Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving America

                 Happy Thanksgiving to all American people wherever you may be on God's bountiful earth.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mayor Of London Wants To Ban President Trump From Great Britain

It’s a measure of how far Great Britain has descended into third world mediocrity when a paid up member of the Ummah leads its capital city. 

It needs to be stated from the outset that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was a political nonentity who owes his position to the simple fact that he is not white and a Muslim. Khan is the ideal choice for a political class that is in the process of imposing multi-culturalism on a country that didn’t ask for it, wasn’t consulted and doesn’t want it.

Having a Muslim Mayor of London is used by the political class to display their multi-cultural credentials on the world stage and to falsely portray the city as a peaceful example of a so-called 'multi-cultural society'.

Due to white flight and being the epicenter of the political swamp, the once mighty capital city of the British Empire has been transformed into an overcrowded series of welfare financed, crime infested, mono-cultural ghettos interspersed with affluent areas inhabited by mega-rich foreign oligarchs as well as wealthy celebrities. It is also home to the corrupt political class with its taxpayer funded army of cronies, bureaucrats and hangers-on.

There are some areas of trendy, overpriced bars and restaurants frequented by a small affluent middle class who pretend they are living in a functional world but their eyes and minds are closed to the disaster that surrounds them. 

The sad truth is that this trendy middle class is comprised mainly of millennials who are not affluent enough to be independent of their parents or the landlords that are consuming the biggest chunk of their income in rent.

As is the case with all Muslims, Sadiq Khan’s loyalty is to his own community, the Ummah, and this is reflected by his appeasement of the Muslim terrorists that have been murdering and maiming Londoners for years and his hatred for President Trump over a non-existent ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Why a temporary moratorium on immigration into the United States from seven backward, Muslim majority countries which are havens for terrorists should trigger the Mayor of London speaks volumes about his allegiances.

Sadiq Khan is not only a danger and embarrassment to Londoners, his position as Mayor of the capital city gives him a global profile so his utterances and behavior are seen as a reflection of the nation as a whole.

Khan’s campaign to prevent the President of the United States of America from making an official visit to Great Britain is not only naive, it is a display of his ignorance of the history and protocols of the country he claims to be a loyal citizen of.

State visits to Great Britain are the prerogative of the Head of State, which is Her Majesty the Queen, in conjunction with her Prime Minister. Non-State visits, but otherwise official visits, are the prerogative of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the Foreign Office.

Speaking on behalf of the nation is also the prerogative of Her Majesty and these two offices of state unless otherwise delegated.

He may have delusions of grandeur but Sadiq Khan is none of these and he has no business insulting or denigrating the President of our closest ally which also happens to be the world’s only remaining superpower and the world’s largest economy.

Being a Pakistani at heart with no deep roots in Great Britain, Khan is obviously ignorant of our relationship with the United States of America. The history of America is closely bound with that of Great Britain and this is reflected by the fact that the liberty and freedoms that made America the greatest nation on earth are based on our own freedoms that evolved over centuries.

Despite being a former colony, the American people continued their links with the mother country by basing their founding documents on the Magna Carta signed by King John in 1215 and the British Bill of Rights signed into law in 1689.

A great friend and ally to Great Britain, President Trump may not be welcome by the Mayor but Khan's friends and Great Britain's enemies get the red carpet treatment.

Vile preachers of hate who despise Great Britain, along with its people and its way of life, are allowed into the country to address meetings and march through the streets of London unhindered by Mayor Khan or the Metropolitan police 'service' over which he has control.

Sadiq Khan’s insincerity toward Londoners can be measured by his statement after the London Underground terrorist attack in September 2017. He stated that he “utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life”.

