Thursday, May 30, 2019

Merkel Cancels Resignation – Massive Ego Now Ruling Germany

What’s next? Dissolving the Reichstag and declaring herself Fuhrer? The total dominance over German life by Chancellor Angela Merkel is almost like the good old days of the 1930’s. Her decision to cancel her resignation comes as no surprise, in fact it was predicted on these very pages when she announced she was stepping down. (See below).

The reason for her change of heart is that her chosen successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, is not matching up to Merkel’s immense stature and this has left the all-powerful Chancellor furious. Merkel believes that her successor must be in her own image and must continue her globalist policies.

Chancellor Merkel has not spent her entire political life building an unchallengeable powerbase in Germany and realizing the dream of her notorious predecessors of ruling a single European state to have it put in jeopardy by a chosen acolyte that doesn’t cut the mustard.

One is bound to ask how a deeply flawed person like Angela Merkel can accumulate so much power that she can dominate the domestic and European scene and continue to rule on a whim because she doesn’t like her successor.

Her party, the German CDU, and the ruling Presidents in the European Union have either been blackmailed or bribed or they lack the testicular fortitude to assert themselves and challenge her dominance.

The reality is that Germany and the European Union are being governed by the bloated ego of a woman many people believe to be mentally unstable with megalomaniac tendencies.

The imminent danger is that Chancellor Merkel is not only controlling the present, but she is also attempting to control the future of some five-hundred million people in perpetuity.   

This reluctance to leave the scene when their time is up is not confined to the German Chancellor. Although she is no Angela Merkel, Great Britain’s Theresa May is still clinging onto power when she should have gone after her disastrous showing in the 2017 general election.

She should have gone again after her disastrous showing in the 2019 local elections where her party lost some 1,300 council seats but she’s still there. Days after announcing her resignation and becoming a lame duck Prime Minister she attended a summit of the European Union and met the press afterward telling her yet to be nominated successor that her strategy is the only possible one.

With the rise of globalism and supranational government this practice of refusing to relinquish power is becoming more prevalent. Even when the globalists are defeated in an election, they refuse to accept the result; they use everything in their power, including dirty tricks, to prevent the new administration from governing.

In the European Union the ruling elite refuse to accept the results of national referenda where the people vote the ‘wrong way’. They either make the people vote again or simply ignore the result.

As the world can see, the result of Brexit referendum is being ignored with a call by the globalists for a second referendum where they will rig it to produce the ‘right result’ to overturn the first.

It is now three years since the Brexit referendum where the British people voted to leave but they are still locked in unable to free themselves using the legitimate democratic process.

In the United States of America, the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, are refusing to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential election and are openly trying to remove President Trump from office. 

In the process of executing this coup d’état they are preventing the President from governing using every dirty trick in the book.

If the globalists succeed and the democratic processes of western civilization are undermined to the point where they are democracies in name only, nations shall have a new birth of tyranny and that government of the few, by the few, for the few will be instituted and liberty will perish from the earth.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Conservatives and Marxists Singing from The Same Hymn Sheet

Watching the choreographed jousting by the politicians in Westminster one would think that the ideological divide between the supposedly capitalist Conservative Party on one side and Marxist Labour Party on the other was too wide to be bridged.

Spin and deception over honesty and substance is now the norm in politics as the ruling elite try to hoodwink the electorate in order to impose their agenda.  

One must ignore the spin, the speeches and the rhetoric and pay attention the policy details of both parties to see they share a common agenda.

Although they claim otherwise the Conservative Party has long since abandoned capitalism, individual liberty and small government as a means of increasing the wealth of the nation to bring prosperity to its citizens. Instead they have become a party of social justice and government-imposed equality and fairness like their supposed ideological enemies.

If the gaggle of candidates jostling to replace the appalling Theresa May are anything to go by the British people are doomed to a future of high taxes, high spending and big government in a country crushed by rigidly policed political correctness.

The leader of the pack for the future leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Great Britain is the dripping wet liberal and social justice warrior, Dominic Raab. His campaign tag for his leadership campaign is “For a Fairer Britain” which is an echo of the Labour Party tag for the 2010 General Election “A Future Fair for All”.

On the biggest single issue of the day Raab has given little indication that he will fulfill the mandate given to the political class and free Great Britain from the European Union and its undemocratic, centralized institutions.

As Secretary of State for Exiting the EU he was responsible for negotiating Great Britain's withdrawal but he was comprehensively outmanoeuvred and humiliated by a group of dedicated Europhile civil servants who were determined that the country should remain. 

Instead of killing off Theresa the Appeaser’s failed and discredited Withdrawal Agreement he thinks he can negotiate changes that will be acceptable to Parliament and the people. This is something the EU bureaucrats have made abundantly clear they will not contemplate. 

He is repeating Mrs. May's dishonest mantra that we will be leaving the EU on the, 29th March 12th April, 31st October with or without a deal.

In line with the policy of Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist Labour Party, it looks likely Great Britain will remain locked into the despised EU should Dominic Raab take the helm.

