Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brexit - Keep The Champagne On Ice It's A Long Way From Done

If it means raining on anyone's parade to keep the British people vigilant then so be it. When one looks at the EU's record on referendum results combined with a ruthless political establishment that is fanatically dedicated to the EU project, there is ample reason for the British people to keep their eyes wide open and their powder dry.

It's much too early to be celebrating Brexit on the basis of the recent referendum result. Great Britain is still very much a member of the United States of Europe and will remain so for the foreseeable future, and if the establishment gets it's way, for ever. In any event there is plenty of time for the establishment to operate a scorched earth policy and by accelerating integration make Brexit all but impossible.

As the euphoria dies down and the hangovers heal, opening the curtains has not revealed a sunlit new dawn of freedom from rule by unelected bureaucrats or control over ones own destiny; it does not mean an end to the $85 million per day membership fee, an end to job strangling red tape and, most importantly, it doesn't mean an end to open border mass immigration that was the signature issue during the campaign.

The result of the referendum was unequivocal; despite a campaign where the Remain side had unlimited resources and support from every British institution along with international conglomerates, merchant banks, fat cat businessmen, media moguls, an assortment of millionaires and billionaires, high profile celebrities and even the President of the United States of America, the majority of the British electorate had the temerity to vote Brexit and to leave the corrupt EU.

The EU project to replace the independent nations states of Europe with a single superstate has taken a generation of lying, deceit and dedication on the part of the global political elite and they don't intend to abandon it on the basis of a referendum. Previous referenda, including those held in France, the Netherlands and Ireland have been ignored or the electorate ordered to vote again until the 'right' result is forthcoming.

Calls by Parliamentarians to ignore the result are already echoing in the corridors of power while calls for a second referendum are becoming louder as each day goes by without the Brexit process being initiated.

If the politicians were serious about Brexit they would initiate the secede process immediately by activating Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty; there is no reason not to unless there is an ulterior motive. Since the Brexit process can take up to two years or longer there is plenty of time for EU fanatics to engineer a project to keep Great Britain inside the union.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, a fanatical supporter of the United States of Europe, rightly resigned but refused to activate Article 50 leaving it to his successor. The process to replace him will take three months and is an internal matter for his party. The wishes of the British people are now subject to the internal wrangling of a political party that is by and large institutionally Europhile.

Should the Europhile Home Secretary, Theresa May, succeed Cameron she has declared without reason that initiating Article 50 should be left to the end of the year.

It must be noted that on March 31, 2017 final elements of the Lisbon Treaty come into effect including the rules on Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). In short this means that Great Britain loses control over forty-four vital areas of policy for all time.

These powers include Asylum and Border controls, Common Defence Policy, Criminal Law, Energy Policy, Foreign Affairs, Freedom of Movement, Immigration, Intellectual Property and much more. (See the full list here)

The most relevant is Item 44 which refers to Article 50: Withdrawal of a Member State from the EU. This would make Great Britain leaving the EU subject to QMV and we can guess which way that would go. This is one reason for the prevarication by Cameron and the Europhiles and why the Brexit process must be initiated without further delay.

Another warning signal for the British people is the backsliding by Members of Parliament who led the Leave campaign which began the moment the result was announced. Brexit leader Boris Johnson being the first to reverse gear. Having spent months advocating an end to open border mass immigration, Johnson calmly announces that the free movement of people was inevitable and the British people should suck it up.

Like wise long time Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan along with the aforementioned Europhile Theresa May. They claim that access to the single market is essential for economic survival and that would be conditional on free movement of people across borders.

Most disturbing of all, and an indication that the Remain campaign is continuing unabated, is the initiation by the Remain camp of a coordinated propaganda campaign to paint those who voted to leave the EU as haters, racists and now the latest buzzword, xenophobes.

Led by by the government's taxpayer funded mouthpiece and rabidly Europhile BBC, the airwaves are being plastered with stories of so called 'hate crimes' against ethnic minorities. These outbreaks of violence are being labelled as xenophobic attacks generated by the hate filled Brexit campaign. Since Brexit won the referendum it's a mystery why seventeen million voters would suddenly embark on an orgy of violent crime.

No decent person wants to be associated with racism, bigotry or violent crime, by associating this with the Brexit campaign the Europhiles hope it would encourage people to switch sides in a second referendum.

In conclusion, constant vigilance is essential if Brexit is to become a reality.

If the Europhile political elite can prevaricate until March 31st when the final elements of the Lisbon Treaty come into effect they would have further justification to ignore the result or let QMV prevent Brexit. A second referendum is also possible after an intense period of smearing Brexit with accusations of racism, 'hate crimes' and xenophobia.

The remote political class refuse to accept that the majority of the electorate want to leave the corrupt EU and when they say leave they mean leave, not associate membership, not the Norway or Swiss options, they mean leave the EU and all it's evil works, period.

Whether they activate Article 50 or not they will use every dirty trick in book in the interim period to keep their European superstate dream alive.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great Britain's Time To Choose - Independence Day Or Subjugation Day

In 1973 the British people were deceived into joining what was then the Common Market by Prime Minister, Edward Heath, with the promise that it was nothing more than a benign customs union between the major nations of Europe.

The real intention to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post democratic state was to be kept from the people since their consent could not be guaranteed.

Sovereignty was to be transferred using a series of Treaties each being disguised as being of economic benefit. This was communicated to Heath by none other than one of the so-called founding fathers of the EU, Jean Monet:

"Europe's nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation"

In what has become the standard method of modern political campaigning, those brave souls who opposed the establishment agenda and told the truth were demonised, vilified and smeared.

And so it came to pass, the treaties came as planned each falsely presented as being of economic benefit and national sovereignty was transferred piecemeal. Since the treaty of Paris in 1951, there followed the Treaty of Rome in 1957, the Merger Treaty in 1965, Schengen Agreement 1985, Single European Act 1986, Maastricht Treaty 1992 and the Amsterdam Treaty 1997.

Finally in 2007 came the Lisbon Treaty which is in reality the EU constitution. These treaties have created the European Central Bank, the Euro, the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament along with a European flag, a national anthem and will soon to be recognized as a state in it's own right by the United Nations.

The European Parliament cannot initiate or vote down legislation, this is the sole perogative of the unelected European Commission.

Consequently, and as planned, sovereignty has been transferred from democratically elected legislators in the national parliaments to unelected bureaucrats in the European Commission.

