Friday, September 16, 2016

EU Leader Uses The Race Card But Fails To Mention Immigrant Crime

When one of the five un-elected presidents of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, made his risible annual 'state of the Union address' to the phony European Parliament he used the occasion to vent his anger by denigrating and smearing the British people as racist and xenophobic.

President Junker cuts a rather sad figure these days as his beloved EU nation building project implodes and descends into economic collapse, chaos and civil war just like all centrally controlled autocracies always do.

He still cannot come to terms with the fact that the British people voted to reject government by him and his army of faceless bureaucrats, choosing instead to regain their sovereignty and become a self governing nation once again.

Led by the increasingly unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Junker and the other four presidents, continue to dictate the terms of the Brexit process and the future relationship between the EU and an independent Great Britain. They are assuming that the EU in it's present form will still be in existence by the end of the two year process but I digress.

In his 'state of the Union' speech Junker used the unfortunate murder of a Polish immigrant to paint the post referendum Great Britain as a hive of racists who indiscriminately attack foreigners just for the hell of it and also to issue a veiled threat of future action if this non existent racism persists after Brexit.

This raises several important issues that not only expose Junker for the charlatan that he is, it also exposes the false narrative created by the vast EU propaganda machine he uses to justify his denigration and smears.

Mr. Junker declared that "Europeans can never, never accept Polish workers being harassed, beaten up or even murdered on the streets of Essex" ignoring the fact that a single homogeneous population of Europeans does not exist.

He went on to add that "the free movement of workers is as much a common European value as our fight against discrimination and racism". Again he ignored the fact that Great Britain will be an independent nation and not part of his EU and as a consequence they will not share his fictitious 'common European values'. (See here)

As mentioned earlier, Junker uses the unfortunate murder of a single Polish immigrant as an excuse to use the race card and smear the British people as racists and xenophobes who indiscriminately attack innocent Polish workers.

Typical of all agenda driven European autocrats he deliberately fails to tell the full story by omitting to mention the horrendous crimes committed by Polish immigrants on innocent Britons going about their lawful business in their own country.

In light of this allow me to submit some facts to a candid world that Jean-Claude Junker fails to mention.

A Polish thug beat up two NHS workers despite a judges' order that he be deported the year previously (See here)

A Polish thug beats a man with learning difficulties senseless and drags him into the road in front of a bus. (See here)

A British hero returns home from fighting in Iraq only to be beaten up by Polish thugs. (See here)

A Gang who battered a dad in his home in front of his family were convicted Polish thugs. (See here)

As an indication of the the problem of criminal Poles in Great Britain, they top EU crime figures. (See here)

Due to Junker's sacrosanct free movement of people madness, which he touts as a 'common European value', Great Britain's prisons have seen a shocking 240% rise in EU convicts. Apart from the horrendous price paid by the victims these criminals cost the British taxpayers $210 million last year.

With his enormous taxpayer funded salary and a raft of other expenses Junker is able to isolate himself and his family in his ivory tower far away from the consequences of the free movement of people madness which causes so much pain and suffering to innocent British victims.

The British people could care less what behavior this lying charlatan will or will not tolerate in their own country; he would do well to cease with the denigration and smears and accept that the British people have voted to be an independent and sovereign nation instead of a vassal state in his crumbling empire.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Foreign Aid Fat Cats Are Financing Corruption With Taxpayers Money

The species of humans known as niche professionals are attracted to taxpayer money like vultures are attracted to a carcass, especially when that supply of taxpayers money is endless.

As a warning to the American people, the much vaunted National Health Service - the NHS or socialized medicine - is packed to the rafters with so called 'health care professionals' who are stuffing their pockets and bank accounts out of the endless billions that is pumped into the sclerotic monolith annually.

These fat cats are career bureaucrats who are immune from sanction regardless of their performance and more importantly, regardless of how many people die needlessly every year while in their care.

Foreign aid is another industry which provides an opportunity for fat cats to get rich by looting the public treasury regardless of performance or value for money or lives saved.

The new International Development Secretary, Priti Patel, has revealed what we all knew already - that 'foreign aid professionals' have created an operation that rakes in billions from a budget that is not set by need or any humanitarian crisis but to meet an arbitrary target set by the United Nations. (See here)

One of the biggest flocks of foreign aid vultures can be found in the European Union who manage to skim around $16 billion out of $33 billion every year. That's $16 billion that disappears into the pockets of the fat cats instead of the bellies of the hungry.

