Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary Reverts To Type And Descends Into Smear and The Race Card

It took a while but we all knew it was coming as sure as night follows day. To his credit it was Great Britain's Brexit hero, Nigel Farage, that provoked Hillary Clinton into scraping the bottom of the 'progressive' barrel by resorting to smear and the race card during her presidential campaign.

Despite the mainstream media censoring the truth about Mrs. Clinton's past, the Trump campaign's exposure of her lifetime of lying, corruption and criminal behavior is beginning to resonate with the people.

Trump is putting the fear of God into Clinton's campaign managers by moving his tanks into traditional Democrat territory and talking to the black and other ethnic minority communities directly.

The Trump campaign is questioning the basis of black and ethnic minority loyalty to the Democratic Party when they have been so ill served by them over decades. The evidence of Democratic Party neglect of the black and ethnic minority communities is there for all to see and the message is slowly getting through.

Despite the media bias and the deluge of negative Trump propaganda his message is beginning to resonate while Mrs. Clinton's billion dollar election machine begins to lose the argument, and when they lose the argument they resort to insult and smear.

As the British people experienced first hand during the recent EU referendum, the Europhiles and their supporters in the liberal/socialist/'progressive' community lost the argument so they resorted to smear and the race card. It's the strategy they always revert to not only when they lose the argument but also when the spin fails to work and the voting public see through their lies and deceit.

'Racist' is the favourite smear and consequently the most used;  'far-right' and 'right-wing' are being used as supplementary backup insults to reinforce the smear. In their desperation, during this presidential campaign they've added 'Alt-right' in order to link Trump with white supremacists etc.

The American electorate should take note and not despair. As Nigel Farage set about systematically dismantling the pro-EU argument -  a tissue of lies known as 'Project Fear' - he and his supporters were subjected to a smear campaign unprecedented in British electoral history.

Not only did they have the kitchen sink thrown at them, they were subjected to the usual smears mentioned above but with Fascist, Nazi, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamophobe, Misogynist thrown into the mix along with every other vile insult from the 'progressives' lexicon of smear.

The modus operandi of these so called 'progressives' is as predictable as their love of taxes and Mrs. Clinton didn't disappoint. What was also predictable was that the mainstream media gutter whores would earn their ill-gotten gains by giving her insults and smears credibility by nonstop coverage supplemented by dawn to dusk anti-Trump propaganda.

In the case of Nigel Farage and the Brexit campaigners the Racist/Fascist/Nazi slurs were so outrageous and obviously false they were counter productive. The electorate saw through it all and voted for Brexit.

Just as Donald Trump has done throughout his campaign, Nigel Farage departed from the usual establishment controlled PR by doing away with political correctness and speaking directly to the people using spin free language.

Like Trump is doing now, Farage spoke about the real issues that were important to the majority which were formally taboo; issues such as open border mass immigration and the social, cultural and economic disaster it has engendered.

Previously unmentionable due to rigidly enforced political correctness and the threat of prosecution for one-way 'hate crimes', Farage treated the electorate like the mature adults they are and tackled the issues head on. By dispensing with spin he was able to demonstrate that he understood the people's hopes, fears and aspirations and offered practical solutions.

Farage made the people understand that the solutions to all the problems befalling the country could only be achieved by leaving the undemocratic, authoritarian EU and returning sovereignty to the democratically elected British Parliament.

Likewise Donald Trump has abandoned spin and deceit and is speaking directly to the people, articulating their hope and fears then proposing common sense, practical solutions. These are solutions that the establishment could have implemented but failed to do so because they didn't progress their fundamental transformation agenda.

Donald Trump's campaign to reverse the descent of America into third world mediocrity and make it great again, along with his solutions to the long term neglect by the Democratic Party of minority communities, is beginning to resonate and coupled with Mrs. Clinton's reputation as an untrustworthy, congenital liar and career criminal is beginning to turn the election campaign in Trump's favour.

