Tuesday, January 26, 2016

British Lose The Plot - Ban Trump But Welcome Mugabe Torturer

It's not the fact that the British Parliament debated whether to ban Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, from entering Great Britain that embarrassed the nation but the fact that so many legislators spoke in favour of the ban. They fell over each other in order put their left wing credentials on public display but unfortunately for them it also laid bare their total lack of intellectual integrity.

Wanting to ban the person who is leading the race to become the most powerful person on the planet only served to confirm what informed people had previously only suspected, that members of the modern British political class are bereft of any common sense or vision or to put it in the current popular vernacular, a total waste of space.

The debate was initiated by an online Parliamentary petition reaching the required number of signatures and therefore it was a legitimate subject but one would have thought that legislators would have used the opportunity to educate the signatories not only in the folly of their quest but the sheer hypocrisy contained therein.

Unfortunately, way too many British people have been so totally crushed by two decades of rigidly policed political correctness they actively look for the slightest excuse to attach labels on each other in order to win an argument.

The all time favourites are 'racist' and 'Islamophobe' which are pinned on anyone who holds different views on imposed 'multi-culturalism' to that of the 'progressive' metropolitan political elite and are not afraid to air them in public using their own style.

Donald Trump's particular thought crime was to suggest a moratorium on Muslim immigration until they can be properly vetted. In addition to this is his promise to build a wall to secure the porous southern border which has earned the displeasure of the Cultural Marxists that infest the global political establishment and the international government-media complex.

In their attempt to demonise Trump they ignored the fact that these remarks were made after the Muslim atrocities in Paris and San Bernadino. Also memories are still raw concerning other Muslim atrocities committed in the name Allah in places like Chattanooga, Fort Hood and the Boston marathon not to mention the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The porous southern border was also responsible for the murder of Kate Steinle, shot in the back while out walking with her father by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a violent illegal immigrant who had been deported on five previous occasions.

Unlike the agenda driven political class in Great Britain Donald Trump is making the safety and security of the American people a top priority as opposed to ignoring the violence, rape and murder perpetrated against the British people for reasons of political expediency.

Trump's remarks were labelled as 'hate speech' - a favourite term of the socialist/communist/liberal community better know by their adopted, inappropriate name of  'progressives' - and this is where their complete and utter hypocrisy shines through like a beacon.

There are thousands of examples of dangerous characters who have not only been allowed entry into Great Britain but have been supported in their vileness by taxpayer funded welfare benefits. Some of these sub-humans are as base as it's possible to be, compared to whom Donald Trump is an anointed Saint in God's Heaven.

The creature pictured above is Philip Machemedze, who enjoyed his previous role as torturer for blood soaked Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe. Machemedze admitted being a cold blooded killer and rapist who enjoyed hacking the limbs of enemies so that they died slowly in agony.

(Read the shocking story here)

There are thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of similar cases whereby the most appalling and dangerous characters imaginable are allowed to stay in Great Britain paid for by taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

Here are two more I will use to illustrate the point.

Trump's common sense remarks on Muslim immigration and secure borders was classed as hate speech by those MP's that wanted him banned, however these same MP's remained silent on Mr. Abu Hamza. An illegal immigrant and welfare supported terrorist, he was an unrepentant al-Qaeda supporter who was allowed to openly spread his vile, anti-infidel hate speech in London for years without their comment. After fighting extradition for nearly a decade, again financed by the taxpayers, he now languishes in an America prison where he will hopefully meet his maker.

Osama bin Laden's right hand man in Europe and illegal immigrant, Mr.Abu Qatada, was labelled by the security services as 'extremely dangerous' but was allowed to stay for years living a normal life among the people he hated and plotted to kill. Like Abu Hamza this evil creature fought extradition for years and finally self-deported to his homeland in Jordan where he was wanted for terrorist related crimes.

It has been reported that if he doesn't get what the authorities consider a fair trial in Jordan the European Court of Human Rights would insist that Great Britain must take him back to resume his life of luxury and to take advantage of the freedoms he is committed to destroying.

