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ISIS And The Caliphate - A Very British Creation

Anyone who pays any attention at all to the modus operandi of the British political class will notice one thing in particular - although they impose themselves into every aspect of life in Great Britain, when scandal hits they are never to blame. They are quick to claim the credit when something is spun as being positive but its nothing to do with them when one of their creations goes bad.

As the British people digest the report on the Pakistani Muslim paedophile gangs that drugged, raped and subjected some fourteen hundred underage white girls to horrific sexual abuse in Rotherham, England, together with the fact that they did this with the full knowledge of the authorities, nobody is being held responsible.

No one from the local council, the social services, the child protection agencies, the children's charities, the schools, the unions, the political class, and more disgustingly, the police 'service' is going to accept responsibility for allowing this abuse and resign their positions. Despite the report highlighting those who were responsible, no one has been disciplined or sacked let alone prosecuted and punished. The victims have been sacrificed on the alter of multi-culturalism.

The excuses that these appalling people give for turning a blind eye to these horrific crimes come straight out of the progressive handbook of slogans that they use to justify their imposition of the mythical 'multi-cultural society'. The British people have heard them a million times before, but like Josef Goebbels' lies, they get repeated so often that people accept them as truth. The pick of the bunch are cultural sensitivity, community cohesion, diversity, tolerance, shared values etc. etc. ad nauseum.

The truth is that the political class, both local and national, together with the establishment, their bureaucrats and their useful idiots have the specific objective of imposing a 'multi-cultural society' using rigidly policed political correctness.

Hence they routinely smear anyone who questions their agenda with insults such as loonies, fruitcakes, racists, xenophobes, Islamophopes, bigots and any number of phrases and slogans that denigrate and demonise decent, law abiding citizens.

As part of their agenda to destroy the British way of life and replace it with a so called 'multi-cultural society' the political class opened the borders to mass immigration from the undeveloped world, including populations with no history of civilization, some of which had cultural practices were barbaric to say the least. They proceeded to give them moral and cultural equivalence with no requirement to integrate or accept the cultural practices, religion, holidays, nuances, idiosyncrasies or way of life of the host people.

On the contrary, the host people were threatened, bullied and brow beaten into giving up their culture, religious symbols and national emblems because immigrants, especially Muslims, would find them offensive.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that this fawning acquiescence to what is a primitive desert death cult, who's prophet and holy book preaches dominance over all other religions and requires all the people on the planet to convert to Islam, to pay a forfeit or die would eventually produce a monster like ISIS.

The political class has re-defined what is it is to be British without consulting the people. Being British no longer consists of Judaeo-Christian values, Magna Carta, civil law, the Tudors and Stuarts,
William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, Parliament against the Royalists, the Industrial Revolution, democracy, Sir Winston Churchill, Her Majesty the Queen, cream teas, cricket on the village green, warm beer or old maids cycling to Evensong on a balmy summer evenings.

According to the political class being British now includes cultural niceties such as Ramadan, the Koran, child brides, honour killings, sharia law, polygamy, female genital mutilation, jihad, the caliphate,

beheading, stoning, amputations, infidels, kafhirs and much more.

Despite the fact that Muslims were becoming more emboldened with their demands upon the host nation and despite the fact that their young people were being openly radicalized and taught to hate and kill these infidels and kafhirs, the national politicians repeated the modus operandi of their local counterparts in Rotherham and turned a blind eye.

The dedication of the political class to the destruction of the British way of life and its replacement with the mythical 'multi-cultural society' is so absolute they are prepared to stand idly by and allow young under age girls to be raped and subject to horrific sexual abuse by depraved, primitive adults. They willfully ignore the radicalization of young people by religiously fanatic imams who  openly preach their gospel of hate, domination, bloodletting and death.

One can only blame the political class for the rise of ISIS - at the same time as Muslim hate preachers and imams are openly radicalizing young people and encouraging them to join the jihad in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere,  the Prime Minister David Cameron, along with his Deputy, Nick Clegg and the leader of the Labour Party Red Ed Miliband were sending messages to the Muslim community that displayed their ignorance of Islam and the koran that bordered on the delusional.

While hate preachers and imams were filling young Muslims with hate against their compatriots, Cameron was setting up a cross government working group on Islamophobia, while proclaiming that Parliament is too white and needs more Muslims. As Israel defends itself against the murderous Muslim butchers of Hamas, his token Muslim woman Baroness Warsi, resigns from his government in solidarity with her blood soaked brothers and sisters in Gaza.
(Cameron's speech to Muslims here)
(Baroness Warsi puts jihad before country here)

While the government stands by and allows Christians to be persecuted at home and abroad, Nick Clegg is talking about fasting Muslims reflecting on Islamic values such as loving your neighbor and sharing their blessed month of Ramadan with other faiths. In a calculated insult to the British people, Clegg also claimed that Islam, with its hatred of its infidel compatriots and its penchant for beheading anyone who refuses to submit to it as 'compatible with Britishness'.
(Clegg statements here and here)

Without a thought for the beheading of a British soldier on the streets of London in broad daylight or the atrocities committed on the London Transport system, Labour leader Red Ed Miliband is blathering on about the incredible things Muslims do for Britain.
(Read Miliband's nonsense here)

While ISIS's British jihadis are bragging about beheading infidels in Syria, bought-and-paid-for media whore Fraser Nelson is penning an article in the Daily Telegraph about how the 'British Muslim is truly one among us and proud to be so'.
(Nelson's offending article here)

While Christians are being butchered in their tens of thousands across the planet, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is proclaiming that Islam is reviving British values while pontificating that sharia law is inevitable in Great Britain.

Despite their relatively small numbers, their religious duty to dominate or kill their compatriots and their stated desire to die for their prophet, the Muslim community still get indulged far beyond what they deserve or have earned.

In forcing the British people to accept illegally produced  halal meat, Cameron's government is also, extending welfare benefits to more than one spouse, adapting British law to accept sharia law, handing out British passports to potential ISIS jihadis and allowing Muslims to set up mono-cultural ghettos in England's green and pleasant land where white people and the police are not welcome.

Is it any wonder that Great Britain is providing the core of foreign fighters for the caliphate in Syria, Iraq and Somalia, they are after all a very British creation.

