Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hate America? Then Leave - President Trump Plays The Media

President Trump’s ability to fire up his supporters and attract new ones by saying in public what all sensible Americans think in private will go down in annals of political campaigning.

By deliberately creating a media frenzy with a couple of Tweets, President Trump has not only consigned the Democratic Primary candidates into temporary obscurity, he has successfully triggered the demented left and the mainstream media into exposing the utter lunacy of the America hating, anti-Semitic communists who are challenging the leadership of the Democrat Party.

President Trump’s statement is totally reasonable and makes perfect sense; if these ingrates hate America so much why don’t they leave? He also suggested they fix their countries of origin or allegiance then come back and enlighten the world how they did it.

This applies especially to the ingrate, Ilhan Omar, who represents the Minnesota 5th District in the House of Representatives. Fleeing her native Somalia, this vile anti-Semite was rescued from a Kenyan refugee camp and given sanctuary in America where she enjoys the same freedoms and constitutional rights as any other American citizen.

She has repaid her debt to the American people with a torrent of anti-American rhetoric and abuse including belittling the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. She claims she felt safer in the Kenyan refugee camp than in America which makes President Trump's offer even more relevant.

The other three members of the self-appointed ‘squad’ that are now the vanguard of the Democrat Party, as well as being the mainstream media darlings, are Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley.

Apart from being America hating communists and vile anti-Semites, all four of these goons are ignorant of history and laughably dumb. Anyone with an Intelligence Quotient higher than their shoe size should never tire of watching these ignoramuses make complete fools of themselves with their eccentric behavior and wild rhetoric. (See here)

This quartet of immature militants are too dumb to realize that the detention facilities at the southern border that they compare with Nazi concentration camps were put in place by their hero, Barack Obama. 

The Tweets by President Trump have split the Democratic Party forcing the old guard led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to either accept that the party is now a fully-fledged socialist movement or start a civil war with the new upstarts in Congress.

President Trump has also set the narrative for his election rally in North Carolina which is another indication that he knows exactly what he is doing and playing the media like a fiddle.

To conclude: across the pond in Merry England there is a similar issue with ingrates who have been given sanctuary and economic opportunities that they would never have achieved in their native countries demanding that their hosts change their ancient culture and way of life because it offends them.

Without the diplomacy of President Trump, the hosts have adopted, in the form of physical and online graffiti, the Fit In Or F*ck Off meme. 

FIFO for short.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Appointed And Unveiled - The New Dictators Of Europe

Without a single popular vote being cast, these are the people who will govern over five hundred million people.

These are the people who cannot be removed by popular ballot no matter how destructive they are to the safety, security and well-being of the people.

These are the people who are committed to the destruction of the ancient nation states of Europe and replacing them with a single, centrally controlled socialist state.

These are the people the British Parliament and the political establishment want to surrender the peoples' sovereignty to.

These people, along with their predecessors, are the reason the British people voted to leave the corrupt and dictatorial European Union and become the self-governing, sovereign nation that millions died for.

These people are despots who hold absolute power over twenty-eight nation states of Europe. They will do everything in their power to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum and prevent the British people from leaving their dictatorship to decide their own destiny.

Read about them here 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – Angela Merkel Unfit For Office

It has long been the opinion among Merkel watchers that the German Chancellor is mentally unstable with a tendency toward megalomania. A communist party apparatchik and collaborator with the Soviet rulers of East Germany, Angela Merkel, displays all the characteristics of someone addicted to absolute power.

Her fanatical dedication to the domination of Europe using the European Union regardless of the disastrous consequences for the lives of the subject people indicates someone totally lacking in empathy combined with an unhealthy sense of entitlement and personal destiny.

It’s not so much her uncontrollable shaking while trying to stand still during a ceremony with the Ukrainian President that gives cause for concern but her dismissal of it as a mild case of dehydration which was remedied by three glasses of water. (Watch her shaking fit here)

Anyone with experience of dehydration will know that hospitalization on an intravenous drip for twenty-four to thirty-six hours is necessary not three glasses of water as Chancellor Merkel claimed. This is especially critical for dehydration victims in her age group.

