Monday, March 28, 2016

Socialist Solidarity Tour - Cuba, Argentina But Why No Venezuela?

Followers of the American political scene cannot have failed to notice the aging of President Obama before their very eyes; the greying hair, the stuttering and indecision when talking without his teleprompter, or the lack of fluency and clarity when explaining his administration's strategy on everything from the economy to the murder and mayhem being perpetrated by Muslim terrorists around the world.

With this in mind it was heartening to see him totally relaxed on his history making visits to Cuba and Argentina. Obviously being among like minded ideologues who have a common belief in the redemptive benefits of socialism is preferable to being among those selfish capitalist millionaires and billionaires with their corporate jets and chauffeur driven limousines.

Much better to be in the land of communist revolutionaries who don't have to follow such inconveniences as a constitution or observe basic human rights such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unlike President Obama, the Castro brothers - along with their late lamented comrade-in-arms Ernesto 'Che' Guevara - never had to concern themselves with stressful inconveniences such as freedom of speech, a citizens right to bear arms, fair trials, individual liberty, free multi-party elections, term limits etc.etc.

Hence the brothers have lived to a stress free, ripe old age with the freedom to enjoy all the benefits that communist dictators have enjoyed since this liberating ideology was first codified by the founding father of communism, comrade Karl Marx.

How relaxed he looked doing the wave at a baseball game unperturbed by the murder and mutilation of his fellow Americans as they went about their lawful business in Brussels, Belgium. It was a world away from the stress of responding to the deaths of the brutally murdered innocent street thugs Trayvon Martin and 'Hands up Don't Shoot' Michael Brown.

As all pre-pubescent and superannuated hippie revolutionaries know, Cuba is the final resting place of communist icon Che Guevara.  Che happens to be the original 'hands up don't shoot' martyr to be sanctified in the fight against the twin evils of individual liberty and free enterprise. This is what he cried out as he selflessly and valiantly surrendered to the Bolivian militia he had sworn to fight to the death.

Despite being a psychopathic murdering thug Guevara's image has become iconic and adorns the T-shirts of immature wannabe revolutionaries worldwide. My personal favorite images which portray the reality of the murdering thug in all his glory are not quite so popular. One taken after his capture and the other on a gurney after he met his maker.

Next stop on Obama's Socialist Solidarity Tour was Argentina, the country of Che Guevara's birth and a classic example of socialist failure. The country is still recovering from years of government spending on 'free stuff' and imposed equality of outcome. Defaulting on it's debt repayments is a kick in the teeth for taxpayers elsewhere who financed the lifestyles of the feckless Argentinians.

The realities of the middle east disaster and the rapid disintegration of the nation states of Europe were a million miles away has he hit the dance floor in Buenos Aires with a dazzling Tango.

Dancing With The Stars obviously beckons should he fail to get the UN sinecure he is apparently seeking when he finally leaves office.

If any country needed a morale boosting Presidential visit it would be Venezuela. One would have thought that in an act of socialist solidarity any spare space on Air Force One could have been used for a consignment of toilet rolls or bread rolls which are in short supply in the bankrupt ravaged country.

It would not solve the problems of course, only the overthrow of socialism can do that, but it would have been a symbolic act of comradely solidarity with the unfortunate victims of imposed social justice. It was not to be and the Venezuelan people were left to wallow in their poverty and misery without a quick two-step from President Obama.

The President is now back home steering the ship of state away from that shining city on hill with it's rampant inequality, Bibles, religion and guns. Cuba and Argentina provided a 'safe space' for the President to get away from the consequences of his policies and that nasty Mr.Trump.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Greetings To People Of Faith Everywhere

May your God or Creator be with you whoever you conceive Him to be.

Ignore political correctness and the politicians and celebrate your faith with pride

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels Massacre - Remember "It's Nothing To Do With Islam"

As the civilized world looks helplessly on as yet another Muslim atrocity claims the lives of innocent people while going about their daily lives, the political class will go into their standard, well practiced charade of issuing platitudes of faux outrage then doing nothing to protect the people they have sworn to keep safe.

Political leaders will hurriedly arrange emergency sessions of their various security committees but the outcomes will be depressingly the same; they will dust off the usual soundbites and slogans, make promises to take drastic action they know they will not fulfill then do absolutely nothing to deal with the radical Muslims they invited into our midst.

