Thursday, July 13, 2017

Death By Numbers - National Health Service And Obamacare Repeal

As the American Congress makes a dog's dinner out of repealing and replacing Obamacare, the lies and hysteria coming from the Democrats and their bought-and-paid-for mainstream media is reaching fever pitch.

Anyone who pays attention to Democratic Party tactics and those of their socialist bedfellows will have predicted that they would conjure up visions of heartless Republicans willfully visiting death and suffering on the heads of the poor solely to give a tax cut to the rich.

In order to counter the growing cynicism of the long suffering American public who are growing increasingly weary of the MSM hysteria and their lack of evidence in Trump/Russia nonsense, actual figures of the death toll are now being touted.

The death toll started off with thousands of deaths per year and increased to tens of thousands as the skeptical public refused to be enthused. This further increased to 24,000, then 36,000 and currently stands at 43,000.

Wealthy Presidential candidate and Socialist In Name Only (SINO), Bernie Sanders, has increased the rhetoric and hysteria using the 36,000 figure he gleaned from a left leaning website. (See here)

Incidentally, as a measure of his phony attachment to socialism Bernie steadfastly refuses to answer any questions on the disastrous failure of the socialist policies he advocates in Venezuela and more pointedly like all wealthy socialists he refuses to redistribute his own considerable wealth to the poor he champions.

The old saying that things are always bigger and better in America does not apply to healthcare induced death, if one professor’s figures are correct. The British National Health Service is way ahead.

Bernie Sander’s forecast of 36,000 deaths is a drop in the bucket compared to the involuntary slaughter in the NHS. Professor Patrick Pullicino claims that 135,000 elderly people die each year by use of the Liverpool Care Pathway which removes medical support from the elderly to speed their passing. 

This does not include the 30,000 or so elderly people who die of hypothermia each winter because they can’t afford their deliberately inflated heating bills.

The Liverpool Care Pathway started as a compassionate means of relief from suffering agreed with the families which has morphed into a program of euthanasia. (Read the article here)

In event of the professors’ theory being incorrect, the involuntary death toll in the NHS is considerable with 1,200 involuntary deaths in the Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust alone. (See here)

The American people should be aware  that any government run department or organization, healthcare provision included, always ends with a bloated self-perpetuating bureaucracy stuffed to the gunwales with self-serving career bureaucrats whose only purpose in life is to agitate for ever increasing sums of taxpayer money.

They only need to look as far as their Medicare and Medicaid systems not to mention the failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs. (VA)

It is my humble opinion that Obamacare was implemented as a stepping stone to a single payer system and was designed to fail in order to bring it about.
The fact that Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for the American people has been studiously ignored by the charlatans on the left and the MSM.

People need to understand that socialized medicine or a single payer system is the goal of all socialists not because it delivers universal healthcare free at the point of need but for removing the responsibility for their personal health and wellbeing from individuals and families and passing it to the state bureaucrats.

As Ronald Reagan warned back in the 1960’s, if the government controls your healthcare they end up controlling all aspects of your life.

In the case of Obamacare it also gave control over one-sixth of the giant American economy to politicians and government bureaucrats.

Lying of course is now deemed as an acceptable practice in acquisition of political power and there was no bigger exponent than President Obama. One of the biggest lies ever perpetrated by an American President, or any politician for that matter, was the notorious whopper he delivered in support of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

He knew he was lying through his teeth when he spoke the now infamous words - “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period. If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period.”.

He followed this up with other lies including the falsehood that healthcare cost will decrease by an average of $1,200 for a family of four per year.

In reality, as with other government run programs the opposite was true, premiums and deductibles sky rocketed putting healthcare cover out of reach for millions or it provided cover they couldn’t afford to use.

The American people would be wise to ignore the lies and deceit of self-serving swamp dwellers in Washington DC and accept that Obamacare needs to be repealed in its entirety and replaced with a free market system that leaves individuals and families to decide their own healthcare needs and keeps the dirty hands of politicians as far away as possible.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

George Clooney Runs Away From The Monster He Helped Create

Nobody symbolizes the utter hypocrisy and cowardice of the multi-millionaire acting community better than George Clooney. Pretend tough guy George packed up his wife and kids and ran away back to America when the violent disaster caused by the mass immigration he advocates came a bit too close to home.