Merkel’s explanation has all the indications of a cover-up to hide a more serious health issue that may call into question her fitness to govern and go some way to explain her past decisions that have proved disastrous not only for the German people but for the entire population of Europe.

After the refusal of Germany’s immigrant population to integrate and a subsequent increase in violent crime Chancellor Merkel was forced to admit that multi-culturalism had failed. This was backed up by a similar statement by then Prime Minister, David Cameron, with reference to the British mass immigration and multi-cultural disaster.

The response by Merkel to open the borders further and invite more immigrants from incompatible cultures is not the actions of a sane person by any stretch of the imagination.

This madness has been especially disastrous for women and young girls who have been subject to violent sexual assaults, rape and murder by testosterone fueled young Muslim men who not only believe women are inferior but also believe that European women are whores who are theirs for the taking.

Her response to the economic collapse of the Eurozone, particularly in Greece, Italy and Cyprus were equally insane and caused decades of poverty and unemployment especially among young people who are forced to emigrate by the tens of thousands in search of a future elsewhere.

These countries did not meet the criteria to join the Euro in the first place and should have been allowed to leave when the debt crisis hit. At Merkel's insistence their governments were replaced by EU bureaucrats who proceeded to wreck the economies further to protect the Euro. 

Despite the Greek economy being bankrupt German arms sales continue unabated adding to the debt crisis and the misery of the Greek people. Callous Merkel remains unmoved by the plight of the Greek and Italian people.  

Merkel’s domination of the European Union is absolute and there for all to see; nothing happens without the explicit approval of the German Chancellor. Great Britain’s exit from the corrupt and failing bloc is a classic example of Merkel in action.

It was after a summons to Berlin by Merkel that Theresa May unveiled her notorious Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration to the British people overriding almost two years of negotiation between May’s negotiators and the EU bureaucrats.

Known as May’s surrender document this new legally binding treaty locks Great Britain into the EU institutions in perpetuity despite the British people voting to leave in the biggest democratic exercise in their history.

Despite her public announcement that she is stepping down, Merkel’s change of mind and refusal to relinquish power is another indication that all is not right upstairs. One would think that after a lifetime in politics, including fourteen years as German Chancellor, she would look forward to a long and happy retirement. Most normal people would relish that opportunity especially with a gold-plated, taxpayer funded pension.

If the prognosis is correct and Chancellor Merkel is off her rocker then it is incumbent upon the ruling elite to remove her from power before she does any more damage to the people of Germany and of Europe.

To conclude, in many industrial sectors, positions of responsibility where the safety, security and well-being of the public are at stake random drink and drug testing is mandatory along with an annual medical check to assess fitness to continue.

There is no reason why those in power who are responsible for the safety, security and well-being of millions of people should not be subject to the same drink and drug testing regime with an added test for mental competence.

If my contention is accurate and Chancellor Merkel’s uncontrollable shaking is the symptom of an illness that is affecting her mental capabilities and hence the safety of the people, then the ruling elite should act in the public interest and remove her from power.


Chancellor Merkel has suffered another bout of uncontrollable shaking some ten days after the last one. Unless Mrs. Merkel has a rabies induced aversion to water two uncontrollable shaking fits in a matter of days cannot be put down to dehydration. Something is seriously wrong with this woman and the public has a right to know if it is affecting her judgement and fitness to rule.

Watch the latest shaking fit here

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The British Are Still Trapped Three Years After the Epic Mandate

The twenty fourth of June 2019 marked the third anniversary of the great Brexit betrayal and the start of open hostilities between the British people and the treacherous political class who are committed to surrendering the sovereignty that so many died for to a cabal of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Three years after giving the political class the biggest mandate in the history of British democracy the British people are still stuck in the corrupt and failing European Union with no prospect of ever leaving.

Despite all the promises made by the so-called Mother of Parliaments to implement the referendum result, the unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels still have control over Great Britain’s laws, borders, territorial waters and money. Also, the British people are still subject to the European Court of Justice which is superior to their own Supreme Court.  

