Thursday, April 18, 2013

Identity Theft - Prime Minister Cameron Tries To Steal The Iron Lady's Armour

There is not a more debilitating spectacle than watching a politician cosy up to someone who was better than themselves in order to wallow in reflected glory.

Listening to Plastic Prime Minister, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron declare that "we are all Thatcherites now" was as puke making as it was dishonest. By uttering this soundbite 'Dave' has demonstrated that he is just another PR trained career politician who's only offering to political discourse is sloganeering, spin and media management.

'Dave' has also showed the levels to which he will sink in order create a false image in his pursuit of a second term in office.

The self confessed "heir to Blair" is a also a self declared 'progressive', which is about as far from Thatcherism as it is possible to be.

Since 'Dave' usurped the leadership of the Conservative Party with a mixture of deceit and outright lies, he has vocally championed the cause of detoxification. He set about modernising the party of Thatcher, which in turn was described by his own Home Secretary Theresa May, as the nasty party.

What this meant in effect was the purging of all vestiges of Thatcherism from the Party. The first woman Prime Minister and possibly the most successful Conservative Prime Minister in modern times was going to be erased from the party because her legacy was deemed to be old fashioned and toxic.

Call Me Dave's pathetic attempt at associating himself with Margaret Thatcher and her legacy, are not only doomed to fail but they serve to insult the memory of a dedicated, patriotic servant of her people who possessed an unshakable belief in individual liberty, prosperity and small government.

Margaret Thatcher was everything 'Dave' and his crew of fake career politicians are not. The differences between the Iron Lady and the plastic PR man are stark, and no matter how hard he tries to erase them, they are indelibly stamped on history.

On every issue from government spending, taxation and regulation, Dave's actions are diametrically opposed to what Margaret Thatcher would have done. Most people are agreed that where 'Dave' capitulates and fails to take action, Margaret Thatcher would have stood firm and taken action regardless of the effect on her personal image or poll ratings.

The Iron Lady would do the right thing for the country and the people whereas the Plastic PR man does whats right for his 'progressive' agenda.

It is on the European front where the differences between the two are the most glaring. Where 'Dave' grovels and capitulates to the post democratic, totalitarian bureaucrats in Brussels and Berlin, Margaret Thatcher would have swung her handbag in the interests of Great Britain and the people.

Unlike 'Dave' it is inconceivable that Margaret Thatcher would crawl on her belly to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, let alone to the sinister Belgian totalitarian, Herman von Rumpuy, for permission to govern her own country in the interest of the people she represents.

In my view Abu Qatada and the rest of the foreign criminals who infest Great Britain would be long gone. The problems that are blighting the lives of the British people today would not be happening had the treacherous gang of 'progressives' not deposed Great Britain's best asset.

In terms of comparison Margaret Thatcher is Winston Churchill to David Cameron's Neville Chamberlain. A national hero versus a cowardly appeaser.

No! No! No David Cameron we are not all Thatcherites now only some of us are, you unfortunately for yourself, are most definitely not.


On a personal note. Thanks to all you readers who take time to read this stuff and thanks also for your comments.

Blogging will be sporadic as I go on a quick travelling tour in the USA before returning to old Blighty and another tour of my old haunts in England and South Wales.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Louvre Closed Due To Romanian and Bulgarian Crime Gangs - Tower Of London and The British Museum Next

The closure of the Louvre Museum and other tourist attractions in France due to aggressive crime gangs intimidating employees and tourists alike, should set the alarm bells ringing in the ears of the long suffering British public.

It's a sad state of affairs when armed police are required to stand guard at landmark attractions in Paris because of the French government's inability to protect residents and visitors from criminal gangs. While the socialist President Francois Hollande is obsessed with taxing 'the rich' into oblivion, his capital city is turning into one big gypsy camp.

In a statement of unbelievable imbecility, which is unlikely to reassure Parisians, their police spokesman stated that "there has been a huge increase in the number of criminal gangs of pick pockets and other thieves operating in the city in recent years".

Their powers of observation are astounding and judging by that statement Inspector Clouseau must be alive and well and running the Parisian police department.

Parisians must be further reassured as their spokesman went on to say that "everything is being done to combat this threat, including placing more officers at tourists sites".

Reports indicate that the Louvre now has up to ten officers on duty at any one time to deal with thousands of visitors and hundreds of aggressive criminals. There was no mention of the obvious solution which is to prevent these criminals entering the country in the first place or deporting those caught indulging in criminal activities.

Despite the false promises of action by British Prime Minister, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, to prevent similar criminality in London, the British public should brace themselves for even more criminal gangs on account of their generous welfare system.

Anyone visiting London can already see gangs of Romanians blighting London's most iconic landmarks such as Hyde Park Corner, Oxford Street and Marble Arch. Who has not been harassed by beggars using small children as props on the London Underground?  And this is before the restrictions are lifted.

When the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarians are lifted in 2014, visitors to London's most popular attractions will be subjected to the same aggressive criminal gangs as their Parisian counterparts. The Tower of London, The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Modern etc. etc. will all be targeted.

