Friday, May 30, 2014

English By-Election Battle - Government Minister Likens The Peoples Army To Children

After the electoral shock that was delivered to the old political establishment in Great Britain by UKIP, now referred to as The Peoples Army, old political establishments around the world are watching the by-election in the English town of Newark with particular interest. If UKIP can maintain their momentum and give a good account of themselves then disenfranchised people around the world will take heart and put their own political orders under similar threat.

Opinions will differ as to why the people are turning their backs on the old order but it shouldn't take a genius to work out the actual reasons. The recent EU ballot highlighted the fact that this was the first election in a hundred years that wasn't won by either the Labour or Conservative parties.

In those one hundred years the politicians from these two parties, and the entire political class for that matter, have become complacent, arrogant and corrupt, they have a bloated sense of entitlement and a total contempt for the people. They also have a bloated sense of their own importance and they labour under the mistaken belief that they know what's best and the only point of view that matters is their own.

Modern politicians of all parties are so alike it appears they came from the same flawed gene pool, they share attitudes, soundbites and a common agenda. If plebeians have the temerity to question any part of their agenda they are treated as the enemy and consequently abused, insulted, demonised and smeared.

Their loyalty is to the global 'progressive' elite as opposed to the people they are elected and paid to represent. For all intents and purposes they have declared war on their own people in order to impose the the so called 'progressive' agenda that they have been given by the EU bureaucrats and other supranational elites.

This agenda has been a disaster for the British people especially in terms of their culture and way of life. They have also been disenfranchised by the continuous transfer of sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and they appear to have had enough.

While the old political order speak for themselves and their supranational masters, UKIP speaks for the British people and they are slowly but surely loosening the old order's century long grip on power.

As is to be expected the old order are not going to give up without a fight and they are employing every sly tactic and every dirty trick in the book to maintain their grip on power. As the UKIP candidate, Roger Helmer correctly said, the incumbent Tory party are scared sh*tless.

Apart from a small number of marginal constituencies, the old parties had their own political territories, inside of which they took the electorate for granted. They have never been faced with uncertainty like this before and are consequently behaving like rabbits caught in the headlights of a Juggernaut.

Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to cut dodgy deals with people he considered to be his political enemies a week ago, while his Home Secretary Theresa May is desperately trying to steal UKIP's clothes by making promises on immigration and foreign criminals she knows she will be unable keep due to EU rules.

The sad truth is that no matter how they try to spin it, the EU bureaucrats will not allow Cameron's government to govern Great Britain in the interests of its people and they know it.

Heading a government of professional politicians who have nothing in common with the ordinary people of Great Britain, David Cameron's idea to send all his Ministers to campaign in Newark has backfired already.

A government minister by the name of David Willetts, who obviously hasn't learned that name calling and smear are counterproductive and only serves to harden support for UKIP, has put his foot firmly in his mouth.

In a display of patronising arrogance, he dismissed the surge of UKIP adding that he was confident that the public would vote for the 'grown ups' at the general election next year.

That maybe so, but it is the height of foolishness to assume that the old political order will resume its century long grip on power in perpetuity from this time on.

At this point it's worth looking at this particular by-election and David Willetts in a little more detail.

The by-election is being held because the sitting member, Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, was forced to resign on account he was corrupt, a racist and an anti-semite. As matter of fact Mercer was everything UKIP and its supporters are accused of being.

He took money to further the interests of lobbyists, he took cash for asking questions in the House of Commons, he insulted ethnic minority soldiers in the British army and he referred to an Israeli soldier as "a bloody Jew".

Patrick Mercer was the representative of the 'grown ups' that had the misfortune of getting caught - the voting public assume that there are many more like him that are clever enough to evade capture for the moment.

If experience rather than the passage of time were a measure of being 'grown up' then Willetts and some of his colleagues at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills are still in their infancy.

David Willetts labours under the grandiose title of Minister of State for Universities and Science, Innovation and Space. His qualifications in the real world of business, wealth creation or the things that matter to ordinary citizens is...........absolutely zero. After getting the inevitable Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree at Oxford University he went straight into party politics and was an MP at thirty six.

His departmental colleague Michael Fallon, has the title of Minister of State for Business and Enterprise. He graduated with a degree in classics and ancient history and like David Willetts he has zero experience in the real world of business, wealth creation or people. He went into party politics straight from school becoming an MP at thirty one.

Mathew Hancock is the Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise. He got the required PPE degree at Exeter University and briefly worked at the family business before becoming a bean counter at the Bank of England. He became an advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer at twenty seven and an MP at thirty two and he is still only thirty five years old.

Jo Swinson is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs.
 (Until the recent disastrous sell off she was also in charge of Postal Affairs) Her experience in the real world consists of a very brief career in public relations and marketing before standing for Parliament at the tender age of twenty one. She became an MP at twenty five and currently hold the title of 'Baby of the House' at thirty four years old.

UKIP's candidate Roger Helmer studied mathematics at Cambridge University and spent over thirty five years as a business and management executive, both in Great Britain and overseas, prior to being elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 1999 aged fifty five.

Eventually the people will decide the result of this by-election but before making their selection I would suggest that they take some time to think just who are the 'grown ups' and who is better experienced to represent them and put their interests ahead of an outdated, time expired political order.



Thursday, May 29, 2014

EU Lurches To The Right? Bad For The Jews And The US? - Reality Bypass Warning!

It was widely expected that the victory of the non establishment political parties in the recent EU elections would provoke a hostile reaction from the government-media complex combined with a twisted interpretation of the results, but one would have expected that non aligned foreign media outlets would give a mature analysis and a arrive at a more accurate conclusion.

If the Commentary Magazine is anything to go by then the standards of international journalism and political commentary has descended from the mediocre to the downright infantile. Even by Soviet Union Pravda standards its very poor indeed.

I came across this article over at Theo Spark's news site while looking to see what kind of interpretation the international punditry was putting on the EU election results - if I was looking for a mature insight of an independent commentator then I obviously chose the wrong place.

For a publication that describes itself as "America's premier monthly magazine of opinion and a pivotal voice in American intellectual life" it leaves a lot to be desired. Its blanket use of outdated tags such as 'far right' and 'extreme right' to describe political parties who's policies are widely different is not only intellectually lazy but inaccurate and way out of date.

The magazine's interpretation of the results suggests that this publication is just another tool of a global 'progressive' movement that is imposing its agenda on reluctant countries by closing down debate on any issue that that contradicts its worldview.    

Along with the much overused term, 'racist', the labels 'far right and 'extreme right' are now used by the old political order and their cronies in the media as generic smears to taint anyone who questions their policies on self government, sovereignty and control of ones own borders.

