Monday, February 27, 2017

Hijabgate - Marine Le Pen Puts Her Dignity Before Appeasing Islamists

The difference between a woman who puts her principles and dignity before votes and spineless appeasers who would sell both was made abundantly clear when French Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, refused to don a Muslim hijab to meet a representative of Islam.

During a visit to Lebanon she was scheduled meet Sunni Muslim leader, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, who requires women to don the oppressive headdress before appearing in his presence.

In solidarity with oppressed Muslim women the world over, and also to maintain her dignity and that of her country, she refused to comply.

Since Madam Le Pen had previously met the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt without such a degrading requirement one can only assume that the Grand Mufti of Lebanon was using the meeting to demonstrate the dominance of Islam not only over women but also over a possible future President of France.

On the same visit she had meetings with the Christian President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, the Sunni Prime Minister, Saad al- Harriri and the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and the Levant, Cardinal Mar Bachara al-Rai, without any requirement to demean herself or France by surrendering her dignity.

Contrast this to the recent Swedish delegation to Iran who prior to their visit self-identified as the first feminist government in the world with promises to promote a “gender equality perspective internationally” and to adopt “a feminist foreign policy” in which “equality between women and men is a fundamental aim”.

Their grandiose feminist credentials and lofty feminist rhetoric was ignominiously surrendered when they allowed themselves to be publicly paraded before the medieval misogynistic leader of Iran, President Rouhani, wearing hijabs, chadors and long coats.

For those who follow the European scene Sweden is the highest profile example of the disastrous policy of government imposed multi-culturalism and Islamification using open border mass immigration from backward Muslim countries to slowly erase Swedish culture.

Despite widespread censorship violent crime, sexual assault, rape and murder committed by Muslim immigrants is endemic in Sweden where it is forecast that one in five Swedish women will be the victim of rape in the years to come.

By the UN’s own forecast Sweden will meet the requirements to qualify for third world status within the next thirty years.

If selling ones dignity by groveling before Islamic misogynist leaders is not bad enough, donning Islamic garb for votes is just as contemptible.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May is guilty along with Great Britain’s most prominent and vocal feminist politician, Harriet Harman, who both donned the degrading hijab when trawling the Muslim ghettos for votes.

It should be noted that Arab leaders don’t feel the need to adopt western style attire when visiting France, Great Britain, Sweden or anywhere else in the civilized world despite the inclement weather they rarely experience in their hot desert kingdoms.

Humiliating as it may be for a woman, wearing a headscarf may seem a minor issue in great global foreign affairs theatre but the French people would be unforgiving if Marine Le Pen had lowered herself before a representative of the same death cult that has maimed and killed hundreds of French citizens throughout her country from Charlie Hebdo in Paris to the Nice atrocity on Bastille Day.

It’s a shame that other female leaders around the world don’t follow her example and refuse to compromise their own dignity and that of their respective countries by groveling to uncivilized, medieval misogynists who are committed to destruction of the west and the domination of their murderous cult across the world.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos – Another Scalp For The Fascists Trophy Room Wall

The demise of journalist, author and former senior editor of Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulos, is being celebrated in the anti-free speech liberal/socialist/progressive community around the western world as well as college campuses across America.

The knives were out for Yiannopoulos the moment his politically incorrect message started to gain traction and give an alternative world view to audiences previously held captive by the government-media axis and their global propaganda machine.

Spreading any message that is different from the official orthodoxy is treated as a threat that must be snuffed out lest the grip on the minds of the young by the global ‘progressive’ elite is loosened.

Milo Yiannopoulos’ notoriety and style generated publicity for his message which posed an existential threat to the ‘progressive’ agenda therefore he had to be shut down and silenced.

The United States joins Germany, Sweden and others in the western world who are attacking freedom of speech by using censorship to deny their populations access to the truth and dark propaganda to create a false vision of the world and hide their malignant intentions.

Denying freedom of speech and using propaganda to brainwash the masses has been the staple diet of Fascists and dictators throughout history; these evils have been adopted by the political class in the western world and used in their war against the people along with their inalienable right to government with the consent of the governed.

The scalp of Milo Yiannopoulos joined that of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on the Fascist trophy room wall when minor indiscretions were blown out of all proportion by a concerted campaign of negative publicity designed to make their positions untenable.

In the case of Yiannopoulos, vague remarks he made a year ago about sex between adults and children proved to be his downfall. This is surprising since pedophilia in his home country is rife and largely ignored by the police and the authorities if perpetrated by the ruling class and members of the Muslim community.

It’s worth comparing the remarks that got Yiannopoulos shutdown and those made by senior politicians, Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt, along with a pedophile supporting past of a senior member of the judiciary, Judge Fulford, all of which were largely ignored by the government-media axis and had no effect whatsoever on their positions of power. 

Yiannopoulos endorsed the view that: “we get hung up on this kind of child abuse stuff…..this arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent”.

Harriet Harman endorsed the view that:”Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage”…………….she also endorsed the view that: “The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of pedophilia result in lasting damage”.

Former Labour Party Member of Parliament Patricia Hewitt endorsed a similar theme: “There is no proof that sex between adults and children causes harm”……………she also makes the outrageous claim that “innocent adults are seduced by children”.

(More Harman, Hewitt and Hodge pedophile articles here and here)

Members of the judiciary are also apologists for pedophiles without sanction from the same global mainstream media that closed down Milo Yiannopoulos.

The late Sir Henry Hodge, aka The Honorable Mr. Justice Hodge, laid bare his views on sex between adults and children when he opined that “Homosexuals are now widely regarded as ordinary, healthy people – a minority but no more ill than the majority who are left handed. There is no reason why pedophilia should not win similar acceptance”.

(Pedophile supporting Judge Fulford story here)

(Previous article on British moral decay here)

It must be noted that while Milo Yiannopoulos has been shut down by an agenda driven global media machine, Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Lord Justice Fulford are still in position of power making laws and dishing out justice with their reputations and their seats on the taxpayer funded gravy train intact.

In conclusion: The remarks made by Yiannopoulos, distasteful as they are, are mild by comparison to those made by Harman, Hewitt, Hodge and Fulford. The fact that one has been shut down and the others have not demonstrates the awesome power, efficiency and ruthlessness of the global media machine in its pursuit of their malign 'progressive' agenda; it should also serve as a stark warning to those who value freedom of speech and government with the consent of the governed. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fighting Brexit - Elite Choose The Evil One To Lead Their Campaign

When the millionaires and billionaires that form the global elite appointed former Prime Minister Tony Blair to lead their campaign to reverse the Brexit referendum result and keep Great Britain under the jackboot of the EU dictatorship, they put on display not only their contempt for democracy and the people but also how out of touch they are.

One would think that entrepreneurs and political movers and shakers such as George Soros, Richard Branson, Lord Mandelson etc. who have the expertise and talent to accumulate vast fortunes and political power for themselves would have chosen someone other than a pariah who ranks among the most hated people in the land.

If choosing Blair wasn’t insulting enough, their message that the people were lied to and not intelligent enough to understand the issue set their contempt in stone.

Accusing the Brexit campaign of lying and misleading the British people is the type of distortion we have come to expect from the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media whores, including the taxpayer funded BBC, who abuse their monopoly of news and information.

In a complete reversal of history it was the Remain campaign, universally known  as ‘Project Fear’, that was a deliberately manufactured tissue of lies and threats. Every prediction from economic Armageddon and four million lost jobs to the outbreak of World War III has failed to materialize since the British people chose freedom from the EU dictatorship.

On the contrary, as was predicted by the Brexit campaign, just the prospect of being free from the EU’s central command and control over borders and economic life has sent Great Britain’s economic indicators soaring to record levels.

The very idea of sending the man who consciously lied to take Great Britain into a disastrous war in Iraq to accuse the Brexit campaign of lying is beyond irony. The powerful elite are obviously not as clever as they make themselves out to be or what we give them credit for.