Examples abound of taxpayers money being used to finance corruption instead of alleviating poverty or improving the lives of the less fortunate so to keep it brief I will limit this discourse to four.

The president of the dirt poor African country of Malawi, Peter Muthrika, where more than half of the population live on less than $1 per day is wanting an Air Force One style presidential jet to avoid airport queues and the inconvenience of waiting for flights. (See here)

The president-for-life of the dirt poor famine ravaged African country of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, diverted $42 million of development aid money on a top of the range private jet. (See here)

Meanwhile, a self taught Malawian teenager, William Kamkwamba, has transformed his poverty stricken village by building windmills out of junk to supply electricity and pump water. William had to quit school because his family of fourteen could no longer afford the $80 per year school fees.

His efforts have even attracted the attention of jet setting carbon billionaire, Al Gore, who lauded William's work with wind energy because it helps with the manufactured climate crisis we supposedly face. Being the charlatan that he is Al Gore jumped on the bandwagon to promote his money making climate scam without considering that it was poverty and starvation that motivated William not melting glaciers or polar bears. (See here)

I feel it my humanitarian duty to offer a solution absolutely free of any charges or expenses. They could use some of the money that is being purloined by EU bureaucrats, fat cat foreign aid professionals and corrupt dictators to pay for William's school fees and those of others, and supply the materials to build windmills.

If Al Gore is serious he can stop his jet setting ways and donate some of his billions to projects that do something tangible to alleviate the condition of poor Africans.

Elsewhere in Africa some genius somewhere has invented the Hippo Roller, a device that increases the amount of water that villagers can transport from the water source to their village making neck and back problems a thing of the past.. Prior to this, women - it's their job to fetch water - would carry a heavy urn of water on their heads for miles several times a day. (See here)

It's most likely a 'foreign aid professional' paid himself and his army of consultants a hefty bonus for thinking that one up. But alas at $35 per roller they are out of reach for many rural Africans who need them the most.

 As with William Kamkwamba's windmills the politicians and the foreign aid professionals could use some of their filthy lucre to finance Hippo Rollers for rural Africans. Better still, they should do the obvious and use some of that loot to install a water pipe from the source to the village. That would save the necks, backs and legs of the ladies from injury and leave them more time to work in the fields, cook, clean and raise their children.

The fact is there has been trillions pumped into African countries since they gained their independence over half a century ago to no avail. It's no coincidence that corrupt African dictators and their cronies have become fabulously wealthy while their citizens have been left in poverty and to endure one humanitarian crisis after another.

It's also a fact that if the people of aid supported Africa were to become prosperous and render foreign aid obsolete the industry that has built up around it would also become obsolete.

The politicians along with the fat cats and corrupt African dictators are not going to let that happen and lose such a lucrative career. These appalling people have no emotions or conscience, they would rather the world's poor remain poor in order that they can keep funding their lavish lifestyles to which they have become accustomed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Socialist

It's become an accepted fact that people who refer to themselves as socialists have the unenviable ability to navigate the wide and crooked path through life with their heads firmly embedded up their nether regions. They are so blind to the obvious it's a wonder they can get out of bed in the morning without walking into the wall.

Regardless of all the evidence around them they persist in trying to justify their perverted ideology as if the world and history are flush with successful socialist states instead of failed poverty stricken tyrannies.

They are unable to acknowledge that the United Soviet of Socialist Republics collapsed due to the inability of state appointed career bureaucrats and party apparatchiks to control economic activity and the markets let alone control human nature and prevent the inherent need to be free.

They are unable to acknowledge that China, North Korea, Zimbabwe and latterly Venezuela, among others, are humanitarian disaster areas because of the imposition of socialist economic policies.

In a rambling, disjointed article in the online forum LabourList, one useful idiot from the British Labour Party demonstrates where his particular head is located by writing "there has never been a better time to be a socialist, because the answers to problems right now are socialist answers. The free market is not providing a solution because it is part of the problem". (See here)

One of the problems he is referring to is the mass immigration disaster whereby millions of third world economic migrants are competing for the jobs of British working people. He failed to mention however that these same economic migrants are also competing for housing, education and health care. They are also given other 'free stuff', including cash benefits which are a further incentive and sucking the taxpayer dry.

He argues that walls and fences won't stop the deluge of economic migrants while the labour market remains unregulated. He is obviously too dumb to realize the correlation between free markets and job creation. He is also not smart enough to realize that job creation increases opportunity for working people and increases the potential for future prosperity.

