Friday, March 29, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Mrs Thatcher And The Biased BBC

Like the National Health Service, the British Broadcasting Corporation, universally known as the BBC, is touted by its supporters as another much loved British institution and another envy of the world. This taxpayer funded broadcaster is required by its Charter to be a 'public service' and politically neutral.

The reality couldn't be further from the manufactured truth. The BBC is run by a government appointed Trust and is infested with politically correct 'progressive' activists who's only mission in life is the dissemination of their own propaganda.

The trade unions who dominate the BBC workforce set new lows yesterday when organising their strike against job cuts and so called bullying. (Trade Unionists complaining about bullying? Maybe they should get some advise from Arthur Scargill).

A union spokesperson stated that they would postpone strike action and return to work should the ailing former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, shuffle off his mortal coil and go to meet his maker.

They also stated that the possible death of ailing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, "might not have warranted the same response" or as another union spokesperson is quoted a saying on a possible return to work,  "I could not guarantee it".

An unnamed spokesperson demonstrated the BBC mindset perfectly when he/she/it said of the contingency that "we welcome this announcement and it is a tribute to the BBC staff ".

For those reluctant 'subscribers' who are familiar with the BBC, this kind of political bigotry comes as no big surprise but for those who are not so familiar, consider this an education in the manner of how a state broadcaster operates.

The Chairman and the BBC Executive Board, who are supposed to guarantee that BBC is run in the interests of the taxpayer, are appointed by the government not the taxpayers. The BBC comes under the remit of the Orwellian Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport.

(It is a sign of the post democratic age when under a supposedly freedom loving Conservative government and in a time of financial constraint, the British people have to pay for and suffer such a totalitarian institution as a Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport).

The current Chairman is Chris Patton, a serial loser and career political bureaucrat. As the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bath he was such an utter failure that his own constituents booted him out of a safe seat.

As a reward for being a loyal 'progressive' bag carrier and without any qualifications for the job, he was made Governor of Hong Kong where, as Fat Pang, he managed to upset all sides during the handover to the Chinese.

Fat Pang Patton is the epitome of the reward for failure culture that infests British public life. Since Hong Kong, he has been a disastrous European Commissioner and was keeping a low profile as Chancellor of Oxford University when he was mysteriously appointed the Chairman of the BBC Executive Board.

Since he joined the BBC it has staggered from one disaster to another with the Jimmy Savile paedophile sex ring and the huge renumeration packages of its top executives making global headlines.

BBC employees, from the top executives and editors to programmers, presenters, journalists and cameramen, even down to the chief sweeper up and bottle washer, are steeped to the core in 'progresive' politics.

It should come as no surprise that the BBC and its employees have an uncontrollable, visceral hatred for Mrs Thatcher but consider Nelson Mandela to be a divine being on par with Che Guevara and his butcher in chief, Fidel Castro.

It must be pointed out that BBC bias is the issue here and not any philosophical affiliations.

To some, Nelson Mandela is a freedom fighter who suffered torture and imprisonment in pursuit of his cause, to others he is a common terrorist no different to Al Qaeda and who was sentenced to prison as a criminal for his indiscriminate bombing campaign.

To the BBC he is halfway to divinity.

To some, Margaret Thatcher enlightened the people and saved her country from the economic disaster perpetrated by the communist controlled trade unions and Labour party, to others she set the relentless 'progressive' revolution back decades and engineered the fall of communism.

To the BBC she is the devil incarnate.

It is a mystery that the BBC is the standard bearer for equality and women's rights but they have never given Mrs Thatcher any credit for taking on the male dominated political establishment and going on to become Great Britain's first female Prime Minister.

When it comes to the great issues of the day, the BBC can be guaranteed to relentlessly push the 'progressive' agenda.

The following is just a sample:

The BBC is passionate about the Palestinians while hating Jews and Israel.

Despite the relentless increase in government spending and debt, the BBC continues to push the Labour party line on 'savage cuts'.

The BBC is a soapbox for Al Gore and his Man Made Global Warming Scam. They are now so hopelessly biased on this issue that they have unilaterally declared their legal obligation to be balanced as obsolete.

They declare that because Climate Realism is a minority view they are not obliged to give it equal air time. Now that 'combating climate change' fanatics are in a minority the same should apply but I doubt it will.

The same goes for party political bias. The BBC refuse to give UKIP air time comparable with their support but continue to indulge the ultra 'progressive' Liberal Democrats even though support has plummeted.

The BBC are committed Europhiles who support the United States of Europe while demonising anyone who disagrees.

The BBC indulge in sexuality politics and are relentless in pursuit of the LGBT agenda and homosexual marriage.

They despise Christianity but take the politically correct point of view on the issue of Islam.

The BBC are the governments biggest promoters of immigration, celebrating diversity, and the transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural state.

The BBC had a hatred for President Bush that was almost as visceral as that of Mrs Thatcher but they adore the new 'Progressive in Chief', Barack Obama.

They had a similar hatred for President Ronald Reagan.

Ignoring the majority of the people, the leaders of the three legacy parties, LibLabCon are all adamant that the BBC is a much loved British institution and should continue to be funded by the taxpayer.

The fact that the BBC is a government run propaganda broadcaster, which is funded under threat of imprisonment, gives an indication of how far down the authoritarian road Great Britain has travelled.

One day, when freedom is restored to Great Britain, the BBC will be confined to the dustbin of history and its employees will be free to leave and go work for a state broadcaster in any dictatorship of their choice.


Over at dikiebo, The vile BBC obviously can't resist insulting Christians in time for Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Desperate Politicians Take Lying To A Whole New Level

"There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays that trust" - Muhammad

I was lucky in that I was born and bred in an age where lying was considered as bad a crime as stealing. No shake of the head, time outs or sitting on the naughty step for five minutes. Punishments lasted until apologies had been accepted and the lessons about lying etched on the mind. Being labelled a liar was equally as bad as being labelled a thief.

No rational person takes kindly to being lied to on account of being patronised, demeaned and insulted, but what makes it worse is being lied to by a person in whom trust has been invested.

It should be obvious by now, even to the dumbest of observers, that the modern day politician has turned lying into art form.

There is no bigger practitioner of this than British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. He has either been well trained in the art of lying or he just can't help himself. He does it all the time without apology or shame.

Clegg's reaction to the successful appeal against deportation by Muslim terrorist Abu Qatada yesterday, is a classic example.

Since its imposition on the British people, Clegg has been the most vocal supporter of the Human Rights Act. Qatada is being allowed to stay in  Great Britain because of this Act.

The British people are outraged by this travesty of justice, so Clegg is now telling the people that he wants Qatada deported despite the fact that it is his beloved HRA that is preventing his removal.

Clegg's famous pledge over tuition fees was exposed as lie after the release of confidential papers and this should have served as a lesson for both Clegg and the electorate. Neither have taken note because Clegg still lies and the electorate still believe him.

The question for Clegg is simple: if he really wants an acknowledged "extremely dangerous individual" like Abu Qatada deported, will he support the deportation of the equally dangerous career criminal and child killer Aso Mohammed Ibrahim?

After killing an innocent child and serving only 2 months in prison, the illegal immigrant Ibrahim was allowed to stay on account of his 'human rights' being protected by Clegg's HRA.

To Clegg and the so called justices "the risk to the public was not a relevant consideration under Human Rights law" so Abu Qatada and Ibrahim get to stay on publicly financed welfare benefits for the rest of the miserable lives.

Nick Clegg was not the only one lying through his teeth yesterday. His boss, the pretend Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, was at it too over mass immigration.

Terrified by the public reaction to the mass immigration disaster and coupled with the imminent arrival of thousands Romanian and Bulgarian beggars and criminals, 'Dave' is going overboard making promises he knows he won't keep.

The latest whoppers in his campaign of 'making Great Britain unattractive to immigrants and ending the countries reputation for welfare and health tourism' are both desperate and blatant. Its not working because the people know his reputation for lying and refuse to believe him anymore.

'Dave' is going to put a stop to legal and illegal immigrant children getting a free education. He is also going to stop new immigrants from getting cash welfare benefits, free health care and free housing.

Dave 'Pants on Fire' Cameron has already been told by Britain's real Prime Minister, the EU Head of State Herman von Rumpoy, that he will not be permitted to do any of this.

'Dave' knows this, the people know this, and 'Dave' knows that the people know this, but in his desperation, he continues to spout forth with lies and falsehoods.