Due to the fact that Romanian beggars and Big Issue sellers are already evident in towns and villages the length and breadth of the country, other tourist attractions will not be immune from criminal attention. Stratford upon Avon, Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral etc. are all potential targets.

Many people are guessing that Premier League soccer games could also be target, in which case it could get very ugly.

The politicised British police force will be as impotent as their Parisian counterparts. Crippled by political correctness as they are, cultural sensitivity will always take priority over the victims of crime.

The British people have every right to ask why they are being put through this nightmare when they didn't ask for it nor did they vote for it. The leaders of the three legacy political parties, who are responsible for this disaster, should explain to the people how this multi-cultural nightmare is enriching their lives.

'Call Me Dave, Calamity Clegg, Red Ed Miliband together with the Trade Union barons, need to explain how having your personal property stolen by aggressive criminals from Romania and Bulgaria enriches ones life.

They need to explain how immigrants depressing wages in the low and medium skilled sector is helping the lower paid find jobs and how it will raise them out of poverty.

They need to explain how giving priority for social housing to immigrants helps the homeless or those on the social housing waiting list.

They need to explain how filling classrooms with children who cannot speak English raises educational standards for the indigenous children.

They need to explain how providing free health care for tens of thousands of extra immigrants helps relieve the pressure on the already collapsing NHS.

Worst of all they need to explain how providing cash welfare benefits immediately on arrival acts as a deterrent to economic migration.

As is usual with 'progressives' and their BBC, anyone raising these questions will be abused and smeared as being a racist, a xenophobe, a little Englander etc. These terms are used so often and against so many honest people they are becoming standard and therefore ineffective.

'Dave' is promising to put a stop to all this taxpayer funded generosity, but as British sovereignty has already been surrendered to his bosses in Brussels and Berlin, he is powerless to stop it even if he wanted to.

The fact is that these three political charlatans are Europhiles who stand to benefit from the European Union when their Parliamentary careers are over. In the case of Clegg, he is already in receipt of a European Union pension which is conditional on him never saying anything negative about the corrupt institution.

These three are also immune from the consequences of their own policies. There aren't going to be any gypsy camps springing up in Whitney or Primrose Hill. They will only catch a fleeting glimpse of the misery they have caused from the back of their taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven Ministerial limousines.

There is only one course of action left for the dispossessed British people and that is to throw out these career politicians at the earliest and put their weight behind UKIP, whatever the consequences. After all, its better to be poor and fight on your feet than to be poor and grovel on your knees to the EU.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

German Chancellor Merkel Forbids EU Referendum For The British People

One would think that the suffering of the British people and the sacrifice of her finest sons and daughter's in two world wars would render any transfer of sovereignty unthinkable let alone be negotiable.

By stealth, deceit and outright lies the British political class have sold out their own people to the extent that they now have to seek permission from the German Chancellor to carry out the basic functions of government that should be fundamental in any sovereign state.

As the British prepare to say goodbye to one of their greatest Prime Ministers, the current incumbent has demonstrated his impotence by grovelling to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a pathetic attempt to curry favour with his own disaffected people.

If anyone was under the impression that the German desire to dominate Europe was ended after World War II, then they need to look again at the evidence of the 'ever closer union' towards a German dominated United States of Europe.

British support for this corrupt, undemocratic institution, which is responsible for impoverishing the people of Europe, has evaporated along with their loss of sovereignty. Support among the corrupt political class, however, has never been higher. There are fortunes to be made even for unqualified losers like the Kinnock family. Despite having no experience in the real world, Comrades Neil and Glenys Kinnock have amassed personal fortunes beyond the dreams of the people they have sold out.

The ex German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, not unexpectedly, has tried to blame Margaret Thatcher for the current woes of the European Union. This is the same Chancellor who admitted using thuggery and threats to blackmail smaller countries into joining the disastrous Euro currency.

In a desperate attempt to win back support for his failing Premiership, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has gone grovelling the the present German Chancellor Angela Merkel for permission to renegotiate terms of membership and to hold a referendum at some time in the distant future.

Desperate 'Dave' is either in denial of the extent to which his political friends have given away British sovereignty or he is just not listening to his bosses in Brussels and Berlin.

As far back as 2011 Angela Merkel and the German government have been telling 'Dave' that the British people do not need a referendum while they secretly planned treaty changes which would remove sovereignty from EU countries by using bankruptcy and stealth.

A leaked document from the German Foreign Office revealed radical plans for a new European body that will take over the economies of beleaguered Eurozone countries, which in anyone's language is not only a transfer of sovereignty but a suspension of democracy itself.

If subjugation and the suspension of democracy in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus et al. has not opened Dave's eyes then nothing will.

Angela Merkel, French socialist President Francois Hollande and EU Head of State Herman von Rumpuy, have all poured scorn on Dave's plan along with the rest of the European Politburo.

In an embarrassing move which served only to rub salt in the wounds of the British people, Merkel invited 'Dave' and his family to her weekend retreat in Meseberg to discuss his plan which she knows she will veto.

