Thursday, October 30, 2014

'This Is What A Feminist Looks Like' - PR Stunt Hides The Truth

The days when political discourse revolved around the various candidates publicly debating the issues disappeared when psephologists, pollsters and PR men took over elections, devaluing democracy in the process.

Democracy in Great Britain has been reduced to periodic elections where teams of spin doctors, marketing professionals and media managers create false images for a group of bland, photogenic automatons who possess the innate ability to lie with a straight face.

These generic candidates will be required to flawlessly repeat soundbites and slogans which are centrally generated by their various party PR and media management machines. They will also be required to take part in publicity stunts which for the cynical voter are sometimes so embarrassingly false they are a source of much hilarity.

Any PR person worth their salt would agree that a picture is worth a thousand words especially when trying to create an image or deliver a message that they want the public to swallow. Unfortunately for them, due to the Internet, they no longer have a monopoly of messaging therefore the same tactic can be used to strip away the veneer and reveal the truth.

Wearing a "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirt in the House of Commons was a publicity stunt led by the Labour Party's premier feminist Harriet Harman. The message may have suited her reputation as a champion of women's rights but it also hid the truth about Harman and her 'progressive' agenda. Therefore taking leaf out of her PR departments book, here are some photographs to put the record straight.

"This is what a paedophile supporter looks like". One who wants to legalise sex between adults and children.

"This what a Muslim paedophile gang looks like". The gang that groomed, raped and sexually abused under age white girls with the full knowledge and connivance of her Labour Party on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivity'.

"This what a young female victim of a the Labour Party's client group of paedophiles would look like" if one could face the camera.

In the top photograph Harman is flanked on the left by her party leader Red Ed Miliband and on the right by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the current leader of the ever more ridiculous Liberal Democrat Party.

"This is what a Liberal Democrat deviant looks like". The one that had a relationship with a young female constituent with special needs who originally came to him for help. Clegg finally acknowledged he knew about this but took no action at the time.

When senior politicians engage in publicity stunts of this nature they not only make themselves look ridiculous they also demean politics and embarrass the nation at the same time. Informed people are not fooled by this kind of cheap stunt and as has just been demonstrated they can be used to reveal the truth as well as to deceive.

Finally a couple of publicity stunts for your mirth and enjoyment:

 "This is what a pair of idiots look like when going after the Sikh vote".


Update: Check The Mellow Jihadi for more Red Ed publicity stunt hilarity.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anarchy If ISIS Killers Are Not Allowed To Return 'Home'

It seems such a long time ago but it was only August 20th that PM David Cameron was being lauded around the world for cutting short his summer vacation in order to take tough action after American journalist James Foley was beheaded by a British documented Muslim killer known as Jihadi John.

Just to recap - Cameron's tough action was going to prevent the radicalisation of Muslims in Great Britain by banning preachers of hate and by teaching British values in the schools. He also promised to prevent British documented Muslims from going abroad to fight on behalf of Allah and his prophet.

In addition to this tough action he promised he would confiscate the passports and cancel the citizenship of Muslim killers who were already raping and butchering their way across Iraq, Syria and other Islamic hot spots around the world.

Those who are familiar with Cameron's modus operandi, myself included, warned at the time that this was a calculated PR exercise put together by his media management team in order to create a tough image, at least until the news cycle moved on.
(See herehere and here)

The news cycle has indeed moved on and to date, as predicted, Muslim preachers of hate, including the celebrity shariah advocate and ISIS supporter Anjem 'Andy' Choudary, are still on the streets and in the media spouting their filth. In the meantime Paul Weston of Liberty GB remains charged by the police for quoting from Sir Winston Churchill's book, The River War.

Cameron's coalition partner and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the increasingly lunatic Liberal Democrat party, claims that teaching British values in British schools will somehow offend Muslims. In addition to this, not a single radicalising mosque or madrassa has been closed down, not a single passport has been cancelled nor has anybody's citizenship been revoked.

It is the issue of passports and citizenship that appears to be attracting the most attention while at the same time exposing the yawning chasm between the remote political elite and the people they are supposed to be representing.

It is fair to say without fear of contradiction that outside of the 'progressive' elite and the inadequates of the self loathing community, the British people are heartily sick of all things Muslim.

They are sick to death of constantly hearing the words Koran,  sharia,  halal,  burqua,  hijab,  jihad, Ramadan, Eid,  Haj,  Mohammad,  ISIS,  beheading and Allahu Akbar. They are sick of their politicians constantly caving in to Muslim sensitivities regarding pork, alcohol, dogs, music, dancing, dress codes and the rights, or non rights, of women.

Most of all they are sick and tired of being smeared as bigots, racists or Islamophobes for voicing a contrary opinion of Muslims and Islam.  In the final analysis, they didn't ask for this, they weren't consulted and they don't want it. Many regard Islam as a medieval desert death cult which is being imposed upon them by a remote, agenda driven political class for their own social engineering ends.

The vast majority of the British people do not want British documented Muslim killers to return to Great Britain from the killing fields of the Islamic world. Neither do they want the government preventing Muslims from leaving to join ISIS. Having made their choice to leave, the British people want the killers' passports cancelled and their citizenship revoked on arrival in their beloved Islamic State.

Unsurprisingly, the political class, as represented by the Labour MP Emily Thornberry, take an entirely different view and as the British people know to their cost, their view will be disregarded because only her view counts.

An archetypal 'progressive' technocrat, Thornberry is a barrister by profession specialising in human rights law; it shouldn't come as a shock therefore to learn that in her mind the human rights of the Muslim killers come before the safety and security of the British people.

Her must see interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil reveals a remote political elitist who has no concept of how real people think or what their hopes and fears may be. She has an unwavering belief that international laws made behind closed doors by technocrats like herself are unquestionably correct and must be obeyed.
(Must see interview here)

Thornberry was bemused by the suggestion that the safety and security of the British people with regard to returning killers takes precedent over some obscure law made up by unknown technocrats in New York or Geneva.

As a socialist she put her natural authoritarian instincts on display when she claimed that without the total  obedience of these laws there would be chaos and anarchy. This is almost as if the situation in Great Britain and these Muslim countries is one of peace, tolerance and social order.

She is unable to comprehend that these jihadis are, in the main, British educated adults who are quite capable of making a personal decision. They have made it plain that they despise Great Britain, its people, its culture and its way of life. They have made it abundantly clear they believe in the supremacy of Islam, the teachings of their prophet as written in the Koran and their duty to die in the name of Allah.

