Thursday, February 28, 2013

Government Spending Restraint - Draconian Cuts And Armaggedon Or Fiscal Responsibility

As the economies of the developed nations crash and burn under the weight of incompetent 'progressive' management, it has to be said that politicians around the world have completely run out of ideas. That is assuming they had any in the first place.

These governments are invariably made up of career politicians with no experience whatsoever in the real world of business or wealth creation and whose only policy appears to be ideologically driven Keynesian stimulus financed by taxing the people into poverty and borrowing from the next generations of our children.

These incompetents don't seem to be concerned that the debts they are accumulating are impoverishing the country for generations to come. I am beginning to wonder if this is a deliberate policy agenda to engineer equality and fairness by creating poverty for all instead of wealth because its easier to achieve.

It is almost as if this remote, global political elite are clones of each other, who speak the same language and use the same slogans and soundbites.

Any restraints at all on government spending is always described by the spin merchants and professional deceivers as draconian or savage, no matter how insignificant, and that they will always result in cuts to the government services upon which, in the spinners words, we all depend.

They are trying to imply that there is no waste whatsoever in the government machine and that every penny spent by the politicians is absolutely essential to the continuance of a worthwhile life.

The unfortunate thing about this nonsense is that millions of people who have the right to vote actually believe it.

As any student of the dark political arts will be aware the big issue in the USA at moment is sequestration. This is the system of across the board spending cuts put in place by President Obama as part of the manufactured 'fiscal cliff' and debt ceiling crisis.

This is an interesting story that demonstrates that the political classes both sides of the Atlantic are following the same agenda and are employing the same media management and propaganda techniques, so please bear with me as I give a brief history.

Just like Greece and the Eurozone, the American economy is bankrupt with unsustainable debts. These debts are fuelled by insane deficit spending by an ignorant and corrupt socialist Democrat political machine. This machine is opposed by a weak free enterprise inspired Republican opposition that barely clings to power in the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, under the Constitution the House holds the purse strings and they are refusing to finance any more out of control deficit spending without a plan for bringing the federal budget back into balance.

The automatic spending cuts caused by sequestration are due to start March 1st but as we know, the Presidency and the Senate are held by the socialist Democrats who are opposed to any spending cuts at all, on ideological grounds. This is an identical stand as the socialist British Labour Party.

The 'Progressive in Chief' President Obama and his bag carriers went on the rhetorical rampage these past few days painting a terrifying picture of the apocalyptic doom that awaits the American people should these minor cuts take place.

Teachers will be sacked as schools will close, 1000 places will be lost on the Head Start/Sure Start programmes.

First responders such as firemen and paramedics will be rationed.

Children will not be vaccinated against disease.

The government must choose whether to support the disabled child or the poor child.

Meat inspectors will be sacked so expect poisoned burgers.

Border security will fall victim so more illegals will sneak through.

Airport security will be cut so there will be longer queues at the airports.

Air Traffic Controllers will be victims so even more delays at airports.

30,000 prisoners will be released from the jails including illegal immigrant criminals.

The military will be cut to the point where the nation may be unprotected.

An aircraft carrier will be recalled from the gulf.

Every American will be affected by the economic Armageddon that is about to befall the nation.

And so it goes on and on. The budget realists in the House of Representatives have opened the seven seals of the Apocalypse and unleashed the Anti-Christ on an unsuspecting and innocent nation.

Listening to this baloney I am reminded of the rhetoric employed by Britain's own 'progressives' including Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party. Its almost identical. One would think that the 'Progressive in Chief' of the USA  and his political machine had hired the BBC to carry forth their propaganda.

In Great Britain any mention of spending cuts sends the 'progressive' left into apoplexy led by the so called 'impartial', publicly funded BBC.

Cuts are always described savage and draconian and the first to go are always nurses, doctors and teachers.

Next up are policemen, leaving communities at the mercy of criminals. (As if they weren't already).

Following close behind are local authority services for the disabled, Head Start places, rubbish collections, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Its as if every angel and saint on earth is being starved of life itself by the cruel, heartless Tories who only care about their 'rich' friends.

I am no supporter of the current detoxified Tories but if anyone is taken in by this embarrassing propaganda then all is lost. There is no hope for the nation.

To give this issue some perspective.

In the USA the politicians have racked up over $16.6 trillion of debt, approximately 106% of GDP. With budgets over $3 trillion of which around 40 cents of every dollar is borrowed.

The debt is on an ever upward trajectory.

The sequestration is $84 billion out $3.4 trillion annual budget or around 2.4%. Government spending is not being cut at all, the increase in spending is being slowed down ever so slightly.

To put the scale of the propaganda into proportion, both Houses of Congress have acknowledged that there is approximately $500 billion of waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare/Medicaid programmes alone. They also acknowledge that it is likely that there is a similar level of corruption in all other government departments.

There is no need for anyone but the criminal element in the American political system to be hurt by the cuts put in effect by sequestration.

In Great Britain its a similar story, there are no spending cuts at all. The rate of increase is being slowed down ever so slightly. Despite the rhetoric and propaganda by the political class and the BBC, at the end of this current Parliament, the government will have borrowed more than previous governments and the national debt will be higher not lower.

So why the apoplexy when government spending restraint is mentioned?

There are several reasons.

Firstly, 'progressive' governments the world over believe that they, and only they, have all the answers. They believe that if they control the wealth of the nation they can engineer 'fairness' for all.

Secondly, if the people are allowed to keep what they earn then the prudent would become more better off than others and that won't be 'fair'.

If everyone can't be prosperous then nobody can, this is the 'progressive' mentality.

Government dependency means more votes. Dependency means power, hence dependency is actively encouraged and expanded by the cynical political class.

Thirdly, if government spending and taxes were cut and the people allowed to keep what they earn, they would eventually become prosperous and economically independent of government.

In effect this would be a redistribution of power from the politicians to the people and nothing scares the political class more than the prospect of losing power.

Fourthly, if this prosperity could be handed down to the following generation, then financial independence from government would be for ever, it would be a natural progression. Politicians would be reduced to a minor role with limited functions such as defence of the Realm.

The reason why British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has broken his promise on Inheritance Tax now becomes a bit more apparent.

In conclusion it can be summed up as follows:

High government spending financed by high taxation means a power transfer from the people to the government. It means mediocrity and equality of misery for the majority with wealth and perpetual power for the privileged political class.


Eastleigh Byelction Final Update:

With only hours to go, the voters should have made up their minds by now. They cannot, in all seriousness, even consider voting for the corrupt, lying and criminal Lib Dems.

This weeks revelations of their lying, crooked ways should have put the final nail in their coffin.

The voters should bear in mind that a vote for any of the major parties is a wasted vote as they all stand for the same thing. This includes selling them out to the EU and the imminent invasion of tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants and criminals.

It will mean deficits and debts which will impoverish your children and future generations.

Your fellow Brits are urging you on to vote for one of the alternative parties and send the political class a message they will never forget.

Eastleigh would go down in history as the place where the people finally started to take their country back.

Latest betting odds

Lib Dum - 1/4 on

Conservative - 5/1

UKIP - 6/1

Labour - 100/1

Another bright spot is that the Independent Party led by Danny Stupple has closed from 500/1 to 200/1. Good for you Danny.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Immigration And Multi-Culturalism - The Long Planned Decivilisation Of The West

If there is one issue that unites all normal sections of society across the Western world and which demonstrates more than anything the yawning chasm between the people and their so called representatives, then its mass immigration.

All the major cities of the Western world are now infested with crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos which renders them unrecognisable from a generation ago.

In Great Britain alone there isn't a town or a village that hasn't been impacted by mass immigration. Most areas of the public services, including housing, education and health, are stretched to breaking point and the quality of life that was previously enjoyed by the indigenous population has sunk to new lows.

Council house waiting lists are infinitely longer, getting a school place of your choice is getting ever more difficult and educational standards are dropping as places are filled with children where English is not their first language if they can speak it at all.

The lives of the indigenous people are now more dangerous than ever, where serious crimes, including murder, rape, violent robbery, burglary etc. committed by immigrants are at the highest levels ever.

Its a matter of fact that the people of Great Britain and the West didn't ask for this disastrous transformation and they still don't want it to this day, but anyone who has the temerity to question it is demonised, insulted and smeared by the very people who claim to be acting in their best interests. i.e the political class.

The post war baby boomers in Great Britain lived their lives in a poor but civilised country. Living standards were rising as the country recovered from the devastation of World War Two and industrial decline.

Within a generation Great Britain had joined the 'common market' and the people needed a Human Rights Act to protect them from God knows who, together with a mass immigration policy supposedly to prevent the economy from collapsing.

Knowing what we know now it was all lies as this was all part of preparing the country for the long planned fundamental transformation.

It is obvious, even to the most casual student of statistics, that if mass immigration continues at these levels, the unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture of the British Isles will be overshadowed and then it will disappear completely within a few generations.

