Tuesday, July 25, 2017

American Girl Has a Message For Muslims And The Women of Sweden

Despite heavy censorship by the hopelessly ‘progressive’ government in Sweden the world has learned about the rape epidemic that is being enjoyed by their Muslim immigrant population which has earned the Scandinavian basket case the dubious title of rape capital of the world.

As is usual in today’s post democratic age it is the raped and murdered women of Sweden not the politicians who are paying the bloody price for the imposed multi-culturalism that is demanded by the UN/EU global elite.

Why Swedish men sit silently by and allow this violent assault on their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and female neighbors is a mystery. They have obviously lost the fearless mettle that was the hallmark of their Viking ancestors and entered a state of supine cowardly acceptance of violent rape and murder for fear of offending their Muslim colonists.

Swedish women should look across the Atlantic Ocean and learn from the liberated women of America and take responsibility for their own safety and security.

They should have learned by now that they cannot rely on their government or their cowardly menfolk to protect them from the invading Muslim hoards that are running rampant in their once relaxed and peaceful country.

They cannot rely on the phony feminist movement either who are vocal about abortion and so-called reproductive rights but silent on the appalling abuse of women by the adherents of Islam.

The American poster girl's message should be the rallying cry not only for Swedish women but for all women around the world:

"The only negotiations I am willing to make with Muslims, is as follows: You can keep your Qur'an, your 'respect' for women and your 'peace' to yourselves.. Don't bring it here and expect me give up my clitoris, my freedom and my life for a burkah. I am an American woman, not a victim to your insane death cult.."

Even though they are the most notable of the ‘progressive’ basket cases that inhabit the planet, the message doesn’t only apply to Sweden or exclusively to women. It applies to all countries in the developed world that have been ordered to open their borders by the UN/EU global elite to hordes of third world invaders to facilitate their cultural replacement agenda.

EU countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Great Britain are being blighted by violent crime perpetrated by Muslim invaders including rape, murder and Islamic terrorism.

Not even the United States is immune from immigrant violent crime with areas such as Dearborn, Michigan reduced to a Somali ghetto that is of no benefit whatsoever to the American people either economically or culturally.

Unlike Sweden, the European Union and the rest of the developed world, the American people are blessed by their culture of individual liberty and their spirit of self-reliance that allows them to take responsibility for their own lives and those of their loved ones.

To the envy of the world they are aided and abetted in their love of individual liberty by a constitutionally limited government and the inalienable right to bear arms to keep it that way.

The rest of the world should take note: Despite eight years of managed decline under President Obama and his army of ‘progressive’ politicians to whom Swedish society is an aspiration, the American people now have a President in Donald J Trump who loves his country and is committed to reversing the decline and making America great again.


Note: Kudos to the creator of the poster who is anonymous at time of writing.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Modern Britain - Syrian Rapist Let Loose Into The Community To Re-Offend

A recent news story about a Syrian sex beast who abducted and sexually abused two girls aged 13 and 14 while out on bail for rape raises several issues that not only demonstrate how far Great Britain has descended down the league table of civilized nations but also how degraded our once envied law enforcement and criminal justice system has become.

This sorry situation has come about by agenda driven politicians stuffing the public institutions and government apparatus with brainwashed career bureaucrats who’s ability to think critically and form an opinion has been driven out by the socialist inspired comprehensive education system. As a result, they are unable to conceive that any alternative ideas outside of what has been drummed into them by rote actually exist.

The further down the road to perdition the political elite force the British people to walk, the wider the gap between them becomes. What was once a narrow divide between the political class and the people they govern is now a yawning chasm that is rapidly becoming unbridgeable.

In a pre-sentence hearing Zohair Tomari told the court he was from Morocco but he changed his mind and told the court he came from Syria. In other words he was not properly vetted before he was invited into the country and let loose into the community to prey on young girls.

It must be noted that he wasn’t released into any community inhabited by politicians, their cronies or wealthy virtue signaling celebrities, but I digress.

Twenty year old Tomari invited his 17-year old victim and her 15-year old friend to his flat (apartment to our American friends) then plied the older girl with alcohol before slapping and punching both and pulling out a knife.