The American people were recently exposed to what their British cousins have been experiencing for generations when Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, hit the campaign trail as a socialist. As a red herring he referred to himself as a 'democratic socialist' but as we know from history the words 'democratic' and 'socialist' are incompatible and cannot be used to compliment each other.

Sanders went through the entire campaign without once referring to the Soviet Union or the other countries mentioned above and he avoided the word 'Venezuela' like the plague because that particular country was sinking into the abyss of poverty, misery and bloodshed due the very ideology and policies he was selling to the American people.

The socialist policies advocated by Sanders are no different to the policies advocated by the eventual Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, although she avoids using the 'S' world preferring instead to label herself as a 'progressive' in an attempt to disassociate herself from the bloody history of her ideology.

Writing on LabourList pre-Brexit,  a fellow comrade of the party - she really does use the term 'comrade' - going by the name of Chi Onwurah, labels herself as a true internationalist and as a committed Europhile  she saw a 'progressive' European Union as a natural first step towards a Global Socialist State.

She goes on to add that she is not expecting the Global Socialist State any time soon so she will settle for a British one. (See here)

Like the other advocates, she never mentions the Soviet Union, North Korea, Zimbabwe or Venezuela, which was joining the others into the abyss at the very moment they were all on the campaign trail advocating the very same destructive socialist policies.

The sad thing is that there doesn't appear to be anything that can be done to help these people understand the realities of their ideology or to extract their craniums from their colons. Here is a link to twenty quotes on socialism that might help them to understand their folly.

History teaches us that the politicians who advocate socialism never have to suffer the consequences of the disaster they impose on others. They enjoy the wealth and life style of the class they claim to hate and who's eradication they work so hard to bring about.

The sad thing about the deluded ideologues on both sides of the Atlantic, and across the world for that matter, is they have unlimited funding from malevolent power brokers and millions of dedicated followers that could be persuaded to put them into power, in which case may the Lord have mercy on us all.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Eid Greetings - Prime Ministers And Presidents Don't Speak For The People

It has become a custom in the civilized world for the various leaders to send fawning greetings to their respective Muslim communities to mark one festival or another. These greetings include undeserved, sentimental flattery about their contribution to society and paint a picture of peaceful tolerance and co-existence that is at odds reality.

Unelected British Prime Minister, Theresa May, used the occasion of Eid al Adha to give one such reality defying address, the content of which was so sickly and the delivery so cringe worthy it's painful to watch. (See it here)

Due to the culture of imposed political correctness and intimidation the British people keep their council and do not voice their opinions on Islamification overtly. Covertly it is blatantly obvious that the Prime Minister does not speak for the majority of the British people nor do they share her sentiments.

Since the American, Canadian and Australian people are suffering the same destructive and bloody consequences of the Muslim global agenda, President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Turnbull are not speaking for their respective peoples either when they gave their fawning Eid greetings. (See here, here and here)

The truth is that the majority of Muslims hate the western democracies along with their cultures, practices and ways of life, preferring instead to live under barbaric sharia law.

Muslims believe the contents of the Koran and follow the same prophet, Mohammad, so it stands to reason that those that kill in the name of Allah in order to dominate the world are the true followers of Islam while those so called 'moderate Muslims' are committing heresy by not following suit.

The questions that the British people would like addressed by the Muslim community, and Mrs. May, are these; if you hate their culture, practices and their way of life why do you choose Great Britain to migrate into? To those who are born in Great Britain but hate the culture and reject the way of life why do you stay and not emigrate to a country that shares your religion, your culture and tolerate your practices? The same questions apply to America, Canada and Australia.

When all things are considered, Islam and Muslims are not compatible with Great Britain's culture, customs or way of life. The following are just a small sample of the reasons why.

The Muslim community are offended by the fact that the British people eat pork and pork products. Sausages, bacon, black pudding etc. is the traditional British breakfast but Muslims are refusing to handle these products even if it's in their job description to do so because they are supposedly unclean.

A full English breakfast is even more delicious after an evening down the pub where the British people partake of that other ancient custom of drinking a skinful of beer or other alcoholic concoctions.

It's more than just a traditional form of recreation, the British pub is woven into the very fabric of every village, town and city. Those places where the local population have not been displaced that is. Muslims have put booze in the same category as pork and are refusing to handle that also.

British women are liberated and free to make their own choices on every aspect of their lives, this includes choosing the bikini as their preferred attire when visiting the beach. This may not be acceptable to Muslims but it is most definitely not an invitation to sexual assault or rape.