Unlike the local politicians in the blighted town of Rotherham, the political class will be held totally responsible for any death or injury inflicted on the law abiding British people by the murderous savages that they have created during their deliberate destruction of the British way of life.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

British Jihadi Beheads An American - British Politicians Are To Blame

It would appear that the British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting some kudos for cutting short his Portuguese vacation in order to respond to the news that a British jihadi has beheaded an American journalist and posted the video on-line along with threats to bring bloodshed and mayhem to the USA.

Before he is showered with anymore undeserved accolades it is imperative that people understand how the situation came about where a British citizen turns up in Iraq and commits an act of revolting, evil barbarity then uses it to promote his political agenda.

Cameron's return from the beach is not to deal with any crisis, current events demonstrate that things have gone much too far for any action he can take, his return is to appease American anger and to reassure them that he is at least going through the motions of doing something constructive.

His PR machine, spin doctors and media managers will be working furiously to construct a series of press releases and soundbites that will say a great deal but actually achieve nothing.

He can get what's left of the Royal Air Force to drop as many bombs as they like and he can get the remainder of our military men and women killed by the battalion, but it will not undo the damage that two generations of agenda driven politicians have done to British values and the very fabric of British life.

The subhuman beast that carried out this act of savagery is the creation of a political class who made the conscious decision in the1960's and 70's to destroy the traditional British way of life, together with their system of values and their Judaeo-Christian heritage, and replace it with a mythical 'multi-cultural society'. Consecutive governments regardless of party affiliation have been imposing this destructive agenda with a level of commitment and zeal that is surpassed only by the jihadis themselves.

Once the guiding principle of the political class is grasped then it is relatively simple to understand their actions and behavior. Their transformational agenda is an absolute priority and nothing will deviate any government from this path - it even takes precedence over the safety and wellbeing of the British people.

The British people have had to stand by and watch as wave after wave of immigrants, many of whom came from alien societies that were so backward and undeveloped that they had no chance of assimilation or upward social mobility. Instead with the approval of the political class and their armies of like minded cronies and useful idiots, they were herded into ghettos where they carried on their traditional ways of life. This included barbaric cultural practices such a female genital mutilation, that have no place in a civilized country.

While the political class and their politicized institutions were bullying, threatening and smearing anyone who questioned their agenda - and they themselves were spouting utter nonsense about cultural enrichment, celebrating diversity, community cohesion and shared values - the Muslim communities were doing the exact opposite and living as directed by their prophet and the Koran.

The British people were forced to watch in horror as Muslim communities made ever increasing demands that their religion get priority and to which Cameron and the political class were only too willing to accede.

They have watched in horror as Muslim jihadis bombed and murdered innocent people on the London Transport system, they have watched as Muslims turned up to insult the fallen as their
remains were repatriated through the market town of Wootten Basset.

Examples of Muslim hatred toward Great Britain and its people are too numerous to record here but all instances were ignored and excused by the political class.
(See the story here)

This acceptance of Muslim behavior and practices led to radicalization and subsequent bloodshed. It starts with forcing the British people to accept halal meat in the grocery store and it ends with the beheading of an American journalist in the desert.

The fact that Cameron and the political class have steadfastly refused to take action against mosques, madrassas and the preachers of hate, combined with their lack of action to promote integration and British values, radical Islam has been allowed to fester and spread like a contagious disease among gullible people with no history of civilization. The contrary is true,  they have consciously ignored the radicalization that everyone else was seeing and deliberately encouraged the creation of mono-cultural ghettos which they falsely use as evidence of a multi-cultural society.

The beheader in the desert and the hundreds, possibly thousands, of British born jihadis currently bloodletting and murdering their way across Iraq and Syria, are the creation of the British political class and the terrifying fact is that they have no idea of how many there are laying low in Great Britain ready to commit murder and mayhem on behalf of their prophet.

There are some four million Muslims in Great Britain many of whom want peace and security but if only ten percent have been radicalized and ready to start the jihad at home then that minority will pale into insignificance and irrelevance.

The British people will get little protection from their politicised police 'service' either. They are now fully fledged agents of the state and committed to imposing a 'multi-cultural society' on behalf of the political class by rigidly policing political correctness.

Indeed the head of the Metropolitan Police has demonstrated this by indicating that anyone watching the beheading video may be committing a crime. At the same time he allows the notorious hate preacher Anjem Choundary to promote jihad and even to recruit ISIS jihadis in London, unmolested.
(Stories here and here)

Anyone paying attention to David Cameron and his modus operandi will see for themselves that he is embarrassingly weak and totally dedicated to a federal European superstate which is the driving force behind the multi-cultural agenda. There is no slowing it down or changing course therefore there will be no action he will take to deal with the underlying cause of radical Islam.

This will require someone in possession of a spine who has the interests of the British people and civilisation as their main priorities as opposed to the promotion of an agenda dictated by a remote unelected elite who's only interest is their own power and influence.

In conclusion it must be noted that whatever action Cameron proposes to take in response to the barbaric killing of an American by a British jihadi, it will not undo the damage that he and previous generations of agenda driven politicians have done to Great Britain and to civilization itself.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Socialism = Poverty, Gun Ownership = Less Crime, Ideology = Ignorance

I have never subscribed to the view that socialism, liberalism or 'progressivism' as they call it nowadays, is a mental disease. As a reformed socialist myself I always used immaturity as the excuse for my misspent youth, probably as a self defence mechanism to save face.

Judging by the behavior of socialists today it is becoming increasingly difficult to blame immaturity for their total inability to analyze irrefutable facts and yet carry on promoting a failed ideology with such unquestioning religious zeal.

Two posts that were recommended to me not only proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that those who use the mentally ill description are correct in their opinion and that finding a universal cure for socialists is going to prove difficult.

The first is an excellent article titled Why Socialism and Wealth Redistribution Don't Work and Causes MORE Poverty, Inequality and Injustice. The article, which is barely two pages long, is laid out in such a way that even the most dumbed down reader cannot fail to agree with the authors unarguable logic. I would suggest that everyone, even socialists/progressives, read this and pass it on.

Without giving too much away, the author begins with a brief introduction into socialist logic and how it can cause further damage to the very people it is supposed to help.

The author then lists the 'Unintended Consequences of Socialist Policies', for example:

"Social programmes create more demand for those very programmes in a self perpetuating cycle because given government handouts, people come to expect and rely on them. And therefore, you can never spend enough, because the more you do, the greater the need to do so".

"Social programmes are a disincentive to work and act responsibly. After all, if some or all of your needs are taken care of, and if someone else picks up the tab whenever something goes wrong, why would you worry about such minor details as work ethic, productivity, financial responsibility and family obligations? Consequently, when productivity takes a downturn, leading to a shrinking economy, guess who suffers...everybody! Oh and as always, the rich suffer the least".