The Brexit betrayal has not only highlighted the years of treachery by individual law makers but the fanatical dedication of the entire political establishment to the destruction of Great Britain as an independent, self-governing nation and their absolute loyalty to a centrally controlled United States of Europe.

The war between the politicians and the people has been simmering for decades as the unrelenting and irrevocable surrender of sovereignty to the European Union continued unchallenged by most Parliamentarians with the subsequent destruction of the British national identity and way of life.

It was on the orders of the European Union and against the will of the British people that their national identity and traditional way of life must be destroyed and replaced by something mythical called a ‘multi-cultural society’.

This was to be achieved by a two-pronged attack consisting of open border mass immigration, mainly from incompatible third world cultures, accompanied by a campaign of demonizing and smear against anyone who voiced an objection and tied together by a rigidly policed adherence to political correctness.

Thanks to the political establishment and their craven subservience to the European Union, Great Britain is unrecognizable from a decade or so ago. The multi-cultural society and the diversity we are all supposed to be celebrating is a series of crime ridden, semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos many of which are no-go zones for the police and the general populace.

Now a white minority city, London, the once mighty capital of the British Empire, has been reduced to a crime ridden, ghetto infested hell hole reminiscent of a third world country from which many of its new inhabitant’s hail.

Great Britain’s other major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool etc. are rapidly declining to the same status as the capital.

Thanks to the European Union there isn’t a town or village that has not been adversely affected by the mass influx of people from incompatible cultures who have indicated they have no intention of integrating or respecting the British way of life.

Mass immigration and the deliberate destruction of the British way of life was the main, but not the only driver, of the vote to leave the European Union. There was also the desire to take back the sovereignty that had been surrendered over the decades and become the proud, independent nation that our ancestors fought and died for.

The ruling elite and the political class that do their dirty work are concerned only with keeping the power over the people they have usurped over the years and further implementing their globalist agenda.

In their arrogance and complacency these charlatans have taken it for granted that the British people have lost the bulldog spirit that has seen them through adversity in the past including two world wars and will allow their victory and dreams to be stolen.

The fools couldn’t be more wrong. Patriotism is alive and well and the yearning to be a proud independent nation is as strong as ever among the majority. The ruling elite and their Parliamentary collaborators should beware they don’t awaken the sleeping giant.

In conclusion; we should learn from our American cousins who founded their nation with one of the greatest and most succinct documents ever authored by man.

The Declaration of Independence contains the immortal passage that these democracy denying Parliamentarians should pay attention to:

“…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”. 


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Elton John And Jim Radford – Rocketman and The Patriot

When Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born in March 1947, Jim Radford was a veteran of the Normandy landings which signaled the beginning of the end of Hitler’s Third Reich and the Nazi occupation of Europe. At nineteen years old he was also the youngest participant in that mighty endeavor where so many lost their lives in the cause of freedom.

Using his talents as a singer and song writer, and rebranded as Elton John, Reginald went on become a global superstar in the entertainment world giving pleasure to millions and making a well-earned fortune in the process.

Jim Radford was also a talented singer and songwriter but lacking the showmanship and flamboyance of Reginald he didn’t make the breakthrough or the millions. Instead he became a peace campaigner and a volunteer in various organisations dedicated to helping the poor, the homeless and the downtrodden.

Elton John’s charitable efforts raised millions for his AIDS Foundation which has earned him accolades from a broad spectrum of admirers including the Royal Family.

That’s where the similarity ends. In contrast to Jim’s exemplary life and his selfless devotion to duty and public service, Elton John chose a life of drug and booze fueled hedonism with a touch of debauchery thrown in for dessert.

While Jim was appointed a Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur by the French Republic for his involvement in the liberation of France during World War II, Elton John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for ‘services to music and charitable services’.

In a mockery of the honours system and as a snub for those who have selflessly devoted their time and lives to the nation, Reginald Kenneth Dwight is now known as Sir Elton Hercules John CBE while Jim Radford is just plain ol’ Jim Radford.

