Friday, August 30, 2019

Hugh Grant Unleashes A Foul Mouthed Rant at Boris Johnson

The hysteria surrounding the prorogation of Parliament by Boris Johnson is reaching fever pitch with no signs of it abating. People from all walks of life are enlightening the great unwashed with their pearls of wisdom in the hope that they will see the error of their ways and hate Boris just like they do.

One could understand people being persuaded by an academic or someone with a lifetime of experience who understands the issues and can articulate their point view with clarity. Actors, singers and other individuals from the world of entertainment rarely meet these criteria.

One such sage from the entertainment community who felt the need to enlighten the world with his opinion is the English actor Hugh Grant. There was nothing persuasive about his foul-mouthed rant except maybe to confirm that he is ignorant, and Boris Johnson is right.

With all the eloquence he could muster Hugh Grant informed the exclusively educated Boris Johnson:

You will not fuck with my children’s future. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. Fuck off you over-promoted rubber bath toy. Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects”.

Apart from celebrity obsessed snowflakes and the intellectually challenged glitterati, I am confident that Hugh Grant hasn’t changed a single mind. Instead he has confirmed that he is an ill-informed, potty mouthed, self-opinionated has-been actor who is throwing a tantrum because he lost the Brexit vote.

Why anyone would take this pansy seriously is beyond reason. Apart from being as wet as lettuce, Hugh Grant suffers from poor judgment and a complete lack of self-awareness.

Poor judgment such as cheating on the iconic fashion beauty Liz Hurley with a charming young lady named Divine Brown, a Los Angeles prostitute he picked up off the street.

If that isn’t poor judgment, getting caught by the police performing a lurid sex act with her in a public place surely is. So is the fact that Ms Brown charged him $60 for her services but for $40 more they could have got a room and not got caught. Now that really is poor judgment for a multi-millionaire as well as stingy.

As a bit of a ladies’ man himself with a few dalliances of his own, Boris Johnson’s judgment has also been called into question. It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but his judgment was such that he was never caught performing a lewd act in public and certainly not with a prostitute he picked up off the street.

Looking in detail at the content of his rant exposes Grant's ignorance about the whole issue of the European Union and what it is about. A good old fashioned fisk reveals all.

You will not fuck with my children’s future” – Surrendering the governance of his children's country to a cabal of corrupt, unelected foreign bureaucrats in Brussels that don’t like them and can’t be removed by popular ballot is hardly securing their future.

You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend” – His grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he knew that the freedoms he fought for have been meekly surrendered to a German dominated superstate. 

The continent and the battlefields on which grandpa fought are now controlled by the enemy that tried so hard to kill him.

Fuck off you over promoted rubber bath toy” – I would hardly consider an exclusively educated politician who was a renown journalist, a successful former Mayor of London and a former Foreign Secretary as over promoted. I am sure Boris Johnson will not be bothered in the slightest by this insult from a has-been actor and degenerate public fornicator.

Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects” – Far from being revolted, all the indications are that the exact opposite is true; Boris Johnson is a very likable person and very popular among the general public. With a 10% + lead in the opinion polls he would be elected as Prime Minister should there be an election tomorrow.

In complete contrast, if anyone attracts revulsion, it’s Hugh Grant with his degenerate public behavior with a prostitute he picked up off the street.

Also, if anyone is surrounded by a gang of masturbatory prefects, it’s an actor from the notoriously hedonistic entertainment community whose heads are firmly planted up each other’s nether regions.

If one can endure it without puking, take a cursory glance at any award ceremony and watch hoards of masturbatory prefects fall over themselves to deliver oleaginous speeches while they indulge in an orgy of mutual back slapping. 

To conclude this piece of fun and frivolity it's worth quoting Divine Brown after she compared his manhood with her other clients.

If I was rating it out of 10 in terms of size and quality, I’d give it 6. I’ve seen bigger and I’ve seen smaller but his was cute”.

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Hugh Grant suffers as Divine delivers 'cute' retribution.


Grant has joined  the general election 2019 general election campaign.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Phony Outrage As Boris Prorogues Parliament

One can judge whether a course of action is correct by the reaction of one’s opponents and in the case of the proroguing Parliament by Her Majesty the Queen at the request of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, this is absolutely the right thing to do.

For the uninitiated, proroguing is the constitutional procedure which is used to bring a session of Parliament to an end in order that a new legislative session can begin.

