Friday, March 29, 2019

President Trump Holds A Victory Rally As Loser May Surrenders

Imagine the effect on a patriotic British citizen watching in utter despair as his Prime Minister uses her exalted position to conspire with a foreign political entity to hand over the governance of the country she has sworn to serve.

Imagine how he feels as she portrays Great Britain and its people as so weak and pathetic, they are incapable of governing themselves so the reigns of power must be handed over to a cabal of foreign bureaucrats who have a history of disrespecting and vilifying them and their country.

Imagine his despair as he stands powerlessly by as the Prime Minister and Parliament hand over control of the country’s laws, borders, trade and money to an organization that is so corrupt its accounts haven't passed an audit for decades and who’s ruling clique cannot be removed by the ballot box.

Now imagine the devastating effect on his morale as this disenfranchised Briton tunes in to President Trump’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan and watches as the President they elected, fresh from defeating the establishment, pledges to continue reversing the managed decline of the Obama years and keep fighting to make America great again.

That disenfranchised, disillusioned Briton was me and as I watched The President reel off his achievements and re-assert his authority over the establishment, I couldn’t help but compare him to the dire Prime Minister Theresa ‘the Appeaser’ May.

While President Trump vowed that America will always be one indivisible, sovereign nation under God, PM May was doing the exact opposite and making Great Britain a vassal state of the European Union subject to the laws and regulations of this foreign entity based in Brussels

While President Trump vowed to maintain the American military as the most powerful on the planet, PM May was continuing to deplete the British military in preparation for its absorption into the foreign controlled European Defence Force.

While President Trump re-asserted that America is a Christian country, PM May continues with the Islamification of Great Britain and, ignoring the world-wide slaughter of nonbelievers, keeps repeating the false mantra that Islam is a great global religion of peace.

While President Trump is fighting to deal with the immigration crisis at the southern border, PM May has surrendered control of Great Britain's borders to the European Union which has an active population replacement agenda. 

While President Trump is taking concrete steps to protect the American peoples' first amendment right to free speech, that ancient right is under attack in PM May’s Great Britain by the politically correct agenda of the politicized police 'service'.

While President Trump stated that the American people stand for the national anthem and respect their flag, PM May has allowed local authorities to ban the Cross of St George and the Union flag on the grounds that its offensive to immigrants.

While President Trump speaks loud and clear about the poison ideology of socialism and vows that America will never become a socialist country, PM May is handing over the government of Great Britain to a political entity modeled on the old Soviet Union.

And so it went on, President Trump putting America and the American people first while PM May is putting the European Union first and the British people last.

I watched with envy as the enthusiastic crowd cheered and applauded President Trump as he vowed that he will always put America first and work tirelessly to keep them safe, secure and prosperous while protecting the traditional American way of life.

While President Trump does not fear any world leader and always negotiates the best deal for the American people, the duplicitous Europhile Theresa May puts the well-being of the European Union first vowing never to put it at a commercial disadvantage.  

I am sure I am not alone, but having watched both leaders in action over the past couple of years I wish that President Trump was British and Prime Minister of the Sceptered Isle instead of the treacherous Theresa May who has no desire or intention to ever make Britain Great Again.   

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Exonerated - The Coup Attempt Failed but The Danger Remains

Apart from his spectacular success in delivering the promises he made during the general election, President Trump and his administration have been virulently opposed every step of the way by the deep state and their relentless campaign to remove him from office.

One unintended consequence of this attempted coup d’etat is the exposure of corruption at the top of America’s once respected and cherished institutions.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been politicized and used to destroy political enemies and anyone they perceive to be a threat to their progressive agenda.

Even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was politicized and used to go after those they considered to be political enemies. This included the benign Tea Party, a moderate group of patriotic Americans who were falsely painted as red neck extremists in love with their bibles and guns.

Its not certain that the American people realize how perilously close they came to the removal of their legitimately elected President. This in turn would have signaled the beginning of the end of their multi-party constitutional republic and the eventual imposition of a single party state.

