Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Trump Derangement Syndrome Spreads To Great Britain

The visceral hatred of President Donald Trump by Leftists has become a phenomenon to behold. The hysteria stoked up by the bought-and-paid-for media causes a demented reaction by people many would consider to be intelligent and well balanced.

With the proposed state visit of the President to Great Britain, the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that has infected the American political class and its media has spread across the Atlantic Ocean like plague of biblical proportions.

Along with the usual suspects from the media and the acting fraternity, other prominent people such as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow and the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, have lost any trace of self-awareness they may have once held along with any sense of perspective.

One of the reasons given for the animosity and hatred directed at President Trump is his supposedly divisive rhetoric. This triggers the over sensitive snowflakes that are churned out daily by the politicized education system and the permanently offended who latch on to any word or sentence they can exploit for political gain.

In line with what has become normal practice by the Left in lieu of sensible discourse, name calling and labelling to denigrate and smear are used in spades against President Trump in order to generate hatred and opposition to his visit.

Among others, the most popular and overused accusations are that he is as racist and a misogynist (yawn). To these golden oldies we can add newer more trendy smears such as white supremacist, white nationalist and xenophobe.

For good measure, it’s worth noting that a non-existent ban on Muslims entering the United States is used to accuse the President of Islamophobia especially by the Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who I will return to later.

It is worth looking at President Trump’s proposed state visit from the perspective of previous state visits and from the accusations and labels applied to him.

The long-term brutal dictator of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, was given the full royal treatment in 2002 despite enslaving, torturing and killing his own people.

Known by his citizens as Butcher Bob, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was also given the full royal treatment despite the mass murder of his political enemies during his reign of terror. During his visit Butcher Bob was made an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Bath which was later rescinded.

No introduction or explanation is required for the honored guest President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

President Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania was the first Communist leader to be given a state visit. Such was his popularity at home he was put up against a wall and shot along with his wife on Christmas Day 1989.

Other mass murderers and tyrants who have been honored with a state visit include Mobuto Sese Seko of Zaire who embezzled 12 billion pounds from the county's treasury and murdered 230,000 of his own citizens and General Suharto of Indonesia who killed over 1 million people during his invasion of East Timor. (Read about them here)

Besides being outside his remit as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan wants President Trump banned from Great Britain but he welcomes hate preachers and radical Muslims with open arms. While Mayor Khan is interfering in matters of state, London, which is his remit, is descending with depressing speed into a third world toilet where murder, rape and violent crime are out of control.

It is the prerogative of the Speaker of the House of Commons to invite foreign leaders to address Parliament. The incumbent is a Trump hater and TDS sufferer, John Bercow, who is refusing to invite President Trump for no logical reason other than his personal hatred and animosity toward him.

This courtesy has been extended in the past to tyrants and mass murderers like President Xi Jinpin of China, Khrushchev, Kosygin, Yeltsin and Gorbachov of Russia and Daniel Ortega the communist dictator of Nicaragua. (Read about Bercow's hatred for President Trump here and the politicians hatred for him here)

With reference to the charge of misogyny, the women abusing Emir of Kuwait and King of Saudi Arabia have both been visitors and, without complaint from anyone, the serial woman abuser and rapist President Bill Clinton visited Great Britain on at least three occasions.

Lastly the biggest Trump hater of them all, the communist anti-American, anti-Semitic leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, has announced in advance that he will not be attending any functions with President Trump including a state banquet to be held in his honor.

For the record, Jeremy Corbyn has met and socialized with the Leaders of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) while they were murdering innocent British civilians by the hundreds. He has also met and socialized with the terrorist leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah who he considers to be his friends.

This despicable creature refuses to meet President Trump but unashamedly attended a wreath laying ceremony at the graves of the terrorists who massacred Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

To conclude: looking at the unsavory characters that have visited Great Britain and been feted in the past, one has to wonder why such hate and opprobrium is levelled at President Trump who is a saint by comparison.

The truth is that Donald J Trump, a businessman and patriot, took on the ruling elite along with the establishment and the media and won to become President of the most powerful nation on earth.

