Thursday, November 27, 2014

Terrorist Attack Inevitable - Government Ramps Up Mass Immigration

Some news items are so disturbing one has to re-read them several times to understand how the conditions arose for such things to happen. At first glance the severity of a story can mask its origins but a little focus and analysis usually reveals the cause. That cause would be politicians making illogical, irrational or incompetent decisions that fly in the face of common sense.

The current leaders of the British political pack have availed themselves of the most exclusive and expensive education money can buy. They went on to some of the best universities in the world including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

Their handlers and groomers then fast tracked them into lobbying companies, merchant banks, the UN, the EU or the BBC for a few years, before bringing them to rest in the party political machines they dwell in today.

One would think that somewhere along this education super-highway they would have acquired some common sense to foresee some of the the consequences of their policies then take the appropriate action.

A look around the current news cycle and their response should dispel that notion once and for all.

i) 'Police and security officials state categorically that a Muslim terrorist attack on Great Britain is inevitable'.
(Story here)

No sh*t Sherlock is the remark that comes immediately to mind. The 7/7 and 21/7 terrorists attacks on the London Transport system must have slipped the governments mind, along with the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in a London street in broad daylight.

The government have allowed Muslim ghettos to spread and radical Islam fester unhindered in mosques and madrassas the length and breadth of the country. They indulge their every demand no matter how minor or how objectionable to the British people. This has emboldened them to make more and even bigger demands such as everyone must submit to Islam and sharia law or else.

ii) 'British documented Muslim brothers have been sent to prison for attending terrorist training camps in Syria'.

Only someone without an ounce of foresight can actually countenance the response of the political establishment to this. Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz shared an extremist ideology and made their way to Syria via Calais, Lyon, Istanbul and Ankara, for the purpose of jihad.

In a statement of jaw dropping naivety,  the judge said that the pair  "who are British of Pakistani origin, did not plan to carry out attacks in the UK and that their ambition was to join extremists fighting against the Syrian regime". He therefore gave them derisory four and three year sentences, which with the customary fifty percent reduction they could be out in eighteen months to two years.

Are they harmless bumbling amateurs looking to impress their peers as their defence lawyer suggests?  Not quite, by travelling abroad, Mohommod Nawaz breached the terms of a licence after he was jailed for six years in 2009 for blackmail, false imprisonment, kidnap and wounding.
(Story here)

iii) 'British ex-soldiers volunteering to fight the Islamic State could be prosecuted for murder'.

Only British politicians and their establishment can offer rehabilitation and monitoring to some of the most brutal savages on the planet who, prior to their return 'home', have committed some of the most horrific crimes imaginable but threaten prosecution to those who volunteer to go fight them.
iv) 'British Muslim jihadi taunts police and MI5 on Twitter from the Islamic State in Syria'.

Siddhartha Dhar from London was one of nine men who were detained on suspicion of supporting terrorism. He is believed to have met and possibly mentored Michael Adebolajo, one of the brutal killers of Drummer Rigby.
In an incomprehensible act that defies logic, Dhar was released on bail and ordered to hand in his passport. Less than twenty four hours later he's on his way to Syria with his entire family where he Tweets photographs of himself with an assault rifle and his new born son to the police and the intelligence services.
(Story here)

v) 'A gang who battered a dad in front of his family were convicted Polish thugs who were allowed to stroll into the UK'.
Professor Paul Kohler suffered appalling injuries during a robbery at his home by four violent career criminal thugs. The thugs in question had a history of extreme violence and the ring leader was on the run from a Polish prison.

They saw Great Britain's wealthy suburbs as a soft touch but the softest touch of all were the customs and immigration 'service' who let them stroll across the border without question.
(Story here)
And finally, as anyone with just the minutest skills of observation will attest, the root cause of all these news items is the governments EU mandated policy of open border mass immigration.

One would think that taking control of the borders would be the first of a multitude steps that would be necessary to relieve the suffering of the British people.

vi) Despite a 'no ifs, no buts' cast iron promise by David Cameron to limit net immigration to the tens of thousands, it is at its highest level since the Norman invasion of William the Conquerer in 1066.

