Friday, February 28, 2014

British Immigration Disaster Now Official - The End Is Nigh Part II

To say that the recently released figures on immigration into Great Britain are disastrous would be the understatement of the year, but there is one positive point that can be taken from this unfolding calamity.

It demonstrates once and for all, without fear of contradiction, that Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, together with his cohorts in the upper echelons of the Conservative party, are willfully lying to the British people in order to further implement their European superstate agenda which includes cultural replacement.

Apart from being one of the most annoying soundbites ever, his promise to "cut net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands" has proved to be false, as we always knew it was. In any case cutting net immigration instead of actual immigration does absolutely nothing to stop cultural replacement or the downgrading of Great Britain to third world status.

The figures are truly terrifying and due to the fact that Cameron and co are aware of the devastating effect these are having on the British way of life, together with British culture and British values, their failure to take any action to stop it clearly demonstrates that they are committed to the replacement of British culture with a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

It must be remembered that on the issue of their culture being destroyed and replaced, the British people were not consulted let alone given a vote. The British people didn't ask for this nor do they want it. This wanton destruction of a nation and its way of life was carried out by a traitorous political class at the behest of foreign vested interests in order to fulfill a political dream.

There is a word for this treachery and it is Treason - there is an historical punishment for it also, but I digress.

c532,000 immigrants entered Great Britain last year, up from c497,000 the previous year. c320,000 emigrants left, down from c343,000 the previous year. Far from being the tens of thousands promised by Cameron, net immigration was a devastating c212,000.

Guido's take on it here

What became of Cameron's much heralded clampdown on bogus students, bogus marriages, illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals, remains a mystery.

The full devastation of these figures can be best illustrated by mentioning that immigration on this scale and higher as been going on for over a decade. To be more accurate, since the Blair/Brown treachery started in 1997.

What these figures cover up is the deliberate downgrading of Great Britain into a country resembling a third world toilet. How can a country lose 320,000 skilled, semi-skilled or prosperous retired people and import unskilled, semi-literate and non English speaking immigrants from the third world, in addition to tens of thousands of destitute economic migrants from the bankrupt EU, and not be downgraded?

Great Britain had social and economic problems already without importing more from around the world. Cameron and the political class know this but their dedication to the European Union superstate and its cultural replacement agenda is total.

As far as Cameron and the political class are concerned, the British people together with their culture and their values are expendable when it comes to the EU.

Cameron promised a three-fold crackdown on immigration which included cutting access to welfare benefits for immigrants, ending something for nothing benefits and cracking down on illegal immigration.

He was lying for votes on all counts and he knew it because he was threatened with legal action by unelected EU bureaucrat, Laszlo Andor, a Hungarian - and the European Court of Human Rights will not permit the deportation of immigrants, legal or illegal, no matter what the circumstances or how heinous their crimes.

When campaigning for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Cameron stated that he was a Eurosceptic knowing full well that he was, and still is, a fully committed disciple of the European superstate project. He was lying through his teeth then and he has been lying through them ever since.

The only hope for the British people and their way of life is for the members of Cameron's party, led by the Members of Parliament, to rediscover their spines then replace him as leader with someone who puts Great Britain and its people first.

Failing this the people should realize their electoral power, stop the ingrained habit of brain dead tribal voting and get rid of every candidate that doesn't unequivocally state their intention to take Great Britain out of the EU and put a moratorium on immigration.

For the uninitiated here is a brief history of how this treachery unfolded.

The European superstate project was started shortly after World War II by a group of so called 'progressives' who believed that the independent nation states of Europe should be destroyed and replaced by a post democratic federal superstate governed by an appointed elite. The so called 'founding fathers' knew that this was going to be unacceptable to the various peoples therefore they decided to implement it by deceiving them into believing that the intention was merely a loose economic agreement with common benefits.

One of the architects of the European superstate, Frenchman Jean Monet, gave the game away in a letter to a co-conspirator:

"European nations should be guided toward the superstate without their peoples understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation".

Subsequent events have proved that the British political class of all parties have followed the Jean Monet plan to the letter.

Every treaty from the Treaties of Paris, Rome, Schengen, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon together with the Merger Treaty and the Single European Act have followed the Jean Monet plan.

Each treaty was falsely presented by the national political classes as having a economic or other beneficial purpose but in reality they were fronts for the transfer of sovereignty.

As the British people are finding out to their cost, their treacherous politicians have handed over so much sovereignty they are now unable to govern the country in the interests of the people - their sole function appears to be committing Great Britain to even further integration until all political power and decision making rests with the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Cultural replacement achieved by open border mass immigration is an essential part of the European superstate project for the simple reason that a proud homogeneous people just twenty two miles across the English Channel would cause the other disenfranchised peoples of Europe to yearn for their lost national identity and therefore cause instability.

The importance of cultural replacement to the European project can be evidenced by the fanatical zeal with which the politicians and their cronies in the establishment impose their multi-cultural agenda and by the venom they spit forth at anyone who raises legitimate questions concerning its disastrous consequences.

The British are people waking up to the disaster that is the European Union with its associated policy of  mass immigration and it is scaring the living daylights out Cameron and his fellow collaborators. This has resulted in them doing what they do best and that is lying through their teeth in order to garner votes.

He tells the people that he is going to get tough and renegotiate the terms of Britain's membership of the EU while at the same time every bureaucrat in Brussels from Jose Manuel Barrosso to Herman von Rumpuy are saying there will be no renegotiation. World leaders from Germany's Angela Merkel to Barry Obama are ordering him to surrender.

Cameron, along with all the other self serving parasites of the political class, are polished deceivers, spinners and liars and one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, there will be a day of reckoning when they will called to account and be made to pay for their treachery.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

British PM Bows To German Chancellor - The End Is Nigh Part I

The opening blows in the second Gulf war were struck by stealth bombers taking out targets in downtown Baghdad in the dead of night - by the time the Iraqi's had realized what had hit them the bombers had done their destructive work and the crews were congratulating themselves as they headed for home.

The same destruction has befallen the British people and their existence as an independent, sovereign nation and, as was the case with Baghdad, it has been achieved by stealth and in the political equivalent of the dead of night.

The deliberate policy to downgrade Great Britain into a minor province of a post democratic United States of Europe began shortly after World War II and it has progressed by stealth ever since using deceit, obfuscation and outright lies.

Traitorous politicians from Edward Heath up to present incumbent, David Cameron, have carried on implementing this agenda knowing it is based on obfuscation and lies and knowing full well that the ultimate goal is the end of Great Britain as an independent, sovereign nation.

How much more proof do the British people need and what will it take for them to wake up and see the danger, remains one of the worlds biggest mysteries. Just a brief glance around every village, town and city to see the damage done by EU mandated 'multi-culturalism' should be enough, but is it?

(Cameron's false promises and lies are exposed in all their naked glory with the latest figures on mass immigration, but I digress and that will be the subject of the next post).

There can be nothing more disheartening to every proud British citizen than watching a British Prime Minister and his government of sycophants grovel, bow down and kiss the backside of a German Chancellor - the fact that they did it on British soil makes the insult even more painful.

German Chancellor and former East German communist, Angela Merkel, was given the full red carpet treatment as Cameron groveled in the hope that she will go along with his plan to hoodwink the British people with promises of a renegotiation and a referendum.

She didn't oblige, in fact she gave the spineless upstart a slap across his chops and made it abundantly clear she has no intention of delaying the agenda of 'ever closer union' to a United States of Europe.