Ignoring the wishes of the people, and in line with Labour Party policy, Dominic Raab intends to keep fire hosing 0.7% of Great Britain’s Gross National Product (GDP) on giveaway aid to foreign dictators.

While public services and infrastructure is starved of cash at home, this irresponsible largess is running at fourteen billion pounds per year and due to deficit budgeting every penny is borrowed and must be paid back with interest. With the national debt at record levels that interest bill alone comes to some forty-eight billion per year.

In common with the Labour Party, Raab plans to continue with the anti-science climate change nonsense which is killing energy dependent industries at home costing jobs directly and indirectly while increasing fuel bills for everyone. 

This is putting pensioners and the less well off into fuel poverty where they are forced to decide whether its heat or eat.

Raab has given no indication he intends to put clear blue water between himself and the Labour Party on the burning issues of mass immigration, imposed multi-culturalism and forced acceptance of Islamic practises.

The wet-as-lettuce former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron were forty-three and forty-four years of age respectively when they assumed the Premiership, and both proved to be complete and utter disasters in office. It’s fair to assume that the forty-four-year-old lawyer turned politician will also be too inexperienced to become a successful Prime Minister.

In conclusion, the signature policies of these ideologically opposed parties are so similar the consequences of their implementation will be exactly the same. High tax, high spending, high regulation, mass immigration and Islamification in country dominated by political correctness and still members of the hated EU.  

Friday, May 24, 2019

Only Populists and Stupid People Love Their Countries

While people of the European Union were heading to the polls to elect members of the phony European Parliament, the unelected President of this manufactured non country has hit out at those who love their countries and yearn to be free of him and his cronies.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, does not believe in democracy or the independent nation state. He is an unapologetic globalist who believes that a supranational bureaucracy made up of self-appointed ‘experts’ like himself have the sole right to govern.

For someone with an aversion to the truth, Junker’s outburst to CNN was uncharacteristically candid where he makes public his contempt for the independent nation state and the people who believe in them. (See here)

Being the arrogant petty dictator that he is Junker cannot understand that increasing numbers of people across Europe do not want to be part of his remote, centrally controlled superstate that has destroyed economies with its single currency policy and wreaked havoc on citizens with its open border mass immigration policy.

With the polls predicting a majority for Eurosceptics after the elections one would think that Junker and his cronies would consider a change in direction but no such luck;  the course was set decades ago for a borderless, centrally controlled, multi-cultural United States of Europe and they cannot, or will not, change direction.

He contemptuously dismisses those who believe in nation state democracy as populists and stupid nationalists that love their own countries while hating the EU. Playing the race-card he claims that ‘they don’t like people who come from far away while he does like people coming from far away’.

Justifying open border mass immigration Junker states that “we have to act in solidarity with those who are in a worse situation than we are in”. This is despite the fact that abject poverty is already rife in his EU especially among the Eurozone and the former Soviet controlled eastern European satellites.

The world outside the European Union may not be aware that the European Parliament is a fake legislature since it cannot initiate or repeal legislation, that is the sole prerogative of the EU Commission of which Jean-Claude Junker is the President.

The Commission is made up of twenty-eight Commissioners who like Junker are appointed not elected therefore they cannot be removed by popular ballot no matter how destructive they may be for the citizens of the nation states.

The legislation, rules and regulations that these anonymous bureaucrats impose upon five hundred million people overrides any legislation passed by elected national Parliaments. Those national leaders that do not toe the line are removed or smeared and vilified while their countries are subject to sanctions until they conform.

By any measure this is a dictatorship which cannot be removed by popular ballot, and as the British have learned to their cost, not even by a legally binding referendum.

In conclusion: President Junker along with the rest of his unelected cronies are the petty dictators that have been imposing their destructive project on the people of Europe for decades.

These are also the ogres that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been groveling to on her knees while being humiliated in front of the world. These are the people that May and the political class are surrendering British sovereignty to. These are the people that have cost May her Premiership and with it her reputation which will never recover.

She will always be known as Theresa the Appeaser.

Finally, the ruling elite takes care of its own, so to supplement her gold plated, taxpayer funded pension she will most likely be given a well-paid sinecure somewhere in the fetid swamp of globalist politics or a seat in the House of Lords.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Empire Strikes Back Using An Imbecile Of The Highest Order

With barely three days to go before the most important election in a generation the state is going after the insurgent Brexit Party at the request of the disgraced former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Just a week after the Electoral Commission gave a clean bill of health to the Brexit Party’s funding arrangements, they gave notice of another investigation just hours before their final election rally in London.

Their plan to investigate them again using Gordon Brown's accusations of impropriety as an excuse is a sure sign that the political class and the establishment are getting desperate.

The latest polls indicate that the Brexit Party will wipe the floor with the legacy parties which will signal the end of the establishment hegemony over British political life.

The peoples’ resistance is winning the battle against the political class but the democracy deniers are fighting back using every dirty trick in the book.

Widely regarded as an economic illiterate and complete imbecile, Gordon Brown seems to be a strange choice to front a politically motivated attack on a new political movement. This is until one looks at his political history and his previous clash with the Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, over Brown’s disastrous record as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Rabid socialist Gordon Brown is an advocate of the New World Order (NWO) in which he wants to be a major player.

