Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Pope Changes Attitude To LGBT's - Gays Replacing Giant Panda As The Global Mascot

Many people are at a loss to understand why with all the problems facing mankind such as hunger disease, poverty, terrorism etc. the worlds leaders are obsessing about homosexuality. When the spiritual leader of South Africa's Christian community, Desmond Tutu, declared that he would rather go to Hell than a homophobic Heaven, it had the effect of triggering a response from the Pope himself.

After addressing three million loyal followers in Brazil, the Pope, not to be outdone by a former Archbishop, signaled a change in his attitude and, by extension the Catholic church, to homosexuality.

The Pope has now joined the global political elite who appear to have nothing better to do than spend their valuable time on a tiny minority of people who have been denied by accident of creation the normal attractions intended by nature.

Judging by the amount of global publicity given to this exclusive group one would think that the image of a gay couple will shortly replace the giant panda or the polar bear as the worlds most recognizable icon.

It is obvious that sexuality is the latest trendy cause to be adopted by the global 'progressive' elite now that the 'Combating Climate Change' hysteria is cooling along with the planet.

Leaders around the western world are tripping over themselves to fall into line with homosexual marriage legislation, from France's socialist imbecile, Francois Hollande, and Great Britain's media created David Cameron, to the so called leader of the free world and increasingly tyrannical, Barack Obama.

David Cameron flushed with success has had a sudden rush of blood to the head and is sending his gay marriage legislation team on a global mission to force all countries to pass similar legislation.

The world is waiting with mouth watering anticipation to witness his teams efforts in the Muslim world.

While the Pope and the former Archbishop Tutu are coming out and western leaders are bending over backwards for the homosexual cause, other deserving minorities, and more pressing problems, are being ignored.

One would have thought that these two religious leaders would spend their time preventing Christians  being massacred in ever increasing numbers around the world or preventing Tibetan culture from being eradicated by the Chinese.

Next door to Desmond Tutu's crime ridden rainbow nation, Robert Mugabe has been indulging in an orgy of rape, murder and oppression in Zimbabwe with hardly a word from him. Where were the UN and the western leaders when Mugabe was on his murderous rampage for thirty three years?

The same goes for other tragedies around the world where these leaders could better spend their time and talents in addition this tiny minority.

The biggest issue that should be of concern to everyone is that none of these charlatans has a mandate to impose the biggest social change ever on their respective populations. These changes were imposed ignoring all opposition from wherever it came.

There are many questions that remain unanswered:

How come this rush to legislation is taking part all over the western world simultaneously?

This is a global initiative that was decided behind closed doors. Who decided and where?

Who is co-ordinating this legislative charge, is it the UN, the G8, the G20, the EU or some other shady group?

Why was this massive social change not put to the various people's via referendums?

To thinking people this issue is not only about homosexuality or gay marriage but the ability of a minority of elite politicians to co-ordinate massive social change via legislation, on a global scale, without the consent of the people.

This action is not the precursor to global government by a secretive elite but a clear demonstration that an elite can impose massive social change on the western world at will and without recourse to then people.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Trashing Of London - Mass Immigration And The EU Agenda

Any mention of the government's open border mass immigration policy is usually accompanied by a deluge of abuse, smears and cries of racism from the usual quarters, including the grievance and self loathing industries. These smears have been overused and are now ineffective, people have lost their fear of being smeared as a racist and this is causing panic in government circles.

The decision to replace the traditional British Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture was taken many years ago by a so called 'progressive' elite from what is now the European Union.

This was agreed to by collaborators from the British Labour Party and the wider political establishment who, like their continental partners, believe that Europe needed transforming from the old class based nation states, which were supposedly riddled with inequalities, to a new post democratic, egalitarian super state where inequality was to be abolished along with representative democracy and the same nation states.

They knew this would be unacceptable to the peoples of Europe therefore they instituted a stealth cultural replacement agenda facilitated by open border mass immigration. This agenda was enforced by rigorously policing political correctness, coupled with one of the biggest smear campaigns in modern history.

The British public are only now beginning to realize that there is cross party collaboration in this cultural replacement project. All three of the legacy party leaders, and the majority of the political establishment, are of one mind when it comes to the post democratic United States of Europe.

It has been a continuing assertion on this site that the political elite do not suffer the consequences of the policies they impose on the rest of the people. The shocking sight of immigrant camps at some of London's most iconic landmarks and the trashing of the capital city doesn't seem to bother them, they couldn't care less because the only time they clap their eyes on this mess is from the back of their taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven limousine.

Politicians ignore the anger of shopkeepers at London's iconic Marble Arch where Romanian beggars and criminal gangs are blighting the lives of shoppers and business people alike.

The fact that the capital city of this once great nation is being systematically trashed and turned into a crime infested cesspit doesn't seem to bother these Quislings as much as the thought of losing power and their taxpayer funded life of luxury along with it.

The people losing their fear of being smeared as racist, combined with the rise of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has put the political class into a something of a panic. They are reduced to making futile public gestures and promises they have no intention of keeping.

Great Britain's appalling media created Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy, Nick Clegg, are both committed to the European Union superstate project, therefore they will say or promise anything to keep it on track and to curry favour with their bosses in Brussels.

When David Cameron promised to make it harder for economic migrants to enter the country by making public services more difficult to access he was roundly rebuked by his EU controllers.

While Cameron and his cronies are promising to make it harder for immigrants to take jobs that should help alleviate unemployment for the dispossessed British worker, they are being made to look complete fools by their bosses in the EU who are offering companies one thousand pound cash bribes to take on foreign workers ahead of British ones.

Cameron and his cronies have no response to these Eurocrats who are now in almost total control of the British government machine.

Cameron and the government knew before they embarked on the Park Lane Romanian beggars
camp eviction that it was a publicity stunt carried out with public relations in mind and to spike the guns of Dissenters and UKIP alike.

Everybody and his uncle also knew that the beggars and criminals would return to their camp no sooner than they were supposedly evicted. Those of the beggars and criminals who were given a taxpayer funded tickets back to Romania have indicated their intention to return to London at the earliest opportunity.

The politicians know, and the informed public know, that because they have handed over British sovereignty to the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels, they are powerless to act in the interests of the British people.

This disaster is nothing compared to what is coming in the very near future. As the informed British people are well aware, this appalling scenario is taking place at a time when controls are in place to restrict Romanian and Bulgarian immigration into Great Britain. These controls must be lifted on January1st 2014 and at this point the torrent will be unleashed.

Tens of thousands of Bulgarians have indicated their intention to join tens of thousands more Romanians headed for British shores to join in the orgy of criminal activity and welfare benefit handouts.

The British political class and their establishment cronies have made it absolutely clear that the trashing of London and the replacement of the tradition British Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture with mono-cultural ghettos at the behest of the Eurocrats, will continue apace. They sense that victory is almost at hand and the long planned post democratic United States of Europe will be a fact.

They are also aware that one in four babies born in Great Britain are fathered by someone from overseas, therefore January 1st is the tipping point from which there is unlikely to be a return for the British people and their unique culture.

Looking at the political scene it would appear that UKIP is the last chance saloon for the British people, whether the low information voters can give up their addiction to tribal voting will be crucial and remains to be seen.

Monday, July 29, 2013

NHS Kills MP's Husband - She Must Accept Responsibility For His Demise

The death of a loved one is always a traumatic experience but when that death is avoidable and happens under the most appalling of circumstances then it makes bereavement even harder to bear.

Such was the passing of Owen Roberts, husband of veteran Labour MP Ann Clwyd, who suffered from MS and died of hospital acquired pneumonia. He lay ignored and treated without compassion in an overspill area of a NHS hospital in Cardiff. An overspill area is normally a trolley or gurney placed in a corridor out of public view where patients can be ignored for hours, in this case twenty seven hours, without attracting any negative publicity to which the NHS is highly sensitive.