'The Road to Poverty, Inequality and Injustice' describes how socialism causes poverty by slowing economic growth and progress, causes inequality by misallocating taxpayers money into the hands of the rich and well connected and also causes injustice by the inequality it promotes.

'The Price of Socialism' illuminates the unintended consequences of socialism and likens the politicians panacea for poverty as "touting a miracle cure for cancer, yet failing to mention it causes blindness, brain damage and eventual cardiac arrest".

In Conclusion, the author states in part that "the government can completely help a small number of people, or slightly help a large number of people. What it absolutely can not do is completely help a large number of people. It's just impossible to expect a small minority, i.e. the rich, to support the rest of the population. It cannot happen".

I have spent donkey's years arguing about how socialism always ends in poverty and tears wherever it has been imposed. This sums it up concisely in one article and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The second article titled Guns in America - A Statistical Perspective was another concise explanation of the facts which cannot be refuted and should not be ignored. As in the first article the facts are laid out in such a simple manner even dumbest of students cannot fail to come to a logical conclusion that gun ownership decreases crime.

As with the first one, I highly recommend this article so I won't give too much away other than a few bullet points:

Every year, guns are used over 80x more often to protect a life than to take one.

200,000 times a year- Women use a gun to defend against sexual abuse.

3 out of five polled felons say they won't mess with an armed victim.

Highest Intentional Homicide Rate per 100,000 residents:

No 1 - Honduras: 91.6

No 2 - El Salvador: 69.2

No 3 - Cote D'Ivoire: 56.9

USA is No 103 at 4.8 per 100,000 residents and is #1 in gun ownership at 88.8% per 100 residents.

In Great Britain where the possession of firearms is banned, there are 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people. In the USA the figure is 466.
In the decade following the Labour Party's election in '97 and their banning of handguns, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77% to 1.2 million.

In the USA an analysis of crime statistics by the FBI revealed that states that had adopted 'conceal carry laws' reduced:

Murders by 8.5%

Rapes by 5%

Aggravated assaults by 7%

Robberies by 3%

And so it goes on, sourced statistic after sourced statistic all proving that firearm ownership reduces crime significantly. Even the police cannot match the armed citizen:

Police = 606 criminals killed each year

Armed citizen = 1,527 criminals killed each year.

The only reason people ignore the overwhelming truth confirmed by irrefutable facts is their mindless adherence to their ideology.

The author concludes this piece with a Final Word:

"The Democrats and their willing sycophants in the Left Leaning Mainstream Media will not engage in a debate on guns concerning the truths about safety and crime statistics mentioned above. This is because:

Gun Control Is Not About Guns.

Gun Control Is About Control.

Thanks to: Capitalist In Chief
                   Sean Linnane

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

War On The Caliphate In Iraq And Islamification At Home - Cameron Speaks

When Prime Minister David Cameron warned the British people about the poisonous ideology of radical Islam, their caliphate in Syria and Iraq and the danger the jihadis pose as they return home from the battlefields, one is bound to ask why now?

Where has he been for the last four decades when radical Islam was taking root in mono-cultural ghettos with the complicate approval of the political class? Successive governments have encouraged mass immigration from third world Muslim countries and allowed them to flourish in these welfare financed ghettos, while persecuting and smearing anyone from Great Britain who had the temerity to question this policy.

For those who are unaware, there is a general election due in 2015, where immigration and Islamification are high on the public's agenda. It is also worth noting that David Cameron and the other party leaders are career politicians who hail from a remote elite with an agenda of their own. They cannot identify or empathise with the ordinary people of Great Britain and labour under the illusion that they rule the people and not the other way around.

During this election campaign Cameron is reduced to making promises to act on the peoples fears over mass immigration with the full knowledge that he will be unable to deliver. The power to govern Great Britain was surrendered long ago to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.
(Poisonous ideology story here)

The passage of time, combined with alternative sources of information, have revealed the real agenda of the political class which they had previously gone to great lengths to keep hidden. Despite their constant denials, the public now knows that the destruction of the independent nation states of Europe and their absorption into a post democratic federal state was the real objective when they were hoodwinked into joining the Common Market back in 1973.

In order to create a distinct European identity and a loyal citizenship for the future United States of Europe, the national cultures and way of life of the member countries had to be destroyed and replaced. The purpose of open border mass immigration is nothing to do with the free movement of labour but to accomplish cultural and demographic replacement. Un-homogenising in politicspeak.
(Un-homogenizing Europe story here)

It is not lost on the peoples of Europe that open border mass immigration is not confined to the member states, it is from every country on the planet, including the third world. Indeed, Labour party politicians have admitted that they sent envoys to all corners of the world recruiting people to come to Great Britain with the full knowledge it would have a negative impact on the job market for the British people.

In order to facilitate the replacement of British culture and its traditional way of life, successive governments have employed a dual strategy.

Firstly, using rigidly policed political correctness and intimidation, the government and its politicized institutions discourage or forbid anything that is quintessentially British and specifically English. This includes Christian festivals, the wearing of crucifixes, flying the Cross of St. George, alcohol use, animal welfare etc. under the guise that Muslims will find them offensive.

Secondly, they have given Islam and its adherents exalted status to the point where they constantly make demands that require the indigenous people to change their attitudes and way of life. Despite their relatively small numbers, their holidays, festivals and cultural practices are being forced on the British people without their consent. Even the centuries old British justice system is being adapted to accept the medieval sharia law.
(Sharia story here)

The resultant consequence of this exalted treatment has been the emboldening of a people who's core religious belief is the domination or annihilation of all other religions, creeds and populations.

It is no good Cameron and the political class talking about the dangers of radical Islam today when they have been warned for years that Muslims will not integrate with people they consider to be infidels and will not only seek to dominate but also want their own sharia law to be the only law of the land.

He should look at Norway where Muslims are demanding their own breakaway Islamic nation.
("We do not want to live with dirty beasts like you". Story here)

Cameron and the elite turned a blind eye as Muslims embarked on a program of Saudi financed mosque and madrassa building all over the country where radical Islam, including hatred of Jews and kafhirs was on the curriculum. They ignored the prevalence of hate preachers who peddled their murderous ideology at known hotbeds of radical Islam including Finsbury, London and elsewhere.