To compound his humiliation, the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt has chastised him for telling these untruths, declaring that 'Daves' promises "are unfortunate". Incidentally, Fredrik believes in unlimited immigration and presides over a country where it is forecast that 50% of Swedish women will be raped at some point in their life by a Muslim man.

Thanks for the advise Fredrik but the only thing that's unfortunate is your Premiership of Sweden, at least for your womenfolk it is.

The reason for 'Dave's' sudden outpouring of false promises is the panic attack he is undergoing because he is on course to be a one term Prime Minister. He knows that his pro European, 'progressive' agenda has been rejected by the people and he is going to pay the price with defeat and then his job.

It could be said that 'Dave' and Clegg have modelled themselves on that other great European, Charles de Gaulle who is quoted as saying:

"In politics it is necessary to betray one's country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate".  The difference being that 'Dave and Clegg are betraying both.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Al Qaeda Terrorist Wins Another Appeal - British Government No Longer In Control

The news that Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Qatada has won yet another appeal against deportation is another bitter blow for the British people for several reasons. The first reason being that this low life gets to remain in Great Britain funded by welfare benefits, which are paid for by the very people he hates and who want him removed.

Secondly, the so called Justices have dictated that although he is a very dangerous individual, he cannot be deported on Human Rights grounds, therefore he cannot be held in prison indefinitely, regardless of the danger he poses to the British people.

This means that for their own protection, the British people have to pay up to $7,500,000 per year to keep him under surveillance.

Thirdly, all Qatada's legal bills are paid for by the British people to the tune of $1,000,000 and rising. Justice like this is unavailable to the British people on the grounds of cost.

Fourthly and most depressingly, it is final proof that the British government is impotent and can no longer run the country in the interests of the British people. The country is being run by some supranational entities with the connivance of a political elite who have nothing but contempt for the people they claim to represent.

Since Tony Blair's 'New' Labour government enshrined the European Human Rights legislation into British law, the people have had to suffer one humiliation after another as their country has become a safe haven for the worst criminal low lifes the world has vomited forth.

The truth is that prior to the incorporation of HRA into law, there was no problem with human rights in Great Britain. Common sense prevailed with the Home Secretary having the power, after consultation, to remove or refuse entry to anyone who was 'not conducive to the public good'.

Since the incorporation of this pernicious law, Great Britain has become a welfare funded home for terrorists, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, violent criminals etc. who cannot be deported because of their 'human rights'.

By their decisions, these judges have indicated that the victims of these criminals not only have no justice in their own country but they have no human rights either.

What kind of government allows the situation to arise where the human rights of  low life, foreign, criminals takes precedence over the human rights of their innocent victims, many of them children?

For the British people there is no recourse and they are now suffering the consequences of the political class surrendering their sovereignty to the unelected politicians of the European Union and the United Nations.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Labour Party leader Red Ed Miliband and the Home Secretary Theresa May, have all expressed their revulsion and frustration at their inability to deport Abu Qatada but they all refuse to remove the obstacles that keep him here despite having the power to do so.

Red Ed Miliband's protestations are doubly hypocritical as it was a Labour government of which he was a prominent member that imposed the HRA on the people in the first place.

Its must be mentioned that the Liberal Democrat leader Nick 'Calamity' Clegg is a big supporter of the HRA and has proudly made his intentions clear that he will never support its repeal.

In an expression of utter contempt for the victims of foreign criminals, Clegg unashamedly claims that it's a good thing that the criminal low lifes are allowed to stay as it demonstrates how civilised the British people are.

It would be appropriate that the voters of Eastleigh and Sheffield Halam should take note of what Clegg is saying on their behalf and examine their consciences.

It is worth noting that the Clegg family use their taxpayer funded wealth to insulate themselves from the crime infested ghettos that they have created for the rest of the people. The chances of this elite family becoming the victims of the foreign criminals that Clegg protects is extremely remote.

While Abu Qatada and the rest of the global criminals enjoy their taxpayer funded life in the world's biggest welfare resort, the British people's living standards are dropping faster than the temperature.  Meanwhile their government is obsessing about Man Made Global Warming, (now renamed 'Combating Climate Change'), homosexual marriage, raising booze prices, spending, borrowing and taxing the people into penury.

The British people deserve better and the crimes committed against them by the political class should be remembered at the ballot box. Roll the May elections.

Please read my previous post on Abu Qatada here.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Politicians Legalise Theft In Cyprus - Progressive Agenda Rolls On

Many people expressed their scepticism when I put forward the view last week, that the impending bank heist in Cyprus was a planned power and wealth grab by EU and global 'progressive' politicians. In light of recent events I suggest they look at the evidence, with their blinkers removed, and rethink their scepticism.

As any member of the hard left will confirm, this is how 'progressives' operate. The current bank heist on the island of Cyprus was a classic power grab operation from the start. The same tactics have been used in other countries and its really not that difficult to understand.

In this case the object of the operation was not rescuing the Cypriot banks or their sabotaged economy nor was it anything to do with the helping the Cypriot people in their hour of need.

The real object of this 'rescue' was breaking the taboo that private property is sacrosanct and with the added bonus of removing the right of the people to choose their own destiny via the ballot box.

The way the EU authoritarians, led by Germany's Angela Merkel, went about this operation deserves credit. It was brilliant in it's conception and carried out to perfection, with all their objectives achieved.

The people of Cyprus now join Ireland, Greece and Italy as a country where democracy has been suspended and where the government is run directly by the European Union. As with Ireland, Italy and Greece their national parliaments are powerless therefore the people are disenfranchised.

They will suffer years, possibly decades, of EU enforced poverty and despair, with no recourse to a democratically elected government for any alternative policy.

Ironically, the German people will get a vote on the bank theft and the forced austerity plan but the Cypriot people will not. The rest of the EU need to take note that this how a power grabs work and these are the consequences.

In exchange for some EU bribe money, the government of Cyprus has confiscated private wealth from the people, together with that of foreign investors, and effectively handed it over to the EU.

Before the bank heist was carried out the people were softened up with a bit of PR demonising spin. The line was pushed that there's plenty of money in the banks but it belongs to bad people, such as Russian oligarchs, the Russian mob and the 'rich', so it really wouldn't be so bad to seize it on behalf of the people. Who could possibly object?

The politicians responsible for this spin offered no proof of who held money in these banks but what is certain is that not all the depositors were oligarchs, mobsters or the 'rich' people. The bank seizure applied to pension funds and honest people's money too, these people had deposited legitimately earned money and life savings into the banks in good faith.

The Cypriot people should take comfort from the fact that the government sympathises with their plight. Their Dear Leader, President Nicos Anastasiades, is quoted as saying that he "understands your anger" and he called for "all Cypriots to work together".

This is a variation on the tired old slogan which is trotted out by politicians the world over whenever they are about to shaft the people, "we're all in it together".

As is normal in these situations, the guilty people who organised this crime, namely the political class and their cronies, the banksters and the well connected party donors, will get away unpunished with their ill gotten gains intact. There will be no justice for the people of Cyprus.

Now that the idea of  'private property is the government's property' has been entered into the public psyche, what can we expect from the political class in the future as they move their 'progressive' agenda of global equality and fairness forward?

It would be a mistake to think that this is a single instance or that it is confined to the Eurozone. Dutch Finance Minister, Jerven Dijisselobloem, in his moment of triumph, let it slip that this "represented the new template for dealing with a bank crisis". Ooops!

He was quickly reprimanded by his bosses Angela Merkel and Christine Legarde of the IMF and was forced to back peddle somewhat by claiming that it was a single instance. Too late Jerven, the cat is out of the bag!

Christine Legarde, who as Finance Minister was herself the architect of the French economic disaster, claimed that this bank theft was "a comprehensive and creditable plan".

Coming from the head of the IMF gives this bank theft international legitimacy so it will be considered as a green light for any government to seize private property. It should not stretch the imagination of anyone to see that unscrupulous 'progressive' governments the world over will be seizing private assets, safe in the knowledge that there will be no protest from the international institutions.

Spain, Portugal and the other indebted EU countries are next, followed by indebted countries around the world. This is an opportunity that the 'progressives' will not be able to pass up.

Our American cousins should take note that according to sources inside the government, their Progressive in Chief, Barack Obama, is planning a heist of his own.

