Wednesday, January 30, 2013

French State Is Bankrupt While Zimbabwe Has $217 In The Bank

To the horror of  'progressives' the world over, the governments of France and Zimbabwe have demonstrated within hours of each other that geographic location is irrelevant when it comes to the economic facts of life.

Both countries have proved that government control of the economy, i.e. socialism, always ends in bankruptcy and economic hardship for those outside the political class.

Despite government friendly media whores in both countries the truth has found a way out.

Zimbabwe, as the informed people of the world are aware, is run by the Western approved socialist madman 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe. This is the tyrant responsible for turning the mineral rich breadbasket of Africa into an impoverished hell hole of starvation, disease and bloodshed.

As the world is also aware 'Butcher Bob' has the habit of murdering anyone who criticises his misrule therefore Zimbabwean Finance Minister, Tendai Biti put his life on the line when he confirmed to the world that after paying the civil servants, the country only has $217 (two hundred and seventeen) in the bank.

He added that the people in the briefing room probably had more money in their wallets than the country had in the bank.

This disaster is a direct result of 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe's 'progressive' policy of redistribution of wealth; mainly land, from the job and wealth creators to the poor without any concern for whether they had the skills to manage such enterprises.

Also, as is typical of  'progressives',  Mugabe also redistributed wealth to his cronies, donors and political supporters. (Does that remind my American friends of anyone?)

Simultaneously in Paris, the French Employment Secretary, Michael Sopin, echoed Tendai Biti by announcing that the French state is bankrupt. The French State still exists, he is quoted as saying, but it is bankrupt.

Sopin goes on to say that the tax and spend policies of President Hollande's socialist government are not working.

The government spin machine and the supine French media have gone into overdrive in an attempt to limit the damage.

In an echo of the Obama spin machine, President Hollande's apologists have tried to blame the previous administration of Sarkozy. (It worked for Obama so why not give it a try)

The most pathetic response must go to French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici who claimed that Sopin had misspoken and what he had meant to say was that "the fiscal situation is worrying" .

That statement is taking socialist imbecility to levels previously unexplored in all written history.

As the informed people of the world predicted when Hollande was elected, his promises to raise taxes and increase entitlement benefits would lead to financial collapse and bankruptcy but being a socialist he refused to listen.

Hollande in common with all socialists is so addicted to his ideology that he is incapable of rational thought.

Despite all the  warnings and empirical evidence that his socialist policies would make France's perilous economic situation infinitely worse, Hollande fulfilled his promises to increase taxes including a 75% tax on the 'rich' and to extend unfunded entitlements.

As predicted, inward capital investment dried up together with tax revenue. Upper income tax payers led by film mogul and entrepreneur Gerard Depardieu jumped ship to more tax efficient countries.

The response to this economic disaster is pure socialist stupidity.

Hollande plans to cut government spending by $51 billion and increase taxes by $20 billion.

(The French national debt is fast approaching $1 trillion)

No politician induced crisis would be complete without a suggestion from the loony Greens. The Environment Minister, Delphine Batto is going to help solve this crisis by switching off the lights.

Not only will this save money, Batto is quoted as saying, but it will cut down on light pollution and improve the nation's sleep patterns. I don't know why Hollande didn't think of this before.

The lessons to be learned by the intellectually challenged 'progressives' of the world is that socialist induced bankruptcy and poverty is not confined to African dictatorships like Zimbabwe as I'm sure the people of Greece, Ireland, Spain and now France can confirm.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Obama Wants To Feminise Football While The British Threaten To Nationalise Soccer

It has been a recurring theme of this blog that fundamental transformation is a supranational agenda as opposed to a national agenda instigated by the newly re-elected President of the United States.

The other members of the Anglosphere which includes Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Soviet of the European Union have been undergoing the destruction of their national cultures for two decades or more.

The people of the USA have managed to hold out against the tsunami of 'progressivism' that has overwhelmed the rest of the Anglosphere because of their culture of individual liberty which is underpinned by constitutionally limited government.

Unfortunately for the oppressed people of the world, who look to the Americans as an example of how liberty and prosperity are synonymous with each other, any 'progressive' global transformation agenda is not possible if it does not include the USA.

If the USA is excluded from the project then the already transformed people of Great Britian for example, now living in their 'progressive' multi-cultural Utopia of government mandated equality and fairness, would forever be casting their eyes across the Atlantic and looking with envy at their American cousins enjoying their freedom and prosperity.

With the re-election of President Obama as Progressive in Chief, the American people will now be forced to join the already transformed people of the Angloshpere whether they like it or not.

The American government is a little behind in the transformation project so a little catch up is in order.

A top requirement of the new 'progressive' order is that all citizens must be disarmed so this will be a top priority in the Obama administration. The British and the Australian people have already been disarmed.

(Like it or not my American friends they are going to take your guns, they don't care if its this year, next year or 5 years from now, they will take your guns)

The ending of the traditional family is another priority so in concert with British Prime Monster 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, proposals for homosexual marriage are proceeding with all possible haste.

The level of co-operation by the two transformational governments can be confirmed by two announcements that were made yesterday in both countries simultaneously.

Regardless of the fact that Keynesian economics has always failed, expensive and unwanted High Speed Rail projects will be started by the two governments supposedly to to help stimulate the economies. ( This may be happening in other Anglosphere countries also)

The second and more important announcement was that both governments will attempt to control sport and in the case of American football change it into a form that would be unrecognisable by the supporters of today.

President Obama considers American Football is a bit too rough and he would have doubts about whether he would allow a son of his to partake.

It is loved in its present form by tens of millions of the American people but this will not stop an authoritarian politician like Obama who believes his own 'progressive' ministry is his destiny.

President Obama's 'progressive' vision is all that matters to him and he means to impose it on the American people whether they want it or not.

President Obama accepts that his vision for a girlyfied American Football game will be vastly different from the current game and that it will not attract as many followers or the billions of dollars it generates in revenue.

This interference in sport may seem like a benign attempt at making an American cultural icon more inclusive but to us experienced 'progressive' watchers it is one step in the subtle agenda to feminise the culture of America.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the country formally known as Great Britain, the British government is far more advanced with their cultural replacement machinery.

Just as American Football is the major sporting pastime in the USA in Great Britain it is Association Football, otherwise know as soccer. It is the closest the British have to a national religion.

(With apologies to British readers, to avoid confusion I will refer to Association football as soccer)

British soccer is run by the Football Association (FA) in conjunction with the Football League, it is independent of government. It generates billions of pounds in revenue and the Premier League has a global audience of tens millions.

In all sports, as in all walks of life, there are different levels and in soccer these levels range from amateur local pub teams to the superstar giants of the Premier League.

Also as is the case in life, if a soccer club over extends itself financially it goes bust as in the recent case of the once mighty Glasgow Rangers.

There is no need for any government involvement at all in the running of soccer, or any other sport for that matter but Great Britain is in the middle of the fundamental transformation project therefore the government is interfering in soccer as it is in all walks of British life.

It may seem unbelievable to freedom lovers around the world but in their attempt to control all aspects of British life, the government has set up various departments that are straight out of George Orwell's terrifying novel 1984.

It doesn't get worse than the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

In an announcement timed to coincide with Obama's plan for American Football,  Members of Parliament from this Orwellian Department threatened the independence of the FA and the Football League by giving them an ultimatum. If they didn't obey the committee's orders to change the nature of the game and how its run they would face legislation.

In their report into soccer governance, these totalitarian 'progressives' announced that they were disappointed about the proposals for the reforms that they demanded. They admitted that some progress has been made but they claim that more reform is needed to make the game more inclusive.

Inclusive to what or to whom remains a mystery but judging by the antics of the 'progressive nutters that infest the British institutions I am guessing at gender neutrality or some such insanity.

They also intend to extend the licencing of soccer and as we 'progressive' watchers know, this is the first step along the road to government control and taxation.

What 'progressive' watchers have learned over years is that their enemy never, ever give up and they will continue to chip away piece by piece at their freedoms and their God given rights until they have all but gone.

The government take over of sport demonstrates that nothing is too sacred to be free from political interference and that unless the people wake up their days of individual liberty are truly numbered.