It was the same charade after the Muslim atrocities in the Ottowa Parliament, the Lindt Cafe in Sydney, Australia, the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, San Bernadino, the Madrid Train bombing, the 7/7 London Transport bombings, Charlie Hebdo, the Paris massacre etc.etc. ad nauseum.

There will be expressions of sympathy and solidarity with the Belgian people.

There will be condolences for the dead and their families.

There will be expressions of outrage at the barbarity of the killers.

There will be promises to leave no stone unturned to root out the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

There will be promises of firm action to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Then there will follow the biggest and most insulting soundbites of all, the inevitable "it's nothing to do with Islam" along with it's sister soundbite "we are not at war with Islam".

The fact that Islam has declared war on the civilized world will be studiously ignored.

The news cycle will then pass and nothing will have been done to stop the carnage and keep the people safe. The emergency committees will disperse, the slogans and soundbites will be put away only to re-emerge after the next atrocity and the one after that and the one after that too.

They will not take any practical steps to combat the murderous Islamists they have brought into our midst.

Mass immigration from backward Muslim countries will continue unabated.

Passports and other documents will continue to be issued to all and sundry without proper vetting.

Saudi/Qatari financed mosque building in western countries will also continue unabated.

Madrassas and religious schools in western countries will continue to indoctrinate children from an early age with the requirements of Muslims to conquer or kill infidels as demanded by their prophet Mohammad and as written in their holy book the Koran.

Imams and other preachers of hate will continue to spew their violent filth and recruit on behalf of ISIS openly and unmolested by the authorities.

Sharia law will continue to be accepted and in some instances will be incorporated into the law of the land.

Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos will continue to proliferate unmolested in western cities and will continue to act as breeding grounds and recruitment centres for global jihadis.

The press and social media will continue to suppress and censor the horrific crimes being committed by incoming Muslims, especially violent sexual offences against women and children, including   young boys.

Moves by the UN/EU to ban criticism of Islam and immigration in general will continue.

Deluded left-wing self loathers, anarchists, liberals and those that go around the place calling themselves 'progressives' will still be protesting and carrying their banal 'Welcome Refugees' signs.

George Clooney, Emma Thompson and the rest of the wealthy liberal elite will continue to press for the borders to be opened up to more middle eastern immigrants from the safety of their walled mansions and armed guards.

In conclusion, the list of pragmatic steps that the political elite could take to fight back against Muslim jihadis but refuse to do so is endless. Their commitment to impose Islam on western civilization is total, and the dead and injured of Brussels and elsewhere will be treated as acceptable collateral damage.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Coal Miners - Hillary Continues Obama's War On The Working Class

When Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton promised to "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business" she was echoing the words of candidate Obama back in 2008 when he made a similar campaign promise to 'bankrupt the coal industry and force energy prices to sky rocket'.

The coal mining industry and their close knit communities epitomize the working class so the threats by Obama and Clinton to throw them on the scrapheap is not only a clear demonstration of their cold hearted callousness but it should put paid once and for all the myth that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class.

The political elite of both the Democratic and Republican parties - their equivalent are the Labour and Conservative parties in Great Britain - all use the electioneering slogan 'hard working people' or the more emotive 'hard working families' as if they are the sole custodians of their interests and well-being.

Their actions prove otherwise; the only things they are custodians of are their own self interests, their own well-being along with the interests of their lobbyists, donors and cronies who act on behalf of the UN/EU.

These political parties are no longer the parties that our parents and grandparents supported unreservedly over the years, those are long gone. These parties today have been hijacked by manufactured professionals who's only purpose in life is to impose their UN/EU global agenda on their citizens.

The claim by both Clinton and Obama that so-called 'green jobs' would provide an alternative livelihood was, as informed people knew all along, a false promise they used to sweeten the bitter pill of decay and the ultimate demise of the coal mining communities.

The truth is that there is more money and votes in the green lobby and the new climate change industry than in the coal mining communities therefore they can be sacrificed at no political cost.

The largely forgotten Solyndra scandal is also a testament to the scandal and corruption that surrounds politicians whenever taxpayer funded subsidies are used to finance political promises.