As the saying goes 'even Stevie Wonder can see this one coming'. By refusing to deal with government deficit spending he is deliberately driving up an unsustainable debt. When the next downgrade comes he will raid their personal savings accounts in addition to their 401K pension funds in response.

He intends to do this by taking the cash and replacing it with a worthless government IOU. The American people who did the right thing will be stripped of their wealth and will be rendered as poor as their compatriots who didn't bother to save for the future. Equality and fairness for the masses in one stroke. Job done, mission accomplished.

The people of Europe should extend a hand to our American cousins and welcome them to the world of socialism. 'Come on in the waters lovely'.

If proof were needed that this is the start of a global heist, it will be noted that no government leader has expressed any outrage at this blatant theft, therefore we must assume it meets with their approval.

It is devastating for those British people who believe in liberty, free enterprise and prosperity that the leader of the Conservative party, the traditional guardian of these sacred values, has given his approval to this theft. There is no hope for the freedom loving people of Great Britain while the 'progressive' usurper David Cameron remains in control.

The great man himself has summed up this awful political low life that is destroying the British nation:

"That David Cameron is welcoming these plans shows how far the British political class is from any ideals of democracy, accountability and liberty. Instead the future to him is a technocratic, post democratic world, run in the most part by unelected, fanatical and deluded power-mongers in Brussels and Frankfurt". - Nigel Farage

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mass Immigration Debate - Euro Elections And The Rise Of UKIP

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" - Sir Walter Scott

As their savings are looted by corrupt politicians, the ordinary Cypriot will agree that the European Union is a total disaster for the people who are forced to suffer the consequences of the political elite's dream of a United States of Europe.

The whole European project has been built on lies and deceit from the outset. To say that the European people were conned by the political elite is an understatement.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath and his cronies willfully lied through their teeth when they pushed the Common Market as a series of trade agreements and nothing else.

Those who knew that this was the beginning of the federal superstate project were derided, demonised and smeared, much as they are to this day. As the political class progressed their 'ever closer union' project through the various treaties, they continued to lie about the nature of the project and continued to demonise and smear those who spoke the truth.

The truth speakers were right, the common market became the European Economic Community (EEC), which then went on to drop Economic part of the title, and become the European Community (EC).

The traitors continued to lie about the superstate as the EC became the European Union and adopted its own currency, flag, national anthem, armed forces and constitution. Even now, to this day, they continue to deny that 'ever closer union' means a United States of Europe federal superstate.

The EU is where it is today on the basis of lies, deceit and smear, and this is coming home to haunt the ruling class as the disenfranchised people of Europe organise and agitate to take back control of their countries.

In Great Britain this movement is led by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). From humble beginnings they now take on the might of the corrupt elites and the special interest groups that have dominated the European political scene, and have exposed the crooks for what they are.

UKIP represents the traditional British values that were tossed overboard by the main parties as they competed with each other to prove who was the most modern and 'progressive'.

As a result of their corrupt, lying ways, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, the three legacy parties, have used up the goodwill of the British people and they are hemorrhaging support to UKIP.  As a result of this dissent, they showing signs of panic.

The biggest issues for the British people are mass immigration and the imposition of a multi-cultural state. This has been a massive upheaval and subsequent disaster for the British people and it was imposed without consultation or consent.

This transformation was a long planned project by a remote elite who call themselves 'progressives' and who think they know what is best for the British people and the world.

In an attempt to stem the loss of support and to spike the guns of UKIP, the out of touch elite are doing what they do best... lying.

As an indication of their continued mendacity the legacy parties are trying to outdo each other by sucking up to the British people and sympathising with their plight over the immigration/multi-cultural disaster.

Right on cue, and as requested by his rattled Conservative party, 'Call Me Dave' Cameron made his long awaited speech on immigration. This speech was hot on the heels of Liberal Democrat leader 'Calamity' Clegg, who has decided that their long standing policy of amnesty for illegal immigrants is suddenly wrong.

In turn this follows a grovelling speech by Labour leader, Red Ed Miliband, who is claiming that Labours policy of open border mass immigration may have been a little misguided.

In addition to these exhibitions of mendacity, the 'progressives' have commissioned an ex Marxist pseudo-intellectual and self confessed lefty Hampstead Liberal, to hit the media with a supposed well researched view on the effects of mass immigration. (Why are these 'progressives' always ex Marxists. John Read, Peter Mandelson, Bob Ainsworth, Tony Blair etc.)

David Goodhart in his Saturday essay for the Daily Mail, is trying to convince the British people that mass immigration was really nobody's fault, it wasn't pre-planned, it was all some kind of accident.

He's at again today in the Mail with a piece about the effects of mass immigration on the town of Merton in South West London. He seems to think that the building of a super mosque capable of accommodating 10,000 worshipers, when there are already six other mosques in the area, is some kind of quaint anomaly.

Goodhart goes on to highlight the local park where different groups of Africans, Caribbeans, Tamils, Pakistanis, East Europeans and Somali's hang out and sometimes fight each other. Very enriching.

 He admits that there may have been some negative effects but on the whole the 'accident' of mass immigration and multi-culturalism has been a positive thing. The displaced white population think differently as the town they grew up in is transformed into a foreign country.

As anyone with a modicum of intelligence will understand, this sudden interest in mass immigration by the legacy parties, and their faux sympathy with the British people, is electioneering pure and simple.

European elections are due in 2014 and after the defeat in the Eastleigh byelection to UKIP, 'Call Me Dave' and the other leaders are desperate to regain lost ground and support.

True to form instead of telling the truth, they employ the dark arts of spin, lies and deceit. They don't know any different, they really are shysters through and through.

It must be acknowledged that if there was no election looming, the long planned project of mass immigration and the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into a multi-cultural society would continue unabated and with their full support.

The rise of UKIP is causing many sleepless nights among the party leaders and the remote elite, so lets hope that as the election gets closer these sleepless nights turn into nightmares and signals their descent into the dustbin of history.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mass Immigration Disaster - Progressive Political Apologists Claim It Was An Accident

The Saturday Essay by 'progressive' do gooder, David Goodhart, in the Daily Mail is the latest in a series of speeches and musings by the remote ruling elite, admitting that mass immigration may have been an error.

This essay follows hot on the heels of Red Ed Miliband's admission that the Labour Party's immigration policy may have been misguided and Nick's Clegg's admission that his Lib Dem party's long standing policy on amnesty for illegals is now suddenly wrong.

At the time of writing, Conservative Ministers, MEP'S and Honourable Members worried about their imminent annihilation in the coming European Elections, are urging their leader 'Call Me Dave' Cameron to make a major speech on the follies of mass immigration.

The sad thing about this sudden outpouring of faux concern and speech making, is that they think the people don't know what they are up to. The people are well aware that if there were no election looming and UKIP were not gaining ground, there would be no concern, no speeches and no sham essays.

Since Prime Minister Edward Heath sacked his Shadow Cabinet member Enoch Powell for warning about the economic burden of mass immigration, it has been obvious that transforming Great Britain into a multi-cultural society has been a long planned cross party policy. Powell's sacking and his subsequent hounding out of office gave an indication that the government and the craven Establishment would adopt a zero tolerance to dissent, no matter how small.

This zero tolerance is still in evidence today by the smearing of anyone, including law abiding ladies from Rochdale, who dare to raise the question of mass immigration or multi-culturalism. Politicians and the Establishment are determined to socially engineer the multi-cultural country that their 'progressive' ideology demands, with or without the consent of the British people and in this case it is most definitely without their consent.

The patronising arrogance of this 'progressive' elite renders them incapable of understanding the hopes, aspirations or wishes of the majority of the people. They are under the delusion that they are always right and that they know what is best for the British people.

As is always the case, these elitists are immune from the consequences of the ideology that they force on other people.

Perhaps if they were made to leave their exclusively white havens in Hamptsead and forced to live in the ghettos they have created in Mosside, Manchester or Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, or the monocultural cesspits in Bradford, Leicester, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Rochdale, Rotherham etc. ad nauseum, they wouldn't be so keen on mass immigration.

The self confessed 'left leaning Hampstead liberal' David Goodhart is one such patronising elitist who championed mass immigration as a vehicle for social engineering, together with the imposition of a multi-cultural dystopia on the the people, and for the simple reason that he knows best.