Monday, January 28, 2013

British PM Cameron To Appoint Cronies As Legislators

Readers from outside Great Britain will be forgiven for thinking that the headline is a typographical error. Many will look on the idea of a Prime Minister appointing legislators as something that only happens in corruptocrat African dictatorships or the plethora of socialist tyrannies that infest our planet.

Unfortunately its a sad fact of life for the disenfranchised British people that the Mother of Parliaments is rotten to the core and is reduced to government by Executive decree and cronyism.

Those of the British people who are still capable of independent thought are aware that the second chamber of the British Parliament known as the House of Lords is such a cesspit of corruption, cronyism and thievery that its little wonder their country is in the mess it is in.

They are also aware that their Prime Minister, the vacuous PR man known as David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, made a promise before the last election that he will reform the House of Lords as part of a package to reform the whole of Parliament.

This reform package included a plan to equalise the size of each constituency, to reduce the number of MP's that currently foul the benches of the House of Commons from 650 to 600 and to reduce the number of crooks in the House of Lords from 800 or so to 450.

He also promised that he would ban political appointments to the second chamber and not indulge in cronyism.

It didn't happen of course but he is a politician after all.

Anyone taking a detailed look at these shocking numbers will realise that British democracy is a sham and that the British people are powerless to alter it. In effect they have been disenfranchised.

The population of the United States of America is approximately 315 million souls. Their lower House, the House of Representatives, consists of 435 directly elected voting members.

Its second chamber, the US Senate consists of 100 directly elected Senators.

The population of Great Britain is approximately one fifth of America at 63 million. The lower House,  the House of Commons, consists of 650 directly elected members, 215 more than our American cousins.

The second chamber, the House of Lords consists of a staggering 800 or so members. That is 700 more than the US Senate.

Of these members, 26 are ecclesiastics representing the Church of England, 92 are hereditary Peers and the rest are appointed.

It sounds unbelievable but regrettably it is true that not a single member of the second chamber of the British legislature is elected and worse still they are appointed for life therefore they cannot be removed.

To translate that into easily digestible figures it means that approximately 708 (seven hundred and eight) legislators are appointed, mostly by the political hierarchy of the day.

The appointment system itself is wide open to corruption as the competing political parties attempt to fill the second chamber with their own supporters.

Corruptocrats like Phony Tony Blair killed two birds with one stone by selling seats in the House of Lords to his own supporters in exchange for party donations.

The Bill to reform these two Houses of Corruption failed to pass a referendum due to infantile wrangling between the two political parties that make up the current coalition, therefore, and much to the relief of the politicians, both Houses remain unreformed.

One would think that the government would leave the numbers as they are until another opportunity arises for reform but the chance to exercise patronage and to reward cronies, donors and party apparatchiks proved to be too tempting to pass up.

The vacuous PR man 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has just announced that he, and the rest of the political class, are going to appoint a further 50 new legislators to the House of Lords including 15 Liberal Democrats some of whom are financial donors to the party. He has also announced that he intends to appoint another 100 over the next two years.

Assuming that none of the current lot will kick the bucket in the next two years that will take the number of freeloaders in the second chamber to approximately 950!!

I think that 'Call Me Dave' should go the whole way and make it a nice round 1000, after all whats another 50 when it's the taxpayer that is picking up the tab?

The reason given to justify this corruption and misuse of public money is that the current House of Lords does not reflect the House of Commons or result of the last election.

This is the type of lying and deceit that these crooks subject the British people to on a daily basis and then they wonder why their reputation stinks to high Heaven.

There's nothing to say that the House of Lords must mirror the House of Commons or reflect the results of the previous election.

If that's the case, and bearing in mind that these are appointments for life, then there will be a requirement for hundreds more of these shysters if the results are reversed after the next general election.

The truth is that 'Call Me Dave' and the rest of the political class that misrules Great Britain are corruptocrats of the very highest order and these appointments are to reward their political friends, their party apparatchiks and their party donors.

Despite the never ending promises to the contrary the British political class have no intention of reform or of returning political power to the people.

I hope and pray that the British people will wake up and take the necessary action to throw these charlatans out on their ears or better still into a jail cell.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Baroness Warsi Accuses Critics of Islam As Being Un-British

If there is one thing that winds up the British people more than stale beer, its migrants coming into their country to take advantage of its freedoms then continually whinging and whining about their hosts and their perceived shortcomings.

Chief among these ungrateful carpetbaggers is East African Muslim and the BBC's favourite 'progressive' Yasmin Alibai-Brown. (YA-B)

Many believe that this irritant makes a comfortable living out of deliberately antagonising the British people with her views on them and their values but unfortunately she actually believes the nonsense that she spouts.

She passes herself off as a Ugandan Asian which leads one to believe that she is a victim of Idi Amin's expulsion but this is false. YA-B came to Great Britain as an economic migrant prior to Amin's descent into insanity.

YA-B's route to riches is to portray herself as a victim and the British people as intransigent bigots because they continue to live their lives as they did before her arrival and who refuse to change their way of life to accommodate her.

I have spoken to many people about YA-B and the sentiment is always the same i.e. if the country and its people are not to your liking, why don't you just leave.

* ( I have re-worded the above statement as the actual wording is not suitable for a family blog)

If YA-B and her whining isn't bad enough, the British people now have to put up with token Muslim woman and Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi, spouting the same divisive nonsense.

In a recent article she cites a YouGov poll which found that just 24% of voters think Islam is compatible with being British and only 23% say Islam is not a threat to Western civilisation.

Baroness Warsi's response is typical of the modern 'progressive' politician and that is to smear anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

In this case the noble Baroness has accused 76% of the British people of being un-British. She goes on to condemn critics of Islam for "peddling hate".

The Baroness has previous form when it comes to insulting the British people in the name of Islam.

In an offensive speech two years ago she ranted that "Britain's approach to Muslims has made Islamophobia acceptable at middle class dinner parties".

Before proceeding any further it's worth taking a look back to remind ourselves who the noble  Baroness is.

Warsi was born in Dewsbury in the county of West Yorkshire, England of Pakistani economic migrants. As a result of this good fortune she was able to enjoy housing, education and healthcare free of charge and financed by the 'Islamophobic' British people she sees fit to insult.

The Baroness went on to become a solicitor and immediately after qualifying she entered party politics, in other words she has no experience in the real world that the rest of the British people inhabit.

Warsi stood for election in her home town of Dewsbury and was rejected.  This was the first and only time she has subjected herself to the people at the ballot box and  the closest she has ever come to democracy.

Rejection by the people at the ballot box did not signal the end of Warsi's political career, on the contrary, it was the beginning of a stellar rise through the ranks.

Due to her gender and ethnicity she was made a life peer and Sayeedi Hussain Warsi became Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury in the County of West Yorkshire on full allowances and expenses paid for the 'Islamophobic' British people she despises.

At this particular time David Cameron was detoxifying the Conservative Party of its traditional values and trying to establish his multi-cultural credentials so he appointed the Baroness to Shadow Minister of State for Community Cohesion and Social Action.

Cameron then made her the co-chairman of the Conservative Party in a cynical attempt to attract the ethnic minority vote but the Baroness proved herself to be an embarrassment and such an utter failure that Cameron had to move her on for fear of damaging his image with the electorate.

The story goes that she pleaded for a place in Cabinet and based her argument on her gender and ethnic minority origins. "I'm a woman and I'm not white" she is reputed to whined.

Without a doubt Warsi would have played the race card had she been sacked therefore Cameron had no choice but to make her Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and she is currently Minister of State for Faith and Communities also.

Like her co-religionist the Baroness Uddin, she was caught cheating on her expenses by claiming rent when she had spent the night with a friend.

She also failed to declare outside income in the Lords Register of Interests and she broke the Ministerial code by travelling to Pakistan on a business trip with her friend and business partner Habid Hussain.

Hussain just happens to be involved with the radical Muslim group Hizb ut Tahrir which is banned by her own Conservative Party.

Whatever spin the Conservative Party puts on it, Baroness Warsi was promoted on the basis of her gender and ethnicity and was so under qualified that she turned out to be a total disaster who had to be moved aside to prevent further damage.

