Friday, November 30, 2012

Bankrupt Government Suspends Aid To An African Despot

With the news that the bankrupt British government is suspending handouts of hard earned taxpayer money to Rwandan despot Paul Kigame, readers will be forgiven for thinking that the government was finally listening to the people they claim to represent.

Justine Greening, the new Secretary of State for International Development has announced that she is withholding a 21 million pound installment out of a 300 million pound budget, 200 million of which has already been spent, which is due to be handed over to Rwanda in December.

Apparently Justine Greening has only just become aware of what the rest of the world has known for years,  that Rwandan President Paul Kigame is a blood soaked despot who, in addition to killing any opposition in his own country, is involved in a bloody insurrection in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Justine Greening is a qualified accountant who is so highly regarded in the business world that she has enjoyed senior positions with such international giants as GlaxoSmithKline and PriceWaterhouseCooper.

It is surprising then that she appears to be unaware that Great Britain is bankrupt to the point that the country has to borrow over 121 billion pounds per year and has accumulated a national debt of some 1.5 trillion pounds which in turn attracts an annual interest payment of some 45 billion pounds.

Under the present dire economic circumstances in Great Britain one would think that this Rwandan windfall could be put to better use by either decreasing the borrowing requirement which would help to keep the colossal nation debt in check, or by paying off some of the national debt itself with the subsequent decrease in the crippling debt interest bill.

If not then it could be used toward a cut in VAT from the current ruinous 20% to help stimulate economic growth, or to cut duty on fuel and energy which is the life blood of the economy.

The money could be better used at home where people are struggling to cope with the effects of the ineffective government induced austerity programme.

This is austerity programme is causing hardship for millions of people including the elderly,  many of whom have been forced into fuel poverty by the governments deliberate inflation of energy bills which are used to pay for the 'combating climate change' scam.

Justine Greening could give the money back to those to whom it rightly belongs, i.e the taxpayer, but in keeping with current thinking the government can spend the peoples money better than the people can themselves.

As usual the wishes and the suffering of the British people will be ignored and none of this money will be spent at home. The International Development aid budget is a percentage of Gross Domestic Product therefore the money must be spent elsewhere in the so called developing world.

The aid budget is currently some 7 billion pounds per year, Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated his determination to double this figure by incorporating into law the UN mandated figure of 0.7% of GDP dedicated to foreign aid by the end of this parliament.

This is against the express wishes of the British people but this counts for nothing to Cameron as he attempts to  boost his image in the eyes of the UN and the international political elite. David Cameron is lining himself up to cash in on the multi billion pound aid industry with its millionaire consultants when the British people finally kick him out of office at the next election.

The British people can only guess which country is going to get an increase in baksheesh now that Kigame is out of favour. The Democratic Republic of Congo must be candidate despite being one of the most resource rich countries on the planet. Poverty in this country is avoidable and is the result of Western sanctioned corruption by government officials and their cronies.

Justine Greening could increase the bloated billion pound aid budget to oil rich Nigeria, the poster child for African corruption. Taxpayers money is being spent in a country which collects billions in oil generated revenue and where vast areas of the country are under Sharia law. The British government is financing a country where thousands of Christians are being massacred and their homes and churches burned.

Similarly she could increase aid to Pakistan and Bangladesh, two violent kleptocratic dictatorships that suppress any opposition at home and who, like Nigeria,  have a penchant for murdering Christians and burning their homes and churches.

Then there is oil rich Libya or Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt,then there's the long term basket case Somalia, resource rich Uganda and Tanzania, Mugabe controlled Zimbabwe, Assad controlled Syria, diamond and mineral rich South Africa and many more undeserving countries who could all be benefiting from an increase of British taxpayer money.

Apart from Somalia,  these countries all have functioning governments of their own who are capable of prioritising where they allocate their own resources however limited these resources may be.

These governments have conciously chosen corruption and the personal well being of its officials over the well being of their people.

The governments of the developed world can better help the people of the developing world by not financing corrupt dictators and their cronies who spirit away the money that was meant for development aid.

They could also listen to the global economists and expatriates who have been calling for an increase in trade by removing protectionist barriers that are an impediment to economic advancement.

International Aid is an industry in its own right which would collapse if the developing world should ever truly develop.

Justine Greening should ignore David Cameron's post Prime Ministerial ambitions and listen to the experts.

Trade not Aid.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Rotherham Scandal And The Ugly Face Of Progressivism

What has become clear as the fostering scandal unfolds is that Rotheram is a breeding ground for Labour Party 'progressives' who are intent on pushing through their demographic and cultural replacement agenda.

Rotherham until recently was just another run down, post industrial iron and steel town who's electorate would return a donkey to Parliament just so long as it was a Labour donkey.

Rotherham hit the headlines recently for two reasons.:

Firstly, their Member of Parliament, socialist Denis McShane, was forced to resign because according to his fellow MP's he had helped himself to taxpayers money that he wasn't entitled to.

The public take a different view, according to them Denis McShane is a common thief who stole their hard earned money and who should have been prosecuted instead of being allowed to resign with his gold plated pension intact.

Secondly, the Pakistani Muslim child sex grooming scandal, a horrifying episode which exposed Rotherham as a cesspit of 'progressive' activism and who's adherents are highly motivated multi-culturalists who will stop at nothing to impose their transformational agenda on the town.

There are no depths to which the political establishment, the police and the media in Rotherham will sink in order to protect their evil clients and their perverted agenda.

Muslim men, mainly from the Pakistani colony, were grooming underage white girls, some as young as ten, for sex and for prostitution with the full knowledge of the authorities.

Intelligence, including names, was given to the police and the local authorities by other victims, also by schools and by social workers that a child sex grooming ring was operating in Rotherham. They chose to ignore that information in order to protect, what some sycophants claim was ' cultural sensitivities'. In the real world this is known as political correctness.

Lets put this disgusting episode into stark language so that the people of Rotherham, Great Britain and the world can understand.

The police and the local authorities had information that young white girls were being groomed using drink and drugs then raped and used for prostitution by mainly Pakistani Muslim men. The police then made a conscious decision to ignore the plight of the young girls in order to protect their own politically correct, multi-cultural agenda.

Their former MP, the aforementioned expenses cheat Denis McShane demonstrated his commitment to the multi-cultural cause, and by doing so just how low a human being can sink, when he tried to blame the girls themselves or their parents. This is appalling behaviour by a supposedly civilised human being.

The Police Chief, David Crompton, tried to blame lack of resources indicating that child sexual abuse including rape was not the very highest priority for what resources he did have.

Council leader, Roger Stone didn't disappoint when he used the standard coward's defence of  "lessons have been learned". Obviously they haven't because according to some reports known sex offenders have not been prosecuted and they are still operating in Rotherham.

