Thursday, January 30, 2014

British Labour Party Following France And Venezuela Down The Drain

When Venezuela recently became the latest in a long line of socialist failures one would have thought that politicians and advocates around the world would have learned from the bitter experience of its impoverished people.

How the late socialist tyrant Hugo Chavez aided by his successor, Nicholas Maduro, wrecked the economy of resource rich Venezuela should have acted as a salutary warning about how not to run an economy. Obviously the French socialists led by Francois Hollande were not paying attention, neither were the French people and now they are paying the price for their folly and greed.

The collapse of the French economy was inevitable the moment Francois Hollande was elected President on an unashamedly socialist ticket. The French people allowed themselves to be seduced by promises of increased welfare benefits, extended entitlements, shorter working hours, longer holidays, bigger pensions and the rest of the usual 'free stuff' - all paid for by taxing the 'rich'.

Along with cheating on his children and various mistresses, Hollande's name is synonymous with seventy five percent tax rates and a visceral hatred of the 'rich'. The fact that he is rich himself doesn't seem to register, but then again it never does with champagne socialists as the British can attest with a gang of their own, led by  Red Ed Miliband and his former leader Tony Blair.

Another take on champagne socialists here.

The collapse of the French economy and the resignation of the entire government is a testament to the failure of socialist policies and France joins other ignominious failures such as the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Greece South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. To this list can be added Great Britain when under the Labour governments of Wilson/Callaghan and Blair/Brown.

As was widely predicted, there was an exodus of talent and capital from the country led by the high profile defection actor Gerard Depardeu to Russia.

London, even with its penal levels of taxation, is home to the biggest population of expatriate French people who have chosen exile over living in Hollande's France.

His remedy to cure France's economic problems didn't get off to a very good start with Hollande's appointment of another socialist Prime Minister to replace the former one. In an attempt at justification, it was explained that Manuel Valls is a 'right wing' socialist' whatever that means. (Presumably that makes the former Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, a 'left wing' socialist)

On his painful return to earth and economic reality, Hollande's proposed cure for his own disastrous handling of the economy, which has seen unemployment rocket to record levels, includes, "lowering employers costs to spur job creation".

Just having to utter those blasphemous capitalists words must have been a painful experience for Hollande and it didn't get any easier. He also promised to "lower taxes, cut government spending and rethink the thirty five hour working week". Ouch! That must really have hurt.

In addition to these very un-socialist measures he is also begging indulgence from the EU bureaucrats with respect to France's EU commitments. This in itself is an admission that EU membership is an economic liability and a job killer, but I digress.

It is not only President Hollande and the French people who failed to learn about the socialist failures that have engulfed countries around the world from Venezuela to Zimbabwe, the British Labour party and its followers are no better. They are proposing the same disastrous policies of 'free stuff' paid for by the 'rich' to this very day.

The Labour Party leader, Red Ed Miliband was first out of the blocks congratulating Hollande on his election and lauding his economic policies. At this point Red Ed has made no comment about the economic collapse in France or the resignation of the Hollande government.

The fact that Red Ed is a life long Marxist is now accepted and that would explain his dedication to the socialist cause, but if anyone was under the impression that this mindless dedication is confined to the intellectually challenged, the emotionally retarded or the pimpled adolescents that frequent the student union bars, then they would be wrong.

Ed Balls, is one of the privileged elite who was expensively educated at an exclusive private school before going up to Oxford University. In line with the rest of the new cross party political order he gained a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Following this he won a Kennedy scholarship to Harvard University where he specialized in economics. They don't come more qualified in economics than Ed Balls.

One has to be incredibly good at economics to quote as Balls did,  "the post neo-classical endogenous growth theory".

For the uninitiated, the British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and senior Labour party figure, Ed Balls, is more than just the economic kamikaze pilot who, together with the misogynist Gordon Brown, crashed the British economy, he is also a bully and an insufferable ignoramus.

There are a multitude of contentious issues that surround this champagne socialist that clearly demonstrate just what a malignant piece of work he is.

Despite being as far removed as possible from the working class, and what to him are the great unwashed, his dedication to the socialist ideology that wrecked the British economy is absolute.

There is his inability to acknowledge, let alone apologise for, crashing the British economy and plunging millions of hard working families and pensioners into poverty.

There is his inability to acknowledge that there is any alternative whatsoever to the economic policies that have failed disastrously in France and Venezuela etc.

There is his willingness to participate in practices that would be considered as corruption outside of the cesspit of British politics that fixed it for him and his wife to enter Parliament representing neighbouring constituencies.

Then there is his willingness to push the boundaries of propriety in order for the British taxpayer to finance their champagne socialist lifestyle.

Ed Balls passes himself off as a champion of the poor and the downtrodden who, he claims, are victims of the dispassionate 'rich'. What he fails to mention that he his rich and privileged himself. He is also a member of the sinister Bilderberg group of elite global activists who, without a care for his carbon footprint,  has used the very unsocialist private jet of convicted felon Conrad Black for his personal transportation.

While working as editor of the Financial Times he was 'spotted' and groomed for high political office by person or persons unknown. He was given a manufactured position by the resident Labour Party loony Gordon Brown and 'parked' in the Smith Institute while a 'safe' seat was arranged for his entry into Parliament.

It is worth noting that:

a) The Smith Institute was a fake charity which according to many commentators was nothing other than a slush fund for Gordon Browns political aspirations. While waiting for his 'safe' seat Balls still had to bring home the bacon, so the Smith Institute paid him the princely sum of eighty nine thousand pounds for just two essays. Nice work if you can get it.

b) A 'safe' seat is one where the people mindlessly vote for party regardless of the damage it does to their own well being. The unscrupulous political class take full advantage of this collective stupidity to dump on the electorate a person who will follow the party agenda rather than represent the people.

After his manufactured entry into Parliament Ed Balls worked in the Treasury plotting the transformation of the British economy from a successful one into a catastrophic socialist one. When the Labour party won power in 1997 Gordon Brown was the Chancellor, so he Balls was appointed as the Minister for Children, Schools and Families - once there he set about wrecking the education system.

He instigated 'all must have prizes', grade inflation and made looking after every little bastard's self esteem a priority. He succeeded in churning out a generation of children who possessed high academic qualifications but who were barely literate and unable to master basic arithmetic.

It was working as Gordon Brown's boot boy and in his position as the Labour party's economic guru that Balls did the most damage.

In good old socialist fashion, they raised taxes and took spending to a whole new level; they fire hosed money into the black hole of unreformed public services, including the NHS, schools and welfare entitlements.

They expanded the government and its army of compliant bureaucrats that still blights the lives of the British people to this day.

They raised old taxes and instituted over one hundred new ones. Using fiscal drag they pushed more hard working people into the forty percent tax band than ever before.

Around forty two thousand pounds forces people into the forty percent tax bracket - when National Insurance contributions are taken into account, working class people are taxed at a punishing fifty two percent. Perhaps this is where Hollande got his ideas from.

They sold tons of Great Britain's gold reserves at a knock down price costing the taxpayer some four billion pounds.

They gave away Great Britain's rebate to the European Union, almost doubling taxpayers contributions for nothing in exchange.

They forced solvent banks to rescue insolvent ones causing both to crash.

The list of incompetence goes on and on but to cut to the chase, Balls, Brown, Miliband and the gang, increased taxes, spending and borrowing to record levels at the top of the economic cycle resulting in economic collapse, near bankruptcy and insurmountable debt.

It is sad to say that they, and the British people, have learned nothing from previous socialist failures. If the opinion polls are accurate, a general election held tomorrow would return the Labour party to office with Red Ed as Prime Minister and Ed Balls as Chancellor of the Exchequer, at which point it will be game over and the experience of the French people will be a tea party by comparison.

To end on a lighter note - The Labour party end their annual conference with the traditional singing of the communist anthem, The Red Flag.

I thought it would be fun to see Red Ed lead his party giving us a rendition. I came upon the lyrics and I think readers will find the second verse very apt considering recent events in France:

"Look around the Frenchman loves its blaze

 The sturdy German chants its praise

 In Moscow's vaults its hymns are sung

 Chicago swells the surging throng"

Watch Red Ed doing his communist father proud, enjoy and feel free to laugh out loud, its hilarious.

Another excellent post on the French debacle by The Mellow Jihadi

Socialism Strikes Again - Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Switch To Merde

The French people are renown more for their gastronomic excellence and lack of stoicism in the face of an enemy than for their common sense or intellectual rigor when it comes to choosing their Presidents.