This is the same Sadiq Khan that shared a platform with a ‘hideous individual’ by the name of  Sajeel Sahid who had links with jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary and Al-Qaeda and who also trained the ring leader of 7/7 London Transport bombers.  Sajeel Sahid was also a gym buddy of London Bridge murderer Khuram Butt. (See here and here)

Sadiq Khan bristles with righteous indignation and won’t countenance a visit by President Trump, the leader of the free world and the scourge of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism but he is happy to share a platform with five Islamic extremists at a conference organized by the radical pro-Palestinian group, Friends of Al-Aqsa, in London.

Despite this being London where women have equal rights, the meeting was segregated by gender therefore women were not allowed to use the same entrance as men; they were ordered to use a separate side entrance located in an adjacent street next to a snooker club.

Mayor Khan wants to ban President Trump from Great Britain but has links to a creature named Makbool Javaid and other members of a Muslim extremist group called Hizb ut-Tarir. (See here)

In conclusion: The man who told Londoners they should get used to being murdered and maimed by Muslim terrorists because its “part and parcel of living in a big city” is an apologist for the enemies of Great Britain and therefore poses a clear and present danger to the safety and security of her people.

Sadiq Khan is a political pygmy, a complete and utter ignoramus, an apologist for Muslim terrorists and a token appointment by an agenda driven political elite.

He does not speak for the nation and is unfit for this high profile position; he is an embarrassment to Great Britain and should be removed from office forthwith.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Politicization Of The Police And Demise Of The British Bobby

  A picture gallery to illustrate the demise and degradation of a much loved and respected public institution.

When the political elite commandeered public institutions and agencies to use as agents of the state to impose their ‘progressive’, multi-cultural agenda none was more visible and humiliating than the transformation of the British police force and its Bobbies.

The British police force with its dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet was until recently a highly visible example of public service and law enforcement. Every village and town had its police officers pounding the beat alone or in pairs on foot or bicycle in the case of larger constabularies.

Armed with only a truncheon and a whistle the sight of a Bobby walking his beat was enough to deter the bad guys and mischievous youngsters, of criminal or bad behavior. Things were slightly different in the cities where the police used horses and motor vehicles.

The prime purpose of the police force was to serve and protect the public by enforcing the law of the land; this purpose has been perverted into enforcing political correctness and imposing a ‘progressive’ agenda which includes cultural replacement with it’s so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

The first recorded organized law enforcement officers were known as the Bow Street Runners after a London magistrates court of the same name and formed in 1749. These were succeeded by the Metropolitan Police Force which was formed by the then Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel, in 1829.

Originally nicknamed Peelers and later Bobbies after their founder the name has stood the test of time and was still in frequent use until their politicization.

The police force, including the Metropolitan Police Force, have been renamed the police ‘service’ and familiar names such ‘holding cells’ and the dreaded ‘booking sergeant’ have been replaced by a ‘custody suite’ and a ‘detention officer’ or other such soft, politically correct title. 

A night sobering up in a custody suite doesn't seem quite so forbidding as a night in the cells but I digress.

The physical requirements of height, weight and fitness were virtually abolished to make the ‘service’ more inclusive and this heralded in the age of the short, fat cop who gasps for breath while walking to the bakery to get the morning supply of doughnuts.

Please look at the following picture gallery and feel free to laugh or cry accordingly:

                         Traditional Bobby in his dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet.

            The new gender neutral uniform designed to attract transgendered officers into the 'service'.

                           Upstanding traditional Bobby on duty protecting and serving the public.

                           Policeman wearing high heels on duty to highlight domestic abuse.

                              Policeman paints his nails on duty to highlight slavery in Great Britain.

             A pair of police officers patrol their beat on foot to protect the public and deter criminals.

  A pair of officers don bear masks in a juvenile and embarrassing campaign against 'hate speech/crimes'.

   Hate speech/crimes don't include recruiting for ISIS or threatening to behead the indigenous population.

                No female Muslim officers policing the ISIS parade due to segregation of the sexes. 

                  A gay police officer proposes to his boyfriend on bended knee at some parade or other.

                                      A police officer has a smooch during a Gay Pride parade.