Ignoring the result of the Brexit referendum is not the first time Tony Blair has ignored the will of the people. Outside the political elite and those with a vested interest, opposition to his war in Iraq was total. He ignored petitions, campaigns and the biggest mass demonstration in history in order to rain death and destruction on Iraqi people.

When Blair talks about lies and distortions by the Brexit campaign,  people need to be reminded that his justification for killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, including women, children, the elderly, the sick and the infirm, was to find and destroy Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s).

What became known as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ was a distortion of intelligence reports concerning Saddam’s capability to attack the west with WMD’s, which included the outrageous lie that he had the capability to attack Great Britain in as little time as forty-five minutes.

Rather than admit the truth, when WMD’s were proved to be non-existent, Blair’s justification for his war morphed into ‘regime change’ with the claim that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein.

The world would be a better place without Kim Jong-un or Robert Mugabe, and a host of other blood-soaked dictators, so using the same justification North Korea and Zimbabwe should be bombed back to the stone-age forthwith.

Blair has attracted further opprobrium by masqueraded as a socialist to gain control over the Labour Party and the Premiership of Great Britain then ditching every principle he claimed he had to accumulate a personal fortune reputed to be in the tens of millions. Ditching also a long established code of ethics, he did this by using contacts he made during his time in office including with some of the worlds vilest dictators and oppressive regimes.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that Blair and his wife Cherie stand accused of being a double act when it comes to amassing their personal fortune. Using the name Cherie Booth she was instrumental in setting up Matrix Chambers to specialize in human rights cases just prior to her husband incorporating EU human rights law into British law. 

Whether this was a coincidence is open to debate but a fortune was made and it stinks to high Heaven; it only adds to the contempt that the people have not only for Tony Blair but for his spouse as well.

In conclusion, Tony Blair is a fanatical Europhile who makes no secret of the fact that he wants to see an independent, sovereign Great Britain become province of a United States of Europe ruled by foreign bureaucrats on behalf of the global elite.

This elite should have known that the vast majority of the British people consider Tony Blair to be evil personified, a war criminal that belongs in prison who they despise with a passion reserved only for history’s more unsavory characters.

By using the hated Tony Blair as their public face they have inadvertently damaged their own campaign and hopefully helped the Brexiteers to consign the EU to the dustbin of history where it so rightly belongs. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Mass Murder and Child Rape UK – Great Britain Needs Its Own President Trump

When the global anti-Trump hysteria reached Great Britain, encouraged by a bias rant from the supposedly neutral Speaker of The House of Commons and the BBC, it laid a large section of the British population open to charges of sanctimonious virtue signaling and monumental stupidity.

Judging by the complete and utter disaster that has befallen the British people since Tony Blair and his Labour Party decided to impose a so called multi-cultural society by opening the borders to mass third world immigration they need a President Trump of their own to save them from their own folly.

For the benefit of the uninitiated around the world who were under the impression that Great Britain was an oasis of liberty in a desert of tyranny here are some facts to the contrary.

 Freedom of thought and free speech has been crushed out of the British people by a regime of rigidly policed political correctness, one-way hate crimes and selective enforcement of the law dependent upon ethnic origin, religion, immigration status and now political preference.

The bulldog spirit and patriotic fervor that characterized the generation that stood up to Hitler and the Third Reich and defeated him when all was lost has long gone, replaced by a generation that lives in fear of being called names or subject to labelling.

The list of labels and smears that the British people are afraid of has been expanded to include ‘Trump supporter’ in addition to the standard labels of racist, sexist, Islamophobe etc. etc.

These facts, along with a dumbed down socialized education system has rendered a large section of the population unable to analyze information and form an independent opinion, has resulted in a culture of groupthink which is being controlled by the government-media axis and their propaganda machine.