They have released one hundred and eighteen dangerous terrorists from prison in the last three years, including one who threatened to attack the Royal wedding. This chap was given sixteen months for using some else's passport and fifteen months for terrorist offences. What message this sends to Muslim terrorists is anyone's guess.
(See the story here)

They have given sanctuary to foreign preachers of hate and terrorists, such as Abu Qatada and Abu 'the Hook' Hamza, together with their welfare supported families.

They have allowed home grown hate preacher Ajem 'Andy' Choudary to spout his filth and incite violence, unmolested for years, indeed he appears to have been given immunity from prosecution no matter how dangerous his pronouncements.

Some five hundred or so British born and bred young people are fighting their bloody jihad in conflicts around the world including with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

These were radicalized and taught to hate with the knowledge of the political class but political correctness and their cultural replacement agenda have always taken priority over the wellbeing and safety of the British people.

Despite being complicit in their radicalization, Cameron wants to bomb his own citizens in Iraq and Syria to prevent them killing their compatriots when they return home and amen to that, but he should also end the process that spawns these killers in the first place. This must include closing down the mosques and madrassas that are little more than terrorists training schools.

In order to end the radicalisation of young Muslims and to eliminate the threat to the British people in the future, there should be an end to all mosque and madrassa building - English should be mandatory for all immigrants, including Muslims, together with integration and adoption of the British way of life. These conditions must be non-negotiable.

There is no such thing as a harmonious multi-cultural society where different religions, cultures and peoples live peacefully with each other in mutual respect. This is an invention the political class use to justify the destruction of the traditional British way of life.

The current situation whereby parallel communities exist with their own systems of government and legal systems must be ended and never be allowed to form in Great Britain ever again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rivers Of Blood - Was Enoch Powell Right Or Wrong?

The 'Rivers of Blood' speech, made by British Member of Parliament, Enoch Powell, on the 25th April 1968, is remarkable for several reasons, including the fact that it was prophetic. There are not many speeches that have resonated for so long or have been distorted so much by unscrupulous political activists. The speech is still used today as a smear on anyone who questions the mass immigration agenda.

It also demonstrates the fact that even back then there was a huge disconnect between the political class and the people they are supposed to represent.

Briefly, the much maligned Enoch Powell was a classical scholar of Welsh descent, who possessed such a towering intellect that he made his contemporaries of the day look like village idiots, and in particular, his party leader Edward Heath.

Heath was an inadequate, self loathing loner who was the original disciple of the European project which included cultural replacement via mass immigration. He lived in fear of Powell's superior intellect and he knew that he would lose by a country mile in any debate on his traitorous agenda.

He needed an excuse to get rid of Enoch Powell not just from the government and the Conservative party but from British political life entirely.

The speech itself was rather benign and was not, as it has been portrayed, a call to violence against immigrants. It was a reaction to complaints from some of Powell's constituents who complained about the transformation of their communities into immigrant dominated ghettos. It also served as a warning that uncontrolled immigration would lead to violent conflict some time in the future.

Powell never used the words 'rivers of blood', but being a classical scholar he merely quoted a few words from a line in Virgil's poem 'Aeneid'.

"As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood".

Seizing his chance, Heath distorted the speech, sacked Powell from government and mobilized the like minded traitors from all the political parties in his tawdry enterprise. They used every dirty trick in the book to demonise and smear their intellectual superior who was acutely aware of their ultimate aim of Great Britain's subjugation.

The sacking and deliberate vilification of Powell provoked a furious reaction from the ordinary people who lived outside the incestuous Westminster latrine and it also demonstrated the disconnect between politicians and the people.

Dockers from the East End of London and Tilbury went on strike immediately on news of his sacking and marched to Parliament in support of Powell as did the porters from Smithfield markets.

By April 25th he had received thirty thousand letters of support and by early May that had increased to forty-three thousand in addition to seven hundred telegrams.

A Gallup poll showed that seventy-four percent agreed with Powell with fifteen percent disagreeing. Sixty-nine percent disagreed with Heath's sacking of Powell.

Politicians of Powell's intellect are non-existent today and as a consequence the people are stuck with agenda driven career bureaucrats who have no experience of anything outside of party politics.

Regardless of party, modern politicians are all clones of each other who are only capable of repeating slogans and soundbites fed to them by spin doctors and who possess the intellectual level of a cockroach and the morals of a feral tom cat.

These parasitic low lifes still portray Powell as a racist and they still demonise and smear anyone who exposes their dirty tricks. They still smear anyone who has the temerity to tell the truth and who are not afraid to put his speech into its proper context.

The question one is bound to ask is - was Enoch Powell right when he predicted bloodshed on the streets of Great Britain due to mass immigration or not?

The answer is so simple that even the smallest of intellectual pygmies will not be able to deny the truth.

Since Enoch Powell's speech in 1968 the 'rivers of blood' include:

The Chapelton race riots in 1975, 81 and 87

The Notting Hill race riot 1976

The Southall race riot in 1979

The St Paul's race riot in  1980

The Brixton race riot in 1981

The Toxteth race riot in 1981

The Mosside race riot in 1981

The Handsworth Race riot in 1981

Despite an inquiry and an injection of tens of millions of taxpayer money there followed more race riots in Brixton in 1985

Another race riot in Handsworth in 1985

The Broadwater Farm race riot in 1985 which saw the horrific beheading of Police Constable Blakelock.

The Dewsbury race riot in 1985 (The home town of Baroness Warsi)

They love a good riot down there in South London so they kicked off again in Brixton in 1985 for third time.

The Bradford race riot in 1985

The July 7th bombings in 2005 which wreaked death and destruction on the London Transport system....... and so on it goes with the latest being the London riots in 2011 which started when the police sent an armed, self confessed ghetto gangsta to meet his maker.

One would have thought that the sight and sound of two blood soaked Muslim jihadists, still armed with butchers knives and meat cleavers, ranting in public about the will of Allah while behind them is the lifeless body of a British soldier lying in a river of his own blood might make the politicians recant on the vilification Enoch Powell, but they didn't.

Powell does not have an equivalent politician today who has the spine to stand up and state publicly what they acknowledge in private, that blood will be spilled on the streets of Great Britain at some time in the future as a consequence of mass immigration.

Regardless of the evidence before their eyes and despite the hundreds of millions of taxpayer money already spent, politicians of all parties including Labour and UKIP are still calling for open borders and an influx of Syrian refugees.