A Police officer indulges in simulated sex in order to be trendy and demonstrate his multi-cultural credentials during the Caribbean inspired Notting Hill carnival.

                                                    A Morris Mini patrol car from the 1970

                                                 A gay pride/hate crime patrol car from 2017

Once considered to be respected pillars of the community the British Bobby has been reduced to a laughing stock with his juvenile antics and his politically correct campaigns on behalf of any minority so long as they are against the traditional British way of life.

One of the more sinister manifestations of their new role as agents of the state is treating the public they are meant to serve as the enemy and the imported enemies of traditional Great Britain as the oppressed minority in need of their protection.

They have given up their primary role of preventing and investigating crimes such burglary, robbery and street violence against the ordinary citizen but use their resources instead policing social media looking for so-called hate speech and hate crimes.

Hate speech and hate crimes are extremely vague, one-way charges used exclusively against the indigenous population in order to prevent free speech, intimidate dissenters and hide the truth about their most favored imported community and their religion of peace.

All the respect, trust and goodwill that the police had built up over two centuries has been thrown away by senior officers who have sold their souls to an unscrupulous political elite and their destructive agenda. 

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembering The Fallen On Armistice Day


                        'At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them'

A poignant image of Her Majesty The Queen and the Dean of Westminster at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey marking the 70th anniversary of VE Day

                                                BENEATH THIS STONE RESTS THE BODY
                                                OF A BRITISH WARRIOR
                                                UNKNOWN BY NAME OR RANK
                                                BROUGHT FROM FRANCE TO LIE AMONG
                                                THE MOST ILLUSTRIOUS OF THE LAND
                                                AND BURIED HERE ON ARMISTICE DAY
                                                11 NOV: 1920, IN THE PRESENCE OF
                                                HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE V
                                                HIS MINISTERS OF STATE
                                                THE CHIEFS OF HIS FORCES
                                                AND A VAST CONCOURSE OF THE NATION
                                                THUS ARE COMMEMORATED THE MANY
                                                MULTITUDES WHO DURING THE GREAT
                                                WAR OF 1914-1918 GAVE THE MOST THAT
                                                MAN CAN GIVE LIFE ITSELF
                                                FOR GOD
                                                FOR KING AND COUNTRY
                                                FOR LOVED ONES HOME AND EMPIRE
                                                FOR THE SACRED CAUSE OF JUSTICE AND
                                                THE FREEDOM OF THE WORLD
                                                THEY BURIED HIM AMONG THE KINGS BECAUSE HE
                                                HAD DONE GOOD TOWARD GOD AND TOWARD
                                                HIS HOUSE

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Great Britain Is On The Brink Of A Communist Disaster

History shows us that politics periodically undergoes  a re-alignment where the pendulum swings from one side of the political spectrum to the other. What it also shows is that the pendulum is on a ratchet which prevents it from swinging back to its original starting point but to a new starting point much further to the left.

This is certainly the case in Great Britain where the pendulum has ratcheted so far to the left that Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long communist, has seized control of the Labour Party along with his cadre of fellow revolutionaries.

This coup makes Corbyn the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament and who, according to latest opinion polls, will become the Prime Minister of Great Britain should there be a general election any time soon.

A career politician Jeremy Corbyn has never wavered in his belief that capitalism will be overthrown and replaced by a dictatorship of the proletariat as ordained by his ideological mentor, Karl Marx.

Not even the myriad of examples of human tragedies around the world caused by this perverted ideology will shake his belief or give him pause for thought for its hundreds of millions of victims.

Corbyn’s Comrade No1 is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, who always denied his devotion to communism until he was caught on video proclaiming his fealty to Karl Marx to a closed group of functionaries along with his life-long dedication to the overthrow of capitalism.

As Chancellor of the Exchequer he would finally have the power to fulfill his life’s ambition and such is his confidence of his own veracity he has published his economic plan for all to see. It’s standard Marxist economics which has proved so disastrous across the planet from China to Zimbabwe and a host of other unfortunate countries in between.