Helping with the groupthink and propaganda is the mindless worship of celebrities who have been co-opted by the government to push their ‘progressive’ agenda along with anti-Trump hysteria.
Looking at some of the aforementioned disasters that have befallen the British people since the borders were thrown open to mass immigration from the uncivilized world, this section of the British population are the archetypal three wise monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

The ‘refugees welcome’ useful idiots, along with EU supporters, Labor Party voters and virtue 
signaling celebrities, are not only ignoring the heinous crimes committed by immigrants and their progeny but insulting the victims and their loved ones.

Three of the July 7th London Transport bombers who killed fifty-two and injured some seven hundred others were children of Pakistani immigrants the fourth being an immigrant from Jamaica.

The July 21st London Transport bombers, who were intercepted before they committed mass murder contained one immigrant from Ghana, one from Eritrea, two from Somalia and three from Ethiopia.

The monsters that brutally murdered and attempted to behead Fusilier Lee Rigby in broad daylight outside a school in a busy London Street were the children of immigrants from Nigeria.

To their eternal shame this group of virtue signaling bleeding hearts are ignoring the Rotherham child grooming scandal where some fourteen hundred under age white girls were groomed, sexually assaulted, raped and pimped out by Pakistani pedophile gangs. This horror was allowed to continue for over decade with the tacit approval of the authorities including their Member of Parliament, Denis McShane, the police, the local council, schools and unbelievably the children’s welfare services.

This scandal was allowed spread to other Muslim dominated towns and cities such as Rochdale, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Manchester, Oxford, London etc. without as much as a squeak of disapproval from the authorities or the hand-wringing bleeding hearts or the agenda the driven establishment .

Read the harrowing story of one victim here. Rotherham child grooming history here

These people who approved the abuse of these young girls are accessories to the crimes and therefore criminals themselves as are the ‘welcome refugee’ crowd who are deliberately ignoring this horrific abuse because their agenda and their feelings take a higher priority.

Much of the virtue signaling and hand wringing is over Syrian refugees fleeing a conflict which was caused in part by western powers indulging in regime change and empire building.

The hand wringers should note that the oil rich Arab states and fellow Muslims, despite having the facilities and infrastructure to do so, are refusing take any Syrian refugees whatsoever because they know they will be importing problems including terrorism. (Saudi Arabia Mina camp here)

Other western nations, allies and trading partners such as Japan, South Korea, Hungary and India etc. are also putting their own people first by refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

Like the three wise monkey’s the hand wringers  are ignoring the empirical evidence that the Gulf States, allies and trading partners, and more importantly President Trump, are taking note of and acting accordingly to protect their citizens.

In conclusion: Listening to these ‘welcome refugee’ useful idiots along with their idols from planet celebrity one would think that the USA and Great Britain have sole responsibility for Syrian refugees and other economic migrants making dangerous journeys across perilous seas in order to enjoy the welfare paradise they believe awaits them.

On the positive side, instead of moralizing and virtue signaling, these British hand wringers can appease their bleeding hearts and help ease the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ at the same time by adopting a refugee family and giving them refuge in their own homes and financial support from their personal treasuries.

I would strongly advise that readers do not hold their breath while waiting.

Further reading for the 'welcome refugees' useful idiots, hand wringing bleeding hearts and celebrities along with the socialist/liberal/progressive open borders community.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump Hatred - Disrespecting The American People And Taking Them For Fools

The manufactured hysteria being whipped up around the world against President Trump under the pretext of a cruel immigration ban exposes not only the power of the global media machine but the determination of the global elite to prevent him from governing and putting a halt to their ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda.

It also exposes the lies, deceit and dirty tricks they employ, along with using embedded corrupt public
officials, including the judiciary, to prevent the President from fulfilling his campaign promise to keep the American people safe.

His Executive Order (EO) to put in place a temporary ban on immigration from seven America hating, terrorist infested countries which were highlighted by the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration has been variously described as an immigrant ban, a Muslim ban and the more emotion triggering ‘refugee ban’ which was designed to wind up the snowflakes and bring them onto the streets in protest.