The authors' ignorance of the European Union, its institutions and its motives is staggering, which renders his talking points and conclusions as utterly useless.

The nonsensical assertions in the first paragraph confirms that the author, Jonathan S. Tobin, is far from being a 'pivotal voice in American intellectual life' but just another advocate of the 'progressive' post democratic age.

"The huge gains made by the 'far right' nationalist parties in the European Union elections last week have a lot of people on the continent and elsewhere scared".

What is there to be scared about by countries restoring the democracy that was stolen from them by unelected bureaucrats that cannot be removed by popular vote? Was Mr. Tobin scared when the countries of Eastern Europe got their democracy back from the undemocratic Soviet Union?

"The results threaten to undermine the hard-won European Unity that has been achieved since the end of World War Two".

The freedom loving peoples of Great Britain and its allies fought World Wars One and Two not just to restore the independence of those European countries that fell victim to Germany's imperial aspirations but also to 'secure the Blessings of Liberty would be enjoyed by themselves and their Posterity'.

The next sentence is so outrageously incorrect it can only be described as either the result of total ignorance or just naked propaganda.

"The gains made by such parties across the board are a result of a variety of local dynamics, but the common theme is hostility to immigrants and other religious minorities".

The real facts are that the common theme is not hostility to immigrants, religious minorities or anyone else but the restoration of 'government of the people, for the people, by the people'. This is the system Mr. Tobin lives under but which he denies the disenfranchised peoples of Europe.

"...the election threatens to further exacerbate an atmosphere in Europe in which anger against perceived outsiders morphs from localised violence to a general spirit of isolationism". 

Why does he refer to the three million economic migrants that have entered Great Britain since Tony Blair opened the borders as 'perceived' outsiders? They are outsiders and in terms of the economy, the strain on social services, the explosion in crime and the destruction of centuries old communities, they have been an unmitigated disaster.

It's not just the supporters of UKIP who are routinely smeared as 'racist' but anyone who supports an independent, sovereign Great Britain based on democracy, individual liberty and personal responsibility. They are becoming accustomed to to this smear but the charge of anti-semitism is outrageous and unjustifiable.

"The fact that many of these parties, such as France's National Front, have flirted with anti-semitism while others such Greece's Golden Dawn have openly embraced it seems to illustrate the rising tide of anti-semitism in Europe".

Tobin did not specifically exclude UKIP from the 'many of these parties' so it is unclear to the uninformed reader if UKIP shares their animosity towards the Jews or not. I will make it make it absolutely clear where Tobin is deliberately vague. UKIP and its supporters are neither racist nor anti-semitic, they are decent people who just want their democracy back.

Tobin's analysis of anti-semitism in Europe is not just ill informed but breathtaking in its ignorance; it gives a further indication that he is not a serious journalist but just another agenda driven hack.

"When some Jews look at Europe's 'far right' parties they see a potential ally against Islamists since the nationalists there are often obsessed with what they see as a threat to their culture and national identity from the large populations of immigrants from Muslim countries".

It cannot be ascertained whether Tobin can see the war on traditional ways of life from his ivory tower in the USA, but the"threats to culture and national identity" by mass immigration from Muslim countries is very real to those whose communities have been turned into welfare addicted, crime ridden ghettos. (See here)

Here follows some more ignorant and wholly false references to anti-semtism from Tobin's article:

"This leads some Americans who are on the right to believe that even though the EU nationalists are clearly hostile to Jews and Israel..."

"The rising influence of these (Muslim) communities and the anti-semitism they help fuel stems not only from their numbers but also from the way the Jew-hatred they brought with them dovetails with traditional European anti-semitism".

"Hostility to Israel and Jewish interests unites academics and other elites with those on the 'far right' and Muslims".

This is woeful stuff. What he is saying is that academics and elites are uniting with the 'far right' parties and Muslims in a devils pact to be hostile to the Jews and Israel.

Before enlightening Mr. Tobin about the real anti-semites in the European Union, I will quote him one more time and beg the reader not to laugh:

"European anti-semites are, in fact, natural allies of their Muslim antagonists when it comes to making life difficult for European Jews and Israel".

So there we have it, some pearls of wisdom from across the pond - the 'far right' and the Muslims are joining forces to make life difficult for Europe's Jews and Israel and only the unelected bureaucrats from the EU can save the day.

Tobin will obviously be surprised to know that the European Union which he champions is looking to impose new economic sanctions on Israel.

"The EU is now developing economic sanctions against Israel so that any private entity that wants to deal with the EU financially can't have any ties beyond the green line".

"The implication of this could be the creation of a Jew-free state".

Here's some more to be getting along with:

Official BDS statement on new EU regulations:

"The era of sanctions against Israel has started".

Here are the official guidelines from the European Commission on sanctions against Israel

The campaign to isolate Israel gathers pace with assistance from European entities.

And finally, his own magazine printed an article on Jew hatred in Sweden, which is quite horrific. Surely Tobin is aware that Sweden is highly regarded in the EU, it is considered an upstanding model that other member countries should emulate.

Whatever spin Tobin puts on it, his beloved EU bureaucrats themselves are not only anti-semitic and anti-Israel but racists of the very highest order. 

Perhaps Mr Tobin can tell us whether we can now classify the European Union as 'far right' along with the French National Front, the Greek Golden Dawn and the other nationalist parties of Europe?

What an ill informed hack Mr Tobin is and what a low grade rag Commentary Magazine must be to employ such an ignoramus. If he had bothered to do just a modicum of research he would know that the biggest anti-semites, Jew haters and threats to Israel are the European bureaucrats themselves.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Battle Of Britain - EU Federalists Claim British People Are More Racist Today

The long planned tactic of the government-media complex to preserve the political establishment's hegemony over the British people is to accuse anyone who questions their cultural replacement agenda of racism.

This organised campaign of vilification and smear against opponents of open border mass immigration was never more apparent than during the recent EU election campaign.  UKIP, the party now referred to as the Peoples Party, was the main target of this campaign with its leader Nigel Farage subjected to a particularly nasty campaign of smear and abuse.

One would think that with the election over and the triumph of UKIP over the old established order, they would pause, take stock and analyse the effectiveness of their campaign. If so they would come to the same conclusion as everyone else, that their tactic of ignoring the issues but smearing their opponents instead only served to harden support for UKIP.  More importantly their overuse of the 'racist' tag rendered it ineffective.

With the publication of a NatCen British Social Attitudes survey it's obvious that the 'racist' smear will continue to be the weapon of choice against UKIP, Nigel Farage and anyone who has the temerity to question the cultural replacement or the open border mass immigration agenda of the old political order.

