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London Mayor Uses Sex Jibe To Smear Opponents - Bad Choice Boris

When he used a sexual analogy to denigrate defectors from his sinking party to the United Kingdom Independence Party, known as UKIP, London's Mayor and prospective leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, put two gaping flaws on display for the whole word to laugh at.
(Johnson smear here)

Firstly, the need to devote part of his Conservative Party conference speech to denigrate a political party that he claims is going to be annihilated in the coming elections is a clear demonstration that he is deceiving his followers by playing down the threat of UKIP. If they were that insignificant they wouldn't warrant a minute of his precious conference time, let alone the time he spent thinking up an unfunny sex related smear.

Secondly, using a jibe about a perverted sexual practice to denigrate political opponents is a bit rich coming from a political party that is home to more than its share of perverts, paedophiles and fornicators, including Johnson himself.

Boris Johnson is putting himself forward as an alternative to the current party leader, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. In an attempt to portray himself as different to the media created sophisticated but caring image of David Cameron, Boris Johnson's media managers are creating the image of the highly educated, down-to-earth, lovable buffoon.

His shock of blonde, unkempt hair and practiced oratory, seems to strike a chord with the more gullible members of the community, but in reality it is nothing more than the same premeditated vulgar populism that has been employed by petty demagogues throughout the ages.

Listening to both politicians it is plainly obvious that there is not an iota of difference in policy between Boris Johnson and David Cameron. This is not surprising since they not only enjoyed an identical upbringing and exclusive education at Eton College and Oxford University, they also make use of the same political strategist and media manager to choreograph their public performances.

The fact that they both make use of Lynton Crosby, a professional political strategist from Australia who has little or no connection to Great Britain, is a clear demonstration that these two politicians have no intention of listening to the hopes and aspirations of the British people. Instead they are looking to get themselves voted into office using spin and media management, keeping their real transformational agenda out of the campaign.

Both politicians not only believe that the remainder of British sovereignty should be permanently surrendered to the European Union bureaucrats, they are actively working to achieve that end.

Likewise they are acting on the demand by these same bureaucrats that the traditional British way of life and culture be replaced by a so called 'multi-cultural society' as a precursor to constructing a generic Eurasian European identity.

Both politicians are frightened witless by the rise of UKIP and the threat, not only to their hold on political power, but to their European federal state agenda. Also at stake are their future positions of power once the United States of Europe has been imposed.
(Fear of UKIP story here)

With the advent of professional political strategists, media managers and spin doctors, such as Lynton Crosby, the days when policy issues were debated by prospective public servants are long gone. Principles and truth, right and wrong have been replaced by optics or how it plays in the media.

With a strategy based on public perception as opposed to right or wrong it was inevitable that smearing opponents would become a much used tactic along with calculated deception and shameless lying.

David Cameron started the ball rolling by accusing the millions of UKIP supporters of being, "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists", simply because he couldn't debate the policy issues. He still refuses a public debate with UKIP leader Nigel Farage on the EU agenda.

There was no justification for Cameron's vilification other than UKIP's policies were proving to be more popular than his own which has resulted in thousands of electors abandoning his sinking ship.

Ironically the smear by Boris Johnson originated from yet another intrusive diktat from the European Union that will dictate the power of British vacuum cleaners and kettles.

Johnson likened Conservatives who defected to UKIP to people who had sex with vacuum cleaners. How this is remotely funny is a mystery but it is a smear all the same. Like his leader David Cameron, Johnson cannot debate the issues therefore he resorts to smear using some kind of sexual innuendo.

One would have thought that with his exclusive education and political experience, not to mention advise from his media managers, Boris Johnson would have put more thought into his sex jibe bearing in mind his own sexual proclivities and those of his fellow Conservative Party politicians.

His attempt to use sex as a smear has backfired spectacularly which has invited ridicule upon himself and his party and given the British people a reason to laugh at his expense.

Hilariously, Boris Johnson made his deviant sex remark on the same day that a perverted government minister Brooks Newmark was forced to resign for sexting explicit pictures of himself to women.

As an indication of his breathtaking arrogance, in his resignation statement Newmark expressed his undying loyalty to Cameron's Conservative party and asked for the privacy of his family to be respected.

He should have thought about his family's privacy before indulging in his deviant behavior or as Guido Fawkes so eloquently put it  "if you want to keep yourself off the front pages stop paying hookers to stick dildos up your bum".
(Laugh at Guido's advise here)

Bearing in mind the history of sex scandals in the Conservative Party, including himself, Johnson made a bad choice of subject to belittle and smear defectors to UKIP.

For all the UKIP supporters and prospective defectors from his sinking party, forget about domestic appliances for the moment and enjoy a laugh at Boris Johnson's risible attempt at humour.

A play around with a vacuum cleaner would have saved Johnson's long suffering wife Marina and their four children the humiliation they suffered after his extra-marital affairs with a succession of ladies including journalist and author Petronella Wyatt and Helen Macintyre with whom he fathered a love child.

Much mirth engulfed the nation when it was revealed that the grey man himself, former Conservative Prime Minister, John Major was cheating on his loyal wife Norma with none other than Edwina Curry. Millions of self respecting men would prefer a session with a vacuum cleaner than a roll in the hay with the formidable Edwina.

Conservative government minister David Mellor enjoyed an extra-marital affair with the luscious Antonio de Sancha. It was rumoured at the time that Mellor liked to wear his Chelsea Football Club kit while indulging in his bedroom sessions with Ms. de Sancha.

It would be interesting to know what Boris Johnson has to say about the 1991 Conservative party conference at which their MP Jerry Hayes cheated on his wife by committing a lewd act with his under age gay lover. His actions were a criminal offence at the time and it was the height of hypocrisy for Hayes to be supporting Section 28 and other anti-gay legislation.

It was revealed in Edwina Curry's memoirs that Conservative MP Sir Peter Morrisson was a serial paedophile that liked nothing more than sex in public lavatories with under age young boys.

We have recently been made aware of an earth shattering sex scandal at the heart of Cameron's government in 10 Downing Street. This apparently would have a detrimental effect on Cameron's administration and 'blow his agenda out of the water'. As the issue has gone quiet the people are assuming there's a high level cover up.
(No 10 sex scandal here)

A similar cover up has removed the recent Conservative Party and Westminster  paedophile scandal from the headlines. This scandal engulfed the government and implicated senior Tory statesman Leon Brittan. The original enquiry was cancelled when the impartiality of the proposed chairperson Baroness Butler Sloss could not be guaranteed.
(Story goes back to 2013. See here)

It is worth reminding Boris Johnson of the sad case of Conservative MP Stephen Miligan when he is inferring that UKIP supporters and possible defectors are people who would enjoy a deviant sexual relationship with a vacuum cleaner.