Judging by the new additions to Congress and their radical agenda this would be a single party socialist state but I digress. 

The danger has not gone away with the exoneration of President Trump and his election campaign team of colluding with the Russians; it will stay as long as the instigators and facilitators of the coup remain at large and in positions of influence.

To prevent another attempted coup in the future the instigators and facilitators must be publicly arrested then tried and punished commensurate with the crimes they have committed and for the damage they’ve done to America’s reputation. They must also be held accountable for the damage they've done to the lives of innocent people caught up in the coup.

This will not happen unless the institutions charged with an investigation are purged of the place-men and infiltrators that have been instrumental in organizing this sorry episode in America’s history.

To restore respect and confidence in these institutions’ justice must be done and seen to be done. No immunity, no plea bargains, no deals. Anyone involved in the coup must be punished by serious jail time and a life time ban from public life. 

If treason is proved then the time honored punishment reserved such a crime would be in order.

A mountain of evidence indicates that the epicenter of the coup was the Clinton Foundation and its associates along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the shadowy organization that created and managed former President Barack Obama.

These organizations must be thoroughly investigated but as mentioned earlier this cannot be done until the placemen and infiltrators have been removed and the institutions cleansed of the rot that has corrupted them from within.

In addition to the damage done at home, the damage to America’s reputation abroad is incalculable. The image of a banana republic where Presidents can be removed by invisible power brokers is not far from the surface.

This sorry episode has made it harder for America’s foreign policy makers and for President Trump as he attempts to deal with despots around the world and those who pose a threat to America and its allies.

The exoneration of the President and his campaign team by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should not be the end of the matter but the beginning. It must be the start of the restoration of America’s most cherished and respected institutions along with its reputation at home and abroad.

It will be a long road as the deep state will not go down without a fight. They are fanatically dedicated and their numbers are many.

This restoration should be a major part of the President Trump's campaign to Make America Great Again.       

Friday, March 22, 2019

Humiliation Yes, Crisis No - All Is Calm Outside the Bubble

If the politicians had been removed from the process immediately after the June 2016 referendum, Brexit would have been all too easy.  Great Britain would have been free from the chains of the European Union bureaucracy for a whole nine months enjoying the prosperity that self-government and free enterprise always bring.

Instead the politicians took control of the process and put their own globalist agenda before the will of people leaving Great Britain humiliated on the world stage and still locked into the EU institutions almost three years after the people voted to leave.

If the politicians were serious about fulfilling their promise to implement the result of the referendum they could have repealed the 1972 European Communities Act immediately and just walked away leaving the door open for a trade deal or they could have triggered the Article 50 leaving process on the 24th June 2016 utilizing the two year leaving period for both sides to prepare for World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

Bearing in mind that the bankrupt Eurozone is dependent on the British market to survive, it would be in the interests of the EU to beg for a bespoke trade deal. They could have tabled their requirements and the British side could have accepted it or not depending on its value to the British people and their economy.

Any experienced negotiating team not involving politicians would have used this leverage to their advantage, but it was not utilized by the British government because they are dedicated Europhiles who do not want to leave or put their beloved European Union at a competitive disadvantage.

Years of experience have taught previous governments and political observers that the European Union is a political project with a fixed agenda and timetable, therefore it does not negotiate or compromise.

By engaging in a prolonged and complex negotiation before Brexit can only mean that Prime Minister Theresa May and the British government had no intention of honoring the result of the referendum and leaving the EU.

After almost three years of negotiating the British people are still locked inside the corrupt and failing Union remaining subject to its regulations, diktats and justice system while still forking out 12 billion pounds per year for the privilege.

After the latest humiliation at the hands of the EU bureaucrats and with no solution in sight, Mrs. May and the swamp dwellers in Parliament have ramped up Project Fear painting a picture of chaos and economic Armageddon should Great Britain leave as the law demands without a deal.