The mission started in 1951 by people such as Jean Monet has finally came to fruition by 2016. The people of Europe have been disenfranchised.

Europe is on fire, the whole superstate project has been a complete and utter disaster for the people of Europe except for the governing elite who enjoy unlimited power and the riches that bestows.

The British have a choice today to put an end to this misery by choosing freedom over tyranny which in turn will galvanize the rest of Europe to follow suit and bring the whole corrupt edifice crashing down.

If they choose subjugation then Europe will enter a new dark age of division and violent conflict made infinitely worse by adherence to a perverted ideology that guarantees poverty and serfdom for the many and untold riches for the few.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Greece Is The Fate Of All Europe Unless The EU Is Defeated

Despite heavy censorship by the corrupt government-media axis of anything that shows the disastrous reality of the European Union, some determined reporters and bloggers are fighting back by bringing the truth into the public domain. This in turn exposes the lies and deceit that the EU Politburo perpetrate in order to keep alive their failing project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

It has also laid bare the lie that the European Union is responsible for maintaining peace and stability across the continent allowing the peoples of Europe to enjoy unparalleled prosperity and happiness.

Any failed state in the third world that has been willfully reduced to abject poverty, misery and utter destitution by an authoritarian regime would be generating headlines across the world. It may even force the deadbeats at the UN to suspend their full time anti-semitic campaign against Israel and pass a resolution condemning the EU and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the willful destruction of Greece and the impoverishment of the Greek people. (See here)

Aging rock stars such as St Bob Geldof, who are desperate to keep their names in the public eye, regularly call for the cancellation of third world debt and that racked up by impoverished African dictatorships but they remain silent on cancelling the debt racked up by impoverished Greece.

From the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Carpathian mountains in the East instability, bankruptcy, poverty, riots, murder and mass rape by so-called middle eastern refugees is rampant but studiously ignored by the EU Politburo and the government-media axis. No country is untouched by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel's dominance of the EU and no citizen is safe from the harm they cause.

Like all authoritarian regimes, this harm will not affect the ruling elite or their sponsors, backscratchers and sycophants. They insulate themselves from their own actions and never have to suffer the consequences of the disaster they impose on others. All twenty-eight countries that make up the EU, including Merkel's Germany, are subject to this economic, social and cultural disaster but none more so than Greece.

Considered to be the birthplace of democracy with an advanced civilization dating back three milenia, Greece has been reduced to an impoverished puppet state governed by the unelected Troika. This ruling junta consists of bureaucrats from the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the evermore corrupt International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It must be noted that the European Commission and the ECB are totally dominated by Angela Merkel while the CEO of the IMF is Christine Legarde, a Europhile who is currently on trial for corruption involving hundreds of millions of Euros but remains in this influential position.

Also under the jackboot of the Troika are Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus who, like Greece, are bankrupt and mired in unsustainable debt.

The entire Eurozone is on the brink of collapse with eight countries above the average level of national debt which stands at 91.6%.

Greece is at 171%, Italy 134.6%, Portugal 130.5%, Cyprus 109.6%, Belgium 108.7%, Ireland 99.4%, Spain 99.3%, and mighty France at 97%.

The far-left President of France, Francois Hollande, has declared a 'state of economic emergency' which is a spin doctors version of bankrupt without actually uttering the dreaded 'b' word.

The Eurozone has run out of other peoples money and by any measure it has failed miserably. Despite denials and deceit, the Euro was created as part of the project to replace the independent nation states with a single superstate with a single currency, it's own flag, national anthem, courts, military and all the other trappings of a nation state.

The Euro has been an unmitigated disaster for the majority of countries who were conned into joining. It is responsible for the bankruptcy, poverty, misery, social breakdown and violent civil unrest currently blighting the continent.

To make matters infinitely worse, the deliberately engineered 'refugee crisis' has added to the misery of the Greek people and put their very existence as a distinct and viable culture into question. Although Greece is on the frontline of this economic migrant tsunami, under free movement rules all of Europe is in the process of being deluged.

At time of writing Greece is negotiating yet another bailout to cover debt interest and repayment which as any first year economic student knows will add to the problem as opposed to solving it.

Led by Angela Merkel, the Troika are refusing to cut Greece any slack and insisting that more and deeper austerity measures are imposed on the Greek people. They are not insisting that Greece stops spending money on armaments because they are being supplied mainly by Germany, Great Britain and France and they want to protect their own domestic armament industries.

Greece is on fire, violent demonstrations are a daily occurrence because democracy has been suspended and as a consequence the people have no input into how they are governed, they have no recourse to any peaceful process to vent their anger.

Angela Merkel and the unelected bureaucrats that make up the EU ruling Politburo are totally dedicated to their project to create a United States of Europe, this is non-negotiable and absolute. The suffering of the Greek people and their extinction as a culture is of no consequence.

The only possible way out for Greece and it's people has already has mooted. This is known as DDD, it will necessitate short term pain for long term gain. Depart, Default and Devalue.This would require Greece to depart the Euro and return to the Drachma, default on its debt and devalue to increase it's competitiveness in world markets.

If Greece adopted DDD it would result in other impoverished and disenfranchised countries following suit heralding a collapse of the hated Euro and putting the entire superstate project in jeopardy. This is not acceptable to Merkel and the ruling Politburo who will do everything possible to prevent it happening.

Keeping their dream of a United States of Europe alive is the reason for the nefarious and malevolent behavior of Merkel and the Politburo's abysmal treatment and contempt for the Greek people.

As unsustainable debt and economic stagnation continues to bankrupt the the entire EU and condemn millions of people to poverty and misery, the mass immigration of third world economic migrants and welfare colonists is proving to be the catalyst that will start the pan European revolution.

All the evidence shows that the what is happening in Greece today will spread to the rest of Europe tomorrow if the EU fanatics are not toppled and their United States of Europe project forcibly abandoned.

Troika want more Greek austerity here

Germany's march to control the EU here

Greek protests here

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit - Remain Campaign Uses Murdered MP As Ballot Fodder

Just when we think that politicians, aided and abetted by their bought-and-paid for media whores, can't sink any lower they go and prove us all wrong. The Remain campaign in the run-in to the up and coming British EU referendum have shamelessly politicized the murder of Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, and reduced her life to nothing more than a campaign leaflet or a bumper sticker.