The phony outrage of the political class and the deliberately whipped up hysteria that has greeted this legitimate constitutional action speaks volumes about the Europhile snowflakes and the current occupants of Great Britain's once respected legislative institution.

The justification for their outrage and hysteria is as phony as they are and riddled with lies and deception.

These Parliamentarians claim to be the stalwart defenders of democracy so it’s worth reminding ourselves of the circumstances that led up this phony constitutional crisis and how duplicitous these people are.

Parliament legislated for a once in a lifetime, winner-take-all, binding referendum in June 2016 to settle the contentious issue of Great Britain’s membership of the European Union.

In defiance of Parliament and despite a campaign of fear, the people voted to leave the European Union in the biggest exercise of democracy in the country’s history.

In the 2017 general election, eighty percent of the votes went to parties who committed in their election manifestos to implement the result of the referendum. No one knew at the time that they were lying and had no intention of implementing the result.

After an inexplicable delay which allowed the Europhiles to regroup and plan their campaign to overturn the result, Parliament finally legislated to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which was the mechanism for leaving the corrupt and failing EU.

This meant a transition period and a leaving date on  March 29th, 2019; a date that will live in infamy. The self-appointed stalwart defenders of democracy made sure that this didn’t happen, and a new leaving date of October 31st, 2019 replaced it as the law of the land.

The same Parliamentarians who made this leaving date the law of the land are claiming that it is undemocratic to implement it.  Even by their standards of deception this is turning the truth on its head in true Orwellian fashion.  

This is the crux of the matter so it’s worth repeating in order for it to sink in; Parliamentarians are claiming that it’s undemocratic to implement the law of the land that they themselves passed through Parliament and put on the Statute Book.

It's an extraordinary claim that by proroguing Parliament democracy has been suspended when they have used every dirty trick in the Parliamentary book to subvert democracy in order to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum.

It is also an extraordinary claim that ending the session on the proposed date robs them of four days debate on the Brexit issue when they have spent three years debating the subject with the intention of delaying Great Britain’s exit, ad infinitum.

They claim that prorogation is an abuse of Parliamentary procedures when, with the aid of the hideously biased Speaker of the House, John Bercow, they have driven a coach and horses through these same procedures especially with respect to the tabling and choosing amendments and motions that frustrate Brexit.

They have ignored the fact that Prime Minster, John Major, prorogued Parliament for six long weeks to avoid acting on a Parliamentary expenses scandal.

To their eternal shame, Europhile Members used a convicted criminal who was out of jail on license and being monitored by the police with an ankle tag, to cast the winning vote in piece of anti-Brexit legislation.

Their claim that Parliament is sovereign raises two important issues that exposes these people for the charlatans that they are.

It is the people who are sovereign not Parliament and when Parliament is given a direct order by the people it is not up for discussion or debate, they must carry it out. The people were asked whether to leave the European Union or remain and they voted to leave. That is the end of the issue, leave we must.

Secondly, despite repeated assurances that no Parliamentary sovereignty will be surrendered by joining the Common Market, which was the precursor to the European Union, treacherous politicians surrendered virtually all the peoples’ sovereignty by stealth over four decades to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

By transferring the peoples’ sovereignty to Brussels, Parliamentarians will have no legislative function other than giving national legitimacy to legislation given to then by the unelected European Union Commissioners; in effect they will have reduced themselves to a rubber stamp.

The once respected Mother of Parliaments is nothing more than an expensive talking shop comprised of almost fifteen hundred redundant legislators with an army of civil servants and other faceless bureaucrats.

To conclude, the people voted to take the legislative functions of Parliament back from Brussels to Westminster, but the self-appointed stalwart defenders of democracy don’t want it.

In fact, they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent it from happening. By proroguing Parliament Boris Johnson is making sure that these democracy deniers are thwarted in their attempts to stop Brexit by making sure that the law of the land is implemented, and the British people regain their independence in accordance with the law on October 31st, 2019.    

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Anti-White Project 1619. Rewriting American History

Propaganda and rewriting history have been essential weapons in the armory of tyrants down the ages as they attempt to demonize and delegitimize the regime they are endeavoring to overthrow as well as giving legitimacy to their own.

One would think that in today’s western democracies enlightened people would see this crude weapon for what it is and ignore it. This in turn might encourage the power brokers and their propagandists to refrain from insulting the people’s intelligence with their attempted forgery, but unfortunately this is not the case.