He has made no secret of his intention to put America and the American people first, to protect and secure her borders and to fight the globalists and their attempt to impose a centrally controlled, supranational government on the sovereign nations of the world.

                                        God Bless President Trump and God Bless America   

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Fall of Notre Dame Symbolizes The Fall of France.

Millions watched the live broadcasts of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris going up in flames, but my attention was drawn to moving news tape at the bottom of the screen. As the flames engulfed the roof and the spire it stated that the authorities had categorically ruled out arson.

As the tape progressed across the screen it then stated that the authorities intended to initiate a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire.

Categorically ruling out arson while the fire is still spreading, and before an investigation into its cause, was bound to invite suspicion from the inquisitive.

Due to the censorship routinely employed by the government the world was unaware that Christian places of worship in France had been subjected to a campaign of desecration for some time with twelve churches desecrated in the week preceding the fire.

These included the equally iconic Churches of St Sulpice and St Raphael which were severely damaged and set alight in an arson attack.

We now know that over eight hundred churches have been attacked in France previous to the Notre Dame fire so how the authorities can rule out arson or foul play when the fire is still spreading and before an investigation is completed requires an explanation. 

Christianity in France has been under fire from both secularists and Muslims for some time so it would be interesting to know what information the authorities had on these two groups during lead up to the fire.

It’s almost as if the authorities in France don’t want the country or the world to know how and why these churches are being destroyed because the destruction of Christianity in France is seen as a welcome development by the government of the globalist disciple, President Emmanuel Macron.

Even before President Macron came to power the downgrading of Christianity and the subsequent upgrading of Islam was unofficial government policy so it is unlikely anyone will be brought to book if it was discovered that secularists or Muslims started the fire deliberately.

President Macron is a fanatical globalist and Europhile who is determined that France will be fully integrated into a multi-cultural United States of Europe. To that end the traditional France we know today must be destroyed as a separate culture and entity.

As a consequence of this cultural replacement agenda many areas of  Paris, the capital city once known as the City of Love and of Light, resemble the litter strewn slums of Calcutta or the refugee camps of Africa and the Middle East.

The destruction and desecration of the Churches in France match perfectly the destruction and desecration of the streets of Paris and other cities around France such as Calais and Dunkirk.  

To progress the integration of France into the United States of Europe President Macron recently signed the Treaty of Aachen with the megalomaniac German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This treaty aims to make the two countries a single entity which includes the erasure of national borders and the use of a common language.

President Macron is very young President who has been under the influence of his school teacher/wife throughout his formative years so his knowledge of recent Franco-German history could be suspect.

If he thinks after signing the Treaty of Aachen France and Germany will be equal partners, then his knowledge of recent history is definitely suspect.

Under the influence of his wife and Angela Merkel President Macron is beyond reason and this can be demonstrated by his dictatorial attitude and violent response to the Yellow Vest protests that have engulfed France for months and which show no signs of abating.

Like Great Britain, France has reached a fork in the road, one way leads to independence, democracy and prosperity, the other to submersion into a centrally controlled, German dominated dictatorship that it will be impossible to free itself from by peaceful or democratic means.

Like the ruined Parthenon in Athens symbolizes the descent of Greek civilization into oblivion so the ruined Cathedral of Notre Dame could do the same for France.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

David Lammy MP - Black Privilege, White Hatred and Immunity

Looking at the quality of MP’s that infest the Palace of Westminster it’s no wonder that the British people have lost all respect for their Parliament and the democratic institutions that were once the envy of the world.

A convicted criminal wearing a police monitoring tag using her casting vote to stop Brexit was a scandal that outraged the nation, but unlike the result of the Brexit referendum there was no call for a second vote to overturn the first. (See here)

Another Right Honourable Member that tarnishes Parliament is the terminally thick, white hating racist Dianne Abbott. This embarrassment is the Shadow Home Secretary who could become the fourth most powerful official in the land behind the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary should her party win the next general election.

Both Houses of Parliament are crammed to its ancient rafters with taxpayer funded crooks, expense cheats, perverts, serial liars, traitors and an assortment of other undesirables that would be unemployable outside the incestuous political bubble.