The Rotherham fostering scandal is further proof, if any were needed that, 'progessivism' with its cultural replacement agenda is thriving in this now morally bankrupt sewer of a town.

The Director of Children, Joyce Thacker, a Common Purpose trained enforcer has removed three happy children from their foster parents because their political views differ from hers.

It obviously hasn't entered her thick skull that the political views of the majority of the British people differ from hers.

Thacker is typical of the fanatical, stop at nothing 'progressives' that infest public life and who clearly operate outside of democratic control.

There are tens of thousands of similar Common Purpose operatives who are specially trained for 'leadership beyond authority in a post democratic age' burrowed into all British institutions from the local authorities to the biggest corporations and to the NHS and the BBC.

Their only agenda is the demolishing the Great Britain of the past and replacing it with an egalitarian, ideologically pure socialist state.

The resignation of expense cheat McShane has caused a byelection in Rotherham. It will be interesting to see if the electorate has learned anything from these scandals or of the true agenda of the Labour Party and its 'progressive' fanatics who gave Muslim paedophile sex gangs a higher priority than vulnerable, underage girls.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clarissa Dickson-Wright - Fat Lady Says What A Nation Thinks

Governments in the developed world are monopolised by wealthy metropolitan elites that are so remote they believe that they can implement their political agenda without regard to the views of the people they govern.

The leaders of the three main parties in Great Britain are clones of each other, Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband have identical backgrounds.

Privileged and wealthy they have spent their entire lives locked inside closed circles of like minded people to such an extent that they cannot identify with the people they are supposed to represent.

All three leaders describe themselves as 'progressives' who share an agenda dominated by trendy metropolitan issues that only they see as important. Government mandated equality and fairness, homosexual  marriage, multi-culturalism, celebrating diversity, 'combating climate change' etc. ad nauseum.

In their arrogance they believe that only their vision counts and if anyone has the temerity to disagree they will be demonised and smeared by their agents in the media including the taxpayer funded BBC.

The Labour Party has long held the Marxist view that Great Britain, especially  England, was a class based society that had to be fundamentally transformed, in other words destroyed and one of the tools they would use to achieve this was open border mass immigration.

Labour Party spin doctors denied that social engineering was the reason behind this disastrous immigration policy and claimed that it was driven by economic requirements.

Labour Party apparatchik and Tony Blair's bag carrier Andrew Neather inadvertently confirmed what everyone suspected,  that the Labour Party were deliberately misleading the people; he confirmed in a memo that the real reason for mass immigration was social engineering and "to rub the right wing' noses in diversity".

The media narrative over the years was intended to convince the British people that their lives were being enriched by cultural diversity, this was as unconvincing as it was embarrassing.

The uncomfortable truth is that the majority of the arrivals into Great Britain were economic migrants who had made the journey to take advantage of the generous welfare benefits, not to enrich their own or British lives through cultural diversity.

These immigrants have no desire to integrate, instead they gather together into ghettos in order to carry on with their home cultures undisturbed.

The ghetto-ization of Great Britain continues apace with Muslim areas now declaring themselves
no-go areas to outsiders and subject to Sharia law instead of British law and where English is no longer the first language.

Advocates of this disastrous social engineering policy are trying to paint a picture of benign communities where different cultures have mutual respect and mingle harmoniously together. In reality many areas of Merry England have been totally transformed into mono-cultural ghetto's which are unrecognisable from a decade ago. Unsuspecting visitors would be forgiven for thinking that they have landed in a foreign country.

Fear of being singled out and smeared as a racist have cowed the British people into silence and they have now timidly accepted their own demise as a distinct culture.

The remaining half of the Two Fat Ladies cooking duo, Clarissa Dickson-Wright has no such fear. To the horror of the advocates of multi-culturalism she tells an anecdote in her latest book, Clarissa's England, about a bad experience in the city of Leicester.

Our heroine Clarissa lost her way and mistakenly wandered into the city's Muslim area which, she writes, "landed me into one of the most frightening experiences of my life".

" Parts of Leicester are a ghetto, seeing so many men in Islamic clothing and women in burkas left me feeling, in the middle of my own country a complete outcast and pariah".

 She continues that when she asked directions the men refused to speak with her and neither did the women who were dutifully walking several paces behind the men.

Predictable howls of protest at the word 'ghetto' ensued from the usual rabble of thin skinned, easily offended 'victims' and also from the politically correct brigade who feign offence in order to demonise their opponents and to close the story down.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright stuck to her guns and further upset her detractors by adding that she was "surprised that any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English".

Among the ranks of the offended was the Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby. Clarissa had made him angry, bless him, because as an outsider she had painted a picture of Leicester that does not have any foundation in reality.

It is obviously lost on Sir Peter that Clarissa was writing about what she saw and felt at the time. Incidentally Sir Peter is a career politician who gave up his position as the city's Labour MP to become the Mayor of Leicester and therefore he has an ideological interest in the cultural replacement programme.

I would challenge Sir Peter Soulsby or any other advocate of multi-culturalism who deny the existence of ghettos in England to please partake of that quaint English custom of an evening stroll.

Try strolling through Mosside in Manchester, the St Paul's area of Bristol, Brixton or Banglatown in East London or Broadwater Farm in North London.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright has a message for her detractors including Sir Peter Soulsby. "My experience was unpleasant. It scared me and I am not scared easily. I have never believed that political correctness was a reason not to say what I have experienced".

Clarissa Dickson-Wright espouses traditional British values and to the dismay of the trendy metropolitan elites she is the antithesis of political correctness.

She enjoys country pursuits which has earned her death threats, including the dubious honour of being elevated to number three on the death list of the lunatic far left Animal Liberation Front.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright is a much loved British icon and a national treasure who has had the courage to speak out and articulate what the nation is thinking.

God bless her and long may she endure.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baroness Uddin - Justice Denied By Political Correctness

Most rational people accept that both Houses of the British legislature are hopelessly corrupt.

The House of Commons is stuffed with placemen, selected by unaccountable party hierarchies for their loyalty to the party or as a quota to further a particular agenda. The interests of the country at large or the people they claim to represent are not very high on their list of priorities.

The Expenses Scandal which was brought to light by a whistle blower proved what the public had suspected for some time, that their representatives were nothing more than venal, klepocrats with no respect for their constituents or their hard earned money.

"I didn't do anything wrong" or "it was all within the rules" were the standard excuses but using the excuse that "everyone was doing it" as justification for robbing the public was particularly loathsome. It also gave an indication of how widespread the stealing was.

Incredibly only four MP's were successfully prosecuted, a few lost their seats at the next election but by far the majority got away with it with their loot intact.