It's worth noting at this point that the old political order not only includes the three leaders of the legacy parties, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband, but past luminaries such as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the first family of troughing, Neil and Glenys Kinnock together with the recently resurrected Tony Blair.

Many observers around the world will be wondering if the British people will display their gratitude to Blair for sacrificing some of his valuable money making time to bless them with the benefit of his undoubted wisdom. (See yesterdays post)

The survey itself, which was most likely commissioned by the government-media complex, is a continuation of the 'racist' theme which will make up the core tactic of their campaign into the next years general election.

According to the survey, racist attitudes in Great Britain have risen to one third from one quarter since the millennium when, apparently, there was little prejudice against people of other races.

Unsurprisingly, the worse culprits are:

a) male.

b) the over 55's.

c) the least educated.

d) manual workers.

e) people in the West Midlands

f) Conservative voters.

Without access to the questions or the ethnic makeup of the participants, this breakdown could be interpreted  as an attempt to demonise by association.

Another point that makes this survey appear suspicious is the reasons they give for the increase in racist behavior.

The survey concludes that: 

"the marked turning around in the figures suggested that this change could be linked to the impact of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in the USA. Or with people feeling concerned about the impact of immigration in their area".

This statement, suggesting that the British people are more racist today because of 9/11 is risible, but by putting UKIP in the same sentence as the openly racist British National Party (BNP), it exposes the survey as nothing more than an unsubtle piece of establishment propaganda.

The offending sentence reads:

"The last decade has seen the rise of the BNP and UKIP which could explain part of the increase".

So there we have it the rise of UKIP explains the rise of racism in Great Britain.

The term 'racist' is applied to anyone who questions the old establishment agenda of cultural replacement and open border mass immigration and therefore it is no longer considered an insult, especially if it is used in the course of an election campaign by people who have lost the debate on the issues.

The majority of the indigenous British people are not hate filled racists who despise foreigners because they are xenophobes. They are honest, decent people who love their country and don't want it to see their way of life destroyed or their values trashed by unscrupulous, unprincipled self serving charlatans like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Red Ed Miliband.

I would add that the British people are concerned about mass immigration not because of malice or racism but because of fear that if nothing is done then the disaster that has been visited upon their fellow citizens in the following stories will be visited upon them and their children some time in the future:

Great Britain is now the United Nations of Crime with criminals from 160 countries filling our jails. One in seven inmates are foreigners and they include murderers, rapists, burglars, paedophiles drug dealers etc.

Immigrant Crime rate soars with prisons full of foreign criminals.

750 criminals including, killers, rapists, violent robber and drug dealers are on run after being released or absconding because they cannot be deported on orders from the EU.

Taxpayers pay 25 million pounds to keep 850 prisoners in jail after their sentences have been served because they are too dangerous to release and the EU will not allow their deportation.

The police are investigating 54 Muslim paedophile gangs across England and Wales.

Rochdale Muslim paedophile gang that preyed on underage white girls are jailed for 77 years.

Rotherham Asian paedophile gang jailed for 32 years.

And so on and so forth.

In conclusion I would add that the people who advocate open border mass immigration never have to suffer the consequences of what they impose on others.

Furthermore it is outrageous that multi-millionaire socialist Tony Blair, the self described "straight kinda guy", the owner of ten houses, including a country mansion, to accuse people who have paid a heavy price for his policies, of racism.



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tony Blair Wheeled Out To Defend EU - Claims A Sovereign Great Britain Is Regressive

With the humiliating defeat handed out by the British people to the three legacy parties it was inevitable that the political establishment would adopt desperate measures to preserve their century old grip on power.

To the horror of the LibLabCon party hierarchies, the overwhelming success of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was achieved in spite of a vicious coordinated campaign of vilification and smear by the entire government-media complex.

The worry for the old political order is compounded by the fact that UKIP's success will inspire the other disenfranchised peoples across Europe, who have been impoverished by the cabal of unelected, unsackable bureaucrats, to cast off the chains that bind them and fight for the restoration of their respective democracies.

The revolt against the smug, metropolitan elite is the biggest threat the EU has faced since the British people were seduced into joining the then Common Market with a continuous tissue of lies about the true intention to build a federal superstate.

More worrying for the self serving political class is that the end of the EU monster will also bring to an end the taxpayer funded gravy train and with it the prospects of a lucrative sinecure that has made millionaires out of their predecessors no matter how incompetent and destructive they have been.

With the British people in open revolt and the disenfranchised peoples of Europe emboldened by the success of UKIP, who better for the old political order to wheel out and defend the indefensible than former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

They could have heeled out Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, or the ennobled Neil and Glenys Kinnock but these unwholesome characters are a living embodiment of the corrupt entity that allows career politicians with no experience in business or wealth creation to become millionaires virtually overnight.

Tony Blair's appearance on the political scene has highlighted several facts about the old establishment that if properly articulated to the British people should act as a recruiting tool for UKIP and help it make bigger inroads into the traditional Labour heartlands.

Tony Blair is a congenital liar who hoodwinked his Labour supporters about his dedication to their wellbeing and that of the British people. At the same time he masked his intention to destroy their unique Anglo-Saxon culture and replace it with a mythical 'multi-cultural' society.

With this intervention Tony Blair is continuing where his campaigners left off by smearing UKIP and its supporters, including those in the Labour heartlands as "pretty nasty and unpleasant".

He demonstrated his contempt for the British people, including Labour supporters, by urging his party's elite not to allow the people a say in their future by denying them an In/Out referendum on EU membership.
Only Tony Blair and the political elite know what's best for the British people who are obviously too stupid to decide their own future.

Blair really does think the British people are stupid and Labour voters particularly so. He urged the old political establishment to "ignore the people on immigration - swinging to the right will only 'confuse' Labour voters". Obviously Labour voters are easily confused and incapable of making up their own minds about mass immigration.

The next quote is revealing in that it confirms that Blair is part of a supranational elite who have analysed Great Britain and decided that its existence as an independent sovereign state is regressive, reactionary and over.

With reference to UKIP, Tony Blair says that:

"What they are putting before the people is a set of solutions that anybody who analyses a country like Britain has to be in the twenty first century knows they are solutions that are regressive, reactionary and would make all the problems of the country worse not better".

One would have thought that Blair would have put his analysis before the people so that they can decide but this is the post democratic age and only Tony know what's best.

It's worth asking what Blair means when he says that UKIP'S solutions "would make all the problems of the country worse not better".

After thirteen years of unfettered Labour rule both locally and nationally, what problems could he possibly be referring to?

Could it be economic stagnation and lack of growth or out of control deficit spending and debt?  It was his government that opened the floodgates, expanded the public sector and introduced over one hundred new taxes.

Could it be the catastrophic collapse of educational standards? It was his government that dumbed down the curriculum, did away with competitive sport and introduced an 'all must have prizes mentality'.