This so called essay, like Cleggs speech, is a carefully crafted piece of propaganda designed to give the impression that a)  a multicultural society is already here so get used to it, b) in many places the diverse communities are living in peace and harmony c) Britain is a livelier and more dynamic country and d) mistakes were made but the mass immigration policy is the right one but perhaps it happened a tad too fast.

David Goodhart condescended to come down from planet Progressive and spent 18 months touring the country in order to reach his pro multi-cultural conclusions. Those who have spent decades living with the appalling consequences of mass immigration and who have reached very different conclusions are routinely dismissed as inward looking little Englanders and racists.

He states that the race lobby, of which he is a member, "have been slow to recognise that strong collective identities are legitimate for majorities as well as minorities, for white as well as black".

Goodhart also states that "existing citizens must have special rights over non citizens. Immigration must be managed with their interests in mind". If anyone outside of his elite circle said this they would, without a doubt, be smeared as racists.

He thinks that by pretending to sympathise with the majority who are against mass immigration and multi-culturalism, that he can spike the guns of UKIP on behalf of his political masters. The polls indicate that the defection away from the legacy parties is strong and irrevocable so his 18 months travelling among the plebs will be in vain.

Goodhart goes on to state the shocking fact that more immigrants arrive on British shores in a single year than arrived in the whole period from 1066 to 1950. As he well knows, this was a deliberate, well planned policy but he is trying to absolve his 'progressive' friends from blame by claiming it was an 'accident'.

In 1948 the government gave the right to Empire and Commonwealth citizens the to live and work in Great Britain and to their horror hundred of thousands turned up unexpectedly. They tried this line again with the Eastern Europeans in 1997 when a projected influx of 16,000 turned into 1.5 million.

According to Goodhart, by the time of the next census in 2021 the non white population will have trebled to 20% and white Britons will be a minority by 2066. He correctly states that in some towns and cities this is already the case.

He claims there was no discussion in the 'New' Labour Cabinet about this influx or about the pressure this would put on public services. As a magazine editor and Financial Times correspondent, how would he know what was discussed in the Cabinet? Not even senior government Ministers knew what Blair was discussing with his secretive inner circle.

The arrogance of these people is on full display as Goodhart goes on to admit that they, including him, are deep into "a huge social experiment" and to give it a chance of working we must slow down.

Who gave the political class, and people such has Goodhart, permission to be indulging in social experimentation with the well being of the British people?  They don't have the right to alter peoples lives for the worse without their consent. The people are not guinea pigs in some kind of 'progressive' laboratory.

Goodhart States that "the whole post war process of immigration has been badly managed". He also states that the importation of people from the Indian subcontinent to the soon to close textile mills
"was a poor piece of social engineering". He then tests the credulity of the reader by trying to claim that "no one really engineered it. It just happened".

This is the second time in this so called essay that Goodhart tries to convince his readers that the mass immigration disaster was an accident and that the government was not to blame.

As Goodhart well knows, mass immigration and its disastrous consequences didn't "just happen". He admits himself that senior people were following a secret pre-planned agenda which had different priorities from those of the British people.

"There has been a huge gap between our ruling elite's views and those of the ordinary people on the street".  No kidding Goodhart. Among normal people this is known as 'stating the bleeding obvious'.

As we all do occasionally, Goodhart was dining at an Oxford college when an eminent person next to him, 'a very senior civil servant' said that "when I was at the Treasury, I argued for the most open door possible to immigration because I saw it as my job to maximise global welfare not national welfare". He doesn't name this 'very senior civil servant' who should be made to explain his views to the British people. Its the people's money that he's giving away after all.

Another guest, one of the most powerful television executives in the country held similar views. "He, too, felt global welfare was paramount and that he had a greater obligation to someone in Burundi that to someone in Birmingham". Goodhart fails to mention who this powerful television executive was, so that he can be held accountable for his views, especially if the television company was the publicly funded BBC.

This demonstrates, even to apologists such as Goodhart, that mass immigration and the creation of a multi-cultural society was no accident. Rather it was planned by a secretive powerful elite who excluded the British people and transformed their country, using their money and without their consent.

I could carry on fisking this excuse for an essay but the pubs are open and there are better things in life than reading a piece of propaganda that attempts to absolve the current political leadership of any blame for their disastrous policy of mass immigration and cultural replacement.

As the mood of the nation swings away from the legacy political parties and their 'progressive'  ideology, the British people can expect a lot more of this pseudo intellectual nonsense from all corners of the Establishment as they try to reverse the tide of change.

Hopefully the momentum toward a free and prosperous Great Britain will be unstoppable right up to the next election cycle where the current political order will get the kicking that they thoroughly deserve.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Is Now Wrong. Child Abuse To Remain A Shared Value

When politicians abandon their long standing positions and start aligning themselves with the people, it's a sure sign they are worried about their jobs. It's got nothing to do with their convictions, their principles or what's best for the country, it's all about them keeping their cushy, taxpayer funded jobs and imposing their will on the people.

The latest u-turn comes from Parliament's most despicable serial liar and Great Britain hater, Nick Clegg. How this appalling man came to be the Deputy Prime Minister is testament to the corrupt, undemocratic British political system and the stupidity of the electorate who repeatedly swallow his spin and deceit time and again.

For his entire miserable life this political low life has championed multi-culturalism. He has campaigned for the end of Great Britain as an independent, sovereign nation and an end to its unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture.

Nobody should be fooled into believing that Nick Clegg has 'seen the light' when he announced today that he now believes that giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is wrong. This policy was in his party's election manifesto, it is one of the core instruments he uses for the fundamental transformation of Great Britain into the egalitarian, multi-cultural society of his dreams.

'Calamity' Clegg's previous policy was for illegal immigrants to earn amnesty and British citizenship if they can stay undetected for ten years. He obviously doesn't understand the meaning of the word illegal. If there is going to be a statute of limitations for criminal behavior, why would it only apply to illegal immigration? By his own perverted logic this statute is discriminatory and exclusive because it excludes burglars, car thieves, vandals, expense cheats and Cabinet Ministers who pervert the course of justice.

Clegg now claims that his amnesty policy "risked undermining public confidence in the entire immigration system". One has to ask as to where this idiot has been since 1997 when Blair, with Clegg's approval, abandoned border controls and opened the immigration floodgates to facilitate cultural replacement and to 'rub the right's nose in diversity'.

Clegg and his gang of fundamental transformers would have us believe that this sudden change of heart is because of the lack of confidence in the immigration system and nothing to do with the up and coming European Union elections.

In a clear demonstration of Clegg's propensity for serial lying, he insisted that he would not "indulge in low populism that patronises the British people" nor would he "say things because he thinks that's what the British people want to hear" when that is exactly what he is indulging in by making this u-turn at this time.

This is patronising nonsense from Clegg and it clearly demonstrates his contempt for the British people. He is making the mistake of assuming that the entire nation is as stupid and naive as the electorate of his constituency in Sheffield.

This sudden change of heart coincides with a recent poll which puts the British people's concerns about mass immigration at the very top of their agenda.

It also coincides with the irrevocable rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party. UKIP has always proposed that the British people should regain control of their borders and put in place a moratorium on all immigration until the shambles presided over by Clegg is cleaned up.

The latest brainwave from Cameron and Clegg's incompetent government is a clear demonstration of how out of touch with the real world these people are. In order to "bring down net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands", they have announced a pilot scheme targeted at 'high risk' individuals from 'two or three nationalities'.  Relatives already in Great Britain will be required to post a bond which would be forfeited if their guests overstay their visa or use public services.

To anyone with an iota of intelligence it should be obvious that 'high risk' individuals from dodgy nationalities should not be given a visa in the first place. It should also be obvious that visitors determined to stay would be happy to forfeit a bond in exchange for a lifetime on welfare benefits.

There are currently no checks that would indicate whether an immigrant has used any public
 services. The Health Service, for instance, is universally available to everyone, no questions asked.

There is nothing in this policy to prevent a visitor who is intent on staying permanently from using the myriad of avenues available in order to prevent their deportation. This includes the hated Human Rights Act of which Clegg is the biggest supporter.

Nobody with an ounce of sense will be fooled into believing that Nick Clegg is doing anything but lying for electioneering purposes. This speech was cynically made to appease the voters' justified fears over mass immigration and to counter the ever growing threat of UKIP.

