Saturday, July 14, 2018

Revolution In Reverse – Political Elite Have Overthrown The People

The clumsy attempt by British Prime Minister Theresa May to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union against the wishes of the British people has exposed what serious students of politics knew all along.

The new ruling class believe that choosing how they and their nation are governed is too complex for the little people and the great unwashed and therefore it should be left to the experts, i.e. themselves.

Elections and mandates from the people are now treated as an inconvenience to be navigated around, ignored or worse still, overturned.

Although it is no secret that Mrs. May has always been committed to the European Union project which seeks to replace the individual nation states with a single superstate, her attempt to overturn the referendum result by subterfuge and deceit has demonstrated just how well planned the conspiracy was and what a devious, untrustworthy, treacherous rat she really is.

After her appointment as Prime Minister Mrs. May made speech after speech committing herself to delivering the Brexit people had voted for knowing she had no intention of doing so. In her Florence and Lancaster House speeches she laid down the so-called red lines which were not up for negotiation.

These non-negotiable red lines were that Great Britain would leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

This return of sovereignty to the British Parliament would allow the British people to take back control of their borders, their territorial waters and fishing grounds, their trade policy along with their laws and their money.

Most importantly to the British people it would end the free movement of people and the open border mass immigration madness that has blighted and disfigured every town and city across the nation as well as being an economic and cultural disaster.

The crafted soundbite “Brexit means Brexit” became her mantra which intentionally deceived the more gullible members of the electorate into believing she was serious and intended to fulfill her promises. At the same time, she was working with the EU bureaucrats and the opposition Labour Party to overturn the referendum result and ignore the result of the 2017 general election with her Brexit-In-Name-Only plan.

The depth of the conspiracy to deceive the British people can be confirmed by the fact that Mrs.May flew to Berlin to clear her Brexit betrayal plan with the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before revealing it to her own Cabinet which included her Brexit chief negotiator, David Davis who promptly resigned.

When one looks at the facts, the scale of the treachery is revealed on all its ignominious glory.

When introducing the legislation through the British Parliament the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, was unequivocal that this was a winner take all In/Out binding referendum. It was made absolutely clear that this will be the people’s decision, there would be no second referendum and the government would implement the decision.

To show how unequivocal he was it's worth quoting his exact words to the British people:

"It will be your decision, nobody else's. Not politicians, not Parliament, not lobby groups, not mine, just you. You the British people will decide".

Watch the speech here.

Equally important the Prime Minister and a host of government ministers and senior civil servants made it abundantly clear that voting to leave the EU would mean leaving the single market and the customs union.

Cameron and his cronies used what became known as Project Fear, which cynically used lies and fake statistics, to scare the electorate into voting Remain.

Despite recruiting the entire globalist machine, including President Barack Obama, to rig the outcome of the referendum the people still voted to leave and gave the government the biggest mandate in British electoral history.

To compound the betrayal, in the 2017 general election both major parties vowed in their election manifestos to fully implement the result of the referendum which attracted the votes of a staggering 80% of the electorate.

One would think that with two of the biggest mandates in electoral history the ruling elite wouldn’t dare ignore their orders from the people, but such is their fanatical dedication to their cause and their complete and utter contempt for the people this is exactly what they have done.

The truth is that government with the consent of the governed is dead in Great Britain. The ruling elite and the political class have overthrown the people.

I will conclude with a quote from President John F Kennedy, so politicians take note:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable

Monday, July 9, 2018

Brexit Betrayed Part II – The Communist Wolf at The Door

What the world doesn’t realize as it watches the British government descend into an absolute shambles is there is much more at stake than Great Britain’s continued membership of the corrupt and failing EU.

The two biggest consequences of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal are the increased likelihood of a General Election and the fact that the communist controlled Labour Party has overtaken her Conservative Party in the polls.

Like Theresa May’s Conservative Party, the Labour Party are also committed to remaining inside the EU with the additional nightmare of a communist disaster should the polls be accurate and the Labour Party get their hands on the levers of power.

Many people believe the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Komrade No 1, John McDonnell, will mellow should they come to power, but these are serious communists who have spent their entire lives working to overthrow capitalism and bring down the British state they despise so much.

If Theresa May is banking on the fear of a communist led Labour government to win the next election she is making a big mistake. She is underestimating the disenchantment with her Brexit betrayal and the alienation of her core support by adopting globalist dictated ‘progressive’ policies.

These include the universally despised foreign aid budget, the obsession with sexuality and gender politics, imposed multi-culturalism, imposed Islamisation, imposed political correctness, destruction of the once respected police force and a selective criminal justice system which favours minorities, etc. etc.

Her Merkelesque crushing of free speech in order to stifle dissent would be welcome in the communist dictatorship she is gradually easing into power as is her refusal to listen to the people including her natural conservative supporters.