Baroness Warsi has now reverted to type and joined fellow Muslim Yasmin Alibai-Brown by playing the race and victim card and insulting the British people. This is the same British people who gave them and their families sanctuary together with opportunities that are still not available in their ancestral countries to this day.

These two ungrateful harpies are in denial about the part Muslims themselves play in the British people's attitude to Islam. They claim Muslim extremism is all the fault of the British people.

To quote the noble Baroness:

" the underlying, unfounded mistrust of Muslims is fuelling extremism"

In the British tradition trust has to be earned, so its up to the Muslim population to demonstrate why the British people should trust them.

"the media is not doing enough to combat negative views of Muslims"

Another British tradition is freedom of the press. Baroness Warsi is advocating press censorship in relation to Muslim criminality.

She doesn't want the people to know about the Muslim paedophile gangs in Oxford and Rotherham that targeted under age white girls and subjected them to unspeakable depravity.

The British people shouldn't read about the quaint Muslim tradition of 'honour killings' where women are murdered for being women.

The people shouldn't have a right to know about the lady in Cardiff, Wales who beat her own son to death with a hammer and burned his body because he wasn't memorising verses from the Koran fast enough.

" But let me tell you what's really dangerous. It's when people are treated differently because they hold a different religious belief "

One would be incorrect for thinking that this comment was made in jest, unbelievably she really does believe this nonsense.

I challenge the Baroness to educate us all on the Muslim tolerance of other religions, particularly in her families' native Pakistan where they murder men, women and children, burn down their homes and places of worship just for being a Christian.

"I will not take lessons on loyalty from those on the extreme right who demonstrate the ideology of intolerance"

Predictably as with all scoundrels, Warsi smears anyone who disagrees with her version of tolerence as belonging to the extreme right.

There has never been a more intolerant religion than Islam, which preaches killing of all Kufurs and the beheading of apostates who have finally seen the barbaric side of Islam and converted.

There are over 50 Muslim countries on the planet where the likes of Baroness Warsi and Yasmin Alibai-Brown can depart to where they can be free at last from the un-British people who's traditional views they are unable to tolerate.

*(The message articulated earlier in this post still applies)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The EU Debate - PR Expert Cameron Takes The British People For Fools

Enlightened people who are immune to spin will be accused of sour grapes when they point out the reality of what Prime Minister David Cameron achieved yesterday with his long awaited speech on Great Britain's place in the post democratic European Union (EU.)

The British people must prepare themselves for months or even years of pro EU propaganda as Cameron's PR machine cranks into action to proclaim the brilliance of his speech and his vision of a reformed benign Europe acting in the interests of the British people and the other people of Europe.

At this point it's worth taking a step back to recap on the events that brought about this so called historic speech in the first place.

Most enlightened people know that if it wasn't for the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the disenchantment of the British people with the creeping authoritarianism of the EU together with the ever rising cost to the taxpayer, he wouldn't have made the speech at all and it would still be full steam ahead to a federal superstate.

David Cameron is a self confessed, unapologetic 'progressive' and Europhile; he is also totally committed to the EU project of a modern, multi-cultural superstate based on government mandated equality and fairness.

The British people have finally woken up to the fact that the political class and establishment are consummate liars. Politicians cannot go about their daily business without lying; it is acceptable to them and boringly routine for the people.

The politicians of the day led by Prime Minister Edward Heath lied to the British people over accession to the then Common Market. The objective then was gradual integration, or "ever closer union" to a federal superstate. This objective was always denied and the truth tellers were smeared and vilified as xenophobes and scaremongers.

(I recall the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) which was levied at 4.5% or thereabouts. The truth tellers warned at the time that after introduction VAT would only ever go up. They were smeared and dismissed as scaremongers by Euro fanatics such as Michael Heseltine. As was predicted by the truth tellers VAT is currently set at an eyewatering 20%)

Lying about the true nature of the EU project has been carried on through the generations of the political elite to the current crop of habitual liars led by career PR man David Cameron.

The EU has been a total disaster for the people of Europe and especially for the British people. Whole industries have been destroyed by excessive regulation and taxation. There is no aspect of life that has not been affected by petty regulations enforced by faceless bureaucrats.

For the politicians it's a different story.  They get to control people outside the democratic process and make personal fortunes at the same time by helping themselves to taxpayers money. The Kinnock family being a case in point.

The British people are traditionally a free spirited and independent people who are slow to anger but the disaster of the EU has woken them up and they demand a say in their future.

The Euro fanatics see this awakening as a threat that must be neutralised before it gathers momentum and puts their European superstate project in jeopardy.

David Cameron's objectives are those of a typical 'progressive' and are relatively simple when looking at this particular issue. He believes that Europe should be a single, multi cultural, egalitarian entity where the traditional nation states exist in name only.

He believes that his re-election to office is key to pushing this project through to its conclusion and this re-election is threatened if the current disillusionment with his leadership and the drift to UKIP continues.

His response to this is easy to see through because it is typical PR and consists of stealing UKIP's clothes in order to spike their guns, promising jam tomorrow, starting a huge propaganda campaign and above all taking the British people for fools.

David Cameron plans to put into his next election manifesto that he will renegotiate the terms of membership, he will demand certain powers, that have already been given away by politicians like him, be repatriated and he will then put the new terms to the British people in an In/Out referendum.

This is a cynical manipulation and if the the people fall for this they will not only need their heads examined but they will inadvertently give Cameron and his 'progressives' a mandate to finish the project started by Heath and it would signal the end of Great Britain as a sovereign nation.

When the Blair/Brown administration was challenged in court over breaking their election manifesto promises post election, the judge confirmed that election manifesto's are not worth the paper they are written on. It transpires that the promises in their manifesto were aspirations only and not legally binding. Cynical, lying politicians win and the people lose as usual.

David Cameron has past form of breaking 'cast iron' promises that he makes to the electorate. He gave the impression during that last election campaign that he will be the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister ever. After the election he declares he is a passionate European. In other words he lied to the British people.

The whole world and his uncle knows that Euro fanatics do not do renegotiation or repatriate powers that they have spent years stealing from the people. European leaders have already said so together with the leaders of the EU Council, the EU Commission and the majority of MEP's in the European Parliament.

Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats, Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, the Trade Union Congress plus an assortment of business leaders with a vested interest,  have all indicated that they want to participate in the United States of Europe and do not want repatriation of powers. Cameron doesn't have now and will not get the votes in any future Parliament to get this through.

Prior to the last election all three party leaders promised the British people a referendum on EU membership in their manifestos, all three reneged on their promises after the election.

There are a number of urgent questions that need to be answered by the PR man and his team of spinners.

Exactly what powers does he want repatriated? No spin just details.

In line with all sovereign states, will the British people regain control of their borders?

Will the British people be allowed to decide who is allowed into their country?

Will the British people be allowed to deport people who are detrimental to the public good?

Will the British taxpayer still be forking out 60 million per day in membership fees?

Will the British taxpayer forfeit the Thatcher rebate?

Despite previous promises (all broken) will the Common Agricultural Policy be reformed?

Likewise the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy?

Since this renegotiation is not scheduled to happen for another 5 years will there be a moratorium on "ever closer union" in the interim period?

Will there be a suspension of job strangling regulations until the referendum is complete?

Will the estimated 2 million Romanian and Bulgarian beggars be allowed in before the referendum is complete?

etc. etc. etc.

We need the referendum now or else it will be five more years of "ever closer union" and the British people will be so far into the mire it would be unlikely they would ever be able to extricate themselves.

In conclusion,  the people should beware the words of the spinners and PR men, they should always pay close attention to what they say.

Cameron stated many times at the last Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ's) that he passionately believes Great Britain should be a member of the EU and that he will campaign to stay in.

"if we can negotiate such an arrangement, I will campaign for it with all my heart and soul"

He failed to answer a simple question 3 times yesterday that if he cannot get a successful renegotiation will he campaign for a 'No' vote?

Failure to answer this simple question indicates that he will campaign for a 'Yes' vote whatever the outcome of a negotiation.