He then raped the 17-year old.

The following action by the politicized non-binary transgender friendly police ‘service’ is depressingly familiar when it comes to immigrant crime. With a complete disregard for the severity of his crimes, the trauma of his victims or the obvious danger he posed to other young girls, they released him back into the community on bail.

Not surprisingly he went on to traffic the 13 and 14-year old girls where again he plied them with drink before sexually assaulting them.

Tomari was found guilty for the rape and subsequently jailed for 12 years and nine months for both crimes and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

There was no mention by the judge of deportation which should be automatic after such a sentence but deportation is an expensive long and complex process due to Great Britain’s pernicious human rights law that the political class refuse to amend.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the human rights laws currently in effect in Great Britain are nothing more than a criminal’s charter which gives a higher priority to the human rights of some of the vilest criminals and terrorists imaginable than it does to the safety and security of the British people.

They are also responsible for spawning an entire industry for shady lawyers who use these laws to enrich themselves with shedloads of taxpayer money.

Another question that requires an explanation is how a 20-year old immigrant from Syria, or is it Morocco, with no obvious means of support can be in possession of an apartment in a city where 22,737 people are on the rapidly rising local authority waiting list for social housing?

The local authority involved, Coventry City Council, stuffed no doubt with the aforementioned brainwashed career bureaucrats, have conceived a brilliant plan to deal with their critical housing shortage.

They have a ‘core strategy plan’ to build 14,000 homes over 15 years. The well remunerated geniuses who came up with this nonsense will continue with the current plan to build 850 homes per year until their ‘core strategy’ is approved.

It’s most likely beyond these mathematically challenged numbskulls to understand that the ‘core strategy plan’ will only deliver 1,250 homes more over 15 years than the current plan.

In conclusion, at time of writing there are no firm plans to deport the beast back to Syria or any plan by the geniuses from Coventry City Council to do the obvious and stop adding to the waiting list by stopping any further immigration into their hopelessly overcrowded city.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The African-Irish Are All Off To Dublin In The Green To Riot

The veil of censorship that the European Union is using to shroud the violent civil unrest that is engulfing its member states was lifted recently with the news that African immigrants were running riot on the streets of Dublin, Ireland terrorizing workers and shoppers. 

What is remarkable about this outbreak of violence by African invaders is the fact that the history of Ireland is one of a constant bloody struggle for self-rule from the British invaders of centuries ago.

The Irish struggle for independence is too complex for an article such as this but needless to say thousands of patriots made the ultimate sacrifice engaging in guerrilla warfare against the British army and police. Thousands more died during the Irish Civil War which preceded the formation of the independent Irish Republic in 1922.

That wasn’t the end of the violent struggle however since the six counties that made up the province of Ulster remains part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to this day. Patriotic nationalist fighters remain determined to re-unite the province with the Republic and are willing to kill and maim in pursuit of their goal.

It was patriotism and the overwhelming love of Ireland that drove the uprising against British rule but where is that patriotism now?

Why has the sovereignty for which Irish patriots sacrificed their lives been meekly surrendered to unelected foreign bureaucrats in Brussels especially when it was known that membership of the EU meant the destruction of the independent nation state of Ireland and the replacement of its culture and way of life with a so-call ‘multi-cultural society’?

The modern Irish are the antithesis of the previous generations who fought and died for Ireland. Overtly sensitive and wracked with political correctness they wouldn’t dream of picking up a rifle and fighting to regain their dignity and restore the independence of the Emerald Isle.

Men like James Connelly who was so badly wounded after the Easter Rising of 1916 he had to be strapped to a chair before he was put up against the wall of Kilmainham Gaol and shot.

Along with the thirteen other leaders of the uprising who were also executed, he would be rolling in his grave that the Ireland he sacrificed his life for is now a bankrupt third world backwater dictated to by foreign bureaucrats who could care less about Irish history or the wellbeing of the Irish people.

The archetypal Irishman is now represented by the drug addled Saint Bob Geldof who fled the Emerald Isle to live with the ancient enemy in England and his virtue signaling pal Bono whose incessant calls to open the borders to the hordes of economic migrants from Africa are as tedious as his records.

Hyphenation of nationalities is the means by which the global elite divide and rule communities and signal the end of the homogeneous nation state and its culture. It is also used to impress upon the subject people that they no longer exist as an exclusively indigenous entity in their own native land.

African-Irish is the phrase used to describe these rioting immigrants who are as much Irish as James Connolly is a Nigerian but nevertheless they are now recognized as bona fide Irish folk.

African-Irish join other such manufactured citizen groups as Pakistani-British and Somali-Americans etc. and by design this phony hyphenated system does not work in reverse for the simple reason that it’s only the Judeo-Christian countries from the developed world that are scheduled for ‘un-homogenising’.

This is the politically correct term for ethnic cleansing or cultural replacement preferred by the UN/EU elites as they construct their egalitarian, borderless one-world wet dream.

It is extremely unlikely one will read about white Irish-Africans rioting in Lagos or white British-Pakistanis rioting in Islamabad let alone white American-Somalis rioting in Mogadishu.

Since joining the EU and the Eurozone the Irish economy has crashed and its major cities are blighted by mass immigration. The solution for this is for its gutless, subservient politicians to follow the British lead and trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and leave the EU before the whole rotten empire collapses under the weight of its corruption.  #Irexit.

In conclusion, nobody but the Irish can express themselves better in ballad and folk song so here are a couple from the days when the Irish were a dignified and proud people dedicated to their beloved Emerald Isle.

                                 Off To Dublin In The Green

                                 And we're all off to Dublin in the green, in the green
                                Where the helmets glisten in the sun
                                Where the bayonets clash and the rifles crash
                                To the echo of a Thompson gun

                                 Patriot Game

                                 Come all ye young rebels and list while I sing
                                 For the love of one's country is a terrible thing
                                 It banishes fear with the speed of a flame
                                And makes us all part of the patriot game

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Death By Numbers - National Health Service And Obamacare Repeal

As the American Congress makes a dog's dinner out of repealing and replacing Obamacare, the lies and hysteria coming from the Democrats and their bought-and-paid-for mainstream media is reaching fever pitch.

Anyone who pays attention to Democratic Party tactics and those of their socialist bedfellows will have predicted that they would conjure up visions of heartless Republicans willfully visiting death and suffering on the heads of the poor solely to give a tax cut to the rich.

In order to counter the growing cynicism of the long suffering American public who are growing increasingly weary of the MSM hysteria and their lack of evidence in Trump/Russia nonsense, actual figures of the death toll are now being touted.

The death toll started off with thousands of deaths per year and increased to tens of thousands as the skeptical public refused to be enthused. This further increased to 24,000, then 36,000 and currently stands at 43,000.

Wealthy Presidential candidate and Socialist In Name Only (SINO), Bernie Sanders, has increased the rhetoric and hysteria using the 36,000 figure he gleaned from a left leaning website. (See here)

Incidentally, as a measure of his phony attachment to socialism Bernie steadfastly refuses to answer any questions on the disastrous failure of the socialist policies he advocates in Venezuela and more pointedly like all wealthy socialists he refuses to redistribute his own considerable wealth to the poor he champions.

The old saying that things are always bigger and better in America does not apply to healthcare induced death, if one professor’s figures are correct. The British National Health Service is way ahead.

Bernie Sander’s forecast of 36,000 deaths is a drop in the bucket compared to the involuntary slaughter in the NHS. Professor Patrick Pullicino claims that 135,000 elderly people die each year by use of the Liverpool Care Pathway which removes medical support from the elderly to speed their passing. 

This does not include the 30,000 or so elderly people who die of hypothermia each winter because they can’t afford their deliberately inflated heating bills.

The Liverpool Care Pathway started as a compassionate means of relief from suffering agreed with the families which has morphed into a program of euthanasia. (Read the article here)

In event of the professors’ theory being incorrect, the involuntary death toll in the NHS is considerable with 1,200 involuntary deaths in the Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust alone. (See here)

The American people should be aware  that any government run department or organization, healthcare provision included, always ends with a bloated self-perpetuating bureaucracy stuffed to the gunwales with self-serving career bureaucrats whose only purpose in life is to agitate for ever increasing sums of taxpayer money.