The Parliamentary debate to ban Donald Trump from Great Britain - along with the missed opportunity to educate the low information petition signatories - is an embarrassment for the country but it is not entirely surprising. The new leader of the Labour Party is a Great Britain hating, life long communist, Jeremy Corbyn, who counts the leaders of terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

As a measure of how much the British people have lost the plot and are actively engineering their own oblivion, Corbyn's party has two-hundred and thirty-one Members of Parliament with a rag tag group of seventy-seven Members who share many of his aspirations. That's three-hundred and eight out of a total of six-hundred and fifty Members.

Great Britain needs its own version of Donald Trump because civilisation is indeed hanging by a thread in the Sceptred Isle.

Update: Romanian criminal allowed into Britain despite a string of convictions. Story here

Monday, January 25, 2016

Win The War But Lose The Peace - This Is What Surrender Looks Like

When German Chancellor, Angela Merkel refused to allow British Prime Minister David Cameron to act in the interests of Great Britain by reforming the rules for immigrant welfare claimants unless British low paid workers were punished in return, it was a stark reminder that the German Chancellor has as much power over the British people as Cameron or any other elected Member of Parliament.

The reform was intended to stop Great Britain's generous welfare entitlement system being a magnet to economic colonists from around the world who risk life and limb to claim their free money and which has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people and their way of life.

An even bigger disaster has been Merkel's open border immigration policies combined with the new quota system which Cameron is powerless to stop. This is designed to speed up the process of cultural and demographic replacement and the imposition of so called 'multi-cultural societies' on Great Britain and the other nation states of Europe.

Despite having the fastest growing population in Europe, Merkel and the EU bureaucrats have unceremoniously torn up Cameron's deal on asylum and are imposing quotas on Great Britain way in excess of the countries' ability to absorb them all.

By any measure this is not in the interests of the British people and only serves to undermine their safety, security and future prosperity. Therefore one is bound to ask what is the point of having a British Prime Minister and an elected Parliament when they are unable to act in the best interests of the people they have sworn to protect?

Modern students of history should study how a country that was roundly defeated in two world wars - the second of which left its cities, industry and infrastructure so utterly devastated its a wonder they survived - could rise up from the ashes and conquer the victors without a shot being fired.

The Marshall Plan rebuilt their devastated infrastructure however it was not needed to rebuild their ambition to dominate Europe because, as current events clearly demonstrate, that was never defeated.

It's astonishing how a British Prime Minister can be so weak and craven that he tugs a forelock to a German Chancellor who is well on the way to completing the vision of her predecessors, including the Kaiser and Hitler, to build a German dominated, Jew free Europe from the Atlantic to Urals.

The memory of those hero's who made the ultimate sacrifice in these two destructive wars to keep Great Britain free and sovereign has been desecrated and despoiled by a treacherous political class who are intent on surrendering everything they died for.

Despite attempts to disguise the federalist aspirations of the European Union it is now common knowledge that the EU project from the outset was to abolish the independent sovereign states of Europe and replace them with a single state using the old Soviet Union as a template.
In many ways the United States of Europe is a sick parody of the United States of America whereby many of its historical symbols were hijacked in order to foster the impression they are similar entities. Hence the EU has 'Founding Fathers' and 'Constitution' along with Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

All phony of course because in reality the whole show is run by the unelected, unaccountable  European Commission which in turn is totally dominated by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

A dedicated communist party apparatchik from the former Soviet puppet state of East Germany, Merkel is no friend of individual liberty, free enterprise or democracy and has a particular distaste for, and animosity towards, Great Britain and it's people. 

Her utterances and actions are proof positive that Angela Merkel despises the British people's attitude and lack of conviction toward the European superstate project and as a consequence she takes it out on David Cameron by indulging in his public humiliation whenever he shows any sign of standing up for the British people he has sworn to represent.

Faced with this emotionless, agenda driven automaton it is vital that the British people have a representative that will put their interests above all other considerations, especially their safety, security and economic well being. They also need this representative to protect their culture, their heritage and their way of life.

What they've actually got is David Cameron, a craven careerist who has a lack of dignity and self respect and allows himself to be dominated and bullied not only by the German Chancellor but by other members of the EU politburo such as 'President' of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, a career bureaucrat from Luxembourg and another 'President' of Europe, Donald Tusk from Poland.

Mentioning David Cameron in the same sentence as Sir Winston Churchill is akin to blasphemy but inevitably comparisons will be made; it is however an exercise in futility as there is no worthwhile comparison that can be made.