If the people don't know what his negotiating position is or what powers he wants repatriated he can claim success whatever the outcome and campaign for a 'Yes' vote.

Most enlightened people can see through the PR deceit and wouldn't trust Cameron as far as they can spit but unfortunately there will be the unenlightened masses who will fall for the PR  and who will be convinced of Cameron's sincerity.

These are the people who need to be convinced in the years ahead that if they don't wake up to Cameron's deceit they will be condemning themselves and their compatriots to a future of multi-cultural poverty and authoritarianism in the well publicised post democratic age.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Muslim Global Agenda Succeeding With Support From The Western Political Elite

"Fight them (the disbelievers). Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace and give you victory over them, and he will heal the hearts of those who believe"

Qur'an 9:14

Those of the last generation who's memories have not been stupefied by the continuous diet of reality television will remember the Irish Republican Army (IRA) controlled 'no go' areas of Belfast and Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

These areas acted as enclaves for the radical minority in the Province who used indiscriminate murder and terrorism in order to further their political agenda of a united Ireland which had already been rejected by the majority of the people at the ballot box.

These 'no go' areas went unchallenged by the authorities leaving the terrorists and murderers free operate in the Province and, with the aid of a high Irish immigrant population, ultimately to spread their indiscriminate bloodshed and violence to the innocent population of mainland Great Britain.

In addition to the big cities of most mainland European countries, it now transpires that 'no go' areas are being set up in the Muslim ghettos of Great Britain, policed by gangs of thugs and which are being largely ignored by the authorities.

Muslim thugs are accosting law abiding British citizens, who have every right to walk unaccosted on the Queen's highways, and stripping them of alcohol, they are forcing women who they claim are inappropriately dressed to cover up, they are vandalising public property that carry advertisements of which they disapprove and they are assaulting anyone they think might be a homosexual.

The intention is that these ghettos will be eventually be run by Sharia law and for all intents and purposes they will become foreign entities in Great Britain where the Queen's writ no longer runs and British law is no longer the supreme law of the land.

If the lessons of Northern Ireland are to be learned then these 'no go' ghettos with their high non integrated immigrant populations will become the centre of operations for the wider Muslim agenda.

Many people are mystified as to why Muslim people who having escaped the misery and tyranny of their home countries come to the civilised West and immediately start trying to recreate the hell holes that they left behind.

The misinformation being spread by the political elite is that Islam is the religion of peace and that it is only a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked the Qu'ran, perverted its message and given the law abiding majority a bad name.

This is nonsense and the type of distortion we have become accustomed to in Great Britain. It is deliberate disinformation intended to deceive the people into accepting the demise of their own culture and values in order to further the transformational agenda of the global political elite.

This treacherous elite includes the three party leaders in Great Britain, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband together with the leaders of the EU and its member countries.

It is accepted that there are Muslims in the civilised world that are happy with their situation and have no inclination to change their host country nor do they agree with the current war on Christian festivals such as Christmas which is being waged on their behalf by 'progressive' fanatics who will stop at nothing to impose their cultural replacement agenda.

By far the majority of Muslims currently residing in the civilised world put Islam first with loyalty to their adopted countries a long way down their list.

The so called leaders and Imams of the Muslim communities openly call for the destruction of the civilised world they inhabit and who proclaim that it must be replaced by the barbarity of their desert death cult that masquerades as a religion.

Whichever way their Qu'ran is interpreted practices that are just not acceptable in the civilised world are normal in the perverted world of Muslims.

Muslims believe that Kuffur's (non believers) should be beheaded together with anyone who converts to a different religion.

Slavery is still practiced and it is normal for women to be enslaved and abused.

Women are murdered if it is considered they have dishonoured the family. (The authorities are trying to pass this off as 'honour killings' in mitigation but it is still cold blooded, premeditated murder)

Paedophilia is an accepted practice in Islam where it is acceptable for white children to be drugged, raped and used for prostitution.

Child brides some as young as eight or nine are forced to marry older men including close relatives and where any resulting children are severely handicapped.

Cold blooded murder of Jews (or the descendants of apes and pigs as Muslims teach their children) is a requirement not because of a dispute over stolen land but just because they are Jews.

A Muslim woman in Cardiff, Wales thought it acceptable to beat her own son to death with a hammer and set his body on fire because he wasn't learning verses from the Koran fast enough.

Muslims despise democracy and believe that everyone should show blind allegiance to crackpot leaders such as the Ayatollahs, Mullahs, Imams, Ahmedinajad, Mullah Omah, Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza etc.

There is an endless list of other psychopaths who preach that suicide and killing in the name of Allah will guarantee them entry into Paradise and the exclusive right to 72 virgins for them to do with as they please.

One has to ask why the aforementioned psychos haven't practiced what they preach to others and committed suicide in order to claim their virgins?

Virgins in Paradise has got to better than this world that they hate, so what are they waiting for?

It is a forgone conclusion that all Muslims would welcome a world ruled by Islam where no other religions or points of view exist, so why are the leaders of the civilised world aiding and abetting this project against the wishes of their own people who's views they should be representing?

It should be borne in mind that Muslim disruption and their demands for special status is being acted out simultaneously in civilised countries all around the globe including Australia, Canada, the USA and all the major countries of the European Union.

This fact alone will rule out coincidence and confirm that it is a coordinated campaign for dominance.

The truth is that the global 'progressive' elite believe that all nations and peoples should be equal and the biggest obstacle to achieving this is the fact that cultures in the Western or developed world have advanced too far ahead of cultures in the undeveloped world and mainly by exploitation.

To correct this requires a the fundamental transformation project that is attempting to upgrade the undeveloped world while simultaneously downgrading the developed world by transferring wealth from one to the other and also by cultural replacement.

This global transformational project is identical to the one being enacted internally in the target countries where state mandated equality and cultural replacement is now the law of the land.

Cultural replacement is so far advanced in Great Britain that is it is unlikely it can ever be reversed. This tragedy together with national bankruptcy will be the lasting achievement of the Blair/Brown administrations and will form part of the legacy that the Labour Party 'progressives' have left future generations of a once great country.

Apart from the Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos, the following is a brief look at other achievements of the 'progressives' which reveals all that there is to know about the current political leadership, their motivation and their loyalties.

a)  the British people are being brought to heel by fear and a zealously policed political correctness agenda
There are smear units in every institution ready to condemn anyone who disagrees with their perverted 'progressive' agenda.

b) the debate about immigration and multi-culturalism is being shut down by government  intimidation. The Orwellian Equality Act enshrines multi-culturalism into British law. Anyone wanting to take a job in the public sector must practically swear an oath to multi-culturalism and they are also obliged to celebrate diversity or be sacked.

c) This Equality Act means cultural suicide and goes against everything the British people hold dear.

It has not been repealed or amending by the current Conservative led government which is supposed to represent the traditional views of the people.

d) Although the majority of the British people do not attend church, traditional British culture and values are based on Judeo-Christian principles and these are being eradicated in favour of others including Islam.

Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter are being downgraded or ignored while foreign festivals such as Ramadan and Eid al Fitr are being upgraded and celebrated nationally.

e) There is an acceptance by the authorities of foreign cultural practices no matter how disgusting and vile while at the same time they are clamping down on innocent Christian cultural requirements.

British Airways tries to fire an employee for wearing a tiny crucifix while the authorities in Rotherham and Oxford turn a blind eye to Muslim paedophiles who drugged, raped and subjected underage white girls to unspeakable sexual abuse before using them for prostitution.

*At time of writing I am unaware that anyone from the Rotherham or Oxford authorities have been held responsible for the hell that these girls went through nor as anyone been punished. ( I am happy to be corrected if I am wrong)

f) Life long resident of Rochdale, Ms Gillian Duffy, was smeared as a bigot for daring to ask the then Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown about his immigration policies that have transformed her beloved town into a crime infested multi-cultural cesspit.

g) Muslim extremists and jihadis are allowed to insult returning British troops and desecrate the memories of their fallen comrades unmolested by the police while counter protesters are arrested and vilified.

h) The politicians from the three main political parties all support cultural replacement using mass immigration. They refuse to use powers that are at their disposal to put in place a moratorium on non EU immigration or to put in place measures to halt destructive EU immigration.