The architects of this mass immigration policy knew this would be the result and therefore it can be assumed that they actively planned the end of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture at some kind of Wannasee Conference of their own.

This can be confirmed by the sheer determination with which the demographic and cultural replacement agenda was implemented by its fanatical proponents. These include the politicians of all parties and their apparatchiks, from local and national politicians to their supranational counterparts.

The political class together with business leaders and their media whores, led by the BBC, embarked upon a pre-planned propaganda campaign to extol the virtues of multi-culturalism.

In addition to the supposed economic benefits, the people were going to be shaken out of their lethargic cultural comfort zone and be enriched by the diversity that mass immigration would bring.

Who hasn't enjoyed a Chinese or Indian meal after a night at the pub. Italian pizza is now an everyday part of British cuisine and chicken tikka masala has apparently overtaken fish and chips as the most popular British dish. (Not for me it hasn't).

So there you have it, the benefits of multi-culturalism are there for all to see. Cuisine is one of the reasons that the people should celebrate diversity instead of bleating on about the preferential treatment given to immigrants who have crossed continents to enrich their lives.

Absolute nonsense of course and typical of rubbish that is rammed down the throats of the people by the political class and their lapdogs at the BBC and the media in general.

For every one reason they give for celebrating diversity there are a hundred reasons for not doing so.

Among all sections of Western civilisations, including the less well off, there has always been a basic moral code which was derived from a Judeo-Christian heritage. Even though church attendance has declined the Christian heritage still formed the basis of the Western moral code.

This code was based around the ten commandments and emphasised respect for other people and their property. This was coupled with basic manners and etiquette.

After centuries, these were going to swept away and replaced by such diverse cultural niceties as:

Female Genital Mutilation from Africa. This is too gory and barbaric to be described here.

Sanctimonious British MP's like 'wimmins' rights activists Harriet Harman and Ann Clwyd campaign against this barbaric practice.

They should accept that this comes with the territory of multi-culturalism, they are not in a position to pick and choose which bits of a culture are acceptable. Its all or nothing.

From Nigeria we have disfiguring of babies with facial tribal scaring together with an inbred culture of corruption.

From other parts of West Africa we have cannibalism, human sacrifice and bush meat.

From Somalia we have the militia trained thugs and jihadis who have brought nothing but crime and misery to whole areas of some Western cities including Bristol, Malmo and Minneapolis.

They have been turned into ghettos by a people who have little or no concept of Western culture.

From Jamaica the British have been enriched by Yardie gangs and Rastafarianism. This fake religion is a associated with the illegal drug trade with its associated violent crime.

Joining the Russian mafia, and arriving all the way from China, they have imported the Triads with their slave owning gang masters which, in one notorious incident, resulted in the deaths of an enslaved group of cockle pickers near Blackpool.

From Eastern Europe there are beggars using babies as props, blood feuds and sex slaves.

From India they are enriched by the caste system, forced marriages, spousal abuse, gender selective abortion and outright murder of female babies. For some illogical reason they only want sons.

The 'progressives' have a special tolerance of barbarism when it comes to Islam and the Muslim communities.

In towns and cities such as Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, the political establishments, in collusion with the local authorities including the police, turn a blind eye to culturally enriching practices such as Muslim paedophilia and child prostitution gangs.

These debased human savages only target under age white girls, entrap them using drink and drugs, then pass them around to other Muslim paedophiles for horrific sexual abuse.

The 'progressives' also tolerate child brides being forced to marry older close relatives.

They tolerate spousal abuse and the general maltreatment of women, including torture, facial disfiguration and murder. The authorities call the premeditated murder of a disobedient spouse an 'honour' killing as an attempt at mitigation.

They tolerate and excuse Muslim homophobia.

They ignore Muslim law breaking with respect to animal cruelty and halal meat.

They indulge the Muslim contempt for democracy by ignoring endemic electoral fraud committed by family elders and imams.

As preachers of tolerance the 'progressives' ignore Muslim intolerance of other religions or societies. According to these medieval barbarians anyone who doesn't submit to Islam is an infidel who should be killed or enslaved.

These savages proudly proclaim that they worship death like the civilised world worships life. There's nothing stopping them, so what are they waiting for? There's 72 virgins waiting for them in Paradise.

At present Muslims are raping their way across Sweden where it is projected that 50% of all women are likely to be raped at some point.

This fundamental transformation is global, so what the world is witnessing is a deliberate downgrading of Western civilisation to meet the perverted 'progressive' ideal of equality among nations and cultures.

All nations and cultures are not equal nor are they morally equivalent and if saying that makes me a racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, little Englander or any other smear that can be applied, then so be it, smear away to your hearts content.

No good will come of it because the people will pushed too far and they will resist at some point. I only hope I am around to see the 'progressive' totalitarian transformers get their just desserts.


Eastleigh Byelection Update:

Today is last chance for the electors of Eastleigh to weight up the evidence before making their final choice at the ballot box.

After the latest revelations about the serial lying by Nick Clegg and his entire nasty party, it would be an act of sheer blind tribal loyalty for anyone to cast a vote for these clowns.

The entire informed people of Great Britain are willing the people of Eastleigh to do the country a favour and reject the main party candidates.

If they do then it will signal that the people have woken up and are prepared to take back their country from the crooks and liars who have fundamentally transformed their country into the multi-cultural cesspit it is today..

Latest Betting:

Lib Dums - 1/3 on from 1/2

Conservative - 4/1 from 5/2

UKIP - 6/1 unchanged

Labour - 100/1 from 66/1 Looks like the 'Progressives' have been given a kick where it hurts.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sex, Lies And Criminality Part ll - Another Political Cover Up

Its been less that two weeks since we covered the criminal behavior of disgraced former MP Chris Huhne together with a potted history of the sexual shenanigans, lying and criminality of the Liberal Democrat party in Great Britain.

The news this past weekend that the party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick 'Calamity' Clegg, together with some other party bigwigs have been part of an elaborate cover up, should come as no great surprise to anyone.

The latest scandal to befall this collection clowns is enough to make even the most curmudgeonly grump split his sides laughing.

It turns out that their former Chief Executive and party strategist, Lord Rennard, is a suspected sexual predator. This was brought to the attention of the party hierarchy, including 'Calamity' Clegg some years ago, who then conspired to cover up the fact and keep it out of the public domain.

They are also accused of taking no action to investigate these claims, effectively ignoring the plight of the possible victims of a sexual predator.

The Lib Dem spin machine has gone into damage limitation mode in order to protect the reputation of their Party and its leader.  A parade of Lib Dem ministers infested the Sunday talk shows to spin, lie and deceive but Clegg was forced to come clean after returning from his Spanish sojourn Sunday evening.

 Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne claimed he had known Lord Rennard for two decades and had never heard a single rumour about Rennard's behavior. He went on to add that Nick Clegg "did not know about the allegations".

The doddery old buffoon and Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable, insisted on Sunday afternoon that both he and Nick Clegg "were 'absolutely' unaware of any allegations". On Sunday evening Clegg admitted that he did know. This means that Vince Cable and Jeremy Browne both deliberately, and with malice aforethought, lied to the British people.

Another Lib Dem buffoon, the noble Lord Greaves mentioned possible "mild sexual advances" as if that makes sexual molestation of volunteers and staff acceptable.

The public were being asked by the spin machine to believe that the party hierarchy, including the now Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander and Clegg's Chief of Staff Jonny Oates were aware of the allegations but leader Nick Clegg was not.

It's the age old question when it comes to any cover up, what did Nick Clegg and his henchmen know and when did they know it?

And what of the victims? Their claims were obviously ignored in this attempted cover up.

The ladies that have come forward were, in effect, brushed aside to protect the noble Lord Rennard's reputation and the party's image.

If past political history is anything to go by, the ladies in question had better watch out for the antics of the Lib Dem smear unit, it is active and it will be trawling around for any piece of dirt they can dredge up that could be used against them. That's the Lib Dems, its who they are.

For those of us informed people, the Lib Dem party image is already set in stone. They are the nasty party with a long history of lies, criminality, sexual crimes and dirty political tricks.

Clegg's attempt to appear tough served only to increase the laughter factor when he claimed that:

"The full truth of what happened and what failed to happen and who said what to whom will be revealed by these investigations."

"But in the meantime, I will not stand by and allow my party to be subject of a show trial of innuendo, half-truths and slurs".

Anyone who has had any dealings with the Lib Dems, at local or at national level, would know that it was the Lib Dems, encouraged by Lord Rennard himself, who brought 'innuendo, half-truths and slurs' to political campaigning.

One can only hope that the voters of Eastleigh will look at the events of the past few days and understand that the party they repeatedly return to office is packed to the gunwales with liars, criminals and sexual deviants and always has been throughout its history.

As a reminder:

David Lloyd George - Adulterer, criminal insider dealer, criminally sold peerages for cash.

Jeremy Thorpe - the party conspired to cover up his homosexual relationship with Norman Scott. Eventually Thorpe went on trial for conspiracy to murder.