To add insult to injury Sir Elton Hercules John CBE has rewarded Great Britain and the British people by publicly announcing his loyalty is to the European Union not his homeland that honoured him and showered him with so many accolades.

At a concert in Verona, Knight of the British Realm, Sir Elton let it be known that he is ‘sick to death of Brexit and ashamed of the UK’. He obviously doesn’t understand democracy and how it works.

Parliament asked for a mandate on continued membership of the European Union, the British people gave them one in a winner take all, binding referendum. They voted to leave. Sir Elton should graciously accept the wishes of the people and get on with his life.

He obviously found it impossible to do that and couldn’t resist letting the world know what he thinks of his compatriots. He went on to say, “I am sick to death of Brexit. I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot”.

I suppose those remaining veterans who went ashore on D Day and voted for Brexit are also stupid, colonial, imperialist, English idiots.

If that’s how this ‘European’  feels about Great Britain and his compatriots I suggest that the drug addled old queen renounce his knighthood and not let the door hit him in the arse on his way out.

Watch ninety year old Jim Radford sing here, read about him here

Remaining veterans mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of D Day here

Previous article about Elton John and his perfect family here

Monday, June 10, 2019

A Picture Gallery to Help Brainwashed Lefties Identify A Real Nazi

This is a Nazi.

He is a socialist who believes that the state has supremacy over the individual. He promises the state will provide for your every need from cradle to grave. In return he demands obedience and absolute loyalty or else he will imprison or kill you.

This is also a Nazi.

He makes sure that you listen to his message and his message alone. He will give you all the information you need to know. He will form your opinions and he will tell you who to hate. If you form an independent opinion and express it publicly, he will imprison or kill you.

The Nazi’s were responsible for the most destructive war in human history where an estimated seventy million people lost their lives including six million Jews who were systematically murdered in order to eliminate them from the face of the earth.

This is an elderly gentleman.

He is not a Nazi. He is going about his legitimate business. He holds opinions that may differ from yours, but this is allowed in a free country. He welcomed the President of the United States to Great Britain to mark the 75th anniversary of D Day.

This is an unhinged, hate filled left-wing agitator.

I addition to being brainwashed she is dumber than a box of rocks and cannot tell the difference between a Nazi and an elderly gentleman. She is emotionally retarded and believes that anyone who holds opinions that differ from hers is a legitimate target for demented verbal abuse and physical assault.

In order to better illustrate this lesson, we can use Siobhan Prigent (pictured above) as a practical example to go with the gallery.

Rent-a-mob member Prigent is a typical indoctrinated left-wing agitator who wouldn’t dare act in this aggressive and abusive manner if she was not surrounded by fellow cowards. She’s a complete wierdo that rejects normal society and self-identifies as an intersectional feminist, LGBT+, body positive, striving for equality, whatever that may be.

With her face contorted with hate watch this unhinged, leftie ranting "Nazi Scum" at an elderly gentleman here

It's ironic that this emotionally retarded leftie works as a consultant for the National Health Service (NHS), otherwise known as the envy of the world, dealing with mental health issues.

This is another elderly gentleman.

He is not a Nazi either. He is also going about his legitimate business. Like the previous elderly gentleman, he may hold opinions that are different from yours but again this is allowed in a free country. He also welcomed the President of the United States to Great Britain.

Watch demented oh-so-brave lefties attack the elderly gentleman here

This is the President of the United States of America.

Despite the incessant stream of propaganda spewed forth by the mainstream media, President Donald Trump is not a Nazi. He is the duly elected President of the United States of America. He is a patriot who believes in nation state democracy, secure borders, individual liberty and limited government.

He believes that capitalism is the best economic system to bring prosperity to his people. He is the scourge of socialism/communism and its adherents.

Unlike socialists, communists, real Nazis and idiots like Siobhan Prigent, President Trump does not hate the Jewish people. On the contrary he is an overt supporter and protector of the world's Jewish community and recognizes Israel as their ancient and eternal homeland.