Those without any knowledge of the British National Health Service, universally known as the NHS, will be shocked to learn that this lethal disaster is far from being the British people's "most cherished institution and the envy of the world" as it is portrayed by the continuous outpouring of propaganda in the agenda driven media and led by the state controlled BBC.

The majority of people have no choice but to put their trust in the NHS despite the fact that thousands of people die needlessly each year because of its incompetence, lack of care and outright criminal neglect. There is a labyrinthine complaints procedure which could only have been devised by a bureaucrat to justify employment for other bureaucrats, but rarely does it engender any change of culture.

The reason why the NHS is considered unchangeable and above reproach is the fact that it forms the centerpiece of Great Britain's post war socialist state. If the NHS is seen as a failure then the justification for the state to run or to interfere any other institution is lost.

The Labour Party, including Ann Clwyd, will not countenance any criticism or reform of the NHS, despite the fact that its inefficiency, lack of care and criminal negligence results in the avoidable deaths of thousands, including up to one hundred and thirty thousand elderly people, every year including that of her husband.

Ann Clwyd has fought and voted against every attempt at NHS reform no matter how minor that reform may be.

The appalling state of the NHS today lies at the door of the Labour Party and Ann Clwyd. They have stood by as the NHS and its hospitals have degenerated into nothing more than filth infested death houses. The thousands of avoidable deaths by hospital acquired superbugs, such as MRSA and C. Deficile, were the result of a decline in standards of basic cleanliness. Cleaning and monitoring of standards is apparently below the dignity of the highly trained hospital staff.

The Mid Staffs hospitals death scandal, where up to twelve hundred patients died through neglect, has merely highlighted the fact that death in NHS hospitals is not confined to that one area alone. Fourteen hospital trusts and eleven other hospitals are being run under special measures due to an unacceptably high avoidable death rate.

Reasonable people would have thought that one avoidable death is unacceptably high but we are discussing the detached political class here. It must also be noted that up until now not single person has been dismissed let alone been prosecuted for this appalling loss of life. This surely must be considered as manslaughter at the very least. Heads would have rolled and the courts kept busy if a loss of life on this scale had taken place in the private sector.

Ann Clwyd reveals that her husband "was treated like a battery hen, he was treated with coldness, indifference and contempt by NHS staff who didn't care". She went to share her experience by adding that: " I did feel that it was very difficult to speak to nursing staff. In fact the night before he died I stopped a nurse in the corridor and asked why he wasn't in Intensive Care and she brushed me aside and said that 'there are lot worse than he is', and walked on".

A GP friend of Ann Clwyd told her that Owen was not properly treated or investigated. Why has this particular nurse not been identified, dismissed and prosecuted?

The local health board has apologized unreservedly and said that the failings were unacceptable. That's alright then, that should make Ann feel a lot better. Describing these abuses as failings is an admission guilt therefore someone must be prosecuted.

If nursing staff can treat a high profile long term Member of Parliament with such disdain, what chance has an ordinary member of the public got of being listened to?

Ann Clwyd's experience at the hands of the NHS is heart rending but not unique, it happens every day to hundreds of others who do not have the access to the media that she has. In fact Ann Clwyd and her Labour Party colleagues deliberately suppressed any evidence of wrong doing specifically to protect the image of the NHS.

They set up the Care Quality Commission (CQC) supposedly to monitor and raise standards in NHS hospitals then proceeded to pack it with like minded agenda driven cronies who suppressed reports into hospital performance and even into its own performance as a regulator. The CQC was set up as a sop to the public and to give the appearance that the Labour government 'cares' about the people's well being. In reality it was nothing more than a front to protect the image of the NHS.

Criticism of the NHS is not tolerated and whistleblowers are either paid off with an associated gagging order or are abused and bullied to point of submission. Whistleblower Julie Bailey received death threats, had her business ruined and was eventually run out of town for having the temerity to expose the NHS failings which resulted in the death of her mother. In an act of unsurpassed vileness, which serves to demonstrate the depths to which some ideologues will sink, they desecrated the grave of Julie's mother for good measure.

Ann Clwyd is the poster girl for the ideologically driven socialist operative that we have become all too familiar with and had the people of her constituency in Cynon Valley possessed and ounce of common sense, she would have been replaced years ago. A career politician with no experience in the real world, she got herself elected and did what most MP's do, she shunted her constituents to one side and set about her personal agenda which consisted of international issues including dispersing foreign aid.

The people of her constituency are just as deprived now as they were before her election in 1984. That's twenty nine years as their representative which does not include two years on the taxpayer funded European Union gravy train as an Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

She painted herself into a corner with her unflinching support for the current NHS and opposing any attempt at reform. She could have put her husband into a private hospital and taken the inevitable screams of hypocrisy on the chin. After all, this kind of hypocrisy is not without precedent in the Labour Party as demonstrated by Phony Tony Blair and Dianne Abbot, to name but a few, who educated their own children under an elitist system that they claim to despite and which they deny to others.

If it was proven without any shadow of a doubt that reforming the NHS would deliver better health outcomes and save lives, Ann Clwyd and the Labour Party will oppose it. They believe that only state must provide healthcare no matter what the disastrous consequences are for the lives of the sick.

To Ann Clwyd, as with all modern 'progressives', ideological purity comes before human life even if it's that of her husband.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anthony Weiner, Chris Huhne etc. - The Debased Political Class And Public Ignorance

When future generations look back and try to ascertain the reasons for the downfall of Great Britain, the USA and the rest of the Western world, they need look no further than the appalling standard of representatives the people chose for public office.

A growing number of people believe that in Great Britain the end of honesty in political campaigning came in the 1970's when deceit and outright lying for political ends was tried, tested and subsequently adopted as an electoral tactic.

Even the post war Labour government of 1945 didn't disguise the fact that they were going to fundamentally transform Great Britain by using mass nationalization as a means to create a socialist society. This turned out to be a social and economic disaster and the government were voted out at the first opportunity. Lessons were learned and the Labour Party were not so open about their intentions in future election campaigns.

The first experience of this kind of deceit for the current generation was the referendum campaign for Great Britain to join what was then the Common Market. This was the testing ground for a new set of tactics in modern political campaigning.

This campaign consisted of deliberately disguising the truth then robustly dismissing critics who pointed out the truth as out of touch or xenophobic.

The cross party 'Yes' campaign portrayed the Common Market as nothing other than a benign trade agreement and anyone suggesting that it was the precursor to a federal European superstate were roundly dismissed as fear mongers and little Englanders.

The second referendum campaign was a total outrage. This referendum came about because the British public were not totally convinced that sharing sovereignty was a good idea therefore the socialist government of Harold Wilson promised a renegotiation and subsequent referendum. (This is exactly the same as what Cameron is offering today). The renegotiation was a complete sham just as the next one will be should it even take place.

This was the campaign where honesty ended and where lying, smearing and demonizing opponents became embedded in the political system. The 'Yes' campaign knew then that the ultimate aim was a post democratic federal superstate but they vehemently denied it and doubled down on the smearing of opponents who spoke the truth.

The true nature of the European Union today is there for all to see and the people can decide for themselves who was lying and who was not.

There was brief hiatus in political deceit during the 80's and 90's but the tactics came back with a vengeance during the general election campaign of 1997. The Labour Party campaign saw the emergence of spin doctors, media management professionals, centrally dictated 'lines to take' and instant rebuttal units that are all now part of today's political life.

Modern day politicians lie and cheat as a matter of course and the people are equally guilty by falling for it every time they do it. The truth is that having the ability to lie, cheat and deceive is now becoming a mandatory requirement for elective office.