The cold, calculated playing on the emotions of a shocked nation to gain political advantage is beyond cynical; it displays the win-at-all costs fanaticism of the modern day career politician. To put it mildly it's the 'never let a serious crisis go to waste' attitude on steroids. (See here)

The unfortunate lady's body was still warm when the Remain side campaign director, Will Straw, spotted an opportunity to gain electoral advantage then proceeded to politicize her death for use against the Vote Leave campaign. Bearing in mind the lady was the mother of two young children, using her death as ballot fodder is especially callous and heartless. (See here)

More concerning is the fact that no dirty trick or tactic, even murder, is off limits when there is cause to champion, an ideology to impose or an election to win.

Will Straw is known as one of the Red Princes of British politics; these are the spawn of prominent Labour Party Members of Parliament who follow their parents footsteps into far-left politics, keeping the family tradition alive and kicking.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has disgraced his noble office and reduced himself to a low grade propagandist by joining the odious Straw in the fetid swamp of modern day political campaigning.

With no intention to disrespect the murdered victim, Jo Cox was an obscure backbench Labour MP with little or no notable achievements other than being a passionate campaigner for her 'progressive' agenda.

It is only right and proper that fellow Members of Parliament lament her passing but the high profile, mawkish display by Members from across the political spectrum became an unedifying spectacle designed to increase emotions before linking her death to the Brexit campaign.

Incidentally, it's worth mentioning at this point that the murder by immigrants of ordinary, law abiding British citizens going about their daily business never attracts the same level of attention from these same MP's. On the contrary, under the new communications policy being implemented with vigor across the EU, these crimes are being censored.

Anyone having the temerity to publicise these murders, and other heinous crimes such as rape and violent assault, are smeared as racist and accused of indulging in so-called 'hate speech'. In the near future this will render them liable to prosecution under malignant 'hate crime' laws.

Murders such as that committed by Marusz Florowski, a fugitive Polish gangster who used a blowtorch to murder his victim. Or the brutal murder of an elderly couple by the evil Ireneusz Bartnowski, another violent Polish immigrant.

If the Jo Cox murder could solicit such an emotional response from her fellow MP's then the murder of fourteen year old Alice Gross deserved similar attention. Her young life was brutally taken away by Arnis Zalkalns, a convicted murderer from Latvia who had already murdered his wife before being given refuge in Great Britain. (See here, here and here)

These murders are being censored and those that publicize them are being smeared, harassed and threatened because they are a direct result of EU membership and a blight on the Remain campaign.

There are other dangerous repercussions of using murder to influence the polls that does not bode well for future election campaigning or for democracy itself.

If it is correct that the murder of Jo Cox has had the effect of reversing the polls whereby the Remain side has overtaken Brexit and could win them the election, then who's to say that some unfortunate innocent won't get bumped off in future if an election is at stake. After all the ends justify the means in modern win-at-all-costs elections.  

In conclusion; across the Atlantic Fox Business News' Stuart Varney, host of the popular 'Varney and Co' has been continuously referring to the murder of Jo Cox as a 'political assassination' throughout his Friday three hour long morning show, drawing the conclusion that this has boosted the Remain campaign and could win them the election. As a consequence this reversed the decline in the markets with an increase of a 100 points or more.

Varney ignored the fact that this murder was carried out by a man with a long history of mental illness and persisted with using the incendiary term 'political assassination'. That not only subliminally linked it with the Brexit campaign but also raised the spectre that a strategic murder can have intended consequences for the financial markets where billions of dollars are at stake.

The Remain campaign are callously playing on the emotions of a stunned electorate by blaming the Brexit campaign for the murder of Jo Cox then urging them to surrender their centuries old democracy to unelected foreign bureaucrats because that what she would have done.

Shameless, utterly shameless.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fox News Shameful Bias Over Brexit - Promoting Project Fear

Every organization these days uses a slogan in order to portray a positive image of itself for reasons of self promotion. Sometimes that slogan belies the reality, being used only to attract low information viewers in order to increase ratings and subsequently advertising revenue.

If ever a slogan belies reality it's 'Fair and Balanced' used by Fox News. The obvious bias of Megan Kelly against presumptive Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is a case in point.

The meltdown of 'The Five' presenter, Dana Perino, live on air when Trump overtook her beloved Jeb Bush in the primary election ratings was a wonder to behold not to mention the visceral hatred of Trump by 'Special Report with Bret Baier' contributors Steve Hayes, George Wills and Charles Krauthammer.

One instance that sticks in the mind is Baier's panel of experts listed above spending the entire final segment smearing Trump unopposed by anyone from the other side then ending with his risible slogan, "fair, balanced and unafraid". Who is he trying to con?

The most appalling case of sheer, unadulterated and sickening bias that finally laid d to rest the 'Fair and Balanced' nonsense was the last episode of 'Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. This concerned the up and coming referendum on Great Britain's membership of the European Union.

The campaign to Remain is using what is known as Project Fear, which threatens doom and disaster for Great Britain, Europe and the world should the British people choose sovereignty, freedom and democracy over becoming a region of an artificially created superstate run by unelected bureaucrats instead of elected politicians.

Bias doesn't adequately describe Maria Bartiromo inviting British unelected politician, Lord Taylor of Warwick, onto her program and giving him free reign to expiate Project Fear without anyone from the Leave camp to expose the appalling lies and deceit.

Lord Taylor shamelessly used the whole repertory of lies designed by Project Fear in an attempt to convince Fox News viewers of the need for the British people to give up their sovereignty in order to prevent a global recession of such proportions it will destroy civilization as we know it.

Highlights of his nonsense included the falsehood that Americans will leave and withdraw their investments, American banks will go elsewhere; where to he didn't say.  Destitute Greece or bankrupt France, or maybe poverty stricken Romania or Bulgaria?

Every family will lose $6500 dollars as the economy shrinks, pensions will be slashed, the beloved NHS will be destroyed, government services will be non existent blah, blah, blah.

The noble Lord obviously doesn't follow the news from the lofty confines of his ivory tower. The biggest issue in this referendum is mass immigration, especially from the undeveloped world.

Only the deliberately blind or those wanting to impose an agenda refuse to recognize that open border mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster across Europe. It has destroyed communities and cultures across the continent and unleashed an unprecedented crime wave which includes, murder, rape, robbery and a plethora of other violent crimes that has blighted the lives of millions.

He uses the 'nation of immigrants' soundbite given to him by the Remain side propagandists to justify open border mass immigration. According to Lord Taylor and Project fear, the NHS and the nation at large cannot exist without open border mass immigration.

Since former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, opened the borders as recently as 1999 one has to wonder how on earth Great Britain survived for centuries prior to that date.

The facts are that the EU, especially the Eurozone, is a complete and utter disaster for the vast majority of the peoples of Europe, it is threat to democracy and the age old covenant of government with the consent of the governed. It is a dictatorship of technocrats and unelected bureaucrats who cannot be removed by popular vote.

Most sickening was the insinuation by Lord Taylor that the recent murder of MP Jo Cox by a man with a history of mental illness had something to do with the Brexit campaign. Maria Bartiromo brought up the issue then allowed Lord Taylor to shamelessly link the tragedy with the Brexit campaign.

Ms. Bartiromo loses all credibility as a serious journalist and presenter when one considers the fact that she doesn't research the background of her guests before giving them a platform to lie and deceive unopposed.

As mentioned, Lord Taylor is appointed, as opposed to elected, to the Upper Chamber of the British legislature. He is also a criminal, a thief, a proven liar and an ex-jailbird. (See here)

In 2010 Taylor was charged with six offences of false accounting after stealing $17,000 from the taxpayer by claiming overnight subsistence when in fact he had stayed in his own home and for claiming travel expenses for journeys he had not made.

Taylor had listed his main residence as an address in Oxford, some fifty-six miles from London, while actually occupying an apartment close to the Westminster Parliament.

He compounded his criminal behaviour by falsely claiming travel expenses for non existent travel between the two locations.

In May 2011, the noble Lord Taylor was sentenced to twelve months in one of Her Majesty's houses of detention, better known as a prison, and released after serving three months under a home detention curfew scheme.

As a result of his criminal behaviour Lord Taylor, a barrister, judge and University Chancellor, was disbarred in May 2012 and suspended from the House of Lords for twelve months.

Since Lord Taylor's appointment to the House of Lords is for life he is now firmly back on the gravy train after serving his jail sentence and suspension, claiming expenses as if nothing had happened in interim.

In conclusion it must be noted that Fox News is owned by American documented Australian and media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, a committed globalist and advocate of open border immigration as part of a borderless one world government with universal free movement of people and labour.

If Maria Bartiromo thinks it's acceptable to be so blatantly biased and give an unelected, agenda driven criminal a platform to use the lies of Project Fear unopposed in order to curry favour with Murdoch then she truly is part of the propaganda machine that masquerades as serious journalism and she should be thoroughly ashamed.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando Jihad - It's Nothing To Do with Islam Pt II - It's Homophobia

It's not just in the United States that the socialist/communist/liberal community cynically used the Orlando massacre to advance their own agenda.

Across the Atlantic in Great Britain a similar left-wing callousness exists in the form of media diva Owen Jones, who for some unknown reason gets plenty of air time to enlighten us about the blessings of socialism and to advance his personal LGBT agenda.

His petulant outburst on a Sky TV discussion about the Orlando massacre ended with him storming off the set simply because the other participants didn't acknowledge that the Islamic jihadi massacre in Orlando was motivated by so-called homophobia. (See here)

For those unfamiliar with Owen Jones, he is an archetypal socialist who's indoctrination from birth has driven out any cranial facility he may have had to understand that there are legitimate opinions that are contrary to his own. The fact that Jones maintains an unshakable belief in his socialist ideology even when presented with irrefutable facts and evidence of its failure proves beyond doubt his mental and emotional incapacity.

Like all members of the socialist/communist/liberal community Jones's indoctrination means that he holds deeply held principles solely because that's what's been drummed into his head as the absolute truth.

Anyone who has had the unenviable misfortune of debating with a lefty will know that it's a pointless exercise that they can never win. Socialists like Jones cannot accept anything outside of their rigid mindset; they believe that their beliefs and principles are morally superior to everyone else's which the rest of the world will eventually adopt by mysterious process of historical inevitability.

When their ideology is exposed as the cause of poverty, misery and bloodshed across the planet using facts and irrefutable examples, they resort to labeling, smears and storming out of the studio in order to deflect the truth and close down the debate.

Like all other indoctrinated socialists, Jones accepts the tenets of his religion without question, even if it contradicts reality or basic logic. The tenet that applies in this case is that any criticism of homosexuals, the LGBT community or their aggressive agenda to continue portraying themselves as victims of bigotry must be dismissed as homophobia.

When radical Muslims attacked and killed eighty-nine innocent people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, it was universally accepted, including by Owen Jones, that they did it in the name of Allah, as commanded by their prophet Mohammad and as written in their holy book the Koran, as part of their jihad against civilization.

Likewise the massacres in San Bernadino, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon and New York on 9/11, to name but a few.

When a radical Muslim murders forty-nine innocent party goers at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we must all accept that the prime motivation was not Islamic jihad but homophobia or else Owen Jones will have a hissy fit and storm out of a discussion.  

Watching the behavior of militant homosexuals and listening to their continuing whining, it's obvious that the biggest thing in their lives is not their achievements but the fact that they are homosexual and consequently perpetual victims of a homophobic society.

If the truth be known, the majority of people couldn't care less about who Owen Jones, or any other homosexual goes to bed with, but their constant aggressive demands that the their sexual proclivities be given a high profile and exposed to pre-pubescent children puts people off and does their cause no good whatsoever.

In conclusion it must be noted that like all brainwashed socialists, Jones accepts the tenets of his religion without question or understanding of what the repercussions of his fanaticism could be.

He uses his high profile to campaign with Muslims against perceived Islamophobia obviously ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in the world would throw him off a tall building and stone his body to pulp if it shows any signs of life after the fall.

Jones is also ignorant of the fact that if he travels to Tehran to show solidarity with his fellow homosexuals he would be strung up by a crane in the city centre. He would be met with a similar fate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Syria and all the other hell holes on the planet the citizens of which Jones would allow unvetted into western countries to continue their jihad.
Update: This was written prior to the murder of  British Member of Parliament by a man with a history of mental illness. Indications are that this tragedy is already being used by the socialist/communist/liberal community for political purposes to further their agenda. If this turns out to be true then politicians and the media have reached a new low and the future of political discourse will turn in an ugly direction.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Orlando Jihad - It's Nothing To Do With Islam Part I - Its Gun Rights

Just when we think that the socialist/communist/liberal community, or 'progressives' as they like to call themselves, cannot sink any lower, they go and surpass themselves by using the deaths of forty-nine innocent Americans in Orlando, Florida to advance their political agenda.