Tough guy George is not only famous for his roles in front of the movie camera; he is equally famous for seeking out the news cameras to advocate the opening of British borders to unvetted Syrian refugees.

While the celebrity obsessed public pour out their adoration by the bucket full and shower the virtue signaling hypocrite with undeserved accolades he is laughing in their faces all the way to the bank.

His concern for refugees is totally bogus as is his supposed love of Great Britain, its people and its way of life.

We can only hope that the emotionally retarded people who fall for the faux concern that actors like Clooney have for the world's unfortunates learn from his cowardice and treachery. He doesn’t mean a word he says when he appears in front of the cameras with his phony pathos and empathy.

Clooney relies on positive publicity to sell his movies and increase his already considerable fortune and what better way to do it than by virtue signaling.

His public image is manufactured by professional image makers, thereafter his PR organization choreograph his appearances down to the minutest detail and being in the acting profession he performs them perfectly on the public stage.

Instead of running away from them, if Clooney really cared for the welfare and wellbeing of refugees he would use his considerable fortune to alleviate their plight and offer the dozens of spare rooms in his several mansions as accommodation for the families and children he claims to champion.

Tough guy George could have fled to his other mansion on Lake Como since the Italian government have done his bidding and opened up their borders to hordes of refugees.

Not bloody likely. Just like all the other areas around the civilized world that have fallen victim to mass immigration the once idyllic Lake Como is been reduced to a cesspit resembling the backstreets of Mogadishu or Addis Adaba.

George Clooney's super rich Lake Como neighbours say Italian idyll is being ruined by immigrants.

George Clooney flees Europe

So why is tough guy George running away from England’s green and pleasant land since they have also done his bidding and opened their borders to hordes of Syrian refugees?

Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want his children subjected to the horrific crimes committed by Syrian refugees against the British people which includes rape and child abuse.

The fact is that like the rest of the virtue signaling, multi-millionaire acting community George Clooney is a stonking great hypocrite of the very highest order who will look after himself and his own family while abandoning everyone else's to the savagery of the monster he himself helped to create.

Not in my back yard. Further reading on another multi-millionaire hypocrite from the acting community that wants to dump refugees in your community not hers.

Emma Thompson - Dump Syrian Refugees In Blighted Britain

Emma Thompson Stands Up For British Culture Against Tesco

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dying EU Single Market - From Knackers Yard To Graveyard

In their desperation to keep their European superstate dream alive Europhiles are reduced to ramping up Project Fear by painting an apocalyptic vision of Great Britain should they leave the EU single market.

The Europhiles claim that the single market allows British companies access to an export market of 508 million people without which the British economy will collapse with the loss of 4 million jobs or more.

It’s the usual nonsense the British public has learned to expect from agenda driven political hacks that profit personally from EU membership and the fanatical supporters of the European superstate who lost the argument as well as the Brexit referendum.

The reality of the single market is in stark contrast to myths created by the political elite and the media whores who hide the devastation in a fog of lies, distortion and propaganda.
 At a cost of 55 million British pounds per day, 365 days per year, access to this sclerotic market does not come cheap.

The bureaucratic rules and regulations controlling the single market are strangling innovation which in turn stifles economic growth and job creation.

Hundreds of millions of the 508 million souls that comprise the single market are dirt poor peasants from the former eastern bloc or subject to economies that are bankrupt, heavily in debt or stagnant due to socialist command and control.

The myth of the indispensable single market is exploded when one looks at a few basic statistics.

Unemployment across the single market is 8 percent with Lithuania, Slovakia, Finland, France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, and Cyprus above this average.  Spain and Greece are the worst basket cases at  21.4 and 24.5 percent respectively. (See stats here)

The future is bleak with youth unemployment across the EU at an appalling 17.3 percent with fifteen of the 28 countries above average including France at 23.6 percent, Portugal at 25.4 percent, Croatia at 28.8 percent, Cyprus at 35.4 percent and Italy at 35.2 percent with  Spain and Greece bringing up the rear at 41.5 and 45.2 percent respectively. (See stats here)

Free from the shackles of the socialist EU and its single market, Great Britain is making trade deals with the USA, population 319 million and an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, China, population 1.3 billion with an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, Japan, population 123 million with an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent, South Korea, population 51 million with an unemployment rate of 3.6 percent and Canada, population 35 million with an unemployment rate of 6.5 percent.

