Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Politicians Refuse to Stop the Cross-Channel Migrant Invasion

A year ago, almost to the day, the then Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, cut short his family’s Christmas holiday in South Africa and flew back to Great Britain to deal personally with an urgent immigration crisis.

Increasing numbers of economic migrants, mainly young males from Iran and Afghanistan, were crossing the English Channel in small boats and rubber dinghies from France in order to illegally enter Great Britain and join the welfare benefits free-for-all or to join the Islamic jihad.

In the year following Javid’s personal intervention in this so-called emergency, or ‘major incident’ as he called it, channel crossings have more than doubled. This begs the question; what action did he take, if any, or did Javid sacrifice his family holiday in a cynical headline grabbing publicity stunt designed to appease the restless anti-mass immigration British public?

The yawning chasm between the political class and the people is at its widest on the issue of open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism. Imposing a so-called ‘multi-cultural society’ is a fig leaf cover for cultural replacement which is the declared goal of the United Nations (UN) and its bastard offspring, the European Union (EU).  

In the simplest of terms, the people want mass immigration and cultural replacement stopped but the political class and the globalist ruling elite do not. Moreover, they will do everything in their power to keep it going as long as possible until the tipping point is reached making cultural replacement irreversible.

Crushed by rigidly policed political correctness and threats of prosecution, the British people have watched as every village, town and city has been blighted and changed beyond recognition by the mass influx of incompatible migrants from the undeveloped world who refuse to integrate.

Furthermore, many migrants not only refuse to integrate but openly demand that the British people change their way of life to accommodate theirs. Religious zealots among the immigrant community have committed mass murder in order to impose their culture, beliefs and way of life on the host nation.

Opposition to open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism was one of the main drivers of Brexit but the political class still took no action other than to prevent the country from leaving the EU. 

Politicians claim their hands are tied by the free movement of people demanded by the European Union but that is a weak excuse since they have always had total control of non-EU immigration but still did nothing to stem the flow.

Prime Ministers and their Home Secretaries since the Blair/Brown administration have promised to take firm action to halt mass immigration and the descent of Great Britain into third world status, but they always renege on those promises.

When she was the Home Secretary Theresa May promised to implement government policy and reduce annual immigration numbers from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.

After six years as Home Secretary, and three more as Prime Minister, she took no action other than make more promises on immigration she knew she would not deliver.

Mrs. May's refusal to act has resulted in immigration numbers increasing to record levels which are unsustainable since it has resulted in a chronic shortage of housing, health care provision, school places, transportation, jobs, money and other physical and social infrastructure.

The treacherous Mrs. May was replaced by Sajid Javid who carried on where his predecessor left off with promises of action but delivering nothing other than virtue signaling and headline grabbing publicity stunts.

To the dismay of many Sajid Javid, a life-long Europhile who switched to Brexit when it looked like his side was losing, is now the Chancellor of the Exchequer in charge of the nations’ finances. He is also being touted or groomed as Great Britain’s first Muslim Prime Minister, but I digress.

The hopes and morale of the British people has been raised by the election of Boris Johnson and his appointment of the tough talking Priti Patel as his Home Secretary. They are making impressive noises about a new immigration system based on the Australian points system but only time will tell if this tough talking will be turned into effective action and not reneged upon as in the past.

To conclude, the British people are giving the new Johnson administration the benefit of the doubt that the promises that were routinely broken in the past will be kept and the issue of mass immigration which has caused so much damage to the British people and their way of life will finally be dealt with in their favour and their dignity as people returned.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year To Everyone

A Happy New Year to family and friends wherever you may be. May you find happiness, good health and prosperity in the coming decade.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Impeachment, President Trump and a Warning for Boris Johnson

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. The plan was for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election and complete the fundamental transformation of America into a one-party socialist state which was progressed to the point of success by that mysterious Senator with no background, Barry Soetoro.

Known to the world as Barack Obama, he and his handlers packed America’s most powerful and respected institutions with dedicated apparatchiks and nomenclature that would ensure the fundamental transformation, or seizure of power, was efficient, unopposed and could never be reversed.

With deep state operatives in position at the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, etc. all that was required was for Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.

A victory for Clinton would have been followed by an amnesty and voting rights for the tens of millions of illegal immigrants; this combined with open borders would ensure Democratic Party government and a socialist society in perpetuity.   

With ninety-five percent of the mainstream media on her side and a generation of dumbed down, brainwashed millennials mobilized in support, she lost to a dynamic patriotic businessman whose solemn promise was to put the American people first and Make America Great Again.

Unfortunately, the deep state was still in place after the inauguration, including inside the White House, and it was determined to use its power to overturn the result of the election and remove President Donald Trump from office.