To the mature, emotionally stable and informed members of the populace none of these are true, the EO is exactly what it says it is; a temporary ban on immigration from these hideous places until proper vetting procedures can be put in place that weeds out the terrorists and anyone else that despises America, does not share it’s values and hates its people and their way of life.

The campaign promise to deport illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes including drug smuggling, rape and murder is also being misrepresented in order to stir up emotions and hatred for President Trump.

The policy of deporting foreign criminals and illegal immigrants has long been Federal law which has not been enforced by previous agenda driven administrations. President Trump is doing the job he was elected to do by enforcing a law that already exists.

Like the rest of the propaganda campaign, the charge that he is intentionally targeting ‘law abiding’ illegals and deliberately splitting up families is designed to stir up the emotions of the feeble minded and foster hatred.

Incidentally, since there are no restrictions on anyone leaving the country to join a deported miscreant; no families are being deliberately torn asunder; it is a simple matter of priorities and personal choice for the families concerned.

The United States of America is no different to any other country on the planet by having immigration laws which include visa requirements, a naturalization process, rules on citizenship and most importantly penalties for illegal entry and visa overstaying along with criteria for deportation.

Judging by the chorus of opprobrium directed at the United States and President Trump from around the world it would appear that they, and only they, are inhumane for having the same laws as everyone else. America and President Trump must be the only country in world that are castigated and vilified for enforcing the law of the land. 

Mexico and its President attract no such opprobrium even though their immigration laws and
deportation procedures are stricter than those of its northern neighbor.
These laws include:

Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society.

Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country.

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned.

Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported and/or imprisoned as felons.

Under Mexican law illegal immigration is a felony.

Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law.

The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens from partaking in the country’s political life.

The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector. (See here)

Although he has suggested no such thing President Trump has been vilified for the idea that anywhere between three and ten million illegal immigrants may be deported, however President Narendra Modi of India, a staunch ally and trading partner of the USA, suffers no such vilification for his country’s policy to deport some twenty million illegal immigrants back to Bangladesh.

These deportations are to prevent the Muslim immigrants out-breeding the locals and depriving them of their identity and, horror of horrors, to prevent terrorists infiltrating India among the immigrant flow.

As I know from personal experience strict conditions apply for any foreigner wanting to live and work in India and despite the fact that Indians have become citizens in countries around the world, Indian citizenship is only available to those of Indian origin. (See here and here)

In a similar vein Kenya is planning to deport four hundred and twenty-five thousand Somali ‘refugees’, without any global hysteria, because the invaders are ‘a breeding ground for terrorism and an economic burden’.

The global propaganda machine has ‘blacked out this news because it undermines the ‘Somali refugee’ narrative promoted in the west and because it’s a black state doing the expelling, instead of a European state’. (Read the article here).

Another example of immigration and deportation requirements that are stricter than those of the USA is NATO ally and prospective member of the European Union, Turkey.

They will deport foreigners who:

Use false information and fraudulent documents in procedures concerning entry into Turkey.

Who make a living through illegitimate means during their stay in Turkey.

Who exceed the duration of visa or visa exemption more than ten days, or who’s visa has been cancelled.

Who are identified as having been working without a work permit.
(See here)

One final example to illustrate the sheer hypocrisy of those that feign uproar at President Trump’s Executive Order is the case of the American born Muslim convert, Abdulakim Mujahid Mohammad. He is the perpetrator of the terrorist outrage in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2009 where one person was killed and another injured.

Mohammad traveled to Yemen in 2007 ostensibly to teach English but was deported for overstaying his visa and not having the correct government travel permits. He was also in possession of a fake Somali passport.

It’s more than ironic that an American citizen was jailed and deported from one of the proscribed countries for overstaying his visa and not having the required documentation. What’s even more ironic is that Mohammad had married a local Yemeni woman, therefore his deportation split up his family.

And so it goes on and on. Immigration and deportation procedures from allies, trading partners and enemies alike that are equal if not stricter than those of the USA but do not attract the vilification and hysteria from the global media or from foreign leaders who enforce the law of their own land but criticize President Trump for doing the same.