Cyril Smith - the party covered up Smiths paedophilia, without concern for his victims.

Charles Kennedy - the party covered up his serial boozing despite the fact he was often incapable of carrying out his duties.

Sir Menzies Campbell - expenses cheat who was party to the Kennedy cover up.

Simon Hughes - with the collusion of his party he covered up his sexuality claiming the be the 'straight' candidate against homosexual campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Paddy Ashdown - covered up his adulterous behavior for years, conning his constituents into believing he was a happy family man.

Mark Oaten - same as Ashdown, he paraded his family in front of the media at election time while indulging in orgies with male prostitutes.

Lembik Opik - cheating on the nations favourite weather girl.

Mike Hancock - self confessed serial adulterer.

Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Jonny Oates, Danny Alexander Jeremy Browne, Lord Greaves and of course Lord Rennard can be added to this Lib Dem 'Hall of Shame' and lets hope that the voters of Eastleigh take this on board when they enter the polling booth.

They should rethink their voting patterns and use this opportunity to give the current political elites and well deserved kick where it hurts.


Eastleigh Byelection Update:

With just a few days remaining before election day, the odds are tightening

Lib Dems -1/2 from 1/4

Conservative - 5/2 from 4/1

UKIP - 6/1 from 10/1

Labour 66/1 from 40/1

What started out as a two horse race between the Lib Dums and the Conservatives has become a three horse race to include UKIP.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Richard Branson To Give Away His Fortune. No Word Yet From Tony Blair

Like him or loath him, one has to admire Richard Branson for the way he has used his entrepreneurial and self promotional skills to amass a personal fortune that the rest of us can only dream about.

From an inauspicious start with Virgin Records, he has created one of the world's most recognisable brands along with Microsoft, Coca Cola, McDonald's and Disney. In the process he has directly created hundreds of thousands of jobs and indirectly possibly millions.

I am sure it wasn't easy, and I for one don't begrudge him a single penny. What I do envy is a billionaire's independence from government. After paying all the taxes he his legally required to pay, he can do what he likes with his money and the politicians can go jump in the nearest lake.

Having such enormous wealth allows an immediate relief from the usual day to day tribulations of life in the west, such as mortgages, household bills, raising children, etc. but it also allows a person to get in touch with their philanthropic side.

Richard Branson has joined his fellow billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner and many others by signing the 'Giving Pledge' whereby they promise to donate a proportion of their wealth to charity.

I have taken Bill Gates to task in a previous post over his breathtaking hypocrisy concerning his attitude to capitalism, the system that allowed him to get rich, and his support for socialist Barack Obama.

This is the President who continually demonises the 'rich' and who, if he had his way, would happily tax Bill Gates and his mates out of existence.

It is my contention that if Gates and the rest of the billionaires openly campaign for a socialist then they should put their money where their mouths are and give their fortunes to the government, after all the government know best how to spend everyone else's money.

Having made that point it has to be accepted that, unlike the rest of us little people, they are not going to hand their money over to the socialists so they should be commended at least for their pledge to give it away to the good causes that they deem most appropriate.

Although he is not a billionaire I would have thought that multi-millionaire Tony Blair, a man of deep conviction and concern for the poor and downtrodden, would do the same with his millions and sign the pledge to give it away.

One would think that a man who has spent his entire life advocating social justice, equality and fairness by the redistribution of wealth would be only too happy to set an example and start the ball rolling by redistributing his own.

Tony Blair could at least make a gesture by returning the $134,000 he is given to finance his private office, on top of his $108,800 pension, back to the hard pressed taxpayer.

There is the possibility that Tony Blair was not sincere when he made is maiden speech in the House of Commons on first becoming an MP:

"I am a socialist, not through reading a text book that has caught my intellectual fancy, nor through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that, at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is most rational and moral. It stands for co-operation, not confrontation, for fellowship, not fear. It stands for equality".

It is in the public domain that Richard Branson, Bill Gates and the rest of them made their fortunes by using their talents and skills to innovate and build businesses often from nothing.

It is less clear however, how a career politician like Tony Blair, who's only talent was dissembling, lying and media manipulation could end up such a wealthy individual.

Blair who began his political career by writing a letter to that other socialist icon and reprobate Michael Foot, claiming that he "came to socialism through Marx" now owns 8 houses and has amassed a fortune reputed to be anywhere between $16 and $96 million.

Reports indicate that Blair and his venal wife Cherie have been cashing in on the contacts that he made while in office but surely this would go against their deeply held religious beliefs. They have met the Pope, after all.

Tony Blair refuses to abide by the openness and transparency in his business dealings that his government expected of us, the little people.

The web of companies he utilises to cloak his dealings would put Bernie Madoff to shame but, I suppose, when all is said and done he is a politician so sadly, different rules apply.

The truth is that socialist politicians are venal hypocrites of the very highest order when it comes to practicing themselves what they preach to others.

The list of talentless wealthy individuals that have infested Parliament, and still do for that matter, who preached socialism, equality and the redistribution of wealth but practice something different is a wonder to behold:

Socialist/Marxist Phony Tony Blair

ex Communist Peter, now Lord, Mandelson

Son of the Manse Gordon Brown, of moral compass fame

Red Ed Miliband and brother David of the infamous North London Marxist 'intellectual' circle.

Patricia Hodge, tax finder general who hides her own taxes through her company Stemcor.

Geoffrey Robinson, money lender to the dodgy Mandelson.

Nick Clegg and Senora Gonzales, loaded with Euro millions.

Anthony Wedgewood Benn and son Hillary, prolitarianised aristocrat.

David Laws, multi millionaire expense cheat who also cheated the law.

Chris Huhne, property magnate who advocates a mansion tax and windmills.

etc, etc. etc.


Eastleigh Byelection Update:

There is still a week to go for the voters of Eastleigh to wake up and come to their senses.

It remains a mystery why they are still supporting the Lib Dems despite the information that shows them up to be the a party of liars, disseminaters and criminals who will sell them out to their European Union masters in a heartbeat.

It now transpires that their policy guru and one time fund raiser Lord Rennard is standing down to fight charges of being a sexual predator.

I don't want to pre-judge the issue but his party has serious form in the area of sexual shenanigans.

The latest odds are truly depressing:

Lib Dems - 1/4 on

Conservatives - 9/2 from 4/1

UKIP - 10/1 from 12/1

Labour 50/1 from 40/1

It would appear that UKIP are taking support from Labour. Good!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Londoners Are Now A Minority - Cultural Replacement Completed

If anyone was in any doubt that their government was engaged in a deliberate policy of demographic and cultural replacement then a recent census in London should act as a wake up call.

The census results reveal that white Londoners are now a minority in the capital city, making up only 45% of the population while immigrants, mainly from the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean and Africa make up the rest.

Anyone who visits London, particularly its suburbs, cannot fail to notice the difference from a decade ago. The city is unrecognisable and one would be forgiven for thinking they were in a foreign land.

It is understood that London, being the capital city, an epicentre for the business world and a focal point for the world's financial markets, will be cosmopolitan to some degree, but this transformation goes far beyond that.

With the connivance of the political class, whole areas of London have been commandeered by various mono-cultural ethnic groups who have displaced the indigenous population and become self governing ghettos financed by the taxpayer via welfare benefits and entitlements.

White people are fleeing their traditional communities in larger numbers as they are deluged by non EU immigrants despite the promises of a clamp down by their political masters.

As an example, any rudimentary search of the web will reveal a whole host of companies in the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore and Karachi who are offering expert visa services for those who wish to enter Great Britain. These include student, family, business and tourist visas.

Despite a much trumpeted government clampdown, there is still a roaring trade in spousal visas for child brides marrying elder close relatives.

The cultural disaster that has befallen London is being repeated in all the major cities of Great Britain including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford etc. In fact there is not a town or village that has not been affected by the governments deliberate policy of open border mass immigration.

The government is well aware that this demographic and cultural replacement is happening but refuses to act despite the fact the British people want it stopped.

It is a matter of record that anyone who dares to question the deliberate policy of mass immigration will be demonised, smeared and accused of racism and bigotry. Gillian Duffy and Clarissa Dickson-Wright being two cases in point.

At the same time without any action or condemnation from the government, benefit scrounger Anchem 'Andy' Choudary and his band of jihadi clowns are still calling for a Muslim caliphate and the imposition of Sharia law in Great Britain, by violent means if necessary.

Another example of diversity and cultural enrichment, that matches the Muslim paedophile gangs of Rotherham, Rochdale and elsewhere, has just been revealed.  Three young British-Pakistani Muslims have been put on trial for plotting the mass killing of innocent people in the name of Allah.

These killings were being planned to match 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings in London. The local Muslim community in Birmingham were aware of what these savages were planning but shamefully remained silent. In the opinion of many this silence makes them accomplices after the fact.