It should be re-emphasised for the benefit of people like Thornberry and the 'progressive' elite, that the jihadi's loyalty is to the Islamic State and not to Great Britain, they are in effect renouncing their citizenship in spirit if not in actuality.

These fanatics have made it crystal clear that they intend to bring their blood soaked jihad to Great Britain and state that they will not stop until the ISIS flag is flying over Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

Everyone is familiar with the barbaric brutality of these killers and for those with a strong constitution graphic images of their methods are available on the Internet for all to see. One is entitled to ask why these savages who are doing what they left Great Britain to do, now want to return to the beer drinking, pork eating, infidel infested country that is an affront to their religious sensitivities.

Firstly, some are cowards who, like bullies and thugs the world over, are happy to rape, torture behead and kill innocent women and children when unopposed. When there is a prospect of meeting an opposition who are just as ruthless, seventy two virgins in paradise doesn't seem quite so attractive.

Secondly, to the more fanatical ones, getting killed in the desert or some sh*thole of a mud brick town without taking a hundreds of infidels with you will not please Allah as much as returning home and letting off a bomb in some crowded arena or similar venue.

This murderous scenario and the trepidation of the British people is beyond the understanding of people such as Emily Thornberry and the political elite who believe that these sub humans should be brought 'home' and subjected to a judicial process focused on their human rights.

Despite the possibility that they may have committed horrific crimes in the course of their jihad, prosecuting them in a British court will be difficult if not impossible.

In her technocratic brain, Thornberry believes that these jihadis can be found guilty of 'something' then be made subject of a control order which will include some kind of de-radicalisation program.

If past form is anything to go by, the most likely scenario will be that some liberal, bleeding heart judge will send them on a cultural sensitivity course then release them with an order to report to the local police station once a month.

In conclusion I would suggest that readers avail themselves of the BBC interview, watch Emily Thornberry's performance closely and be afraid, be very afraid.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cash Or Cheque Frau Merkel? EU In Control PM Cameron Humiliated

Ordering Prime Minister David Cameron to hand over an extra 1.7 billion pounds of the people's hard earned money is not satisfying enough for the European Union bureaucrats who have almost completed their decades long project to take over the British government. In time honoured fashion the victors have to humiliate the vanquished as a demonstration of their dominance.
(Story here)

In times past the victors would have looted and pillaged the treasure of the vanquished, destroyed the emblems that gave them their identity and enslaved the people for labour. In addition they would have displayed the leaders before the baying mob in acts of public humiliation.

Nations never forget defeat so after Trafalgar, Waterloo and the exile of Napoleon to St. Helena, after Versailles and Nuremberg and particularly after the fall of the British Empire, her traditional enemies have waited patiently for their chance to make the British grovel.

Karma one might say due to British haughtiness in the her glorious past, but this was no noble defeat after years of battle but a meek surrender by ambitious, self serving politicians satisfying their inner despotism by seeking power over their own people.

As the French bureaucrat Jean Monet projected, a federal European superstate will be built gradually by lies and deceit before the people realise what has happened. Sovereignty was to be slowly surrendered in series of treaties disguised as being of economic benefit.

True to the Monet doctrine, the treacherous, self serving political class, regardless of party affiliation, slowly handed over sovereignty in a series of treaties disguised as being of economic benefit to a cabal of bureaucrats dominated by Great Britain's historic enemies.

This has culminated in a situation whereby, not only has the ability to make ones own laws and control ones own borders been surrendered, but the emblems and attributes of statehood are being gradually removed.

With the advent of modern communications, victorious nations no longer have to physically loot and pillage the treasure of vanquished nor do they have to parade defeated leaders before the baying mob. Loot can be transferred remotely using electronic means and leaders humiliated, not before the baying mob in some city square, but across the planet via the Internet.

British Prime Minister David Cameron experienced this first hand after his petulant reaction to being handed a bill by EU bureaucrats for an extra 1.7 billion pounds of British taxpayers money.

This loot, generated by the British people by way of austerity and a sharp drop in living standards, which was brought about by a deliberate increase in the cost of living, will be handed over to the victors in the form of Chancellor Merkel's Germany and President Hollande's socialist basket case France.

EU bureaucrats have been queuing for some time to humiliate him but armed with the knowledge that David Cameron is as popular as Ebola in his own country and facing defeat at the polls in the near future, they piled on the agony after his imbecilic outburst.

In an attempt to hoodwink the British public and steal their votes, Cameron has been making false promises to appease their anger over mass immigration and the access of economic migrants to the social services and welfare systems. Every time he does so he is smacked down by some upstart career bureaucrat with an axe to grind, who is taking the opportunity to swing a punch at the self neutered giant.

German MEP Alexander Lambsdorff and Austrian Chancellor Werner Fayman have ordered Cameron to pay up because he doesn't have the power to refuse. That was surrendered years ago
(Story here).

Hungarian bureaucrat Laszlo Andor has labelled the British people xenophobic and has warned them to expect more migration.
(Story here)

Portuguese Maoist, and out going EU Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosso, has publicly warned Cameron that doing what the British people demand of him breaches EU law. In typical Maoist fashion Barrosso will receive $162,200 inflation proof pension for life, a golden parachute payment of $32,000, one month of his $384,000 annual salary and a transitional allowance of between $464,000 and $756,800 over the next three years.
(Slap down here, pension here.  UKIP's Farage thanks Barrosso here)

His replacement, the Euro fanatic Jean-Claude Junker, has not only ordered Cameron to hand over the cash but humiliatingly has told Cameron that he plans to make migration into Great Britain easier.
(See here)

If being slapped down and robbed by a German MEP, the Austrian Chancellor, a Hungarian bureaucrat, a Portuguese Maoist and Luxembourgian arch federalist isn't bad enough, then being likened to an enraged diner on the comedy farce Fawlty Towers by the French media is particularly humiliating.

"Angry Cameron refuses to take out his cheque book for Europe" ran one French headline ignoring the fact that it is not Cameron's money to give away and the money is not destined for 'Europe' but to Germany and socialist basket case France.
(French ridicule story here)

It is now an unarguable fact that German Chancellor Angel Merkel runs the EU like a personal fiefdom. She has wasted no time, not only ordering Cameron to hand over British taxpayers money, but to publicly sink his plans to renegotiate Great Britain's membership terms and to repatriate powers back to the people.
(Merkel in dictates the rules here)

Despite his embarrassing petulance and his stated refusal to to pay up on time, David Cameron will handover British taxpayers money as ordered, but his public subservience to the German Chancellor and the hubristic EU bureaucrats reveals the totality of Great Britain's surrender.

