Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Civilisation In Peril - Erasing Great Britain's Christian Heritage

I am sure that the post war generation will look back and proclaim that the Great Britain of today has changed beyond recognition, mainly for the worse. The sense of community and patriotism, justice and tolerance, good manners and charity have all gone by the wayside, replaced by selfishness and greed, intolerance and conflict, immorality and dishonesty among a multitude of other things.

The reasons for this downgrade are many and most people will have their own theories, but it cannot be denied that much of it has been due to the deliberate re-engineering of society by a political elite unilaterally imposing their own so called 'progressive' agenda.

This agenda is part of the ongoing project by the UN, and latterly the EU, to re-engineer the post war world based on equality of nations and the relativity of cultures. This is being imposed despite many of these cultures being so backward they still adhere to some of the most barbaric practices imaginable.

The fact that the nations of the world are so diverse with totally incompatible cultures, any attempt to impose equality and cultural relativity by consent would be doomed from the start.

Raising up backward cultures to the level of the developed, civilised world would be impossible, therefore the only way to achieve equality of nations and cultural relativity is to downgrade the latter.

Because the transformation project was generational imposed by stealth and deceit, the people were completely unaware of what was happening..... until now that is, which is much too late.

If the people look back today at the post war events and how they unfolded it becomes obvious what the political class were up to. It also makes it easier to understand their motivation and actions today.

The biggest transformation, and in the opinion of many the main reason for Great Britain's downfall and degradation, has been the deliberate destruction of its Christian heritage in favour of a mythical 'multi-cultural society'.

When one hears a government minister order the people in his ministry to avoid using "Merry Christmas" as the traditional greeting at Christmas time or a headmistress at a primary school ban the traditional Christmas Nativity play, it should be obvious that this is part of a concerted effort to phase out Christmas from British life.

When the same minister forces his ministry and the same headmistress forces her charges to celebrate Diwali, Ramadan, Eid-al Mubarak or Buddha's birthday it should also be obvious that Christmas is being erased and cultural replacement is being imposed.

Politicians from the Anthony Eden, Harold Wilson and Edward Heath era's of the 50's 60's and 70's through to the Tony Blair, David Cameron era today, have never admitted that they are deliberately erasing Great Britain's unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture and way of life in favour of a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

They have opened the borders to all and sundry and even though immigrant numbers are still below those of the indigenous population, the political class and the establishment present it as fait accompli that Great Britain is a peaceful 'multi-cultural society'.

Its all spin, image and PR designed to fool the British people and the world at large because the reality is somewhat different.

This has been an unasked for and unwanted fundamental transformation of Great Britain that has had a devastating effect on the British people. The so called 'multi-cultural society' at peace with itself where different ethnic groups and religions co-exist side by side in mutual respect is a carefully constructed myth.

Great Britain is home to a plethora of mono-cultural ghettos, insular, violent and, more often than not, funded by welfare benefits. Different ethnic and religious groups refuse to integrate, fight with each other and demand more concessions from the British people together with their acceptance of practices that are in the most part barbaric.

The government response and that of its cronies in the establishment is to label the British people as racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic as well as bigoted, in an attempt to intimidate them into acceptance. They also threaten prosecution if they raise a voice in dissent.

Like any country that is facing an invasion from the outside, be it armed or subtle, the indigenous people will eventually stand up and refuse to be intimidated by politicians or anyone else. They will refuse to co-operate and eventually fight back - they will hold the perpetrators of this treachery to account and justice will be done.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Modern Propaganda - The Mayor, The Junkie And The Punk Rocker

With a general election coming ever closer in Great Britain and the century long grip of the corrupt political establishment over British life being threatened like never before, it promises to be one of the dirtiest campaigns ever.

Nobody can dispute that the political establishment has the British institutions firmly under its control. This includes the machinery of government itself. One only has to scratch the surface of any institution to find the grubby fingers of the establishment manipulating and corrupting events in order to pursue its own agenda. This agenda includes its own preservation in power as its topmost priority.

Just a partial lifting the lid off the Civil Service, the Quangocracy, the NHS, the police, the military, the judiciary, the Bank of England, local government bureaucracies, the Church of England etc. etc. will reveal an infestation of like minded operatives, apparatchiks and political cronies manipulating events to preserve establishment control.