The corrupt House of Commons is an oasis of probity compared to the  House of Lords. This used to be a respectable place populated by harmless aristocrats, Church of England bishops and venerable old buffers who used the red benches for a post lunch nap before collecting their attendance allowance and heading off to their Gentleman's Clubs.

Now the House of Lords a den of iniquity. The taxpayer subsidised bars and restaurants are packed with party donors, retired Trade Union leaders, villains, scoundrels, perverts and retired MP's who are so addicted to power and the gravy train that they can't give it up.

Apart from a rump of hereditary peers all these parasites are appointed for life so the public are unable to remove them no matter how bad they are.

This is the perfect place for third world kleptocrat Baroness Uddin to show the local guys how its done.

An economic migrant from Bangladesh, Manzila Pola Uddin was a poster girl for the Labour Party's policy of cultural replacement. A woman, a Muslim, a community activist, a Labour Councillor, a human rights activist and an advocate for Women's Equal Rights.

One would have thought that Muslim Bangladesh where women have the status lower than the family pet rather than liberal Great Britain would be a more productive place for an advocate of Human Rights and Women's Equal Rights.

London resident Baroness Uddin lied when she designated a property outside London as her primary residence in order to qualify for tax free expenses and allowances incurred while performing her duties in the House of Lords. To add further insult to the British taxpayer Uddin's residence in London is a Housing Association property which was built at public expense and which was intended for the poor or needy

Uddin made two mistakes that confirmed that she was deliberately scamming the taxpayers.  She confirmed on her Facebook page that she lives at the London property and secondly she claimed attendance allowance for more days than which the House Of Lords was actually in session.

Uddin's false claims amounted to an eye watering one hundred and eighty thousand pounds ($296,000).

 Coincidentally after Uddin's elevation to the House of Lords she built a mansion back home in Bangladesh complete with Italian marble floors, mosaics and a balcony which was reputed to have cost over one hundred and twenty thousand pounds ($192,000).

It appears to be a mystery how an economic migrant from one of the worlds poorest countries and who's only jobs were a community activist and a Labour councillor could finance such a expensive property.

According to the police report Uddin refused to co-operate with their enquiries or to answer any of their questions, her only statement was the standard rogues defence of " I do not believe I have done anything wrong or breached any rules"

In a shameless attempt to get their token Muslim woman and other expenses cheats off the hook and in complete disregard for justice and the taxpayer, those responsible for standards and ethics in the House of Lords retroactively moved the goalposts by stating that spending as little as one night per month can qualify a property as a primary residence for the purposes of claiming expenses and allowances.

This should not have helped Uddin defence as neighbours have confirmed that her outer London residence was unfurnished, unoccupied and she had never spent a single night there.

 The police passed her file to the Crown Prosecution Service who predictably decided not to prosecute.  She was suspended pending the pay back of some but not all of her loot after which she would be free to resume her position in the legislature.

Similarly, Indian born economic migrant, multi millionaire businessman and Labour Party donor Lord Paul claimed that a room in a hotel which he owned was his primary residence thus qualifying him for taxpayer funded expenses and allowances and by his own admission he had never spent a night there in his life.

He was not prosecuted either and was suspended from the House of Lords for only four months.

Lord Bhatia, a East African born Muslim migrant falsely claimed a property outside London as his primary residence while he lived in a multi million pound mansion in Hampton, West London. He was not prosecuted but suspended from the Lords for just eight months.

Contrast this with Lord Taylor who claimed eleven thousand pounds ($17,600), a paltry sum in comparison with Uddin, by falsely claiming his nephews house in Oxford was his primary residence while he resided in his London property, he was prosecuted and sentenced to twelve months in prison.

Lord Taylor although being black was born in Great Britain and was a member of the Conservative Party.

Uddin, Paul and Bhatia came to Britain as migrants and were extended the traditional hospitality of the British people, they were able to take advantage of the freedoms and liberties to better themselves to a degree unachievable in the countries they left behind. They were even involved in the legislative process producing laws, rules and regulations to which their hosts would have to comply.

They repaid the British people by lying and stealing their money and in the process caused further damage to the now fragile relationship between the British people and its immigrant communities.

The message sent out to the world's poor is that Britain, in addition to cash in hand welfare benefits, will provide them with free housing, free education and  free healthcare benefits and more importantly, they will give them a special status that allows them to break the law and abuse the British people completely free from any consequences.

The message from the political establishment to the British people is that the politicised police force and the politicised criminal justice system will give cultural and demographic replacement agenda a far higher priority than justice or their wellbeing.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

John Bercow And The Den Of Thieves

As I reflect upon the appalling behavior of the political elite and the public's reaction to it, I am reminded of an interview from the 70's with a lady from a battered womens' refuge in Chiswick, West London.

The husband of the lady in question would beat the living daylights out of her every day on his return from work before calmly sitting down to his evening meal.

The reason this lady gave for not running away was that her father regularly beat her mother, so she presumed this kind behavior was normal in a marriage plus, she added, it happened so often she came to expect it.

The shocking part was that she claimed she still loved her husband and that he loved her.

The conclusion of this sad story was that the lady was given counselling and educated to the fact that there is no love in an abusive relationship, her husband had no respect for her, he beat her because he could and he knew he would get away with it.

With her newly acquired self respect she exposed her husband to the media, she then had him prosecuted and thrown in the slammer.

The happy conclusion to this sad story was that the lady met up with a new partner and was in the process of a divorce with a plan to remarry.

Whenever I read about the behavior of our political elite my mind goes back to that interview all those years ago. Although there is no violence involved, the relationship between politicians and those they govern is, none the less, an abusive one but without the happy ending.

Politicians from both Houses of Parliament were helping themselves to shed loads of taxpayers money by exploiting an expenses system that was so corrupt it would make an African dictator blush. The public knew their representatives were cheating but were blissfully unaware of the extent of it.

When the Honourable Members of the House of Commons fought tooth and nail against a Freedom Of Information request to make their expense claims public, the peoples suspicions were aroused.

This suppression of transparency was successful and the public would have been none the wiser but for a whistleblower who made the information available to the Daily Telegraph who subsequently published it.

The reaction was volcanic, the public were appalled by the scale of the thievery but more importantly by the utter contempt and disrespect that these venal low life's had for the people they claimed to be representing.

Members from all parties were involved including millionaires and senior Members of the government.

The complete sorry details are too numerous to list here but they are available elsewhere on the Internet. The most notorious claims such duck houses and moat clearing have now entered into British political folklore.

MP's were indignant that they were exposed and went into a damage limitation mode as a matter of urgency. Some of the thieves were prosecuted and served time in the slammer, others lost their seats in the next election but by far the majority got away with it unpunished and with their loot intact.

To the disgust of these so called Honourable Members the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was set up to monitor their activities and end the abuses. There's been a war of attrition between them ever since.

Despite the efforts of IPSA, MP's are still finding ways to help themselves to taxpayers money.