The surrender document known to the world as the Lisbon Treaty will fully take effect on November 1st 2014 and with that the British Parliament at Westminster will finally come to an end. David Cameron might as well hand over the keys to No 10 Downing Street to Chancellor Merkel for what use he will be to the British people.

Parliament comes to an end story here

Friday, October 24, 2014

EU Bureaucrats Demand More Money On The Feast Of St Crispin

Hot on the heels of yesterdays article, reference the government of Great Britain being run by EU bureaucrats and the impotence of Prime Minister Cameron, comes news of a daylight robbery that confirms it beyond doubt.
(See here)

Nobody should be surprised if the EU bureaucrats knew the significance of this particular date and chose it deliberately to compound David Cameron's humiliation; such is their hatred of Great Britain, its people and their history.

The Battle Agincourt fought on St Crispin's Day in 1415 ranks as one of Great Britain's greatest military victories where the French were roundly defeated despite odds in their favour some historians put at five to one.

As if to negate the significance of the victory and rub the noses of the British people in the fact that they may have won that particular battle but they no longer run their own country, the bureaucrats have ordered David Cameron's government to hand over an extra 1.7 billion pounds of hard earned taxpayers money.

This is on top of the 55 million pounds they hand over per day, circa 20 billion per year, and despite the fact that they handed over 1.4 billion pounds to the European Investment Bank the previous March.

To add insult to injury, while the hard working British taxpayers get fleeced, Germany and France will get a rebate.

The reason for this daylight robbery is supposedly because the British economy has grown more than expected relative to the others. To put this in layman's terms, the British economy has grown on the back of an austerity package which has seen the British people suffer a sharp reduction in their living standards with many formerly prosperous people resorting to food banks in order to survive.

Thousands of pensioners and others in fuel poverty will die of hypothermia this coming winter because they can't afford to pay their artificially inflated fuel bills. Also at the same time, the tsunami of economic migrants continues unabated putting already scarce resources under further intolerable pressure.

The French economy has collapsed as predicted when their economically illiterate President Hollande increased taxes and opened the floodgate of government spending, mainly on social programs. So the increasingly impoverished British people are subsidising the improving lifestyle of their French counterparts.

Likewise after winning two world wars the same impoverished British people are subsidising the already affluent lifestyles of Angela Merkel's Deutschen Volke.

As the British people have discovered to their cost, their Prime Minister David Cameron is a weak, inexperienced media creation - their chances of him discovering a bit of the Agincourt spirit and standing up to the smirking Eurocrats on their behalf is nonexistent.

For the benefit of his media image and his ongoing election campaign, Cameron has expressed bucket loads of faux anger at this outrageous demand, but as everyone knows by his previous appeasement of the Eurocrats, he will hand over their money in the end. When it comes to doing battle with the Eurocrats David Cameron is more Neville Chamberlain than Henry V.

By the way Cameron and the Eurocrats rig the economic system to suit themselves and their agenda, there's no way the British people can ever overcome austerity and get ahead. It would appear they face an endless drop in living standards with prosperity for themselves and future generations disappearing further into the distance despite a growing economy.
(Bankrolling the EU here)

Whenever the economy grows Great Britain's contributions to the EU grow accordingly, likewise with a commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, more is given away to finance vanity projects abroad and to maintain the lifestyles of corrupt foreign dictators.

Boasting that this is his finest achievement, the foreign aid budget has been doubled by David Cameron and it now stands at over 11 billion pounds per year. This will continue to rise until the 0.7% target is reached and go on rising as the economy grows.
(Cameron aid story here)

In addition to this foreign aid insanity, the inexorable rise in net immigration has resulted in 25 billion pounds being sent abroad each year in remittances together with welfare entitlements to immigrant families and payments to the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and its agencies, not to mention NATO.

The harder the British people work to improve the economy the more of their money is sent abroad for the benefit of others.

This is all smoke and mirrors of course and only in the fetid air of the political swamp can such flawed economics be used as a criteria for the redistribution of nonexistent wealth. If individuals, families or businesses used the same criteria they would be sewing mailbags for pennies at one of Her Majesty's penal institutions.

In reality there is no money, there is no wealth to redistribute, not a single penny. By any account, the British people are not only bankrupt but up to their necks in debt that will take generations to pay off, if at all.

Government borrowing increased by 10% last month to 11.8 billion, which is 1.6 billion more than last year and 1 billion more than forecast. The national debt has increased each year of Cameron's Premiership and now stands at an unsustainable 1.36 trillion pounds.
(Government borrowing figures here, debt figures here)

How can these figures improve and the living standards of the British people increase when any extra money earned due to a rise in economic growth is dispersed abroad instead of used at home to fix the broken economy.

There is no chance this side of hell that David Cameron in the year 2014 will ever discover the indomitable spirit of that happy few, that band of brothers that stood up against such fearful odds and won the day at the Battle of Agincourt fought on the day of  Crispin Crispianus in year of our Lord 1415.

See the battle speech here at The Mellow Jihadi and be inspired.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

After Two World Wars EU Bureaucrats Finally Govern Great Britain

When EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barrosso appeared on prime time television and proceeded to shred Prime Minister David Cameron's agenda to pieces, it left the viewer in no doubt who governs Great Britain. It also left the viewer in no doubt that David Cameron, by continuing to talk about repatriating powers, including border control, is either in denial or totally deluded in his desperate attempt to cling on to power.
(Interview here)

A disciple of Chairman Mao, Jose Manuel Barrosso is one in a long line of EU bureaucrats who have so little regard for Great Britain that they feel confident enough to lecture David Cameron and the British people on what their future policies will be.

Apart from the usual suspects from the 'progressive' left, together with the Liberal Democrats and the rest of the self loathing community, the British people are almost unanimous in their opposition to open border mass immigration and the access of economic migrants to their taxpayer funded welfare benefits. This includes access to housing, education and health care which are now strained to the point of collapse.

As a self confessed Europhile and a committed supporter of the federal superstate project, David Cameron studiously ignored the wishes of the British people until the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) threatened to derail the project, throwing Cameron out of office in the process.