These medieval barbarians were frequent visitors to terrorist training camps in Pakistan where they were taught the quaint British pastimes of bomb making and the mass murder of infidels.

Its ironic that August 14th, Pakistani Independence Day is widely celebrated by the British-Pakistani communities the length and breadth of the land and yet they still insist on blessing us with their presence.

In the meantime, professional Muslim whiner Yasmin Alibi-Brown and token Muslim female Cabinet member Baroness Warsi, are still complaining that the British people are Islamophic. I have a suggestion for the pair of them but this is a family blog so I will keep it to myself.

With the imminent arrival of hundreds of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants, Great Britain will reach the tipping point from which there will be no return.

The country will be defeated at last and with the connivance of its own treacherous political class, who are single minded in their determination to fundamentally transform our country into the multi-cultural cesspit that their perverted 'progressive' ideology demands.


Eastleigh byelection update.

Despite all the information that is available to them, i.e.  the Liberal Democrats are a nasty, sly, lying bunch of guttersnipes, it would appear that the voters of Eastleigh are still in denial or in a Lib Dem induced coma.

If they won't listen to me they should listen to their own Mayor, Glyn Davies-Dear who has defected to UKIP.

"Why did I leave the Lib Dems? I left in disgust at the lies and the broken promises. The Lib Dems no longer care about the people, they only care about themselves"

Former Lib Dem councillor Andy Moore has also defected.

The latest odds are:

Lib Dems - 1/4 on

Conservative - 4/1 from 7/2

UKIP - 12/1 from 16/1

Labour - 40/1 from 33/1

The rest - 200/1 to 1000/1

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eastleigh Byelection - Latest Odds Reveal The Voters Are Still Asleep

It appears that the voters of Eastleigh are not emerging into the sunlit reality or coming around to the fact that the Lib Dems are a truly nasty party who do not have their best interests at heart.

There is just over a week to go for the voters to come to their senses and give the political establishment a kick up the backside by rejecting their spin and deceit and voting for a non establishment candidate.

Go on you can do it, you know you can.

Lib Dems - 1/4 on

Conservative - 7/2

UKIP - 16/1

Labour - 33/1

The Rest from 200/1 to 1000/1

Downton Abbey - Successful TV Drama Causes 'Progressive' Heads To Explode

I have never subscribed to the view that socialism or 'progressivism' as it is now called, is a mental illness as opposed to an addictive political philosophy.

As a former member of the hard left myself, I don't consider that I have been cured of an illness. It was more a case of growing up and seeing the real world for what it is instead of the mythical world created by the biased 'progressive' media establishment.

Judging by the reaction of a whole host of 'progressives' to the highly successful TV drama series Downton Abbey I am beginning to change my mind, maybe there is something wrong with these people.

This award winning series concerning the fictional aristocratic Crowley family, the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and their domestic servants has become a phenomenal success on both sides of the Atlantic and indeed across the whole world.

With the conclusion of the third series and the shocking final scenes, the accolades keep pouring in, just as they did for the first two series.

Series 1 made the Guinness Book of Records for the highest critical review ratings for a TV show. It was also named as the most well received TV show in the world.

Series 2 surpassed series 1 in viewing figures and series 3 blew all the records out of the water. The series has so far accumulated the highest number of award nominations ever for a TV series, including Golden Globes, Emmy's etc.

In the United States, Downton Abbey has quadrupled PBS's prime time coverage.

As someone old enough to remember, the current drama is similar to the hugely popular TV series from the 1970's Upstairs Downstairs, which had an identical theme highlighting the different but intertwining lives of an aristocratic family and their domestic servants.

In a world where the people are bombarded with class warfare propaganda which demonises the wealthy and continually demands that the 'rich' pay their fair share, one would think that a TV series such as this would be a giant turn off for the viewing public.

It would appear that the viewers tent to identify themselves more with the sophisticated Crowley family members and their endless trials and tribulations, while at the same time they are irritated by the petty vindictiveness of the servants below stairs.

This has turned the classic narrative of the left on its head. With their continual emphasis on oppression by the 'rich' and victimhood of the downtrodden, this is not supposed to happen which is the reason why the 'progressives' are not happy with the success of this series.

For example, in one episode it is pointed out to the Earl that due to his failure to modernise and move with the times his estate is going to go bankrupt. The Earl refuses to take any of the actions suggested to him because it would adversely affect the well being of his tenants.

In other words the supposed bad guy, the 'rich' Earl of Grantham, was portrayed as a kind, thoughtful employer who's priority was not his personal financial well being, or that of his family, but the welfare of his employees and their families.

At the same time below stairs one servant, in an act of pure vindictiveness, was conspiring to get her colleague sacked without a reference, which in effect would have made her unemployable.

To the 'progressive' media controllers this is nothing other than heresy and looking at it like this, one can see why they have gone into apoplexy.

Controlling the media, including the entertainment industry, is an essential part of the 'progressive' agenda. They believe that they must control the message and that message must always be about the oppressor and the oppressed, inequality, class warfare, hate the 'rich'.

Stirring up hatred is a potent weapon in the armoury of the left, hatred is their element, they swim in it, they love a good hate.

The reaction of the people to Downton Abbey and the turning on its head of the 'progressive' narrative of envy, has given us all a reason for optimism in that their propaganda doesn't always work.

Perhaps the people are getting tired of the same tired stereotyping and they are beginning to form their own opinions, perhaps they are nostalgic for the days of good manners and formal behavior.

If this is the case then the 'progressives' really do have cause for concern because their social revolution or fundamental transformation from liberty and prosperity into the droll, grey world of state mandated equality and fairness i.e socialism, is running out of steam.

Roll on Downton Abbey series 4 and long live good manners, stiff collars, liberty and freedom.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UKIP And The Independents - An Alternative To Consider

Since the last three posts have featured the main political parties (LibLabCon) in the up and coming Eastleigh byelection, so in the interests of balance there should be some space dedicated to the other parties who, in a democratic election deserve be heard.

It is now universally accepted that the three main parties have identical policies on the issues that concern the people most and that these policies ignore the wishes of the people in order to further the supranational transformation agenda.

To remind ourselves of the issues that are of most concern to the people of Eastleigh, and to the British people as a whole, together with the LibLabCon response:

On the economy, all three parties are following the tax, spend, borrow and debt lunacy backed up with money printing. This of course was the signal policy of the demented Gordon Brown and his socialist bag carriers.

LibLabCon refuse to address welfare dependency effectively and in the case of LibLab they actively encourage it in exchange for votes.

All three parties are identical when it comes to the transfer of sovereignty to the European Union and the refusal of a timely In/Out referendum for the people.

Despite their faux concern, LibLabCon are all actively participating the cultural replacement agenda via open border mass immigration.

None of the three parties will address the issue of the impending disastrous arrival of tens of thousands of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria.

Again, despite the propaganda, all three parties will obey their masters in Brussels and allow unfettered access of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants, and all other immigrants for that matter, to the already strained public services. This will include welfare cash benefits, housing, healthcare and education.

Diversity and cultural enrichment will take priority over the needs of the indigenous population, so if you are on the council house waiting list or waiting in line for an operation or even trying trying to get a school place of your choice, tough luck, your concerns are not the concerns of the main political leaders.

All three main parties refuse to deal with the hated Human Rights Act putting the rights of immigrants and criminals, including paedophiles, rapists and murderers, before the interests and safety of the British people.

The voters of Eastleigh have this information so there are no excuses, if they vote for any of these charlatans then they get what they deserve.

So what are the alternatives for them to consider?

First and foremost must be the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally known as UKIP. Their candidate Diane James is not local but a nearish neighbour. She is a Borough Councillor and a healthcare worker.

UKIP is the preferred choice of political party for the tradition Conservatives who have been purged from their own party by David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron's modernisation programme.

Or to put it another way, they were exiled by Cameron's hijacking of the party and its realignment to the left in order for it to appear modern, trendy and 'progressive'.

The rise of UKIP has unnerved the main party elites to the point where they are now engaging in their usual tricks of smear and disinformation.

LibLabCon try to paint UKIP as a single policy one man band i.e Out of the European Union and Nigel Farage. Even a cursory glance at their policies exposes this for the nonsense that it is.

It is true that its main policy is withdrawal from the disastrous European Union but its also has viable policies on the economy (free enterprise coupled with tax and regulation reform), comprehensive welfare reform (welfare to work initiatives),

They plan a moratorium on all immigration until the whole sorry mess left by LibLabCon is sorted out.

There will be no mass immigration of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria.

The Human Rights Act will be repealed and the hated European Court of Human Rights will not have precedence over British Courts of Justice.

In a nutshell the UKIP plan is for Great Britain to regain its sovereignty from the totalitarian Eurocrats and remain the free global trading nation that is its destiny.

It must be noted that the three main party leaders, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband don't have the guts to debate the issues in public with Nigel Farage and the BBC refuses to give UKIP parity of airtime even though they are displacing the Lib Dems as the third party in British politics.