The European Union (EU) is an essential part of the NWO and Brown was determined to fully integrate Great Britain into the centrally controlled United States of Europe.

In an act of unforgivable treachery, Brown signed the Lisbon Constitution/Treaty which made the EU a legal entity and transferred what was left of British sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels. To compound his treachery, he did it without the referendum he solemnly swore to give the British people first.

Brown knew what he had done was an act of unforgivable treachery and being the coward that he is he avoided the original signing ceremony by sending a minion but then tried to add his signature later outside the public gaze.

He refuses to sit down for the traditional photo opportunity but luckily his treachery was captured on camera for all the world to see.

If the threat to Brown’s ambitions for the EU and the NWO weren’t incentive enough to go after the Brexit Party, his personal animosity with the party leader, Nigel Farage. most certainly is.

The clash took place a decade ago in the chamber of the European Parliament where Farage exposed Brown for the incompetent, economic illiterate he was by demolishing his carefully constructed image as a world economic leader.

I would highly recommend watching one of the most stunning three minutes of political video ever made and watch a carefully crafted reputation get deconstructed. The inane grin on Gordon Brown’s face is priceless.

Watch the spectacle here.

Gordon Brown has waited a decade to get his revenge but his attempt will fail.

Like his friend and political soulmate Donald Trump, every attack on Nigel Farage only serves to boost his popularity.

It must be noted that the Electoral Commission itself is made up of government cronies who are all disciples of the European Union and they are committed to Great Britain remaining locked inside the failing nation building project.

We will find out on election day whether this politically motivated attack on the Brexit Party will succeed but win or lose Gordon Brown will always be an imbecile and the worst Chancellor in the history of British politics.

Watch one of Gordon Brown's New World Order speeches here

Hate Speech - Police Interfere in an Election Campaign

The intervention of a senior police officer into the European elections should be a great cause for concern for everyone who cherishes liberty, democracy and the inalienable rights endowed upon them by their Creator.

Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Hamilton, pictured above, has taken it upon himself to warn candidates to watch what they say during the European election campaign to avoid stoking racial hatred.

During an election campaign his duties as a police officer are to make sure the candidates are able to make their arguments in any way they choose without intimidation, physical or otherwise, and not advise them what they can and cannot say or the manner in which can they say it.

Outwardly Mr. Hamilton masquerades as a police officer but his comments and his job title reveal that he is an active political operative with an agenda to impose.

Assistant Chief Constable Hamilton is the National Police Chiefs Council Lead for hate crimes which is a political role if ever there was one. His job is not serving and protecting the public by applying the law equally and without favour but to impose the governments progressive agenda by rigidly policing political correctness depending on which community is involved.

Being a fully-fledged agent of the state and the ruling political class, his remarks are not aimed at the establishment Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates but those who are posing a threat to the current political order and the status quo.

The Brexit Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) are campaigning to change the current political order because they have refused to implement the result of the Brexit referendum and leave the European Union.

The political class are fighting back against the people using everything in their power, and every dirty trick in the book, to prevent Great Britain leaving the EU. That means using the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media and the politicized institutions of the state, including the police ‘service’.

Ukip have always been smeared by the establishment as far-right, xenophobic, racist bigots who stir up hatred against Europe and immigrants. This deliberately misleading line of attack has been extended to the newly minted Brexit Party and anyone else who wants to leave the European Union.

This scurrilous campaign of denigration is used to generate fear and hatred of those who want to leave the European Union and is therefore hate speech by any description.  

In an overtly party political and knowingly false statement, Chief Constable Hamilton told the left-wing Observer newspaper that “tensions are being stoked on a national level around our relationship with Europe, about cultural identity and about immigration more broadly”.

It doesn't take a genius to work that these remarks stoke up tension and are aimed at Ukip, the Brexit Party and anyone else who wants to leave the European Union.

Although they would like it to be otherwise, the Brexit Party and Ukip campaigns are centered around the failure of the duplicitous political class to implement the result of the Brexit referendum and not our relationship with Europe, cultural identity or immigration.

Deliberately ignored by the establishment, along with the media and Chief Constable Hamilton, both of these parties have made it abundantly clear that this election is as much about democracy as it is about leaving the European Union.

The only hate and violence during the campaign so far has come from those wanting to remain in the European Union who disrupt Brexit Party campaign events and assault its leader.

In another incident the police ‘service’ stood by and allowed a gang of Muslim thugs to attack and assault a legal campaign rally being held by candidate Tommy Robinson in Oldham, England. (See here)

This is the same police service that initiated an investigation because someone called the pro EU candidate, Anna Soubry, a nasty name.

With the advent of ill-defined hate speech and hate crimes the political class have given agents of the state like Chief Constable Hamilton the authority to police language with the intention of ending the British peoples inalienable right to speak freely and to publicly express their opinions.