Recently there was the hard left champion of the poor and downtrodden, Ms Linda Riordan, renting out her taxpayer funded house to a fellow socialist, who then charged that rent to the taxpayer. Riordan then billed the taxpayer again for accommodation for herself. She makes some money and taxpayer gets screwed. As it turns out there were several other MP's pulling the same scam.

The public were outraged at this scam but only for the duration of the 24 hour news cycle, nothing surprises them anymore, like the battered lady at the beginning of the essay, the people now treat this disgraceful behavior as normal, they have come to expect it.

On the day that the convicted thief and career socialist Margaret Moran was spared prison on the grounds of her depression, (depression at getting caught no doubt), it was announced that the Speaker of the House, a tax cheat himself, John Bercow, has been enlisted by MP's to rig the makeup of IPSA.

Four independent members of IPSA have resigned as a result of this attempt at rigging. There can only be one reason for this, MP's do not like public scrutiny of their shenanigans and would like to get back to fleecing the taxpayer unobserved.

The reputation of politicians has never been lower but with tribal voting and a lack of scrutiny by the majority of the media they are safe in the knowledge that they have a taxpayer funded job for life, a copper bottomed pension and a lucrative sinecure on retirement.

Like the battered lady from the refuge, the people will continue to vote for the venal, self centered dregs of society until they are counselled and educated to regain their dignity and self respect.

They can then file for divorce, kick the villains out and find new partners who have their interests in mind.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Abu Qatada - Supra-Nationalism And The Impotency Of Government

The release from Belmarsh Prison of jihadi fanatic Abu Qatada, Osama bin Laden's right hand man in Europe, does more than just release a dangerous terrorist onto the streets of Great Britain. It is a clear indication of what happens when politicians, with complete disregard for the interests or well being of the people they govern, give away sovereignty without regard for any future consequences.

It is widely accepted that the Labour government came into office in 1997 with a long planned agenda to permanently transform Great Britain into an autocracy where the traditional ethic of individual liberty and responsibility is replaced with government mandated equality and fairness.

Multi-culturalism via open border mass immigration combined with rigidly policed political correctness was used as a wrecking ball to demolish traditional British culture and ethics. This was a part of the deliberate policy of permanent demographic and cultural replacement.

Before 1997, the Home Secretary, after investigation and consultation, had the authority to refuse entry or to deport anyone that was not "conducive to the public good" or they were "not in the interests of national security".

To prevent future governments from deporting anyone the Labour government removed this power by a combination of  the Special Immigration Appeals Commission Act of 1997 and Human Rights Act of 1998.

These two actions, in effect, act as an amnesty for illegal immigrants or criminal legal immigrants.

The British government has signed away the peoples sovereignty in many critical areas to supranational entities such as the European Union, the United Nations and disastrously to the European Court of Human Rights.

In addition to social policy, industrial policy, economic policy and jurisprudence, the British government has ceded control over its borders to foreign powers. The government is now powerless to act in the interests of British people.

Yesterdays farce over the Abu Qatada deportation is a perfect illustration of the consequences to sovereignty and liberty of supra-nationalism.

They don't come much worse than Abu Qatada. He is a Jordanian citizen and he is committed to jihad via terrorism and bloodshed. He was the spiritual advisor to Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 terrorist gang. There is a worldwide embargo on Abu Qatada by the United Nations Security Council Committee 1267 because of his links to al Qaeda.

Theresa May the Home Secretary has indicated that she will appeal the decision yet again and the two most powerful people in the land, Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have expressed their frustration at the decision.

That statement by these two traitorous fools will have bureaucrats shaking in their boots with fear in Brussels.

This pair of committed Europhiles claim they want him deported as early as possible and that they fully understand the frustration of the British people.

No they don't, they are lying!! If they really understood our frustration then they would either change the system that allows this piece of filth to remain in the country or they would act in the interests of the British people and deport him regardless.

Other signatories such as France and Italy routinely act in the interests of their citizens by deporting undesirables.

The fact is that Cameron and Clegg are committed to the European Union of which the European Court of Human Rights is a condition of membership.

To add insult to injury, Abu Qatada and his family have been living on welfare benefits since they entered Great Britain on forged passports in 1993.  His legal bills are also paid for by the taxpayer.

I believe there are lessons to be learned from this shambles by the American people.

The President is on record as saying that he will find ways to govern America by bypassing Congress.

Supra-national obligations is an alternative method of getting long standing aspirations into effect. A classic example is the 2nd Amendment gun rights for the American people.

The constitutional right to bear arms has been the target of  'progressives' for decades. They will attempt to achieve this by using a United Nations binding supra-national treaty to bypass the Constitution.

The latest supranational area of control and redistribution thievery that is being discussed is the making of access to education, housing, health care and social security a basic human right for everyone on the planet by amending the UN Charter.

Those countries signed up to The United Nations Human Rights Charter will pay into a fund which will make these services available in the developing world. This is redistribution of wealth on a global scale and will cost the American taxpayer dearly.

The American people must be vigilant, monitor everything their government says and does.

These believe socialism is inevitable, they believe it is their destiny, they will never ever give up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

David Cameron - Abuses Of Power In An Outdated Democracy

The dust has settled after the American election and the recriminations have begun. Despite the evidence of Greece and the other Eurozone disasters, the incumbents have managed to convince enough of the electorate that the European model based on government mandated fairness and equality, socialism to give its correct name, is the way forward.

The only obstacle on this road to serfdom is the House of Representatives. The President is on record as saying that he will have to find a way to govern that bypasses Congress. Whether the House is successful in this monumental task only time will tell.

The Founding Fathers knew that this kind of abuse of power by a dictatorial Executive was possible, which is why they framed the Constitution in the way that they did.

I would advise the American people to scrutinise what the Obama administration is doing and use everything in their power to make sure that he adheres to the Constitution. It is your only safeguard against the long planned, malign agenda that the left want to implement in your beloved country.

The British people don't have this safeguard and as a result they have lost their birthright and the freedoms that so many of their brave countrymen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

We were led to believe that the British Parliamentary system was the best in the world. We were taught that the Mother of Parliaments was perfected over centuries of evolution from Alfred the Great to Magna Carta, from the civil war to the great Reform Acts of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This distortion of history falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. Power has always been wielded by the person or group of people that could raise the most powerful army. From barbarian tribal elders to the Roman invaders.

After the departure of the Romans, power passed back and forth between Norse or European invaders and local leaders. As time passed the most powerful of the local leaders consolidated their power and extended their boundaries, they went on to proclaim themselves kings as a means of keeping power in the family.

It didn't end there, rival monarchs made their claims to the throne, they raised armies and battled each other for power and the Divine Right to rule.

