Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kerry Double Whammy - If Hamas Doesn't Erase Israel Climate Change Will

When the veteran Labour MP Frank Dobson described his party leader Red Ed Miliband and his inner circle as "useless" his word applied to the entire political class both foreign and domestic. The rest of his opinion is even more revealing and indicates the patronising attitude of an increasingly arrogant elite. He continued by saying that Red Ed and his Shadow Cabinet are only capable of delivering post graduate lectures instead of simple policies the voters can understand.

There we have it, the public are too stupid to understand what the professional, career politician has in store for them and judging by election results he may have a point. Dobson's interview with the hopelessly left wing Guardian newspaper contains two pearls of wisdom which when applied to the current political scene explain a great deal.


"you need to boil things down to a few simple, short, sharp concepts and say them time and time and time again".

In other words the government's deliberate dumbing down of the education system has been so successful that people have lost the ability to analyse information and form their own independent opinion. Their opinions can be formed for them by repeating slogans and sound bites over again ad nauseum until they are embedded in the subconscious.


Asked if Red Ed's inner circle are useless, Dobson agreed enthusiastically before clarifying that "not of sufficient quality and clarity" was a more accurate description.

When describing the current political class as 'not of sufficient quality' he hit the nail squarely on head.

The consequences of Dobson's observations are there for all to see - the people will believe practically anything they are told by a degraded political class, no matter how outrageous or ridiculous, if it has been repeated often enough.

Logic and empirical evidence are no competition for oft repeated official statements and propaganda especially when they are cascaded by a compliant bought-and paid-for agenda driven media.

There are countless numbers of detached, inexperienced people masquerading as politicians that are eminently unsuitable for high office, Red Ed being one, David Cameron being another, with the ultimate prize for unsuitability going to the community organizer, Barack Obama.

There is no one better to illustrate the points inadvertently raised by Frank Dobson, than US Secretary of State John Kerry with Israel and climate change as the propaganda driven issues.

Kerry may meet the criteria to be a U.S. Senator but in the eyes of the world he is totally unsuitable to be Secretary of State. His dubious war record, together with his Fonda-like trashing of his country, his accusations of war crimes against his brothers-in-arms and his socialist hypocrisy have rendered him untrustworthy and therefore ineffective.
(See one Kerry story here)

Being a modern day politician he uses propaganda, distortions, insults and soundbites as a matter of course and it doesn't take a genius to see through it and spot the agenda driven ideologue that lurks underneath.

Prior to the Ukraine and the Israel/Hamas crisis taking the front pages, Kerry was in Jakarta as part of an East Asian doomsday tour, warning the world that climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation. According to Kerry it is more dangerous than terrorism or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or even a nuclear armed Iran.

It may seem strange that such a world threatening issue hardly got a mention by the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who's priority seemed to be justifying her existence and raising her profile for a Presidential run.

Without a smidgen of empirical evidence Kerry warned that Indonesian fishing catches will reduce by forty percent, not thirty or fifty but forty. The recent farming problems in California are definitely caused by climate change as are the wildfires in Australia and Hurricane Sandy. According to a recent documentary all low lying areas, including Manhattan, will be under water in the not-to-distant future causing a global financial meltdown.
(Kerry on climate change here and here)

Being a Liberal or 'progressive' or whatever socialists are calling themselves these days in America, Kerry will be bound by an ideological pro-Palestinian terrorist/anti-Israel requirement and this is evident by his actions.

Despite the fact that Israel is defending itself from an unprovoked attack by ruthless terrorists who have a declared intention to erase Israel and the Jews from the face of the planet, Kerry continues to give Hamas succor and support while demanding concessions from Israel.

He has the compliant media on his side demonising Israel and the Jews to the point where violent anti-Semitism is on the rise, particularly in Europe. The government-media complex continues with the false narrative about stolen land and a Palestinian state when even minor research will reveal that Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jews and there never has been a Palestinian state let alone one with Jerusalem as its capital.

The John Kerry doomsday tour highlighting the greatest threat facing humanity has been largely forgotten as events in the real world interrupt the world of spin, lies and the global socialist agenda. How can a minor conflict in the middle east with a comparatively small loss of life call a halt to a mission to save the world from a catastrophe which could cost millions of lives?

Indulging in this carbon spewing shuttle diplomacy around the middle East and Europe is a pointless exercise if the lessons of his previous tour to East Asia are to be believed. One report has Israel suffering from water shortages and desertification due to climate change making vast areas uninhabitable.

Also Israel, being a low lying country with some areas below sea level, if the oceans are inexorably rising due to ongoing climate change then coastal Israel will be under water before too long making more areas uninhabitable and this war even more pointless.
(See story here)

Hamas can put down their arms, stop killing their own children and stop trying to erase Israel from the face of earth.  If John Kerry is to be believed climate change will do the job that any number of their rockets have failed to do. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Great Britain Surrenders Without A Shot Fired - November 2014

Known as the Compiegne or Foch Railcar, students of history will recognize it as the one Adolf Hitler used in an act of humiliation to house the signing of the French surrender during World War II. Its the same railcar that the French used to house the German surrender after World War I.
The French surrender in June 1940 saw the formation of Vichy France whereby a puppet government led by Marshal Petain and Pierre Laval, assisted by various other traitors and collaborators, was set up to rule on behalf of their German masters.

On November 1st 2014 the insidious Nice and Lisbon Treaties come into effect in Great Britain after which forty three crucial areas of legislative authority will be surrendered from the democratically elected representatives of the people to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats of the EU.

These areas include:

Border controls

Immigration, Asylum

Criminal Law

Foreign Affairs



and most notable, the ability for member states to withdraw from the Union.
(See full list and opinions here and here)

British politicians under the guise of various treaties have surrendered so much sovereignty already that seventy five percent of British laws come from the EU, reducing the Westminster Parliament to a rubber stamp. The surrendering of what remains will effectively end Great Britain's status as an independent sovereign state and with it over a thousand years of history.

It is undeniable that the current EU is dominated by Germany, assisted by a craven France and an unholy alliance of Great Britain's historical enemies. Anyone watching the proceedings of the EU cannot fail to notice the animosity and vitriol directed at some of Great Britain's representatives. This can be confirmed by the voting record which has read twenty six to zero against Great Britain in the past.

These historical enemies would like nothing more than to see a once great Britain reduced to a vassal state or a minor province paying tribute to a United States of Europe which is controlled by a German-French axis.

No nation that has over seventy five percent of its laws made by a foreign entity and who is about to surrender control of the forty three critical areas linked above, can call itself an independent, sovereign nation. It is, in effect, the death of the democratically governed nation state and the birth of a authoritarian tyranny governed by appointed bureaucrats.

This excersise in nation building has been well planned and built without the consent of the subject peoples. Consultation and referendums have been routinely denied and where they have been held due to constitutional requirements, unfavourable results have been ignored with the project progressing regardless.

The political class are well aware that the EU has been a complete and utter disaster for the British people with an ever increasing number wanting an exit. It was with this in mind that the then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in an act of cowardice that wouldn't have been amiss in the railway car at Compiegne, sent his Foriegn Secretary, David Miliband, to sign the initial surrender document known as the Lisbon Treaty.