"Reducing 'net' immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" is a meaningless soundbite by David Cameron's Conservative Party designed to deceive the British people into believing that the government is listening to their concerns and taking action.

i) The politicians refuse to deport illegal immigrants or foreign criminals including murderers and rapists.

j) The politicians refuse to deport Muslim terrorists or their supporters even though they advocate doing harm to the British people.

k) The politicians allow Saudi financed mosque and madrassa building in Great Britain while the Saudis will not allow reciprocal house of worship building in Saudi Arabia.

l) Muslims are allowed to break British laws concerning animal welfare with reference to halal meat.

m) The Communications and Data Act will subject law abiding British people to government intrusion into their private lives in order to protect them from Muslim terrorism instead of deporting known terrorists and preventing others from entering the country.

n) Law abiding British citizens are subjected to intrusive searches at airports because the politicians refuse to use profiling for fear of Muslim sensitivities.

o) One man one vote has been the cornerstone of British democracy but abuses by Muslim imams and so called community leaders are being ignored by the politicians when actions to counter this fraud would be simple and effective.

This list of what the current crop of 'progressive' politicians are doing to bring about cultural replacement in Great Britain is endless and as this is part of a global agenda it is highly likely that the same is happening in the other civilised countries around the world.

With the re-election of the worlds leading 'progressive' in the USA and his inauguration declaration of war against tradition American values it would appear that the last bastion of individual liberty and religious tolerance is all but doomed.

"Allah is our objective, the Qu'ran is our Constitution, the prophet is our leader, jihad is our way and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations"

The Muslim Brotherhood

Monday, January 21, 2013

If Bill Gates Has No Use For Money He Should Give It To The Government

If anyone epitomises the American Dream its Bill Gates. The college kid drop out who went on to form one of the worlds biggest enterprises and making himself one of the worlds richest men in the process.

The question as to why he gave candidate Obama his support in the recent election remains a mystery to many people who are forced to live in the real world of government interference and ineptitude.

Bill Gates and his partners built up Microsoft from nothing by their own efforts and ingenuity. Government played little or no part in its success except to tax it at every opportunity and to restrict its growth with thousands of job strangling regulations churned daily out by faceless bureaucrats wanting a piece of the action.

The election campaign laid bare the Obama administration's ideology and their intention to fundamentally transform the free enterprise system that allowed Bill Gates to become successful into a European style socialist system where economic life is centrally controlled by government bureaucrats and only the well connected can become rich.

Surely he must remember the shocking insult by the Obama campaign that if you owned a business "you didn't build that, somebody else did".

The Obama campaign spent millions of dollars demonising millionaires and billionaires like Mr. Gates together with corporate jet owners of the job creating class.

There would be no place for the Bill Gates's of this world in the new fundamentally transformed America where individual success and wealth would be frowned upon and be replaced by the state provision of entitlements in the interests of equality and fairness.

These same entitlements would be paid for by an ever shrinking number of entrepreneurs like Gates.

It may be the case that Bill, having already made his fortune, would not be affected by this infant socialist state and by the time it becomes fully effective he will have shuffled off his mortal coil and gone to meet his maker.

Much is made of his philanthropy and his intention to spend his billions curing diseases in the undeveloped world. This is truly a noble cause and there can be no doubt that thousands, possibly millions of poor people have benefited from Gates's generosity but it is also utter hypocrisy on his part.

Bill Gates helped to elect an administration ideologically committed to government mandated equality and fairness. It is a government that does not believe in equality of opportunity but legislates for equality of outcome.

The Obama administration does not believe in individual action or initiative, it does not believe in individual wealth and prosperity but collective mediocrity.

Bill Gates has claimed that he has no need for money so in that case he should simply hand it over to the government.

Gates should not be immune from the actions of the government he was instrumental in electing. It is therefore incumbent upon him to put his trust in the Obama administration and hand over his $65 billion fortune so that they can decide how it is spent, after all he is just another citizen in the new equalised America.

He is currently on a crusade to eliminate poliomyelitis, a noble aim, but surely if he left this to the government that he championed it will be done quicker and cheaper thus saving thousands more lives and leaving extra resources to be spent on other noble projects.

The truth is that Bill Gates has been fundamentally transformed himself from the college dropout to a fully paid up member of the remote 'progressive' elite that believe in redistribution of other peoples wealth but not their own.

Gates wants to keep his fortune out of government hands and to spend it on what he wants rather than what Obama wants because he knows that his money will disappear down the black hole due to government inefficiency and incompetence.

The majority of enlightened Americans want the same as what Bill Gates wants and that is to keep their money and spend it on their priorities not the governments.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prime Minister Cameron Ignores The British People Over EU

To a growing number of the British people, their Prime Minister David  'Call Me Dave' Cameron is a weak, vacuous PR man who is implementing a 'progressive' agenda which is not shared by the people he claims to represent.

Watching Cameron's headless chicken act yesterday over his long awaited speech on the EU and listening to his latest orders from President Obama to deny the British people their rights it is now obvious is that other world leaders take a similar view.

There is a huge disconnect between the British people and the exclusive 'progressive' political class led by David Cameron.

Just to recap, the British majority are a proud people who value their independence and who's distinct Anglo-Saxon, Celtic-Gaelic cultures are based on Judeo-Christian values. Their ancestors made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from European dictators and preserve the freedoms we take for granted today.

The European Union (EU) is a project dreamt up by politicians for the benefit of politicians in order to create a European superstate based on a secular, socialist, multi-cultural autocracy controlled by appointed bureaucrats and run by Executive decree.

In order to achieve this there has been a gradual transfer sovereignty over the years from the member states to the centrally controlled bureaucracy, the major consequence of which is that the British people have had their much loved freedoms gradually taken away.

The British people were deceived into believing that they were joining nothing more than an economic co-operation pact when they voted to join the Common Market in 1975 and the politicians have been lying to the people ever since.

The ultimate goal of  "ever closer union " to a federal state was denied by the following generations of duplicitous traitors who have cajoled the British people into a union that has all but transformed the country they grew up in into an impoverished, crime ridden, mono-cultural ghetto infested cesspit, without their consent.

The majority of the British people despise the EU and all its works and it would appear that they have woken up from their politician induced slumber and are voicing their disapproval of EU membership by demanding an In/Out referendum.

The EU is seen by the global 'progressive' leadership as a necessary step in the global transformation project who's long term aim is an egalitarian, multi-cultural, disarmed world run by an appointed bureaucracy similar to that of the EU.

The referndum issue has put the global 'progressive' leadership into a panic because without British membership of the EU the global transformation project will be halted and possibly put into reverse.

David Cameron sees himself as one of the global elite and he does not want to go down in history as the politician responsible for the breakup of the EU and the subsequent stalling of the global transformation project.

David Cameron's response to the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is pure PR and utterly laughable as it consists mainly of smears and insults.

David Cameron continually chickens out of a one on one debate with UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Cameron has also now decreed that UKIP should not be allowed to participate in election debates even though they have more support than his coalition partners, the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrats.

In an attempt to win back the support of his own Conservative Party members who have deserted him and jumped ship to UKIP he has devised a plan which can only be described as pathetic.

The British people know that Cameron is a slippery PR man who has deceived them many times before with his false promises but that hasn't stopped him making evermore unbelievable promises once again.

In order to win back support Cameron promises to renegotiate Britains' terms of membership, including the repatriation of powers that have already been handed over to the bureaucrats, and then put the new terms to the British people in a referendum.........wait for it............after the next election which is scheduled for 2015!!

In addition to this insult the renegotiation could take up to 5 years therefore any referendum may possibly be held perhaps if we are lucky in 2020. Nice one Dave.

I am sure there are some brain dead Euro fanatics who will swallow this nonsense whole but Cameron must be delusional if he thinks this will placate the Euro realists.

David Cameron is in a panic and he has been busy contacting the other Euro leaders like Merkel of Germany, socialist lunatic Hollande of France and Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to reassure them of his intentions to sell out the British people.