The way that Muslim men treat their women is grossly offensive to the British people but that reality doesn't influence Mrs. May or the political class who label such opinions as 'racist' and 'Islamophobic' They excuse the appalling misogyny that is inherent in Islam by claiming that it's 'cultural enrichment'.

The British people are known as a nation of dog lovers who refer to these lovable creatures as 'man's best friend'. This is in stark contrast to the cruelty they suffer at the hands of cold hearted Muslim dog haters who obviously derive great pleasure from their torture.

In addition to all of this, British parents do not marry off their pre-pubescent daughters to adult relatives such as uncles or cousins. They do not indulge in paedophilia, female genital mutilation, honour killings or public self flagellation in the name of their God.

They do not behead people who do not share their belief systems or seek to subjugate the entire planet under the cruel, uncivilized sharia law.

In conclusion, it's worth stating that Mrs. May is an Islam reality denier who is on record as saying that many Britons would benefit 'greatly' from barbaric sharia law. She is also want to repeat the favourite soundbites of the global political elite such as "Islam is a great global religion of peace" and in tandem with the other western leaders she excuses the bloodshed and barbarity by repeating ad nauseum that "it's nothing to do with Islam" after every Muslim atrocity. (See here)

The fact that Mrs. May made her insensitive and offensive Eid address on the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre, New York, where Muslims murdered almost three thousand innocent Americans in the name of Allah  proves beyond doubt that she is as committed to the Islamification of the western world as Obama, Trudeau and Turnbull as instructed by their UN masters.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

FDR And Truman Worked With Stalin To Destroy A Common Enemy

If people thought the BBC-led mainstream media in Great Britain was biased then they need to take a look at its American counterpart. The Ministry of Disinformation and Propaganda would be a perfect title that would sum up the organizations that not only peddle lies and falsehoods for political ends but also ignores the history of their own country.

The attempts to portray Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, as a danger to peace for suggesting an alliance with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to defeat ISIS is not only puerile but it's insulting the intelligence of informed people across the planet who read this nonsense.

There's nothing new about an American President working with a Russian strongman to defeat a common enemy. Presidents Roosevelt and Truman both worked in an alliance with the communist tyrant Josef Stalin to defeat Nazi Germany.

Before falling for the campaign to smear and ridicule Donald Trump it would be wise to note that President Putin is a venerable saint compared to Stalin who was one of history's biggest mass murderers and who also went on to enslave huge swathes of Europe under his brutal communist yoke for two generations.

It must also be borne in mind that Germany posed no direct territorial threat to the United States unlike ISIS who are using their Islamic State in Iraq and Syria to train, finance and radicalize Muslims to attack and kill Americans on their home soil.

As the mainstream media are using a possible Trump-Putin alliance to ridicule and smear his candidacy, it would be interesting to know if his opponent, Hillary Clinton, considers Presidents Roosevelt and Truman's alliance with Stalin to defeat Nazi Germany were dangers to peace and to American interests abroad during World War II.

While we are on the subject of great historical events it would also be interesting to know if she agrees with President Truman's decision to use atomic weapons to defeat the Japanese, but I digress.

What is obvious is that American foreign policy under President Obama has been an unmitigated disaster which has left the middle east in ruins and facilitated the rise of ISIS which in turn has caused the spread of radical Islam to all corners of the planet.

The choice the American electorate face is one of the status quo which will allow ISIS and radical Islam to entrench itself in the middle east and Africa and continue to spread to the American mainland itself or Mr. Trump's alternative.

In conclusion a word of caution: If Mr. Trump does win and joins with President Putin to defeat ISIS he should take note that although the 4th century BC proverb, " the enemy of my enemy is my friend" still holds true today as it has for over two thousand years, it was tempered by Great Britain's wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, when he added that when supping with the devil be sure to use a long spoon.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Mad Merkel Reminds The British People That She Is Still In Charge

It's been an assertion for some time that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has delusions of grandeur bordering on megalomania that leads her to believe that she has fulfilled the destiny of her infamous predecessors and become the ruler of a European empire.

Her latest outburst declaring that she is in charge of the British government and forbidding them to sign trade deals confirms that assertion to be accurate beyond all doubt.

Every indicator is showing that Great Britain is entering a new golden age of prosperity as a result of the vote to leave the disintegrating European Union and regain the sovereignty that was so ignominiously surrendered by a treacherous political class.