All these institutions are brought into play during election campaigns in order to influence the eventual result but none more so than the BBC and the rest of the government-media axis.

Modern elections are not decided by the merits of each party's policies or the quality of the various candidates, they are decided by the slickness and plausibility of the media campaigns.

Political scientists, pollsters and focus groups decide what promises they need to make to the various demographic, socio-economic, ethnic or religious groups in their particular part of the country. They then leave it to the party political PR machines to design the individual media campaigns.

These party machines are made up of advertising executives, spin doctors, PR men, image consultants, media management experts and most shamefully, rebuttal and smear units.

The individual candidates are irrelevant as they are indistinguishable from each other. They tend to come from similar backgrounds who share the establishment agenda and who possess the inherent ability to hold conflicting views simultaneously while lying with a straight face at the same time.

The entrenched political establishment and its hegemony over British life has been threatened like never before by the inexorable rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as UKIP.

This party believes that Great Britain should remain an independent, sovereign nation engaging with the world, as opposed to surrendering its sovereignty to unaccountable bureaucrats while becoming a minor province in an incestuous, post-democratic United States of Europe.

The three establishment parties, Conservative, Labour and the increasingly ludicrous Liberal Democrat party, are all committed to the United States of Europe. Subsequently they are joining forces to fight UKIP in order to preserve their hegemony over the British people while keeping their pro-EU agenda intact.

UKIP's anti-EU message is resonating with the people therefore the legacy parties have to resort to smear in order to compete and there is no better smear than the word "racist".

"Racist" is now the establishment's favourite smear and the one most frequently used, not only to smear opponents, but to close down any meaningful discussion on their common policy of open border mass immigration. In utter desperation the Labour Party has instructed its canvassers to change the subject if electors mention it during the campaign.

UKIP's policy on immigration is well known and supported by the majority of the British people. They are pro-immigration, preferring a managed points system similar to Australia and Canada as opposed to the free for all open border mass immigration as practiced by the three legacy parties.

The fact that the government-media axis can mobilise three apparently diverse and unconnected public figures to smear UKIP and its supporters as "racists" demonstrates its power over the media along with their desperation.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has smeared as racist, not just UKIP and its supporters, but tens of millions of British people who oppose open border mass immigration. Johnson's media managers and image consultants portray him as an intelligent, highly educated anti-establishment rebel who's rebelliousness manifests itself as genial buffoonery.

The fact is that Johnson is a bought-and-paid-for member of the establishment who along with Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and the other legacy party leaders is fully committed to the EU project and its cultural replacement agenda.

At the same time as Johnson was smearing UKIP and the British people, the media's favourite celebrity junkie was doing the same.

One cannot be sure whether Russell Brand is having a lucid moment when he uses the racist smear or his drug addled brain is controlling his oral output. Either way its a pity that he gets credence for his ramblings because its a sad reflection of the intellectual standard of his millions of followers.

Brand also took Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to task for linking the Sydney Lindt Cafe terrorist outrage to Islam. This was despite the perpetrator being an avowed Muslim carrying out the wishes of Allah and his prophet.

One can never be absolutely sure if the multi-millionaire anarchist and self proclaimed revolutionary is acting on orders of the government-media axis or just courting publicity in order to top up his already substantial bank balance.

On the subject of anarchists, John Lydon chipped in with the racist smear along with Johnson and Brand. Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, the snarling, spitting front man for the now defunct punk rock band the Sex Pistols.

They portrayed themselves as the ultimate anti-establishment group taking particular pleasure in insulting the Queen and the Royal Family while espousing mayhem and anarchy at the same time.

Its another sad fact that insulting behavior and causing public outrage attracts publicity and publicity attracts money.

As far as the government is concerned getting Rotten/Lydon to smear UKIP as racist will appeal to the gullible and lend credence to the image that diverse sections of the populace associate UKIP with racism. Its classic media management by a well organised, if shameless, media machine.

In conclusion I would add that it is understandable that a ruthless establishment figure like Boris Johnson, who is committed to the EU/Cultural Replacement agenda, will use the bought-and-paid-for-media to further his aims but publicity seeking celebrities are obviously prepared to sell out their supposed anti-establishment credentials for a few pieces of silver.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Greeting In Joy And Remembrance

To all my readers whether you agree or disagree with these scribbles, I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, peace and goodwill for at least tomorrow but hopefully for evermore.