Policing language is the precursor to policing thought itself so if Great Britain wants to remain a land of individual liberty and democracy agents of the state like Chief Constable Hamilton need to be removed from power along with the political overlords who put him there.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Portrait of a Gravy Train Riding, Swamp Dwelling Hypocrite

It’s a sobering thought that Prime Ministers Questions from the House of Commons in Westminster has become so popular it has a global audience in the millions. The weekly choreographed farce is used as a platform for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to virtue signal and troll for votes in a phony five-minute joust before the circus is opened up for the rest of the swamp dwellers to join in.

For regular swamp watchers like yours truly it’s an opportunity to look for any sign that the inhabitants of the once envied Mother of Parliaments are doing the job they were elected to do or fulfilling the promises they made during their election campaigns.

It’s also an opportunity to look for new talent and leadership potential that might restore the reputation of the thoroughly discredited House of Commons Conmen and with it a return to the democracy of old.

No such luck. The last session was the usual dross where the communist Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, tried to paint a picture of a Great Britain blighted by African levels of poverty and starvation putting the blame on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her policy of austerity.

The whole thing is an embarrassing spectacle made worse by a series of questions by talentless nonentities which makes one wonder how they ever got themselves elected.

It's a sad reflection on the electorate that out of a nation of sixty-six million souls this is the best they can come up with to represent them in Parliament.

A case in point was the member for Huddersfield, Barry Sheerman MP. A socialist and veteran swamp dweller who has had his snout in the taxpayer funded trough for forty years.

One would think that after half a century as a lecturer and politician he could at least formulate a question that contained an element of truth instead of a blatant piece of political point scoring propaganda. One also would think that as a public speaker all his life he would be able to ask his question in an articulate manner instead of a bout of ill tempered, foam flecked stuttering.

His question started by with a preamble stating that when he was first elected forty years ago, he was a Eurosceptic who disagreed with Great Britain’s membership of the European Union.

He continued by saying he has changed his mind and is now a firm disciple of the EU because over those forty years it has ‘delivered prosperity, cleaned up the environment, kept the peace, kept our security’ etc.

His question was: "isn’t it time the Prime Minister spoke the truth about Europe not the big lies of the Ukip party"? To bring the old duffer up to date its not the Ukip 'party' that's taking the country by storm its the Brexit Party, but I digress.

His assertion is utter nonsense since this old charlatan wouldn’t recognize the truth if it punched him on the nose.  Far from bringing prosperity the European Union has caused bankruptcy to the Eurozone countries resulting in mass unemployment, abject poverty and misery. This is especially acute for young people who are migrating en masse from their homelands in search of a future elsewhere.

The cleanup of the detritus left over from the industrial revolution and the war was started long before environmentalism became a fad in the EU although they falsely claim responsibility for it along with the kudos.

In a reversal of the truth the EU open border mass immigration policy has left entire populations less secure than a decade ago as criminal gangs and incompatible cultures wreak havoc among the host countries.

The biggest lie of all is one that is shamelessly used by disciples of the EU to help bolster the case for their rapidly failing project. It is NATO that has kept the peace in Europe since the war, not the EU as Barry Sheerman claims.

The facts are simple, when he jumped on the gravy train forty years ago the Labour Party was largely Eurosceptic with the big hitters on left all railing against the undemocratic EU tyranny in the making.

In the intervening years the party has moved to the far left and started to embrace the ever more totalitarian EU. His principles are obviously malleable depending on the prevailing wind in his party.

Seventy-eight-year old Barry Sheerman entered the swamp aged thirty-eight after a stint as a University lecturer. Typical of socialists in the Labour Party he is an expert on the redistribution of wealth with no experience whatsoever of creating it in the first place. As a matter of fact, he despises and smears the wealth creators and considers them to be the enemies of the people.

In forty years, he doesn’t appear to have achieved anything of note other than spout the party line, lies and all, and slavishly voting as he’s told to by the party whips. 

For that he has trousered a fat salary topped up with a shed load of expenses and when he finally retires from the House of Conmen, he will pocket a gold plated, copper bottomed taxpayer funded pension.

Nice work if you can get it.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Churchill and The Iron Lady Are Rolling In Their Graves

Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe the state of the British government. The Premiership of Theresa May has been an unmitigated disaster which has turned a once proud nation into an international laughing stock.

Her amateurish attempt to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union while pretending to implement the result of the Brexit referendum has not only exposed her own deceit but also exposed the entire Parliament for the treacherous rabble of lowlifes they are.

The great Brexit betrayal and Trump style rallies have propelled Nigel Farage and his newly minted Brexit Party to the top of the polls for the coming European elections leaving the establishment legacy parties floundering in their wake.

The launch of the Conservative Party's campaign for the coming European elections was a total humiliation that should have triggered the immediate sacking of the hapless May.

Cowardice is now the hallmark of the Conservative Party leadership so she remains in place to finally consign the once great party into the dustbin of history. .

Mrs. May's launch of the campaign is perfectly encapsulated by the photograph above. The utter dejection on the faces of May and her candidates speaks volumes.