Could it be the breakdown of social order and the wanton destruction of indigenous communities that have existed for centuries? It was him and his government that opened the borders to mass immigration with the pre-planned intention of destroying the traditional Great Britain and replacing it with an unwanted, unasked for 'multi-cultural' society. His intention also was to "rub the rights noses in diversity".

It's also interesting to note that Blair is talking about Great Britain in the twenty first century when he himself, together with Red Ed Miliband, the current leader of his Labour party, are disciples of Karl Marx, a nineteenth century philosopher who's perverted economic system has failed wherever it has been imposed and is responsible for the deaths of over one hundred million people.

If proof were needed that Blair is not an inhabitant of the real word, he is actually saying that Marxism is 'progressive'. Many people who do live in the real world would love be Marxists like Blair but they are too busy working for a living.

What he is also suggesting is that the creation of thousands of mono-cultural, crime ridden, welfare addicted ghettos is 'progressive' and essential for economic growth and the future prosperity of the British people. He obviously hasn't been a recent visitor to Tower Hamlets, Mosside, Manchester, St Paul's, Bristol, Rothertham, Rochdale or any of the thousands of communities that have been blighted as a result of his open border mass immigration policy.

The people of Great Britain should be reminded, just in case they are tempted to heed the words of Blair:

This is the same Tony Blair that wrecked the British economy and the best funded pension schemes in the world thus ruining the retirement plans and lives of millions of his countrymen and women.

This is the bloodsoaked Tony Blair who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children not to mention the lives of British military personnel.

This is the same Tony Blair who claimed that he "came to socialism via Marxism" who is now a multi-millionaire who seeks the company of the rich and famous and who wouldn't be seen dead with a member of the working class.

This is the same Tony Blair that dumped the unstable, misogynist Gordon Brown onto the British people and who then proceeded to embark upon a scorched earth policy from which the country is yet to recover.

Many people after thirteen years of wanton destruction wish Tony Blair would stay away and spare them any more of his perverted views but many will see his intervention as an opportunity to remind the British of his destruction and use him as a recruiting tool for UKIP and their noble attempt to get their country back.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Glenda Jackson And Dan Hodges - The Hereditary Bitterness Of The Left Personified

As the candidates, supporters and voters of the United Kingdom Independence Party ( UKIP) deservedly celebrate their stunning victory over the entrenched political establishment, one has to wonder what the result would have looked like if the media, including the BBC, had done their job properly and scrutinised the parties and candidates, together with their policies, in a fair and balanced manner.

It must be remembered that this result was won in the face of a coordinated campaign of vilification and smear that was unprecedented in the history of British election campaigns, with the vilest abuse reserved for the UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage.

What this coordinated campaign has also exposed is that the supposed unbridgeable ideological differences between the three legacy parties is non existent. It is highly unlikely that historical political enemies from diametrically opposed ends of the political spectrum could ever cooperate to such a detailed level unless, of course, the enmity is a sham acted out for public consumption.

It is now plainly obvious that it is their consensus on the major issues that has allowed this cooperation to take place, together with their fear of of losing power and with it the prospect of a taxpayer funded sinecure in the future.

Another thing that became apparent was the sheer ferocity of the attacks and the bitterness displayed by the characters involved. One has to ask what makes people of the left, many of whom come from privileged backgrounds, to harbour such feelings of bitterness toward people they have never met, and who are mainly honest, decent, hard working fellow citizens?

No one epitomised this bitterness more than ultra left wing commentator and Daily Telegraph 'journalist' Dan Hodges. His foam flecked attacks on UKIP, especially Nigel Farage, were bordering on hysterical and totally unjustified.

In the mistaken belief that simply labeling someone as 'racist' automatically gives him moral superiority and wins the game, he bombarded the media all day long with spurious charges without any evidence of actual racism.

Hodges obviously hasn't realised that the British people are losing their fear of political correctness and being labeled racist by people of his ilk and/or the BBC.  This in fact is now expected and in many cases it is worn as a badge of honour.

With a twist on the old adage about 'greatness' it could be said that 'some people are born bitter, some achieve bitterness and some have bitterness thrust upon them' - which one applies to Hodges is worth a little speculation.

Many people will have noticed that whatever their pet issue of the day is,  leftwingers always use the word 'passionate' when describing their personal beliefs. Every thing from climate change to badgers, from bicycle lanes to bankers bonuses, where normal sensible people will agree or disagree, leftwingers, deeming themselves to be morally superior, will be 'passionate' about it.

This propensity to feel 'passion' on every issue no matter how minor, is a one of the reasons why they  harbour feelings of bitterness toward anyone who disagrees.

Being born into the unreal world of Glenda Jackson's thespian community, Dan Hodges' access to real people has been severely restricted and one can only guess what strange ideas he was exposed to from an early age. We only need to look at the Redgrave family to get some idea of this community's weirdness.
(See here and here)

Potty trained by socialists, Hodges is steeped in left wing politics and the Labour party, therefore it should come as no surprise that he gets 'passionate' about issues, but does that fully explain his bitterness. Apparently he didn't endure a poverty stricken upbringing - on the contrary he appears to have been rather privileged.

A possible explanation is that his bitterness was handed down from his mother, the washed up former actress Glenda Jackson. It must be remembered how she brought eternal shame on the Mother of Parliaments when she was unable to contain herself during the House of Commons tribute to the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher.

This was supposed to be a dignified, non partisan affair acknowledging Mrs. Thatchers unique contribution to British and Parliamentary life. Regardless of ones personal opinions, not only was she Great Britain's first woman Prime Minister, it cannot be denied that she was an immense figure both at home and on the world stage.

The dignity of the occasion was desecrated by what appeared to be an unwashed, bitter and twisted old hag who unleashed a spiteful tirade of abuse against the lady who undeniably arrested Great Britain's descent into socialist mediocrity.

Read the full embarrassing episode here.

In an act of jaw dropping nerve, Jackson also brought into question Mrs. Thatchers womanhood. Really? I invite the reader to look at these photographs and decide for themselves.

Judging by this example of uncontrolled bitterness by his mother, it is no wonder Dan Hodges is the way he is and UKIP can expect more of the same as his losses are compounded by UKIP's continued march to power.

However, it's time to put this issue to one side for the time being and savour the moment of victory while waiting with baited breath for the EU election results on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EU Election Earthquake - Tribal Voters Need Help To Cross The Rubicon

As election day arrives, the prospects of a political earthquake remain a distinct possibility, but sadly there are tens of thousands, possibly millions of voters who will find it difficult to wean themselves off their tribal voting addiction.

