Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Britain To Give Free Houses To Bribe Returning Jihadists Not To Kill

In the not too distant past before the political class sold their souls to globalism, a nation at war would kill its enemies without mercy until they were defeated and their threat to the people permanently eradicated.

News that British documented jihadists who have wreaked unparalleled savagery on innocents in the middle east are being welcomed back into Great Britain and rewarded with taxpayer funded housing and other welfare benefits sends a clear signal that the safety and security of the British people comes a distant second to appeasement of the Muslim Ummah. (See here)

What is also clear is that the political class, led by Prime Minister, Theresa May, will lie through their teeth to deceive the people into thinking that their interests are paramount. Just a cursory glance at the words and actions of Theresa May and her government makes their true intentions perfectly clear.  

It needs to be reiterated loud and clear once again, the political class are totally committed to the cultural replacement and one world agenda and nothing will get in their way or steer them away from the course they have set; not even the rape, mutilation and mass murder of the innocent citizens they have sworn to protect.

It was only 5 months ago on June 5th after the London Bridge Muslim terrorist attack, the fourth in a year, which left 8 dead and 48 injured, that Theresa May, the queen of the PR manufactured soundbite, put on her best headmistress voice and declared that “enough is enough”.

If anyone thought that this would signal an end to her appeasement of Islam and her intention to take positive action to stop the slaughter then they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Politicians like Theresa May know the news cycle will move on and with the connivance of a compliant media they rarely get challenged on these false promises. As a consequence they know they can lie to the people with impunity and get away it time and time again.

Since Theresa May declared that ‘enough was enough’ a Muslim terrorist set off an explosion on a London subway train injuring 22 innocent people many sustaining severe burns.

Since the “enough is enough” speech Prime Minister May’s government has allowed some four hundred blood-soaked, battle hardened jihadists to return from the killing fields of the middle east, Africa and central Asia to plot the murder and maiming of innocent British citizens as they go about their daily lives. (See here)

In addition to this insanity, “enough is enough” doesn’t include her promise to stop radical imams from preaching their hate in British mosques and madrassas; and if that isn’t bad enough it also doesn’t include stopping deluded students from inviting over one hundred radical imams to preach their anti-western hate at British universities. (See here)

One would have thought that after such an emotional and determined promise to a grieving nation, Prime Minister May would actually do something tangible to stop the madness and put an end to the jihad in Great Britain but that would be asking too much from a dedicated globalist who is committed to the one borderless, multi-cultural world agenda.

According to the intelligence services MI5 and MI6 there are some twenty-three thousand jihadists living openly in Great Britain, there are three-thousand would-be terrorists being investigated as subjects of interest and there are five-hundred active terror plots currently being investigated.

The four hundred or so jihadists allowed to return to Great Britain is the highest number of any other European country; only Turkey, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia have surpassed that figure. (See here)

This latest outrage of giving returning jihadists taxpayer funded housing and other welfare benefits in the forlorn hope that they won’t blow us up, shoot, stab, or break our bodies with a motor vehicle surpasses any previous act of imbecility by a politician.

These Muslim jihadists are worse than any animal on the planet; they are sub-humans who have committed unspeakable atrocities on innocent men, women, children and babies. 

They are indoctrinated with killing in the name of Islam from birth and not capable of rehabilitation and subsequent re-integration into British society.

These savages and their desert death cult are incompatible with western civilization and should never have been allowed to into Great Britain in such large numbers in the first place.

This is especially true since ISIS and other jihadist groups have openly declared their intention to cause murder and mayhem in Great Britain and the west with the aim of setting up a global caliphate.

When Prime Minister Theresa May declared that “enough is enough” she meant as it applies to the British people, to that end she has commanded the politicized boys in blue, the once respected British Bobbies to divert their precious resources away from marching in Gay Pride parades to hunting down politically incorrect postings on the Internet.

Three thousand three hundred and ninety-five people (yes that’s 3,395) have been arrested for being politically incorrect online. This zero tolerance to so-called hate speech does not include threats to murder, maim or behead infidels by British documented adherents of the religion of peace. (See here)

Enough truly is enough for retired US Colonel, Ralph Peters, who offers the only viable solution to the declaration of war on the west by ISIS and other jihadist groups; kill them all and when we’ve killed the last one kill his pet goat.

To conclude, since the sell-out to the EU bureaucrats after her now infamous “Brexit means Brexit” soundbite, the British people will be well advised to take anything Prime Minister May says with a Siberian salt mine because as sure as night follows day she doesn’t mean a word of it.