What is most annoying is that despite being legislators the same laws do not apply to them especially where ethnicity, race or religion is involved.

The latest outrage involves the Member for Tottenham, David Lammy. Notorious for being thicker than two short planks, it's a toss-up between him and Dianne Abbott as to which one is the dumber.

Despite harbouring a visceral hatred of both Great Britain and white people he was given a platform to spew forth his bile on national television by the taxpayer funded BBC.

Ignoring the referendum result to leave the European Union, and despite it being his own party’s official policy, David Lammy believes that politicians and people who support Brexit are white supremacists comparable with Hitler and the Nazis.

He also likened them to the Apartheid regime in South Africa. When asked to retract such an incendiary charge he refused, claiming his comments were not strong enough. (See the story here)

As can be expected from a far-left ideologue, he also suggested that the BBC and other broadcasters deny Brexit supporters a platform to make their case.

By the governments’ own criteria this is hate speech and incitement and should be prosecuted, but as we have learned to our cost and annoyance these laws only apply to white people.

David Lammy is an archetypal racist who is totally obsessed with skin color where white people and Great Britain are to blame for every ill both at home and across the wider world. His obsession and visceral hatred are bordering on hysteria and many suggest he needs help, not airtime on the BBC.

Just as a dog that is born in a stable is not a horse, David Lammy is not British by any stretch of the imagination. Nobody who hates Great Britain so much could possibly want to be a citizen.

He has a limited knowledge of British history and only seems to recall the instances that show the country in a bad light.

He loves to talk about British involvement in the slave trade but never mentions William Wilberforce or the outlawing of slavery by the British Parliament in 1772 at home and 1833 across the Empire.

When his knowledge of history doesn’t fit his anti-white narrative he simply makes it up.

According to Lammy one million Indians sacrificed their lives during the second world war for the European Union project which didn't come into existence until March 1957.

To invent a narrative about his poor upbringing Lammy claimed his family were reliant on tax credits. These came into force when he was thirty-one years old.

Examples of Lammy’s lack of knowledge and obsession with skin color could fill the British Library so here are a few classics to enjoy.

Henry the VIII was succeeded by Henry VII.

Marie Antoinette won a Nobel Prize for her work with radiation therapy.

James Gandolfini played the Godfather.

The black and white smoke at the Papal Conclave is racist.

It’s fun to laugh at this idiot but there is a more serious side that the British people are reluctant to point out for fear of being labelled as a racist or even a Nazi. I am none of these things, but I accept this kind of slander as an occupational hazard.

The truth is that David Lammy uses his black privilege and the immunity from prosecution that comes with it to express in public his obsessive hatred of white people and Great Britain. The fact that this guy is a legislator in the Mother of Parliaments is an indication of its decline and why it is held in such total and utter contempt by the British people.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Theresa May – Scorching the Earth for Her European Masters

From Sherman’s march to the sea during the American civil war to Saddam Hussein’s destruction of the oil fields during his retreat from Kuwait, history is littered with examples of the scorched earth strategy which was designed to destroy anything that could be useful to an enemy.

This is exactly the strategy being employed by British Prime Minister Theresa May and the British Parliament in order to protect the European Union from a free and prosperous Great Britain operating outside its control.

As a result of their contempt for the British people’s desire to restore Great Britain as the independent country their ancestors died for, respect for Parliament and its institutions has all but evaporated.

Undeterred by the collapse of support for her own Conservative Party and its headlong rush into electoral oblivion Mrs. May refuses to change course and remains in coalition with the communist led Labour Party in order to get her surrender document through Parliament.

If the latest polls are to be believed Mrs. May would rather hand over the reigns of power to this anti-British gang of communists than let Great Britain become a stable and prosperous, independent country outside the clutches of the European Union autocrats.

Mrs. May has been warning the country for years that this anti-Semitic, Marxist run Labour Party would wreck the free enterprise economic system, impoverish the nation and make Great Britain ungovernable in the process.

Outside of the Brexit betrayal, Mrs. May and Parliament are using political correctness to curtail freedom of speech, taxing and regulating enough to shame a socialist, imposing multi-culturalism on a people that weren’t consulted and embedding the practices of Islam under threat of prosecution.