He has continued to surrender British sovereignty to Brussels and despite solemn promises to the people, he has failed to curb mass immigration. On the contrary, to comply with EU diktats immigration is increasing year on year equivalent to a city the size of Strasbourg.

In a desperate attempt to cling on to office, Cameron is reduced to making promises he knows he can't keep with regard to curbing mass immigration and restricting access to the taxpayers welfare system.

It would appear that every time he makes a promise to the British people there's an EU bureaucrat waiting at the ready to chastise him, letting him know who governs Great Britain in the process.

Who would have guessed that a British Prime Minister would be humiliated on prime time television by an unelected Portuguese bureaucrat?

David Cameron's humiliation doesn't end there. In the recent past he has been publicly put down by a number of foreign bureaucrats including Cecilia Malmstron from Sweden, Ollie Rhen from Finland, Mark Rutte from Holland, Laszio Andor from Hungary and even a chap named Aligurdius Ballevioius from Lithuania.
(Reding slap down here)

Barrosso's replacement as the unelected President Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, is an even bigger humiliation for David Cameron. Having suffered a defeat over Junker's appointment, this Euro federalist fanatic has promised to make immigration into Great Britain even easier - he has listed this as a prime aspiration of his tenure in office.
(Junker's appointment here, immigration slap down here)

However powerful these bureaucrats are, they are mere cheerleaders for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has told Cameron in no uncertain terms, and on many occasions, that 'ever closer union' and mass immigration are not negotiable now or in the future. It is accepted, even by Junker and his army of bureaucrats, that when it comes to the direction of the EU, what Merkel says goes.

If David Cameron is serious about repatriating powers from the EU bureaucrats back to the people, then it would make sense to have a moratorium on surrendering any further sovereignty until the re-negotiation and referendum are complete. It would also make sense to have a similar moratorium on any further immigration into Great Britain.

The fact is that David Cameron hails from a remote elite who's only experience in the world outside of exclusive educational establishments and privilege was four years as a PR executive for a now failed television company. This has left him bereft of the skills necessary to stand up to the hardened agenda driven, career bureaucrats such as Merkel and Junker.

Embarrassingly they are in the habit of treating him like an errant schoolboy whenever he articulates the wishes of the people he represents.

A week truly is a long time in politics. After ignoring the increasingly desperate pleas of the long suffering British people for years, Barrosso's latest public slap down has provoked Cameron to make statements that he himself claimed were racist just a few days ago.

After publicly declaring his fealty to the European Union and its ruling bureaucrats, including Barrosso, Cameron has now declared that the British people are his only boss.
(Cameron's declaration here)

If this is true then the decades long nightmare is finally over for the British people. They demand that David Cameron implements the following without delay:

a) A referendum on Great Britain's membership of the European Union.

b) No further implementation of the Lisbon Treat due on 1st November which effectively ends the supremacy of the UK Parliament.
(See the story here)

c) A suspension of all but emergency foreign aid.

d) Using the precedent set by other EU members, the deportation of foreign criminals together with illegal immigrants and those who's asylum requests have been refused.

e) the freedom to conclude trade deals with members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

f) The supremacy of British law over all other laws including sharia.

This list is not exclusive but is a start for Cameron to demonstrate that his final acceptance of his subservience to the will of the British people is genuine and not just another of his cast iron guarantees.

(A previous post on Cameron subservience here)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Child Poverty Is An Election Issue - Child Sex Not So Much

There's nothing more dispiriting to the human soul than watching politicians descend from their ivory towers once every few years to put their faux concern for people on public display in hope of securing a vote or two at election time.

Career politicians and bureaucrats who wouldn't be seen dead with a supermarket shelf stacker or an oil splattered mechanic, suddenly start pretending they have empathy for ordinary people.

Multi-millionaire 'progressives' start talking about ending income inequality and assisting social mobility at five thousand pounds per plate fund raising dinners.

With the aid of the government-media complex the political class create images of poverty, hunger and despair to give themselves a reason to put forward solutions they know they won't implement. Where there is actual poverty, hunger and despair they will offer nothing but promises, for the simple reason that a prosperous, upwardly mobile working class robs them of their reason to interfere.

Politicians need poverty, they love talking about poverty, they wallow in it, its their element. They would have little reason to exist in their present form if the majority of the people were prosperous and financially independent of government.

The truth is that outside of election times the political class are self serving, agenda driven and couldn't care less about the lives of their constituents. They do the absolute minimum that is required, both actually and rhetorically, to keep them on board and secure their votes.

One of the most potent issues for raising the emotional temperature is child poverty, no human being with an iota of decency wants to see a child suffer hunger and despair.

Not all of the political class, nor their armies of bureaucrats are decent human beings despite the fact that they jump on the child poverty bandwagon at election times for vote gathering purposes.

When one compares the election time rhetoric with the behavior of Great Britain's political class, the whole shameful edifice of child welfare comes crashing down under the weight of their deceit and lies.

Using a flaw in the electoral system, the leader of the ridiculous Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg, is also Great Britain's Deputy Prime Minister. His concern for the welfare of children resulted in the formation of the Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission, this put into law the mandatory monitoring of child poverty and set a target for the elimination of child poverty by the year 2020.
(Story here)

He further demonstrated his concern for child welfare by mandating that every child must have a free school meal regardless of means. Its all lies of course and designed to enhance his public image and his burnish child care credentials.

While Clegg was setting targets and handing out school dinners he was covering up the fact that one if the icons of the Liberal movement was a rampant paedophile who abused children on an industrial scale. When he was finally forced to admit knowledge of Cyril Smiths depraved crimes he refused to instigate an inquiry.

He also covered up the fact that he knew one of his MP's, Mike Hancock, was having an inappropriate relationship with young special needs constituent who went to him for help.
(Lib Dem paedophile stories herehere and here)

The Labour Party try to make child poverty their exclusive territory, their usurping of the moral high ground is nauseating when their unseen attitude to children is made public.

While they champion increasing the minimum wage, increasing child welfare benefits and raising children out of poverty altogether by 2020, they also promote legalising sex between adults and children under the radar.

The infamous trio of Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt had common cause with the Paedophile Information Exchange to legalise sex between adults and children on the back of legislation to legalise homosexuality.

While they pull on the emotional heart strings regarding the existence of child poverty and appearing to be dedicated to its eradication, Labour administrations were ignoring the grooming, rape and vile sexual abuse of under age white girls by Muslim paedophile gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale and a host of other cities in England.