In contrast to the well organized upbeat launch of the Brexit Party,  Mrs. May's choreographed three minutes long launch was attended by two cameramen, a still photographer and a journalist who was allowed to ask a single question before the hapless Mrs. May walked off.

One could never imagine Winston Churchill or the Iron Lady subjecting themselves to such public humiliation but such is the state of British politics and the dire lack of leadership talent.

Mrs. May is finished, her Premiership is all but over so it's pitiful to watch her pretending she is in control while her friends and colleagues circle like vultures waiting to alight on the corpse of her political career.

The race to replace her is an undignified public scramble which is only adding to her humiliation. It's the modern equivalent of being bombarded with rotten vegetables while locked in the stocks on some village green.

Of the talentless shower scrambling to replace her, only the bumbling Boris Johnson has any profile and that's hardly inspiring but in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King.               

May launches Tory EU election campaign 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Brexit Party - The Fightback Against the Political Class Is On

After seven years of war and sacrifice the British people trusted their political representatives to do the right thing so that they could raise their families in the prosperity they believed that peace would eventually bring.

As the years passed by that trust was abused to the point where the political class became a law unto themselves and they believed they knew best how the people should be governed.

The relationship descended further into mutual contempt and has now deteriorated into open warfare between the political class and the people they loathe.

Over the decades the political class assumed the Divine Right of Kings to rule unhindered by the people. This Right was once wielded by dictatorial monarchs before the English Civil War transferred that right back to where it rightly belonged.

Taking it upon themselves to institute supranational government, Parliamentarians of all political persuasions have been slowly transferring their legislative responsibilities to an unelected elite in a foreign country without consulting the people.

The ruling elite in Brussels, some of who were enemies and collaborators during the war, took full advantage of their new powers and encumbered the British people with a tsunami of oppressive rules, regulations and laws while simultaneously looting their economy.

With a new generation of permanently offended, celebrity obsessed snowflakes it appeared that the old bulldog spirit that saw off the Kaiser, Hitler and the Axis powers was gone forever leaving Great Britain doomed to become a province of a German controlled United States of Europe.

The Brexit referendum and the subsequent betrayal by the political class has changed all that. Their furious reaction to the decision of the British people to ignore their campaign of disinformation and take back their sovereignty has exposed them for the arrogant, entitled, petty dictators they are.

This treacherous behavior has woken up the British people from their media induced slumber and they are fighting back with a passion that we all thought was lost.

Led by the charismatic Eurosceptic veteran, Nigel Farage, the new Brexit Party has tapped into the disgust and bristling contempt for politicians; its meteoric rise in support is threatening to end the cozy two party system that has governed, and misgoverned, Great Britain for a century or more.

Every promise made by the politicians during the referendum and general election campaigns have been broken. The laws that they themselves passed through Parliament to enact the will of the people they have ignored.

They are using every procedural trick in the legislative book to rob the British people of their birthright to be the independent, self-governing, sovereign nation their ancestors fought and died for.

In conclusion, the Brexit Party is barely a month old and it is already leading in the European Election opinion polls. If this popularity is translated into votes then it will spell the end not only of Prime Minister, Theresa May, but the rotten political class that she represents.

To learn more about The Brexit Party visit their website  here.   

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Brink of Doom - Commies Take A Nine Point Lead in Great Britain

One of the consequences of Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal is the collapse in support for her Conservative Party. If the latest polls are correct the Opposition Labour Party will win a general election handing a life-long communist and visceral anti-Semite the Premiership of Great Britain. (See here)

Jeremy Corbyn, the Member of Parliament for the London constituency of Islington North since 1983, can be characterized by the things he hates.

Being a communist and devotee of Karl Marx, capitalism and individual liberty tops his list followed closely by Great Britain itself.

Although the days of empire and Victorian/Edwardian society are long gone, he still sees Great Britain as a class-based country rife with imperialist and colonialist attitudes. 

He maintains the romantic view as portrayed by Marx and Engels of the working classes being deliberately crushed and wallowing helplessly in their oppression and victimhood.

Ignored by Corbyn, and thanks to capitalism, many of these exploited and oppressed members of the working-class wallow in their victimhood from the beaches of Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

Some even wallow with the kids in Disneyland or on safari in Kenya or even on one of the many luxury cruises on offer by the plethora of high street travel agents and the Internet.

In an ever more dangerous world, Corbyn hates the British military and its nuclear deterrent to the point where he wants to unilaterally scrap it and questions why we need an army at all.

He hates British culture and its white, Judeo-Christian heritage preferring instead a so-called multi-cultural society. To this end alien festivals and practices are accepted by him no matter how abhorrent while domestic festivals and practices are discouraged, and in some cases banned, because they cause offence.

Corbyn hates the United States of America because it’s a shining example of how capitalism, individual liberty and constitutionally limited government has made it the most prosperous nation on earth for those who want to partake of the American dream and even for those who don’t.

Corbyn cannot stand the reality that the prosperous United States of America shines like a beacon next to the poverty-stricken nations that are blighted by his communist ideology.

His list of hate goes on; everything associated with freedom, Great Britain and western culture is hated by Jeremy Corbyn, but he reserves some of his most visceral hatred for Israel and Jewish people. 