Ignoring the fact that eighty percent of world trade is outside the EU and conducted using WTO rules Great Britain would prosper and thrive once freed from the restrictive shackles of the Brussels bureaucrats.

Political charlatans and their bought-and-paid-for media propagandists have been referring to leaving under WTO rules as ‘crashing out’ and ‘driving off a cliff edge’ that will put businesses and jobs at risk. Adding to this campaign of fear mongering, Mrs. May has declared that Great Britain is now in a full-blown crisis.

Absolute nonsense! British businesses, supply chains, transport companies, ports, airports and everything else outside the bubble have confirmed that they are ready for any contingency that may happen should Great Britain leave under WTO rules.

The WTO itself have indicated that they do not foresee any problems should this scenario occur. The real world outside the incestuous world of Parliament and the establishment is calm and ready to deal with life free from the shackles of the malevolent Brussels bureaucracy.

To the spineless politicians of Westminster, I say, Oh Ye Of Little Faith! Great Britain is the fifth largest economy on the planet which is growing while the Eurozone is failing and bankrupt. We are a nuclear power with a seat on the UN Security Council; we were instrumental in defeating the Kaiser, Hitler and communism.

If you think we cannot handle leaving an autocratic, corrupt and failing political entity you should resign and make way for a leader who shows courage and fortitude and who embodies the spirit of the British Bulldog not a simpering whelp crying for its mummy.             

Thursday, March 21, 2019

For the European Union to Survive Great Britain Must Fail

For disciples of the European Union project to replace the sovereign states of Europe with a single, centrally controlled superstate, these past few years have been a nightmare.

If the economic collapse of the Eurozone and Angela Merkel’s disastrous immigration free-for-all weren’t bad enough, the British people voted to leave and take their 13 billion pounds per year membership fee with them.

The 13 billion pounds is a bitter blow to the EU finances but it’s the likelihood of Great Britain prospering once they are free of the crushing regulatory regime that will eventually signal the end for the corrupt and failing Union.

The British economy is the best it’s been for decades despite the daily tsunami of crushing regulations and diktats that emanate from Brussels. Domestic businesses and their workers, along with foreign investors, are salivating at the thought of an economy free from political and bureaucratic interference.

To Euro fanatics at home and abroad the political project to create a single, multi-cultural, egalitarian superstate takes priority over the security and financial well-being of their citizens so the poverty, murder and mayhem visited upon them is considered a price worth paying.

When Great Britain succeeds after taking back control of its laws, its borders and its money, justification for surrendering national sovereignty to a cabal of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels will be gone.

With a prosperous, sovereign Great Britain just twenty-two miles across the English Channel other nations trapped in the bureaucratic nightmare will want to leave. This will signal the end of a project envisaged by tyrants down the ages including Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin.   

For the continued existence of the European Union and its nation building project, Great Britain must be prevented from leaving or, failing that, it must be prevented from succeeding at all costs and that includes re-igniting the civil war in Northern Ireland.

The current Withdrawal Agreement was designed to keep Great Britain locked into the EU institutions and subject to the European Court of Justice while giving the impression of leaving. This will facilitate Great Britain rejoining by stealth in years to come.

This phony agreement prevents Great Britain from prospering by removing the benefits of Brexit. It curtails the ability to sign independent trade deals and keeps the country aligned to the requirements of the single market and customs union. It also requires continued payment of billions of pounds of taxpayer money.

It is the so-called Irish backstop that exposes the lengths these evil people will go to in order for Great Britain to fail. An open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is a condition of peace as detailed in the Good Friday Agreement. This is the agreement  that facilitated the end of the bloody civil war in Northern Ireland, universally referred to as the Troubles.

Despite British and Irish politicians agreeing that there will not be a hard border in the event of Great Britain leaving before a deal is agreed, the EU bureaucrats insist that Northern Ireland must either separate from the United Kingdom and remain subject to the EU regulations or a hard border must be put in place.

