Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brexit Day – Celebrating Freedom With A Picture Gallery

Since a picture speaks a thousand words I will celebrate the liberation of Great Britain from the European Union tyranny with a gallery of photographs that will warm the cockles of every freedom lover’s heart.

True Brit. Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is the man who is largely responsible for the Brexit referendum. He was ridiculed and vilified for 25 years but his love of Great Britain saw him through. The man deserves a medal.

The German socialist Martin Schultz, Polish cry baby Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Junker the Luxembourgian tax cheat.  The three unelected Presidents of the United States of Europe who are facing the collapse of their beloved project.

Sour Kraut. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, titular head of state of the EU empire lost to the British for the third time in a century.

A rare photograph of the French socialist President, Francois Hollande with his head on the outside of Mad Merkel's backside.

The evil genius and former Nazi George Soros, one of the leaders of the New World Order lamenting the millions he spent trying to destroy Great Britain.

Former President Barack Obama in happier times with the aforementioned evil genius, George Soros. Obama took time off from destroying America to campaign against the liberation of Great Britain,

War criminal and traitor Tony Blair who sold out the British people to endear himself to the EU bureaucrats. His campaign for the  Presidency of the EU Commission ended in failure.

And finally:

The mortal remains of Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood enroute to the mortuary.

                                                      Happy Brexit Day to all patriots

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Theresa May Absolves Islam From The Death And Mayhem In London

When it was announced that the Houses of Parliament would require 4 billion pounds worth of repairs because its structure was rotten and in danger of collapse I suspect that people who are tired of political spin and deceit toyed with the wish that it would collapse while the charlatans and blowhards who inhabit the place were in attendance.

The nest of vipers is not just rotten on the outside, unfortunately in this case there is no danger of a political collapse since the electorate fall for the spin and lies and keep electing them to office.

As sure as night follows day we all knew it would happen, the political elite and their apologists for Islam would crawl out of the rotten woodwork and insult the intelligence of the informed British people. Those who are immune to the spin and PR of government speech writers will be forgiven for being nauseated by the government machine in the aftermath of the latest Islamic atrocity.

Just as she did after the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was quickly out of the blocks to absolve Islam from blame for the carnage in Westminster, London.

In her rush to absolve her most favored community from blame, she is quoted as saying that it is wrong to describe this outrage as Islamic terrorism. She says it’s actually Islamist terrorism.

I’m sure the people of Great Britain and around the world will be reassured by the knowledge that death and mutilation in the name of Allah will be perpetrated by an Islamist terrorist as opposed to an Islamic terrorist.

The world owes her a debt of gratitude for imparting this knowledge but it is unlikely that Mrs. May’s theological clarification of what constitutes terrorism in the cause of Islamic jihad will bring comfort or relief to the injured and bereaved or lessen their pain.

Whatever spin Mrs. May uses to absolve Islam, the reality is that the victims were murdered in cold blood and horribly mutilated by a Muslim terrorist who did it in the name of Allah, as commanded by his prophet Mohammad and as written in the Koran.

With her newly revealed knowledge of Islamic theology, perhaps Mrs. May can explain the theological reasons why Muslims kill or subjugate people they refer to as non-believers, infidels and kuffurs; why they behead people or chop off their hands and feet or why they want to erase Israel and the Jewish people from the face of the earth?

I’ll give her a clue - it’s written in the Koran, their holy book, which is taken literally by hundreds of millions of Muslims across the planet from the Philippines in the east to Senegal in the west; this includes millions of Muslims who have immigrated into western countries, including Great Britain, forming semi-autonomous, sharia controlled mini-caliphates loyal to the Ummah as opposed to the host country.(See here)

With her newly revealed knowledge of what is or is not Islamic perhaps Mrs. May would enlighten a cynical world as to whether the Wahhabi controlled Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Islamic or the Ayatollah controlled Islamic Republic of Iran, who happen to be the biggest sponsor of Muslim terrorism on the planet. The clue is in the name but we bow to her greater knowledge.