Miligan was found in his bedroom hanging from a flex, dressed in stockings and suspenders and covered in a black bin liner with a tangerine in his mouth. Johnson obviously hasn't heard the age old proverb - "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

In conclusion, I would ask Boris Johnson whether defecting to UKIP and having a roll around with a Dyson or a Hoover (or both) is any worse than remaining in a political party that not only wants to sell out the British people to EU bureaucrats but is home to more than its share of deviants, perverts and fornicators such as himself.

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The Working Class Can Kiss My A*se - The Labour Party Speaks

The rather rude headline comprises the alternative words to the communist anthem The Red Flag, the singing of which signals the closing of the Labour Party conference. This jamboree is an annual stage managed media event which is designed to give the impression that millionaires and wealthy career politicians have selflessly dedicated their lives to the well being of the working class. They try, unsuccessfully, to identify with working people by contrived working class behavior, laughable fake accents and class warfare rhetoric.

When I was growing up in the South Wales coalfield the Labour Party conference used to be a long awaited event and I assume it was the same in the other declining industrial areas of Great Britain. It was the annual showpiece where party policy, party officials and the party leadership were decided in open elections by representatives from the constituency parties, the trade unions and other affiliated organisations.

These conferences were televised allowing the public at large to watch the proceedings and become familiar with the processes and language of the working man's party. Those were days when 'motions' were read out before the delegates, including things called 'composite motions', a device where several different motions were rolled into one before the debate. After a succession of speakers for and against, the motions were put to the vote and became official party policy if so decided. The proceedings were interspersed with 'fraternal greetings' from well wishers and delegates addressed each other as 'comrade'.

The proceedings were, and still are, brought to a close with the traditional singing of The Red Flag by the delegates and officials.

Like every other aspect of modern politics the recently concluded Labour Party conference was stage managed from beginning to end by professional media mangers, not to decide what's right for the country or the British people but to give the impression that the political class actually cares what the people think and then making promises to act accordingly.

Every detail of the charade is choreographed and every speech carefully constructed by spin doctors to give the impression that the speaker identifies, and has empathy with, working people.

Despite the fact that the usual soundbites and slogans were repeated ad nauseum by speaker after speaker, the idea that the modern Labour Party is the party of the working man is not only risible but utterly delusional.

The spin doctors favourite words and soundbites such as; Fairness, Equality, Inequality, Working People, Hard Working People, Hard Working Families, Social Justice, Your NHS, Our NHS, The Rich etc. were trotted out in gay abandon in a shameless attempt to stir up envy and hatred using class warfare rhetoric.
(Equality article here)

It was obvious to all and sundry that these speeches, which are designed to appeal to the assumed prejudices of working people, are delivered by extremely wealthy career politicians who have never had a job in the real world that any normal person would consider as work.

The highlight of the conference is the speech by the party leader. The current leader of the working man's party is comrade Ed Miliband, better known as Red Ed.

Ed Miliband is the millionaire son of the late Marxist academic Adolph 'Ralph' Miliband, a Belgian immigrant who was given sanctuary during World War II. After the war he went on to spend his life agitating for Great Britain's downfall and its subsequent replacement with a Soviet style communist country.

It is worth noting at this point the professionalism and dedication of Labour's media managers and their eye for detail. With an eye on the optics for Miliband's speech, they evicted the disabled delegates from the front of the auditorium and replaced them with more telegenic people. So much for the poor, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged.

His speech was a dreadful dirge of politic speak that is typical of a remote career politician, especially one who's life long dedication to doctrinaire Marxism has left him devoid of any personality or any capacity for original thinking. It didn't go unnoticed that apart from the soundbites mentioned above he failed to address, or even mention, what concerns working people most. i.e. the deficit, the EU, open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism.
(Speech transcript here)

He also failed to make any reference to the Muslim paedophile scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and other blighted towns despite nationwide publicity and national outrage. Muslim men were allowed to groom and subject underage white girls to rape and horrific sexual abuse unhindered by the Labour controlled authorities including the children's social services and the police.

These young victims lives were supposedly sacrificed in the interests of 'community cohesion' - in other words Ed Miliband's Labour Party allowed under age white girls to be raped and sexually abused by Muslim men because the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society' took a higher priority.

The iconic line from the anthem, 'When cowards flinch and traitors sneer' applies to Ed Miliband and the Labour leadership in spades. How can any politician, let alone a party leader who aspires to become Prime Minister, not mention this scandal,  the deficit or the catastrophic national debt in his headline conference speech? He also made no mention of an EU referendum that the people demand or any controls on the mass immigration that is blighting every village, town and city across the country.

He had no tangible policy to tackle radical Islam or the British documented jihadis who are returning from the Middle East battlefields and who are obviously a clear and present danger to the British people.

It came as no surprise to those who gave up Red Ed's brand of left wing politics when they reached puberty that he did promise the only policy that the one track mind of a life long Marxist can muster.  That is tax and spend. Regardless of the disastrous record of the last Labour government, he promised to raise taxation in order to pump even more money into 'our' NHS and elsewhere.

It would appear that the one hundred or so new taxes imposed by the last Labour government were not quite enough.

They want to impose a 'Mansion Tax' on expensive houses, more tax on tobacco products, raising the upper rate to fifty percent and once again for the umpteenth time, a tax on bankers bonuses.

The Mansion tax is a spiteful, ill thought out piece of class warfare designed to appeal to base instincts of his core voters. It fails to take into account that his victims could be asset rich and cash poor due to the unprecedented house price boom of the seventies and eighties.
(Mansion tax here)

The consequences of even more tax on tobacco will result in more people giving it up or moving to the black market, either way tax revenue will decrease.

Raising the upper tax rate to fifty percent is another spiteful piece of class warfare which every student in basic economics knows will decrease revenue to the Treasury.

Taxing the bonuses of the evil bankers is an old favourite which is rolled out whenever they want to galvanise their core voters. This is the fifth or so Labour Party social program that is going to be financed by bankers bonuses.

Whichever way the media managers and spin doctors present it, Labour Party policy has Marxism as its underlying core philosophy. Despite the evidence of history that communism/socialism, or progressivism as they now call it, always leads to poverty and misery for the majority, the transfer of wealth from the private sector to the politicians is the only policy they know.

The alternative lyrics to The Red Flag could have been penned especially for the Labour Party leadership of recent years. In spite of all the rhetoric about fairness, inequality and the rest of the nonsense they spout, when the Labour Party leadership talk about the redistribution of wealth they mean everyone else's which doesn't include their own.

Despite his Marxist beliefs and redistribution rhetoric, Ed Miliband is reputed to be worth some four million pounds. Un-redistributed, this fortune can only grow larger with his taxpayer funded package of ministerial level salary, allowances and expenses.

In conclusion it is worth looking at some of the previous leaders of the working man's party and their much trumpeted dedication to equality, fairness, social justice and the redistribution of wealth.