Politicians undergo various kinds of media management training, often at public expense, continually throughout their political lives. This reinforces the skills that they already have of saying one thing in public, meaning something totally different, keeping a completely straight face then denying they said it a week later.

The two excellent examples of this debased political class are the disgraced former US Senator Anthony Weiner and the disgraced former British government minister Chris Huhne.

Weiner is a 'progressive' creep of the very highest order who, being obsessed with power and in possession of an extremely bloated ego, was a serial sex pest toward young girls, some of whom were total strangers. He is also a compulsive liar who proceeded to shamelessly mislead the American public and the worlds media after his perversion was found out.

After his resignation, some therapy and a mea culpa, his loyal wife publicly stood by her man only to discover he wasn't sorry at all and had not changed in the slightest, he is still the sleazy, lying pervert he always was.

This should be the end of Weiner but in the fashion we've become accustomed to he cannot let go of the public teat or political power nor, sadly, can the public resist his dubious charms. He has entered the race for Mayor of New York and he does have some public support.

Who these people are that would even consider voting for this odious lying creep is a mystery and should he succeed then the reason for the downfall of the once mighty United States will become a little more apparent.

Things are no better in Great Britain where a minister at the heart of government turned out to be as big an odious, lying creep as Anthony Weiner.

Chris Huhne was the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, (Yes, the British really do have a Minister for Climate Change) who used his family as the foundation for his election campaign. While Huhne was claiming his wife and children were the bedrock of his life, he was having an affair with his press agent who was herself already in a civil partnership with her lesbian lover.

Serial liar Huhne and his long suffering wife finally went to jail for lying over some speeding points that his wife claimed he bullied her into taking on her licence.

Huhne's boy/girlfriend, like Mrs Weiner, is publicly standing by her man and who knows, perhaps Huhne will run for public office when the news cycle moves on and heat has died down.

Huhne and Weiner are typical modern day politicians who are well schooled in the art of shameless lying. Legislative bodies around the world are overflowing with these debased wretches and the people cannot seem to see through the fa├žade. They are fooled time and again by their practiced rhetorical skills and phony choreographed election campaigns.

These debased characters combined with the public's inability to see them for what they are, will signal the end of any prospects for a return to sanity and civilized standards for the slowly degrading Western world.

For the record: Great Britain has its own political exhibitionist, Chris Bryant, the Honourable Member for Rhondda, who debases politics by trawling for sex on homosexual websites dressed only in his Y fronts. This odious creature is an embarrassment to Wales and Great Britain but this won't affect his electoral chances. The indoctrinated electorate of Rhondda Cynon Taf are not very far removed from the brain dead supporters of Anthony Weiner in New York City.

More on Huhne and lying politicians here.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Compensation For Slavery - Caribbean Islanders Join The Mau Mau Gravy Train

It didn't take long after the British government caved in to international pressure and agreed to compensate the Mau Mau butchers of Kenya for the descendants of other so called 'victims' of the naughty British to jump on the easy money gravy train.

After the success of the Mau Mau terrorists using distorted history to drum up support amongst the professional international grievance industry, the leaders of twelve Caribbean countries were not slow to spot an opportunity to make some easy money. They have banded together and formed the Caribbean Community with a view to using the so called 'Mau Mau model' to extort a bit of loot of their own.

The Caribbean grievance mongers haven't got off to a very good start as the 'Mau Mau model' is based on allegations of torture and physical abuse as opposed to "the lingering legacy of slavery".

The allegations of abuse are a bit rich coming from the Mau Mau who were notorious for their brutality, not only against the British but against innocent civilians from their own people.

The British government, led by Foreign Secretary William Haig, either didn't do history at school or he is deliberately ignoring it in order to curry favour with the professional international grievance industry.

As with any uprising, the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya was a brutal affair with atrocities committed on both sides.  The Mau Mau however are acknowledged to have surpassed brutality even by African standards. They paid particular attention to women, children and old people for rape, mutilations and torture before death. Burning victims alive was another favourite pastime.

It would appear that William Haig, better known as 'Little Willie Squit' in his hometown, has chosen to ignore the survivors of the Lari and Chuka massacres, to name but two, in an act of appeasement over justice.

As was predicted by everyone outside of the political bubble, agreeing to pay compensation for perceived historical wrongs would set a precedent and open the floodgates to anyone with a grievance, real or imagined, to take the opportunity to gouge the British taxpayers for some easy money.

If the principle is to give cash compensation to the victims of physical abuse then it would be in order for the British government to share the 20 million they plan to give to the Mau Mau killers with their victims. Surely the grievance industry would not object to that.

In keeping with the principle of paying compensation to the victims of physical abuse in Kenya, it has been suggested that not a penny is handed over until the Kenyan government pays cash compensation to the victims and survivors of its own atrocities.

There are plenty to choose from including the Gorrissa massacre of 1980 and the Wagalla massacre of 1984 where 3,000 and 5,000 ethnic Somali villagers were butchered by Kenyan government troops.

Now the precedent is set for paying compensation to victims of death and abuse, we can look forward to the professional grievance industry demanding that their approved terrorist organisations follow the same rules :

a) the Palestinians pay the victims of the Lod Airport massacre of 26 innocents in 1972

b) Palestinians pay for the Ma'alot massacre of 29 Arab Christian women in 1974

c) the Tamil Tigers pay for the Anuradhapura massacre of 146 Buddhist nuns and monks in 1985 who were at prayer in a sacred shrine at the time.

The list of grievance hypocrisy is endless.

The claim for compensation by the Caribbean Community should be seen for what it is. An attempt by venal politicians and the legal vultures to extort money from a craven, cowardly government, that is more concerned with its international 'progressive' reputation than justice for the British taxpayer.

There is no "lingering legacy of slavery" in the Caribbean. It is surprising that Little Willie Squit doesn't know the history of slavery despite being the author of a best selling biography of William Wilberforce, the man accredited with abolishing the slave trade.

If there is poverty in these Caribbean Island paradises then it's the incompetence, corruption and criminality among the people and their leaders that is responsible and nothing to do with the events of 200 years ago.

The proposal to abolish the slave trade was put forward first in 1787 and then again in 1807. It was passed into law in 1833. The Caribbean Islands the British left behind were already developed, if they are in under-developed state today then the blame lies squarely with the Caribbean people themselves.

It's a mystery to many how some of these beautifully situated, fertile paradise islands can end up as the crime infested cesspits that they are today. The consensus is that they wouldn't be in this state if the British were still there.

As with the Mau Mau precedence, if these money grabbers are successful then the world can look forward to the professional grievance industry pushing for the Romans to compensate for British slavery, the Arabs for enslaving Africans, Africans for enslaving other Africans, the Turks for enslaving the Greeks and above all, the most famous cases of slavery in history, the Egyptians and the Babylonians for enslaving the Jews.

The assertion that the Caribbean slave trade generated the wealth which is the basis for Britain's prosperity today is utter nonsense. The Caribbean industries represented a mere five percent of the British economy and my ancestors didn't see a penny of it.

In conclusion it's worth noting some quotes from two African leaders who were against abolition of the slave trade.

"the slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and glory of their wealth"

King Geco of Dahomey

"we think this trade should go on. That is the verdict of our oracle and priests. They say that your country, however great, can never stop a trade ordained by God himself".

The King of Bony (now Nigeria) who was horrified at the Bill to abolish slavery in 1807.

It would appear that the people of Dahomey and Nigeria will be asked to cough up for their brothers and sisters suffering "the lingering legacy of slavery" among the palm trees on their sun drenched Caribbean Island prison.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

British PM To Export Gay Marriage - No Word Yet From The Muslim World

If people around the world needed confirmation that Great Britain has become a global laughing stock, then the latest announcement by its obviously loony Prime Minister is it.