The now infamous quote used by Obama bag-carrier, Rahm Emanual, 'never let a serious crisis go to waste' has been standard operating procedure for the unscrupulous left on both sides of the Atlantic but watching them double down by using this particular massacre has been an unedifying experience and an indication of how fanatical they are about their ideology and their determination to impose it.

The way that President Obama used his obsession with disarming law abiding American citizens in order to shield Muslim's and Islam from blame was shameless and without conscience. It was also a clear demonstration that the man is devoid of normal human emotions with no compassion whatsoever for the victims or their loved ones.

His 'progressive' agenda is foremost in his mind at all times and he will use every opportunity to impose it right to the very last day of his Presidency and possibly beyond.

Democratic Party candidate, Hilary Clinton, is from the same flawed gene pool as the President and equally emotionless. Using the slaughtered of Orlando to push her agenda is comparable with her looking the families of the Benghazi slaughtered in the eye and lying to them over the caskets of their loved ones.

In order to exonerate Clinton and the Obama administration from blame for the Benghazi slaughter, a media management strategy was initiated to blame some obscure video for inciting the violence that led to deaths of the four brave Americans.

National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and a host of other loyal administration mouthpieces including Clinton, were dispatched to the bought-and-paid-for media whores to repeat the White House narrative that the video was to blame knowing that narrative to be false.

Likewise after the Orlando massacre, the same loyal mouthpieces, including Clinton, have been dispatched to the same compliant media whores to repeat the White House manufactured spin line about 'weapons of war' on the streets being the cause of the tragedy and not Islamic terrorism.

It should be noted that since this 'weapons of war' line of spin was being repeated simultaneously nationwide within hours of the tragedy it must have been co-ordinated in advance ready to be activated the moment another massacre occurred.

That would suggest that the conclusion of the political strategists after the San Bernadino massacre was that the administration missed an opportunity to use the tragedy to push for gun control. This would be corrected when the next massacre occurred which they knew would be perpetrated sooner or later.

And so it came to pass, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their loyal mouthpieces used the compliant media to push the 'weapons of war' narrative, called for stricter guns laws and questioned the validity of Second Amendment itself.

This would also suggest that the administration expected another slaughter of innocent Americans by Muslim jihadis after San Bernadino but failed to take any steps to prevent it. Like the San Bernadino killers, the Orlando killer had appeared on the security agencies radar but no follow-up action was taken.

The reasons for this lack of action are many including political correctness and the conscious policy of showing leniency toward ethnic minorities regardless of their criminal behaviour. This would be the same leniency that is shown to illegal immigrant criminals across the country but especially in the so-called 'sanctuary cities'.

In this instance despite threats by ISIS to carry out attacks on the American people as they go about their daily business the effect of the administrations deliberate distraction was to push Islam and it's adherents out of the media spotlight and replace them with the ongoing mission to disarm law abiding citizens.

It's worth noting in conclusion that the mission to disarm law abiding American citizens is an article of faith held by President Obama and the so-called 'progressive' left; in fact by his own admission he would like the disarmament of citizens to be the center piece of his legacy.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama his actions in office will decide how history will judge him, and like Jimmy Carter before him he will not be writing his own legacy, that will be written by the people who were negatively affected by his actions as President and the victims of tragedies that could have been avoided had he been resolute in the face of Muslim aggression.

Michelle Malkin nails it every time. See here

Monday, June 13, 2016

To The Political Class The Orlando Carnage Is Collateral Damage

It is understandable that civilised people will be shocked by the death and destruction visited upon the innocent club goers in Orlando, Florida but they shouldn't be surprised, after all everyone knew it was coming.

The Muslim groups that carry out these bloody outrages have advertised their intention to attack innocent Americans both at home and abroad via their extensive and efficient social media propaganda operations.

The biggest questions facing the American people, and the entire civilised world for that matter, is why are the political class not listening and taking these threats seriously, and why are they not taking effective steps to eliminate this threat and protect the people of America and the wider world at large?

The choreographed media performances by the political class have become depressingly familiar as the atrocities against innocent Americans continue while promises to act are made at the time then quietly dropped when the news cycle moves on.

It seems like an age ago but it has only been three months since the political elite expressed their collective faux outrage at the Brussels massacre last March where thirty-two innocent victims were killed by Muslim jihadis and over three-hundred injured.

It's only been seven months since they expressed the same faux outrage at the San Bernadino massacre in December 2015 where fourteen innocent Americans were murdered and 17 injured.

It's been a year since the same political elite dusted off the soundbites in the wake of the Chattanooga massacre that took the lives of five innocent Americans and injured two in July 2015.

In November 2009, Muslim terrorist Nidal Hasan murdered thirteen innocent Americans and injured thirty-two at Fort Hood, Texas which the government insisted was an act of workplace violence.

In Europe it's only been seven months since Muslim jihadis murdered one hundred and thirty innocents and injured three hundred and sixty-eight in the Paris massacre.

Remember "Je Suis Charlie"? It's been eighteen months since the debilitating spectacle of world leaders taking part in a cynical phony photo opportunity after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Since these atrocities, and despite promises of action to keep the people safe, no effective action has been taken.

On the contrary, the fundamental transformation of America is continuing at an accelerated pace as President Obama reaches the end of his time in office and the threat of a non establishment President undoing and reversing the deliberate downgrading of America becomes a reality.

The borders remain open, legal and illegal immigration is continuing. The re-location of unvetted Muslims from the middle east is carrying on apace despite ISIS confirming that they will infiltrate their operatives into America posing as refugees.

The government is continuing to legitimize and give citizenship to people who have aroused the suspicion of the security agencies. Rigidly policed political correctness and fear of being labelled a racist serves to crush any dissent.

The Obama administration has been heavily infiltrated by Muslims including his Senior Advisor and Director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs,Valerie Jarrett, an American documented Iranian who has openly voiced her intention to make America "a more Islamic country".

The global political elite have embarked upon a great crusade to re-order the post-war planet and nothing will deflect them from the course they have set. The new world they envisage is based on equality of nations, cultures and religions. This cannot be achieved with an advanced, prosperous Judeo-Christian America existing alongside backward, poorer nations.

America must be downgraded accordingly and the hegemony of Judeo-Christians in American life must be eradicated. This can be confirmed by the actions of the President aided and abetted by the political establishment along with the two other branches of government who have been co-opted into the project. Namely the United States Congress and the Supreme Court.

The promotion of Islam as great global religion of peace while simultaneously denigrating Christianity is a tangible part of the same project and will continue regardless of the ongoing massacres being perpetrated by Muslims both in America and across the world.

The news cycle will move on and the government will continue with it's fundamental transformation but the American people and those of the civilised world would be wise to remember that a billion or so Muslims across the planet have declared a holy war against the civilised world and against America in particular. The number of peaceful Muslims we hear so much about are so small in number by comparison they are insignificant and have no influence whatsoever on the majority.

The American people can expect more Orlando massacres, more San Bernadino's, Chattanooga's and Fort Hoods, the political class have embarked on great crusade to re-order the world and America's place in it. Nothing will stop them and the death of a few hundred more innocent Americans is considered a small price to pay.

See my response to the Brussels massacre here

Friday, June 10, 2016

A German Leader Has Destroyed Europe For The Third Time

The assertion that politicians never learn any lessons from past experience or historical precedent is particularly appropriate when studying the rise and imminent fall of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

For third time in a century Europe has been destroyed by an all powerful German leader with designs on a Jew free, German dominated continent from the Atlantic in the west to the Ural mountains in the east.

Both Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler tapped into the German propensity for conquest and in the case of Hitler and Merkel, the German people elected leaders who possessed a ruthless desire to control other countries by 'fair' means or foul.

Armed with this knowledge, the malign designs of Merkel should have been spotted by political observers and the so-called expert historians when she first became prominent on the German political scene and began her inexorable rise to power. The current crisis engulfing the nation states of Europe could have been avoided if they were as good as they claim to be.

Real students of history, as opposed to agenda driven advocates, will note that this failure has parallels with the political establishment of the day ignoring Winston Churchill's warnings about the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich and their re-armament of Germany.

Then, as now, spineless politicians chose appeasement and allowed Hitler to occupy independent countries with disastrous consequences for the whole of Europe and the world.

Admittedly this current catastrophe has not involved a global conflagration as yet but the repercussions of Angela Merkel's disastrous control over the European Union politburo has yet to crystallize into a concerted campaign of violent resistance by the disenfranchised people of the nation states.

Merkel's decision to open Europe's borders to anyone and everyone, except those from the USA and the rest of the developed world, was a deliberate action to destroy the traditional Judeo-Christian cultures of the nation states and their centuries old way of life.

Why the leaders of the nation states tolerate this woman's megalomania and her destruction of their countries remains a mystery. Even the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, shows grovelling deference to her despite his country being the victor over Germany only 70 years ago.

As a consequence of Merkel's unilateral actions, and despite heavy censorship by the government-media complex who are attempting to hide reality, violent protests are breaking out all across Europe not only by opponents of mass immigration and the Islamification of their cultures but by the immigrants themselves because they are not getting their every demand met.

Mosques and asylum centres are being set ablaze by demonstrators with some asylum facilities being burned to the ground by immigrants demanding better conditions and more money. An asylum centre in Dusseldorf, Germany was burned down by Muslims who were angry because they didn't get a wake-up call in time for their Ramadan breakfast. (See here)

Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating against the massive influx of these economic migrants and testosterone fueled Muslim colonists. Riots and civil unrest is breaking out in all major European cities as previously dismantled border walls and fences are being re-built in the former Schengen free movement zone.

These border walls and razor wire fences are being built between member states that were formerly friends and in defiance of Merkel and the Schengen Treaty .

The rise of nationalist parties is gaining momentum across Europe including some unsavory groups in Germany and Austria that long for a return of the good old days of the Third Reich.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, is now so indebted to Germany it has been reduced to a dependency where the people have no democratic means take back control of their lives.

Similarly reduced to dependency are the formerly independent nation states of Europe including Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain, along with the islands of Cyprus and Malta, whose wrecked economies are in hock to the German controlled European Union politburo and it's Central Bank.

Censorship in Sweden is getting ever more strict as the disastrous situation brought about by open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism degenerates into violence.

Rape and violent attacks on women by backward, misogynistic Muslim men has reached such epidemic proportions Sweden now has the dubious honour of being the rape capital of Europe.

The only response to this assault on Swedish womanhood is to make it illegal to criticize the policy of mass immigration or Islam and it's adherents.

Far from uniting the nation states of Europe, the obsession by Angela Merkel and the sycophantic cowards that surround her to dominate a single superstate and create a European citizen is dividing Europe and pushing it over the abyss into poverty, misery and conflict.

The Daily Mail has summed up the situation in a shocking article entitled The German Iron Fist Is Smashing Europe Apart: Merkel's brutal treatment of Greece means a peaceful and prosperous EU is a Pipe Dream - which can be read here


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Socialism Strikes Again - Bankrupt EU Is Planning To Seize Private Wealth

Arrogant politicians are so full of themselves they refuse to listen to anyone or learn any lessons from past experience or historical precedent. This is particularly true of socialists whose minds are closed to anything outside their failed, poverty inducing ideology.

The Far-Left President of France, Francois Hollande, campaigned on a socialist ticket and was warned at the time that his policies would cause capital flight and an exodus of France's wealth creating talent which would eventually bankrupt the economy.

He refused to listen and went ahead regardless. He increased taxes to penal levels, extended and increased welfare entitlements and imposed a raft of other socialist policies in order to address those old worn out socialist goals of inequality and social justice.

And so it came to pass as predicted - the government taxed, borrowed and spent the French economy into oblivion, consequently condemning into poverty and misery the very people he was supposed to save.

President Hollande has declared a 'state of economic emergency' which is a spin doctor's way of saying 'bankrupt' without actually uttering the dreaded word. His solution is of mind-numbing stupidity and typical of an ideologue who is incapable of thinking beyond his ideology. He plans to pay employers to employ laid off workers but doesn't say where the money is coming from.

To make matters infinitely worse for the European Union and put it's project to replace the nation states of Europe with a single state; the German economy, which bankrolls the project, is facing financial ruin also.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has managed to destroy the mighty German economy with a combination of generous and extensive welfare entitlements, a suicidal policy of open border mass immigration from the poor undeveloped third world and bankrolling the bailouts of the failed economies of the Eurozone.

(Read the German and French bankruptcy stories here and here)

Another Greek bailout is looming in a matter of months closely followed by the failed economies of Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain - collectively referred to as PIIGS - along with Cyprus and the former communist Eastern European countries left over from the defunct Soviet Union empire.

It must be noted at this point that Angela Merkel was a Communist Party apparatchik in the old Soviet satellite state of East Germany which was a dismal totalitarian state where the people were kept oppressed by Stasi, the notorious and ruthless secret police.