I would humbly beg everyone no matter what faith or religion, including atheists, to spare a thought and remember Christian communities everywhere from the Copts of Egypt to the Yazidi in Syria who are being persecuted and suffering beyond imagination on this their special day.

May your God or Creator whoever you conceive him to be bless you and keep you well in the coming year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

de Blasio, Sharpton And Dead Cops - We Reap What We Sow

As America comes to terms with the summary execution of two police officers at the hands of a killer who was incited by a government that deliberately stirs up race hatred in pursuit of their political ends, the people themselves have to accept a share of the blame.

Anyone who doesn't understand the race baiting politics of the 'Reverend' Al Sharpton are either not paying attention or ignoring them on purpose because they share his agenda.

Because this race pimp is a self appointed leader of a community which consists mainly of gullible people not known for their intellectual capacity, he lacks official legitimacy. The malign influence he has over his flock however is immense.

Whenever and wherever there is an opportunity to divide and stir up hatred based on skin colour he is usually the first on the scene.

If the devil had a son he would look like Al Sharpton.

It is therefore a sad indictment of elected political leaders that they choose to align themselves with people like Sharpton knowing the divisiveness and hatred they peddle. They do this, not only to ingratiate themselves with his community in the hope of harvesting their votes, but because they actually share his agenda.

The people of New York elected Bill de Blasio as their Mayor knowing full well about his communist sympathies and his political alliances with race pimps like the 'Reverend' Sharpton. As a consequence they must share some of the blame for the deaths of these two brave officers.

New York's first, and hopefully last, openly Marxist Mayor shares with Sharpton the anti-police philosophy that is inherent in this perverted creed.

This was recently demonstrated firstly by the admission that de Blasio taught his own mixed race son to distrust New York police officers, and secondly by his condoning of an anti-police march by Sharpton which shut down some New York streets and closed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The chanting of the ignorant, deliberately aroused rabble should be replayed to these two cop haters for the rest of the miserable lives.

                                                      What do we want?

                                                      Dead cops

                                                      When do we want them?


(Watch the disgusting spectacle here)

In light of the incitement to hatred against white people and the police, and the rabble rousing by race baiters like Sharpton,  it's no wonder that some idiot would do the inevitable and kill some policemen.

As Mayor, de Blasio will have known about Sharpton and his modus operandi therefore he should have taken control of the demonstration containing it to a certain area. He also should have had Sharpton arrested under inciting racial hatred laws, the minute he started his rabble rousing.

He is after all supposed to be representing the interests of all New Yorkers not just the professional, agenda driven rent-a-mob.

Mayor de Blasio was elected by the people of New York despite his unwavering support for the brutal Sandinista terrorist organisation that butchered its way to power in Nicaragua, and his support for America's implacable blood drenched enemy, Fidel Castro.

(See de Blasio's communist pedigree here, here and here)

The people of New York by choosing an agenda driven communist as their Mayor has resulted in the deaths of two policemen who were doing their duty on behalf of the community. They can atone for this aberration by instigating the recall of de Blasio and by being more discerning in their future choice of Mayor.

More from American Thinker

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May officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu Rest in Peace.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bloodshed in Sydney, Peshawar, Boston Ad Nauseam - Don't Blame Islam??

The list of atrocities across the planet carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah, on the orders of his prophet, and as written in the Koran, are becoming more frequent and ever more appalling.

A day after the terrorist attack on the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney came the shocking attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan where Muslim terrorists murdered one hundred and thirty two school children and thirteen adults. Not content with killing school kids, these animals burned a teacher to death in front of them.

These instances of pre-planned, cold blooded murder of innocent civilians going about their daily lives raises several important issues, with two in particular that should be of concern to everyone.

Firstly, with the short attention span of the public, combined with the control of the twenty-four hour worldwide news cycle by government media managers, these atrocities will be virtually forgotten within days, having been replaced by some engineered celebrity imbecility or major sporting event.