While Sir Winston was a loyal servant of the people - steadfast and resolute in defence of Great Britain, along with it's heritage and way of life, David Cameron is the polar opposite who is actively engaged in surrendering all that Churchill and the British people fought for in two world wars.

What makes it incalculably worse is that he is surrendering it all to an enemy that was defeated at such a terrible cost.

While Churchill is quoted as saying that "If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea". David Cameron was quoted as saying only recently that "he feels deeply European from the bottom of my heart".

He has also vowed to fight with his heart and soul to keep Great Britain inside this undemocratic German dominated superstate no matter what.

As the engineered 'refugee crisis' continues to blight the lives of the British and European people with rampant violent crime including rape and murder, Cameron and the elite show no signs abandoning their superstate project and this can only result in conflict as the people take it upon themselves to protect themselves and their communities.

Although it is censored by the government-media complex, many towns and cities across Europe are on fire as people rise up against the political elite including Cameron and Merkel.

Looking forward into the not too distant future, the intransigence of this political elite with respect to using open border mass immigration to achieve cultural and demographic replacement, it is putting the peace of the entire continent at risk.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Insulting Our Intelligence With Blatant Lies And Propaganda

I am sure he spoke for millions of us when British journalist and author, Peter Hitchens, eloquently stated that 'sharks bite, cow pats stink and politicians lie. I'm used to all these things. They're facts of life. But I can't stand it when people pretend otherwise". He made this observation in reference to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's risible claims of success in the face of disastrous economic indicators and a dire economic performance.

Although there is an endless procession of politicians who lie and deceive as a matter of course, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, takes some beating. On a variety of subjects from economic performance to immigration and multi-culturalism, his pronouncements have become desperate and demonstrably false.

As these falsehoods become ever more risible he is insulting the intelligence of all bar his army of dullards by assuming people will actually believe him.

The British people are well aware that Cameron's only function in life is to keep Great Britain inside the European Union and to implement their cultural replacement agenda using open border mass immigration.

Conversely, Cameron is aware that a majority of the British people are now against continued membership of the EU and it's long planned destruction of the British way of life. Particularly galling is the Islamification program and his continual acceding to the incessant demands of the Muslim colonists no matter how offensive they are to British sensitivities.

The New Years Eve sexual assaults of women in German cities brought to light the horrific rape epidemic perpetrated by Muslim colonists that has been engulfing Europe for decades and this has made EU membership even more unpopular and the resistance to mass immigration solidify as well as becoming more widespread.

As Mr.Hitchens' rightly observes, politicians lying is a 'fact of life' and like him people 'can't stand it' when they pretend otherwise. Cameron's latest outrageous pronouncement is designed to appease the real concerns of the British people as opposed to being a genuine policy he intends to implement.

It relates to the continued influx of incompatible, and in many cases illiterate, Muslim immigrants from the undeveloped world who will make no contribution to British life.

In addition they will be a burden on the social services and other taxpayer funded resources that have already reached the breaking point due to the unprecedented demand caused by the massive influx which has proved impossible to assimilate.

He promises to spend $30 million of taxpayer's money on English language classes for non English speaking Muslim spouses immigrating into the country in order to help them make a contribution to the economy and lessen their susceptibility to radicalisation. If they are not proficient in English after a set period of time they may be deported.

(See here)

This insult is so far from being a pragmatic policy it's bordering on delusional; if he is serious then he should be sectioned along with his handlers and the spin doctors, media managers and advertising executives that come up with this nonsense.

Cameron is well aware that as a consequence of surrendering the sovereignty of Great Britain to the European Union he has surrendered the ability of the Home Secretary to deport undesirables whether they are legal or illegal and regardless of any crimes they have committed.

Instead of insulting the intelligence of the British people, David Cameron, his handlers or any member of his government, need to explain how, if he cannot deport terrorists, murderers, rapists, and a multitude of other violent criminals, how will he be able to deport a housewife because her proficiency in English is not up to scratch?

One also has to bear in mind that any Muslim spouse from the undeveloped world over the age of puberty will have produced a brood in the intervening period and therefore cannot be deported due to her right to family life under the notorious Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

This appalling insult to the intelligence is compounded when one looks at some of the high profile failures of his government to deport the criminals alluded to above.

For example, Cameron's government failed to deport an Ethiopian immigrant know as J1, a terrorist colleague of the infamous ISIS killer, Jihadi John, along with twenty-eight other terrorists. This includes Algerian, Baghdad Meziane who had links to the al-Qaeda gang involved in the Paris massacre. He also ran a network that supplied fake passports and credit cards to jihadis. He was convicted a decade ago but remains free to walk the streets of Leicester, England, without fear of deportation.

(See these stories here and here)

Nigerian immigrant, Akindoyin Akinshipe was jailed for the rape of a thirteen year old girl but the European Court of Human Rights forbade his deportation because, as the court claimed, they must protect his 'social ties' with Great Britain which grew while he resisted deportation.

(See that story here)

The British High Court refused permission to deport Jamaican murderer, Eric Erron, on the spurious grounds that he was born out of wedlock.

(Story here)

Finally, in 2012/13, 602 appeals by foreign criminals were allowed by the immigration courts with 324 allowed to stay because of their so called right to family life.

(Story here)

The British people now take it as a matter of course that David Cameron, along with his government and their spin machine are lying whenever they are pretending to address their concerns about the destructive effects of open border mass immigration; the unfortunate truth is that they are totally committed to the EU project of replacing the independent, sovereign states of Europe with a post democratic superstate.

This will include what is known as cultural and demographic replacement using open border mass immigration with the objective of creating a generic European citizen loyal to the EU as opposed to their individual nation states.

The course is set and looks to be unstoppable and as a consequence the lies and propaganda will continue unabated. They are utterly shameless and unless the peoples of Europe wake up very soon all will be lost and two millenia of history will be destroyed for ever.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Military Won't Save Americans From ISIS - The 2nd Amendment Will

It is without doubt that the American military machine, both nuclear and conventional, is the most formidable on the planet. Even after evisceration and the social engineering program implemented by the ideologically driven Obama administration, it remains a formidable fighting machine.

The three branches, the air force, navy and army are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and manned by some of the bravest and most dedicated personnel who are a credit to the American people.

The primary purpose of this military machine is to protect the homeland and the American people along with allies and American interests abroad but looking at global events of the past decade it is failing to secure either.

In decades past any adversary, be they an apocalyptic Ayatollah or communist tyrant, insane enough to engage it in open warfare would be ensuring their own defeat and ultimate destruction. Today these same adversaries are more pragmatic and know they can defeat America without engaging the military machine in open warfare.

With the administration's steadfast refusal to use the overwhelming firepower at it's disposal to put the fear of God into the souls of it's adversaries, it hamstrings them with rules of engagement that are so narrow lawyers are ever present on any battlefield.

The new socially engineered military is openly mocked and no longer respected or feared to the point where the whole nation is taunted and humiliated in front of the entire world by the bullies and thugs of the Iranian Republican Guards.

The reasons for this are political and ideologically driven by a political establishment who are ruthlessly determined to implement their 'progressive' agenda of fundamentally transforming America.

Fundamental transformation was not just a empty slogan manufactured by spin doctors for electoral purposes, it's an actual agenda which can only be described as a revolution.

Not a 'storming of the Winter Palace' type revolution where pitchfork wielding peasants rose up to seize power from the ruling elite but the exact reverse. The ruling elite have worked assiduously to seize power from the people using stealth and subterfuge to replace transparency and open government.

As mentioned previously, one of the primary purposes of this military machine is to protect the homeland and the American people.

At home, despite swearing an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, which has been the foundation of America's freedoms, it is being increasingly circumvented by the Obama administration; individual liberty is being replaced by collectivism, the free enterprise system by socialism and constitutionally limited government, by executive fiat.

Meanwhile, abroad, America has abandoned its traditional role as leader of the free world and withdrawn to focus on the fundamental transformation of society at home. Traditional allies have been replaced by former enemies leaving a vacuum which has been filled by the sworn enemies of America and the west.

The results are there for all to see; the Middle East and North Africa have disintegrated with ISIS taking advantage of the chaos to organise and spread their perverted cult to all areas of the world including the USA.