The rivers of blood that have stained British streets up until now will turn into a raging torrent when the young battle hardened jihadists, trained in the latest terrorist techniques, return to Great Britain from the war zones around the world and turn their attention to their home turf.

These jihadists are fanatics who hate England with a passion, their blood lust is insatiable and they will not settle back into routine life when they return from the battlefield.

There are British and other European based jihadists fighting in Muslim wars all over the world including hundreds in Syria.  The British people need to be organised and prepared, ready for their return and the war against Britain they have publicly sworn to start.

This is a re-edited post from  last year.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Western Support For Hamas And The Jihadis Is Born Of Ignorance


The reasons why supposedly educated people from the developed world support Hamas during their unprovoked targeting of innocent Israeli civilians with rockets designed to kill and maim, can be put into several categories and these include: a) naivety. b) brainwashing. c) self loathing. d) adopted ideology. e) ingrained anti-semitism and f) ignorance.

Category a) applies to people who through a lack of vision or retarded emotional development believe they are doing the right thing by backing the perceived underdog.

Category b) applies to people who have a low resistance to spin or have been exposed to anti-semitic  propaganda, usually from an early age. This category tend to believe anything they are told by authority or read in the papers, they can also hate to order.

Category c) applies to those who for some reason hate themselves, their country and the system they were born into. A Caucasian kid wearing dreadlocks is a good example as this hair style is a political statement as opposed to a fashion one. They will side with any cause or group that despises their home country or way of life.

Category d) applies to socialists, communists, so called liberals and those that go around calling themselves 'progressives'. Hating Jews comes with the territory and is a non-negotiable ideological requirement. If one doesn't hate the Jews already then it must be learned or adopted in order to join one of these groups.

Category e) is troubling and inexplicable. Some people hate the Jews for no apparent reason, its almost as if they were born hating Jews. This emotion can lie dormant for decades or even a lifetime but can be ignited at any time with little or no trigger.

Category f) is the largest group and the one that is prevalent at the plethora of anti-semitic/pro-Palestinian demonstrations taking place in western capital cities. By giving succor and support to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS etc. they are not only putting their ignorance on public display but they are signing their own death warrant when these people turn on them like a dog turns on its master.

For the information of the ignorant - Israel has been the homeland of the Jews for some three thousand years, over two thousand years before the birth of Mohammad. This is confirmed by historical texts and archaeological evidence. There has never been in all history a homogeneous, centrally governed country or state called Palestine.

Western people who demonstrate alongside Hamas, including politicians, need to know what they are supporting. Hamas is about killing every Jew as well as taking their land, this is plainly obvious if one takes the time to read the Hamas Charter. What is also obvious is that the western people who support Hamas haven't read it either therefore they fit into one of the categories mentioned above.

Some salient points for the reader to be getting along with:

Article 1 - Hamas draws its guidance from Islam i.e. the Koran

Article 2 - Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood which is characterised by complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all walks of life including: Views and beliefs, education and society, education and teaching, the hidden and the evident and all other domains of life.

Article 3 - Hamas jihadis have raised the banner of jihad in order to extricate the country and people from the oppressors' desecration, filth and evil.

Article 5 - The movement adopts Islam as its way of life.... its ultimate goal is Islam...its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims.

Article 7 - By virtue of the distribution of Muslims who pursue the cause of Hamas all over the globe and strive for its victory.. for the reinforcement of its positions and the encouragement of its jihad, the movement is a universal one.

The prophet said: "The time will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!"

Article 8: The Slogan Of Hamas

Allah is its goal, the prophet its model, the Koran its constitution, jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

This medieval barbarity consists of thirty six articles in all and everyone of them is bleak, dark and depressing. These people have no love of every day life no appreciation of beauty, nature, architecture, other cultures or anything else that we in the civilised world consider part of living.

Read the Hamas Charter here and be enlightened.

These are a barbaric people who's view of life revolves around their own perception of an omnipotent God together with the conquering and subjugating of infidels - while at the same time they dish out death like we in west dish out treats at a kiddies birthday party.

The stench of death surrounds Hamas like a black cloud of malignant evil and these are the savages that are getting support from western people and politicians.

Reading the Charter of Hamas together with its founding document, the Koran , should serve to enlighten the western supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the various groups of Palestinian murderers, as to the absolute requirements of their faith - wiping Israel off the face of earth and killing every Jew is not the goal, that would be the complete domination of Islam over the planet.

This is not negotiable, it is a requirement of their faith and this can be confirmed by the actions of British and western born Muslim kids going off to fight for their beloved global caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

The stark reality is that some European countries have already fallen and will have Muslim run administrations in decade or so. Belgium, Holland, Norway and Sweden are already blighted by Muslim demands and will soon be lost to civilization.

In the big scheme of things these are minor countries for the jihadis, the real prize being Great Britain and the USA. These two countries will be singled out for special attention because when these have fallen the rest will surely collapse like a house of cards.

Watching the anti-Semitic/pro-Palestinian protests in western countries together with the Muslim flags being flown from Town Halls and some areas in London, it should not be lost on the observant bystander that the emphasis is gradually shifting from Gaza to ISIS, their caliphate and the global jihad.

The useful idiots and the ignorant who give succor to these ambitious barbarians will be unable to see this and we all will all pay a heavy price when, armed with their western passports, the jihadis return from the battle field burning with religious zeal and skilled in the art of terrorism and war.

With a political class bent on using Islam and political correctness to end the British way of life and replace it with a so called 'multi-cultural society combined with a disarmed populace who have lost the will to fight, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for the returning jihadis.

For those that wish to inform themselves about what motivates a Muslim to worship death like we worship life a copy of the Koran with explanatory notes is here.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

British Independence Surrendered By Lies, Deceit And Treachery

                               EU President Herman von Rumpuy with British Gauleiter David Cameron

There was a time in the not too distant past when children were brought up to believe that lying was one of the most damnable sins possible, almost as heinous as murder itself. Those involved in bringing up a child, including parents, neighbours, teachers , Sunday School superintendents and the local Bobby, were consistent in embedding the message that lying was supremely bad.

Lying was a means of persuasion exclusive to crooks, cheats and vagabonds of all persuasions; the threat of eternal damnation being no deterrent for those who lived dishonest lives on the fringes of society and endeavored to take advantage of the decency of their fellow citizens.

In those innocent days nothing hurt more than being lied to, whether it was the disappointment of being taken advantage of or the realisation that a person in position of trust had betrayed that trust for their own personal ends.