The civil war between the royalists and the more powerful parliamentary army put an end to that nonsense. Parliament won, the king was beheaded, and that was the beginning of the system we have today.

The British system is not based on a written constitution. This gave the politicians of the day the freedom to make it up as they went along in order to further their own interests and that of their sponsors.

Today's parliamentary system is so antiquated and undemocratic that the British people are powerless, in effect they are disenfranchised.

Universal suffrage in Great Britain is meaningless and the supposedly sacred vote is worthless This state of affairs has been seized upon by a ruthless political class who have decided among themselves what kind of country they want with complete disregard for the views of the people the are implementing it.

There is no separation of powers, the Executive branch, currently led by Prime Minister David Cameron, is all powerful. He is elected by the insider political class and their paymasters and not by popular vote. There are no primary elections.

Members of the Legislature, known as the House of Commons, are chosen or approved by the party machines and dumped on the constituencies whether they want them or not.

Loyalty to the party is the main criteria but in recent a development political correctness has reared its ugly head with candidates now being selected by quotas based on gender, sexuality and ethnicity instead of being selected on merit.

For the constituencies its tough luck as there are no primary elections.

The second chamber, known as the House of Lords, is a total shambles and an insult to democracy. Previously inhabited by hereditary Peers of the Realm with a sprinkling of appointed cronies, it is now under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

Consequently it is stuffed to its ancient rafters with cronies, villains, expense cheats, geriatrics and losers. These so called noble Lords are appointed for life so there is no prospect of them ever being removed by the people.

The leader of the Judicial branch is selected by the Prime Minister.

The leaders of the great Offices of State are chosen by the Prime Minister as are the Ministers of State and the leaders of the Establishment.

The leaders of the British institutions like the BBC and the NHS are also influenced by the PM.

Parliamentary terms are limited to 5 years but the Prime Minister can call election within that time if he thinks it is to his advantage to do so.

The British people became a laughing stock when the Labour Party and its Union paymasters got rid of  Prime Minister Tony Blair in a mid term coup and appointed a fanatical socialist and reputed sociopath Gordon Brown in his place.

The Opposition demanded an election and at one point it appeared he would concede but Gordon Brown changed his mind claiming that he needed more time to put his vision for the country before the people. It appears that the megalomaniac Brown believed the country was his personal property to alter as he saw fit.

As the leader of the Opposition David Cameron took over as Prime Minister after Gordon Brown's fingers were finally prised from the levers of power when he lost the next election. One would be forgiven for thinking that David Cameron, claiming to be a freedom loving conservative, would reform this outdated system and repair the damage done by Blair/Brown and the socialists.

To the horror of the informed electorate he lacked an overall majority so he went into coalition with that other gang of unreconstructed socialists who operate under the benign sounding name of the Liberal Democrats.

David Cameron set about carrying on where Gordon Brown left off by following his own and the elite's agenda while ignoring the will of the British people.

The majority British people despises the European Union and they demand a referendum on their membership. In true Brownian fashion David Cameron stated that he believes Britain's place is inside the European Union and subsequently refuses the peoples demand.

Hopefully his arrogant intransigence on this issue will be his downfall.

The vast majority of the British people vehemently oppose the government giving taxpayer money away in foreign aid while they are hurting at home. David Cameron states that he believes Britain should not try to pull itself out of recession at the expense of the worlds poor therefore he will continue foreign aid.

To compound his arrogance and further demonstrate his contempt for the British people he plans to double the amount of foreign aid and enshrine into British law the United Nations' demand that 0.7% of British GDP should be redistributed to the developing world.

This United Nations demand applies all developed countries. To an economy the size of the United States this is a colossal amount of money. This Obama administration has already indicated to the UN their willingness to go along with this.

David Cameron's latest abuse of power and show of contempt for the British people is demonstrated by his intention to legalise homosexual marriage, against the wishes of the majority, by the end of this parliament.

"I believe its a straight matter of equality", he is quoted as saying. He is backed by his Deputy the odious Nick Clegg who claims that anyone who does not agree with them is a bigot.

David Cameron is a member of the remote, privileged elite. He was educated at Eton, Britain's most exclusive private school and then he went on to study the inevitable Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxbridge with the rest of the political elite including Red Ed Miliband and the Labour Party's parliamentary hierarchy.

David Cameron worked for two years in the Public Relations department of a failing television company before moving into party politics. He has no experience in the real world of industry, business or wealth creation. More importantly he has no experience of ordinary people, he is unable to identify with them and is incapable of understanding the effect his policies have on their lives.

He has lived his entire life in isolation, moving within a small circle of like minded friends.

David Cameron has the powers that many would be dictators would envy and there's nothing the British people can do about it.

Great Britain is unrecognisable from the country it was a decade ago so I beg the American people to look on our plight and learn from it.

Your Constitution is the bulwark against a powerful Executive who's declared intention is the fundamental transformation of your country.

Be vigilant, don't give up your birthright.

* Update - In true Gordon Brown fashion, David Cameron is planning to make a long awaited speech laying out his vision of Britains' place in the European Union. Watch this space.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

President Obama Re-Elected - The Fundamental Transformation of America Can Now Be Completed

I was residing in the United States of America on that fateful day in 2008 when the good people were seduced into electing a media created impostor with no history and no record of any experience in the real world outside of extreme left wing politics.

As a reformed member of the hard left I can spot a socialist a mile away. I tried to warn my friends and colleagues but they were swept up in the euphoria surrounding this telegenic, eloquent, mixed race family man with his messiah-like message of hope and change.

I tried to warn them that anyone who claims that they can heal the planet and stop the oceans from rising is an impostor who is taking them for fools and that most likely he has a hidden agenda. Candidate Obama gave us a clue of this agenda when he stated many times during the campaign that he was going to fundamentally transform America.

I begged my friends to consider that if the United States of America is the most free and the most prosperous country on the planet why would he want to transform it and more importantly, transform it into what?

Four years later, despite an appalling record of failure, too many people were still being seduced by President Obama's manufactured image and charm and sadly, they still haven't caught on to what his real agenda is all about.

The Democratic Party controlled Mainstream Media was in the bag for candidate Obama in 2008 and subsequently left him unscrutinised.

Much of his life is still a mystery but there has been enough uncovered to confirm that he is a radical socialist, a Muslim sympathiser and a supra nationalist who has little or no respect for American history, its Judeo-Christian heritage or of its culture of individual liberty and responsibility.

Let me state it now, unequivocally, just as I did to my friends and colleagues back in 2008, the fundamental transformation of America promised by candidate Obama is from a country based on liberty and free enterprise where the people can achieve whatever they set their mind to into a socialist country where the government dominates and decides how people live their lives.