In another development it would appear that the newly re-elected 'progressive' President of the USA has ordered Cameron for a second time to ignore the wishes of the British people and deny them a referendum.

President Obama's disdain for democracy in Great Britain mirrors his disdain for democracy at home where he is busy trying to strip Americans of their inalienable Constitutional rights using Executive Order.

What is it about these new 'progressive' leaders and their addiction to totalitarianism?

As with the other 'progressive issues such as overseas aid, the combating climate change scam, homosexual marriage, multi-culturalism etc. David Cameron is coming down on the side of the political elite against the British people he claims to represent and hopefully the effects of this treachery will become apparent at the ballot box. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Muslim Child Sex Gangs - Oxford Joins Rotherham In The Pit Of Depravity

If any issue highlights the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural hell hole its the attitude of the authorities to Muslim child sex abuse and its tacit acceptance by the general public at large.

The Rotherham Muslim child sex grooming scandal went on for decades with the full knowledge of the authorities, including the local council and the police.

To refresh our memories, this was the appalling scandal where the multi-cultural agenda of the so called 'progressive' establishment that ran Rotherham was laid bare.

The local member of Parliament at the time, the notorious expenses cheat and political bully Denis McShane, tried to blame the children or their parents. The local police chief David Crompton tried to blame a lack of resources, while the local council leader Roger Stone tried to close down the issue with the usual worn out soundbite that "lessons have been learned".

What kind of people are Roger Stone and his council? How could any sane or rational person with an ounce of compassion offer a 12 year old victim lessons in Urdu and Punjabi after she was drugged, raped and subjected to vile sexual abuse by a gang of Pakistani men.

What is obvious is that the local council, the police and the civic leaders in Rotherham are dominated by so called 'progressives' who are committed to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural society and they will not let the sexual abuse of young girls get in the way of their project.

The latest depressing news that a group of Muslim men has been accused of operating a child sex grooming ring in Oxford, with the full knowledge of the authorities, comes as no surprise to those enlightened few who see through the spin and lies of the political class.

It will come as a shock, however, to the tens of thousands of people in Great Britain and around the world who were under the impression that Oxford was a British icon, the noble University town and a seat of learning that dated back centuries. Oxford is also being touted as one of the worlds top tourist destinations.

As the latest shameful court case reveals, a Muslim sex grooming gang had been using the town as a base for child prostitution that encompassed the whole of the country.

The case came to light when nine Muslim men recently appeared in court facing various charges of child sexual abuse, child prostitution, supplying drugs etc.

Details are scarce at the moment but it was revealed that local girls, some as young as 11, were plied with drink and drugs then subjected to sexual depravity and perversion beyond the imagination.

It is also claimed that these young girls were also hired out to paedophiles from around the UK who came mainly from the Asian ghettos of Bradford, Leeds, Slough and London. All the men reportedly taking part in this depravity were either Asian or black.

As was the case with the  Rotheram scandal the authorities were aware that this was going on and as was also the case in Rotheram they deliberately turned a blind eye for fear of cultural sensitivities and political correctness.

It was revealed in court that the accused had targeted children's care homes so it is beyond belief that the care home managers were unaware of what was going on.

First reports of sexual abuse by this paedophile gang were received by the police in February 2006. Then on the 6th September 2006  a 12 year old victim finally plucked up the courage to go to police where she reported that one of the defendants had plied her with drugs and sexually abused her. A doctor confirmed that the girl had injuries consistent with oral sex.

The police interviewed the accused on the 13th September 2006, 7 days later. The police subsequently released the accused without charge and he was therefore free to carry on this alleged abuse for a further 7 years.

One must wonder how, even with Operation Bullfinch and eyewitness reports, it has taken almost 7 years to bring this case to court.

Whatever the outcome of this particular court case it is becoming obvious that there are paedophile rings all over the country that are being ignored by the Establishment and the authorities for political reasons.

What is also obvious by the lack of outrage is that the British people are becoming desensitised to this depravity and are meekly accepting the end of their traditional values and way of life.

It is universally accepted among the enlightened people of Great Britain that the political establishment and local authorities the length and breadth of the country are dominated by 'progressives' who are committed to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from the country we knew with its own distinct Anglo-Saxon and Celtic-Gaelic cultures into a multi-cultural dystopia where the dominant culture will be based on Islam.

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven"

Matthew 19-14

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Development Aid - Prolonging Poverty At Taxpayers Expense

"foreign aid is poor people in rich countries giving money to rich people in poor countries"

Peter Bauer - Libertarian Intellectual

"Handing out aid abroad is traps the recipients into government dependency in the same way that welfare hand outs do at home"

Daniel Thomas - Dissenting Intellectual

Much has been written about this contentious subject by politicians and other interested parties in order to justify their stupefying and destructive waste of money.

Advocates of foreign aid or International Development as its now called, always use emotional blackmail together with images of fly covered, pot bellied African children in order to extract ever growing sums of money from the hard pressed taxpayer.

The American people are among the most generous in the world, donating over $3 billion dollars per year privately to charity. Most American people would be shocked to learn that their government spends mind boggling sums of their money in foreign aid some of which finds its way to countries and regimes that wish them harm.

The British people are equally as generous but because they vehemently oppose their political class extracting money from them under threat of imprisonment, which they then go on to throw at vanity projects and bribery abroad, they are subjected to regular government propaganda which doesn't fool anyone.

Their Prime Minister David Cameron regularly hits the airwaves with his soundbites and slogans trying to justify his personal agenda of doubling foreign aid and enshrining the new figure into law.

The foreign aid lobby wheeled out Mike Florman, a wealthy advocate of taxpayer funded vanity, to try and persuade the British people that regardless of what they say, they really do support David Cameron's foreign aid policy

"the majority of those in the 'DE' socio-economic group thought that aid spending was about right or too low. Crucial C1 voters were less likely to think that aid was too high than those in the AB social group. This reflects a general respect for philanthropy throughout the British population".

That gobbledygook was followed by " the bottom decile gives on average 3% of their budget while the top decile only 1%.

What this bureaucrat is saying is that here's the proof that the British population are generous at heart with the poorest donating more than the wealthier therefore they support Cameron's theft of their money to waste on bolstering his image abroad.

The foreign aid or International Development is an industry in its own right and a corrupt one at that but because its a supposedly noble cause they go about their rotten business without let or hindrance.

The foreign aid propagandists are always selective in their use of statistics. We are informed that a shot of polio vaccine costs a mere $4 and that the hundreds of thousands spent preventing polio is money well spent.

Yes it is but what the propagandists fail to mention is that the aid bureaucrats spent almost a billion of taxpayers dollars on millionaire consultants.  They spend tens of millions on top class hotels, chauffeur driven cars and other luxuries that could feed the starving for years.

According to one statistic consultants charge the Department for International Development ( DfID)
$1,120 per hour which is equivalent to fives times the average annual wage in Malawi.

The British public will be heartened to learn that aid to Pakistan is sheduled to increase by 87% next year. This is the country run by Muslim fanatics that openly promote the downfall of the west, one that gives sanctuary to the Taliban who kill British troops in Afghanistan and was the chosen retirement destination of Osama bin Laden.

They will also be heartened to learn that aid to Nigeria will increase by 79% next year. Nigeria is an  extremely rich  country being the worlds 6th largest oil exporter and it is also regarded as one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

The American taxpayers are being totally ripped off. A staggering $72 billion and rising in overseas aid annually. When military aid is stripped out that still leaves a whopping $37.7 billion for the consultants and bureaucrats to waste on their vanity projects.

The USAID website contains all the information on their activities but it does take a time to wade through the gobbledygook.

When I read that "Representing indicators and performance trends by strategic goals" it told me that this report was written by a bureaucrat for the benefit of other bureaucrats.

Due to time constraints I was reduced to picking a statistic at random, it was that the American taxpayer funded 40,880 hours of climate change training in Ethiopia.

The American public should be outraged as this is not just waste of money but a criminal waste of money. Here is proof  of the damage that the likes of Al Gore have inflicted on the starving people of Africa with their 'combating climate change' scam which diverts resources from life saving skills to worthless propaganda.