With their Project 1619, The New York Times has embarked on a propaganda campaign to rewrite history in true Pol Pot fashion. In their history-perverting minds, Year Zero in America was August 1619 with the arrival of the first slaves from Africa.

According to them it was on this date that the ‘true’ founding of America began. Shamefully, and with malice aforethought, Project 1619 is planned to be added to the school curriculum with the malign intention of brainwashing children with phony history. 

This false narrative not only ignores or downplays the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 but also the arrival of the Paleo-Indians who arrived from Siberia around 10,000 BC.

According to the NYT, this crude attempt at rewriting history “places the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story that we tell ourselves about who we are”.

They want to make slavery the central issue in the entire history of the United States, but they ignore the part played by Irish, Asian and other non-African slaves whose contribution to the building of modern America was much more significant than that of plantation workers.

As bonded laborers Irish, Chinese and press ganged British paupers, along with other non-Africans, built the trans-continental railways as well as working on the tobacco and cotton plantations alongside the slaves from Africa. (See here)

This rewriting of history by the NYT is part of the ongoing and escalating war against white Americans where they are being demonized in the mainstream media and on the Democratic Party primary election campaign trail.

They are also attempting to deny the fact that it was European settlers and their descendants that founded the Republic and were the driving force that built the America we see today.

This perversion of true history is being perpetrated by the ideologically driven, left wing establishment as part of their long planned ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. As we recall, this was a campaign soundbite of that pretender to the crown, Barry Soetoro, known to the world as Barack Obama.

This articulate, telegenic, mixed-race speech reader with no history and a manufactured background was the front man for the deep state who have ramped up their anti-white rhetoric to hysterical levels since the election of President Trump.

Their ongoing project to transform America into a socialist state has been halted and put into reverse by the election of President Trump; this has forced them into evermore desperate measures which include the demonizing and denunciation of white people and the capitalist America they have created.

This demonizing and denunciation of white people is accompanied by accusations of white privilege, white supremacy, white nationalism and institutional racism which is used to delegitimize the very foundation and existence of America.       

The truth is that America was founded by white European settlers which included Christians fleeing religious persecution at home; the greatness and wealth of the country we see today is the result of the initiative, innovation, sacrifice, and pioneering spirit of those same white European settlers and their descendants.

What the NYT propaganda deliberately ignores is the fact that slavery was abolished in 1865 after some 620,000 mainly white people died in one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. Combined with the civil rights laws of the 1960’s the American dream became available to all citizens regardless of skin color or the country of origin of their ancestors.

For the Democrats and the deep state to achieve their socialist dream it is imperative that black people retain their victim status and the plantation mentality along with their animosity toward white people regardless of whether they are the actual descendents of slaves, or Africans who arrived voluntarily as migrants seeking a better life.

The call for reparations by the Democratic candidates is deliberately designed to appeal to their anti-white, anti-American base and to stoke up interracial tensions even further.

Such is their hatred of capitalist America and its white history, it would suit their purposes to ignite a race war which they hope would result in its downfall after which they could build their beloved socialist state out of the wreckage.

Judging by the demographics of gun ownership this would be a massive miscalculation with grave consequences for themselves and their socialist dream.   

For the benefit of the NYT, along with its readers and the rest of the world, the history of Africans in America covers a mere four hundred years while that of the Europeans is five hundred and twenty-seven years and that of the Paleo-Indians and their modern descendants some twelve thousand years.

The NYT Project 1619 is just another attempt by socialists and their fellow travelers to rewrite history in order to precipitate the downfall of capitalist America and the descendants of the white Europeans responsible for its founding.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Unapproved Opinions Are Not Allowed in The Liberal Utopia

The right to form one’s own opinions and the freedom to express them publicly is a fundamental right that is coming under attack by governments and supranational bodies across the free world because they fear the unrestricted flow of information and opinions will counter their own propaganda.

It is now increasingly the case that people expressing an opinion that fails to fit the ‘progressive’ narrative being created by the globalist elite will attract sanctions and in some cases arrest and prosecution.

Doctors and teachers have been sacked for expressing unapproved opinions on gender while pupils have been expelled from school for the same reason. Scientists have been ostracized and denied a forum if the results of their research fail to fit the false narrative the globalists have created on climate change.

The rights that have been endowed upon us by our Creator are inalienable and cannot be taken away by politicians but that won’t stop them trying. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us, the people of the free world, to exercise those rights whenever and wherever we choose lest the political elite deem them obsolete and use that as an excuse to let them wither on the vine or revoke them.

