cowen's third budget, his pre-election budget, was described as the largest spending spree in the history of the Irish state.

In a cynical attempt to buy votes regardless of the disastrous effect on the economy, Biffo Cowen increased pensions, entitlements and social welfare allowances and he even gave a tax break to the previously demonised 'millionaires'. 

To Biffo Cowen's undoubted shock and surprise the Irish economy collapsed under the weight of his debt and as was the case with Greece, Ireland is now insolvent and impoverished, democracy has been suspended and the country is now being run by the European Union.

We are also being led to believe that Berlisconi and the politicians of Italy, likewise Aznar Lopez and Zapatero of Spain together with Barroso and de Sousa of Portugal were totally unaware that their economic policy of spending billions more than they collected in revenue would lead to unsustainable debts, insolvency and financial collapse.

In Great Britain former Prime Minister and now universally acknowledged sociopath Gordon Brown absolved himself and his henchman, the odious political thug Ed Balls, of any blame for the current economic disaster by claiming that it all started in America.

Brown and Balls conveniently ignore the fact that it was their deliberate actions in office that expanded the already bloated public sector at the top of the economic cycle without the resources to pay for it and by increasing entitlements, borrowing and debt on such a massive scale they left the country vulnerable in the face of the recession that everybody except those two incompetents knew was coming.

These two economic geniuses auctioned off half of Great Britain's gold reserves at the bottom of the market and by announcing the sale in advance they cost the British taxpayers between 8 and 10 billion pounds.

Brown and Balls introduced over one hundred new taxes, mostly by stealth, destroying the best pension schemes in Europe in the process. They signed up to the European Union Constitution/Lisbon Treaty while at the same time they managed to negotiate away Great Britain's contribution rebate while getting nothing in return costing the taxpayers some seven billion per year.

For social engineering purposes and in an act of wanton destruction they opened up the borders to unlimited immigration which put an unbearable strain on the social infrastructure such as housing, schools and health care, the cost of which is incalculable.

The current abysmal state of the British economy and the suffering of the people can be laid squarely at the door of these two incompetents and the thirteen years of the Labour Party's socialist economic meddling.

In the USA President Obama is blaming former President Bush for their economic woes ignoring the fact that it was Clinton and his Democrat bag carriers Dodds and Frank that forced the banks together with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac to give loans and mortgages to people who had no prospect of paying them back.

It was President Obama who increased spending and accumulated more debt in his first term than all the other Presidents since George Washington combined. President Obama tries to blame Congress but for the first two years of his presidency the Democrats controlled all three branches of government and in the second two years they controlled the White House and the Senate.

In addition to the massive tax increases needed to finance socialised medicine (Obamacare), the American economy is about to go over the fiscal cliff which will trigger even more tax increases and automatic mandatory spending cuts.

Unbelievably, in response to this crisis, Obama and the Democrats are asking for trillions more in tax hikes and spending increases with no plans for entitlement reform or any spending cuts whatsoever. They also want the removal of the debt limit giving them unlimited spending authority. Needless to say this will be a disaster and not only for America but for the world economy at large.

All these politicians from across the world have several things in common, they all describe themselves as 'progressives', which translated into every day language means that they all believe the state can mandate equality and fairness by confiscating the wealth of their people and redistributing it as they see fit.

In addition to being 'progressives' they are all accomplished spinners, sophists and liars. The latest line of spin is that millionaires and billionaires are not paying their fair share.

In Great Britain the current leader of the socialist Labour Party who took over when the lunatic Gordon Brown was kicked out is Red Ed Miliband, a member of the notorious North London Marxist family.

Like Obama he is spinning that the 'rich' are not paying their fair share despite the fact that when he was in government the top rate of income tax was 40%. In an act of pure cynical political manoeuvring and regardless of the negative effect on the economy they raised it to 50%  just weeks before they were removed from office.

As predicted after this raise in the rate the number of people registering income of 1 million dropped by over 50% costing the Treasury tens of millions in lost revenue.

As planned, Red Ed and his socialist cronies are spinning that the present government favours millionaires because they lowered the top limit from 50% to 45% and increasing revenue in the process.

In basket case France their newly elected socialist President Hollande has raised the top rate for millionaires and billionaires to 75% triggering a predictable exodus of talent and job creators increasing the deficit and adding to the national debt.

Like all socialists the political elite demonise the 'rich' which in the USA is now anyone making $250,000 or more. In Great Britain anyone earning $67,000 or more will qualify for the 40% income tax rate and when the National Insurance Contributions are deducted a staggering 52% of a workers salary is confiscated by the government at source.

'Progressive' politicians like to use the false scale of Relative Poverty as a measure for poverty and inequality. In the not too distant future anyone earning over the minimum wage will replace the extinct millionaires and billionaires and they will be made to pay the top rate to ensure they are paying their 'fair share' to the government so that they in turn can provide the services 'upon which we all depend '.

This new worldwide crop of professional career politicians all refuse to cut government spending, they all indulge in tax, spend, borrow and debt. When the ready cash runs out they just print some more and call it quantitative easing. They are driven by their ideology so the don't know any other way.

Their ultimate goal is a society free from inequality and injustice as they see it and as a consequence it will be a society where individual liberty is replaced by subservience to the state.

 If this perfect state is to be achieved then there will have to be a levelling down instead of levelling up therefore there will be no place for millionaires and billionaires or anyone making over $67,000 per year and what we are seeing now is the beginning of the end for private wealth.