As we know to our cost those days are long gone.  In this modern age of the professional generic politician, lying is an acceptable means of gaining and the holding on to power. The 'ends justifying the means' extends to all political parties as they fight to impose their ideologically driven agendas.

The long suffering British people have been the victims of serial lying since the then Prime Minister Edward Heath, surrendered British sovereignty using a premeditated tissue of lies. With malice aforethought Heath and his collaborators, deceived the people, took them for fools and rendered them powerless in the face of their historical enemies and subject to a hostile bureaucracy bent on the destruction of their nation.

                                                     Heath Signs The British Death Warrant

Lying through his teeth, Heath declared that those who feared that going into Europe would mean a loss of independence and sovereignty were completely unjustified. Heath and his political descendants have been lying to the British people ever since.
(Leo McKinstry article on EU lying here)

It is now an accepted fact that the creation of a post democratic superstate had been the intention of the politicians from the beginning with the surrendering of sovereignty to be achieved by a series of treaties. Each treaty was to be falsely promoted as a tidying up exercise or having an economic benefit with the object of creating the superstate without the people realizing what happened until it was too late.
(Fredrick Forsyth on superstate lies here)

This was lying on a monumental scale by the agenda driven political class and its like minded cronies in the establishment.  It was willful deceit in pursuit of their political goals.

In  the hope of a plumb position in the new superstate, a consummate and practiced liar, Tony Blair negotiated Great Britain's final surrender with the Lisbon Treaty, again claiming it was a tidying up exercise as opposed to the final nail in the coffin of the independent nation states of Europe. Blair along with Cameron and Clegg from the other two parties promised the people a referendum before its adoption.

They were lying of course as we all knew they were and as things stand today, the British people have lost their independence without the promised referendum. All three party leaders are totally committed to the European superstate project and will make any promise, tell any lie and stab any back to make sure that the British people stay locked in the EU prison.

The actual deed of signing the Lisbon treaty fell to Blair's successor Gordon Brown, a sociopath who's lies were so audacious they were an embarrassment to anyone with an iota of decency. His excuse for denying a referendum was his infamous 'red lines' which he claimed rendered a referendum unnecessary. These were a series of opt-outs which supposedly protected British interests. What they were and where they are now is a mystery.
(Red Line stories here and here)

                                              Brown signs away Great Britain's Independence

The government at Westminster may have changed but the habit of lying to the British has not, in fact it is so embedded into everyday political discourse one has to accept that a politician is lying as a matter of course. The modern politician no longer engages in proper debate or speaks to the public as adults, they are totally controlled by media managers, spin doctors and image makers.

They talk in a series of centrally issued slogans and sound bites and are unable to respond independently to any topic relying instead on the 'line-to-take' dispensed by the duty spin doctor. Any appearances outside the remote incestuous world they inhabit is choreographed down to the minutest detail and this mainly consists of a set of contrived and often embarrassing photo opportunities.

In a desperate rearguard action to avoid defeat in the coming general election, the current Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg are taking political lying to levels previously unseen. These two have zero experience in the world that normal people inhabit and live under the impression that PR and spin can fool all of the people all of the time.

Even though they know, that ever increasing numbers of people know that they are lying, they persist with their nonsense in the hope that they can fool enough people to mitigate their predicament.

Cameron continues to promise a renegotiation of membership terms despite the politicians and bureaucrats that control the EU, and therefore Great Britain, are unanimous that there will be no renegotiation, there will also be no repatriation of powers to Westminster.

He knows when he promises to curb immigration or prevent immigrant access to the people's welfare system that he will be not allowed to do this by his EU masters but he makes the promises anyway.

He also knows there will be no referendum on Great Britain's membership but he promises one anyway, and in the unlikely event that there was referendum where the people voted to leave, his EU masters will ignore the result.

The sad thing about the current political class is that they would get more credibility if they simply treated the British public with respect, displayed a little honesty and told the truth. The public know where the politicians stand on the main issues so they might as well stop lying and maybe, just maybe, their Creator, whoever they conceive him to be, will judge them well and forgive them for their life of lying, cheating, and deceiving the very public they have sworn to serve.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Jihadi Flags Fly In England - Local Gestapo's Ban St George's Cross


image of english flag  - Illustration of an English knight in full armor riding a horse armed with lance and England flag in background done in retro style - JPG
In order to demonstrate their support for the mass murdering terrorist organization Hamas, the local councilors hoisted the Palestinian flag above their Town Hall in Preston, England. Not to be outdone, the corrupt Mayor of the quasi autonomous Muslim ghetto in Tower Hamlets, East London planned to do the same and hoist the flag over his Town Hall
(Preston here, Tower Hamlets here)

Nearby the residents of the Will Crooks Estate near Canary Wharf went one step further and displayed the flag of ISIS along with the Palestinian flag and other jihadi slogans. A reporter at the scene was subjected to anti-semitic abuse and physically threatened until rescued by a fellow journalist.
(F*ck off Jew stories here and here)

If anyone doesn't know by now ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and they are a merciless army of anti-western Muslim fanatics who are beheading and butchering their way across Syria and Iraq with the intention of setting up a global caliphate.

They represent the vanguard of the jihad against western civilization and have thousands of recruits from Great Britain, Europe and America. The people of the west, especially those who support Hamas and other radical Muslim organisations, should be under no illusions, these people are utter fanatics and they will stop at nothing. Their declared intention is bring their jihad to the hated west and that means you and I are considered legitimate targets. But I digress.

It may seem strange but the flying of flags in England is a measure of just how far the country's local institutions have been infiltrated and taken over by a dedicated group of Common Purpose trained anti-English bureaucrats together with an army of like minded useful idiots.

The Union flag, the Welsh Dragon and the Scottish Saltire make regular appearances on various flagpoles in England and under orders of the new British government in Brussels, so does the hated star spangled blue rag of the EU.

The same Grand Burghers of Preston even fly the Jamaican flag over their Town Hall once a year to celebrate the island's independence. At this point one is bound to ask why the Jamaican community go to such pains to celebrate their independence from England then leave their palm fringed, sun drenched Caribbean paradise for a struggling post industrial town on a damp, windswept island in the North Atlantic? But again, I digress.
(Jamaica story here)

There is one flag that attracts the attention of the aforementioned anti-English bureaucrats and that's the Cross of St George. They hate it with a passion and oppose its display whenever they can. If they had their way they would ban it completely, but as this is not possible at present, they give anyone displaying it a hard time by using threats and intimidation.