The narrative of Merkel and the other EU leaders is consistent and crystal clear, they all threaten doom, economic ruin, job losses and war should the British people want to remain the independent, sovereign nation that their ancestors fought and died for.

As does the President of the European Commission, the Portuguese Maoist Jose Manuel Barrosso, Angela Merkel raises the spectre of the two world wars in order to frighten the British people into surrendering their sovereignty.

Barrosso ramped up the war rhetoric when he threatened that rolling back the process of EU integration will result in "a return to war in the trenches".

For a politician with her level of deviousness, Merkel is either being na├»ve or she is taking the British people for fools by insinuating that the EU is responsible for maintaining peace in Europe and not NATO or Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Unlike the United States of America, the United States of Europe has more than one President - the Belgian totalitarian, Herman von Rumpuy being the other one, and unlike American Presidents neither of the EU Presidents has been elected and neither one can be removed from office by the people.

This poison dwarf, known derisorily as Rumpy Pumpy, also uses threatening rhetoric in an attempt to frighten people into submission.

In a speech, ironically delivered in Berlin, Rumpy Pumpy openly advocated the end of Great Britain as a nation state, and asserted that anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Why Prime Minister Cameron indulges this odious little creep and allows him to influence the British government is beyond any intelligent persons imagination.

British sovereignty has been surrendered by stealth and the people have not realized as yet the significance or the extent of it. Dissecting the headline of one article should give people a clue.

"Angela Merkel is prepared to offer David Cameron special assurances on a revised EU treaty".

This may seem a benign, incidental headline but to any citizen who cares about a free Great Britain and what it means for its culture of individual liberty its says a lot.

The issue here is British sovereignty - the sovereignty that was defended with blood and treasure twice in a century against German tyranny, therefore to read that a German Chancellor 'is prepared to offer a British Prime Minister assurances' is an insult and a measure of how much sovereignty has been surrendered.

David Cameron's ignominious groveling to Angela Merkel is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlains appeasement of Hitler and a further indication of his subservience and cowardice.

This spineless PR man and media created phony never stands up for the British people and is not only slapped down by Angela Merkel, he has also recently been publicly lectured on governing Great Britain by:

Laszlo Andros    - a Hungarian

Viviane Reding   - a Luxembourgian

Roberto Alevedo - a Brazilian

The list of foreigners telling Cameron how to govern Great Britain is endless and includes Olli Rehn from Finland, Mark Rutte form the Netherlands. Even a chap called Aligirdus Butkevioius from Lithuania has poked his nose in.

The only group he refuses to listen to are the British people who he continues to ignore and treat with contempt.

All these pale into insignificance compared with the 'Progressive in Chief' from across the water.

Barry Obama himself has ordered David Cameron to ignore the British people and surrender their sovereignty to the European Union or else.

An unelected, unaccountable, unsackable government of bureaucrats obviously suits a President who routinely bypasses the elected Congress of the United States and who has openly declared that using his phone and his pen he will rule by executive decree like some latter day Napoleon or Caesar.

It is without doubt that the final surrender of Great Britain is perilously close because the people have put their trust in a lying political class for far too long.

If British people want to survive then they must wake up, see what these charlatans are up to behind their backs and have the courage to kick them out, all of them, every last one of them without mercy or exception.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

English Generosity - Taken For Granted And Abused By The Entire World

After a recent loss to Ireland in a rugby match, one of my Welsh compatriots commented that she doesn't mind losing so long as its not to England. I thought nothing of it until I read some anti-English sentiments from a Scotsman during the independence referendum campaign.

Reading the foreign press and listening to some ingrates, it is apparent that these sentiments are not confined to the British Isles, but more on that later.

It's a mystery as to what the English people have done to deserve such opprobrium when its widely known that without the fruit of the English people's labour, both Wales and Scotland would be about as prosperous as Greece, Romania, Pakistan and other aid recipient countries.

It's all very well making disparaging remarks about people based on ignorance but when the economic facts are studied perhaps a little gratitude would be more appropriate.

The last available figures show that the Welsh economy had twenty eight billion of costs but only generated nineteen billion in revenue. For the educationally challenged that's a deficit of nine billion. It shouldn't be too difficult to work out who pays for this shortfall. The figures are similar for Scotland.

It may possibly be no fault of their own but Welsh productivity is below that of their English counterparts and public spending per head is higher in Wales than in England. This has been summed up by the following statement:

"The Welsh Assembly Government had responded to the lack of productivity in manufacturing by substituting new jobs in the public sector, making Wales increasingly dependent on fiscal transfers from Whitehall".

'Fiscal transfers from Whitehall' when translated from bureaucratic English into everyday English means that English taxpayers are bailing out the Welsh economy. This applies to the Scottish economy also.

If the hardworking English taxpayer is being taken for granted and abused by their British compatriots then looking at the global picture should send shock waves down the spine of every English person and send them flocking to dwelling places of their representatives armed with torches, pitchforks and piano wire.

Thanks to the leaders of the three legacy parties, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, the English people's contributions to the European Union will increase from thirty to forty billion pounds per year over the next few years, only to disappear without a trace into sink holes of corruption in places such as Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The EU is a cesspit of corruption in itself and has not had its accounts signed off for decades. It is unaccountable to the people and its leaders cannot be removed.

The three British Quislings have made clear their servility and undying loyalty to the EU and refuse to give the people a vote on their own future.

The EU is not the only sink hole for other peoples money, the United Nations gets almost a billion from the English taxpayers for nothing in return. Wars and famine are as rife in the world today as they were when the UN was formed. This gigantic unaccountable bureaucracy is another cesspit of corruption who's only purpose seems to be agitating against the West with America and Israel top of their hit list.

One of the biggest departments of abuse of the English taxpayer must be the Department for International Development. This department fire hoses money anywhere and everywhere just for the sake of meeting an arbitrary target or one set by supranational organizations such as the EU, the UN, the G12, the G8 or whatever the next number is.

Politicians love the overseas aid industry as it gives them the opportunity to strut like peacocks on the world stage burnishing their 'progressive' credentials and demonstrating their fake compassion for the worlds the less fortunate. Does anyone really believe that professional politicians of the Cameron/Clegg/Miliband ilk give a rats ar*se about the worlds poor?

The charlatans who infest the political class and the fat cats who grow rich on overseas aid would be lost without the images of fly covered, pot bellied, starving African children as it is heartrending to the generous public and subsequently allows them to enjoy a very lucrative living from the peoples taxes.

Half a billion of the British overseas aid budget goes on administration and in commissions to aid industry professionals, lobbyists, cronies and other fat cats.

As the hard pressed taxpayers know to their cost, the political establishment has committed the taxpayer to spending 0.7% of the Gross Domestic Product on overseas aid, this is regardless of the fact that the country is running a hundred billion pound deficit and national debt is rising and has now passed a trillion pounds.

The socialist government of Phony Tony Blair agreed this target and the current self confessed 'progressive'  and 'Heir to Blair' is committed to carrying it on. In fact he plans to take it further and enshrine the 0.7% figure into British law.

It may make the multi-millionaires of the political class feel warm and fuzzy inside or it may help them polish their 'progressive' credentials in preparation for a sinecure after they are booted from office but it doesn't help the English people pay their heating bills or rehabilitate any recently flooded homes.

Even the most dumbed down, economically challenged socialist should be able to understand that with the economy struggling out of recession and with a deficit of over one hundred billion,  0.7% of GDP will have to be borrowed and paid back with interest. This adds to the already astronomically high national debt which their descendants yet unborn will have to pay back through their taxes.

Common sense should dictate that with the deficit eliminated and the national debt paid off, 0.7% of any surplus would be a much better policy, but politicians are more renown for their self obsession and vanity rather than for their common sense.