The American taxpayers were left on the hook for $535 million in unpaid loans plus $25 million in tax breaks when the new age green energy company filed for bankruptcy without a single green job being created for redundant coal miners.

It's a sad fact that the Democrats no longer represent the interests of the working class but it's their take over of the labour unions that highlights the biggest betrayal of all. It's become routine for union leaders to double up as active members of the Democrat Party who have surreptitiously changed their priorities from the well-being of the working class to the well-being of the Party and its agenda.

As part of their war on the working class they have stood silently by as American jobs are exported overseas; they have remained silent as the borders have been opened to cheap labour from the third world who not only compete for American jobs but drive down wages.

Most disgustingly of all they have failed to prevent the malevolent and humiliating practise of forcing highly paid IT workers to train their cheaper replacements from overseas by abusing the H1B visa system.

In the wider scheme of things this war on the American working class and their way of life is just one aspect of the Obama/Democratic Party agenda to 'fundamentally transform' America away from its traditional values of hard work and individual liberty under a free enterprise system into a European style socialist system of imposed equality and government dependency funded by punitive levels of taxation.

One instance of the Democratic Party/Labor Union axis putting the interests of the party and its agenda before the interests of the working class and their communities was/is the leader of the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA), Mike Caputo, who in 2008 was also a Democratic Party representative in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

He recommended his UMWA members vote for candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election despite the fact that Obama had declared a war on coal miners by promising to bankrupt their industry, throw them onto the scrapheap and destroy their communities.

The question of whether Caputo put the interests of the Democratic Party agenda before those of his membership were answered unequivocally during Obama's re-election campaign.

Despite Obama's war on the coal industry and the destruction of the livelihoods of his UMWA members, Caputo cynically waited until late in the campaign to recommend they abstain; this late recommendation prevented any opposition being mounted in the coal mining communities against Obama's re-election.

To compound the sell-out of his membership he followed up this treachery with a statement that should live in infamy in the annals of labor folklore.

After advising his members to abstain he declared that:

"I am a hardcore Democrat, I intend to vote for Obama. I am loyal to my party".

There is no further proof required since it doesn't get any more unequivocal than that.

In conclusion I would add that as sure as death and taxes the labor unions have been taken over by the Democratic party therefore their leadership has committed themselves to continuing the Obama/Clinton war on the American working class which is better known today as the fundamental transformation of America.

Ouch! An interesting view on the UMWA and coal miners here

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Encryption - The British Have Already Been Stripped Of Their Ancient Rights

As the debate about encryption and giving the FBI a backdoor key to access people's private information, the American people need to divert attention from their domestic issues and look at the demise of individual liberty across the pond in Great Britain.

The debate centres around the Constitution of the United States of America and the inalienable rights codified therein, particularly those of the first ten amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights.

The inspiration behind this document and it's foundation are it's ancient British counterparts, the Magna Carta dated 1215, the Petition of Rights of 1628, the Habeus Corpus Act of 1679 and the Bill of Rights from 1689.

Americans please note well. Without a written constitution to keep malignant politicians in check, these ancient freedoms and rights have gradually been eroded away in the name of security and the collective good.

Everyone in their right mind wants to see the terrorists defeated and the threat of terrorism removed from the land but can the FBI be trusted not to extend their brief to include perceived enemies of the state or those who disagree with the government?

The recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal is proof enough that Government departments have been politicized and are being used to harass and silence perceived enemies of the current administration.

This also applies to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). When headed by Janet Napolitano the list of potential enemies of the state included returning military veterans and so called 'right wing extremists'. There was no mention of 'left wing extremists' or communists who are now out of the closet and standing for President and Commander-in-Chief.

It's worth noting at this point that in Great Britain anyone who opposes open border mass immigration or who criticize multi-culturalism in any way is considered to be a 'right wing extremist' and given the epithet 'far-right' every time they are referred to or mentioned in the media.

It's also worth noting that talk radio host Michael Savage is banned from entering Great Britain because the government doesn't approve of his political views which are mild when compared to the Muslim preachers of hate who are allowed to spew their violent intentions with impunity.

Before deciding on giving access to the FBI to personal information the American people should be aware of the rights lost by the British people as the political class solidify their control over them and progress the fundamental transformation of a once free country to one resembling the former Soviet Union.