He plans the nationalization of key industries without proper compensation together with a tax, spend, borrow and debt policy on steroids with government supplied free stuff for everyone.

This includes the usual list of items that socialist wet dreams are made of:

Free healthcare

Free education for everyone from pre-school to pensioner including college and university

Cancellation of student debt

Free/subsidized municipal housing

A national living wage for everyone

Increased public sector pay

Increased welfare benefits

Expanded government

Expanded entitlements which will create more dependency and a bigger captive voter base.

It’s worth noting that McDonnell is on record as saying that “democracy doesn’t work for us” so increasing the voter base is a temporary measure to secure power before elections are reduced to a cosmetic exercise or abolished altogether. This diehard communist actually quoted from Mao Zedong's Red Book during a debate in Parliament.

To add to the misery of this impending economic disaster Corbyn and his comrades plan to instigate a social and cultural revolution by opening the borders even further than they are now to mass immigration from the third world with no limit on the numbers.

It’s also worth noting that this social and cultural revolution is as much to do with their visceral hatred of Great Britain, along with its people, its heritage and its way of life as it has to do with their devotion to a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Apart from massive borrowing, McDonnell and the government plan to pay for this largess in the time honored communist manner, i.e. taxing the co-called rich to the hilt and increasing the tax on corporations and businesses across the economy.

No communists worth their salt could possibly ignore their impulse to indulge in class warfare therefore inheritance tax will be raised to confiscatory levels which will effectively abolish private property.
Q.E.D. The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Comrade No 2 is his Shadow Home Secretary, an ideological soulmate and former lover named Dianne Abbott. Notorious for her lack of intellectual prowess and being numerically illiterate, Abbott is a self-described ‘Afro-Caribbean’, as well as an anti-white racist and fellow communist.

She is on record as saying that she is ashamed to be British but like all socialist bloviators she has shown no inclination to find a more suitable country and leave.

Such is the dedication of comrades Corbyn and Abbott to communism, their idea of a lovers vacation was touring East Germany by motorcycle at the height of the Cold War.

The fact that tens of thousands of people were being arrested and tortured by the all-pervasive East German secret police, the Stasi, and hundreds more died trying to escape to West Germany was of no concern to the happy vacationers.

Like communists the world over, the tortured and the murdered are acceptable collateral damage to Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades in the Labour Party. They obviously consider the murder and oppression of hundreds of millions of people since 1917 to be a price worth paying for the greater good which to them is a communist dictatorship along the lines of the old East Germany and latterly Venezuela.

In a warning to the British people of what’s in store for them if and when this gang of communists should ever get their hands on the levers of power. All three of these ideologues, and it must be assumed the rest of the Labour Party, were high profile supporters of the Hugo Chavez revolution in Venezuela.

They openly celebrated his victory and lectured the British people on the merits of the Chavez revolution along with the benefits it will bring not only to Venezuela but to the rest of South America and the world at large.

They steadfastly refuse to this day to criticize the brutal Chavez/Maduro regime or acknowledge the disastrous consequences of communism for the people of Venezuela.

In a further and more sinister warning which the British people should take heed is another member of the Corbyn clique, the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone. Publicly they keep this lunatic at arm’s length but covertly accept him as an ideological soul-mate and comrade.

Livingstone is a nasty piece of work if ever there was one; he is an unadulterated and very vocal communist ideologue, a Great Britain and Israel hater as well as a vile anti-Semite. He makes no secret of why he believes the Chavez revolution failed in Venezuela.

Livingstone maintains that Hugo Chavez made the mistake of not following the standard communist revolutionary practice off rounding up and eliminating the country’s elite after usurping power.