The latest figures released yesterday revealed that five hundred and eighty three thousand people immigrated onto this tiny windswept island in the North Atlantic last year, with a net increase of two hundred and sixty thousand.
(Story here)

The strain on the country's physical and social infrastructure is unsustainable let on its finances and community relations. The government and its army of like minded officials in the establishment absolutely refuse to listen to people and address these issues. This is because they have surrendered the power to govern Great Britain to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

News items such as these are a daily occurrence and the tip of the iceberg, unless appropriate action is taken to end the suffering of the British people it will end in tears.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

UN Imposed Multi-Culturalism - Civilisation Itself Is Diminished

When United Nations super bureaucrat Peter Sutherland appeared on the BBC some time ago and  talked about the need for the European Union to 'undermine national homogeneity', one cannot be sure that the viewing public, let alone the public at large, realised the enormity of what he was saying.

A former head honcho at BP and Goldman-Sachs, he appeared under the guise of the UN sponsored Global Forum on Migration and Development. Like the modern day professional politician, it is unlikely that career bureaucrats such as himself has spent any quality time in the real world of the people who suffer the consequences of what they impose.  

In the minds of Sutherland and the global elite, all the problematic conditions that resulted in conflict and two world wars stemmed from the hegemony of what used to be known in leftist circles as the WASP,  the White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The usual buzzwords such as imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, inequality and the like, would all be laid at the door of the WASP.

WASP morphed into an catch-all term used to describe all people who were white with a Judaeo-Christian heritage.

With the growing influence and power of the UN came the global super bureaucrat of whom Peter Sutherland is the latest manifestation. What started as a noble effort for the worlds nations to take action in preventing wars, the UN as effectively abandoned this noble ideal and now sees itself as the world government.

What we are seeing today is the ongoing UN project to re-order the post-war world according to their vision alone, excluding everyone from outside their exclusive circle.

'Un-homogenising' as they like to call it, consists of replacing the traditional ways of life of WASP dominated cultures with so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

It has already been achieved in South Africa and Zimbabwe with disastrous consequences and it is well advanced in the Anglosphere. It is currently being imposed in Europe with equally disastrous consequences.

With two years left of his final term, President Obama is determined to finish 'fundamentally transforming' America by destroying the WASP dominated heritage of the American people. He is doing this with all the intensity of a scorched earth policy.

The borders are deliberately left open, illegal immigration is actively encouraged with amnesty and citizenship being the ultimate reward.

From five to a possible eleven million new non WASP citizens is tranformational in the extreme.

Career politicians and professional bureaucrats spend their lives in each others company, only interacting with like minded people who can comprehend a particular theory, a political philosophy or a policy and niothing else. Consequently they know very little about the real world inhabited by real  people who will suffer the practical reality of what they impose.

If they do understand the practical reality of what they impose then obviously they don't care, their re-ordering of global society is all that matters. The ending of white rule in South Africa and Zimbabwe was the aim of the UN regardless of the disastrous consequences they knew would befall the people.

The fact that the so called multi-cultural 'Rainbow Nation' has descended into a hellhole of tribalism, poverty, starvation, violence, rape and murder is of no consequence to people like Sutherland and the political elite. As long as the project to end white rule was achieved, then all's well that ends well.
Likewise in Zimbabwe with the installation of 'Butcher' Bob Mugabe, the UN's favourite Marxist dictator. The country, together its industries, its economy and its peace, has been totally destroyed but that's ok at least the white man is longer in charge.

Civilisation in South Africa and Zimbabwe has not been advanced by UN action but diminished.

The chosen method for 'undermining national homogeinty' in Europe is to impose a mythical 'multi-cultural society' via open border mass immigration combined with rigidly policed political correctness and anti-indigenate laws.