The nationalisation of health care was an absolute priority for the first administration so was the need for re-election therefore the fundamental transformation of America would not be possible in a single term. With his re-election to a second term these restraints can be removed and it is a certainty that the pace of the fundamental transformation will accelerate.

This is not the first time I've watched this scenario unfold. The presidential election of 2008 was a carbon copy of the 1997 election of another telegenic, eloquent, media created impostor named Tony Blair. He also paraded his young family in front of a compliant media in order create the image of a new generation of young progressive politicians who were going to sweep away the old guard and build a new Cool Britannia.

This was going to be hope and change Great Britain style.

For the first few years the fundamental transformation of Great Britain was slow and steady. The civil service, the police and other British institutions were being politicised, under the radar, by the appointment of well paid, politically motivated placemen dedicated to the socialist cause.

Unaccountable czars together with a Common Purpose trained quangocracy were being put in place by stealth to run the government machine outside of the democratic process.

With Blair's re-election for a second term it was now or never for the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from a free and prosperous country into an impoverished, welfare addicted, multi-cultural nightmare. All the restraints were removed and the transformation picked up speed with a vengeance.

Border controls were removed and unlimited mass immigration was encouraged with the deliberate intention of  demographic and cultural replacement.  European Human Rights requirements were incorporated into British law thus making it impossible to deport even the most heinous of foreign criminals. This in effect was an amnesty for illegals immigrants.

Promises to cap government spending were broken and the floodgates were opened. Government was expanded into the expensive, bloated, inefficient bureaucracy we see today. Borrowing, deficits and debt have, in effect, bankrupted the nation.

In addition to the millions of new immigrants, welfare entitlements were increased and made available to more people, creating a new and permanent voting constituency for the socialist government.

Using equality and fairness as justification, the government confiscated wealth from anyone earning over 42,000 pounds per year for redistribution. (Approx $67,200). Direct and indirect taxes were increased both openly and by stealth and property taxes were increased by 100%.

Even though it's been exposed as a scam, Man Made Global Warming ( now renamed Climate Change) was, and still is, being used as a pretext to artificially increase energy prices which are now beyond the reach of the most vulnerable making them even more dependent on the government.

Thousands of job and wealth destroying rules and regulations were churned out by local, national and supranational politicians every day.

The most effective weapon used by the government to control the people was political correctness. This was rigidly enforced by unaccountable petty officials and bureaucrats. This enforcement has the effect of closing down any debate and suppressing free speech using the threat of prosecution or smear.

The traditional family is being ridiculed and welfare funded single parenthood is being encouraged. Traditional marriage is also being changed by the vocal campaign of the so called 'progressives' for homosexual marriage.

Controlling the message has always been the dream of socialists worldwide and with the conclusion of the Leverson inquiry into press ethics, it looks like this dream is about to come true.  Legally enforced restraints on the press freedom, censorship to you and me, are being drawn up and with the press censored the Internet will not be far behind.

One final indignity the British people had to suffer was that while their country was being transformed, their personal liberties were being taken away and their standard of living was being deliberately eroded, they were forced to watch as the politicians and their cronies who were responsible for this disaster accumulated vast fortunes, mainly with taxpayer money. Phony Tony Blair, Lord and Lady Kinnock, Baroness Uddin, Lord Taylor to name but a guilty few.

So what can America expect from an Obama second term? The following is a very brief summary of the salient points.

The President promised a new era of bi-partisan co-operation to find the solutions the American people so desperately want. This is PR and spin, he is working to implement an agenda long planned so without doubt there will be a doubling down on the transformation that has taken place during his first term.

The repercussions of the nationalisation of healthcare (Obamacare) will kick in this term, massively increasing taxes on both individuals and businesses with a subsequent increase in business failures and job losses. To make matters worse there will be fewer business start ups with a consequent negative effect on new job creation and a loss of job opportunities for school leavers and graduates.

Under the pretext of equality and fairness there will be a program of wealth confiscation for the purposes of redistribution, with a corresponding expansion of entitlements. This will be achieved by an increase in taxes on the so called 'rich.'

The threshold  for being classified as 'rich' will have to be progressively lowered as the revenue fails to materialise.

The threshold for claiming entitlements will also be lowered and the time limit for unemployment benefit will be extended or done away with completely.

The American Judeo-Christian heritage will continue to be vilified and its festivals downgraded with a subsequent upgrade of alien festivals such as India's Diwali and Islam's Ramadan.

Tradition marriage and the  family will be further subverted with the legalisation of homosexual marriage. There will be unlimited, taxpayer funded abortions and contraception for all who want it.

The President has promised to find ways of governing by bypassing Congress, so expect the trashing of the Constitution to continue. With the appointment of Supreme Court judges likely this term expect to see the Supreme Court become a tool of the administration and a rubber stamp for transformational and socialist policies.

The long dreamed of ending of the American peoples' Second Amendment rights to bear arms will finally be achieved by using supranational treaties to bypass Congress.

Unions will be paid back for their support by Federal pressure and litigation against Right to Work states and also by the implementation of Card Check laws thus ending one of democracy's fundamental requirements of a secret ballot.

The Environmental Protection Agency will continue its war on America's energy sector. The Man Made Global Warming scam (now renamed Combating Climate Change) will continue to enrich the well connected. The Cap and Trade nonsense will be resurrected.

As promised by candidate Obama, prepare for huge increases in energy prices to European levels combined with shortages and blackouts.

Socialists must control the message and they will try to suppress dissenting points of view so expect the Fairness Doctrine to be resurrected with the war on talk radio and Fox News intensified.

The left has always despised the military so expect the defence budget to be eviscerated.

This administration are Cultural Relativists who do not believe in American Exceptionalism. Equality and fairness is their justification for wealth redistribution at home and they equally apply this to nations abroad.

Redistribution of American taxpayer dollars via international aid will increase to developing countries including those that hate America and wish to do it harm.

The effect of this radical downgrade of America's status abroad will be to embolden her enemies. Just as they were after 9/11, the Hugo Chavez's and Islamic Jihadi's of this world will be dancing in the streets at this election victory. The world has become a much more dangerous place.

The administration's contempt for Israel will continue and Israeli citizens are now in mortal danger of being wiped off the face of the earth as promised by Iran's resident nutcase Ahmedinajad.

The American Jewish community's slavish dedication to the Democratic Party is about to have dire consequences in the Promised Land, their ancestral God given home.

Finally, for those of us who love liberty and prosperity and who look on America as the final redoubt against global socialism, the most soul destroying aspect of this election is the fact that victory was largely the result of the shifting demographic from historical home grown self reliance toward imported entitlement addiction and government dependency.