They will be like sacrificial lambs offered up for slaughter the next time followers of the religion of peace deal out death and destruction in the name of Allah and their perverted death cult.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sportsmen Disrespecting Their Country Shows Weakness Not Solidarity

Watching multi-millionaire footballers disrespecting their country for a phony cause would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. The issues they are protesting have not only been there for decades but got infinitely worse under the racially divisive regime of Barack Obama and his henchman Eric Holder.

The fact that these footballers didn’t make their pathetic protest during the Obama years when black people were being murdered in their thousands in places like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and elsewhere proves beyond doubt it’s a political protest as opposed to solidarity with oppressed minorities.

Why weren’t they protesting when their compatriots were being murdered by illegal immigrants let loose into law abiding communities by treacherous politicians?

They didn’t ‘take a knee’ in solidarity with the family of Kate Steinle when she was mercilessly cut down in front of her father by a five-times deported illegal immigrant.

They didn’t ‘take a knee’ either when Muslim terrorists were murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent American citizens in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino and elsewhere. It’s no coincidence that this nonsense started after the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States.

This so-called protest has nothing to do with oppression, minorities, African-Americans or racist police officers; it’s everything to do with spoiled, wealthy sportsmen joining spoiled, wealthy celebrities from Hollywood and elsewhere in the globalist campaign to denigrate and destroy President Trump and the traditional America he represents.

These useful idiots are trying to convince their compatriots and the world that America was a wonderful place to live until January 2017 when President Trump took office and now after a mere ten months of his administration it’s descended into an unbearable, violence infested hell hole which they are going to put right by disrespecting the flag, the national anthem and insulting America’s brave military veterans.

Incidentally, the term ‘taking a knee’ is as phony as their protest. What they are actually doing in effect is pissing on the flag, the anthem, the military veterans and the country that gave them the opportunity to make tens of millions of dollars that football fans and the taxpayers that subsidize them can only dream about.

By allowing themselves to be used in a campaign by America-hating ‘progressives’ to undermine President Trump and destroy the traditional America he wants to make great again they are displaying not only weakness but a lack of intellectual acumen which prevents them realizing the fact that they are being used.

In conclusion, Great Britain is continually vilified as the most racist nation on the planet due to its imperialist and colonialist past. Only recently a report concluded that British institutions, including the police, are inherently racist.

If that’s the case then non-whites and minorities have cause to protest and they sometimes do. What they don’t do is disrespect the flag, the anthem or the military veterans at sporting events. In fact the opposite is true and the national anthem is sang with gusto and pride by players, coaches and fans alike regardless of skin color, ethnic origin or social status.

Shame on you NFL owners, coaches, fans and the gullible multi-millionaire players that insult America and its people with your phony protest.

Watch the English players, including non-white players, and fans proudly sing their anthem with the military in attendance here.

Even more blood stirring watch the Welsh players, coaches and fans black and white do the same here.  

And finally, underneath all that body armor, helmets and face guards these ingrates are as weak as kittens compared to rugby players who take the big hits without dressing up like medieval knights. I’ll wager these pussies would wet their skin tight pantyhose with fright if they ever took the field in a game of rugby. They wouldn’t last five minutes.

Watch some rugby big hits here. 

Post Script - the United States has an international rugby known as the American Eagles, I would suggest that sports fans looking for an alternative to the treacherous NFL change their allegiance to rugby. Visit their website here 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anatomy Of A Stitch-Up – How The Elite Will Beat The British People

The ongoing campaign by the global elite to remove the duly elected President of the United States from office is nothing other than a coup d’├ętat, it is also a clear indication that they have no respect for the American people or for democracy.

Likewise is the campaign to prevent Great Britain from leaving the European Union (EU) by the same global elite. They are on record as saying that the British people should not have been allowed a referendum on EU membership in first place but since they have and voted to leave the result should be overturned or simply ignored.

The slow motion coup d’├ętat in the US is easy to follow as the political establishment in tandem with the main stream media and anyone else with an iota of power or influence, such as Hollywood celebrities and football players, constantly attack President Trump and the traditional America he represents.

In addition, Congress refuses to implement the agenda President Trump was elected to carry out while the George Soros funded army of communist thugs take the campaign onto the streets and into the campuses.

The campaign to reverse Brexit and keep Great Britain shackled to the EU may not be as easy to follow. The British section of the ruling elite also use the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media to disseminate its propaganda but they use the totally corrupted government machine and the politicized establishment in a more deceitful manner.