Some laws, such as hate crime laws, equality laws, animal welfare laws and child protection laws are selective, applying to indigenes only.
Since it is a practical impossibility to raise living and cultural standards in some parts of the world up to WASP levels, Sutherland and global elite are imposing global finacial and cultural equality by:

a) Redistributing wealth by a combination of foreign or development aid.

b) Transferring manfacturing industries and technology to the third world via the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

c) Redistributing wealth using the goverment sponsored perversion of science called Man Made Global Warming. Since there hasn't been any for two decades they shamelessly re-named it 'Combating Climate Change' and carried on redistributing taxpayers money regardless.

d) Instigating a cultural and demographic replacement policy by encouraging open border mass immigration from backward, incompatible cultures. These cultures are encouraged not to integrate while the indigenous population are cohersed into accepting them, together with some of their barbaric practices, under threat of prosecution.

With the 'un-homogenising' of Great Britain being the prime objective - as opposed to the wellbeing of the people - Peter Sutherland and the global elite will not be the slightest bit concerned that their so called multi-cultural society consists of thousands of mono-cultural, violent, crime ridden, welfare financed ghettoes that are unrecognisable as being British.


As is the case in Southern Africa, British society, along with its civilsed culture and its benign way of life has been downgraded and diminished so that career politicians and agenda driven professional bureaucrats can feel self satisfied that their 'progressive' re-ordering of the world is being achieved regardless of the cost to civilised standards.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Politicians v The People - The Battle Of Britain Rages On

Having recently marked the centenary of the start of World War I and attended services on Remembrance Sunday honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Great Britain's freedom, one would think that the British people would be enjoying the fruits of that sacrifice without hindrance.

Then one couldn't be more wrong. Malign forces both at home and abroad made the decision that the independent nation states of Europe, Great Britain included, must be abolished and replaced by a post democratic federal super state - in effect a United States of Europe.

This was unacheivable with the various cultures and traditional ways of life of the individual nation states, therefore these had to be destroyed in order to form a new generic European citizen.

This grandiose project would never have got off the ground had there been a consultation process or a referendum, therefore it was decided to impose it by stealth and coercion.

The initial stage in the deception was the Common Market. Once trapped inside this supposedly benign organisation morphing it into a sovereign state was relatively straight forward.

By implementing the Jean Monnet plan, sovereignty was transferred from the nation states to Brussels by deceit using a series of treaties each carefully disguised as being of mutual economic benefit. By the time the people became aware of the dastardly and thoroughly dishonest plan it was too late.

In parallel with the transfer of sovereignty, national cultures and traditional ways of life were being systematically destroyed using an open border mass immigration policy. This was coupled with coercion, anti-indigent legislation and a regime of rigidly policed political correctness.

To effect this cultural vandalism on the British people - who incidentally, didn't ask for it, weren't consulted about it and didn't want it - it became necessary for the political class to declare war on their own people.

The political establishment and the traditional institutions, together with their armies of bureaucrats, apparatchiks and sycophants, have been stuffed with Common Purpose graduates who have been specifically trained to impose the EU project together with its cultural replacement agenda.

The individual behaviors of this enemy within is too enormous to include in this article but to give an idea of how dedicated they are, a look at the last news cycle speaks volumes.

The British people demand an end to open border mass immigration. Despite solemn promises 'to reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands' it continues relentlessly upwards. The latest figures show it remains in the hundreds of thousands. Those who voice their consternation are smeared as racist, xenophobes, Islamophobes or Little Englanders.

With all the indecent haste they can muster, in order to alter the cultural profile of Great Britain permanently, the politicians handed out British passports with abandon. Some two hundred thousand last year with no decrease projected any time soon. This action will also allow the multi-culturalists to re-define what comprise British values.

The school inspection regime who labour under the grandiose title of the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (OfSTED), refused to correctly grade a school in the rural English town of Market Rasen because it isn't sufficiently multi-cultural. In other words its too English. The fact the town is ninety seven percent white English doesn't register with these fanatics.

To these bureaucrats white Anglo-Saxon England is the perceived enemy they are working to destroy.
To reinforce the point that Muslims are a vitally important part of the cultural replacement agenda, and therefore deserving of special treatment, West Midlands police applied to the courts to keep the identity of a Muslim grooming gang secret to protect their human rights.

One would have thought that the ongoing grooming scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and every other English city, where the police facilitated industrial scale child abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs, they would have been more sensitive. Apparently not, the multi-cultural agenda takes a much higher priority over the wellbeing young white girls.