When ISIS are saying they are coming to America any which way they can, including posing as refugees, with the specific intention of causing murder and mayhem, it would be wise to take their word for it as opposed to the word of the political class or the spin and manipulation of the government-media complex.

When the government are using Islam and its adherents as a vehicle to fundamentally transform America, no amount of battle groups, submarines, air force squadrons or battalions will protect the people from killers bent on killing Americans in the name of Allah even at the cost of their own lives.

When the government refuses to seal the borders then proceeds to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants, including murderers, rapists and a host of other violent criminals, the America people are put at risk.

When the government refuses to properly vet so called 'refugees' despite the fact ISIS has made it known they will use the deliberately engineered 'crisis' as an opportunity to infiltrate its fighters into the USA, no amount of military might will protect the American citizen from murder while going about their legitimate business.

With a government that has disassociated Islam from every atrocity committed in its name, what use was the latest multi-billion dollar stealth bomber or hunter-killer submarine or Apache helicopter gunship to the victims of San Bernardino, Boston, Fort Hood or even the Twin Towers?

What use are drones flying for days over the Caliphate in Syria looking for ISIS targets when American people will be murdered at work or in a restaurant or at the cinema by ISIS operatives already embedded?

There is no alternative but for the people to protect themselves using their 2nd Amendment Rights before they are taken away by the ideologically driven administration who are determined to disarm the American people to bring them into line with the rest of the world in accordance with UN diktats.

The American people are unique in that they have the God given right to own a firearm to protect themselves and their families, therefore it is essential they take advantage of it, buy a gun and never, ever surrender it to the government or its agents.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Covering Up Muslim Rape Is Standard Operating Procedure

The New Years Eve mass sexual assault and rape of German women was passed off by the government-media complex as an isolated incident perpetrated by over-exuberant immigrants and confined to the city of Cologne.

Despite government attempts to control the news with spin and deception, when the censorship began to lift the shocking truth emerged that these assaults and rapes were also rampant in Germany's other major cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart etc., including the capital, Berlin.

All governments in the developed world have constructed a government-media complex to control information by subtle, and in many cases unsubtle, news management. To put it in layman's terms, they are using censorship and propaganda to deceive the public in order to impose their cultural replacement agenda.

If the mainstream media (MSM) were actually free and responsible then the world would be aware that sexual violence, including rape and murder, committed by Muslim men against women and children in the developed world is rife and longstanding. It's been going on for decades with the full knowledge of the political establishment and its agencies, including local governments and the police along with the local and national MSM.

People around the world will be shocked to learn that these heinous crimes were not confined to New Years Eve in German cities but have been rife for decades in developed world countries with large populations of Muslim immigrants. These countries include Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and the rape capital of Europe, Sweden.

(Pan-European rape epidemic here)

Most shockingly of all, in Great Britain of all places, what became known as the Muslim grooming scandal exposed the fact that the grooming, sexual abuse, rape and pimping out of under-age white girls by Pakistani paedophile gangs went on for decades in towns such as Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford among others, with the tacit approval of the political establishment.

This included as previously mentioned the local government, the police, social services, schools, health services and incredulously, the child protection services.

All this was censored by the MSM at both local and national levels. Even today with the full horror exposed, the spinners and media managers separate the abuse of these innocent children from the Muslim community by using the initials CSE whenever referring to the scandal together the broader term 'Asian' when referring to the perpetrators

In full, the initials CSE stand for Child Sexual Exploitation which removes the exclusivity of British documented Pakistani Muslims as perpetrators and by using the term 'Asian' it broadens the origin of the perpetrators to include every male emanating from anywhere east of Suez.

Similarly, violent spousal abuse is rife in the same Pakistani colonies, in reference to which the media managers use the initials HBV, which expanded means Honour Based Violence. This term also omits the words Pakistani and Muslim thus removing the exclusivity of the culprits.

(Incidentally, how mutilating or murdering ones wife or daughter can be referred to as 'honour based' requires an explanation but I digress)

In a similar vein, FGM are initials used to describe a barbaric procedure which deliberately removes any connection with the religion and culture that exclusively practices it. (Female Genital Mutilation)

The reasons given by the various agency spokesweasels for ignoring these crimes comes straight out of the Political Correctness Handbook for Progressives. Ethnic tolerance, celebrating diversity, inclusion, outreach, cultural sensitivity, community cohesion etc. etc.