Hard line Scottish socialist Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister and Red Ed's mentor and predecessor. His socialist policies wrecked the British economy in the name of fairness and social
justice. Rightly booted out of office he remains the MP for Kilkaldy and Cowdenbeath. He rarely attends Parliament but jet sets around the world, First Class no doubt, as some kind of UN ambassador. He subsidises the circa two million he makes from his charitable activities with his Parliamentary salary and generous expenses.

The story goes that most of his earnings go to charity but this cannot be verified. Either way he lives like a lord compared to his disenfranchised, poor and downtrodden constituents in Kilkaldy and Cowdenbeath.

Neil, now Lord Kinnock, the former Labour Party leader and career politician who, together with his wife Glenys, somehow managed to accumulate a ten million pound fortune. This is despite the fact that he never won a general election and had no experience in the business or wealth creating sector. Meanwhile their former constituents in South East Wales wallow in the same poverty and deprivation they suffered during the pre Kinnock era.
(Neil Kinnock story here, Glenys story here)

These money makers pale into insignificance compared to Tony Blair. Known as Phony Tony, he is another career politician who infamously stated that he "came to socialism via Marxism". He has accumulated a fortune estimated between twenty and one hundred million pounds. Like Kinnock, Miliband and Brown he has no experience in the business or wealth creating sector and appears to have no intention of putting into practice his philosophy by redistributing his wealth.

                It suits today the weak and base

                                                       Who's minds are fixed with pelf and place*

                                                       To cringe before the rich mans crown

                                                       And haul the sacred emblem down

This kind of hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by the long suffering British public who have grown tired of their standard of living falling while being patronized by millionaires promising equality and fairness. Along with the other two legacy parties, Labour are scared witless by the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, known as UKIP.
(Labour's response to UKIP here)

Two of the reasons that this grass roots political party is resonating with the public is their use of honest straight talk instead of spin, centrally issued soundbites and slogans combined with the total absence of a*se kissing.

The Red Flag lyrics here.

The Alternative Red Flag lyrics here

Red Ed sings here

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scotland Wins - The English People Continue To Lose

Now that the dust has settled and the bitterness of the referendum campaign goes dormant until the next time some self serving politicians decide to stir it up for their own benefit, it is worth looking at some of the issues from a different perspective. Looking at things in this way raises many questions and also gives a clear demonstration of how the English people are ignored, taken for granted and generally used and abused by a political class who shamelessly take advantage of their good nature for their own benefit.

The decision by the Scottish people to remain part of the United Kingdom was not universally accepted by the English people and had they been allowed to take part in the same referendum they may well have voted to kick Scotland out of the Union. Even for supporters of the Union the result is tinged with more than a little regret and it can be regarded as a lost opportunity for some desperately needed political reform.

The British political system is outdated and corrupt beyond belief - there are no checks and balances to prevent an all powerful executive branch of government. This all powerful executive branch consequently packs the legislative and judicial branches of government with supine, like minded cronies who are hard wired to ignore the wishes of the people on every issue.

This same executive branch also controls appointments to the second chamber - this is the notoriously corrupt House of Lords - together with senior appointments to the civil service, the quangocracy, the established church, and familiar institutions such as the BBC and the NHS. The British Prime Minister has so much power its makes your average third world dictator green with envy.

The one group of people left powerless by this corrupted system are the British people themselves and despite their superior numbers, the English people in particular.

The system is rigged in such a way that despite a devolved government in Edinburgh, the key positions of the anti-English political parties, including the leadership, is dominated by Scotsmen with the result that Scottish national aspirations are met while English national aspirations are not only thwarted but positively rejected.

Such is the influence of Scottish politicians in English life that many pundits were asking the question of exactly who is wanting independence from whom?  

During the campaign, the economic arguments about oil revenues and the share of the national debt rumbled on with both sides claiming victory but even a first year math student can work out that an independent Scotland would be as bankrupt as Greece or Ireland from the outset.

An independent Scotland would be as dependent on bail outs as any other country where the politicians ignore the rules of arithmetic and consistently spend more money trying to buy votes than they can rip off from the taxpayers.

Setting up and buying off dependent client groups is what British politics has been reduced to in the modern era where morals, dignity and principles have been abandoned in favour of the deliberate exploitation of media generated envy and victimhood.

The desperate last minute commitment by the three establishment party leaders to increase government spending per head in Scotland was revealing for several reasons.

Firstly, this fiscal stunt confirmed that they are prepared to ditch any principles they may have had to indulge in the outright bribery of a particular client group, i.e. the Scottish people.

Secondly, with the economy operating in deficit, with ruinous levels of debt and with the costs of another war, increased foreign aid and a High Speed Railway to be paid for, their claim of fiscal responsibility is proven to be false.

Thirdly, the three establishment party leaders are showing their complete and utter contempt for the English people by making these promises with the people's hard earned money without having the decency to consult them or seek their approval in advance.

Conservative party leader David Cameron, along with Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrats and Ed Miliband for the far left Labour party, are supposed to be irreconcilable ideological enemies but the common cause they shared during this campaign, along with other common causes such as EU membership, open border mass immigration, multi-culturalism, combating climate change, deficit spending and debt etc., clearly demonstrates that they are part of the same corrupt political establishment.

This unjust largess toward the people of Scotland at English taxpayers expense is matched by the equally unjustifiable democratic deficit know as the West Lothian Question. Without getting too technical, it means that issues unique to Scotland are dealt with by the devolved Scottish parliament in Edinburgh where English MP's are excluded. The same applies to the Welsh Assembly government in Cardiff and the Northern Irish Assembly in Belfast where English MP's are also excluded.

Denied a Parliament or Assembly of their own, issues unique to the English people are dealt with by the Westminster Parliament where MP's from all over the United Kingdom can participate, thus English hopes and aspirations for their country are either ignored or overruled by non English legislators.

The lives of the English people, together with their traditional way of life have been influenced by Scottish people for generations but they were shattered beyond belief with the accession to power of the Tony Blair government in 1997.

Blair's government was controlled by a cabal of Scottish socialists and after thirteen years in the political wilderness they put into practice their long prepared plan to fundamentally transform England and replace its way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

This transformed society would not only replace England's culture and way of life but it would also replace its centuries old, hard won traditions of common law, civil liberties and free enterprise, with welfare dependent client groups and socialism.

It must be noted that the English people themselves must accept some of the blame for not paying attention to what the people in whom they placed their trust were doing. They must also accept some blame for continually electing into positions of power malignant people who bear an animosity toward them, together with their way of life, and who then go on to do them and their country harm.

In order to give veracity to these assertions it's worth looking at the leadership of the anti-English legacy parties in the modern era.

The Liberal Party had eight leaders from 1926 until its dissolution in 1988. Three Englishmen, Two Welshmen and latterly two Scotsmen.