Respect for Parliament and Great Britain’s democratic institutions is disappearing along with respect for the justice system and the forces of law and order.

In an unforeseen development which would have major repercussions for the system of government and social stability, respect for the Monarchy is also disappearing. Apart from Her Majesty the Queen, the rest of the Royal Family are viewed as dysfunctional and lacking the gravitas and loyalty of the current much loved and respected Queen. It’s becoming the prevalent opinion that after she passes away respect for the Monarchy will evaporate altogether causing a major constitutional crisis.

All this upheaval plays into he hands of the European Union and its supporters in the British ruling establishment who are so dedicated to their empire building project they would rather see Great Britain become an ungovernable, failed state than succeed outside of their control.

That is scorched earth in anyone’s book. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Abject Surrender - Theresa May’s Final Humiliating Capitulation

Imagine if you can a Franco-German led European Union discussing the future of Great Britain and whether it should cease to exist as an independent sovereign nation; but before they begin their deliberations they order Prime Minister Winston Churchill to leave the room and wait outside until they have come to a decision.

Imagine the exact same scenario and the same EU Council members ordering Margaret Thatcher to leave the room and wait outside while they deliberate and make their decision. It’s inconceivable that either of these Prime Ministers would countenance such cowardly and treasonous behavior.

This is exactly what Prime Minister Theresa May did at the recent EU Council meeting after she had groveled in private first to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and secondly to French President, Emmanuel Macron.

They granted an extension to the extension of Great Britain’s leaving date which for all intents and purposes kills off Brexit once and for all. The British people’s desire to reclaim the independent, sovereign nation that millions gave their lives for, and which was freely arrived at after a winner-take-all binding referendum, has been denied.

The extension to the extension means that Great Britain’s laws, borders, trade and money will remain under the control of the unelected EU Commissioners and the British Supreme Court will be inferior to the European Court of Justice.

If that isn’t bad enough, Great Britain’s agricultural and fishing industries will still be controlled and regulated by the Commission. This means that quotas of farm produce and fish will be decided not by the elected Parliament in Westminster but by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

To put it simply, the politicians in the past ceded control over sovereign British territory including its territorial waters and this control will not now return as demanded by the British people and promised repeatedly by Parliament and Mrs. May.

One of the biggest benefits of leaving the European Union is taking back control of international trade and the tariff schedule. Since 1692 this massive undertaking was the responsibility of the President of the Board of Trade who concluded trade deals and decided tariffs across the entire world.

The current holder of this once noble and respected position is the Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox. Although it’s a senior position in government with a seat at the Cabinet table Dr. Fox has no power whatsoever over Great Britain’s trade policy or tariff schedule.

That power is held by an EU Trade Commissioner who is both unelected and anonymous. Why a global power with links to the global Commonwealth of Nations surrendered this power in the first place is never explained by the disciples of the EU project.

The ignominious position is that if Great Britain wants to conclude a trading arrangement or discuss tariffs with a non-EU country Dr Fox will have to leave the room while an EU bureaucrat negotiates on his and the countries’ behalf.

Controlled by the multi-nationals and the big banks, this Brussels bureaucrat will put their interests first leaving Dr. Fox to suck it up and take what he is given.

Watching Mrs. May’s statement to the House after being handed the EU Councils decision it is obvious that Parliament will override the will of the people and cancel Brexit. They are not even trying to hide behind spin and obfuscation any more.

What is also obvious is that once a nations’ sovereignty has been surrendered to a supranational entity like the European Union it cannot be taken back by peaceful, democratic means.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Politicians Apologizing for the Amritsar Massacre Again

The weekly session of Prime Ministers Questions from the House of Commons is supposedly an opportunity for the Leader of the Opposition and ordinary backbench MP’s to question the Prime Minister on any topic of concern.

Since the proceedings were televised in November 1989 the event has become a choreographed piece of theatre where questions are submitted in advance and the answers scripted to make the Prime Minister and the Members look good.

It is also an opportunity for the politicians to virtue signal to the core voters in their constituencies and to burnish their ideological credentials on the national and international stage.