It is my guess that very few people will recall the incidents which took place only two months ago on October 22nd, and another one a day later*, which attracted saturation news coverage at the time. These incidents, which generated the usual pre-prepared slogans and soundbites that political leaders around the world keep in stock for such occasions, have now been virtually forgotten.

These slogans and soundbites are all the same format and are delivered by media trained Prime Ministers and Presidents with as much emotion as a campaign speech or new policy announcement. They consist of condolences for the families of the victims, buckets full of faux outrage and crocodile tears then finished off with with false promises to leave no stone unturned in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In the following days these same leaders and their acolytes will make choreographed appearances in the media with some tough sounding rhetoric assuring the people that they are on their side. This will be accompanied by some more vague promises which they know they will not carry out.

There will be no practical, effective actions to deal with Muslim terrorism at home or abroad for the simple reason that the global political elite are committed to imposing Islam on western civilisation as part of their post war agenda of re-ordering the planet.

Secondly, and more worrying, is the attempt by the politicians of western governments to distance Islam from these atrocities and absolve it from blame. This is despite the fact that the perpetrators and their worldwide supporters claim responsibility for their despicable acts and rejoice at every drop of infidel blood they spill.

If people around the world took the election of Tony Abbot in Australia as a sign that a common sense political leader from the real world had at last stepped onto the global stage, then his refusal to blame Islam for the killings in Sydney will come as a crushing disappointment.

Abbott has joined British Prime Minister David Cameron and the so called leader of the free world, Barack Obama, as protectors and appeasers of Islam because their 'fundamental transformation' agenda requires it.

The rhetoric they all employ when absolving Islam from these atrocities, together with the soundbites and slogans they use, could have been written by the same spin doctor. Bearing in mind they were all together in Australia for the recent G8 jamboree they most likely were.

Despite the tens of thousands of innocents murdered in the name of Islam across the planet from Indonesia to Nigeria every year, they continue to trot out "the great global religion of peace" nonsense at every opportunity.

The Fort Hood atrocity, where Muslim terrorist Nadal Hasan murdered thirteen Americans in the name of Islam, is being referred to as "workplace violence". Hasan has recently asked ISIS to make him a citizen.

The Obama administration has decreed that the global war on terror be referred to as an "overseas contingency operation" supposedly to appease offended jihadis.

The latest attempt to distance the global Islamic community ( the Ummah) from the Muslim atrocities is by claiming the perpetrators are "lone wolves" who are "self starting" terrorists who, without help, "self radicalise" via the Internet.

This deliberate deception conveniently absolves the thousands of mosques and madrassas, with their imams, tribal elders and hate preachers, from any blame for the radicalisation of their congregations.

It also absolves the politicians themselves for allowing millions of backward, and in many cases illiterate tribal orientated immigrants, into their respective countries to form welfare funded, violent, self governing ghettos where radicalisation is allowed to fester unhindered.

They knew these unfortunates would not be able to integrate or accept the modern way of life of the host country. In fact they encouraged them not to integrate and to keep their often barbaric cultural practices under the guise of diversity and cultural enrichment for indigenous people.

It is worth reminding ourselves of some of the atrocities, many now forgotten, and deciding if they were carried out by "self radicalised lone wolves" as the politicians would have us believe, or deliberate acts of terrorism, meticulously planned and financed by ruthless organisations who operate with impunity inside western countries as well as the fifty two Muslim countries on the planet.

The 1998 United States Embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya. 214 killed.

The 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia. 202 killed.

The 2004 Madrid train bombings. 191 killed.

The 2005 bombings on the London Transport System. 53 killed.

The 2008 bombings in New Delhi, India. 3 killed.

The co-ordinated attacks on the business district of Mumbai. 166 killed.

The 2013 bombing of the Boston marathon. 3 killed.

The 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in a London street.

The Westgate shopping mall attack, Nairobi, Kenya. 67 killed.

*Finally the largely forgotten the October 2014 attack on the war memorial and Parliament building in Ottowa, Canada and the New York subway hatchet attack on four New York police officers.

In conclusion, the radical Muslims who are currently butchering their way across the Middle East in the name of Allah and his prophet are creations of the western political leaders, they are obviously not lone wolves, self starters, self radicalised or anything else.