The utter contempt that the media created, self confessed 'progressive', David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, has for the British people is on display with his latest public pandering to the minority LGBT community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

At a reception thrown for this minority community at the PM's residence 'Dave' spoke about his pride at legalizing same sex marriage after promising to do so by 2015 at a similar reception a year ago. He thanked the ministers and civil servants who steamrollered this legislation through Parliament despite objections from members of his own party and the majority of the British people, who incidentally, were not consulted on this major social change.

It appears that the dire problems facing the vast majority of the British people have a lower priority than the demands of a minuscule number of homosexuals and other deviants. If 'Dave' can push this unasked for legislation through Parliamnt in twelve months there is no reason why he cannot push through other more desperately needed legislation.

While 'Dave' is indulging the minority LGBT community, he is ignoring the majority's overwhelming demand for an immediate referendum on membership of the hated European Union. In a show of absolute contempt he has made a vague promise for 2017 and only if he is re-elected to office.

There is an urgent need for tax reform legislation to help grow the moribund economy.

Sexuality politics are not confined to 'Dave' and his fellow 'progressives' from the Metropolitan elite who hijacked the Conservative Party and usurped power in Great Britain. LGBT hysteria has taken hold in the USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the developed world. Its the new trendy issue among the global elite who are determined to transform Western society without consulting the people.

The global political elite are falling over themselves to demonstrate just who is the most
'progressive'. At the top of the batting order, 'Dave' is starting to overtake the busted flush Obama who's star is waning after a series of epic failures that has exposed him as the socialist charlatan he always was.

Flush with success at home, 'Dave' is now taking his battle overseas. Unbeknown to the people and in their total embarrassment he has unilaterally announced that Great Britain is "the best place to be gay, lesbian or transgender anywhere in Europe". He now wants to 'export' same sex marriage around the world so other countries can follow suit.

He has told the team that steamrollered this legislation through Parliament, now known as 'the Bill Team', that he is reassigning them in order to get Parliaments around the world to do the same.

It would appear that 'Dave is enjoying strutting across the world stage. His rapidly expanding ego is beginning to get the better of him as he states that "all over the world people would have been watching this piece of legislation and we've set something of an example of how to pass good legislation in good time".

Coming from a supposedly well educated Prime Minister this sort of nonsense is worryingly delusional.

People all over the developing word are not watching this legislation, they are trying to exist from day to day. People in the developed world are not watching this legislation, they are watching their living standards plummet and their countries being deliberately downgraded in the interests of global equality.

People in the Muslim world may be watching this legislation but not for the reasons 'Dave' thinks.

To confirm that 'Dave' is losing his marbles he goes on to claim that "many countries are going to want to copy this. And as you know, I talk about the global race, about how we've got to export more and sell more so I'm going to export 'The Bill Team'. I think they can be part of this global race and take it (gay marriage) around the world".

It would be interesting to know the travel arrangements 'Dave' has made for 'The Bill Team' so that we can follow their progress as they export his gay marriage legislation to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc. etc.

'Call Me Dave' is demonstrating by the day, that he is not interested in the views of his party or the British people at large. He is displaying the arrogance and egotistical behavior of his predecessor Phony Tony Blair, by following his personal agenda and that of his fellow 'progressives' who believe they know what's best for the people.


The LGBT agenda is not always as harmless as we are being led to believe. It is not a simple matter of people of the same sex being attracted to each other. As 'Dave' and his fellow 'progressives' try to sell LGBT behavior as natural and normal, it can result in impressionable people harming the children they should be protecting.

Sexual orientation is a natural process which is sometimes in the balance but is usually set by mid teens. For parents to allow a child to decide its sexuality at 6 years old is criminal abuse.

A couple from Maryland are allowing their daughter to live as boy because she wants to. This is nothing new and it as been handled in the past, but talking about using puberty suppressors to facilitate gender choice is child abuse.

Making gender and abnormal sexuality trendy can warp the minds of impressionable young people, which doesn't bode well for the future.

Apparently a celebrity named Snooky, whom I have never heard off but has a substantial following, is a bi-sexual woman who has just had a baby. This is fine so far as it goes but she gives an idea of her warped mind by saying that she wants to have a gay baby boy in the future.

Many contend that this behavior is destructive at best and child abuse at worse. It would be interesting to know what 'Dave' and the trendy 'progressive' community think about these perversions, and do they intend to teach school children that this is sort of attitude is natural?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bill O'Reilly And Yasmin Alibai-Brown On Fatherless Families

Nobody would have guessed that cable news superstar Bill O'Reilly and the BBC's favourite ethnic 'progressive', Yasmin Alibai-Brown, would be in broad agreement on the subject of fatherless children and breakdown of the traditional family.

O'Reilly's talking points memo was triggered by the death of street thug Trayvon Martin and the subsequent attempt by the Obama administration, led by his radical activist Attorney General Eric Holder and the black grievance industry, to blame white racism despite the fact that the perpetrator was Hispanic.

Yasmin Alibai-Brown's article was triggered by the devastation caused by fatherless families in a crime infested Birmingham ghetto inhabited by ethnic minorities and the poor white underclass.

Both agree that the breakdown of the traditional family and the lack of male role models has had a devastating effect on the people concerned and on society as a whole, but more importantly both contend that it is a lack of leadership that perpetuates the situation.

I am not in a position to dispute O'Reilly's rationale but I would contest the view that in Great Britain it's a lack of leadership. The leaders in Great Britain knew exactly what they were doing by creating this underclass, it didn't happen suddenly by accident. It didn't creep up on them unseen while they were busy elsewhere.

O'Reilly contends that race baiters such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, together with the race grievance industry, will have their livelihoods threatened by a meaningful conversation on race relations and who insist that any criticism of black culture is racial bias.

He goes on to state that black culture leads to racial profiling because, as statistics prove, young black men are invariably involved in crime. Young black men commit homicides at a rate 10 times more than whites and Hispanics combined. The mini Holocaust in Chicago whereby by hundreds of black Americans are murdered each year by other blacks is ignored by the Obama administration and the civil rights industry.

They blame everything from guns, poor education and lack of jobs but don't address the heart of the problem which is the breakdown of the traditional African-American family.

O'Reilly believes it is the 73 percent of black babies born out of wedlock that drives poverty and the lack of fathers leads to boys growing up resentful and unsupervised.

In a paragraph that should raise the temperature of the debate O'Reilly states that:

"White people don't force black people to have babies. That's a personal decision; a decision that has devastated millions of children and led to disaster both socially and economically. So raised without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture, drugs, hustling and gangs. Nobody forces them to do that; again, its a personal decision".

O'Reilly also blames the so called 'entertainment' industry, which incidentally, is packed with multi-millionaire 'progressive' grievance mongers, for marketing the gangsta culture, hip hop, movies, and trashy TV shows to impressionable youngsters.

"In fact, President Obama has welcomed some of the worst offenders in that cesspool to the White House when he should be condemning what these weasels are doing" states an emotional O'Reilly.

His solution is to actively discourage pregnancies out of marriage, impose strict discipline in schools, including mandatory student uniforms, and to create a zero tolerance policy for gun and drug crimes with mandatory harsh prison time for offenders.

He concludes by challenging Obama and the African-American leadership to walk away from the victimization and grievance industry and lead the way out of the current mess.

Yasmin Alibai-Brown spent seven days living in what she describes as a 'man desert' in the Ladywood area of Birmingham. To outsiders this is a ghetto made up of Afro-Caribbeans, Indians, Pakistanis and poor whites; where seventy percent of children are fatherless and where the number of benefit claimants is one of the highest in the land.

Her description of the link between fatherless families to drugs and crime is not unlike O'Reilly's, but there are subtle differences.