The rest is history. The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion, which was supposed to remove President Trump from office, was a spectacular failure which crashed and burned in full view of an incredulous world.

Next came the rigged impeachment circus which instead of exposing President Trump of threats and bribery against the Ukrainian President, exposed the Obama/Biden administration as the perpetrators of the crimes.

This also crashed and burned and at the time of writing it has failed to remove President Trump from office.

In the meantime, America’s enemies inside the Congress have stopped at nothing to prevent President Trump from governing the country and fulfilling the mandate he was given by the America people.

This attempt at overturning the result of a democratic election is not unique to America. The British version of the deep state has mobilized its embedded apparatchiks and nomenclature to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum on Great Britain's continued membership of the European Union (EU).

In the biggest democratic exercise in the history of Great Britain, and despite a hostile media and the combined forces of the British and EU establishments, the people voted to leave by a huge majority.

The Europhiles even invited the now divine Barack Obama to interfere in the referendum by issuing threats about trade which to their credit the British people ignored and still voted to leave.

The British people’s desire to leave the corrupt and failing EU was confirmed by the 2017 general election where both major parties promised to implement the result of the 2016 referendum.

The political class were lying, they reneged on that promise. They are totally and utterly dedicated to their decades long project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single, centrally controlled superstate, run by appointed bureaucrats in the new post democratic age.

Like the deep state in America, the deep state in Great Britain is doing everything in its power to overturn the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum including corrupting Parliament as well as the law courts and every other institution of power and influence.

At this point in history the deep state have succeeded. The British people are still trapped inside the EU and remain subject to its laws and diktats some three and half years after they voted to leave. There is no prospect of them leaving until the end of 2020 or possibly 2022.

If the EU use the power they have been granted under the internationally recognized treaty called the  Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration they can prevaricate indefinitely.

This brings us to the newly elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The mandate he has been given couldn’t be clearer, the British people want out of the EU and he has promised to deliver. However, the fanatical Europhiles in the deep state and the institutions are still in position and as determined as ever to prevent Brexit.

If he wants to avoid the slow motion coup d’├ętat being endured by President Trump, Prime Minister Johnson needs to identify and purge the establishment and the institutions of the deep state operatives that will use everything in their power to prevent Great Britain’s independence from the long planned United States of Europe.

To conclude, in the recent general election the British people showed their anger at the political class by purging Parliament of some of the worst Europhiles who reneged on their promise to deliver Brexit and Boris would do well to do the same with the establishment and the politicized institutions.

A sudden but long march through the institutions is essential if Boris is to deliver on his mandate to leave the corrupt and failing EU. In this radical move he would be supported by the freedom loving British people who are yearning for their independence after four decades of subjugation to the EU and the malignant bureaucrats that rule it.  


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas To All

                                 I hope everyone has a wonderful day with their families and friends.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Surrendering Control of The Military Is the Ultimate Treason

The noise generated by the Brexit debate is emanating from the fight about a trade deal and the prorogation of Parliament, but it has also allowed the politicians to avoid debating the more destructive aspects of continued European Union membership.

Among these are the remaining articles of the Lisbon Constitution which will become effective in 2022 such as requiring Great Britain to join the disastrous Eurozone and the equally disastrous open border Schengen area. They failed to debate the ending of the national veto and the surrender of control over any remaining areas which in any independent nation state should be under the control of the people via their elected Parliament.

They failed to debate their surrendering control over taxation to corrupt, money hungry bureaucrats in Brussels and worst of all they failed to debate their plan to surrender the command and control of the British Armed Forces which for British patriots is a step too far.

The European Union has always been sold as a benign economic project concerned with trading in a single, tariff-free market plus membership of a customs union. The truth is that the European Union is, and always has been, a nation building project with the aim of replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single state centrally controlled by appointed bureaucrats based in Brussels.

If the European Union is not a nation building project then Parliament needs to explain to the people why a benign economic project concerned only with a tariff-free single market and a customs union needs an army, a navy and an air force along with a flag, a national anthem, a Parliament, a judiciary and embassies abroad.

The more vocal and fanatical nation builders such as Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Guy Verhofstadt have openly called for an independent European Army but this has always been strenuously denied by the British political elite and even dismissed as a ‘dangerous fantasy’ by the former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Incidentally, Merkel, Macron and Verhofstadt justify their call for an independent European Defence Force because of the need to defend the European Union from its enemies such as Russia, China and the United States.

That would be the same United States that has guaranteed the security of Europe since WWII as the biggest contributor to NATO, but I digress.