Before the first question is asked it has become customary for the Prime Minister to make a virtue signaling statement by remembering some anniversary or commemorative day to give the impression that they care about something close to their hearts.

With her Brexit policy in a shambles and her government in total disarray Theresa May opened the last session with an apology for the Amritsar Massacre committed by the British Raj in India a century ago.

Since former Prime Ministers David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have already apologized for the Amritsar Massacre and the fact that Mrs. May couldn’t care less about events in India a century ago this was deflection from her current problems and a cynical use of an historical event for personal and political ends.

By bringing up this dark event in British history yet again she is burnishing her compassionate credentials and signaling to the world that the British and their Empire are responsible for the all the misfortune that ails the world today.

This continual apologizing for misdeeds of our ancestors only entrenches the dislike of the British by foreign powers who are convinced that the British people still have a superiority complex from their glory days and need bringing down a peg two. The European Union being a classic example whose contempt and dislike for the British is palpable.

Worse still, this continuous hand-wringing and faux repentance is leading to demands that reparations be paid to people with no legacy of hurt from the Empire and as penance for actions committed centuries ago.

In Prime Ministers Questions last year Mrs. May marked the anniversary of the Finsbury Park mosque attack where, sadly, one person was killed and nine injured by a nutcase with car.

I have never heard Mrs. May remember in Parliament Fuselier Lee Rigby who was brutally murdered by Muslims outside a London school in May 2013.

If she really wanted to atone for historical wrong-doing she could have apologized for the Clifford Tower massacre where the entire Jewish population of York were wiped out in 1190 or the horrific massacre of the Scots at Glencoe in February 1692.

The St. Brides Day massacre of the Danes by Ethelred the Unready in 1002 remains a dark stain on British history which would have solicited an apology if Mrs. May and the political class were chasing the Danish vote.

Apart from virtue signaling to the world, the act of tarnishing the image of Great Britain by apologizing for past wrong-doing is a cynical appeal for votes from a target community.

The Indian and Muslim communities in Great Britain are big enough to influence the outcome of elections hence remembering the Amritsar massacre and the Finsbury Park mosque attack.

The Jewish and Danish communities on the other hand are small and therefore massacres involving them is not worth a mention.

As a patriotic Brit I will acknowledge that the British Empire was not as pure as the driven snow and I regret the terrible event at Amritsar but the Raj was no worse, and in many ways better, than any other imperial power during their time in history.

On the contrary there were many positive outcomes from the British Empire from which billions of people around the world are still benefiting to this day.

I will conclude by saying that unlike the political class I am not ashamed of British history and I will never apologize for anything that happened in the course of our glorious past. And for the benefit of the permanently offended and the politically correct, I am not ashamed of my culture, my Judeo-Christian heritage or my skin color either.     

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Total Humiliation - Theresa May Grovels to A German Chancellor

Just when you thought that Prime Mister Theresa May cannot humiliate Great Britain any more in her attempt to override the will of the people and keep them locked inside her beloved European Union, she plumbs new depths.

In her desperate attempt to avoid Great Britain leaving the corrupt and failing United States of Europe she has already begged the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, to extend the leaving period to get her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament before the legal leaving date of 29th March, 2019. This was granted and the period extended to April 12th, 2019.

This Withdrawal Agreement is a surrender document which was not negotiated by both parties but created by EU bureaucrats and designed to keep Great Britain locked inside their institutions in perpetuity. It has already been defeated in Parliament three times with little chance of it passing at the fourth time of asking.

In a move reminiscent of a politician that cannot accept the end is nigh she ignored her own party and the British people by inviting the Leader of The Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, into a coalition to get this surrender document through Parliament with his support.

Jeremy Corbyn is the unapologetic Great Britain hating communist that Mrs. May has been deriding for the last two years as a disaster in the making and unfit to govern. This virulent anti-Semite will demand that Great Britain remains inside the EU institutions but in search of a bigger prize he is likely to withhold his support in the hope of triggering a general election which will propel him into power.