In stark contrast to this the EU has descended into poverty, chaos and violent uprising bordering on civil war under Chancellor Merkel's disastrous leadership.

Her claim that "We're still in charge here!" is not only an indication of her deteriorating mental condition but a calculated insult to the British people who paid a heavy price in blood and treasure to prevent her infamous predecessors from ever seizing control of their government. (See here)

In addition to the economic collapse of the Eurozone countries, Chancellor Merkel's open border mass immigration madness is causing social and cultural collapse which is destroying Europe country by country, including her own Grossergermanisches Reich.

At long last the German electorate are waking up to the disaster that Chancellor Merkel is visiting upon their country and voting accordingly. Apart from the vested interests, the millions of economic migrants and the useful idiots who give her their support, the rest of Europe is praying the German people will do the right thing and consign her either to the dustbin of history or the loony bin.

After a decade in power she has never been closer to defeat. Whether her ouster will be enough to reverse the damage she has done to Germany and Europe only time will tell but the longer they leave her in power the more irreversible that damage will become.

Chancellor Merkel's delusion that she is still in charge along with her persistent issuing of directives and orders is reminiscent of Das Fuhrer who continued to issue orders from the Berlin bunker long after his power had evaporated and facing certain defeat.

Since her accession to power, and for some reason known only to themselves, the past political leadership in Great Britain have been terrified of Chancellor Merkel. The grovelling acquiescence to her every whim and their obeying of every order without question, regardless of the damage she was doing to the British people and their economy, was an embarrassment beyond measure.

The EU's unaccountable bureaucracy, its job killing regulations, its drain on economic resources and above all its policy of mass immigration of third world welfare colonists has already killed off Greece, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sweden and is destabilizing the the other member states to point of civil war.

Armed with trade deals from the world's biggest trading nations, and clear mandate from the people, Great Britain does not need the failed EU or it's overrated single market to thrive and prosper. All it will take is for Prime Minister Theresa May and her government to rediscover the bulldog spirit that defeated Germany in two world wars, stand up to Chancellor Merkel and trigger Article 50 without any further prevarication or delay.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Drugs, Rent Boys And Hypocrisy - Just Another Day In The Swamp

The latest revelations about the so-called Honourable Gentleman, Keith Vaz, is a measure of how deep into the fetid swamp the political class has dragged the once noble vocation of the people's representative. His drug fueled orgies with male prostitutes entitles him a to prominent place on the long list of  drunks, perverts, sexual predators, pedophiles, expense cheats and outright criminals that infest the Mother of Parliaments.

In the not too distant past the words honesty and integrity actually meant something and this vile piece of work would have resigned as soon as his sordid behavior became public knowledge but alas those days are long gone.

The sad part about this whole scandal is that despite his record of sleaze and corruption his colleagues in Parliament from both ends of the political spectrum, including the Speaker of the House, protect him as one of their own. This is regardless of the damage he has done, and continues to do, to Parliament and its fast fading reputation as a hallowed institution.

It is standard practise for sleazy, lying politicians like Vaz to portray themselves as family men/women dedicated to their spouses and children. Some even use their families as props during their election campaigns with the usual spin and puke making slogans such as 'dedicated family man', the bedrock of my life', etc.etc. ad nauseum.

In reality their wives and children are a long way down their list of priorities whereby selfish sexual indulgence and gratification, addiction to power, blind ambition, making money and their bloated egos being at the top.

Keith Vaz obviously wasn't thinking about the wife and kids as he indulged in unprotected sex with young male prostitutes and used poppers to enhance his pleasure, all within spitting distance from the family home.

He wasn't thinking about the law or the integrity of Parliament as he offered to supply illegal Class A drugs to one of the young men in order to entice him to join the orgy.

Vaz is no stranger to controversy, sleaze or corruption and even to this day he refuses to disclose the source of his vast wealth, bearing in mind his day job is representing his constituents with his Parliamentary salary and allowances being his main source of income.

He was censured by Parliament for failing to register payments from a fellow lawyer and was accused by the Parliamentary standards watchdog of obstructing an inquiry into eighteen more charges.

He was involved the passports for money Hinduja scandal, he was suspended from the House for making false allegations against a police officer, he was involved in Auchi scandal involving an Iraqi billionaire, he was involved the expenses scandal and much more.

Vaz was once described by fellow MP, Patrick Mercer as "crook of the first order" adding for good measure that "he had never met an operator like him". (See here)

With a record and reputation so awful one would think that his colleagues in Parliament would keep their distance lest they get tarnished by association but one would be very wrong. They made him Chairman of the powerful and influential Home Affairs Select Committee and he held it until the recent scandal became public.