Alibai-Brown introduces her readers to Bianca Marquis, a 30 year old Afro-Caribbean who has two daughters by two different fathers, she has two sisters who are single mothers and a brother who is an absent father. She has 60 cousins all raised by single mothers and her own mother had five children by three different men.

Then there is Kim Ellis from Jamaica, who's husband abandoned her with 2 children and one on the way, leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill.

Naz, an African, who has served time for drug crimes, has fathered two daughters by two different mothers.

Ruth Haile from Eritrea has three children by two fathers and like the others is living on benefits.

And so it goes on and on interminably. Despite what the grievance industry may claim, the situation in Ladywood has nothing whatsoever to do with racial discrimination or residual victimization left over from slavery. These lifestyles are personal choices which are made because the government makes it financially viable to do so. Great Britain's reputation for handing out generous welfare benefits to anyone is legendary across the planet.

It is not white people or the system that forces these people to continue having babies by different fathers, but it is the system that finances it and therein lies the problem.

As most British people will know,Yasmin Alibai-Brown is a serial whiner and a leading light in the British grievance industry.  She came into the country that she continually criticizes, voluntarily from Uganda. She states that "Right and Left wing politicians fight each other on the issue of family breakdown, fathers disappear and single mothers bemoan their lot in life".

 Unlike O'Reilly she offers no solutions other than the usual worn out and tired 'what is the government going to do about it'? She needs to remember that apart from one year in 1969, Birmingham Ladywood has been a stronghold of her beloved Labour party since 1945.

It was her party with her support that actively encouraged mass immigration and the formation of these welfare addicted ghettos in the first place, and with full knowledge of the consequences. Both parties are doing nothing because they both agree with the cultural replacement agenda.

Some of the solutions are obvious but the agenda driven elite in Parliament will not implement them despite the fact the majority of the British people would give their full support.

a) stop adding to the problem by continuing with open border mass immigration.

b) stop giving welfare benefits to immigrants and those who have not paid in.

c) make sure the fathers name goes onto every birth certificate and make sure they pay for their own offspring.

d) assist with transportation costs for those who are not happy with Great Britain, or those who "bemoan their lot in life", to relocate somewhere more to their liking.

e) deport all immigrants convicted of any crime, with the option of their offspring joining them thus preserving their human right to family life.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

World War I Centenary - British Ministers Warn Against Upsetting The Germans

Every student of history will know that the year 2014 signals the centenary of the start of World War I. This was labeled the war to end wars, and one of my grandfathers medals is inscribed with the words "the great war for civilization". Upwards of 16 million people lost their lives in bloody fighting which in many cases was just needless slaughter.

The phrase 'Lions led by donkeys' entered the British lexicon after the sacrifice of tens of thousands of brave men by incompetent war leaders fighting pointless battles using 19th century tactics in a 20th century war. Other words such as honour, bravery, courage and sacrifice also became the most frequently used in daily language.

Nowadays, these words are obsolete in any conversation which involves the modern political class. The stark truth about the calibre and attitudes of these people becomes only too apparent when listening to government Ministers as they make preparations to mark the centenary of this tragic conflict.

The world may be surprised to know that the British government, as part of its agenda to impose multi-culturalism on the unwilling people, have a Cabinet Minister with the Orwellian title of 'Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport', this same Cabinet minister also has the title of  'Minister for Women and Equalities'.

This is not to be confused with that other Orwellian appointment, the Cabinet Minister for Faith and Communities, currently occupied by the unelected and under qualified, walking disaster known as Baroness Warsi.

The Minister in question is Maria Miller, a former advertising and marketing executive who appeared from nowhere as part of the Prime Minister's declared objective of promoting women into government based on their gender rather than their ability.

Ms Miller displays all the attributes required of a  David ' Call Me Dave' Cameron type of trendy, politically correct, 'progressive' Conservative, the main requirements of which are to studiously ignore the wishes of the people and to regard traditional conservatives as swivel eyed loons and closet racists.

Unfortunately for the British people Ms Miller is taking a leading role in organizing the events that will mark the centenary of the Great War. She displayed her politically correct credentials right from the start by announcing that "we won't be judgmental" as to the causes of the war. Obviously these weasel words signal the British governments fear of upsetting the Germans.

The German people of today are not to blame for the sins of the ancestors and marking the centenary with the truth should not upset them.

Re-writing history for political reasons used to be the preserve of Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party and it is unbecoming and cowardly for British government ministers to be indulging in such practices.

If Secretary of State Maria Miller at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport wasn't bad enough then the confirmation of government cowardice was entrenched further by Eric Pickles at the Orwellian Department of Communities and Local Government.

Many people regarded Eric Pickles as an independent minded government minister who was prepared to rock the boat and speak up on behalf of the people. They were disappointed to learn that when it comes to political correctness and bowing down to Angela Merkel and the Germans, Pickles follows the party line to the letter.

Eric Pickles in the true modern conservative style of  'Dave' is warning against upsetting the Germans and declaring that it would be a shame if the commemoration turned into an anti-German, anti-Turkey festival.

Historians are rightly accusing the government of being reluctant to recognize the British victory, the question they should be asking is why?

Government Ministers, Eric Pickles and Maria Miller included, have been briefed to "refuse commenting on the causes of the war and try to make sure that memorial events are not too triumphalist or patriotic".

If they knuckle under to this shameful diktat then they are pathetic cowards in the face of the enemy who do not deserve respect from the people let alone renumeration. (the enemy being political correctness, not the German people)

Cities, towns, villages and hamlets lost sons in their hundreds and thousands to prevent the German domination of Europe. Their sacrifice should be respectfully honoured and not downgraded or swept under the carpet because the cowards in government are subservient to political correctness and Angela Merkel.

Ignoring political correctness and being absolutely judgmental, let me state for the record that World War I was fought to prevent Kaiser Wilhelm II's imperialist design for a German dominated Europe. The assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist was the long awaited pretext.

Every schoolchild should be taught that the German imperialists of yesterday were solely to blame for World War I and the resultant atrocities, just as they were for World War II.

If Angela Merkel and the German people get upset by that unquestionable truth, then tough.

Political Correctness Insanity - Prison Officers Suspended After Fracas With Soldiers Killer

The world was horrified to witness the public beheading of soldier Lee Rigby on a London Street in full view of a playground full of school children.

The images of the blood soaked killer still wielding the cleaver that he used in this horrific crime, ranting at passers by about whatever was bothering his warped Islam infected brain was flashed across the world's media for all to see.

The world will be equally horrified to learn about the five prison officers suspended from duty for restraining the killer during a prison fracas.

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Michael Adebolajo  is yet another example of forced multi-culturalism, whereby a young man is unable to identify with, or integrate into a society, who feels his unasked for presence is incompatible with their own culture.

He took advantage of the generosity afforded to him by the British people to escape the horrors of his ancestral homeland and then go on to abuse that same generosity by converting to Islam and adopting the death worshiping culture of Islamic jihad.

The fact that this subhuman beast belongs to a desert death cult that was unasked for, and unwanted by the British people, is indisputable by everyone except the government and the Common Purpose indoctrinated establishment machine that has been put in place to impose this multi-cultural agenda.

The government and the establishment still pander to every whim from this vocal, demanding minority while at the same time smearing and abusing anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Even innocent older ladies from Rochdale are smeared as bigots for daring raise the issue with the then Prime Minister.

Insults, smears and rigorously enforced political correctness are the preferred weapons of choice used by the government against the British people.

The people watched helplessly as the political establishment, including the police and social workers, turned a blind eye to horrific sexual abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs, supposedly in the interests of cultural sensitivity. Obviously the cultural sensitivities of the indigenous population can be ignored.

Radical imams are allowed into the country and home grown ones are allowed to spout their filth, while the government clamps down on bloggers such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who expose the daily violence of Islam and bring this news to the people.