Rigidly policed political correctness and one-way hate crimes have curtailed freedom of speech under threat of prosecution. Quoting from Sir Winston Churchill's book The River War is reason for arrest.
(See here)

The right of British people to defend themselves has not only been infringed but removed completely; they are totally disarmed. Defending oneself or one's family in the home or at one's business can lead to arrest and prosecution if several strict criteria and caveats are not adhered to. Spur of the moment action, use of an implement or an adrenalin rush are not acceptable excuses for injuring and intruder.

Under a recently imposed rule change anyone lucky enough to hold a firearms permit will now be subject to visits by the police unannounced and without a warrant.

If this is an outrage then there are over 1,065 rules that allow some 20,000 various government agents and snoopers the right of entry into citizens homes without a warrant. Despite a promise Conservative government and their Liberal Democrat allies to reduce these to around 15, they have failed to deliver.
(See here)

It doesn't get worse than the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). This requires EU members to arrest and extradite their own citizens to other member countries, some of which do not have the legal systems or protections of the host countries. Victims have been left to languish in foreign jails for months or years before being brought to trial only to be found innocent.
(EAW injustices here)

Identical to the current FBI case in America the Communications Data Bill, better known as the Snoopers Charter, was introduced by Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary, to give the government access to citizen's private communications. This was rightly thrown out by Parliament but re-introduced as the Investigatory Powers Bill in the new Parliament where the government has an outright majority.

They can never take no for an answer; their malignancy and animosity toward their own citizens knows no bounds. They will never give up imposing their 'progressive' agenda on behalf of the UN/EU elites.

As a scam to strip the British people of their ancient rights it's pure genius by virtue of its simplicity:

1) Without consulting the people, the government opens the borders to hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from the world's most backward, uncivilized places knowing full well they are totally incompatible with western civilization. They are also well aware that these same people will attempt to subjugate the host nation, using violence if necessary, as required by their prophet and as written in the Koran.

2) Make ludicrous claims that their presence is not only necessary for economic security but also culturally enriching.

4) When the the threats of violence become actual acts of violence and their commitment to jihad is fulfilled, the government strips away it's citizens ancient rights in the name of collective security and fighting the radical Islamists they invited into the country in the first place.

In conclusion, The Constitution of the United States of America is all that stands between the citizens and tyranny. I would strongly advise that the American people think long and hard about whether to make even the smallest concession to government agents because they have demonstrated in the past they are not trustworthy custodians of the inalienable rights and liberties contained therein    

Other so called inalienable rights and freedoms that have been slowly and quietly removed from the British people here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Not Rocket Science - Equality Of Nations Requires Exporting Jobs

As campaign slogans go, 'Make America Great Again' is as good as any, but apart from building a 'beautiful wall which Mexico is going to pay for', the most important promise of the Donald Trump campaign is to bring back jobs to America.

He promises to bring them back from China, from Japan, from Mexico, from Vietnam etc. but the issue that needs to be understood is how the jobs got exported to these countries in the first place.

According to Mr. Trump it's all down to incompetent negotiators and self serving political hacks making bad trade deals which they make in their own interests as opposed to those of the American people but this is over simplifying the issue.

The transfer of jobs, technology and resources from the industrialized world to the developing world is not confined to America but to all developed world nations including Great Britain.

Even before the industrial revolution changed the world for ever Great Britain was a country of innovation and manufacturing genius producing everything from ships to textiles. This genius and capability increased immeasurably as industrialization progressed whereby the production of goods and services was spread over the entire country.

One would think that this would be an unassailable position to this day but one would be wrong, even more so for the USA which went on to become the biggest industrial powerhouse in history.

The deliberate de-industrialization of Great Britain and America was outlined in the Second General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in its Lima Declaration in 1975.

The Lima Declaration and Plan of Action calls for the redistribution of world industry so that developing countries would have 25% of it by the year 2000. To achieve this, radical changes in traditional concepts and practises are recommended. Economic growth in poorer countries could no longer be seen as the "trickle down" benefit of growth in rich countries. To close the gap between rich and poor nations the developing countries would have to grow faster than the developed countries. With this end in mind, the Lima Declaration sets out the "main principles of industrialization" and defines the "means by which the international community as a whole might take broad action to establish a New International Economic Order".