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, a Mr. Ed Davey, from the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrat Party, insults anyone who objects to the government fire hosing taxpayers money on foreign vanity projects.

Such is the contempt Mr. Davey has for the British public, questioning the policy of borrowing and spending upwards of ten billion pounds per year on foreign aid when the the national debt is soaring inexorably skyward makes one a 'Little Englander'.

Finally, Labour Party big wig and Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry, tweeted a photograph of a white van parked outside a house adorned with the flag of St George as if it was some kind of abomination. (White van man is a demographic group within the working class)

It may not appear to be an issue of consequence until one realises that in the eyes of the wealthy, metropolitan elite that has taken over the working mans party, the Cross of St. George is on the list of proscribed items because it causes offence to foreigners.

Taking offence at anything quintessentially English forms part of the mindset of the self loathing socialist/communist/liberal community that has declared war on the British people. In case anyone is unfamiliar with current terminology, these are the people that now go around calling themselves 'progressives'.

As in all wars the battles rage to and fro but this particular one ends on a positive note which gives rise to some optimism.

Thornberry's remarks were made during the Rochester and Strood by-election campaign which was subsequently won by the anti-establishment, anti-EU  United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP),
the second such by-election victory in as many months.

As for the remote, Great Britain hating, metropolitan champagne socialist Emily Thornberry?  Her ignorance and ongoing war against the British people has attracted opprobium all round resulting in her resignation from the Labour Shadow Cabinet. This hopefully will be the final nail in the coffin of Red Ed and his elitist controlled Labour Party.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lying Politicians - Even Their Smiles Are A Thin Disguise

With the unsurprising revelation that Barack Obama, the so-called 'leader of the free world', is a pathological liar who will say and promise anything in order to impose his agenda, it gives us all the opportunity to re-appraise our attitude to politicians in general.

It took the Tony Blair administration, with its spin doctors, media managers, soundbites, rebuttal units and centrally issued 'lines to take', to bring home to the British people that they were being systematically lied to on a massive scale.

Barack Obama has watched and learned from his trans-Atlantic mentor and adopted what has been a highly successful strategy to 'fundamentally transform' America into the 'progressive' dystopia that his perverted ideology demanded.  

Just as modern rocketry and space exploration was developed from the genius of Nazi scientist/engineer Werner von Braun, so modern methods of propaganda were developed from the evil genius of Nazi propaganda chief, Josef Goebels.

So successful were his methods, he was able to transform a sophisticated, culturally advanced, civilized population into one of the most bestial in history. It was inevitable that agenda driven politicians would adopt these tried and tested methods to achieve their own ideological ends also.        

The phenomenon of lying to impose a political or ideological agenda started in earnest with the Conservative administration of Edward Heath who wilfully lied in order to get Great Britain to join the Common Market as it was then known.

Heath and his like minded cohorts knowingly lied when they claimed that there would be absolutely no surrender of sovereignty to the Brussels bureaucrats and the Westminster Parliament would always remain the supreme legislature of the British people.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary Europhile politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are promoting those same lies today. They still claim that the EU is a benign trading organization operating for the mutual economic benefit of its members.

The truth is that Great Britain has been fundamentally transformed beyond recognition by a carefully constructed programme of spin, obfuscation and outright lies, spread by a compliant bought-and-paid-for media machine that would be the envy of Josef Goebels and his Ministry of Information and Propaganda.

There was a brief hiatus under the Thatcher administration but she was deposed in a coup by the Europhiles in her party and replaced by their chosen puppet John Major.

Through a series of well spun lies and deceit, he brought the dishonest project back on track and signed the Maastricht Treaty. Although he claimed otherwise, this effectively surrendered some of the last remnants of British sovereignty to Brussels.  

Unable to risk another Thatcher, the Blair/Brown administrations speeded up the project using the same formula of lies and obfuscation which is being carried on by David Cameron to this day.

Cameron is now known by the epithet 'Cast Iron Dave' because of his broken promise to give the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. A 'Cast Iron Guarantee' to use his exact phrase.

When Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act architect Jonathan Gruber revealed that not only were the American people lied to on a massive scale, but the administration also believed they could get away with it because they regarded the American people as stupid.

At this point it would be easy to say that this assumption would be correct when applied to that section of the British and American electorate that fell for the spin, deceit and outright lies, but that would be denying the power of an efficient propaganda machine.

For the American people the signs were there from start. The employment of Greek columns combined with some of the most outrageous statements ever made in an election campaign was an embarrassment to behold and they should have acted as warning bell as to what would transpire.
It is worth reminding ourselves what Dr. Goebels had to say about manipulation and propaganda then compare it with modern political discourse.

Probably his most infamous quote was:

" If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".


"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over".

If this is not a description of the modern soundbite then I don't know what is.

President Obama repeated this blatant lie repeatedly when imposing his health care plan on an  unwilling populace:

" If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan - period. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor - period".

He also repeatedly lied about Benghazi, the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, the red lines over chemical weapons in Syria, the IRS targeting conservative groups and so on and so forth.

When it becomes acceptable for the Chief Executive to shamelessly and routinely lie in order to impose his agenda, it sets the precedent for the rest of his minions to follow.
The top Nazi himself, Adolf Hitler, understood the principles of propaganda as articulated in his infamous quote:

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it".

The lie doesn't get much bigger than the outrageous claim by candidate Obama that when he is elected "the oceans will stop rising and the planet will begin to heal". This is the Hubris Syndrome and the Messiah Complex rolled into one.
One can make allowances for those afflicted by the intellectual retardation effect as a result of belonging to the socialist/communist/liberal community - people who refer to themselves nowadays as 'progressives' in an attempt to distance themselves from the bloodsoaked history of their creed -  but millions of supposedly educated people fell for this nonsense not once but twice.
Millions of British voters were even worse, they fell for Phony Tony Blair three times before electing another media created phony in David Cameron.

Cameron and his acolytes have turned lying with a smile into an art form. They are utterly shameless, lying about everything from restricting mass immigration to preventing economic migrants from having access to welfare benefits, health care, housing and education.

They lie about the nature of the European Union, the renegotiation of membership terms and even about their taxpayer funded expenses. Their election manifesto's have been classed by the law courts as non binding therefore worthless to the electorate as to their intentions if elected to government.

They scuppered a recall Bill that would have allowed the electorate to sack their sorrry a*ses and shredded all documents over two years old regarding their expenses.

When all is taken into consideration the British legislature, together with its institutions and the entire establishment, not only involves lying and deceit, it is also rotten to the core and rife with villainy, corruption, perversion, cronyism and criminality. I assume that the American legislature and establishment are no different.
As a consequence, we the weary, exploited taxpayers can safely assume that every utterance they make will be a deliberately manufactured lie designed to keep them in office for their own self serving ends and their anti-people agendas intact.

*Apologies to the Eagles for using a line from one of their classic songs to highlight the behavior of such appalling people.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Still Generating Thatcher Hatred By Corrupting History

We have to accept that the days of honesty in political discourse are well and truly over having been replaced by spin, deceit, lies and propaganda. Distorting history has traditionally been the preserve of the victors in battle, in the case of modern political power seeking, politicians indulge freely.

These unscrupulous power seekers will say or promise anything to get their grubby hands on political power regardless of the cost to honesty, decency or moral integrity. It would appear that poisoning young minds by generating a visceral hatred of an opponent is an acceptable practice.

A chance meeting in a social club with an aspiring eighteen year old writer/politician revealed the truth about deliberately generated hatred. It was reminiscent of the 'three minute hate' made famous by George Orwell in his futuristic novel 1984.  

The young man in question has a "deep burning hatred in his heart for Margaret Thatcher...he will never forgive her for destroying the Welsh coal industry and his community".  Hatred on such a scale is a wasted emotion but it is a tragic waste when it is based on deliberately distorted history.

The fact that the correct version of history is easily accessible confirms that the young man has accepted the version of history given to him by unscrupulous ideologues and sadly fostered his burning hatred on the basis of it.