Michael Adebolajo, despite his horrific crime, is still indulged unlike any other prisoner. On his first appearance in court he was allowed to misbehave and then proceeded to tell the judge he wants to be addressed as Mujahid Abu Hamza in future. Unbelievably and to the consternation of all normal thinking people, she meekly agreed to his demand.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that a committed Muslim jihadi like Michael Adebalojo is going to misbehave in prison, and when he does he is going to be dealt with. It also comes as no surprise that only in a country that is crippled by political correctness can the prison officers be suspended from duty for doing the job they are paid to.

It can be taken for granted that if this had been anyone other than a Muslim or Michael Adebolajo it would not have made the news and the prison officers would still be doing their duty.

Nobody outside of the 'progressive' Muslim grievance community would bat an eyelid to hear that this savage lost a couple of teeth in a fracas that he started himself. The Muslim community has been emboldened by the cowardice of the political establishment who they know will bend over backwards to favourably address every demand they make.

In the meantime five desperately needed prison officers, who have to work daily with the dregs of humanity, are tainted with suspicion that they broke the rules in dealing with this obviously violent animal.

The prison management should be ashamed of themselves for indulging in political correctness of the most cowardly and destructive sort. They should resign in shame and the five officers should be re-instated immediately with their records cleared of any suspicion of wrong doing.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shaker Aamer - 'Progressive' Celebrities On Phony Hunger Strike For Gitmo Terrorist

Not many people outside of the 'progressive' Utopia, formally known as Great Britain, will have heard of the so called comedian Frankie Boyle. He is part of a gang of politically motivated celebrities, beloved of the BBC, who crawl over the 'entertainment' industry like head lice in an inner city sink school.

The only thing funny about Frankie Boyle and his celebrity crew is their embarrassingly laughable support for a Saudi national who was arrested in Afghanistan and who is now held in the Guantanamo Bay terrorist nick.

Watching the celebrity world fall over themselves in the USA to identify with 'progressive' anti-American causes, such as justice for the drug abusing street thug Trayvon Martin or the rock star treatment for the Boston Bomber, it is now apparent that in order to qualify for celebrity status in Great Britain one has to support similar trendy causes.

Frankie Boyle joins other 'progressive' comedians, such as Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard and the rest of the socialist supporting and thankfully defunct Red Wedge, in lending their support to anything that belittles their country no matter how risible.

Boyle has decided to go on a sympathy hunger strike with Saudi national terrorist suspect Shaker Aamer who is protesting his innocence, but with a huge difference - Boyle and his brave band of self sacrificing hero's will share the hunger strike by not eating for a week at a time only.

So while poor Shaker Aamer is starving indefinitely in Gitmo, he will be happy in the knowledge that Frankie will be tucking into a full English breakfast every seventh day. No black pudding of course as that has racial undertones which is bad for community cohesion.

Boyle is also going to update his adoring followers with regular Tweets on how he is feeling. This kind of idiocy is more than laughable and deserves the derision it is getting among sensible people who see it for what it is. It is nothing other than gesturing with a view to bolstering his trendy 'progressive' image among the more gullible members of the self loathing community.

Where was this intrepid gang of hunger strikers when legal British residents Abu 'the Hook' Hamza and Abu Qatada were being held in harsh conditions prior to deportation to the evil USA and Jordan? They have wives and British children also.

One of the newspaper articles informing us of Frankie Boyle's sacrifice is remarkably light on detail, saying only that Shaker Aamer is a Saudi national, a legal British resident and married to a British National. This gives the impression of a benign family man going about his business and bringing up his family.

Some facts that are not included are that Aamer was born and raised in the Muslim hot spot of Medina, the second holiest site in Islam where non Muslims, deemed unclean, are not allowed to enter for fear of polluting their holy ground. Saudi Arabians like Aamer come mainly from the fanatical west hating Wahhabi sect, who are committed to spreading Islam to all corners of the globe.

Aamer next travelled extensively in the Middle East and Europe after which he went on to study in the Great Satan itself, the USA.

Who financed this extensive travelling and education and why? This is not made clear. He then moved to Great Britain where he married a British woman named Zin Siddique who most likely shares his beliefs and hatred of the West.

As everyone does in his adopted homeland, the British resident moved his British wife and children to Taliban controlled Afghanistan. The Taliban at the time were busy executing anyone and everyone who broke any rule perceived to be against Islam. This included the playing of music, dancing and the flying of kites. They stopped all education for women and banned them from any form of employment outside of the mud hut.

It is safe to assume that Aamer and his British wife Zin Siddique knew about the brutality of the Taliban prior to their departure and therefore approved. No normal people would expose their own children to such barbarity unless they identified with it and wanted their children to identify with it also.

Frankie Boyle and his Britain loathing 'progressive' friends in the so called 'entertainment' community would have sympathized with that other celebrity Gitmo prisoner, Binyam Mohamed. He is continually portrayed as a innocent victim of British and American abuse but many questions about him remained unanswered.

This piece of work was an Ethiopian national who came to Great Britain to escape from the war torn hell hole into which he was born. Having had such an escape one would think that he would grasp the opportunity with both hands and work hard in order to repay the British people who extended him their hand of friendship.

This so called victim showed his gratitude by entering the world of drugs and crime before joining the enemy of a free Britain by converting to Islam. An incredulous public was then expected to believe that Mohamed travelled to Taliban controlled Afghanistan, around the same time as Shaker Aamer and just prior to the invasion, in order to clear his drug addled head and experience a Muslim country first hand. He could have done that in Dubai, Bahrain, Bali or even his spiritual home in Saudi Arabia.

He admitted that, while in that blighted country, he attended Al Qaeda training camps with the intention of joining the jihad in Chechnya. He was caught trying to re-enter Great Britain from Karachi, Pakistan using a false passport. It wasn't made clear by Frankie Boyle's Labour government why a legal resident would use a false passport to smuggle himself back into his host country.

Why did he not go to Chechnya directly from Afghanistan or was training for use in Great Britain?

Binyam Mohamed became a celebrity himself among the 'progressive' North London Metropolitan elite and the brain dead followers of the Labour Party who get their information from the Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

This creep is repaying the generosity of the British people who took him in by suing them for 1.6 million.

Frankie Boyle and his fellow hunger strikers might like to know that these so called news outlets do not pursue the fact that it is their Labour Party elder statesman Jack Straw MP, who is accused of assisting the CIA with Extraordinary Rendition and enhanced interrogation techniques.

Many people, myself included, would like to see Guantanamo Bay closed and the remaining inmates set free in Yemen, or some other such Muslim paradise, where they can be monitored and dealt with should they revert to their past behavior.

Frankie Boyle, being part Irish should remember that a real hunger striker goes on to the end, as was the case with Bobby Sands MP. No high profile part time hunger striking for Bobby, he was deadly serious. This celebrity terrorist believed wholeheartedly in his cause and he saw it through.

I would suggest that if Frankie Boyle and his celebrity friends want to be taken seriously and make a real impact on the Saker Aamer case, they should show some courage, stop the self publicity and follow the example of a true hunger striker, the late Bobby Sands.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Immigration Disaster II - Australian PM Acts While British PM Lays Out The Welcome Mat

The long suffering British people will be green with envy as the Australian Prime Minister broke the political rule book and actually listened to the people he is paid to represent.

Kevin Rudd's announcement that all new unauthorized asylum seekers will be sent to Papua New Guinea and that they will have 'no chance' of ever staying in Australia will be welcome news if he follows through on his promises.

He will have a mountain to climb due to the opposition he is bound to face from the bleeding heart, hand wringing 'progressives' who are committed to cultural and demographic replacement in the civilized world. This is regardless of the fact that their policy of multi-culturalism has been acknowledged as an unmitigated disaster by current world leaders including German leader Angela Merkel.

