Friday, July 31, 2015

Lionizing Cecil - No Lamentations For His Murdered Countrymen

Let me say from the outset that the killing of a magnificent beast like Cecil the lion for a trophy is an indication that some of our fellow human beings have no appreciation of Mother Natures' endless capacity for beauty, nor do they have any concern that they are robbing other human beings of an opportunity to view these animals in their natural habitat.

Rational people will understand that sometimes individual animals have to be culled in order to preserve the genetic diversity and general health of the pride, in that case it can be done the natural way by introducing a younger male to evict the incumbent leader, or the humane way by shooting.

Four bolts from a cross-bow, with an armed guide as back-up in case of a miss, is not going to be the most popular method of animal husbandry in this age of soppy animal worship.

That said, the reaction to the demise of Cecil must give grave cause for concern, least of all because of the mass hysteria it has engendered across the comfortable parts of the world. In the rest of the world where it isn't quite so comfortable they couldn't give a rats a*se about the unfortunate Cecil.

Dignified mass mourning at the death of a prominent person is a mark of respect in the civilised world and is quite normal, but this is being slowly replaced by public outpourings of uncontrollable emotion that can only be described as mawkish mass hysteria.

This phenomenon is common in the less civilised parts of the world such as North Korea or Iran, where emotional immaturity manifests itself by a lack of self control over ones public actions.

 In the more civilised parts of the world this mass emotional insecurity started in earnest with the death of Lady Diana and has now become a universal reaction to the passing of prominent people, especially celebrities, whether they deserve adulation or not.

The emotional reaction to the death of a human or an animal is highly selective and dependent upon the celebrity status of the deceased; it is this selectivity which is rightly bringing charges of gross hypocrisy upon the public mourners, especially the more prominent ones.

It must be understood that some unscrupulous celebrities will jump on any passing bandwagon if it gets them into the public eye, with a view to keeping the royalties rolling in, but serial high profile animal defenders such as Ricky Gervais, Brian May and Ginger Spice et al. deserve an extra dose of opprobrium for their unadulterated hypocrisy and disregard for lives of innocent men, women and children in Cecil's home country of Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

It's only right and proper that these celebrities speak up against animal cruelty but it is also incumbent upon them to use their celebrity status to speak up against people cruelty and denigrate its perpetrators with the same venom they spat at Cecil's killer, Mr. Walter Palmer.

One lion is no comparison to the thirty thousand or more innocent people massacred by Robert Mugabe in Metabeleland as he consolidated his position as Zimbabwean Prime Minister in April 1980.

Since then he has waged war and committed atrocities in neighbouring Congo and destroyed the country's agricultural base using the resultant starvation as weapon to control his internal enemies.

Ricky Gervais and his pals could be forgiven if these events, which occurred before their time, had been consigned to history but they haven't; Robert Mugabe is still there in Zimbabwe, brutalising, starving and killing his enemies with the full knowledge of the international community including the UN and the EU.

As a measure of the dedication of the UN and the international community to human rights, they appointed Robert Mugabe, known by his own people as 'Butcher Bob", as an Ambassador for Tourism as part of their World Tourism Organisation.

The emotionally retarded celebrity Jimmy Kimmel, choked up live on air as he described the death of the lion as a 'disgusting tradegy' while the equally retarded model Cara Delevigne went completely over the top ranting that Walter Palmer should have his citizenship taken away.

If they had any sense of decency or common humanity, Jimmy Kimmel and Cara Delevigne would lead a celebrity campaign on behalf of the dead and dying people of Cecil's homeland, but the silence is deafening. Animals mean more than starving children in the eyes of the modern celebrity and their followers.

In conclusion, the global hysteria surrounding the death of Cecil the lion and the corresponding silence on the starvation and deaths of tens of thousands of his fellow citizens is a sad indication of how the priorities of humanity have shifted from the serious to the frivolous; by drawing attention to the actions of Walter Palmer while by turning a blind eye to the actions of 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe shows just how desensitised and callous the human race has become.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn - Great Britain's Antithesis Of Donald Trump

With Donald Trump leading the race to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States it's becoming a nightmare for the political establishment and the UN based global elite that currently wield power in Washington DC.

Being financially independent of the lobbyists and the powerful, agenda driven political operatives that are 'fundamentally transforming' America, Trump is an anti-establishment conservative and cannot be bought. He is outside of their sphere of influence and this puts their long planned 'progressive' agenda under threat.

Unbeknownst to many, a career politician by the name of Jeremy Corbyn is leading a similar race across the pond for the right to challenge David Cameron, or his successor, for the Premiership of Great Britain.

Unlike the nightmares being suffered by the establishment and the power brokers in America, their counterparts in Great Britain are dreaming blissfully in their beds at night, safe in knowledge that whoever wins this election their 'progressive' agenda will be in safe hands.

Despite the fact that both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are topping the polls in their respective elections, their background and policies couldn't be more different and this speaks volumes about the current political class.

Modern politicians consist mainly of unprincipled, self serving career charlatans who have sold their souls to agenda driven power brokers and who have reduced political discourse to a series of soundbites and slogans. These are carefully constructed by PR men, advertising executives and image consultants who choreograph their charges to perform before a controlled media like seals in a circus.

These two elections are raising several important issues that highlight not only the hypocrisy and mendacity of the modern political class but also their treachery. Their willingness to ignore the wishes of the people and put the ideological agenda of the 'progressive' global elite before their safety and economic well- being has resulted in frustration and a hunger for change.

The explosion onto the political scene of both Trump and Corbyn is representative of that hunger and welcome as it may be, it is not without its danger.

While Donald Trump has used the opportunity offered by individual liberty and free enterprise in America to build a myriad of businesses and create tens of thousands of jobs, Jeremy Corbyn has ignored the lessons of history and spent his life promoting a failed ideology that has resulted in poverty, misery and death to millions of people across the world.

In his crusade to impose a socialist system on the British people, Corbyn tells it to them straight without spin or the use of PR executives, media mangers or image consultants. He comes across as a genuine man of the people and this has resonated with the supporters of the Labour Party who are leaderless after the resignation of their institutionally Marxist former leader, Red Ed Miliband.

As an indication of how politically illiterate these Labour supporters are, Red Ed Miliband lost the last election because the majority of the British electorate rejected his message on account it was too left wing.

He was called Red Ed for a reason.

Their response to this defeat is to nominate a leader who is further to left than Miliband, an ideologue who has more in common with Lenin than their three time election winner Tony Blair.

Corbyn is the archetypal hard left, self loathing socialist who espouses all the usual anti-British, anti-western causes that undermine global prosperity and civilisation itself.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump loves his country with a passion but the same cannot be said of Jeremy Corbyn.

If any person or organisation hates Great Britain then Corbyn is their friend. Without any thought for their victims; those people and organisations include the leaders of Hezbollah, Hamas, the IRA and the multitude of Palestinian terrorist gangs.

Like all those who dwell in the communist/socialist/progressive community, Corbyn thrives on poverty, misery and envy. The unifying factor within this community is hate, they love to hate, it's their element, they thrive on it and Corbyn is no different.