Next in the betting order at 200/1 comes the National Health Action Party represented by Dr Iain Maclennan. They oppose the coalition reforms and want the NHS to be driven by patient outcomes rather than financial targets.

This is a noble goal but a non starter for many who view the NHS as a socialist monolith left over from a bygone age. The NHS doesn't need reform but dismantling and replacement with a health service fit for the 21st century.

It is obvious, even to the layman, that the NHS is an expensive failure which is now used as a political tool by unscrupulous politicians.

Next in the pecking order at 250/1 is the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition represented by Darren Proctor. This guy is from the Rail, Marine and Transport Workers Union and oppose cuts in public sector jobs and the privatisation of public services.

Proctor's boss is the caviar communist hypocrite Bob Crowe, the trade union thug who brings misery to millions of working class people every time his useful idiots go on strike.

If you want Eastleigh to resemble North Korea then Darren's your man.

On the same odds is the Peace Party represented by Jim Duggon. Jim wants to create a society that is compassionate and respectful, among other things.

This is a worthy cause but I would suggest that Jim concentrates his efforts in the Muslim ghettos of London, Luton and the Midlands as opposed to Eastleigh.

He could start with opening a dialogue with Muslim nutcase Anjem 'Andy' Chaudary and his jihadist friends as they are in desperate need of some lessons in tolerance and peace.

The English Democrats also on 250/1 are represented by Michael Walters.

As far as I know this party has attracted the opprobrium of the 'progressive' left, including 'Call Me Dave's' detoxified Conservative Party, for having the temerity to champion England and the rights of the English people. They are also against what they see as the Islamification of England.

Because Michael Walters' Party is the antithesis of the multi-culturalism that is embraced by LibLabCon he will be demonised and smeared every step of the way.

Michael and his party deserve as much consideration as the mainstream charlatans who employ lies, disinformation and dirty tricks to garner votes.

The Independent Party at 500/1 is represented by Danny Stupple who is opposed to homosexual marriage and claims it was pushed through without a popular mandate.

They also want to take a stand against the powerful party machines which ride roughshod over the views of individuals and communities.

It sounds good to me so good on you Danny Stupple and best of luck.

The Wessex Regionalists also on 500/1 are represented by Colin Bex, they want self government for the ancient region of Wessex. Colin doesn't say whether they would stay in the EU if they gained their independence or whether they would have open border mass immigration from the rest of England. Speak up Colin.

I could find no information on the Christian Party as represented by Kevin Milburn, other than "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship". I would be interested in his views on the demonisation of Christian festivals by the current political establishment and the Islamification of England as mentioned by the English Democrats. They are also on 500/1

No election would be complete without the Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party, good luck to Howling Lord Hope. He'll need it with odds of 1000/1

The 1000/1  Elvis Loves Pets Party led by David Bishop has bought into the Man Made Global Warming scam, (which has been renamed 'Combating Climate Change') lock, stock and polar bear.

To further ruin his chances of winning this election David boasts of receiving a letter of commendation from none other than Lord Mandelson. That's my support gone David.

Finally we have Roy Hall at 1000/1 representing the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party. If its a choice between LibLabCon and you Roy, you've got my support.

** To my horror and dismay the latest betting reveals that the voters of Eastleigh are not paying attention or they are all as dumb as a box of rocks.

Liberal Democrat 4/9 on favourites

Conservative 9/4

UKIP 16/1

Labour 20/1

The only consolation is UKIP pushing Labour into fourth place.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Socialist/Progressive Candidate Was Disappointed That Mrs Thatcher Survived Murder Attempt

Since the writ was moved for the Eastleigh byelection, which as we know was triggered by the criminal and deceitful behavior of the sitting Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne, the political parties have unleashed their spin machines on the town to do their worst.

It is at times like this that the general public gets to witness the natural behavior of the political class in all its ugly glory.

The spin, the lies, the promises they know they won't keep, the happy family photographs which convey the impression of domestic tranquility, the faux concern about local issues, it is there for all to see.

The most depressing part of this degrading spectacle, or the most laughable depending on how one sees it, is the number of dumbed down voters who fall for it. Far too many will actually believe every word of what they are told and vote accordingly.

It is refreshing therefore to see a some honesty in a candidate and it is hoped that the electorate will listen to Labour's John O'Farrell and form an opinion based on what he has said rather than on what the party spinners manufacture on his behalf.

O'Farrell is a typical member of the 'progressive' comedy writers rabble that infests the entertainment industry/BBC axis and who are much loved by the Labour Party and the Guardian for their celebrity status.

This fixation with celebrity is supposed to make the Labour Party, with its 19th century ideology, look modern and trendy in order to appeal to the younger voter. In reality there's nothing modern and trendy about socialism, it always has and always will, result in economic destruction, misery and an equal sharing of poverty.

This despicable John O'Farrell was disappointed that the democratically elected Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was not killed in the Brighton bomb blast that killed 5 and injured 31 innocent people, some of whom were permanently disabled, both physically and mentally.

It is worth quoting this retard in full, in order to experience the full callousness of his imbecility.

" October 1984, when the bomb went off , I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of her demise and yet disappointed that such a chance had been missed. This is me, the pacifist, the anti capital punishment, the anti IRA liberal, wishing that they had got her, why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier, I ask myself over and over again".

The millionaire leader of the Labour Party and communist hypocrite, Red Ed Miliband, has endorsed this awful man and campaigned on his behalf, therefore we can deduce that he has no problem with his revolting views.

The voters of Eastleigh should be made aware of the mindset of their Labour Party candidate and if they decide to elect him as their representative, they shouldn't be disappointed or outraged if someone who disagrees with his socialist/progressive ideology blows up Ed Miliband together with a few innocent bystanders in the process.

To further demonstrate his treasonous views, O'Farrell expressed his disappointment that the British military, at the cost of 255 British lives, won the Falklands War against a brutal dictatorship that was guilty of murdering thousands of its own citizens.

These victims consisted mainly of socialists, communists and trade unionists i.e people of similar views to himself.

The whiskey loving General Galtieri invaded a sovereign territory and threatened to do the same to the British inhabitants as he did to his own people.

Not only did the British victory liberate the Falkland Islanders from tyranny, it also resulted in the downfall off the military dictatorship that had brutalised the Argentinian people for years.

Being a socialist or 'progressive' as they now label themselves, O'Farrell obviously follows his instincts by preferring a dictatorship to a country of free people. Dictatorship is in the 'progressive' DNA, they can't help themselves.

It would appear that O'Farrell has never been to Eastleigh and yet this is the candidate that the remote London elite are dumping on the people.

This is a clear demonstration, if any were required, that Red Ed Miliband and the Labour Party hierarchy hold the people of Eastleigh in utter contempt by inferring that they are incapable of choosing a candidate from their own community to be their representative in Parliament.

Regardless of the appalling mindset of O'Farrell, if the voters of Eastleigh fall the spin and lies of the Labour Party machine and elect this cretin, they will be voting for the continued fundamental transformation of Great Britain into the socialist dystopia that Labour's ideology demands.

This will include:

More tax, spend, borrow and debt with Quantitative Easing thrown in to devalue the currency and peoples savings.

More welfare dependency in exchange for votes.

Continued surrender of British sovereignty to the totalitarians of the European Union.

Continued cultural replacement, or ethnic cleansing of Anglo-Saxon culture, via open border mass immigration.

The Labour Party intends to put out the welcome mat for the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria next January.

Under orders from their bosses in Brussels, they will allow these immigrants' unfettered access to all public services including cash welfare benefits, housing, healthcare and education.

The Labour hierarchy together with their trade union backers will do nothing to stop these economic migrants from driving down wages.

They will not amend their own Human Rights law and allow for deportation of foreign criminals who are released onto the streets to terrorise law abiding people.

The future of the British people and their long history of individual liberty and democracy is under threat like never before by an arrogant political class that is out of control.

The people of Eastleigh have an ideal opportunity to send a clear message to these charlatans by rejecting the candidates of the three main political parties or by choosing an independent from within their own community.

Fight back against the party machines and maybe, just maybe, it will set an example for the rest of country to follow and the people can start to reclaim the country that their ancestors died for.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lying For Votes - PR Man Cameron Demontrates How It's Done

For those people around the world who are immune to the spin, lies and deceit that their politicians use to get elected, the Eastleigh byelection campaign will be worth following in the coming days and weeks.

As they battle for votes the politicians' dissembling ways will be on display for all to see but only if one knows what to look for.

For those tribal voters who vote for a particular party because their fathers and grandfathers did, please read on and be enlightened.

Yesterday, Great Britain's Prime Minister and PR expert, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, found Eastleigh on the map, got himself chauffeured down there and entered the fray.

This man is an expert at conning the public and his dissembling, his deceit and his outright fibbing was a wonder to behold.

In preparation for his stage managed visit, his pollsters, focus groups and psephologists will have done their homework, firstly by identifying the demographic makeup of the electorate and secondly by identifying the issues that appeal across the electorate but especially to the undecided swing voters.