It's open to question as to why, in the face of insurmountable evidence of a potential disaster, they still went on and chose an unreconstructed socialist hypocrite to be their President.

Not only did they ignore the historical evidence that socialism has always resulted in national bankruptcy, poverty and misery for the majority of people outside of the political elite, they also ignored the 'tax and spend' disasters on their doorstep that impoverished the Greek, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese people - among others.

They obviously forgot about the Iron Curtain that divided Europe into the prosperous free West and the poverty stricken socialist East. They must have driven from their minds the fact that the Berlin Wall was built to keep an oppressed people inside a socialist prison rather than keep a free people out.

The French people were either in denial about the empty shelves and shortages of the everyday items that they take for granted or they are just terminally stupid.

Their current President, Francois Hollande, made no secret of the fact that he was a socialist who despised 'rich' people. He stood for election on the usual socialist platform of redistribution of wealth using high taxation and high government spending.

He was warned in no uncertain terms that his intention to tax the 'rich' at seventy five percent, would lead to an exodus of wealth and talent. He was warned that his plans to lower the retirement age, create half a million subsidized jobs and build half a million subsidized houses would crash the economy, lower inward investment and increase unemployment.

The warning by outgoing President Nicholas Sarkozy that there would be "an economic disaster within two days of Hollande taking office", was not far off the mark.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld described Hollande as an "imbecile who hates rich people" and compared him to the "disastrous left wing former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero". He correctly predicted that rich people and investment would flee France.

As an indication of intent, wealthy actor, Gerard Depardieu, told the French people he would leave and take his money with him and he duly left after Hollande's coronation.

He claims to hate the 'rich' but like all champagne socialists, Francois Hollande is a monumental hypocrite of the very highest order. He is exempt from the consequences of the policies he imposes on others.

He comes from a well off middle class background and was exclusively and expensively educated. He has never done anything that normal people would consider as a days work in his life. He has never lived nor mixed with working class people and only associates with people from the class he claims to despise.

While he imposes equality and fairness on the lower orders he is in possession of a property portfolio that would turn fellow champagne socialist, Phony Tony Blair, green with envy. Not only did he live in the Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of Paris' most exclusive areas, he now occupies the Elysee Palace and owns three properties on the French Riviera.

It would appear that nothing is too good for the People's President'. Up the Workers!

Hollande's contempt for anyone but himself is clearly demonstrated by the way he treats those close to him.  He crapped on his partner, Segolene Royal and their four children, by dumping them and running off with Valerie Trierweiler, going on to make her the First Lady of France.

While the First Lady was enjoying her status and the trappings of power, Hollande was shagging actress Julie Gayet behind her back. It must be stated that if he doesn't think twice about shafting his children and his supposed lovers, the French people have got not chance.

While the Worker's President is enjoying his very un-proletarian lifestyle, the French people who elected him are enjoying unemployment at 10.9% with youth unemployment at a disgraceful 24.5%.

Unemployment averaged 9.5% from 1997 until Hollande took office and is currently at a sixteen year high since his coronation in 2012.

As predicted before the election, inward investment would collapse and it is currently down an eye watering minus 77%.

While the rest of the Eurozone is slowly dragging itself out of the politician caused recession (albeit on the backs of Great Britain and Germany), France is still wallowing in the consequences of Hollande's socialist nightmare.

In addition to the lessons of history, the French people were warned time and again that by voting for a socialist ideologue like Hollande they would pay the price in poverty and misery. Instead they chose to ignore the warnings and allowed themselves to be seduced by the politics of spite and envy.

As a result of their folly, the surrender monkeys have been forced to substitute merde for cheese and they can only blame themselves if the taste is not to their liking.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Russell Brand To Blame For Politicians Abysmal Image - Not Lying, Cheating Or Criminality

Apart from lying, cheating and degeneracy, another character trait that is essential for the modern politician to succeed is an endless capacity for self delusion. Today's politicians really do push the boundaries of credulity every time they open their mouths and utter an opinion on anything.

Listening to the latest nonsense being spewed forth by David Blunkett it is clear that he represents the current political class to a tee.

To the hard pressed and much abused public, their reputations hover somewhere between a germ and a virus and this is causing Blunkett some concern. Rather than analyse why this is the case with a view to finding the real reason, he chooses the typical politicians ploy of absolving themselves and blaming a scapegoat.

In this case Blunkett ignores the Members of Parliament who have recently spent time in prison for deliberately stealing from the taxpayer and other criminal behavior.  He also ignores the sex scandals, the drunkenness and the general contempt for the very public that finances their lifestyles and instead blames Russell Brand, a drug addled, boozed out, unfunny comedian.

Blunkett is blaming a 'corrosive' Russell Brand for his governments destruction of the economy and the transformation of a once great country into a cesspit of crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos where welfare addiction and depravity has reached epidemic proportions.

The appalling but well deserved reputation of the political class is obviously a sensitive subject that is close to Blunkett's heart because this is not the first time he ventured forth his worthless opinion. And this is not the first time that I have taken him to task for his imbecility.

David Blunkett is a typical career politician who has done absolutely nothing outside of party politics; he was the youngest ever council leader when he took control of Sheffield council aged twenty two. Needless to say, as a hard left socialist, he was as big a disaster as a council leader as he was a Member of Parliament.

During his tenure as council leader his county was dubbed the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire and not without reason. The council provided some five hundred and fifty 'essential' public services and was the areas biggest employer with eighteen thousand employees.

Blunkett was a senior member of both Phony Tony Blair's government and that of the mentally unstable misogynist Gordon Brown, but he takes no responsibility for the destruction they visited upon the people because Russell Brand was obviously to blame.

Russell Brand is to blame for the systematic stealing of taxpayer money which resulted in five of Blunkett's colleagues going to jail and many more resigning their seats in disgrace from the gravy train.

He is also to blame for the destruction of the private sector pension schemes, the tax and spend policy which has wrecked the economy and saddled future generations with debt.

Brand is to blame for the deliberate lying and deceit that accompanied Great Britain's surrender of sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU who are blighting the lives of the people.

Blunkett is innocent because it was that drug addled bastard that imposed over one hundred new taxes on the people, including a one hundred percent increase in property taxes and an annual increase in booze and fuel duty.

It was that unfunny comedian that opened the borders to unlimited immigration that has caused misery in every town, village and city in the land.

Despite being a committed socialist, as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Blunkett held two paid positions outside of Parliament. These included a directorship of a Bioscience company. He bought shares in this company prior to it bidding for a government contract with his own Department of Work and Pensions.

His reputation was tainted by accusations of corruption so the public must assume it was Russell Brand that made him accept the directorship and forced him against his will to buy those shares.

It is worth noting that David Blunkett was elected by the walking dead of Sheffield Brightside in 1988 and despite the destruction of the economy and the country at large, they keep re-electing him and he is still there to this day. What further abuse will it take for the people of Sheffield Brightside to wake up from their slumber remains a mystery.

Despite Blunkett's long tenure, it is also worth noting that Sheffield Brightside is a blighted dump, nothing more than a festering boil on the a*se of Great Britain. The indices and poverty measures, including child poverty and welfare dependency are a classic example of socialist incompetence.

All this of course has nothing to do with David Blunkett or his fellow reprobates in Parliament; it's all the fault of a stand up comedian with a penchant for sex, drugs and booze.

In conclusion I will opine that David Blunkett is either deluded, a calculating liar or a spineless coward that refuses to man up and admit  his disastrous mistakes.  He chooses instead to blame a celebrity who is just as entitled to voice his opinion as any shameless politician.


Start the weekend with a laugh, read Richard Littlejohn in full flow regarding self inflicted fatties and a socialist authorities' response to drunks. Its hilarious.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rivers Of Blood Speech - Rioters and British Jihadists Confirm It Was Right

The 'Rivers of Blood' speech, made by British Member of Parliament, Enoch Powell, on the 25th April 1968, is remarkable for several reasons, including the fact that it was prophetic. There aren't many speeches that have resonated for so long or have been distorted so much by unscrupulous political activists so that it can still be used as a smear on anyone who questions their warped agenda.

It also further demonstrates that even back then there was a huge disconnect between the political class and the people.

Briefly, the much maligned Enoch Powell was a classical scholar, of Welsh descent, who possessed such a towering intellect that he made his contemporaries of the day look like village idiots, and in particular, his party leader Edward Heath.

Heath was an inadequate, self loathing loner who was the original disciple of the European project which included cultural replacement via mass immigration. He lived in fear of Powell's superior intellect and he knew that he would lose by a country mile any debate on his traitorous agenda.