When he thought the heat had died down and the twenty four hour news cycle had moved on, Gordon Brown, who is renown for his cowardice in the face of adversity, snuck in to Brussels like a thief in the night to add his signature to the surrender document.

 General Charles Huntzinger signs the surrender document aboard the railcar at Compiegne 

Too cowardly to take his seat, Prime Minister Gordon Brown signs the Lisbon Treaty surrender document in a broom cupboard somewhere in Brussels.

To borrow a phrase from President Franklin Roosevelt, November 2014 "is a date that will live in infamy" as it marks the end of Great Britain as an independent sovereign state and it brings to a close over a thousand years of history. This treachery was achieved by lies, deceit and without a shot being fired.

Footnote to this article: It is worth noting that after the liberation of France and the regaining of its status as an independent, sovereign nation, several official and unofficial purges of collaborators took place. Between 1948 and 1952 some six thousand collaborators were executed before liberation and some four thousand after.

One hundred and twenty thousand collaborators were prosecuted with one thousand five hundred death sentences handed down. The leader of the Vichy government Marshal Petain had his death sentence commuted by Charles De Gaulle. The Prime Minister Pierre Laval was not so fortunate, he was put up against a wall and shot. 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Building An EU Empire From The Atlantic To The Urals Without A Mandate

One has to give credit to the European Union and its leaders for the way they can deceive their respective peoples with what is a continuous tissue of lies, obfuscation and deceit and get away with it unscathed. Having a government-media complex in their back pocket is a big help off course, along with compliant populations who are beaten down with a deluge of propaganda unheard of since the days of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Their belief in propaganda combined with their utter contempt for the views of their people has led these elitists to believe they can re-order the world without consulting those who's lives will be drastically altered.

The Divine Right of Kings may have gone the way of King Charles the First's head, but it has reappeared with a vengeance in the new post democratic age and it is used ruthlessly by this new generic political class. These politicians have been conditioned to believe that their global agenda is somehow 'divinely' inspired and must be imposed at all costs regardless of any objections from the people who will suffer the consequences.

As we know from the Jean Monet strategy, the EU was conceived and expanded by a series lies deliberately employed to fool the people into a federal superstate without them realising their fate. This has been the strategy employed ever since by politicians of all parties who are dedicated to the superstate project.

Despite his claims to be otherwise, British Prime Minister David Cameron is the consummate European politician who has mastered the art of saying one thing to the British people and something totally different to the European audience he is trying to woo.

At home he is trying to stem the tide of Euroscepticism by claiming the EU must be reformed as a condition for British membership or the EU must drop its insistence on 'ever closer union'.  He is going to re-negotiate Britain's term of membership and take back control of the borders etc. etc. In Europe he is letting slip the true ambitions of the EU which is to have an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals while speaking in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cameron states that "Britain has always supported the widening of the EU" - no it hasn't, the people have not been consulted so he cannot speak for Great Britain. What he means is that the political elite want to expand the EU empire to snare as many other peoples as possible into their clutches in an effort to accumulate power.

In his arrogance he also states that "Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and cooperating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals". When he says "our vision" who is he referring to?  The result of the last European elections clearly demonstrate that it's not the British people. Again he is speaking on behalf of the political elite not the British people.

Even in his speech to the Kazakh audience he refuses to tell the whole truth; he makes reference to a "large trading and cooperating organisation" but fails to mention the surrender of sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats that will end any democratic aspirations the Kazakh people may have had after their liberation from the Soviet empire.

(Read the story here)

He tells the British people that the current EU is out date and unacceptable in its present form only to tell his East European audience that "we have a wide vision of Europe and have always encouraged countries that want to join".   There's that "we" again.

In an attempt to fool the people Cameron has reshuffled his Cabinet to include a supposed Eurosceptic Phillip Hammond as Foreign Secretary.  Apart from saying that he would vote to leave the EU if it doesn't change he has done little to convince anyone he wants a free, independent and sovereign Great Britain.
(Hammond story here)

At the same time as Hammond is unconvincingly talking about a possible British exit, the top conservative in the House of Lords is proclaiming that a British exit "is not an option".

Lord Popat, the Conservative Chief Whip and spokesman for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, stated that  "there is no chance that the UK could leave the EU".

Maybe Cameron could enlighten the British people as to which one of his senior lieutenants should be believed. Bearing in mind that Lord Popat is appointed, not elected, he is more in line with the EU modus operandi. Hammond voting to leave doesn't mean Britain actually will, the odds must be on the noble Lord.
(Lord Popat story here)

Despite his claim to be listening to the British people and that he "gets it" with reference to their immigration concerns, Cameron continues to lie - he could do the decent thing for once in his disreputable political career and tell the truth:

He is committed to the EU project as it stands today.

There will be no meaningful renegotiation of membership terms. The EU leaders have already said so.

The British government will not repatriate any powers.  On the contrary, sovereignty will continued to be slowly and inexorably surrendered.

The British government will never regain control over the borders and uncontrolled mass immigration will continue.

He is committed to expanding the EU empire to include Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Serbia and that means giving unlimited access to the British people's taxpayer funded welfare system to another one hundred and thirty nine million impoverished people who may not be compatible to the British way of life.

The EU has been a disaster for the British people and their way of life.  The only vision they have is to be rid of it and be a free, independent and sovereign nation once again.


Footnote: Attempts to coerce Ukraine into the EU empire has resulted in a bloody civil war, trying to do the same with other Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan would be disastrous, but thats another story.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

After Israel And The Jews Have Been Erased, Will There Be Peace?

As the battles rage in Gaza and criticism of Israel reaches a crescendo of naive hysteria, it is worth examining the consequences should Hamas and Hezbollah, together with the people that give them succour and support, were to achieve their much publicised objectives.

Western apologists for the Palestinians should be under no illusions, there is no ambiguity in these objectives, they are clear and precise with no room misinterpretation. Israel must be erased from the earth and every Jew subjugated or killed. There is no two state solution, every offer has been refused by the Palestinians as any deal will require an acknowledgement of Israel's right to exist.

It is safe to say that whenever hostilities break out in the region, the balance of news reporting is sympathetic to the Palestinian terrorists and hostile to Israel. These hostilities are usually the result of incursions into Israel by terrorists, resulting in the murder of innocent citizens, or rocket attacks intended to do the same.

Whatever the Israeli government does to protect its citizens it is always condemned, be it building a wall or an iron dome rocket defence system. Whenever the Israeli military respond to an attack it is always condemned as disproportionate. In the eyes of the worlds media and its more gullible readers, the Israeli government can do nothing right when protecting its citizens from terrorists.

History shows that western governments have hardly shown restraint themselves when faced with the same situation. It would appear that proportionate responses to unprovoked military assaults and terrorist attacks are only required by Israel.

When Hitler rained down his revenge weapons, the V1 'Doodlebugs' and V2 rockets, onto the civilian population of England, the Royal Airforce reduced the cities of Hamburg, Dresden and Cologne to rubble.