Unbeknown to the British public, the political elite have been involved in the planning of a European Defence Force since its inception with the intention of fully integrating the British military into its structure. This would require surrendering command and control to a Eurocrat who may hold historical grudges against the British people especially now since they voted to leave their failing nation building project.

This brings us to the treachery of the former Prime Minister, Theresa May. Known rightly as Theresa the Appeaser, Mrs. May had been planning behind closed doors to integrate the British armed forces into the fledgling European Defence Force (EDF) since taking office.

Those experts with an eye for detail have determined that Mrs. May’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, the infamous surrender document, that supposedly delivered Brexit, not only made Great Britain subservient to the European Union in perpetuity, it also committed the British armed forces to fully integrate with the EDF.

As a measure of Mrs. May's dedication to the European nation building project, she planned to integrate the British armed forces into the EDF and surrender command and control after Great Britain had left the European Union.

This proves that she never intended to honour the result of the peoples’ referendum or she planned to rejoin the EU sometime in the future after the Brexit issue had cooled down.

In more than three years of debate, Parliament has not discussed any of the items mentioned earlier especially not the surrender of Great Britain’s armed forces to the Eurocrats. It took Lord James of Blackheath from the upper chamber to bring it to the nation's attention for which he was roundly booed by the rest of their Lordships.

Parliament is packed to the rafters with people who are totally committed to the European nation building project and who give their unyielding loyalty to the fledgling United States of Europe. They know that this project will fail if a prosperous Great Britain is allowed to exist outside its clutches.

Their loyalty to the European Union is so fanatical they are determined to hand over what remains of peoples’ sovereignty as well as their armed forces to a cabal of faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels who cannot be removed via the ballot box.

They don’t care that their utter contempt for the people they are supposed to be representing is out in the open. Remaining in the EU is everything to them, it is their Caliphate.    

To conclude: Treason is a horrendous crime against a nation and its people and can take many forms but even the layman can see that by colluding secretly with a foreign power to hand over the governance of the nation and control of its military is treason most foul.

Two shocking articles that exposes the extent of their treachery:

May's secret, scandalous surrender of our defence.

Lt Gen Riley's briefing on the defence threat of hidden EU deals

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Amritsar - Virtue Signalling Archbishop's Grovelling Apology

Here we go again. Just months after then Prime Minister, Theresa May, did so in Parliament yet another prominent British figure feels the need to apologize for the Amritsar Massacre perpetrated by a rogue British general during the British Raj in 1919.

Not content with laying a wreath and whispering a silent prayer in remembrance, the head of the world Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, turned virtue signaling to an embarrassing display of undignified groveling. (See here)

Prostrating himself face down before the memorial plinth was over the top even for an agenda driven Archbishop who is more concerned with things temporal than things spiritual such as saving souls and preparing them for eternity.

One is bound to ask what is it about that terrible event in Amritsar a century ago that compels politicians to keep apologizing for it when British colonial history is littered with similar atrocities, particularly in Africa?

The answer is simple; being the cynical, duplicitous people that they are, politicians recognise that the Indian diaspora in Great Britain is a significant voting block that can swing an election whereas the African diaspora is not.

Like the Roman Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis, Archbishop Welby is a left-wing activist who is not shy to make public his support for socialist causes or his fanatical support for the undemocratic tyranny that the European Union has become.

This support for ‘progressive’ causes includes the Islamisation of Great Britain regardless of its barbaric practices or its goal of subjugating Christians and Jews or, failing that, killing them.

For a global church leader the Archbishop appears to be ignorant of events worldwide where his fellow Christians are being systematically erased by Muslims from areas they have lived in since the dawn of Christianity.

Ancient Christian communities are being erased from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Across Africa from Mali and Nigeria in the west to Kenya, Sudan and Somalia in the east, Christians are being enslaved and slaughtered in their tens of thousands. As far afield as Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines Christians are being slaughtered by the so-called religion of peace that the Archbishop champions. (List of Islamic terror attacks against Christians here

A statue of Jesus with his arm raised amid debris at St Sebastian's Church in Negombo, Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday Bombing

Apart from the Archbishop and the Pope, it is acknowledged around the world that Christianity is now the most persecuted religion on the planet. Even the governments in the predominantly Judeo-Christian continents of Europe and America, Christianity is being vilified and removed from the public square. 

If he took a short walk from his residence at Lambeth Palace, Archbishop Welby could prostrate himself face down on Westminster Bridge where an adherent of Islam murdered four innocent civilians or have his chauffeur drive him to London Bridge, Tavistock Square, Aldgate, Manchester Arena and elsewhere in his home country where Muslims have murdered innocents in the name of Allah, as commanded by their prophet and in accordance with their holy book, the Koran.