For those who are unfamiliar with the post-revolution practice as advocated by Ken Livingstone please note:

The first task after the usurpation of power is to round up and murder the leaders of all organizations that oppose the regime; the second task is to intimidate, arrest, imprison and torture any other opponents, no matter how minor, who raise a voice of dissent.

This practice is well documented and should be compulsory reading for all school children and those that support socialists and communists in the western democracies.

They should be made to study the post-revolutionary actions of Lenin and Stalin in Russia, Mao Zedong in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the creator of the killing fields, Pol Pot in Cambodia along with all the other mass murderers who believe that communism is the ideal and only economic system for their countries and the world.

The reasons why the British people, who fought over the centuries for the freedoms and liberty they enjoy today, and who made such a massive contribution to global civilization, are embracing such an oppressive freedom crushing ideology is open to debate.

There are however three reasons that are immediately apparent.

Firstly, the inability of younger generations to assimilate and analyze information then form an independent opinion. This inability to think for themselves has left them vulnerable to propaganda whereby their opinions are formed for them by slanted information disseminated by the agenda driven political elite.

This implanting of a single worldview is a classic description of ‘groupthink’ as used by Big Brother in George Orwell’s apocalyptic novel 1984 about a future socialist tyranny.

Secondly, the mainstream media, led by the taxpayer funded state broadcaster universally known as the BBC, are the purveyors of state propaganda which churns out its ‘progressive’ world view 24/7 through all its outlets including radio. This not only includes news and current affairs but all its viewing and listening programs including so-called light entertainment.

Thirdly, the lack of effective opposition in Parliament and the country at large to the onward march of socialism. The Conservative and Liberal Parties used to be the guardians of British values such as individual liberty, free enterprise, law and order, patriotism etc.  but even they have caught the globalist disease of ‘progressivism’ and its call for an egalitarian, borderless world in a post democratic age.

To conclude: In their government induced slumber and their ignorance of history, far too many British people have yet to grasp that they are one general election away from losing everything their ancestors fought and died for.

This includes their liberty, their prosperity, their culture, their heritage and their centuries old way of life.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Kevin Spacey Is The Product Of A Godless Depraved Society

People should not be surprised by the revelation that Hollywood idol Kevin Spacey enjoys having sex with men and young boys. Sex with children is accepted as a perfectly normal practice among inhabitants of Tinsel Town as their defense of abominations like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen demonstrates.

Sex between adults and children may not be acceptable just yet by the public at large but among those who have declared themselves the enlightened leaders of society it is considered to be a normal, healthy and natural sexual practice. They believe that pedophilia will eventually become as normal and acceptable as homosexuality and other forms of unnatural sexual and gender dysfunction.

Child sex abusers are not confined to perverts like Kevin Spacey or the entertainment industry; they infect every area of life from politics and the judiciary to sport and community organizations. Even the Roman Catholic Church has had its scandals with enrobed pedophiles assaulting choir boys when they thought God wasn't looking.

The sad fact is that the more widespread child sexual exploitation becomes the bigger the call for it to be legalized.

Child sexual exploitation in America is in its infancy compared to Great Britain where it has been absolutely rampant for decades and tolerated by the authorities.

The top stars of the taxpayer funded state broadcaster, known universally as the BBC, were involved in a pedophile ring which abused children and assaulted vulnerable women for decades.

One of them, a creature named Jimmy Savile, was so depraved he used his celebrity status to gain access to children’s hospitals where he sexually assaulted children in their sick beds. Everyone and his uncle at the BBC, as well as nursing staff at the hospitals, were aware of Savile’s depravity but kept silent supposedly to protect his fundraising activities. 

His fund raising activities, it must be added, were used as another front to gain access to children which he subsequently abused.

Led by the city of Rotherham, towns and cities across Great Britain were infested with Muslim pedophile gangs who groomed, gang raped and pimped out underage white girls with the tacit approval of the local authorities; this included elected local officials and Members of Parliament. (See history of Rotherham Muslim Pedophiles here)

It also included the police, schools, children’s homes and, most shamefully, the local children’s welfare departments who were all aware but remained silent for reasons of ‘cultural sensitivity’ and their concern for something called ‘community cohesion’.