He needed an excuse to get rid of Enoch Powell not just from the government and the Conservative party but from British political scene entirely.

The speech itself was rather benign and was not, as it has been portrayed, a call to violence against immigrants. It was a reaction to complaints from some of Powell's constituents about the transformation of their communities into immigrant dominated ghettos and it also served as a warning that uncontrolled immigration would lead to violent conflict some time in the future.

Powell never used the words 'rivers of blood', but being a classical scholar he merely quoted a few words from a line in Virgil's poem 'Aeneid'.

"As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood".

Seizing his chance, Heath distorted the speech, sacked Powell from government and mobilized the like minded traitors from all the political parties in his tawdry enterprise. They used every dirty trick in the book to demonise and smear their intellectual superior who was acutely aware of their ultimate aim of Great Britain's subjugation.

The sacking and deliberate vilification of Powell provoked a furious reaction from the ordinary people who lived outside the incestuous Westminster latrine and it also demonstrated the disconnect between politicians and the people.

Dockers from the East End of London and Tilbury went on strike immediately on news of his sacking and marched to Parliament in support of Powell as did the porters from Smithfield markets.

By April 25th he had received thirty thousand letters of support and by early May that had increased to forty-three thousand in addition to seven hundred telegrams.

A Gallup poll showed that seventy-four percent agreed with Powell with fifteen percent disagreeing. Sixty-nine percent disagreed with Heath's sacking of Powell.

Politicians of Powell's intellect are non-existent today and as a consequence the people are stuck with agenda driven career bureaucrats who have no experience of anything outside of party politics.

Regardless of party, modern politicians are all clones of each other who are only capable of repeating slogans and soundbites fed to them by spin doctors and who possess the intellectual level of a cockroach and the morals of a feral tom cat.

These parasitic low lifes still portray Powell as a racist and they still demonise and smear anyone who exposes their dirty tricks, who has the temerity to tell the truth and who are not afraid to put his speech into its proper context.

The questions one is bound to ask is firstly, was Enoch Powell right when he predicted bloodshed on the streets of Great Britain due to mass immigration?

The answer is so simple that even the smallest of intellectual pygmies will not be able to deny the truth.

Since Enoch Powell's speech in 1968 the 'rivers of blood' include:

The Chapelton race riots in 1975, 81 and 87

The Notting Hill race riot 1976

The Southall race riot in 1979

The St Paul's race riot in  1980

The Brixton race riot in 1981

The Toxteth race riot in 1981

The Mosside race riot in 1981

The Handsworth Race riot in 1981

Despite an inquiry and an injection of tens of millions of taxpayer money there followed more race riots in Brixton in 1985

Another race riot in Handsworth in 1985

The Broadwater Farm race riot in 1985 which saw the horrific beheading of Police Constable Blakelock.

The Dewsbury race riot in 1985

They love a good riot down there in South London. They kicked off again in Brixton in 1985 for third time.

The Bradford race riot in 1985

The July 7th bombings in 2005 which wreaked death and destruction on the London Transport system....... and so on it goes with the latest being the London riots in 2011 which started when the police sent an armed self confessed ghetto gangsta to meet his maker.

One would have thought that the sight and sound of two blood soaked Muslim jihadists, still armed with butchers knives and meat cleavers, ranting in public about the will of Allah while behind them is the lifeless body of a British soldier lying in a river of his own blood might make the politicians recant on the vilification Enoch Powell, but they didn't.

Powell does not have an equivalent politician today who has the spine to stand up and state publicly what they acknowledge in private, that blood will be spilled on the streets of Great Britain at some time in the future as a consequence of mass immigration.

Regardless of the evidence before their eyes and despite the hundreds of millions of taxpayer money already spent, politicians of all parties including Labour and UKIP are still calling for open borders and an influx of Syrians.

The rivers of blood that have stained British streets up until now will turn into a raging torrent when the young battle hardened jihadists, trained in the latest terrorist techniques, return to Great Britain from the war zones around the world and turn their attention to their home turf.

These jihadists are fanatics who hate England with a passion, their blood lust is insatiable and they will not settle back into routine life when they return from the battlefield.

There are British and other European based jihadists fighting in Muslim wars all over the world including hundreds in Syria.  The British people need to be organised and prepared, ready for their return and the war against Britain they have long publicly sworn to start.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Politicians Want Open Borders For Syrian Refugees - The People Do Not

Judging by recent news in the western media it would appear that the refugee crisis caused by the Syrian civil war is highlighting once again the yawning chasm that exists between the political class and the people they are supposed to represent.  It also represents the creeping ongoing attempt by the professional bureaucrats in the United Nations to take upon itself the role of a global government.

The reality of the Syrian tragedy gets lost in the dust kicked up by the political class as they jostle and elbow each other in their pathetic attempts to demonstrate their humanitarian credentials.

Syria's tragedy is just one of many going on around the world where people are forced to flee from their homes as a result of violence perpetrated either by insurgents of some kind or despotic governments repressing their own people.

The political class needs to explain why the Syria crisis has suddenly become the focus of their attention above violent episodes elsewhere in the world. They also need to answer a multitude of other questions before they do their usual trick of ignoring the will of the people and opening the borders to what we all know will be tens of thousands of economic migrants not refugees.

Bashar al Assad didn't become a blood thirsty despot overnight; he's always been one, as was his blood soaked father before him. The so called humanitarian political class tolerated their excesses for two generations as they tortured and murdered anyone who spoke up against their tyranny.

These so called humanitarians have tolerated the excesses of any number of despots and ignored the suffering of their people. In many cases the have supplied the materials, including arms and equipment that has enabled these despots to function.

It would appear that the world is divided into acceptable or unacceptable blood thirsty despots depending on their usefulness to the politicians of the day.

Bashar al Assad, a former dining companion of 'Hanoi' John Kerry, has obviously been moved from the acceptable to the unacceptable category.

To the horror of the hard pressed British people, the Labour party is calling on the government to open the borders to Syrian refugees ignoring the fact that refugees from war torn countries such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan never returned home when their respective conflicts wound down but claimed asylum and stayed.

The British people have learned from bitter experience that when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers, the political class and the bureaucrats unashamedly lie through their teeth and use the situation to burnish their humanitarian credentials and progress their cultural replacement agenda.

These much abused citizens have had their fill of diversity, cultural enrichment and 'shared values'.

They have also had their fill of ungrateful immigrants from Muslim countries taking advantage of their compassion and generosity, then joining the jihad or beheading a British soldier on streets of London in broad daylight.

The last thing the British people need is a battalion of battle hardened young Muslim men from Syria joining their co-religionists from Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, violently turning against their hosts or joining in their jihad against the west.

For the benefit of the politicians who may be reading this, the British people don't care about your humanitarian credentials, enough is enough.

The European Union bureaucrats in the Brussels Commission are calling on their member countries to open their borders and the UN bureaucrats in New York are calling on the United States to do the same.

In the case of the EU bureaucrats, they know full well, as do the long suffering people, that no Syrian refugee is going to want to go to countries such as Romania, Bulgaria or Croatia.

Furthermore, how can the impoverished people of Greece, Ireland, Spain or Portugal possibly support an influx of refugees when their bankrupt economies cannot support their own people.

The truth is that Great Britain and the United States will be the destination of any exodus from Syria and they won't be returning home when the war is over. Having experienced the largesse of these governments they will remain behind, particularly in Great Britain where they will be showered with welfare benefits care of the taxpayer.

The politicians and bureaucrats from the EU and the UN are highlighting the fact that Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis. They are failing to mention the fact that there are some fifty seven Muslim countries around the world, many of which are peaceful and awash with money that could easily absorb an influx of their co-religionists without any cultural or religious conflict.

The EU and the UN bureaucrats are calling on western countries who are only now emerging from an economic recession and not on rich Muslim countries to take Muslim refugees from what is essentially an internal Muslim conflict.

They are not calling on oil rich Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar or the fabulously wealthy United Arab Emirates. They are not calling on Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, to name but a few. There is no need for western countries to open their borders to people who, when all things are said and done, despise the Anglo-Saxon, Judeao-Christian west and want it destroyed.

Beside their wealth and Muslim faith these Islamic countries also enjoy a much better climate than that cold, wet, windswept island in the north Atlantic. What could possibly be the attraction?

The fact that the Syrian crisis is not unique exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of the political class that the people now accept as normal political discourse.  Obviously some blood soaked despots are more acceptable than others.