In Rotherham, the head of children's services in the Labour administration removed two children from their loving foster parents because their cultural needs may not be met but ignored the rape and sexual abuse of some fourteen hundred (1,400) under age white girls at the same time.

In these blighted towns, Labour administrations ensured children were entitled to a free school dinner but not entitled to protection from rape.

David Cameron's Conservative Party also puts the welfare of children high on their agenda at election times but cover up the hideous activities of the child abusers in their midst at the same time.

Cameron held out as long as he could not to hold an inquiry into historic child sex abuse in Westminster including iconic senior members of his own party. He held out long enough for files relating to the case to go missing.
(Westminster Paedophile scandal here)

With a complete disregard for the child victims, past and present and for justice, Cameron claimed that an inquiry may lead to a witch hunt against gays in general. Finally having been dragged kicking and screaming into holding an inquiry, his choice to lead it Baroness Butler-Sloss, had to stand down because her impartiality could not be guaranteed.

During election times, politicians and their bureaucrats like nothing more than talking about their compassion for children, child poverty and their plans to deal with it, they are not so keen to talk about the innumerable paedophile scandals that have gone on for decades with their full knowledge and sometimes their facilitation.

Paedophilia is rife in Great Britain and it is beyond credulity to believe that the political class are serious about child welfare when at the same time they do little to prevent child sex abuse then cover it up when it is made public.

(UK paedophilia here)

(A previous article here)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ballot Rigging UK - Another Tangible Benefit Of Multi-Culturalism

If there was one thing that differentiated Great Britain from the third world and the communist sphere of influence it was free and fair elections. With the end of the Rotten Boroughs and the adoption of universal suffrage, multi party election campaigns were hard fought and on the whole good natured. This was an indication of the decency of the British people together with their inherent sense of fair play.

That was before the political elite unilaterally decided that the unique British way of life, together with its centuries old traditions, had to be replaced with a mythical 'multi-cultural society' along with the forced acceptance of culturally backward practices that it entailed.

Until the mass influx of third world immigrants, who lacked the cultural sophistication to understand the concept of free and fair elections, ballot rigging was confined to the Moscow financed Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) cheating to get their operatives elected to high office in the trade unions.

This resulted in the infamous High Court action involving the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) in 1961 which laid bare the malign influence of the CPGB in the British trade union and Labour movements.

The latest scandal whereby the Labour Mayor of Rochdale, Cllr Carol Wardle, indicated that she would be willing to rig the result of the recent Heywood and Middleton Parliamentary election was indicative of the acceptance of ballot rigging and the willingness of ideologically driven operatives to indulge in it.

She is frantically rowing back on her comments by claiming it was said in jest but had the microphone been switched off as she thought it was then the jest would have been shared with the winning Labour candidate only instead of the whole world.
(See the story here)

Only six hundred and seventeen votes saved the Labour Party from losing one of its rock solid seats in the middle of its rust belt heartland to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). This was well within the margin for a ballot rigging exercise.

This kind of overt political corruption was unheard of a few decades ago and it is commensurate with open border third world immigration. As a career expatriate who has spent many years living in the third world I can confirm through first hand experience that bribery, violent intimidation, corruption and other forms of voter fraud, including ballot rigging, are routine during elections.

(I was actually living in New Delhi when an attempt by the ruling party to bribe the electorate with saris in the poverty stricken state of Uttar Pradesh caused a stampede that resulted in the deaths of twenty one unfortunate electors. But I digress)

Its was back in 2005 that Deputy High Court judge Richard Mawrey infamously compared Great Britain to a 'banana republic' after a Birmingham-wide campaign by the Labour Party to use bogus postal votes to counter the negative impact of Tony Blair's Iraq war.

Labour supporting thugs intimidated postmen into handing over sacks full of postal votes in Great Britain's second city, which is now for all intents and purposes a foreign country. Ballot papers were changed once votes had been cast using correction fluid and police discovered six men in a warehouse with two hundred and seventy four unsealed postal votes.

During another voter fraud scandal in 2012 the same Judge stated that nothing had changed since his original remarks some seven years earlier where fourteen varieties fraud were highlighted but only one had been tackled.

It is worth quoting the judge in full:

"The opportunities for fraud are now the same as they were in Birmingham".

He went on to warn that:

"In local elections a small number of votes will make a considerable difference. The opportunities for fraud are enormous, the chances of detection very small, and a very modest amount of fraud will guarantee you win the election".

A high proportion of the constituencies in Great Britain which were previously 'safe' for the legacy parties are now vulnerable due to the stellar rise of the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP). These constituencies will be decided on a very small number of votes therefore as Judge Mawrey has indicated, "a very modest amount of fraud will guarantee you win the election".
(Read the story here)

Judging by recent events in other areas, and by the attitude of the Mayor of Rochdale, there are hundreds of constituencies the length and breadth of the country that will be susceptible to voter fraud and ballot rigging.

The Bangladeshi dominated town of Tower Hamlets in London is a hotbed of political corruption and voter fraud. Its Mayor Lutfur Rahman is under investigation yet again for a catalogue of crimes related to corruption, voter fraud and ballot rigging.

Unsurprisingly, the authorities appear reluctant to convict Rahman of any crime despite the overwhelming weight of evidence and by witnesses from his own community. As with the Muslim paedophile gangs who ran rampant through British cities with impunity, this reluctance is being put down to political correctness and 'cultural sensitivity'.
(Lutfur Rahman story here)

If any town epitomises the rampant corruption associated with mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism it is Rotherham in the English midlands. This blighted town town is a fiefdom of the Labour Party, a virtual one party state and a depraved cesspit of cronyism and political correctness. The politcal establishment of this town deliberately ignored the grooming, rape and horrific sexual abuse of under age white girls by Muslim paedophile gangs.
(One Rotherham story here)

It would be impossible for me to even start to describe the institutionalised corruption and depravity that has infected what I am sure was once a archetypal English industrial town.
(Two stories of intimidation here and here, one complete with photographs)
(Local MEP gets death threats over Muslim paedophile scandal here)

I can only suggest that readers visit the excellent non partisan website Rothpol which monitors the local politicians and holds them to account.

The explosion of voter fraud is largely due to the extension of postal voting by the Labour Party in 2001. They could no longer rely on the automatic vote of the indigenous working class, consequently they needed an alternative route to political power. Tribalism and the power of Imams over their respective communities meant that the Labour Party only needed to bribe one person to get scores of votes. Its been working to their advantage ever since.

This tacit acceptance of voter fraud and ballot rigging, coupled with the refusal of the politicians to eradicate it, is a sad indictment of British democracy and a measure of far the country has sunk toward third world status.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exporting Taxpayers Money - British Families Financing Poverty Abroad

One would think that the first priority of any government would be looking after the interests and well being of its citizens, after all that's what they promise every four years or so when trawling for votes at election time.

As the British people slowly emerge from their media induced, two decade long slumber, they are finding reality is somewhat different. What they were promised in exchange for their vote compared to what has been delivered is an indication of the contempt that they held in by their elected representatives.

The previous Labour government followed their socialist instincts by taxing the people until the pips squeaked while spending the country into bankruptcy at the same time. The incoming Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition, led by David Cameron, promised to mend the broken economy using a combination of spending cuts and increased taxation.

In other words, a severe dose of austerity for everyone except the ruling class and the so called poor in undeveloped world. Cameron not only promised to 'ring fence' spending on international aid but to increase it in real terms.

All the British people have to show for their sacrifice, and their votes, is an economy that is still broken accompanied by an unprecedented drop in living standards.

One would have thought that the package of austerity measures would have fixed the broken economy as promised, but the government are still borrowing some one hundred billion pounds per year and the national debt has passed a staggering one trillion pounds.

The outgoing Chief Secretary of the Treasury, an odious individual by the name of Liam Byrne, infamously left a note for his successor making light of the fact that his Labour government had emptied the Treasury.

"Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there's no money. Kind regards - and good luck! Liam".

The flippant message conveyed the fact that the petty, small minded Byrne was not only reveling in the discomfort of the incoming Chief  Secretary, it also inferred that emptying the Treasury, borrowing to the limit and racking up record levels of debt was a deliberate scorched earth policy designed to make it difficult for the incoming government. This would make it unpopular and hence limited to one term.

(Byrne story here)

Typical of the ideologically driven, modern day political class who believe that the ends justify the means, it was a cynical political calculation taken regardless of the disastrous consequences for the British people.

Judging by their profligate behavior, the wellbeing of the British people has never been a high priority for the current political class - instead they continue use taxpayers money either to satisfy the requirements of their ideological agenda or to parade their 'progressive' credentials on the global stage.

Government spin doctors and media managers are attempting to convince the hard pressed British people that due to the continued lack of money, which apparently is nothing to do with them, austerity will be required for many years to come.

It hasn't gone unnoticed that despite the lack of money for the British people and the continuing requirement for high taxes and austerity, the government is awash with money when it comes to its own vanity projects and burnishing their own 'progressive' credentials.

Rubbing salt into the wounds of the impoverished British people, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman, thinks that exporting money abroad is a good thing, even labelling economic migrants who send their welfare benefits to their home country as heroes.

It doesn't enter her head that if migrants can send their welfare benefits home, they are either falsely claiming benefits while working, which is a criminal offence, or they are being paid in excess of what is required to live on.

Her economic ignorance and her contempt for the British people knows no bounds. While some twenty thousand pensioners in fuel poverty will die of hypothermia this year, Harman is calling on the government to make it easier for immigrants to export money abroad and to add insult to injury she wants to give them tax refunds, yes tax refunds, to encourage more immigrants to do the same.

(Pensioner poverty story here)

Harman derided "those who say that we should look after our own first" in the recession and vowed to fight any attempt to cut the overseas aid budget.
At twenty three billion pounds, remittances are more than double the foreign aid budget.

(Harriet Harman story here)

Despite abundant evidence that foreign aid is a total waste of money, and in many cases an impediment to development, it was increased by a staggering twenty eight percent last year, going from just over eight billion pounds to just over ten billion. While they impose austerity on their own people at home the political class plan to keep increasing this monumental waste of money until their 0.7% of GDP target for foreign aid is reached.

(Foreign Aid scandals here and here)

In addition to this scandalous waste of money, over fifty five million pounds per day is handed over to the unelected bureaucrats of the corrupt European Union who's accounts have failed to pass an audit for the past nineteen years.

Child benefit welfare payments worth ten million pounds is sent abroad each year for children of  economic migrants who don't live in Great Britain.

Unemployment benefit is being claimed by thousands of economic migrants who have returned to their home countries, with three million pounds being claimed by the Czech Republic alone.

The amount of money exported from Great Britain is beyond my skills to calculate but apart from the money already mentioned, there are payments or credit lines to the IMF,  the World Bank, the United Nations and its agencies, ad hoc payments to the EU to cover overspending together with other emergency aid requirements.

It is a sad fact that despite the tens of trillions spent on alleviating poverty since decolonisation, most of the developing world is no better off with deprivation, pestilence and civil war as rife as ever. In spite of this, the government will continue to ignore the calls from its own citizens to take care of poverty at home first. Obviously their posturing on the world stage appears to be their top priority.

In conclusion, many people rightly ask how it is that there is never any money for the poor at home because austerity is needed to fix the broken economy but there is always money available to bail out the destitute countries of the Eurozone and to wage war in the middle east.

There is a certain irony in the way that governments spend a fortune bombing countries back to the stone age then go on to spend another fortune in development aid to build them back up again.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Racism, Bigotry And The 'Far Right' Are Acceptable When Chasing Votes

One of the most publicised incidents during the last British general election campaign was the labeling of Rochdale resident Gillian Duffy as "a bigoted woman" for having the temerity to mention immigration to the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
(Bigot story here)

The fact that Ms Duffy and her family were long time supporters of the Labour Party was of no consequence to the Brown or his Party, she had mentioned immigration with a negative connotation and was punished in accordance with the party's calculated tactic of demonisation and smear.

Rochdale is one of the multitude of close knit, post industrial towns in England that prides itself on close family and community ties. It is also one of the multitude of towns that has been disfigured beyond recognition by the Labour's Party's policy of cultural replacement using open border mass immigration. 

The Labour Party had long planned their covert cultural replacement agenda and knew that it would face fierce opposition once the horrific repercussions started to become apparent. Equality and hate crime laws were the main battering ram they used to bow the people into submission, along with a rigidly policed policy of political correctness.

Central to these policies, and to further back up the anti-British tactic of closing down debate, was the routine use of smear and demonisation. The Labour Party turned this into a fine art with a full time Smear Unit located at the heart of Brown's government in No 10 Downing Street. 

Anyone making a statement that was remotely critical of their immigration policy or made any reference to race, religion, ethnicity, no matter how innocuous, was seized upon by Labour's race zealots and met with insults, demonisation and smear. 

Insults such as racist, bigot, xenophobe and 'far right' were thrown around with abandon regardless of whether they were appropriate or not. The idea was to shame opponents into silence closing down any debate in the process. 

Despite promises to the contrary, it became apparent after they took office that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition shared the same cultural replacement agenda of their predecessors. They also had no intention of dealing with open border mass immigration, political correctness or the policy of smearing anyone who questioned the agenda.

The coalition added to the armoury of insults by labelling people and groups who questioned open border mass immigration as 'far right'. The main proponent of this particular smear was none other than David Cameron's token Muslim woman cabinet member, the Baroness Warsi.

As an untalented, over promoted token appointment, the noble Baroness's attempts at linking opponents of mass immigration to more unsavoury elements was amateurish to the point of embarrassing. Prior to her resignation over her support for the terrorist group Hamas, she was in the habit of labeling any critic of mass immigration as 'far right'.

To say that the political class's mass immigration policy has been a complete and utter disaster would not only be the understatement of the century, it is also their declaration of war against the British people.

The British people didn't ask for this, they weren't consulted, they don't want it and it was never put in any election manifesto. The ruling political class, under orders from the global 'progressive' elite, were going to impose a so called  'multi-cultural society' regardless.

Consequently, villages, towns and vast areas of Great Britain's major cities are unrecognisable. Welfare financed, crime ridden, mono-cultural ghettos infest British cities with some operating under sharia law and consequently out of bounds for British citizens including the police.

With the connivance and approval of the political establishment and the local authorities, including the police, social services, care homes, schools and the media, the rape and sexual abuse of thousands of under age white girls by Muslim men was allowed continue.

(Rochdale Child abuse story here)

In addition to the increased competition for jobs, Great Britain's taxpayer funded social services including, education, health and housing have been put under intolerable strain by the unsustainable increase in the population.

Although they are yet to fully re-discover the bulldog spirit that defeated Hitler and the National Socialists, the British people are slowly awakening from their media induced slumber and fighting back against a patronising and malignant political class.

The phenomenon known as the United Kingdom Independent Party, usually referred to as UKIP or the People's Army, have been growing in influence for some years, taking support from the old legacy parties together with non-aligned and independent voters.

Their prime objective is getting Great Britain out of the European Union, regaining control over the borders, economic sanity via balanced budgets and most notably putting the interests of the British people above all others.

As a measure of their rising support they recently won the European elections, vastly increased their numbers of local councillors and won their first Member of the Westminster Parliament in a byelection. Their momentum has put the fear of God into the current political establishment who up until recently variously described them, among other things, as fascists, 'far right', xenophobes, little Englanders etc. 

The current Prime Minister David Cameron famously referred to UKIP supporters as "loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists".

The meteoric rise in support for UKIP and the corresponding fall in support for the legacy parties has heralded a change in the usual political discourse and in particular a change in language.

Not only are the policies and lexicon of UKIP no longer attracting the usual smears of racist, bigot and 'far right', they are actively being adopted by the three legacy parties.

The Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron spotted the threat earlier and has been making false promises for some time about border control, access to welfare for immigrants, deportation of foreign criminals and whole raft of measures he knows the EU bureaucrats will forbid him to action.

The rise of UKIP is heralding the end for Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party. If ever there was a party of loonies and fruitcakes this collection of weirdos is it; to make the list of names more accurate we can add sex pests, fornicators, perverts and paedophiles. 

In a desperate attempt to ward off oblivion Clegg has softened his previously solid anti-British pro-immigrant stance and is talking in terms that would have attracted smears from him had they been spoken by a UKIP representative.

It has long been accepted that Cameron and Clegg are in total thrall to the EU bureaucrats and are prepared to lie, deceive, obfuscate and make any false promise to implement their masters agenda. It is the utter hypocrisy of the Labour Party that really beggars belief.

This is the party that has been most dedicated to the cultural replacement agenda and the most prolific in the use of insult, demonisation and smear to denigrate opponents. The Labour Party has an even uglier side it is wont to employ in order to intimidate its opponents. They call themselves Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and they violently disrupt UKIP activities hurling insults such as 'racist' and 'fascist' with abandon.

Supposedly independent of the Labour Party, UAF are in fact their unwashed, post-pubescent street activists who enjoy a bit slogan shouting, banner waving and aggravation. They enjoy pretend revolution along with bayonets and barricades rhetoric and a cup of hot chocolate from their mothers before bedtime.

(Labour and UAF here)

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband together with his second-in-command Harriet Harman and his Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper-Balls, are all stealing UKIP's clothes and talking the same UKIP language that attracted insults from them less than a week ago.

(Miliband hypocrisy here)

Harman hypocrisy here)

(Yvette Cooper hypocrisy here)

Yesterdays insults are no longer applicable when the ruling class want to use the same policies and arguments to steal the votes of the people they previously dismissed as racists and bigots. 

This kind of  cynical behavior and breathtaking hypocrisy is utterly disgraceful and serves as a clear demonstration of the abysmal standard of politician that has lied and spun their way into office. It is hoped that the rise of UKIP will consign these charlatans to the dustbin of history where they so rightly belong.   


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Labour Politicians And Child Sex - Its Not A Scandal Its Progressive

The media attention given to the three senior Labour party politicians involved in a child sex scandal has a whiff of opportunism about it that may detract from the genuine shock and horror that should accompany the subject of child sex abuse.
(See the story here)

The scandal involves three of the Labour Party's most rabid socialist/progressives - Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey who, incidentally, happens to be Harman's husband.

All three worked for the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) and they all attained positions of power within the upper echelons of the Labour Party.
The NCCL at the time espoused all the trendy left wing causes of the day and, as a consequence attracted that section of British society that consisted of middle and upper class self loathers together with the post pubescent, pimpled revolutionaries that eventually grew up and joined the Liberal Democrats.

It must be borne in mind that legalizing sex between adults and children has long been a core belief of the same 'progressive' elite that are the guardians of the Labour Party soul today. According to them it was perfectly acceptable for the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) to be an affiliate of the NCCL.

Hewitt, Harman and her husband Dromey represented, and therefore endorsed the views of P.I.E, such as: "Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage".

They didn't divulge how they came to the conclusion of 'no identifiable damage', perhaps it was personal experience, however it remains unexplained.

They also claim that "The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage".

Again the basis for this claim is not shared, the reason being that its an ideological belief therefore no empirical evidence is necessary. If they believe it, then it must be right and everyone else is wrong.... or stuck with Victorian attitudes to sex.

Despite being senior members of the Labour Party, they campaigned for:

a) The abolition of the age of consent for sex between adults and children. ( 'Sixteen is just a start' was a campaign slogan endorsed by the Labour Party's high profile homosexual campaigner Peter Tatchell)

b) Incest to be de-criminalized.

c) Sexually explicit photographs of children to be made legal.

It is worth remembering that the Labour Party grew from the original trade union movement and consisted mainly of working men - that would be men such as coal miners, steel workers, railway men, factory workers, farm workers etc. together with their wives and other women's groups. They were also, in the main, Christians or at least lived by the Judeo-Christian moral code.

The influence and eventual takeover of the party by the aforementioned upper and middle class self loathers began with groups like the Bloomsbury Set and the Fabians.

These people referred to themselves as 'progressives' who disagreed with Victorian values and worked to abolish the Judeo- Christian moral code. They believed that this moral code was a an impediment to 'progress'. They were hedonists who not only espoused lunatic ideas such as eugenics and euthanasia but they also indulged in group sex and wanted homosexuality and paedophilia legalized, then brought into the mainstream of British life.

These so called 'progressives' have replaced the working man as the biggest influence in the Labour Party and subsequently changed it from the party of "a fair days work for a fair days pay", into a revolutionary movement of well-to-do hedonists. The hierarchy of the modern Labour Party and most of its MP's are non-working class who espouse Fabian and the Bloomsbury Set causes.

People referring to themselves as 'progressives' now dominate politics and public life and unless the people wake up it is only a matter of time before sex between adults and children, incest and child pornography are legalized. They cynically used gay marriage as a precedent and with that now socially acceptable more of the Fabian/Bloomsbury progressive agenda will follow as sure night follows day.

(Please note that their linking homosexuality and paedophilia is a tactic they have used to achieve their aims. This is a slur and an affront to homosexuals and taints the issue of same sex marriage further)

It is worth looking at these three Labour Party stalwarts in a little more detail:

Patricia Hewitt actually hails from Down Under being the daughter of a knighted professional Australian bureaucrat and an aristocrat Lady of the Realm. Originally a conservative, she adopted radical 'progressive' causes somewhere along the way. She was actually classified as a communist by the British Intelligence Service, MI5.

Hewitt was 'spotted' as a potential candidate for high political office in the Labour Party and groomed accordingly. When her time came she was selected as the Parliamentary candidate for Leicester West by virtue of her gender over a more suitable male candidate.

Referred to these days as a carpetbagger, she was parachuted into the 'safe' Labour seat of Leicester West which is about as far removed socially and politically from Australia as it is possible to be. Predictably, the undiscerning tribal voters of Leicester West elected her as their representative as they would have done had she been a horse, a donkey or a chimpanzee.

One of Hewitt's pet theories is that  "fathers may not be a useful influence in the upbringing of children".

It would be interesting to find out if the fathers of Leicester West agree with their elected representative about their families and the raising of their children.

The political duo of Harriet Harman and husband Jack Dromey epitomize everything that stinks about the Labour Party and British politics in general.

Harman is typical of the wealthy elite that lead the working mans party but wouldn't be seen dead with a dock worker or a market porter. A typical socialist/progressive hypocrite she campaigns against elite private schools but uses them for her own children. She scoffs at marriage and the traditional family but is married and has a traditional family of her own.

Harman has been the MP for Camberwell and Peckham for over three decades and despite her undivided attention it remains one Great Britain's most notorious toilet constituencies. It's a sad fact that according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation, her constituency has the highest number of poor people than any constituency in the country.

Her constituency is such a crime ridden cesspit that she has to wear  a stab proof vest to walk her own streets even when accompanied by the police.

Three decades of Harman's rule is proof enough that socialist/progressive politicians will deliberately foster poverty and welfare dependency in order to guarantee votes and political power.

Her husband Jack Dromey is a Londoner who mysteriously got himself nominated to the Birmingham Erdington constituency from an all woman shortlist after he failed to become leader of the trade union Unite.

In addition to being a member of the party's National Executive Committee he was also the party's treasurer while still employed by the party's paymaster, Unite.

During his tenure as treasurer there were the cash for peerages and illegal campaign donation scandals which also involved his wife. Despite being the treasurer of party, Dromey claimed he wasn't informed about financial anomalies amounting to millions of pounds. He also broke Parliamentary rules by failing to declare his Unite salary but got away with all this unpunished. One law for them etc. springs to mind.

Jack Dromey's own sexuality has been brought into question when he was caught favouring explicit gay porn on his Twitter account. This involved photographs of the wedding tackle of black men in all their glory. What Harriet thinks about this was not known at time of writing.
(Dromey's gay porn story here)

The history of paedophilia and child pornography by 'progressives' inside the Labour Party is well documented and can be confirmed by following the shocking revelations on the labour25 website.

If there is any remaining doubt about the left and some Labour Party member's attitude to paedophilia then a quote from the late Sir Henry Hodge should dispel it once and for all.

Sir Henry is the late husband of Margaret Hodge the Labour MP for Barking. She was the Leader of Islington Council in London when a paedophile ring gained access to children's homes under her control and sexually abused scores of children. Sir Henry began his legal career as a left wing solicitor and unsurprisingly went on to become a high court judge.

"Homosexuals are now widely regarded as ordinary, healthy people - a minority but no more 'ill' than the minority who are left handed. There is no reason  why paedophilia should not win similar acceptance". 

This is a classic example of an agenda driven paedophile supporter using the legalising of homosexuality to promote his cause.

It is worth pointing out that when constituents cast their vote for a Labour Party candidate without regard for that candidates' personal agenda, they should be aware that this is not the working man's party of their fathers and grandfathers, that party has long gone. Their party has been hijacked by a cabal of wealthy elitists, part of who's agenda is to remove the moral compass that directed the founding fathers and replace it with a moral free evil that would legalise sex between adults and children.
(Harman and Dromey show no remorse. Story here)