To his face Chancellor Merkel has expressed only concern at Dave's plan for a renegotiation and referendum but behind his back she has been hard at work for years planning to scupper any exercise in democracy for the British people and to further her cause of a German dominated United States of Europe.

When the German Chancellor tells the British Prime Minister that she disapproves of his plans to consult the people on the future of their country, it demonstrates is that so much British sovereignty has been handed over to the German dominated European Union that the Prime Minister is impotent in the face of his own countries surrender to a federal superstate, a surrender which is against the wishes of the people he is supposed to be representing.

At this point in history it is obvious that the ultimate sacrifice made by our hero's and heroine's to preserve British independence and sovereignty was in vain. The politicians from Edward Heath to the present day who are responsible for this act of cowardly surrender are traitors one and all and when the day of reckoning comes they will pay for their treachery.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unite - Great Britain's Biggest Union Re-Elects Communist As General Secretary

Gallons of the upper class tipple, known as champagne, have been quaffed this week by revolutionary communists, socialists and anarchists, now universally known as 'progressives',  in a double celebration.

Firstly, they were dancing in the streets with joy at the death of an 87 year grandmother who rescued Great Britain from economic disaster and a dismal future of socialist poverty and misery for all.
British patriot and freedom lover Margaret Thatcher, who epitomised everything decent that the 'progressives' are not, passed away after a long illness and a lifetime of service in the cause of global liberty and prosperity.

Secondly, the champers was flowing again on the re-election of Red Len McCluskey as the General Secretary of Great Britain's biggest trade union, Unite.

Being a Labour Party member doesn't mean Red Len is some kind of gentle benign influence on the political scene. By his own actions and words he was, and remains, a radical communist committed to imposing his perverted vision on the British people.

One would think that being elected by the membership of Great Britain's biggest union gave Red Len some kind of mandate to bring about revolutionary change, but the figures tell a much different story.

Red Len was opposed in the election by another radical communist, Jerry Hicks, who was supported by the Socialist Workers Party, a  group of Trotskyite nutters who obviously thought that Red Len McCluskey was not radical enough.

Total membership of the Unite union is 1.5 million

Votes for Red Len - 144,570

Votes for Jerry Hicks - 79,819

Invalid ballots - 1,412

Total number of valid votes cast - 224,389. Making it a turnout of 15.2%.

In an exhibition of how the twisted mind of a radical 'progressive' works, Jerry Hicks is quoted in the Trotskyite rag, The Socialist Worker, that his 79,819 votes "shows that there is a thirst for something else in the union". He added that "it was an amazing vote, tens of thousands of members are saying that they want an alternative".

Comrade Jerry fails to explain what the 1.3 million members who didn't vote are saying.

Having consolidated his power and being a member of the Labour Party, Red Len hasn't wasted any time continuing with his radical agenda.

If anyone was under the impression that Ed Miliband and his National Executive Committee led the Labour Party, they should pay attention to what Red Len has to say:

"I will set out a clear strategy designed to reconstruct the Labour Party so that it speaks with our voice and is committed to our values".

Len McCluskey told that other communist rag, The Morning Star that "he is reclaiming the Labour Party for our class". He went on to add that he intends to "finance Unite members to take over Labour Larty consituency parties".

It would be a mistake to treat Red Len's words as an idle threat, intended to intimidate Ed Miliband into adopting his union's position.

Unite is awash with money extorted from his membersship together a political levy which goes soley to bankrolling the Labour Party. Len McCluskey pulls Ed Miliband's strings and the people should take his threats seriously.

This fanatic thinks nothing of ruing his members lives, or those of the public at large, with his threats and strikes which cause misery and disruption the length and breadth of the country. This is the appalling man who secured a cut price union loan to set up house with his mistress after walking out on his wife and son. Len McCluskey and his agenda is all that matters to him.

One of his political heroes is the blood soaked dictator Fidel Castro and in a demonstration of hypocricy, which is typical of his ilk, Red Len voices his support for the Cuban Five. These were a group of Cubans who were charged, tried and imprisoned for espionage in the United States.

He fails to voice similar outrage at the 30,000 or more political prisoners in Cuba who are subjected to arbitary arrest then beated, tortured and incarcerated without a trial.

If McCluskey has a shred of decency he would speak up for the thousands of Castro's victims in Cuba in as loud a voice as the five convicts in the USA who were arrested, charged and tried in a court of law.

Len McCluskey's has publicly stated his political purpose, which is: "the achievement of a socialist economic, social and political system, by means of Parliamentary or extra-parliamentary approaches"

The sad truth is that Len McCluskey has the ability to disrupt, cause misery, shape the Labour Party agenda and endanger the future of the British people on account of 144,570 votes in a trade union ballot.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols Punk Rocker Shows Some Class During Thatcher Hatefest

Not many people would have guessed that the battered image of a degraded nation, a nation where 'progressive' ignoramuses celebrate the death of one of its greatest heroines, could be partially restored by a punk rocker.

John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, the front man for punk rock pioneers the Sex Pistols, was better known for his spitting, snarling delivery of anti-establishment lyrics than a common sense and articulate rebuttal of the atrocious behavior displayed by the 'progressive' establishment, including the Labour Party, the Trade Unions and the BBC.