While we are on the subject perhaps Mrs. May could also enlighten us as to whether Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Council of Great Britain, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas etc. are Islamic or Islamist because they all call for the eradication if Israel and the Jews from the planet and in one way or another they are all loyal to the Ummah and support sharia law.
The remarks made by Mrs. May both after the outrage and later in Parliament were nothing more than a load of meaningless drivel that were hollow and riddled with hyperbole and hypocrisy.

Doubling down on the ‘attack on democracy’ nonsense she spouted the previous day, Mrs. May began her statement to Parliament with the ridiculous assertion that this ‘act of terrorism was an attempt to silence our democracy’.

One man charging the Palace of Westminster armed only with a knife is hardly the storming of the Winter Palace or a Bastille type attack to overthrow the government. Unlike the defenseless members of the public on the streets outside, the Members and Lords inside were in lockdown surrounded by armed security and were never in any danger.

Listening to the ‘attack on democracy’ rhetoric emanating from the Palace of Westminster one gets the impression it was akin to the siege of Mafeking or the heroics of the Spartans at Thermopylae.

While the dead and dying were being tended to Mrs. May herself was spirited away to safety by helicopter and her senior Ministers were evacuated in their armored limousines escorted by armed guards.

The platitudes and faux sympathy mouthed by these self-serving charlatans was the same rehearsed, threadbare drivel they spouted after the last Islamic terrorist outrage and it will be used again after the next one and the one after that.

Mrs. May informed the House that hundreds of police worked through the night to investigate the incident – its preparation, motivation and whether he had associates.

Investigate the motivation? Seriously? She only had to listen to the hate preacher that she failed to deport during her six years as Home Secretary.  Abu ‘the Hook’ Hamza, made it plain on the streets of London that it is incumbent upon all Muslims to kill infidels and kuffurs to bring about their subjugation and sharia law to Great Britain.

In Mrs. May’s Great Britain, referring to the people as infidels and kuffurs and calling for their murder does not constitute a hate crime but quoting from Sir Winston Churchill’s The River War will land one in jail. (See here and here)

She is also on record as saying that medieval sharia law actually benefits some people in Great Britain; who and how she doesn’t specify. If sharia law in all its misogynistic glory is acceptable then surely female genital mutilation, child brides, incest and other such barbaric Islamic requirements must be acceptable also.

The sad fact is that Theresa May and the rest of the political elite have the power to act and lessen the chances of more death and destruction on the streets of Great Britain but they choose not to. They are totally committed to the UN/EU cultural replacement agenda and Islamification.

Mass immigration from Muslim war zones will continue, mosques and madrassas will remain open to preach hatred and jihad against the British people, mono-cultural ghettos will continue to serve as breeding grounds for future jihadi’s. At the same time those holding an opposing point of view will continue to be smeared, demonized and threatened by the law and innocent people will continue to be sacrificed on the altars of diversity and multi-culturalism.

Theresa May "It's nothing to do with Islam" here, here and here

Thursday, March 23, 2017

London Bloodshed - Move Along Its Just Another Muslim Atrocity

Nobody should be shocked or surprised by the slaughter of innocents in Westminster, London yesterday since jihadi’s from the myriad of welfare financed Muslim ghettos have been threatening murder and mayhem since their mass immigration into Great Britain during the 1960’s and 70’s.

Their war against the west has been ongoing since the desert warlord, Mohammad, founded the death cult back in the early 7th century as a perverted mockery of the Judeo-Christian faith.

The only surprise thus far is fact that the political class haven’t tried to censor the news or absolve Islam from blame for this atrocity. It’s only a matter of time before some spokesweasel for the political class dusts off the usual soundbites and declares that ‘this is nothing to do with Islam’ and the equally insulting ‘Islam is a great global religion of peace’.

Emerging from the safety of her bunker and surrounded by armed guards, Prime Minister Theresa May made a stage managed appearance outside No. 10 Downing Street and delivered a pre-prepared statement that was most likely written shortly after the last atrocity in readiness for this one. (See and read it here)

Apart from praise for the first responders it was a couple of minutes of meaningless drivel read from a sheet of paper and robotically delivered with the rehearsed faux gravitas we’ve come to expect from a machine politician. It contained the usual offering of condolences along with thoughts and prayers for the victims and their loved ones.