What the Ethiopians and other undeveloped countries need is training in agricultural techniques, crop growing, animal husbandry and other useful skills that will help them to survive and which will make them independent of foreign aid.

It is generally accepted outside the foreign aid industry that is funding programmes that the indigenous government should be funding itself is ineffective and only encourages corruption, entrenches aid dependency and prolongs poverty.

Trade not Aid.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gay Marriage And The Global Progressive Agenda

Its long been a contention of millions of people that there is a covert cabal of powerful people pushing a global 'progressive' agenda.

I have always treated the conspiracy theorists and their Bilderberger, Illuminati, New World Order Freemason beliefs with a large pinch of salt but looking at the antics of the political class around the world I may have to reassess my attitude.

The first clue that raised my suspicions was the fact politicians around the world were spinning that in an integrated global economy if one country's economy goes south the rest will follow, therefore the current economic problems of the the worlds advanced economies all started with the sub-prime mortgage crisis in America.

To any astute student of politics this is nonsense. The fact is that the Western governments were all doing the same thing at the same time regardless of the consequences ie tax, borrow, spend and debt in order to extend welfare entitlements.

Its the issue of Western governments doing the same things at the same time that lends weight to the theory that there is a common 'progressive' agenda.

It must be more than coincidence that homosexual marriage is an now an obsession with the UK and USA administrations regardless of the views of the majority when it wasn't a priority issue in either election campaign.

At a time of crisis when their economies are collapsing under the weight of excessive spending, unsustainable debt, poor growth and high unemployment both sets of politicians are hand wringing about homosexual marriage.

There isn't a day that goes by when David Cameron isn't bleating on in the media about his belief "that this is the right thing to do".

He is in such a hurry to get this issue into law that he plans to bulldoze it through Parliament when there is more pressing business for the government.

It is noticeable that this same issue has taken priority at the same time in other western countries as geographically diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Euroland etc ad nauseum.

Other issues common to the USA the UK and other western countries are their governments plan to borrow money (otherwise known as stealing) from their people's pension funds in order to replace infrastructure. This apparently is going to kick start their economies.

This kind of Keynesian stimulus has failed time and again so this looks like a rouse for politicians to get their grubby hands on private wealth.

The USA and UK Governments are simultaneously planning to spend billions on High Speed Rail and this is also going to stimulate their economies.

A big issue of course is universal healthcare currently being played out in the USA. The disaster that is the National Health Service in the UK does not seem to have put off the American socialists.

David Cameron has ring fenced NHS spending even though the system is out date, broken down and in dire need of replacement.

Both governments are downgrading their military forces.

Bearing in mind the Democrat Party's traditional hatred of the American military and the ordinary American people's respect for it, this is about to become a huge issue in the USA.

David Cameron has already begun his programme of eviscerating the British military and stooping so low as to be sending military personal redundancy notices when they are still serving in Afghanistan.

The once great British Navy is being reduced to a handful of boats, no aircraft carriers and the army being slashed to around 80,000 troops.

( Cameron is Europhile and he is preparing the British military for absorption into a European Union Defence Force)

Cultural replacement of the western world is another global initiative with the war on Christianity and western values being acted out all over the world.

Another global issue vital to the 'progressive' agenda is the brainwashing of children.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who many regard as insane) allocated billions of taxpayer money for the Sure Start programme which gives the state access to the country's children from an early age.

The Sure Start mission is "giving children the best possible start in life through improvement of childcare, early education, health and family support, with an emphasis on outreach and community development"

David Cameron claims that Sure Start is now part of his Big Society

The parallel programme in the USA is called Head Start which is to " foster stable family relationships, enhance children's physical and emotional well-being and establish an environment to develop strong cognitive skills". 

This is the latest manifestation of Johnson's Great Society

There is also Head Start Australia, Head Start Canada and Head Start New Zealand etc ad nauseum.

There are common global issues on taxpayer funded abortion and contraception.

Using the 'Combating Climate Change' scam as an excuse to increase the cost of energy.

Likewise the 'decarbonising' of  western economies

Extending welfare entitlements

Deportation of illegal immigrants

A global gun ban which is also playing out in the USA.

Global taxation and many more.

The only organisation that can co-ordinate a global agenda on this scale is the United Nations which claims that global government is not in its constitution.

Maybe it isn't but that won't stop government leaders with a common 'progressive' agenda from using the UN and its agencies to create their own Brave New World.

Update - I've been asked to clarify that if homosexual marriage is being driven by the UN, why isn't it being driven in Muslim or other non Christian countries.

The answer is simple, the 'progressive' agenda of fundamental transformation is restricted to Western cultures especially those of Great Britain and the America.

'Progressives' blame the UK and the USA for all of histories ills and this fuels their hatred and paranoia.

They blame the British for Imperialism and the Americans for capitalism and in their perverted minds this justifies the destruction of their respective cultures.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

David Cameron - Using Beer Prices As Collective Punishment

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"

Thomas Jefferson

In an earlier post it was noted that under the outdated Parliamentary system the British Prime Minister has powers that turn some of the worlds notorious dictators green with envy.

The current Prime Minister David Cameron recognises the effectiveness of these powers and is determined to use them in order to bring about his vision of how the country should be.

To remind ourselves, David Cameron is part of a remote, wealthy metropolitan elite who have lived their entire lives in a closed circle of like minded friends who were, and still are, totally divorced from the real world of the people they govern.

By his words and actions David Cameron demonstrates his contempt for views of the very people he is sworn to serve.

The majority of the British people do not want further integration into a European superstate they want out of the European Union or at the very least they want a referendum on the issue.

David Cameron is personally committed to Europe so therefore he will not allow a referendum because he fears the result will not be the one that he wants.

Likewise the majority of the people together with religious leaders of all faiths believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

David Cameron believes passionately in homosexual marriage so he is determined to rush through legislation at the earliest possible opportunity.

The British people believe that now is not the time to be spending billions of taxpayer money on foreign aid,  much of which ends up in the Swiss bank accounts of African despots,  while people are struggling with austerity at home.

David Cameron's contempt for the people is on display when he not only pledges to carry on with this largess but to double it and enshrine the new spending figure into British law.

David Cameron is now going to use these dictatorial powers and ignore the British people once again by dictating a minimum price for alcoholic beverages.

He is using the binge drinking culture of a minority of young people as an excuse to raise prices for everyone including those people who enjoy a bottle of wine at home with their dinner or who hold a backyard BBQ for family and friends.

This intransigence by Cameron will raise prices for the millions of responsible, well behaved, law abiding people who indulge in one of Britain's favourite pastimes of spending an evening with convivial company at the pub or indulging in harmless back garden barbecues in the summer.

Spending time at the local pub is an integral part of British culture but unfortunately not a part of the culture of Prime Minister Cameron and his champagne quaffing elite.

As a PR man Cameron's visits to a pub are stage managed and usually accompanied a camera crew.

There is a consensus outside the closed circle of friends that Cameron has appointed as his policy advisers, that minimum pricing will do nothing to stop the binge drinking and the city centre misbehavior which only takes place at weekends. This consensus includes some of his own government ministers, backbench MP's and more importantly the British people.

There are already laws on the statute book to deal with public drunkenness that the government refuses enforce because it offends their metropolitan liberal sensitivities.

Drunks would be hauled off the streets, thrown into the back of the police paddy wagon and then deposited in a cell for the night. In the morning they would face a variety of charges including drunk and disorderly, causing an affray, actual bodily harm, urinating in public or a combination of them all before appearing before the beak ( a magistrate) in the morning for punishment. It was tough and degrading but effective.

Increasing booze prices on the majority because of bad behavior by a minority is nothing other than collective punishment. This is an extreme form of punishment usually employed by arrogant politicians who have accumulated too much power or by outright dictators.

There is a second worrying aspect to this price increase policy:

Home Office minister and Cameron mouthpiece Damien Green tried another angle to justify the unjustifiable while at the same time letting the cat out of the bag by stating that  " it is a fact of economics and indeed a fact of life that if you put the price of a particular product up, demand for it goes down ".

The implications of this statement are enormous and it gives an indication of an agenda which is not in the public domain.

