Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hollande And The EU Leaders Are Guilty But They Will Not Be Punished

Despite heavy censorship by the government-media propaganda machine they cannot suppress the bloody disaster that is being visited upon the innocent people of Europe by blood thirsty Muslim terrorists who were invited from their desert hell holes to deliberately flood the continent in order to further the political agenda of the European ruling elite.

The European political elite are so fanatically dedicated to their project to ethnically cleanse Judeo-Christian culture from the continent they will tolerate and excuse violent assault, mass rape and the cold blooded murder of its citizens including the beheading of an elderly priest performing a morning Mass. (See here)

This latest horrific killing comes hot on the heels of the Nice massacre by a Muslim immigrant from Tunisia who murdered eighty-four people and injured over three hundred more, including children, in the name of Allah, as commanded by his prophet Mohammad and as written in his holy book, the Koran.

The far-left socialist President of France, Francois Hollande, along with the rest of the European political elite, knew this was going to happen and they know further massacres of innocents will continue to take place in the future until they actually take positive action to stop it.

The only action they have taken so far is to engage in levels of censorship not seen in Europe since the 1930's and media management so subtle and skilled it makes Josef Goebbels look like a novice.

We've heard the insincere refrain and faux outrage from the political elite with sickening familiarity in the recent past. In fact, it has become so familiar the politicians repeat it by rote like the clones that they are then return to their day job of doing nothing tangible to stop the slaughter.

They will express their horror at the heinous crime, they will express their condolences and falsely claim that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims, then they will falsely promise to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice.

It all ends with the biggest falsehood of all that ' it's nothing to do with Islam' because - as the politicians keep reminding us ad nauseum - Islam 'is a great global religion of peace'.

They will go on to make utterly pointless promises to 'stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with French people' which may make a good soundbite but will do absolutely nothing to stop the slaughter of innocents in the future.

The rest of the charade will also be all too familiar; a makeshift shrine at the site of the killings with bouquets, candles, balloons and teddy bears, a hashtag# slogan on Twitter, Facebook profile backgrounds changed to the French tricolour and public buildings lit up with the nation's colours.

The facts are stark and speak for themselves: the European elite have embarked on a project to destroy the independent, sovereign nation states of Europe and replace them with a single all powerful superstate.

This cannot be achieved without replacing the existing millenia old cultures of the individual nation states and creating a new European identity. This Afro-Eurasian citizen is being created using open border mass immigration from the undeveloped world which serves to downgrade the existing nations to their level.

This also serves to meet the EU/UN global requirement of imposing equality between cultures, religions and ethnicities.

By the United Nations own criteria the EU project is premeditated genocide and despite their expensively tailored suits and benign external demeanour these European leaders are as guilty as any other tinpot genocidal maniac from history.

The guilty leaders are:

The evermore unstable and fanatical German Chancellor, Angel Merkel, who has done more than any other leader to destroy Europe with her dictatorial control over the EU and her open border mass immigration madness.

The unelected President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, a Merkel crony and EU superstate fanatic. Another open border mass immigration advocate who has clearly stated that no amount of murder, massacre or misery will alter the EU mass immigration policy.

Junkers inhuman attitude to the mass rape and murder is summed up by his assertion that 'no matter how bad the migrant crisis or terrorism gets, we'll never give up on open borders'.  Read the shocking revalations here and here

The unelected President of the EU Commission, Donald Tusk, a grovelling excuse for a man who follows in the slipstream of Merkel and Junker acting tough but wallowing in reflected glory.

The far-left socialist President of France who has stood by and allowed his once noble country to descend into a cesspit of multi-cultural horror and a safe haven for radical Muslims to fester and organise the slaughter of his own citizens.

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, and all the other cowardly Presidents and Prime Ministers of the nation states of Europe, both past and present, who act and have acted as willing accomplices in the premeditated murder, rape and utter devastation that is being wrought on the people of Europe.

Despite the rapidly increasing death toll across the continent and an epidemic of violent crime, which includes the mass rape of adults and children alike, these inhuman monsters will not suffer the punishments usually reserved for those that have ruined nations and subjected their citizens to fear, penury and bloodshed.