If the British experience is anything to go by this change of fortune will provoke a campaign of smear, demonisation and a use of the race card unprecedented in American political history. The British people have proved that no matter what they throw at you the establishment can be beaten.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bombed Out British Didn't Run Away They Stayed And Rebuilt

History and the fast disappearing wartime residents of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and host of others can confirm that when countries become embroiled in military conflict cities get bombed and as a consequence buildings get destroyed, civilians get killed and injured, and that includes children.

The global government-media axis has mobilized its propaganda machine to use images of bombed out cities in Syria, along with injured children, to justify mass immigration into Europe and the west.

The images compliment the carefully constructed narrative that this is a humanitarian catasrophe unprecedented in history that can only be solved by mass immigration into Europe and the west.

What the propaganda does not emphasize is that the death and destruction in Syria is not unprecedented in history but the mass transfer of millions of people to other countries most certainly is. This includes tens of thousands of military age men who should be fighting for their countries' freedom and independence.

The global political elite's propaganda machine are using the disturbing images to play on the compassion and humanitarian instincts that are inherent in western people to accept mass immigration despite all evidence showing that it is destroying the fabric of their own societies.

The fact is that this global elite does not possess an iota of compassion or any humanitarian instincts whatsoever; their only instincts are to use any crisis to progress their global transformation agenda. Crises which in many cases they have manufactured themselves in order to justify their actions.

During World War II, despite the destruction of their cities and the appalling civilian casualties, people showed a stoicism that is missing from today's Syrians and rebuilt their towns and cities.

The London blitz and the bombing of other British cities is a classic demonstration of a patriotic people refusing to be intimidated by an utterly ruthless enemy staying where they are and preparing to fight to the death for their country.

Even the Royal family remained in London and weathered the Nazi storm despite offers of sanctuary in Canada.

The global propaganda machine knows that a picture is worth a thousand words and are adept at using the images of bombed out cities and injured children to play on the heartstrings and further their agenda to destroy western Judeo-Christian societies.

Ambulance boy and bombed out Aleppo are classic examples although some consider the former to be stage managed for propaganda purposes:

As a reminder the following is a gallery from history showing that more stoic people from London, Hamburg and Hiroshima didn't run away, they weathered the storm and rebuilt their war ravaged cities

Hamburg and Hiroshima were utterly destroyed and subsequently rebuilt:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

German Islamic Apocalypse - Stock Up On Bullets Not Bratwurst

It speaks volumes about the modern political class in Europe when they are facing a catastrophic event that 'could threaten their very existence', the German people will be obliged to stockpile a ten day supply of food, water and medical supplies.
(See here and here)

One would have thought that in the face of such an apocalyptic event and it's aftermath a stock of readily available guns and ammunition would be as just as essential as food and water; but as we all know to our cost, individuals taking responsibility for their own defence, and that of their families, goes against the global 'progressive' philosophy that only governments and their agents have the right to bear arms.

Incidentally, disarming civilians has been the goal of the United Nations and 'progressive' governments around the world for decades with particular success in the EU including Germany.

Official justification for mobilizing the entire country is very thin indeed leading to speculation that the government is manufacturing a panic for nefarious reasons bearing in mind elections are due in Germany and Chancellor Merkel's iron grip on power is slipping away.

It must be noted that Mrs. Merkel's closest EU collaborator, the far-left President of France, Francois Hollande, has used the Paris Islamist attacks to strip his citizens of their civil liberties ahead of the Presidential elections that he is predicted to lose.
(See here)

The tightly controlled German press are reporting that the country is on high alert partly because of two recent Islamist attacks and a rampage by an 'unstable teenager' who just happened to shouting the Muslim battle cry 'Allahu Akbar' has he murderously attacked innocent civilians.

If it's murderous rampages by radical Muslims or unstable teenagers shouting Allahu Akbar then guns and ammunition would make much more sense than sauerkraut, bratwurst or Doppelbock alone.

Throwing a sausage or a bowl of sauerkraut at a Muslim terrorist with murder and martyrdom on his mind is lot less effective than hitting him multiple times with a bullet travelling at seventeen hundred miles per hour.

Without a more credible reason for stockpiling food and water this is mere scaremongering which leads to wild speculation that will only serve to further panic an already jittery populace.