This statement confirms that the government is indulging in social engineering with the intention of a cultural transformation away from the traditional pub culture by using a price increase to suppress demand for a particular product i.e booze.

This transformation of culture is confirmed by the thirty thousand or so pubs that are closing annually with the consequent loss of thousands of private sector jobs.

If an increase in price suppresses demand then the government are deliberately running down whole industries including the aviation sector with the loss of thousands of highly paid jobs by continually increasing Air Passenger Duty, they are also running down the railways by ever increasing rail fares way above the level of inflation.

If an increase in prices suppresses demand then the reverse is true, so they could solve the country's lack of economic growth by cutting VAT and other and in doing so increase demand.

Damien Green has inadvertently allowed the country a peep behind the curtain. Decreasing prices and taxes gives the people more disposable income and this empowers them to make choices that better suit themselves and their families with the result that they are less dependent on the government.

A prosperous people making their own decisions independent of government strikes fear into the heart of every politician who currently enjoy taxpayer subsidised booze in the nine bars of the Westminster Parliament despite the appalling drunken behavior of some so called Honourable Members.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Merkel and Barrosso Join Obama's Anti British Agenda

If  President Obama's interference in the internal affairs of the British people isn't bad enough then German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Union President Jose Manuel Barrosso joining him in this interference is a step too far for many.

It is universally accepted that the European Union has no democratic legitimacy and that it is a complete disaster for the people of Europe. Unemployment and particularly youth unemployment, is higher than it was decades ago and economic growth has all but dried up.

The European Union is run by a 'progressive' political elite that cannot be removed by popular vote and they govern using Executive decree.

Their goal is not the well being of the people but the creation of a European superstate based on a 'progressive' agenda of state mandated equality and fairness together with secular multi-culturalism except for Muslims.

Whenever this 'progressive' agenda has been put before various peoples of Europe in referendums, they have been soundly rejected and this is the reason that the appointed rulers of Europe avoid consulting the people at all costs.

Referendums never produce the result that these autocrats want and these results have the effect of delaying the creation of their beloved superstate.

I can just about accept that Obama, Merkel and Barrosso have a right to voice their opinions on the European Union but by urging the Prime Minister to deny the British people their God given right to vote on how they are governed is preposterous and clearly demonstrates that their agenda has a higher priority than the fundamental rights of the people.

The British people have been ganged up on before and they have been forced to fight alone with disastrous consequences for the world.  I hope this attempt to remove the fundamental rights of the British people will be the final insult that galvanises them to action.

If these global leaders are attempting to transform the western world into a 'progressive' Utopia, then implementing their policies in 27 European countries simultaneously makes the project easier and more likely to succeed.

It would be an enormous setback to the superstate agenda and the global 'progressive' project if the British were to leave the EU and become successful as an independent sovereign country. 

This is the reason why global leaders are desperate not to give the British people an In/Out referendum on this issue.

British Prime Minister David Cameron considers himself a part of this 'progressive' global elite of political leaders and he will soon have to decide who's side he is on. He should be on the side of the British people he claims to represent.

The British people will find out when he makes his long awaited and much delayed speech on European Union in the near future.

The Obama administration is anxious for the European superstate to succeed so it can be used as an example of what a modern, disarmed, peaceful country looks like compared to a backward looking, uncool America where the people are still clinging to their Bibles and guns.

Although they have been battered and bruised by over a decade of 'progressive' rule and they have stood by as their country has been fundamentally transformed in to a third world ghetto. The British are still a proud people and it would be foolish to write them off just yet.

They have survived against the odds before and God willing they will do it again.

"And now it has come to us to stand alone, in the breach, and to face the worse that the tyrant's might and enmity can do.."

Winston Churchill July 14 1945

Thursday, January 10, 2013

USA Urges UK Government To Deny Its People Their Right To Vote

It may come as a shock to freedom loving people around the world that the new administration in Washington DC is abandoning its historical commitment to democracy in favour of government by Executive decree.

Despite the fact that the US Constitution has served its people well for over two centuries, the people of the world can no longer regard America as the beacon of democracy and will have to get used to the brave new world of government by Executive decree.

This became hard reality when the Obama administration annihilated the GOP over the manufactured 'fiscal cliff' negotiations and in doing so set the country on a course toward European style socialism.

After the 'fiscal cliff' negotiation was over the President wasted no time informing the media and the world that he will not be having a debate with Congress over the up and coming debt ceiling limit.

The President and his administration believe that in spite of the record deficits and debts they should have unfettered power to raise the debt ceiling as and when they please. In plain language this means unlimited access to the peoples money today, tomorrow and for future generations yet unborn.

The President has indicated that he will use Executive Orders to bypass the Congress if they will not secede to his demands to raise the debt ceiling.

 If this sidelining of the people's democratic institutions isn't bad enough on the debt issue, it gets infinitely worse when  he indicated that he will use Executive Orders to bypass the Congress in order to interfere with the peoples constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

This abandonment of the Constitution in exchange for government by Executive decree renders the Congress obsolete and after 240 years the American people's control over the way they are governed is ended.

For the long suffering peoples of Great Britain and Europe, control over their governments was ended on their accession to the Common Market in the 1970's.

Over the following decades sovereignty was further surrendered by stealth by using a series of treaties that changed the Common Market into the European Union dictatorship that we have today.

The European Union is an unelected, authoritarian dictatorship built on the failed Soviet model and like the Soviet Union power is held by an unelected Executive that cannot be removed by popular vote. The British people no longer have control over the institutions that govern their lives such as their borders, their Criminal Justice system, their working time regulations and critical areas of their economy, etc.

This system is nothing other than government by Executive decree and it has proved to be disastrous for the British people.

75% of all laws in Great Britain emanate from the European Union together with thousands of regulations that blight the lives of British Citizens on a daily basis.

The country had been changed beyond recognition and it is generally accepted that the once great global superpower is on course to becoming a third world country sooner rather than later.

As the world is aware, the European Union has been responsible for bankrupting the Mediterranean countries such as Greece causing poverty and grief for millions of its citizens, poverty which will be suffered for generations to come.

The EU is a much loved institution by the political class, they believe that its unaccountability is an advantage and when their time is up in their national legislatures there will be a well remunerated non job available for them in Brussels.

Personal fortunes are made in the European Union bureaucracy as the Kinnock family fortune demonstrates, all financed by money looted from the hard pressed taxpayer.

The European Union is a sewer of criminality and corruption who's accounts have not been signed off by an auditor for 19 straight years but that doesn't deter the fanatics who's aim is "ever closer union" to a European federal superstate run by bureaucrats in a new post democratic age.

The British people have woken up and have had enough, the vast majority of the British people want to leave this cesspit and have made their intentions clear.

The ruling political elite are losing their nerve as the British people signal their displeasure by abandoning the mainstream political parties in their droves over this issue. The United Kingdom Independence Party has seen their support increase from 4% to 14% in the past year.

All three mainstream political parties in Great Britain are run by career politicians and it is accepted that these politicians habitually lie to the people.

All three party leaders have promised a referendum on European Union membership and predictably all three have reneged on that promise after their election to office.

The current government has promised a renegotiation of membership terms and a referendum on the new terms but only after the next election.

The people will not fall for this sophistry a second time and demand for an In/Out referendum is overwhelming. Polls indicate that if a referendum were to be held in the near future the British people would vote to leave the EU a result that would signal the beginning of the end for the undemocratic, socialist monolith.

It came as a surprise to learn that the US Assistant Secretary to the UK, Mr Philip Gordon has urged the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on behalf of the Obama administration, to ignore the will of the people and deny them a referendum on their membership of the European Union.

It appears that the new administration in DC as well as showing contempt for democracy at home is encouraging the same for democracy abroad.  This is proof positive that we have at last entered the post democratic age.

Millions of people in Europe and around the world owe the American people a debt of honour for the ultimate sacrifice of their sons and daughters to free people from dictatorship and for restoring democracy in places where it has been usurped.

In years past the USA would have supported the people against an unaccountable government which was being run by Executive decree.

This administration calling for the British Executive to ignore the overwhelming will of the people is a sad development and a bad omen for things come.