Whether Theresa May resigns, gets kicked out or clings onto power the British people can’t win without a drastic change in policy and judging by her initial response to the resignations in her Cabinet this won’t be forthcoming.

Please read a previous articles on the communist danger to the British people.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Brexit Betrayed – The Long-Planned EU Sellout Is Finally Revealed

It was as predictable as night follows day that the political elite would not honor the result of the Brexit referendum if the British people voted to leave the European Union back in June 2016.

The global elite and their puppet political class in Great Britain have not spent four decades replacing the independent states of Europe with a single European superstate only to have it scuppered by the great unwashed just when the project was on the verge of completion.

Since her appointment as Prime Minister, Theresa May has re-iterated on multiple occasions that she will implement the decision of the British people to leave the European Union and all its institutions including the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

With her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mantra she confirmed that this would mean the British people taking back control of their borders, their laws, their trade policy and their money as an absolute minimum; the so-called ‘red lines’ which must not be crossed. (Why these fundamentals of democracy were surrendered to unelected foreign bureaucrats in the first place is a lesson in treachery for future generations)

With complete and utter contempt for the British people these red lines have not only been crossed but utterly erased by Mrs. May and the duplicitous political class.(See here and here)

Any student of Mrs. May’s political career will have noted that she is an unashamed and accomplished liar who in line with the rest of the political class believe that spin, deceit and lies are legitimate tools to be used in the pursuit and wielding of power.

One important observation from the Brexit issue is the fanatical dedication of the political elite to the creation of the United States of Europe. These dedicated Europhiles will risk everything and stop at nothing for their beloved EU project, that includes crashing the British economy even if it causes further damage to the Eurozone economies and re-igniting the civil war on Island of Ireland.

In an act of self-immolation worthy of a kamikaze pilot she is risking handing over political power to the openly Marxist Labour Party who are also committed to the European superstate project. (A Survation poll released after the announcement of the Brexit sell-out has seen support for her Conservative Party immediately drop three points giving the Labour Party a four-point lead)

Such fanatical dedication to create a superstate is justly comparable with the efforts of the Muslim Ummah to create an Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the middle east. To its fanatical Europhile supporters, the European Union is their Caliphate.

Theresa May is a life-long Europhile therefore it was unlikely she would take any action that would jeopardize her beloved EU project. Her mission from the moment she was appointed Prime Minister was to keep Britain inside or subject to the EU and its institutions while giving the appearance of leaving. This is the aptly named ‘Brexit-In-Name-Only’ stitch-up (BRINO) we have heard mentioned in the media.

The repercussions should the referendum mandate not be implemented in full will be enormous and far reaching and possibly violent. The much-vaunted Mother of Parliaments in Westminster has proved itself to be nothing more than a wretched hive of scum and villainy who hold democracy and the British people in contempt while stuffing their own pockets and those of their families and cronies with the fruits of taxpayer labour.

If in the unlikely event these charlatans see the error of their ways and reject this sell-out or the EU bureaucrats themselves reject it, then hopefully it will be the catalyst that starts a revolution that will drain the fetid swamp that British politics has become and herald in a new age of self-governance that will once more be the envy of the world.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 7th 2005 - Never forget

In memory of those killed and injured by Muslim terrorists in London on July 7th 2005. The ruling political elite would rather we forget but we never will. Nor will we forget, or forgive, their treachery in allowing the perpetrators the freedom to plan and execute their murderous deed.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flags and Flagellation – The Killing of England And Its Culture

News that the authorities want to ban English soccer fans from flying the cross of St. George at the FIFA World Cup tournament that kicks off in Russia today (June 14th) should come as no surprise to anyone. The political elite in Great Britain have been waging a war on the English national flag for some time as part of their program to impose a so-called ‘multi-cultural society’ (See here)
According to the head of football policing, Mark Roberts, he’s the useful idiot who is pushing this policy that the English national flag will cause offence to foreigners because it could be seen as ‘imperialistic’ and could cause ‘antagonism’.
This statement raises two issues which would make the term ‘useless idiot’ more appropriate to describe the historically illiterate Mr. Roberts.
Firstly, it was the British Empire not the English Empire that dominated the world a couple of centuries ago therefore the flag that symbolized British imperialism was the Union Flag not the English Cross of St. George.

Secondly, Great Britain had no imperial designs on Russia so there is no reason for the locals to be antagonized as stated by Mr. Roberts. On the contrary, the two countries were allies during the second world war in the fight against Hitler and his National Socialists.

International sporting occasions like the FIFA World Cup are awash with national flags and patriotic fervor, but according to Mr. Roberts waving the English flag will be the only one that will remind the crowds of imperialism and cause antagonism.

As mentioned earlier the war on the English flag has been going on for some time as part of the cultural replacement agenda which seeks to destroy and replace the centuries old English culture and way of life with this so-called ‘multi-cultural society’.