To make this shift irreversible this administration will give an amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and the prospect of a conservative government in the Land Of The Free will disappear.......for ever.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The United States of America - D-Day, Stay True To Your Heritage

Today is a crucial day for America and the world. After a 236 year journey America has reached a point in its evolution where it must decide whether to continue travelling along the road of liberty and prosperity to the sunlit uplands and remain that shining city on a hill or will it be seduced into following old Europe down the potholed road to socialism and onward into the dark pit of despair.

It is said that people don't realise how important something is until it's no longer there. So it is with liberty and prosperity. If America chooses the wrong road today and Obama, unrestrained by the need for re-election, is free to finish the socialist agenda he started 4 years ago, liberty and prosperity will disappear.

The awful truth will dawn on the American people when the fundamental transformation of America into a Russian type, government controlled, collectivist nightmare starts in earnest.

They will rue the day they handed this media created impostor and his bitter America hating wife the levers of power to their great nation.

If the fall of Great Britain from a global superpower to a mediocre, impoverished, third world nation was spectacular, then the fall of the USA will be even more so.

If the American people think that their country is immune from a Greek type debt fuelled failure then they are in for a shock of their lives.

Socialists around the world are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a failed America. The global socialist movements or 'progressives' as they call themselves have waited for over century for this moment.

They know that all the while America exists as a free and prosperous nation it shows up their vision of a socialist run world for what it is, a dreary impoverished nightmare but in their perverted eyes an equal and ideologically pure paradise.

Freedom loving people around the world look on America as that shining city on the hill and all the time it remains free it gives them hope.

If America chooses the wrong road today that hope will be extinguished and the world will become a more dangerous place.

I appeal to the American people today, stay true to your heritage, choose liberty and prosperity and may God Bless The United States of America.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romney vs Obama - Freedom vs Socialism. Choose Freedom, Choose America

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchill

As a former fully paid up member of the hard left I can spot a socialist a mile away. Believe me, Barak Obama and his embittered wife Michelle are two of the most committed socialists I have ever clapped eyes on.

That famous bought and paid for Democrat and Obama bag carrier Fox News contributor Juan Williams once claimed he was offended when a fellow panellist accused Obama of being a socialist. As a  Brit, I couldn't work out why he should be offended,  socialism is just another legitimate political ideology. Some people from Great Britain are proud to be called socialists and some politicians wouldn't get elected there if they weren't socialists.

Hollande has recently been elected the President of France on a socialist ticket. (His first act in office was to raise the top rate of income tax to 75%  so be careful what you wish for George Clooney and the rest of the Hollywood elite.)

The fact is that despite the lefts' take over of education and its subsequent dumbing down, many people(unfortunately not enough), are becoming aware of the dangers of socialism. The examples of tyrannical socialist governments are there for all to see, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, China etc etc. History has shown us that regimes such as these have always ended in tears, bloodshed, economic collapse and failure.

In order to conceal the dismal history of socialism from the people, Juan Williams and his fellow bag carriers are desperately trying to disassociate it from Obama  by referring to himself and his socialist brethren as 'progressives'. You can fool some of the people some of the time Juan Williams but you can't fool us all and especially not a former lefty like me.

Unfortunately too many Americans have fallen for the seductive socialist message of the 'progressives' and in doing so they have closed their eyes to the reality of socialism. They have traded in their culture of liberty and prosperity for this perverted ideology. The same ideology that has been adopted by so many European countries and which is failing spectacularly before our very eyes threatening the livelyhoods of millions and endangering democracy itself.

During the current election campaign it has been stated frequently that the United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the world. I agree with this but only in part, that particular honour must be shared with Great Britain, that small windswept island in the North Atlantic which had a small population and limited resources but went on to administer a massive two thirds of the worlds surface.

Historians can't agree exactly but Great Britain has been a unified country for about 1200 years. In that time it evolved through tyranny, invasion, civil war and pestilence to the pinnacle of an Imperial age. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution Great Britain's power seemed unstoppable.

With the similar misfortunes of tyranny, invasion, civil war and pestilence, the United States of America has achieved global superpower status, without the excesses of the British Empire, in only 235 years or so.

To understand how this remarkable achievement came about we need to understand the different nature of the two countries.

Great Britain was a monarchical tyranny, no different to the socialist tyrannies of today. For the common man Magna Carta  did little to change this. Magna Carta is the closest Great Britain has got to a written constitution, all this document achieved was to limit the power of the monarch in favour of the barons. There was no universal suffrage therefore the majority of the British people remained peasants ruled by the barons together with the church and a powerful elite.

The Founding Fathers of United States of America looked across the Atlantic and decided on a very different course. They built a nation based on individual liberty and personal responsibility combined with freedom from government who's powers were severely limited by a brilliantly framed Constitution.

Prosperity followed for the vast majority of the American people, even today they enjoy a standard of living far above their downtrodden government dominated counterparts in Great Britain and Europe.

Instead of The Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals or The Thoughts of Chairman Mao, The Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and the Constitution of the United States of America should be compulsory reading in all schools, not just in America but worldwide.

Despite the loot of Empire the majority of the British people remained dirt poor and disenfranchised.

Unfortunately, in tandem with the rise in living standards as a result of the Industrial Revolution came the rise of socialism. Articulated by Marx and Engels socialism soon became the dominant political ideology and with this the downfall of the great British Empire was assured.

As you go to the polling booths I beg my American cousins to please take notice, ignore this at your peril!

After the rise of the socialist parties and their usurping of political power the fall of the Great British Empire (and the rest of Europe for that matter) was spectacular and the results are there for all of us to see to this day.

 Entrepreneurship is scorned, wealth creators and business people are demonised.

Fairness and equality are being used as justification for the government to confiscate the wealth of the nation and redistribute it as they see fit.

Welfare dependency is deliberately engineered for political purposes and addiction to entitlements is government policy.

Educational standards are dumbed down so that children are leaving school barely literate and unable to do basic arithmetic.

The ability to critically analyse a situation has been removed from our children so that they can only react to soundbites and slogans, and where the cult of celebrity has replaced intellectual discourse.

Cultural and demographic replacement by uncontrolled mass immigration from the third world is a deliberate government policy. English is no longer the mother tongue in Great Britain.

The traditional marriage and family are being scorned and discouraged in favour of homosexual marriage and welfare financed single parenthood.

Symbols of British history and culture, such as crucifix's, and the Cross of St George are in effect banned, Christmas and other Christian festivals are slowly being eliminated while foreign festivals like India's Diwali and Islam's Ramadan and Eid al Fitre are given higher prominence.

The lives of the great British people are now dominated by political correctness which is ruthlessly enforced by unaccountable petty officials and bureaucrats.

All the British institutions from the BBC to the NHS( Socialised Medicine) have been packed with 'progressive' politically motivated cronies who were put in place to fundamentally transform the country.

Even the Church of England is headed by a Marxist theologian, who is more concerned with homosexual marriage, than saving our souls.

Does all this look familiar to you my American cousins? If it does then please remember it all when its time to cast your vote. Please don't follow your British cousins down the road to an undignified, socialist mediocrity.

Remember your heritage, choose freedom, choose prosperity, choose America.

God Bless The United States of America.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

John Terry - English Hero and Victim of Politically Motivated Placemen

John Terry is an odd subject for someone of my background but fighting the fundamental transformation of my country into a socialist hell hole is my primary mission in life not trivial tribal animosity.

To any student of the various leftwing groups or 'progressives' as they now label themselves, England is the prime target for their transformation strategy because firstly, Scotland, Wales and to a lesser extent Northern Ireland are more than halfway to Dystopia already and secondly, if England falls the others will follow.

At this point its worth a brief recap of how the John Terry affair today is the latest manifestation of a transformational generational agenda that began in 1945.

The fundamental transformation of Great Britain has been the aim of the left since the formation of the Labour party. Cultural replacement via immigration has always been a weapon in their armoury as evidenced by a non PC slogan used by non Labour opposition parties during the 1945 general election.

"If You Want A Ni**er For A Neighbour, Vote Labour".

It would have been political suicide to open the borders to mass immigration immediately after the war therefore they used drip feed immigration until the time was judged ripe to open the floodgates in order to speed up what is now know as cultural and demographic replacement.

The 'transformation of society' project kicked off in earnest with the disastrous mass nationalisation and government spending programme of the Attlee government. This was halted when they were booted out after one term in 1951.

The leftward swing was halted from 51 to 64 by Churchill and Eden then restarted from 64 to 70 by Wilson,  it was halted again from 70 to 74 by Heath, and restarted yet again from 74 to 79 by Wilson/Callaghan.

During this period the leftward movement was never reversed it was always incrementally leftward.

The 'progressives' were put into apoplexy when this leftward drift was put into reverse for the first time by the Thatcher/Major governments. All their work over three decades was being undone and Thatcher remains the lefts greatest hate figure to this day.

The decision was made that the next time Labour got into power they would fundamentally transform Great Britain and move the country radically to the left. They would also put an infrastructure in place to make sure that this fundamental transformation and leftward shift could never be reversed by any future government.

The rest, as they say, is history. A Labour government was elected in 1997 and the usual disastrous socialist economic policy of tax, borrow, spend and debt kicked off with predictable results.

The bloating of the state sector and the increase in welfare dependency was designed to make it impossible for future governments to reverse course.

To achieve the permanent transformation of society the politicisation of the Establishment and our institutions was key, thus the civil service, the House of Lords, the police, the army, the BBC, the NHS, our schools etc. began by stuffing them with Labour party cronies and apparatchiks. Even the Church of England ended up with a Marxist theologian in charge.

Unelected quangoland was set up, including the insidious Equality and Human Rights Commission, to govern every aspect of our lives and again stuffed with Labour party cronies and apparatchiks.

Sport was no exception, especially football (soccer to our American cousins). In the perverted view of the 'progressives', the football culture needed to be changed from a masculine, working class pastime dominated by ethnic Englishmen into a multi-cultural, soft, feminised parody of the old English game.

There is no place for players like Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Nobby Stiles, Alan Ball, Tommy Smith, Billy Bremner, Chopper Harris and host of others, in the modern game.

There is no place for archetypal patriotic English gentlemen like Sir Alf Ramsey. English patriotism is frowned upon and actively discouraged by the politically correct, multi-culti obsessed placemen currently in charge at the FA.

John Terry is one of the last of this generation and he is being hounded out by the cowards and lackeys that infest Football's governing bodies.

The Football Association, the British governing body, takes the moral high ground when it comes to football players but their own behavior leaves a lot to be desired.

Graham Kelly and Keith Wiseman were involved in a loan scandal reputed to have taken place to garner votes for a Vice President position with FIFA (the world governing body).

Then we have Adam Crozier the 'progressive' lackey who started the anti-English culture in football by appointing Sven Goran Ericksson the first foreign manager of England and who turned out to be a womaniser and potential back stabbing sell out merchant to a fake sheik.

The politicisation of football began in earnest with the appointment of David Davies the ex political correspondent from the hopelessly 'progressive' cesspit known as the BBC.

Then there was the sanctimonious Mark Palios, a bean counter who had to resign after a sex scandal with colleague Faria Alam who was also having sex with the first foreign manager Mr Ericksson.

Next came Brian Barwick ex-television crony including a stint at the aforementioned 'progressive' cesspit, the BBC.

The politicisation continued apace with the appointment of political insider Ian Watmore, a bean counter and civil servant to boot.

If anyone is in any doubt that there is a deliberate attempt to transform football and society then look into Watmore and his time with the Prime Minister's Orwellian Transformation and Delivery Units.

The current apparatchik in charge is bean counter and political lackey Alex Horne. His job appears to be driving home the transformation started by the previous social reformers.

Sports Minister Hugh Robertson stated on the appointment of Alex Horne that he wanted an independent figure leading the organisation.

Firstly, its none of Robertsons business. What is a useless politician doing interfering in the FA if only to garner personal publicity for political reasons.

Secondly, in case he hadn't noticed, Alex Horne had been a bean counter for the FA for seven years, which hardly makes him independent.

Alex Horne is a authoritarian political animal of the very highest order and typical of today's 'progressives'. He has come up with the Social Media Policy, a draconian piece of censorship worthy of the East German Stasi. It highlights the Code of Conduct which applies strict rules over what a footballer can or cannot say.

This paid up member of the Orwellian thought police has also declared that criticism of the FA, which includes himself, will not be tolerated. Why Not? Free speech is part of our democratic way of life, at least it was until authoritarians like Horne came along. I for one would like to hear the opinions of our footballers on all matters.

The appointment of Heather Rabbatts as a non executive director to the FA is an attempt to drive home its inclusive, multi-cultural makeup. She is a token of course and ticks all the right boxes.

A black and a woman she was educated at the ultra left London School of Economics (LSE). She was a barrister, a local councillor, a public sector consultant, a governor of the BBC cesspit, and a director of  Kinnock's old organisation and purveyor of socialist propaganda, the British Council.

Heather Rabbatts meets all the criteria to be a Labour MP so I suppose some poor suckers in a 'safe' Labour seat somewhere will be dumped on in the near future.

John Terry is no angel and has been involved in some scandals himself but unlike the politically correct rabble infesting the FA he doesn't claim to monopolise the moral high ground.

As working class East Ender John Terry has no chance against the politically connected, malignant people at the FA even thought they are unfit to wipe the mud of his boots.

To me John Terry was just the captain of Chelsea Football Club and England but he has risen in my estimation and he is now a true working class hero who has been betrayed by the deceitful, politically motivated low life's who are intent on destroying all which we hold dear.