As a native of the South Wales coalfield and a former paid up member of the hard left, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to abandon the beliefs and voting habits that have been ingrained on the soul from birth to enlightenment.

Not just impressionable young people, fresh from years of 'progressive' brainwashing in Great Britain's schools, and who may be voting for the first time, but supposedly mature adults will vote along party lines, not on ideological grounds or for any particular issue but because their parents and grandparents always voted the same way.

It is this predictable voting behavior and blind loyalty to a political party that has engendered the arrogant, corrupt, self serving political class that is a disfiguring blot on British democracy and who have reduced the Mother of Parliaments to a den of iniquity.

That said, it has not been easy up until now for voters, no matter how disenchanted they are with their representatives, to switch allegiance to an alternative political party that they have hitherto considered to be their traditional enemy.

As the British people stand amid the wreckage of their once great country and survey the disaster wreaked upon them by the agenda driven legacy parties, the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, has given them a real alternative they can vote for without subjecting themselves to pangs of conscience for supposed disloyalty to family/community/class/ tradition or whatever.

As hard as it is for the tribal voter to admit, the stark truth is that the old political order of Labour, Conservative and Liberal has used and abused their loyalty for their own selfish political ends and destroyed the traditional British way of life in favour of an unwanted, unasked for society which is unrecognisable as the country of their birth.

From what I have gleaned from my travels around South Wales and Southern England, traditional tribal voters want a change from the discredited legacy parties but are wavering on the edge of Rubicon, unable to take the plunge without an encouraging nudge that will help them finally break the chains that bind them.

At this point I will beg the readers indulgence and share an anecdote which will illustrates the point that a simple final nudge helped to push three reluctant Labour tribal voters into the arms of UKIP.

In conversation with a steel worker from the giant Port Talbot works who was enjoying a post work pint of beer, he admitted in whispered tones that he had enough of the odious Peter Hain and the Labour party but could not bring himself to vote for any of the alternatives. I suggested UKIP but he was not convinced.  I mentioned that at least they plan to stop immigrants who have not paid a penny into the system from claiming housing, health and other cash welfare benefits.

He was horrified by this revelation and several beers later he was converted to the cause. Several days later he had not wavered and was convincing in his declared intention to vote UKIP.

David Cameron has promised yet again to end this injustice in a cynical trawl for votes but he is too untrustworthy to believe.

A simple chat with a retired engineer had the same effect. A lifelong Labour party tribal voter, he had had enough of watching his beloved home town changing beyond recognition with Eastern European Big Issue sellers and beggars making a nuisance of themselves in ever increasing numbers. He was wavering on the edge, unable to break the habit of a lifetime and commit himself to voting UKIP.

Enlightening him on the High Court judgement that classified Big Issue sellers as self employed and therefore entitled to work permits and a raft of taxpayer funded benefits, it set off a reaction that can only be described as controlled outrage.

Further enlightening him that this was done with the connivance of the three legacy parties, there was another recruit for UKIP, in the heart of Labour country.

I met him many times later and he was adamant that he would not change his mind when faced with a ballot papaer and revert to his old voting habits.

Finally the easiest one of all concerned a lady that works in a local Fish and Chip shop who despised her job with every fibre of her being but being ineligible for welfare benefits, needed the money to keep her head above water. When she was informed that Big Issue sellers and all the other immigrants she sees around her town are eligible for welfare benefits, including Child Benefit for children back in their homeland, she swore by all that was holy that she was done with Labour and would be voting UKIP.

I spoke to the same lady some weeks later and she had persuaded her husband, her sister and her brother-in-law to switch from Labour to UKIP also.

I realise that I have left myself open to charges of stirring up fear and animosity toward the immigrant community by playing on peoples emotions with reference to welfare benefits, but there was nothing I had said that wasn't true and nothing I had said that hadn't previously been said with much fanfare by David Cameron and his Conservative party spin doctors.

It must also be remembered that the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties have been abusing the peoples loyalty for generations while giving away the fruits of their labour to undeserved people from abroad who have not paid into the system.

The moral of this anecdote is that it doesn't take much to convince wavering voters who are disenchanted with their traditional political party, and who are struggling to lose their attachment, to be motivated by a single issue that would help them make that final plunge.

In conclusion I will add that with tribal voters, having made such a dramatic leap by abandoning their traditional loyalties, there is every likelihood that they will enjoy the freedom from the political chains that bound them and they will not return to their former parties.

This bodes well for carrying forward new recruits into the next general election.

Post Script: Read this excellent post from The Mellow Jihadi and weep.


The Truth About Romanian Neighbours - MSM Hypocrisy During Smear Campaign

The coordinated campaign by the political elite to smear the new kids on the block, who are threatening to end their decades long hold on power, is moving from the hysterical to the downright laughable.

The popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, has put the fear of God into this corrupt political elite to the point where their desperation to make the charge of 'racist' stick is exposing their hypocrisy for all to see.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, spoke the truth when being goaded and browbeaten by hostile LBC radio show host James O'Brien when he indicated that it is mainly Romanian immigrants that are responsible for the crime wave that is blighting the lives of the British people and that he would prefer to have German, as opposed to Romanian, neighbours.

The modus operandi of the media during this campaign has been to seize on any remark that refers to a nationality and distort in order to portray UKIP and Nigel Farage as racist. On orders from their political masters the editor and so called 'journalists' of the popular Daily Mail newspaper led the charge, assuming that the public will have forgotten their previous articles on the scourge of Romanian immigrants that are trashing some of London's most iconic landmarks and causing havoc among communities in some of Great Britain's cities, including other settled immigrant communities.

Here is a Daily Mail report on the seven hundred and fifty foreign criminals including violent robbers, rapists, drug dealers and killers, who are on the streets of Great Britain because the EU will not allow the government to deport them. Is the Daily Mail guilty of stirring up animosity against foreigners or reporting the truth like Nigel Farage?

Read the Daily Mail's report on Romanian beggars in London and decide if Nigel Farage's comments are justified or is he being a racist.

This is a Daily Mail report on a Roma gang who used young girls as sex slaves subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse. Read this and decide if Nigel Farage is speaking the truth or being racist.

Another Daily Mail report on the how the influx of Roma from Slovakia are blighting the lives of people in Sheffield to such an extent that the former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett is warning of race riots. It must be remembered that David Blunkett was a senior member of Tony Blair's government that opened the borders to all and sundry in the first place.

This Daily Mail report highlights the fact that one in four serious crimes in Great Britain are committed by foreigners.

Read these articles and decide not only if Nigel Farage was speaking the truth or being a racist but would you prefer to have these people or Germans as your neighbours?