Despite this pathetic attempt at ingratiating himself with the majority of people over mass immigration, Nick Clegg let slip his true beliefs about a fundamentally transformed Great Britain. He is trying to convince the people that a multi-cultural society is a fait accompli where there is no going back, so we should just get used to it.

"For a diverse society like ours to function successfully, for different groups to integrate and co-exist, British citizens must believe that the rules by which migrants come and settle here are reasonable, and properly enforced".

Nick Clegg and his bag carriers know as well as everyone else that diverse groups such as Muslims, for example, have no intention of integrating, nor are they being encouraged to by the government to do so. In fact the opposite is true as Muslim leaders set up self governing 'no go' areas where only Sharia law applies, and this with the approval of his government.

With Clegg and his government's approval, heinous crimes by foreign cultures are being tolerated in the name of multi-culturalism, such as:

Muslim paedophile gangs and child sex abuse.

Drug abuse with it's associated violent crime by Jamaican Yardie gangs.

Slavery and people trafficking by Chinese Triad gangs.

Female genital mutilation by African tribal savages.

Female abuse inside the family by Asian cultures.

Premeditated murder, renamed 'honour' killings, by backward Eastern European and Asian cultures.

Organised crime gangs from Russia and Eastern Europe, including organised gangs of child criminals.

Institutional  or cultural corruption from Nigeria and other African countries.

Great Britain is also considered a safe haven for Muslim terrorists and torturers from despotic African regimes.

Are these the 'shared values' that multi-culturalists drone on about when they are spinning the benefits of mass immigration?

When he talks about 'shared values', Nick Clegg and his gang should point out to the British people, what exactly they are.

No matter how hard he tries or how much spin and lies he pours forth, Nick Clegg cannot hide the fact that multi-culturalism is being forced on the British people against their will because he despises the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture of which he has no interest.

If there is any justice in this world, traitorous people like Clegg, who have clearly committed treason, will face a day of reckoning and hopefully this will start with the fall of the European Union and his ejection from office at the next election.

With committed multi-culturalists controlling the government machine, it would appear that UKIP is now Great Britain's last hope for survival. The time has finally arrived for the British people to make a choice. Live proud, free and prosperous in the open world or poor and captive in the tyrannical EU.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hugh Grant's Divine Right To Privacy Is A Big Blow For Press Freedom

The new Royal Charter for Press Censorship, cobbled together in the middle night by the low lifes that infest the hallowed halls of Westminster, is proof, if any were needed, of the power wielded by wealthy celebrities and opportunists that wish to do their dirty work outside of public scrutiny.

One of the cornerstones of a free democratic society is a free press, unfettered by government or a privileged class that is obsessed with controlling the message. This privileged class now includes wealthy film stars and so called celebrities who have achieved notoriety and wealth by displaying their brainless antics on television to an equally brainless audience.

It goes without saying that whenever an opportunity arises to muzzle the press the politicians will take full advantage. They would dearly love to carry on with their lying, criminal ways outside the public gaze.

The battle between the British people and the secretive malign interests over press freedom has been going on unabated for years. The latest, and sadly successful attempt, started with the phone hacking scandal and in particular the phone of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler.

This illegal intrusion rightly caused outrage among the public and led to the revelation that phone hacking was widespread and not confined to the tabloid press or the paparazzi.

This public outrage was seized upon by unscrupulous politicians and celebrities alike who only want favourable publicity, and only when it suits them.

These control freaks want to limit the public view to the income generating image that has been carefully manufactured by PR agents and their media management companies.

The Hacked Off campaign was set up by hacking victims and celebrities as a pressure group to punish the perpetrators but it was subsequently hijacked and turned into a movement to censor the press. For obvious reasons it chose celebrity actor and notorious press hater, Hugh Grant as its public face.

Hugh Grant appeared to be happy with the press coverage of his acting career and his relationships with wealthy celebrities such as Liz Hurley and Jemima Goldsmith/Khan. This kind of publicity may have its irritating downside but it is tolerated because it's an essential component in publicising their latest wealth generating projects, be that a film or a fashion shoot.

Grant was not so happy with the press coverage of his criminal behavior with prostitute Divine Brown. The police mugshot and the lurid details of his sexual shenanigans must have been a nightmare for his PR agents and their media managers.

Grant's PR agents spent years creating the image of the foppish, well spoken Englishman who had a string of beautiful ladies to whom he refused to commit. This image was shot to pieces when he revealed his true self to be a sleazy low life who can't control his urges and indulges in public sex with a prostitute.

Since these revelations, Hugh Grant has carried out a vendetta and was only too happy to front an organisation set up to censor the free press and exact his revenge.

This issue has nothing to do with Grants sexual proclivities as such, the question regarding press freedom is: does the public have a right know the real Hugh Grant or should they be limited to the false image created by his PR agents?

In the case of another high profile Hacked Off supporter, Formula One bigwig, Max Mosley. Does the public have a right to know that he likes to take part in Nazi themed sado-masochist orgies with prostitutes? The answer should be, who cares! But if he was so worried about his public image being damaged, he should learn how to control his urges or take better precautions to prevent his behavior getting into the public domain.

The exposure by the free press of the criminal behavior of the political class guaranteed that they would jump on the censorship bandwagon. No second invitation was required with this sleazy bunch of lying guttersnipes.

Despite spending millions of pounds of taxpayers money desperately trying to get injunctions against publication, the thieving buggers were exposed by the free press enriching themselves by systematically looting the public purse. They were all at it, from the Prime Minister downwards and regardless of party affiliation.

We read with disgust the ignominious spectacle of socialists, claiming to be on the side of the poor and dispossessed, while simultaneously thieving from them to pay for everything from sink plugs to flat screen tv's to porn films.

The free press exposed politicians who deliberately lied to their constituents about their love of family while simultaneously indulging in extra-marital affairs with secretaries and rent boys alike.

The public has a right to know the truth about politicians and celebrities alike and not be spoon fed a false image that was designed to deceive in order to pursue a lucrative career.

The public's right to know the truth far outweighs Hugh Grants right to deceive for financial gain or a politicians right to lie.

The answer for celebrities is to behave themselves in public and if they can't, get a motel room.

The answer for politicians, which I realise is an impossibility, is to stop their criminal, lying behavior and tell the truth.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Politicians Seizing Private Bank Accounts - Why The Suprise?

The announcement that the politicians who were elected to represent the people of Cyprus were planning to raid their private bank accounts in order to pay for their own economic incompetence raises several important issues.

Firstly, the politicians of Cyprus did what politicians do the world over, they willfully and shamelessly lied to the people during the last general election campaign.

When the politicians were campaigning for votes, they knew then that they were spending their country into bankruptcy, it didn't creep up on them suddenly out of the blue or take them by surprise. Their annual budget statements revealed that spending was exceeding revenue, which in turn was racking up unsustainable debt that would have to be paid off sooner rather than later.

They knew back then that bankruptcy was staring them in the face but no politician mentioned in their campaign literature that raiding their constituents private bank accounts was being considered. They knew full well during the campaign that this thievery was an option but they didn't have the integrity to inform the electorate.

Secondly, the political scene in Cyprus is dominated by the left, including the communist Progressive Party of Working People, which is the second biggest party on the island. Also included in this gang of tax and spend redistributers are the Democratic Party, the Movement for Social Democracy and the Greens who name themselves the Ecological and Environmental Movement. Their combined share of the vote makes them the biggest political bloc.

Thirdly, this disrespect for other peoples private property is nothing new when it comes to left wing politicians. These people are ideologically driven and their ideology is not a secret if one cares to look.

"the proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie and to centralize all instruments of production to the state" - The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

This disrespect for other peoples private property is not confined to the Cypriot political class, politicians the world over are also guilty.

The Blair/Brown/Balls regime in Great Britain treated the peoples money and assets as their own. They introduced over 100 new taxes, they sold half of the countries gold reserves, they looted pension funds and borrowed  to the extent that the British people will be locked into a high tax regime for generations.

The Obama administration in the USA is following the same policy by taxing, borrowing and spending their peoples money with abandon, while at the same time they are trying to convince the people that there is no debt problem.

Then we have France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, all socialist governments who have knowingly spent their countries into bankruptcy and who are now looking for alternative sources of revenue.

Fourthly, and the most important issue of all, is that Cyprus and its people have been nominated as the trial area for breaking the taboo of governments seizing private bank accounts.