Merkel, the most powerful leader in the EU will have been a willing participant in the repressive totalitarian regime therefore it can be fairly assumed that it runs in her blood like ice water. It's in her DNA.

Led by Merkel, how does the EU politburo react to the pending economic disaster that is putting their beloved superstate project in jeapordy?

It's no coincidence that as the crisis unfolds the ruling bureaucrats in the European Commission are floating two consecutive regulations. (This is what they do prior to imposing a regulation)

i) Issue each citizen and business of the nation states with a Tax Identification Number (TIN). This is widely regarded as a prelude to pan-European taxation. See here

ii) Compile a Register of Global Assets. The politburo need to know the total wealth residing in the EU, where it is held and by who. See here

Coupling the instinctive totalitarian nature of the socialists that run the EU and the precedent of seizing private wealth to bail out the bankrupt economies of Greece and Cyprus one can see where this is heading.

(Read about the Cyprus confiscation here)

One must bear in mind that the individual nation states already have systems in place to tax their citizens so this means that the power to raise money through taxation will be transferred from elected nation state politicians to un-elected bureaucrats at EU headquarters in Brussels who cannot be removed by popular vote.

One of the foundations of a free society "no taxation without representation" will have been surrendered without consultation and another nail will be hammered into the coffin of liberty, democracy and prosperity in Europe.

Most countries that make up the EU are mired in unsustainable levels of debt, even the supposed economic powerhouses of Germany, Great Britain and France. The drive to build an artificial country with a single currency has already broken the economies of the smaller Mediterranean countries and this, combined with the cost of the mass immigration disaster, is threatening to break the big guns also.

The politicians have spent the economies of Europe, especially the Eurozone, into bankruptcy and abject poverty. The national Treasuries are empty leaving only one remaining source of money for them to pillage, i.e. private wealth.

Totalitarianism and seizure of private wealth under the guise of common ownership for the collective good have been the hallmarks of socialism since it was first codified by Karl Marx. If anyone was under the impression that this failed economic system died with its creator in the 19th century I suggest they watch the actions of the EU politburo and be enlightened.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pro-Mexico Judge v Trump - Enemies Of A Free America Join The Attack

When Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, questioned the decisions and impartiality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel in the lawsuit against the Trump University, his enemies both outside and inside the Republican party spotted a potential opportunity to mount yet another campaign to end his candidacy.

When Trump mentioned the Judge's ethnicity they pounced with all guns blazing using their co-conspirators in the bought-and-paid-for media to turn a minor observation into a major overblown scandal that continues to occupy the news cycle.

To the independent observer it was plainly obvious that this was a coordinated campaign to smear Trump as a racist and a bigot with a view to wrecking his campaign thus damaging his prospects in the general election. In the calculating minds of the establishment this would justify his replacement with their own candidate at a contested convention.

To say that Donald Trump has enemies in the American ruling establishment would be an understatement. More importantly he has bigger enemies in the UN-based global political establishment on behalf of whom the domestic establishment and their media operate.

The UN-based political establishment has an agenda which the domestic political establishment is in place to impose. This includes open borders, amnesty for illegals, free movement of people, global government, redistribution of global wealth etc.etc.

Donald Trump's campaign to 'make America great again' is the antithesis of what the the global elite are trying to achieve. Candidate Obama's promise to fundamentally transform America was designed to do the exact opposite of making America great by downgrading the country and ultimately removing from power the Judeo-Christian people who were instrumental in making America great in the first place.

If, as President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton claim, that America is already great, why did it need to be fundamentally transformed?

These elites are dedicated to the point of fanaticism to their global agenda and that, combined with the fact that they wield immense power, means they can and will interfere and influence the outcomes of elections in their favour.

The operatives and vested interests who joined the anti-Trump crusade after he questioned Judge Ganzalo Curiel's impartiality was a who's who of the political establishment and their compliant agenda driven career politicians. These corruptocrats were aided and abetted by their bought-and-paid-for cronies in the propagandist media.

It was also a sad and depressing example of all that is wrong with American politics.

This ignoble list includes the Speaker of The House of Representatives and failed presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, a globalist and supporter of open borders along with amnesty for illegal immigrants.
(Read one opinion on Ryan here)

The leader of the US Senate and career politician, Mitch McConnell, is another globalist who was instrumental in surrendering the power of the Senate to oversee international treaties.  He did this by giving President Obama sole authority to negotiate the the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

(Despite being referred to as a 'Partnership' this is a treaty and it will have disastrous consequences not only for American workers but for American democracy, but that's the topic for another day)

McConnell has also ignominiously agreed that these negotiations should be conducted by President Obama in strict secrecy away from the American people. So much for the commitment to transparency.

Then there is the inappropriately titled 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News. Apart from the open hostility to Trump by many of its presenters and contributors, they are using every opportunity to keep this non-issue in the news cycle for as long as possible in order to inflict maximum damage to Trump and his campaign.

It must be noted that the owner of Fox News is the American documented Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, an advocate for open borders and amnesty for illegals and a dedicated globalist.

Murdoch is a notorious meddler in the domestic political affairs of western countries. On behalf of the globalists, he uses his power, money and media control to interfere in elections in order to influence the results in favour of his global agenda.

Apart from the entire Democratic Party and it's election machine, so-called Republicans working to prevent Trump's nomination include Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain to name but a few.

It is worth ending this article with some facts concerning the issue that give an insight into Donald Trump's mindset and why many other commentators consider this to be a phony scandal manufactured to damage Trump beyond repair and prevent his occupation of the White House.

Donald Trump has been on the receiving end of bias judgments from Judge Curiel during the Trump University court case.

One of the centerpieces of the Trump campaign is to secure the border by building a wall between Mexico and the United States to prevent illegal immigration. This immigration disaster has seen American citizens murdered, raped and subjected to extreme violence by criminals who cross the border with impunity.

This has not endeared him to Mexicans and other Hispanic/Latino communities who still identify with Mexico or the countries they left behind as opposed to adopting American values and integrating into mainstream American life.

Like judges around the world, this Obama appointed Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a political activist who uses his position to pursue a 'progressive' political agenda on behalf of the establishment and the global elite. His membership of ethnically exclusive Hispanic groups are testament to where his loyalties lie. Many of these same groups are involved in the organization of violent protests at Donald Trump's popular rallies.

Trump haters point to the fact that the Judge Curiel was born in Indiana therefore he is as American as apple pie but this not necessarily so. A poll in Dearborn, Michigan revealed that a majority of American born children of Somali immigrants consider themselves to be Somalian and would prefer to live under sharia law as opposed to the American Constitution.

An infamous and widely reported case, Rachel Dolezal, was born to white parents but considers herself to be a black African-American and lives her life accordingly.

With self-identity being the order of the day in the fundamentally transformed America, Bruce Jenner was born as a man and despite still bearing the relevant male equipment he self-identifies as a woman.

With this in mind it would not be surprising to learn that consistent with the Dearborn Somali's, Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner, Judge Curiel, regardless of his birthplace considers himself a Mexican and therefore feels obliged to support the anti-Trump animosities held by the Mexican/ Hispanic communities.

Faced with Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage, his membership of ethnically exclusive Hispanic activists groups and his previous bias judgments in the Trump University case, one can understand why Trump questioned the judge's impartiality on the grounds of his ethnicity.

This innocuous observation by Donald Trump does not warrant the ongoing negative media storm that is being deliberately kept alive in order to damage Trump and his campaign beyond repair and get an establishment lackey into the White House by the back door.


Democrats invoke race and ethnicity on judicial issues. See here


Friday, June 3, 2016

Killers And Criminals Welcome - Not So Americans, Canadians or Aussies

A recent news story concerning hard working families from the civilized world getting deported while tens of thousands of terrorists, murderers, rapists and an assortment of other violent criminals are welcomed with open arms, illustrates perfectly that the erasure of civilization in Great Britain is the cold calculated policy of a government who are determined to fundamentally transform the country on behalf of the UN/EU global elite.

American couple Jim and Vaughn Cavanagh along with their two young daughters have been given notice to leave the country despite supporting local jobs by investing $150K in their small business. They pay for private health insurance, private dentistry and private education for their daughters so they are not a drain on scarce public services. Their crime was 'not meeting the criteria' to remain.

Canadian couple Jason and Christy Zeilsdorf along with their five children, the youngest of which was born in Scotland, have been given notice to leave despite investing some $300K in their small business. Their crime was failing to employ two full time workers for twelve months as their business could only afford one.

In the same article Australian couple Gregg and Kathryn Brain along with their young son Lachlan have been given notice to leave despite the fact that they re-located halfway across the planet via a Home Office immigration program. Their crime was that the Home Office changed the criteria after they had sold up their home and possessions and re-located.

Lower down the page in the same article the shocking truth is revealed about the attitude and the different government criteria they apply to civilized and uncivilized immigrants. If this isn't deliberate de-civilizing, also known as ethnic cleansing, I don't know what is.

While these three law abiding, hard working families are being kicked out a convicted Iraqi child abuser Howri Hamad Garib is being allowed to stay because his crimes are not deemed serious enough by the Home Office to warrant deportation.

If this isn't enough, convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist, Baghdad Meziani, was allowed to remain in Great Britain upon his release from prison after serving only five years of an eleven year sentence despite being recommended for deportation back to Algeria by the judge.

Double murderer, Saliman Barci, an illegal immigrant from Albania, has been allowed to use taxpayer funded legal aid to fight his extradition back to his homeland and a twenty-five year prison sentence.

Despite supposed strict vetting procedures, Barci and his wife posed as Kosovan refugees to falsely claim asylum and eventual British citizenship, a fact that the American people should take note of with respect to their President's promises to vet Syrian so-called refugees.
(Read the whole sorry story here)

If the American, Canadian and Australian families mentioned above must be deported because they fail to meet the Home Office criteria, Nigerian illegal immigrant Linda Okungowa obviously does.

She is being allowed to remain in the country regardless of the fact she was spared a prison sentence for defrauding the hard working British taxpayers of $75,000 in falsely claimed welfare benefits. Amazingly, the fraudster had already served an eight month sentence for stealing $105,000 in benefits five years earlier.  That's a grand total of $180,000 stolen from the taxpayer. It is worth noting that ordinary British citizens can be prosecuted and imprisoned for watching a television without having previously purchased $217 tv licence.
(Read the story here)

Finally, and most disgustingly, eighty Albanian killers who were allowed to settle in Great Britain and given citizenship also met the Home Office criteria that for some reason unknown to common sense, or the world outside the agenda driven political class, the hard working, law abiding American, Canadian and Australian families mentioned above did not.
(Read that shocking story here)

Why then are the British and European governments applying different standards to immigrants favouring uncivilized, murdering criminal scum from the world's basket case countries as opposed to civilized, hard working western families?

As the unmitigated immigration disaster in Europe unfolds it should be obvious even to the most casual observer that this is no unintended consequence of uncontrollable events. The whole disastrous situation we see today is the conclusion of the generational project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single federal superstate.

An essential part of the artificially created United States of Europe is a new European citizen loyal to the superstate as opposed to the independent nation states whose cultures and ways of life have evolved over two or more millenia.

To achieve this the individual cultures must be destroyed and replaced by people, who by their own admission, despise the host countries and who have made it abundantly clear they will not integrate.

They have also made it abundantly clear that they will continue living by their own culture and demand that the the host nation adapt to their way of life and accept their cultural practises no matter how incompatible they may be or how vile and barbaric they are.

The ruling EU politburo and the collaborating political class in the nation states have embarked on a two pronged approach to achieve this cultural and demographic replacement and it is the consequences of this we are witnessing today.

They have opened the borders to mass immigration from the undeveloped and uncivilized world and extol the virtues of multi-culturalism while crushing any hint of opposition or dissent by using rigidly policed political correctness and one-way hate crimes against the indigenous population.

Under new censorship laws being prepared any contrary opinion or dissenting voices will be classed as 'hate speech' and banned, leaving the dissenter open to prosecution

They promote foreign cultures along with their festivals and holidays while demonizing the Judeo-Christian heritage of the European nation states, banning their festivals and symbols as racist and offensive.

This negative attitude by the EU collaborators to western civilization has developed into an animosity toward anyone from a civilized Judeo-Christian country who still embrace the traditional values of hard work and self sufficiency so consequently they are not welcome in the new Great Britain.

Americans, Canadians and Australians are just some of the people who are now persona non grata in Great Britain while terrorists, murderers, rapists, violent career criminals and any other low life scum from all corners of the undeveloped world are welcomed and showered with taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

Read a previous article about the cricketer and the Muslim bomber here

Update: Another horror story here