These articles are proof, if any were needed, that the Daily Mail is rife with hypocrisy and is playing its part along with the rest of the media in the coordinated campaign of insult and smear against UKIP and Nigel Farage.

The Daily Mail, the BBC and the rest of the media are claiming that they are only doing their duty by subjecting the policies and candidates of UKIP to scrutiny - in a proper functioning democracy this would be the right thing to do but the ad hominem personal attacks and attempts at portraying UKIP and Nigel Farage as racist is anything but scrutiny.

Compare the pathetically soft treatment of Labour supporting drug abuser and pervert, Paul Flowers by the BBC's supposed attack dog, Jeremy Paxman with his indignant sneering at Nigel Farage.

It must be borne in mind that Methodist preacher Reverend Paul Flowers used illegal drugs, crystal meth, Ketamin and party drug GHB in industrial quantities and indulged in three-in-a bed orgies with rent boys while leading the so called ethical Coop Bank into bankruptcy. This behavior put in jeopardy the savings and livelihoods of millions of members and stakeholders including millions of ordinary working class people.

If the BBC and media had put establishment politicians under the same scrutiny as Nigel Farage then maybe hundreds of young boys would be unmolested by Liberal paedophile Cyril Smith, convicted criminal Chris Huhne would never have become and MP and hundreds of underage girls in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford would not have been subjected to sexual abuse and rape by immigrant gangs.

Just minor scrutiny would have revealed the criminal element that infests the Houses of Parliament and Tony Blair would not have taken Great Britain into what many consider to be an illegal war, Gordon Brown would not have been able to spend the country into bankruptcy or destroy the private sector pension funds.

Proper scrutiny would have revealed the numerous sex scandals in Parliament since Profumo fifty years ago.

In conclusion it must be said that the Daily Mail and the rest of the bought and paid for media are not only smearing UKIP and Nigel Farage but also his supporters together with millions of honest, decent people the length and breadth of the country who's only 'crime' in their eyes is to challenge the agenda of the political elite. Hopefully these much abused people will let their feelings be known at the ballot box on Thursday.

Update: Its looks David Blunkett was right. Violent confrontations in Sheffield this week between Yemeni and Pakistani immigrants. It's worth reminding people that Blunkett was part of the government that opened the borders to mass immigration and smeared anyone who questioned the policy as a racist.

Is this the cultural enrichment Blunkett and his government was referring to? Is this inter-racial violence the tangible benefits of multiculturalism? The people deserve an answer from Blunkett, Clegg and the other two charlatans that refuse to manage immigration.

Our diversity is our strength my a*rse.

For those with a strong constitution here is some further reading on media hypocrisy regarding immigration that would have generated howls of manufactured outrage if highlighted by UKIP or Nigel Farage:

Daily Mail story on the Heston Bridge people.

A mind boggling article by the BBC on Nick Clegg calling on Roma immigrants to show sensitivity to the British way of life.

Daily Mail story reporting a French politicians call for Roma gypsies to return to Romania and Bulgaria because they refuse to integrate.

Daily Mail article by Yasmin Alibai-Brown on welfare colonists from the Caribbean and Asia taking over the constituency of Birmingham, Ladywood. Read this and weep for Great Britain.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EU Elections - MSM Smear Campaign Against The Peoples Party Becoming Hysterical

As election day approaches, the day of reckoning for the established political class gets ever closer and their malevolent stranglehold over the lives of the British people will at long last be released, hopefully for ever.

What this election campaign has brought home to many people is that multi-party democracy in Great Britain ceased to exist decades ago, replaced with a cross party consensus on the main issues that effect people the most.

To say that the cross party political class have declared a war on the British people would be an understatement, they know very well that they share a common agenda which, if put to the people in a popular vote, would be soundly rejected. This has resulted in a political discourse where media management, propaganda, spin, deceit, obfuscation and lying are a normal part of everyday life for the modern day career politician.

Despite their supposed ideological differences, the three legacy parties in Great Britain, the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, are in total agreement on the following important issues:

a) 'Ever closer union' and continued surrendering of sovereignty to a post democratic United States of Europe.

b) Continued demographic and cultural replacement via open border mass immigration.

c) The imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

d) Continued spending 0.7% of GDP, unconditionally, on foreign aid despite the fact the country's economy is operating in deficit and the political class has to borrow over one hundred billion pounds per year to finance its largess.

e) Their refusal to tackle the 1.2 trillion of debt they have accumulated between them, instead leaving it to our children and grandchildren to pay off.

f) A refusal to trust the British people to decide their own future by allowing an In/Out referendum on continued membership of the EU.

g) Allowing access to taxpayer funded services such as housing, education, health care and cash welfare benefits to anyone who arrives on our shores and who have not contributed anything into the system.

h) The continued use of rigidly policed political correctness to bully and threaten with prosecution anyone who has the temerity to disagree with the establishment's agenda.

i) A refusal to take action to end the hideous left wing bias of the taxpayer funded BBC.

This list is not exhaustive but nevertheless it is in opposition to wishes of the vast majority of the British people.

It is no wonder that the arrival on the political scene of the straight talking United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as UKIP, and its growing popularity across all sections of society, would sent the established political class into a panic.

Over the decades the British people with their predictable voting habits allowed the politicians of the three legacy parties to take them for granted, thus the political class became arrogant, self serving, corrupt and many cases downright criminal and all combined with a hypertrophied sense of entitlement. It was this sense of entitlement together with their complacency that has brought about their downfall.

The establishments belief that only they know what is best for the British people, who they believe should unquestionably fall into line, has left them exposed to the grass roots arguments and increasing popularity of UKIP to the point where all they have left in their election armoury are insults, personal attacks and smear.

Up until now, and with election day rapidly approaching, support for UKIP is holding up in the face of one of the vilest and most personal election campaigns in living memory. This continued support is causing panic among the political class and their bought and paid for whores in the media, resulting in their smear campaign becoming ever more hysterical.

The British people are waking up and rapidly losing their fear of political correctness as the establishment ramps up the insults. The over used, dog eared accusations of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and bigot etc. are losing their potency. The uncomfortable fact for the establishment is that the more they throw these insults at the people the more the support for UKIP hardens.

What this election campaign has also exposed is the ability of the political establishment to mobilise all sections of the media to join in the smear campaign against UKIP and its candidates. 

It doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand that the BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Daily Mirror and the Independent newspapers would be the vanguard of this vile campaign but supposedly right of center, investigative newspapers such as the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Rupert Murdoch titles including the Sun, The Times and the Financial Times have all joined in the anti UKIP free for all.

Unsurprisingly, bought and paid for journalists such as Dan Hodges and Nick Robinson joined in with gusto as directed by their masters but one is entitled to expect a more professional attitude from the likes of Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchens. The Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn is the only one to emerge with any credibility. 