They use these instruments of the state to disguise their true motives by deceiving the public into thinking they are acting in their interests while covertly implementing their own long planned agenda.

It’s worth the reader persevering with this explanation to see the methodology they employ to impose their agenda on the nation and also to see what duplicitous, lying charlatans they really are.

After resisting the call for 30 years or more, the political elite conceded a referendum on EU membership for two primary reasons:

a) To stop the inexorable rise the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) which threatened their stranglehold on political power.

b) They were convinced that with all the resources available to them they would win it and close down the generational EU membership debate once and for all.

Such was their determination to win the referendum and keep their United States of Europe project on track, the ruling elite and their EU surrogates, including the overwhelmingly Europhile British Parliament, unleashed every resource at their disposal with a ferocity not seen in any previous election campaign.

This included unlimited sums of money, the taxpayer funded BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, government departments, public institutions, the business community, the celebrity community, the Bank of England, the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland etc. etc.

Despite this being a strictly internal domestic affair, international globalist controlled organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations (UN) and the EU itself weighed in on behalf of the Remain campaign.

They even co-opted the services of US President Barack Obama to interfere in this internal, domestic affair to issue threats and forecasts of doom. This intervention by the world’s most notorious international conman had the unintended consequence of pissing off thousands of undecided voters who joined the Brexit side.

The consequences of voting for Brexit were made abundantly clear by both sides. It would mean Great Britain leaving the EU single market and regaining control of her borders, including its fishing grounds; it would mean leaving the Customs Union allowing the British free to negotiate their own trade deals with the rest of the world; it would mean leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice making British law supreme and it would mean a halt to the payment of billions of pounds per year in membership contributions.

These were absolute red lines for the British people and therefore not negotiable. These same issues are known as the four pillars of the EU and constitute the foundations of the United States of Europe project; consequently these are non-negotiable red lines for the global elite and their surrogates including the overwhelmingly Europhile British Parliament.
As was the case with the Presidential election on November 8th where the American people knew exactly what they were voting for when they elected Donald J Trump, the British people knew exactly what they were voting for on June 23rd 2016 when they voted to leave the European Union.

The battle lines were drawn with the people and their red lines on one side and the global elite with the same red lines on the other. Armed with the biggest mandate in British electoral history one would have thought that the people would win this battle at a canter but this is not so.

From June 24th onward the campaign to ignore the will of the people kicked into gear and the project to keep Great Britain shackled to the corrupt and failing EU began.

Apart from the massive, ongoing propaganda campaign claiming that the people were lied to therefore there must be a second referendum, the deceit started with the “Brexit means Brexit” mantra being repeated ad nauseum by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

 The truth is that ‘Brexit in name only’ was and remains the true objective of this life-long Europhile and the overwhelmingly Europhile British Parliament.

Along with the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mantra, Mrs. May also repeated ad nauseum that she was going to negotiate “the best possible deal for Britain”. Once these two slogans were embedded into the minds of the British people the latter mantra morphed into ‘the best possible deal for Britain and the EU’.

This subtle change of language opened the door to concessions on the people’s red lines - in effect a Brexit in name only, which would then be aggressively sold to the British public as the ‘best possible deal for Britain’.

What followed next was as subtle as a flying house brick to those versed in political deceit and exposes Theresa May and the rest of the swamp creatures in Parliament for the duplicitous, lying charlatans they really are.

After prevaricating for almost a year, which allowed the courts to adjudicate that the Europhile Parliament must approve or reject the final deal, Mrs. May finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This started a two-year leaving process, the completion of which would make it almost three years since the British voted to leave the federal superstate project.

Since the triggering of Article 50 the British public have been drip fed headlines by the compliant mainstream media and the government propaganda machine to soften them up in preparation for the twist in the planned stitch-up we knew was coming.

It came as no surprise to seasoned swamp watchers that only nine months into the two year negotiation Prime Minister May announced that a further ‘transitional’ or ‘implementation’ period will be required at the end of the negotiation which could last two years or longer as required.

As indicated in the headlines above, at the commencement of this transitional period Great Britain will have officially left the EU but would still be bound by the four pillars of the EU that were absolute red lines for the British people, i.e. they will remain in the single market leaving control of Great Britain’s borders and fishing grounds to the EU bureaucrats; they will remain in the Customs Union which prevents the signing of trade deals outside of the EU and they will remain subject to the European Court of Justice and its supremacy over British law.