Despots that have been transferred from the acceptable to the unacceptable category include Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic, Egypt's Hosni Murbarak and Pakistan's General Mursharaf.

Some despots have moved the other way from unacceptable to acceptable including, Wen Jiabao of  China and 'Mad Dog' Gadaffi went from unacceptable to acceptable and back to unacceptable in a matter of years.

Robert Mugabe, the butcher of Zimbabwe for some thirty years, remains in the acceptable category by virtue of the fact that he is still there murdering away in full view of the political class, the European Union and the United Nations.

As mentioned, the conflict in Syria is not unique, there are presently serious conflicts going on in Uganda, the Congo, the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Libya, the Philippines and Burma which have all resulted in population displacement.

These conflicts will not be solved by transferring their populations to the west. On the contrary it will only sow the seeds of future conflicts by forcing one culture to accept another with which it is totally incompatible.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mo Farah - Olympic Champion Dumps On The People Who Gave Him Sanctuary

News that Somali athlete Mohammed Farah, who represented Great Britain on the world stage using a passport of convenience, has forsaken the country that gave him sanctuary, should come as no surprise to anyone. Long gone are the days when British citizenship, confirmed by holding a British passport, actually meant something and was a source of pride.

The British passport was once a valuable, much sought after document which bestowed upon the holder a certain status that no other document could bestow.

The treacherous political class in their determination to ethnically cleanse Great Britain and impose their unwanted multi-cultural agenda on its people have downgraded British citizenship comparable to that of a shabby penal colony and devalued the British passport comparable to that of a couple of sheets of bogroll.

As soon as he became famous as a result of his Olympic success, publicity hungry politicians and celebrities alike jumped on the Mohammed Farah bandwagon hoping to associate themselves with his stardom and bask in reflected glory.

In a sordid quest for votes, the political charlatans indulged in an undignified competition as to who could recommend the highest honour to bestow on someone who has turned out to be nothing more than a carpetbagger.

He was made a Commander of the British Empire ahead of more worthy heroes. Some backscratchers and bum suckers expressed their disappointment that he wasn't made a Knight of the Realm. I am sure many will agree that Sir Mohammed doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival or Sir Tristram.

'Childe Mohammed To The Dark Tower Came' doesn't cut it as classic English poem either.

This sort of nonsense devalues the Honours system and renders any award worthless. It must be noted that this devaluation is part and parcel of the cultural replacement agenda and the general downgrading of Great Britain and its institutions.

Those who live in the real world and who are immune to the PR men and their spin machines, suspected from the outset that Farah would turn out to be just another ingrate who would extol the virtues of being British when it suited him but act differently when it didn't. We've seen it all before especially in the field of sport.

Mohammed Farah follows, among others, Zola Budd, a white South African girl who was given a British passport in a matter of weeks in order for her to compete in the 1984 Olympic Games. She came in seventh in her signature race after which her career petered out. The so called British girl then moved back to South Africa at the earliest opportunity.

Mohammed Farah is a born and bred Somali who spent some time next door in Djibouti and came to Britain at the age of eight. He is quoted as saying that "England is where I grew up.  I don't know nothing but England".

He obviously doesn't know that using a double negative makes his sentence mean the opposite but I digress. It turns out that he moved to Hounslow and anyone who has visited this blighted town will know there is nothing remotely English about Hounslow anymore.

It also beggars belief that he has no memories at all before the age of eight. With no memories of Somalia and Djibouti, he is asking us to believe that his conscious life started at the age of eight in Hounslow.

Some people have commented that his father, Mukhtar Farah, was born in England (Hounslow, actually) and has paid his taxes, therefore he is entitled to bring in his son to England. Mohammed Farah is the result of a holiday liaison so the question must be asked as to why he didn't come to England from birth and not wait until eight years had elapsed and his athletic potential had started to become apparent?

Mohammed had all the advantages of being British which are not available in Somalia or Djibouti. This included taxpayer funded education and healthcare; he also attracted Lottery funding and other benefits showered on high potential athletes and sportsmen.

His hypocrisy shines through like the Olympic torch in the dark cellar of a London crack house. Mohammed parades himself publicly with Robbie Williams in an effort to persuade the British Chancellor of the Exchequer to clamp down and intimidate those people and companies who legally minimize their exposure to Great Britain's penal taxes. But when the filthy lucre starts to roll in he abandons the country that made him what he is for a more tax friendly abode.

Unfortunately for Mohammed he has been badly advised because Oregon is a socialist controlled dystopia with ever increasing taxation and the Progressive in Chief across the water has declared a war on high earners as he pursues his socialist policy of income redistribution.

One day when the hippies, socialists and 'progressives' have been driven from office and the value of citizenship has been restored, people like Mohammed Farah will only be allowed to compete for the country of their birth.

There is nothing more dispiriting for the genuine British citizen, settled immigrants included, than the sight of a Somali wrapped in the Union Flag receiving the adulation of the crowd then dumping on them from great height in order to stuff his own pockets with money.

Representation in international sport has become more than a joke, it's a complete farce and nothing encapsulates this more than the Manchester United footballer Adnan Januzaj.

Born in Brussels of complex parentage and holding a Belgian passport, he qualifies to play international football for Belgium, Albania, Turkey, Serbia and Kosovo. If he stays in England for four more years he will qualify to represent England.

Representing ones country in sport used to engender feelings of pride and patriotic enthusiasm, where such emotions were used as a motivating factor. How can someone like Adnan Januzaj have such emotions let alone use them as a motivating factor when he has no loyalty to any country in particular.

He has already been called up to play for Belgium, the country of his birth, and has refused, stating that he has not decided which country to represent. He says that he is minded to play for Albania.

This is complete nonsense and highlights the fact that if he cannot be loyal to the country of his birth, how can he be loyal to a country he has never visited nor has any identification with its people? The same goes for Zola Budd, Mohammed Farah and the rest.

In plain language these people are mercinaries who's loyalty will eventually be decided by the country that gives them the most adulation and money making opportunities.

The ludicrous situation of foreigners representing the host country has a debilitating effect on real born and bred English sports people. Foreigners do not have the same pride in wearing the country's sporting attire nor singing the national anthem.

These feelings are articulated by Arsenal and England star player Jack Wilshire. When asked his opinion he stated the following:

"If you live in England for five years it doesn't make you English. We are English. The only people who should play for England are English people".

It must be said that footballers have a reputation for not being the smartest people on the planet but Jack Wilshire has articulated what everyone outside of the 'progressive' self loathing, multi-cultural community is thinking.

Jack's thinking and logic is crystal clear - "If I go to Spain and live there for five years I'm not going to play for Spain".

To the politically correct collaborators who run English football this kind of talk is blasphemy and like night follows day Jack Wilshire was forced to clarify.

"The question was, should foreign players be allowed to play for England and in my opinion they should not. Januzaj is a great player, I wish he was English".

Just to let the collaborators, the politicians and the rest of the 'progressive', self loathing community know, Jack Wilshire speaks for every decent freeborn Englishman not you.

In conclusion I believe that mercenaries and carpetbaggers like Mohammed Farah, Adnan Januzaj, Zola Budd, et al should enjoy their fame and fortune but they should not profess loyalty to a country where their connections are tenuous then desert it when it suits them to do so.

Guido Fawkes take on the Farah treachery here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Obama, Socialism And The Unlearned Lessons Of Castro's Revolution

Personally I have never subscribed to the view that socialists/progressives are afflicted by some kind of mental illness; I have always put their blind obedience to a failed ideology down to immaturity, delayed adolescence or a lack of normal intellectual abilities. Judging by the fact that they are surrounded by a mountainous amount of incontrovertible evidence, I may have to reassess my attitude.

Even historical facts fail to convince supposedly intelligent people that the continuous, abject failure of their socialist/progressive ideology is an aberration and a stain on humanity.

It's almost as if the blood soaked historical disasters of Russia, China, and Eastern Europe never happened; they ignore the fact the one of the biggest state controlled disasters in history was perpetrated by the National Socialist German Workers Party, who's core belief was that the state was supreme and all individuals are subservient to it.

Socialist/progressives have the ability to turn a blind eye to the disasters that surround them in todays world. From North Korea in the far east to Zimbabwe in southern Africa, socialism is wreaking its own peculiar form of devastation on countless millions of people but still they promote its deadly virtues.

As one of the privileged few who get to spend time in both Great Britain and America, I am in a unique position of being able to watch the disaster which ruined my own country slowly unfold in the United States. Experience dictates that average American citizens are an insular people who do not pay particular attention to events in far away countries, including those of Europe.