To get her document through Parliament Mrs. May has begged for an extension to the extension which requires the unanimous agreement of the twenty-seven other member states which is not guaranteed.

In a move which demonstrates the humiliation Mrs. May is prepared to heap upon Great Britain she went crawling to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, begging for her help to persuade the others to grant her this second extension.

This episode also demonstrates who is really in control of the European Union empire. Nothing happens without the approval of the German Chancellor who, for some reason, puts the fear of God into the other leaders.

(As an example, former British Prime Minister David Cameron was terrified of her and was regularly chastised in public whenever he displeased her or attempted to stand up for the British people)

Labelled with the moniker 'Theresa The Appeaser', she may not see the significance of a British Prime Minister scurrying to Berlin in order to grovel in subservience to a German Chancellor but the British people do and so does the rest of world who look on in disbelief at the demise of a once great and respected country.

If Great Britain doesn’t exit the European Union with this attempt it will pay a heavy price. The Eurocrats led by Mrs. Merkel will exact their revenge and make Great Britain an example to the other member states who may harbour ideas about leaving.

It’s ironic that it’s a British Prime Minister who has retreated into a bunker and a German Chancellor who is closing in on the brink of victory.

Any Prime Minister with a modicum of self-respect would stop groveling to Mrs. Merkel and the cabal of unelected bureaucrats and acknowledge that Great Britain is still a force to be reckoned with in the world. It will prosper and thrive even further once the shackles of the EU bureaucracy have been cast off.

Its not too late for Theresa the Appeaser to restore her tattered reputation by showing confidence in
the British people and leaving the European Union as the law demands on April 12th, 2019 using World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Convicted Jailbird Votes In Parliament To Scupper Brexit

A treacherous Parliament has voted 313 to 312 to deny the British people their birthright and hand over the governance of their country to a cabal of unelected, unaccountable globalist bureaucrats in Brussels.

If anyone was under the impression that the reputation of Parliament couldn’t sink any lower then this vote should dispel the notion once and for all.

Prime Minister Theresa May joining with Jeremy Corbyn, the communist leader of the Labour Party, to scupper Brexit was the lowest point so far but the appearance of Fiona Onasanya in Parliament to supply the casting vote has taken it even lower.

Of Nigerian descent, Ms. Onasanya is a convicted fraudster released from prison early. She is subject to a curfew and wearing a police monitor on her ankle. She is currently involved in another court case accused of discrimination against a disabled employee.

A convicted law breaker making laws for the British people to obey has removed the last vestiges of credibility from this rotten Parliament.

The image above is the jailbird Onasanya grinning like a Cheshire cat with the communist ant-Semite that leads Her Majesty’s Opposition in the Mother of Parliaments.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Political Suicide – Theresa May Throws in Her Lot with The Commies

What is it about a corrupt and failing institution like the European Union that commands such fanatical loyalty among its devotees that they are prepared to commit political suicide to remain subject to it?

This devotion to a lost cause is reminiscent of the mass suicides by devotees of the Third Reich as the Red Army approached Berlin in April 1945. Many of the thousands who committed selbstmord feared Russian retribution but thousands more couldn’t envisage a life without the Third Reich and its Fuhrer.

Such is the devotion of Theresa May and her Europhile collaborators in the British Conservative Party. 

They cannot envisage life without their beloved European Union so they are prepared to sacrifice their own political futures, and that of their country, by entering into a coalition with the communist led Labour Party 

If the polls are anywhere near accurate the Labour Party have a better than average chance of winning the next General Election in which case it will be game, set and match to Karl Marx.

Theresa May and her merry band of traitors know that enlisting the help of Jeremy Corbyn will wreck the Conservative Party, which has been in existence since 1834, and hand over power to a Labour Party which has made no secret of its intentions to turn Great Britain into a socialist/communist state.

Since the Labour Party want to remain in the European Union this action alone should lay to rest the assumption that Mrs. May intended to implement the referendum result and take Great Britain out of the European Union.

Her appalling Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, which she is insists is the only option to leave, is a complete surrender to the European Union. Instead of taking back control of Great Britain’s laws, trade policy, borders and money it puts them under the control of the EU bureaucrats in perpetuity.

Instead of the supremacy of British law being reinstated Great Britain will remain subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

With this banzai charge into a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn’s communists, Mrs. May and her collaborators are ignoring those in her own Cabinet who want to implement the Conservative Party Manifesto on which they were elected. 

She is also ignoring her own backbench Members of Parliament along with most Conservative Party members in the country who want the same thing.

Most importantly she is riding roughshod over the 17.4 million loyal citizens who want to take back their sovereignty and leave the European Union.

For years Mrs. May has made countless speeches about the disaster a Jeremy Corbyn led communist government will visit upon Great Britain and its people. She has spoken at length about their virulent hatred of Israel and the Jewish people along with his support for the blood soaked terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah.

She knows that Corbyn and his comrades despise Great Britain, along with its culture, its history, its people and their way of life. She knows that any enemy of Great Britain is a friend of his.

By inviting Jeremy Corbyn into a coalition, she is giving him an air of respectability and credibility to his repugnant views and policies.

On the issue of Brexit, Mrs. May knows that Corbyn and his party want to remain in the European Union; this means that the only agreement they can possibly make is for Great Britain to remain subject to the single market and the customs union which is in effect remaining in the EU without any representation whatsoever.

The initial reaction in the country is one of disbelief and rising anger but in Brussels the bureaucrats will be punching the air with joy and cracking open their taxpayer funded bottles of Champagne in celebration.

With the connivance of Theresa May, they have achieved the three goals they set to do after the referendum result was known:

They have divided the nation which renders it more difficult to govern.

They have irrevocably damaged the country’s democratic institutions and respect for Parliament.

They have prevented Great Britain from breaking free from their corrupt and increasingly autocratic political union.

As an unintended consequence they have destroyed the Conservative Party leaving the door open for a communist cabal to take over the reins of power with all the disasters that will bring.

There is still a glimmer of hope that the British people may yet prevail. It is still the law of the land that Great Britain will leave the European Union under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules on the 12th April 2019. I hope the patriots in Parliament and the country will hold their nerve and see it through.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Lying Politicians - It Doesn't Get Worse Than This

Politicians telling lies to win an election is a recent phenomenon. In a more innocent era telling the truth was a virtue drummed into children by a generation of God fearing parents. Telling lies, even the tiniest little fib, was frowned upon attracting immediate punishment along with threats of more blood curdling punishments in the hereafter.

Sadly these are not so virtuous times and we are worse off for it. Lying has been normalized by a  political class who consider it to be a legitimate tool to use in the pursuit of power.

No one is surprised when a politician is caught lying, instead we expect it of them. It has become so bad that we assume they are lying every time they open their mouths to speak.

We also assume the heartfelt promises made during an election campaign will be broken the moment the last votes are counted and the gravy train pulls out of the station.

In a bygone age a politician caught in a lie could expect sanctions at the very least or an end to their career at worst. Now there is no sanction so they lie as a matter of course and go without punishment free to carry on with their deceit.

This assertion will undoubtedly attract accusations of exaggeration or hyperbole but I encourage the viewing of a short montage the evidence of which should keep old Nick busy when these charlatans finally shuffle off their mortal coils.

The Brexit referendum and its aftermath has brought out the worst of the political class, they are completely and utterly without shame.

Every politician in this montage, which includes former Prime Minsters and Government Ministers, has done exactly the opposite of what they promised during the referendum campaign. Watch and despair.

Liars The Lot Of Them - Broken Promises  

The image above is Sir Nick Clegg. He was the former Deputy Prime Minister under David Cameron and a former leader of the Liberal Democrat Party.

A committed globalist, he was a consummate and pathological liar of the very highest order and does appear in the montage. He was the former Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam but was voted out in the general election of 2017.

One would think that with his record of shameless lying he would be unemployable but he was snapped up by Mark Zuckerberg and is now employed by Facebook in California, USA. 


Monday, April 1, 2019

Treacherous Politicians Surrender Great Britain

Freedom loving Brits and patriots watched in cold fury as their treacherous representatives used dodgy legal mumbo jumbo and every arcane procedural trick in the book to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum and hand over their country lock, stock and barrel to a cabal of unaccountable foreign bureaucrats in Brussels.