If the government knows of a plot by Islamists to use weapons of mass destruction in their jihad against the west they are duty bound to say so in order for the people to prepare more thoroughly; it doesn't take a genius to work out that only a nuclear, chemical or biological attack and the post apocalypse chaos that would follow could possibly 'threaten the very existence' of Germany and its people?

If intelligence reports are accurate and ISIS is losing on the battlefields then taking the fight to Europe would make much more sense, and a better guarantee of seventy-two virgins, than an ignominious death by drone strike in some stinking desert hell hole without killing any infidels.

The weapons of mass destruction scenario is given credence by the fact that ISIS has already announced that they will infiltrate their fighters into Germany using Mrs. Merkel's totally insane open border immigration policy. These worshipers of death also have access to weapons of mass destruction from Iran and Pakistan, two of the worlds biggest sponsors and supporters of Islamic terrorism.

Sources estimate that there are some forty-three thousand Islamic extremists walking freely on the streets of Germany, eleven hundred of whom are actually identified as Islamic terrorists.
(See here and here)

As Chancellor Merkel well knows, and with malice aforethought, the other European Union countries are also infected with this terrorist plague due the free movement of people policy that EU leaders consider to be sacrosanct.

Whether this latest onset of fear and panic by the German government is in response to a real threat or being manufactured for political reasons only time will tell but there is no better time to abolish the gun laws and allow the people the means to defend themselves and their families against the declared intentions of Merkel's malign Muslim invaders.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Angela Merkel - Another Unstable Dictator Is Destroying Europe

When Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, referred to his rival, Hillary Clinton, as 'America's Angela Merkel' it may not have resonated as much with the American people as it would have done with the long suffering people of Germany and Europe.

Increasingly heavy censorship aided and abetted by the government- media axis is preventing the full horror of the German Chancellor's open border mass immigration madness from reaching the American people but that does not mean it isn't happening. On the contrary, it is most definitely happening and escalating beyond control.

Mass rape, violent assault and the murder of German citizens are being committed on an ever increasing scale while the law enforcement authorities are stood down on orders from Chancellor Merkel and her regime.
(Police stood down here)

Despite official denials, almost all of these heinous crimes are being committed by the millions of economic migrants invited into the country by Merkel including murder in the name of Allah by ISIS and other radical Muslim groups.
(Islam belongs in Germany here)

As a demonstration of her fanatical dedication to the destruction of Europe, or an indication of her complete insanity, Mrs. Merkel has decreed that mass immigration from the war torn middle east will continue unabated despite ISIS signalling in advance their intention to infiltrate their fighters into the incoming hordes in order to commit acts of terror.
(See here)

Listening to the incoherent ramblings and irresponsible pronouncements by Chancellor Merkel, especially with reference to the immigration crisis, one cannot come to any other conclusion than she is mentally unstable.

What the medical term for her condition is will be known to the men in white coats but to the everyday normal people who are suffering the appalling consequences of her despotic rule she is quite clearly deluded.

Her pronouncements and speeches are increasingly bizarre and contradictory whereby on any given day she acknowledges that her policies are causing rape, death and destruction not only in Germany but across Europe, then on another day she claims immigrants and Muslims are not to blame.

(Immigrants not to blame for Islamic terror here)

If it's not the sudden influx of millions of third world migrants and Muslim jihadis then who is responsible for this astronomical increase in rape, violent crime and murder? The victims and the public at large are entitled to know.

Apart from her dictatorial behavior and eccentric public pronouncements, her total lack of emotion or empathy for the victims of her policies or their suffering is another sign of her deteriorating mental state. These symptoms would require any ordinary person in a position of responsibility to undergo a psychiatric evaluation with a view to assessing their continued fitness to hold that position.

If past experience is anything to go by, the ruling elite will allow Chancellor Merkel to remain in power as long as she continues to implement their fundamental transformation of Europe agenda. The minute she becomes an impediment to it's progress she will be removed.