(Read a previous article here and a follow up article here)

Here are some more quotes to help the layman better understand the United Nation's global plan and the reason behind the export of American jobs to the developing world:

The Lima Declaration calls upon the developed countries to eliminate barriers to trade with developing countries and encourage their manufactured exports. They are asked to "restructure" their industries in order to deploy production capacity to developing countries and to expand technical assistance programes. They are also asked to co-operate in ensuring that the activities of transnational corporations conform to the economic and social aims of developing countries in which they operate

That special attention should be given to the least developed countries, which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods, to enable the least developed countries in conformity with the policies and plans for development, to accelerate their industrialization.  

That developing countries with sufficient means at their disposal should give careful consideration to the possibility of ensuring a net transfer for financial and technical resources to the least developed countries.

It's worth noting that in addition to the export of manufacturing capacity and millions of jobs, the development aid budget of the USA to developing countries is in the region of $40-50 billion per year but with the national debt rapidly approaching $20 trillion every cent of it is borrowed.

Also when the $71 billion in private assistance, which includes family remittances, is added that's a big chunk of change that could have been used to invest in the American people at home.

 It is true that the USA, Australia and some other countries resigned their membership of UNIDO declaring that free market solutions would help the third world develop faster as opposed to socialist central planning by the UN. But looking at the unrelenting export of American jobs it is obvious that subsequent governments have continued implementing the UN plan regardless.

Forty years have passed since the Lima Declaration and the devastation in the former industrial areas of both Great Britain and America are there for all to see. 

Flushed with it's success in redistributing economic wealth and industries from the developed world to the third world the UN is accelerating it's global equality agenda with it's "Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals" along with their latest plan entitled "Transforming our world: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development".

These are truly frightening documents and prove once and for all beyond any shadow of doubt that the goal of the UN is a global government presiding over a global socialist system.

Scare the pants off yourselves by reading the documents here and here, with an opinion summary here.

As Donald Trump closes in on the Republican nomination one can see the forces that rage against him emerge from the woodwork to prevent it. Even if he is successful, without a full blown revolution he has little or no chance of stopping or even slowing down the global ambitions of the UN especially since the legislators and the political establishment are bought and paid for and fully support the UN's international objectives.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

International Women's Day - Feminists Won't Stand Up For Muslim Women

With violent attacks on women and children by depraved Muslim immigrants spiraling out of control throughout Europe, there isn't a more suitable day than International Women's Day for those feminists who are most vocal about the rights of their gender to stop the token displays of outrage and actually do something tangible to help the victims of Muslim misogyny.

The world waited with bated breath for some announcement or orchestrated public display of solidarity with the worldwide sisterhood but alas words and actions came there none.

Despite desperate attempts by the ruling elite to censor the ever more appalling attacks on women and young girls by their most indulged special interest group, it becomes more obvious by the day that the authorities are not only turning a blind eye but are actively allowing other barbaric Muslim practices to enter main stream life in order redefine our 'values' and 'who we are'.

One expects this of politicians with an agenda to impose but the deafening silence of the women's movement, along with their publicity seeking celebrity hangers-on, is an indication that their concern for their sisters is contrived, insincere and used for image enhancement purposes only.

Along with everyone else in the west who is paying attention to current events, the feminist movement is well aware of the institutional abuse of women in the Muslim world but stay silent when this abuse is imported into the heart of their communities. This is not only a betrayal of their cause but an acknowledgement that it's acceptable to certain members of the sisterhood.

It is an indication of their insincerity and phony concern when it takes male commentators such as myself to highlight the female abuse issues that the more vocal advocates of women's liberation studiously ignore.

(See last years article here)

Apart from spousal abuse, rape and stoning, the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FMG) is no longer confined to Muslim lands but rife in Great Britain. Official figures show that there were 1,316 new cases of FMG in 3 months and this, it is claimed, is the tip of the iceberg. The World Health Organisation estimates that worldwide cases will rise above 200 million this year.

(See here and here)

FMG is not only illegal in Great Britain but it is also illegal to take girls abroad to be mutilated. Astonishingly, despite the increasingly large number of victims there has not been a single prosecution. Feminists talk about being opposed to FMG  but as their own propaganda proclaims "It's Deeds Not Words" that matter.