It's difficult to confirm what he hates the most; Israel and the Jews, America, individual liberty or capitalism and prosperity. He certainly hates the 'rich' who he believes are evil exploiters of the poor and who should be stripped of their wealth for redistribution. I would hazard a guess that he has an extra piece of hate in his heart for Donald Trump for no other reason than his wealth.

Corbyn was a friend and supporter of the blood soaked Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez but has had nothing to say about the poverty and misery being endured of late by the Venezuelan people as a result of the same socialist policies he wants impose to on the British people.

Like every socialist from North Korea to Greece, Corbyn is incapable of understanding that their economically illiterate policies always end with bankruptcy, poverty, misery and, as the Greek people are finding out, authoritarianism.

In resource rich Venezuela, the supermarket shelves are empty of everything from toilet paper and condoms to food. In age old socialist fashion, the current economic genius, President Nicolas Maduro, has ordered - ordered please note - farmers and the food industry to distribute between thirty and one hundred percent of their produce to the network of state run supermarkets amid a shortage of basic foodstuffs.

The fact that Donald Trump is ahead in the Republican primary and Jeremy Corbyn is ahead in the Labour Party race is confirmation that the people are waking up to the contempt with which they are held by the current political establishment who are prepared to let their own people be raped, robbed and murdered rather than enforce the law.

The American people are fortunate in that Donald Trump would make an effective President, certainly better than Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, and most definitely better than Obama ever was, the British people are not so fortunate.

In their desperation for a real human candidate, as opposed to the usual establishment controlled automaton, they would elect an abomination like Jeremy Corbyn and end up in poverty and misery like the unfortunate victims of socialism in Greece and Venezuela.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The USA, Great Britain And Greece - The Post Democratic Era Is Here

The American people think that their freedoms and prosperity are protected by their elected Congress and a constitutionally limited government; meanwhile the British people think their legislature at the Palace of Westminster is the Mother of Parliaments; the Greek people are not thinking at all if they believe that their legislature is a product of the cradle of democracy.

These are but three countries that claim to be open, freedom loving democracies governed by elected representatives of the people who legislate in their interest with the intention of protecting their security and prosperity for current and future generations.

For many people the first time the term 'post democratic era' entered the public domain was when the British high ranking, and ultimately disgraced politician, Peter - now Lord - Mandelson, used it in reference to the European Union. All power and decision making was to be transferred from national Parliaments and handed to appointed bureaucrats based in Brussels.

For the record, 'ex-communist' Peter Mandelson, was forced to resign from Tony Blair's government not once but twice under charges of corruption. In any proper functioning democracy that would have been the end of his career in public life; in this case it was just the beginning.

After his disgrace he was appointed as the European Commissioner for Trade giving him access to unaccountable power and a taxpayer funded remuneration package that was obscene for a public servant.

When his four year term as Commissioner expired, instead of disappearing into obscurity to live off his fortune he was 'elevated' to Great Britain's second legislative chamber, the House of Lords.

Operating under his new Ruritanian title of  'Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham' he was invited back into the heart of government as a Cabinet Minister by the unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Mandelson's return to government was not so much an appointment as an anointing. He was given the Office of First Secretary of State to go along with Lord President of the Council, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as remaining the President of the Board of Trade and a Cabinet Member.

When Peter Mandelson used the phrase 'post democratic era' he wasn't joking. After twice resigning from government under a cloud of corruption, he resigned as a Member of Parliament after which his political career went stellar without a single vote being cast by the British people.

As mentioned earlier, Mandelson was appointed as a European Commissioner, he was appointed to the House of Lords, he was appointed to the Cabinet along with all the other offices of state mentioned above. Despite his disgrace, Mandelson accumulated so much power over the British people he was a member of thirty-five of the forty-three Cabinet committees and sub committees without a single vote being cast.

It must be remembered that his benefactor was Gordon Brown who was himself appointed Prime Minister after the resignation of Tony Blair.

Mother of Parliaments? Democracy? You decide.

In the United States the people's Congress created by the Founding Fathers in a Constitution that "secured the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"  has been emasculated by vested interests and a political lobby so powerful it operates and controls the people's representatives.

When President Eisenhower warned that the military-industrial complex could accumulate power and subvert Congress he wasn't joking either. To keep Congress neutered and maintain its hold on power they have created a government-media complex which shuts down debate and dispenses twenty-four hour pro-establishment propaganda.

The current President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces swore an oath on the Holy Bible that he will "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" knowing that he had no intention of doing so.

When President Obama took office he had one agenda only and it wasn't the well being of the American people or defending the Constitution; it was the long planned 'fundamental transformation' of America from a country based on individual liberty and a free enterprise economy, guaranteed by constitutionally limited government, into a centrally controlled European-style socialist state as demanded by the 'progressive' global elite.

The separation of powers and the other checks and balances laid down in the Constitution have not proven to be an obstacle to the Obama Juggernaut

The Chief Executive is bypassing the people's Congress and treating it with contempt.

The Chief Executive is commanding the agents of the state to ignore the laws that do not suit his agenda.

The Supreme Court is nothing more than an arm of the Executive.

The Republican Party, despite controlling both Houses of Congress by mandate of the people, including the power of the purse, are failing to stop the Obama 'fundamental transformation' agenda.

The political establishment and the power brokers now control both parties and the American people are powerless to stop it.

Meanwhile, in cradle of democracy, the Greek people have been disenfranchised partly by their own greed and stupidity. Despite the bitter experience of the past, they will persist in voting socialist charlatans into power.

As a reminder, the Greek economy was bankrupted by George Papandreou, the last of the Papandreou socialist dynasty who was removed from power by the EU for having the temerity of offering the Greek people a referendum on an EU/IMF bailout package.

When they were next allowed to hold a general election they chose Alexis Tsipras who ran on a socialist/anti-austerity ticket. When the creditors from the EU/IMF came knocking he refused their bail out terms; he also put these terms to the Greek people in a referendum which they also refused.

It's a perfect democratic storm for the EU bureaucrats; the people said 'no' in a general election, this was confirmed in a referendum; in other words the people and the politicians were united as one.

Like Great Britain and the USA, the EU political establishment will never let the will of the people stand in the way of their agenda. Prime Minister Tsipras was forced to cave in and accept bail out terms and conditions that were worse than those initially offered and refused in the referendum.

The EU/IMF terms and conditions were forced through the Greek Parliament by Tsipras as if the general election and referendum didn't happen. The elected people's champion in Greece is no different to the establishment lackeys that infest the Parliament and Congress in Great Britain and the USA.

If the American people want to see their future they should look no further than the European Union. This is a template for their future government in the post democratic era. Political power is effectively transferred from elected representatives to agenda driven bureaucrats.

In the case of the USA the elected members of Congress, by their subservience to the establishment are in effect the agenda driven bureaucrats. They certainly behave like they are.
In conclusion it's worth noting that the European Union was first envisaged by Adolf Hitler who wanted a German dominated Europe where nation states became regions of the Third Reich. These were to be governed by local appointees who took their orders from Berlin. All one has to do is substitute the UN for the EU and you are on the right track.