In Great Britain, where the treacherous political class are so committed to cultural replacement that mass immigration has changed the face of the country to the point where whole areas are unrecognizable from a decade ago. The people were not consulted and even if they were they would never have given their consent to this devastation transformation.

The last 'progressive' Labour government dismantled Britain's border controls by stealth in order to facilitate multi-culturalism and deliberately overload the system. The immigration backlog now stands at 500,000 that they know about, which will take an estimated 37 years to clear.  As is usual in the taxpayer funded public sector, nobody is being held responsible for this criminal behavior and nobody is being prosecuted.

As anyone with an ounce of sense will know, this backlog will be used by the cynical, manipulating political elite as the justification for a general amnesty and an additional 500,000 will have a legal entitlement to taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

The former head of the UK Border Agency Brodie Clark, complained that his officials "were being overwhelmed with the sheer volume of cases", before he was forced from his job for deliberately relaxing passport controls. As a civil servant he had no authority to relax passport controls, unless ordered to do so by a higher authority, therefore he and they should be prosecuted.

The taxpaying public would also like to know why 500,000 GBP of their hard earned money was given by the Agency to outside consultants in the final quarter of 2012. Who were the recipients of this money and what was it for?

While the Australian Prime Minister is taking steps to prevent a British type catastrophe being visited on his people, his counterparts in London are doing nothing more than making promises they know they won't keep. They are reduced to making high profile gestures, such as removing the camps of Romanian criminals from London's iconic tourists spots, but they know this is only window dressing designed to deceive.

The headlines and photographs make good viewing for the traumatised British people and serve only to give the impression that the politicians are taking action. In reality it is only a publicity stunt to prepare the people for the deluge to come in January 2014, when restrictions are lifted on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens wanting to come to Britain.

Unlike Kevin Rudd's support for the Australian people, Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron and his Deputy, Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg, are vocal in their support for the British people to be further integrated into the European Union, without a care for the consequences.

The plague of Romanian and Bulgarian criminal gangs that are currently infesting Paris don't appear to be a deterrent for the British politicians and they don't care that they are visiting this same disaster on the people they claim to represent.

Despite the overwhelming support of the British people for an end to mass immigration, these two self confessed 'progressives', with assistance from the Speaker of the House, are putting out the welcome mat for tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian beggars and criminal gangs to ply their trade in every town and city of this green and pleasant land.

The coming invasion may very well be the final straw that compels the British people to act in their own defence. 'Dave' and Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg will have a lot to answer for when their deliberate policy of mass immigration ends in violence and disorder. It will be no use spinning that it is only a minority of xenophobes, little Engenders, closet racists and swivel eyed loons that are causing trouble.

The majority of the British people are none of these things but regardless of these smears they should take it upon themselves to protect their persons and property with whatever it takes from any criminal gangs that think they can come uninvited into their country and indulge in the thieving of what they have worked all their lives to earn.

Update: If there is any doubt that these migrants are not genuine asylum seekers then the riots that met Kevin Rudd's statement should clear that up. These are economic migrants looking for a better life on someone else's dime.

The experience of the British people is proof positive that these migrants, far from being grateful to escape to a free country, start making demands for special treatment the minute they have signed up for their welfare 'entitlements'. They refuse to assimilate or make a contribution to British life but use every opportunity to recreate the very hell holes they left behind.

Another One Bites The Dust - Detroit Runs Out Of Other Peoples Money

Its a mystery to the informed people of the world as to why, despite the mountains of irrefutable evidence, supposedly educated people still fall for the idea that socialism is the cure to the worlds problems.

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of socialist failure. Wherever this system has been imposed it has always ended in poverty and misery. Since socialism was first codified by Karl Marx it has always failed.

There has never been a philosopher so consistently wrong than Karl Marx and yet he is still revered by some of the most educated and influential people on the planet. From Presidents, Prime Ministers, Professors, Union Leaders, Industrialists, Rock Stars, Film Stars etc. down to dumbest of brain dead celebrities.

News that Detroit has filed for bankruptcy should come as no surprise to anyone capable of basic arithmetic, but as the whole rational world has learned from other failed entities, including entire countries, the rules of arithmetic don't apply to socialists. They continue to believe that spending more than is earned in revenue can go on indefinitely. They don't seem to be able to grasp the simple fact that continuous spending more than revenue results in unsustainable debt and bankruptcy.

Detroit may be the biggest casualty of economic incompetence so far but it isn't the only one. It may not be the biggest for much longer either as the entire State of California is going belly up. The one thing that these bankrupt cities and states have in common is that they are all run by socialist administrations who are often backed and financed by vested interests, including the agenda driven trade union leaders.

It is beyond dispute that the auto industry unions, aided and abetted by their bought and paid for political puppets, played a major role in the demise of Detroit. Their ridiculous union agreements, sometimes running into thousands of pages, were so restrictive as to make their industry uncompetitive.

The fallacy that trade unions are the guardians of good wages and job security is never challenged by politicians or the media but the fact is that the unions' involvement with politics and an ideological agenda has cost millions of jobs.

One would have thought that lessons would have been learned from that other industrial powerhouse across the pond. Whole industries in Great Britain were closed down and millions of jobs lost due to trade union leaders pursuing their political agenda.

As has been highlighted before, where there is taxpayer's money and politicians there will be corruption. This cannot be better highlighted than by the situation in Bell City, Los Angeles.

Reading about the behavior of politicians world wide, these thieving buggers in Bell are typical, not an exception. The situation in Bell is laughable and well worth a read.

The sad part is that thousands of lives have been ruined by these socialist politicians' inability to understand that you cannot keep taxing the productive private sector to finance largess in the deliberately bloated public sector.

Rational people will live in hope that the bankruptcy of a powerhouse city like Detroit and the imminent demise of the State of California will prompt the political class around the world to stop spending their hard working citizens into poverty and economic oblivion.

In conclusion, what of the former residents who were once proud of their association with Detroit?

Its a recurring theme on this site that the wealthy advocates of equality and fairness, who call themselves 'progressive', never have to suffer the consequences of what they impose on everyone else. It would appear they didn't stick around when the going got tough and legged it somewhere else where they can enjoy the luxury that Detroit once offered.

The cheering fact is that by the time their hero, the 'Progressive in Chief', has finished with his fundamental transformation of America there will be nowhere left for them to run to.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helter Skelter - Eric Holder And Al Sharpton Finishing What Charles Manson Started

The dream that the USA would enter a post racial age with the election of a mixed race President has turned into a nightmare of epic proportions. This is not because of an unfortunate turn of events or because the racial divide in America is too wide to bridge but because the electorate was fooled into believing that the photogenic, eloquent young man, who had a white mother and a black father, would use his mixed race credentials to bring the divided communities together.

Their trust in this Messianic figure was not only misplaced but openly abused after his long planned usurpation of power was achieved. The writing was on the wall from the start with his carefully orchestrated 'hope and change' campaign and his uncontested assertion that he was going to 'fundamentally transform' America. Grown adults were in such a swoon they ignored the fact that this mysterious man had no background, no accomplishments, no qualifications and no history other than an association with America hating domestic terrorists and Marxist professors.

The 'Progressive' in Chief's radical agenda started to take shape immediately on taking office with his appointment of so called 'black activist' Eric Holder as Attorney General. Like his boss, mixed race Holder is a socialist radical that has abandoned his white half in order to adopt the African/Slavery victim culture as a vehicle for implementing revolutionary change.

One of the hallmarks of the Obama/Holder administration is their declared intention to ignore laws that don't suit their transformational agenda, such as the Defence of Marriage Act, Immigration Laws, Voter Identification Laws, Border Control Laws etc.  But worse still is their refusal to acknowledge the truth about violent crime statistics or to prosecute certain criminal behavior if carried out by black criminals.

