Monday, October 29, 2012

Julia Gillard - An Apology To The People Of Australia

To those readers who have just tuned in from Australia, (and everywhere for that matter), thank you for taking time to read my humble contribution to the anti-socialist cause.

I travelled extensively during my working career and I had the pleasure of sharing a beer or two with many Australians in faraway places such as Hong Kong, Bombay, London and Tokyo to name but a few.

Other people may disagree but I always got the impression of Australians as individualist combined with an adventurous spirit and the love of sport, fun and a couple of beers.

I had never found my friends from down under to be overtly political, in fact they always seemed to avoid the subject like the plague.

To this day I have no idea what the political attitudes are among the different demographic groups in Australia so from my own experience of their nature, I would guess that they embrace small government, liberty and individualism over the collectivist prison of socialism.

I recently stumbled upon a video of one Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister of Australia, talking about environmental issues among other things.

I was shocked, she jumped out of the screen at me. What a lying, nagging old harpy, how on God's earth did my Australian brothers end up this creature as their Prime Minister?

After further research, and to my dismay, she turns out to be an old world socialist, (that explains the habit of lying) and to my further utter dismay she was born in Barry, South Wales. She's one of my fellow countrymen.

It was bad enough sending our convicts to Australia and thank goodness the practice stopped but to replace them by sending our socialists is an awful thing to inflict on that unsuspecting population. On behalf of the enlightened people of Wales, please accept my sincere apologies.

Although she was young when she left Wales that does make her immune from her heritage and peer pressure. Like myself she probably picked up the socialist vibes from the cradle. Like me also (until I saw the light) she lists Nye Bevan as her favourite politician.

My guess is, based on her admiration for politicians like Bevan, that she has done her homework and studied the current crop of South Wales socialist politicians and found them to her liking.

Absolute socialist hypocrites like Lord Neil and Lady Glenys Kinnock who feigned compassion for the poor and went on to make a taxpayer funded 10 million pound fortune before casting aside their constituents like rubbish before moving to London to live the lifestyle of the people they claim to despise.

Or Ann Clwyd a North Walian representing Cynon Valley in the South. A socialist hypocrite of the highest order who has made a small fortune out 'compassion for the poor' and lists female genial mutilation as one of her passionate issues as if its rife in her constituency.

As is usual with compassionate global socialists like Clwyd while she concentrates on the worlds poor her constituents suffer high unemployment, welfare dependency, educational under achievement and poor health.

Or what about the vulgar exhibitionist Chris Bryant representing Rhondda Cynon Taf. This Welsh socialist under achiever isn't there on merit but to fill a quota. This disgusting specimen's only claim to fame is getting caught trawling the Internet for sex with photos of himself dressed only in his underpants. Classy.

South Wales is infested with home grown socialist hypocrites, please check for yourselves or check out some of my previous posts. Gwenda Thomas, Derek Vaughan, Huw Lewis and his wife, Dai 'Basra' Havard and the pervert Ron 'Moment of Madness' Davies.

To misquote the Bard of Avon himself, "Julia Gillard is a stem of this odious stock and you should fear the native mightiness and fate of her".

If you don't want New South Wales to look like Old South Wales I would advise the Australian electorate to get rid of this one at the earliest possible opportunity.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ed Balls Exposed As A Liar - So What As He Would Say

As any follower of British politics will be aware Labour member, Shadow Chancellor and ignorant political thug Ed Balls is in the top three of the most obnoxious Members of Parliament ever.

He is also one of the most incompetent. Together with the madman Gordon Brown he trashed the entire British economy resulting a massive structural deficit and raising the nations debt to unprecedented levels.

In his arrogance he is quick to deny any responsibility, blaming everyone from the wicked bankers to the Americans.

It wasn't the bankers or the Americans it was Brown and Balls' deliberate economic policy that destroyed the private sector final salary pension schemes, it wasn't the bankers or the Americans that sold half of Great Britain's gold reserves at the bottom of the market at a cost of some 16 billion,  nor did the Americans increase welfare dependency by expanding entitlements.

It was Brown and Balls who borrowed record sums of money at the top of the economic cycle to expand the unreformed public sector instead of preparing for the economic downturn and credit crisis that everyone knew was coming.

Since his party was booted out of office Ed Balls has been sticking to the line that Brown and himself are as pure as the driven snow and they didn't do anything wrong while they were in charge of the economy, the deficit came about because of the recession blah blah blah!