Since 1988 when the party morphed into the Liberal Democrats there have been six leaders; one Northern Irishman, one Englishman (for two months only) and three Scotsmen. The current leader, Nick Clegg, is a virulently anti-English first generation immigrant who's undivided loyalty is to the European Union.

The Labour Party had five leaders between 1908 and 1921 all of which were Scottish. From 1921 to date there have been 17 leaders, eight were English (two of which were short-term caretaker leaders only), one was Welsh of Scottish descent and five were Scottish. The current leader, Ed Miliband is an anti-English first generation immigrant and dedicated Marxist, who like his Liberal Democrat colleague, is committed to surrendering what's left of Great Britain's sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

What is interesting to note is that since the Thatcher era the Labour party leadership passed from a Welshman to a Scotsman then on to two more Scotsman before the current anti-English Ed Miliband was put in position by the socialist led Trade Union, Unite.

The last two Labour Prime ministers were Scottish with the current Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, having a Scottish heritage and who is claimed by the clan Cameron.

As mentioned earlier it was the Tony Blair government that laid waste to England and its way of life and looking at his Ministry one can understand why.

Blair himself is a born and bred Scotsman with eleven of his twenty one person Cabinet being non English, seven of who were Scottish.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown and his First Secretary Alistair Darling were Scottish who went on to wreck the British economy leaving insurmountable debt in their wake. Brown went on to become Prime Minister where he finished the job of wrecking England and its way of life.

The long ignored demand for an English Parliament cannot in all conscience be denied any longer. The passionately argued reasons from both sides of the referendum, from full independence to more devolution, apply equally to England. How could they possibly not?

The Prime Minister's promise to include English devolution in the settlement package for Scotland is being met with fierce resistance from those that want to continue their malign influence over English life. Howls of outrage are being heard from both Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and a host of Scottish power brokers who justified more devolved powers for the Scottish people but deny the same justice for the people of England.

The reason for this blatant hypocrisy is twofold:

Firstly, Scotland sends fifty nine Members of Parliament to Westminster, forty of which are Labour. Wales sends forty, twenty six of which are Labour. With an English Parliament looking after English affairs the Labour Party will lose sixty six MP's and with it their power over England's affairs. This could signal the long awaited end of socialism in Great Britain once and for all.

The Liberal Democrats have been exposed as a duplicitous party of collaborators who are dedicated to the end of Great Britain as an independent sovereign nation are on course to be decimated at the next election so they are of no consequence.

Secondly, the British people as whole are hungry for a change from the old corrupt political order and they are deserting them for the United Kingdom Independence Party, known by its iconic initials, UKIP. This new party is like a breath of fresh air, cleansing the fetid stench of the self serving political swamp of Westminster.

The English people can only benefit from the demise of this old political order and if they stay strong, hold their course and continue to fight for their just rights of self government they can be a nation once again and start the return to prominence and dignity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jihad John - Celebrity Product Of British Multi-Cuturalism

Despite attempts by the political establishment to distance Jihad John and ISIS from Islam, his televised cold blooded execution by beheading of innocent America journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, followed later by his beheading of British aid worker David Haines, were perpetrated in the name of Islam, on the explicit directions of his Prophet Mohammad, to gain merit from his god Allah.

It is not for agenda driven, career politicians to define what or who represents Islam, that is for Jihad John himself and the rest of the world to decide. The public performances of President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron in response to his atrocities were so superficial and shallow it should be obvious to even to the most casual observer that they are coordinated and contrived.

Watching their public appearances in response to the barbarism of Jihad John and ISIS one would be forgiven for thinking they were reading from the same autocue. This was not a coordinated response to the atrocities of Jihad John and ISIS, it was media management by spin doctors to protect the President's and the Prime Minister's agendas as well as their political reputations.

Both the President and the Prime Minister are career politicians with no experience in the real world outside politics. Both are following similar agendas to fundamentally transform their respective countries; this necessitates the replacement of their traditional ways of life and established cultures.

This transformation includes replacing free enterprise and individual liberty with state mandated equality of outcome, disarming the citizenry, eliminating the middle class and much more. It is the state mandated cultural relativity and moral equivalence of religions that is driving this obsessive appeasement of Islam.

Not even President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron seriously believe that ISIS is not Islamic, it most definitely is, to concede otherwise exposes multi-culturalism together with cultural and religious relativity for the myth that it so obviously is.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they persist with the 'religion of peace' nonsense because they have invested so much of their political and personal capital in the multi-cultural agenda. They would lose all credibility, along with their political careers, if it proves to be a failure.

As all the world can now see, imposed multi-culturalism is the biggest, most monumental political failure in history, and one which is likely to end in bloodshed and chaos at home before it's over.
(Religion of peace nonsense here)

In his new role as the no-nonsense tough guy of global politics, Prime Minister Cameron's action plan to deal with ISIS abroad and radical Islam at home does not stand up to even the minutest of scrutiny. It is bluff, bluster and hot air tied up into a single package which is designed deceive the world at large and the electorate at home into believing he is actually going to do something.

The military aspect in Iraq and Syria was covered previously but it is his plan to deal with radical Islam at home that is worth further scrutiny.

It must be conceded by Prime Minister Cameron and the rest of the 'progressive' community that Jihad John is the product of their multi-cultural agenda combined with their policy of rigidly enforced political correctness.

Multi-culturalism in Great Britain is not what its proponents would have you believe, it most definitely does not consist of different cultures and religions living together in peaceful harmony and in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other and their respective ways of life.

When the ruling class made their decision to replace the British way of life they threw open the borders to anyone without vetting or any checks on their compatibility with the British people. Immigrants from the third world were not checked for their suitability to be in a civilised country.

There was no requirement to integrate or adopt the British way of life. On the contrary, immigrants were encouraged not to integrate and to keep their way of life and cultural practices. Using the blunt weapon of political correctness, anyone who voiced any objection to this looming disaster were threatened, bullied, smeared and vilified into submission and silence.

Consequently multi-culturalism in Great Britain today consists of semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos, most of which are  corrupt, welfare financed, often violent no-go areas that are off limits, not only to the average citizen but to the police also. Muslim ghettos are mostly run by imams or tribal elders and operate under Sharia law as opposed to British law. Anyone inadvertently entering one of these hell holes will be hard pressed to accept they are in Great Britain's green and pleasant land.
(No-go ghetto stories here and here)

These Muslim ghettos festered and grew with the approval of the authorities including David Cameron and the political class. Hate preachers, terrorist sympathisers and imams barely out of the stone age were allowed to preach their Koran inspired hate filled, violent creed to impressionable, and often illiterate people, with impunity.

It was one of these government approved Muslim ghettos that spawned Jihad John so it is disingenuous and dishonest for David Cameron to threaten fire and brimstone to tackle radical Islam at home now. This current Jihad John who is butchering his way to fame on the Internet is not the first by a long way. He is one of a long line of Jihad John's that have been blighting the lives of the long suffering British people for decades.