Since nobody in authority has been held accountable and punished for being accessories to these crimes against children, there are some 40,000 victims who have been denied justice and sacrificed on the altars of political correctness and government imposed multi-culturalism.

Most of the areas infested with these Muslim pedophile gangs are controlled by the socialist Labour Party whose founders have campaigned for a century or more to normalize then legalize sex between adults and children.

The history of legalizing pedophilia goes back to the Bloomsbury Group, the Fabian Society and latterly with the Labour and Liberal Parties.

Labour Politicians And Child Sex - Its Not A Scandal Its Progressive

Since it was taken over and ‘modernized’ by an inner circle of remote, trendy elitists these ‘progressive’ ideas have also infested the British Conservative Party in addition to the Democratic Party in the USA.  

This gradual acceptance of pedophilia is not the result of a natural evolution of a perverted practice over time; the slow process of legalizing sex between adults and children has been one of the primary goals of the so-called ‘progressive’ left for over a century.

Even a cursory glance into the Bloomsbury Group shines a light on the history of this 'progressive' movement and reveals the origin of the descent into depravity which we see taking place today.

The Bloomsbury Group was a gathering of influential self-styled intellectuals, including artists, economists and politicians who believed that a 'progressive' socialist society should consider acts of sexual depravity, including those with children, as normal.

Influential people of the day such as John Maynard Keynes, Lytton Strachey, Havelock Ellis and Bertrand Russell considered themselves to be 'progressive' and were all drug addicts, perverts and pederasts.

They all had a penchant for sodomy, young boys and each other; they despised Christianity and any other form of morality. These people were depravity personified and agitated for the normalization of homosexuality and sex between adults and children.

It’s a source of great mirth to know that John Maynard Keynes, the idol and mentor of socialists the world over, was a filthy, depraved nonce who’s perverted economic policies mirrored his perverted sexual desires but I digress.

Child Poverty And Sex Abuse - Fighting One While Promoting The Other

The process of legalizing sex between adults and children is easy to follow and began with the removal of God and Christianity, along with its festivals and symbols, from public life. This effectively removed the moral code that allowed western civilization to evolve over two millennia and prevented the depravity we are witnessing today with the acceptance of degenerates like Spacey, Polanski, Savile and Mohammad, etc.

Firstly the political elite decriminalized homosexual practices between consenting adults over the age of 21 years in private.

When this was achieved they campaigned to lower the age of consent to 18 years with an ongoing campaign to lower it to 16 years then 12 years then 10 years. Eventually they plan to abolish the age limit altogether.

Next they abolished the privacy requirement of the law by allowing public displays of homosexuality using parades and marches and forcing public institutions like the police service and fire departments to take part.

All this is accompanied by a massive propaganda campaign to normalize homosexuality and impose its acceptance on society by demonizing, smearing and threatening anyone who voiced opposition.

The next step was to make legally recognized civil partnerships available to same sex couples in lieu of formal marriage.

When this had been achieved the next step was to legalize marriage between same sex couples and give such unions equal status with heterosexual marriage.

This move effectively abolished the sanctity of marriage and in effect ended the traditional family unit which in turn paved the way for the lowering of standards of decency and the acceptance of degeneracy has a basic human right. .  

When this step had been achieved all gender distinctions were abolished altogether, a state where any gender dysfunction or sexual practice no matter how perverse and degenerate is considered to be perfectly normal and natural.

By grouping all unnatural sexual preferences and gender dysfunctions under one umbrella, LGBTQFU69 etc. the ‘progressive’ political elite are using the forced acceptance of these practices to add paedophilia and incest to the list and legalize them accordingly.