It's all spin, deceit, lies and more spin. He doesn't know any different, he only knows how to spin, lie and deceive,  it's in his DNA.

Therefore it was a joy to watch a stuttering, sweaty Ed Balls squirming in his seat as Andrew Neil exposed him as a liar on his Sunday talk show.

Balls claimed on the Andrew Marr show in January 2011 that there was no structural deficit prior to the recession. When confronted by the IMF figures from 07 (pre recession) that there was indeed an 73 billion deficit, he tried to claim he didn't deny the deficit to Marr despite there being a recording of him denying it.

To our double joy we got a repeat performance when he tried the same line with Adam Boulton on Sky later in the day and he got skewered again.

Ed Balls is obviously too stupid to learn from his previous mistake or he just doesn't know how to come clean and tell the truth.

I don't know anyone in the world that doesn't get some kind of pleasure out of watching bullies and thugs like Balls get their just desserts. I certainly enjoyed watching the lying bastard get found out.

Well done Andrew Neil and Adam Boulton.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Linda Riordan MP - Showing Contempt For Halifax and British Taxpayer

After some 6 weeks touring and visiting some of the most deprived areas of the Peoples Republic of S.Wales and some areas of England its good to be back at my keyboard.

The 24 hour news cycle determines that important issues, bad as they may be, are soon replaced and forgotten. This allows members of the Establishment, when have done despicable things, to make a quick conciliatory press release then lie low for a while to brazen it out in the certainly that their ill deeds will be forgotten and then its back to business as usual.

This appears to be the case with the taxpayer looting and uber socialist hypocrite Linda Riordan.

Just to remind ourselves of the issue surrounding this harpy. She is the Labour and Cooperative Party Member of Parliament for Halifax who was not on merit but from an all women shortlist.

She is from the hard left and is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group which was set up to rival the already far left Tribune Group, who apparently were not left wing enough.

Linda Riordan is joined in this cabal of lefties by racist hypocrite Diane Abbot who sees everything through skin colour and who gives her son an elitist education that she denies everyone else. Also in this gang is left wing hippy and Morning Star contributor Jeremy Corbyn together with the burned out old dinosaur and loudmouth Dennis Skinner.

Linda Riordan ticks all the boxes for Red Ed Miliband's future Parliamentary Labour Party in that she is, first and foremost, a woman. Apart from her gender she was a Labour councillor and the private secretary for the former member for Halifax. In other words she has no experience in the real world of  industry, business or wealth creation. She is from the hard left so she is a redistributionist ideologue and an authoritarian to boot.

Linda Riordan signed up to congratulate the communist tyrant Hugo Chavez on his election victory in Venezuela. Her and her fellow Chavez supporters claim the election was free and fair, after all they point out Jimmy Carter said it was. Chavez's re-election was also welcomed by fellow communists Jose Manual Barrosso and Herman von Rumpoy on behalf of the European Union.

That would be the same European Union that has replaced the democratically elected governments of Greece and Italy with their own technocrats and who refuse to recognise the results of referendums if they don't like the result.

During the Venezuelan election campaign Linda Riordan's hero Chavez closed down the privately owned television companies and radio stations forcing those that remained to broadcast hours of his speeches while denying opposition candidates any air time.

Chavez also closed down opposition newspapers, he jailed and tortured opposition candidates and is violently anti Semitic. Chavez finances terrorists and considers that other blood soaked despot, Iran's president Ahmadinajad, a brother.

Chavez has seized almost 200 private businesses and is implicated in drug running on behalf of the Colombian drug cartels.

Linda Riordan supports Chavez's disastrous socialist economic policies that have led to food shortages and rationing in an oil rich country.

One would think that with her dedication to the  communist cause, Linda Riordan would idolise the working class and one would think that her life would be devoted to supporting the working class and ensuring they keep the fruits of their labour.

If you think this would be the case then you couldn't be more wrong. Linda Riordan has nothing but contempt for the working class or her constituents in Halifax or their hard earned money.

As a hard left socialist she believes that the wealth of nation should be confiscated by the government and redistributed as they see fit.

That includes redistributing wealth from the pockets of her constituents into her own.

Linda Riordan has a house in her constituency and is also buying a taxpayer subsidised flat in London which would be out of reach for most of her constituents or any other working class people for that matter.