The global political elite looks after its own and the guilty few will remain free and continue to wield power behind the scenes while being rewarded for their criminality with fortunes looted from the treasuries of their victims.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Europhile PM Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted To Deliver Brexit

Business leaders and economists agree that one of the main sources concern that has a negative effect on the financial markets and economic activity is uncertainty. This uncertainty adversely affects economic growth and wealth creation which in turn depresses job creation and potential prosperity for the masses.

What is not uncertain however is the yawning chasm that exists between the political class and the people they govern.

The vast majority of the electorate in Great Britain voted emphatically to leave the corrupt and rapidly disintegrating European Union in favour of regaining their sovereignty and becoming an independent, self governing nation once again.

In spite of this victory all they hear from the government of the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, are limp excuses of why she will not trigger the two year long Brexit process, commonly referred to as Article 50. (Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which is the process for leaving the EU)

One would think that since Mrs. May spent eighteen years working in the banking and financial sectors she would understand the deleterious effect that uncertainty has on economic activity and growth, but like all disciples of the United States of Europe she has sworn fealty to Brussels and consequently finds it difficult, if not impossible, to renege on her oath.

Mrs. May's initial pronouncements were unequivocal, Brexit is set in stone, the government will honour the result of the referendum and Great Britain will leave the European Union. Her actions since her coronation as the nation's unelected Prime Minister tell a very different story and the omens are not good for the British people.

It must be noted that life long Europhile Mrs.May was selected as the replacement for disgraced former Prime Minister, David Cameron, by the Members of the Parliamentary Conservative Party who, like Mrs. May, are overwhelmingly Europhile, and not by popular vote in a general election.

Despite the emphatic vote by the British people to leave the EU, her new government consists of twenty-one Europhiles and only four Brexit supporters.

Mrs. May's inaugural speech set the alarm bells ringing and confirmed what informed observers knew already, she is a typical EU big government 'progressive' and not the free enterprise conservative she claims to be.

Her speech was laced with phrases and soundbites that are routinely used by Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left leader of Great Britain's socialist Labour Party and in a demonstration of the global aspect of socialist activism they are also being used by American primary election contenders, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Phrases and soundbites such as burning injustice, inequality, institutional racism in the criminal justice system, a country that works for everyone, the privileged few etc.etc. ad nauseum. (Read the speech here)

Instead of settling the markets down and initiating confidence by triggering the exit mechanism by invoking Article 50 or repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, Mrs. May has prolonged the uncertainty by announcing that initiating the Brexit process is not imminent now or in the near future.

In her first act as Prime Minister, Mrs.May paid a visit to the rabidly Europhile leader of the Scottish Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon, and proclaimed that Article 50 will not be invoked until the Scottish were on board. Since this is highly unlikely the Scots are now labouring under the impression that they have a veto over Brexit.

Next she visits the increasingly unstable megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who came away from that meeting with the idea that she still governs Great Britain; she then proceeded to indulge her impulses and lecture the British people that they must keep their borders open to unlimited immigration.

Mrs. May has not said or done anything to alter the mindset of the ruling EU bureaucrats who remain convinced that they will still be running Great Britain even after Brexit. (See here)

By accident or design, this delay not only promotes further uncertainty, it plays into the hands of the Europhiles both inside and outside Parliament whereby Mrs. May's prevarication on Article 50 allows the them time to organize their campaign to annul the referendum result and prevent Brexit. (See here)

Ninety-eight percent of the British people in one poll are saying an emphatic No to any EU deal and urged the government to quit Brussels now; this didn't stop Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive of American super bank, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co from suggesting that the result should be ignored or reversed. (See here)

Led by the taxpayer funded BBC, the bought-and-paid-for whores from the government-media axis have continued their Project Fear campaign to blame every negative story on Brexit and to smear Brexit supporters as narrow minded nationalists, bigots and racists. Unfortunately negative campaigning works, therefore the longer it goes on the more it degrades the momentum for Brexit.

Speaking of the bought-and-paid-for media whores, The Independent newspaper has already touted the idea that it's time to accept the fact that Brexit will never happen and it would be easier for Mrs.May to endlessly delay the process rather than to actually leave the EU. (Read the offending article here)

In conclusion, it must be asked whether Theresa May, a life long committed Europhile running a government of committed Europhiles backed by a Europhile Parliament, a Europhile political establishment and a Europhile government-media axis, can be trusted to carry out the people's wishes and actually leave the corrupt and failing United States of Europe?  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Lives Matter Take Their Racism And Revolution To London

When shoppers and tourists enjoying London's iconic Oxford Street were prevented from going about their legitimate business by a troop of violent black racists using intimidation to advance their revolutionary agenda, it was most likely they had no idea what the orchestrated piece of political theatre was about. (See march story here)

"Hands up don't shoot" is a meaningless chant to the patrons of Oxford Street, while Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are hardly household names outside the USA. As a consequence they would be unaware that the entire Black Lives Matter (BLM) charade is an anti-capitalist revolutionary movement which was manufactured using deliberate lies to create martyrs out of wannabe gangstas and common street thugs.

They would also be unaware that the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, along with a host of other agenda driven political hacks from his administration, facilitated the creation of BLM as part of their fundamental transformation of America.

Another chant by the BLM street thugs was "F*ck Off Theresa May". What the presumptive Prime Minister had to do with shooting black people in America is not immediately apparent . The fact that May is a conservative highlights the anti-capitalist element of the BLM movement. (See the F*ck off video here)

In order that the British, and other readers outside the USA, be informed about BLM before they get taken in by the propaganda being disseminated by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media (MSM), allow me to put the record straight with the truth.

BLM is another tool in the armoury of revolutionary former Nazi George Soros who has sworn to bring down western capitalism. Since the United States of America epitomizes the prosperity that capitalism brings to the masses, destroying it is essential to him achieving his goal.

Whether it is by accident or design, the Soros agenda and that of the Obama administration, along with the Hillary Clinton Democratic Party, are one and the same. They share an anti-capitalist, anti-American ideology and they will use any means at their disposal, including the murder of policemen, to bring about the downfall of both.

Such is the visceral hatred billionaire Soros has for the USA he has dedicated his life and fortune to bringing it down and to that end he finances a myriad of anti-capitalist, anti-American movements out of his multi-billion dollar fortune. (See here and here)

Unfortunately for decent law abiding citizens of all colors and ethnicity, Soros doesn't care how the downfall of America, and western capitalism, is achieved and that includes using propaganda to stir up division and hate between races resulting in violent civil strife and an inevitable race war.

The leaders of BLM and other black organizations such as the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are openly calling for the deaths of white police officers and white people in general without fear of arrest or sanction. White people calling for similar action against blacks or Muslims would be spared no quarter and removed from circulation with all possible speed accompanied by a media frenzy of condemnation.

Blocking highways and preventing law abiding citizens going about their legitimate business, let alone murdering black policemen, would not be tolerated if perpetrated by non black people or advocated by non black organizations.

BLM was long planned and the complicity of the Obama administration was evident from its first faltering steps.

The administration spin machine and the MSM were primed ready to portray the next 'African-American' shot by a white man as proof of the indiscriminate killing of innocent black people by racist white people solely on the basis of their skin colour.

Trayvon Martin was the chosen martyr; he was endowed with divine status even before the facts were known. The orchestrated administration and media frenzy portrayed the incident as a needless slaying of an innocent black youth going about his business by a racist white thug who was out to kill a black kid.

As further evidence of the administration's complicity in the creation of the Trayvon Martin myth, and subsequently the BLM movement, the half white President of the United States, without waiting for the truth, made the outrageous comment that 'if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin'.

In addition to this, his racist Attorney General and black activist, Eric Holder, prejudged the issue as an indiscriminate racist slaying then misused the powers of his office to prove the official narrative in order to stir up racial hatred.

The truth when it finally emerged revealed that Trayvon Martin (pictured above left) was shot by a non white neighborhood watch captain who was attacked and viciously assaulted by the wannabe gangsta and feared for his life. Despite the fact that the registered Hispanic, George Zimmerman, was cleared of all charges, Martin remains a martyr to the BLM.

The 'hands up, don't shoot' chant has also been proved to have been created using a blatant lie. The false narrative is that another innocent black youth, Michael Brown, was needlessly gunned down by a racist white police officer while surrendering with his hands up. This incident resulted in days of rioting and looting by the black community of Ferguson, Missouri. Riots and disorder that was apparently financed by Soros. (See here)

The truth as revealed by the justice department was that Michael Brown was a common street thug who had just assaulted a store owner during the course of a robbery and far from surrendering with his hands up, charged at the officer and attempted to get hold of his gun.

Almost every other incident used by BLM to incite racial hatred and justify the killing of white policemen, and white people in general, are equally false. This makes it all the more important that the public outside of the USA should be made aware that this organization was created by malevolent anti-capitalist, anti American ideologues who are using black and white useful idiots to foment civil strife and revolution

As Greek dramatist, Aeschylus, is quoted as saying back in 500 BC "in war the truth is the first casualty" and so it is with the BLM  who use propaganda to create the myth that black people are being indiscriminately murdered by privileged whites for no other reason than their skin color.

If the truth is the first casualty in war then beware, if this revolution to bring down capitalism and America gains any more momentum the truth won't matter at all.

To learn more about the false narrative of BLM I recommend watching a short video from the superb site 90 Miles From Tyranny.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Jihad in Nice - Politicians Are Covered In The Blood Of The Innocent

Just as we all know that night follows day then day follows night, we all knew that the Nice massacre was coming. The horror and the bloodshed visited upon the people of Nice as they celebrated Bastille Day will shock every person on the planet who has an iota of decency.

It will not however shock the medieval Muslim world, who will be punching the air and whooping with delight as they celebrate another cold blooded murder of infidels perpetrated in the name of Allah. It will also not shock the global political elite who could have followed through on the promises they made after the last massacre to put the safety of their citizens above all else and eliminate the Muslim jihadis in their midst.

The pre-rehearsed routine by the political class will be depressingly familiar, the same threadbare soundbites and insincere platitudes will be rolled out yet again and the media narrative will be meticulously controlled until the news cycle moves on.

It was some eighteen months ago that Muslim jihadis caused outrage by murdering staff at the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris and only eight months ago when fellow Muslim jihadis murdered a further a hundred and thirty Parisians and injured three hundred and sixty-eight more. Whatever happened to #Je Suis Charlie?

Any reasonable person would have thought that the global political elite would re-appraise their Islamification and forced multi-culturalism agenda in name of public safety but they would be wrong.

They have set their course and no amount of bloodshed will deviate them from their global agenda of imposing equality of nations, religions and cultures no matter how incompatible they may be. They consider these avoidable deaths to be acceptable collateral damage sustained for greater good.

Just four months ago one hundred and thirty innocent people were murdered by Muslim jihadis and a further three hundred and forty injured in Brussels which serves as the beating heart of the European Union.

This is the same European Union that has thrown open its borders to millions of potential jihadis without vetting despite the promise by the leaders of the Islamic State to use this manufactured 'refugee crisis' to infiltrate its fighters onto the continent.

This is same European Union that allows Saudi and Qatari financed mosque building to continue unabated in its towns and cities and Sharia controlled no-go areas to establish themselves and fester serving as recruitment centres for ISIS.

(With only two words altered here's a link to an article penned on the 22nd March in response to the Brussels massacre. This clearly demonstrates that the political elites consider these massacres as acceptable collateral damage while in pursuit of their global transformation agenda)

Remember the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida? That massacre was committed on June 16th, just twenty-nine days ago and it's already disappeared into the mists of time as will this latest bloodshed in Nice and nothing will be done to prevent the next one.

As a matter of fact the opposite is so in the USA. In a show of contempt for the safety of the American people, both President Obama and Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, are working to increase the number of unvetted  'refugees' from the middle east battlefields to the hundreds of thousands.

We the people, the victims-in-waiting, have become accustomed to hearing the usual suspects including President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron (Rtd), President Hollande et al, express their faux sympathy for the victims and their loved ones, express horror at the outrage, leave no stone unturned....blah blah blah and stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with France or whichever country is attacked.

(How standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity time and again with a country or a city will prevent further bloodshed is a mystery that requires an explanation)

Whether a new political order of the people, for the people, by the people will assume power with Brexit and a new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, or with a possible Trump victory in the USA remains to be seen but nothing can possibly be worse than the current indifference to the deaths of innocent people deemed acceptable by the current blood soaked elite.

In conclusion I would add that while the civilised world mourns yet more victims of Islamic terrorism and are forced to listen yet again to the same platitudes of the political elite, somewhere in Europe, the USA and other western countries Muslim jihadis are planning the next attack on innocent civilians safe in the knowledge that their chances of success are good and their ticket to paradise is assured.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chancellor Merkel's Uncontrollable Urge To Govern Great Britain

Listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reaction to the British people's desire to remove her from the governance of their country, one would think that she would have swallowed her pride, taken the hint and kept quiet but obviously she finds this simple action impossible to take.

The overwhelming majority of the British electorate voted to the leave the undemocratic German dominated European Union (EU) and become the sovereign, self governing nation that millions made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

This didn't stop her telling the British people what she is prepared to allow during the Brexit process even though the negotiations will be with the twenty-seven member states, not just her and Germany.

Such is her dominance over the EU that nobody has the courage or statesmanlike stature to inform her that she alone does not get to dictate the future of the EU, or of Great Britain or of the new relationship between the two.

Merkel's dominance over British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was legendary; it was so total she thought nothing of humiliating him with public admonishments every time he showed any signs of growing a spine and acting on behalf of the people he was supposed to be representing.

It was German Chancellor Merkel, not the EU Presidents, Junker and Tusk, that refused every request by Cameron during his sham re-negotiation and it was Merkel that ordered Great Britain to open it's borders to economic migrants and welfare colonists from around the world under her manufactured 'refugee crisis'.

The International Business Times reports that Merkel has thrown down the gauntlet to Great Britain's new Prime Minister, Theresa May, by stating that there will be no free market access while curbing immigration. Also there will be no cherry picking of EU laws.

This raises three important issues that Merkel is ignoring completely which displays her total and utter contempt for the British people and their desire to be a sovereign nation once again.

Open border mass immigration was the single most important issue for the British people more than anything else that resulted in the vote to leave. Control over Great Britain's borders and a controlled immigration system are not negotiable but Merkel refuses to respect that.

Secondly, there are one hundred and sixty-nine non-EU countries on the planet, many of which have trade deals with the EU. This includes the major trading nations such as the USA, Canada, China, Japan, India, S.Korea etc. none of which are required to have an open border mass immigration policy in order to trade.

Outside the EU Great Britain will have the same status as these free and sovereign nations but Merkel is insisting that the British alone must have a mass immigration policy in order to trade.

Thirdly, the so-called EU single market of five hundred million people consists of the bankrupt Eurozone countries which are mired in mass unemployment, including disastrous levels of youth unemployment along with poverty, misery and depopulation.

Both Greece and Italy desperately need yet another bail-out to stay afloat and even the dopey French socialist President Hollande has declared 'a state of economic emergency' which is his spin doctors code for bankrupt.

It is Merkel's insistence that free movement of people is sacrosanct that has resulted in the breakdown of former stable countries and their communities putting entire cultures and ways of life under threat.

Even in her own German cities rape and violent crime perpetrated by depraved third world immigrants is rampant and on the increase. Merkel's response is typical of a megalomaniac who is either fanatically devoted to an agenda or in denial, i.e censorship, propaganda and prosecuting dissenting commentators. (See here and here)

Under Chancellor Merkel's leadership the EU is a complete and utter disaster; a crumbling empire destined for the dustbin of history which the British people are well rid of if the current political class act on the result of the referendum.

With Great Britain returning to its rightful place in the global community of free trading nations the prospect of a prosperous country just twenty-two miles across the English Channel will be the catalyst for the rest of down trodden Europe to follow suit and demand their freedom from the corrupt, autocratic poverty inducing EU. (See here)

Chancellor Merkel's dream of a German dominated European empire stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Ural mountains in the east is crumbling around her ears and just like Hitler in his bunker refused to accept that the Third Reich had fallen, Merkel is refusing to accept that the end of the EU is nigh.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Brexit Wars - The Establishment Strikes Back

As the people of France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Greece can attest, the European Union (EU) does not do democracy. All have had their referendum results ignored or overturned at a second ballot because the ruling political establishment didn't like the outcomes.

These countries were fortunate enough to have been allowed a referendum in the first place as most other EU countries have had their requests for ballots refused. This includes Great Britain where all three of the legacy parties have promised EU referendums in past election campaigns then reneged when the election is over.

The recent referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the EU was a ploy by the ruling political establishment to block the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) who despite concerted media campaigns of smear, vilification and demonisation continued to attract popular support.

With the EU descending into economic disaster for the majority of people and their lives blighted by open border mass immigration, Ukip support culminated in victory at the last EU elections and attracted four million votes at the last General Election becoming the third largest political party in the country.

For students of politics, the British EU referendum is a case study in modern day election strategy and a blueprint for future ballots. It was a classic example of electoral fraud, deliberate distortion and lies along with hideous bias by the bought-and-paid-for media whores, including the taxpayer funded BBC.

Aptly described as Project Fear, the Remain side had unlimited resources at their disposal to deluge the electorate with threats of economic and social Armageddon if they voted to take their sovereignty back and become a self governing nation once again.

The British people saw through it all and unequivocally voted to reject Project Fear and take their country back from the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and the UN based global elite.

Armageddon as promised by Project Fear failed to materialize therefore Project Remain has been implemented. The leader of Project Fear, Prime Minister David Cameron, had no alternative but to resign; it's architect however remains securely in position.

Exposed during the campaign as an inveterate liar and cheat, senior Bilderberger and Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is in a position to obfuscate and delay, possibly indefinitely, the Brexit process should it ever get going in the first place.

The race to replace Cameron has been the most revealing consequence of the Brexit vote and it serves as an example of the power the ruling elite can wield in order to get their operatives into power and engineer the outcome they desire.

By a process of elimination only Conservative Members of Parliament get to decide which two candidates to replace Cameron will go forward to a ballot in the constituency parties at large. All the supporters of Brexit save one were eliminated, some by their own hand, leaving Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom and the pro-EU establishment candidate, Theresa May.

Leadsom was the popular choice while May is a detested establishment automaton and accepted by the informed commentators as the worst Home Secretary in recent history.

Leadsom has promised to start the Brexit process immediately by triggering what is known as Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty while May has said she will prevaricate without justification. Firstly to the end of the year and more recently into 2017.

Leadsom was a clear and present danger to the Remain side and the EU project in general and had to be eliminated from the race before the vote went to the constituency parties at large. The trap was set by the Rupert Murdoch owned Times newspaper using a bought-and-paid-for media whore named Rachel Sylvester. She lied about instigating comments made about motherhood by Leadsom and as May is childless spun the comments as derogatory.

The subsequent over-the-top media firestorm against Leadsom was blatantly co-ordinated and achieved the desired result whereby Leadsom was hounded out of the contest. This left the accession to power of Theresa May a mere formality without a single popular vote being cast.

At this moment in time the Brexit process is under the control of a Europhile Cabinet led by an establishment Europhile Prime Minster who replaced another establishment Europhile Prime Minster both of who are totally committed to the United States of Europe project.

Both Houses of the Westminster Parliament, the Commons and the Lords, are overwhelmingly Europhile and they are claiming the sole right to trigger Article 50 with many claiming that the referendum result is non-binding and should be ignored completely.

The United Kingdom Independence Party that campaigned over decades for this referendum has been excluded from the Brexit process entirely.

In conclusion, the referendum result is becoming irrelevant as Project Remain reaches full speed. Like it is with Climate Change propaganda, every negative consequence in the country at present from the value of the Pound Sterling to a supposed increase in racial incidents are being blamed on the Brexit vote.

The pro-EU establishment have seized control of the government to go with their control over Parliament in general, the government-media axis and more importantly the entire Brexit process.

The electorate are in control of nothing therefore their wishes will be studiously ignored as usual.