To that end I will exercise my inalienable right to express opinions that the authorities would like to ban, and which have attracted sanctions in the recent past:


Regardless of the current narrative being imposed by supranational institutions and 'progressive' governments around the world there are only two genders, male and female. Neither politicians nor the so-called LGBTQ+ ‘community’ can override biological science. Neither can they override the Laws of Nature or of Nature’s God.

Furthermore, it is also my opinion that men identifying as women are still men and should not be allowed to participate in women’s sporting competitions. Nor should they use women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, dormitories or any other facility that has been designated as ‘Women Only’.


Despite a concerted campaign by the United Nations, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and governments around the world to portray it as benign, Islam is not a great global religion of peace. One only has to read the Koran and look at the carnage meted out across the world by its adherents to see that nothing could be further from the truth.

After reading the Koran, listening to its preachers of hate and looking at the carnage perpetrated in its name, it is my opinion that Islam is a death cult intent on making the whole world subject to shariah law.

To compound my crime, it is my humble opinion that Islam is incompatible with the Judeo-Christian culture of the west and therefore immigration of its adherents should be severely restricted.

Climate Change

After studying the evidence and paying attention to the enthusiasm with which politicians have embraced it, I've concluded that there is no climate emergency. Life on earth will not become extinct in ten, twenty or a hundred years because human activity is creating an earthly version of Dante's inferno by heating up the planet to Gas Mark 9.

The entire climate change issue is a naked power grab by politicians and the global elite as well as being a lucrative money-making scam for unscrupulous, opportunist fake scientists.


The land of Israel is the ancient and eternal homeland of the Jewish people and Jerusalem is its capital. There is no evidence, archaeological, written or otherwise to suggest that there has ever been a centrally governed, homogeneous country called Palestine. The phony stolen land narrative is used by anti-Semites as cover for their hatred of Jews.

Mass Immigration

From my research it is the majority opinion that mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people and their way of life. If there is one issue that highlights the gaping chasm between the people and the politicians, it’s their policy of open border mass immigration. There is not a town or city that has not been blighted by the mass influx of incompatible people from the Third World as well as economic migrants and welfare colonists.

Despite a shortage of housing, school places, health care provision, money and other social infrastructure the politicians absolutely refuse to stop it.  

Imposed Multi-culturalism

Contrary to the ludicrous claim by the political class and their globalist bedfellows, Great Britain is not the most successful, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country on earth. A title, incidentally that is claimed by Australia, Canada, the United States and others.

The reality is that Great Britain is home to thousands of semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos controlled by imams, tribal elders and gang leaders. Many are welfare supported, crime-ridden and off limits to the police and the indigenous population.

In areas governed by shariah law the Queen's writ does not run. They are, for all intents and purposes, foreign countries within the United Kingdom. Hailed as an example of a successful multi-cultural city, London is now a white minority third world cesspit where turf wars and other violent crimes are out of control. There are oases of peace and prosperity, but they are few and far between and occupied exclusively by the minted elite.

No politician has ever explained to the British people why they should ‘celebrate diversity’ or how ‘diversity is our strength’ when the incomers continue their ancient rivalries and bloody conflicts on British soil.

How is diversity our strength when the government must spend millions of taxpayers' money on something called ‘community cohesion’?


The jury is still out but it appears that more people are leaning toward the view that life begins at conception. It is most definitely present when a heartbeat is detected. A fetus in the womb is not ‘a clump of cells’ as the abortionists claim, to be destroyed and disposed of because its inconvenient.

It’s strange to think that if a single celled organism was found on Mars it would be evidence of life but a fully formed baby in the womb is merely a ‘clump of cells’ that can be legally put to death.

Political Correctness 

This is the insidious force by which the ruling political class imposes its will on the people. It does this by strictly controlling what they can say in public. By narrowing down what can be said they will eventually control what can be thought.

When this stage is reached only government approved opinions will be allowed and the nightmare of George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984 will be a reality.

There are many more opinions which the politicians and their agents in the police service would like to suppress but I will conclude by saying that I believe the opinions expressed here are held by the majority and by expressing them I have committed heresy and even blasphemy against the politically correct agenda that the government and the supranational bodies are forcing the people to accept.

Also, I have left myself open to censorship and if a single snowflake takes offence and the authorities take note I am liable for possible prosecution for hate speech which I would consider to be a small price to pay in defence of our inalienable right to hold and express an opinion.