Identifying these issues is vital as these will form the basis of the promises that he and his spinners will have to make in order to secure the votes he needs.

Remember that Cameron is working to a fixed transformational agenda, therefore any promises he makes or any assurances he gives will be broken if they don't fit in.

The issues of most concern to the vital groups in this byelection are:

Without a doubt the top of the list is open border mass immigration and the strain that this puts on the public services, most notably the National Health Service.

Next is the imminent arrival of approximately half a million economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria when the temporary restrictions are lifted next January on orders from our masters in Brussels.

Then there is the access immigrants have to welfare benefits when they have paid nothing into the system.

It is no secret that 'Call Me Dave' is a committed Europhile who believes in the United States of Europe. This position is unpopular throughout the country and hence his party is hemorrhaging votes to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Therefore the first act in the electorate conning process was to select a candidate who professes to be Eurosceptic and who is also concerned about immigration. This is a cynical attempt to appeal to the people who have defected to UKIP and entice them back into the fold.

Cameron and his party apparatchiks know that even if his candidate's views were genuine, they would have no effect on the government's European or immigration policies and that they would be roundly ignored after the election.

In the short speech that Cameron made to a working class audience in Eastleigh, he shamelessly played on their fears and announced action plans and promises that would supposedly deal with their fears, promises which he knows will not be carried out and will be dumped once the election is over.

He promised a crackdown on foreigners using the public services by saying Britain would not be a soft touch for welfare tourists.

Absolute baloney. This is a standard promise given by all candidates and has been used for years. The politicians wheel this nonsense out at every election and unfortunately the dumbed down electorate fall for it every time.

Cameron went on to say he wants tougher rules to ensure that visitors do not take advantage of British generosity. What tougher rules? What Cameron wants and what he does are two different things.

Apparently he has asked 'officials' to draw up plans to withhold welfare payments, housing benefit and and legal aid from the Romanians and Bulgarians that are expected to flood Great Britain when travel restrictions are lifted.

What officials, who are they and what are their plans?  Cameron knows full well that he will not be allowed to do this by his masters in Brussels.

With total insincerity Cameron feigns an understanding of his audience and shamelessly tells them what he wants them to hear.

"We are not tough enough about people coming here from the other side of the world who decide to use our health service. They have not contributed through their taxes".

This is just a meaningless statement which he uses to identify himself with the peoples fears and it contains no definitive actions to deal with the issue.

He then lays bare the truth about his powerlessness to deal with the issue of foreigners using the NHS.

"When people come here from outside the outside the EU, they should pay for the NHS".

Cameron is redefining 'real' foreigners as those coming from outside the EU.

Within the EU he goes on to say that NHS users should fill out forms before they get access to health care which are then subsequently used to reclaim the cost of treatment. This is never done so the taxpayer has to pick up the tab.

The truth is that all foreigners from inside or outside the EUSSR use the NHS but never pay up. The outstanding bills could fund better schools, more cops on the beat or even space flights in a nuclear powered India.

Cameron's solution to this issue is that "we need to do that better". If any members of the Eastleigh audience were satisfied with that answer then I have a used car I would like to sell them.

To coincide with 'Call Me Dave's" electioneering he used his Immigration Minister Mark Harper to help him con the voters into believing they are being proactive on the Romanian/Bulgarian immigrant front.

This collaborating bag carrier stated that the government is considering forcing Romanians, Bulgarians and other EU nationals to register for residency permits if they intend to stay over three months.

Please note this is only a consideration so therefore it can be quietly dumped once the votes are in the bag and the election is over.

As part of the electioneering process Cameron is able to claim to the voters of Eastleigh that he is dealing with their fears. He has set up a high level sub-committee who have been asked to find ways of reducing the pull factors for immigrants. 

The voters of Eastleigh should check after the election on the existence of this sub-committee and what its findings were, if any.

To further show his toughness and determination to deal with the voters fears, Cameron also announced that he has set up this unit to look at "all the benefits people can get from coming here and asking whether it's fair". Whether it's fair for goodness sake!! He is taking the voters of Eastleigh for fools.

Apparently, this unit or sub-committee is going to examine whether the UK can restrict benefits for migrants from Romania and Bulgaria when travel restrictions are lifted next January.

While Cameron was making these false promises his bosses in Brussels were letting the British people know who is in charge. 

EUSSR Commissioner Viviane Reding, who hails from Luxemburg, has ordered that migrants from Romania and Bulgaria must be treated in the same way as citizens from other member states who have the right to work and settle in the UK. That's cleared that one up.

The nonsense being spouted by Cameron and his spin machine is embarrassing and it really does insult the intelligence of even the most ignorant and dumbed down voters.

The voters of Eastleigh and the British public at large need to know, before the election, the truth about the disaster which is about to befall them next January, with the connivance of the political bigwigs from all the major parties.

Their country's borders are going to be thrown open to a combined 23 million+ desperately poor people from Romania and Bulgaria.

The government already has provisional estimates for the numbers that are expected to arrive but refuse to release them, firstly, because they are liars and cheats and secondly, because they are cowards of the highest order who are scared to release the figures prior to the election.

Private estimates range from tens of thousands in the short term to hundreds of thousands and possibly a million+ over a decade or so.

The effect on the public services, not to mention wages, unemployment and crime will be devastating........for the people that is, not the bigwigs.

Many of these migrants will be hardened career criminals and they will all have unfettered access to all welfare entitlements including health care, housing and education.

The truth is that these announcements from Cameron and his election team are spin, lies and false promises which are being employed to harvest votes from the gullible voters of Eastleigh who, they assume, do not have the ability to see this nonsense for what it is.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sex, Lies And Criminality. Voters Asked To Ignore The Facts During Election Campaign

Until the recent exposure of Liberal Democrat and ex Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne as a serial liar, sex cheat and criminal, very few people will have heard of Eastleigh, a quaint English town in the south of England.

For the next few weeks the attention of the worlds media will be focused on this town and the choice its people will make to be their representative in the Mother of Parliaments.

Their choice will either demonstrate their level of political nous and their ability to see through the deluge of propaganda, false promises and outright lies that is coming their way or their stupidity by believing them.

Judging by their previous choices the omens are not good for the former. The Lib Dem David Chidgey gained the seat from the sexual deviant Stephen Gilligan who killed himself in a bizzar auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual involving a length of electrical cord, a plastic bin liner and a tangerine.

Apart from the fact that Chidgey was a rampant Europhile who would sell his constituents down the river to the EUSSR, his years in Parliament were relatively quiet.

Chidgey surrendered his seat to Chris Huhne when was 'elevated' to the House of Lords. This is the usual bribery trick that is employed by the party hierarchy when they want the incumbent to give up his safe seat for a political crony.

The fact that they were taken for granted obviously went over the heads of the Eastleigh voters when a notoriously odious character like Huhne was dumped on them by the remote party elite in time for the 2005 general election..

The voters of Eastleigh demonstrated their gullibility, stupidity, ignorance or however anyone wants to describe it, by falling for Huhne's deceit and deliberate lies when they re-elected him for a second time in 2010 with an increased majority.

To recap: Chris Huhne demonstrated his contempt for the voters of Eastleigh by parading his wife and children in front of media and on his election material and claiming that his family was his bedrock, while at the same time he was having an affair with his PR person who herself was in a civil partnership with her lesbian lover.

He unceremoniously dumped his wife and children after the election to set up shop with his boy/girlfriend.

He was caught by a speed camera breaking the limit and would have lost his drivers licence due to his accumulated points for previous offences. He broke the law when he bullied his long suffering wife to lie and take the points on his behalf.

Huhne covered this up and continually lied about it until recently when he was found out by good old fashioned investigative journalism and blogging.

Huhne is currently awaiting sentence for perverting the course of justice while his bullied wife is on trial for the same offence.

He stood down as an MP triggering the byelection in Eastleigh which has forced the usual political mobsters out from under the rocks where they live and to polish off their election tricks and gimmicks.

In an act of jaw dropping audacity Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain has told the media that he hopes the voters of Eastleigh will see past the criminality of Chris Huhne and elect another Lib Dem to replace him.

In a demonstration of his capacity for disseminating and shameless lying, Clegg refused to apologise for Huhne's deceit and criminality by describing his trial over a 'speeding fine' as "a private matter that is being played out in public".

If anyone is in any doubt about Nick Clegg's willingness to shamelessly lie for votes then it is describing a Cabinet Minister's trial for criminal behavior and perverting the course of justice as just a 'speeding trial' and a private matter that is being played out in public.

This sort of nonsense from Clegg is insulting the intelligence of the Eastleigh people and they should be holding him to account for his blatant attempts to steal their votes by spin and obfuscation.

The Lib Dumbs are famed for their dirty political campaigning. Lying and smearing opponents being the main weapons in their dodgy armoury. Their image of eccentric, sandal wearing lentil eaters belies their ruthless quest for power at any cost.