One would have thought with the very existence of the nation as an independent, sovereign state at stake these professional, career politicians would be able to hold a grown-up debate and use empirical evidence to make their case.

Instead we were treated to a series of inarticulate charlatans barely able to string a coherent sentence together repeating tired soundbites and apocalyptic predictions designed to stir up hysteria and fear of Brexit.

The facts speak for themselves but were downplayed or ignored by Parliament:

Great Britain is the fifth largest economy on the planet.

It is the third largest contributor to the European Union budget.

It contributes more than the nineteen smallest contributors combined.

There is an eighty billion pounds trade deficit in the EU’s favor.

It is Germany’s biggest trading partner.

It is a nuclear power with a seat on the UN Security Council.

It is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations who are eager to restore trading relations.

Trade deals with the world's biggest economies are on offer including with the USA, Japan and China.

In addition to this, the Eurozone is an economic basket case which would have collapsed long ago but for the money printing madness of the European Central Bank along with the debt buy-up and loans to insolvent countries. (See Eurozone Crumbles here)

The German and French economies, the biggest in the Eurozone, are tanking while the British economy is booming despite the avalanche of growth strangling regulations and red tape from the Brussels bureaucrats.

Despite this powerful curriculum vitae and leverage, according to the peoples’ Parliament, Great Britain is to too weak and pathetic to survive in the globalized world unless it hands over the governance of the country to a corrupt political union. A political union that is run by unelected bureaucrats and which is collapsing under the weight of its own inefficiency.

Leaving the corrupt and failing European Union without handing over the governance of the country to these unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels is constantly referred to as ‘crashing out’ accompanied by apocalyptic predictions of catastrophe and economic Armageddon.

Since all previous predictions of catastrophe have proved to be false, designed only to promote a fear of leaving the European Union, it is obvious that leaving without a surrender document is what the globalists and their puppets in Parliament fear the most.

Keeping Great Britain subject to the laws and diktats of the European Union while giving the impression of leaving allows for re-entry by stealth down the road when the heat has died down and the news cycle has moved on. (See Ultimate Treason the Plot Within here)

Leaving under WTO rules is nothing to fear and it does free Great Britain from the European Union and its jurisdiction totally closing the door to a surreptitious future re-entry.

The European Union is an economic and cultural disaster area and by his own admission ‘His Excellency’ President Jean-Claude Junker* has stated that the European Union project is failing and has already seen its best years. The only reason it is limping along in the 21st century is because of its increasingly totalitarian nature and the bullying of member states. (See Europe's Glory Days at An End here)

The decades long iron grip of the megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel over the European Union has been loosened by the Brexit vote and by the rise of Eurosceptic parties across Europe. In typical EU fashion this revolution has not prompted any introspection or review but a hardening of attitudes toward dissent and a descent into further authoritarianism.

During the debates in Parliament it was revealed by the Speaker of the House of Commons that sixty-five percent of British laws come from the EU and that European Union law trumps British law.

It was also revealed by the Attorney General that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration will be a signed and sealed Treaty and therefore subject to international law.

The Agreement/Treaty, universally known as the surrender document, will legally bind Great Britain to the EU laws and regulations and subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice indefinitely with no unilateral means of escape.

As it has pointed out already, this is the sort of agreement a nation signs when it has been defeated in war.

As the British ruling class overturn the result of the biggest exercise in democracy in British history and ignore two of the biggest mandates ever given to the political elite, the British people have been disenfranchised and forced to handover what’s left of their sovereignty and become a vassal province of a failing empire.

The conclusion is obvious and dangerous to democracy and the well-being of the political elite that has destroyed it; once a nation’s sovereignty has been surrendered to the EU it cannot be taken back by peaceful means. So politicians beware, you've brought the coming storm down on your own heads.

* According to international protocol Jean-Claude Junker is addressed as Your Excellency. It's truly laughable that the democratically elected President of the United States of America has to address this unelected bureaucrat of a non country as Your Excellency while in return he is addressed as Mr President.