With child protection laws on the statute book in Great Britain and countless millions spent every year on child protection agencies, one would think that children would be as safe as a politician's pension fund but this is not the case.

When it comes to indulging the Muslim community and imposing 'multi-culturalism' no one is safe, not even children. Because the political class in Great Britain has surrendered the right to govern itself, child marriage is now legal due to European Union diktat.

(See the shocking revelation here)

How can they expect anyone to take them seriously when feminists in the British Parliament and in the EU have the power and voice to turn words into deeds but choose to remain silent instead of fighting with every fibre of their being to get this outrage repealed.

The grooming, rape and horrific sexual abuse of underage white girls by Muslim paedophile gangs continued on an industrial scale in Great Britain for decades with the full knowledge of government agencies. These included the police, the local authorities, the education establishment and most surprisingly of all the child protection agencies.

The perpetrators were all Pakistani or of Pakistani decent. The number of victims is beyond comprehension with 1,400 in the town of Rotherham alone. The Member of Parliament for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, believes there could be as many one million victims countrywide.

(Rotherham Muslim Grooming Gangs here)

Although many of the gangs have been rounded up and prosecuted not a single police officer or government official has been prosecuted for aiding and abetting these horrific crimes against young girls.

Any reasonable person would think that the feminist movement would not rest for a moment until these public servants who let these children down so badly have been brought to book and paid for these crimes but they choose to remain silent.

Feminists in western countries are quick to accuse innocent men of male chauvinist piggery on the slightest pretext but remain mute when it comes to any denunciation at all of the crude, barbaric and violent misogyny that is ingrained in heart of not only radical Islam but mainstream Islam as well.

Muslims in western countries refuse to integrate, they set up their own autonomous areas governed by sharia law. Political activist in the British judiciary are incorporating some aspects of sharia law into British law.

In case the feminists are unaware, sharia is rigged against women; stoning to death is the punishment for rape victims, gays are executed with amputations and beheading a standard punishment for a variety of crimes which attract a mere prison sentence in the west.

It is acknowledged by all except the feminists and their hangers-on that women have little or no status in the Islamic world including among those who have taken root in the west. Wrapped in their burqas they suffer a life of indignity and continual abuse and violence.

Since the thousands of noisy feminist movements and all other so called women's liberation activists refuse to speak up on behalf of the oppressed Muslim women of the world it is incumbent upon male correspondents like myself to speak on their behalf and agitate for their emancipation.

We can make a start by banning the burqa, along with child brides, polygamy, sharia law and prosecuting the practitioners of FGM.

Monday, March 7, 2016

An All Powerful Elite Are Wilfully Destroying Western Civilisation

If anything epitomises the fall of a once great civilisation then the Parthenon in Athens is a classic example. It is a visible symbol of the decay that can befall any civilisation when it takes for granted the benefits of its success and ceases to nurture the things that made it exceptional.

External enemies are the obvious threat but more insidious and corrosive are the enemies within, slowly but incessantly chipping away at the institutions and culture that evolved over two millenia and surreptitiously undermining the very foundations of the country to which they claim allegiance.

The slow, deliberate degradation of western civilisations by internal enemies acting on behalf of the UN/EU ruling elite has suddenly changed from the generational process it has employed up until now into a scorched earth type dash to destruction as the people wake up to their plan and rebel by rejecting the establishment politicians and switching their allegiance to more popular movements.

It's worth noting that all the countries that are being 'fundamentally transformed' against the wishes of the majority and disfigured beyond recognition are not third world dictatorships or oligarchies but prosperous, free and open multi-party democracies, with supposedly independent judiciaries along with guaranteed freedom of speech.

It's a measure of the weakness and fragility of the democratic structures in western countries when Presidents and Prime Ministers can usurp power then use it to wilfully destroy their own countries and civilisations with very little opposition or sanction.

When Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders of Germany to unlimited immigration she was well aware that under the EU's core policy of the free movement of people she would be flooding the rest of Europe with a deluge of poor economic migrants, many of whom she knew would be incapable of integration or supporting themselves and their families.

She and the other EU leaders were also aware that it would 'fundamentally transform' the individual nation states of Europe for the worse and most likely forever.