As we commemorate the eighteenth anniversary of the World Trade Centre atrocity where Muslims murdered almost three thousand people and injured a further six thousand, it is incumbent upon the Archbishop to make the pilgrimage and prostrate himself face down at Ground Zero or else the world might think his theatrical performance in Amritsar was a nothing other than a virtue signaling publicity stunt.

To conclude: While Archbishop Welby is virtue signaling and apologizing for events from a century ago he is ignoring the fact that his flock at home is dwindling and his empty churches are decaying into dereliction or being turned into warehouses, vehicle workshops and mosques or demolished at the behest of land developers.

It appears that disparaging one’s own country and apologizing for events in history is the in thing to do for the new ‘woke’ generation of political leaders, including Barack Obama, and high-profile personalities like the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope of Rome.

A previous article on the Amritsar apology circus here 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Robert Mugabe - The UN’s Most Valued Mass Killer

The world is a better place today after the passing of the blood-soaked Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe. Known as Butcher Bob, this mass murderer fulfilled his role as an African dictator with ruthless efficiency and without compassion.

As tens of thousands of his victims, both black and white, celebrate the demise of the tyrant, the globalist elite at the UN and elsewhere are falling over themselves to eulogize him and create a legacy that hides the truth about his reign of terror.

In a shameful statement that totally ignores the human suffering caused by Mugabe, UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said that the secretary-general will be sending a letter “offering condolences to the government and people of Zimbabwe”.

Ignoring reality and the consequences of Mugabe’s brutality, spokesman Dujarric went on to say that “the United Nations remains strongly committed to supporting Zimbabwe in its efforts to promote inclusive stability, sustainable development, democratic governance and human rights”.

The reality is that neither Mugabe nor his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has made any effort whatsoever to promote any of the policies mentioned above particularly with respect to democratic governance or human rights.

With a fawning statement that disgraces the American people, even the US Embassy in Zimbabwe insulted the victims of Mugabe’s reign of terror by failing to acknowledge his brutality and inhumanity. (Read it here and the response from Tucker Carlson)

So enamored were they by Mugabe, he was named as a goodwill ambassador by the UN’s World health Organization (WHO) because Zimbabwe was a country that supposedly places universal health coverage and health promotion at the center of its policies to provide health care to all. (See here)
The charity Physicians for Human Rights objected to his nomination stating that: The government of Robert Mugabe presided over the dramatic reversal of its population's access to food, clean water, basic sanitation and health care,” the group went on to state that: The Mugabe regime has used any means at its disposal, including politicizing the health sector, to maintain its hold on power.”
The report also said Mr. Mugabe's policies led directly to “the shuttering of hospitals and clinics, the closing of its medical school and the beatings of health workers”.
 Because the pattern was the same across Africa after the former white dominated regimes were removed from power, the actions of the terrorist leader Mugabe were all too predictable. After assuming power there followed the deliberate slaughter of his political rivals along with his tribal rivals and the imposition of one-party rule.
This ushered in a thirty-seven-year reign of terror marked by economic collapse, famine, election rigging and human rights abuses that are the hallmark of African dictators, which are deemed acceptable by the UN and the globalist elite.

The United Nations took no action when the self-confessed Marxist-Leninist, and admirer of China’s Chairman Mao, announced in advance that he was going to use force to seize the white owned farms for redistribution.

They took no action when the tyrant used his North Korean trained Fifth Brigade to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent Ndebele civilians to crush any opposition to his leadership. They did nothing when he violently suppressed opposition political parties and rigged elections to remain in power for thirty-seven long and bloody years. 

The response of the UN to the famine caused by the imposition of Mugabe’s Marxist ideology was to beg western nations to increase aid to Zimbabwe which in turn increased the dependency which endures to this day. While the world responded with food, farm equipment and money, Mugabe saw fit to invade neighboring Congo to steal its mineral wealth in order to pay the troops that kept him in power.

At the heart of every Marxist lies a hatred of America and Mugabe was no different. He rejected desperately needed food aid from America on the spurious grounds that it may contain items from genetically modified crops. His hatred for America took priority over the desperate plight of his starving people.

The entire Zimbabwean tragedy and the tolerance of tyrants like Robert Mugabe is evidence, if any were needed, that to the UN and the global elite the imposition of their ideological agenda takes a higher priority than the safety and well being of the people concerned.

In the case of Zimbabwe, the predicted famine, death, dictatorship and human rights abuses were a price worth paying to remove white people from government and eventually from the continent of Africa.

To conclude: As predicted the same fate is befalling neighboring South Africa, also as predicted, this is acceptable to the UN and the global elite because the removal of white people from government in Africa is the priority whatever the cost in blood, suffering and death.