(It must be noted that calling for prayers goes against public policy since the act of praying is deemed to be offensive to a variety of progressive groups and banned from most public institutions.)

As expected Mrs. May made a pitch for multi-culturalism with a risible paragraph that is blatantly untrue and designed to create the image of the London as a Utopia of peaceful co-existence between diverse people.

Mrs. May intones that “The location of this attack was no accident. The terrorists chose to strike at the heart of our Capital City, where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech”.

The truth is that our Capital City is infested with mono-cultural ghettos and no-go areas where these different nationalities, religions and cultures do not celebrate any values other than the ones they have imported from the hell holes they left behind. They fiercely guard their own territories with intimidation and violence where turf wars are not uncommon.

Due to white flight into the suburbs and neighboring counties London is now a white minority city with a Muslim Mayor who indulges in the practices imported from his home country of Pakistan. The segregation of women at his public meetings is now the norm.

Mayor Sadiq Khan is an odious creature who doesn’t think that Londoners should be concerned by the murder and mayhem perpetrated by his co-religionists; he believes they should just accept it as ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’. He made these insensitive and offensive remarks in response to the 9/11 atrocity in New York.

As an apologist for Muslim violence Khan went on to say that “it’s a reality I’m afraid that London, New York and other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things”.

For the benefit of Mayor Khan and his supporters; Islamic terrorism is not part and parcel of living in big cities that happen to be devoid of large numbers of Islamists such as Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. (Khan's offensive idiocy here)

Prime Minister May’s assertion that different nationalities, religions and cultures come together in London 'to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech' is deluded nonsense far removed reality.

Democracy has been so debased by electoral fraud, ballot rigging and bogus registration that it prompted one judge to compare Great Britain to a banana republic. The debasing of democracy on such a scale became routine after the borders were thrown open to mass third world immigration.

Ballot rigging, fraud and bogus registration is widely accepted as fact but Mrs. May, along with previous governments, refuse to take any action to stamp it out.

Along with all the other countries being governed by the European Union, censorship is the order of the day and freedom of speech is coming under attack from all angles especially with regard to speaking the truth about the religion of peace.

One has to wonder what backroom PR operative wrote the meaningless nonsense Mrs. May blathered on about in her statement. 

Exactly what does "the streets of Westminster being ingrained with the spirit of freedom" actually mean? And how on earth does ‘the values our Parliament represents – democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law – command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere’ help the bereaved and the injured come to terms with their plight?

The Parliament she refers to, especially the unelected House of Lords, is den of iniquity infested with villains, perverts, fornicators, expense cheats, common criminals and self-serving career politicians who put their own interests above those of the people they are meant to serve.

Celebrating the values of democracy indeed! This is the same Parliament that has surrendered the peoples’ sovereignty to a cabal of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and who are currently engaged in overturning the mandate from British people by sabotaging the exit from the European Union that was voted for in a democratic referendum.

The most offensive paragraph in this parable of nonsense was the one about Parliament meeting as normal and Londoners getting up out of bed and going about their daily lives as normal also. With all the seriousness she could muster Mrs. May tells us "they will board trains, leave their hotels and walk the streets. They will live their lives". Is she seriously expecting informed people to be taken in by this rubbish?

Unlike the people of London who have been disarmed and left defenseless against the people sworn to kill them, Mrs. May and the rest of the shysters that infest Parliament are protected by a comprehensive security apparatus which includes armed guards therefore the chances of them being killed or maimed by a radical Muslim are negligible.

What Mrs. May’s statement did not contain was any mention of Islam or any action to stop the carnage. The course toward a so-called multi-cutural society has been set and it will not be varied or reversed by Mrs. May or the political class. 

The importation of battle hardened troops from the middle east and African war zones will continue unabated; mosques and madrassas will remain open and continue indoctrinating the next generation with hatred for all non-Muslims and preachers of hate will continue to call for the rape, mutilation and murder of innocent British citizens in the name of Allah, as commanded by their prophet and as written in the Koran.