The response to the Libyan organised 1986 La Belle discotheque bombing in Berlin, in which two American servicemen were killed, was the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi with some bombs hitting the civilian suburb of Bin Ashur. Hundreds were killed, including Hanna Qaddafi, the adopted daughter of Libya's dictator Mohamar Qaddafi


(See story here)

When Al-Qaeda flew three hijacked civilian aircraft into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, killing some three thousand civilians, the US Airforce rained hell down on Afghanistan and invaded the country. Tens of thousands of people were killed, including civilians. They continue to rain down hell to this day, using remotely controlled drones.

President Reagan's words after the Libya bombing apply to every nation but obviously not Israel.

"When our citizens are attacked anywhere in the world on the direct orders of hostile regimes, We will respond".

He argued that America was exercising its rights to self defence under Article 50 of the UN Charter. If that is the case then so are the Israelis but I digress.

The world should be under no illusions of what would happen should the Israelis comply with its critics and lay down their arms - Israel would indeed be erased from the face of the earth as promised and the Jews would be faced with another Holocaust.  Dwight Eisenhower, as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II, instructed that video and photographic evidence be gathered of the German extermination camps because he knew that sometime in the future attempts would be made to re-write history and deny the Jewish Holocaust.

If Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and its Ayatollahs, together with all the other medieval barbarians that inhabit that part of the world, get their way another Holocaust would be a racing certainty.

The Jews wouldn't submit themselves to annihilation a second time and would most likely seek exile once again and the ancient land of Israel would become the Jew free land of Palestine for the first time in history. With their objectives achieved the justification for Muslim terrorism around the world will be removed and peace should reign at long last.

Every so called 'progressive', every bleeding heart hand wringing liberal, every socialist with their faux compassion and false concern for justice, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and every Jew hating anti-semite would now be able to come down from their ivory towers and their sanctimonious moral high ground to celebrate their part in bringing peace to the middle east at last.

One would have to be totally deluded to think that the centuries old animosity would end with peace replacing war and people of different faiths living side by side with in perfect harmony. The news reels from the middle east showing images of mayhem, destruction and murder that are available on the Internet and social media should give some indication of what will happen next.

When Muslims proclaim that everyone must submit or be subservient to Islam, they actually mean it and fuelled by the religious fervor of victory they will set about doing the bidding of their prophet.

Once the Jewish holy sites have been desecrated and destroyed, the religion of peace will turn its attention to Christians and other faiths. Their holy sites, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre etc. will be destroyed and overbuilt as is traditional after a Muslim conquest.  Cordoba Cathedral in Spain, Higha Sofia in Istanbul, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Hindu God Ram's birthplace in Ayodhya, India are classic examples of Muslim architectural triumphalism.

(Desecration story here1800 year old church burned by ISIS here)

Violence, murder and rape against centuries old Christian communities in Iraq is being perpetrated by rampaging Muslims while the Christian leaders obsess themselves with women priests, gay marriage, inequality, social exclusion and all the other trendy left wing 'progressive' nonsense that should be the preserve of the temporal.
(See story here)  

While the middle east is being cleared of infidels and kaffurs, the fifth columns in western countries will be awakened and activated to agitate in conjunction with battle hardened jihadis who have returned to cut off the hands that fed them and gave them sanctuary.

The British people, disarmed by their government and crippled by political correctness, will be threatened and intimidated into accepting Islam as an integral part of British life and they will be compelled to celebrate its festivals. Their own festivals and way of life will be deemed as offensive to Muslims and suppressed.

This can be dismissed as fanciful speculation but just a tertiary glance at some of the antics of the political class, together with their agents in the public institutions, will demonstrate the veracity of this scenario. Schools adapting their procedures and altering their holidays to accommodate Muslims, school children being forced to celebrate Muslim festivals, halal meat being made compulsory in supermarkets and stores. Employees refusing to handle pork products or alcohol are indulged and remain employed instead of being fired.

Hate preachers are allowed to spout their threatening anti-western filth unmolested by the same authorities that rigidly enforce political correctness for the indigenous people.


Other European countries have practically succumbed already with Belgium set to become the first majority Muslim country within a decade or so. The Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden, are reeling under the weight of Muslim demands and criminality, which includes the rape of women and children.

The great Satan will still be there and the traditional Muslim hatred for America and its people will continue unabated. They can expect particular attention and with the help of their traitorous politicians, fundamental transformation will include acceptance of Islam as equal to Christianity with the celebration of Muslim festivals being made compulsory. There is hope in that the governments attempts to disarm the people have been unsuccessful so far.

Even the revered Pledge of Allegiance is being desecrated in schools with kids forced to say it Arabic with the name of God replaced with Allah.
(See the story here).

These are likely scenarios but if they only happen in part it will mean massive upheaval, disruption and murder in the once Christian dominated lands. It is only Israel that stands between us and the mayhem the Muslim communities have promised to bring down on our heads.

If the west had any sense and self respect, it would ignore the hand wringing bleeding hearts and their Jew hating fellow travellers and give Israel all the support it can muster in order to save themselves from a similar fate.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Ukraine, Gaza, Syria - Blessed Are The Peacemakers But Where Are They?

To the casual observer of the news bulletins it would appear that the world is going to hell in something bigger and faster than a handcart. Even the major conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza and Syria are being supplemented by other not so public bloodfests in Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and so on and so forth. And, as always, it's civilians that pay the biggest price for the follies and intransigence of the perpetrators.

Despite the claim of being civilised, the modern age is no different to ages past and is just as jam packed with war mongers, imperialists, ambitious empire builders and covetous expansionists that caused mayhem and bloodshed throughout history.

One difference between today and those bygone ages is the prevalence of high profile people who masquerade around the world claiming to be peacemakers or lovers of peace. One would think that with the resources of the United Nations and its agencies, together with the combined efforts of all these peacemakers, there would not be any wars at all.

Looking at the facts it becomes immediately apparent that the United Nations is not only a hopeless hotbed of corruption, it is also of no use whatsoever in solving conflict or preventing war between nations.  It couldn't  prevent the soccer war fought between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969 over a World Cup qualifying match.

The Lords Resistance Army insurgency has been causing horrific bloodshed in Uganda since 1987 and they couldn't even influence their biggest benefactor, and the worlds largest superpower, not to invade the tiny island of Grenada in 1983.

One shouldn't be surprised that a bloated ever expanding bureaucracy, stuffed with career diplomats, superannuated politicians with designs on becoming a world government, could be anything other than a very expensive talking shop. As it currently stands the UN's only purpose, other than making innumerable resolutions against Israel, is promoting global socialism and insulting the United States.
(See wars since 1945 here)

Accepting that the UN will not stop the carnage, it is worth looking at the current conflicts together with those that strut the world stage as peacemakers, to make sure that they are working for peace and actually deserve the accolades they get.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict can be laid firmly at the door of the European Union and its expansionists ambitions combined with the pathetically weak leadership and lack of resolve of the USA, Great Britain and the western powers.