Why the German people tolerate this insanity that is causing them so much pain and suffering is open to debate. Some commentators suggest that the German people still harbour feelings of guilt for the horrors perpetrated by Hitler and the Third Reich while others suggest that the Germans are indulging some inherent national propensity to dominate and control Europe.

In addition to NATO and the nuclear deterrent, continued peace in Europe is also dependent upon the eternal vigilance of the German people against the rise of another unstable dictator who behaves more like an emperor than an elected representative who has sworn never to repeat the horrors of the past.

Since the rise of Angela Merkel and her megalomania, the European continent has descended into poverty, chaos and internecine violence; by all accounts it is now on the brink of civil war.
(See here)

The German people dropped their guard, they let their vigilance sleep, allowing the rise of yet another unstable despot to bring Europe to the brink of ruination and despair.

There's nothing they can do to atone for the horrors perpetrated by German politicians in the past but they can help prevent another dark period in European history by voting Merkel out of office. Get rid of her before she does any more damage and brings disgrace and hatred on the German people once again.  

Donald Trump's reading  of the situation in Europe is correct and his comparison of Clinton with Merkel is wholly justified.

Chancellor Merkel and the global elite used the manufactured 'refugee crisis' as a the reason to implement a long planned open border immigration policy which was designed to flood the nation states of Europe with third world immigrants with the malign intent of replacing the Judeo-Christian cultures with so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

This is the same policy the Obama administration is implementing on behalf of the global elite with same malign intent. This disastrous policy will be continued and accelerated by Hillary Clinton should she win the Presidency.

If the American people want to see what a Clinton administration would be like then all they need to do is look at the death, destruction and despair unleashed on the people of Germany and Europe by an increasingly sick and unstable Chancellor Merkel.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Whoring For Hillary - Mainstream Media Hacks Have Sold Their Souls

The Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the presidential election campaign in the USA have highlighted what has been obvious to informed observers for some time; the control exercised by the big money donors, lobbyists and powerful vested interests over the political establishment and the mainstream media is absolute.

Most of the influential newspapers and almost all the cable news channels are part of the giant bought-and-paid-for government-media axis that micro-manages the information that the electorate needs in order to form an opinion or choose a candidate. In Great Britain this includes the supposedly neutral taxpayer funded BBC.

Bias does not go anywhere near to describing the mainstream media. It is a massive centrally controlled propaganda operation designed to distort, lie and fabricate stories in order to promote their client candidate while using the same despicable tactics to denigrate and smear any rivals.

Objective journalism and independent news reporting is dead along with the investigative journalism of the Woodward and Bernstein era. Those masquerading as journalists today are no better than street corner whores who, instead of their bodies, sell their manufactured reputations.

Much like their fellow whores, their rewards are dependent on how good they are at satisfying the needs of their customers and the depths of mindful depraved actions they will perform on their behalf.

The saddest thing about these media whores is that they pretend otherwise. They still manage to convince gullible members of the public that they are serious journalists who impartially report the news while shamelessly lying and manipulating 'news' items in addition to fabricating stories on behalf of their benefactor.

The Brexit campaign in Great Britain was an appalling exercise in black propaganda meticulously crafted and delivered by the mainstream media on behalf of the Europhiles and their EU nation building project.

The behavior of the mainstream media in the USA presidential campaign is equally appalling but much more obvious.

Despite a lifetime of lying, scandal and corruption in pursuit of money and power, along with her disastrous stewardship of the State Department, Hillary Clinton is the preferred candidate of the invisible power brokers and the establishment that control the levers of power in the USA.

The media have had their instructions and have set about the task with ruthless efficiency and gusto. In a campaign that would have made Josef Goebbels proud they have initiated a massive, centrally controlled propaganda campaign to erase Clinton's past crimes and misdemeanors from the public eye while simultaneously creating the image of a tireless public servant who has dedicated her entire life to the betterment of the American people.

Any propaganda campaign worth its salt would also seek to destroy the reputation and image, and consequently the electability, of any rival candidate and will use every dirty trick at its disposal.

From the beginning of his candidacy Donald Trump has been subjected to a campaign of vilification and smear so intense it brings shame upon the entire media. Not that they care one iota, they are getting the job done and reaping the rich rewards.