As an indication of how the modern political class protect each other, the leader of the Labour Party, the far-Left socialist, Jeremy Corbyn, claims that Vaz's sordid behavior is purely a 'personal matter' implying his continued fitness for service.

If deceiving his wife, his children, his constituents and the country at large in such an appalling manner does not invite opprobrium and censure then I don't know what will. Supplying Class A drugs should invite a visit from the police but he'll most likely get away with that also.

As is normal in these situations his wife will be standing by her man even though his extra curricular activities could have infected her with a variety of sexually transmitted diseases including Aids. As a matter of fact she appeared with him in front of the world's press as they attempted to brush off the scandal with a stage managed business-as-usual performance after the scandal was exposed.

Instead of showing remorse or contrition for his vile behavior,Vaz desecrated the Mother of Parliaments by entering the Chamber and questioned the Home Secretary as if drug fueled orgies with rent boys is some how acceptable behavior for a public representative. The man has absolutely no shame whatsoever.

In conclusion, what Keith Vaz does in his personal life is own business but deceiving Parliament and the public at large that he is a dedicated family is not, neither is offering to supply Class A drugs to young men to entice them into depravity.

Since Keith Vaz is not the type of person to do the honourable thing and resign, his party and Parliament should do the job for him to preserve any remaining dignity they may have left.

Parliament should censor him and his Party should withdraw the Whip; all support should also be withdrawn and his constituency party should deselect him forthwith.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brexit In Danger - Europhile PM Theresa May Is Maneuvering To Remain

It's been over seventy days since the British people defied the establishment by voting overwhelmingly to take back the governance of their country from the corrupt political elites based in London, Brussels and New York.

In those seventy days nothing has changed; fifty-five million GBP is still being paid into the EU coffers every day with open border mass immigration and job killing regulations continuing unabated.

All the British people have had from the government so far is the meaningless soundbite 'Brexit means Brexit' repeated ad nauseum combined with endless prevarication and delay.

The result of the Brexit referendum was unequivocal and it was even more remarkable when one considers the campaign to Remain, labelled 'Project Fear', was an appalling tissue of lies and incessant black propaganda designed to stir up hatred and fear in equal measure.

As it stands the result has sent a resounding message to the political elite; some sources are suggesting that had the media been fair and balanced and resources more equal, the margin of victory would have been much larger.

The resignation of disgraced Prime Minster, David Cameron, along with his henchman and Chancellor, George Osborne, paved the way for Theresa May to assume the Premiership and lead the nation out of the increasingly authoritarian and corrupt EU and into the world at large.

The problem for the British people is that Theresa May is herself a life long Europhile and a participant in Project Fear. Europhiles are notorious for being fanatically dedicated to the United States of Europe project so it would take a 'road to Damascus' conversion for Mrs. May to suddenly embrace Brexit.

Since her coronation as Prime Minister - she was not elected by popular vote but appointed by her overwhelmingly Europhile party - Mrs. May has done nothing to progress the Brexit procedure or to convince the British people she is serious about fulfilling her mandate.

Her first action was to form a government consisting of eighteen Europhiles and only four Brexit supporters, one of which has sat on both sides of the European Union fence.

Her subsequent actions did not inspire confidence either; a visit to the fanatical Europhile leader of the Scottish Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon and secondly a visit to the obviously unstable Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who graciously took time off from destroying European civilization to grant her an audience.

After their respective meetings with Mrs. May both these leaders felt confident enough to be dictating the terms of the Brexit negotiations and what Great Britain's future relationship with Europe will be. In addition Ms. Sturgeon announced that she would have a veto over whether Brexit actually happens or not.

"Brexit means Brexit" was Mrs. May's only response.

Mrs. May initially announced that the two year long procedure to leave the EU, known as Article 50, will not be triggered any time soon. This was modified to early next year and modified again until after the French general election which is scheduled for May 2017.

Mrs. May's commitment to Brexit was put further into doubt when members of her government suggested that Article 50 should be delayed until after the German general election which takes place in August 2017. Apparently this is so her Brexit teams will know who they will be negotiating with.

In a display of utter contempt for the British people, especially the seventeen million voters who voted for Brexit, Mrs. May has announced that aforementioned Europhile, Nicola Sturgeon will have a seat at the negotiating table along with one of the architects of Project Fear and George Osborne henchman, James Chapman. (See here and here)

Noticeably absent from Mr's May's Brexit teams are anyone from the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) who were responsible for getting the referendum in the first place and achieving the successful Brexit vote.