Even the casual observer would know that President Putin is a Russian patriot seeking to return Mother Russia to her former glory. They would also know that he is a ruthless former leader of the KGB who knows his way around the geopolitical chessboard. Ukraine was part of the former empire situated on its Black Sea border. Any attempt to bring Ukraine into the EU and NATO was too close for comfort for Putin and was resisted, just as the USA resisted the Russian military presence in Cuba.

When the European Union started its expansionist policy in Ukraine what did they expect Putin to do? They stirred up a hornets nest and a civil war was the result. One would think that the EU's pompously named High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Baroness Ashton of Upholland, also considered to be one of the highest paid politicians on the planet, would be smarter than she actually is. The truth is that despite her title and remuneration package she is considered to be a complete waste of money and space.
(Ashton disaster story here)

It is worth noting that despite its incompetence and expansionist warmongering the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.

It would not be unreasonable to expect that those who have received the Nobel Peace Prize, and who accept the accolades and status that go with it, would lend themselves to be deployed into these volatile areas for the purposes of bringing peace.

As ISIS beheads and murders its way across Syria and Iraq and Hamas pours missiles indiscriminately into civilian areas of Israel, one is entitled to ask where is 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman? It looks like a perfect opportunity for a peacemaker to put her reputation to the test. She is of course a senior member of Yemen's Al-Islah political party, which is akin to the Muslim Brotherhood and which seeks to impose sharia law throughout the Muslim world and beyond. It is safe to say that peace is the last thing on her mind when it comes to Israel.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner is too busy involved fundamentally transforming his homeland from the beacon of freedom and liberty into a third world socialist state to be bothered searching for peace in the worlds hotspots. He is also busy downgrading and eviscerating America's mighty military machine to the point where respect for it is being lost by its enemies.

The 2008 winner, former Finnish Prime Minister, Martii Ahtisaari, is anonymous so any peace making initiatives are not apparent. However, if he is working behind the scenes along with joint 2011 winners Leymah Gbowee and Ellen Sirleaf, good for them and they will deserve the world's thanks should they succeed.

The 2007 Peace Prize winner was the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). One can only imagine what the result would be if the mission of this nonsensical Panel was changed from imposing global socialism under the cover of environmentalism to actual peace making. It beggars belief that this gaggle of agenda driven bureaucrats can be considered as peacemakers.

Joint winner in 2007 with the IPPC was former Vice President and first carbon billionaire Al Gore. Even my fertile imagination is lost for words when trying to consider big Al as a peacemaker.

I could go on but my lack of knowledge about the previous winners would not be constructive to the debate but I hope that if they are still with us they are working for peace and earning their reputations as peacemakers.

I cannot however bypass the 2002 winner Jimmy Carter and the 2001 joint winners, Kofi Annan and the United Nations.

Carter has a reputation for doing good works such as eradicating Guinea worm infestations in West Africa but insulting Israel by referring to it as an apartheid state and making no comment about Muslim atrocities by Palestinian terrorists doesn't exactly signal impartiality. This renders him utterly useless as a peacemaker.

As mentioned previously the UN is nothing more than an expensive, corrupt bureaucracy which is obsessed with Israel, the USA and a global socialist government. Kofi Annan was its leader during a particularly bloody period and proved to be as ineffective as the organisation he ran.

If anyone can bring peace one would think it would be the Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet, after all this man represents four of the biggest players on the war and peace scene including some of the participants in the current Ukrainian disaster, the EU and Russia. Also in the Quartet are the UN and the USA.

Again one is entitled to expect that the combined might of these four entities led by a peacemaker of the calibre of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, would put an end to war wherever it flares up.

If anyone is curious as to why, considering his record as Prime Minister and after, Tony Blair was chosen to be a peace envoy then they would not be alone. They would be joined by the entire British nation who were fooled by the spin, deceit and lies of this awful man and who many believe to be an indictable war criminal.

While Blair has supposedly been working to bring peace to the middle east he has also been accumulating a personal fortune using contacts he made while in office and with some of the worlds most questionable characters. The peace envoys fortune is reputed to be anywhere between twenty and eighty million pounds. That's around thirty two or one hundred and twenty eight million US dollars. This includes a property portfolio of around eight properties including the former country estate of Sir John Gielgud and properties in London's exclusive Connaught Square.
(Blair story here)

Not bad for a former leader of the working mans party who once wrote to the then Labour Party leader, Michael Foot, that he "came to socialism via Marxism".

Blair would go down in history as just another socialist hypocrite if he was at least making some progress as a peace envoy but if the Palestinian leaders are anything to go by he is a disaster. In 2012, after almost a decade as peace envoy, they described him as:  "useless useless useless". This is probably the first time that the majority of the British people will agree with the Palestinian leadership.

In conclusion it must be noted that despite a plethora of internationally recognised peacemakers, wars continue and civilians are still being killed in their tens of thousands. Some peacemakers may be genuine and deserve the accolades and their reputations and some are just charlatans.

In one conflict there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel and there is talk of Tony Blair being relieved of his post. If the speculation is true then that small spark of light will be extinguished by his reported replacement - none other than the superannuated High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Baroness Ashton of Upholland.
(Argh! Blair's replacement story here. Read this and weep)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Israel Defends Itself - The International Jew Hating Community Ignite

The heart breaking images of dead children that are fast becoming a permanent feature of the news media are deliberately designed to stir up emotions and depending on the intellectual level of the audience, these emotions can be of the most basic kind.

There's no other issue that can stir up emotions more than the interminable Arab-Israeli conflict.  It's the one issue where common sense seems to absent itself and where supposedly educated people take sides with little or no idea of why they hold the positions they do.

Attempting to understand the different stances of people in the western democracies is as difficult a task as any, but the attempt does serve to enlighten the researcher if they can work at keeping an open mind and fight to make sure they are not swayed by what is blatant propaganda.

Some neutrals blame the Palestinians for inviting the current carnage by firing rockets into Israel from civilian areas such as schools and hospitals; others claim that the Israeli response is disproportionate. Many people maintain that the Israeli's have a right to defend themselves while others believe that the Palestinians have a right to wage war on people they consider to be occupiers.

When I was a fully paid up member of the hard left I supported the Palestinians without really knowing why. I only knew that to be a proper lefty and fit in with the crowd, hating Israel was a non-negotiable ideological requirement. Any arguments I used in justification were the usual tired staples revolving around stolen land, occupying force, expelling the natives, equating Zionism with Nazism and a pile of other offensive nonsense dreamt up by the left to justify their hate.

Those who sided with the Israelis were reckoned to be westerners suffering from a post war overdose of Holocaust guilt or supporters of an international Jewish conspiracy of bankers, industrialists and politicians bent on surreptitiously ruling the world.

All this may very well be true but I personally find it difficult to understand how a scattered people comprising of a mixture of the very wealthy, the very poor, with a sprinkling of middle class merchants, but mostly landless peasants, can organise themselves to rule the world but couldn't save themselves from the Nazi Holocaust.

It is worth taking a very brief look at the history of Israel in order to help with context for the various positions held with reference to the current conflict.