The government sponsored Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman trial should remove any doubt that this regime would engineer a race war in to order to achieve its ideological goals. Along with race baiting low life Al Sharpton, they are deliberately ignoring the facts about the case and stirring up racial hatred for political ends.

Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder by a jury that was chosen by both sides and agreed by the prosecution. The American justice system did its job but the result didn't suit the administration or the 'progressive' zealots who's narrative had been 'white racist kills innocent black child' from the beginning. When the truth was finally revealed, Trayvon Martin was far from the innocent black child that the administration and its media bag carriers portrayed.

Having already decided this was a racist murder, it came as a bitter disappointment to the administration, and the 'progressive' zealots, when the German sounding Zimmerman turned out to be Hispanic. This didn't put them off though, they shamelessly invented a new racial category of 'White Hispanic' in order to justify their continued witch hunt.

The verdict should have put and end to the matter but race baiter Al Sharpton with the assistance of Eric Holder, together with their agenda driven whores in the media, are determined to carry on using the issue to stir up racial hatred and a possible race war in order to pursue their transformation agenda.

As tragic as it is, the death of Trayvon Martin is an insignificant statistic compared to black on white crime in the USA. The fact that this crime ignored by the main stream media is proof that the Zimmerman/Martin issue is being exaggerated and used for political ends.

When Eric Holder not only refuses to act against New Black Panther crimes but openly refers to them as "my people" he is condoning their call for a race war against white people.

If anyone is in any doubt about what the Eric Holder's New Black Panthers are thinking then the words of intent from their spokesnutter Michelle Williams, should focus the mind:

"if you are in any doubt about getting suited, booted and armed up for this race war that we are in that never ended, let me tell you somethin', the thing that's about to happen, these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf*ckers, has been long overdue".

There's not much room for doubt as to Ms Williams state of mind!

The last high profile attempt to start a race war for political ends was Charles Manson and his devoted family of indoctrinated followers. They believed without question his weird Helter Skelter justification to murder innocent people in order to precipitate a race war.

According to Manson, this race war would bring down the established society of which he disapproved and be replaced with one of which he did. A sort of nutters variation of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

The frightening thing about the orchestrated hysteria surrounding the Zimmerman verdict is the multitude of Eric Holder's devoted family of indoctrinated 'progressive' followers who would riot and kill innocent people in a race war deliberately precipitated to achieve political goal.

When the question of numbers is raised about how a minority of black people can win a war against such overwhelming numbers of whites, it would be wise to learn some lessons from World War II.

Firstly disarm the people by using collaborators who are consumed with white guilt to facilitate their own demise. These specimens are indocrinated lost souls and in surprisingly large numbers. In World War II they were known as Judenrats, for obvious reasons.

The following will be familiar to our American cousins and should set their alarm bells ringing accompanied by a trip to the ammo store.

The administration in the Netherlands, for example, ordered the Co-ordinating Committee of Jewish Organisations to set up a Jewish Council, the Joodse Raad, who's job was to "implement an order demanding that all Jews hand in any weapon that they owned".

The rest, as they say, is history.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NHS Death Factories Scandal - The Envy Of The World Needs Putting Down

The British National Health Service is another one of those topics where common sense gives way to irrational emotionalism and cynical political manipulation.

Rational discussion is impossible due to the NHS being continually touted by 'progressive' politicians, and their agenda driven media, as a gift from Heaven. Together with the BBC, it's supposed to be the British people's 'most cherished institution and the envy of the world'.

Anyone brave enough to offer even the mildest criticism, let alone point out the obvious, often fatal failures, is demonized and smeared as if they were the spawn of the devil himself. According to the vested interests, this lethal institution is beyond reproach.

There is no question that of the 1.7 million people employed by the NHS (only the Chinese red army, Walmart and the Indian Railways employ more) many are highly motivated people who's dedication to their patients is above and beyond the call of duty.

Incredibly in this monolith only half of the 1.7 million are clinically qualified, so that leaves an army of bureaucrats who are not directly involved with patient care.

The NHS was the brain child of the post war Labour government who were elected to power by a weary populace hungry for change after two world wars. Offering 'hope and change' the new government set about fundamentally transforming the country by embarking on a socialist programme of mass nationalization from which the country has never recovered.

Everything from railways, airlines, road haulage, canals, telecommunications, radio and television, coal mining, steel making, electricity generation and other utilities, were taken over by government bureaucrats, then converted into inefficient over manned monoliths. These subsequently bankrupted themselves together with the entire country in the decades that followed.

Although it started off with the noblest of ideals, 'universal healthcare, free at the point of need', turned out to be no different to any other socialist construct and it has evolved into an overmanned, inefficient, cash hungry monster that is no longer fit for the purpose for which it was intended.

One would think that with the advances in medical science, access to more modern pharmaceuticals, better nutrition and improvements in industrial safety, the NHS would become a decreasing burden on the taxpayer but by taking into account the usual inefficiency of governments, increased bureaucracy and outright corruption, that would be reckless optimism.

From the equivalent of 9 billion GBP in 1948 the cost has ballooned to a staggering 108 billion GBP today. The one thing that can be guaranteed about government bureaucracies is their irresponsibility and total lack of respect for taxpayers or their money.

Who but an unaccountable government bureaucrat would pay 89.50 GBP for fish oil capsules worth 3.50 in a time of soaring national debt and austerity?

Who but an unaccountable government bureaucrat would authorize a bimbo wannabe a boob enhancement at taxpayer expense and who then wants it reversed because she doesn't like it.

It has taken the Mid Staffs Hospital scandal and the deaths of 1,200 innocent people, who put their trust in the government run health system, to prove that the NHS has failed. Its leaders and their political overseers at the Department of Health are criminally negligent, incompetent, corrupt and unaccountable. (More appalling NHS horror stories here, here and here)

More than double the number of patients have been killed by the staff at these hospitals than soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and yet nobody is being held accountable. The Labour government was warned when they were in power that there would be 13,000 excess deaths in the NHS if they failed to act. They did indeed fail to act and in any other walk of life this would be considered murder.

What happened to Duty of Care and the Corporate Manslaughter Act which was used in the private sector to prosecute an employer for the unfortunate death of a single employee?

The government and its bureaucrats have proved themselves guilty by the fact that they attempted to cover up, for electoral and ideological reasons, not only the carnage in their hospitals but the obvious failure of the NHS itself.

Politics comes before people every time.

The appalling treatment of whistleblower Julie Baily, demonstrates the depths of depravity to which NHS supporters will sink to protect the ideologically purity of their death factories.

In behavior typical of 'progressive' activists in defence of their ideological icons, Julie Baily, who's mother died after appalling neglect, is now an enemy of the people.  She has been publicly abused, spat at, had her business boycotted, been driven from her home and had her late mothers grave desecrated by the supporters of Britain's 'most cherished institution and envy of the world'.

Wherever there is government and taxpayers money there is corruption and, as always, the politicians look after their own and get away with it unscathed. Under supposed efficiency reforms, the government stuffed the pockets of its cronies with 60 million GBP in redundancy packages then rehired them soon after. This particular scam has been going on for years both in NHS and local government and short of a revolution by the people there appears to be no end to it.

Out of interest do take a look, and attempt to make sense of, the current NHS structure before and then after 'Call Me Dave's reorganization programme.

The NHS structure of today was put in place in a bygone age when health requirements were different and throwing unlimited amounts of taxpayers money at it is not the answer. It has served its purpose, it is obsolete, it cannot be reformed, it should be sent to the knackers yard and put down. A modern, efficient health service that is fit for the 21st century and beyond should be put in its place.