Criticising halal meat is an 'obscene racial comment'. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Creating Climate Hysteria in The Pursuit of Global Power

When career politicians unequivocally state that ‘the science is settled and the debate is over’, alarm bells should ring in the heads of those people who treasure liberty, democracy and the prosperity they bring. This is especially true when these same politicians are ideologically driven globalists with an agenda they intend to impose on the developed world.

The sad part is not the perverted science they use to justify their claim but the fact that supposedly intelligent people swallow the whole climate change scam hook, line and sinker. This is particularly true of the British people who would allow the political ruling elite to destroy their economy and return them to the pre-industrial era of urban and rural abject poverty for no benefit whatsoever.

To assist those poor souls to understand that they are being taken for a ride by unscrupulous, lying politicians, and by gullible schoolkids egged on by immature adults from The Extinction Rebellion protest movement, here is some science in the simplest terms possible so that even they can understand it.

It includes pictures for the terminally brainwashed and those infected by groupthink.

This is a lump of coal.

It is made from tropical carboniferous rain forests and swamps that have been fossilized over millions of years. This means that Great Britain had a tropical climate that allowed vegetation such as this to thrive.

This is a tropical carboniferous rain forest.

In the geological strata of Great Britain there are multiple layers of coal which means that the tropical climate and the associated rain forests came and went many times down the ages without the influence of human activity.

This is an ice sheet.

Great Britain has been covered in ice sheets thousands of feet thick many times down the ages, including one as recently as ten thousand years ago. For the benefit of those taken in by the climate change scam that is the blink of an eye in geological time.

Glaciers have advanced and retreated many times carving the landscape we see today including the valleys of Wales and the lake districts of England and Scotland. 
By adding these two natural phenomena together, the resultant conclusion is that the climate in Great Britain has changed between tropical heat and humidity and freezing Arctic ice ages many times without human activity.

At the behest of the global elite, and under the auspices of the United Nations, the grant chasing fake scientists are making the claim that CO2 as a byproduct of human activity is causing the climate to heat up to the point where the planet will become uninhabitable.

They tried using climate change to seize power in the 1970’s by claiming we are all going to freeze to death in a new man-made ice age but that failed to capture the public imagination. People may have been smarter in those days as opposed to the gullible generation of today who have outsourced thinking to the government and will believe anything they are fed.

I digress so back to some easy to understand science. The British Parliament have already put into law that the modern industrial, developed economy must be wrecked in order to reduce ‘carbon’ emissions to zero and make the country carbon free by the year 2050.

To whip up the hysteria further the Labour Party and some other Parliamentarians want to declare a ‘climate emergency’ claiming that we have only ten years to act in order to save the planet and humanity from extinction. They want zero carbon emissions and a carbon free country by 2030.

Being career politicians with eyes only on their globalist agenda and their re-election they don’t know that using coal does not emit carbon, which is a solid but carbon dioxide which is a gas, but again I digress.

Here is more easy to understand science for the benefit of politicians and the gullible public that swallow the nonsense they emit:

Earth’s atmosphere contains 0.04% carbon dioxide, a trace gas essential to life on earth. Of that 0.04% only 3% is the result of human activity therefore 97% is natural. Of that 3% only 1.1% is generated in Great Britain.

Whether Great Britain reduces its carbon dioxide emissions to zero tomorrow, by 2030 or 2050, the effect on the climate is so immeasurably minuscule it is zero for all practical purposes.

To counter this reality the politicians make the ridiculous claim that if Great Britain reduces its ‘carbon’ emissions to zero the rest of the industrial, developed world will follow suit.

The facts are that Great Britain has decreased its carbon dioxide emissions by 38% since 1990 but counter to what the politicians claim the emissions by the top industrialized nations have risen substantially during that period.

The inconvenient truth is that during that period there has been no rise in global temperatures while carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise inexorably. This means that the science that asserts a link between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming is not settled and therefore the debate is not over.  

The reality is that the climate change emergency is manufactured, and the attendant extinction hysteria is being deliberately stoked up and used as an excuse for a power grab by the global elite. This is in response to the election of climate realist Donald Trump and the imminent collapse of the globalist inspired European Union.

In conclusion: the idea that the earth’s climate can be controlled by forcing the developed world to stop using electricity, driving cars, eating meat, heating their homes, flying in airplanes and every other activity they disapprove of is beyond risible.