The American President will be a functionary of the UN who's sole purpose will be to impose the global 'progressive' agenda on the American people whether they want it or not.

Vichy France remains historys' example of what Hitler had planned for the rest of Europe and it is also history's example of the treachery that the political class are capable of.

Update: Watch Pat Condell cut loose here

Friday, July 24, 2015

Richard Burton The Original Tax Exile - 'Progressives' Will Never Learn

Reading a biography of world famous actor Richard Burton is mesmerising and thought provoking to say the least. His ascent from more than humble beginnings in the South Wales coalfield to world fame and riches is a revelation; as are his boozing, womanising and general hell raising.

Burton's life is a tale of blessings, mistakes, decision making, both right and wrong and a host of lessons to be learned for any normal student of human behaviour or economics. This does not include budding politicians or members of the 'progressive' political establishment; whatever they are taught is irrelevant, they will pursue the same old failed ideology no matter what.

Trying to cover the life of Richard Burton here would be pointless, however some references have to be made to illustrate the point.

Apart from the trauma of his mothers death, a drunken father and grinding poverty he worked horrendous hours to hone his voice and acting skills in order to complement his natural talent; they started to bear fruit with a scholarship to Oxford University where his talent was spotted and from that point onwards the legend began.

His reputation as a stage actor grew to the point where his acting started to attract an income undreamed of in his coalfield home and also the attention of the taxman.

British politicians of the day, both Labour and Conservative, were obsessed with inequality and the redistribution of wealth and as a consequence they set about their stupidity with gusto.

Tax rates over eighty percent for individuals were not uncommon. In 1957, the year when Richard Burton declared enough was enough, the systematic looting of his livelihood left him with a measly six thousand pounds from his annual earnings of eighty-two thousand. Yes, you read that right - he was allowed to keep just six thousand of his eighty-two thousand pound earnings!

He jumped ship to Celigny in Switzerland leaving the British Chancellor of the Exchequer with eighty percent of nothing. Great Britain's loss was Burton's gain and he remained wealthy and domiciled in Switzerland where his mortal remains lay to this day.

One would have thought that the Labour government of 1974 would have learned the lessons of high taxation and Richard Burton's exile but not so. In his first budget three weeks after taking office, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, a former communist named Denis Healey , set about implementing a socialist program of wealth redistribution by increasing taxation to penal levels.

Corporation tax on companies was increased by twelve percent to fifty-three percent.

VAT of ten percent was added to petrol (gasoline) and also applied to sweets, ice cream, soft drinks and crisps (potato chips)

Duty on beer, wine and spirits was increased by one pence, ten pence and twenty pence respectively.

Tax relief for interest on loans used to buy second homes was withdrawn.

Income tax was raised by three percent taking the basic rate to thirty-three percent. A new tax band at thirty-eight percent was introduced and the top rate was increased from seventy-five percent to eighty-three percent. (75% to 83%)

That's not all, the tax on 'unearned' income was set at ninety-eight percent (98%). 'Unearned' income consisted of investment income, dividends, interest etc.
(See here and here)

The budget was a disaster whereby a whole host of entertainers, businessmen, companies and investors jumped ship and joined Richard Burton in exile on more taxation friendly shores.Two years later Great Britain went bust and was forced to go crawling to the IMF for loan.

It took over a decade of financial discipline and free market economics under the guidance of Mrs. Thatcher for the economy to recover from the Labour years of socialist economic illiteracy.

Unfortunately it wasn't to last. The Tony Blair government of 1997 had learned absolutely nothing from the socialist disasters of the past and spent the country into bankruptcy even after imposing over one hundred new taxes.      

A degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University has become a uniting factor among the ruling political class in Great Britain. Regardless of whether they are members of the Conservative, Labour or the ridiculously named Liberal Democrat parties, whether they claim to be capitalists, socialists, communists or 'progressives', this qualification appears to be the key to political power.

Add to this some strategically positioned PPE graduates in the world of business, the establishment and the media, including the state broadcaster, otherwise known as the BBC, it should become blindingly obvious that there does exist a political elite in Great Britain who have learned how to pervert democracy and usurp power.

It's difficult not to notice that this modern political elite regardless of party allegiance, look the same; they have the same mannerisms and they talk the same. They speak in the same incomprehensible language which is riddled with inanities, soundbites, slogans and outright lies.

Whatever they teach on this PPE degree course it obviously isn't based on common sense, arithmetic or experience in the real world. This supposedly educated political elite have not learned from the failures of the past and subsequently repeat the same disastrous errors.

This failed policy can be described by four easy words:

Tax, Spend, Borrow and Debt. As always the resultant consequence is an economic crisis of some description which usually includes bankruptcy, recession, a currency crisis, a credit crunch, unemployment and a financial downgrade for the many.

At time of writing, David Cameron's Conservative government is borrowing in the region of  one hundred billion per year with the national debt standing at 1.4 trillion and rising at approximately two billion per week.

Despite their rhetoric and spin the government refuses to cut spending in areas that would affect the imposition of their 'progressive' agenda or the international commitments they have made to the global 'progressive' elite, i.e the UN mandated 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid along with sixty-four billion per year to the EU bureaucrats.

It would be novel if the Professors at Oxford University include the experience of Richard Burton, one of their most famous alumni, at the hands of politicians in an effort to make their renown PPE degree more effective in preventing the economic disasters its holders always achieve.

In conclusion, no article on socialist/progressive stupidity would be complete without a mention of France and the election of Francois Hollande on an openly socialist ticket. Neither the French people nor their economically illiterate President have learned a thing from history, nor do they possess an ounce of common sense.

They were warned that his promise to increase taxes on the 'rich' to seventy-five percent would result in a migration of talent and capital but they went ahead and elected him regardless.

And so it came to pass, Hollande did what he promised and, led by actor Gerard Depardieu, business people, entertainers, innovators and even footballers all upped stakes and left. See a previous article on tax exiles here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cameron's Plan To Defeat Muslim Extremism - Tickle Them To Death

Apropos a previous article with reference to the shock and surprise displayed by people when a supposedly average neighbourhood kid, Mohammad Youssef Adbulazeez, turns out to be a cold blooded killer on behalf of Islam - it's worth expanding on the subject further in light of British Prime Minister David Cameron's five year plan to defeat Muslim extremism in Great Britain.

The speech whereby he laid out the plan is itself proof positive that Cameron is not only a remote elitist with no idea whatsoever of the real world outside his choreographed political existence, it also proves his mendacity and willingness to deceive. At the behest of his UN/EU spin doctors he delivered a speech so full of multi-cultural platitudes and fabrications he painted a totally false picture of Islam in today's Great Britain.

Apart from the truth, another thing his speech does not contain is any concrete measure that will effectively stop Muslim extremism and its accompanying violence from turning huge swathes of Great Britain into outposts of the Islamic State.

One cannot formulate a plan to defeat Muslim extremism without first understanding its nature, its core tenets and the conditions under which it flourishes and grows.