In the words of the Iron Lady in response to the pathetic Simon Hughes MP when he bleated on about inequality during her Premiership:

"All sections of society are better off ( under her government ) the Honourable Gentleman would rather see the poor poorer just so long as the rich are less rich"


Monday, December 3, 2012

Costco and Stemcor - Trans Atlantic Tax Avoiding Hypocrisy

Most people are of the opinion that being preached at by sanctimonious people is extremely irritating but being preached at by sanctimonious hypocrites is infinitely worse.

In the eyes of the people, ideologically motivated politicians and their cronies from all parts of the world and from all parts of the political spectrum look and sound like clones of each other. Everything, from their demeanor on camera to the soundbites and slogans they use, are all the same.

To cap it all we have 'progressives' from both sides of the Atlantic preaching about the immorality of keeping one's exposure to taxes to the legal minimum while simultaneously engaging in similar practices themselves. Socialist hypocrisy does not recognise national borders.

On the American side of the Atlantic we have Jim Sinegal, co-founder and former CEO of the international retail chain Costco.  From humble beginnings he worked his way up from a bag boy to forming his own retail giant becoming a multi millionaire in the process.

Jim Sinegal is living proof that the American dream was there for anyone with a vision and who was prepared to put in the hours and effort. Sadly Jim Sinegal is one of the current group of self made men who having climbed to the top, are pulling up the ladder behind them by denying the same opportunity for the coming generations.

In concert with other Democrats, Jim Sinegal has swallowed the Obama messiahship like a Justin Bieber worshiping schoolgirl.  At the Democratic National Convention he swooned and fawned after candidate Obama as he successfully convinced the majority of the electorate that the community organiser from Chicago, with no background in business or anything other than Alinskyite socialist direct action, had the best policies to turn around the dire American economy.

Jim Sinegal is insulting the American people and sacrificing his dignity in the process by repeating the President's mantra that millionaires and billionaires must pay a little more to help clear the 16 trillion debt mountain.

Like the rest of the country who are smart enough to ignore the Kardashians, he knows that this tax is a drop in the bucket that will not do anything to lower the debt mountain. Jim Sinegal also knows that taxing the so called 'rich' is a tenet of socialism and it is the basic tool that socialists use for the redistribution of wealth.

The criteria for being classed as 'rich' is now a low $250,000; a figure which will be progressively lowered as the projected revenue fails to materialise.

Armed with Obama's moral superiority that "the rich must pay their fair share" Jim Sinegal sets about working around that morality, and consequently denying the Treasury of some desperately needed revenue, by voting for himself and the Costco board a special dividend specifically designed to avoid his own President's up and coming tax increases. And to make matters worse Sinegal and the board are borrowing $3.5 billion in order to make this special payment, increasing the company's debt and interest bill.

If Jim Sinegal believes that rich people like himself should pay more tax then he shouldn't go to such lengths to avoid doing just that, beside there is nothing stopping him from doing so as there is a mechanism in the IRS tax code for him and his fellow hypocrites to pay extra tax.

The simple fact is that Jim Sinegal is part of a remote elite that believe in a socialist future for America that espouses equality and fairness just so long as it excludes himself and his ilk.

On the British side of the Atlantic we have Margaret Hodge, otherwise known as the Right Honourable Lady Hodge MBE, MP, Privy Councillor and uber socialist hypocrite of the very highest order.

Margaret Hodge is a multi millionaire member of the Oppenheimer family who own Stemcor, the worlds biggest privately owned steel trading corporation of which Hodge is a shareholder.

Her political career prior to joining the House of Commons gravy train is mired in controversy including starting an internal civil war in her local Labour Party, backstabbing and a child sex abuse scandal that, in any sane country, would have disbarred Hodge from ever holding public office.

Margaret Hodge's parliamentary career has also been dogged with controversy but that did not stand in the way of her becoming  Chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. This Committee is currently leading an investigation into the tax arrangements of multinational corporations that do business in Great Britain such as Starbucks, Google and Amazon.

The problem is not with the terms of reference of the Committee but the Chairman's faux moral indignation of corporations using legal means to lessen their exposure to taxes.

Margaret Hodge's sanctimonious language will be familiar to readers both sides of the Atlantic as she whines that, "it is wrong that global companies who are making considerable profits are getting away with paying little or no corporation tax" or the worn out but familiar mantra that "these companies must pay their fair share".

Margaret Hodge's solution is typical of a hard left socialist, i.e. give the state more power. She states that  "Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs ( the tax Stasi ) needed to be more aggressive in confronting corporate tax avoidance".

Except of course when it comes to the tax affairs of her own company, Stemcor.

The latest accounts show that Stemcor paid the Exchequer just 0.01% of the revenues that it booked through its UK based business. Also it was revealed that Stemcor, despite generating about one third of its revenues in Great Britain, paid only 2.7% of its global taxes to the Exchequer when the current rate is 24%.

In a display of arrogance typical of the political elite, Margaret Hodge has threatened legal action against fellow MP Priti Patel for having the temerity to seek clarification of her company's tax arrangements. This threat applies to anyone else who dares to question the actions of herself and her fellow shareholders.

Politicians and their cronies think that the rules and the moral code that they decide for everyone else does not apply to themselves. They live in an unreal parallel world where they believe that they have the  'divine right to rule ' that was claimed by the royal tyrannies of old.

We the people must wake up and learn how to wield the power that we have to hold the political elite and their cronies to account; we must make sure that they follow the same rules and moral code they dictate for the rest us.