Equally risible and totally insane would be the people of the developed world voluntarily handing over control of their lives to a cabal of globalist politicians whose only interest is the perverted pursuit of absolute power.

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Truth About White Slavery and The Myth of White Supremacy

David Lammy, the Member of Parliament for the London ghetto of Tottenham, is a vile racist who is totally obsessed with skin colour. He uses his black privilege and the two-tier criminal justice system to make pejorative, anti-white statements about the British people knowing he can get away with it without sanction.

He has incited violence against white people who cannot respond in kind because of his black privilege and the immunity given to him by the two-tier criminal justice system. The once respected protectors of law and order are now dedicated to imposing a politically correct agenda on behalf of the state. This includes shutting down any criticism of Lammy and his supporters with threats of prosecution and even imprisonment.

The following article will be considered as provocative and racist, but it is the truth and an indictment of the police, the media, political establishment and everyone else who allow Lammy to get away with hate speech and incitement to violence without sanction. It is also a challenge to these same people to stop pandering to racists like Lammy by returning the justice system to equality under law and treating Lammy as they would any other racist:


It’s not surprising when black politicians use their skin color to endear themselves to their black constituents in order to get re-elected and remain aboard the gravy train. At a time when false narratives, fake news and outright lying are employed by politicians in their election campaigns they are employing what they consider to be an acceptable practice.  

What is unforgivable and downright evil is for these black politicians to stir up racial hatred and violence against white people by claiming to be the victims of the long-abolished slave trade. Their outrageously false claim is that the legacy of slavery has perpetuated their victimhood which is manifested today by so-called white supremacy and white privilege of the host population.

Due to the rewriting of history, slavery is falsely portrayed as being exclusively perpetrated by white people forcibly removing black people from Africa to labour on the farms and plantations of America and the colonies.

Actual history has shown us that slavery is not exclusively white on black but endemic across the planet down the ages including the victors in war enslaving the vanquished. The Egyptians and Babylonians enslaved the Israelites, the Romans enslaved the British, the Turks enslaved the Greeks and so on and so forth.

More recently, the Nazi's enslaved the Jews and other unfavoured ethnic groups in purpose made concentration/extermination camps.

Even Africans were enslaving other Africans and selling them to Arabs and other slave traders prior to the arrival of Europeans. Slavery is still legal in many Islamic countries and in some other countries in the developing world to this day. 

The existence of white slaves and indentured labourers that could also be bought and sold in the slave markets is studiously ignored by Lammy and his ilk. Also ignored is the transportation to the colonies of debtors, petty criminals and those considered to be ‘undesirables’ to be used as slave labour by the British ruling class of the day.

Black politicians and their anti-white supporters also never mention the workhouses and debtors’ prisons that were nothing less than institutions of white slavery that persisted long after the slave trade was abolished in Great Britain and the colonies.

These black politicians are well aware that institutional white slavery existed, but they deliberately ignore it because it doesn’t fit with their white imposed victimhood narrative. They totally ignore the barons and serfdom which was white slavery that endured in Great Britain for centuries.

No student of British history could possibly argue that conditions in the coal mines, iron works and fabric mills during the British industrial revolution were infinitely worse than the cotton fields and sugar plantations of America and the colonies.

The same can be said for housing where the working classes lived in the most appalling vermin infested slums with little or no amenities as opposed to a wooden cabin on a plantation albeit a rudimentary structure.

The industry owners of the day were no better than slave masters who used the truck system of remuneration along with debt to keep their workers enslaved to their factories, coal mines, mills and foundries and wages at starvation levels.

It must be remembered that women and children also worked in the same appalling conditions in coal mines, iron works, mills and factories for long hours earning nothing more than a pittance. It was said at the time that the owners gave their employees just enough so that they would reproduce and supply another generation of cheap, enslaved workers. 

The continual verbal abuse of white British citizens by David Lammy MP and his fellow ingrates is not just divisive but it is stirring up racial hatred using rewritten history which makes it infinitely worse.

His constant accusations of white supremacy and white privilege needs to be countered before it becomes accepted as the established truth which will relegate the actual truth to the status of myth.

Lammy is a Labour MP so he should at least know something of the history of the British working class and the folklore of the Labour Movement he claims to represent. It is a history of deprivation, sacrifice and bloodshed exclusively suffered by the ancestors of the white people he now gratuitously insults.

In the Great Britain he hates because of the slave trade he should at least acknowledge the lengths the people went to in order to abolish it. This began with Somerset v Stewart in 1772 when slavery was proved to be unsupported in British law.