The production line of Jihad Johns is running at full speed now that children are being radicalized in David Cameron's multi-cultural society. This shocking revelation does not bode well for the future of Great Britain or the world.
(British junior Jihad Johns here and here)

The British people and the world at large deserve to know why Prime Minister David Cameron, after taking office, didn't propose the same tough actions and with the same resolution after home grown Jihad Johns murdered  fifty two innocent British civilians and injured over seven hundred on the London Transport System on 7th July 2005?

They deserve to know why Prime Minister Cameron, after taking office, didn't talk tough or take action after Jihad Johns attempted the same mass murder on 21st July 2005.

The people deserve to know why the Prime Minister talked tough but took no action when Jihad Johns practically beheaded Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street outside a school and in broad daylight.

And they deserve to know why he didn't talk tough or take action when Paedophile Johns groomed, raped and subjected thousands of under age white girls the length and breadth of the country to horrific sexual abuse.

The Prime Minister's lack of action can be taken as complicit approval of the conditions that produced the Jihad Johns that are shedding blood, and heads, in the name of Islam.

The latest atrocity was recently carried by a Jihad John by the name of Nicholas 'Fat Nick' Salvadore, who beheaded eighty two year old pensioner Palmira Silva in the name of Islam at her home in North London just last week.
(Story here and here)

If Prime Minister Cameron is serious about tackling radical Islam and ending the production of Jihad Johns, then he needs to stop posturing in front of the world's television cameras with his tough talking speeches and take some positive action instead.

Monday, September 15, 2014

ISIS Impossible To Defeat? - Appeasment Of Islam Continues

Listening to the so called leaders of the free world respond to the horrors of the ISIS war against civilisation, informed people would be entitled to wonder whether President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron attended their respective history classes while at school or spent those lessons having a sly smoke behind the bicycle sheds.

Even more recent historical confrontations such the liberation of both the Falkland Islands and Kuwait would indicate that their pathetically feeble responses to continued ISIS atrocities are not based on military might or tactics but their 'progressive' ideology.

As the gruesome beheading of another innocent victim of radical Islam goes viral on the Internet, both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron are attempting to appease the adherents of Islam with platitudes that are not only falling on deaf ears in their respective countries but also with the knife wielding Muslim fanatics in the desert.

President Obama's  assertion that ISIS is not Islamic will go down as one of the most amateurish attempts at appeasement in political history while his assertion that ISIS is not a state is neither here nor there. With the current disposition of forces and people, Syria and Iraq are states in name only and then only in the eyes of UN bureaucrats and politicians like President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron.

President Obama's statement ranks alongside his description of the Fort Hood killer's Koran inspired rampage that left thirteen Americans dead and thirty injured, as 'workplace violence'.

President Obama's appeasement of Islam is for the American people to deal with, likewise the simultaneous policy by David Cameron and his government is for the British people.  He will be hoping beyond hope that their memories won't stretch as far as the general election which is due in May 2015.
(He is reduced to hoping because he is unable to pray. Christianity is discouraged in Cameron's Britain and praying, like the English flag of St. George, is offensive to Muslims).

Statements emanating from both the British and American governments intimate that ISIS cannot be immediately beaten militarily with Obama promising a gradual degrading of ISIS power and its eventual defeat, while David Cameron is promising a limited military campaign with a generational struggle against radical Islam and home grown ISIS operatives.

Both leaders obviously share the same spin doctor as their comments about ISIS not being Islamic and the long campaign to degrade and ultimately defeat them are identical. Their attempts to distance ISIS from Islam are disingenuous, totally false and an example of their determination to give Islam comparable status with Christianity in their respective countries.

With this defeatist attitude it's no wonder defeating ISIS is impossible and one is entitled to ask how the British and their allies defeated Hitler and Mussolini during World War II or how the Americans defeated the Japanese after Pearl Harbour.

Reports indicate that ISIS has tripled its personnel from some ten thousand to a whopping thirty thousand and they have acquired some arms and other American supplied military hardware from retreating government troops. They have no air power or navy or any special skills to match the sophisticated weaponry and training of the western forces.

Military experts teach us about the brilliance of the military campaign to kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait - we learn how Norman Schwarzkopf and the coalition forces defeated the Iraqi army, including the battle hardened Republican Guard, in a matter of days with his famous 'left hook' charge across the desert.

We also learn about 'shock and awe' and the ousting of Saddam Hussein using sophisticated military technology and superior tactics against a well trained and numerically superior Iraqi force.

The liberation of the heavily defended Falkland Islands from the Argentinian military junta by the British will go down in the annals of military history owing to the fact that the liberators had to sail halfway around the world to get there.

Despite the determination of President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron to downgrade their military machines, the current strength of the combined British and American forces stands at approximately one and a half million personnel plus around nine hundred thousand reservists. They have access to the most sophisticated weaponry available and the undoubted commitment of brave, well trained men and women.

ISIS has some thirty thousand personnel and are armed with captured Humvees, light armoured vehicles and small arms. Some of their personnel are no more than brainwashed schools kids, disenchanted adolescents who are not culturally advanced enough to fit in to western society, ruthless jihadis full of religious zeal for Allah and their prophet and some operatives who are nothing more than inadequate, bloodthirsty savages who enjoy raping and killing for the sake of it.

I am not an expert on things military and I would be happy to be corrected, but it would appear that a battle against ISIS and its inevitable defeat would be short and sharp if the military were allowed to get on with the mission without interference from agenda driven politicians.

Why President Obama refuses to defeat ISIS in battle is not for me to speculate on but Prime Minister Cameron's refusal is due to his obsession with  'cultural sensitivity' together with a wish not to offend Muslims at home. This is combined with his total subservience to the same political correctness that is choking the life out of British democracy and killing free speech.

Despite the fact that Jihad John, the beheader in the desert, is British and despite the fact that there are innumerable Jihad John's being radicalized every day among Great Britain's four or so million Muslims, David Cameron refuses to act.

Radical Muslims, especially those returning from the battlefield, flushed with religious zeal and an unquenchable blood lust are a clear and present danger. Murderous acts have already been committed on the streets of Great Britain in the name of Allah, including beheadings. David Cameron's commitment to the cultural replacement agenda and political correctness is total and it takes absolute priority over the safety and security of the British people.

Despite Muslim inspired bloodshed on the streets of Great Britain, despite the rape and sexual torture of thousands of under age white girls by Muslim men and despite the continuing demands that the British people change their way of life to accept Islam, Prime Minister Cameron and the political class continue to paint Islam and its adherents in glowing terms. They continue to refer to what is obviously a medieval desert death cult as 'the religion of peace'.

The British people will not be free of the threat of ISIS or radical Islam while Prime Minister Cameron and the other collaborators in the political class are removed from office and replaced with politicians who put the peoples interests above that of the global elite and their cultural replacement agenda.