It is indisputable that the land known today as Israel was the ancient homeland of the Jews. The evidence is overwhelming, from the written records of the ancient Greeks and Romans, together with those of the Jews themselves and the Dead Sea Scrolls. All these writings are confirmed by archaeological evidence. It is also indisputable that the Jews were exiled several times during the existence of Israel ending in the final exile forced by the Romans after the sack of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus in 70 AD.

Although Jews were dispersed throughout the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe, a sizable population remained in the Holy Land.

After the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, Christianity became the dominant religion and although the population consisted of Jews, Arabs and others, Christians formed the vast majority and they remained the majority until 1187 AD when they were displaced by Saladin and his Muslim armies. The ancient land of Israel has been ruled by a variety of powers ranging from the Babylonians, the Romans - both heathen and Christian - the Mongols, the Ottomans, the British and by UN Mandate, but there has never been a Kingdom of Palestine nor has there ever been a homogeneous, centrally governed country of Palestine.

According to historians, the people who refer to themselves as Palestinians are descended from the ancient Philistines who were a warlike nomadic people centered around what is now Jordan.

History also records that whichever country the Jews migrated to, they were demonised and persecuted mercilessly as the Russian pogroms can attest. The persecution and killing of Jews in Europe escalated during the Crusades culminating in the massacre of the entire Jewish population of York, England in 1190 AD.
(Read the story here)

Anti-semitism and Jew hatred is embedded in the European psyche with the caricature of the shifty, untrustworthy Jew made popular by Shakespeare's Shylock in the Merchant of Venice and Dickens's Fagin in Oliver Twist.

If the Nazis had succeeded there would no longer be a reason for Jew hatred because there would be no Jews; as it happens they only managed to murder six million. Even before the horrors of the Holocaust Jews were made unwelcome wherever they went to seek refuge.

"Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse from your teeming shore".

This famous quote by Emma Lazarus welcoming immigration into America didn't apply to the Jews aboard the SS St Louis who, desperately fleeing Nazi persecution, were refused entry and turned away after a trans-Atlantic voyage.
(Read the story here)

After the Holocaust and facing Jew hatred wherever they went for sanctuary they had little choice but to return to their ancient homeland where they vowed there would never again be another Holocaust.

The United Nations and the British, who governed under a mandate, granted them independence and the modern state of Israel was born - it has been fighting for survival ever since.

The Jewish homeland is surrounded by Arab enemies who have not only sworn to eradicate the State of Israel but to kill every Jew on the planet.

Looking at a map of the Middle East and the number of oil rich Arab Islamic countries which surround Israel who could accommodate any number of Palestinians in comfort, it is obvious that this dispute is not about land but a visceral, hatred of Jews.

The various Palestinian factions, including the western funded Palestinian Authority, have no respect for human life including the lives of their own children. They are deliberately firing their missiles indiscriminately into Israel with the intention of killing civilians including children.

They position their missile sites in schools and hospitals with the full knowledge that children will be killed as the Israelis protect themselves. The subsequent horrific images are part of a well thought out exercise in Public Relations designed to raise emotions against Israel and the Jews. The Palestinian terrorists are killing their own children in order to demonise Israel and re-awaken the latent anti-semitism of a gullible western audience. This is PR manipulation at its worse and to its eternal shame the west is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

The lives of innocent children are sacrosanct regardless of race, religion or anything else, therefore it is the height of hypocritical sanctimony for western audiences to be outraged by the killing of these unfortunate children in Gaza but not so outraged by the killing of innocent Jewish children by Palestinian terrorists.

It would appear that the massacre of innocent Jewish children in Kiryat Shmona and in the Ma'alot massacre have been conveniently forgotten. After rightly mourning the death of the children in Gaza it would only be right and proper for the outraged people to read the enclosed list of innocent children murdered by Palestinian terrorists and mourn them equally.

In the interests of balance here is a Powerpoint Presentation of innocent Israeli children murdered by Palestinian terrorists between October 2000 and January 2005.

Prior to breast beating and howling in outrage at the deliberate deaths by Palestinians of their children in Gaza, it should be borne in mind that people are being cynically manipulated by an international Jew hating community in what is probably the most evil PR exercise of all time.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

British Exit From The EU - Fool Me Twice, A Referendum Is Not Required

As the European Union slowly reveals itself to be the post democratic monolith that has almost completed it's long planned dismantling of the nation states, and with it any remaining civil liberties, the continued membership of Great Britain is high on the political agenda.

Whenever British membership of the EU comes to the fore it is always accompanied by the issue of a referendum, or to be more precise, the absence of one. People must be made aware that linking membership of the EU or a British exit, now known as Brexit, is a successful, tried and tested political ploy designed to hoodwink them into remaining a member.

Getting involved with a referendum is a dangerous game where the unscrupulous political class have all the power combined with the utter ruthlessness to use it. A referendum on British membership is unnecessary and in the event one is granted, the odds are that the people will lose.

"Europe's nations should be guided toward a superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation". - Jean Monet letter dated 30th April 1952

As an increasing number of British people are now realising, the European Union that we see today is indeed a carefully constructed dictatorship that was long in the planning. The slow inexorable transfer of sovereignty from the nation states to the unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels was achieved by deceit, subterfuge and outright lies, as the Jean Monet letter confirms.
(Monet quote from here)

The British people were lied to from the very beginning by the then Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath who was fully aware of the European project but continually denied it's ultimate aim was a post democratic superstate. As the people are now realising to their cost, they have been lied to ever since by a succession of politicians from all parties who have played down or denied their dedication to the superstate project or have kept it hidden from their constituents.

The issue of a referendum on membership has also been there from the beginning but it has always been surrounded by lies and obfuscation for the simple reason that the Europhiles could never be one hundred percent confident they could win one.

Prime Minister Heath stated falsely that "European integration would not happen except with the consent of Parliaments 'and the peoples' of the new member countries"; this means a referendum.

There was no referendum when the accession treaty was signed, there was no referendum when the European Communities Act went through Parliament and there was no referendum when Great Britain finally joined in 1973.

The British people, Eurosceptics, and UKIP members in particular, should note what happened next and learn the lessons from it because it is being repeated by the current Prime Minister, David Cameron. "We Won't Get Fooled Again" sang the Who back in 1971, but don't bank on it in this case.

Like the Conservative Party is today, the Labour party was split down the middle on the issue of European Club membership and promised a renegotiation of terms followed by a referendum....if they were elected in the 1974 general election. They were duly elected and entered into a sham renegotiation which changed nothing and a referendum followed. The appalling behaviour of the establishment in recent Euro elections pale into insignificance compared to what happened in that referendum campaign.  This in turn will be an even weaker shadow of the next one if Cameron keeps his word.

The government, the entire British press, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the big banks, the major industrial companies, all combined to deceive and lie to the British people. Like the last campaign, they insulted, demonised and ridiculed the major representatives of the 'NO' campaign.