The news bulletins are awash with images of the deluge overwhelming countries like Greece, Italy, Austria et al with children, sometimes lifeless, being used by a cynical media to stoke up sympathy and emotion.

To compound the distortion they continue to push the falsehood that it's a 'refugee crisis' as opposed to an economic migration by freeloaders looking to take advantage of the generous taxpayer funded welfare benefits along with free housing, free health care, free schooling and all the other 'free stuff' that is the hallmark of the European socialist dystopias.

There is also the issue of terrorists posing as refugees but rape, sexual assault and the death of innocents is obviously considered a price worth paying in order to advance the cultural replacement agenda.

Another powerful weapon being used in this cultural replacement agenda is Islamification. This is being imposed using rigidly policed political correctness, together with one way hate crimes which are applicable to the indigenous population only, and a propaganda campaign to smear, denigrate and intimidate anyone who opposes the destruction.

It needs to be understood that the UN/EU owned political class don't do compassion, they could care less about the disenfranchised, the poor, the hungry and those millions who have been abused by their own governments. If they did they wouldn't have tolerated and done business with tyrants like Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Colonel Gaddafi, Syria's Assad, and all the other autocratic Sheiks that have ruled the Middle East and other Islamic countries for generations.

If they did care they would not have tolerated and done business with the African despots that have brutalised their populations since independence and looted their countries treasuries while their people have suffered pestilence, famine and horrific tribally based civil wars.

They tolerated these tyrants and ignored the abuse of their own citizens for decades because it was in their interests to do so. Likewise their interference to eventually topple these leaders suited their purposes also. The UN/EU, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, knew that overthrowing these tyrants would result in instability, insurgencies, death and destruction and an outflow of refugees.

Despite being a middle eastern problem where there is plenty of oil money and infrastructure to absorb their co-religionists, it is being touted by the media, and a host of multi-millionaire celebrities, that it's a European problem many of who's countries are plagued with bankruptcy, poverty and a crippling lack of infrastructure or resources to deal with it.

(Muslim demand separate state in Norway here)

The political class were also well aware of the reputation of western countries for welfare benefits; housing, schooling, health care and lots of other 'free stuff' being widely available which would act as an irresistible attraction to those seeking a better life or a free ride.

Their agenda to re-order the post war planet based on national, cultural, religious and ethnic equality takes priority over absolutely everything and they don't intend to let anything get in the way of its implementation. The European Judeo-Christian societies and their diaspora are not just the target of their malevolence but their sworn enemy.

In case they haven't noticed the lack of action with their porous borders and illegal immigration it's worth pointing out to the American people that the biggest European Judeo-Christian society on planet is their own United States of America and they are the biggest target of all. It's inconceivable that a prosperous European Judeo-Christian diaspora in the USA can be allowed to continue and act as a contrast to a downgraded 'multi-cultural' Eurasia where the Greek disaster will be the standard for the other nations.

Such is their determination to transform Europe for ever this malevolent political class are overlooking the brutalisation of their own people by violent, sexually depraved immigrants who consider rape, including male and female, adults and children, as normal.

As the abused people of Europe wake up to the monster deliberately placed in their midst, their rulers have taken a leaf out of the tyrants handbook and are using censorship, hate crime laws, propaganda and intimidation to impose their agenda once and for all.

Immigrants crimes including violent assault, rape and murder are being systematically covered-up to prevent a backlash, but by all accounts a backlash is coming slowly but surely.

(Article on Swedish censorship here)

The meeting between Chancellor Merkel and Facebook founder Paul Zuckerberg who were caught discussing censoring any criticism of Islam or open border mass immigration is testament to this intent. Media censorship however is a topic for another day.

In conclusion, if anyone is in any doubt that this catastrophe is a deliberate, well planned policy to ethnically cleanse the Judeo-Christian cultures from Europe and the diaspora and replace them with so called 'multi-cultural societies' then I would highly recommend taking time to watch the video at the end of this article.

There are no gory or graphic images of atrocities only a commentary with some high quality images and video of the immigrant invasion of Europe along with contributions from German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, among others, along with the frightening intentions of the immigrants themselves.

Of all the videos I have watched on this topic this was by far the most chilling and the most disturbing.