This can be confirmed by the fact the English flag has been labelled as offensive to immigrants entering Great Britain and subsequently banned by many local authorities while flags of these new colonists are tolerated and actively encouraged. Even an offensive rag like the ISIS flag is not only tolerated but given police protection when aired in public despite being accompanied by threats of beheading, mutilation and slavery of their English hosts. 

Obviously, parading the ISIS rag in public is considered by the politicized police ‘service’ to be cultural enrichment as opposed to ‘hate speech’ and anyone pointing out this ‘antagonistic’ flaunting of decency leaves them open to arrest and prosecution.

Only recently at an anti-Israel hate fest, the rag of the terrorist organization Hezbollah was openly paraded on the streets of London and given a police escort.

It’s well known that the life-long communist Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament and potential Prime Minister, is a supporter of Hezbollah as is the first Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The flags of other nations including Jamaica, Pakistan and Palestine are flown over town halls up and down the country to celebrate their independence while with supreme irony the rag of the Palestinian terrorists is flown open at football matches without comment from Mark Roberts or his football policing unit. (See here and here)

In an act supreme insensitivity and antagonism, local politicians in Rochdale, England displayed the Pakistani flag at the town hall ignoring the fact that the town was home to a Pakistani grooming gang that gang raped and pimped out underage white girls. (See here and here)

One of the worst examples of offensive, antagonistic behavior that is tolerated and encouraged by the political elite and the police ‘service’ is the horrific spectacle of public flagellation on the streets of English cities by Muslims in celebration of some festival or other. (Watch the disgusting spectacle here and here)

This antagonistic, offensive and disgusting spectacle taking place on streets of Great Britain is spun by the political class and their bought-and-paid-for media as cultural enrichment while any negative comments are treated as ‘hate speech’ by the police ‘service’ leaving the commentator open to arrest and prosecution.

To conclude: The political class/ruling elite and their wholly owned mainstream media are spinning the narrative that a ‘cultural replacement’ agenda does not exist. They claim this is a term invented by the so-called ‘far-right’ to stir up racial animosity and hatred. Therefore I will end with a speech plagiarized from Wikipedia by Kate Osamor, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton, London in which she used in her maiden speech to the House of Commons. (See here) It not only confirms that the term exists but is successful and delivering the intended result.

“Since the 1960s Edmonton has been transformed from a predominantly white, working-class industrial suburb into a multicultural area through Commonwealth immigration, asylum seekers and the expansion of the European Union in May 2004. Edmonton Green ward has been identified as having one of the highest numbers of working-age adults living on state benefits in the UK… 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

G7 Circus – President Trump Kicks Arse and Takes Names

I must admit to getting sadistic pleasure watching the PR manufactured leaders of the world’s major economies get their collective arses kicked and their noses rubbed into a dose of reality by a businessman from the real world who speaks and acts on behalf of the people who elected him.

Their hysterical reaction to the measures taken by President Trump to redress the one-sided trade deals that have been screwing the American people for decades is illuminating. A straight talking, newly minted political leader fulfilling the promises he made during his election campaign is obviously an alien concept to these people.

Perhaps these world leaders expected President Trump to adopt their modus operandi and make different promises to different demographic, ethnic and religious groups to get elected then renege on every promise the day after the votes are counted.

Apart from building a big beautiful wall, candidate Trump reiterated at every rally, debate and press conference that he believes in free trade, but it must be fair trade. He followed this up by stating that he would pull out of the unfair Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), renegotiate the unfair North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and pull out of the Paris Climate Accords which punished America but let countries like India, China and other third world polluters off the hook.

He also promised to use tariffs to immediately redress unfair trading practises and as leverage to encourage serious participation in trade deal renegotiation's.

Watching the previously invincible Angela Merkel meet her match and not get her own way was epic and a new experience for the mentally unstable German Chancellor who has caused murder and mayhem across the continent by bullying the European Union (EU) member states into adopting her disastrous economic and immigration policies.

The hopelessly inept anti-Trump Prime Minister Theresa May was brushed off like a piece of dandruff on Macrons collar and refused a one-on-one meeting with the President because he is tired of her school mistress-like, hectoring attitude.

The two Presidents of the EU, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Junker wisely kept their heads below parapet knowing that President Trump is a firm believer in nation state democracy and detests their corrupt and failing dictatorship with a passion.

At this point in his country’s history Prime Minister Conte of German governed and bankrupt Italy is a total irrelevance and his country will only return to relevancy in global affairs after they have thrown off the shackles of the EU that have turned it into a vassal state of Germany.

The biggest laugh must be reserved for the two sissy girly boys who are fast becoming the biggest laughing stock on the world political scene.

Hilariously, President Macron of France whose economy is seven times smaller than the USA threatened to ‘isolate America’ if President Trump persisted with his tariffs. I guess the President was left quaking in boots at the thought of a trade war with bankrupt France.

No circus would be complete without a clown and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fitted the bill perfectly when he stepped into the ring to supply the entertainment.

Like the coward that he is the fawning pantywaist was meek and mild in the presence of the great man but immediately the President left on his peace mission to meet the North Korean dictator he stabbed him in the back with an eyebrow dropping performance of false bravado, threats, snide remarks and veiled insults.

This attack on the absent the President when he was unable to respond in person was an attempt by Trudeau to look tough to folks back home who are tired of his infantile behavior which they see as an embarrassment to their country on the international stage. 

President Trump’s contempt for the entire G7 circus and their globalist ambitions was made plain when he left early, refused to be associated with the final communique and questioned the absence of Russia. The EU empire builders are targeting Russia because of their hatred of President Putin who opposes their continued eastward expansionist plans and his hold on Ukraine.

If this summit is anything to go by things can only get more entertaining in the future as the globalist leaders of the corrupt EU fret and watch as their beloved superstate project implodes due to Brexit and the rise of people power in the nation states with President Trump, and myself, enjoying the spectacle from the sidelines.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

United Nations – Are Brexit Voting Brits More Racist Than Ever?

Why civilized nations continue to give credibility, along with billions of taxpayer dollars, to an organization that is flawed beyond repair and openly hostile to civilized nations defies logic. The United Nations has been taken over by an organized collection of third world dictators, communists, anti-Semites and anti-development globalists who harbor a hatred for the United States, Great Britain and Israel.

The latest imbecility emanating from this epicenter of globalist world government is to send a special envoy to Great Britain to report on racism, discrimination and exclusion since the British people voted to regain their independence and sovereignty from the corrupt European Union (EU).

Zambian-born, Zimbabwe raised American academic, Tendayi Achiume, the UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance follows on the heels of other bureaucrats sent to Great Britain to denigrate and insult its people.

UN advisor for Forced Evictions, Professor Yves Cabannes, claimed that a local authority in Essex, England had abused the human rights of four hundred travelers who were being evicted after illegally occupying private land.

Two years after this malicious political agitation, the UN sent a creature named Raquel Rolnick, their Housing rapporteur to lecture the British people on behalf of housing victims. The obviously demented Ms. Rolnick is a Brazilian academic and devotee of Karl Marx who went on to criticize the British housing benefits system while staying in a $420 a night hotel.

Ms. Rolnik was followed by South African feminist Rashida Mandoo, the UN special rapporteur on violence against women who, despite having a female Prime Minister and Head of State, concluded that Great Britain was a ‘boys club with a sexist culture'.

The campaign of insult and degradation continued with the recent arrival of yet another special rapporteur, Canadian Leilani Farha who claimed that Great Britain has a ‘troubling attitude’ to social housing.

What these UN special advisers and rapporteurs deliberately ignore is that Great Britain is a small island that has increased its population by eight million in the last twenty-five years, over two million in the last five years alone. Due to the governments' refusal to implement proper in/out checks at ports of entry and exit, these figures do not include one or possibly two million that have entered illegally and live below the radar.

These numbers are far more than can possibly be housed, educated and provided for by government and local social services.

More critical is that millions of these new arrivals are from the undeveloped world that have cultures and practices that are totally alien and who cannot or will not integrate or accept the traditions of the host nation.

By ignorance or design these UN special advisers and rapporteurs do not acknowledge that millions of these new colonist’s demand and agitate for the host people to alter their ancient traditions and way of life to accommodate them and their traditions.

The situation is made infinitely worse by the government and its agents refusing to act when the new colonists indulge in an orgy of violent crime, including robbery, rape and murder, on the grounds of ‘cultural sensitivity’.

Such is their determination to impose their agenda the government is resorting to tyranny by denying the British people their ancient right of free speech and by closing down any form protest or redress. The fact is that the government is stuffed full of compliant placemen and UN apparatchiks that believe in the UN’s globalist project and are determined to implement it no matter what the cost.

It is this forced transformation along with government resorting to despotism to impose it that is causing inter-communal friction, not racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia or any other label made up by UN bureaucrats and globalists to smear and denigrate the British people and those who disagree with their agenda.

In conclusion, it’s worth reminding the UN bureaucrats that despite the gloomy scenario they want to paint along with the insults and denigration aimed at the British people, the Westminster Parliament is the most diverse in history with an increase in representation of ethnic minorities, women, gays and those with disabilities.

There is a female Head of State, Prime Minister, and Leader of the House, there is a Muslim Home Secretary, a Muslim Mayor of London, etc. White British are a minority in four of Great Britain’s major towns and cities including London, the capital.

In the meantime, ignored by the UN special advisers and rapporteurs, in Southern Africa racism and xenophobic violence perpetrated by black people is running rampant. (See here)

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