Unsurprisingly the 'Yes" campaign won a decisive victory which they subsequently used to carry out Jean Monet's plan to the letter. Sovereignty was surrendered in a series of treaties, each shamelessly disguised as having an economic purpose or passed off as "a tidying up exercise" which didn't require a referendum.

There followed the Schengen Treaty, the Single European Act, the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and finally the Lisbon Treaty which is in reality, a Constitution which gives the EU legal status as a nation. It must be noted that all three of the old legacy parties promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty but in line with the unprincipled behaviour of the modern political class, all three reneged on their promises.
(See the Treaties here)

It is the belief of a growing number of people that:

a)  Owing to the fact that the power currently being wielded by the unelected EU bureaucrats is the result of transfers of sovereignty that was achieved using known falsehoods and deliberate lies, these transfers are null and void.

b)  According to the politicians, these transfers of sovereignty did not require a referendum, therefore using the same logic, a referendum is not required for that same sovereignty to be returned to the people.

All that will be required is to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty or failing that just walk away.
(Article 50 petition here)

c) Any referendum will not be free and fair. The 'In' campaign will have access to the massive resources of the entire EU and British government machines.  This will include money, publicity and unlimited manpower. They will also have at their disposal the government-media complex and the politicised institutions, including the BBC, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, the Judiciary, the taxpayer funded charities and the self serving establishment etc. etc.

The UN would pile in on their behalf and any referendum where a socialist dictatorship is at risk will undoubtedly attract the unwanted attention of Barack Obama.

d) Millions of British men and women made the ultimate sacrifice in two World Wars to prevent a German dominated European superstate and also to preserve British sovereignty for future generations in perpetuity.

It is on this last point that I will conclude. When our men and women made the ultimate sacrifice they are dead forever, therefore the sovereignty that they died for is bequeathed to us who are left, is also forever. No politicians or people, current or in the future, have the right to surrender that sovereignty and deprive future generations of the independence and personal liberties that sovereignty brings.

Trade deals, military alliances and any other form of cooperation between Great Britain and other nations can be achieved without the surrender of the peoples' sovereignty or their democracy or their individual liberties.

British sovereignty belongs to the fallen therefore it is not ours to surrender.

Monday, July 14, 2014

British Muslims Fighting In Syria - A Poor Excuse For Crusaders

"Muslims are not meant to be ruled by non-Muslims. The Koran is very clear that they are to resist unbelievers by any means until Islam establishes political supremacy. This doesn't mean that everyone must be forced to become Muslim, but rather everyone must submit to Muslim rule". - The Guide To Understanding Islam.

"There is nothing in Britain - it is just pure evil".  If and when I come back to Britain it will be when this Kilafah - this Islamic State - comes to conquer Britain and I come to raise the black flag of Islam over Downing Street, over Buckingham Palace, over Tower Bridge and over Big Ben". - Abu Osama, British born jihadi fighting in Syria.

It must be clarified from the start that by their own declarations there is no such thing as a British Muslim, there only Muslims who have been granted a British passport, a National Insurance Number or 'Leave To Remain' in Great Britain by an agenda driven government.

Regardless of where they were born, Muslims are loyal to their fellow Muslims and to the diktats written in the Koran. Loyalty to Queen and country, the American Constitution or any form of western democratic government is not incumbent upon Muslims, in fact what is incumbent upon them is to subjugate all non-Muslims.

Hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants residing in the Muslim ghettos that infest Great Britain are now second generation but consider themselves one hundred percent Pakistani as opposed to British or even British Pakistani. Likewise Bangladeshi and Indian Muslims together with the more recent arrivals from Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq and Iran.

The British political class, led by Prime Minster David Cameron and his senior Lieutenants, are now warning about the massive threat to security posed by young radicalised 'British' Muslims returning from the middle eastern battlefields skilled in the arts of terrorism, bomb making and mass murder.
(Read story here)

It appears to have completely passed them by that this danger is the direct result of the government's open border immigration policies and the only proposal they have to counter this threat is to remove what individual liberties the British people have left, supposedly for their own protection.

Despite being armed with the knowledge that Muslims must dominate all other people and will never integrate into any non-Muslim society, the government went ahead and opened the borders to tens of thousands of third world Muslim immigrants, regardless of the danger and against the express wishes of the British people.

Such was their commitment to the cultural replacement agenda and their determination to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society', they bullied, threatened and demonised anyone who had the temerity to even question their actions.

The threats to peace and security that we are witnessing today from the Muslim community is the direct result of an out of control political class, ignoring the interests and wishes of the British people in favour of imposing their own cultural replacement agenda.

In an act of jaw dropping stupidity the government are proposing to cancel the passports of Muslims joining the jihad in Syria, Iraq and Somalia while at the same time handing them out like confetti to others newly arriving by the boatload.

As more and more Muslims, mostly born and bred in Great Britain, go abroad to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the intention of setting up of a Caliphate, the government are setting up inquiries to find out how they became so radicalised. They are obviously blind to the fact that radical Islam is not only inbred into all Muslims, they are also taught it from an early age and absorb it every time they read verses from the Koran.

Abdul Raqib Amin, a British born jihadi, is quoted as saying on his arrival in Syria  "the happiest moment of my life was when the plane took off from Gatwick Airport. I was happy because as a Muslim you cannot be in a country of Kaffurs". 

For the attention of  David Cameron, together with his government and the multi-culturalists; the country he is referring to is Great Britain and the Kaffurs he is referring to are us, the British people.
(Story here)

It has been reported that some sixty five people have been arrested on their return to Great Britain for Syria related activities out of some five hundred British documented Muslims believed to have joined ISIS.

Putting this into historical context it's a poor excuse for a religiously or politically motivated military adventure and compared to the Christian Crusades it is pretty pathetic. As ruthless and bloody as they are, if this is the best they can do then, if the British people are allowed to defend themselves, they will have nothing to fear from these jihadis at home.

Only a measly five hundred? During the First Crusade tens of thousands of religiously motivated volunteers from Great Britain and hundreds of thousands from the continent marched across Europe to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule then set up the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. They also set up the Christian County of Osessa and the Christian Principality of Antioch.

In later history, Henry V raised an army of thousands who marched across England and, after laying siege to it, they took the citadel of Harfleur. That Band of Brothers then marched as a sickly army across northern France before defeating their King at Agincourt, against the most fearful odds, to reclaim part of the British Kingdom.

These gains were subsequently lost as a result of weak leadership rather than any weakness on the part of the people. This is the same kind of pathetic leadership the British are lumbered with today.

Why sixty five people were arrested is a mystery due to the fact that Briton's fighting in foreign wars is nothing new. As recently as World War II and later, British people have volunteered to fight in places such as Spain and Africa. Volunteers, including many from South Wales, made their way across England and France to fight in Spain for the International Brigade against General Franco and his Fascists.

Far from being arrested, the volunteers including the Labour Party icon, George Orwell, returned to a hero's welcome. They are still revered in annals of socialist folklore to this day.

The Crusaders were led into battle by Kings such as Richard the Lionheart and Phillip II, whereas the modern British Muslims are being egged on, but not led, by the likes of Anjem 'Andy' Choudary who makes sure he is as far away from any action as possible.