Watch the video here

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Europe Is Defeated - The Battle For Britain Has Begun

With the attention of the political pundits focused on the Presidential primary elections in the USA, the referendum to decide the future of Great Britain and the European Union (EU) has taken a back seat. It is however a ballot of such importance it could not only reshape Europe but could have far reaching consequences for the global elite that are dedicated to reordering the planet in line with their 'progressive' ideology.

The current phony 'refugee crisis' - it's actually a deliberately engineered economic migrant invasion - and the very real Muslim rape and violent crime epidemic has dominated the headlines of late and has tended to push the other EU disasters engulfing the peoples of Europe into the shadows.

Opening the borders to an unlimited number of economic migrants under the guise of a humanitarian response to the Syrian civil war is a last gasp scorched earth policy to complete the long planned replacement of the individual cultures of Europe before the EU finally implodes and falls apart at the seams.

This implosion is largely due to those uncooperative, bloody-minded Brits, myself included, who have always been unwilling subjects of the EU elites and who are now battling to regain their independence bringing the carefully constructed superstate crashing down in the process.      

It is worth reminding ourselves that in addition to the economic migrant invasion there is the complete and utter economic devastation visited upon the so called PIIGS countries - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain - resulting from the premeditated manipulation of their the economic criteria to justify their adopting the disastrous Euro as their common currency.

Despite bailouts in the hundreds of billions, economic growth in the Eurozone is practically non existent at around 0.4% with only Latvia cracking 1%. But it's unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, that is the most tragic consequence of socialist central control of the economies coupled with the elites ruthless dedication to the EU project; i.e replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

Unemployment in the EU is running at  9% but in the Eurozone it's 10.4%, in Greece 24.5%, Spain 20.8%, Portugal and Italy circa 11.5%

The killer statistic is youth unemployment which is running at 19.7% in the EU but in the Eurozone it's 22%, in Greece it's a devastating 48.6%, Spain 46%, Italy 37.9% and Portugal 31% and despite being governed by avowed socialist Hollande, in France it is a staggering 25.9%.

*American voters please note: The younger generation in France got what they voted for and really are 'feeling the Bern' with unemployment and hopelessness as a reward for their idealism and ignorance.

The destruction of the EU economies and the consequent impoverishment of the European populations has resulted in a slow awakening as to the real motives of the political leaders but it was the drive to eliminate the identities, cultures and ways of life of the individual nation states by imposing so-called 'multi-cultural' societies that provided the final straw.

The British people have always been unenthusiastic about the EU and have been consistently reluctant servants of the superstate but it was the realisation that their elected Parliament is not only handing over billions per year of their hard earned cash to the EU bureaucrats but it is also powerless to stop open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism, even if they wanted to, having surrendered their sovereignty to Brussels.

Between economic collapse, mass unemployment, an orchestrated invasion by economic migrants and the surrender of national sovereignty to the agenda driven bureaucrats in Brussels, Europe is well and truly defeated in the same fashion as the early years of World War II.

Similarly, only Great Britain stands between freedom and utter defeat, whereby Europe will descend into a new dark age of tyranny and subjugation to an elite who have spent decades transferring sovereignty from the nation states to their unelected selves.

The elite and their forbears have spent decades slowly but surely usurping power and consequently they have no intention of giving it up. The historic June 23rd referendum on Great Britain's membership of the EU will not just be a dirty affair but rigged from beginning to end with the fix already in.

The entire bureaucracy of the EU including unlimited sums of money and it's vast propaganda machinery has already been mobilised to demean those who wish to leave and to scare the voters over jobs and a projected economic collapse into remaining inside the EU monolith.

Known as 'Project Fear', the Remain in Europe side are using the fear of job losses and economic collapse should Great Britain vote to leave despite the fact that, as already mentioned earlier, the EU economies have already collapsed with unprecedented disastrous levels of unemployment.

In true EU fashion electoral fraud and ballot rigging are rife with government opponents being denied access to information which helps the Brexit (British Exit) cause.

In the coming months it is hoped that the British people will stand firm in the face of the unrelenting propaganda along with the deluge of negative publicity and dirty tricks and vote to restore their democracy, their right to self government, their dignity and a return to trading freely in the markets of the world instead of being tied to a failed, outdated, centralised bureaucracy which we all thought had died with the fall of the Soviet Union.