In conclusion it's worth pondering on how the country that produced recent war leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill, Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, Bomber Harris, Margaret Thatcher, Admiral Sir John 'Sandy' Woodward and many more unsung heroes, can end up with leaders such as David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.


Friday, September 12, 2014

British ISIS Terrorists - David Cameron Not So Tough After All

It didn't take long for David Cameron's tough action plan to combat Great Britain's home grown ISIS jihadis to be unmasked for the worthless PR exercise that it was. The anti-Obama media outlets in the USA, including Fox News, would have done better to talk to the long suffering British people before they started touting Cameron as the proactive, tough talking pragmatist that they wanted their President to emulate.

The British people have heard it all before as his latest shameless attempt to convince the electorate, and the wider world at large, that he is a fearless, no nonsense statesman who will not hesitate to take the tough decisions necessary to combat the ruthless ISIS terrorists that are the creation of his own policies.

The world's media outlets and their political pundits understood from Cameron's spin doctor produced speeches that he was going to remove the passports from the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of British Muslims who have joined the jihad in places such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Chechnya and elsewhere.

They also understood that he was going to fulfill his long held ambition to have his own war by bombing Syria and arming the rebels - however he failed to make it clear which rebel faction he was going to arm. And what better way is there to create a new Johnny Rambo type action man image than confronting the macho man himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cameron has threatened to put three and half thousand troops on the Ukrainian border to discourage Putin's army from supporting the Ukrainian separatists. Putin must be quaking in his kerenky.

It doesn't take long for the discerning observer to take apart this latest choreographed Cameron performance especially if his pedigree and modus operandi are taken into account.

David Cameron adheres to the new system of politics that was pioneered by his mentor, Tony Blair. His PR machine uses focus groups and pollsters to work out the issues that are of most concern to the different demographic groups, they then manufacture his speeches and choreograph his public performances to appeal to the majority in each group, while at the same time keeping his real agenda under wraps.

Knowing full well that the majority of the British people despise the EU, he stated that he would be the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister in history. After attaining office he stated that he "firmly believes Britain's place is inside European Union". He was then, and remains, a committed supporter of 'ever closer union' and the eventual integration of Great Britain into the United States of Europe.

 His 'cast iron guarantee' that the British people will get a referendum on EU membership will go down as one of the biggest whoppers in political history.

Cameron continues to promise a re-negotiation of membership terms despite the fact that his bosses in Brussels, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have said no re-negotiation is possible. He is promising a referendum on membership but not before 2017 and only if he is re-elected as Prime Minister.

As a flavor of Cameron's propensity for making false promises for electoral gain, in 2007, prior to his election, he promised a series of measures to deal with violent crime. This included tearing up the twenty four hour drinking laws, minimum sentencing, using prison ships, building more prisons, supporting marriage through the tax and benefits system. etc. His government promised to cut taxes, including inheritance tax, deal with the deficit and cut the debt. It's now 2014 and none of these promises have been delivered.
(See some of Cameron's fibs here)

The biggest issues by far for the British people are open border mass immigration together with imposed multi-culturalism and Islamification. It is in this arena that David Cameron comes into his own as a consummate PR man and congenital liar. It is these dubious skills that caused the world's media to mistakenly portray him as a tough, uncompromising, decision taking statesman when confronted by British born ISIS fanatics and radical Islam.

Cameron's knowingly false promise to cut net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands put paid once and for all the myth that he has even an iota of credibility. Immigration has gone inexorably up year on year despite the fact that it is within his power to fulfill this promise.

With his reputation as a mere PR man firmly established, his latest tough guy performance can now be looked at in a truer light and his pronouncements dissected to reveal their real purpose, which is image making and spinning for electoral purposes.

Cameron loudly intimated he will remove passports from British ISIS jihadis and strip them of their citizenship only to back off a week later after he thought his tough guy reputation was secured.
(Cameron seizing passports here, Cameron not seizing passports here.

At the recent NATO summit, statesman Cameron noisily stated that he doesn't need President Bashir al Assad's permission to bomb Syria as he doesn't recognize him as the countries legitimate leader. He also claimed that Assad is part of the problem. One week later his Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond has ruled out any bombing of Syria.
(Cameron bombing Syria here, Cameron not bombing Syria here)

He carries on making knowingly false promises in the forlorn hope that the British people will take him seriously when their experience of his past pronunciations  and the consequences of his lying are there for all to see:

He promised to clamp down on Muslim preachers of hate - false

He promised to teach British values in schools - false

He promised to prevent access by immigrants to the people's taxpayer funded welfare system - false

He promised to end health tourism by denying access by immigrants to the peoples NHS - false

He promised to stop further integration to the European Union - false

And so it goes on and on, he seems to be incapable of being straight with the British people even when they know what his real agenda is.

David Cameron is a self admitted Europhile who is totally dedicated to the integration of Great Britain into a post democratic United States of Europe. He is therefore committed to replacing the traditional way of life with a 'multi-cultural society' and using rigidly policed political correctness to achieve this goal.

He is completely out of step with the majority of the British people and this is demonstrated by the flight of his traditional supporters to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and with this comes the prospect of political oblivion for him and his treacherous fellow travelers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When They Come Home Again To Wales - ISIS Killers Get Homesick

It would appear that the Land of My Fathers is in the news of late with the recent NATO leaders meeting in Newport and the publicity surrounding Welsh born ISIS jihadis cutting off heads and bravely murdering innocent women and children as they set up their beloved caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Predictably the NATO summit meeting turned into a gigantic public relations exercise designed to rescue the plummeting electoral chances of both President Obama in the American mid terms and Prime Minister David Cameron in next years British general election.

For those who don't get to hear the desperate pronunciations of a rattled David Cameron and for those who can't see through his slick choreographed public performances, the truth behind this charade may need an explanation.

The long suffering British people have had to listen to David Cameron delivering an endless recitation of false promises for a decade or more. These latest promises to deal with ISIS have been designed by his PR machine primarily to placate the people's anger over his dedication to the European Union and its mandated cultural replacement agenda.

He is also desperately trying to stem the flood of support going to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who are on course to derail his beloved EU integration project and its destructive multi-cultural agenda.

It is now accepted as fact that the rise of radical Islam in Great Britain and the subsequent desire of British Muslims to join the murderous ISIS is the result of the British political establishments' absolute dedication to imposing this mythical 'multi-cultural society'.

David Cameron is the current leader of the establishment and he has proved himself to be as dedicated a torch bearer for the EU and cultural replacement as any of his predecessors, including his mentor, the much despised Tony Blair.

Their determination to destroy the British way of life and replace it with this so called 'multi-cultural society' created the conditions for radical Islam take root and grow. This in turn created British Islamic monsters that are proud to be seen torturing, beheading and otherwise committing the mass murder of innocent men, women and children in the name of their prophet.