By erasing her past history of corruption and scandal, and in the case of her husband, sexual predation and rape, the media whores have succeeded in convincing millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is squeaky clean and fit for a return to public office.

More seriously they have portrayed her ineffective terms as a US Senator as an accomplishment and despite the middle east being engulfed in war, death and destruction they are portraying her disastrous tenure at the State Department as an overriding success.

Meanwhile despite his success as a businessman, job creator and unashamed American patriot they are continuing to paint Donald Trump as the devil incarnate bent on destroying everything America deems holy.

The networks and news outlets that organise and finance this unholy propaganda are bad enough but the people that prostitute themselves to actually deliver it are despicable and are responsible for destroying the once noble profession of journalism.

The American people need not despair; the comprehensive propaganda campaign of lies and vilification, known as Project Fear, that was expensively put together in order to keep Great Britain in the European Union was a spectacular failure.

The British people saw through the lies and deceit, ignored the seductive charms of the media whores, stuck to their beliefs and rejected it utterly.

For the sake of their country and the ever diminishing free world I hope the American people do the same and reject the Clinton syndicate.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In A Dangerous World Extreme Vetting Should Be Standard Procedure

When Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned 'extreme vetting' as part of his plan to keep the American people safe it would have rung a bell with visitors to the USA in the recent past who would have gone through a form of 'extreme vetting' as a routine procedure.

Even tourists from friendly countries indulging in nothing more sinister than a visit to Disneyland with the kids were required to sign the declaration on Form I-94 declaring membership or affiliation, past or present, with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party.

Even advocating communism or the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship by utterance or by written or printed matter would have put any visit to the USA in jeopardy. (See the requirements below)

Those were the good old days when the United States of America was a beacon of light in the dark age of the cold war, when it was acknowledged as the 'shining city on a hill'  that gave hope to all those unfortunate people on earth who were being crushed under the yoke of communism and other totalitarian regimes, including those unfortunates forced to live under barbaric sharia law.

These common sense requirements not only went some way to keeping the American people safe as they went about their daily lives but they helped to 'secure the Blessings of Liberty for themselves and their Posterity'.

Why these requirements were abandoned or relaxed is a mystery that requires justification from those responsible; what is not a mystery however is the fact that the American people are less safe today as a result and the 'Blessing of Liberty are no longer secure for themselves or their posterity.

If these requirements had remained in force, combined with background checks for anyone from anti-western regimes or meeting the criteria listed below, then maybe the Boston Marathon bombers and the female half of the San Bernardino killers would have been denied entry to the USA and innocent American lives saved.

The America of today is much altered from the country of a decade or so ago when the stricter requirements for visitors were in force. Communist politicians have come out of the shadows and now run towns, cities and entire states much to the detriment of the people.

In a development that would have been unthinkable a generation ago, a member of the 'progressive' community - an umbrella term used by socialists, communists and liberals -  has been in residence in the White House for two terms with a replacement from the same community, Hillary Clinton, ready to continue the promised 'fundamental transformation' of America should she defeat Mr.Trump.

It's not just communists, socialists, liberals or 'progressives' that are destroying traditional America. Republican politicians in local and state legislatures as well as Congress have stood idly by as the entry requirements were relaxed and the borders thrown open to all and sundry.

Even now many Republicans are proposing to reward law breaking by giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, including some individuals who have committed serious crimes against law abiding American citizens.

As a consequence of this tacit compliance many US cities are infested with Muslim ghettos where the majority of the inhabitants reject the US Constitution preferring instead to live under sharia law.

With the connivance of a malevolent, anti-American political class these ghettos, along with many other ethnic ghettos, are being given immunity from the law and any Constitutional requirements while being expanded using unsecured borders, mass immigration and amnesty.

The existence of illegal entities such as so-called sanctuary cities prove beyond doubt that compliance with the law of the land is no longer required by these preferred groups or the agenda driven political class.

Law enforcement agencies, its officers and border guards have been rendered impotent whereby they are forbidden from doing the job they have hired to do and sworn an oath to perform.