"I was her enemy in life but I won't be her enemy in death. What kind of politics are they offering me? You dance on another persons grave? That's loathsome."

That statement by John Lydon is brief, classy, well written and to the point. It articulates what the majority of decent people, from all sides of the political spectrum, think.

It was refreshing to see such a high profile anti-establishment icon such as John Lydon show manners and good grace, which put to shame the ungracious, ignorant imbeciles that masquerade as politicians and who demonstrate the intolerance which is normally associated with the Student Union bars at Britain's Marxist infested universities.

It is a sad state of affairs and a clear demonstration of how low a great nation has sunk when an ageing punk rocker has to make up for the disgusting behavior of people who should be setting an example to the next generation.

John Lydon's words are in clear contrast to the bile filled rant of the appalling, washed up former actress Glenda Jackson, who's ignorance and undignified appearance was on display in the Mother of Parliaments for whole world to see.

His words are also in contrast to the vile outpourings attributed to other self loathers of the 'progressive' left who preach tolerence but vilify and demonise anyone who does not share their perverted point of view.

Those people who remember seeing the Iron Lady in action would have watched Glenda Jackson's pathetic uninformed poisonous diatribe and be happy in the knowledge that Margaret Thatcher would have wiped the floor with her both intellectually and politically.

She would also have had the self respect and dignity to turn up in Parliament immaculately turned out, rather than turn up dressed like meth soaked vagrant, especially when the eyes of the world were watching.

Although I have never paid any attention to Johnny Rotten in the past, he has gone up in my estimation for his timely and graceful intervention which, if past form is anything to go by, will bring opprobrium and abuse down on his head from the usual intolerant mob that have the gall to call themselves 'progressive'.

'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols' together with 'Anarchy In The UK' will now be downloaded onto my Ipod as thanks to Mr Rotten for making a contribution to the rehabilitation of a nation that is sliding deeper into the sewer of 'progressive' mediocrity.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Glenda Jackson - Washed Up Actress Joins The Thatcher Hatefest

With the reputation of 'Great' Britain slipping ever deeper into the mire over the vitriolic abuse hurled at the recently departed Margaret Thatcher, one is entitled to expect that the Mother of Parliaments would at least show a little dignity and respect.

As the world's media digested the disgusting scenes of unwashed yobs celebrating her passing with street parties, there are now threats by various 'progressive' groups to disrupt her funeral with rioting and other anti-social behavior. These threats should have galvanised 'Great' Britain's leadership to demonstrate that these are the actions of an uncivilised minority.

A demonstration of British decency was made even more imperative when the state broadcaster kept giving a platform for every extreme anti-Thatcher nutter they could dig up. The BBC gave the oxygen of publicity to the vilest of reptiles that slither on the political scene, including:

George Galloway, the Saddam Hussein supporting champagne socialist, who hates 'Great' Britain and lends his support to any Muslim radical cause that he can squeeze a vote from.

Red Ken Livingstone, communist ex Mayor of London, anti-Semite and tax avoider. Another supporter of radical Islam who demonstrated his class by assaulting his pregnant girlfriend for daring to smoke.

Peter Tatchel, Britain's most high profile homosexual activist and former Labour Party parliamentary candidate. The paedophile's friend, who campaigns for lowering the age of consent for sexual relations with teenagers.

Gerry Adams, the IRA terrorist leader, who's gang failed to kill Mrs Thatcher but managed to kill and maim innocent bystanders in the attempt.

It was left to 'Great' Britain's Parliamentarians to rescue the countries' battered reputation before the eyes of a disbelieving world.

Parliament was recalled from its Easter holiday to pay tribute to Great Britain's first woman Prime Minister, the Iron Lady who rescued the country from a Labour induced economic disaster and who put the British people on the road to freedom and prosperity.

Anyone who was expecting a respectful occasion would be disappointed. Many on the 'progressive' Labour side didn't even have the decency to turn up, revealing lines of empty benches for the world to see.

To make matters infinitely worse, the former actress and champagne socialist, Glenda Jackson, debased the occasion by unleashing her bile and personal animosity at a woman who's handbag she is not fit to polish.

The bitter and twisted Jackson appeared to blame all of today's ills on Mrs Thatcher despite the fact that the Iron Lady has been out of office for over twenty years and Jackson's Labour Party had just enjoyed thirteen years of unfettered power.

During her hateful attack, Jackson had the nerve to question Mrs Thatcher's 'womanliness'. As the photographs clearly show, Mrs Thatcher retained her dignity at all times and was immaculately turned out even when her health had deteriorated.

Contrast this with the washed up, boozed out, scruffy old hag who appeared before the cameras in the House of Commons yesterday, for the whole world to see.

Glenda Jackson's attack on the deceased Mrs Thatcher sullied what was supposed to be a dignified occasion, organised to pay tribute to a former Prime Minister who had served her country and saved the nation from economic collapse and a bleak socialist future.

Glenda Jackson is an utter disgrace and a national embarrassment; she has brought further shame on the Mother of Parliaments and the British people.