To conclude: It is said that there is no such thing as a good Nazi but I disagree. The following are bonus pictures that clearly show that such a thing does exist.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Theresa May Goes Full Merkel and Threatens to Unresign

The peaceful transfer of power is an essential requirement if democracy is to prevail and civilized societies maintained for future generations. The refusal to relinquish power when their time is up is becoming a worrying development in the civilized world where the losing side are refusing to accept the results of elections and referenda.

Disrespecting or rigging election results and refusing to relinquish power used to be the preserve of communist dictators and military strongmen where democracy had failed to take root, but it is creeping insidiously into the developed western democracies with increasing frequency.

The Democrats in the United States of all places are refusing to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential election and despite a failed coup d'etat are using everything in their power to prevent President Trump from governing.

The supposedly democratic European Union refuses to accept the results of elections or referenda they don’t like either by ignoring them completely or making the people vote again until they get ‘the right result’.     

It didn’t take long after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, canceled her resignation because her successor doesn’t meet her expectations that failed British Prime Minister, Theresa May, followed suit citing similar reasons.

After a disastrous three years as Prime Minister where she tried and failed to stitch up the British people with a phony exit agreement from the European Union, she agreed to resign the leadership of the Conservative Party but remain in power as temporary Prime Minister until a replacement was chosen.

After meeting with the German Chancellor at the D Day commemoration event on June 6th, she announced that she will cancel her resignation and remain Prime Minister if either of the Brexit supporters Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab are elected as her replacement.

In statement of jaw dropping audacity she claimed that neither Johnson nor Raab would command the respect of Parliament when she herself was laughed out of the House of Commons after her phony Withdrawal Agreement was rejected three times with record majorities against.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the thrice rejected Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, better known as the Surrender Document, suddenly appeared at a Cabinet meeting after Mrs. May returned from a hastily arranged meeting with Chancellor Merkel in Berlin.

Even her own government ministers, including the Brexit Secretary, had no idea about the existence of this agreement despite being in negotiations with the EU bureaucrats for almost two years.

It transpires that the surrender document was being organized behind the backs of the official negotiating team by a group of dedicated Europhile civil servants led by Mrs. May’s personal adviser.  

As a measure of her newly acquired dictatorial tendencies Mrs. May confiscated all mobile phones and banned the use of ministerial cars of anyone who refused to accept the agreement at the Cabinet meeting where she introduced the document.

To put this tyrannical behavior in context, this particular Cabinet meeting was held at Chequers, the Prime Minister's isolated country residence where there were no outside telephone lines available to ministers or access to alternative means of transportation if any minister was inclined to walk out of the meeting in disgust.

The imposition of May’s surrender document resulted in the immediate resignations of senior figures in her government including the undermined and humiliated Brexit Secretary, David Davies, and the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who is now leading the race to replace her.

This dictatorial behavior and her threat to un-resign unless her will be done has made it abundantly clear that Theresa May always was a Europhile and remains one to this day. She is a dedicated disciple of the European Union political project and never intended to obey the mandate given to Parliament by the people and take Great Britain out.

To conclude: It has long been accepted that the European Union is an undemocratic oligarchy run by appointed bureaucrats who cannot be removed by popular ballot. The threats by Merkel and May to remain in power unless their successors continue with the course they have set and the ongoing coup d’├ętat to remove the duly elected President of the United States has put the contempt for democracy by the global elite on full display.

If government of the people, by the people, for the people fails in Europe and America the beacon of liberty is extinguished and the world will enter a new dark age.

Post Script:

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has announced that he plans to un-resign. He originally planned to step down in June 2018 after nine years in office. He modified that to March 2019 after Great Britain had exited the European Union.

Since this did not happen he has now un-resigned altogether in order to steer Mr's May's thrice failed surrender document through the House of Conmen. Like Merkel and May, Bercow will not hand over to a successor unless he/she continues with the course he has set. 

An odious, self important little creep, John Bercow is a committed Europhile who abandoned the impartiality required of the Speaker long ago. He has done everything in his power to frustrate Brexit and has announced in advance that he will do everything in his power to prevent Great Britain leaving the European Union under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.