They will be mainly unaware of the economic disaster unfolding in France as their socialist/progressive President imposes the usual "tax the productive sector" and "expand the unproductive sector" economic policy, as if it's unique and has never been done before.

They will be unaware that the socialist/progressive policies of tax and spend has ruined the economies of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

They will also be unaware that the government of Cyprus, in good socialist fashion, over leveraged itself and spent the country into oblivion. This resulted in the politicians seizing money from private bank accounts in order to get themselves out of the trouble their ideology had caused.

There are socialist disasters closer to the American homeland such as Bolivia and Venezuela where socialist/progressive inefficiency has managed to engineer a shortage of everything, including toilet paper. If these disasters are too far away then just ninety miles or so off their eastern coast lies Cuba.

The fundamental decency of the ordinary American was used against them by a well oiled political machine, together with a compliant agenda driven media, when they were seduced into electing one of the biggest phony's in the history of politics. (Tony Blair being the biggest).

Barack Obama is the ultimate manufactured, machine politician, he has no history and no experience in the real world of business, industry or wealth creation. From what little there is known of his history one can gather that he has no experience outside of Marxist professors and radical racial politics. According to some reports he spent so much time with his bong, he has no experience outside of cloud nine.

Barry O. is a socialist/progressive of the old school and he is ignoring the lessons of history that has reduced a Caribbean Island just ninety miles off its shores into an impoverished, starving, blood soaked tyranny. The plight of the thousands of bedraggled people risking their lives in rickety boats to flee this socialist hell hole is obviously lost on him.

At this point I will ask indulgence and share an anecdote.

In my teenage days, before I grew up, I was a fully paid up member of the brain dead hard left and I made the mistake of extolling the virtues of the Castro regime, Che Guavara et al, at a social gathering. A quiet English gentleman, who was not going to let my views go unchallenged, proceeded to enlighten the gathered company with the benefit of his perception of the Castro revolution.

He related the story (which I cannot verify), that prior to revolution, sugar was the main cash crop and the biggest revenue earner for the government. Plantation workers were paid by how much they produced. This practice was widespread in Great Britain and was known as piece work.

One worker, Alberto was married with six kids and lived in a small cabin on a plantation. He would arrive at work and cut cane at his leisure taking a mid morning break, an afternoon siesta, a mid afternoon break and stopped off at the cantina on his way home. He was happy with his lot in life and earned 250 Pesos per day.

Another worker, Mario, married with two kids, lived in a cabin that he had extended himself. He sent his older kid to school in the hope he would have a better life. Mario would arrive at work early and cut cane continuously, taking only a small water break when necessary and enough time to eat his burrito for lunch. He would work until sundown and go straight home. Mario was not happy with his lot in life and was prepared to do what he could to improve it. His efforts earned him 1000 Pesos per day.

After the revolution, Castro nationalized the sugar industry and in line with his ideology he made everyone equal by paying a salary of 500 Pesos per day. Alberto was overjoyed and praised the revolution; Mario was not so impressed and reduced his efforts compatible with to those of Alberto.

The sugar industry went into a downward spiral, government revenues collapsed and Castro was unable to finance his welfare state. The story goes that Castro was unable to understand the reason why, after making everyone equal, his revenues had collapsed and his revolution had stalled.

He summoned a meeting of his politburo and demanded an explanation, his fellow revolutionaries knew the reason but none had the courage to tell him for fear of being shot for counter revolutionary sentiments.

To the relief of the politburo, the Russians, seeing an opportunity to have a client state just ninety miles from the USA, came to the rescue, bailed them out and the rest is history.

The gentleman's quiet explanation and delivery held the company spellbound ,making my revolutionary zeal appear unreasoned drivel, driven by a juvenile adherence to ideology instead of facts.

Barry O continues to repeat the very same mistakes that were made by Cuba's Castro, North Korea's Kim Jong Un, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, France's  Francois Hollande and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, among others.

Learning nothing from Castro's Cuba, he has taken over one sixth of the entire American economy by nationalizing healthcare, he has indicated that his signature legislation this coming year will be erasing income inequality and being of a dictatorial disposition he has stated quite openly that if Congress refuses to ratify what he does, he will rule by presidential decree.

The American people can look forward to high taxes and a wrecked economy coupled with a more dictatorial regime as economic failure stalls his construction of a socialist welfare state.

The American dream is dying before our very eyes and will be dead and buried in the near future unless this socialist throwback is stopped.

Either he is blinded by his ideology to the point where he cannot envisage any other political system or he is incapable of learning the lessons that has resulted in devastation for a whole island people just ninety miles off his eastern shore.

When the consequences of Barry O's ignorance of history translate into shortages, power cuts and empty shelves, the American people should learn from the people of Venezuela and in addition to stocking up on food and ammunition, they should stock up on toilet paper as well.

P.S. Please note that the peso figures are nominal due to the fact that the story was told many years ago, and I cannot remember the exact numbers today.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bob Marley and the Whiners - Why Do Half Cracker Celebs Always Choose Black?

Its a crying shame when people who are in a position of power and influence ignore the opportunity to use it positively, but choose instead to do the opposite by promoting victimhood, division and hatred.

This pertains particularly to celebrities of mixed race parents who have achieved global fame and fortune and who's following consists of millions of people of all races, religions and age groups. They are especially influential among the impressionable young and those who don't have the intellectual ability to see through the slick marketing of their various PR machines.

The late Bob Marley is a classic example of this sad waste of opportunity and he is only one among many as will be highlighted later.

Bob Marley is not only credited with making reggae/Caribbean music globally popular but also for drawing attention to the trans-Atlantic slave trade from the viewpoint of a victim.

One gullible adolescent commented that ''his haunting lyrics and their unique delivery pierce the heart and he has the ability to generate emotions that should cover any self respecting white person with shame.''  It is views such as these that demonstrate the effectiveness of people like Marley in stirring up divisiveness, self loathing and hatred.

Bob Marley's crusade would hold a lot more credibility if he really was a victim descended from slaves and his lyrics reflected actual history instead of distortions and outright falsification.

Marley's father was a white plantation overseer who's family hailed from Sussex and there is no place more quintessentially English than Sussex.

No plantation for our Bob, he was born on his grandfather's farm in St Anne's, one of the more salubrious areas of Jamaica. Being of mixed race, he could have used his fame and influence to heal and bring people together; he could have extolled the virtues of both white and black people. He could have demonstrated that the offspring of inter racial marriages can be talented and achieve anything they set their minds to do.

Instead he chose to adopt the 'victim-of-slavery' persona which engenders division, self loathing and racial animosity.

The lyrics of his song, "Buffalo Soldier" is a classic example of distorting history to stir up negative emotions.

"There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America

  Stolen from Africa, brought to America

  Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival"

Marley would have known that the American and Caribbean slave trades were entirely separate. The British and French shipped Africans and others directly to the Caribbean not via America. He would also have known that the buffalo soldiers were fed and watered the same way as any other regiment in the US army. If they were fighting for survival then so were the other soldiers.

Black people were not the only victims of the Caribbean plantation owners. He is ignoring the fact that there were white indentured workers on the plantations before the Africans arrived.  There were also Irish slave girls, press-ganged workers and convicts all "stolen from Great Britain and brought to the Caribbean".

In Bob Marley's case 'Stolen from Sussex' would be a valid lyric but it wouldn't have the same emotional impact.

"If you know your history
Then you would know where your coming from

Then you wouldn't have to ask me

Who the 'eck do I think I am"

From these lyrics it would appear that Marley is ignoring the fact that his own history includes the English county of Sussex and he is denying it in order to identify himself with the victims of slavery.

"Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America
 Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta

 Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

 Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean"

'Win the war for America' and 'Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean' is taking poetic licence and distortion of history a tad too far.

Unfortunately Bob Marley is not alone in wasting the opportunity of being of mixed race to heal divisions and bring people together.

Halle Berry and BeyoncĂ©, two of the worlds most recognizable celebrities both dishonour their parents by identifying themselves exclusively with their black half. So does Eric Holder, Susan Rice and the ultimate black impostor, Barry Obama.

By indentifying himself exclusively with his African father he is insulting his white mother. Obama senior was a serial womanizer and a drunk who abandoned Barry when he was young. In his book 'Dreams From My Father', he admits he only has a single month worth of memories of his father.

Being a native of Kenya, Obama senior, and by extension Obama junior, had no connection whatsoever with slavery.  Barry himself was brought up in Indonesia and spent his formative years in Hawaii.