Trade deals are also being concluded with developing countries such as India with a population of 1.3 billion and an unemployment rate of 9 percent and Brazil, population 200 million with an unemployment rate of 13.3 percent.

(It must be noted that Brazil is recovering from decades of socialism and should continue to improve as free enterprise continues to replace the dead hand of the state)

The reality is that the much vaunted single market comprised of 508 million impoverished souls with a very bleak future indeed will be replaced by multiple growing markets consisting of over 3 billion ever more prosperous souls.

There is no economic case that can be made in favour of remaining in the EU and its rapidly sinking single market.
More devastating than the economic case is that membership of the single market requires free movement of people between countries. This has resulted in some disastrous consequences for the few prosperous countries in the EU and no hope of prosperity for the less prosperous due to depopulation resulting from mass emigration.

Millions of dirt poor peasants from the former eastern bloc countries have immigrated into countries that offer the most generous welfare ‘entitlements’. In addition they continue to put unsustainable pressure on other social services including housing, schooling, transport and healthcare provision.

Where they do enter the labor market they have driven down wages across the board to the delight of unscrupulous employers who not surprisingly support continued EU membership.

This situation has been made immeasurably worse by the manufactured ‘refugee crisis’ whereby millions of economic migrants from across the world have been invited into the EU for supposedly humanitarian reasons.  Once in possession of documentation they are free to move anywhere in search of the most generous welfare provisions.

This disastrous policy was dreamt up by the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angel Merkel, whose stated agenda is to destroy the ancient cultures of Europe and replace them with so-called ‘multi-cultural societies’ in a socialist European empire without borders governed by herself and her cronies.

Mad Merkel’s folly resulted in the sudden influx of mainly young men from incompatible cultures, religions and ethnic groups which has led to inter-communal violence and terrorism leaving formerly stable countries such as Sweden, Belgium, France and her own Germany on the brink of all out civil war.

This ever darkening nightmare is not some gloomy future worst case scenario but actual reality which is happening on the streets of Europe’s villages, towns and cities as we speak and which is being made immeasurably worse by the twin insanities of mass immigration and the free movement of people as demanded by the single market.

Friday, June 30, 2017

President Trump Shows Europeans How To Deal With Illegal Immigrants

An elected President actually doing what he promised to do during his election campaign is a novel concept in this age of lying, self-serving politicians who promise all things to all men then go back on their promises the moment they’re elected to office.

President Trump is a welcome exception who is doing exactly what he promised to do so it’s hardly surprising that the sleazy career politicians and the mainstream media whores that infest the Washington swamp are panicking and working feverishly to delegitimize his Presidency and sabotage his agenda.

Putting the American people first and keeping them safe from Muslim terrorists and illegal immigrant criminals was a signature policy during his election campaign. He is implementing this in the face of opposition from all quarters including agenda driven judges at home and the UN/EU global elite abroad.

This is in stark contrast to European leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, who are putting the interest of immigrants first at the behest of the self-same UN/EU elite. It is despite an appalling catalogue of crimes being visited upon the British and European people by immigrants both legal and illegal, including some of the most dangerous Muslim terrorists on the planet.

While President Trump’s administration is enacting a moratorium on travel from six countries highlighted by the Obama administration as terrorist infested and dangerous to the American people, Great Britain and the EU are allowing them entry in their tens of thousands without proper vetting.

Some obviously adult immigrants are admitted as unaccompanied children who then go on to commit very grown up crimes. (See here)

While President Trump’s administration denies funding for so called sanctuary cities, areas where ‘progressive’ politicians refuse to enforce the law of the land with regard to illegal immigrants, Great Britain and the EU elite allow them to remain and shower them with taxpayer funded welfare benefits. (Forty convicted terrorists use the courts to remain in Great Britain here)

While President Trump’s administration enacts Kate's Law to increase prison sentences for illegal immigrant criminals who have re-entered the country after being previously deported, Great Britain and the EU elite allow serial criminals to enter and remain. This includes multiple re-entries.(Kate Steinle murdered by an illegal immigrant here and here)

While President Trump’s administration revokes the citizenship for immigrants who have lied on their application, Great Britain and the EU elite hand out citizenship to any low life from the third world regardless of their criminal past.