They know this would re-ignite the civil war and have a negative affect on the economic and social stability of Great Britain as well as damaging the prospects for prosperity.

To the Euro-fanatics, a bloody civil war in a part of the United Kingdom and the carnage that would result will be a price worth paying to stop Great Britain succeeding and keep their project alive a little while longer. 

To conclude: the success of Great Britain outside the European Union will remove the justification for its existence and will encourage other nations to leave. This domino effect will spell the end for the long-held dream of tyrants down the ages of building a European empire stretching from the Atlantic in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east.

To prevent this the Euro-fanatics will do everything in their power to make sure Great Britain stays locked inside their clutches or fails entirely.    

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Brexit Betrayal – Humiliating A Once Great Nation

Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ’s) from the British Parliament has a global audience, so the reputation of the nation as projected by Theresa May and Parliament is at stake.

It was pointed out at today’s session that Prime Minister, Theresa May, has reiterated unequivocally 108 times in Parliament that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will not be extended therefore Great Britain will be leaving the European Union on the 29th March 2019. (See here)

Mrs. May humiliated the entire nation when she went back on those solemn promises and sent a request to the unelected President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, begging for an extension to Article 50 delaying the promised departure until the 30th June 2019.

To add insult to injury, she made another solemn promise that Great Britain’s membership will not go beyond that date and we will definitely leave the EU on the 30th June 2019. (Bookmakers are taking bets on whether she can beat 108 repetitions of that promise before going cap in hand begging for a further extension)

After two years of supposedly complex negotiations Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration is a surrender document that leaves Great Britain in a worse position than if it remained a member.

According to the Agreement for the extendable two year ‘implementation period’ Great Britain will remain subject to the rules, regulations and diktats of the European Union with no representation in the institutions that produce them and will remain subject to the jurisdiction of EU Court of Justice.

This is the humiliating ‘vassal state’ status that will be bestowed on the British people by this long-predicted Brexit-in- name-only deal.

This so-called deal was designed in secret by EU bureaucrats, in conjunction with British Europhile civil servants, then approved by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before being given to Theresa May to steer through the British Parliament.

This has been rejected by a Europhile Parliament who have also rejected leaving under  World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules which in effect prevents the clean Brexit that the people voted for in the 2016 referendum.  

It is worth reiterating that Parliament is overwhelmingly Europhile and it is using every means possible to sabotage Brexit and keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union against the will of the people.

Mrs. May and Parliament should have realized by now that the European Union is set on a course for full integration and to that end it does not negotiate or compromise. In exchange for an extension and delay it will demand conditions even more humiliating than those in the Withdrawal Agreement in addition to billions more in contributions.

There is a glimmer of hope for the long abused and humiliated people of Great Britain. To agree an extension to Article 50 and delay Great Britain’s departure from the Union requires unanimity of all 28 nations on the European Council.

There are indications that both Italy and Hungary intend to veto the extension which would mean that Great Britain would leave as scheduled on the 29th March 2019 with or without an agreement.

To be concise, the survival of Great Britain as a sovereign, self-governing nation is on the shoulders of  Giuseppi Conte of Italy and Viktor Orban of  Hungary.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Brexit Betrayed By Treacherous Lying Politicians

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the lying that goes on in a Parliament where the truth is meant to be sacrosanct and by politicians who claim they are  purveyors of honesty and integrity.

Despite their denial and faux outrage at the suggestion, it’s long been accepted that politicians now regard lying as an acceptable tool to use in the pursuit of power. The people on the other hand can be accused of lying and prosecuted for submitting an official form that contains inadvertent errors.

Their duplicity and contempt for the people is highlighted by the blatant lies that were shamelessly used by British Prime Minister, Theresa May, in her campaign to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union while giving the impression of leaving.

The vicar’s daughter and church goer has unequivocally stated ad nauseam that “Brexit means Brexit”, “no deal is better than a bad deal” and most deceitful of all “we will be leaving the European Union on the 29thof March 2019”.