To rub salt into the gaping wounds of this deception it means continued payments of billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money to the EU which is so mired in corruption it has not had its accounts signed off by the auditors for almost two decades.

This is the Brexit in name only that the British people were warned about by Eurosceptics such as Ukip and other committed Brexiteers including your humble correspondent.

Brexit - Keep The Champagne On Ice Its A Long Way From Done - written on June 30th, 5 days after the referendum.

Brexit Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - written on July 11th, 18 days after the referendum.

In summary it means that the official leaving date will be March 19th 2019 but the actual leaving date will be circa 2021/22 at the earliest, a full 5 or 6 years after the referendum. It is more than obvious that the transitional period can and will be extended indefinitely under the pretext that the country, including the business community are not ready and need more time to adjust.

It is the official policy of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament, the communist controlled Labour Party, that the transitional period is made permanent.

In conclusion, the world is dynamic and constantly changing; it will not stand still and put its affairs on hold waiting for 5 or 6 years for Prime Minister Theresa May to leave the EU and start engaging.  It will move on without Great Britain; trade deals with the worlds’ largest and fastest growing economies that are available today may not be available next week let alone in 5 or 6 years’ time.

This prevarication and rolling delay was the plan from the beginning designed specifically to keep Great Britain shackled to the EU ad infinitum or until the corrupt and failing oligarchy comes crashing down taking the British people with it.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Columbus And Che Guevara Day – A Day For The Word To Celebrate

Being cast into the communications wilderness for a while I was unable to share my celebration of October 9th as planned. So better late than never here it is.

This day is a very special day in history that should rank alongside all other days of celebration with equal if not higher status.

The enemies of America, and consequently the enemies of liberty and civilization itself, are agitating to abolish the day that celebrates the discovery of the New World by Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus and replace it with something erroneously called ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’.

In their crude attempt to re-write history, these enemies of America and civilization claim that European settlers stole the land from peaceful Indian tribes who were living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth, harvesting from the land only what they needed to live.

Portraying life in pre-Columbus America as some kind of lovefest where tribal leaders spent their spare time smoking peace pipes and dancing around camp fires to the throbbing beat of Tom Toms could not be further from the truth.

In their project to construct this false image, they conveniently omit the sheer, unadulterated savagery of perpetual tribal warfare where ethnic cleansing, rape, pillage, mutilation and even cannibalism were the norm. They omit torture, slavery, misogyny, disease and a life expectancy below thirty years of age. (See here)

They also fail to mention that the people Columbus and the colonists encountered didn’t spring spontaneously from the ground but crossed a land bridge from Asia and colonized the land themselves displacing the indigenous people already there.

One should study the discovery of Kennewick Man who pre-dated the current tribes by thousands of years and who's examination data and scientific conclusions was covered up by the Federal government for decades. Conclusions that are still disputed to this day. 

The shape of the skull and other skeletal remains for instance  indicate that Kennewick Man is more akin to Polynesians and the ancient Ainu/Jomon people of Japan than modern Indian tribes.

So desperate was the Federal government and its establishment to protect the false narrative of the American continent being stolen from indigenous people by white Europeans they confiscated the remains of Kennewick Man and refused to release it for further study after the initial findings revealed that he pre-dated the current Indian tribes. (See here)

It is beyond disingenuous to claim that had Columbus not discovered the Americas these tribes would still be living in peaceful harmony Mother Earth and each other today.

Historical fact indicates that if the New World had not been settled by Europeans it would have been settled by a Chinese, Japanese or Russian diaspora who had already partially colonized Alaska. Had this been the case precedent indicates there would be no indigenous people left to honor with a special day.

The American people and the civilized world should celebrate Columbus Day with pride and joy because if history had taken a slightly different course, October 9th would be Mao, Yashimoto or Vladimir Illyich Day and western Judeo-Christian civilization as we know it today would not exist.

The second reason to celebrate October 9th is because it’s the glorious day in 1967 when the world was finally rid of the blood-soaked communist revolutionary, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.

On this auspicious day the beloved icon of pimpled, pre-pubescent Toon Town revolutionaries whose photo-shopped face adorns T-shirts and bedroom walls the world over was put up against a wall and shot.

These juvenile revolutionaries along with millions of immature, post-pubescent adolescents are too emotionally retarded to understand that their communist hero was a psychopath who actually enjoyed killing his opponents personally and up close so that he could observe their terror and take sadistic pleasure watching their brains, blood and bone splatter asunder as he pulled the trigger.