In his analysis, Cameron has replaced the reality of welfare dependent Muslim ghettos, run by tyrannical medieval Imams who use the Koran and sharia law to subjugate their congregations, with fictitious multi-cultural communities where historical enemies who slaughter each other in the real world live side by side in peaceful harmony.

For any informed person the use of the usual spin doctor authored soundbites and slogans to promote the UN/EU multi-cultural agenda is nauseating as well as an insult to the intelligence.

Cameron's plan has them in spades, "British values" as well as the infamous "shared values" then there's "shared community", and "one nation government".

"..a successful multi-racial, multi-faith, diverse and welcoming".

And what about this piece of unadulterated nonsense:

"It is here in Britain where success is achieved not in spite of our diversity but because of it".

Listening to this one has to wonder how the British people managed to survive before the Blair government opened the borders to third world mass immigration in 1997.

David Cameron mentions, but doesn't elucidate on, the "profound contribution Muslims from all backgrounds and denominations are making in every sphere of our society".

There are successful Muslims in Great Britain who do make a contribution after a fashion, it would be folly to suggest otherwise but "profound contributions" and "in every sphere of our society"?

A little exaggeration goes a long way when one is trying to deceive his own people and the world at large by painting an entirely false picture of one's most valued client group.

(Read the transcript here)

This five year plan to combat Muslim extremism comes days after Cameron praised Great Britain's Muslim community in his Eid Mubarak message where he mentioned the gathering of some sixty to seventy thousand adherents who attended an open air prayer meeting in Birmingham. How many of that sixty or seventy thousand adherents, or the rest of the four million British documented Muslims for that matter, are Jihadi Johns or typical British kids in the same way that Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was an all American boy.

Ten percent? twenty percent? ninety percent? David Cameron doesn't have the faintest idea, not the remotest clue. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, he is making the claim that all British documented Muslims are moderate, peace loving, loyal British citizens until they are radicalised by external  malign forces either over the Internet or via social media.

The truth is somewhat different to this deliberately false picture and not too difficult to understand; combating extremism is not too difficult either and certainly with tough, effective action it wouldn't take five years.

Cameron's plan is so weak and bereft of tough action, I can only imagine that the Jihadi Johns and Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez's of this world will be laughing all the way to the battlefields of Syria or the disarmed military bases in the USA.

These people are savages lacking any form of compassion or emotion, they are highly motivated to kill in the name of Allah as demanded by their Prophet and as written in the Koran. Cameron's plan is the verbal equivalent of tickling them to death.

His tough action over five years includes:

Allowing parents to remove the passports of their spawn if they want to join ISIS. Cameron obviously believes that by keeping motivated young Muslims with a blood lust and hatred for western civilisation inside the country they despise, they will suddenly become de-radicalised.

Giving taxpayers money to groups that are prepared to spread an 'alternative narrative'. If there are any such groups in existence who value keeping their heads attached to their shoulders, they will take the money and surreptitiously hand it over to the nearest ISIS recruiting centre.

New powers to tackle cult leaders and those who spread extremist messages. Judging by the way that Cameron's government arrests and prosecutes anyone who publicly opposes Islamification these powers already exist.

Encourage Universities to denounce speeches by Islamic extremists. Words fail me at this point, 'encourage' indeed; what a pathetic response to the free rein given to Islamic extremists at Great Britain's once world renown educational establishments.

It wouldn't be David Cameron unless there was some social engineering worthy of some of the worlds most notorious dictators.

Avoid social housing where people are from one ethnic group. Government enforced integration in other words. The freedom to choose where you live or who your neighbours are will be removed.

Reducing segregation in schools. Past experience has proved that government forced integration lowers standards of literacy, numeracy and the understanding of basic science.

And for a grand finale, the biggest social engineering wet dream of all budding dictators, build a more cohesive society. Social engineering on a national scale, what gives Cameron or the political class the right to do this remains a mystery.

That's basically it and it's going to take five years, after which we assume Islamic extremism will be gone from the land and we will all live in a safe, multi-cultural Utopia where everyone lives in peace with mutual respect for each other regardless of whether one is Arab or Jew, Sunni or Shi'ite, Turk or Greek, Indian or Pakistani, Hutsi or Tutsi, black or white.

Meanwhile in the real world where innocent people will die at the hands of extremists because of politicians like Cameron and their agenda:

The Muslims that are still being imported by the tens of thousands from backward countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and the Middle East are already radicalised and no five year plan is going to civilise them to the point where they will accept western culture or the western way of life.

An easy way to reduce the number of Muslim extremists immediately, not over five year period, is to stop importing them from the backward, undeveloped world; they are incompatible with British culture or our way of life. Ditto, the importation of child brides.

Those that are born in Great Britain, particularly in the thousands of Muslim ghettos that blight the land, are radicalised at home from birth by their own families. This radicalisation is compounded by their attendance at mosques and madrassas where the incendiary language contained in the Koran is repeated endlessly and learned by rote from an early age.

David Cameron and the political class, along with the UN/EU apologists of Islam, need to explain how this kind of explicit incitement to hatred and violence can be drummed into young children without them becoming radicalised?

The children in the above photograph are British, they are celebrating the Arba'een pilgrimage at the iconic London landmark, Marble Arch. These impressionable kids will also have witnessed Cameron's moderate Muslims publicly self flagellating themselves as part of their barbaric celebration.

(Watch the disgusting spectacle here)

These kids are the beheaders and Jihadi Johns of the future and it's no use Cameron claiming it was the Internet or social media. They are the product of his multi-cultural agenda, they are his creation and he will have the blood of innocents on his hands when they fulfill the commands of their prophet and kill innocent people because they are not Muslims.

Nowhere in Cameron's five year plan does he even mention the Koran or the Hadith and the exhortations within:

"I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers" - Quran 8:12

"Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous" - Quran 9:123

"Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians as your friends" - Quran 5:51

And so it goes on, page after page of hate, violence, conquest, mutilation and death. Doubters and apologists should read it for themselves. My copy is here which includes a parallel Arabic text.

The following are some of the tough actions David Cameron should be taking today if he was serious about fighting Muslim extremism:

Return free speech to political discourse; allow unfettered debate by removing political correctness from all areas of British life.

Stop all immigration from backward or so called 'conservative' Muslim countries, this includes brides of marriages whether they are arranged or otherwise.

No more mosque building and close those which preach anti-western propaganda.

Close all madrassas, these are schools for Muslim extremism and a breeding ground for jihadis, they are not compatible with western culture.

Arrest, imprison or deport all hate preachers and those that recruit for, or promote, jihad or ISIS.

No shariah law anywhere, the law of the land should be the only law - no exceptions.

Ban the Burqa, this garment is an insult to the struggles of the Suffragettes and the sacrifices women made to gain liberation and equality in Great Britain.

No more concessions to the sensitivities of this already pampered group. No imposing halal meat on the British people, whether that be in schools, restaurants or work canteens. Muslim employees must serve customers in stores with whatever is on the shelves, that includes bacon, other pork products and alcohol.

Those wishing to leave the country to join ISIS in the Middle East, or jihad anywhere else in the world, should be free to do so, never to return. Their passports should be cancelled and their citizenship revoked immediately on departure.

There is a choice for the political class when it comes to eliminating Muslim extremists from our midst and, by extension, making our lives safer; the sensible actions offered above or the long drawn out ineffective politically correct tinkering of David Cameron. The people also should choose and make their voices heard.

(More photographs from the London Arba'een spectacle here)


Monday, July 20, 2015

Another All American Boy Turns Out To Be A Killer Muslim

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a name that will live in infamy, not for any great length of time but for the duration of the twenty-four hour news cycle that dominates public information in the modern age.

Prior to murdering four unarmed Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this subhuman will have been touted by the 'progressive' establishment as an example of the diversity and tolerance which made multi-cultural America such a great country.

(The fact is that the imposition and idolising of incompatible third world cultures is taking America in the opposite direction toward third world mediocrity, but I digress)

The follow-up narrative to this cowardly murder is depressingly familiar; he was such an honest/quiet/polite/decent/caring/devout/ordinary/witty......add your own adjectives... person that nobody would guess would kill four American heroes in the name of Allah the Merciful.

Neighbours in the Hixon suburb of Chattanooga described him as "an all American boy, handsome, polite, normally dressed in T-shirt and jeans". 

According to the agencies that are charged with keeping Americans safe after the 9/11 terrorist atrocities, he was not on their watch list even though his father had been investigated in the past for having links to Muslim terrorist organisations.

Looking at what evidence is in the public domain it doesn't take a Leroy Jethro Gibbs to conclude that in the interests of public safety political correctness should have been discarded and this family closely monitored from the time of the fathers' alleged involvement with terrorist groups.

The parents are Jordanians of Palestinian stock, a group of people many of whom are notorious for being bitter, twisted and consumed with hatred for everything Jewish, American and Western.

They were in Kuwait when their killer son was born before making their way to America. Why were they there and how did they get to America?

The killers' father was a devout Muslim who beat his wife and declared bankruptcy. Although he had the benefit of a good education, the killer never took advantage of the privilege by holding on to a well paying job, how then did he finance his trips to Jordan and possibly Yemen? What was he doing there for such long periods?

It's worth bearing in mind that there are fanatical Muslim American citizens continually planning atrocities in the name of Allah the Merciful and they are not going to advertise their intentions in advance. They will remain innocuous and keep their intentions under wraps until, to the undoubted shock and surprise of all and sundry, they perpetrate their heinous acts.

Judging by the attitude and actions of the Obama administration, and the various government agencies responsible for the 'fundamental transformation' of their country, the American people should not be taking their safety and well being for granted.

It has been highlighted as a matter of faith in these articles that the political class throughout the civilised world are totally committed to the 'fundamental transformation' agenda as ordained by the UN/EU de facto world government and as a consequence their agenda will always take priority over the safety and well being of the people.

One would have thought that the 9/11 atrocity would have been the last instance when American citizens were murdered by Muslim jihadis on American soil but this is not so. Since 9/11 there have been at least sixty-six people killed in forty-one separate acts of terrorism in America.

The more notorious of these have been the Fort Hood killer, despite the fact that this has been characterised as workplace violence, and the Boston Marathon bomber.

In addition to these atrocities there have been multiple mass murder plots against Americans by Muslim terrorists that have been thwarted by law enforcement and foreign intelligence operations since 9/11 as well as some that were botched. (See here)

The American people, and indeed those people around the world that used to rely on American power to free or protect them from murderous Islamic regimes, must be wondering why, when the local mosque in Chattanooga cancelled its post- Ramadan Eid Mubarak celebrations out of respect for the victims and their families, the President did not.

After making some perfunctory remarks on the tragedy he went ahead and hosted an Eid Mubarak celebration dinner in the White House, probably at taxpayer expense; he didn't even have the decency to lower the White House flags to half mast.

This behavior is sending a message to the American people that their sensitivities do not matter one jot compared to those of his most indulged client group, but more seriously than that, what message is it sending to the America hating Muslim terrorists both at home and abroad?

To keep abreast of Muslim atrocities visit

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Parasitic Greeks Are Picking The Pockets Of British Taxpayers

As the Greeks riot on the streets of Athens to protest against the onset of economic reality, they are also throwing Molotov Cocktails at their police officers in order to preserve the right to pick the pockets of British taxpayers.

The issue of successive Greek governments spending the country into bankruptcy has inadvertently exposed to a wider audience what only informed people knew before.

National politicians, British included, routinely lie and deceive their citizens in order to pursue their own political agenda.

These same politicians will break their oaths of office, ignore their national constitutional obligations and sell out their own citizens to a foreign dominated EU oligarchy.

The Greek people must either be as thick as two short planks or so morally bereft that they are happy to live, without conscience, off the sweat and toil of others. When those 'others' include British taxpayers it becomes a little more personal.

As one of only two net contributors to the profligate European Union it goes without saying that the British taxpayers have had quite enough of being treated as a milch cow by corrupt EU bureaucrats who's only concern is keeping their dying superstate project alive.

For years the British people, especially the middle class, have been taxed up to the eyeballs in order to prevent a Greek style catastrophe. Socialist governments from the Wilson/Callaghan governments of the sixties and seventies to the recent Blair/Brown governments have taken the nation close to Greek-style insolvency but incoming conservative governments have always managed to clear up the mess in time.

This usually entails some belt tightening in form of increased taxes, government spending cuts and a change to entitlements, mainly for the middle class.

In spite of this, successive governments have still had to borrow money because they steadfastly refuse to make meaningful spending cuts in the areas that may have a detrimental effect on their re-election chances.

Apart from VAT at twenty percent on almost all goods and services, there are property taxes, corporation taxes, death taxes, inheritance taxes, car taxes, television taxes, fishing rod taxes ad infinitum.

The biggest burden for income taxes falls upon the middle class who are relieved of forty percent of their income at source plus twelve percent National Insurance plus another twelve percent NI payed on their behalf by their employer. As the Americans say 'do the math'.

Out of these taxes, twelve billion Great British Pounds (GBP) per year goes to prop up third world dictators via the foreign aid budget and a staggering fifty five million per day goes to the EU to help subsidise the unaffordable lifestyles of other EU spendaholics including the Greeks.

British taxpayers also contribute to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in addition to other various EU money laundering schemes that have prevented its accounts from passing an audit for twelve straight years.

The last thing that the long suffering British taxpayers want to hear is that the Greek people consider it their patriotic duty not to pay their taxes. Some reports suggest that Greeks failed to pay over eighty-nine percent of all taxes in 2010.

Also, while the retirement age in Great Britain has been sixty-five for men and sixty for women for time immemorial, the British people also don't appreciate learning that the Greek retirement age varies from forty-five to sixty-five with seventy-five percent retiring before age sixty-one.

It's not surprising to learn that two percent of the Greek population abuse the pension system by receiving payments they are not entitled to, or because they
(See here and here)

This brings us to the issue of an unscrupulous political class in both Great Britain and Greece who exacerbate this sorry state of affairs by continuously lying to and deceiving the very people they are elected to serve.