Just a tertiary glance at where this taxpayer money goes should make even the most placid of English taxpayers boil with anger.

My old stamping ground in Uganda is good example,

The long time dictator Yoweri Museveni went from nothing to a billionaire in a poor country that wallows in aid money.

He's even rich enough to upgrade his private jet from a Gulfstream IV to a Gulfstream V.

The politicians involved in the aid industry must be the only ones on the planet who didn't know that corruption in Uganda was hemorrhaging aid money but when you have target to meet it's easy to turn a blind eye.

Aid was eventually suspended after the corruption could no longer be ignored but the 'progressive' voices wailing to get it reinstated are getting louder.

Aid to Afghanistan is a complete waste of taxpayers money as everyone and uncle knows that the Taliban will take over and carry on where they left off the minute western troops leave. Judging by the kidnapping and murder of aid workers its apparent that of some the Afghan people don't appreciate it anyway.

In their mindless rush to spend English taxpayers money the politicians ignore the fact that they are financing the Somalian savages from Al Qaeda that want to violently destroy the west.

Calls for the aid to Al Qaeda in Somalia to be returned to England in order to alleviate the recent flood damage is being studiously ignored by the politicians who are mindful of their spending target and 'progressive' reputations.

In a open display of contempt for the English taxpayers, the political class are resisting persistent calls for the out of control, giveaway aid budget to be trimmed or diverted to the home country.

See here for calls to stop giving aid to wealthy countries.

In a clear demonstration of the political leadership preening themselves before their international masters and at the same time showing their utter of contempt for the English taxpayer, David Cameron has promised an extra fifty two million in aid for the internecine Muslim war in Syria and Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has promised to open the cheque book, or to be more accurate he has offered a blank cheque, to rebuild the Ukraine.

It's so easy to make these promises when it's somebody else's money.

It's not difficult to imagine just how better off the English people would be if they didn't have their money plundered and then wasted on these non English obligations. It's just as well they are not allowed to vote in the devolution/independence referendums and even more fortunate for the ingrates that they don't have their own Parliament.

In conclusion it must be stated that by watching the actions and behavior of Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the shysters, there must be an endless supply of taxpayer money for them to splash on satisfying their own vanity.

The home countries and those countries in receipt of bail outs and aid have no respect for the English people or their money and its quite obvious that they believe that their wages and salaries are there for them to plunder at will.

I realize that by expressing such blasphemous sentiments I am inviting some opprobrium on my own head from some of my compatriots, but in the interests of fair play the truth cannot be ignored, it needs to be aired and after all the truth really does set you free.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Piers Morgan Gets The Boot - Rehabilitation Of British Honour Can Begin

The predictable sacking of the odious Piers Morgan, better known as Piers Moron in his native land, was a longtime coming and one has to wonder what took CNN so long. Undoubtedly Moron has made a shed load of money for himself but the damage he has done to his compatriots reputation is incalculable.

Despite the negative influence of Moron, the image of the British in America has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance as of late as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first concert and the sterling efforts of other British notables who portray a more accurate image of the British on American television.

Bearing in mind Piers Moron's dubious past as a newspaper editor, coupled with his reputation for being an self publicist who never misses an opportunity to get his smug chops on the television, it's a mystery as to why such a high profile organisation like CNN hired him in the first place.

CNN must have known that he was an appalling newspaper editor who was prepared to sink far deeper into the sewer of hack journalism that even the most base of tabloids. It's a wonder how Piers Moron is still walking free after his involvement in illegal phone hacking and the insider trading scandals. (These are ongoing so there is still hope on that front and he may yet end up behind bars)

Informed British people loath this odious man and would like see him dangling from the nearest tree after he knowingly published photo-shopped pictures of British soldiers supposedly torturing Iraqi prisoners. This did untold damage to the British military and put their lives further into danger than they already were.

Perhaps CNN were fooled by his foppish English mannerisms and his poncey English accent but let them and other organisations be assured, Moron is an ignorant, nasty piece of work who is steeped in trendy left wing causes as CNN found out to their cost.

I watched in horror has Moron had the temerity to call an American guest on his show "an incredibly stupid man" for the simple reason that he believed in his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

In keeping with the MSM agenda driven narrative, he jumped on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon pushing the myth that it was a white on black racial killing even though the accused man, George Zimmerman was Hispanic and a neighbourhood watch captain. He ignored the fact that Trayvon Martin was a wannabe gangsta with a record of street crimes including housebreaking.

Moron also ignored the fact that the accused almost had his brains beaten out by Martin and was found not guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers which was selected and agreed with the prosecutors.

He told the barely literate prosecution witness, Rachel Jeantel, that she was an incredibly intelligent woman even though she lied and stated that referring to a black person as a nigga was ok so long as it wasn't pronounced nigger. Like wise it was acceptable to refer to a white person as cracka so long as it wasn't pronounced cracker.

This may have played well with dumbed down, brain dead members of the communist/socialist/progressive community that seems to make up the core audience of CNN these days but in the face of such obvious pandering to the left, anyone with an iota of sense switched channels. The more Moron pandered to the left the lower his ratings dropped.

He claims that his sacking was down to the American people growing tired of his "continually banging on about guns rights" but that wouldn't be telling the whole truth, They were also tired of his smug, patronizing, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious pontificating on sensitive issues he knew very little about.

Perhaps this pontificating would have been more acceptable coming from an American but coming from an oily Brit who despises the 'one nation under God free America' it was too much for the people to bear.

With Moron's long overdue departure the rehabilitation of the British reputation can now begin in earnest and I would beg my American cousins to look at other British people who appear on their television screens. They are a diverse bunch but a more accurate depiction of the British character than Piers Moron, Simon Cowell or that ignorant Scottish imbecile Gordon Ramsay. ( I am a fairly mild mannered man but if he spoke to me like he does his guests, I'd put him on his a*rse before he knew what hit him.)

I am thinking of people like Tom Jones who appears on The Voice, what a nice guy, then there's Hugh Laurie who plays the mad medic House, a British favourite who came from the world of comedy.

Then there's Damien Lewis, a great actor, and not forgetting the one and only Nigella Lawson, despite her poor choice of husband she is still a great advertisement for the British character, displaying good manners and a mischievous sense of humour.

Another great advertisement for British decency is Stuart Varney from the Fox Business Network. Like many of us Brits he loves America and was distraught at the damage this one idiot was doing to our reputation.

Finally there is the people's favourite, Jeremy Clarkson, from the award winning show Top Gear. His irreverent style and contempt for political correctness has won him millions of fans around the world. What helps him in the popularity ratings is his utter contempt for Piers Moron and his ongoing feud. He has also done what millions would love to do and that is to land a punch on the hypocrite and wipe  that smug smile of his face.

In conclusion  it is worth speculating what is next for Pier. Being the greasy opportunist that he is, it is highly likely that he will worm his way into the affections of some naive producer somewhere. Americans hope its back in his native land and the British hope they keep him where he is. Someone suggested the editorship of the in house magazine at Guantanamo Bay and someone else suggested he becomes a roving reporter in Helmand Province or Mogadishu.

Wherever it is I wish him the best of British luck and lets hope that it keeps him away from both Great Britain and America, the people have suffered enough.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scandal Of Poverty Pimp Church Leaders Encouraging Welfare Dependency

The timing of the intervention of British church leaders into the welfare debate couldn't have been more perfect, nor can their residence in cloud cuckoo land be more apparent. I would humbly suggest that these spiritual leaders take up reading the Bible instead of  the Communist Manifesto and spend more time saving souls for the hereafter rather than increasing welfare dependency in the here and now.