They are the product of the multi-cultural agenda which is being imposed on western countries by an out of control political class who listen to no one but themselves. No amount of spin, soundbites or PR generated slogans are going to absolve them of the responsibility for the bloodletting abroad or at home when their creations make good their threats


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mohammed Dundee - A New Icon For A New Transformed Australia

It wasn't too long ago that Australian men were humorously caricatured  by macho types like Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee and women by the politically incorrect Dame Edna Everage played by Barry Humphries. If these were accurate stereotypes of the generic Australian from a few decades ago they certainly don't apply today.

Like their kith and kin back in Mother England they have allowed their country to be transformed by a cabal of politically correct, self loathing, agenda driven 'progressives' to the point where killer Man Haron Monis would be more suitable as a caricature along with his charming partner Amira Droudis.

Although the Australian people have not quite reached the depths of despair being suffered by their counterparts in Great Britain, recent events indicate they are not too far behind.

After the horrific siege of the Lindt Cafe in Sydney was brought to an end with the loss of two innocent lives, we now face the undignified prospect of watching the politicians and their accessories in the establishment wriggle, spin and lie to absolve themselves of any blame.

While the civilised world express their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, and many in the Muslim world, including Amira Droudis rejoice, the establishment are falling over themselves to absolve the wider world of Islam.

Before any inquiry is held or any empirical evidence is presented, the global media is already portraying the killer as a 'lone wolf'. How a lone wolf out on bail with a high media profile can procure a firearm is not explained.

While the world watches radical Muslims indulge in the most depraved savagery across the planet, and listen to the specific threats to bring this savagery to the civilised world, including Australia,  the New South Wales state police commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has already dismissed this well-planned outrage as "an isolated incident".

British Prime Minister David Cameron, a committed multi-culturalist and promoter of the moral equivalence of Islam, made a speech to the Australian Parliament just a matter of weeks ago explaining what steps he is taking to neutralise the tens of thousands of radical Muslims in his own country as they clamour to join the global jihad against civilisation. Without a hint of irony he went on to describe Islam as "a great global religion of peace".

As expected, his speech was widely acclaimed by his fellow politicians and the sycophantic hangers-on that hover around the fringes of the powerful like flies around a dead cat. They obviously don't follow the news or watch the horrific images of innocent men, women and children being tortured, maimed and beheaded in the name of Islam and its prophet on the Internet.

Referring to the Lindt Cafe siege and its tragic aftermath, David Cameron continued with the globally agreed 'lone wolf' theme and declared that Britain could suffer a similar attack "at any moment".

In a direct contradiction to his earlier 'great global religion of peace' nonsense, he went on to say that the outrage "demonstrates the terror threat all over the world".

Politicians like Cameron, who are totally dedicated to the UN/EU mandated creation of so called multi-cultural societies in the West, will continue to put the imposition of Islam and its practices above the safety and security of the British people.

Informed people will not be fooled by the PR manufactured platitudes Cameron trotted out before the House of Commons Liaison Committee yesterday.

Determined to absolve and protect the wider Ummah, he continued with the lone wolf theme and added the 'self starting' terrorists. These are people who are supposedly self radicalising using the Internet as opposed to deliberate radicalisation within the Ummah by hate preachers, imams and tribal elders.

Looking at what Cameron said to the Committee, and his contradictions, he clearly demonstrates either his complete ignorance of events both at home and abroad and their causes or his total dedication to the cultural replacement agenda at any cost.

"The tragedy may have been played out more than 10,000 miles away but it could be repeated in Britain".

He followed this with the equally ignorant statement:

"This is on the other side of the world but is the sort of thing that could just as well happen here in the UK or in Europe".

Since it already has happened in the UK and in Europe these statements are an insult to those who died and their loved ones. It is also a cynical attempt to portray the Sydney atrocity as a new development that needs radical action.

To remind the Prime Minister:

One hundred and ninety one innocent people were murdered and eighteen hundred injured by Muslim terrorists in Madrid, Spain 11th March 2004.

Fifty two innocent people were killed and seven hundred were injured by Muslim terrorists in London on the 7th July 2005.

Soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in horrific fashion on a London street in broad daylight by two Muslim terrorists 13th May 2013.