(American Judge revokes citizenship for lying here)

(Lying asylum seekers go back to their native country on holiday here)

With complete disregard for the safety of the British people, Theresa May’s government has allowed some four hundred battle hardened, blood-soaked jihadists to return from the battlefields of the Middle East without sanction.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that a law giving Theresa May’s administration the power to revoke citizenship of jihadists, and any other undesirables for that matter, they steadfastly refuse to use it; most likely under pressure from the UN/EU elite.

By their own admission there are a further three thousand dangerous Muslim jihadists under constant surveillance and they estimate a further twenty-three thousand are roaming the streets of Great Britain planning the mass murder of British citizens in the name of Allah, as commanded by their Prophet and as written in the Koran.

While President Trump is not afraid to name the enemy as radical Islamic terrorists, Theresa May and the EU elite continue to insult the intelligence of the public by repeating the discredited and dishonest mantra that these outrages perpetrated by Muslims are nothing to do with Islam and that Islam is a great global religion of peace.

To universal condemnation from the global elite, the policies being implemented by President Trump and his administration are what he promised during his election campaign which was designed to protect the American people and keep them safe.

Putting the interests and safety of their own citizens first and foremost is an anathema to those British and European politicians who have sold their souls to the UN/EU and their project to create a borderless, egalitarian one world government.

These politicians are deluded by their own fanaticism and refuse to accept that the United Nations and the European Union are sinking in a sewer of their own corruption and rely on cultural replacement in the west to complete their one world project. The UN cannot and will not survive the cynicism of the rapidly awaking people of the developed world or the attention of President Trump when he turns his attention to them.


Further reading for British government attitude to immigrants:


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Swedish Civil War – Catastrophe Engulfing Europe Due To Multi-Culturalism

Despite censorship and information control across the European Union news from the Geller Report that the National Police Chief of Sweden, Dan Eliasson, is pleading for help to deal with the outbreak of violent civil unrest comes as no surprise to Sweden watchers and journalists from the free media.

What does come as a surprise is its severity as illustrated by Mr. Elliasson when he warned that Swedish police forces can no longer uphold the law and pleaded with all good forces in the country to support them. It is even suggested that outside forces may be required such is the Swedish authorities inability to cope with the insurrection. 

The desperate situation is further emphasized by Johan Patrik Engellau, a research expert regarding destabilized countries who is quoted as saying “I’m afraid it is the end for the well-organized, decent and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun”. In other words Sweden is finished.

(Must read Geller Report here)

It’s difficult to imagine that an advanced European country with a centuries’ old sophisticated culture could descend into third world barbarity and civil war in a matter of decades.

What’s more difficult to comprehend is that the Swedish people did this to themselves with hardly a squeak of protest until now when it’s too late.

They must be the dumbest people on the earth when they believed their ‘progressive’ political class who ordained that their ancient Swedish culture and way of life was moribund and must be replaced with a so-called ‘multicultural society’.

It’s a wonder that the Swedish people didn’t string him up for treason when their former Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, claimed that Sweden’s borders are fictional and that Sweden belongs to the immigrants that come here – not the Swedes. (See his statement here)

One cannot ignore the role of the UN in this disaster since the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization across Europe is an absolute necessity if their egalitarian, borderless one world project is to become a reality.

Evidence that the descent of Sweden into a poverty ridden third world hell-hole has been deliberately engineered by the Swedish government at the behest of the UN is incontrovertible.

According to the UN’s own projections Sweden will become a third world country by 2030 but they are doing nothing to halt the decline. In fact the opposite is true, they are actively encouraging it.

Obviously the global elite believe that a poverty stricken country riddled with disease and hunger on European continent is what the world needs at this point in time. (See the report here)

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is joined in her insanity by former Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg, who said in 2013 that he hoped Sweden will look like Africa in ten years.