Most disappointingly of all, the popular anti-politician website and scourge of Parliament, Guido Fawkes, saw fit to run anti-UKIP stories designed to damage the parties prospects as opposed to just reporting the news. Its proprietor, Paul Staines claims that taking the Murdoch shilling to write a column in his Sun on Sunday rag was nothing to do with his joining the anti-UKIP campaign. Somehow I find that hard to believe as its more likely that Staines has succumbed to temptation and sold out to the political establishment.

In conclusion its worth repeating that the mudslinging, insults and smears are having a minimal affect on support and hopefully this will be reflected in Thursday's election results. 

It also worth reminding the three party leaders, Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband that when they insult and smear UKIP and its candidates they are also insulting and smearing the millions of supporters the length and breadth of the country who are tired of being taken for granted, lied to and having their hard won sovereignty surrendered to unelected, unaccountable and unsackable bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The message for the political establishment and their media lackey's is this - keep up the insults and the smears, bring it on and accelerate your own demise. 



Friday, May 16, 2014

Political Enemies And The MSM Unite To Smear The Peoples Party As Racist

It came as no surprise that the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, popularly known as UKIP, would shake the cosy consensus between the three old legacy parties, their bought and paid for media whores and the BBC, right through to its rotten core.

Never in my experience have I witnessed such a concerted effort by the established political class to insult, denigrate and smear a political party that polls less than ten percent of the popular vote in general elections.

This phenomenon not only raises some important issues with regard to the state of British democracy but it also highlights the yawning chasm between the cross party political class and the people they are supposedly representing.

The advent of the professional political class has been accompanied by the demise of democracy; this is particularly apparent by the fact that people enter politics nowadays, not as a public service or a sense of duty after a life long career in the real world, but straight from school as a lucrative, self serving pursuit of political power funded by the taxpayer.

It doesn't take an expert to notice that regardless of party affiliation they are all the same. They dress the same, they talk the same, they have the same mannerisms and they speak in a language dominated by centrally issued slogans and soundbites. They have all been trained in the black arts of media management, spin, deceit together with the ability to lie with a straight face.

They make false promises and lie without conscience to get themselves elected - they are bereft of any semblance of principle. Consequently it is no wonder that when a straight talking party enters the political fray, who accurately articulate the concerns of the people, they are attacked mercilessly by the united political order.

Short of throwing the kitchen sink at UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage, the political class and their media cronies have joined together out of mutual self interest to use every dirty trick in the book to discredit and smear the increasingly popular movement that promotes a return to national sovereignty, democracy and common sense by leaving that undemocratic disaster known as the European Union.

One of the things that becomes apparent by this concerted cross party smear campaign is the unwillingness of the party leaders to debate the issues - the reason being that they would lose, and lose humiliatingly, if judged by the debates between Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

If the other two party leaders, David Cameron and Red Ed Miliband are too cowardly to debate the leader of a minor political party, how in God's name can they stand up for the British people's interests against hardened political animals such as Russia's President Putin, China's Xi Jinping or Germany's Angela Merkel?

These two over promoted schoolkids would have difficulty extracting a minor concession from political pygmies of the Herman von Rumpuy/Jose Manuel Barrosso school of bureaucracy, let alone a political heavyweight.

They are unable to debate the issues therefore in the tradition of the new political class they resort to smear and there is no bigger smear at the moment in politically correct Great Britain than 'racist'. It must be the most over used word in the English language. It is thrown around at random on the flimsiest of excuses but unfortunately for the political class its over use is its downfall.

Its effectiveness is lessened the more its used, and in many circles it is becoming a badge of honour to be smeared as a racist by a member of the current political class. It's use as a smear to denigrate UKIP is having the opposite effect by galvanising support and its continued use merely reflects the fact that they have lost the debate on the issues.

The high profile defection of UKIP's so called rising star, Sanya-Jeet Thandi, has all the hallmarks of a set up, choreographed to cause maximum damage at a crucial point in the campaign.

The fact that this student from the radical left wing London School of Economics was openly advocating UKIP's immigration policy days before her defection, and then doing it via the ultra left wing Guardian newspaper, should dispel any doubt that this was choreographed. By her own logic, by promoting UKIP's long standing immigration policy she herself was a racist up until her defection.

There is no shortage of ambitious young ladies willing to volunteer for publicity generating scams such as this. I would suggest that Ms. Thandi has political aspirations and like others before her she is willing to indulge in a publicity generating controversy in order to raise her profile - and make some easy baksheesh in the process.

It was only recently that an obscure actress, Somi Guha was put up to suing Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC in blaze of publicity, in hope of resurrecting her failed acting career while making some easy money in the process. Indian national Ms. Guha was apparently offended by Clarkson's use of the word 'slope' which has no connotations with Indian people whatsoever. Obviously controversies generated by the word 'racist' can be very lucrative as well as career enhancing.

Nobody should be surprised if Ms. Thandi reappears in the not too distant future as an ethnic rising star in one of the established parties. Hopefully it will be with the Liberal Democrats where her treacherous career will be mercifully short.

The latest 'racist' controversy artificially generated by the established political order, ruthlessly executed by the media in order to smear UKIP and cause maximum damage, is the row over an Afghan community ignoring a planning ruling by a North London local authority, safe in the knowledge they will get away it.

Local UKIP candidate, Heino Vockradt gave his view on the issue, not in centrally issued slogans or soundbites but in a forthright language everyone can understand.

With reference to the Afghans ignoring the ruling which has resulted in non Muslims being squeezed out of a shopping street in his area, he correctly states that:

"Political correctness is preventing the council from taking action for fear of being called racist, when, just like in all other cases where Muslims are grooming children to be sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing".

(He is refering to the local authorities in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and other cites in England who ignored Muslim paedophile gangs as they groomed under age white girls before subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse)

Echoing the experience of thousands of communities the length and breadth of the country, Vockradt states that:

"The neighbourhood was already exploding under the weight of segregation, shopkeepers are being squeezed out by Muslims. The entire parade - once lovely owner/occupier shops - resembles Helmand Province".

He went on to state state correctly, and echoing the words of Sir Winston Churchill highlighted in yesterdays post that:

"Islam is a mono-cultural, totalitarian ideology. It is not a religion. It is against multi-culturalism and only promotes its own culture. It is against everything modern Britain stands for".

Right on cue, the Labour leader of the council in question, Mohammed Butt, gave us a pearl of his wisdom using a dogeared, vintage soudbite from the Blair/ Mandelson era.

"In Brent we draw strength from our diversity and the vibrancy that it brings".