To understand the scale of her deceit I recommend watching this brief three-minute collage of Mrs. May’s lying and I would be surprised if anyone can watch the full three minutes before switching it off in disgust.

Last week, having had her Withdrawal Agreement rejected by Parliament twice, she is going cap in hand to the European Union bureaucrats begging for Brexit to be postponed from the 29th March 2019 to an unspecified date in the future.

This action would effectively overturn the referendum result and cancel Brexit which for Mrs. May would be QED.

Public opinion now rates Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May as Great Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister in a contest that includes imbeciles like the spineless David Cameron, the warmonger Tony Blair, the economically illiterate Gordon Brown who signed the Lisbon Treaty without a promised referendum and the grey man of politics, John Major who signed the Maastricht Treaty also without a promised referendum.

(I digress but it’s interesting to note that all these former Prime Minister’s were European Union stooges who worked tirelessly to sell out the British people and transfer their sovereignty to Brussels).

Its worth reminding the world that it was Parliament that passed a law to give the British people a binary choice in June 2016 to leave or remain in the European Union accompanied by a solemn promise to implement the result.

It was both the major political parties that promised to implement the result in their 2017 general election manifestos.

These are two of the biggest ever mandates given to Parliament in the history of British democracy.

It was Parliament that passed a law to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which gave the 29th March 2019 as the leaving date with or without a trade deal.

Despite all this, with only days to go before Great Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union, Parliament is trying to overturn the result of the referendum and cancel Brexit.

The truth is that the gap between the Europhile political elite and the freedom loving people is now a yawning chasm which is unlikely to be bridged any time soon.

The political elite have been selling out the people for decades by surrendering their sovereignty piecemeal and by stealth to the European Union. The Great Britain of a generation ago has disappeared under a deluge of laws, rules, regulations and diktats from the European Union bureaucrats that cover every aspect of British life including their culture and their way of life.

To conclude; due to their continuous lying and duplicity the trust between politicians and the people has gone forever and with it the faith of the British people in their democracy.

This bodes ill for a political class that mistakenly believe they are sovereign over the people and therefore untouchable.

They should beware the wrath of British people when they are roused in anger.

Further listening:

Lied to by politicians - with Julia Hartley-Brewer

Brexit Betrayed, no deal is better than a bad deal 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Parliament That Is Rotten to The Core

Just when you thought the Mother of Parliaments in Westminster cannot possibly sink any lower into the fetid swamp along comes a convicted lying crook to drag it down to previously unplumbed depths.

It’s bad enough that the recently released Member of Parliament for Peterborough, Fiona Onasanya, was in the people’s legislature wearing a police monitor on her ankle, she was voting to overturn the Brexit referendum result and keep the British people locked inside the corrupt and failing European Union they obviously despise.

In the real world outside of the incestuous political bubble someone in a position of honor and responsibility who has been convicted of perverting the course of justice by lying to the police would have resigned in disgrace but the days of honor and integrity in politics is long gone.

Despite being a solicitor with the authority to swear oaths and legislate for others she has chosen to brazen it out and remain a Member of Parliament even after losing the Labour Party whip.

What compounds her dishonesty and treachery is the fact that her constituents voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU during the Brexit referendum but like her fellow swamp dwellers she regards the people as too stupid to decide on the future governance of their country.

During the extensive debates in Parliament no one raised a point of order condemning the presence of a recently released convicted criminal under a police monitor in the Chamber. Even the Speaker remained silent despite the fact he is responsible for maintaining the integrity and reputation of the House.

Cynics would argue that since two previous convicted criminals, Messrs. Huhne and McShane, resigned in disgrace Ms. Onasanya, being black, female and a leftie ticks all the diversity and inclusion boxes therefore she will be spared.

The truth is though she may be spared by her equally despised colleagues in the Westminster swamp she won’t be spared by the people in her constituency should she pluck up the courage to resign and stand for re-election.