She should do her constituents and the country a favour by resigning forthwith and removing her disgusting unkempt person from the public eye.

H/T Paris Claims

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Iron Lady v Plastic PR Men And The Hate Filled Left

It cannot be denied that since Margaret Thatcher was deposed as Prime Minister, the trajectory of 'Great' Britain has been ever downward. History, as always, will be written by the left therefore she will be portrayed as an uncaring tyrant who preferred selfish individualism and greed over collectivism and so called social 'justice'.

What will be written out of history is the fact that she was a unifying force who was elected to office three consecutive times with the support of all classes, including the working class and trade unionists.

It is now universally accepted that 'Great' Britain's state propaganda service, otherwise known as the BBC, is hopelessly biased toward the left and it is committed to furthering the 'progressive' agenda. This organisation despised Margaret Thatcher and all that she represented, with a passion, and it never missed an opportunity to portray her in a negative light.

Looking at the BBC coverage since her passing, that hatred continues to this day unchallenged by the empty suits that run the BBC. This includes Chris Patten, Chairman of the Executive Board or the Prime Minister  'Call Me Dave' Cameron who are both high ranking members of the conservative establishment.

The appearance on the BBC of terrorist Gerry Adams, who's organisation failed in their attempt to murder her but killed and maimed some of her colleagues and friends, was particularly loathsome.

Television footage of people celebrating the passing of 'Great' Britain's first woman Prime Minister, and the public comments from some people who should know better, has caused shock waves around the civilised world. It has also brought shame on the British people for stooping so low.

Foreign news commentators are expressing their amazement and disgust that the woman who took on the male political establishment and rescued the British economy from Labour party bankruptcy, then went on to save the country from a dismal socialist future, can be so publicly vilified.

Informed commentators see this vilification as an indication of how far 'Great' Britain has sunk into the 'progressive' sewer of intolerance and hatred for anyone who, from humble beginnings, refuse to accept mediocrity and choose to better themselves with hard work and dedication.

Informed Americans are taking this appalling behavior as a warning of what will happen to their country if their 'Progressive' in Chief follows the same course of action that the British political establishment did after they deposed Mrs Thatcher.

The ignoramuses that were shown celebrating with champagne on the streets of London did not look like they were born when Mrs Thatcher left office, this serves as an indication of the 'progressive' capacity for hatred and their ability to pass it on from generation to generation.

When Mrs Thatcher began her rise to power, 'Great' Britain was governed by the communist run Trade Union movement together with their puppets in the Labour Party. The British economy was dominated by the inefficient nationalised industries which drained the economy of life, resulting in bankruptcy and the humiliating grovel to the IMF for loans.

Endless strikes and disruption resulted in the three day working week together with transportation disruptions, power cuts, mountains of rat infested rubbish heaps in the streets and the dead left unburied. The once 'Great' Britain was justifiably known as 'The 'Sick Man of Europe'.

Whatever history is written or whatever spin the BBC spews forth, the truth should not be denied that Mrs Thatcher reversed this decline by curbing union power, selling off the inefficient nationalised industries, cutting government spending, cutting regulations, cutting taxes and above all liberating millions of people by extending home and share ownership.

On the global stage Mrs Thatcher was a colossus who, together with that other freedom loving patriot, Ronald Reagan, freed tens of millions of people from the blood soaked yoke of communism, ending the cold war in the process.

Mrs Thatcher dominated the European Union scene and put the bureaucrats' dream of a post democratic federal superstate, back decades. For this the EU bureaucrat's hatred of the Iron Lady endures with venom to this day.

Her battles on behalf of the people raised their awareness of the continual failure of socialism to deliver economic prosperity to the masses together with the fact that it always ends in bankruptcy, authoritarianism and tears.

It was her battles with the European Union that initiated her downfall. This treachery was performed by some of the biggest weasels ever to foul the benches of Parliament. These spineless cowards will go down in history as the guilty men who deposed the Prime Minister after she saved their country from its death spiral and to whom they owed their miserable careers.

Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, John Major et al., all now Peers of the Realm thanks to Mrs Thatcher.  They know what they did and they should hold their heads in shame.

These three, and their other fellow traitors, paved the way for Phony Tony Blair's 'New' Labour years of destruction, from which it is highly unlikely the country will recover. These men, who rode to power on the coat tails of the Iron Lady, stabbed her in the back and consigned their fellow countrymen to poverty and despair in the process.

The current crop of British politicians are nothing but Public Relations phony's who have been schooled in the art of media management and lying.

How can anyone possibly compare the Iron Lady with plastic PR men like David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg? All three of these phony's roll over at the slightest whim from the unelected Eurocrats who are ruining the lives of the people they should be representing.

Can anyone imagine the Iron Lady being publicly chastised by Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt or Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and letting them get away with it?

'Call Me Dave' is now held in such contempt that he is even being publicly humiliated by Laszio Andor, an unelected European Commissioner who is also head of the Hungarian Socialist Party, for trying to appease the British people ahead of the Romanian/Bulgarian migration disaster.

One other gaggle of gutless empty suits also displayed their contempt for Mrs Thatcher and her anti-socialist companion Ronald Reagan. Despite bringing about the downfall of the communist system that had imprisoned and impoverished tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, and also bringing an end to the cold war which could potentially have killed millions, they were studiously ignored.  The Nobel Peace Prize committee have found reasons to award their degraded prize to undeserving people such as:

International terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The socialist International Labour Organisation.

Socialist incompetent and terrorist supporter Jimmy Carter, the worst President in US history.

The utterly useless Kofi Anan of the UN, who failed to stop wars or genocide during his entire sorry tenure as Secretary General.

The International Panel on Climate Change, purveyors of the biggest scam in international history which is causing the death of millions by misallocating resources and by pushing vulnerable people into energy poverty.

President Barack Obama, after only a few months in office. The same Obama who participated in two wars with a possible third in Syria. Who participates in gun running via Turkey, who supports the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and who has a drone programme which kills people with out due process.

Finally, The European Union. This award is just so incomprehensible that it boggles the mind and renders the prize worthless.

The political pygmies of today cannot be spoken of in the same breath as Mrs Thatcher, Great Britain's Iron Lady, who's love of country and legacy of individual liberty and prosperity is being squandered on the alter of 'progressivism' never to be seen again.

"The choice facing the nation is between two totally different ways of life and what a prize we have to fight for: no less than a chance to banish from our land the dark, divisive cracks of Marxist socialism and bring together men and women from all walks of life who share a belief in freedom"

Margaret Thatcher RIP

Friday, April 5, 2013

French Socialist Government - Tax Havens, Hypocrisy and Utter Stupidity

The prevailing view that socialists are hypocrites who are incapable of rational thought, or that they are incapable of thinking outside the confines of their ideology, is justified by the rank stupidity and hypocrisy of the French government and its hangers on.

Socialists have always portrayed themselves as morally superior to everyone else. They believe that their ideology is so pure it might have come down from Heaven on tablets of stone instead of from the pen of an idle, grey bearded layabout who sponged off a wealthy industrialist who himself claimed to be a communist.

When Francois Hollande was elected to the French presidency on a socialist platform, which included a promise to squeeze the fat cats and hit 'the rich' with a 75% wealth tax, those people who live in the real world knew it would unravel sooner rather than later.

Like all socialists Hollande is an unreconstructed hypocrite who is quoted as saying that "I don't like the rich" but employed one of France's richest men, publisher Jean-Jacques Augier, to run his election campaign.

Hollande also made the money loving Jerome Cahuzac his Budget Minister, with the added brief of launching a fight against tax evasion.

If the predictable exodus of French talent, including the high profile departure of Gerard Depardeau, wasn't enough of an embarrassment, then Hollande must have been looking for the earth to swallow him up when his two big appointments were exposed as tax evaders.

To the sound of mirth and laughter around the world, French socialist purity took a knock when it was revealed that Jean-Jacques Augier stashes his loot in the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps he was inadvertently caught up in Budget Minister Cahuzac's fight against against tax evasion.

If this treachery to the socialist cause came as a shock to President Hollande, then the revelation that his warrior against tax evasion had a stash of loot in a Swiss bank account must have given him serious palpitations.

When a politician like Cahuzac dismisses rumours of tax evasion, fraud and money laundering as "crazy", the warning lights should flash and the bells should start ringing. Hollande ignored them and paid the price.

The mirth and laughter returned as Hollande was forced into a humiliating climb down and he is now promising a new law aimed at controlling the wealth of his own supposedly socialist Ministers and making the information public.

Despite all the evidence from history that it doesn't work, Hollande's plan for rescuing France's dire economic free fall was vintage socialist stupidity. Besides the 75% tax on 'the rich' there were new taxes on bank profits, dividends, bonuses, stock options, 'big business', energy companies, wealthy households etc. By combining some of these new taxes, it has been calculated that some net worth individuals would be paying a marginal rate of 90.5%.

For those who can remember, this is no different to Great Britain during the Labour Party years of Harold Wilson and Denis Healy. These two socialist geniuses had similar tax rates which helped bankrupt the economy, as a result they had to go grovelling to the International Monetary Fund for a loan.

To anyone other than a socialist, the results of Hollande's policies were predictable, the exodus of talent picked up pace, tax revenue went through the floor and the economy slumped even further into the abyss. Unemployment is at a record 11% with under 25's at 26%. France's debt has surpassed 90% of GDP and rising.

In addition to its disastrous effect on the economy, the French Courts ruled his 75% tax unconstitutional. One would think that Hollande would use this as an excuse for a rethink but no, he is a socialist after all so he must be right. He is now planning a hit on wealthy football players.

At this point it must be acknowledged that Hollande is beyond help, he is incapable of thinking outside of his perverted ideology. The French people who voted him President because of his anti rich rhetoric will now pay the price with a wrecked economy and high unemployment for a generation.

The economic debacle playing out in France should be a warning to the British people across the Channel. On his accession to the French Presidency, Hollande suddenly found himself with a new Best Friend Forever in fellow socialist Red Ed Miliband.

Hollande and Miliband, being soul mates, are going to present an alternative to the current policy of austerity, in order to get economic growth moving in European Union La La Land. They plan to tackle borrowing, spending and ruinous national debts by borrowing and spending even more. This plan is so simple its bordering on genius. Why anyone didn't think of this before is a total mystery.

After the disastrous Wilson/Callaghan/Healy Labour governments of the 60's and 70's one is entitled to think that subsequent governments would learn that socialism doesn't work. Thirteen years of Red Ed's Labour government borrowing and spending the British economy into bankruptcy proved everyone wrong.

Red Ed's enthusiasm for socialism has not been dimmed one iota. Taxing, borrowing and spending is the only way he knows, he is incapable of any other rational thought despite the all the examples of socialism's failure littered throughout history.

Worryingly, Red Ed is currently ahead in the polls and if an election is held in the near future he will most likely be 'Great' Britain's version of Francois Hollande. Heaven help us all.

An article for the Guardian last year by none other than that pillar of Labour Party integrity, Denis McShane, lays the relationship between Hollande and Miliband open for all to see.

Read this and despair.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welfare Dependency, Crime and Punishment - Moral Degeneracy Encouraged

It seems that with every day that passes more heinous crimes are being committed in the so called civilised world and particularly against children. In any subsequent trial of the perpetrators the punishments are not reflecting the seriousness of the crime.

The conclusion of the horrific Michael Philpott case is an opportune time to reflect on the issues, together with the neglect of the government and local authorities to protect the murdered children, despite some high profile cases.

Briefly, unemployed Michael Philpott knew the British welfare system inside out and what he was 'entitled' to claim. The father of 17 children, he lived with his wife, mistress and 11 of the children in a taxpayer funded house. His welfare 'benefits' totalled circa $93,000 per year. In the real world of the people who work every day to fund this largess, this would require an income of around $155,000.

Philpott was a violent criminal, drug taker and child abuser which prompted his mistress to run away and take five of the brood. This had the effect of reducing Philpott's income by $2,550 per month. Together with his wife he hatched a plot to burn down the house and blame the mistress with the intention of taking the children back, restoring their child benefit and getting a bigger house in the process.

Philpott and his wife succeeded in burning the house and six of their children perished in the blaze. This horrific case concluded when Philpott was sentenced to 17 years in prison of which he must serve a minimum of 15 years. His 32 year old wife and a family friend were sentenced to 17 years, of which they will serve only half.

Critics claim that the welfare state created Michael Philpott and this has sent 'progressives' into apoplexy. Their welfare state is sacrosanct and above all criticism; anyone who dares is smeared as uncaring, selfish bigots. Many agree that the welfare state did not create Philpott but it certainly enabled him to live an indolent life, free of all responsibility and taking into account his previous violent behavior, tragic consequences were always highly likely.

Philpott was able bodied but was not actively searching for work, in fact he took pride in announcing that he had no intention of working. The system allowed him to do this but any attempts at reform is vehemently opposed by the 'progressive' hand wringers in the Labour/Lib Dem axis who rely on the likes of Philpott for votes today, and his brood when they reach voting age.

The criminal justice system is a complete abomination. Michael Philpott had previously been sentenced to 7 years in prison for the attempted murder of his girl friend and committing grievous bodily harm against her mother. He stabbed her 27 times and cut her throat and also stabbed her mother 11 times, leaving them both for dead. Seven years is a soft sentence to begin with but that was reduced on appeal and he was freed after only 3 years.

This kind of sentencing brings the entire system into disrepute. For the murder of six innocent children Philpott got 15 years while his wife and friend get 17 years with an automatic reduction of 50%. To any rational person that's not a 17 year sentence its 8.5.

What kind of message does that send to the Philpotts of this world and any other similar low lifes?

Bearing in mind that after an appearance on the appalling Jeremy Kyle Show, Philpott was a celebrity and should have been know to the social services children department of the local authority. The children were being abused and starved under the noses of the social workers.

The British people were promised that after the Victoria Climbie and Baby P child murders, that lessons have been learned but they obviously haven't. The chances of anyone from the local authorities being held to account and prosecuted for the death of these six children are slim to zero.

Victoria Climbie was tortured and killed by her great aunt and her boyfriend who were tried and found guilty of manslaughter. They were sentenced to life imprisonment but if past sentences are anything to go by they will be released when some sympathetic judge takes pity on their plight.

Changes were put in place after an exhaustive inquiry into the Haringey social services so there would never be another Victoria Climbie, until the equally horrific Baby P murder case that is.

Seventeen month old Peter Connelly was found to have 50 injuries including a broken back, broken ribs, broken fingers, missing fingernails, cigarette burns etc. Baby Peter died when he choked on a tooth that was knocked out after a punch to the face.

Baby Peter had been visited by social workers from the same department in Haringey as Victoria Climbie and had also been examined by a doctor but was still left with the obviously depraved mother and her boyfriend.

This is in contrast to the Rotherham fostering scandal whereby two happy children were removed from their foster parents because they supported UKIP.