The following quote by the late Sir Henry Hodge is confirmation of this fact: 
"Homosexuals are now widely regarded as ordinary, healthy people - a minority but no more 'ill' than the minority who are left handed. There is no reason why paedophilia should not win similar acceptance." - Sir Henry Hodge, High Court Judge and Labour Party Councillor. 

As has become standard practice by governments and those with an agenda to impose, anyone who voices disagreement with any part of it is demonized and smeared as a homophobe, transphobe, bigot etc. and threatened with prosecution for so-called hate speech or hate crimes.

In conclusion, many people make the valid case that the first step in the process of legalizing paedophilia, i.e. decriminalizing homosexual acts and instituting civil partnerships are right and proper in a modern, civilized society. But it didn’t end there. What people failed to realize is that these were the opening shots in a ‘progressive’ war by a global elite to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization, a war which they are winning and one which we will all pay a terrible price in the end.

Post Script – it has been suggested that since pedophilia is an accepted practice in the Muslim Ummah along with child marriage and incest, its tolerance and eventual legalization is being used to help with the Islamization of the west and also to herald the introduction of sharia law.

Looking at the behavior and actions of the political elite this could very well be the case.    

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Defeat Of ISIS Is An Opportunity For Refugees To Return Home

A picture gallery to contrast the devastation of Raqqa after the Syrian Civil War and London After World War II

The global elite and its surrogate governments around the world have cynically used the civil war in Syria to manufacture their phony ‘refugee crisis’ in order to justify importing tens of thousands of Muslim Syrians into western societies as part of their project to downgrade and replace Judeo-Christian civilization. 

(To our eternal shame Christian Syrians, as the world knows, were not included in the 'crisis' and were subsequently enslaved, raped, mutilated and massacred as a result)  

With the defeat of ISIS and the fall of Raqqa and the caliphate this excuse is no longer valid. It has long been argued that the solution to the myriad of refugee crises across the planet is not shipping huge populations across continents and oceans into western societies where they cannot, and in most cases, will not integrate but to create safe zones closer to home from where they can return when the conflict ceases.

Despite suitable areas and resources being readily available in nearby Saudi Arabia and the oil rich gulf states, the global elite and western civilization hating ‘progressive’ organizations have always rejected this option without giving reason because it doesn’t suit their cultural replacement agenda.

Now that the civil war in Syria is drawing to a close and peace is being restored there is no reason why refugees cannot return to their homes and assist with the reconstruction of their country instead of being a burden on the host countries who's culture and way of life they hate.

The same global elite and self-loathing ‘progressives’ are now using the excuse that refugees cannot return home because their towns and cities have been devastated by bombing and therefore unfit for human habitation. When one looks at the devastated European cities after World War II it is more than obvious that this excuse is as phony as their ‘refugee crisis’.

Look at the following picture gallery and contrast the bleating of the globalists about the helplessness of the Syrian refugees with the stoicism, patriotism and determination of the British people to rebuild their shattered and destroyed cities after the Blitz by Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

                              Raqqa and London on the receiving end of a bombing campaign


Central Raqqa after its liberation, the East End of London after a bombing attack

                                   Bombed out vehicle in Raqqa and a bombed out bus in London

                                        Some general devastation in Raqqa and London

                Children affected by the bombing campaigns in Raqqa and London

Deserted Raqqa. Churchill visits bombed out residents of London's East End.

And finally some of my personal favourites:

              Flying the flag and sorting through the rubble for some much loved personal items.

Children clearing a space among the devastation for playing football, cricket or whatever games they enjoyed.

                              Those stoic British housewives will always find time for a nice cup of tea.

  No cup of tea without milk; neither Hitler nor his Luftwaffe could prevent the milkman making his deliveries.

                              The ultimate example of reconstruction is atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima, Japan

It must be noted that these scenes were repeated right across Europe and Japan. These people didn't run away and desert their countries making themselves a burden on others. They stayed behind, suffered the hardships and rebuilt their cities; there's no reason why Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis etc. can't do the same.