It should be obvious to everyone that Barry Obama is adopting his African-American, victim-of-slavery persona to harvest the votes of the black community together with those of the 'progressive', self loathing white community. These deluded people are under the illusion that they are going to escape unscathed if Barry's divisive racial agenda spills over into violence.

This is cynical manipulation of the media and the people at its worse and it is a mystery why the people can't see through it and understand the peril they have brought upon themselves.

"Honour thy father and thy mother that thy days be long upon the land" - 5th Commandment

Thursday, January 16, 2014

American Prosperity And African Poverty - Reality Ignored By Black Racists

Anyone who has had the privilege of travelling in sub Saharan Africa cannot fail to have noticed how lush the countryside is owing mainly to the high fertility of the rich, red volcanic soils. What travelers cannot see are the continents other abundant riches consisting of minerals, petro-chemicals, diamonds and other economically viable resources.

Similarly blessed with the same abundant resources is the American continent but in order to illustrate the point, the comparison will be limited to the United States.

After the discovery of the fossil skeleton named Lucy, experts announced that this was the first upright walking humanoid and estimated that it inhabited Africa some 3.2 million years ago.

Archaeologists suggest that the USA was first colonized by Paeleo-Indians who crossed the Bering Land Bridge from East Asia into what is now Alaska, anywhere between forty thousand and seventeen thousand years ago and migrated southward.

Both Lucy and the Paeleo-Indians (who were originally descended from Lucy) didn't evolve past the hunter gatherer stage until the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century for America, and as late as the 19th century for Africa.

The exploitation of these resources and the resultant astronomical increase in prosperity, civilization and quality of life across Africa and the USA did not begin until the arrival of the Europeans.

Its worth reiterating that despite the God given riches, Africa and America were two continents populated by desperately poor, uncivilized, warring tribes, who suffered starvation, disease and abysmally low life expectancy for millions of years until the arrival of the Europeans.

Before I advance any further, I understand the argument that these people would have been better off if the Europeans had left them alone. This is the most juvenile nonsense and is being advanced by a motley collection of hippies, white middle class hand wringers, bleeding hearts, self loathers, the foreign aid industry and a horde of publicity seeking celebrity millionaires who are polishing their humanitarian credentials in order to swell their already bloated coffers and finance their hypocrisy.

They believe that without European colonization these tribes would be living happy peaceful lives to this day; living in harmony with Mother Earth taking only what they need. These people are seriously deluded. If the Europeans hadn't arrived then the Russians, Japanese, Chinese or Nazi's surely would have and if so there wouldn't be a native alive anywhere between Cairo and Cape Town or between Wasilla and Washington DC.

To continue: It only took the American people four hundred years to become the most prosperous people on the planet, with the greatest jump in prosperity coming in the last two hundred years. Similarly, the riches of Africa were released with a massive increase in wealth during the last one hundred and thirty years.

It would be foolish at this point to deny that abuses were perpetrated by the colonists on both continents, however this should be regarded as an unfortunate part of civilisation's evolution, a kind of historical learning curve.

The attitudes widely held back then have been largely eradicated by the descendants of the Europeans and anyone in America, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or skin colour can take part in the American dream if they choose to do so. Alternatively they can choose not to do so and blame the white man for their condition or the mythical "lingering legacy of slavery."

After billions of years of laying untouched in the ground and after 3.2 million years of humanoid habitation and evolution, the wealth of Africa was finally exploited and released by the Europeans. This advance of civilisation was unacceptable to the new breed of 'progressives' infesting the United Nations and as a consequence the Europeans were blackmailed and bullied into to handing everything over to the Africans.

The results are there for all to see: on a continent blessed with abundant riches of all kinds.  Poverty, starvation, disease, violent crime, low life expectancy etc. have all returned, and we can add to this black on black racism.

It must be remembered that the hard work had already been done by the Europeans. Armed only with their self belief, work ethic and a desire for a better life, they took an untouched continent, developed it and released its riches.

When the Africans took over, the technology was developed, the infrastructure was in place, the wealth was already created, all they had to do was continue running the government and the industries.

After half a century of self rule and with countless billions in aid from countries with far less human and natural resources, African run Africa is a total disaster and a blight on humanity. This sad situation cannot be blamed on Europeans or the white man or the "lingering legacy of Colonialism." The black African is solely to blame, they had it all and they threw it away, they are the authors of their own misfortune.

The evolution of modern America is a similar story, but in addition to self belief, work ethic and a desire for a better life, the American people were armed with a 4487 word Constitution which guaranteed individual liberty, free enterprise and limited government.

In only two hundred years a handful of people from thirteen colonies created the biggest economy on the planet, they created more prosperity for more people in all human history.

The divisively named 'African'-Americans have been free to participate for over one hundred and fifty of those two hundred years and yet millions remain in so called poverty and continue to blame their condition on the white man or the same mythical "lingering legacy of slavery."

People are, by and large, afraid to discuss the reasons for black so called poverty for fear of being smeared by the cultural Marxists who infest the American political class and media.  As a result the myths and falsehoods are allowed to perpetuate and go unchallenged.

No such fear inhabits this site so the truth can be written and stuff the consequences. Publish and be damned is the order of the day.

So called black poverty in America is the sole responsibility of the black people themselves, combined with the cynical manipulation by vile black racists who have a vested interest in keeping the hate and divisiveness going.

Apart from the usual race baiters such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the increasingly demented Louis Farrakhan, the leading protagonists for stirring up racial hatred and its resultant 'poverty' are household names who should be ashamed of themselves. Oprah Winfrey, Attorney General Eric Holder, Barry Obama and his bitter and twisted wife, Michelle.

Looking closer at their public appearances and pronouncements one can see their contempt and simmering hatred toward white people. It is not difficult to spot the face contorting hatred Michelle Obama exhibits whenever she is forced to interact with or speak about white people. It's unexplainable why she is like this because outside of the manufactured media created image, she has never been poor nor has she endured the hardships normally associated with so called black poverty.

It is now being acknowledged at long last that black people have the same access to education and government services as anyone else and it isn't the white man that forces them to drop out, kill each other, join street gangs, deal in drugs, to have babies out of wedlock or live on welfare.

The condition of black people in America is a result of their own poor decision making, not the white man or the 'lingering legacy of slavery'. Many impressionable black people are influenced by the race baiting and hate filled behavior of people like Oprah Winfrey, Eric Holder and the Obamas. Shame on them.

Black people in America have succeeded in all fields from politics, sport, entertainment, business, industry, the military, medicine etc. etc. People such as Colin Powell, Condaleezza Rice, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Dr Ben Carson, Herman Cain and millions more. Even the President of the United States and the First Lady are black. ( In Barry's case only half black).

It has to be accepted that the there is no 'lingering legacy of slavery'; that's all gone, its over and done with but it is still being used as an excuse by unscrupulous race baiters to make a good living out of perpetuating hatred.

This is a stunning intervention in the debate by American war hero and former black Congressman from Florida, Colonel Allan West. He says it better than anyone.

"This is my clear and succinct message to white Americans. How long will it be before 'you people' realize you have elevated someone to the office of president who abjectly hates you - not to mention his henchman Holder. Combined they are the most vile and disgusting racists - not you."

Many black people are seeing the light as demonstrated by the people such as Bill Cosby.

Here is a must see video of a black American who gets it and isn't afraid to tell the truth.

This is a hilarious video of a black Pastor who also gets it. If one can ignore his ranting style the message is potent.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reclaiming Great Britain - Essential Guide For National Survival

I have been criticized in the recent past for regularly pointing out the deliberate destruction of Great Britain and its unique culture by an agenda driven political class but never offering any practical solutions other than recommending a change of voting habits.

By a strange coincidence I have been thinking along the same lines and with that in mind I have been mentally working on offering some kind of guide for people like myself who are proud to be British and believe their country is worth saving.

It is my belief that apart from the trendy metropolitan elite, together with the loonies of the hard left and the demented members of the self loathing community, the majority of the British people think alike and don't want their country destroyed or their culture erased and replaced by something called 'multi-culturalism'.

This means that the British people have the power to stop this deliberate destruction in its tracks if only they knew how wield it.

Unfortunately, the inherent decency and sense of fair play of the silent majority, and the quaint British habit of "not wanting to make a fuss", works against them; this must be overcome if the country is to be saved.

Its easy to be brave in company and act in a crowd but individuals need to look at themselves and change their personal attitudes first instead of waiting for others to act then following in their wake.