His epiphany for the Africanisation of Sweden came about during a visit to Lagos, Nigeria, where he noticed the beautiful colors of the African ladies dresses compared to the reserved and dull dresses of their Swedish equivalents.

He also explained that in ten years’ time it will look like Africa throughout Europe and that Europe will be better than it is now, and more multi-cultural.

(On a personal note; for my sins I spent some time in Nigeria during my expatriate career and I can assure readers that this is not a country one should aspire to emulate)
This poster child for 'progressive' lunacy takes self-hatred and delusion to the point where he must be certifiably insane and it’s a wonder he hasn’t been sent to the funny farm long before now. (Read this nutjob's lunacy here)
President Trump was ridiculed by the political class when he highlighted the fact that Muslim controlled no-go zones exist in cities across Europe, an existence which was roundly denied by the said political class and their various mainstream media propaganda machines.

A leaked report from Sweden concludes that the number of lawless areas in Sweden now totals 61. This is up from 55 in just one year. Lawless areas being a politically correct term for sharia controlled no-go zones.

Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, never tired of repeating the dishonest and discredited mantra that Great Britain is the most successful multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country on the planet; a claim echoed by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

According to the UN Sweden is the best example of a peaceful multi-cultural society despite it being acknowledged as the rape capital of the world and in the midst of a civil war.

The truth is somewhat different in Great Britain and across Europe. Autonomous, welfare-financed Muslim ghettos are infesting all the major cities which serve as breeding grounds for radical Islamic terrorists on the home front as well as recruiting grounds for terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah and Al Shabaab for wars abroad.

As the people of Europe know to their cost, especially those in Great Britain, France and Belgium, it was terrorists from their Muslim ghettos that dealt out death and destruction to their innocent compatriots and supplied soldiers of Allah to fight in the Muslim wars across the Middle East, Africa and central Asia.

To make matters infinitely worse, and with a complete disregard for the safety of their citizens, the political class allow these battle hardened killers to use their legal documentation to return ‘home’ with their blood lust and devotion to Islam intact.
Not that the political class will ever admit it but the civil war in Sweden is a disaster which is unfolding across the rest of Europe and it is a direct result of their agenda to impose ‘multi-culturalism’ on people who didn’t ask for it, weren’t consulted and don’t want it.

Their response to this human and cultural catastrophe is to employ censorship to deny its happening and to harass and intimidate those individuals brave enough to expose the truth and voice any contrary opinions.
Read about mad Merkel’s censorship here

Read about Brits arrested for on-line comments while jihadis roam free here

This dictatorial behavior and appeasement of the violent Islamic terrorists in their midst will serve only to enrage the people further bringing civil war across Europe an ever closer reality; this in turn will make the Swedish civil war look mild by comparison.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Islamic Violence Begets Violence – The Descent Into Civil War Begins

When the democratic processes have been exhausted and the political elite ignore the people in order to implement their cultural replacement agenda, frustration builds and direct action becomes the only remaining option.

When the writing is on the wall and the political elite still refuses to listen and continues to implement their cultural replacement agenda, frustrations continue to build and direct action is still the only remaining option.

When the age old institutions and the establishment have been politicized to the point where they treat the British people as the enemy and act against them accordingly while the actual perpetrators of violence are portrayed as innocent victims, frustration increases to dangerous levels and direct action ceases to be just an option and becomes a reality.

When the political elite appease the very community that is bringing death and destruction to the streets and concert halls of Great Britain and absolve them from blame, frustration boils over, someone snaps and the descent into civil strife begins.

Can any informed person in the western world put a hand on heart and swear they didn’t see the Finsbury Park mosque attack coming?

The first to crack was a weak minded individual with addiction issues who claims he snapped after the Westminster Bridge massacre.  This was compounded no doubt by the appeasing response by Prime Minister, Theresa May, absolving Islam and Muslims from blame.

It's inevitable that the war being perpetrated against the British people by the political class will push more rational people into taking direct action in defense of their country and their way of life.

The politicians are making a grave error of judgment if they think that the majority of the British people will sit idly by while their beloved country is destroyed and surrendered to a backward culture that is incompatible with their ancient way of life.

This uncompromising determination of the political class to impose their cultural replacement agenda has laid the foundation for an escalation of revenge attacks which can only lead to civil strife and bloodshed in the future.