Presumably he will pass it on to the next generation and so forth with the result that the corrupted version is accepted as fact. Consequently political loyalty and votes will be assured in perpetuity.

I am not an apologist for Margaret Thatcher by any means nor do I endorse her policies but this gentleman's ignorance of the history about his local community is staggering. I feel it incumbent upon myself to put it right, demonstrating how history has been shamelessly distorted in the process.

The following facts are taken from South Wales Coalfield Series, Book 62. Merthyr Valley - Ray Lawrence Bsc. Also Collieries Of South Wales: Volumes 1 and 2 - John Cornwell

Our young friend's town and the surrounding area were thinly populated backwaters until the rise of iron making in the late eighteenth century. Four great ironworks were built between 1760 and 1780 causing an immigration boom which took the population into the tens of thousands. So it was iron and not coal that was responsible for the rise of his community in the first place.

Due to technical innovation and market pressures, the iron industry, along with the surrounding communities, went into decline in the 1860's and by the turn of the nineteenth century it was all but finished.

The remaining coal industry was still substantial consisting of over two hundred registered deep mines, drifts and levels in his home valley. The discovery of cheap, easily accessible oil started the decline of the coal industry but it was the recession starting in 1929 that just about finished it off.

By the time the industry was nationalised in 1947 the two hundred coal mines was reduced to four (4) and by 1955 that was reduced further to just two (2)

For the record Margaret Thatcher was born in 1925, became a research chemist then a barrister. She entered Parliament in 1959. She held the Education and Science portfolio until becoming Leader of the Opposition in 1975. By the time she became Prime Minister in 1979 the coal industry and its communities had already declined to the point of dereliction.

The facts that our aspiring friend chooses to ignore are that Margaret Thatcher wasn't born when the iron industry ended and was only four years old when the coal industry went into decline. She wasn't in Parliament at the time of nationalisation or when the industry was reduced to two mines in his valley.

The coal industry that remained was old, inefficient and costly. This necessitated a re-organisation which saw the Labour governments under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan closed two hundred and ninety mines.  The ongoing re-organisation saw a further one hundred and sixty close under Mrs. Thatcher's Conservative government. That's one hundred and thirty less than her Labour predecessors.

It was the year long miners strike of 1984/5 that raises the emotional temperature but the blame for that lies with the politically motivated leadership of the mine workers union. Arthur Scargill and Mick McGahey were two lifelong communists who had a deep loathing for the Conservative government and for Mrs.Thatcher in particular.

They misused the traditional loyalty of the mining communities in an attempt to bring down the democratically elected government. They refused to hold a national strike ballot and forbid local union lodges to hold one either. They left it the local miners whether to strike or work normally, those who decided to work normally were picketed out using threats, violence and intimidation.

It is the considered opinion of MR. Lawrence that had a ballot been allowed, the South Wales area would have voted to work normally.

The democratically elected government of fifty five million people was never going to submit to a union comprising one hundred and ten thousand members.  The remaining industry never recovered from the political ambitions of Messrs. Scargill and McGahey but agenda driven commentators ensured that Mrs.Thatcher got the blame.

Our aspiring young friend was horrified that someone could actually exonerate the object of his anger and vilification and pass the blame to his heroes. He obviously has an emotional need for fiction to become fact and vice verca

*In a footnote to this history it should be noted that if the industry had survived in some form after the malign attentions of Scargill and McGahey, it would have been finished by the restrictions set out in the Climate Change Act.

This industry killing legislation was put in place by the then Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change,  a Mr. Edward Miliband. Better known today as Red Ed, the leader of the Labour Party.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

David Cameron - To Succeed Great Britain Needs An Asian PM


Sometimes its difficult to understand what goes on inside the head of a career politician who has spent his entire life breathing the rarified air of a privileged elite and who has never spent any time in the real world inhabited by the majority of the British people.

It would appear that the agenda driven PR men and media managers who control David Cameron deliberately isolate him from the world outside and only feed him what they want him to hear in order for him to perform as required in the media.