To any other decent person that would suffice but not Riordan. To supplement her generous salary, allowance and expenses package she rents out this London flat to Iain McKenzie, a fellow Labour MP at a profit and he claims this rent back off the taxpayer.

To rub the people's noses further into the dirt she then claims further accommodation allowance for herself payed for again by the taxpayer.

In a final money grubbing act of contempt for the people of Halifax and Great Britain, Linda Riordan employs her partner as a 'Senior Researcher' on an eye watering 42,000 pounds per year funded of course by us mugs, the taxpayers.

Also one would think that having been caught stuffing her and her partners' pockets with taxpayers money she would show some remorse and issue an apology. Again you would be wrong. In a typical piece of arrogance she demonstrates her sense of entitlement by issuing the standard press release with the usual worn out justification that it was 'within the rules'.

Typically, as ever by a Labour party MP immersed in the Mandelson, Gould, Campbell cult of spin, she is more concerned with the political fallout than contrition by stating that although it was "within the rules she is worried about the perception of her constituents and the wider general public."

The perception of her constituents and the public in general is that Linda Riordan is a common thief and a money grubbing socialist hypocrite who has no respect for her constituents or the taxpayers of this country.

Imposing her socialist ideology on the people of Great Britain is her mission in life and I implore the abused people of Halifax to do the decent thing and deselect the harpy.

Demonstrate to us all that you are not fodder to be used and abused to fulfil someone elses' political ambition.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

BBC - Child Sex Abuse, It Doesn't Get Worse Than This

Again I must interrupt my tour and put pen to paper. I am filled with utter horror and disgust as I watch the BBC child sex abuse scandal unfold. Jimmy Savile was a creature so debased and perverted he actually sexually assaulted handicapped children and cancer sufferers in their hospital beds.

It went on for decades and apparently his co-workers together with hundreds of other people knew about it but they all turned a blind eye because of this filthy animals' celebrity.

Savile was BBC royalty, he could do no wrong. Children were routinely sexually abused on BBC property.

It is not credible that the upper echelons at the BBC did not know about the high profile paedophile in their midst. Some of Savile's victims are suggesting that there is a child sex ring at the heart of the BBC. I wouldn't be at all surprised.

The News of the World newspaper has been closed down and some of its journalists have been arrested over the phone hacking scandal. I accept that this was bad behavior by the press but it is nothing compared to the child sex abuse scandal at the BBC.

The BBC is a debased organisation that has outlived its usefulness, we do not need a taxpayer funded state broadcaster spewing out political correctness and left wing propaganda all day long.

This child sex abuse scandal at the BBC is the last straw, heads must roll, somebody must go to jail and above all, as with The News of the World, the BBC must be closed down immediately.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welfare Dependency - I Think They Are Getting The Message

I read a joint article by Chancellor George Osbourne and the Secretary for Work and Pensions Ian Duncan Smith in one of the Sunday papers.

It alluded to the fact that the Labour Party especially Gordon Brown and Ed Balls deliberately and with malice expanded welfare entitlements in order to engineer a constituency that would always vote for Labour regardless of the damage it would do to the economy and the fabric of the nation.

I also read that the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland (whose name slips my mind) said much the same thing. She said that the Labour Party in Scotland and the SNP are deliberately avoiding change and are content to manage the status quo in order to secure political advantage.

They must be reading this blog. To George, Ian and the lady in Scotland,  welcome to the club but what took you so long to work it out to what depths the Labour Party and the SNP will sink to hang on to political power.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

David Blunkett - Insulting To Our Intelligence

I read an article in the Daily Wail entitled ' British politicians have rarely been so ridiculed and despised and that should worry us all'. It was written by senior labour party big shot, former cabinet member and socialist hypocrite David Blunkett who was revisiting a previous pamphlet entitled ' In Defence of Politics.

Its a pathetic, dishonest article, bleating on about how the decline in trust for politicians and ministers has resulted in a subsequent decline in the authority of parliament. He further bleats that politicians are a despised breed and held up for constant ridicule. He briefly mentions the expenses scandal and the wrecking of the economy as possible reasons but his main thrust is that this 'malaise is a threat to the governance of our country and a threat to democracy itself.

Who is this political fraudster trying to kid? The people's respect for politicians was on the skids long before the expenses scandal broke. This scandal  proved what the people knew already, that the political class have no respect for the people they are supposed to serve and no respect whatsoever for their hard earned money. As far as David Blunkett and the rest of the shysters are concerned taxpayers money is theirs to spend as they see fit and for buying votes for their continuance in power.