The downward spiral of American towns and cities into mediocrity and decay is palpable and if the current 'progressive' regime perpetuates itself at the next general election the entire country will suffer a similar fate.

The proposal by Donald Trump to institute extreme vetting is nothing revolutionary or new but a return to some of the common sense requirements that have helped to keep the American people safe in the past, not only from the communist yoke but from radical Islam and its intent to rape, maim and kill innocent Americans in its name.  

Section 313(a)(2) of the Act specifically bars the naturalization of a person who has been or is a member of the Communist Party. See also section 316(a)(3) of the Act and 8 CFR 316.11 which require that the applicant, during the statutory period, “has been and still is a person … attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States.” An applicant cannot be naturalized if he or she has been or is a member of the Communist Party, unless he or she falls under sections 313(d) or 313(e) of the Act. For further information regarding Communism and attachment to the Constitution or favorable disposition towards good order and happiness refer to Interpretations 313.1 and 313.2 .

Generally, an applicant is ineligible for naturalization if he or she was a member of the Communist Party, unless he or she qualifies for an exception. Section 313 of the Act and 8 CFR 313.2 describe ineligibility for naturalization resulting from Communist Party membership. Except as provided in section 313(d) of the Act and 8 CFR 313.3 , no applicant for naturalization shall be naturalized as a citizen of the United States if, within ten years immediately preceding the filing of an application for naturalization or after such filing but before taking the oath of citizenship, such applicant:

• Is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party; or

• Is or has advocated communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship; or

• Is or has been a member of or affiliated with an organization that advocates communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, either through its own utterance or through any written or printed matter published by such organization; or

• Is or has been a subversive, or a member of, or affiliated with, a subversive organization; or

• Knowingly is publishing or has published any subversive written or printed matter, or written or printed matter advocating communism; or

• Knowingly circulates or has circulated, or knowingly possesses or has possessed for the purpose of circulating, subversive written or printed matter, or written or printed matter advocating communism; or

• Is or has been a member of, or affiliated with, any organization that publishes or circulates, or that possesses for the purpose of publishing or circulating, any subversive written or printed matter, or any written or printed matter advocating communism.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Australia Joins The Great Muslim Crusade To Subjugate The West

When one listens to the utterances emanating forth from leaders of the developed nations, one cannot come to any other conclusion that there is indeed a global agenda to promote medieval Islam and give it moral and religious equivalence with the civilised Judeo-Christian world.

It is no coincidence that these same leaders use almost identical slogans and soundbites, therefore one also cannot fail to come to the conclusion that there is a single organizing authority behind this agenda which uses its own sophisticated media machine to disseminate its propaganda.

When Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull usurped power from rebel Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, he didn't waste any time bringing Australia back into the 'progressive' global alliance that is fundamentally transforming the post-war world. This transformation is being achieved by downgrading western civilisation using open border mass immigration from the undeveloped, uncivilised world.

As the people of the developed world are witnessing to their cost, the adherents of Islam are being used by this 'progressive' alliance as the vanguard in this modern day crusade to subjugate, then ultimately eradicate, Judeo-Christian culture from its dominant global position.

One of Prime Minister Turnbull's first statements after his usurpation was that Australia is the most successful multi-cultural country on the planet. That makes two since Great Britain's disgraced Prime Minister, David Cameron, intimated before Parliament that Great Britain was the most successful, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country on the planet.

As evidence of Cameron's mendacity and capacity for lying in pursuit of the Islamification agenda, his statement comes after his ascertion that imposed state multi-culturalism has failed; a statement identical to one made by none other than Germany's mentally unstable Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
(See here)

Despite bloody atrocities committed against Australian citizens both on home soil and abroad, Turnbull fully subscribes to the "it's nothing to do with Islam" school of propaganda along with "the great global religion of peace" soundbite which is so beloved of western leaders.

Like the modern politician that he is Turnbull makes full use of the army of PR consultants, advertising executives and image consultants at his disposal to create the image of a peaceful, tolerant country where Muslims and non Muslims live in harmony with mutual respect for each other and their beliefs.

Images of the anti-Muslim riots and his citizen's opposition to imposed Islamification, along with preachers of hate and advocates for sharia law, were absent from the official photographs when Turnbull hosted his choreographed Iftar dinner to celebrate Ramadan.

These images were deliberately confined by the PR professionals and image consultants to photogenic high society, western dressed luvvies and not the pyjama-like traditional dress as worn by those Muslims who advocate sharia law and who demand Australians change their values, culture and way of life in order to accommodate their sensitivities.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dutifully fallen into line behind the other practitioners of imposed Islamification led by the President of the USA and supposed leader of the free world, Barack Hussein Obama.

The list includes the megalomaniac who masquerades as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who has advised the German people that neither the mass rape or the mass murder of their women and children will alter her policy of open border mass immigration from the middle east or any other uncivilised Muslim country.

It also includes Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a weapons grade dhimmi if ever there was one; he is keeping busy making Canada and its citizens a global laughing stock. Prime Minister Trudeau's flirtation with radical Islam, his defence of the niqab and his claim that calling so called honour killings 'barbaric' is racist leads one to wonder if he is as mad, if not madder, than Angela Merkel.

Also on the list is new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, a dedicated advocate of Islamification only bettered by her predecessor David Cameron. Mrs. May is of the opinion that many Britons 'benefit greatly' from sharia law and who's response to the mass murders committed by Muslims in the name of Allah as commanded by their prophet Mohammad, is always "it's nothing to do with Islam"

Appearing on the list is the far-left French President, Francois Hollande, who, after a succession of bloody massacres in France, has advised his citizens to 'get used to Islamic terrorism' because he will not change course no matter how much French blood is spilled or how many French maidens are despoiled and raped.

The list of developed world leaders would not be complete without the Presidents (there are five in total) of the twenty-eight member European Union. Despite being wracked with violent civil disorder and chaos which is teetering on the brink of civil war, these unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will not under any circumstances alter their open border mass immigration policy or their policy of imposed Islamification.

Even after the falling in line of Australia there remained two bright spots on the horizon that stood a chance of saving western Judeo-Christian civilisation from these malevolent leaders but these are growing ever more dim as the days and weeks pass.

Firstly: the British people's vote for Brexit from the disastrous EU is disappearing into the sunset as the Europhile British establishment, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, refuse to initiate the Brexit process allowing the the Europhiles time to organise their sabotage of the people's mandate.

Secondly, Donald Trump's anti-establishment bid for the American Presidency is being sabotaged by the political establishment, which includes senior leaders of his own Republican party, using the government-media axis and its incessant anti-Trump black propaganda campaign of demonisation and smear.

Unless these leaders come to their senses and start acting on behalf of the people they are suppose to represent, then the future is dark indeed for peace, prosperity and civilisation itself.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ignoring The People - Europhile Theresa May Refuses To Initiate Brexit

Looking at the way the modern political class routinely ignores the will of the people and treats their hopes and aspirations with complete and utter contempt, it is beyond all doubt that the world has entered the post-democratic age.

The global elite are embarked on a great crusade to replace national sovereignty with a single world government which uses the Marxian philosophy of total equality applied to nations as well as their citizens.

The European Union is an essential part of this crusade whereby the sovereignty of twenty-seven nations has been transferred from elected Parliaments and legislatures to a Commission run by appointed bureaucrats.

The political elites across Europe have sworn fealty to the EU project and many have dedicated their entire lives to bringing about the United States of Europe.

One such dedicated Europhile and globalist is the new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who replaced her Europhile boss, the disgraced and thoroughly despicable David Cameron.

It was EU fanatic Cameron, with Mrs. May's approval and support, who led the campaign to deceive the British people into believing that Great Britain's exit from the EU would trigger an apocalyptic nightmare which would result in every conceivable disaster from poverty, war, famine and catastrophic climate change to the end of health care provision.

Judging by her actions since she took over the Premiership Mrs. May is either having serious problems abandoning her life-long belief in the EU project or she is maneuvering to keep Great Britain firmly attached in some shape or form to the superstate.

Contrary to the apocalyptic predictions of Project Fear and the threats of retribution by global institutions such as the UN, the IMF and President Obama, all the indications are that the post-Brexit future is bright for the British people with economic indicators breaking all records and nations lining up to sign trade deals.

Prime Minister May's actions since the referendum and her absolute refusal to initiate the two year long Brexit process bodes ill for the British people and puts into question whether she will listen to the people and honour the referendum result by taking Great Britain out of the EU.

Despite the overwhelming referendum victory for Brexit, Mrs. May's first Cabinet consists of eighteen Europhiles and only four (4) Brexit supporters. Her first announcement on taking office was that the Brexit process would not be initiated anytime soon.

Her first meeting was with the fanatical Europhile leader of Scottish Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon, who came away from that meeting under the impression she had a veto over Brexit.

Her second meeting was with the increasingly unstable Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, the megalomaniac Europhile who is on a one woman crusade to destroy Europe and it's cultures not unlike a previous German Chancellor from the recent past.

The maniacal Chancellor came away from that meeting telling Mrs.May that Great Britain must continue with open border mass immigration even if they leave the EU.

At time of writing Mrs. May has had no meetings with anyone from the Brexit campaign and the four Brexit ministers in her Cabinet have been ominously silent.

Despite ever stricter censorship, the truth is that due to incompetent governance and the continuing tsunami of job killing regulations, the economies of the Eurozone have collapsed into bankruptcy with the people mired in poverty, unemployment and destitution.

Due to uncontrolled mass immigration European cities are on fire with violent clashes taking place on a continuing basis. Rape, violent crime and murder are now everyday occurrences not to mention the influx of terrorists from the Muslim world committing mass murder when the opportunity arises.

The EU project and its much vaunted single market is dead, it is over, it is finished and no amount of remedial action by the Eurocrats and the global elite can save it. It is past time that Mrs. May and the Europhiles accept this and get Great Britain out at the earliest possible opportunity.

Delaying Brexit serves no purpose and only emboldens the Eurocrats in Brussels to make more threats of retribution and to make extraction more complex and difficult.

By not initiating the Brexit process the British taxpayer remains committed to paying fifty-five million British Pounds per day to the corrupt EU coffers, open border mass immigration continues unabated and the deluge of job killing regulations keeps rolling in like a spring tide.

Since the referendum result some fifty days ago on the 23rd June the British taxpayer has handed over circa 2 billion British Pounds to the unaccountable corruptocrats in Brussels, every penny of which has been borrowed. EU bureaucrats are also demanding a payment of twenty billion pounds as a price for leaving. (See here)

The uncertainty created by Mrs. May's prevarication causes uncertainty which will put future trade deals in jeopardy which in turn threatens the British people's progress toward increased prosperity in the wider world outside the EU.

The same uncertainty also emboldens the Eurocrats who are issuing threats to make life difficult for the British people as an example to other countries who are contemplating leaving and for having the temerity of wanting to govern themselves. (See here)

Failure to trigger the process is also allowing the overwhelmingly Europhile Parliament and institutions to continue their efforts to mobilise their forces to prevent Brexit or call for a second referendum. Led by the taxpayer funded BBC, Project Fear has continued its propaganda campaign blaming every negative story on the Brexit vote.
(See here)

One of Mrs. May's closest allies and fellow Europhile, Phillip Hammond, is claiming that the Brexit process could take up to six years, three times longer than expected.

They justify this by claiming that Great Britain must negotiate a good deal for the UK which includes access to the much vaunted single market and this will take time. The truth is that the EU and the bankrupt, poverty stricken countries that make up the single market are a dead horse that should have been confined to the knackers yard when member states required multi-billion dollar bail outs from the IMF and other bankrupt Eurozone countries.

Great Britain does not need the EU or its single market to prosper in the wider world outside of the failed EU. Prime Minister May holds all the political and economic leverage she needs to just walk away from this disaster unscathed but more importantly she has a mandate from the British people which she is duty bound to fulfill.

Prime Minister May, listen to the British people and do what is right, the game is up, the EU project is finished, let it go, and initiate the Brexit process without further delay.