It must be noted that Andy Choudary is no Suleiman the Magnificent, while he is collecting his welfare benefits and running away from jihad in Syria, his brain dead disciples, such as the killers of Drummer Leigh Rigby, will be rotting in an English jail for the rest of their lives as will the failed London Transport bombers of 21st July 2005.

No seventy two black eyed virgins for these cowards, just a life time of porridge and romantic encounters in the showers with their co-religionist menfolk. They would have been much better off ignoring the likes of Choudary and making their way to Syria or Iraq.

For all the fiery rhetoric of hate preachers like Andy Choudary, Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada and after all the emotional sermons at Friday prayers down at the local mosque, one would think that Muslims would be lining up for tickets to Istanbul and the onward journey to Syria. Out of some three million Muslims in Great Britain they can only muster five hundred to go fight for Allah? That's a sorry excuse for a Crusade and at this rate the historical aspiration of a global Caliphate will remain just aspiration.

Abu Osama, Andy Choudary, Cam el-Fukar and the rest of them have more chance of hanging the black flag of Islam on their mothers washing line than on Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.

One would have thought that Andy Choudary and his followers are being inspired by the video reports from their brothers, and sisters, in Syria and Iraq who are indulging in merciless killing and beheading in the name of Allah. Smashing up the ancient tomb of the Prophet Jonah with a sledgehammer surrounded by brave fellow warriors must be more satisfying than picking up a welfare cheque surrounded by beer drinking, pork eating Kaffurs and their uncovered women.
(Story here)

Being surrounded by fellow Muslims in the desert and with access to jihadi brides, young girls who have run away from their families to Syria to act as breeding sows for Islam, must be preferable to living on a windswept island in the north Atlantic among people they despise.

It must be noted that the majority of the normally tolerant British people have been pushed into uncharacteristic dislike of another ethnic group by the relentless pressure on them by their government to accept a community of people whose practices are barbaric and with whom they have nothing in common.

Their continual demands that the British people change their way of life to accommodate them and their medieval death cult, combined with threats from the government if they resist, is engendering a loathing of Muslims that would not be there had their numbers been controlled and they had made at least some attempt at integration.

As it stands now it is hoped that as many British documented Muslims as possible follow their instincts and head to Syria and set up their Caliphate -  we will take it from there when they try to spread it to Great Britain.

Update: Bought-and-paid-for lackey Fraser Nelson beggars belief with his assertion that the British Muslim is truely one among us and proud to be so. He obviously walks around with his eyes wide shut.
(Read story here)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Building A Dictatorship - British Civil Liberties Slowly Taken Away

When the senior Labour Party Minister and 'ex'-communist Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, informed the world that the post democratic age has arrived and that local government elections are pointless, very few people paid any attention to the substance of his pronouncement.

The British people, encouraged by a titillating media, appeared to be more interested in the fact that he had a Brazilian boyfriend than the disastrous effects his governments' actions would have on their traditional freedoms.

It should have been taken for granted that a Labour government, who's core ideology is based on Marxism, would work toward a dictatorship with a gradual transfer of power from the individual to the state. What was not so obvious was that this march to dictatorship would be relentlessly pursued when the Labour government was replaced by a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition.

Its ironic that Great Britain with its Mother of Parliaments based on ancient freedoms derived from  Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights, now resembles the failed Soviet Union rather than the beacon of liberty that set an example for the world to follow.

The gradual erosion of civil liberties has accelerated as the European Union strips the nation states of their sovereignty as it marches inexorably onward to its goal of a post democratic federal state.

This surrender of sovereignty, and the subsequent loss of civil liberties, has been facilitated by the replacement of the traditional politician, who was motivated by the desire to faithfully serve the public, with a generic group of agenda driven, career technocrats who are indistinguishable from each other regardless of party affiliation.

One would have thought that a Conservative/ Liberal Democrat government would live up to its name and restore some of the liberties stripped from the British people during thirteen years of unfettered  Labour power, both nationally and locally, but this was not to be.

When the Equalities Act was proposed in Parliament by none other than the notorious feminazi, Harriet Harman, it was referred to as socialism in one Bill - it is now the law of the land causing misery as well as imposing job killing regulations on businesses large and small.  It should have been repealed on day one but it's still there.

So are the one hundred or more new taxes imposed by the socialists. The private sector final salary pension schemes, which were wilfully and maliciously destroyed, remain destroyed.

The Con/LibDem coalition government is not only making no attempt to restore the civil liberties and individual freedoms that were removed by the Labour government, they are actively taking more away and surrendering whats left of British sovereignty to the unaccountable EU bureaucrats.

It may surprise outside observers that in Great Britain there are some fourteen hundred 'powers of entry' that allow warrentless invasion by twenty thousand officials into the private homes of its citizens. On taking power the Coalition government instigated a review of this scandal with the promise to reduce the number of legal intrusions.

Post review, the number of powers for warrentless intrusions was increased by nineteen, clearly demonstrating the total lack of commitment to civil liberties and individual freedom of British citizens by the political class.
(Story here)

Innocent until proven guilty is the bedrock of British law......until now. The taxman, in the form of the dictatorial Lin Homer of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is agitating for the power to remove money from private bank accounts if she believes tax is owed. This is the same Lin Homer from yesterdays article who states categorically that she will use anti-terrorists laws to hound, silence and destroy any whistleblowers who report wrongdoing in this malign state monolith.
(Story here)

Remember the Cypriot government raiding the private bank accounts of its citizens to pay for their own economic incompetence? The EU thinks this is a an excellent idea and suggest it is legitimised and adopted across their new superstate.

The Leveson inquiry report into press ethics suggested the government oversee the press that they hate so much. This has been enthusiastically adopted by all parties and the threats to investigative journalists have been increasing ever since.

Having set the censorship precedent it doesn't take a great leap of imagination to acknowledge that government censorship of the Internet and social media will not be far behind.

Spying on their own citizens is almost a mandatory activity for any self respecting dictatorship and the British government are up there with the best of them.

Under the guise of protecting the people from fraudsters, paedophiles and terrorists, the government want access to every email and phone call along with every website visit and all social media activity.
(Stories here and  here)

Anyone looking at this preposterous nonsense in any detail will be struck by the sheer monumental hypocrisy of these people. If it wasn't so serious one would die laughing.

How can the people be protected from fraudsters by some of the country's most notorious fraudsters?

As the latest scandal unfolds it is confirming what has been speculation for decades:  the Palace of Westminster, the BBC, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, the Judiciary etc. etc. are all rife with paedophiles. Phone tapping and snooping on the public by institutions that contain such a high percentage of paedophiles is a bit rich to say the least.

As far as protection from Muslim terrorists is concerned, the government are using a crisis to further snoop on their own citizens and further erode their liberties.

The government opened the borders and allowed in terrorists and potential terrorists against the wishes of the people. The lunacy of this is that the politicians want the people to surrender their liberties and freedom to the government so that they can be protected from people they didn't want in the country in the first place.

The people would be better protected if the government stopped immigration from Muslim countries that promote jihad and stopped handing out passports, visas and work permits to people such as London bombers Muktar Said Ibrahim and Ramzi Mohammed.
(Story here)

The British government is currently in the process of surrendering more sovereignty from the peoples' elected representatives to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU in the form of the EU Arrest Warrant and the surrender of DNA and fingerprint databases. Databases which include the most private and personal data imaginable from people who have not been convicted of any crime.

The standard criteria for any dictatorship are press censorship, phone tapping and snooping, penal taxation, warrantless intrusion into private property, raiding of bank accounts together with using state institutions to persecute individuals as per HMRC.

Where Great Britain surpasses most dictatorships is with the use of rigidly policed political correctness, or Cultural Marxism to give it its proper name.

The Orwellian Minister for Culture is proposing to deny funding for a film or production that doesn't meet his criteria for political correctness, which are, 'ethincally, sexually and socially diverse'. To be eligible for funding films must tick two out three boxes: on screen diversity, off screen diversity, creating opportunity and social mobility. At least one character must be positively reflecting diversity. How long before Shakespeare and Dickens are removed from public libraries because they are politically incorrect?

The Minister, Ed Vaizey, is nothing more than a modern day book burner.
(Read the story here)

The establishment and all of Great Britain's institutions have been politicised and stuffed to the gunwales with Common Purpose trained operatives and their army of sycophantic petty bureaucrats. It is this that is stifling freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to communicate openly.

The British people are waking up but its a slow process, the fear is that they will not wake up in time to prevent their sleepwalking into a dictatorship from which there will be no return

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cover Ups And Protecting Their Own - British Establishment Are Unbeatable

Watching the current corruption and cover up scandals involving government departments in the USA, one can only marvel at the way the political establishment have constructed a system which guarantees immunity for their cronies and employees who don't seem at all fazed by Congressional scrutiny. Its almost as if they know they will never be held accountable, let alone punished, for what is blatant corruption, law breaking and unconstitutional actions.

It is often said that everything that's biggest and best comes from America but this is not so, when it comes to corruption, cover ups and protecting their own, the American establishment is not in the same league as their British counterparts. They are the biggest and the best by a country mile at circling the wagons and making sure that scandals are covered up and evidence is lost. They are also adept at using the might of the state and its institutions against anyone who is public spirited and brave enough to shine a light on their nefarious activities.

Scandals such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) missing emails in the USA and the smug contempt of Congress by the culprit-in-chief Lois Lerner, is matched by the arrogance Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) chief bureaucrat, Lin Homer.

The fact that the Obama administration used the IRS against political enemies should come as no surprise, after all Richard Nixon did it and so did Edgar Hoover when he put Al Capone away for tax evasion because he couldn't get him for murder or any other crime.

Lois Lerner snubbed Congress by claiming the relevant emails linking her with the administration were lost then used her right to silence under the Fifth Amendment to escape further questioning.
(Read the story here)

Lin Homer gave sweetheart tax deals to big companies such as Goldman Sachs then used anti-terrorist laws to go after and destroy the whistleblower who exposed it.

Lin Homer snubbed the Parliamentary Committee and put her arrogance on display when she refused to confirm that anti-terrorist laws would not be used against whistleblowers in future.
(Read the story here)

Apart from HMRC, whistleblowers from the health, education, police and local government departments were also asked to appear before the same committee but only one felt brave enough to do so. In what can only be described as a throwback to the old Soviet Union a whistleblower form the health service was pursued mercilessly on mental health grounds for highlighting instances of poor care.

NHS cover ups are too many to include in this post but this article will give an indication of just how widespread it is.

The IRS losing the relevant emails in the American scandal might stretch credulity a bit far but the British people were asked to believe that an absent minded office person accidentally shredded the relevant paperwork appertaining Tony Blair's claims after the MP's expenses scandal broke in Great Britain. No other paperwork just the bit relevant to the expense claims inquiry.

Not to be outdone, an inquiry into the collusion in extraordinary rendition on the island of Diego Garcia by former Foreign Secretaries, David Miliband and Jack Straw was informed that all the records of flight logs are available.........except those covering the relevant period because they were 'water damaged'.
(See Guido's take on it here)

The dog ate my homework has got more credibility.

More tragically the establishment will go to any lengths to protect itself and their own as the case of  Dr. David Kelly will confirm. The intelligence dossier that the Blair government used to justify Great Britain going to war in Iraq was flawed and deliberately misleading. An inside source claimed that the dossier was transformed or 'sexed up' at the behest of Blair together with his spin doctor, Alistair Campbell and others from the intelligence community, in order to make going to war more palatable

UN weapons inspector, Dr. Kelly, who had previously been tormented by the Foreign Office for his scepticism about WMD's in Iraq was outed as the source of the 'sexed up' allegations. He subsequently disappeared in mysterious circumstances and was found dead. The verdict was suicide by wrist cutting even though there was little blood at the scene and he only had a small penknife in his possession.
( Read the tragic story here)

Tragic as these are, the despicable of all cover ups are those involving the sexual abuse of children. For decades the political establishment and their cronies in the bought-and paid-for media feted and indulged the Liberal MP Cyril Smith knowing he was a depraved beast of the very highest order.

Somewhat of a political celebrity with buckets of false puke making bonhomie, he had access to children's homes, detention facilities and hospitals which he used to satisfy his debauchery and ruin the lives of hundreds of innocent children. One victim told of being sexually abused in the House of Commons itself with the door of Smith's office wide open.

The political establishment, including the police and the intelligence 'services' knew about his depravity but covered it up for four decades to protect Smith, as well as themselves and the supposed good name of the Westminster Parliament.
(Read the story here)

The latest scandal and the mother of all cover ups is that of the paedophile ring that has been operating for some twenty years in the heart of Westminster.

Its no good current and former Members of the House of Commons, together with some noble Lords, coming forward twenty years after the events with tales of how they suspected there was the cover up of a paedophile ring.

If they had any dignity or sense of responsibility toward vulnerable children they would have done something about it at the time.

The government has launched an inquiry, but as this involves the entire establishment, including the judiciary, there is nobody that can be trusted not to produce a whitewash or to sweep it under the carpet.

Baroness Butler-Sloss has been appointed to lead an inquiry but is an establishment judge, and a Baroness to boot, the right person to be investigating the establishment? After all one wouldn't ask Tony Blair to investigate the death of Dr. Kelly and expect an impartial report.

It must be noted that her late brother Sir Michael Havers, a fellow senior establishment figure, was involved in a paedophile cover up when he refused to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman who, at the same time as being a diplomat, was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), an organisation that lobbied for the legalising of sex between adults and children.

As has been noted here many times before, the establishment including British Parliament, is a den of iniquity which is infested with any number of drunks, crooks, corruptocrats, perverts, embezzlers and lows lifes, who believe they are untouchable and have a divine right to rule. Their arrogance surpasses all understanding and their contempt for the British people is total.

There is no hope of reforming something as debased and corrupt as this place unless it is burned down and the whole sorry mess started once again from the beginning.