What is certain is that due to the inaction of the political class and their determination to impose multi-culturalism on the British people, the next victims of the Muslim jihad are already walking the streets completely unaware that they are going to be killed or maimed after which Mrs. May will deliver yet another meaningless statement containing nothing of value whatsoever.    


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Progressives Use Depravity And Insanity To Destroy Civilization

Central to the globalists plan to downgrade then ultimately destroy America and the Judeo-Christian world is their debasing of morality and eradicating traditional family life.

Gender fascism is being ruthlessly deployed to force acceptance of depravity and perversion not only on adults but onto children as well.

The modus operandi of the global elite never changes no matter what issue they are forcing the people to accept.

Firstly brief the like-minded activists and apparatchiks they have infiltrated into every facet of public life from government and industry to sport, entertainment and education.

Secondly, prepare the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media for an onslaught of propaganda.

Thirdly, get the smears and insults ready to hurl at anyone who voices disagreement or a contrary opinion.

Fourthly, brainwash children and the emotionally immature by taking their propaganda into kindergartens, grade schools, colleges and universities.

Giving mentally disturbed people and perverts the right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with is just plain wrong; it leaves young girls, and young boys for that matter, vulnerable to pedophiles and predators who are unable to control their urges and incurable according to medical opinion.

The propaganda machine, as represented by sick media whore Chris Cuomo of CNN, is playing its part. Following orders from his paymasters he questioned the state of mind of a twelve year old girl and accused her father of being overprotective and intolerant should she be disturbed by seeing a mans penis in the bathroom. (See here)

In their ongoing crusade to downgrade and destroy western civilization the global elite are portraying what are obviously serious mental illnesses and personality disorders as normal and natural while smearing anyone who disagrees.

Accepting gender choice and self-identification is nothing to do with compassion, inclusion, equality or anything else; it’s everything to do with destroying the sanctity of nature and of nature’s God by erasing the creation and finality of two genders, male and female, and in some cases they are debasing the human being itself.

This in turn destroys the sanctity of marriage along with traditional family life and ultimately western society. Despite all the attempts by the elite to force acceptance of immoral, unnatural human behavior as normal, marriage will always be between a man and a woman and traditional family life will always be the bedrock of civilized society.

The issue of gender dysfunction has been around since time immemorial but the recent high profile case of Bruce Jenner was seized upon by the elitists to progress their agenda to destroy the traditional way of life in the west.

No matter titles are bestowed upon him or any surgery he undergoes, Bruce Jenner never will be a woman just as white race cheat Rachel Dalzell will never be a black woman, Chloe Jennings-White will never be a paraplegic in the normal sense and Vinnie Ohh will never be a genderless alien.

Rachel Dalzell was the white lady who passed herself off as a black woman to the point where she held a post in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. (NAACP). Even her parents claimed she desperately needed psychological help, to no avail.
(Rachel Dalzell story here)

Chloe  Jennings-White is the sick individual who despite being able bodied self-identifies as a paraplegic and is currently looking for a surgeon who will perform surgery on her spinal cord to make her actually disabled and wheelchair bound.(Chloe story here)

Vinnie Ohh pictured at the top of the article is another sick individual who is looking to have his genitalia removed in order to become a genderless alien.(Vinnie story here)

The gentleman pictured below belongs in a mental institution where he can get help not in a ladies bathroom where young girls may be present.

These cases could well be cries for attention by emotionally stunted or traumatized individuals, in which case they need help not indulgence. 
The fact that the elite use mentally disturbed people and perverts for political purposes displays the depths to which they sink to impose their malignant agenda on the people who have not been consulted, didn’t ask for this change to morality and by all accounts don’t want it.

Unfortunately for the British people this insanity is not confined to the USA. A Conservative Member of Parliament is claiming that gender is irrelevant and should therefore be removed from passports, driving licences etc. This will be the opening salvo in a campaign to set a precedent to be followed by the erasure of all gender distinctions.