In this case the mother, Tracy Connelly, was sentenced to be held indefinitely with a minimum of 5 years. The boyfriend Steven Barker was sentenced to 12 years for murder and, unbelievably, sentenced to life for the rape of a 2 year old with a minimum of 10 years. An accomplice, Jason Owen was sentenced to be held indefinitely with a minimum of 3 years.

These sentences are an insult to the murdered children; the politicians and members of the justice system should hold their heads in shame. This is inexcusable moral degeneracy and its taking place under their watch.

It would appear that if this slide into moral degeneracy is to be halted then serious reform of the welfare and criminal justice systems is absolutely essential but to the political class child murder is not as high a priority as homosexual marriage, 'combating climate change' and the rest of the 'progressive' agenda.

One day they will be held to account and that will not be a day too soon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Official - Great Britain No Longer Great Or Free

When faced with an awful reality, people tend to go into denial rather than face an unpalatable truth. Despite the constant humiliating put downs of their Prime Minister by foreign heads of state and European Union bureaucrats, there is still no overwhelming sense of outrage from the British people.

Plastic Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron is desperately trying to reverse the defection of his supporters to UKIP by using naked populism and by making false promises concerning the issues that mean most to the people. This should generate a modicum of support but suprisingly there is not the hostile reaction one would expect from the British people when their Prime Minister is being humiliated in the global media.

This public humiliation is a measure of the contempt with which 'Great' Britain is held by it's so called partners in the European Union. No sooner as 'Dave' makes an announcement to spin about immigration reform or welfare provision to immigrants, the bureaucrats are lining up to announce their unwillingness to grant him permission.

In simple language, the elected Prime Minister of 'Great' Britain is refused permission by unelected bureaucrats or foreign heads of state to enact regulations demanded by the people he is supposed to be representing. This is not a pooling of sovereignty, this is a loss of sovereignty.

Unelected EU Head of State, Herman von Rumpuy, is on record as saying that the individual nation state is dead and anyone who tells their people differently is lying. He also claims that seccession from the EU will result in war.

This Belgian totalitarian and his sidekick, the unrepentant Maoist, Jose Manuel Barrosso wield more power over the British people than their own impotent Prime Minister.

Apart from being chastised by French playboy President, Nicolas Sarkozy, before his fall from grace, 'Dave' has received public put downs from the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, neither of whom has received a single vote from the British people.

The most recent act of humiliation for 'Dave' came from the unelected European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszio Andor. He referred to 'Dave's' plans for immigration and welfare reform as "knee jerk xenophobia" and even more insulting they were dismissed as  "unintelligent politics".

For the record, Laszio Andor is an Hungarian 'progressive' academic who has not received a single vote from the British people and, commensurate with his ludicrous job title, he is a Member of the Board for the Hungarian Socialist Party.

'Dave's' signature promise to the British people is that he will renegotiate membership, repatriate powers that have already been seceded to the Eurocrats and then hold a referendum on the new terms of membership....................after the next election and only if he is elected!

The French and German governments have swatted him aside like an irritating fly by ignoring his calls for renegotiation talks. The rest of the Eurocrats have also indicated their refusal to participate in any talks also. Perhaps 'Dave' could borrow the Iron Lady's famous handbag, if only to give him a bit of courage and to boost his morale.

It must also be remembered that the unelected politicians who masquerade as judges at the European Court of Human Rights will not allow the British government to deport Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Qatada despite accepting that he is a highly dangerous individual.

Recent shocking revelations further demonstrate the impotence of the British government in the face of European Union demands.

Violent career criminal and illegal immigrant Davodreza Abasbahi-Gotti cannot be deported on account of his human rights. This piece of human garbage came to the UK in 2002 was refused permission to stay in 2009. He has 40 criminal convictions and served 3 terms in prison. His lawyers are being funded by the taxpayer in addition to his housing, health and welfare costs.

Currently there are 4000 criminals fighting deportation using the human rights swindle.

Those of the British people who exist outside the remote political class, would like their representatives to put an end to this shambles but these same 'representatives' steadfastly refuse to do so because their bosses in Brussels will not allow them permission.

The British people must accept the uncomfortable truth, that when these unelected totalitarians chastise the British Prime Minister in the global media for promising to do the job that he is elected to do, it's all over, the game is up, Great Britain has been reduced to a Vichy state and their Prime Minister is nothing more than a Satrap for foreign rulers.

One cannot imagine Sir Winston Churchill being treated in this humiliating fashion by what are nothing more than political pygmies and totalitarians. One also cannot imagine the British people of his day putting up with it either. Something has happened to the British people that has sent them into a trance, it has robbed them of their will to fight for what is theirs by birthright, their country free, just and sovereign.

"The British people are good all through. You can test them as you would put a bucket into the sea, and always find salt. The genius of our people springs from every class and from every part of the land. You cannot tell where you will not find a wonder. The hero, the fighter, the poet, the master of science, the organizer, the artist, the engineer, the administrator, or the jurist - he may spring into fame. Equal opportunity for all, under free institutions and equal laws - there is the banner for which we will do battle against all rubber-stamp bureaucracies and dictatorships".

Sir Winston Churchill - Radio Broadcast June 13 1945