To make matters worse, all the government agencies and the establishment, who's priority should be the safety, security and prosperity of their citizens, have been populated with fellow 'progressives' who are equally committed to the cultural replacement agenda and the imposition of so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

Scandalous doesn't begin to describe the behaviour of the various police 'services' and their accomplices in the associated criminal justice systems for their complicity in covering up these crimes.

How low can police officers sink when they ignore horrific crimes against the people they are sworn to protect and serve, including children. How low can judges sink when hand down derisory sentences, on the grounds of cultural sensitivity, to those immigrants who do find themselves in a court of law.

(German police told to ignore 'refugee' crime here)

(Swedish police cover-up immigrant crime here)

(Rotherham police ignore Muslim child sexual abuse here)

(Muslim child rapist spared jail on cultural grounds here)

(The shocking death of 12 year old Amy Houston here)

The failure of the government and its agents to deal with these horrific crimes coupled with the cowardly excuse of not wanting to be smeared as a racist, a bigot or an Islamophobe has sealed the fate of these unfortunate women and young girls.

Sadly, due to the fact that the government routinely censors the news with regard to Muslim criminality, along with the determination of the criminal justice system to protect their indulged community, it will also seal the fate of women and young girls long into the future.

As the people of the developed world are discovering to their cost, Muslims and Islam are being used as a battering ram by the UN/EU de facto world government to deconstruct western societies and erase their cultures, which have evolved over several millenia, along with their equally long established Judeo-Christian heritages.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Politicians Don't Get To Decide Our Values Or Who We Are

It would come as no surprise if it were revealed that American President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, along with many other leaders of the developed world, use the same spin doctors and media management executives to manufacture their soundbites.

Tedious doesn't begin to describe these statements which roll off the lips of a patronising political class who use the eye catching bullet points to garner votes instead of telling the truth.

Who isn't tired of hearing "these are not our values" uttered by politicians and world leaders who's loyalty is to the international 'progressive' agenda as opposed to their own people?

As people across the civilised world react, some violently, to the deliberate destruction of their societies, along with their cultures, heritages and ways of life, their political leaders repeat like a mantra that "this is not who we are" or variations thereof.

The new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is a recent user of this overused soundbite while the Deputy Justice Minister in the Netherlands accused protesters who had rioted against a hostel for economic migrants being built in their village as "un-Dutch".

As the civilising Judeo-Christian cultures around the world are being systematically erased using open border mass immigration, particularly from backward Muslim countries, it becomes obvious that redefining our values and who we are as citizens forms part of the associated propaganda campaign.

In the case of Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama one only has to look at their utterances and behaviors to see that these are the last people on earth to decide who we are or what our values are.

David Cameron has made it abundantly clear that he will work with his heart and soul to hand over the last vestiges of British sovereignty to the European Union bureaucrats as well as impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' at their behest.

A self confessed 'progressive', Cameron is a cheerleader for Islam in Great Britain. "It's nothing to do with Islam" is another one of his over used soundbites, He is consciously presiding over the un-homogenising and de-Christianising of Great Britain while promoting every other religion or ethnic group. "It's nothing to do with Islam" is his usual response to Muslim atrocities across the planet along with his "global religion of peace" mantra.

Traditional British values and the national character have evolved over centuries, and cannot be redefined by a remote, agenda driven member of the international elite.

If David Cameron is not qualified to decide British values and who we are, then President Obama and his First Lady have no right whatsoever to lecture the people about American values and who they are.

For two decades they attended the United Trinity Church where they listened to their Pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, deliver anti-American sermons liberally laced with the most odious racist bile that would land any ordinary citizen in prison. So close were the Obamas to this deeply disturbed racist bigot he officiated at their wedding.

On the day of his election to the Presidency Michelle Obama announced that this is the first time in her life that she is proud to be an American.

Even more disturbing was/is their relationship with unrepentant America hating domestic terrorists Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. The American people are more than justified to question what right the Obamas have to decide American values and who they all are as Americans.

As the phony refugee crisis continues to swamp Europe and America the people can expect their leaders to continue redefining our values and who we are in an attempt to justify their deliberate transformation and downgrading of civilisation on behalf of their international masters.