They only need to look as far as their Medicare and Medicaid systems not to mention the failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs. (VA)

It is my humble opinion that Obamacare was implemented as a stepping stone to a single payer system and was designed to fail in order to bring it about.
The fact that Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for the American people has been studiously ignored by the charlatans on the left and the MSM.

People need to understand that socialized medicine or a single payer system is the goal of all socialists not because it delivers universal healthcare free at the point of need but for removing the responsibility for their personal health and wellbeing from individuals and families and passing it to the state bureaucrats.

As Ronald Reagan warned back in the 1960’s, if the government controls your healthcare they end up controlling all aspects of your life.

In the case of Obamacare it also gave control over one-sixth of the giant American economy to politicians and government bureaucrats.

Lying of course is now deemed as an acceptable practice in acquisition of political power and there was no bigger exponent than President Obama. One of the biggest lies ever perpetrated by an American President, or any politician for that matter, was the notorious whopper he delivered in support of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

He knew he was lying through his teeth when he spoke the now infamous words - “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period. If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period.”.

He followed this up with other lies including the falsehood that healthcare cost will decrease by an average of $1,200 for a family of four per year.

In reality, as with other government run programs the opposite was true, premiums and deductibles sky rocketed putting healthcare cover out of reach for millions or it provided cover they couldn’t afford to use.

The American people would be wise to ignore the lies and deceit of self-serving swamp dwellers in Washington DC and accept that Obamacare needs to be repealed in its entirety and replaced with a free market system that leaves individuals and families to decide their own healthcare needs and keeps the dirty hands of politicians as far away as possible.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

George Clooney Runs Away From The Monster He Helped Create

Nobody symbolizes the utter hypocrisy and cowardice of the multi-millionaire acting community better than George Clooney. Pretend tough guy George packed up his wife and kids and ran away back to America when the violent disaster caused by the mass immigration he advocates came a bit too close to home.

Tough guy George is not only famous for his roles in front of the movie camera; he is equally famous for seeking out the news cameras to advocate the opening of British borders to unvetted Syrian refugees.

While the celebrity obsessed public pour out their adoration by the bucket full and shower the virtue signaling hypocrite with undeserved accolades he is laughing in their faces all the way to the bank.

His concern for refugees is totally bogus as is his supposed love of Great Britain, its people and its way of life.

We can only hope that the emotionally retarded people who fall for the faux concern that actors like Clooney have for the world's unfortunates learn from his cowardice and treachery. He doesn’t mean a word he says when he appears in front of the cameras with his phony pathos and empathy.

Clooney relies on positive publicity to sell his movies and increase his already considerable fortune and what better way to do it than by virtue signaling.

His public image is manufactured by professional image makers, thereafter his PR organization choreograph his appearances down to the minutest detail and being in the acting profession he performs them perfectly on the public stage.

Instead of running away from them, if Clooney really cared for the welfare and wellbeing of refugees he would use his considerable fortune to alleviate their plight and offer the dozens of spare rooms in his several mansions as accommodation for the families and children he claims to champion.

Tough guy George could have fled to his other mansion on Lake Como since the Italian government have done his bidding and opened up their borders to hordes of refugees.

Not bloody likely. Just like all the other areas around the civilized world that have fallen victim to mass immigration the once idyllic Lake Como is been reduced to a cesspit resembling the backstreets of Mogadishu or Addis Adaba.

George Clooney's super rich Lake Como neighbours say Italian idyll is being ruined by immigrants.

George Clooney flees Europe

So why is tough guy George running away from England’s green and pleasant land since they have also done his bidding and opened their borders to hordes of Syrian refugees?

Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want his children subjected to the horrific crimes committed by Syrian refugees against the British people which includes rape and child abuse.

The fact is that like the rest of the virtue signaling, multi-millionaire acting community George Clooney is a stonking great hypocrite of the very highest order who will look after himself and his own family while abandoning everyone else's to the savagery of the monster he himself helped to create.