In conclusion: By continually vilifying and criticizing their choice of President and his commitment to enforce the law of the land like any other responsible President or Prime Minister, the American people are being disrespected and taken for mugs and fools.

America is well capable of surviving on its own, it doesn’t need the rest of the world so who could blame them if they pulled up the drawbridge, secured fortress America and gave us all the middle finger.

Canadian immigration article here

Immigration pitfalls in Indonesia here


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump Hatred - British Political Hypocrites Vent Their Phony Anger

The anti-Trump hysteria that is currently sweeping across the world is an indication that the newly elected President of the United States has set about reversing the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America embarked upon by the Obama administration from the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth into a mediocre third world  backwater.

This regressive ‘fundamental transformation’ was an integral part of the UN/EU globalist post war plan to create a borderless, egalitarian one world which President Trump has vowed to destroy by putting the interests of the American people first.

It’s also a clear demonstration of the awesome power that the UN/EU globalists can unleash when their progress toward a borderless, egalitarian one world government is threatened. The media machine at their disposal has whipped up such hatred and hysteria across the planet riots have broken out in American cities and cities across the world against President Trump.

 What should worry freedom lovers everywhere is that this hysteria is being deliberately whipped up using censorship, distortion and outright lies and this is leading to a breakdown of civil order, rioting and urban violence.

One would expect politicians, especially those from the Mother of Parliaments to show a modicum of honor with regard to the truth and disavow this deliberate stoking of hatred using distortion and lies.
Looking at the Parliamentary rabble that is most vocal in the anti-Trump hate campaign it is clearly apparent that their sole reason for living is to impose their ideologically driven agenda on the country therefore the truth is treated as an enemy to be defeated.

The visceral hatred for America and its capitalist system, albeit somewhat degraded, and the dream of its demise lies at the heart of every socialist/communist/liberal and in their malignant minds justifies the use of censorship, distortion and lies.

The British Parliament lost its reputation as the Mother of Parliaments long ago when elected office became a well remunerated career financed by the taxpayer as opposed to a public duty. The latest anti-American rant by the Speaker and Members of the House of Commons is a clear indication of how low this venerable institution has sunk.

The House of Commons is infested with hundreds of self-loathing, capitalist hating, socialist hypocrites who despise America and its dedication to individual liberty and constitutionally limited government; to illustrate the point I will highlight two of the most odious.

Harriet Harman, a vocal man hating feminist has been a Member of Parliament  since 1982, has vowed to empty chair President Trump should he visit stating that she “could not be there clapping a man who is a self-confessed groper”.
Firstly, a bit of locker room banter uttered in jest over decade or so ago doesn’t make President Trump a serial groper.

Secondly, in a nauseating display of monumental hypocrisy Harman may not be prepared to clap a mythical self-confessed groper but she is more than happy to clap former President Bill Clinton who is not just a self-confessed groper but a self-confessed sex pest, a serial abuser of women and a rapist when he addressed Parliament.

She also has nothing to say about former French Presidents Francois Mitterrand or Nicholas Sarkozy, one a bigamist and the other a serial womanizer who abused his wife, both of whom also addressed the Mother of Parliaments during her tenure.

More disgustingly, the not so pure and wholesome Harman was associated with the Pedophile Information Exchange, a vile organization that campaigned for sex between children and adults to be legalized.

Yvette Cooper, a former government Minister who entered Parliament in 1997, is another social hypocrite who uses distortion and lies to smear and delegitimize President Trump.

According to Cooper, “a Trump speech would fly in face of what Labour has worked for”. Since President Trump has not made a speech yet, and the world could be an entirely different place in the near future, she has no idea what it would contain. This statement is deliberately provocative as well as being evidence of Cooper’s hidden powers of clairvoyance.

Cooper is deliberately stirring up anti-Trump hatred using distortion and lies when she adds that “the idea that we are all going to sit in Parliament and listen to a man that is turning the clock back on democracy, pushing misogyny and hatred of Muslim is a joke”.