The Brexit debates have exposed to the public what a fetid cesspit of lies, hypocrisy and outright treachery their Parliament has become and the sooner it is cleared out the sooner honesty and integrity in public life will return.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Its that time of year again where we should be celebrating the progress made by western women and their achievements in what used to be a male dominated world. Instead the day has been commandeered by radical feminists who use the day to indulge in their men bashing agenda.

Like all politicized groups they are selective in who they do and do not bash. Its open season on white, heterosexual men but the real misogynists from the Muslim world are studiously ignored.

I realize that that statement will attract screams of Islamophobia and leave me open to prosecution for ‘hate speech’ but it is the truth and I will not retract.

Instead of writing a new article as I do each year on this auspicious occasion I will re-issue last year’s article and ask what has changed and what progress has been made to liberating the tens of millions of abused women from the Muslim world?

I don't know where the fantastic poster came but I hope the creator doesn't mind me using it.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Politicians - The Enemies of The People and Democracy

There is no group of people more duplicitous and outright treacherous than the politicians that infest the fetid swamp of the Westminster Parliament. Their contempt for the people is out in the open for all to see and their pretense of representing the people or protecting their interests is truly nauseating to behold.

It was these same Parliamentarians that passed a law to let the people decide in a once only, binding referendum in June 2016 on whether to leave or remain in the European Union (EU). It was these same Parliamentarians that promised to honor the result and faithfully implement the peoples’ decision.

In the 2017 general election both major parties were elected on a solemn promise to implement the result of the Brexit referendum subsequently attracting 80% of the votes cast.

It was these same Parliamentarians that passed a law triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which started the two-year leaving mechanism for member states. This two-year period ends on the 29th March 2019.

Despite these huge mandates and promises, the politicians have spent the two-year leaving period engaged in a campaign to either ignore the referendum result or overturn it and keep the British people locked inside a corrupt political union that wants to abolish their nation and absorb it into a centrally controlled superstate.

During the hours and days of debate in Parliament the transfer of sovereignty from Parliament to Brussels was never raised as an issue. A procession of speakers rose to talk about the disastrous effect of Brexit on the economy and trade and go on to demand that Brexit is delayed or a second referendum be put to people where leaving under WTO rules is not on the ballot paper.

Since Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement is a Brexit in name only which keeps Great Britain locked inside the EU institutions, what the Parliamentarians are demanding is a second referendum where leaving the EU is not on the ballot paper.

The transfer of sovereignty in the past, not the economy or trade, is the reason millions voted for Brexit. The surrender of control over borders and immigration, legislation, trade, the judicial system and other crucial areas was proving too much for a proud, freedom loving people with a tradition of patriotism and independence.

It is the attitude of the politicians to sovereignty that condemns them into the pit of contempt they so richly deserve. They claim Parliament is sovereign not the people so only they should decide whether the country leaves the EU or not.

This is the same political class that has been transferring Parliamentary sovereignty to the EU for decades without the promised consent of the people via referenda.

Since Great Britain joined the Common Market (the EU predecessor) in 1972 the political class have insisted that this was an economic project not a nation building political project and therefore no sovereignty would be transferred. In a degradation of debate that lingers to this day, anyone who suggested otherwise was accused of scaremongering and smeared accordingly.

Despite the obvious surrender of sovereignty from the Westminster Parliament to the EU Commission in Brussels the political class continue to ignore it as a primary reason the British people voted to leave.

What is at stake is Great Britain continuing as an independent, self-governing nation or becoming a powerless vassal state of a centrally controlled United States of Europe.       

To sum up, all the big guns of the EU have been consistent in their call for Great Britain and the other member states to transfer their sovereignty from national Parliaments to the unelected EU Commission which has executive power and is sole the initiator of legislation for the entire Union.