White people went on to abolish slavery by passing the Slave Trade Act in 1807 and led by abolitionist, William Wilberforce, white people abolished slavery once and for across the empire by passing the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833.

In addition to these legislative efforts, mill workers used their white privilege to get killed in the Peterloo massacre of 1819 while agitating for Parliamentary reform.

In the Merthyr Rising of 1831 white people rose up in insurrection after the Iron Masters refused to alleviate the appalling deprivation being suffered by the iron workers and coal miners. To set an example to the working class, coal miners leader, Richard Lewis, was falsely accused of stabbing a soldier and subsequently hanged. 

The white leaders of the Tollpuddle Martyrs were transported to the prison colony in Australia in 1834 for trying to form a trade union.

During the Chartist Uprising in Newport in 1839 white working-class people were massacred while agitating for Parliamentary reform. The leaders were sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered. Fortunately, the sentence was commuted to transportation to the prison colony in Australia.

The Jarrow Crusade in 1936 saw members of the working-class communities use their white privilege to march from Jarrow in the north of England to London in order to present a petition to Parliament protesting unemployment and poverty.

The freedoms and relative prosperity enjoyed by the British people today was won by the blood and sacrifice of a population that endured poverty and conditions that were worse than any plantation worker.

David Lammy’s parents took advantage of this sacrifice and voluntarily left their sun kissed Caribbean paradise to make their way to a cold, wet and windswept island in the north Atlantic with a ninety percent white population.

This is the same island and population that their son claims are racists and white supremacists whose sole mission in life is to use their white privilege to oppress Mr. Lammy and the black community presumably to make their lives intolerable.

Mr. Lammy was so oppressed and discriminated against by the white people of Great Britain that he availed himself of a first-class education. He was awarded a scholarship at the of age ten to attend a prestigious school founded by Henry VIII. He went on to study law at the University of London Law School and then to Harvard University in racist America. He was called to the bar at Lincolns Inn and practiced as a Barrister before becoming a Member of Parliament.

Not too bad for a country he claims uses institutional racism and intolerance to discriminate against black people to keep them confined to menial jobs in the ghetto.

According to the 2011 census, white British comprise 87.1% of the population so it’s obvious that they will be the dominant ethnic group and their way of life will take precedent over that of more recent arrivals. Black British comprise 3.0%, Indian British 2.3% and Chinese British 0.7%.

It is noticeable that the Indian and Chinese British communities combined also comprise 3% of the population but they don’t insult and smear the white British people despite being shipped to all corners of the empire like the Africans were.

It could be that the Indian and Chinese British are industrious, entrepreneurial, self-supporting, family orientated communities who take advantage of the opportunities Great Britain has to offer as opposed to wallowing in victimhood from a long-gone era while blaming white people and demanding reparations.

Looking at the state of the African nations that sold their fellow countrymen to the slave traders, David Lammy should be grateful that his ancestors were shipped to the colonies because he may not be the successful wealthy man he is today, he may not even have existed at all.

It is the view of many that his ancestors were not so much stolen from Africa but rescued. No one denies they suffered hardship but no worse than the ancestors of British white working class who were not responsible for slavery.  

The British people have no white privilege and they are not white supremacists. To insult and smear them as if they are white supremacists who were responsible for slavery serves only to stir up division and hatred which will not benefit his community, or any other community, should it descend into inter-communal animosity and violence.

I will conclude with the words of the great Mohammad Ali when asked about what he thought about Africa after he spent some time there preparing for his rumble in the jungle with George Foreman

I’m glad my granddaddy got on that boat”.

Amen to that.


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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Meet Our Climate Extinction Saviors

A Picture Gallery of People Who Will Save Us from Climate Extinction

This is Greta Thunberg.

A Swedish schoolgirl who, with no scientific qualifications whatsoever, ordained at eight years old that the world faced extinction in ten years because of man-made global warming.

This is Ed Miliband.

The multi-millionaire Marxist and former leader of the Labour Party. This grown adult with no scientific qualifications drools over every word uttered by the Swedish schoolkid. As Energy and Climate Change Secretary in the last Labour government he was responsible for the Climate Change Act 2008 which is regarded as the most expensive piece of legislation in the history of Parliament.

This is Jeremy Corbyn.