At a time when the UN released its report into human rights abuses, including the persecution of Christians, in that socialist paradise known as North Korea and with the Venezuelan and Ukrainian people rising up against their socialist oppressors, the church leaders in Great Britain are calling for more socialism.

One of the scourges of modern Britain and the main driver of crime, violence and domestic strife is welfare dependency. I have deliberately excluded poverty at this point in the essay because the word itself is being deliberately misused.

The agenda driven political class, and now the clergy, use the term 'relative poverty' despite the material goods partaken of by the so called 'poor'. This creates an illusion of poverty and thus helps guarantee a constituency of loyal voters using the deadly sin of envy. (More on the use of relative poverty later)

Church leaders have taken to promoting their new socialist creed on the television or in the media for the simple reason that if they restricted it to sermons in their churches nobody would get the message. Preaching to an empty church can be dispiriting so in order to raise their spirits and keep what semblance relevance they have left, church leaders are promoting 'free stuff' for the so called 'poor'.

It is becoming more obvious with every utterance from our richly adorned bishops and priests that they have taken a leaf out of the socialist handbook by promoting welfare dependency and actively appealing to the feckless in order to justify their existence.

Following on from the openly Marxist former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and his equally left wing successor, Justin Welby, the leader of Great Britain's Roman Catholics has jumped on the 'poverty' bandwagon also.

Not to be outdone by his Anglican counterparts the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nicholas, has expressed his opposition to welfare reforms in concert with twenty six Bishops and leaders from the Methodists, Quakers and Reformed Churches.

(See a previous post on Marxist theologian Rowan 'The Hippy' Williams here)

 By exaggerating the scale of the problem and indulging in emotive language these unscrupulous so called holy men are behaving like poverty pimps who would rather see people languishing on welfare handouts instead of having the dignity that comes with work and supporting themselves.

It is unbecoming of the men of God to be joining the propagandists of the left, led by the BBC, to portray Great Britain as mired in Dickensian or third world levels of poverty and destitution. It simply isn't true. It would be foolish to deny that there is poverty but it is not as widespread and desperate as the agenda driven left and the clergy would have us all believe.

In an overtly party political outpouring, the men of God are saying that "welfare reform is a national crisis causing malnutrition and poverty because of delay and punitive sanctions against benefit claimants."

To intimate that the government is reforming welfare out malice or spite or to deliberately harm poor people is outrageous, it is also a disgraceful exaggeration bordering on outright lying. The clergymen involved in this willful deceit need to get into that confessional box at the earliest opportunity and seek absolution for their sins.

It must be borne in mind that one of the reforms they are referring to consists of limiting of welfare benefit 'entitlements' to five hundred pounds per week for which claimants don't even have to get out of bed. That's around eight hundred dollars per week to our American friends. Nice work if you can get it.

"People are having to choose between heating or eating" claim the holy men of God. They fail to mention that the government has deliberately inflated heating bills in order to fight Man Made Global Warming, now renamed as 'Combating Climate Change'.

Sensible people on the planet have come to accept that this is a new religion for the gullible and the emotionally vulnerable which uses environmentalism to mask the imposition of global socialism. The men of God really shouldn't be indulging in this kind of willful deception if they want to go to heaven.

Those of us who have actual experience of living among benefit claimants would have worded that statement differently in the interests of accuracy. "People are having to choose between eating or smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gambling, smoking dope and having babies", would be much more applicable.
If this comes across as cruel or exaggerated  then I suggest that cynics, hand wringing lefties and Christ's vicars on earth read this article by the BBC's favourite whinging, whining lefty, Yasmin Alibai-Brown.

The corrosive effect of idleness and welfare dependency on the human spirit is obviously deemed acceptable by the clergy and infinitely more preferable to their client group than working for a living and supporting themselves and their families.

Moving people from idleness and dependency into work is what welfare reform is intended to achieve, so who but agenda driven socialists and cynical poverty pimps would oppose that noble ideal.

The existence of welfare benefit ghettos is a disgrace to humanity therefore one would expect the clergy to support any attempt to reform a broken system that encourages their continuation.

More information on welfare ghettos, where half of all adults are on benefits, here.

To conclude, it is worth noting that the poverty referred to by the political establishment is not actual poverty but 'relative poverty'.

This is a measure conjured up to justify redistribution of wealth which could have thought up by Karl Marx himself. As with everything Marxist they can't even get that right - they now try to exclude better off people from the equation in order to facilitate the continued use of the word 'poverty', without which they have no reason to exist.

Using this measure in wealthier countries with a higher levels of income, such as Dubai, would require people with all the trappings of prosperity to be classed as poor. This is plainly ridiculous therefore poverty is now classed as sixty percent of the median.

It is vitally important that the agenda driven redistributors of wealth continue to have the word 'poverty' available for justification purposes regardless of its accuracy. Using their own measure, the poorest people in Great Britain are prosperous compared to their counterparts in developing countries.

They could equally use the term 'relative prosperity' as it means the same thing but it couldn't be used by the poverty industry to justify redistribution.

Poverty in Great Britain could be eliminated or at least vastly reduced simply by getting rid of the spin and redefining it:

People are not in poverty if they live in a house.

People are not in poverty if they smoke, drink alcohol, gamble or take drugs.

People are not in poverty if they are overweight through eating junk food.

People are not in poverty if they eat out at all.

People are not in poverty if they take vacations.

People are not in poverty if they own a flat screen TV's,  Xbox's, mobile IPhones, designer clothes or sneakers.

People are not in poverty if they have lots of babies.

And so on and so forth. They are not poor in the real sense, they just have less 'stuff' than people whom earn more.

This list would result in poverty being eliminated or at least astronomically reduced overnight but it would also cause palpitations and exploding heads among the hand wringing, bleeding heart socialist poverty pimps that infest British political life like a disease.

For those who live in the real world this is what poverty looks like.

My near neighbours in Nairobi's Kabira slums.

My near neighbours near Santa Cruz, Bombay.

My very near neighbours in Kapishera, New Delhi, more here and here.

The Archbishop of Canterbury lives here in Lambeth Place.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster has decided not to sell his country residence.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Another Celebrity Junkie Kicks The Bucket

The premature passing of anyone is always sad, especially when family and children are involved but should anyone be shedding too many tears for Philip Seymour Hoffman or any of the other celebrity junkies when they know full well the consequences of what they are doing?

There are terrible events and tragedies going on all over the world that are more deserving of sympathy and compassion than wealthy celebrities knowingly killing themselves by pumping poisonous substances into their bodies to get some kind of kick or high.

The claims that they can't help themselves because its an addiction brought on by fame and fortune is an insult to those celebrities that work under the same pressure and don't indulge drugs.

Most sensible people, apart from the dumbed down, celebrity obsessed adolescents and hangers on, are running out of compassion as more and more celebrities kill themselves using drugs. From Elvis to Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, they appear to be lining up to kick the bucket and its getting more and more difficult to drum up some sympathy.

If its getting harder to find sympathy for dead celebrity junkies then finding it for living ones is proving to be impossible. Listening to junkies like Russell Brand and Friends actor Mathew Perry whining on about their addiction is tedious to say the least, especially in light of the fact that they knew full well it was coming before they stuck that first needle in their arm or before they snorted that first line of cocaine up their nostrils.

They were in possession of the same information on drug abuse as the rest of the people, they knew that this junk is poisonous to the human body and that it will inevitably result in death. They made the conscious choice to ignore that information, therefore it is a bit on the self pity side to be soliciting sympathy now.