The layout of this simple plan is as follows:

Part 1, the deconstruction agenda of Great Britain will be broken down and analysed.

Part II, the attitudes and tactics of the political class and its agents in the establishment are analysed.

Part III, the current attitude of the people is analysed.

Part IV, the steps that must be taken by individuals if the country is to survive.

Part I: The Agenda

a) Its was decided by the 'Founding Fathers' of the European Union that the independent nation states of Europe must be destroyed and replaced by a post democratic United States of Europe.

It was also decided that the only way to achieve this without opposition by the various peoples was by stealth, deceit and outright lies.

b) National sovereignty was to be gradually usurped by a series of treaties which were falsely presented as having an economic purpose. This plan was followed to the letter by a series of British politicians of all parties, without consultation and without the consent of the people. Each treaty being falsely presented as being benign and in the national interest.

After the Treaty of Rome there followed in quick succession,

The Merger Treaty in 1965.
The Schengen Treaty in 1985.
The Single European Act in 1986.
The Maastricht Treaty in 1992.
The Amsterdam Treaty in 1997.
The Nice Treaty in 2001.
The Lisbon Treaty in 2007.

c) With the ratification of each of these Treaties, more and more sovereignty was surrendered by spineless, lying politicians and the EU created for itself more of the institutions that constitute a sovereign state in its own right.

d) The European Union, which is falsely presented as a benign organization based on mutual economic benefit now has:

i)    A Constitution
ii)   A national flag
iii)  A national anthem
iv)  A defence force
v)   A Foreign Office and independent diplomatic service
vi)  An Executive Branch
vii) A Legislative Branch
viii) A Judicial Branch
ix)   A representative at the United Nations.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its a duck.

To anyone with an ounce of sense this is a sovereign nation and after a thousand years of evolution the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster is reduced to a rubber stamp for unelected, unaccountable, unsackable EU bureaucrats.

e) It must be recognized and understood that cultural replacement via open border mass immigration is an integral part of the European project. A confident, homogeneous British people are considered to be a destabilising factor as it prevents total loyalty to the United States of Europe.

Part II: The Political Class

a) The majority of the political class since Edward Heath first sold out the British people to the so called 'Common Market' has been supportive of the United States of Europe.

b) The current political class of all parties are wealthy, remote elitists who's loyalty is to the global 'progressive' agenda not the agenda of the people they claim to represent.

c) All three of the current party leaders, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, 'Red' Ed Miliband and Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg, are all self confessed believers in the United States of Europe project.
The latter two have only tenuous connections with Great Britain and have openly displayed their contempt for Great Britain its people and their culture.

To clarify: Red Ed is the son of a Belgian communist fanatic who despised Great Britain and who openly called for its destruction and replacement with a communist state. Adolph Miliband declared his mission to destroy Great Britain as a generational project and his son is working hard to make this happen.

Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg is descended from Russians, Poles and Ukrainians on his fathers side and a British hating Dutch mother on the other. He is married to a wealthy Spanish lawyer and as named his sons, Antonio, Alberto and Miguel. Apart from being born in Chalfont St Giles, to the casual observer there is nothing remotely British about Quisling Clegg let alone English. He despises an independent, sovereign Great Britain with unbridled passion.

d) Since Edward Heath's treachery, British institutions, such as the BBC, local councils, the civil service, the police 'service' and the Qangocracy (Quasi Autonomous Government Organisations) have all been packed with like minded supporters, back scratchers, bum suckers and crawlers who will carry out their masters bidding in exchange for a taxpayer funded sinecure.

e) The tactics employed by this political elite is to close down debate and this is now standard throughout modern public life. Rigidly policed political correctness, demonization and smear are the weapons of choice. Anyone voicing any opposition to the above mentioned Treaties were belittled, demonized and smeared in a series of co-ordinated campaigns led by the taxpayer funded BBC.

f) Similarly, anyone having the audacity to even question the official policy of cultural replacement, multi-culturalism or open border mass immigration are smeared mercilessly and intimidated with threats of prosecution.

g) There is a continuous stream of 'progressive' propaganda by compliant whores in the media, led by the BBC. This insidious propaganda has shamefully made its way into the school curriculum. Poison their minds while they are still young is as despicable a tactic as it gets.

e) There follows the eradication of tradition British festivals and symbols which are being replaced by foreign ones. Hence the deliberate downgrading of Christmas and Easter and the campaign against wearing of crucifixes in public; this policy is enhanced by the upgrading of foreign festivals such as Diwali, Ramadan and Eid, while the wearing of turbans, the burka and the hijab are actively encouraged.

*It must be noted that the English and anything quintessentially English is coming in for particular attention by collaborators in the establishment. Hence people and institutions have been threatened with prosecution for displaying the Cross of St, George while the displaying the EU national flag is actively encouraged.

Part III: The People

a)  The British bulldog spirit that faced down Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party in the dark days of World War II is dormant in older generations and doesn't exist at all in the younger ones.

b) The British characteristics of decency, fairness and "not wanting to cause a fuss" is ruthlessly exploited by the political class and their agents to impose their agenda without complaint.

c) The people have become timid and allowed themselves to be bullied and intimidated by the use of political correctness.

d) The people are afraid to express any form of pride, patriotism or love of country.

e) Fear of being demonized and smeared with accusations of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia etc. has had the effect of closing down debate and silencing any opposition to the destructive agenda of the political class and its agents.

f) Attention to their agenda is being deliberately sidetracked by football, computer games, celebrity culture and reality television.

g) On the positive side, the people are showing signs of waking up and are beginning to let their feelings be known. This has resulted in David Cameron and some of his acolytes pretending to rediscover their spines and making promises about the EU and mass immigration that they have no intention of keeping.

h) Politicians are starting to be treated with contempt by the public. Among a sizable section of the populace they are considered to be lower than vermin. Unfortunately this positive sign was brought about more by the expenses scandal than by the EU/cultural replacement agenda. The positive aspect is that this contempt will continue and grow with the EU and the cultural replacement agenda replacing the expenses scandal as the cause.

Part IV: The Plan

a) Do not be intimidated by the political class, the state, its agents or its bureaucrats. Openly question everything they utter. Do not be afraid to let them know that they work for you. Treat them with the same contempt they have you. Let it be known that they only joined the political rat race because they are inadequate and just another species of parasite.

b) It is absolutely essential that people do not give in to political correctness, just simply ignore it, there is nothing politicians and bureaucrats hate more than being ignored.

c) Get used to being smeared with names such as mentioned in paragraph e) above. These names have been thrown around so much they have lost their effectiveness as smears. Do not allow smearing to shut down the debate on any subject, including, cultural replacement, multi-culturalism, open border mass immigration, the EU etc.

d) Do not be ashamed of your country, its history or your culture.

e) Do not be ashamed of your skin colour.

f) If you are a Christian, don't hide it, be as proud of your religious beliefs as believers in any other religion are of theirs. Celebrate Christian festivals with dedication and pride.

g) For atheists and agnostics, support your Christian brothers and sisters as they face down intimidation and bullying from the state and its agents. Remember that British moral values originate from our common Judaeo-Christian heritage. Better still wear Christian symbols as a sign of solidarity and disobedience. This also allows one to enjoy the satisfaction of pissing off the self loathing 'progressive' elite.

h) Be proud to display your national symbols, particularly the Union flag and the Cross of St. George.

i) Lying comes as natural to these people as breathing is to normal people, therefore always assume that politicians, their agents and their bureaucrats are lying, spinning, obfuscating or bloviating. Do not believe a word they say.

j) Do not be afraid to ask awkward questions of your elected representatives, be they local, national or supranational. Hold their feet to the fire, make them justify their existence.

k) Do not alter your way of life or beliefs to accommodate alien cultures. Its your country after all and its not for sale.

l) Most importantly of all, do not vote for any candidate that has not unequivocally stated that they support Britain's exit from the EU. No ifs or buts and no caveats or prevarications. They must support exit.

m) There has never been, nor will there ever be, economic benefits to mass immigration. Therefore do not vote for any candidate that expresses any positive view about cultural replacement or multi-culturalism. This covers the majority of MP's in the current Parliament. Don't be afraid, no matter who they are, kick them out.

n) Whatever the temptation or family history of tribal voting, do not even contemplate casting a vote for any member of the Liberal Democrat Party, in any capacity and for any position. Apart from having more than their share of perverts, sex pests, criminals, eccentrics and outright loonies, these people are unashamed, fanatical supporters of Great Britain's demise. They are despicable people, every last one of them without exception.

o) In order to boost morale and as a means of starting a new self awareness regime, make a personal pledge to yourself about your beliefs and love of country. If the thought of doing this makes one feel awkward then do it private, but do it. (A copy of my personal pledge is below)

p) When pride and confidence returns, talk about your new self and your beliefs with family and friends, at work or down the pub. Print this off and stick it on your fridge with a Union Flag magnet. Leave copies everywhere and email it to your friends. Share it on Facebook and other social media sites. You never know, seeing ordinary people like you and I change attitude might inspire others to do the same. Every little bit helps.