More worryingly they believe there's an endless supply of it and when the supply of ready cash runs out, no problem they will just borrow billions more from China and our enemies and leave our children and grandchildren pick up the bill.

David Blunkett didn't raise a bleep of protest when the mentally disturbed, power hungry fanatic Gordon Brown systematically went on a taxpayer funded spending binge and who increased borrowing and debt at the top of the economic cycle when he should have been preparing for the downturn we all knew was coming.

There was not a squeak of protest from David Blunkett when Brown and Balls wantonly wrecked the best final salary pension schemes in the whole of Europe or when the two morons sold half of Great Britain's gold reserves for a rock bottom price costing the British people an estimated £16 billion.

Where was David Blunkett's concern for democracy when the megalomaniac Brown was foisted on the British people as their Prime Minister without a single popular being vote cast.

David Blunkett moans about the threat to democracy but he was a willing partner in a government that has handed over ever more of our sovereignty to the unelected, unrepentant Maoist Barrosso and that other appointed totalitarian Herman von Rumpoy who has openly stated he wants to destroy Great Britain as an independent sovereign country.

David Blunkett's concern for democracy couldn't stretch itself to opposing Peter Mandelson's calls for a government built for the European Union in a post democratic age.

David Blunkett has the gall to mention Philip Gould in glowing terms,  referring to him as ' the brilliant labour party strategist'. That's not how I remember the guttersnipe.

Together with Alastair 'Dodgy Dossier' Campbell,  Peter Mandelson and Phony Tony Blair, this is the man who was responsible for dragging British political life into the sewer where it remains to this day.

Gould's sole purpose in life was to achieve political power for Labour and keep it for all time. Thus we now have spin doctors, media managers, rebuttal units, centrally controlled 'lines to take' by our supine MP's. These manipulators divided the country up into special interest groups with each group cast as victims and then made promises unique to themselves in exchange for their votes.

Probably the most disgusting of all tools Gould and company gave us is the smear unit. These units are used to belittle, degrade and smear opponents or even perceived opponents of their tawdry regime.

So bad was Philip Gould and his fellow power hungry plotters that the smear units were often used against their own side. Thus we have the indignity of government ministers being briefed against and smeared by their own side.

David Blunkett's article is not contrition or a warning against extremism filling the vacuum left by the people ignoring a disrespected political class, it is a crude attempt at justifying their continuing existence.

Hence we have the ridiculous and outrageous lie that '' following the financial crisis, politicians were the ones that saved the Western world from complete financial meltdown in those dark days of 2008''.

So there you have it, David Blunkett and the politicians saved the world from complete disaster.
We don't know how lucky we are. 

Does David Blunkett seriously think we are going to fall for this nonsense? Is this is what the elite, out of touch political class think of our intelligence?

It wasn't the people of Greece or the bankers that spent their country into oblivion it was Papandreou and his politicians,  it was the terminally stupid Biffo and the politicians who did the same in Ireland, it was Berlisconni and the politicians in Italy and likewise Spain, Portugal and rest of the beleaguered Euroland.

More importantly for us it was with David Blunketts' approval that Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and the Labour politicians that spent Great Britain into bankruptcy.

The sub-prime mortgage scandal in America was directly caused by politicians interfering in the mortgage market, insisting that home loans be made to people who had no chance of repayment.

David Blunkett then goes on to suggest a solution or how to reconnect with the public and restore their faith in the political process. This is breath taking hypocrisy and I consider this section of this nonsense to be a bigger insult to my intelligence than the rest of his shameful article.

'' the first step is to be honest with the public. Politicians' habits of deceit and dissembling have exacted a terrible toll''.

This quote is an admission that David Blunkett and the political class deliberately and routinely lied to the British public in order to impose their ideologically driven political agenda.

To atone for this appalling admission he at least must step down with immediate effect and call a by election in his constituency. As a senior member of the last administration he has inside knowledge of all the other politicians who have deliberately lied and must convince them to do the same.

If David Blunkett wants the political class to start again and begin a new relationship with the governed then it will have have to be without him and the current political order. He and they are responsible for the current sad state of our country and its wrecked economy.

They have systematically and routinely lied to the people and they must go.

I for one will never trust these arrogant, lying, self serving bastards ever again.