I have a lot of sympathy for the parents and loved ones of junkies who have to stand helplessly by and watch as the subjects of their love descend into the stinking, sordid world of drugs, crime, sickness and death.

One would think that the last person one would ask for an opinion on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman would be the drug and booze addled sex addict Russell Brand, but there he is blaming the law of the land for Hoffman's death, albeit in the trendy left wing rag, The Guardian.

According to Brand, Seymour Hoffman is not a victim of his own decision making or his utterly selfish stupidity but he "is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws". This moron needs to explain how these 'stupid drug laws' forced Seymour Hoffman to stick a syringe filled with a toxic substance into a vein in arm or forced him to snort poisonous power up his nose.

Brand, Seymour Hoffman and all the other celebrity junkies started somewhere, there was a first time when they ingested this stuff and just prior to that act, did they question the wisdom of what they are about to do or what was bound to happen to them should they proceed?

Being under the influence of alcohol is no excuse as millions, even billions of people, myself included, have been under the influence of booze when drugs have been present but resisted the temptation to indulge and pollute our bodies with that filth.

Would Brand, Seymour Hoffman and all the other junkies have messed themselves up if drugs were less available or extremely difficult to get hold of? The answer is probably not.

Another whining celebrity junkie who whores himself around the world trying to drum up sympathy for self obsessed, weak minded, pathetic individuals like himself and who have consciously messed up their brains, is Friends actor Mathew Perry.

The people that Perry wants us to feel pity for have got it all, including fame, fortune and access to the most healthy lifestyles on the planet. They made the personal choice to take drugs for whatever reason therefore they only have to justify their behavior to themselves.

They are adults and I respect their decisions and the choices they have made so I really don't care to listen to their whining self pity. Because I am not surprised if one of them kicks the bucket, I am indifferent to the news that they have gone to meet their maker.

I am not entirely convinced by Peter Hitchens' assertion that there is no such thing as addiction, only a lack of willpower but its worth watching his televised confrontation with Mathew Perry. Perry really is a pompous, self obsessed individual who wallows in self pity then resorts to insults and abuse when he loses the argument.

Brand, Perry and their ilk push the myth that every junkie had some traumatic experience early in their lives or spout some other excuse that they blame for their behavior in adult life but that really is not good enough . This excuse making is an insult to the millions of people that have had similar experiences and not resorted to drug taking.

Obviously there are exceptions which include battle weary soldiers who have experienced the horrors of war and children who have witnessed terrible things and will require some kind of support throughout their lives.

The truth about celebrity junkies is that they live a hedonistic lifestyle out of choice where drug taking and alcohol abuse is an integral part of the culture. Just a peek at the list of celebrity drug addicts who have been in rehab gives the game away. Most are on that list because of their own lifestyle choices. I would hazard a guess that Ozzie Osbourne, Boy George, John Belushi, Charlie Sheen, Keith Moon, Larry Hagman, Tony Curtis etc. etc. are not on the list because of illness or a traumatic experience.

Junkies like Brand and Perry push the argument that making drugs legal will remove the criminal element, allow more control and will subsequently provide better access to rehabilitation for those that have made the wrong choice. They seem to ignore the fact that many of their colleagues in the hedonistic, drug taking celebrity community are ruining their lives and killing themselves with legal prescription drugs.

According to reports it was legal drugs that killed Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Anna Nichole Smith and so on and so forth. It was legal booze that got Amy Winehouse, George Best and a host of others.

There is a ton of information on the consequences of drug taking available in schools, clubs, community organisations, on the grapevine and in the global media. There is also the potent issue of parental guidance.

There are hundreds of examples of drug related deaths that highlight the fact that no matter who you are, getting involved with drugs will always lead to degradation, sickness, disease and in the recent case of Philip Seymour Hoffman a gory, ignominious death.

See this list and be warned.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ukraine, Venezuela Or Great Britain - It's Socialism So What's The Difference?

To those people around the world who have the ability to analyse history and recognize socialism for what it is, the violent events in the Ukraine and Venezuela will come as no surprise.

What does come as a surprise is the meek acceptance of the disastrous consequences of socialism in Great Britain, which has been accepted by the people with hardly a pipsqueak of protest. On contrary if the latest polls are correct, a general election held tomorrow would produce a socialist Labour government, if not outright then in coalition with the equally appalling Liberal Democrats.

Red Ed Miliband would be Great Britain's first openly Marxist Prime Minister and the man who wrecked the economy with his socialist policies during the Blair/Brown reign of terror, Ed Balls, would be in control of the nations finances once again.

It's as if the disastrous events in France, just twenty two miles across the English Channel, have never happened let alone the events in the Ukraine and Venezuela some fifteen hundred and five thousand miles away respectively.

In a direct imitation of the British political class, the ruling political class in the Ukraine are ignoring the wishes of the people and taking the country in a direction they do not want to go - in this case into the arms of Presidents Putin's authoritarian socialist Russia. Ironically they would rather take the road to Europe which is an expensive imitation of the former Soviet Union. The lesser of two evils is obviously preferable.

In the new post democratic age, like the British and the rest of the EU, the Ukrainian people have been disenfranchised and consequently they have no option apart from a violent uprising.

This is what people making themselves heard looks like in the Ukraine.

It's a similar story in Venezuela where the history of socialist failure has repeated itself again with tedious predictability. The ruling class have managed to wreck an economy and a country that is rich in natural resources including oil, natural gas, gold and diamonds.

It is now universally accepted that socialism and authoritarianism go hand in hand, therefore the corrupt political class in Venezuela are responding to the people's call for change with violent suppression.

This is what people making themselves heard looks like in Venezuela.

Venezuelan socialism in action here

In Great Britain (and coming to America soon) the ruling political class are ignoring the will of people and imposing their socialist agenda which, in Great Britain's case, includes absorption into a post democratic, Soviet style United States of Europe, accompanied by a fundamental transformation into a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

This un-homogenizing of Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture, which has evolved over thousands of years, is ethnic cleansing using politically correct methods and terminology.

The consequences have been disastrous for the British people with their once green and pleasant land now turned into a series of vile, crime ridden mono-cultural cesspits, riddled with idleness and welfare dependency.

Whole villages, towns and areas of cities have been totally taken over by immigrant communities that have been encouraged not to integrate but to maintain their cultures and practices, some of which are barbaric and belong in the dark ages.

Unlike their counterparts in the Ukraine and Venezuela, the once formidable British people have not risen up in violent protest but rolled over and had their tummies tickled like puppies begging for a another treat.

The formidable British Bulldog spirit that defeated the Kaiser and stood alone against the Nazi war machine, that Bulldog spirit that fought valiantly around the world from the jungles of Burma to Korea, that Bulldog spirit that travelled half way around the planet to kick General Galtieri and his military machine off the Falkland Islands, has all but disappeared.

A sizable portion of the British people have forgotten their illustrious past and now fret about trendy, heart bleeding issues such as gay marriage or horse meat in their supermarket burgers. They need to understand that when they are absorbed into the EU, horse meat will become their staple diet.

It is not strictly true that the British accept their lot peacefully, without a whimper of protest. There have been regular violent protests by sections of the population, with those that have been imported as part of the ethnic cleansing agenda taking the lead.

This what Muslim people making themselves heard looks like in Great Britain.

This is what immigrant people making themselves heard looks like in Great Britain.

As a matter of fact rioting and violence by immigrants demanding more or protesting against their lot in life as been a regular occurrence since the 'progressive' political class embarked upon their transformational agenda.(See here for a previous post including a list of ethnic violence).