At this point it's worth reminding the voters of Eastleigh, and the world at large, that the history of the Liberal Party is littered with scandal, sex, lies and criminality. They really are the nasty party.

Famous Liberal Prime Minister Lloyd George was a corrupt, backstabbing philanderer and criminal who cheated on his wife Margaret for decades. He fathered a love child by his long time mistress who was in turn cheating on him by having an affair with novelist Fredrick Tweed.

Lloyd George was also guilty of insider share dealing and selling House of Lords peerages for cash.

Former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was an eccentric buffoon and hypocrite who had the ability to hold two contradicting positions at the same time, which is typical of LibDems to this day.

Thorpe was involved in the 'Rinkagate' homosexual scandal where he and others were accused of planning the murder of Thorpe's alleged homosexual lover Norman 'Bunnies' Scott but they only succeeded in killing his dog Rinka.

Thorpe's homosexuality was the worse kept secret at Westminster in those days and it is alleged that the party establishment rallied around Thorpe to protect his reputation and their own as many other members were also homosexual, which was illegal at the time.

David Steele took over as leader from the disgraced Thorpe. His tenure was noted for his obsession with abortion and his pact with the Social Democratic Party. It was this pact that evolved into the Liberal Democrat Party that pollutes British political life to this day.

Cyril Smith was the jovial, obese Member of Parliament for Rochdale. His larger than life bonhomie covered up the fact that he was a paedophile. This revolting child abuser used intimidation and threats of law suits to prevent his disgusting criminal behavior from becoming public.

Smith's paedophilia was a well kept secret among his fellow Liberals who conspired to keep it from the voters of Rochdale and the British public until after he kicked the bucket.

Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown, better know as Paddy Pantsdown because of his secret affair with his secretary, Patricia Howard.

It turns out that Pantsdown cheated on his wife Jane and kept it secret for five long years. He would have continued covering up his deceit but for fact he was about to be outed. 

Like Huhne and his constituents in Eastleigh, Pantsdowns' constituents in Yeovil were given the impression that he was a happily married family man for election purposes.

Former leader Charles Kennedy, a serial boozer who, with the connivance of his fellow MP's,  kept his love of the bottle secret for years.

'Single Malt' Charlie denied time and again that he was a boozer even though he was often too drunk to attend debates or carry out his Parliamentary duties. Charlie also had a brush with the law by getting caught smoking on a non smoking train resulting in a fracas with the police.

Next up is Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader and part of the conspiracy to cover up the drunken antics of Charles Kennedy. Campbell was also one of the infamous expense cheats. He helped himself to taxpayers money in order to redesign his apartment and fit it out with luxuries such as a king size bed and a flat screen TV. He also charged $1,280 per month for food to the taxpayer.

'Ming' Campbell was so unpopular with his Party that a poll at the time showed that twice as many party members preferred the drunkard Charlie Kennedy to the habitually sober Campbell.

Lib Dem senior statesperson Simon Hughes fought his first election campaign in Bermondsey against the Labour Party's homosexual activist Peter Tatchell. He fought the tradition Lib Dem dirty campaign and billed himself as the heterosexual 'straight' candidate.

It turns out that Hughes has been batting for the other team himself when he admitted sexual relations with other men. Hughes and his party PR machine have conspired to keep this secret from his constituents for decades.

Who can forget the self publicist love cheat and Lib Dem buffoon Lembik Opik. While he was publicly engaged to Britain's favourite weather girl Sian Lloyd, Opik was having it off behind her back with Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia and possibly her twin sister Monica as well.

David Laws needs no introduction. He took over from love cheat Paddy Pantsdown in Yeovil. (They know how to pick them in Yeovil).

Multimillionaire David Laws stole tens of thousands of hard earned taxpayer's money and gave it to his homosexual lover, apparently to keep him a secret from his family and to deceive his constituents into thinking he was straight.

If anyone should be deselected its this thief, so what are the people of Yeovil waiting for?

David Laws was never prosecuted for his criminal behavior and he is now a Minister of State in the Department of Education.

If the voters of Eastleigh and Yeovil got sold down the river then spare a thought for their hoodwinked counterparts in Winchester.

While their choice of representative, Mark Oaten, was parading his wife and children in front of the cameras to get elected, he was hiring male prostitutes behind their backs and having three in a bed orgies, these included copraphiliac practices which are too revolting to elaborate on this family blog.

This brings us to current leader Nick Clegg, a self loathing Britain hater who like the rest of his party would sell out his constituents to the EUSSR in a heartbeat.

Clegg claims to have had 30 lovers but it wasn't made clear whether this was before or after he got married to his wealthy Senorita.

Clegg has declared that the most important things in his life are his three sons with whom he is besotted. He is also on record of scoffing at traditional family life claiming that marriage is an outdated institution.

He is a typical Liberal Democrat so the people of Sheffield Hallam need to take a closer look in case he is another Chris Huhne, Paddy Pantsdown, Lloyd George, Lembik Opik, Mark Oaten etc. etc. etc

Clegg still wants Great Britain to join the ill fated Euro and is against a cut in Britain's EU contributions or the repatriation of any surrendered powers. He is also in receipt of a conditional EU pension which he would lose if he fails to promote the EUSSR or tell the truth about its corruption and statehood ambitions..

As is universally known 'Calamity' Clegg will say or do anything to get elected and this can be confirmed by his broken promises on tuition fees, EU referendums, boundary changes, MP numbers etc. ad nauseum. This slippery weasel has turned spin, deceit and lying into an art form.

Nick Clegg described Chris Huhne as a "model of a Liberal Democrat MP" and judging by their behavior and penchant for deceit, he is dead right, Huhne really is a model Lib Dem MP.

Lying, cheating, criminality and sexual shenanigans appears to be the standard behavior for a Lib Dem so I would suggest that the voters of Eastleigh scrutinise their candidate Mike Thornton to make sure he is what he claims to be during this election campaign.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gordon Brown's Gold Heist - Fourteen Years And Still No Arrest.

The term 'would you buy a used car' from ex British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is employed because his trustworthiness and competence are questionable. After his sale of century gold auction in 1999 the answer must be a resounding yes.

It is universally agreed that Brown's gold sale at the bottom of the market plus the announcement of his intentions in advance was the biggest blunder in British economic history, so on that basis one would probably get a cracking deal on a used car.

A big news item this morning was the decade long buy up of 570 tonnes of gold bullion by President Putin's Russia that coincides with the fourteenth anniversary of Gordon Brown's sale of nearly 400 tonnes of Great Britain's gold reserves and almost thirty years since the infamous Brinks Matt gold bullion heist at London's Heathrow Airport in 1984.

If this news is coupled with the German governments decision to repatriate its gold reserves from France and Fort Knox, then financial laymen can deduce that something is imminent with the worlds markets.

The British should have more cause for concern than other nations because of Brown's incompetence and his dedication to a socialist ideology. This will ensure that any further shocks to the global economy will have a bigger effect in Great Britain than in other advanced economies.

As Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, Brown doubled the national debt during his tenure and his reckless spending of taxpayers money racked up the biggest deficit in peacetime history

Together with his fellow ideologues, Ed Balls and Red Ed Miliband, he looted the private sector pension funds to the point where the schemes are closed down to new employees and they will close altogether when the last member kicks the bucket.

Gordon Brown and his two boot boys, Balls and Miliband, are labelled deficit deniers for their absolute refusal to acknowledge the consequences of their incompetence.

Even his own minister, the well respected Frank Field, compared these three crooks with the appeasers of the 1930's who claimed there was no threat from Hitler.

In a final act of utter asinine banality, the outgoing socialist Chief Secretary to the Treasury, the follicley challenged ignoramus Liam Byrne, left a note for the incoming Secretary making fun of the fact that there was "no money left, good luck". 

This note is also an admittance that they knew they had bankrupted the country and that it was a deliberate scorched earth policy to make it impossible for any incoming government to clean it up in a single term. To these socialist fanatics, politics comes before people every time.

For those readers who are not familiar with the current political situation in Great Britain, Red Ed Miliband is leader of the Labour Party and his fellow incompetent and political thug Ed Balls is his Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Gordon Brown was re-elected by the useful idiots of Kilcaldy and Cowdenbeath who's interests he ignores by not attending Parliament and by spending his time gallivanting around the world making millions from the contacts he made while in office.

In addition to these millions, he claims the maximum amount of taxpayer funded allowances and expenses for his non attendance in Parliament.

Due to the incompetence of the current office holders, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron and George Osbourne, if an election were to be held in the near future, Labour would win and the two Ed's would be in a position to finish the job of destruction started by Phony Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in 1997.

As Great Britain enters its triple dip recession with the Treasury empty, the pension funds looted and half of the gold reserves given away by Brown, the current government have found the solution to the looming crisis of long term care for the elderly.