To the Left in general hatred of Israel and the Jewish people is an ideological requirement despite the fact many haters are no more than useful idiots since they don’t know the reason for their hatred.

Some use the myth of stolen Palestinian land as a false flag to justify their hatred but if that were the case why are they not equally vociferous about the Tibetan people and their land stolen by the Chinese?

Throughout history the Jewish people have been hated for a myriad of reasons and Jeremy Corbyn subscribes to them all but he has included another more modern reason to put his hatred of Jews on public display and that is to attract the Muslim vote.

In terms of numbers the Jewish community are insignificant in electoral terms compared to the massive Muslim community so sacrificing Jews in pursuit of political power is a means to an end for Corbyn.

Corbyn’s list of hatred is long and varied so in conclusion, and in the interests of balance, its worth noting some of things he likes:

Everything that is anti-British, anti-American and anti-western civilization.  Er..that's it. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Madness of Prince Charles

Its beyond doubt that the betrayal of the British people’s desire to be free from the German dominated European Union has left them fractious and on edge.

The situation has been made infinitely worse by the ignominious groveling of British Prime Minister, Theresa May, before the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is believed to be the author of the now infamous EU Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

This surrender document is not an agreement but a legally binding treaty that locks Great Britain into the European Union and its institutions in perpetuity with no unilateral means of exit. This is the Brexit in name only which Mrs. May has been planning from the start of her Premiership.

On an official visit to Berlin with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, His Royal Highness Prince Charles the Prince of Wales couldn’t have picked a more inopportune time to be sucking up to Angela Merkel by tacitly supporting Mrs. May’s surrender document and demanding that “the bonds with Germany must endure” and that the British people must “redouble our commitment to each other and to the ties between us”.

In today’s cliché-ridden discourse no political speech worth its salt could fail to mention shared values’ and Prince Charles does not disappoint.

Ignoring reality as well as history he states that …” today, we are so much more than simply neighbours: we are friends and natural partners, bound together by our common experience, mutual interests and shared values, and deeply invested in each other’s futures”.

Natural partners, mutual interests and shared values? What on earth is he talking about? Prince Charles is obviously not paying attention to the current events that are dominating the British and European media. (See here)

Just to remind him:

His future subjects, the British people, are battling both the European Union bureaucrats and their own Parliament to regain what is left of their sovereignty. They want to become the independent, self-governing nation past generations fought and died for.  

Contrary to this Chancellor Merkel has made no secret of the fact that she wants all remaining British sovereignty to be surrendered to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union Commission in Brussels as part of the project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single, centrally controlled superstate.

If Frau Merkel gets her way Great Britain would become a Vichy-style province of a German dominated United States of Europe ruled by a Gauleiter not a King.

Despite being descended from the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha one would have expected the future King of Great Britain to join this battle for national survival on the side of his people not the historical enemy that has still not given up on its ancient desire to subjugate all of Europe under its tutelage.  
 In conclusion, one must wonder how a person from the ruling elite who has been in receipt of an elite education and who is surrounded by a coterie of top advisers and experienced diplomats can enter the halls of the historical enemy and say something so insensitive and dumb.
 At a time when respect for the monarchy appears to be on the wane one would think that Prince Charles would pay attention to the current sensibilities of the British public toward the German controlled European Union before extolling the virtues of a relationship that does not exist.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Politicians Ignore VE Day But Not The Royal Baby Or Ramadan

On the evening of May 8th, 1945 General Alfred Jodl signed the instruments of surrender in Berlin ending World War II and the German thousand-year Reich that lasted barely twelve years.

Known as VE Day or Victory in Europe Day it used to be regarded as a day of joy and celebration but now it is totally ignored by the political class and the establishment.

During Prime Ministers Questions today (Wednesday May 8th) it didn’t even merit a single mention from any of the charlatans that infest the House of Cowards in Westminster.

In what has become a tradition, the Prime Minister makes an opening statement prior to the first question and she began, rightly, by making a tribute to Guardsman Mathew Talbot who was killed while helping with anti-poaching efforts in Malawi.

One would have thought that her tribute to Guardsman Talbot would lead to a commemorative statement marking VE Day but as a dedicated Europhile Theresa May is no lover of Great Britain or its glorious past.

She followed her tribute to Guardsman Talbot by congratulating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the birth of their Royal baby. Since Prince Harry was a serving soldier in Afghanistan maybe this would lead to a statement commemorating VE Day?

No such luck. Being a globalist, Europhile and dedicated proponent of imposed multi-culturalism, Mrs. May went on to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

Ignoring reality, and with complete disregard for the mass murder and destruction being carried out every day across the planet in the name of Islam, Mrs. May declared that this is a time when Muslims come together to celebrate peace, devotion and charity.

She announced thereafter that she will be holding a reception later that afternoon for Sikhs to celebrate the festival of Vaisakhi.

Maybe now that the multi-cultural virtue signaling was out of the way she would at least acknowledge it was VE Day. Nope, she proceeded to mark the twentieth anniversary of the devolved governments of Scotland and Wales.

Incidentally, as an indication of the duplicitousness and dishonesty of Parliament, the result of the binding referendum for Welsh devolved government was 50.3% to 49.7% on a turnout of 50.2%, a margin of 0.6%. This result was accepted by Parliament and implemented

The result of the binding Brexit referendum was 51.9% to 48.1% on a 71.8% turnout, a margin of 3.8%. This result was ignored by Parliament who are refusing to implement it.

In response to the Prime Minister's statement, the anti-British Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, echoed her remarks but couldn’t resist ramming home his disdain for British cultural heritage while burnishing his multi-cultural credentials at the same time. He added that we should recognize and enjoy Ramadan and Vaisakhi because ‘it is important to show the diversity of this country and celebrate all religious festivals.   

Since the British people were conned into joining the Common Market in 1973 a concerted effort has been made by the political class and the establishment to supplant all things British with all things European.

As the Iron Lady once pointed out, “its Euro this and Euro that” with anything quintessentially British being downplayed then dropped altogether.

Since the Common Market evolved into a German led United States of Europe, otherwise known as the European Union, it would ill become the dedicated Europhiles in Great Britain to keep reminding the Germans of their defeat and surrender every May 8th therefore the VE celebration was quietly dropped.

To conclude, fatalities for World War II are estimated between seventy and eighty-five million. Direct military and civilian deaths are estimated between fifty and fifty-six million with another nineteen to twenty-eight million caused by war related disease and famine.

The war left entire cities, towns, villages and industries destroyed leaving forty million refugees with nowhere to live and without basic needs such as food, shelter and utilities.

The significance of the 8th May 1945 is inestimable but to the anti-British rabble in Parliament, Royal babies and Ramadan take centre stage while VE Day doesn’t warrant a mention.


Monday, May 6, 2019

Margaret Thatcher - Grocers Daughter To Iron Lady

The 4th May 2019 should be marked by a public holiday in Great Britain, but it will be treated as a day of mourning by the hate filled Left who will be triggered by the very thought of the 40th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher coming to power.

Instead of acknowledging her monumental achievements the anniversary will most likely be marked with derision and exaggerated stories about her divisiveness and supposed cold hearted disregard for the poor and downtrodden.

The media and the hate filled Left will play down or ignore the fact that she became the first female leader of the Conservative Party and the first female Prime Minister in what was then the male dominated world of politics.

With one notable exception she was universally derided by all the institutions and influential power groups of the day including trade union leaders, feminists, socialists, communists, the media, the acting fraternity and the Russians along with their Eastern European slave states locked behind the Iron Curtain.

One of her most ardent critics and enemies was the European Economic Community (EEC) and its adherents. The EEC was the forerunner to the European Union of today and it was Margaret Thatcher that exposed to the public the secret nation building agenda of the Europhiles. 

The one notable exception to the universal derision was ‘the people’. The British electorate from all sections of society voted her into office in three consecutive general elections and she may have won a fourth but for the backstabbing Europhiles in her own party who removed her in a coup d’état to prevent their nation building project from being derailed.

Mrs. Thatcher took over the Premiership when Great Britain had declined from an industrial and military powerhouse into a nation bankrupted and demoralized by years of socialist mismanagement. Known as the sick man of Europe, British industry and public life was at the mercy of the trade union barons who brought the country to a standstill time and again in order to further their socialist agenda.

Against the odds, and armed with her uncompromising belief in both the British people and capitalism, Mrs. Thatcher took them all on and won. The trade union barons were put back in their boxes with a consequent recovery of industry and the economy.

As a result of Mrs. Thatcher’s free market reforms, deadbeat, inefficient, tax guzzling industries were privatized allowing the working class to become share-holders in their companies and proud property owners instead of tenants.

During her tenure, and in concert with her soul mate, Ronald Reagan, the Berlin Wall fell along with the Soviet Union empire and millions of enslaved citizens of Europe were liberated from the shackles of socialism/communism tasting freedom for the first time in a generation. The younger generation of the enslaved Eastern European nations tasted freedom for the first time ever.     

Mrs. Thatcher was a titan on the domestic and global political scene, she was fearless and indefatigable, earning herself the title of the Iron Lady by which she is still known today.     

What President Trump is going through today Mrs. Thatcher went through 40 years ago. Universal condemnation from the left and the media accompanied by vilification, insults and personal attacks against her and her family.

In October 1984 she narrowly survived an assassination attempt by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) which killed five Conservative Party colleagues and injured thirty-one. One of those killed was a fellow Member of Parliament.

As a message to the terrorists and her enemies, and as a measure of her courage and determination not to let the terrorists claim a propaganda victory, she carried on regardless with her itinerary.

In a message to the world that under her Premiership Great Britain is not to be messed with, the Iron Lady sent a task force half way around the world to reclaim the Falkland Islands after the invasion by the Argentinian military junta.

Much to the chagrin of the Great Britain hating Left, Mrs. Thatcher’s supreme confidence in the bravery, professionalism and dedication of the British military forces she united the entire nation behind her Falklands endeavor.