This idea of using a selected area to trial a policy is nothing new. It allows the political class to implement a policy which they know will be unpopular. They then monitor the reaction and use this information to prepare their spin machine for the wider implementation.

Prime Minister Thatcher used this method for introduction of the hated poll tax in Great Britain. It was introduced in Scotland first as a trial. The Scottish people were also the trial area for various alcohol initiatives, including pub opening times and the minimum price nonsense recently abandoned by 'Call Me Dave' Cameron.

The idea behind the Cypriot bank account seizure is two fold. It introduces the idea to the global public that politicians can and will dip into private bank accounts when the 'need' arises. After establishing this principle, they will then proceed to manufacture a 'need' in the form of some kind of crisis.

It also satisfies their ideological belief that all property should be communally owned and redistributed in the interests of equality and fairness. Property in this context includes financial assets also.

The Cypriot politicians voted down the measure as we all knew they would but the wider goal has been achieved. The idea of governments seizing private money to stave off a crisis has been introduced into the public consciousness and will be revisited at a later, more opportune moment.

The politicians of Cyprus, and any other bankrupt country, who knowingly spent their country into bankruptcy should be held accountable and be prosecuted for their criminal irresponsibility. In addition to a long prison sentence, their private assets should be seized and used toward paying off the debt they created.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Press Censorship - The End Of Traditional British Conservatism

It's a sad sign of the times when the age old British institutions associated with a free country are being systematically dismantled with the connivance of the very people charged with preserving them.

The British were a fiercely proud, patriotic people who sacrificed their loved ones in their tens of thousands to preserve their independent nation; a nation that was based on individual liberty, responsibility, respect for the law, decency, Judeo-Christian values and underpinned by a free and independent press.

Slowly but surely, as the political class became ever more ruthless in their pursuit of power, these precious institutions have been undermined and eroded, leaving the people powerless in the face of their own descent into mediocrity and their nation's ultimate demise into obscurity.

This descent would not have been possible if the traditional keeper of British values had stuck to their guns and refused to compromise. Instead they allowed themselves to be seduced by the 'progressives' of the day and all is now lost.

The news that the leader of the now thoroughly modern Conservative Party, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has taken part in a grubby deal with Red Ed Miliband and serial liar Nick Clegg of the
mis-named Liberal Democrats to shackle the press, signals the end of the British Conservative Party as we know it.

The Conservative Party leadership over the years has been disastrous and packed to the gunwales with various traitorous low life's such as Edward Heath, Michael Heseltine, Leon Brittan, Kenneth Clark, Geoffrey Rippon, Geoffrey Howe, John Major etc. who would sell their country out like latter day Quislings, for a sinecure or a taxpayer funded expense account.

No real Conservative, or any patriot worth his salt, would consider even sitting down with the former enemy to discuss, let alone actually hand over, the sovereignty of their country.

No real Conservative would put up with the current comprehensive education system which was designed by socialists to engineer mediocrity for all. No winners, no losers and all must have prizes.

No real Conservative would inflict confiscatory levels of taxation on the British people. Even British working class people on what are now ordinary salaries are subjected to 50% tax on their incomes before the myriad of indirect taxes takes care of the rest.

No real Conservative would indulge in cultural replacement by open border mass immigration. "Reducing net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" is a meaningless soundbite that seeks to patronise the informed British voter.

No real Conservative would allow the forces of law and order to be politicised to the point where enforcing political correctness takes a higher priority than enforcing the law.

No real Conservative would turn a blind eye to Muslim paedophile gangs, who sexually abuse under age girls, on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivities'.

No real Conservative would allow a self confessed Muslim terrorist, loyal to Al Qaeda, to remain in the country living off taxpayer funded welfare benefits, on the orders of foreign judges who wish to demonstrate their contempt for British institutions.

No real Conservative would allow an illegal immigrant to kill a 12 year old girl, run away from the scene of the crime, then serve a desultory 2 months in prison. No real Conservative would go on to allow the same killer to remain in the country to live a life on taxpayer funded welfare benefits on account his 'human rights'.

No real Conservative would unilaterally redefine traditional marriage against the express wishes of the people.

No real Conservative would stand by and do nothing while the BBC, the  taxpayer funded state broadcaster, churns out 'progressive' anti-conservative propaganda 24 hours a day.

This list of the abandoned policies is not exhaustive, but the grubby deal to muzzle the press, including the Internet, is the final straw that signals the end of the traditional Conservative Party.

Press censorship is at the top of every socialist's agenda from Mao, Stalin, Castro through to Red Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. Its is just not acceptable for any freedom loving Conservative to be involved in any way, shape or form with press censorship.

The death of the current modernised Conservative Party is a blessing in disguise as it's passing away is allowing a new party to rise up out of the ashes and who have the traditional values of the British people as their core principles.

If the current members on the Conservative Party refuse to act and purge themselves of the 'progressive' cabal who have usurped power, and who have been complicit in the destruction of Great Britain and its cherished institutions, then they are accessories after the fact and they deserve the obscurity that is coming their way.

Only the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) offers the British people a chance to regain their country from the traitorous rabble that fundamentally transformed it and gave it away without their consent.

UKIP deserve all the support they can get and for what its worth they have mine.

Bill Gates - Obama Needs More Power, Fundamental Transformation Too Slow

Listening to the latest pearls of wisdom from Bill Gates one can understand the reasoning that being rich doesn't necessarily mean you are smart.

In fact the opposite is often true when one thinks of rich people like Marie Antionette "let them eat cake" or Nancy Pilosi with her immortal line "we are going to have to pass the Bill to find out what's in it". This is what passes as intelligent opinion from people with shed loads of money in the bank..

Bill Gate's latest offerings to the media demonstrate how remote he is from the real world and also his complete ignorance of political systems or the reasons they were framed in the way that they were. Worse still is the fact that Bill Gates is helping to destroy the very system that allowed him the freedom to built Microsoft into a global company and make himself a fortune in the process.

It is now unquestionable that President Obama is an unreconstructed socialist who's stated intention is the fundamental transformation of America from a free enterprise system with constitutionally limited government into a collectivist system based on government mandated equality and fairness achieved by high taxation and income redistribution.

According to Obama and his socialist fellow travellers, there will be no place in the newly transformed America for millionaires, billionaires or corporate jet owners.

For Bill Gates to opine that he wishes Obama had more power to double down on the damage he has already done to the American people and their economy, is ignorance, stupidity or a combination both.

Bill Gates believes that Congress is an impediment to Obama doing what he wants and that is undesirable. The fact that the Constitution was deliberately framed that way to prevent government by executive power has obviously passed him by.

The idea of government of the people, for the people, by the people is obviously not something a great mind like Gates is able to process. Maybe some genius out there can find a way of putting into a binary format so that it might help him understand.

Gates claims that you wouldn't run a business like politicians run the country but he doesn't say if Obama could run Microsoft like he runs the United States government.

Instead of telling the people that Obama needs more power he should be telling them what the consequences for Microsoft would be if it were run on Obamanomic theory, which, as we all know, is out of control spending and unsustainable borrowing and debt.

To put it another way, would Gates run Microsoft like Obama runs America?

Bill Gates would like Obama to have more power to put into practice what his ideology commands him to do. He has suggested a system like the British government which has no separation of powers and is nothing other than government by executive decree.

So that our American cousins understand what this means, the following is brief history and what Mr Gates would like to impose on the American people.

There are no primary elections, the political party elites choose or approve candidates. They do not choose candidates who will make their lives difficult, consequently the British people have a supine Legislature filled with gutless sycophants who follow the Executive branch orders.

The judiciary and the second chamber are appointed by the government. This can be summed up as government, of the politicians, for the politicians, by the politicians.

The British people are powerless, they have been disenfranchised and consequently they have been fundamentally transformed against their wishes.

When Phony Tony Blair and his 'progressive' New Labour Party won the 1997 election they set about their long planned fundamental transformation of Great Britain by Executive decree.

Our American cousins will be forgiven if any the following is starting to look uncomfortably familiar:

There is no Second Amendment for the British. They have been disarmed. Gun ownership is illegal...for the law abiding only. Criminals pay no attention to the law and arm themselves regardless.

The government opened the spending floodgates, racking up deficits, borrowing and debt. The government confiscate and spend 50% of GDP.

They increase taxes openly and by stealth. This includes increasing property taxes by 100%. The Blair/Brown administration implemented over 100 new taxes.