Its worth asking how many British people were aware that their hard earned money was being wasted by something called the Transgender Equalities inquiry, the outcome of which is a foregone conclusion.

The British political elite will do as ordered by their globalist masters and introduce the same destructive gender bender measures as their American counterparts, starting with gender neutral toilets. (See here)

Its also worth asking how many British people were aware that the Member of Parliament pushing this nonsense is Maria Miller the former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Minister for Women and Equalities?

Incidentally, this is not a joke; unbelievable as it may seem the British people really are lumbered with a government department to spread its tentacles into culture, media and sport and they really do have a Minister for Women and Equalities.

Maria Miller holds the title of 'former' Secretary of State because she was forced to resign on account she had 'over claimed on her expenses'. In the real world outside the incestuous political bubble its called stealing and she would be considered nothing other than a common thief with a criminal record instead of a high ranking government official.

After being exposed as a thief, Miller made a derisory thirty second apology to Parliament and laid low for a while until the news cycle moved on. She was then rehabilitated and now chairs something called the Women and Equalities Committee who's sole purpose in life is to indulge in gender fascism and force the British people to accept mental illness, perversion and depravity as normal.

In conclusion, this is a revolutionary agenda which is perverting nature and overturning the morality upon which western civilisation was built and which took over two millenia to evolve.

Although the political elite planned this revolution over decades they didn't mention it to the people who would be most affected in any election manifesto or any election campaign.

Such is the state of politics, democracy and accountability in the 21st century where we the people are participating in our own destruction.

Liberal Lunacy, plans for a trans-racial movement here

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UN Looks Away As Commies Run Amok In Southern Africa - America Next

While the the world’s media is focused on bringing down the Trump administration and derailing Brexit in order to keep the British people locked into the European Union they have rejected at the ballot box, their most favored communist tyrants are running rampant in Southern Africa doing what they do best. i.e. oppressing and killing their own citizens.

At the prompting of the UN/EU world government the Marxist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is declaring a state of emergency because a drought and subsequent famine is putting the lives of millions in jeopardy.

According to the UN/EU, declaring a state of emergency will speed up the flow of development aid into Zimbabwe which, as the world knows, is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet governed by a regime with a reputation for diverting foreign aid money into their personal bank accounts overseas.

This drought and famine should come as no surprise since it is one of the many that have blighted the country since Mugabe implemented his land and wealth redistribution program in line with his Marxist ideology.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the former British colony of Rhodesia was successfully developed by the descendants of British settlers to become the bread basket of Africa and a net exporter of food as well as tobacco and other commodities.

This was until the UN and self-loathing ‘progressives’ around the world decided that handing the country over to a deranged Marxist tyrant and condemning the people to brutality, mass murder, poverty and starvation was preferable to a white government.

As a prelude to the second part of this article it must be noted that Mugabe - known locally as ‘Butcher Bob’ - began his oppression and killing spree in earnest when the people of Zimbabwe tired of his autocratic rule and the poverty it created and threatened to kick him out of office.

African dictators are not renowned for giving up office voluntarily due to constitutional requirements or by way of elections. On the contrary, when threatened with the sack by the people, they entrench themselves further by doubling down on oppression in order to remain in power.

The rest is history; ninety-three year old ‘Butcher Bob’ is still bloodletting and oppressing his people after thirty-seven uninterrupted years in office without squeak of protest or sanctions from the same UN and ‘progressive’ elite that works tirelessly against democracy in the USA, Great Britain and Israel.

The alarm bells should be ringing for the UN and the ‘progressive’ global elite where President Zuma of neighboring South Africa is responding to calls for his removal with a good old fashioned dose of repression along the lines of Butcher Bob next door.

He is planning to appropriate white farms without compensation for redistribution totally ignoring the catastrophic disaster which resulted from this same policy in Zimbabwe.

If the UN and the global elite truly cared about the well being of the African people they would not have deposed the white government in the first place but since they did they should now deploy all the power at their disposal to stop this Marxist corruptocrat before he completes the destruction of the country that began with Saint Nelson Mandela.
It is highly likely that the UN/EU axis and the global elite will ignore the looming crisis or blame it on the lingering legacy of apartheid for the simple reason that South Africa is the example they use to demonstrate the success of multi-culturalism over white governance.

In order to keep up the pretense of peaceful co-existence between races and tribes they will ignore the fact that years of widespread corruption and Marxist ideology has slowly degraded the most successful economy on the African continent to one that is now the recipient of foreign donations; which, as is the case in Zimbabwe, are redirected away from the poor, starving millions to Zuma and his cronies keeping them in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.

 They will ignore the fact that despite years of sanctions and isolation, Mandela and his communist controlled African National Congress (ANC) were given a developed country endowed with an abundance of natural resources along with a stable, successful economy thriving in all sectors. These included labour intensive industries such as coal and diamond mining, agriculture, nuclear development as well as the medical sector with it's pioneering heart transplant surgery.

They will ignore the fact that violence is endemic, especially inter-tribal violence against each other and xenophobic violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa. It is glossed over but the ordinary black African citizen is vehemently opposed to immigration to such an extent they will readily kill any immigrant if they believe he is taking a job from a local.

As is the case in the American inner cities and elsewhere, the UN/EU and their surrogates downplay black on black violence and ignore black on white violence as best they can. Conversely, white on black violence is played up and portrayed as evidence of white supremacy and inherent racism.

For the UN/EU axis and the global elite to admit that their Rainbow Nation has failed is an admission that their policy of imposed multi-culturalism has failed and this will have repercussions throughout the world including Europe and America.

Despite government censorship and intimidation of journalists in the developed world, images of rioting, violence and civil disorder are appearing in the public domain; it is all the evidence one needs to prove that open border mass immigration from the backward, undeveloped world into Europe and America is not only failing to produce peaceful multi-cultural societies but it is sowing the seeds of civil unrest which is rapidly developing into all out civil war.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Healthcare Scavengers Feed On The Corpse Of A Much Loved Friend

While the debate rages in the USA about replacing Obamacare, the American people should be made aware that like the socialized health care system in Great Britain Speaker Paul Ryan's plan will expand government dependency by creating more entitlements and bureaucrats will gorge themselves on the endless supply of taxpayers money.

It has become an eternal truth that wherever there is an unlimited supply of taxpayers money scavengers and parasites appear from nowhere to exploit the largess and stuff their pockets and their bank accounts with ill-gotten gains.

Like all organizations that are financed by the long suffering taxpayer these career bureaucrats give themselves fancy titles to deflect attention away from what they really are; namely parasites and scavengers that have made a career out of conning the public about their expertise then growing fat on looted money.

Hence in Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) there are hundreds of thousands of self-styled healthcare professionals, healthcare consultants, healthcare experts who’s only discernible skill is perpetuating themselves by creating ever more complex rules and regulations then expanding the existing bureaucracy to police them. (One horrendous fat cat looting scandal here)

Like an amoeba they have the ability to multiply themselves by dividing and sub-dividing without any apparent stimuli from outside.

Recent figures show that some five hundred and fifty-six thousand (556,000) non-clinical staff are currently employed by the NHS which does not include clinically trained staff who no longer serve on the front line having become full-time bureaucrats.

Also this figure does not include sub-contractors and agency staff that consume resources but don’t appear in the headcount numbers.

It is accepted that a certain amount of non-clinical, administrative staff are essential to the smooth running of any organization but the NHS has gone far beyond what is required and become a bureaucratic behemoth that devours taxpayers money in exchange for ever increasing amounts of rules and regulations.

Complexity is a black hole for money and the friend of the bureaucrat; the following is the labyrinth that’s stands between sick patients and the healthcare they pay for through their taxes.

If that’s not complex enough inside each of the boxes above lurks another equally complex and expensive bureaucracy that puts further distance between the sick and the treatment they need . In the case of serious illness and diseases it stands between life and death.

A local NHS Trusts for example looks like this:

These self same healthcare professionals, consultants and experts speak their own alien language which is unintelligible to all but those initiated into the esoteric world of the bureaucrat. One has to wonder if this language hasn't been deliberately designed to confuse simple minded politicians into handing over evermore sums of taxpayer money without question.

Hence, in the language of the bureaucrat, funding the NHS has become:

"Mapping the Health & Social Care Procurement Landscape by Maturity, Impact and Operating Model" and it looks like this.

These self-styled professionals, consultants and experts don’t come cheap with six figure salaries, gold-plated pensions and generous expense accounts awarded without any apparent requirement to deliver results. Unlike private industry there are no sanctions in event of non-delivery or, in the case of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, mass deaths caused by poor healthcare delivery.

(Mid-Staffs scandal. Only one unnamed manager sacked despite 1,200 deaths. See here)

Anyone who has had the misfortune to work with a bloated out of control bureaucracy will know that they are not only expensive, hopelessly inefficient, time consuming and an obstacle to performance but unaccountable as well. Faceless bureaucrats notorious for their fancy job titles are in charge of everything but responsible for nothing when their inefficiency and incompetence is exposed by poor results and scandal.

( Nine out of ten hospitals unsafe. Report here)

Unscrupulous politicians never miss an opportunity to pursue their agenda hence the NHS has been politicized to the point where imposing political correctness has taken precedence over patient care.

While demand has increased due to a surge in population, numbers of frontline clinical staff has not kept pace exponentially. This has caused waiting lists to become even longer than they already are resulting in the deterioration of the patients condition.

This scandalous inefficiency has spawned a spin off industry which is nothing more than a scam which fleeces patients who are desperate for treatment. Faced with a delay of months or longer for treatment, the doctor or consultant concerned will offer to treat the patient privately without delay for a payment, often in cash in hand.

Frightened patients desperate for treatment have been known to sell the family silver or go into debt in order to get treatment they've already pay for. Doctors and consultants with waiting lists running into months can suddenly find time to treat patients privately for a wad of cash.

Known as 'going private' it makes the NHS  ethos of  healthcare free at the point of need regardless of ability to pay looking a bit sick and in need of attention itself.

This article is intended to highlight to the American people some of the pitfalls of nationalized healthcare provision and it could run into several volumes. I would urge them to read what is written so far and be absolutely sure that the replacement of Obamacare offered by Speaker Ryan is not the same inefficient, taxpayer funded gravy train that will benefit bureaucrats and agenda driven politicians at the expense of those in need of healthcare.

Further reading on NHS scandals:

Revealed: 9000 deaths per year caused by politicians worshipping at the alter of the NHS here

Greedy NHS fat cat bosses awarded millions while hospitals go broke here

Revolving door. One in 5 staff paid off by the NHS are re-hired here


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obamacare Is Dead – Failed NHS Is Still In A Coma On Life Support

The difference between a successful businessman as President and an agenda driven political operative as Prime Minister gets more stark with every day that passes. President Trump has taken more action to the benefit of the American people in his first fifty days in office than British Prime Minister Theresa May has achieved in her two decade long political career;  this includes an accomplishment free six years as Home Secretary and eight months as Prime Minister.

Despite being given the biggest mandate in British political history, her dithering and lack of action to initiate Brexit is in total contrast to President Trump’s twenty-seven major actions since his inauguration on January 20th 2017. (See here)

Included in these actions was the long anticipated repeal and replacement of Obamacare. This was the failed attempt by the left-wing radical cabal fronted by Barack Obama to impose a socialist healthcare system on the American people which succeeded only in destroying the existing system which, despite its flaws, was considered to be one of the best in the world.

No such luck for the majority of British people who have been stuck with their antiquated monument to socialist failure since its inception in 1947. Private healthcare is available in Great Britain but its out of reach for all but the wealthy along with privileged public sector bureaucrats. Private healthcare insurance is also used by employers as an incentive to attract or retain key employees.

It speaks volumes about the standard of the National Health Service (NHS) when avoiding it by using private health insurance is used as an incentive but I digress.