Acting on the orders of the UN/EU de facto world government the British political elite have embarked upon a great crusade to replace the ancient culture and way of life of Great Britain with a so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

This cultural genocide had to be imposed from on high because the British people would have rejected this malignant transformation of their beloved country had they been consulted.
The strategy to bring this ethnic cleansing about is relatively straight forward. They employ a combination of open border mass immigration from the Muslim world supplemented by positive discrimination and rigidly policed political correctness.

More concerning to the British people is the use of smear and intimidation by the state against anyone who opposes the agenda and the silencing of dissenting opinions.  This is accomplished using threats of prosecution for one-way ‘hate crimes’ and so-called ‘hate speech’ that applies to the indigenous population only.

What constitutes a hate crime is so vague it gives the agents of the state freedom to prosecute anyone from the indigenous population for any act no matter how innocuous that attracts a complaint from a Muslim.
So called hate speech follows a similar pattern whereby any criticism of Islam or the Muslim community, no matter how trivial, be it vocal or on social media, will leave the author liable to arrest and prosecution.

Incidentally, as one would expect, the Muslim community are taking full advantage of this leeway to enhance the victim status endowed on them by the political class, but I digress.

According to the police ‘service’, calling for the beheading of infidels and kuffurs - which comprises the majority of the British population - does not constitute hate speech. Neither does calling for all Jews and Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth or homosexuals to be thrown off the roofs of tall buildings.

According to the police, notorious preachers of hate calling for jihad against the west or openly recruiting for banned terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah on the streets of the capital city does not constitute hate speech or qualify for a hate crime.

 The police service and the criminal justice system has been politicized and corrupted from a public service dedicated to serving and protecting the population by maintaining law and order into agents of the state dedicated to policing political correctness and imposing the governments cultural replacement agenda.

Politically active, agenda driven judges are not only legislating from the bench but are also in the process of unilaterally altering the criminal justice system to take into account the cultural practices of Muslims when sentencing.

Blind justice and equality before the law has disappeared without a squeak of protest from the corrupt, self-serving legislators that infest the Palace of Westminster. They have turned the Mother of Parliaments from a shining example of democracy admired around the world into a political whorehouse, bought and paid for by the pimps that constitute the UN/EU global elite.
The political class is so disconnected from the public they are meant to serve they are incapable of understanding the anger and frustration they arouse when they refuse to acknowledge that the slaughter of innocents on the streets and concert halls of Great Britain is being perpetrated by Muslims in name of Islam.

If anything is guaranteed to frustrate and anger people up more it’s politicians repeating the insulting and dishonest mantra that ‘it’s nothing to do with Islam’ every time a Muslim slaughters innocent people in the name of Allah or the assertion that ‘Islam is a great global religion of peace’ when thousands are being slaughtered in its name around the world every day.

Anger and frustration is further increased by the steadfast refusal of the political class to take effective action to stop the slaughter.

Thoughts and prayers, temporary roadside shrines, balloons and teddy bears, hashtag campaigns, Twitter and Facebook profiles, calls for unity and shoulder to shoulder solidarity etc. etc. are worthless words and gestures when battle hardened jihadis are allowed to return to Great Britain from war zones in the middle east, Africa and Central Asia with their bloodlust and hatred of the west intact.

They are worthless words and gestures when mosques and madrassas are allowed to remain open and continue preaching hatred against Great Britain and the west and calling for jihad.

These worthless words and gestures increase frustration and anger further when the remote political class, aided and abetted by the virtue signaling multi-millionaire celebrity community, call for opening the borders to so-called refugees who will be dumped on cash strapped villages and inner city ghettos far away from their secure gated mansions.

The messages being sent by the political class and their army of useful idiots to the Muslim community are of appeasement and absolution for the murder and mayhem being visited upon the British people in the name of Islam. This will only serve to ramp up frustration and anger further until boiling point is reached again and the descent into violence is unstoppable.

In conclusion, there is no cure for the frustration and anger which is increasingly consuming the British people other than listening to their very real concerns about the destruction of their country then acting according to their wishes. Failing to do so can only result in an escalation of revenge attacks and the future thereafter is too horrible to contemplate.

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