The government expanded welfare entitlements and made them available to more people including illegal immigrants, criminals and failed asylum seekers.

They raided the private sector pension funds, effectively bankrupting them and closing them down for new employees.

The government opened the borders to uncontrolled mass immigration with the intention of creating a permanent Labour voting constituency financed by taxpayers funded welfare benefits. This mass immigration policy is also being used as a vehicle for cultural replacement.

They are enforcing multi-culturalism against the wishes of the people. Anyone who voices opposition to this is smeared and in some instances prosecuted.

The government deliberately increased energy prices using Man Made Global Warming as an excuse. When this was exposed as a scam they renamed it 'Combating Climate Change" and carried on regardless.

Against the express wishes of the people the executive redefined traditional marriage to include homosexuals.

Great Britain has been fundamentally transformed, against the wishes of the people, beyond recognition and is no longer the country it was a decade ago. This is what happens when the executive branch is out of control and this is what Bill Gates wants to impose on the American people.

As is always the case with socialist regimes, Bill Gates will not have to suffer the consequences of his hero's transformation nor will he suffer impoverishment from his hero's redistribution of wealth.

For some reason the rich elite always manage to remain rich and elite despite their support for a political system that demonises private wealth and those that create and hold on to it.

Bill Gates is a hypocrite of the very highest order and people are getting tired of listening to this sanctimonious elitist who refuses to practice himself what he preaches to others.

Do the American people a favour Gates and put a sock in it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Crooked Politicians Deliberately Commit Future Generations To Poverty

If there is one disadvantage of the new technological age, its the ability of politicians to communicate with each other on a global basis. They are all the same and they are all following the same 'progressive' economic agenda of universal welfare entitlements funded by the taxpayers, in place of free market economics.

What this economic policy guarantees is that expanded welfare entitlements, coupled with the accumulation of massive debts, will lock future generations into high tax regimes for ever.

For the 'progressive'/socialist/communist this is one of the ultimate goals of their transformational agenda, which is government mandated equality of outcome.

From the 27 countries of the European Union to the Antipodes, from the United States of America in the north to Tierra Del Fuego in the south,  politicians are accumulating massive debts by their absolute refusal to cut spending and balance their national budgets.

These are the same politicians who legislate to make sure that business people and individuals will go to jail if they follow the same example by spending beyond their means without a care for the future.

Millions of informed people have been watching the 'Progressive in Chief' Barack Obama, the so called leader of the free world, making a complete ass of himself by demonstrating his total ignorance of basic economics as he pursues his socialist agenda.

The latest utterance from the 'Progressive' in Chief is that the $16 trillion of debt, rising to $20 trillion by the end of his term, is not a problem. He attempts to convince the people that the annual budget deficits of +$1.3 trillion would be wiped out if only the 'rich' would pay their fair share. The 'rich' being anyone earning over $250,000 per year.

The 'Progressive' in Chiefs recent tantrum over a piddling $84 billion in 'cuts' gave everyone an insight into his infantile behavior and his dedication to ideology over the well being of his people. He knows, along with everyone else, that carrying on with this policy will result in debts that can never be repaid no matter how much economic growth there is.

What the President, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows, is that there is enough waste, fraud and abuse in the government bureaucracy, which if eliminated, would significantly reduce the deficit.

The Presidents fellow 'progressive' across the pond, British Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, is following the same course of willfully refusing to cut spending or eliminate waste in order to balance the budget.

'Dave' is supposed to be a conservative who should list fiscal responsibility as a top priority but who is continuing on with the disastrous tax, spend and borrow policies of his socialist predecessor Gordon Brown.

The debt and out of control spending by the political class is now so appalling that the people will be paying for this 'progressive' transformation with their children's prosperity for generations to come.

This economic situation is avoidable so one can only assume that it is being driven by ideological requirements and not necessity.

George Orwell once suggested "that if everyone can't have smart clothes then nobody should".

In the perverted mind of the 'progressive'/socialist/communist, so it is with prosperity. They would rather everyone be equally poor than some people be more prosperous than others.

Any politician who is serious about eliminating deficits and debt should be forced to read the Harry Phibbs article in Con Home.

It is by far the best article I have read in years on the subject of cutting spending and the size of government.

As far as many pundits are concerned there is no excuse for 'Call Me Dave' and his government to be running up deficits and debts in the way that they are, unless it is part of a deliberate policy to engineer an egalitarian and 'fair' society via high taxation.

I would recommend reading the article but here are the headlines with some comments from me:

Pensions - In addition to raising the state pension age, and due to higher life expectancy, those who are able should support themselves to the age of 70.

Abolish the Department for Culture, Media and Sport - In these difficult times there can be no justification for this superfluous department.

Abolish the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - It is a mystery to me how a government department, which is stuffed with politicians and time serving career bureaucrats can have anything to offer the world of business let alone innovation and skills.

Cut Legal Aid and Government legal costs - Often when the state is being sued the government is paying both sets of lawyers. There is plenty of room for reform with this issue.

Asset sales to reduce debt interest - This shouldn't be on the table as it should have been done years ago. Network Rail, Channel 4, The Postal Service, the National Air Traffic Service etc. ad nauseum.

Abolish the TV Licence Fee - ( The television tax to finance the BBC) "the state should cease to be in the broadcasting business". Truer words were never spoken than these. Amen Phibbs, Amen.

Quangos (Quasi Autonomous Non Government Organisations) - These organisations are set up to help run the government machine outside of the democratic process, or to canvass government for more taxpayer funding for minority causes.

Quango positions are highly paid and much sought after by professional bureaucrats and they are often awarded as payback to political cronies.
Quango bosses should be made to appear before a panel of taxpayers to justify their existence.

Barnett Formula - This formula allocates funding to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland devolved governments. This should be phased out. In addition to this, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Offices should be abolished also.

Privatise motorways and trunk roads - As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on that one.

Tax collection costs - In my opinion root and branch reform of the archaic tax system is long overdue. This would include simplification and a flat tax. Collection costs would evaporate.

Harry Phibbs concludes with local government funding and e Invoicing and calculates that savings are in the region of 106 billion.

He hasn't touched the NHS, education, the welfare state, entitlements, Overseas Aid, the European Union, the ridiculous Climate Change and green energy scams, where there are further billions to be saved.

Deficits and debts on the scale that the current political class are deliberately operating with are unecessary and in many peoples' opinion they are downright criminal. Politicians will not behave responsibly with the peoples money therefore they should be compelled through legislation.

It must be made illegal for politicians not to balance the budget during their term of office under pain of sequestration of their personal asstes and prison.

The deficits and debts left behind by Gordon Brown and the outgoing Labour government were nothing short of criminal and must never be allowed to happen again for the sake of future generations.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Lunacy - Its Not Harmless Nannyism, Its Fascism

It's not surprising that the mainstream media are spinning the dictatorial behavior of New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as the harmless nannying of a man who is only trying to improve the lives of others rather than calling it what it really is.

Like all tinpot dictators they start off with small infractions of individual liberty then move on to bigger and more intrusive diktats from there.

Il Duce Bloomberg uses bansturbation as his weapon of choice against the individual liberties of his subjects. He started with Styrofoam cups then moved on to trans fats, salt, sugar, potato chips, guns, together with mandated calorie counts etc. It's anybody's guess what his next target would have been had a judge not called a temporary halt to his lunacy.

Like any other dictator Bloomberg doesn't think through his diktats or work out if there may be any unintended consequences.

The Styrofoam cup ban sounds environmentally sound but it was an expensive disaster. It resulted in an increase in costs for businesses, with a subsequent loss of jobs, and an increase in paper and cardboard usage which was environmentally unsound.

His sugar ban has caused an increase in business costs plus an increase use of high fructose corn syrup. This has had a negative effect on health and on the livelihoods of suppliers.

The biggest effect of his ban on pop sizes has been to increase costs on businesses and individuals alike and this has succeeded in upsetting them both.

The indisputable fact is that Mayor Bloomberg is an insufferable control freak and bully who cannot accept that he has no business interfering in the lives of a free people. These are individuals who are quite capable of making their own decisions on what is bad for them.

Being a vertically challenged 5' 6", many people believe that Mayor Bloomberg is suffering from Napoleon Syndrome, making up for his lack of inches by bullying, dictatorial behavior. *( It's worth noting that Napoleon, Nicholas Sarkozy and Benito Mussolini were all 5' 6" and Hitler himself was only a 5' 8").