This statement is the work of a professional politician skilled in the dark arts of subliminal messaging and propaganda.

By using the word “we” she is giving the impression that she speaks for the entire six hundred and fifty Members of Parliament who are unanimous in their disapproval of President Trump. This is patently not true.

She offers no evidence or examples where President Trump is “turning back the clock on democracy”, this statement is designed to imply that he is anti-democracy and therefore the ludicrous charge of Fascist is justified.

It beggars belief that Cooper wants to be taken seriously when she claims that President Trump is “pushing misogyny and hatred of Muslims” when abuse of women is an integral part of Islam and misogyny is practiced by Muslim men in Great Britain without let or hindrance by politicians including herself and her ultra-feminist colleague, Harriet Harman.

Cooper and Harman know full well that female genital mutilation, child brides, incest, pedophilia, spousal abuse and so-called ‘honor killings’ are rife in Great Britain and since action to stamp them out is not forthcoming because of political correctness and their agenda to impose ‘multi-culturalism, it is safe to assume that they tacitly approve.

Students of the modern political class will know immediately that the statement was deliberately designed to stir up hatred in the Muslim communities by labelling President Trump as a racist and Islamophobe.

In conclusion: Harman and Cooper are only two of the hundreds of globalists in Parliament who have witnessed their ‘progressive’ agenda slowly disappear with the election of Donald Trump and the vote by the British people to regain their sovereignty and become an independent nation once again.

This Trump hatred hysteria is not an isolated response to a proposed visit by an unpopular American President. These people are fanatics who will not accept Brexit or the Trump Presidency; they will fight with everything at their disposal for the ideology that dominates their lives. These insults, lies and smears will only get worse as their beloved project disappears further into the dustbin of history with every passing day.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Speaker Bercow Joins The Campaign To Delegitimize President Trump

It should come as no surprise that the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House Commons, John Bercow, disregarded centuries of tradition and the rules of the House concerning his role as Speaker and insult, denigrate and otherwise impugn the character of the President of the United States of America.

Apart from his penchant for self-publicity and aggrandizement Speaker Bercow is despised by many in the House of Commons - and the country at large for that matter - for his blatant bias and general groveling to the powerful and the global elite.

The fact that his attack on President Trump used the false narrative manufactured by the globalists of racism, sexism and a disregard for the law is the clearest indication yet that Speaker Bercow is either a fully-fledged member of the global political elite or a puppet acting on their behalf.

Judging by his previous utterances and imbecilities it can only be the latter but I digress.

The five decade long plan by the UN/EU global elite for a one world government over a borderless, egalitarian world came to a shuddering halt when the British people voted to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump on a campaign promise to put the American people first and make ‘America Great Again.’

The global elite have invested too much effort and treasure to abandon their project on the basis of a referendum and a Presidential election. They will disregard both results and use every means at their disposal to derail Brexit and delegitimize President Trump.

We have already seen the Brexit process and President Trump’s legal and constitutional Executive Order on immigration from terrorist states blocked in the courts by embedded political activists masquerading as judges.

Over the decades that the globalist agenda as been in play, operatives have been infiltrated into positions of power and influence in every organization and institution such as the civil service, the media and national legislatures including the British Houses of Parliament and the American Congress.

The narrative used by Speaker Bercow to attack President Trump is same that is being repeated in Goebbelesque fashion throughout America and the western democracies with the intention of smearing the President as a racist, a sexist and a Fascist to the point where his Presidency is delegitimized and his position made untenable.

The twisting of facts and the outright lies used by Bercow are not only unbecoming of a Speaker of the House they do not stand up to the most superficial scrutiny.

He begins his manufactured sanctimonious moralizing by stating that he was opposed to President Trump addressing Parliament “before the imposition of the migrant ban” and even more so after. He doesn’t say where he gets his information from about the ‘migrant ban’ or why he feels this way about a man he has never met or had any dealings with whatsoever.
Along with the rest of the informed world Bercow knows full well that no ‘immigrant ban’ has been imposed but rather a temporary halt to immigration from seven terrorist infested countries that were highlighted by the intelligence agencies as a clear and present danger to the American people.