On the face of it, it looks like the ruling political class has won and their transformation of Great Britain from a green and pleasant land based on freedom and individual liberty into a socialist, multi-cultural hell hole, is with us for ever but it would be foolish to write of the Brits just yet.

Maybe, just maybe, they will awaken from their socialist induced slumber, revisit their illustrious past, rediscover their Bulldog spirit and do what is necessary to take their country back.

They can make a start at next years elections and kick the traitors out, every last one of them.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Venezuela Goes Bust - International Socialists Suddenly Go Quiet

Here we go again, as yet another bankrupt country joins the rest of the socialist world in poverty, misery and bloodshed it is not surprising that those high profile apologists for this perverted creed have all gone quiet.

Where is the multi-millionaire hypocrite Sean Penn? Surely he has finished his mourning period for his hero, the incompetent blood drenched tyrant, Hugo Chavez?

Where is former President Jimmy Carter who, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, pronounced Chavez's election victories as 'free and fair?

Where is Great Britain's high profile socialist and openly racist Member of Parliament for Hackney, Dianne Abbott, who championed Chavez and his successor, Nicholas Maduro?

Where, in fact, is their entire British Labour Party and Trade Union movement who, like the Hackney Hippo, hailed the policies of Chavez and Maduro as a shining example of socialism in action?

Enlightened people around the world would be unwise to hold their breath waiting for any of these cowards to stick their above the parapet and explain, not only the failure of socialism in Venezuela, but their support of it when all the historical evidence points to socialism's ultimate failure everywhere its been imposed.

It's difficult for normal people to understand why socialists/progressives find it impossible to learn the lessons of history or to work out that their beloved ideology always means eventual poverty, misery and bloodshed for unfortunate citizens on which it is imposed.

Maybe some socialist/progressive somewhere, just one would be enough, could help the informed people of world by letting them know where socialism has actually been a success. Just one country would do as it will at least give them something to look at and think about.

Maybe Penn, Carter, Abbot or any other socialist/progressive devotees could explain how a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources and with a population of only twenty nine million, can go bankrupt and descend into poverty, misery and bloodshed so quickly.

How can a country with abundant reserves of oil, petroleum, natural gas, gold, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite and hydropower go so spectacularly bust?

The informed people of the world warned of this disaster and continue to warn countries who are flirting with this malign ideology or who's political class are already embarking on this road to perdition. America and Great Britain please take note, socialism ain't going to work, not now not ever.

At this point, and for the benefit of socialist/progressives everywhere, its worth taking a quick audit of history to prove the point that they fail to address.

The USSR - the first official socialist country, reputed fifty million dead and descended into poverty and misery, except for the ruling political class. Finally collapsed under the weight of its own inefficiency.

East Germany and the East European Iron Curtain countries. Under the Soviet yoke of socialism with an untold death count. Widespread poverty, misery and bloodshed until its final collapse.

The Peoples Republic of China. Some fifty million dead with a population mostly made up of dirt poor peasants. The leadership are finally seeing the light and adopting a more capitalist economy. Since adoption of capitalism living standards have risen astronomically.

The Republic of Cuba. Tens of thousands of dead with widespread poverty, misery and bloodshed. This toilet of a country is starting to see the light and is currently on a mission to shrink the government and the public sector. Progress will be sporadic until long time tyrant, Fidel Castro, finally pops his clogs and goes downstairs to meet his maker.

The Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea. A blood drenched socialist hell hole with hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of dead civilians. Widespread poverty, hunger and misery. There is no sign of an end to the peoples purgatory, where is the United Nations?

Ba'athist socialist countries of the Middle East which include Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc. All blood soaked hell holes who are yet to emerge from the Dark Ages.

Zimbabwe, formally the bread basket of Africa which is now reduced to famine poverty, misery and bloodshed under the wests favorite Marxist, Robert 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe.

France, an advanced, modern economy going down the pan faster than their socialist President Hollande changes his mistresses.

There are more of course but that should be enough for the socialist/progressive community to be getting along with. As a courtesy it would be appreciated if the said community can give an example of a successful socialist economy to help balance the debate somewhat.

It is worth noting that hypocrites like Jimmy Carter, Sean Penn and the rest of the multi-millionaire acting crowd never, ever relocate to the places they champion such Venezuela or Cuba: they always adopt the lifestyles of the 1%, in the country that made them and under the economic system they claim to despise and want to replace.

The barking mad lunatic Dennis Rodman appears to be a frequent visitor to his new pal, the North Korean tyrant, Kim Jung Un, despite the fact he and his family are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. This nutcase knows where is bread is buttered and would never trade the capitalist USA for the socialist North Korea.

One has to feel some sympathy for the Venezuelan people in their hour of need despite the warnings that Chavez would lead them to ruin.

Its now incumbent upon the people of Great Britain and the USA to heed those same warnings and don't let our governments repeat the mistakes of Chavez, Castro, Mugabe et al.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Princes William And Harry Get To Work - Socialist Icon Chris Smith Gets To Shirk

Written in the first paragraph of the unofficial handbook of wannabe revolutionaries and the Toytown middle class Trotskyists that infest the hard left of British politics, are all the blood curdling things awaiting the Royal family come the revolution.

In the meantime the leadership of the working classes all come from the same mold and judging by their taxpayer funded wealth, and by the way their offspring are lining themselves up for 'safe' Labour Party constituencies, they are not far from being a hereditary monarchy themselves.

One has to have a heart of stone not to laugh at these idiots as they champion the proletariat from the comfort of their multi-million pound town houses and profess their unbending loyalty to the working masses from their country mansions.

Not only the hypocrisy of these faux champions of the workers but their sheer buffoonery was put on display during the recent floods in the English countryside.

As was the case with the death of 'Madiba' Mandela, the political class can spot an opportunity to whore for votes. They were falling over themselves to get their photographs taken wearing Wellington boots and wearing concerning looks on their unconcerned faces. These political charlatans go into the flooded areas "to see for themselves" the extent of the flooding when a better sense of the damage can seen by watching newsreels on the television.

These appalling people swarm around human tragedy like flies around a dead cat if they think they can get a photo opportunity and few votes.

The British people can still be reduced to fits of laughter when they recall their PR and media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, travelling on a dog sled in Greenland "to see for himself" a glacier retreating supposedly due to Man Made Global Warming.

The fact that the glacier had been retreating since the last ice age was neither here nor there, it made a great photo op and garnered some support from the barking mad green brigade.

With boring predictability the catastrophic flooding was being spun by the political machines and the grant chasing vested interests, led of course by the BBC, as the result of Man Made Global Warming or to use the current term, Climate Change.

They fail to mention that the dredging and draining operations that had made the land arable for hundreds of years were deliberately stopped by the Environment Agency on orders from the European Union. This deliberate act of vandalism was carried out in order to turn farmland into wetlands to provide more habitat for birds, frogs and waterlilies. (More about the EA here)

The livelihoods of hundreds of farming families and their associated industries together with the country's capacity for food production are not even a consideration for these political zealots and their fellow travelers in the environmental industry.

While the cynical political class made their choreographed visits with their camera teams then departed when the right shots were in the can, Princes William and Harry arrived unannounced in a flooded area and got down to some serious work helping with the flood defences. Unlike the political whores they didn't leave after a few minutes, they put in a ten hour shift of manual labour.

Missing from action was the leader of the Environment Agency and socialist icon Chris Smith, the man who oversaw the cessation of dredging and drainage pumping. The buck stops with him therefore he and his henchmen must take responsibility for the flooding and the subsequent loss of livelihoods in the farming communities.

Despite the fact that farm workers were the first of the working classes to form a trade union, a movement which eventually spawned the Labour Party, this is one section of the working class that was sacrificed on the alter of the environmental zealots that infest Westminster and Brussels.

It's ironic that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were transported to the Australian penal colony for their trouble while their farming descendants are deliberately flooded out their farms and homes by their political descendants.

Chris Smith represents everything that stinks about the Labour Party and the corrupt political system that allows these useless people to prosper at the expense of the tax paying public regardless of their lack of capabilities, qualifications or experience.

Smith is one of the trendy, metropolitan elite that now professes to lead the working masses against their oppressors, which in their tiny minds includes the Royal family.  He was born and bred in North London and after studying the arts went straight into party politics. At this point it unknown whether he has ever visited, let alone spent any quality time in the countryside or the agricultural communities he is deliberately destroying.

Smith climbed aboard the gravy train when he was elected a councilor then an MP. He was given a job in government as Secretary of State in the Orwellian, Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

After twenty years on the taxpayer ticket he announced his retirement from the House of Commons; if the hard pressed taxpayers thought their luck was in and they would be liberated from this freeloader they couldn't have been more wrong.

These parasites look after their own and as a result the socialist Smith was elevated to the House of Lords and adopted the aristocratic title, Baron Smith of Finsbury in the London Borough of Islington. He was appointed 'chair' of the Cultural Strategy Group by London's then communist mayor Ken Livingstone. Despite having no qualifications or experience outside of the art world, there followed a series of well numerated sinecures including 'chair' of the Advertising Standards Authority and the now notorious Environment Agency. Smith was back on the taxpayer funded gravy train with a vengeance and without a single vote being cast.

Smith has eleven sinecures in all with the EA alone providing a very acceptable six figure salary for a three day working week. Nice work if you can get.

If anyone is curious to know why such an unqualified socialist non-entity is so highly thought of in the world of 'progressive' politics then its worth remembering that Smith was the first member of the House of Commons to 'come out' and declare his homosexuality. Ticking this box is worth almost as much as a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics which is the current 'in' qualification for political office.

One has to wonder if in addition to his homosexuality Smith had obtained a PPE degree he may have made Prime Minister or even been a replacement Queen.

In conclusion it is worth looking at the biographies of the Princes William and Harry and then that of Chris Smith. The comparisons are stark - while these admittedly privileged young men have suffered the tragedy of losing their mother at a young age, they didn't dwell on it or let it affect their self esteem. They were exclusively educated and they both embarked on military careers which included active service in Afghanistan and in the case of Prince William, in the Falkland Islands after a bout of sabre rattling by the Argentinians.

Their charity work has included getting down and dirty, including toilet cleaning in Belize and doing hands on work in various places in Africa including Lesotho. They are also involved in various Aids/HIV charities started by their late mother Princess Diana.

Prince Harry has embarked on expeditions to North and South Poles and Mount Everest on behalf of the Walking with the Wounded project. He is involved in Wounded Warrior projects in both the USA and Great Britain.

Chris Smith on the other hand, despite being a leader of the working classes, has never got his hands dirty in the whole of his taxpayer funded worthless life. He spends his time as a professional bureaucrat, raking in a fortune by imposing socialism and destroying the livelihoods of those he is supposed to champion.

He joins his fellow millionaire socialists. Phony Tony Blair, Red Ed Milband and the Balls family duo in representing the poor, the dispossessed and the downtrodden from their exclusive residences and in the case of Blair all seven of them.

In the final analysis its worth asking the question that, rich or poor, when the brown stuff hits the fan who would you rather have watching your back in a trench?

As a life long member of the working class I know who I'd prefer.

Please note: Thanks to Ex Bootneck and The Mellow Jihadi website for inspiring this bout of keyboard violence on the odious Lord Smith. Great site and always worth a visit.

Friday, February 14, 2014

FMG, Child Abuse, Honor Killings etc. - A Price Worth Paying For Multi-Culturalism?

It was interesting to read that British Members of Parliament, including one of the Labour Party's top female crusaders, Ann Clwyd, are campaigning against the barbaric practice of Female Genital Mutilation. As I understand it they are planning to outlaw the practice if they haven't done so already.

It also became apparent that Parliament have also legislated, or plan to legislate, against child brides, forced marriage, selective gender based abortions, tribal scarring plus a plethora of other ethnic based practices that have always been an anathema to the indigenous British people.

This sudden burst of legislative action based on ethnic practices raises several important issues that need to be brought out into the open and examined in the clear light day regardless of the fact that the political class would rather they were kept in the dark and left undiscussed.

The hard pressed and much abused British people deserve an explanation and it is up to people like Ann Clwyd and her multi-culturalist comrades to provide it.

Firstly one has to remember that there is an election imminent where the universally unpopular issues of mass immigration and forced multi-culturalism will be high on the peoples agenda.

One question that needs answering is why is the government criminalizing some ethnic practices when they are studiously ignoring illegal ethnic practices in other areas?

Another question is why are they legislating against ethnic practices at all, isn't accepting different cultural and ethnic practices all part of the multi-cultural society Clwyd and her Labour Party comrades are imposing?

The British people are being continually told by the various party political spin machines that these practices are culturally enriching and a welcome addition to Great Britain's new diverse society. If that's the case then multi-culturalists like Ann Clwyd and her ilk must accept these cultures in their entirety warts and all. They cannot say out one side of their mouths that all cultures are equal and their practices must be respected, then legislate to outlaw the practices they disapprove of.

Multi-culturalism coupled with cultural relativism is their long planned agenda therefore they cannot pick and choose which practices are acceptable however uncivilised and barbaric they may be.

The whole idea of multi-culturalism was sold to the various immigrant communities with the promise that the old Great Britain is dead and gone, when they come to the 'new' modern Great Britain there would be no requirement to change their cultural practices or adapt to the British way of life.

In fact the reverse was true, the indigenous British people would be forced under threat of smear and prosecution into rejecting the values and practices of their own culture and accepting practices that were considered as taboo in order to accommodate these incompatible alien cultures.

One classic example is that of halal meat - slaughtering animals in accordance with Islamic tradition is illegal in Great Britain under its animal cruelty laws but the law enforcement establishment, in the form of the police 'service', refuse to arrest or prosecute Muslims for breaking these laws. Kick the neighbours dog for crapping your lawn and they'll send around a SWAT team faster than you can say Inshalla.

In the case of more serious crimes the police 'service' and politicians like Ann Clwyd have turned a blind eye to spousal abuse and barbaric child abuse as in the cases of the Muslim paedophile gangs that operate almost with impunity in most major British cities.

The reason they give for their selective application of the law is 'cultural sensitivity' or preserving 'community cohesion'. It must be obvious to all informed people that selectively applying law based on ethnic considerations is racist in the extreme.

If an ordinary member of the indigenous British public indulged in such ethnic profiling they would be charged with a hate crime and be punished under the full force of the law.

It is worth noting at this point the law mentioned in the previous paragraph is selectively applied to the indigenous British people only; hate preachers and jihadists such as Anjem 'Andy' Choudary are free to spout whatever anti- British filth they please unmolested by the police 'service'.

The list of enriching cultural practices that the British people have been forced to accept by Clwyd and her ilk are both varied and disturbing.

Female Genital Mutilation is one of the most barbaric with sixty thousand victims in Great Britain. There are some twenty three thousand young girls under the age of fifteen at risk.

Honour Killings is a the politically correct name given by the multi-culturalists for cold blooded, premeditated murder when carried out by member of an ethnic group. This is type of killing is normal in some cultures and is not recognized as a crime in countries such as Pakistan.

Forced Marriage including child brides is normal practice in many cultures but is particularly prevalent in Muslim communities. Older uncles marrying younger nieces, some as young as five years old, is another appalling practice that authorities have ignored for decades. High incidents birth defects among immigrant communities is put down to rampant inbreeding.

Gendercide and selective abortion is technically illegal but gender selective abortion is available to Asian immigrants so it can be assumed that the authorities are aware of it but turn a blind eye for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity' or 'community cohesion'.

Ann Clwyd and the vocal section of the women's rights industry should note that  there are 1,400 to 4,700 girls missing from the British population only because of their gender.

Muslim paedophilia and other child abuse issues are up there as one of the most appalling cultural practices that have been foisted on the British people. The fact that the authorities in the towns and cities concerned turned a blind eye is shocking in the extreme. How these people can live with themselves let alone sleep at night when they knew young under age girls were being subjected to the vilest sexual abuse should be beyond any civilised person.

The list of practices and behaviors that the British people have been forced to accept under the threat of smear and prosecution is a long one and includes:

Human trafficking and slavery

Forced prostitution and sex slavery, including children male and female.

Tribal scarring of babies.

As they hide away in their taxpayer funded residences Ann Clwyd and her multi-cultural cronies in the Labour Party are never subjected to consequences they have forced other people to suffer and they never answer the question of how the British people are benefiting from their open door mass immigration policy?

How are the British people benefiting and what is enriching about the bridge people of Heston?

How is this immigrant camp at the old Hendon football ground enriching?

How is this the fouling up of one of London's most iconic areas enriching?

It must be remembered that forced multi-culturalism is not a victimless crime, there are over a hundred murdered people who would be alive today had it not been for the Labour Party and its mass immigration/cultural replacement policy. There are also tens of thousands of victims who would be unbeaten and unraped had it not been for people like Ann Clwyd and her ilk.

Whatever happened to the genteel green and pleasant land of a couple of decades ago  with cricket on the village green, warm beer and old maids cycling to Evensong on a balmy summer evening. What did the British people do wrong that they deserved their lives to be blighted in this way.

The answer is simple and if the British people are naive enough to believe the promises of the politicians then they deserve all they get. They are lying to appease your anger and garner your vote. Don't fall for it, kick them out.

The destruction of Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture was long planned by a global 'progressive' elite to which the current political leadership are subservient. They are determined to push this cultural replacement agenda through until their multi-cultural is fully imposed.

If readers don't believe what I write then maybe the UN's professional resident bureaucrat on migration will be more convincing.

Peter Sutherland is adamant that Great Britain and Europe should open up its borders and be ethnically cleansed, to this end the UN will allow no backtracking by the current British political leadership.

He's at it again here on the BBC urging the EU to deliberately 'undermine national homogeneity'. In other words the EU should ethnically cleanse itself of all indigenous people.

If ever there was a candidate for dancing the Tyburn jig then this Nazi inspired buffoon is surely it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Mighty Google Caves In To Censorship And Political Correctness Again

To the old adage that death and taxes are the only two certainties in this world I will add a third, it is certain that when politicians feel threatened they will censor.

It goes without saying that the Internet is greatest invention since the printing press, possibly the greatest invention ever when it comes to freedom and individual liberty.  It allows ordinary citizens access to news and information free from the spin and sanitizing that is being carried out by those that have usurped political power and corrupted it for their own ends.

Freedom of information combined with citizens having access to opinions outside of the incestuous political cesspit puts the fear of God into every political charlatan who has a lust for power or an agenda to impose.

After some piece of information was leaked into the public domain, one appointed European Union bureaucrat was quoted as saying that something must be done about the Internet because "we cannot have unregulated opinion".

This chap was obviously a communist party apparatchik recently emerged from one of the former Soviet bloc countries. The EU bureaucracy is infested with these idiots who have lived all their lives with press censorship, state broadcasting and official communiques.

Coming to the west and having to justify his policies, instead of imposing them and imprisoning anyone who had the temerity to ask a question, must have been a shock to his system. How he must long for those good old days of censorship and "regulated opinion".

What is dangerous for freedom loving nations and those people that value their individual liberty is that the traditional western politicians and their attendant bureaucrats are adopting the attitudes of their eastern counterparts when it comes to public information and opinions.

To counter the access of information by ordinary citizens there has been an explosive increase in spin doctors, media management professionals and outright propagandists. There is not an industry or government department that doesn't employ an army of spin doctors. Even individual departments within an industry has its own compliment of spin doctors and media managers.

The problem for the political class and their bureaucrats is that their spin doctors and media managers are no longer having the desired effect. Masses of previously uninformed people are learning to think for themselves and stubbornly refusing to believe official information and "regulated opinion".

This is a very dangerous situation indeed for the political class and their response so far has been limited to crude attempts at censorship. The Leverson Inquiry into press freedom is a classic example of politicians using spurious incidents in an attempt to subject the press to government control.

In this case they used phone hacking and celebrity privacy as the excuse to censor the press, even though phone hacking is a criminal offence where the perpetrators could have been prosecuted. Using the underhand tactics to which we the people have become accustomed, instead of prosecuting the hackers the political class censored the press.

With the written press subject to government control the precedent has been established therefore they can now turn their attention to the real enemy. This is the Internet and its armies of citizen journalists sharing their "unregulated opinions" with a global audience.

The "unregulated opinions" and the unofficial language in which they are framed is effective in raising awareness of issues and attitudes that the political class would rather not be aired or discussed. They have resorted to abusing all the power they can muster to force Internet providers into politically correct conformity.

Google have rolled over and given in to political pressure and have removed search suggestions for British cities that are considered to be politically incorrect by the agenda driven fanatics that dominate British life.

As a measure of their fanaticism for their multi-cultural agenda, the political class and its agents are increasing their use of political correctness to close down any discussion that might raise awareness of their malign intentions for Great Britain and the west.

Typing "Why is"..followed by a cities name and its ethnic group is laughingly referred to as "vile racist search suggestions".

Its a well know tactic of the authoritarian multi-cultural fanatics to call any negative reference to race and ethnicity as "vile", particularly if it refers to non white and non Christian groups.

One example quoted in the article was the search,  "Why is Bradford full of Pakis". This is being classed as a vile racist search suggestion but would typing in the words  "Why is Cardiff full of Taffy's" be considered as vile racism? I am a Welshman and I am not offended in the slightest nor do I consider it a "vile racist search suggestion".

Everyone should know by now that Bradford is actually full of Pakistanis, therefore are searches such as "Why is Glasgow full Jock's" or " Why is Dublin full of Paddy's"  vile racist search suggestions?

What would our American cousins think of  "Why is New York full of Yanks" or better still "Why is Tennessee full of Hillbillies".

Sexuality is bound to be the next target with "Why is Brighton full of homosexuals" or "Why is San Fransisco full of freaks and weirdo's".

It is a shame that the people who run Google didn't stand firm in the interests of free speech and liberty by telling the political class, together with its attendant armies of sycophantic bureaucrats, where to stick their censorship and political correctness.

I assume that there are some astute people at Google who should know that these fanatics will never ever give up the pursuit of their perverted agenda and sooner or later Google will have to make a stand.

The alternative is to hand over the running of your company to the state apparatus and the freedom for individuals around the world to discuss the issues that they want to discuss and in the manner in which they want to discuss them, will be lost to the fanatical proponents of political correctness and  "regulated opinion".