Germany’s megalomaniac Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her yapping lapdog Emmanuel Macron of France demand that member states surrender their sovereignty while EU Presidents, Jean-Claude Junker and Donald Tusk work in tandem to facilitate the transfer using legislation and binding treaties. ( Read about Mad Merkel and Junker on transferring sovereignty here and here )

No student of politics can forget the epic rant of EU fanatic Guy Verhofstadt demanding nation states surrender their sovereignty to him and his Fourth Reich.

In a clear demonstration of their complete and utter contempt for the country and its people, this is the Great Britain hating fanatic that the EU Parliament appointed as their chief negotiator for Brexit.

Watch the demented Belgian lunatic here and here

The politicians that infest the Westminster swamp claim to be a sovereign Parliament but have spent their time since the 2016 referendum trying to overturn Brexit and hand over the peoples’ sovereignty and their own legislative functions to a closed cabal of unelected foreign bureaucrats in a foreign land.

That’s treason in anybody’s book.

WESTMINSTER - House of Traitors by Arthur Disbury

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Great Britain and America's Last Stand

Watching the antics of the political elite in both the British Parliament and the American Congress one can only conclude that they are coordinated attempts to overthrow the people.

In Great Britain’s cities crime, including robbery, violent assault and murder are out of control. The murder rate in gun free London is higher than New York with knives being the weapon of choice.

In addition to this, Muslim pedophile gangs are still raping young white girls on an industrial scale, jihadis returning from the middle east battlefields are on the loose threatening murder and mayhem, economic migrants are streaming across the English Channel, homelessness is an epidemic, there is a shortage of school places, health care provision and infrastructure both physical and social.

Freedom of speech is being curtailed as police ignore real crimes and concentrate their diminishing resources monitoring social media for so-called ‘hate speech’ in order to impose political correctness on behalf of the government.

The economies of the Eurozone are tanking into recession and all the ruling elite can do in Parliament is spend its valuable time using every dirty trick in the book to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum and keep the British people tied to the corrupt and failing European Union (EU).

In other words, they are in the process of overthrowing the people.

Meanwhile in the United States of America there is a similar story.  The economy is $22 trillion dollars in debt, illegal economic immigrants are streaming across the porous southern border, tens of thousands are dying due to the opioid crisis, hundreds more are being murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants.

In addition to this, America is involved in trade wars with some of the biggest economies in the world and real wars in the middle east. It is also trying to prevent nuclear proliferation to rogue states like Iran and North Korea.

Like Great Britain, freedom of speech is under threat along with other rights such as those covered by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Again, as in Great Britain the ruling elite in Congress are spending all their time and effort trying to reverse the election of 2016 and remove President Trump from office.

In other words, they are trying to overthrow their people also.

There are other parallels equally concerning including the appearance of die-hard communists in Parliament and Congress who don’t hide their desire to overthrow capitalism in favor of the economic system that has caused misery and death everywhere it has been tried.

Destruction of the traditional family is well underway along with gender fascism working to erase nature's intentions.

Christianity along with the predominant Judeo-Christian values that have underpinned western civilization are under a sustained attack while Islam and its barbaric values and practises are being promoted and even imposed.

History is being rewritten and in the case of the American south and British universities, erased completely.

For lovers of individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government and western civilization, the rise of the globalist elite and their usurpation of power this is a bleak and dangerous time.

Thanks to the empire building project of the EU the centuries old nation states of Europe are already lost and civilization is hanging by a thread in Great Britain. The desire of the British people to be free of this EU tyranny is being overruled by an agenda driven globalist elite.

If the British people want to save their country and their traditional way of life they must not let this happen. They must stand up and fight back by whatever means they have at their disposal.

The only people standing between America and the nightmare of communism is President Trump and a rump of supporters in Congress. The House and the Senate cannot be relied upon to watch his back and help him fight off the communist hordes as they gain in confidence and start to impose their agenda.

It is now up to the American people to keep the torch of liberty and civilization burning by supporting their President and never, ever surrendering their inalienable right to keep and bear arms.