The self proclaimed heir to the universally despised Tony Blair, he is on record as describing himself as a 'progressive' therefore it can be safely assumed that he is committed to imposing the agenda of the global elite as opposed to the representing the people he has been elected to serve.            

Despite all the false promises he makes to deceive the British people that he's listening, every speech that Cameron makes is loaded with references that re-assure his handlers he is remaining loyal to the global elite and committed to their transformational agenda.

His latest pronouncement that he would like to see an Asian Prime Minister in his lifetime, along with any position that has a title, is designed to achieve several outcomes.

Firstly, immigrant communities, both new and settled, have tended to vote for the Labour Party, especially those from the Indian sub-continent. With an election imminent, this is another example of Cameron shamelessly whoring for the Asian vote. (For the benefit of American readers, what the British refer to Asian is the Indian sub-continent - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sir Lanka etc. as opposed to the Far East).    

Secondly, he is confirming to the global 'progressive' elite that despite any anti-immigration noises he may make during the election campaign - which are designed to spike the guns of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) - he remains firmly on board with the UN and EU mandated cultural and demographic replacement agenda.

Cameron is echoing the words uttered on the BBC by UN super bureaucrat Peter Sutherland, the organisations head of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. The UN mandates that the EU must undermine national homogeneity and impose so called 'multi-cultural societies' across the continent in order to succeed economically.

It's nonsense of course, as anyone with an iota of common sense will realise when they think about for a millisecond or two. It's social engineering on a global scale. The UN has metamorphasised into a  'progressive' dominated organization that outlived its usefullness decades ago.

It's purpose today is not preventing wars or human rights abuses but promoting anti-Americanism and passing daily resolutions condemning Israel.

The cultural replacement process in Great Britain was started in earnest, and with total dedication, by Tony Blair and it is being continued with equal dedication by his chosen heir, David Cameron.

Thirdly, he is burnishing his own multi-cultural credentials in preparation for a Blair-like role when he is finally relieved of his post in British politics.

In his desperation, and in keeping with modern political discourse, Cameron and his media management team have given up even the pretence of being honest. They are openly flip flopping and lying depending on the prevailing political wind within the demographic group they are targeting on any particular day.

Last year, in response to rising Euroscepticism and the rise of the anti-immigrant groups across Europe,  both Cameron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel were making calculated noises claiming that multi-culturalism doesn't work. Since then they have done absolutely nothing to stop it.

On the contrary, last week Frau Merkel was insisting that open borders is an absolute core value of the EU and therefore not negotiable.

It would appear that both Merkel and Cameron went off  Peter Sutherland's UN multi-cultural reservation with those remarks requiring a flip flop of epic proportions.

Cameron has since been promoting the multi-cultural cause with renewed vigour. Prior to his latest pronunciations about wanting an Asian Prime Minister, he has spoken about British politics being too white, not enough Muslim MP's, not enough MP's from ethnic minorities, Great Britain's lack of diversity is holding the country back etc. ad nauseum

On top of this he makes a point of celebrating every ethnic festival except English ones and despite all the daily evidence to the contrary from around the world he still insists on referring to Islam as the 'religion of peace'.

Cameron's Business Secretary Vince Cable, from the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrat party, is insisting that twenty percent of FSTE 100 board members should be from ethnic minorities. This type of quota setting be it on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or anything else, runs the risk of downgrading the quality and experience of boardrooms for political reasons.

Cameron and Cable should listen to an icon of the Asian business community, Lord Bilimoria, who holds the opinion that a twenty percent target is wrong because it is out of proportion with the ethnic minorities in the population.

As an aside, Indian born Lord Bilimoria is not impressed with Cameron's immigration policy either.  He claims it sends out the wrong signals and targets the wrong people. He is especially critical of government incompetence with regard to illegal immigration.

He is particularly scathing about Cameron's Home Secretary Theresa May who he claims doesn't have a clue about illegal immigration and neither does her Department because they have lost control of it.

I would suggest that the noble Lord is not fully aware of the cultural replacement agenda which is being achieved using open border mass immigration. Cameron and May both know that illegals will never be deported and sure as death and taxes, illegals will be given amnesty in the end.