 In addition to these atrocities, carnage was avoided more by incompetence than government action on the 21st July 2005 when Muslim terrorists attempted to repeat the 7/7 bombers on the London transport system.

Richard Reid, known as the shoe bomber, attempted to commit mass murder by blowing up an airliner 22 December 2001.

Umar Abdulmutallab, known as the underwear bomber, similarly attempted mass murder on an airliner on 25th December 2009.

There are anywhere between five hundred and two thousand British documented Muslims (Cameron's government has no idea of the exact number) fighting the global jihad against civilization in hot spots around the world including Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen.

None of these savages, including Jihadi John from London, were lone wolves nor were they self starting terrorists who self radicalised using the Internet. They were part of the Ummah who interpret the words of their prophet as written in their holy book the Koran and as taught by their spiritual leaders at their local mosque or madrassa.

If Cameron and the other political leaders were serious about tackling Muslim terrorism they would:

Stop mass immigration from backward Muslim countries forthwith.

Stop giving in to demands that require the British people to conform to Islam.

Stop handing out British passports to people from backward countries who cannot integrate.

There is no justification for thousands of madrassas and mosques in Great Britain. They should be closed with immediate effect.

Radical preachers should prosecuted under the same hate laws that everyone else is subject to and imprisoned before deportation.

Assistance to emigrate to a Muslim country of their choice should be given to anyone wanting a caliphate or sharia law, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). That choice being made, their citizenship or visas should be revoked to prevent their return.

In conclusion it must be stated categorically that the atrocities listed above including the tragedy in Sydney are the direct result of the political class opening the borders to mass immigration as part of their cultural replacement agenda.

Promises of future action to deal with Muslim terrorists is no longer acceptable, immediate radical action is required.

This is Cameron's and the political elite's agenda not the people's; they must take responsibility for past bloodshed and they will be held responsible for bloodshed in the future.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Russell Brand - Sex, Drugs And Socialist Hypocrisy

It should come as no surprise to even the most casual observer that the media attention given to the views of chemically damaged celebrities such as Russell Brand has taken political discourse to abysmal levels of puerility.

Whether this is a deliberate policy to match the plummeting intellectual level of the electorate, or as a precursor to giving the vote to impressionable, celebrity obsessed sixteen year old kids, is a matter of debate. What is indisputable is the fact that the political views of celebrities like Brand are getting ever more prominence in the bought-and-paid-for media despite being manufactured and blatantly hypocritical.

Whenever there is an opportunity to push the 'progressive' agenda, especially where there is a celebrity involved, the taxpayer funded BBC can be relied upon to oblige. Despite being a phony with a reputation for imbecilic behavior and deranged ranting, he was invited to participate in Question Timeone of their flagship political programmes.

Brand is a self confessed drug and sex addict who's money making activities revolve around 'alternative' comedy, juvenile pranks and general anti-social behavior. Over time this has become stale, predictable and decidedly unfunny. His business managers together with his PR team and image consultants are having to change his public activities in order to keep the money rolling in.

As skilled as PR teams are in this age of spin and media management, his managers have got a challenge on their hands trying to transform an immature, drug addled narcissist into a serious political commentator.

Their efforts so far have consisted of a book of his thoughts, childishly referred to as his Booky Wookies, together with some incoherent, anti-establishment rants. These have been supplemented with some choreographed publicity stunts protesting against the economic system he uses to accumulate his personal wealth.

Russell Brand's money making machine have adopted the same tried and tested strategy used by wealthy celebrities the world over in order keep their client in the public eye thus maximising his revenue generating potential.

By attempting to identify their client with the poor and downtrodden and falsely adopting a political philosophy which involves equality of outcome and redistribution of wealth, Brand and his business managers show themselves up for the cynical, money grubbing exploiters they really are.

This kind of radical chic allows us, the informed public, to laugh at celebrities like Sean Penn who spouts solidarity with the working class and hob nobs with socialist tyrants like Hugo Chavez from atop a multi-million dollar personal fortune.

Russell Brand thinks we don't see the hypocrisy of extremely wealthy celebrities like George Clooney, Ben Afflick or Robert Redford, who make millions for making a single movie, talking about income inequality at a thirty thousand dollar per plate fund raising dinner for a socialist party.