Not in my back yard. Further reading on another multi-millionaire hypocrite from the acting community that wants to dump refugees in your community not hers.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dying EU Single Market - From Knackers Yard To Graveyard

In their desperation to keep their European superstate dream alive Europhiles are reduced to ramping up Project Fear by painting an apocalyptic vision of Great Britain should they leave the EU single market.

The Europhiles claim that the single market allows British companies access to an export market of 508 million people without which the British economy will collapse with the loss of 4 million jobs or more.

It’s the usual nonsense the British public has learned to expect from agenda driven political hacks that profit personally from EU membership and the fanatical supporters of the European superstate who lost the argument as well as the Brexit referendum.

The reality of the single market is in stark contrast to myths created by the political elite and the media whores who hide the devastation in a fog of lies, distortion and propaganda.
 At a cost of 55 million British pounds per day, 365 days per year, access to this sclerotic market does not come cheap.

The bureaucratic rules and regulations controlling the single market are strangling innovation which in turn stifles economic growth and job creation.

Hundreds of millions of the 508 million souls that comprise the single market are dirt poor peasants from the former eastern bloc or subject to economies that are bankrupt, heavily in debt or stagnant due to socialist command and control.

The myth of the indispensable single market is exploded when one looks at a few basic statistics.

Unemployment across the single market is 8 percent with Lithuania, Slovakia, Finland, France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, and Cyprus above this average.  Spain and Greece are the worst basket cases at  21.4 and 24.5 percent respectively. (See stats here)

The future is bleak with youth unemployment across the EU at an appalling 17.3 percent with fifteen of the 28 countries above average including France at 23.6 percent, Portugal at 25.4 percent, Croatia at 28.8 percent, Cyprus at 35.4 percent and Italy at 35.2 percent with  Spain and Greece bringing up the rear at 41.5 and 45.2 percent respectively. (See stats here)

Free from the shackles of the socialist EU and its single market, Great Britain is making trade deals with the USA, population 319 million and an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, China, population 1.3 billion with an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, Japan, population 123 million with an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent, South Korea, population 51 million with an unemployment rate of 3.6 percent and Canada, population 35 million with an unemployment rate of 6.5 percent.

Trade deals are also being concluded with developing countries such as India with a population of 1.3 billion and an unemployment rate of 9 percent and Brazil, population 200 million with an unemployment rate of 13.3 percent.

(It must be noted that Brazil is recovering from decades of socialism and should continue to improve as free enterprise continues to replace the dead hand of the state)

The reality is that the much vaunted single market comprised of 508 million impoverished souls with a very bleak future indeed will be replaced by multiple growing markets consisting of over 3 billion ever more prosperous souls.

There is no economic case that can be made in favour of remaining in the EU and its rapidly sinking single market.
More devastating than the economic case is that membership of the single market requires free movement of people between countries. This has resulted in some disastrous consequences for the few prosperous countries in the EU and no hope of prosperity for the less prosperous due to depopulation resulting from mass emigration.

Millions of dirt poor peasants from the former eastern bloc countries have immigrated into countries that offer the most generous welfare ‘entitlements’. In addition they continue to put unsustainable pressure on other social services including housing, schooling, transport and healthcare provision.

Where they do enter the labor market they have driven down wages across the board to the delight of unscrupulous employers who not surprisingly support continued EU membership.

This situation has been made immeasurably worse by the manufactured ‘refugee crisis’ whereby millions of economic migrants from across the world have been invited into the EU for supposedly humanitarian reasons.  Once in possession of documentation they are free to move anywhere in search of the most generous welfare provisions.

This disastrous policy was dreamt up by the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angel Merkel, whose stated agenda is to destroy the ancient cultures of Europe and replace them with so-called ‘multi-cultural societies’ in a socialist European empire without borders governed by herself and her cronies.

Mad Merkel’s folly resulted in the sudden influx of mainly young men from incompatible cultures, religions and ethnic groups which has led to inter-communal violence and terrorism leaving formerly stable countries such as Sweden, Belgium, France and her own Germany on the brink of all out civil war.

This ever darkening nightmare is not some gloomy future worst case scenario but actual reality which is happening on the streets of Europe’s villages, towns and cities as we speak and which is being made immeasurably worse by the twin insanities of mass immigration and the free movement of people as demanded by the single market.