This moratorium is to remain in place until proper vetting procedures can be put in place and the safety of the American people guaranteed. This measure formed an important part of the President’s election campaign which he won decisively.

Continually repeating this nonsense is designed to embed in the consciousness of the brainwashed and generally uniformed populace that President Trump is indeed a racist, anti-immigrant and an Islamophobe.

If some locker room banter from decades ago is the only grounds Bercow has to smear President Trump as a sexist then he needs to get out more; as we know from his wife Sally’s recollection of her university days, women are equally adept at publicly voicing their desires for fondling parts of the male anatomy and in her case not only in jest. (See here)

Without producing a shred of evidence Bercow goes on to insinuate that President Trump doesn’t believe in equality under the law or an independent judiciary and is thus unfit to address the British Parliament.

As with the non-existent ‘immigrant ban’ informed people are aware that Bercow is fabricating evidence in order to smear the President and thus justify denying him the honor of addressing Parliament.

President Trump’s Executive Order on migrants from terrorist countries is not only legal and constitutional but set by precedent; President Reagan used his legal authority to ban certain classes of immigrants on five occasions, President G H W Bush once, President Clinton twelve times, President G W Bush six times and the sainted President Obama an astonishing nineteen times.

It must be noted that despite his nineteen ‘immigration bans’ and disregard for the law concerning sanctuary cities, the crawling and fawning over President Obama by Speaker Bercow was demeaning and an embarrassment to the nation.

This obvious attempt by Bercow to impugn the character President Trump using the favorite establishment smears of racism and sexism, along with supposed disrespect for law, are designed to question the Presidents Trump’s legitimacy and therefore his fitness to address the British Parliament; it raises two further important issues.

Firstly, there is the sheer unbridled hypocrisy of Bercow’s stance on racism, sexism and respect for the rule of law and an independent judiciary.

He has welcomed and fawned over some of the worse tyrants, misogynists and human rights abusers on the planet including President Xi Jinping of communist China and Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait who has taken sexism, misogyny and human rights abuses to levels unseen in western democracies. 

In addition to this pair of tyrants Speaker Bercow has also welcomed and fawned over authoritarian President Yudhoyono of Indonesia as well as President Tony Tan of Singapore. (See here and here)

If that isn't bad enough Bercow entertained on the Parliamentary estate Vice-Chairman Luu of communist Vietnam and, most astonishingly of all,  representatives of the brutally oppressive regime of North Korea. (See here)

To insinuate that Donald Trump, the democratically elected and benign President of the United States of America, is worse than this gang of tyrants to the point where they are welcome to Parliamentary estate or to address the British Parliament and he is not is beyond insulting, especially since the United States is Great Britain’s most valued ally.

Secondly, it’s a bit rich for Bercow to talk about respect for the law while he is the Speaker and co-leader of a Parliament that is stuffed to its crumbling rafters with crooks, villains, drunks, perverts, corruptocrats and hypocrites of the very highest order. Members of both Houses of Parliament are notorious for cheating on their expenses, nepotism, corruption, pedophilia, cheating on their wives and families as well routinely lying to the people they are elected to represent.

The Speaker has no right to be talking about lack of respect by President Trump for equality before the law and an independent judiciary when the law in Great Britain is selectively applied depending upon culture, religion and ethnicity by a judiciary that is stuffed with bewigged ‘progressive’ political activists masquerading as judges.

In conclusion, Speaker Bercow’s unwarranted attack on President Trump and the insinuation that he is a tyrant infinitely worse than the communist President of China or the Emir of Kuwait is proof positive that he has been co-opted by the global elite to continue the campaign to delegitimize the Trump Presidency and to represent their interests in the British Parliament.

Bercow is an insufferable, sanctimonious hypocrite who does not speak for the British people, his position is untenable and therefore he must stand down immediately or be unceremoniously removed.