Teignbridge Council in the English county of Devon has banned local cab driver Denise Said from having two small Cross of St George stickers on her cab and threatened her livelihood if she didn't obey. A council spokesweasel claims they are denigrating and offensive to foreigners. Councillor Mark Walters confirmed that only a single complaint had been received.
(Denise's story here)

Radstock Town Council in the English county of Somerset has voted to stop flying the flag of St George claiming it is offensive to the town's sixteen Muslims. (That's 16 out of a population of some 5,600 souls).

John Clements of the Royal Society of St George condemned the decision as did Rizwan Ahmed of the nearby Bristol Muslim Cultural Society. Nasima Begum of the influential Muslim Council of Britain states that they encourage the flying of the St George flag as it unites rather than divides the country.

Concerns: Labour councillor Eleanor Jackson insisted the flag could still cause upset to Muslims
Labour Councillor, Eleanor Jackson was unmoved and obviously knows best, she insisted the flag will cause upset to Muslims and plans to fly the LGBT flag instead. What did England do to deserve this kind of visceral hatred? What motivates a creature like this to ban the flag of St George but fly the LGBT flag.
(Jackson story here)

There are countless examples of anti-English bureaucrats and their useful idiots in the local authorities waging their campaigns to ban anything that is quintessentially English especially the flag of St George.

Cab drivers in Southampton, binmen in Liverpool, pubs in Croydon and so on and so forth have all been threatened on various occasions for displaying English patriotism but the weasels in Thurrock council in Essex take the biscuit.

On one occasion the cowards from Thurrock Council called the police to force cab drivers to remove St George flags from their vehicles despite the fact it was St George's Day.

The words from an anonymous spokesweasel demonstrates the arrogance of the modern day agenda driven bureaucrat and the assumption that they control the people rather than the other way round.  "In the spirit of St George's Day we are happy to let them display the flag but they will have to remove them after the event".  The use of we and they in this case should give cause for concern that the bureaucrats have a high opinion of themselves and assuming authority beyond their mandate.

These people are typical of the anti-English bureaucrats who are acting as the agents of the state and who are imposing multi-culturalism at local level. These are the Vichy France equivalents, the Judenrats who do their masters bidding by imposing the multi-cultural agenda on an unwilling people.

There'll Always Be An England - Not After The Ethnic Cleansers Have Finished There Won't.

Feel free to read this previous post here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Token Muslim Baroness Resigns - Ummah First Britain Last

The resignation from government of the Baroness Warsi came as no surprise to anyone outside of the cloistered, incestuous world of politics. Her resignation does however raise many important issues each deserving of examination in their own right. It is the issues of tokenism and quotas together with the loyalties and self identity of the Muslim and Pakistani communities in Great Britain that will be discussed here.

The days when the British government represented the people and made their safety and well being the top priority have long gone, replaced instead by a remote, generic elite with an agenda of their own. This agenda does not include protecting the British people from their enemies, both foreign and domestic, or their way of life - on the contrary it's main objective is to replace the traditional British way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

Who gave them the authority to carry out this cultural vandalism is not immediately apparent as the British people were not consulted nor did they give their consent. Looking back in retrospect it is obvious why this was done by stealth - the cultural and demographic replacement agenda was long in the planning and the plotters were well aware that if this had been put to the people it would have been overwhelmingly rejected.

This was a risk they were not prepared to take, instead they opened the borders to all and sundry then implemented a policy of rigidly policed political correctness to impose their transformation.  Their agents in the institutions and the establishment threatened and demonized anyone who had the temerity to even question their agenda. In addition to this they stuffed the establishment, the civil service, the public institutions and the government-media complex with highly motivated, like minded bureaucrats, apparatchiks and useful idiots.

Without a thought for quality, performance or suitability, the criteria for any position in a business or an organization, especially in the public sector, was no longer academic qualifications, relevant experience or merit, but race, religion, gender and sexuality. Equality laws and political correctness dictated that quotas and token appointees would replace more suitable candidates.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that quality and performance, together with any other measurable criteria, would plummet as a result.

On his usurpation of power, the self confessed 'Heir to Blair', David Cameron, set about purging the British Conservative Party of its traditional values on the orders of the 'progressive' global elite and his masters in the European Union. As a result, political correctness and quotas replaced qualifications and suitability for political office in his modernized, detoxified party and later on in government.

On the surface Sayeeda Hussein Warsi was the anglicised daughter of a Pakistani immigrant who worked his way up into the middle class and made sure his daughter was well educated. Despite her unsuitability, an educated, non white Muslim woman was ideal for a quota driven Cameron to display his 'progressive' multi-cultural credentials.

Rejected at the ballot box by her own people of Dewsbury, Cameron appointed her to the legislature anyway by making her a Baroness, this entitled her to sit in Great Britain's second chamber, a festering den of iniquity known as the House of Lords.

He made her the Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party itself and according to the party hierarchy she was a complete and utter disaster. After a meeting of the 1922 Committee one party elder is quoted as saying:

"I though she was appalling, she's got no idea" he went on to say that "I genuinely think she is the worse chairman we have ever had".
(See story here)

Undeterred by any criticism Cameron was unable to sack his token Muslim woman, consequently she was a complete and utter disaster in every position gave her, including the shadow Minister for Community Cohesion. (After centuries of existing perfectly well without one, the British people suddenly need a Minister for Community Cohesion).

Despite her past record of incompetence and failure, and to the consternation of his colleagues, Cameron brought her into the Cabinet, the innermost sanctum of government, as Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and he also made her the Minister for Faith and Communities. (As well as a Minister for Community Cohesion the British people can't now exist without a Minister for Faith and Communities)

By their own admission the Pakistani community refuses to integrate, even the second generation born and bred in Great Britain regard themselves as Pakistani as opposed to British. As far as the indigenous British are concerned it would appear that a majority don't accept these ingrates as British either.

Sayeeda Warsi gave the impression that she was somehow different from the traditional Pakistani woman. She wore western clothes and spoke English with a distinct local accent and for all intents and purposes was as British as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

The indications that all was not as they appeared was there for anyone who was not prepared to accept her official manufactured image. In line with the Pakistani community in Great Britain at aged fifteen she had an arranged marriage in Pakistan to her cousin.

On government business, Baroness Warsi was mainly photographed in western attire but in a demonstration of solidarity with the Ummah, she turned up for her first Cabinet meeting dressed in traditional Pakistani garb knowing the media would be in full attendance.