Since having his mortal coil shuffled off by the executioner’s bullet, Che Guevara has been re-united down below with his fellow South American comrades, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez; hopefully it won’t be long before they are joined Raul Castro, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Nicholas Maduro Venezuela and the people of these blighted countries can finally inhale the fresh air of liberty and prosperity once again.

Since Columbus Day and Che Guevara Death Day fall on the same date I live in hope that the UN and the free peoples of the world declare October 9th Civilization and Liberty Day and ordain free beer for all in an act joy and celebration.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

State Oppression in Catalonia – Real Fascism in Spain Is Ignored

Two of the most vocal and active groups commanding the headlines of late are Antifa in the USA and Unite Against Fascism in Great Britain (UAF). Both groups engage in violent civil unrest and other anti-social activities to save us helpless souls from fascism and its genocidal sibling, Nazism.

Either by ignorance or design these self-proclaimed anti-fascists consider anyone who doesn’t share their ‘progressive’ world view to be a fascist or a Nazi and therefore must be intimidated into silence and banished from the public domain.

They believe they are a valiant resistance to fascist regimes and to protect the people they must smash windows, destroy businesses and shut down debate on college campuses and elsewhere. They also attack the police who are often under orders by agenda driven mayors to stand down.

Providing the odds are heavily in their favor they violently attack individuals who dare to raise a dissenting voice or display any sign of patriotism.

These people either lack any self-awareness or they are totally brainwashed since they fail to see that the activities they engage in were designed and used by the original fascists and Nazis in their pursuit of power during the European inter war years.     

When the Spanish government sent in ninja clad, heavily armed gangs of thugs to violently prevent a referendum taking place in Catalonia it was reminiscent of the attacks by fascist General Franco in the same province during the Spanish civil war of 1936-39.

It was also a lesson for those who claim to be anti-fascists of what real fascism actually looks like.

The extreme violence sanctioned by the Spanish government saw the state police assault anyone trying to participate in, or provide security for, an independence referendum. This included young and old alike, many of who sustained serious injuries and to their eternal shame they even assaulted the local police and firemen who attempted to protect the people from the violence.

When a government uses violence on this scale against its own people for participating in an innocuous, non-binding election, its fascism plain and simple.

Disgracefully, the leaders of the European Union failed to condemn the violence committed by one of their member states: their response gives an insight to what kind of regime it is since it bears all the hallmarks of being a fascist regime in its own right.

They justified the violence by claiming that the referendum was illegal. These are the same EU leaders who are planning a centrally controlled, pan-European paramilitary police force with jurisdiction in all member states.

The Spanish government could have adopted the modus operandi of the EU by just ignoring the result just as they always do with referendum results they disapprove of.

It’s also worth noting the response of the British and European anti-fascist movements, such as UAF, to this blatant display of actual fascism taking place on their doorstep. In short there was no response; they kept their heads below the parapet rather than go fight for the cause they espouse.
Compared to the anti-fascists of the inter-war years these noisy adolescents are an embarrassment to the cause and would be roundly disowned by their illustrious anti-fascist forebears of old.

When General Franco attacked Catalonia during the Spanish civil war, ant-fascist volunteers from Great Britain, Europe, and the wider world, made their way to Spain to join the International Brigade and other units to fight alongside the Catalonian people against his army.

These volunteers were real anti-fascists who were not content with token gestures such as smashing windows, setting fires and violently assaulting innocent bystanders who they accuse of being fascists. They travelled to another country to risk their lives fighting a real fascist with a committed army backed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s who would kill them without mercy.

If the activists from UAF and Antifa were serious about confronting fascism they would have made their way to Catalonia like the International Brigade of old to fight alongside the oppressed people.

Distance and accessibility is no excuse. The volunteers of old had to make the arduous journey across Europe by road and rail avoiding the authorities along the way. Today Barcelona is accessible by air and is not much more than hour away from most European cities.

If Muslim volunteers from across Europe and the world can make their way to Syria and Iraq for their cause surely anti-fascists can do the same. 

The truth is that these Toon town revolutionaries are useful idiots employed by the ruling elite to use violence and intimidation to silence opposition to the ‘progressive’ global agenda and to undermine any government that doesn’t fall into line as is the case with President Trump's administration and Brexit.     

In conclusion; among the volunteers who made their way to Spain to fight Franco and his fascists was British journalist and author, George Orwell, who recorded his experiences in his novel, Homage to Catalonia. He was joined by his equally committed anti-fascist wife Eileen.

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