It is reported that the NATO summit leaders enjoyed a sumptuous banquet at Cardiff Castle which is near the birthplace of Welsh ISIS fighters Nassar and Aseel Muthana, Reyaad Khan and Adbul Rakab Amin. These little butchers appeared in a recruitment video for ISIS wherein they bravely stated their dedication to Islam, Allah, jihad and ISIS.

They also stated their intention never to return to Great Britain and expressed the usual Muslim wet dream of killing infidels and becoming martyrs for Islam. The religion of peace as Cameron and the multi-culturalists persist in calling it.
(Cardiff jihadis boasting here and here)

The history and culture of Wales is rich and varied and includes everything from Celtic tribes, Druids and Romans, with a splattering of the mysteries of Merlin and King Arthur. The modern history of Wales revolves around the industries of iron, steel and coal but above all Christianity.

The old industries may have gone and the chapels fallen into disrepair but they are still there in every town and village as evidence of the Christian heritage from which the Welsh people get their moral compass.

Any enquiring mind is bound to ask how four young men born and bred in such an atmosphere and culture could turn into some of the most blood thirsty killers on the planet?

The answer lies with Cameron and his predecessors in the political class, together with their army of like minded bureaucrats who do their dirty work in the public institutions. They opened the borders to all and sundry without discerning whether third world Muslims were suited to be living in a civilized country or whether they would integrate and adopt the British way of life.

On the contrary they encouraged Muslim immigrants, some of them barely out of the stone age, to keep their culture and continue with their own way of life in what are now welfare financed, mono-cultural ghettos.

So dedicated were consecutive governments and their bureaucrats to their multi-cultural agenda they ignored the rise of radical Islam with its preachers of hate and tolerated barbaric practices that would not have been tolerated a decade or so ago.

Cameron and his predecessors took no action after the 7/7 mass murder on the London Transport System in 2005, they did nothing after Muslim bombers tried again on 21/7. They did nothing after the shoe bomber Richard Reid  and the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up civilian airliners over the Atlantic Ocean.

They turned a blind eye as Muslim paedophile gangs around the country groomed underage white girls then raped and subjected them to horrific sexual abuse. There were fourteen hundred young victims in the blighted town of Rotherham alone.

They took no action when a British soldier was publicly beheaded in a London Street by Nigerian jihadis.

They took no action when it became apparent that Muslim jihadis were using their British passports and other British documentation to attend terrorist training camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya and other countries in Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Worse of all they have done nothing to repeal or alter the pernicious human rights laws that have given foreign criminals, including jihadis, protection from the justice and punishment they deserve.

Armed with the knowledge that Cameron and his government will use these laws to protect their human rights, it would appear that our death worshipping jihadis have had a Pauline conversion on the their road to Damascus - apparently they have seen the error of their ways and are crying to return home to old Blighty.

Their sudden desire to return home should be roundly ignored but the current political class seem incapable of taking such a just course of action. In light of this political cowardice their homesickness has got to be treated with extreme caution and their motives must be scrutinized down to the minutest detail.

Unlikely as it sounds, they may well have seen the light and may actually be experiencing a severe bout of remorse for all the blood letting, pain and torture they have visited upon innocent men, women and children. Alternatively, they may be just a bunch of loud mouthed chicken shit cowards who run back to mummy and daddy when defenceless women and children are replaced by drones and a well armed resurgent army bent on revenge.

Another possibility is that they have used their western education to work out that dying in the desert without taking any western civilians with them will not please Allah or his prophet. Returning home and showing some faux remorse, attending diversity training, accepting an Anti Social Behavior Order (ASBO) then returning to their murderous cause will please them much more. They may even chuck in an extra virgin or two for their forward thinking.

It is worth reminding ourselves that David Cameron's PR machine was forced into action by two things:

a) the viral videos of two American journalists having their heads cut off in a gruesome manner by the products of Cameron's multi-cultural society.

b) the hemorrhaging of support for his party to UKIP with an election due next year.

If it were not for these two issues it would have been business as usual for Cameron with 'ever closer union' toward a European federal state and its mandated destruction of the British way of life in favour of a 'multi-cultural society'.

Cameron's ever-so-brave proposals include, taking passports away from jihadis and not allowing them to return, clamping down on radicalization of young people, clamping down on the hate preachers who spread their filth in schools, mosques and Muslim community centres and encouraging integration etc. etc.

Like his promises to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands, deny access to the peoples welfare benefits system or deporting foreign criminals, the British people have heard it all before and none of it stands up to scrutiny.

He has been told by his bosses in the global elite that he cannot remove passports and leave his citizens stateless, he will not clamp down on radicalization for fear of a Muslim backlash, he will not act on mosques, madrassars or Muslim community centers for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity' and he most definitely won't encourage integration because of the dedication to political correctness that is the driving force for the cultural replacement agenda.

If David Cameron had any self respect, let alone respect for the victims of British ISIS jihadis, he would take the tough actions that are not only essential in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq but at home in the towns and cities of our once Sceptered Isle.

a) remove the passports of all British jihadis that are fighting in Syria and Iraq, strip them of their citizenship, then use military assets to kill them. This goes for jihadis who are fighting in Somalia, Gaza, Chechnya or anywhere else in world. Martyrdom is what they want so lets oblige.

b) provide safe passage to any Muslim who wants to go join the jihad with ISIS or any other Muslim conflict before removing their passports and citizenship. This should apply to any Muslim that expresses sympathy for ISIS or engages in support, financing or recruitment.

c) stop and reverse the evisceration of the British military. Form units specially trained and dedicated to the utter destruction of ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and any other radical Islamic military groups.

To destroy ISIS and radical Islam at home and to prevent its resurgence in future years, integration and assimilation must replace multi-culturalism and political correctness.

a) put in place a moratorium on issuing passports to non British born people especially those from volatile Muslim countries.

b) put in place a moratorium on immigration from non EU countries especially from volatile Muslim countries. (Cameron has the power to do this and it will also help him meet his net immigration target).

c) deport all foreign preachers of hate forthwith with no appeal or retrospective claims for asylum. Jail all domestic preachers of hate or call their bluff and give them the option of joining the jihad abroad.

d) make English the only language with no translation services whatsoever. (Different rules apply in Wales and Scotland)

e) sharia law to be absolutely forbidden, British law will apply everywhere in Great Britain at all times ad infinitum.

f) no more mosque building and current ones suspected of radical activity, along with madrassars and community centres, to be closed.

g) alien cultural practices to be outlawed and the perpetrators jailed for life. If they are immigrants they should be deported. These will include: female genital mutilation, incest, paedophilia, child brides, polygamy etc.

h) current animal cruelty laws to be enforced therefore halal meat will be illegal

i) ban the burqua in all public places and buildings.

j) no concessions to Muslim sensitivities in employment or with public holidays.

k) No one allowed onto the electoral rolls that hasn't been a citizen for ten years or more. Put and end to postal voting and corrupt electoral practices of the Muslim/immigrant communities.