Many of these pro-British politicians, including their leader Nigel Farage, have been dealing with the EU bureaucrats for decades and subsequently they know the intricacies of EU procedures and operations. This knowledge is invaluable and their experience should make them an automatic choice.

Instead Mrs. May and her teams are using career civil servants who themselves are obsessive Europhiles.

In the meantime while Mrs. May deliberately prevaricates and delays the Brexit process, Project Fear is continuing apace with the taxpayer funded BBC leading the mainstream media charge. Every negative topic from so called racism and mythical hate crimes to beer prices and climate change are being blamed on Brexit.

In an act of jaw dropping imbecility Labour elder stateswomen, Baroness Tessa Jowell, even claimed that the Olympic medal count at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will collapse due to Brexit. (See here)

Unfortunately, unrelenting propaganda is effective and the longer people are exposed to it the likelihood of them being persuaded to change their minds is vastly increased.

To sum up: Knowing the duplicitous nature of the modern political class combined with their ruthless dedication to their agenda, it is not beyond belief that Mrs. May is engineering a fix for Great Britain to remain entwined with the EU in some shape or form.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that prevarication and delays for another two years without a moratorium on fees, immigration and regulations will make Brexit more complex and therefore more difficult to achieve.

All the indications are that Great Britain is booming with a bright future ahead while the EU is collapsing into poverty and chaos before our very eyes. Further prevarication will only damage the country further so there can be no justifiable reason to delay initiating Article 50 any longer.

Mrs. May and the Europhiles will never willingly abandon the EU project and definitely not for referendum vote.

A stitch-up comprising of a looser arrangement whereby access to the single market will be agreed for a fee and a minor time limited concession on mass immigration. All this of course can be revised at some point in the future when the project can be resumed and the goal of a post democratic superstate finally realized.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Celebrities For Socialism - Barbra Streisand To Join The Exodus

Americans will be crying in their Budweisers today with the news that superannuated singer and actress, Barbra Streisand is joining the celebrity exodus should Donald Trump succeed in his bid to become the 45th President of the USA.

Whether these will be tears of joy or sadness is dependent upon one's intellectual level and political point of view. It is also dependent on whether one would miss such a gigantic hypocrite who rails against a political system that facilitated her accumulation of a massive fortune and who advocates a system that always results in poverty, misery and bloodshed for the masses.

Streisand is one of a long line of wealthy celebrity hypocrites who have threatened to leave the land of the free should the people fail to elect Hillary Clinton, a sociopath who lies incessantly to get her way and does so with little concern for others.

Bearing in mind that Clinton was so broke and indebted when she left the White House she had to nick the spoons and some furniture, she's done very well and accumulated a massive fortune herself despite not having a proper job in the real world.

There's nothing preventing them from putting into practice what they preach so one has to question the sincerity of Clinton, Streisand and the rest of the wealthy celebrity socialists when they rant on about income inequality, high taxes and wealth redistribution.

Ms. Streisand has joined other wealthy Tinsletown ingrates such as Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Simone along with Samuel L. Jackson who has promised to 'move his black a*s to South Africa' should Mr. Trump win in November. (See here)

Should they accept her, Ms. Streisand's preferred destination is far away Australia and failing that, a trek of nine hundred and fifty miles to Canada; It's worth noting that despite its close proximity to her humble abode in Malibu there's no mention of her crossing the southern border to Mexico or joining her ideological soulmates in Venezuela.

The silence is deafening from Ms. Streisand, Sean Penn and the rest of her fellow Hollywood champagne socialists as the victims of their ideology suffer the predicted poverty, hunger and misery along with increasingly violent civil strife. Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone are nowhere to be seen as the Venezuelan people suffer. (See here)

It's worth mentioning in passing that the world's most expensive, surgically altered carcass that goes by the name of Cher is taking herself off to Jupiter should Trump win. That is if she holds together during the take-off vibration.

One of the benefits of being born in the land of free is that people like Ms. Streisand and her fellow ingrates can cash in on their talent, albeit for acting and singing, and accumulate vast fortunes off the backs of the ordinary movie and concert going public.

Unlike the unfortunates that live under the socialist yoke, other benefits include the freedom to speak their minds no matter how much bovine excrement issues forth and the freedom to leave the country if it no longer meets their ideological requirements.