If you think this is a publicity stunt then knock up a copy on your PC, erasing any references to me or Cambrian Dissenters before sharing or printing it off.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering that immigrants have two countries; their hosts and their home country to which they remain loyal and to which they will run when the wells run dry and the money runs out.

The British people only have the one Sceptered Isle which consists of a tiny, cold, windswept island in the North Atlantic. (Which happens to have a very generous system of welfare benefits).

One wonders what could possibly be the attraction that would make people leave family and friends and more habitable climates at risk of life and limb to get there.


I Daniel Thomas pledge to myself that:

a) I am a proud Welshman and an unashamed British patriot.

b) I am not ashamed of my country, its history or its culture.

c) I am not ashamed of who I am, my religious beliefs or the colour of my skin.

d) I will not alter my way of life or beliefs to accommodate alien cultures or religions.

e) I will not be silenced by political correctness and I will exercise my inalienable right to free speech.

f) I will use every legal means at my disposal to fight the traitors, collaborators, agents of the state and their bureaucrats to prevent their deliberate destruction of Great Britain and its culture.

g) I will not be silenced, I will resist, Great Britain is worth fighting for.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Political Reprobates - The Abuse Of Trust And The Hoodwinking Of The British People

I recall some years ago asking the question of an American brother as to why, out of a population of some three hundred and fifty million souls, they regularly manage to find someone totally unsuitable to be their President. Going through my mind was the crook Richard Nixon, the hopelessly incompetent Jimmy Carter, the lying sexual predator Bill Clinton and the mysterious, communist impostor Barry Obama.

Out of this discussion came the point that despite the stiff upper lip, combined with a reputation for tradition, good manners and fair play, British politicians aren't exactly paragons of virtue.

This comment set my memory off trying to assess the standard of person the British elect to be their representatives. Political scandals tend to appear in the public consciousness individually and mostly tend to be forgotten, especially with the advent of the twenty four hour news cycle, but when they are looked at collectively the sorry state of British political life takes on a different hue.

Just from my own memory I can vaguely recall the 1960's Profumo scandal whereby the Minister for War or something, was having extra marital relations with prostitutes, one of whom was also having it off with a Russian spy.

John Profumo lied to Parliament about the scandal and that was the end of him and his career. He spent the rest of his life doing charitable work for the poor in the East End of London.

I vaguely recall socialist Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, doing something dodgy with a friend and donor, Lord Gannex, and also handing out honours to political allies and donors.

The next thing that sticks in my mind is the blatant lying of Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, over accession to the Common Market, which in my mind set the precedent for the serial, habitual lying of politicians today.

I have a blank spot thereafter until the Jeremy Thorpe homosexual lover scandal hit the headlines like a bombshell. This was not just a hilarious episode of a national political leader getting caught in a homosexual and murder for hire scandal, but it also exposed for the first time the extent of establishment cover ups and how they will lie and deceive in order to look after one of their own.

It has also laid bare the appallingly low standard of person that has become the norm in public life.

Briefly, Jeremy Thorpe was the leader of the Liberal Party and an establishment figure of the day. The public perception of Thorpe was of a happily married man, albeit a buffoon who was struggling to keep the rump of the historical Liberal Party together after its infiltration by cranks, clowns, dope smoking hippies and hand wringing bleeding hearts.

Thorpe was having a homosexual affair with a chap called Norman 'Bunnies' Scott who threatened to make it public if Thorpe didn't keep some promises he had made. The story goes that Thorpe hired a hit man to bump Scott off and who only succeeded in killing his Great Dane, Rinka.

The subsequent trial had the nation laughing in unison as never before as it revealed the secret shenanigans of the political establishment which included the judiciary.

Nowadays scandals flow thick and fast, some with hilarity, some with disastrous consequences for the innocent victims involved, but all give a clear demonstration of the descent of public life into the gutter.

The following are a brief sample which contain hilarity and horror in different amounts:

Cyril Smith, the MP for Rochdale; his manufactured public image was of a jovial public servant who lived with his elderly mother and who's main concern was the welfare of public he had sworn to serve.

In reality Smith was a rampant, depraved paedophile who serially abused young boys with the full knowledge of the Liberal Party hierarchy and the police. They kept his perversion quiet until his death which allowed him to carry on abusing and ruining the lives of young boys for decades.

 How these people can live with themselves knowing they are accessories to the sexual abuse of children is beyond any decent thinking person.

Paddy Ashdown, former Liberal leader and now a noble Lord of the Realm. His manufactured public image was of a happily married man and dedicated public servant. In reality he was an adulterer who deliberately lied about his infidelity to his wife and his constituents. Had not a newspaper threatened to expose his duplicity he would still be lying about it today.

Obviously the people of Yeovil learned nothing from the Paddy Pantsdown deceit and went on to elect another Liberal Democrat who not only lied and deceived them but also looted their hard earned money in an expenses scandal. David Laws' manufactured image was of a young, dynamic successful businessman who made his millions so quickly he was able to retire while still in his twenties.

Despite being a multi-millionaire he stole tens of thousands of taxpayer money and channeled it to his secret homosexual lover. The thieving crook escaped prosecution and is currently a Minister of State at the Department of Education. Crime obviously does pay if you tick the establishment and homosexual boxes.

Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten. His manufactured public image was of a traditional family man who was happy to parade his wife and children in public in order to con the people into electing him to Parliament. In reality he was about as depraved as it gets. He was enjoying three-in-a-bed orgies with young rent boys and indulging in sexual practices that is too revolting even for the strongest stomach.

Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. His manufactured public image is of a fearless public campaigner and confirmed bachelor. His initial election campaign for Bermondsey was against Peter Tatchell, the Labour Party's militant homosexual activist. Hughes ran a homophobic campaign running as the straight candidate. His own sexuality frequently came into question and he consistently denied being on the other bus. As always, the truth eventually comes out and, surprise surprise, Hughes was lying and has admitted that he indulged in homosexual relationships.

Lord Rennard, former Liberal Democrat Chief Executive. His manufactured public image was of a tireless worker for the party and celebrity fund raiser. In reality and with the full knowledge of the party hierarchy he was a serial sexual predator. By keeping silent the party hierarchy allowed this predator to carry on abusing women for years. Current Deputy Prime Minister Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg was aware of this predator but did nothing to protect women from his vile activities.

Lord Rennard is not, as one might expect, serving a sentence in prison but is representing the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords on a taxpayer funded expenses and allowances package.

Chris Huhne, former Minister for Energy and Climate Change. (Yes the British actually have a Minister for the Global Warming scam). His manufactured public image was of a traditional family man and like Mark Oaten, he was happy to parade his wife and children in public in order to con them. His wife and children appeared on his election literature as the rocks that are the foundation of his life.

In reality he was shagging his campaign secretary who herself was in a civil relationship with her lesbian lover. Huhne was acknowledged to be an obnoxious character who was forced to resign when his criminal behavior was exposed and he was forced to serve a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice.

Lembik Opik a former Liberal Democrat MP. His manufactured image was of a honest if slightly eccentric hard working representative. He was involved in a very public relationship with the country's favourite weather girl Sian Lloyd. Although being engaged to be married he was having it off with one of the Cheeky Girls and possibly her sister.

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats was, with the full knowledge of the party hierarchy, a serial boozer and was often pissed out of his head in the Commons chamber. No breathalyzer for the political class to prove their competency.

The one thing in common with these deviants, perverts, philanderers, crooks and general reprobates is that they are all Liberal Democrats who tax and make the laws, rules and regulations for the British people to obey.

Obviously, this sort of behavior is not confined to the Liberal Democrats but it must be said that as the smallest party of the big three legacy parties they have more criminals and reprobates per head than the other two combined.

I would humbly suggest that the various electorates who continually vote these people as their representatives are embarrassing themselves and making themselves a laughing stock before the country and the world.

The Liberal Democrats are worthless and a wasted vote, hopefully the people will come to their senses and put this party out of its misery and confine it to the dustbin of history where it belongs.