This list is not exhaustive and consists of the minimum that will be required to eliminate ISIS abroad and to end the radicalization of Muslims at home.

Read The Mellow Jihadi's take here

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Walking Dead - Great Britain Dying From Within

"It is without doubt that we are standing among the ruins of a once great civilisation." George Orwell wrote during the post war depression: it would be interesting to know what he would have thought of the wreckage we live in today, thanks to his beloved Labour Party and its collaborators in the other legacy parties.

As the borders are thrown open to twenty nine million Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants and with it unfettered access to Great Britain's failing public services, the whole world is witnessing the final gasping breaths of the once unconquerable British bulldog.

The debilitating sight of British Members of Parliament, such as Keith Vaz, welcoming these unfortunates at the border before ascertaining whether they intend to embark on a criminal career or a life on welfare, was dispiriting for the hard pressed indigenous population.

The oleaginous Vaz is studiously ignoring the governments own crime figures, whereby ninety percent of all identity theft, fraud and street crimes are being carried out by organised Romanian crime gangs, in order to further display his open contempt for the victims of these crimes and the long suffering British people as a whole.

Having said that, Vaz is not alone in his open display of contempt for the British people and their culture, the Palace of Westminster is infested with people like him. From the House of Commons and the unelected House of Lords, the place is a cesspit of corruption, nepotism, cronyism and criminal activity that would put the Sopranos to shame.

At this point I will display a little sympathy with these charlatans for the simple reason that it is we the people who put them there, it is we the people that tolerate their appalling behaviour and it is we the people that re-elect them over and over again to carry on with their destructive agenda.

With the brain dead voting habits of the British people, who can wonder that these cynical crooks are going to take advantage and look after themselves and their agenda driven cronies.

In a healthy democracy there should be no such thing as a safe seat - this predictability gives the corrupt political class an opportunity to parachute into constituencies groups of like-minded establishment cronies to the detriment of the people themselves.

I come from Wales the land of tribal voters where people will mindlessly vote Labour no matter how unsuitable the candidate or what damage they have wreaked on the country. This behaviour is not restricted to my neck of the woods; the following are classic examples of unexplainable brain dead tribal voting:

Rotherham is without doubt a town which is festering with racial division, cultural dysfunction and all the social problems associated with high unemployment and low educational achievement.

This town is the poster child for imposed multi-culturalism. It is one of the towns that is blighted by Muslim paedophile gangs who were responsible for grooming under age white girls for vile sexual abuse with the complicit approval of the Labour controlled authorities.

Make no mistake, the appalling problems being suffered by this town are down to the Labour party only, no one else - no ifs, no buts, no Conservatives, no Liberals just the Labour party.

It was the Labour party that wrecked the economy, dumbed down the education system and opened the borders to uncontrolled mass immigration.  It was the Labour party that smeared anyone as a racist who questioned their agenda. It was the Labour Council and its bureaucrats that turned a blind eye to Muslim paedophile abuse in the interests of "cultural sensitivity" and "community cohesion".
Muslim paedophile scandal here)

It is the Labour Party that tolerates career 'progressive' bureaucrats such as Joyce Thacker who removed children from a happy family environment because the foster parents didn't agree with her multi-cultural political point of view.
(Story here)

The voters of this town continually re-elected the odious political thug Denis MacShane, who has served time in prison on account that he is a low life thief who wantonly stole from the very people he was supposed to be representing.

MacShane is a fanatical Europhile who believes that the citizens of Great Britain, and that includes Rotherham, should give up their sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats by becoming a province of the United States of Europe.

Denis MacShane didn't suddenly become a thieving obnoxious shit overnight, he always was one from the very start but this didn't stop the voters of Rotherham re-electing him time and again.

No matter what the hardships wreaked on the people of Rotherham by the incompetence of the Labour Party, including the sexual abuse of their young girls, it appears that the people will still not think for themselves, they will remain the walking dead and keep voting Labour.

Sheffield Hallam is another town inhabited with unthinking tribal voters no matter how deceitful and malign their representative is.

Of all the charlatans that infest Parliament, Nick Clegg has to be one of the most odious. This one has no connection with planet earth let alone Sheffield, therefore it must remain a mystery how the people are continually conned into voting for him as their representative. He has been part of the remote elite from the day his England hating Dutch mother brought him forth into a life of privilege, back scratching and string pulling.

This obnoxious character has perfected the art of lying with a straight face and will make any promise, spout any platitude and stab any back in order hold on to political power.

Clegg despises Great Britain with a passion; he despises its history, its institutions, its culture and its people.  The people of Sheffield Hallam should be under no illusions, this guy will sell them out to the unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels in a heartbeat. No one is more committed to the ending of Great Britain as a sovereign state than this one.

History is littered with traitorous people like Nick Clegg.  Marshall Petain of Vichy France, Pierre Laval, William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw Haw and the grand daddy of them all Vidkun Quisling. When the day of reckoning comes Nick Clegg should answer for what he's done to Great Britain and its people.

In the meantime, like the walking dead of Rotherham, the people of Sheffield Hallam will let down their compatriots and re-elect this appalling man.

The political establishment of South Suffolk have finally seen the light but one has to ask what were the voters thinking by re-electing a self serving, arrogant man like Tim Yeo for the past three decades. Like Denis MacShane, he didn't suddenly become an arrogant, obnoxious shit overnight, he has always been one.

This shyster has an eye for making a buck or three, even embracing the Man Made Global Warming scam as a means to lining his already stuffed pockets.  He was, quite rightly, de-selected by his constituency party.

In keeping with the walking dead of Rotherham and Sheffield Hallam, it has been forecasted that should Yeo win an appeal and stand in the 2015 election, he will be duly elected by the voters of Suffolk South.

The worse case of all when it comes to mindless, brain dead tribal voters must be the people of Neath and Port Talbot - they have not only embarrassed the people of Wales but the entire country by allowing themselves to be conned by the biggest charlatan of them all, Peter Hain. I have written about this cowardly fraudster before and have no intention of doing so again as the mere mention of his name fills me with shame.
(Hain story here)

By indulging in mindless tribal voting the people are in effect disenfranchising themselves and are ultimately to blame for the destruction of our country and our culture. It is within the peoples power to put this right but I fear the habit is too ingrained to be cured any time soon.

In conclusion I will add that I was a tribal voter for many years until I broke free of mindless party allegiance and learnt how to think for myself.  I have to add that the experience is exhilarating as well as liberating and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Knowing the truth really does set you free.

Please read the following eternal verity and decide for yourselves whether this applies to Nick Clegg and the rest of the sellout merchants who would hand Great Britain over to the unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Re-edited post from last year