Anyone familiar with British attitudes toward healthcare provision will be aware that despite being a disastrous failure of epic proportions any criticism whatsoever of the NHS is strictly forbidden. Its divine status has been deliberately cultivated and embedded in the minds of a gullible populace by an unscrupulous political class and cynically used for electoral purposes.

Politicians from all parts of the political spectrum claim to be the sole protectors of the NHS but are never responsible when it fails and innocent people die unnecessarily while in its care. Politicians from each party blame the other side whenever a scandal erupts many of which have resulted in the deaths of tens, hundreds and in the case of the Mid Staffs disaster twelve hundred patients. (See here)

Despite these ‘unnecessary deaths’, as they are callously referred to, this failed provider is still touted as the ‘envy of the world’ and to give the impression that it’s a much loved publicly owned service politicians refer to it as our NHS.

This is nonsense of course because like all institutions in Great Britain, large or small, the NHS was politicized by the Blair government as part of their fundamental transformation which was imposed on behalf UN/EU global elite.

Political correctness and imposing multi-culturalism has replaced healthcare provision and patient care as the top priority and - as is now routine in modern day Great Britain - anyone who questions this policy is smeared as a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe and possibly subject to prosecution under one-way hate crime laws.

The truth is that this failed healthcare provider is no more our NHS than it’s our BBC, our police service or our Houses of Parliament. Along with all the other public institutions these have been co-opted by the UN/EU global elite with the sole purpose of imposing their cultural replacement agenda on the British people who weren’t consulted, didn’t ask for it and don’t want it.

The NHS was instituted in 1947 and designed to provide universal healthcare for conditions as they existed in post-war Great Britain. Diseases due to poor nutrition, poor hygiene and occupational illnesses from industries such as coal mining, iron making and ship building were endemic which gave rise to the poor health of the nation.

Tens of thousands of injured military personnel from World War I and as many again returning home after World War II further degraded the health of the nation.

Conditions have changed beyond recognition since 1947 but due to the divine status bestowed upon the NHS not only is criticism forbidden but any kind of reform is forbidden no matter how minor.

It is this refusal to implement desperately needed reforms that has created the bureaucratic behemoth we have today along with its appetite for taxpayer’s money which shows no signs of ever being satiated.

The demands for more funding to stave off an imminent collapse have been a clarion call at each and every election since its inception with each side blaming the other for any lack of funding.

When elections are over, the soundbites and slogans put away and the political class resume their seats on the gravy train, sick people and their loved ones are faced with an unenviable choice; they can either wait days or weeks for an appointment with their GP, then wait even longer for a consultation or they can pay cash up front to jump the queue (known as ‘going private’). After the choice is made they stand the chance of dying through poor care or from one of the hospital acquired infections more associated with the rudimentary health care facilities in the third world.

Anyone who has worked for a public sector behemoth will know that the ruling bureaucracy is stuffed to the rafters with placemen, cronies, family members and ideologically driven political operatives who are embedded specifically to impose political correctness and the government’s ‘progressive’ agenda.

Since this monster is funded by an endless supply of taxpayers money the remuneration packages, pensions and perks that these professional bureaucrats award themselves is eye watering compared to the average salary of a nurse or medical orderly.

The deafening noises made by politicians about income inequality are rendered silent when it comes to NHS fat cat bureaucrats and frontline nursing staff.

Public health and patient care are a long way down the list of priorities for these so-called healthcare professionals who have the habit of disappearing when a scandal erupts or their pension pots mature then magically re-appearing in a similar job somewhere else in the bureaucracy often on a more lucrative remuneration package than before.

In conclusion, it’s a sad fact that tens of millions of people are taken in by this ‘envy of the world’ nonsense and are blinded to the fact that the NHS is a bloated self-perpetuating bureaucracy comprised mainly of non-medical professionals with an insatiable appetite for taxpayers money.
It is antiquated, inefficient and no longer fit for purpose; in essence it’s a living monument to a bygone socialist age whereby public services are run on the basis of an outdated ideology instead of efficient user based service providers designed to deliver specific outcomes especially in the realm of public health and patient care.