The Greeks have continually elected socialist ideologues who have promised them benefits and entitlements they know they cannot afford, financed by borrowed money they know they cannot pay back.

The latest in a long line of shysters goes by the name of Alexis Tsipras, a socialist who was elected on a 'No Austerity', platform.

He led his people to believe he would stand up to the bullying Eurocrats on their behalf. He put the creditors terms and conditions to a referendum which were roundly rejected by the people. He knew then he was going to sell them out and accept the creditors terms. In fact the terms he accepted were worse than those offered prior to the referendum.

This whole farce is to keep Greece in the Eurozone at any cost and by extension keep the European superstate project on track.

Against the wishes of many of the political class, the British opted out of the disastrous Eurozone and kept the Pound Sterling thus retaining the freedom to set its own interest rates, and to a certain extent, manage its own economy.

It was all over the morning media in Great Britain that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had stood tall and made it plain to the Eurocrats in Brussels that the British taxpayer would not be contributing to any more bail-outs for the Greeks.

By lunch time, most likely after a phone call from Frau Merkel of Germany, he had caved in completely, leaving his taxpayers on the hook to pay for unearned Greek welfare benefits and early retirements.

This is not the first time that British Ministers have caved in to pressure from the all powerful Eurocrats and stitched up their own taxpayers.

When these corruptocrats altered the rules on GDP and contributions they slapped a surcharge on the British taxpayers.

An 'outraged' David Cameron vowed that Great Britain would refuse to pay a "completely unacceptable" bill of 1.7 billion GBP . It looked for a while that for once in his life the Prime Minister was going stand firm against the Eurocrats in the interests of the British people.

Only in their dreams; after a severe reprimand from EU President Jose Manuel Barrosso, Cameron's 'refusing to pay' had morphed into 'refusing to pay immediately' which in turn has morphed into 'we will pay up Mr Barrosso sir'.

If anyone in the EU empire has a reason to riot then it's the hard pressed British taxpayer who is being fleeced by his own government in order to finance profligacy abroad and to keep the failed Eurozone alive; a currency of which the British are not members.

Unfortunately, unlike their early retired and welfare supported Greek counterparts they are too busy working and paying taxes to spend time chucking Molotov Cocktails at police officers. Besides, with VAT on fuel charged on top of fuel Duty, it makes a Molotov Cocktail too cost prohibitive.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Death To America, Death To Israel - Relax They Don't Really Mean It

Exactly why Iranians were dancing in the streets of Tehran after the announcement of a nuclear deal is open to speculation. Some pundits claim it was to celebrate the lifting of sanctions, others the gifting of Iran with nuclear weapons thus giving them capability parity with Israel now that Obama has dumped them as an ally.

The official spin from the White House is that Obama's diplomacy has succeeded in curtailing Iran's nuclear ambitions preventing their acquisition of nuclear weapons and ending the possibility of a nuclear arms race in the middle east. In exchange international sanctions will be lifted and relations between Iran and the rest of world normalised.

As the politicians and diplomats pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for achieving the declared legacy of President Obama, the reality behind this appeasement and the reasons behind it are not too difficult to fathom.

The reality is that although sanctions have restricted Iran's ability to cause death and mayhem it remains the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region and the wider world. Terrorist organisations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabaab and the Taliban have become household names because of their bloodletting and they have all benefited from Iranian money and logistical support.

There has been no requirement in this deal to curtail their global support for Islamic terrorism - not that they would honour them if there were any - therefore an additional one hundred billion dollars into their war chest can only mean more mayhem and death across the world in the name of Allah the Merciful.

The reason for this is simple, The Islamic Republic of Iran is a revolutionary theocracy run by Islamic fanatics where Israel and the Jewish people, America and the American people are the focus of their visceral hatred.

Their stated desire to wipe Israel off the map and every Jew from the face of earth is not an idle threat, they actually mean it.Their stated desire to kill Americans - which is not restricted to those in the military but civilians as well - is also not an idle threat.

If their fanaticism is in any doubt, it is worth remembering that their last leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad articulated his version of the national beliefs. Iranians are waiting for the return of the Hidden Imam or Mahdi, who will set up and rule over the Caliphate. In the meantime, until he returns, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is ruling in his absence.

Apparently there is documentary proof that his return is being hindered by the USA in order to prevent him ruling the world. The destruction of America therefore will hasten the Mahdi's homecoming and the setting up of the promised Caliphate.

No one really knows how many ordinary Iranians buy into this nonsense, suffice to say that the ruling theocracy does and they have widespread support.

With beliefs like this, combined with their record of lying and breaking treaties, and in addition to supporting Islamic terrorism around the world, who in their right mind would facilitate their acquisition of nuclear weapons?

Not Israel that's for sure. These are the experts, they live cheek by jowl with these fanatical killers. Every single day of their lives is lived under the threat of Iranian sponsored terrorism.

The Israelis have warned the world over again that if ever these maniacs succeed in wiping Israel and every Jew off the face of the earth they will not stop there. They will continue the killing and mayhem until the commands of Mohammad as laid down in the Koran are fulfilled.

The world must submit to Islam and live by shariah law. All infidels and khafirs must convert or pay an infidel tax and become slaves of Islam. Failing that they must all be beheaded.

This perverted ideology is being preached in mosques and madrassas not only in Muslim countries but with impunity across the civilised world. Hate preachers such as Great Britain's notorious Anjem Choudary preach this hatred on the streets of Great Britain without fear of arrest; he has even been given air time in the USA.

In addition to the history of Iran's hatred of America and Israel, the chanting of Death to America and Death to Israel by huge crowds during the nuclear weapons negotiations should have given the administration a clue that the Iranians will not stick to any deal.

Their hatred of both America and Israel, stoked up by religious fanaticism, and combined with the belief that they are within touching distance of acquiring the means of fulfilling their scripture, prevents them from negotiating in good faith.

So why is the Obama administration falling for this?

If anyone is in any doubt that President Obama is a hard line socialist/progressive ideologue then they have not been paying attention for the last seven years; every word and deed of his confirms this. He has surrounded himself with like minded ideologues and useful idiots.

The tenets of socialist/progressive ideology demand that all adherents must hate capitalism, America and Israel; Obama along with his administration and supporters have made it plain during his presidency that they comply with all three.

They believe that capitalism, America and Israel are forces of evil in the world and the prime cause of all its problems. This is further complicated by Obama's statements in support of Islam and his war against Christianity at home.

Obama's ideology has manifested itself in his deliberate downgrading of America and reducing its dominance on the world stage. His actions are typical of the socialist/progressive administrations that have bankrupted and ruined almost every country in Europe. In addition to this, and to help America finally disappear down the pan, he is eviscerating the mighty military machine that kept the world's ambitious dictators in check.

This has not gone unnoticed in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran who have become emboldened and increasingly brazen in their expansionist designs.

While the obsession with sexual orientation and gender proclivities is turning America's military into a global laughing stock, Russia is expanding westward and encroaching on Americas borders with its bombers and submarines while the Chinese are expanding in the South China Sea and indulging in a cyber war against American industry and its public institutions.

While America is obsessing about gays in the military, its new nuclear capable client in the middle east is publicly lynching them by crane in Tehran Square.

While America is putting pressure on the only democracy in the middle east and putting its very existence in peril, the Ayatollahs are causing bloodshed and death while they expand across the middle east with impunity.

In conclusion; with the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran within reach, Israel is now the front line of defence and the last redoubt against radical Islam, we ignore them at our peril.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Murdered By Immigrants - Politicians Put Their Agenda Before Public Safety

The tragic death of Kathryn Steinle murdered as she walked with her father at a popular San Francisco pier is one of many heinous crimes committed by immigrants, legal and illegal, all across the civilised world that the political class refuse to condemn.

Murder, rape, child abuse, robbery and other violent crimes are now rife in every country where mass third world immigration is being used to impose the 'fundamental transformation' of society at the behest of the global elite that run the UN/EU.

The fact that some deaths attract a different response from the political class and the establishment is a measure of their fanaticism and total dedication to their 'transformation' agenda; also the fact that an identical attitude to immigrant crime has been adopted all across the civilised world is proof that it's part of a centrally planned, coordinated policy.

The reaction of the Obama administration to death of Kathryn Steinle is in stark contrast to the death of black street thugs and wannabe gangstas Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Every decent American should recoil with disgust by fact that the administration sent representatives to both the Martin and Brown funerals but refuses to even comment on the death of Kathryn Steinle.

This is nothing new when it comes to governments reacting differently where their client groups are involved.

In Great Britain the death of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993 at the hands of a white gang is still a cause celebre some two decades after his demise while the death of white teenager Richard Everitt 1994 at the hands of a Bangladeshi gang went largely unreported.

The perpetrators of the Stephen Lawrence murder were pursued for years with the prosecutors even putting aside double jeopardy in order to get another conviction; the killers of Richard Everitt were given bail allowing some to escape back to Bangladesh never to be seen again.

The mother of Stephen Lawrence has been given multiple honours and awards, finally being elevated to the House of Lords and she now sits in the senior British Legislative Chamber as Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon while the mother of Richard Everitt remains anonymous.

(Read a previous article on Lawrence/Everitt scandal here)

As mentioned earlier, this attitude of benevolence toward immigrants, legal or illegal, criminal or law abiding, being acted out by governments across the civilised world is nothing to do with compassion, traditional values or anything else. It is a cold, calculated policy emanating from the UN and it's European arm, the EU, to impose cultural and demographic change in the developed world.

This is part of the ongoing agenda to re-order the post war world based on national, cultural and religious egalitarianism as a core principle. By ignoring the fact that nations, cultures and religions are not and never will be equal, the UN/EU elites will only succeed in downgrading the civilised world and with it wealth creation and the prospects for a prosperous future for all of humanity.

Past and current leaders of the developed or civilised nations are part of the global elite and they are all dedicated to the UN/EU agenda which includes the 'fundamental transformation' of their homogeneous or Judeo-Christian dominated countries into so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

Such is the dedication and commitment of these world leaders they are putting this agenda before public safety and the economic well being of their citizens.

The United States are relatively new to the 'fundamental transformation' project and its people should look to Europe if they want to see what their political class has in store for them.

Treacherous politicians decided two decades ago to open the borders to mass third world immigration with the intention of changing homogeneous Sweden into a so called 'multi-cultural society'. Since then violent crime has increased some three hundred percent and rape over fourteen hundred and seventy percent (1,470%). Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world where one in twenty women will be raped.
(Scandinavia's multi-cultural disaster here)

To say that Swedish politicians have put their cultural replacement agenda before the safety of their citizens is an understatement of staggering proportions. Following close behind are the rest of Scandinavia and Europe including Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain.

The British political class and the establishment have sold their souls to the UN/EU cultural replacement agenda. Immigrants and their various ethnic groups and religions are given almost divine status while their victims are vilified and in the case of the Rotherham child grooming scandal threatened with prosecution themselves for wasting police time.

Where prosecutions are unavoidable the 'progressive' judges hand down derisory sentences as in the case of Islamic teacher and paedophile, Suleman Maknojioa who escaped a custodial sentence because he is head of the family and his wife is on benefits and doesn't speak English. His victims can go hang.

The list of examples to prove that the British political class are putting the UN/EU cultural replacement agenda before the well being and safety of the citizens is too long to list here but immigrant friendly government actions or non-actions prove it beyond any shadow of doubt.

Against the wishes of the people the politicians have opened the borders allowing immigrants to enter often without scrutiny; this includes murderers, rapists, child molesters and other violent criminals. For example, convicted Lithuanian child rapist, Victor Akulic, entered Great Britain and violently raped a woman soon after.

Politicians are well aware that a fifth of all rape and murder suspects last year are immigrants, one third of all rape suspects in London are foreign, mainly from Jamaica, Nigeria and Australia, countries which are not part of the EU.

In tandem with this, it is virtually impossible to deport criminals, illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers due to the pernicious Human Rights Act. This Act may sound desirable in a world where politicians are out of control but in practice it is nothing more than a criminals charter where the human rights of terrorists, murderers, rapists and other violent criminals are sacrosanct while those of their innocent victims are studiously ignored by agenda driven 'progressive' judges.

The tragic murder of Kathryn Steinle has raised the issue of so called 'sanctuary cities' in the United States to the top of the news cycle for now. It is worth the American people noting that the combination of an agenda driven political class with politicised institutions, including the police and the judiciary, makes Great Britain one big sanctuary for illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, phony asylum seekers, economic migrants and most frightening of all, ISIS and other radical Muslim terrorists.

A warning for the American people, the UN have plans for you. See here  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Donald Trump - Beating Up The Establishment With The Truth

Modern day election campaigns are being micro-managed to such an extent they are nothing more than exercises in mass manipulation using pre-scripted political positions gleaned from focus groups combined with choreographed visual images.

With language and many of the issues being framed by political correctness these campaigns are reduced to sterile slanging matches where opposing career politicians hold slight variations of the same establishment policies and express them in a similar language and tone.

The five Democrat Party candidates are are beyond the pale and should be every American's worse nightmare. The big beast and establishment favourite, Hillary Clinton, is a life long Alinskyite socialist who goes around the place calling herself a 'progressive'. She is a machine politician with a bloated sense of entitlement and who's relationship with the truth is non-existent.

The policies championed by this crony-financed political charlatan are defined by political expediency; she will adopt whatever policy will get her elected then consign it to the bin soon after.

However she dresses up her policies for the election campaign her one and only policy will forever remain unaltered - the imposition of socialism on the many while bestowing favours and riches on her privileged few.

At least Democrat Party candidate Bernie Sanders is partially honest; he is a declared socialist and like all those afflicted with the same disease - Clinton included -  he obviously doesn't watch the news or pay any attention to history. With Greece reduced to penury and misery due to socialism - along with Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, the former Russian empire etc. - they are obviously brainwashed and blind to reality.

Like all socialists from time immemorial Sanders will never reveal in any detail, outside of taxing the so called 'rich', how he intends to pay for all the 'free stuff' he intends to dole out to all and sundry. He also won't acknowledge the failure of his perverted ideology in the aforementioned countries such as Greece, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

The fourteen Republican candidates include some sound anti-establishment figures who will, in due course, get savaged by the bought-and-paid-for government-media complex, especially if they threaten their preferred Republican candidate should Clinton falter.

There will be no prizes for guessing who the preferred establishment Republican candidate is. It is reported that Jeb Bush had one hundred million dollars in his election war chest before he even declared himself a candidate. This compares with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who had a mere three million after his declaration.

The election campaign was settling into the usual micro-managed, sleep inducing torpor, whereby the establishment candidates were constrained from telling the truth about the issues by political correctness and the requirement not to upset their client groups or their donors.

Shamefully, each campaign also dedicates valuable resources to digging dirt on their opponents with the intention of 'going negative' at some point by employing smear and denigration in place of proper grown-up political discourse.

This comfortable consensus went out the window when Donald Trump exploded onto the scene and took the campaign by storm. He left the establishment candidates, along with the government-media complex, like a startled deer caught in the headlights of a Juggernaut.

When these establishment machine politicians, along with their various supporters and donors, get caught with their pants down like this they resort to doing what they do best i.e circling the waggons then pooling their resources to denigrate and question the competency of their common enemy.

Refreshingly, when Donald Trump tells the truth about the issues he disregards political correctness; this resonates with the public and puts the fear of God into the establishment because they have no answer to his candour. This puts their hegemony over American life into jeopardy and spurs them into action.

His detractors are so desperate to nullify the effect of Trump they are not only making themselves look ridiculous with their statements, they are keeping him in prime position at the very top of the twenty four hour news cycle.

One establishment pundit gave the world a laugh when she pushed the line that this highly successful, multi-billionaire business magnate who has directly created tens of thousands of jobs is not a serious candidate. According to this political genius, an anonymous community organiser with no visible achievements, who has not directly created a single job and who's fortune can be counted in bottle tops instead of dollars was a serious candidate.

This same pundit gave the world even more reason to laugh when she opined that Trump makes such silly statements. Whatever statements he does make they will never compare to silliest statement ever made by a Presidential candidate. With fake Greek columns in the background, Barack Obama claimed that his election was the moment that "the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal".

Here are a few more imbecilities and lies that Donald Trump would be hard pressed to beat:

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor - period"

"The border has never been more secure than it is now".

"My administration is the most transparent ever"

"America has never been more respected abroad"................and so on and so forth.

The establishment are terrified of Donald Trump because he is not in their pocket and cannot be bought. He is not dependent on donors therefore he is not beholden to special interests or client groups. There will be no quid pro quo, and should he lose he will still be a multi-billionaire.

Who would bet against him succeeding where establishment politicians have spectacularly failed in the past on the following issues:

Securing the border, a promise made by successive administrations since Ronald Reagan back in 1986.

Bringing manufacturing jobs back to America from Mexico and China using economic muscle power as a negotiating tool.

Putting China and Russia back in their boxes using the threat of military superiority as a negotiating tool.

Defeating ISIS by bombing them to kingdom come. (Bombing them back to the stone age is not applicable in this case because they never left it)

Stopping Iran acquiring nuclear weapons using economic muscle power and the oil weapon.

Donald Trump would make a better President than either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush and he couldn't possibly do any worse than Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter or Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend.

Donald Trump may not win the election but he is going to liven up the campaign and he will expose the paucity of solutions and lack of political will among the establishment candidates, who will only ensure business-as-usual in Washington DC and the continuing decline of America and its people.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Greek People - Aristotle's Lazy Children Can't Do Simple Mathematics

Although the Greek 'No' referendum result is welcome among those freedom loving people across Europe who want to see the anti-democratic European Union tyranny consigned to the dustbin of history, it doesn't excuse the shameful behavior of the Greek people and their criminal political leaders.

It's hard to imagine that the country which produced history's most noted mathematicians has produced a nation of people that are unable to understand the most basic of mathematical concepts. Either that or they have produced a nation of people so lacking in principle they are happy to enjoy an unaffordable standard of living paid for by the sweat and toil of others.

Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras dates from 571 BC,  his legacy and theorem are with us to this day. The same can be said of Aristotle who blessed us with his genius from 384 BC, Euclid from 300 BC and Archimedes from 287 BC. Democritus gave us his atomic theory of the universe back in in 460 BC.

Looking at the situation in Greece today it's difficult to comprehend that the children of Pythagoras, Aristotle et al, are unable to grasp the simplest of concepts. 'When a nation spends more than it earns, it racks up debt, when that debt becomes unsustainable the country goes bankrupt'. What could possibly be simpler?

For reasons that defy logic the Greek people ignored the legacy of Pythagoras and allowed themselves to be seduced by three generations of the left wing Papandreou family who formed and controlled the Panhellenic Socialist  Movement known to the world as PASOK.

Georgios Papandreou started the spendthrift ball rolling back in the 1960's; this was continued by his son Andreas reaching a disastrous grand finale with his American born grandson Georgios Junior, known as George. Regardless of the arithmetic George went on to spent Greece into bankruptcy.

This culminated in a bloodless coup by EU bureaucrats who suspended Greek democracy, ousted him from power and installed their own troika of unelected technocrats.

One can possibly be forgiven for thinking that the promise of 'free stuff' paid for by someone else had a numbing effect on the collective Greek mind but it's stretching credulity too far by suggesting that George Papandreou, and subsequent Greek politicians, were unaware that they were spending Greece into bankruptcy.

Being a student of the London School of Economics and Harvard University, Papandreou must have known that he was bankrupting Greece and sentencing his own people to perdition for generations to come. Had this been an individual or a business it would be a criminal act with the perpetrators punished accordingly but as we know, politicians are above the law and they take care of their own.

Papandreou is also the leader of Socialist International, an organisation of global socialists who are dedicated to imposing the same disastrous policies that ruined Greece onto all countries around the world. Instead of a conviction and a prison sentence for the millions of lives he has destroyed, Papandreou is feted among the global elite as some kind of elder statesman and given appointments lecturing at prestigious educational establishments such as Harvard University and the School of Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York.

This modern Greek tragedy should serve as lesson to those nations that are being seduced by government propaganda that politicians can mandate equality of outcome and give away lots of 'free stuff' by simply redistributing wealth via taxing the so called 'rich' then when they run out of other peoples money, borrowing more from abroad.

The mathematical principles passed down by Pythagoras, Aristotle Euclid and their historical counterparts are eternal verities which are as applicable today as they have always been and people should not be seduced into thinking otherwise.

In case the theories of the ancient mathematicians are too difficult for the the politicians and the Greek people to understand I consider it my public duty to help.

There is no such thing as 'free stuff', be it health care, education, early retirement, food stamps, welfare benefits or anything else; it all has to be paid for by someone. If it's borrowed money it will have to be paid back with interest. Living within one's means is morally right for individuals, businesses and governments alike. Expecting others to pick up the tab for an unaffordable lifestyle is parasitic and shameful in the extreme.