Again for the benefit of American readers, President Obama is pulling the very same stunt with illegal immigrants as they are about to find out in the near future.

The issue of success in the developed world being dependent on un-homogenising long established cultures and replacing traditional ways of life with so called 'multi-cultural societies' is more to do with global social engineering than economic growth or prosperity.

The British people need an explanation from both Cameron and Sutherland as to how a nation of people who have contributed so much to technical innovation, science, the arts etc., and also built one of the greatest civilizations in history, are now unable to tie their own shoe laces without millions of semi-literate, welfare dependent immigrants from backward cultures living in often violent mono-cultural ghettos?      

Monday, November 10, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls In Nigeria - British Child Rape Victims Ignored

Sometimes one has to wonder just how shameless and cynical so called VIP's and celebrities can be when courting publicity for themselves, their personal agenda's or their bank balances.  There doesn't appear to be a bandwagon they won't jump on or a trendy cause they won't exploit if they think there could be something in it for them.

Who couldn't fail to laugh at multi-millionaire celebrities joining the occupy Wall Street protest against the so called one percent when they themselves are the one percent? Who couldn't raise a titter at images of Sean Penn espousing socialism, equality and the redistribution of wealth with his bosom pal Hugo Chavez from the comfort of his $150 million dollar fortune?

Only recently British Foreign Secretary William Hague was milking publicity for all it was worth with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt over war time rape. One has to wonder what is so different about wartime rape as opposed to peacetime rape when the latter outnumbers the former by hundreds of thousands per year in the USA and Europe alone.

When the Muslim terrorist gang Boko Haram kidnapped a hundred or so school girls in Nigeria recently celebrities were falling over themselves to join the #BringBackOurGirlsTwitter campaign, complete with very sad faces, to publicise their plight and plead for their release.

Its only right and proper that those who can generate publicity should put it to good use and agitate for these unfortunate girls to be returned home and perpetrators punished. Reports indicated that Boko Haram were going to keep the captive girls as brides for themselves or sell them as sex slaves to other Muslims.

Since there are more horrific instances of child abuse going on in the world it would be interesting to know how these VIP's and celebrities choose which cause to publicise.

One would have thought that the child sex abuse scandals in Great Britain would be a more worthy cause due the staggering number of victims and the more horrific nature of the crimes.

For the uninitiated, Muslim paedophile gangs have been grooming then raping underage white girls, subjecting them to horrific sex abuse then pimping them out sex slaves across the country. These gangs have been operating in England's major cities and towns with the full knowledge of the authorities for decades.

The numbers are truly staggering - with the revelation that the city of Manchester is involved there could be as many as forty thousand victims with fourteen hundred identified in the town of Rotherham alone.

In the case of Rotherham and, as suspected the other towns as well, these gangs operated with the full knowledge of the local political establishments and public institutions. These included the local authorities, the child social services, the police, the Member of Parliament and in some cases the education establishment.

There have been investigations, inquiries, commissions and goodness knows what else but no one has been held accountable let alone prosecuted. There is an investigation into the tampering and destruction of records relevant to one inquiry but despite modern methods of detection they are unable to identify the culprits.

It stretches credulity to the limit when after two decades of covering up the abuse of children by hundreds of officials, all the commissions, investigations and inquiries have not revealed a single responsible official that can be prosecuted. In the opinion of some from the legal world, any official that ignored, therefore facilitated, child abuse knowing it to be a crime is an accessory and can be subject to a prosecution.

Where these hundreds of guilty officials are hiding remains a mystery.

Thousands of young girls have received no justice and guilty public officials are walking free with their taxpayer funded salaries, benefits and pension entitlements intact.

Returning to the original theme - bearing in mind the numbers involved and the horrific nature of the crimes against these young girls, one is entitled to ask where is Michelle Obama, Sean Penn and rest of the celebrity crowd. This is Great Britain so where is William Hague and his pals Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Surely with their ability to generate publicity they can organise a #JusticeForOurGirls Twitter campaign at the very least and William Hague can use his political clout to pressure the authorities into making justice for these young girls a priority over covering up the complicity of public officials.