Under her leadership losing the Falklands war was never an option. If the Labour Party had been in power they would have surrendered the Islanders to the blood-soaked military junta regardless of their desire to remain British.

As a matter of interest, they also planned to sell out the British citizens of Gibraltar along with other British overseas territories and the Northern Irish, but I digress.

Her legacy of liberty, free enterprise, prosperity and national pride has been squandered by a treacherous political class more dedicated to globalism, supranational government and collectivism regardless of its deleterious effect on the nation and its morale.

Compared to the Iron Lady all successive Prime Ministers have been a collection of spineless cowards, pathological liars and treasonous Quislings whose loyalty is to the European Union and its project to fully integrate Great Britain into a centrally controlled United States of Europe.

Known as the grey man, John Major was the chosen front man for coup plotters. He was a fanatical Europhile who signed the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 without holding the referendum he promised. This was the Treaty that deceptively changed the European common market project from an economic and zero tariff-based project to the nation building political union we see today.

The grey man was followed by Tony Blair, one of the most reviled and destructive Prime Ministers in history who many believe should be charged with war crimes for his involvement in the Iraq war.

Falsely sold as a tidying up or streamlining exercise, it was Blair that signed the Amsterdam Treaty in 1997 which surrendered sovereignty over a whole range of areas from the Westminster Parliament to the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Blair and his cronies delayed the promised referendum on this treaty until 2006 by which time the damage was done. The referendum promise was quietly dropped long before then.

Next came the ignorant and economic imbecile, Gordon Brown. Not only did he wreck the private pension schemes and sell off Great Britain’s gold reserves for a song, he also signed the Lisbon Constitution/Treaty without the promised referendum.

This is the Treaty that gave the United States of Europe international legitimacy, it also surrendered what was left of Great Britain’s sovereignty.

Following Gordon Brown was the spineless, chinless wonder, David Cameron. This Prime Minister was going to re-negotiate Great Britain’s terms of membership then put these terms and continued membership before the people in a referendum.

The rest is history, he lied about his reforms and the people voted to leave. Like the coward he is, instead of implementing the result as promised, he promptly resigned leaving the door open to the fanatical Europhile, Theresa May.

She has spent her entire time in office trying to reverse the result of the referendum and keep Great Britain locked inside the EU institutions in perpetuity.

 Theresa May has capitulated to the EU bureaucrats every step of the way in a manner the Iron Lady would never countenance.

Judging by the potential leaders on offer today, Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady, was the last of the Churchillian Prime Ministers whose like the British people will never see again.

Memorable Thatcher quotes:

“I will always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left”.

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.

“The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build”.

“There are still people in my party who believe in consensus politics. I regard them as Quislings, traitors……..I mean it”.

“If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn’t swim”.

“To cure the British disease with socialism is like trying to cure leukemia with leeches”.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Some Good News at Last - Crooked MP Kicked Out by The Voters

It’s not often that the people get to strike back at the political class that treats them with contempt but when the opportunity does arise it’s a moment to deliver a blow and then savor their discomfort.

Such an opportunity came about recently and the public took full advantage by delivering the political establishment a bloody nose. It also gave us bystanders a reason to cheer and enjoy the moment.

Convicted criminal and serial liar, Fiona Onasanya, was kicked out by her constituents in Peterborough after a recall petition called by the Speaker of the House of Commons. 

This will trigger a byelection where the new Brexit Party stand a chance of breaking the iron grip on power which has been held by the establishment Liberal and Conservative parties for two centuries or more and latterly by the Labour Party who came on the scene in 1929.

It must be remembered that it was the crooked Onasanya that cast the deciding vote in a deadlocked Parliament which denied the people their Brexit while she was on release from prison and wearing a police monitoring bracelet on her ankle.

Unsurprisingly, requests to have the vote declared null and void have fallen on deaf ears in the phony Mother of Parliaments so in reality the peoples' desire to regain their sovereignty from the corrupt European Union was denied by a convicted criminal who was released from prison on license and under police surveillance. (See here)

Its beyond irony that the Members of Parliament are effectively declaring the result of the Brexit referendum null and void on the basis the people were lied to by using the casting vote of a convicted criminal and serial liar who should be in jail.    

The war between the people and the political class they so despise has been a gathering storm for decades and at this moment in time the stranglehold on the levers of power keeps the latter in control.

The betrayal of the Brexit referendum has changed all that; the British people are waking up to the danger they face from their own representatives who are determined to sell them out to the unelected tyrants of the European Union and their United States of Europe integration project.

The deselecting of Onasanya may only be a tiny glimmer of light at the end of a very dark tunnel but it could be the catalyst that starts a revolution since there are so many other crooked shysters that are bringing Parliament into disrepute that should also be recalled.

To add to their misery there is a new kid on the block called the Brexit Party who are gaining momentum and currently topping the polls for the European elections.

On a final note: Fiona Onasanya was never photographed without her trademark grin which was as wide as her credibility gap so it is especially delicious to see that she is not grinning any more. 

                                           Goodbye Fiona and good riddance to bad rubbish.