Another multi-millionaire Marxist, Jeremy is the current leader of the Labour Party and possible Prime Minister should Boris Johnson fall. He also hangs on every word that the Blessed Greta speaks and without any scientific qualifications he wants Great Britain to declare a climate emergency to save us all from extinction.

This is Shamima Begum.

A British schoolgirl and alumni of the Bethnal Green Academy. At around the same age as Greta Thunberg she ordained that there will be a global caliphate and eventually the whole world will be governed by shariah law. To that end she left her homeland to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to help prove herself right.

This is Jeremy Corbyn (Again)

In a complete about turn around from Greta Thunberg, Jeremy has decided that Shamima was just a schoolgirl who was much too young to understand the issues involved. Despite being an AK-47 wielding leader of a shariah enforcement unit in Syria and possible war criminal, Jeremy believes she should be allowed to come ‘home’ to the country she hates and vows to destroy. According to Jeremy she is not really a gun wielding terrorist she's just a very naughty girl. 

This is Theresa May.

Known as Theresa the Appeaser, she is the Europhile former Prime Minister of Great Britain who was ousted for lying, cheating and depriving the electorate of their birthright to be an independent, sovereign nation. As a final show of contempt for the British people she has committed trillions of pounds of taxpayer’s money to reduce Carbon emissions to zero and make the country Carbon free by 2050. With no scientific qualifications it is obvious that Mrs. May doesn’t know the difference between Carbon and Carbon Dioxide.

This is Prince Harry and the Grand Duchess Meghan of Markle.

Since his marriage to his Hollywood starlet, Harry has cast in his lot with the Tinseltown set and adopted their world view of all things trendy. These trendy causes include saving the planet from climate change by ordering governments to curb everyone’s carbon footprint except his own.

This is Albert ‘Al’ Gore.

Al Gore is the High Priest of the man-made global warming cult. Despite having no scientific background this former Vice President and failed Presidential candidate made a series of apocalyptic predictions of doom due to man-made global warming none of which has come true. It's an inconvenient truth that Polar bears and the Arctic ice cap are still there as are the Himalayan glaciers and the snows of Kilimanjaro. Al spends his time travelling the world by private jet and limousine telling lesser mortals to curb their carbon footprints by returning to the stone age. So lucrative is his crusade, Al is reputed to be the first carbon billionaire.

This is Rajendra Pachaury.

An engineer with the Indian railways with no scientific background, Pachaury was the chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Another jet setter, this snake oil salesman shared a Nobel Prize with Al Gore for their efforts promoting the climate change scam and the precautions that need to be taken. Pachaury was forced to resign after allegations of corruption and alleged sexual abuse of women.

This is Extinction Rebellion.

This organization is comprised of schoolkids playing truant, egged on by the immature offspring of rich parents who spoiled their brats from an early age. They are joined by members of the unwashed, unemployable loony left who are no use to man nor beast. They claim we will be going the way of dinosaurs in ten years if we don’t hand over control of everything to the political class who only have our best interests at heart. (Yea right). We should be eternally grateful that these fearless warriors superglue themselves to office walls and stop traffic to save the human race from itself.   

This is Rex Fleming.

If ever there was expert on atmospheric science and climate it's this gentleman. His impressive Curriculum Vitae is longer and more complex than the issue itself. Read it here and be seriously impressed.

Rex Fleming worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He was also a member of the UN IPCC with Mr. Pachaury. Because he questioned the conclusions and actions of the IPCC and the whole issue of man-made global warming, he is insulted and smeared as a ‘denier’ by the self-appointed 'experts' mentioned above and their fellow members of the climate change cult. He is being ostracized by the grant chasing scientists of the global warming industry while attempts are being made to prevent him publishing scientific papers and data that disproves the man-made global warming claims of the charlatans.

The world should demand to see a televised public debate between Rex Fleming and all of the above on climate change science. Unfortunately Shamima Begun will be unable to attend as she is in jail awaiting trial somewhere in Syria. 

To conclude: Carbon Dioxide is not an atmospheric pollutant, it is a trace gas essential to life on earth. It is plant food without which humans really would become extinct.

For the British contingent. Carbon Dioxide is 0.05% of the atmosphere. Of that tiny percentage 97% is natural leaving only 3% attributable to human activity. Of that 3% only 1.1% is produced by Great Britain. If emissions were reduced to zero tomorrow or by 2050 the effect on the climate will be zero. The declaration of a climate emergency by the British political class is not only virtue signaling of the very highest order but an unprecedented power grab from the people to the politicians who hold them in contempt.