Brand of course is no George Clooney or Robert Redford but he does share their penchant for radical chic and socialist hypocrisy while in pursuit of personal riches.

What his supporters, the BBC and the rest of the bought-and-paid-for media should take into account is the fact that Brand's brain has been damaged by drug abuse which could explain his deranged ramblings along with his eccentric and juvenile behavior.

I am not sure what constitutes a sex addict but I assume it is also detrimental to his mental well being. As a drug abuser he is addicted to narcotics whereby any craving can be satiated by a visit to his drug dealer. As a sex addict it depends on what he is attracted to before a craving can be satisfied.

Women would be the obvious choice but in a drug induced stupor it could men, farmyard animals, inanimate objects or perhaps a self administered five knuckle shuffle would suffice. One report indicated Brand had an encounter with a man in a public toilet which he put down to research or something, but either way it cannot have helped with his mental equilibrium.

It is the opinion of many impartial observers that whatever his problems or proclivities may be, it should be obvious to the media and the public at large that drug abuse and his sex addiction have affected his mental stability.

This may excuse his deranged rantings and eccentric behavior but his venture into the realm of revolutionary politics may very well be a part of a re-branding exercise designed to attract publicity and keep the revenue rolling in.

Like all celebrity socialists Brand takes it out on the messenger when confronted with his hypocrisy as he did with a rant at a Channel 4 reporter who questioned his sincerity during a recent rent protest in London.

Other Russell Brand imbecilities can be found here.

Whatever his business managers and image consultants come up with to attract publicity and keep the revenues rolling in, he is no revolutionary and never will be. There may be a passing resemblance but Brand's phony revolutionary beliefs lack the reality, conviction and commitment of a real revolutionary.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Victoria's Secret Lingerie - Female Emancipation Or Exploitation?

It didn't come as much of a surprise that the resounding success of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show London 2014 brought out the usual band of critics, spoil sports and dreary curmudgeons that disapprove of everything and anything that can be enjoyed by people whatever it may be.

These critics are so wrapped up in themselves and their so called 'progressive' opinions they must lead lives that are utterly devoid of any form of enjoyment, fun or pleasure.

They disapprove of, and campaign against, any source of enjoyment including sugar, salt, fizzy drinks, booze, the food of your choice, smoking ( now including e-cigarettes ) motoring, gambling, horse racing, fishing, contact sports, competitive sports and now modelling lingerie.

An article by Sarah Vine in the Daily Mail sums up the attitude of the 'progressive' establishment toward a show that was nothing more than group young ladies striding down a catwalk wearing a popular line in underwear.

According to the obviously envious Vine this "fashion show suggests trashy costumes, strippers, nudity and lecherousness are the most natural things in the world".

According to the more unbiased, casual observer like myself, the lingerie was far from trashy, there were no strippers or nudity and admiring the well toned form of beautiful women modelling clothes is perfectly natural as opposed to lecherous.

Sarah Vine also laments that a show such as this is undoing fifty years of feminism. Its a matter of opinion whether fifty years of feminism means women are free to make personal choices about their femininity as opposed to being forced into adopting more gender neutral persona's as epitomised by herself or ultra feminist Germain Greer.

While the interfering busy bodies of the nanny state are hectoring the public and organising bans on foods they disapprove of to combat the so called obesity epidemic, Sarah Vines is sneering at the diet the girls employ to keep their bodies in prime condition.

While the government and busy bodies like Vine bemoan the sedentary lifestyle that contributes to the poor health of the nations young people, she criticises and sneers at exercise regimes used by the girls to keep fit and healthy.

As she herself admits the girls, like top class athletes, have a limited career and earning capacity, therefore cashing in on their personal assets while they can should be perfectly understandable.

These ladies would be fools not to, or maybe they should pass up the chance to make the millions they do in order to stay true to the feminist cause as espoused by Sarah Vine.

Sarah Vine and the rest of the overt feminist movement have made their stash so they really shouldn't sneer or deny these young ladies the opportunity to set themselves up for life.

It might be difficult for feminist bigots like Vine to understand but women making the personal choice to make a fortune by modelling lingerie is an example of female emancipation as opposed to the degrading exploitation she makes it out to be.