In a typical act of despotism, Bloomberg has refused to accept the judge's ruling that his ban on soda sizes was "both arbitrary and capricious". He has vowed to carry on with his campaign of bullying and interference, for the simple reason that he is Mayor Bloomberg he cannot possibly be wrong.

To confirm that Mayor Bloomberg displays fascist tendencies he is quoted as saying that "poor people can't take care of themselves".

In other words he is saying that poverty prevents adults from making rational decisions that effect their own well being. Or to put it even in even simpler language, lack of money makes an individual too stupid to make decisions, therefore he will make them on their behalf, whether they approve or not.

Even if this nonsense was true, Bloomberg's ban affects rich and poor alike, therefore he is taking decisions on behalf of intelligent people also. That is fascism pure and simple.

New York City does have an elected authority but like his big brother, President Obama and the Congress, this acts an impediment to his personal agenda so he bypasses the legislature and uses Executive Orders to rule by diktat.  So far he has implemented 266 Executive Orders compared to Mayor Giuliani's 53. It must be remembered that Rudy Giuliani was Mayor during the Muslim terrorist attack on 9/11 where the use of Executive Orders could be justified.

So, with crime and unemployment spiralling upward, an economy spiralling downward, crumbling infrastructure in desparate need of repair, Mayor Bloomberg is obsessing about pop sizes. He shouldn't be trusted with a hot dog stand let alone the worlds greatest city.

Mayor Bloomberg has said that since becoming Mayor, he feels bound to look after the health of New Yorkers. This is like Mussolini saying he became Italy's dictator just to make the trains run on time.

All is not lost. It appears that sanity prevails in the Mississippi legislature. They are formulating a law that would prevent politicians from imposing limits on food and beverage sizes, together with any other impositions on individual liberty.

They are referring to it as the Bloomberg Law.

*Intended as satire.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bankrupt America - The President Punishes His Subjects, Including Schoolkids

One cannot help but laugh at the antics of America's 'Progressive' in Chief and his gang of Chicago gangsters as they try to portray a 2.4% cut in a $3.8 trillion budget as a cataclysm of biblical proportions.

This is a classic example of the socialist mentality;  they believe that the wealth of the nation belongs to them to spend on expanding entitlements, which in turn is designed to create more dependency and guarantee another term in office.

Watching the so called leader of the Free World throwing a tantrum so big that it eclipsed the debt he has created, coupled with threats to punish his disobedient subjects, made for compulsive viewing.

The king across the water, President Barack Hussein Obama seems to think that his subjects must believe every word he says and that every utterance must be treated seriously no matter how infantile or banal.

Unfortunately for the President, after the torrent of lies spewed forth by his cronies and media whores during his election campaign, and especially the lies over the recent Benghazi murder scandal, the American people have wizened up and subsequently treat every word he says with an entire Siberian salt mine.

To put the spending issue into some kind of perspective, the United States is as broke as Great Britain, Greece, Ireland and Bangladesh.  It has a $16 trillion national debt which is travelling ever upwards due to deficit spending to the tune of +$1.1 trillion per year.

These socialist economic geniuses are borrowing approximately 40 cents of dollar they spend, some of it from countries who wish the American people harm.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the President and his apologists are still trying to convince the people that if only the 'rich' would pay their fair share then the budget deficit and debt problems will be cured.

Ever increasing numbers of the American people are not convinced. All the serious economists, including the non partisan Congressional Budget Office, have stated that if the 'rich' were taxed at 100% it would only pay for 3 months of government spending.

To keep pushing the line that the 'rich' are the cause of America's debt problem displays a fanatical adherence to an ideology comparable with the Heavens Gate suicide cult or the Reverend Jim Jones's kool aid drinking Peoples Temple.

The mindset that this perverted ideology breeds renders the socialist incapable of contemplating spending cuts. Even where examples of waste are pointed out, they still will not concede.

Allowing the people to keep more of their money and giving the government less is a retrograde step in their simple minds. Cutting government spending is heresy.

To give an example of the debauched mind of a socialist ideologue, the House Minority Leader, former Speaker and Obama lapdog, Nancy Pilosi, put it in simple terms.

"But spending is also related to tax cuts- tax cuts are spending".

So there you have it, the genius of socialist economic logic, if you want to decrease spending, don't let the people keep more of their own money.

As one pundit framed it, all the money you earn belongs to Pelosi on behalf the states  She will spend it in ways that ensure equality and fairness and give you what's left as an allowance.

Just for the record it must be said that outside of her constituency in California, Pilosi is regarded as a nutcase and a dangerous nutcase at that.

As was stated earlier, the American people in ever greater numbers, are starting to think for themselves and are refusing to swallow the Obama spin machine propaganda. They are looking at the debt situation in Greece and Ireland and they have spotted the danger. 

The informed American people demand the government stop the out of control spending and take action to deal with the crippling debt.

The much talked about sequestration is the result of an Obama political manoeuvre that went wrong. This locked the President into $84 billion of spending cuts which, as anyone can see, is a drop in the bucket in a $3.8 trillion budget. Just a rounding error as one economist put it.

According to the 'Progressive in Chief' and his ideological comrades, this is rank disobedience, tantamount to heresy and deserving of punishment. So after stamping his feet in a hissy fit of pique, comrade Obama ordered his operatives in government to first threaten his subjects and then make sure that any cuts would hurt the people directly.

The threats were unbelievably petty and banal which resulted in the informed people of America laughing in his face. It also allowed the rest of the world to get a brief insight into the infantile mind of an ideologically driven socialist who cannot accept being contradicted.

So in a budget of $3.8 trillion the sequester requires $84 billion of cuts. Both the House and Senate agree that there is circa $500 billion of waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and other overlapping government programmes.

They also agree that there are government programmes that are duplicated or ineffective. In other words, there is plenty of room for more than $84 billion of cuts which would have no effect whatsoever, except among the beneficiaries of the aforementioned waste, fraud and abuse.

The people can take that to mean the crooked politicians themselves and their donors.

To punish the people for their temerity in demanding the government stop wasting their money, the
'Punisher in Chief' wants to leave the corruption and inefficiency untouched but to cut instead:

First responders such as firemen and paramedics.

Meat inspectors.

Border security which will allow in more illegal immigrants.

Airport security to ensure long queues at airports.

Air traffic controllers to make sure flights are delayed.

The military will be cut and an aircraft carrier will be recalled from the Gulf.

Prison staff, resulting in the release of 30,000 criminals, including illegal immigrant criminals. He also wants to keep it a secret from local law enforcement which prisoners are being released and where.

Park Rangers so that National Parks will be closed to visitors.

The janitors responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Houses of Congress. This is to punish the Congressmen for having the audacity of hope that he will cut spending.

With the adults duly punished the 'Punisher in Chief' doesn't stop there. Children must be taught the lesson too, that he who must be obeyed must not be challenged....ever.

Teachers are to be sacked therefore their education is affected.

Vaccination programmes for children will be curtailed, increasing their chances of illness.

Service providers will have to choose between the poor child and the disabled child when allocating resources.

Sure Start and Head Start programmes will be curtailed and places lost. This will disproportionally affect the most vulnerable children.

The most shocking of all, and the one that has pushed most people over the edge, is the Presidents order to cancel tours of the White House for school children. Apparently these tours are highly prized and a life time experience for school children.

This action against children is especially despicable as the cost of one of the Presidents golfing weekends would cover the cost of a whole years worth of tours.

Shame on you Mr President. Taking out your temper tantrum on children is unbecoming and demeaning to the Office of President of the United States.

This programme of cuts has to be the most infantile, petulant response to a call for fiscal responsibility from any politician, but from the leader of the Free World it is simply appalling.

What is obvious is that it is not an attempt at addressing the countries deficit and debt problem but an act of punishment on the American people for daring to insist their President puts the well being of the country before his perverted socialist ideology.

Watching this banal behavior of their President, the American people are slowly beginning to realise the mistake they made during the last election but, unlucky for them, they can't turn the clock back.

Elections have consequences, and in this case extremely bad ones. Hopefully, at next election cycle, our American cousins will have learned their lesson and they will ignore the media whores, think for themselves and put their country before all the 'free stuff' which somebody else has to pay for.