Despite her best efforts to portray herself as a thoroughly modern British wife and mother with a high flying career in politics, her loyalty to her 'own people' in the Ummah proved too strong for her to resist.

The British government's support for Israel defending itself against an army of ruthless, blood soaked savages, who have a declared intention to erase all Jews off the face of the earth, has proved too much for her Muslim sensibilities. She resigned her position citing
government policy in Gaza as the reason.

It is incumbent upon Baroness Warsi to expand on the reasons for her resignation by explaining what part of British policy in Gaza she objects to. Hamas is a ruthless terrorist organization, that uses its own civilians, including children, as human shields. It has fired thousands of missiles into civilian areas of Israel with the intention of causing mass murder. It has commandeered aid money and building materials that was intended for the people to construct tunnels into Israeli towns and villages for the purposes of kidnapping and murder of civilians.

She should let the British people know what she suggests the Israelis do in the face of such a murderous onslaught by medieval savages.

Like the majority of the Pakistani community of all generations, her undivided loyalty is to the global Muslim community first and foremost, followed by the Pakistani people, thereafter all brown skinned people and somewhere in the far distance comes Great Britain and her long suffering people. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Labour's 15% Death Tax - Declare The Pennies On Your Eyes

Now my advise for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
"Cause I'm the taxman
Yeah I'm the taxman
And your working for no one but me
Beatle fans will recognize those famous lines from their song Taxman which was penned by George Harrison in response to the extortionate rates of taxation in 1960's and 70's Great Britain. The country was being (mis)governed in those days by an alternating mix of a dripping wet Conservative government led by Edward Heath and a rabidly socialist one led by Harold Wilson.

It was the Wilson government and his ex-Communist Chancellor of the Exchequer, Denis Healey, that took punitive taxation to whole new levels.

"I warn you that there are going to be howls of anguish from those rich enough to pay over 75% on their last slice of earnings" was one of his more infamous quotes.

His most famous quote of all that "Labour will squeeze the rich until the pips squeak" has gone down in the annals of British political history even although Healey claims he was misquoted.

He was unfazed by the warnings that his tax proposals were putting the party's electoral chances in jeopardy and declared that the party and the country must face the consequences of Labours policy of the redistribution of income and wealth. "That is what our policy is, the party must face the realities of it".

The rest is history, Labour won the election, income tax was increased to 83% and combined with a 15% surcharge on investment income and dividends this led to a 98% marginal rate of personal income tax. The rich fled in their droves into tax exile, the government ran out of other peoples money and they were forced to go begging, cap in hand, to the International Monetary Fund for a loan.

(Labour taxes here. Tax exiles here.)                                           

It was an abject lesson for everyone, including the most dedicated Labour voter, on how socialist policies always end in economic collapse, bankruptcy and hardship for the majority of hard working people.

One would have thought that future Labour governments would have learned from the disaster of their predecessors, but despite a new generation of young, wealthy, privately educated political operators, backed by a media savvy PR machine, they made exactly the same mistakes.

In order to fulfill the requirements of their socialist ideology, the 1997 Blair/Brown government raised tax rates and opened the floodgates of spending. They introduced over one hundred new taxes, one of which removed over one hundred billion pounds from the private sector pension schemes, destroying them in the process.

Using stealth as a weapon, they used fiscal drag to ensnare more working people than ever into the 40% tax bracket and when National Insurance contributions are added they have an effective rate of 52%. This doesn't include the employers contribution paid on their behalf.

Out of the remainder of their earnings the people were forced to pay a compulsory Council Tax, VAT @ 18% on all but a few goods and services, car tax, a television tax, a fishing rod tax. There's excise duty on vehicles, fuel, alcohol, tobacco and betting. VAT is added after excise duty resulting in a tax being taxed itself.

Using a tool called the fuel and alcohol duty escalator, duty was increased on fuel and booze by 1% above inflation every year, adding VAT to the new price increases the cost further.

Stamp duty is charged on the transfer of shares, securities and land. House sales above a certain price attract stamp duty.

Airport Departure Tax was introduced and is now one of the highest on the planet.

Kicking the bucket opened up new avenues for the government to confiscate the fruits of other peoples labour. Estates over two hundred and fifteen thousand pounds are subject to a mind boggling 40% Inheritance Tax. This is money that is left over after the politicians have already taken their cut.

In addition to all this there are Corporation taxes, Capital Gains taxes and a myriad of other schemes the government use to separate the people and industry from their hard earned money.

Despite all this taxation the Blair/Brown governments ran out of other peoples money and bankrupted the nation yet again, saddling it with insurmountable levels of debt for future generations to pay off.

It isn't just a theory that high government spending combined with punitive levels of taxation leads to economic collapse, bankruptcy and hardship for the majority.  It has been demonstrated by socialist governments past and present, both at home and abroad. One would think that these expensively educated scholars armed with the mandatory Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree would understand this.

Obviously not. In a recent radio interview, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman, announced that should her party win the forthcoming election, they would raise middle class taxes in order to finance yet more government spending. In the same week the Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Burnham proposed a 15% death tax to finance elderly care.
(A Death tax story here)

The Liberal Democrats want an inappropriately named 'mansion' tax regardless of the fact that many middle income people live in ordinary residences that increased above the tax threshold due to the unprecedented house price boom of previous years.

This level of taxation is unsustainable as the country has reached the point where there are more people riding in the wagon than pulling it. Unscrupulous politicians stir up class hatred and feed on people's envy as a solution, but taxing the so called 'rich' is only viable until the last 'rich' man has had his pips squeaked. The threshold for being classed as 'rich' will be set so low that anyone earning above the minimum wage will find themselves in the 40% bracket.
(Taxing low paid workers story here)

The truth is that the British government doesn't have a revenue problem but a spending one. The political class steadfastly refuse to live within their means as this will require spending cuts to their various client groups with a potential loss of votes.

A bigger worry for the political class is that cutting taxes will lead to a prosperous majority and this is a transfer of power from them to the people, they will become less relevant and the people will control the agenda as opposed to the politicians.

Politicians will continue to ignore the rules of fiscal arithmetic that the rest of us have to live by and continue to spend more than they earn in revenue in order to extend dependency.

Prosperity for the majority puts the fear of God into the political class and their armies of bureaucrats. Dependency on government is the life blood of the modern politician, it gives them a hold over the people and political power for as long as they can get away with it.

Listen to the Beatles sing Taxman here, turn up, the volume and sing along out loud.