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

This kind of candid talk is forbidden in politically correct Britain for fear that the truth will resonate with the electorate, therefore the established political order stamp on it early through their dirty tricks department in order to shut down the debate. The weapon of choice of course is a smear using the word 'racist'.

What the political order fail to understand is that the people have learned by bitter experience the the comments made by the candidate are true, therefore they do resonate with the electorate and the 'racist' smear only hardens the support for UKIP.

In conclusion I will state that it is my fervent wish that support for UKIP holds up in the face of this unprecidented onslaught of dirty tricks and smear and that an electoral earthquake gives the political class a shock from which it will never recover.

Here a racist, there a racist, everywhere a racist racist. A great article from across the pond.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Democracy In Decline - Election Candidate Arrested For Quoting Churchill

In any country that claims to be free and open, based on individual liberty and equality under the law, it's worth individuals taking some time to audit the processes and the institutions that affect the their everyday lives. More importantly it is essential that they audit the motivation of those that govern in order check the political health of the nation and that of democracy itself.

In a properly functioning democracy this duty would be performed by the press and the rest of the mainstream media but, regrettably, they have abdicated their responsibility and now openly whore themselves as paid servants of the political elite, dispensing what can only be described as establishment approved party political propaganda.

Looking at the state of British democracy it is obvious that it is in terminal decline with issues affecting civil liberties that were once taken for granted being slowly eroded away with the connivance of the peoples representatives.

Freedom of the press.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom to campaign during elections.

Free and fair elections.

Freedom to hold a secure bank account to name but a few. Up until recently it would have been unthinkable that these basic freedoms would be taken away - unfortunately they were eroded away while the people's attention was diverted elsewhere by a diet of propaganda, soap operas, talent shows, reality television and sport.

Despite being touted by the three old political parties as one of Great Britain's national treasures, the left wing bias of the BBC is legendary. This state run organization is given around four billion pounds of public money every year which allows it to dominate the airwaves with its multi-channel television and radio output together with an ever increasing presence on the Internet.

Only BSkyB makes more revenue but it has to earn it the hard way and appears to concentrate its output on more popular items such as sport, films and light entertainment, as opposed to hard news and analysis.

The free money allows the BBC to squeeze out any competition that has to earn its own revenue in the marketplace, effectively silencing any non establishment opinions or points of view. Figures show that a significant majority of the British people, particularly low information voters, get their news from the BBC therefore it is little wonder that the establishment promoted, left wing world view prevails.

Any lingering remnants of a free press that actively engages in public interest investigative journalism is being snuffed out by the Leveson inquiry recommendations - this will institute government control of the press in Great Britain for the first time two centuries.

In a more shocking development - an incident that one would never have thought would ever take place in a long standing democracy such as Great Britain's, was the arrest of Paul Weston, a candidate for Liberty GB in the forthcoming election, for quoting Sir Winston Churchill while on the campaign trail.

Everyone with an iota of intelligence understands that freedom of speech requires an element of responsibility but freedom of speech will always trump any person's right not to be offended, especially in a world where people are deliberately looking to be offended in order to silence opposing views or to shut down debate.

Nobody, except those using political correctness as a weapon, can be offended by the truth, and the authorities, be they politicians, police or any other agent of the state, should never censor the truth especially during an election campaign.

The quote in question comes from observations made by Sir Winston Churchill while fighting in Sudan and recorded in his book The River of War. It is worth reproducing it here and challenging anyone who questions its veracity or relevance to the current election debate.

"How dreadful are the curses of which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia is in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Imprudent habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live".

There is nothing in that passage that could possibly cause offence or give reason for an arrest, Churchill's observations become more accurate as the quote proceeds.

"A degraded sensualism deprives this life of it's grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity".

The worship of death like civilized people worship life is nothing new and was obviously prevalent in the Sudan during Churchill's day.

At a time when the Sultan of Brunei has adopted Sharia law to blight his land, when women in Muslim countries are being stoned to death for being raped, when they are confined to the home, subjected to violent spousal abuse and facial disfigurement, denied education and the most basic of human rites, traded like cattle and kidnapped in their hundreds in countries like Nigeria,  Churchill's observations are as relevant today as when he published them back in 1899.

"The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be great power among men".

For the benefit of the so called 'progressive' community and those that are most vocal in trumpeting women's rights, multi-culturalism and the lingering legacy of slavery, please note the meaning of that last sentence - the final extinction of slavery is delayed while the faith of Islam is a great power among men.

He concludes thus, and truer words were never spoken:

 "Thousands become the loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyzes social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith".

The reason given by the police for Paul Weston's arrest was 'religious or racial harassment'.  If this is the criteria for arrest then the jails would be full of Muslim hate preachers including, Anjem 'Andy' Choudary, for their public utterances which includes a visceral hatred of Jews and death threats for non believers.

Personally I had never heard of the Liberty GB party but their mission statement probably sealed its fate as it exposes the truth and motives of the current political establishment.

It reveals what the party believes to be "the most important issues of our time - namely mass immigration from the Third World, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of British culture and institutions by well organized left wing 'progressives' ".

Amen to that!

Another affront to the democratic process is the extension of postal voting and the opportunities it gives to those intent on corruption. It is now accepted as fact that 'the ends justify the means' mentality of the socialist/communist/progressive community allows them to indulge in ballot rigging free of conscience.

Ballot rigging is considered normal in trade union and internal Labour party elections and they now make use of their expertise in general elections where there is a lot more at stake.

In May 2005, Senior judge Richard Mowery QC is quoted as saying that "government complacency in the fraud would disgrace a banana republic".

It would appear that after the Blair/Brown tyranny of 1997, a trip to the polling station on election day is no longer the social occasion it used to be.

One final example of the decline of British democracy is the granting of power to the universally hated tax collectors from Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HRMC), to raid an individuals bank account without a warrant if they believe tax is owed. This was imposed without discussion, debate or a vote. See here also.

Draconian is not the word for this totalitarian outrage and it must borne in mind that the HMRC is a monolithic grossly incompetent state bureaucracy that issued forty thousand incorrect tax codes last year and issued twelve thousand incorrect penalty notices.

This should come as no surprise as I warned this was coming back in March 2013, here and here.

In conclusion it's worth pointing out that in a healthy democracy the interests of the people should be protected by their elected representatives, but alas in Great Britain they have become a feral, self serving bunch of unprincipled charlatans who have looked the other way as the nation's sovereignty has been surrendered to the point where seventy five percent of laws come from the EU bureaucracy in Brussels.

They obey the Whips and the party hierarchies while ignoring their constituents, they line their pockets with taxpayers money and indulge in drunken debauched behavior that is unbecoming of a people's tribune.

Their ejection from Parliament is long overdue and the opportunity presents itself next week. Make it happen or lose your country, it's that simple.