In a show of solidarity with her ideological soulmates, if Mr. Trump wins in November it will be incumbent upon Ms. Streisand to follow through on her threat and head to LAX where tickets to Caracas are available at a bargain seven hundred bucks and maybe she can take Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of her pals with her.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tyranny Has Arrived When Reporting The Truth Is A Crime

It's an historical fact that tyrannies throughout the ages have seized power and sustained themselves in part by controlling the information disseminated to the people.

Liberty and democracy on the other hand have been sustained in part by freedom of speech and access to information from a variety of diverse sources; these freedoms have been a basic human right in western democracies for centuries.

The last time these rights came under serious threat in the free world was during World War II when Germany's Third Reich overran Europe and imposed censorship to control all information combined with propaganda to misinform and control the people.

Propaganda on it's own can be countered and ridiculed but combined with rigidly controlled censorship it's an effective and deadly weapon that threatens the very existence of liberty and democracy.

Looking at recent and current totalitarian regimes, from the old Soviet Union and its European vassal states to China and North Korea, history also teaches us that censorship has to be rigidly enforced to be effective with severe penalties, including death, for anyone disseminating unapproved, unregulated information from outside official channels.

It's a measure of how far the western democracies have drifted into tyranny when censorship is being routinely used to control the information available to people and propaganda is being used to create mythical images which bear no resemblance to reality.

The leaders of the western democracies have embraced a regime of censorship and propaganda with extraordinary enthusiasm and routinely lie to the people with no shame or conscience whatsoever.

As mentioned earlier, censorship combined with propaganda was an effective tool for the authoritarian regimes from recent history but the modern tyrants of today have gone one step further. They have added one-way hate crimes into the mix to threaten and intimidate any individuals or organizations that dare to tell the truth.

Despite attempts to censor the truth, news of the New Years Eve mass sexual assaults and rapes perpetrated by Muslim immigrants across Germany made it into the public domain but the extent of the scandal did not. Horrific gang rapes by so called 'refugees' are happening all across Europe but they go unreported by the mainstream media. ( Read about the scandal here)

News that opposition to mass immigration is pushing Europe toward a full blown civil war as reported by a Swiss army chief is also censored. (See here)

Only days ago in an act of uncharacteristic candor, America's 'progressive' Secretary of State, John Kerry, put his authoritarian instincts on full display when he opined that the media should not report the truth about Muslim terrorism so that the people - that's you and I - 'wouldn't know whats going on'. (See here)

The Internet and social media pose the biggest threat to government control of public information and exposes the images created by their propaganda machinery as fraudulent and designed to deceive.

This relatively new cyber media has enlightened the masses to the fact that they are being systematically lied to and fed fabricated stories with the intention of creating an image that is at odds with reality.

The global ruling elite have responded to this threat by resorting to their inherent authoritarian instincts; they are using their power to pressure Internet and social media providers to censor news and unregulated opinion. Among others, the German government is piling the pressure on
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to censor more content. (See here)

The same pressure is being applied to the CEO's of Twitter, Google, Yahoo and all other alternative media providers.

Incidentally, in a move that would have disastrous repercussions for freedom of speech and liberty across the planet, it is being proposed that stewardship of the Internet should be surrendered by the United States to the United Nations at the end of September 2016. Global censorship would surely follow. (See here)

Free thinkers and dissenters beware, the moment in history has arrived whereby intimidation and persecution much loved by repressive regimes throughout history has finally arrived in the western democracies.

The invention of so called 'hate crimes' has empowered the ruling elite to crush freedom of speech and unregulated opinion by using law enforcement and the justice system to prosecute and punish dissenters. (Read about London's Muslim Mayor Introducing Thought Police here)

(British anti-trolling Twitter police here)

Things have taken a turn for the worse in the land of the free where the descent into totalitarianism and third world mediocrity continues apace. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is supposed to be an inalienable right but not in the new fundamentally transformed America.

In a display of utter contempt for the American people and their Constitution, the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has admitted without shame that she has discussed with seventeen other Attorney's General prosecuting those insultingly referred to as 'climate change deniers'. (See here)

In one of the most totalitarian moves so far for a so called western democracy, Sweden has not only criminalized any criticism of immigration but also their politician's unwillingness to tackle the issue. (See here)

In conclusion, the famous quote from the British journalist and author, George Orwell's novel, 1984,  about a future totalitarian socialist state highlights the brainwashing effect of censorship and propaganda perfectly: War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength.