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British Say No To War - Arrogant Government Defeated By Its Own Double Standards

Waging war on another country is not something that should be entered into without having first explored all the facts in addition to analyzing every scrap of intelligence data. In a democracy those politicians who advocate war must then lay the facts before the country with a view to justifying their desire to dish out death and destruction and send military men and women into harms way.

The refusal of Parliament to give British Prime Minister David Cameron authority to wage war on Syria is momentous and worthy of further analysis in order to highlight the arrogance, hypocrisy and blatant double standards that is now so shamefully normal in British political discourse.

Either David Cameron and his close knit group of cronies have shorter memories than the British people or their arrogance is such that they expect them to forget the bitter experience they suffered under Blair and believe their spin without question.

As the people know to their cost, Tony Blair promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with President Bush and wage war on Iraq before making his case and seeking authority from Parliament. David Cameron must be out of his tiny mind if he thinks that he can employ exactly the same tactic with President Obama without the people remembering the disaster that befell them as a result of Blair's treachery.

Cameron was taking the people for granted when he promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama before making his case for war and before obtaining authority from Parliament. The case he did make was full of holes with rhetoric making up for hard facts.

The UN investigation is incomplete so Cameron has to inform Parliament that there is no smoking gun or definitive evidence that chemical weapons were used, and even if they were used there is no clear evidence that it was the Assad regime that used them. He goes on to say that nobody can be absolutely sure but it was 'highly likely' that it was the Assad regime that used these weapons. This is a dismal attempt at justification and not a reason to wage war.

It must be remembered that the factions fighting each other in Syria are mainly Muslim who worship death like civilised people worship life and therefore they are all capable of using chemical weapons; in which case, what faction or factions does Cameron plan to bomb?

Those who follow the political scene will notice that David Cameron is becoming more insufferable the longer he stays in office; his rhetoric displays his arrogance and more importantly it displays his contempt for anyone who disagrees with him. As the self appointed 'Heir to Blair' he has acquired the same belief that he alone has all the answers therefore the views of the people can be dismissed as irrelevant.

Cameron strongly believes that Britain must not seek prosperity on the backs of the worlds poor therefore he is doubling foreign aid against the wishes of the British people and ignoring the country's unsustainable national debt.

Cameron strongly believes in gay marriage despite the people's wish to preserve traditional marriage.

Cameron strongly believes that Britain's place is inside the European Union and refuses to give the people a say in their future.

Yesterday in Parliament he stated that he strongly believes in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons.

It is a great result for the British people that Cameron's strong beliefs finally came to a shuddering halt with yesterday's defeat in Parliament. The people can now live in hope that those politicians who re-discovered their backbones will keep up the pressure and either sack him or clip his wings for good.

It is on the issue of chemical weapons and the government's attitude to dictators that is most disturbing as it displays their unashamed hypocrisy and double standards. It goes without saying that chemical weapons are a blight on the human race but it must be understood that these weapons are only one out of hundreds of ways to kill people.

How does the three hundred and fifty people killed by these weapons in Syria compare with the one million killed by machetes in Rwanda?

How does it compare with the three million killed by the deliberate use of famine in North Korea?

Then there are the six hundred thousand deliberately killed by famine in Sudan.

Why is Bashir al Assad being singled out for special treatment? Why aren't the bombs and cruise missiles raining down on Gigali, Pyongyang and downtown Khartoum?

After all, the only differences between Omar al Bashir of Sudan and Bashar al Assad of Syria is black skin and a turban.

It would appear that it's not the actual number of people killed but the means by which they were killed that decides whether the bombs are dropped or not.

Why is waging war on Bashar al Assad so vital when he is only number five on the list of global dictators behind Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Isais Afewerki of Eritrea, Omar al Bashir of Sudan and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan?

Phillip Hammond, the Defence Secretary who incidentally, is the man responsible for gutting the British military, says "that the use of chemical weapons needs a clear and strong response". If that's the case then the use of the machete and famine to kill thousands more people needs an equally strong response; so where is it?

Cameron insisted that "Britain has a duty to do the right thing and intervene in the human catastrophe unfolding in Syria". Where is that duty and who does he suggest gets bombed to prevent the human catastrophe befalling Christian communities in Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt etc. where the death toll outstrips that of Syria by thousands.

Cameron's despicable use of emotive images of dead and dying children is about as low as it gets; he urges MP's "to force themselves to watch harrowing videos of small children suffering following a chemical attack".

By the same token, and in the interest of balance, Cameron should urge MPs to force themselves to look at the images of Christian children who were butchered in Nigeria. If he is serious about a clear and strong  response to these tragedies then he should also urge Parliament to bomb Abuja and Lagos.

There is no consistency in Cameron's approach; how can the massacre of innocents be acceptable by a tyrant in one country but not in another?

From North Korea to Zimbabwe, dictators and tyrants are butchering their own citizens with impunity and with the full knowledge of the political classes who look the other way if it suits them to do so. Bashir al Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons on his own citizens is no worse than Robert Mugabe using famine to kill millions of his political opponents in Zimbabwe.

It's worth noting that some of these Parliamentary idiots are worried that President Obama won't like the British anymore and that the special relationship with America is under strain. They are obviously unaware that President Obama has never made a secret of his hatred for the British. Apparently they abused his father in Kenya during decolonization. The fact that the abuse was carried out by President Jomo Kenyatta after the British departed doesn't seem to have assuaged the President's hatred.

One of his first acts after ascending to the Presidency was to return a bust of Winston Churchill because he found it offensive. It would appear that the special relationship will only be re-instated when this bitter and twisted President leaves the White House.

In conclusion it's worth noting that when it comes to trade, economics and interference in the minutiae of British life, the European Union is up front and in your face. Nothing is allowed to transpire without permission from the EU bureaucrats. The British are continually being told that they are weak and can no longer act alone; they are told that their interests are best served by using the collective clout of the EU.

If this is so why is Great Britain acting alone when it comes to military action, surely the combined military of twenty seven nations will make short shrift of Syria's divided and scattered forces.

Where is Herman von Rumpuy, Jose Manuel Borrosso and Baroness Ashton? Why are they not insisting that the EU acts as one? Their silence is deafening.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unleashing Hell In Syria - What's The Hurry And Who's Side Are We On?

When it comes to unleashing weapons capable of such awesome destruction on people we know very little about it's best to take several steps back to make sure the reasoning is sound and the repercussions are well understood.

If the latest opinion polls are to be believed then there doesn't appear to be much of an appetite for war among the peoples of Great Britain and America and for good reason. Politicians, particularly modern day career politicians, are not known for their honesty; in fact they are notorious for their propensity for spin, deceit and outright lying, as the British people found out to their cost.

As the world knows, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had already made the decision and committed the British people to war in Iraq long before he made the case to Parliament. When he did make that case it was a tissue of lies, exaggerations, 'sexed up' language and a media onslaught by his well oiled spin machine. Blair even ignored his own Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, who was also a personal friend from student days, as to the legality of his military adventure with President Bush.

As was revealed in yesterday's article, Tony Blair is suffering from a recognized mental affliction called the 'Hubris Syndrome', which appears to affect the political class more than any other group of people. The people of the Middle East, and the world at large, deserve an explanation as why a mentally unstable man with an appalling record of warmongering was appointed Middle East peace envoy representing billions of people from the USA, the EU and Russia?

The British team in this latest military adventure is being led by the increasingly arrogant Prime Minister David Cameron and the American team is being led by Nobel Peace prize winning Messiah elect, Barack Obama; both of whom have little or no experience of the real world or its various peoples and cultures.

Who can possibly have faith in a forty seven year old career politician who's only experience of the world outside of party politics is as a Public Relations executive at a defunct television company and a fifty two year old community organiser with no experience whatsoever in anything other than radical socialist politics.

Watching and listening to these two perform it is obvious, even to the casual observer, that like Blair they are also guilty of narcissistic behavior and hold very high opinions of themselves and their views to the exclusion of everyone else's.

Their arrogance and dictatorial behavior over gay marriage, overseas aid and the European Union, are clear evidence of their belief in the righteousness of their causes, or put simply, their belief that only they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Prior to unleashing death and destruction on the Syrian people, there are several questions that need to be answered.

There are so many different factions involved it needs to be made clear which faction will benefit from western interference?  What is more worrying is the fact that the majority of these factions despise the West and are openly engineering its downfall via violent jihad and various cultural replacement agendas.

It needs to be made clear what the mission goals are.  Is it regime change and if so, in favour of who? At the moment the choice appears to be between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, al Qaeda or Hamas - all enemies of western civilization.

Will there be reprisal attacks by home grown Muslim jihadis in participating western countries? If so will the establishment and local authorities suspend the forced multi-cultural agenda?

To avoid another Afghanistan or Iraq, what is the exit strategy?

If Israel is attacked, what will the military response be? Will the mission be expanded to include bombing Syria's allies?

And the biggest question of all is why are western powers getting involved in an internal Middle Eastern conflict?

Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon etc. are all brimming with the latest western supplied military hardware and possess the expertise to use it.

Why don't these countries under the auspices of something like the Arab League sort it out for themselves? Or as Ms. Palin said, "let Allah sort it out".

David Cameron is using the humanitarian angle in order to justify his hurry to unleash hellfire on Syria.

"The West cannot standby and let this happen", claims Cameron in reference to the massacre of civilians using chemical weapons but the obvious response to this is, why not?

The West stood by while Hutu and Tutsi tribal members massacred almost one million of their compatriots in Rwanda. Who is to say that being hacked to death with a machete is less of a war crime than using chemical weapons. One of the beneficiaries of this horror is Rwandan President Paul Kigame who is now a favourite of Cameron's Conservative Party and is in receipt of hundreds of millions of taxpayers money via the overseas development aid scam.

The West stood by while Pol Pot murdered over one million citizens in the name of Karl Marx in Cambodia.

The West stood by while helpless, starving refugees were being massacred in their tens of thousands in Dafur, Sudan.

The West has stood by for over thirty years while Robert Mugabe has raped, tortured, murdered and plundered the Zimbabwean people into starvation and abject poverty.

The West has stood by for six decades while the Kim dynasty has brutalised, massacred and starved the North Korean people into submission.

The list goes on and on so it must be asked as to why Syria is being singled out by Cameron, Obama and the West for special treatment when the crimes of its rulers are mild by comparison to those dictators that went before?

In conclusion I would point out the insensitivity that can only come from an inexperienced elitist that has no idea whatsoever how real people think and react is on display with David Cameron. He is busy eviscerating the British military in preparation for it to be absorbed into the European Defence Force.  This process includes giving serving soldiers their redundancy notices while they are on active duty in Afghanistan.

This media created abomination abuses and pours scorn on the history of the British military then has the gall to expect our brave men and women in uniform to put their lives on the line in a military adventure that is not the business of anyone outside the closed political circle in which Cameron and his cronies live.

Update: This deserves a wider audience. There's more to Phony Tony than meets the eye.

Thanks to Steve

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tony Blair - Atheist Warmonger Turned Christian Peace Envoy Wants The Bloodletting To Begin

With the news that the life and death of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Syria lay in the hands of a defunct television company's Public Relations executive and a radical Community Organiser with no background at all, it must be reassuring that a global statesman of Tony Blair's calibre has taken time out from making himself millions to give his advise whether it was asked for or not.

Universally known as Phony Tony, this political lowlife, together with a cabal of close friends, is responsible not only for the wanton destruction of the tradition British way of life and culture but the unnecessary deaths of troops together with hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq.

Tony Blair's usurpation of political power is a testament to the effectiveness of propaganda, the futility of tribal voting and the utter stupidity of large sections of the British electorate.

This man hailed from a privileged elite in Scotland where was exclusively educated, who has never soiled his hands with a days work in his entire miserable life and yet he declared himself a socialist then wangled his way to the leadership of the so called working mans Labour Party.

As he lied his way up the greasy pole Blair infamously wrote to then Labour leader Michael Foot that he had "come to socialism through Marxism" while simultaneously networking in preparation for his money making career post politics. Knowing what the British people know now Blair was lying through his teeth when he declared that:

"I am a socialist not though reading a text book that caught my intellectual fancy, not through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that , at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral. It stands for cooperation not confrontation; for fellowship not fear. It stands for equality".

If anyone was under the impression that a privileged person who had 'had come to socialism through Marxism' would happily spend his time in the company of working people then they would be spectacularly wrong. By the way Blair sought out the company of millionaires and billionaires in their super yachts and mansions, it should have been obvious, even to his own dumbed down voters, that Blair despised the working classes with a passion and he would most likely shudder at the thought of their proximity.

Blair famously quoted through his mouthpiece, Alistair Campbell that they "did not do God" which is just as well by the way Blair meted out death and destruction to whoever made him look and feel invincible.  In his first six years in power he sent British troops into battle on five occasions. Judging by this record of bloodletting he would be a racing certainty to purgatory, hell and damnation before his harp and wings got anywhere near the Pearly Gates.

While the media created PR man David Cameron and the Community Organiser, Barack Obama plan the bombing of Syria and the possible start of World War III, Tony Blair must be wondering what the hold up is; he must be asking himself why these two novices are dragging their feet. In Tony's day he would have produced his dodgy dossier, lied his way through Parliament, then got those planes fuelled up and spilling blood enough to swim in before Bashir Assad was out of bed.

It must be noted for the record that after he retired from politics Tony Blair saw the light and error of his ways, he decided that he did "do God" after all and joined the Catholic faith. The world is unsure whether his conscience got the better of him or the ghosts of his victims tormented him at night but a private audience with Pope John Paul II seems to have done the trick. Cynics were suggesting that as the Pope was on his way to meet his maker at the time, Phony Tony was laying down a marker as a possible replacement.

For reasons only known to the political elite, Saint Tony was made the Middle East peace envoy for the so called Quartet, who's members comprise of the UN, the USA, the EU and Russia. Such is his effectiveness that since his appointment there have been uprisings, civil wars and general bloodletting in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon and of course the six decade conflict between the Arab states and Israel is still unresolved.

One would think that this appointment would be a time consuming full time job and leave little room for any other activities but one would be wrong. Blair travels the world making a personal fortune out of the contacts that he made while in office, and who has recently purchased his seventh property which includes the stately home once owned by actor John Gielgud.

 As the self nominated "straight kinda guy" and committed socialist this fortune should be redistributed in line with his political ideology but as we have noted on this site numerous times previously, redistribution of wealth to these hypocrites means other peoples not their own. ( See Glenys and Neil Kinnock)

Tony Blair, whatever the motivation, is calling for military action in Syria not from the Working Mens Club in his old constituency of Sedgfield, but from a luxury yacht once owned by multi- billionaire Russian oligarch Roman Abromavich after having flown to Sardinia in a private jet.

If the truth be known, Blair, according to his fellow champagne socialist Doctor David Owen, is not a well man, in fact he is not far short of a dangerous lunatic.

Before entering politics Dr. Owen was a specialist in neurology and psychiatry at the world renown St Thomas hospital, London. In his latest book 'The Hubris Syndrome' he informs us that those afflicted, including Tony Blair, are 'pathologically hubristic beyond the normal arrogance that afflicts most politicians'.

The good doctor informs us that Blair fell victim to a pathological obsession with his own political importance and righteousness.

Before quoting Doctor Owen further it's worth pointing out the disturbing similarities between Tony Blair,  Barack Obama and David Cameron as they push the Middle East into a destructive conflict.

The Doctor informs us that sufferers; "have a narcissistic propensity to see the world primarily as an arena in which they can exercise power and seek glory. They have a disproportionate concern with image and presentation, and a messianic manner of talking about what they are doing".

He concludes this section by adding:

"They identify themselves with the State to the extent that they regard the outlook and interests of the two as identical. They have excessive confidence in their own judgment and contempt for the advise or criticism of others".

These passages are disturbing because they accurately describe the behavior of Tony Blair, Barack Obama and David Cameron. The parallels are there for all to see when the Doctor continues:

"They believe that instead of being accountable to the court of ordinary public opinion, they are accountable only to 'History or God', and that in that court they will be vindicated".

"Blair imagined himself to be walking with destiny, convinced that he alone has the answers to all the nations problems".

By his own admission Doctor Owen knew of this in 1997 when, after Blair had won power, he formed a "pattern of hubristic behavior which could legitimately be deemed to constitute a medically recognized syndrome".

The questions on the lips of every thinking person is why did Doctor Owen keep quiet about this until the damage was done and why is the political class still allowing an obviously mentally ill person like Tony Blair to have the power to travel around the world advocating war for no other reason than he believes he is the messiah.

Update: There's more to Phony Tony than meets the eye.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sir Winston Churchill A Drunken Bullsh*tter - BBC Helps To Re-Write History

" involved with the news media, entertainment, the fine arts and educational books. Its purpose is to rewrite history to change the facts to fit the Party doctrine for propaganda purposes".

This quote describes the function of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's novel 1984, which was written as a warning about the reality of socialist totalitarianism into which the world was drifting after World War II.

This quote also describes to the letter, the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC. This taxpayer funded mouthpiece for the Labour Party is touted, along with the death inducing NHS, as one of Great Britains best loved institutions. In reality the BBC is run by Common Purpose trained political operatives as an efficient purveyor of 'progressive' propaganda.

The revolving door between the Labour Party and the BBC is legendary and even its own staff unashamedly admit that the corporation is hideously biased.

A recent publication by an obscure Professor rewriting the history of Sir Winston Churchill's wartime leadership, and particularly the public reaction to his speeches, is unlikely to have sold many copies outside of his limited academic circle or the cabal of self loathing 'progressive' Britain haters. That is until the BBC steps in to give the professor's book free publicity on a scale that would be denied to any non 'progressive' authors of books extolling the virtues of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher.

The professor's rewriting of history includes the assertion that Winston Churchill "was not a decisive influence on the nations willingness to fight on against Hitler when Britain was on its knees in 1940".

He makes this assertion but fails to tell us what did the influence the people to fight on when all appeared lost in 1940. It wasn't his deputy, the discredited appeaser Neville Chamberlain or that modest little man Clement Attlee.

He also claims that Churchill's famous 'finest hour speech' "lacked impact because people thought that he was drunk".

It's no secret that Churchill had a speech defect which was apparent when he was drunk or sober.  He also enjoyed a tipple and was often three sheets to the wind in the House of Commons; whether these had any negative affect on his wartime leadership or the reception of his speeches, is not proven.

In his desperation to justify these assertions this professor claims that his research revealed that when Singapore fell to Japan in 1942 one Londoner said that Churchill's rallying speech was "f*****g b******t and a f*****g coverup". The professor doesn't enlighten us on what the other eight million Londoners had to say.

This is obviously a rewriting of traditional history that paints Churchill as a great war leader and his speeches as inspirational oratory that kept the morale of the nation high during the dark days of Hitler's blitzkrieg across Europe, when Great Britain stood alone. Churchill possessed all the characteristics and values that self loathing 'progressives' despise. Patriotism, Christianity, Imperialism, free enterprise etc. The combative content of his speeches are enough to send any socialist, hippy, peacenick, or CND supporter into fits of apoplexy.

'Progressives' are in the ascendency and on a roll so there is no better time for rewriting history in order to change the facts to fit their doctrine for propaganda purposes, and who better than the BBC to act as the Ministry of Truth.

The debunking of Churchill is no small matter.  To enhance the chances of succeeding the BBC wheels out one of its big guns to act as propagandist in chief. The award winning Andrew Marr is eloquent and well versed in using the media to push the 'progressive' agenda.

The BBC is supposed to be an impartial public service bringing the news to the people without opinion but its leading light, Andrew Marr, is a skilled a propagandist and despite his affability he is a committed radical socialist.

Like all radical socialists he is a total hypocrite with a wealthy background and an exclusive education. By his own admission he was a raving leftie at University known as Red Andy. Normally people tend to grow up after leaving the Students Union bar but Red Andy remained a Troskyite and could be one still.

As a measure of his dedication to authoritarian socialism and his suitability to run the Ministry of Truth it is worth quoting an article published in the Guardian during the smoking ban debate:

"the final answer is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilizing influence for good. Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off".

No 'nudge units' or 'behavioral insight teams' for Red Andy, just good old fashioned nightsticks and jackboots.

He goes further with the cultural replacement agenda:

"The police are first in line to be burdened further , but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too".

Faced with a fanatic with beliefs like that Churchill's reputation is bound to take a hit.

Being a 'progressive', Marr is also an authoritarian who doesn't believe in freedom of speech or the press and he has a particular disdain for political bloggers. If he had his way, only the likes of himself and the BBC would be allowed to report the news or have a world view.

"Political bloggers are socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower nosed young men sitting in their mothers basements and ranting. They are very angry people".

I will give him the benefit of the doubt that there could be a hint of satire in his description but it nevertheless displays a certain arrogance that comes naturally to an elitist who, like our political leaders, has little worthwhile contact with people in the real word. He is an appalling snob.

Andrew Marr is the wrong person to be calling other people inadequate or seedy. Marr is a sex pest and adulterer who cheated on his long time wife, Guardian journalist Jackie Ashley. The sleazy slime ball was also caught on tape drunkenly groping, harrassing and trying to kiss a female colleague.

His enemies, myself included, had a reason to laugh when, after the injunction against reporting his adulterous behavior was lifted, it was revealed that he had been paying maintenance for a child he thought he had fathered. DNA testing revealed that Andrew Marr was not the only one parking his car in his lovers' garage. It is unknown if she paid the money back or was taking both the mugs for child maintenance. Hilarious.

In conclusion, I would add that it is not surprising that at this particular time when 'progressives' are emboldened and in the ascendency, some university professor, aided and abetted by the BBC, has chosen to rewrite history with a view to trashing the reputation of one of Britain's greatest heroes. Needless to say that compared to Winston Churchill, the professor and Andrew Marr are maggots feeding on the fetid dung heap known as the BBC.

When this parasitic pair are turned to dust Sir Winston Churchill's reputation will remain stamped across history like the giant he was.

The British people say goodbye to Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skilled Professionals Leaving, Welfare Dependents Arriving - The Destruction Of Great Britain Gathers Pace

It's long been an assertion on this site that the reason why British governments of all shades refuse to close the borders to mass immigration is that they are pursuing a deliberate policy of cultural and demographic replacement. The reasons for this destructive policy are partly historical, partly political but mainly ideological.

It is not a coincidence that the same policy is being pursued in the USA. The battle is raging over immigration control with the 'progressives on one side wanting open borders and the legalization of illegal immigrants and conservatives on the other side wanting strict border controls and deportation of illegals, or at least a credible plan for legalization.

As is the case in Great Britain, it is no secret that immigrants tend to vote for the parties that promote big government and welfare handouts therefore legalizing eleven million illegals in the USA will change the electoral landscape for ever ensuring that there will never be a conservative government again.

The situation is the same in Great Britain, the process however started much earlier therefore the cultural replacement agenda is much further advanced. The government knows, as do the people, that the tipping point is fast approaching from which there will be no return.

The fact that the current government is a coalition led by a so called conservative can be misleading, however all the party leaders condemn themselves by their own words and actions.

All three of the party leaders are from an exclusive wealthy, elite that are unable to identify with ordinary people. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband are identical in thought and they are all self confessed 'progressives'. In direct contrast to the British people they are also self confessed Europhiles. All three believe in the post democratic European Union superstate, run by technocrats such as themselves, which automatically means they accept open border mass immigration and the consequent result, namely, multi-culturalism.

David Cameron made it an article of faith that he was going modernize and 'de-toxify' the Conservative Party which, translated into every day language, means he is going to purge it of conservatives and replace conservative policies with 'progressive' ones.

There is not an iota of difference between the party leaders on the big issues of concern to the British people such as, EU membership, open border mass immigration, political correctness, enforced multi-culturalism and the destruction of their country and culture.

In an attempt to stem the flow of members who are deserting his modernized, 'progressive' party in their droves and with an election due in 2014, Cameron and his spin machine have moved into overdrive. The lies, deceit and obfuscation are pouring out thick and fast.

The biggest deceit, and the most annoying soundbite being repeated ad nauseum by Cameron is that he is going to "reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands by 2015". Any informed person will realize that decreasing net immigration does not stop cultural replacement. If ten thousand highly educated scientists leave and ten thousand illiterate goat herders arrive, net immigration is zero but society is drastically downgraded toward third world levels.

Recent reports illustrate the disaster of cultural replacement in all its ugly glory. Professionals and skilled people have had enough of high taxes, crushing regulations and watching the deliberate degradation of their country therefore they are leaving Great Britain in ever increasing numbers. At the same time illiterate criminal gangs and beggars are pouring in, blighting the lives of the ordinary people who are powerless to stop it.

Emigration of highly trained engineers, aerospace workers and those in the creative industries, is up by a fifth and it is currently running at around four hundred per day. One hundred and fifty four thousand departed British shores last year alone.  One in ten of those who graduated from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Exeter Universities have left for pastures new. Twelve percent of students from St Andrews are doing the same. There are currently 1.28 million of Great Britain's most highly trained professionals living abroad, more than any other developed economy.

Unsurprisingly, they are avoiding the highly regulated, over taxed, bankrupt European Union and heading for the tax friendly dynamic economies of the Middle East and Hong Kong.

More worrying is the fact that these desperately needed skilled people are being replaced in the main by unskilled or illiterate welfare colonists from the third world and the poorer parts of the EU.

In addition to the five million non EU immigrants currently residing in Great Britain, two hundred and fifty thousand Romanians and Bulgarians are expected to arrive when controls are lifted in 2014. The majority of these will have no contribution to make to Great Britain other than to put an even greater strain on the public services, a greater increase in the welfare budget, a greater increase in the number of crimes committed and an incalculable increase in the misery of the long suffering British people.

As the highly educated citizens head off to pastures new their replacements are arriving to colonise and trash the once salubrious areas they left behind. Gangs of homeless Romanian beggars have set up camps in Park Lane, Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner.

Look at link and despair.

Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband should come down from their taxpayer funded ivory towers and explain to the British people how the economy is benefiting from these welfare colonists, how are the British peoples' lives being culturally enriched and why should they be celebrating diversity?

The scale and wanton destruction of the cultural replacement agenda is best illustrated by the deliberate Islamification of Great Britain, which in many peoples view will be the final nail in the coffin for Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture.

London, the capital city of a once great civilization, has already fallen. Looking beyond the historic buildings and the tourist hotspots, there lurks a cesspit of crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos including sharia controlled areas where even the police fear to tread. Mohammed is now the most popular boys name in London and other major cities and the tradition indigenous English people are now in the minority. Cameron, Clegg, Miliband know this but refuse to act because they are actively encouraging the cultural replacement agenda.

The loss of Great Britain's brightest and best has spurred a leading Conservative Member of Parliament into action and it is worth quoting Nick de Bois to illustrate his imbecility:

"more needed to be done to 'sell' Britain to the talented professionals that live here in a bid to keep them".

This quote illustrates just how out of touch and stupid these people are. Why should anyone have to 'sell' a country to its own citizens?

It gets better: "we have to convince those people, who we have invested so much in, to make Britain their first choice. We have to drive lower taxes, we have to keep driving the change and reform in our public services".

Why would any government have to convince British people to make Britain their first choice? I am not sure what 'reforming public services' as got to do with it but his own Chancellor could lower taxes but refuses to do so.

The genius continues to enlighten us with his grasp of the situation: "many of those leaving Britain are emigrating to work in Hong Kong and countries in the Middle East, where they have a better standard of living and education for their children".

Deliberately downgrading the country to the level of a third world slum and filling the schools with non-English speaking pupils does not help convince aspirational people to stay.

The increase in the  population by four hundred and twenty thousand in a year, more than the increase in Germany Belgium, Holland and Sweden combined, demonstrates that for all his net immigration rhetoric Cameron is doing absolutely nothing to calm the British peoples concerns about mass immigration.

Unless the British people wake up and very soon, their country and culture will be gone for ever, destroyed by the same people who will be canvassing for their vote in 2014. For the sake of future generations, don't give it them!

Update: Here is an excellent article from the USA highlighting their version of cultural replacement which equally applies in Great Britain. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Approved Baby Names And Rare Steaks - There's No End To Government Instrusion

It is without a doubt that politicians around the world are on a roll, not only are they displaying their overbearing arrogance but also their contempt for the views of the people they are supposed to be representing.

There isn't  a day that goes by without another story of faceless state bureaucrats interfering in the private lives of its citizens and with the connivance of their elected representatives. Obviously this interference is agenda driven, designed to slowly impose the superiority of the government over the rights of the individual citizen.

Many freedom loving people will be shocked to learn that there are such things as government approved lists for baby names. How and when this Soviet style interference came about is a mystery but if the form book is anything to go by it was sneaked in by stealth before the people had a chance to disagree.

In this case the interference became apparent when an Israeli couple, working in Brussels, wanted to name their newborn baby Alma Jerusalem after their home city only to be told that Jerusalem doesn't appear on the state approved list of baby names.  Along with millions of others, I have never heard of such an outrage.  Naming a baby is one of the most intimate and private things on earth and certainly not within the domain of political low lifes.

It's just as well that the Geldof children weren't born in Belgium or Fifi Trixiebell, Peaches, Pixie and Heavenly Hariana Tigerlily would be state approved Salina, Lorelay, Lydie and Berniss.

It must be said that the babies' father, having spent three years working for the European Union, should have known that Brussels is a vipers nest of authoritarian state control fanatics and arranged a trip to Israel so that mother could have had her delivery at home and name their baby without political interference.

One would think that state approved baby lists is a minor matter to be quibbling about but where politicians are involved there is always an ulterior motive and in this case it's the cultural replacement agenda better known among both tribes of natives as the Islamification of Belgium.

It must be noted that while Jerusalem is not on the state approved list of baby names the Muslim name Mohammed most certainly is; in fact it is in the top ten most popular names in some parts of the country and rising fast.

The fact that this government interference is agenda driven is given credence by the fact that cultural replacement in Belgium is gathering pace and the process of Islamification is well under way. If things proceed at the current rate then Belgium will be the first European country to fall to Islam since Spain in the 8th century.

British freedom lovers will again be dismayed but not surprised that their government via the Food Standards Authority, is issuing 'guidelines' that meat should not be served with any traces of pink. As the British know to their cost, 'guidelines' today are perverted by bureaucrats into rigidly enforced regulations tomorrow. This is achieved by government inspectors bullying and threatening until vendors are intimidated into compliance. Resistance appears to be futile.

Millions of grown up adult diners choose to enjoy eating meat cooked less than well done, myself included, and will continue to do so regardless of government interference. Overcooked pieces of leather are not as appetizing as a juicy steak or a plate of sushi.

Personally, together with tens of millions of other happy diners, I eat my meat cooked rare, my eggs boiled soft, my fried eggs runny together with seared ahi dipped in Wasabi/Soy, plates of sushi and raw oysters on the half shell. If that makes me an enemy of the state then so be it, come and get me.

One of the idiosyncrasies of their perverted creed is that nobody, except the ruling elite, escape the consequences of socialist authoritarianism.  The bureaucrats go for them all until everyone is caught in the net of government superiority.  In the meantime, wealthy socialists of the Phony Tony Blair/Bill Gates ilk will continue to enjoy the delights and excesses of the class they demonize and supposedly want to abolish.

The majority of the Scottish people are enthusiastic socialists; conservatives are as numerous north of the border as the Dodo is on Mauritius, but even these socialist diehards are not immune from the impositions of the state bureaucrats.

The Scots are outraged that the iconic pint glass is being banned from Highland pubs for safety reasons. These glasses have been around for ever and are as traditional in Scotland as the kilt, the haggis and a set of bagpipes. Obviously their socialist masters have decided that the Scottish people are too stupid to be trusted with a glass drinking vessel. Champagne, wine and whiskey drinkers are also targeted and must now drink their favourite tipple out of plastic drink dispensers. Is nothing scared to these Philistines?

It is a racing certainty that this is the usual use of precedence prior to imposition across the rest of Scotland and then the entire country over time. This is a well known tactic of sleazy politicians to get an unpopular policy imposed by stealth. One thing is for sure, the views of the people will be studiously ignored.

The people of Scotland have no room to complain, they brought this on themselves. As ardent socialists they must therefore accept that the nanny government knows what's best for them and they must comply.

From baby names, meat preparation and beer glasses, there is nothing that the government bureaucrats will not interfere with in order to demonstrate their superiority over the citizen. If the people of Scotland, and freedom lovers everywhere for that matter, want to do anything about it then they should wake up and stop their habit of blind tribal voting for sleazy, lying career politicians and replace them with experienced candidates drawn from the real world of real people.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Progressive Justice System - Criminals Get Compassion, Victims Get Ignored

Trying to understand the inner workings of the 'progressive' mind has got to be one of the worlds most impossible tasks. Their inability to understand basic arithmetic when it comes to economics is legendary as is their inability to alter their mindset in the face indisputable facts.

Their attitudes when it comes to social issues such as criminality, the law and public order are bordering on lunacy. Somehow they have convinced themselves that criminals do not act out of badness or malice but are forced into their criminal behavior by an uncaring society.

This nonsense will come easily to anyone who lives in splendid isolation such as judges, police chiefs and politicians but it is incomprehensible to anyone who has been the victim of crime, especially a violent one.

Despite the ever increasing rate of re-offending, the criminal justice system, namely judges, persist in giving serial criminals lenient sentences. These derisory sentences are not only an insult to the victims of crime but they also give a green light to the criminals to carry on offending.

Anyone who pays attention to what their political leaders are thinking about, in terms of future public policy, will be shocked but not surprised by the latest crackpot ideas from a so called 'progressive' academic.

Andrew Ashworth was the Labour party's crime advisor, the former Chairman of the Government Sentencing Advisory Panel and unsurprisingly, he is a 'progressive' fanatic of the very highest order. This leading light is advising the Labour leaders that serial thieves and other criminals should never be sent to prison.

Ashworth claimed that even repeat offenders with dozens of convictions should be spared the 'pain' of a prison term. Obviously in this idiots twisted mind the victims should not be spared the 'pain' of these serial criminals actions.

This imbecile displays his complete ignorance of the real world by going on to say that locking up thieves and fraudsters and 'condemning' them to prison was an 'abuse of State power'. He argues that they should be fined, given community service and forced to pay for the damage they have caused. If Ashworth is on top of his subject he would know that a record number of fines go unpaid and community service does not engender remorse or prevent re-offending.

He is obviously incapable of understanding that criminals cannot pay for the psychological damage they have inflicted on their victims or the fear that victims feel after a crime has been committed against them.

In his indecent haste to show compassion for criminal scum like thirty year old Christopher Harrison and spare him the 'pain' of a prison sentence, Ashworth callously ignores the plight of his victims. Harrison ticks all the boxes for Ashworth's compassion, a criminal since the age of thirteen, he was released early after being jailed for his one hundred and twenty seventh (127) burglary. After his release he was caught performing his one hundred and sixty seventh burglary and is reputed to have broken into two hundred homes and dozens of cars.

Harrison, the subject of Ashworth's attention and a cowardly swine, preys on the elderly such as eighty seven year old Edna Pollock who lives alone.  Her statement, which is roundly ignored by Ashworth and the rest of his 'progressive' ilk, states that:

"I have no faith in the police so I didn't report it immediately". (see yesterdays article) "At night I'm kept awake by any noise and terrified that someone is in my home. I live alone and since this burglary it has made me a lot less confident. I do not feel safe and I shouldn't feel this way in my own home".

Another victim was seventy eight year old Morris Nicholson who stated that: "Due to what happened I now feel more vulnerable and nervous in my own home. I feel he will come back".

If house holders were allowed to arm themselves for protection against home invasion then scum like Harrison would have met his maker years ago and there would be no question of re-offending, there would be two hundred less victims of crime and elderly people like Edna Pollock and Morris Nicholson could sleep soundly in their beds at night. Alternatively the police could do their job and protect the public instead of policing political correctness on behalf of their political masters.

As chairman of the Sentencing Advisory Panel, Ashworth should have been aware that over ninety thousand (90,000) serious repeat offenders escaped prison sentences last year alone, most of whom went on to re-offend. That is ninety thousand victims that he chooses to ignore in his attempt to justify his ideological purity.

"There is no evidence whatsoever that the judges' leniency does anything except increase the amount of crime".

Ashworth puts the Marxist foundation to his beliefs on full public display with his assertion that jail was disproportionate for 'pure' property offences'.  Depriving someone of their liberty for an offence that 'only' targeted property was unfair he claims. Edna Pollock and Morris Nicholson would beg to differ but in any event these elderly victims don't warrant any compassion from Ashworth or enter into his thinking at all.

These ideas come from the warped brain of a committed 'progressive' and if the people thought this guy has been sent back to the asylum from whence he came then they will be disappointed.

This 'progressive' from another planet is now Professor Andrew Ashworth, a law professor at Oxford University which was once reputed to be one of the worlds greatest educational establishments.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Corrupt Police A Laughing Stock - Establishment Foot Soldiers Declare War On The People

It is without doubt that the British people are living among the ruins of a once great civilization and that civilisation was deliberately destroyed by a self serving elite who committed this act of cultural vandalism without the peoples consent.

Governments of all shades played their part in this destruction including that of Margaret Thatcher who must be held accountable for handing over huge tracts of the people's sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

The destruction started in earnest under the Blair government post 1997 when, with malice aforethought, his government set about destroying or at least infiltrating and perverting every British institution from the NHS to the BBC; from the Church of England to the Police Force.  Despite the serious consequences of political interference in the aforementioned institutions it is the perversion of the Police Force that causes the most concern.

Many of my generation will recall the local copper or Bobby, living in the community walking his 'beat' with only a truncheon and a whistle. They were approachable, they applied the law evenly and took their vocation of public service seriously.

Compare that with the ignorant unaccountable bullies that infest the 'police service' today. There are still decent coppers in the force but unfortunately they are outnumbered by the ignoramuses that serve their political masters without question and who rigidly police political correctness rather than the criminal fraternity.

The politicized police have abandoned the people they are meant to protect and serve as they have been given the freedom to selectively apply the law depending on its relevance to the cultural replacement agenda.

The disciples of the new 'progressive' agenda have turned the world, and logic itself, on its head by turning the criminal into the victim. The victim who protects his personal property from the criminal is now the criminal himself. The police will no longer attend a burglary in progress because of its low priority, they may not even perform a timely investigation afterwards, but they will turn out in force immediately for a crime against political correctness.

Apparently the new 'police service' have a zero tolerance to perceived crimes against equality and fairness which makes people of any self appointed special interest group untouchable. Indigenous people are already guilty if they come into conflict with any of these groups, which include ethnic minorities, LGBT's, Muslims, Gypsies, asylum seekers, foxes, badgers etc. ad nauseum.

The new politicized 'police service' is run by fully paid up members of the establishment and they are an important part of the replacement machinery; to this end they are totally corrupt and they always look after their fellow 'progressives' no matter how obvious the crime .

Their behavior confirms this and it is worth looking at some examples which not only demonstrates this point but also proves that what was once a great public institution is now a total laughing stock.

One of the most important institutions in the cultural replacement agenda is the BBC which most people now accept is a publicly funded propaganda arm of the government. The biggest and most horrific scandal in its history was the Jimmy Savile led paedophile gangs which went about raping and abusing under age girls for decades with the full knowledge of the management.

After a year there has been a lot faux outrage, spin and obfuscation but only one conviction and then only 15 months jail time for some the most horrific crimes against children. Honourable Members are now demanding a new inquiry.

The police initially refused to investigate in the BBC pay off scandal whereby executives helped themselves to twenty five million pounds of taxpayers money with impunity. After public pressure they were forced to investigate but, surprise, surprise, they came up with nothing.

Just to help the cops out, former Chief Executive George Entwhistle's friends at the BBC awarded him a four hundred and fifty thousand pounds (450,000) payoff after only fifty four days in the job. He resigned in disgrace due to what many regarded as criminal incompetence and his payoff was twenty five thousand over the legal amount due.

In one of the most blatant examples of police corruption was the case of establishment Member of Parliament David Laws. This low life is a multi-millionaire who was rich enough to retire at the tender age of twenty eight. He stole over fifty thousand pounds from the public, supposedly because he didn't want his mother or his constituents to find out he had a homosexual lover.

The public in these tolerant times will be more concerned with his integrity as opposed to his sexuality so that is no excuse whatsoever. David Laws, being an establishment MP and a homosexual, is a member of a protected species and is therefore untouchable. Other MP's were prosecuted for thieving but not this one. The police had all the evidence they needed to put this guy away but they obeyed their political masters and refused to do so.

This criminal thieving low life is now back in government working in the Ministry of Education. Teaching children the subtle arts of stealing from the public and getting away with it no doubt.

If anyone was in any doubt just how low the 'police service' will sink in order to play their part in the cultural replacement agenda then the Muslim paedophile scandals should put their doubts at rest.

What kind of people run a 'police service' that would allow Muslim paedophile gangs to subject under age white girls to horrific sexual abuse on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivities'?  These so called public servants are behaving like animals themselves.

The war by the 'police service' against the public is what makes them a laughing stock and it has cost them their last shred of credibility. Out of the hundreds of examples here are a few to demonstrate the point. Use the links then laugh or cry whichever emotion comes first:

Mounted police officer arrested Oxford student Sam Brown who was then prosecuted for calling his horse gay. Teenager Kyle Lettes was arrested and prosecuted for playfully growling at a dog.

Police were called to a burglary in progress where a previously deported serial criminal from Romania was in the process of stealing private property from a business. The victims pleaded with the police to arrest the thieving swine but they refused due to health and safety concerns as he was on the roof at the time.

The owners, Stephen Llife and his son Daniel, caught him themselves and were promptly arrested for attempted murder which was reduced later to grievous bodily harm with intent. They were put through nine months of unnecessary stress for no other reason than the police no longer serve the public.

No essay on the new politically correct 'police service' would be complete without the hilarious sight of our brave boys in blue running away from a mob of Muslim demonstrators who are issuing blood curdling threats that would get any non-Muslim arrested and thrown in the slammer.

By the same token one thousand police officers did battle with three hundred demonstrators from the English Defence League and arrested fourteen for demonstrating against the Islamification of their country.

The once respected police force has now been replaced by the new politicized 'police service' who are tasked with policing political correctness and showing zero tolerance to anyone who disagrees with the cultural replacement agenda. It is a sad state of affairs that the  people will look the other way and abandon a police officer to his fate if he is on the receiving end of violence.

They brought this on themselves when they in turn abandoned the people at the behest of their political masters.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nudge Units - Arrogrant Politicians And The End Of Government By The People

"We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth". - Abraham Lincoln

This quote from the Gettysburg Address is probably one of the most famous quotes in history, which heralded the birth of a new nation in which governments i.e. politicians, are selected from the people, govern with the consent of the people and in the interests of people.

This worked well until the advent of the professional political class who infiltrated the established political parties, taught themselves how to manipulate the electoral systems using bribery and corruption,  go on to usurp power and then use it to impose their own ideological agenda.

The whole process has now reached a stage where the political class have become so arrogant and dictatorial that they openly treat the people they are meant to serve with utter contempt.

Abraham Lincoln will be spinning in his grave at the thought of such tools as 'Nudge Units', or Behavioral Insight Teams as they like to call themselves, which are instituted to manipulate people into behaving in a manner acceptable to the political class.

To describe this sort of authoritarian behavior by the professional political class as Fascist would appear at first sight to be an exaggeration, but one only has to look at the 'Nudge Units' inventor to be enlightened.

Cass Sunstein, a paid up member of the American loony left is a believer in authoritarian government over the people and the advocate of measures to bring this end about. This dangerous nutcase suggests that the US government employ teams of covert agents to 'cognitively infiltrate' online groups, websites and other activist groups that monitor the government and its actions. This is designed to increase citizens' faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of their opponents.

This is the sort of behavior that was instrumental in bringing the National Socialist German Workers Party to power in prewar Germany.

It would be a relief to know that totalitarian statists such as Sunstein would not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in a democracy but unfortunately he has been appointed by President Obama into his government with the grand title of 'Head of The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs'.

 It would appear that the 'Progressive in Chief' and his unelected White House czars know what's best for the American people therefore the Gettysburg Address along with the Constitution can be confined to history......... at least until the American people wake up from their slumber and take their country back from those who are committed to its destruction.

It must be noted that people such Sunstein are always appointed, they never use the democratic electoral process as a legitimate route to political power. The House of Lords, the second chamber of the British legislature is by appointment as are the power wielders of the authoritarian and corrupt European Union.

If the long suffering British people thought that their Mother of Parliaments would keep them safe from this kind of Fascist behavior then they will be disappointed to know that their Prime Minister, the media created David Cameron, is a disciple of Sunstein and his Nudge Units.

In the not too distant past the Conservative Party, of which he is the leader, was the custodian of the values which were considered sacred by the many, such as patriotism, individual liberty and democracy. Under the leadership of Cameron the party has been purged of these traditional values and it is now indulging in some not very Conservative behavior.

The descent into authoritarianism began in earnest during the Blair years post 1997 and Cameron, being the self styled 'Heir to Blair', has carried on the descent where Phony Tony left off.

Democracy and government of the people, by the people for the people has been replaced by government by the elite, for the elite, in the total interests of the elite. Cameron and his remote band of trendy, metropolitan 'progressives' know what's best for the people who they deem to be incapable of making the decisions that affect their lives.

Cameron's use of Sunstein's Nudge Units demonstrates not only his insufferable arrogance but his personal contempt for the British people as well. He is going to nudge the people into behaving in manner acceptable to him and his fellow believers. He is going to nudge the people into habits which are conducive to the sort of society he prefers.

He is going to nudge people into eating the type of foods he approves of and in the opinion of the elites, the people must be nudged into changing their drinking habits.

Cameron and the 'progressives' disapprove of Great Britain's pub and drinking culture and they have been trying to destroy it for years with the usual combination of regulations and taxation. Alcoholic beverages prices are kept artificially high by onerous levels of taxation, pubs are closing and jobs are being lost because Cameron and his fellows want to nudge the people into more acceptable habits.

There is no better example of the arrogance and contempt these charlatans have for the people than the attempt to water down wine in order to protect the middle classes from themselves.

The unelected Earl Howe is spending his time patronizing the British people by demanding the EU and the British government water down wine to protect the health of the middle class who are obviously too stupid to decide for themselves what or how much they drink.

This behavior by Earl Howe is not only an indication of his authoritarian frame of mind but the state of British democracy whereby an unelected nobody can use unearned political power against the people he is supposed to represent and who are unable to remove him other than by force.

As has been pointed out ad nauseum on this site, people of Earl Howe's ilk are not only some of the most obnoxious people on the planet but they are also the most appalling hypocrites. The laws, rules and regulations apply to the little people only and not themselves.

The noble Earl's words would carry more weight if he started his crusade with himself and his fellow Fascists by curtailing the taxpayer subsidised food and wine available to themselves in the House of Lords.

It cannot be good for the old fools health to be indulging in wine drinking when he should be earning his three hundred pounds per day attendance allowance helping the hard pressed British people.

Due to the actions of Earl Howe and David Cameron the British people have had to cut back on their pub visits and wine drinking but they are forced to fork out a quarter of a million pounds to subsidise wine and champagne for the noble Lords imbibing habits.

In conclusion I would add that if nudging is a legitimate way to get things done then I would like to nudge the political class into acceding to the wishes of the British people:

Close the borders

Scrap the Human Rights Act

Leave the European Union

Balance the Budget

Cut Spending

Cut Taxes

Slash red tape

Privatise the BBC

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rowan Williams - Former Archbishop Blesses The World With His Marxist Double Standard

One has to have a heart of stone not laugh when 'progressives' like the venerable Archbishop of Canterbury (rtd) bless us with their pearls of wisdom without checking whether it conflicts with something they have said previously.

The irony, or hypocrisy, of Rowan Williams issuing statements on his solidarity with the poor while ensconced in Lambeth Palace was lost on those who adopt 'progressivism' as a replacement religion to Christianity.

One has to wonder what qualifications a Marxist cleric thinks he has to pontificate on government policy concerning the reform of the welfare benefit addiction system that is blighting the lives of the British people.

Rowan Williams takes the standard Marxist view that the government must take from the productive sector of society and give to the unproductive on account that 'poverty' must not be allowed to exist next to affluence. It comes as no surprise that Williams himself and his Church are somehow exempt from the same redistribution of wealth that his ideology demands of others.

It is on the issue of 'poverty' that the Venerable Marxist gets his cassock in a twist and obviously fails to notice the double standard that he is applying to the justified concerns of his own flock.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Williams chastises his own flock for claiming they are being persecuted in Great Britain and America, suggesting that they should stop their whining and "grow up".

Reading the article I have to wonder how a man steeped in Marxist philosophy and who has no empathy with Christians, came to be the leader of the worldwide Anglican church; in fact I have to wonder if he is a Christian at all.

I don't believe for a minute that the Christian community in Great Britain or America are comparing themselves with the murderous persecution of their co-believers in Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Egypt or Nigeria.

It is more likely they are referring to the war being waged by 'progressives' on tradition Christian symbols and festivals, such as Christmas and Easter, and the wearing crucifixes in the workplace.

Nadia Eweida, the British Airways lady and nurse Shirley Chaplain, eventually lost their jobs for wearing a crucifixes at work, while the same employers tolerate, turbans, hijabs and yarmulke's. They are entitled to feel persecuted although they acknowledge it is not of the same severity as their co-believers in places like Nigeria.

Rowan Williams never seems to miss an opportunity to chastise and belittle his own flock and in doing so expose his own hypocrisy and double standards.

Its worth quoting the old fool at length to get a measure of his contempt for his flock:

"I am always uneasy when people sometimes in this country or the United States talk about persecution of Christians or rather believers. I think we are made to feel uncomfortable at times. We're made to feel as if we're idiots - perish the thought!"

The Venerable old fool doesn't stop there, he's on a roll:

"But that kind of level of not being taken very seriously or being made fun of; I mean for goodness sake grow up. You have to earn respect if you want to be taken seriously in society".

He then goes on to unfairly compare their plight with Christians who suffer systematic brutality and murder abroad.

Williams puts his double standards on clearly display by concluding that the two situations are different, the persecution abroad "is real. It's not quite what we're facing in Western society".

Rowan Williams needs reminding of his very public opposition to the governments attempts to cap welfare payments at five hundred pounds per week. That's 800 dollars per week for our American friends.

By articulating so well that persecution at home cannot be compared with persecution abroad then the same must be said for poverty. Inferring that the recipients of five hundred pounds per week are poor is an insult to those who live on less than sixty five pence per day.

No food, no housing, no schooling, no health care, no hope, that's what I and many other expatriates witnessed with our own eyes, and to quote the Venerable Marxist ideologue, the poverty abroad
"is real. It's not quite what we're facing in Western society".

It must be acknowledged that there are people in the West who do not have the same access as others to the basics and through no fault of their own. These people are catered for by a generous welfare system but even the most indoctrinated of Marxist theologians has to accept that the vast majority of welfare recipients in the West enjoy a level of wealth and material possessions that genuinely poor abroad can only dream about.

According to Williams and his ilk, owning flat screen televisions, mobile phones, a ready supply of beer and cigarettes, tattoos, X boxes, annual holidays etc. still qualifies people to be classed as poor.

This is the old Marxist trick of using 'relative poverty' as measure in order to justify the poverty creating policy of wealth redistribution.

This is shameful hypocrisy and double standards which is unbecoming of a supposed leader of the worldwide Anglican Church. It is also the reason why most people who have listened to or read any his pronouncements dismiss them as the ramblings of an out of touch ideologue from the bygone era of hippy political activism.

Rowan Williams needs to heed his own advise: "You have to earn respect if you want to be taken seriously in society".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gareth Bale, Soccer Superstars And Multi-Culturalism - A Message For The Political Class

With the approach of the English Football season and the culmination of the transfer market, all eyes are on the unsettled futures of the biggest names in football such as Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero et al. Gareth Bale is attracting particular attention due the fact that he is considered by many as the hottest property in the game and he is rumoured to be moving to the Spanish League with Real Madrid.

What attracted my attention to this story was the concern among the pundits that Bale wouldn't adapt himself readily to the Spanish game due to the fact that fitting in with a different culture might be a distraction.

The manager of the Welsh national team, Chris Coleman, put the matter to rest and inadvertently raised some pressing issues that will not please the oikophobes and those who seek to impose multi-culturalism on an unwilling populace.

The current message sent out by these self loathing ideologues and backed up by the political class, is that all cultures are equal and anyone entering Great Britain need not learn the language or make any attempt to integrate or adopt any vestige of the host culture. They are encouraged to carry on with their own culture as this will be enriching for the dull, outdated British people who's own culture is being slowly erased.

Hence we see whole areas of the once green and pleasant land utterly transformed by mosques, temples and Romanian gypsy camps. Streets in may villages, towns and cities are infested by aggressive beggars, rough sleepers and child criminal gangs.

Things that were taboo such child sex abuse, female genital mutilation, spousal abuse, including facial disfigurement and murder, are now acceptable and supposedly culturally enriching for the brow beaten indigenous population.

According to Chris Coleman this should not be the case and as a man who has plied his trade outside Great Britain he is more qualified to comment than any career politician or purveyor of multi-culturalism.

It worth quoting him in full to ensure his words cannot be misconstrued:

"I have no reservations about how he will handle it. When you move to another country you have to embrace the culture and you can't expect everybody else to change for you".

This is in direct contradiction to what the political class and the multi-cultural zealots are telling immigrants and the British people. Immigrants are told that they are under no obligation to embrace the culture and the British people have to change in order to accommodate their cultures under pain of demonisation and even prosecution.

Coleman goes on to say: "For Gareth as a player wherever he goes he will have to learn the language and the culture, but his ability will always be there".

Immigrants are under no obligation to learn the language and show little or no respect for British culture, in fact many immigrants claim offence at some aspects of British culture and make demands for action which is usually addressed by the multi-culturalists in the immigrants favour.

Most official forms are translated into a hundreds of different languages at taxpayers expense to accommodate lack of English in schools, welfare benefit offices and even the criminal courts.

It must be remembered that these footballers and their managers are usually on short or medium term contracts therefore if learning the language and culture is a requirement for them then it surely must be for immigrants planning to settle permanently and become full citizens.

Chris Coleman was expressing views that are held by the vast majority of the British people and most likely he forgot to take into account the politically correct language that is required of all high profile people especially those in the sporting world.

The burning question that should be asked is:  who is right, Chris Coleman or the 'progressive' zealots and the political class?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

General Butt Naked - War Criminal Free And Enjoying Celebrity Status

What the sane world finds difficult to understand is how the so called great and good can judge which crimes are so bad that they warrant standing trial at the International Criminal Court and yet other criminals or worse are allowed to walk free, and in the case of Joshua Bhahyi, go on to enjoy celebrity status.

The British and American governments spent years and shed loads of taxpayers money trying to catch Slobodan Milosevic, and his henchmen Karadzic and Mladic, in order to bring them to justice at the International Criminal Court at the Hague, while at the same time the butcher of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, not only walks free but is appointed a 'leader for tourism' for the UN World Tourism Organisation.

Mugabe's torturer in chief, Philip Machemedze is as free as a bird and living on welfare benefits care of the British taxpayer because sending him back to Zimbabwe to face trial would infringe upon his human rights. Meanwhile his hundreds, perhaps thousands of victims, remain dead, maimed or broken at the mercy of Mugabe in the hell hole of a country he has created.

The case of Joshua Bhahyi, better known as General Butt Naked, casts doubt upon the commitment of the worlds leaders and its ICC to a common standard for use in bringing war criminals to justice. If there is a bottom to which a human being can sink and qualify for an ICC trial, then General Butt Naked is it.  They don't come any worse than this depraved beast.  He was a tribal priest who went on to become a warlord for the then President of Liberia, Samuel Doe who was a war criminal in his own right.

I will spare writing about the horrors committed by this animal but they include human sacrifice, cannibalism and regular child murder for ritualistic purposes. These are in addition to the usual African civil war atrocities such as rape, torture, amputations, burning alive and good old fashioned mass murder. The General admits to killing around 20,000 personally over a decade. (details here)

Samuel Doe was overthrown by the now infamous Charles Taylor and the public are being asked to believe that the General just happened to find God as the civil war was drawing to a close leaving him on the losing side. He is now supposedly a Christian, traveling around neighbouring Ghana preaching redemption and forgiveness. He is quoted a saying that he "feels so bad" about his past life. It would appear that makes it ok in the eyes of the current world leadership.

It's ironic that Charles Taylor was pursued into exile by the ICC and is now rightly serving time in prison for war crimes but the bestial General is not.

Despite his horrific crimes and being described as the most evil man in the world, General Butt Naked is fast becoming a celebrity and has been the subject of newspaper and magazine articles for publications such as Vanity Fair.  He is also the star of a documentary about his life by the Sundance Institute.

If past form is anything to go by it won't be long before the celebrity world adopts this beast and starts to fete him around the world as an example of redemption and forgiveness. In this racially biased 'progressive' world, one must wonder if it's not the fact that he is a black African that is giving this beast immunity for his crimes. Would a white Zimbabwean be given the same immunity had he committed similar crimes during their civil war?

It must be remembered that Christianity is ridiculed by the 'progressive' world, including the brain dead celebrity supporters of criminals, and all traces of it is being systematically erased from public life, both in Great Britain and the USA.

Unfortunately for the General he chose the wrong religion, it would have been to his advantage if he had discovered Allah and became a Muslim; then his acceptance by the West would have been assured. Undoubtedly he would qualify to join Zimbabwean torturer Philip Machemedze and celebrity Saudi Arabian jihadis Binyam Mohammed and Shaker Aamer (when he is released from Gitmo) on the British welfare benefit gravy train.

The General has volunteered to stand trial at the ICC so there is no need to dispatch the SAS or Seal Team 6 to capture him and bring him to justice.  All the West needs to do is provide him with an airline ticket to the Hague so that justice can be done.

If he is truly repentant and wants forgiveness from his victims and his maker then he must stand trial and pay for his appalling crimes in this world and the next.

Monday, August 12, 2013

British Citizenship To Be Abolished - They Can't Say They Weren't Warned

It is slowly dawning on the British people that what many of us have been saying for years is not just defamatory name calling against political enemies but the absolute truth.

It is now an indisputable fact that politicians are professional liars, they lie as a matter of course, they lie every waking moment, they lie in order to impose their political agenda, they tell people what they want to hear in order to secure their votes at election time. Sadly people are only waking up to it at a moment in history when their nation is almost nothing more than a foot note in history.

When governments of all colours lied to get Great Britain to join the Common Market in '70's, informed people were warning back then that this was the first step to a post democratic United States of Europe. On the issue of a federal state the politicians have continually put the case that this is merely economic cooperation knowing full well that they are lying on a monumental scale. At the same time they demonized as liars those who told the truth about the surrender of sovereignty and the eventual end of Great Britain as an independent nation state.

Having already replaced many of the nations unique documents that identify the holder as British, such as passports and drivers licences; the Eurocrats are now replacing the Royal Crest on Birth, Death and Marriage certificates with their own odious symbols. This may not seem such a big issue on the grand scale of things but when it comes to the imposing the United States of Europe on an unwilling people, it is part of a well planned, slow salami slicing away of items that bestow British identity on the holder. European citizenship and identity is being forced on the British people against their will and the political cowards that are masquerading as the government are powerless to stop it.

British politicians from the treacherous cowards Wilson and Heath through to the shameless
deceivers of today, Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, have lied about the extent of the powers they have handed over to the Eurocrats in Brussels. One of the governments most senior members, Eric Pickles, has admitted that they are powerless to stop this identity stripping due to the powers they surrendered under the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.

During the imposition of the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, the British public were told that this is not a constitution but a tidying up exercise and anyone who claimed otherwise was a swivel eyed loon, a fruitcake and a closet racist. They were lying through their teeth then as they are now and they know it.

A European federal superstate was planned after the ending of World War II, by a group of politicians, in secret and with the declared intent of deceiving the various peoples of Europe to achieve their goal.

One of the architects of this abomination was Jean Monet, a French professional bureaucrat who set the pattern for the European Union which is so familiar today, by having never been elected to public office. He is quoted as saying:

"European nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what's happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised by having an economic purpose but will eventually and irreversibly lead to confederation".

"Each disguised by having an economic purpose", this says it all. The political traitors responsible for building this federal superstate are being told to lie to the people in order to achieve their totalitarian goal.

Nobody can say that today's politicians have not followed this strategy to the letter while denying their true intent. This is appalling behavior and in the opinion of many it is tantamount to treason.

For the informed people who knew this deceit from the beginning, and who were abused by a lying political class, the words of the real wielder of power in Great Britain, Herman von Rumpuy, only confirmed what they knew already.

This unashamed Belgian totalitarian has already declared an end to the Nation State in Europe and who can disagree with him? In addition to welfare entitlements, social policy, working time policy, judicial policy etc. ad nauseum, the British government no longer controls its own borders. It doesn't even have enough residual power to control what symbols are printed on a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate.

This is the creature who is appointed the 'President of Europe' and who wields immense political power over the British people. He cannot be removed by popular vote, moreover he has threatened war if anyone disagrees with his pronouncements.

This is a dangerous individual who needs to be forced back under whatever rock he slithered out from.  Unfortunately the current British political leadership are much too cowardly and traitorous to do this for the British people who they claim to represent.

If people are skeptical that the end of British citizenship is near then it is worth reminding them that the European Union already has all that is required for it to be classed as a sovereign nation in its own right. It already has:

a) its own legal constitution

b) its own legal code and judiciary

c) its own currency

d) its own central bank

e) its own defence force (which is in the process of absorbing the British military)

f) its own parliament

g) its own foreign office and diplomatic service

h) its own flag

i) its own national anthem

j) its own passport ( to be joined by all other bureaucratic paperwork as mentioned above)

k) it is in the process of getting its own seat at the United Nations

The current political leadership know that the tipping point is fast approaching and that the intent of Jean Monet to take the process slowly forward until it "eventually and irreversibly leads to confederation" is their final moment of glory.

They will not let anything get in their way especially the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who are threatening to derail the entire project. They will mobilise everything and everyone in their power to abuse, demise and smear any opposition.

In the final analysis there will be more dignity and decency on the bottom of a shoe worn by a swivel eyed loon, fruitcake and closet racist than in the entire body and soul of the traitorous cowards who grovel to the likes of Herman von Rumpuy.