They plan to break their election promise on inheritance tax and charge motorists $240 per year to drive on the roads previously owned by the taxpayer but flogged off to their cronies in the private sector. Heaven forbid that they would ever consider cutting spending.

The Brown gold heist cost the British taxpayers in the region of $16 billion and he got away Scot free, while 'Little Britain' actor Peter Dixon was sent to jail for cheating the taxpayer out of $12,160 in false benefit claims.

While sentencing, Judge Gibson told Dixon "You were calculating and you showed serious disregard to the public who funded your dishonest claims".

I am looking forward to a front row seat on the day when Gordon Brown meets Judge Gibson in his courtroom.

In conclusion, an explanation for Russia's behavior in the gold markets was given by Evgeny Federov, a lawmaker for President Putin's United Russia Party. Take note all you Europhiles and Federalists.

"the more gold a country has, the more sovereignty it will have if there's a cataclysm with the dollar, the euro, the pound or any other reserve currency".

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Luck Of The Irish. Politicians And Bankers That Is, Not The People.

The taxpayer funded Guinness will be going down with abandon in the bars of Dublin this week as Irish politicians congratulate themselves for resolving a debt crisis that their incompetence created in the first place.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Irish politicians are congratulating each other over a resolution to their $41 billion + debt overhang which dates back to 2010.

Other indebted EU countries should take notice because this is nothing other than a power grab by EUSSR totalitarians, aided and abetted by the political class.

As with everything involving devious politicians, the devil is in the detail and its the same old story.

With encouragement from the European Union power grabbers, successive Irish politicians, in line with socialist politicians the world over, spent more on bribing voters with entitlements than was earned in revenue, thus racking up unsustainable deficits and debts that eventually bankrupted the economy.

Simultaneously, these incompetents failed to regulate the banks effectively and stood by as their banker friends spent and lent their institutions into oblivion necessitating the government to step in and bail them out.

Its a little complicated for a Friday but its worth hanging in there to see how the political class have stitched up their own people for generations, destroyed democracy in the process and then carry on their life of Riley as if everything in the garden is rosy.

Irish politicians spent an all night session, bless them, liquidating the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, a state owned entity that had taken on the assets of the failed Anglo-Irish bank and which was responsible for repaying their debts to the Irish Central Bank.

In a classic piece of deceit, under the terms of the liquidation, the government will exchange the promissory note it issued to Anglo-Irish for long term government bonds which will not have to be fully repaid until 2053.

Roughly translated that means that the Irish government has taken on the responsibility on behalf of the people for the repayment of the Anglo-Irish debt over the next 40 years.

The Irish taxpayer will be paying for the debts of a private sector bank for the next two decades!

At this point I am not aware that any banker or politician has been held accountable for this disaster.

If that's not bad enough, lurking in the background like a thief in the night was European Central Bank (ECB) President and effective Gauleiter, Mario Draghi.

It was Draghi who insisted that the Irish Finance Minister put the banks guarantee in place in the first instance, knowing full well it would commit the Irish taxpayer to paying off the bankers debts in the long run.

He also knew that this would result in the end of Irish independence and direct rule from Brussels.

So what of the architects of this disaster?

Primarily the blame lies with the entire Irish political class and the bankers but the puck must stop somewhere. (excuse the pun)

There is former Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Brian 'Biffo' Cowan who is immune from the consequences of his incompetence and is retired. He is spending more time with his family enjoying his taxpayer funded, gold plated pension of $215,000 per year.

Bertie Ahern, Biffo's predecessor and Finance Minister is the real villain of this disaster. He is now feted around the world as an elder statesman and making a fortune out of directorships and speaking engagements. Ahern is a classic example of the political class looking after its own.

Ahern had to resign under the weight of corruption allegations but while in office he came under fire for his remuneration increase to $400,000+. Which, at the time, was higher than the President of the USA.

Ahern, like Biffo Cowan, enjoys his taxpayer funded pension but also racks up expenses for VIP travel, chauffeur driven limos and all the other indulgences that these crooks think they are entitled to even though they are no longer in office.

Bertie Ahern is best summed up by Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary; "Bertie squandered the wealth of a generation and I think in time it will be proven he was a useless wastrel".

While the Irish people will be mired in poverty for generations to come their overpaid representatives will be living the life of Riley despite the fact that they have handed over effective power to the bureaucrats of the EUSSR.

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or anywhere else for the Irish people and it appears that the luck of the Irish now only applies to the political class and their banker friends.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Same Sex Marriage Part II - The 'Progressive' Agenda Advances

As the repercussions of the same sex marriage vote in the British Parliament continue to reverberate around the world, the question on everyone's lips is, why did PM David Cameron push this through against the wishes of the majority of his own MP's, against the wishes of the majority of his party members, against the wishes of all the religious groups and most importantly of all, against the wishes of the majority of the British people?

Cameron's friend and fellow remote metropolitan elitist, George Osbourne, must know something the rest of us don't when it comes to election strategy. As Cameron's election strategist Osbourne is either blind, stupid or a combination of both.

Statistics and polls on the repercussions of this lunacy were abundant and they were known in advance by the Cameron/Osbourne strategy team. These included the views of the homosexual community itself. ( The population percentage of homosexuals in the UK varies between 1.5% and 4.2%. Some surveys have it as high as 9% )

An earlier ComRes poll indicated that the marriage issue was not a priority for the majority of homosexuals, less than half said the opportunity to get married was important, only 27% said they would avail themselves of the opportunity to get married. That's 27% of 4.2% of the population.

The majority of the homosexual community claimed that Cameron was using this issue to make his party look compassionate and as a means of boosting his own image. One has to ask the question, boosting his image with who?

The same poll claimed that 70% of the British people agreed with the Church that the definition of marriage should be left alone.

Statistics and polls could be inaccurate or interpreted as the reader pleases but actions speak louder than statistics and it has been reported that membership of the Conservative Party has dropped from around 250,000 when Cameron became leader to 150,000 today.

Cameron's own MP's are predicting that after this vote, 10% of the remaining number will lost this week alone.

As these repercussions were known in advance and coupled with the fact that Cameron is attacking his own MP's as bigots and out of touch, it would appear that he is deliberately trying to destroy his own party. He is finishing the job that Moscow and the Labour Party started at the end of World War II.

The truth is that representative politics and the very nature of democracy itself, has been changing for the worse in Great Britain and the world at large since the end of WW II.

Traditionally, politicians were chosen from the community, by the community, to represent the community. These have been replaced by career politicians who are chosen or approved by remote party machines to impose their particular agenda on the people whether the people agree to it or not.

These new career politicians have no experience in the real world of their constituents nor can they identify with their lives or issues.

They are incapable of independent thought and can only speak in slogans and soundbites which are given to them by the party whips at the start of each day.

They have been trained in media skills, at taxpayer expense, not to speak the truth but to repeat the soundbites and push the party line at every opportunity.

Advances in technology have enabled politicians from all countries to meet and communicate on a regular basis allowing those with a similar ideology to act globally and with the advent of the United Nations the global 'progressive' movement was born.

It is with this movement that David Cameron is boosting his image with not the British people or the Conservative Party. The other two party idiots, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband signed up years ago.

The British people are not alone.

With the re-election of the Progressive in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, the last obstacle to the global 'progressive agenda, as been removed and they are all on a roll.

The ending of traditional marriage is high on the 'progressive' agenda thus homosexual marriage is being pushed in all parts of the globe against the wishes of the people.

The Progressive in Chief even mentioned homosexual marriage in his recent inauguration speech so he means business.

In California a politically activist judge overturned the result of a democratic ballot which opposed homosexual marriage. The Progressive in Chief and his Attorney General, Eric Holder have indicated they will ignore their own countries' laws when it comes to the Defence of Marriage Act.

With the passing of this Bill in the British Parliament the 'progressive' transformation agenda advances a little further, both in Great Britain and the rest of the developed world.

The British people should pay attention to the of the actions of their representatives and ask themselves whether these actions are in their interests or to advance a different agenda.

David  'Call me Dave' Cameron has labelled himself as a 'progressive' conservative and the heir to Blair but by his actions against the British people over the European Union and traditional marriage, he has demonstrated that his loyalty is with his fellow 'progressive' politicians in a new transformed world.

*Update: Why is it that Call Me Dave and his 'progressive' elite want to abolish traditional marriage and the family?  Nick Clegg and his party of liars and cheats claim that as an institution it is out of date.

If that's the case then why didn't they say so at election time instead of parading their families before the media while simultaneously cheating on their wives and children as per Chris Huhne and that pinnacle of foulness Mark Oaten and others.

As far as Red Ed Miliband and his crew of communist sympathisers are concerned its an ideological requirement that is written in their sacred text.

"The selfish misconception that induces you to transform into eternal laws of nature and of reason, the social forms springing from your present mode of production and form of property.."

"Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists."

"The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its compliment vanishes and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital".

The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parent and child, becomes all the more disgusting, the more, by action of Modern Industry.."

The Communist Manifesto (section 2) - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels