Saturday, June 29, 2013

Barack Obama - America's First Half Cracker President

The term 'cracker', an insulting word used by black Americans toward their white compatriots, first came to public prominence after the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal in Philadelphia during the Presidential elections of 2008.

In a vile rant after the scandal the New Black Panther leader , who names himself King Samir Shabazz, shared his views on his white compatriots with the world. According to this charming gentleman,  black Americans like himself  should  "kill crackers" and he even wants to "kill cracker babies".

According to President Obama's henchman at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, neither the voter intimidation nor the racially abusive statements afterward are severe enough to warrant a Shabazz prosecution. The term 'cracker' used to describe white Americans, has been given a pass by Eric Holder and it has now entered the lexicon of black Americans.

On the other hand celebrity chef Paula Deen has been publicly crucified and her career ruined because she admitted to using the word n****r some 30 years ago.

Before I continue I will relate an anecdote. During my travels through the mid American heartlands I had the good fortune to spend a morning chatting with a black American. He was in his mid thirties, married with two children and owned his own roofing business. By any account he would be considered a fairly prosperous member of the middle class.

During my expatriate career I spent many years working in Africa, East, West and Central so I was curious as to where his ancestors came from. He had no idea, what's more he didn't care and he was most put out by my question. His parents came from Tennessee, where he was born, and he was raised in Illinois. As far as he was concerned he was an American as apple pie with no links to Africa whatsoever.

If the media and those who indulge in racial politics are to be believed, all black Americans are disadvantaged by the legacy of slavery and middle class black Americans, like my roofing friend, are smeared as traitors or uncle Toms. They are consequently vilified by race baiters like the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, who ignore the fact that there are now more black American millionaires than ever.

Black Americans are now successful in all walks of life, from the military, business, industry, politics, sports, entertainment etc. If black Americans want to chase the American dream, they can, just ask Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Denzil Washington, Bill Cosby, Jay Z etc.

Black Americans have a choice, they can follow the American Dream or they can follow King Samir Shabazz into the abyss or they can follow the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan into eternal victimhood, crime and poverty.

It would be interesting to know if the likes of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or even King Samir Shabazz are the descendants of slaves or of Africans who emigrated to America after emancipation. It would also be good to know if any of these are tainted with 'cracker' blood somewhere in their ancestry.

The truth is, despite attempts to convince black Americans otherwise,  not all black Americans have a connection to slavery. Those that do not are now claiming otherwise in order to rub shoulders with history and adopt the heroic victim status that actual slave descendants claim.

As is now becoming apparent, President Obama is a media creation, who's claim to being the first African American President is totally dishonest. I fear that his current taxpayer funded vacation to Africa is being used to polish up his African credentials and to give him a link to slavery where none exists.

The media arranged photo op at the 'door of no return' in Senegal, reflecting with emotion on the spot where Africans, who were sold into slavery by their fellow Africans, departed the continent never to return, were particularly mawkish.

Any normal person, regardless of nationality or skin colour, would be similarly moved by the tragedy that enfolded on that very spot. There is no reason why this could not have been a private visit, after all its difficult to reflect properly when surrounded by the media and their cameramen.

The fear is that these emotive images will further radicalize the already sensitive black youth of America who have been convinced by the likes of Jackson and Farrakhan of the injustice they still suffer as a result of slavery.

President Obama then went on to use that choreographed visit in Senegal to claim that slavery is the reason why he, as an African American, is committed to global human rights. This is utterly dishonest and unworthy of the supposed leader of the free world.

Firstly, the truth is that Barack Obama is of mixed race on account of his mother being white, or in the words of King Samir Shabazz, a 'cracker' who, along with her babies, would have been killed if he had his way. President Obama disrespects his mother every time he claims to be an African American.

Secondly, his formative years were spent in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro and in Hawaii, so his contact with continental Americans was tenuous until adulthood.

Thirdly, for the record, his father was from Kenya, where no slaves were procured. His father, despite being a socialist, took advantage of the education on offer in the land of free enterprise to better himself and his fellow Kenyans on his return home.

Contrary to re-written history, Barack Obama Senior was not abused by the British on his return to Kenya but by his compatriot and dictator, President Jomo Kenyatta who victimized and abused him eventually denying him a means of making a living.

President Obama will go down in history as the most divisive President in history and worse still, he is dividing America along racial lines, providing a fertile ground for the likes of King Samir Shabazz and his New Black Panthers. They have embarked on a road that will lead to civil war and it is a war they will definitely lose.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Homosexual Marriage, Amnesty For Illegals - Fundamental Transformation Gathers Pace

It comes as no surprise to informed opinion that the promised fundamental transformation of the United States of America would gather pace as the 'Progressive in Chief' entered his second term as President.

Barack Hussein Obama has little over three years left to achieve the goal of the total destruction of traditional America and its replacement with a dumbed down, egalitarian, gender neutral and godless Dystopia that is so beloved by so called 'progressives'.

It must be said that Bath House Barry has done a great job so far, by the fact that he has done almost as much damage in little over 4 years that took the Blair/Brown/Cameron 'progressive' alliance 16 years to achieve in Great Britain.

With the economies and industrial bases of both countries wrecked, the 'progressive' political elite have turned their attention to the issues that will ensure the fundamental transformation will be permanent.

From the beginning of recorded history marriage has always meant a union between a man and a woman, and it is this union that as formed the bedrock of the same civilized society that went on to become successful and prosperous. This definition of marriage has been accepted as the norm for all sections of society regardless of class, religion or ethnic origin.

It cannot be denied that intellectual and moral standards have declined immeasurably with the decline, among other things, of traditional marriage. It also cannot be denied that ending traditional marriage will have a dramatic negative effect on the way society will evolve in future.

Because re-defining traditional marriage will have such negative consequences for the culture of the country, the majority of people believe that the political elite have no right to re-define it without consultation.

This is nothing new where our politicians are concerned. When did this arrogant elite ever pay any attention to what the people think?

The Supreme Courts' recent decisions paving the way for the ending of traditional marriage in the United States follows hot on the heels of the British and French government's despicable behavior of ramming the same through their respective Parliaments. This issue was not in any pre-election manifesto so why the urgency now when there are so many other serious issues that require the attention of our tribunes?

The media whores, including the taxpayer funded BBC, who are in the pockets of the political elite, studiously ignored or played down the fact that hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Paris in defence of traditional marriage.

Their argument that ending traditional marriage is a simple matter of equality and inclusivity is risible by the fact that other groups of sexual deviants are excluded.

Although marriage between close relatives is acceptable among the Muslim and other communities, it has not, to my knowledge, extended to brother and sister. If its a simple matter of equality then brother and sister who are genuinely in love should be allowed to marry and by extension so should beastials. Paedophiles should also be included when the government finally grants their wish to lower the age of consent to 12 or lower.

The transformational effect of ending traditional marriage, as serious as it is, will be surpassed in severity by the granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

The policy of open border mass immigration was put in place by the 'progressive' Blair/Brown government in Great Britain, to facilitate their dream of cultural replacement. This policy is being continued by the equally 'progressive' Conservative/Liberal coalition. Their oft repeated soundbite of "cutting net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" will have no effect whatsoever on cultural replacement.

Their perverted belief that the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture of Great Britain is the root of all the evil in the world, including Imperialism and Capitalism, is a core tenet of their 'progressive' religion.

Their deceitful modus operundi has been copied with enthusiasm across the Atlantic by the 'Progressive' in Chief.

The normal system of immigration by which prospective immigrants would subject themselves to scrutiny then apply for work permits/visas with the aim of eventual citizenship, is much too slow and therefore does not lend itself to cultural replacement. The current dishonest system of turning a blind eye to visa abuse and illegal immigration then granting amnesty is much faster.

If anyone is under the impression that this policy of cultural replacement is exclusive to the 'progressive' socialist elite, they should look at the evidence. The push for amnesty for illegals in the USA and Great Britain includes prominent conservatives such as Marco Rubio, John McCain and in Great Britain, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Fundamental Transformation of western civilization is the goal and when America and Great Britain fall the game is over for the peoples of the world. The aim of the global political elite is a godless, gender neutral world where everyone (except themselves) are equal. I am only glad I won't be around to see it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nelson Mandela - Politicians And Hollywood Get Ready To Mourn Their Celebrity Terrorist

* This is a re-post from June this year which was penned when the world was preparing itself for the end of Nelson Mandela. Despite his subsequent passing the  substance of the article remains the same, even prophetic. As the world endures a tsunami of over the top, gushing stories on the history of the Mandela, it is essential, in the interest of balance, that some real truth about the global icon is in the public domain so that his premature, media driven journey into divine sainthood is at least questioned.  

As Nelson Mandela, the man given credit for creating the idyllic Rainbow nation from the bowels of the evil apartheid regime, is preparing to draw his final breath, celebrities and politicians around the world have already had their PR men prepare their eulogies and sanitized, mawkish tributes.

When the end finally comes (he is still hanging in there at time of writing) Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, the rock music world and the Hollywood great and good will be queuing up before the media to get their tributes in first.

The world will be deluged with the sanitized version of Nelson Mandela's life, beginning with his trial and sentence for 'anti-apartheid activism', his imprisonment on Robben Island, his subsequent release to become head of the new Rainbow nation, and his Gandhi-like capacity for forgiveness.

Nelson Mandela joins Pope John Paul ll, Mother Theresa and Lady Diana as embodiments of the saintly, self sacrificing spirit that is sadly lacking in the world today. ( Saint Barack Obama will be joining this exclusive club in the near future).

An audience and photo op with Nelson Mandela was as mandatory for any sanctimonious rock star or celebrity as an audience and photo op with the Pope was for politicians courting the Catholic vote or a photo op for chavs with great train robber Ronnie Biggs during his forced sojourn in Rio.

This PR created image will guarantee that the world will witness the morbid out if control public wailing that accompanied the passing of Lady Diana, Kim-Il Sung and his spawn, the Ayatollah Khomeini and lately Hugo Chavez.

For those independently minded folk who retain the ability to think for themselves, the truth is somewhat different.

Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress/South African Communist Party (ANC) at a young age and rose through the ranks. After his divorce from his first wife, on the grounds of abuse, Mandela appears to have become more frustrated and militant. He was instrumental in forming the ANC's military wing, The Spear Of The Nation and became its first leader, declaring that he was willing to "violate the law and go to prison". He tasked his fellow terrorist and friend Walter Sisulu with procuring arms and supplies from China.

In his capacity as leader of this guerrilla army Nelson Mandela studied, and was inspired by, the works Mao-Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

In the meantime, while still married to his first wife, Nelson Mandela courted, and radicalized the girl who was to become his second wife, Winnie. This appalling human being is still causing havoc today but more on her later.

There followed a series of indiscriminate bombings and sabotage for which Nelson Mandela was arrested, tried and imprisoned for life. He sanctioned a broadening of the bombing campaign which resulted in the death and mutilation of innocent civilians including the elderly, women and children, both black and white.

Describing these atrocities as 'anti-apartheid activities' is a gross insult to the dead and wounded unbecoming of politicians who condemn similar atrocities when they are carried out by the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

The ANC was declared a terrorist organization by most Western powers including the USA and Great Britain.

In common with all terrorist organisations, Mandela's ANC ran a regime of intimidation and bloodshed. Its training camps were notorious for their use of torture and execution to ensure discipline and ideological purity.

In the ANC controlled townships they practiced their policy of terror against their own people, with kangaroo courts and the mob executions of dissidents and opponents. It's during these mob executions that 'necklacing' entered the terrorist lexicon, whereby a petrol filled tyre would be placed around the victims neck and set alight.

One cannot discuss the truth about Nelson Mandela without mentioning his second wife and the love of his life, Winnie. This radicalized fanatic was the product of her relationship with the man who is now being compared with Mahatma Gandhi.

In the current Public Relations dominated world of the myth creators The 'Mother of the Nation' is an abused heroine who suffered under the evil apartheid regime but still stood resolutely by her man come what may.

They will conveniently ignore the fact that in 1991 this appalling woman was cited in the final report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission as being " politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the Mandela United Football Club".

It concluded that Winnie Mandela "had been personally and directly responsible for the murder, torture, abduction and assault of numerous men, women and children, as well as indirectly responsible for an even larger number of crimes".

In 1992 she was accused of ordering the murder of a family friend in 1989, where she paid the killer $8,000 and supplied the gun.

In 2007 Winnie Mandela also endorsed the practice of burning people alive using the aforementioned 'necklacing'. (See her Wiki entry here). She is currently a high ranking member of the ANC.

It was no surprise that on his release from prison, and with the approval of the whole world, that Nelson Mandela would run for, and win, high political office. The only obstacle to his credibility was his dear wife Winnie, so she was unceremoniously dumped.

Winnie Mandela is the archetypal woman scorned and she got her revenge when in a 2010 interview she attacked her mentor and saintly ex husband by claiming that he had "let blacks down" and further attacked him for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. In other words he sold out his own people in exchange for high political office.

She further put the boot in when she diminished his stature by claiming that he was only "the foundation" and that "they only wheeled him out to collect money".  Ouch!

She even went on describe her ex husband's biggest supporter and friend, Archbishop Tutu as "a cretin".

These statements should be borne in mind when images of a weeping Winnie Mandela are being flashed around the world when the orgy of mourning begins.

Nelson Mandela went on to become President of the country that imprisoned him for 28 years and then went on to create the idyllic, peaceful, multi-cultural Rainbow Nation that the media leads us to believe is with us today.

When the politicians and pop stars, from Obama to Bono, deliver their sanctimonious pieties, remember that the media created image of the Rainbow Nation' is a long way from the reality of the crime ridden, blood soaked, poverty stricken, racially divided, corrupt hell hole that is South Africa today.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Google Tax Efficiency - Political Hypocrites Claim The Moral High Ground

When the tax affairs of multi-national companies hits the news emotion seems to take over from common sense. Emotions are stirred by the fact that working people are forced to pay penal rates of taxes under threat of imprisonment while big corporations, including multi-nationals, get off lightly because they have the resources to study the law and legally pay the minimum that is required.

The fact is that these corporations are only doing what every other taxpayer on the planet, myself included, is doing i.e paying the absolute minimum they are legally required pay, not a penny more or a penny less.

The recent fuss over the tax affairs of Google, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon et al. has been manufactured by the global political class to facilitate getting their grubby fingers on more private sector wealth for them to squander on their global 'progressive' agenda and bribing the voters in their re-election bids.

Although the tax codes are grossly complicated, the issues relating to the political interference is not. Because the CEO's of these companies are doing nothing illegal the politicians are calling their morality into question.

How the public can fall for this nonsense is beyond comprehension. The political class, one of the most despicable groups of venal, hypocritical charlatans on the planet, is smearing a group of successful, innovative business people as being immoral.

When Google's UK boss Matt Brittin appeared before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, his defence of his company's tax affairs was sound. What his company is doing is totally within the law therefore, he says, it is up to politicians to legislate if they wanted to force a change.

In a statement of breath taking hypocrisy he was informed by the PAC Chairman, Margaret Hodge MP, that "we are not accusing you of being illegal. We are accusing you of being immoral".

This is the same Margaret Hodge who's family company Stemcor paid a measly $243,350 tax on $3.2 billion in UK business and a paltry $1.2 million on $1.1billion globally in 2011. This is the same Margaret Hodge who threatens sue anyone who suggests any impropriety in her tax affairs.

People who live in the real world are not specifically 'accusing Hodge of being illegal' but they are most definitely 'accusing her of being immoral'... and a colossal hypocrite to boot.

Incidentally, this is also the same Margaret Hodge who as leader of the loony left Islington Council, presided over child abuse scandal that shocked nation and got away with it without punishment.

The House of Commons is a veritable den of immoral tax cheats, as evidenced by the house flipping scandal whereby 'Honourable' Members changed the designation of their primary residences to claim expenses and allowances or to immorally avoid paying capital gains tax.

Tax avoidance is not confined to Great Britain, its a global issue. Who better to sort it out than macho PR Prime Minister, 'Call Me Dave' Cameron who made tax avoidance top of the agenda at the recent G8 summit.

What they didn't discuss at their choreographed, no tie summit was the immoral tax avoidance scams of their own political elite.

French socialist government tax avoiders

Greek socialist Prime Minister Papandreau's alleged involvement in an immoral family tax avoidance scam

USA Democrat immoral Charles Rangel's tax avoidance scams

Even American Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner was exposed as an immoral tax cheat

The question that the global political elite needs to answer is, what do they intend to do with all this extra money? They don't exactly have a great track record of spending taxpayers money efficiently.

Would they use it to deal with the deficits and the unsustainable debts they have irresponsibly run up?

Would they use it to shore up the military capabilities they are dismantling in the face of the global jihad and a nuclear armed Iran?

Would they use it to lower the deliberately high energy prices that is crippling their own people and making their economies uncompetitive?

Using past behavior as a guide they will squander the extra money on:

Increased welfare entitlements for purpose of increasing dependency for the underclass in exchange for votes.

Increase in foreign aid for blood soaked dictators and another $1.5 billion for the professional aid consultants in what is now an industry in itself.

Perhaps another $18.6 billion on useless IT projects for the NHS

Maybe $49 billion on an unwanted High speed railway that is projected to shave a mere 15 minutes off the journey time between London and Birmingham.

Untold billions on welfare payments and public services for the continuing policy of open border mass immigration.

The list is endless, however it must said that money is more efficiently spend by individuals and the private sector than by wasteful, career politicians.

Google, Apple, Starbucks etc. are more likely to spend their hard earned money on things that will benefit their businesses and by extension the people, than any politician who only has eyes on their own personal agenda which includes their re-election.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mass Immigration Disaster - Speaker Bercow Joins The Quislings

If there is any doubt about the unanimity of the political class, regardless of party affiliation, to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain, then the treacherous behavior of the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House of Commons while visiting Romania should dispel it once and for all.

The shameful utterances of John Bercow to the Romanian political class were not only an insult to the British people they were also thoroughly dishonest. More importantly they were a clear demonstration of how committed the all party political establishment is to the 'progressive' cultural replacement agenda.

In what appears to be an unintended consequence, the pig ignorant Bercow also gave an indication of his contempt for the free press for reporting the truth as it is, not as he would want it to be reported.

While Britain's PR made Prime Minister 'Call Me Dave' Cameron is lying to the British people about making their country unattractive to the hordes of welfare tourists and criminals who are about to descend on their country, John Bercow is rolling out the welcome mat in the belly of the beast itself in Bucharest.

Deliberately ignoring the appalling behavior of the Romanian immigrants already in Great Britain, Bercow states that "I want to underline the fact that there has been an important wave of immigrants that came to Great Britain from new member states and in many cases they came with aptitudes and a commitment, an involvement we haven't seen in our own workforce".

Bercow should have made it clear that he was referring to the motivation of the indigenous career welfare benefit scroungers that the British political class has deliberately created, but by using the term "our own workforce" he is suggesting that the entire British workforce lacks the same aptitude, commitment or involvement that a potential Romanian immigrant may have.

Speaker Bercow was deliberately lying off course in order to make a case for further the Romanian immigration that has been ordered by the real rulers of Great Britain, the European Union totalitarians from Brussels.

Bercow conveniently didn't mention the fact that of the 60,000 Romanian immigrants already in Great Britain, 28,000 have been arrested in connection with:

10 murders,

142 rapes,

666 sex crimes,

303 robberies,

1,370 burglaries,

2,902 acts of violence.

In 2012 there were 624 Romanians in British prisons compared with 454 in 2011.

Romanians perpetrate 92% of thefts from cash machines.

There are 28,000 mostly British victims of Romanian criminals that Bercow conveniently ignores in his quest to encourage the mass immigration decided upon by the treacherous political class.

Speaker Bercow also chooses to ignore the camps of Romanian beggars and criminals that blight the landscape including some of Great Britain's iconic landmarks such as Marble Arch and Hyde Park corner.

The authoritarian instincts of the European Union inspired political class are on display with Bercow's comments on the media.

Bercow states that "the media coverage of immigration did not reflect the views of Parliament or the government".

He is obviously unaware that in a free country the media are not supposed to be spinners for the government, they have a duty to report the news as they see it not the views of Parliament or the government.

In any event the views of Parliament and the government should be those of the people they are paid to represent. The fact that they do not is an indication of the yawning chasm between the politicians and the people.

The disastrous open border mass immigration policy was not asked for by the British people nor were they consulted, they will, however, have to suffer the consequences that taxpayer funded politicians like Bercow will not.

The supposedly neutral Speaker of the House of Commons has surrendered that neutrality and come down firmly on the side of the other traitors and Quislings who are busy selling out the country and its people to the unelected totalitarians of the European Union.


*On a personal note: I have been travelling extensively for the past 6 weeks in both the USA and the UK, mixing mainly with ordinary working class people. It was excellent and I hope to share some of the attitudes I encountered in future posts. Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

European Union - Cameron's Swivel Eyed Loons Are 'Deniers' As Well

It would appear that Great Britain's plastic Prime Minister has emerged re-energised from his session at the secretive Bilderberg conference. David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has been putting the verbal boot into anyone who believes that Great Britain is, and always will be, an independent sovereign nation.

'Dave' has been using the well worn tactic, initiated by Phony Tony Blair and his Downing Street Smear Unit, of insulting and smearing anyone who dissents from the EU mandated demographic and cultural replacement agenda.

It would appear that his masters at Bilderberg are not happy with the rise in UKIP support and the clamour amongst ordinary British people for a referendum on EU membership. 'Dave' has previously smeared supporters of a sovereign Great Britain by referring to them as 'fruitcakes', 'swivel eyed loons' and 'closet racists'. This is obviously not enough to neutralise the threat therefore he has stooped to a level unbecoming of a British Prime Minister.

Since his appearance at Bliderberg, 'Dave' has not only reiterated his undying support for the German dominated United States of Europe, he has also smeared opponents by referring to them as 'deniers'. As anyone who follows politics will know, the term 'denier' is used to subconsciously link any opponents with the far right Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic Muslim fanatics.

This tactic was taken up by the Man Made Global Warming zealots, who now describe their transformational agenda as 'Combating Climate Change'.

It is with regret, and thanks mainly to Phony Tony, that smearing legitimate opponents as 'Climate Change Deniers' as become an integral part of political discourse.

As is universally known 'Dave' remains absolutely committed to making the British economy uncompetitive, as well as  ripping off the British public, while condemning millions into fuel poverty in the name of 'Combating Climate Change', so using the term 'denier' as a smear will be familiar to him.

In a recent speech 'Dave' reiterated his undying support not only for the EU but also for other global institutions such as the G8, NATO, the anti western UN etc. He claims that Britain cannot shut itself away in the new globalised world but he failed to explain how being subjugated into an authoritarian, exclusive political union can be viewed as shutting oneself away from the rest of the world.

I expect 'Dave' to double down on his smearing of opponents but for his information I would like him to note the following:

I personally am not a fruitcake, a swivel eyed loon or a closet racist, I just happen to be a patriot who loves his country and believes that it should remain free, independent and sovereign.

If that makes me a 'denier' then so be it but I really, really would like 'Dave' to utter that offensive smear to my face at a place and time of his choosing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'There Is A Problem Within Islam' - Tony Blair Enlightens The World With His Genius

I am not sure if its just me or does anyone else find the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Phony Tony Blair one of the vilest reptiles ever to walk the political stage?  Phony Tony's intervention into the horrific murder of Drummer Rigby with his comments about Islam are unwelcome, dishonest and they display the opportunism of a political whore who is unable to stay out of media limelight and who will use any tragedy to attract attention and money to himself.

Blair's assertion that "there is  a problem within Islam" is either a callous attempt to disassociate himself from his own disastrous policy of multi-culturalism or he has been dwelling on another planet for the whole of his miserable life.

While Blair and his fellow cultural vandals were busy portraying Islam as a religion of peace, compatible with British culture and then smearing anyone as racist Islamophobes if they disagreed, Muslims were mistreating their women as a matter of course, marrying off their young daughters to their illiterate, older uncles and murdering their female relatives if they were perceived to have let down the family honour.

And if that's not enough there's the Muslim paedophile gangs grooming under age white girls to be raped and sexually abused with the full knowledge of Phony Tony's new politically correct establishment including the police.

These "problems within Islam" didn't just suddenly appear, they have been there since the desert death cult was first formed back in dark ages. Phony Tony tells us that he spent some time reading the Koran in order  to better understand Islam and its adherents. If that's true then he will have learned that Muslims are under obligation to subjugate the entire planet, and kill all of us infidels who refuse to accept their perverted, blood soaked religion.

In their desire to fundamentally transform western society, Blair and the political elite have attempted portray Islam as a religion of peace which is being perverted by a minority of extremists in order to radicalise impressionable young people. This is nonsense and Blair knows it, his political cronies also know it, "Call Me Dave" Cameron and his fellow collaborators know it, and above all, the utterly useless Baroness Warsi, so called Minister for Faith and Communities, knows it. The entire Western world knows it.

The "Problems within Islam" that are being cynically exploited by Blair for personal reasons, are in fact the foundations upon which that the Islamic religion was founded and they have always been there. They are incompatible with the traditional British and Western way of life and they include:

Spousal abuse up to and including premeditated murder, in what are erroneously labelled 'honour' killings. There is nothing honourable about them. They are simply cold blooded murder.

Jihad, which is taken to mean a holy war to impose Islam on the rest of the planet, violently if necessary.

Paedophilia, this is normal to all Muslims. Marrying off their young daughters, some of whom are not far removed from babies, to older relatives is a revolting practice which is should turn the stomachs of anyone calling themselves civilised.

Physical mutilation for minor crimes is an acceptable practice to the majority of Muslims.

Ill treatment of animals for religious purposes. This is forbidden under British law but is ignored by the authorities for reasons of cultural sensitivity.

Sharia law is a "problem within Islam" that has not been recently invented by radical imams, it's always been there and it is not compatible with Great Britain or the western world.

This list is not exhaustive but it illustrates that the "problems within Islam" are not the result of radical imams perverting innocent young minds but are the very foundations of the religion itself as practiced by the vast majority of Muslims in Great Britain and worldwide.

Multi-millionaire Phony Tony Blair should be made to live permanently in one of the mono-cultural Muslim ghettos that he and his collaborators established in such places as Rochdale, Rotherham and Brick Lane.

Phony Tony, together with his venal trout of a wife Cherie and their children, should be exposed permanently to the 'rich' cultural diversity that they have imposed on their unwilling citizens, instead of bleating on about "problems within Islam" that he knew full well were in existence when he opened the borders to the hoards of Muslim welfare colonists during his disastrous reign as Prime Minister.