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Redistribution Of Wealth By The UN - Politicians Engineered Domestic Industrial Decline

With every day that passes it becomes more apparent that national politicians are ignoring the various peoples they are elected to represent and are devoting their time imposing an internationally agreed global agenda based on equality of nations.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that in order to achieve this it will require a global redistribution of wealth on a massive scale; it also doesn't take a genius to work out that the developed world will have to suffer a severe downgrade in order to get anywhere near an equality of nations.

Conspiracy theories abound that the world is being run by Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Jewish Bankers and even shape shifting lizards.  These can be discounted on the basis of their unlikelihood, therefore I would suggest that instead of wasting valuable resources investigating these theories, attention should be switched to the United Nations.

The documents relating to 'redeploying world industry' and a global redistribution of wealth are there for all to see; one only has to look.

National politicians do not want their various populations to read these documents and to discover what their true intentions are; they rely instead on keeping their people ignorant, preferring state supplied 'bread and circuses' to divert their attention away from their treacherous actions.

After all, what kind of geek would sacrifice their precious time to plough through the Constitution of The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the Lima Declaration, when they could be watching football or sitting in the local watering hole imbibing on their favourite ale. (Watching football in the local watering hole is a better option).

I happen to know one such geek and my findings are as follows:

The above mentioned UN organisation is better known as UNIDO and it serves as the vehicle that was specifically constructed to bring about the 'progressive' wet dream of global equality.

I will post links at the end of this post so that people interested in knowing the truth about how and why their industries disappeared will be enlightened.

The opening paragraph on the very first page gives an indication of what is to come.

The Preamble to the UNIDO Constitution states that:

"Bearing in mind the broad objectives in the resolutions adopted by the sixth special session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the establishment of a New World International Economic Order in the UNIDO Second General Conference's Lima Declaration and Plan of Action for Industrial Development and Co-operation......"

In layman's language, UNIDO was set up as an agency under the auspices of the UN in order to engineer a New International Economic Order.

The later Lima Declaration agreed the means and processes to achieve this.

Article 1 reiterates the Preamble:

"The primary objective of the Organisation shall be the promotion and acceleration of industrial development in the developing countries with a view to assisting in the establishment of a New International Economic Order.  The Organisation shall also promote industrial development and co-operation on global, regional and national, as well as sectoral levels" 

The UN, using UNIDO, will be involved in global industrial development and redistribution of industry at all levels, including individual industries which are based in individual countries.

Article 2 paragraph (j) goes some way to explaining how industries and jobs disappeared from the developed world.

"Promote, encourage and assist in the development, selection, adaptation, transfer and use of industrial technology, with due regard for the socio-economic conditions and the specific requirements of the industry concerned, with special reference to the transfer of technology from the industrialized to the developing countries....'

After the setting up of UNIDO, the global redistribution of wealth started in earnest and the processes were embedded into national priorities by the Lima Declaration.

This is the document that confirms the deliberate de-industrialization and downgrading of the developed world by politicians who gave the well being of their own people a lower priority than their global 'progressive' agenda.

The Lima Declaration could have been written by Karl Marx himself and ignores the fact that socialist central planning has failed in every country where its been imposed, including the Soviet Union and China.  How the political elite expect central planning to work on a global basis is a lesson in the collective lunacy of the communist/socialist/progressive community.

The following are a few extracts to give readers an idea of where the jobs went and the sheer malignant behavior of national politicians toward their own people.

The pre-planned degradation of the developed world is summed up in Para 35.

Paragraph 35. "That special attention should be given to the least developed countries , which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods, to enable the least developed countries in conformity with the policies and plans for development.."

Even countries who are in the process of developing are being asked to redistribute what they have managed to accumulate:

Paragraph 36. "That developing countries with sufficient means at their disposal should give careful consideration to the possibility of ensuring a net transfer for financial and technical resources to the least developed countries".

Like any controlling bureaucracy it has an inbuilt, uncontrollable urge to expand and increase its budget; they just can't help themselves.  The following paragraph is such an amateurish attempt at justifying expansion it's embarrassing.

Paragraph 68. "In order that it may intensify and extend its activities in the manner indicated above and play the central co-ordinating role in the field of industrial development within the UN system, and in order to increase its ability to render assistance to the developing countries in the most efficient way, it is essential that UNIDO's autonomy and functions be increased and expanded substantially and that UNIDO be provided with the resources for this purpose".

It truly is pathetic and frightening at the same time.

UNIDO and the Lima Declaration were designed so that treacherous national politicians could give away the wealth, technology, industry and jobs of their own people in order to comply with the requirements of the global elite of which they hope some day to be a part.

For the record, the USA and Australia were members of UNIDO but have since resigned their membership, declaring that free market solutions would help the third world develop faster as opposed to socialist central planning by the dysfunctional UN.

It is estimated that Australian politicians transferred around 200,000 agricultural jobs alone during its short membership of UNIDO.

As far as I know Great Britain is still a member of UNIDO and its political leadership remains committed to transferring technology, industries, jobs and treasure at the expense of their own people.

UNIDO Constitution

Lima Declaration and Action Plan

What is the Lima Declaration?

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Baby Killers Go Free, Bureaucrats Get Rewarded - British Justice In The Post Democratic Age

It may come as a surprise to many people that the talk a decade ago of entering the 'post democratic age' has now become a terrible reality.

The consequences of this new age of unrepresentative democracy will be serious enough and the old adage of "you won't miss it until it's gone" is going reverberate down through history for the British people.  The British people have fallen asleep at the wheel and allowed their power to be usurped by an elite group of bureaucrats who have no intention of letting it go.

Representative democracy in Great Britain has all but disappeared and it has been replaced by Executive decree.  The will of the people is now routinely and blatantly ignored in favour of a 'progressive' agenda put together by a remote group of like minded cross party technocrats.

The British people are learning the hard way about the post democratic age as unelected, faceless bureaucrats impose themselves on every aspect of their daily lives.  Everything from weekly rubbish bin collections to parking regulations are dreamt up and imposed by bureaucrats who ignore local elected representatives or who bypass the democratic process altogether.

One dispiriting aspect of the post democratic age is the fact that these bureaucrats are identical, they think the same, they talk the same; they have all been brainwashed into believing that they are right all of the time and the people are being impertinent if they question their actions.

Sadly for the people, these automatons have been taught that they are untouchable, that they should stick together and take care of their own for good or ill.

Nothing illustrates this more than the tragic case of Baby P whose body was broken and young life was taken under the eyes of a local authority children's department run by career bureaucrat Sharon Shoesmith.

To recap briefly, 17 month old Peter Connolly was in left in the care of his abusive mother, her drunken, violent boyfriend and his paedophile friend.  They subjected the child to the most horrific violent abuse despite being visited by the police and Sharon Shoesmith's child services department on 60 separate occasions.

Shoesmith's department ignored pleas from the police to remove the child from his parents despite being in full knowledge of the abuse and the injuries inflicted on the child;  they claim they were working with the mother and she was attending parenting classes.

Peter Connelly died of his injuries, which included a broken back, broken ribs and his teeth knocked down his throat and the name of Sharon Shoesmith entered the public domain for the first time.  The people got to see a faceless, compassionless, box ticking bureaucrat up close and they didn't like what they saw.

What the people saw was an emotionless, automaton who showed no compassion for the murdered child, she showed no contrition whatsoever and was only concerned that her bureaucratic procedures had been followed, therefore she was innocent of any blame.

Baby Peter Connolly was laid to rest, the three child abusers were given derisory sentences and Sharon Shoesmith was held accountable for the failure of her department and sacked.  If the people thought that would be the end of the matter they don't know anything about modern day bureaucrats.

Shoesmith's indignation at this effrontery was palpable resulting in her launching an appeal for a $2,500,000 compensation package.  Her fellow bureaucrats on Haringey council, in a fit of compassion for their comrade, took pity and awarded her $1,120,000 of taxpayers money.

This is another example of government in the post democratic age.  This outrageous package was put together behind closed doors and all demands for the details to made public have been refused.

This is what government in the post democratic age looks like.  Sharon Shoesmith's fellow bureaucrats overturned her sacking in a secret session, then awarded her $1,120,000 of taxpayers money but refuse to give those same taxpayers any details of their largess.

The sense of immunity and entitlement beggars belief where these bureaucrats are concerned; Shoesmith obviously regards this pay out as vindication and proof of her innocence.  She has let it be known that she would like to work with children again; the people should take this to mean that Shoesmith will quietly emerge in a local authority somewhere in the country on a six figure package and expense account.

Baby Peter Connelly's killers also benefit from trendy 'progressive justice.  Jason Owen was sentenced to six years for his part in Baby Connolly's death but was released by the Parole Board after three years as it was deemed he was no longer a danger to the public.  The Parole Board obviously ignored the fact that in addition to being an accessory in the horrific death of a child, Owen was also a paedophile, a convicted arsonist, a burglar and a thief.

Owen has now been recalled to prison for breaking the terms of his parole but the authorities are sticking together and looking after their own by refusing to release the details to the public they are supposed to be serving.

Baby Connolly's mother Tracey is due for release after serving six years.  Her original appeal for release in August 2012 was refused because she was still considered a danger but in October 2013 she is now, in the view of the Parole Board, safe.  What a difference a year makes.

The third killer is an abhorrent piece of knuckle dragging sub humanity.  Steven Barker was jailed for 'life' with a recommended minimum of ten years, for raping a two year old child and twelve years for killing Baby Connelly.  He should be eligible for parole in four years time.

In conclusion, it's worth reiterating that these bureaucrats who have been trained to govern beyond authority in the post democratic age, look alike, think alike and talk alike.  Readers are invited to open the links and compare

Here is the notorious Rotherham bureaucrat, Joyce Thacker who removed children from foster care because the parents didn't agree with her political views.

Here is the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 'Service' Cressida Dick, who suffered no repercussions when an innocent member of the public was shot dead by armed officers under her command during a hunt for Muslim Terrorists.

Finally here is Kathrine Kerswell, a career bureaucrat who recently won the jackpot with a taxpayer funded $950,000 pay off from Kent Council together with her sidekick Clare Sumner.

The British people can rest assured that these people are imposing a pre-planned agenda and any objections they may have will be studiously ignored.  The post democratic age is here, representative democracy has gone and it isn't coming back until the people wake up take action.

Update: Taxpayers stung for another $320,000 for Shoesmith case lawyers fees.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Looting The Public Purse Is Now An Epidemic - No Cure In Sight

After years of spinning to the contrary, British politicians are being forced to admit that living standards are falling dramatically for most people but more so for the hard pressed middle class.

This is the same group of people who always bear the brunt of the economic illiteracy that is endemic among the political class and their cronies;  a political class who always seem to be immune from the consequences of their own incompetence.

As is the case with the welfare addicted 'entitlement' junkies, for this privileged group of people there is no recession and their living standards only ever go up. The fact that there is no money left in the Treasury and the government is supposedly embarking on a series of government spending cuts, this group of cronies continue to loot what money is raised in taxes and award themselves public money which is borrowed from future generations.

Never has there been such a shamelessly dishonest soundbite than the one uttered by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that "we are all in it together".

It was mooted that he was referring to himself and the public sector fat cats who all have their snouts in the public trough together, but alas no, he was referring to the country as a whole even though he knew we are most definitely "not all in it together".  (Having the ability to lie with a straight face is an essential skill for a career in politics and the public sector).

The Parliamentary expenses scandal is documented elsewhere but as an example of the contempt for the taxpayer and the overbearing sense of entitlement displayed by a politician, one only has to take a cursory look at the Jacqui Smith scandal.

This venal freeloader was appointed Home Secretary which came with a grace and favour apartment in the classic Admiralty Arch and a salary/expenses package worthy of a lottery winner. Smith turned down the accommodation and went on to claim that a box room in her sister's home was her primary residence.

According to the 'rules', she was thus 'entitled' to a series of taxpayer funded allowances and expenses for her personal residence.  She maximized these to the full including 80p sink plugs and pornographic movies for her husband to pleasure himself with while she herself slept blissfully in her sister's box room.  (Smiths husband was also employed as her secretary on an eye watering $67,300 per annum, care of the taxpayer).

Smith's constituents did the right thing and booted her out at the next election but the public teat is addictive and taxpayers are an endless source of money.  She has been given work by the BBC, ironically making a documentary on porn, and she is currently in possession of a sinecure with KPMG, care of her old boss Phony Tony Blair.

The extent of the looting is enormous,  it is being carried out with impunity and with complete disregard for the fact that this money has been earned by someone else then confiscated by the government under threat of imprisonment.

After a series of scandals, the disgraced senior management declared open season at the taxpayer funded BBC;  six figure payoffs were the norm, including $800,000 for one executive alone.  The Metropolitan police 'service' were called in but refused to open an investigation due to lack of evidence.  The politicized Metropolitan Police only investigate 'hate crimes' these days, in the interests of political correctness and community cohesion.

Another bottomless pit of taxpayer loot can be found at local council offices across the country.  Serving the public appears not to be a priority for these fat cats.

Council bureaucrat and career parasite Mark Hammond walked off with a $410,000 payoff before re-attaching himself to the public nipple with an appointment to the taxpayer funded Equality and Human Rights Commission, a short time after.

Kent County Council leader Kathrine Kerswell walked away with a staggering $950,000 payoff after only 20 months work.  Kent taxpayers doled out a massive $17,280,000 in exit payments for council bureaucrats in 2011/12 alone.

The giant socialist monstrosity misnamed the  National Health Service (NHS), is tailor made for looting bureaucrats. The public are being led to believe that the NHS is short of funding for patient care, yet the sky's the limit for paying off parasites.

Nine hundred and fifty managers have walked away with six figure payoffs, many of whom have resurfaced in another part of the NHS shortly after. The NHS has paid out a scandalous $2.2 billion since 2010 in severance packages for bureaucrats.  This is pillaging of the public purse on an enormous scale and from an economy the people are told has no money.

For more looting of the public purse, see here,  here and here.

Government ministers have acknowledged that there is a problem with excessive payouts to bureaucrats but have so far failed to do anything about it or to recoup any of the money on behalf of the taxpayer.

The sad fact is that politicians, thieving bureaucrats and government ministers are all part of the same machine that regards the public as it's servants and their hard earned money as their own to do with as they please.

I live in hope that one day the people wake up from their self induced slumber and hold these shysters to account, then vote the bums out once and for all.

Update:  To add insult to injury the odious career bureaucrat, Sharon Shoesmith, who's department's incompetence resulted in the horrific death of Baby Peter Connolly, walked away with a $960,000 pay off after challenging her sacking.

This package was arranged by her fellow bureaucrats on Haringey Council. Who says the political class doesn't look after its own?

Update II: Taxpayers gouged for another $320,000 for lawyers fees in Shoesmith case.

Update III: Looting at its worst. NHS give husband and wife team $1,600,000 taxpayer funded payoff and re-hires them shortly after.

There is no recourse for the taxpayer.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Islam In England - Watching The Abuse Of A Much Loved Friend

To say that the English people are being taken for granted by an unscrupulous gang of ruthless politicians would be an understatement.   Listening to the words and watching the actions of the weasels that claim to represent the English people, is an unedifying experience that taints Parliament and insults the very concept of representative democracy. 

It should not be a challenge to anyone's intellect to work out that England is being fundamentally transformed with the connivance of the political class and without the consent of the English people. They have been continuously lied to about the nature and intent of the open border mass immigration policy and they are now paying the price of this duplicity in blood and treasure.

If one gives it a moments thought,  multi-culturalism has got to mean the surrender of traditional English customs,  practices and values;  it must also mean the adoption of practices,  customs and values that are so alien they actually turn the stomach of anyone possessing an iota of decency.

As an unashamed Anglophile who spent many years living and working in England,  I believe I am right when I state that if there is one characteristic that epitomizes the majority of the English people it is their fundamental decency.  They also have a sense of fair play and an inherent desire to play by the rules and obey the law.

Like England itself,  this may have altered somewhat with the expansion of welfare 'entitlements' and the 'free stuff for all' industry,  but the underlying decency among the majority English people remains.

It is this fundamental decency that the political class has used to push through its 'progressive' agenda of ethnically cleansing English culture,  better known by the global 'progressive' elite as
de-homogenizing.  They are, in effect, abusing the English people for their own perverted ends and this is unforgivable.

Some of the cultural practices that the English people have been forced to adopt under threat of smear, demonization and ultimately prosecution, range from harmless curiosities such as Holi and Diwali, to the downright revolting and barbaric such as female genital mutilation,  paedophilia and spousal murder in the name of 'honour'.

Until the advent of government forced multi-culturalism,  most ethnic minorities had a tendency to group together for mutual support, which is understandable;  they went about their business unhindered and uncomplaining.  Generations later, many of their children have adapted, integrated and make a valuable contribution to British life.

That all changed with open border mass immigration, especially of the third world Muslim community.  This wave brought with them their religious obligation to subjugate all other cultures and religions under the threat of bloodcurdling violence.

They also brought with them customs and practices that would not be acceptable in any semi-civilized society let alone a country as civilised as England.

The English people are being forced to accept practices that would have been considered barbaric (not to mention illegal) a decade or so ago.  These practices are now familiar as household words and accepted by the authorities if not by the people.

The initials CSE are a classic example.  The grooming of underage white girls for sexual slavery and abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs was tolerated by the authorities,  including the police.  Even today when the authorities are forced to act they refuse to call it what it is:  Muslim paedophile gangs grooming underage white girls for sexual abuse is referred to by the initials CSE.  This stands for Child Sexual Exploitation because the true terminology is considered to be culturally insensitive.

It is obviously of no concern to the same authorities that the whole issue of Muslim paedophile gangs is not just highly sensitive to every decent English person,  it is an insult to the very core of English culture.

The English people are being conditioned by force to accept spousal abuse, facial mutilation and murder, as quaint cultural practices.

The status and systematic abuse of women would not have been tolerated by the women's liberation movement a decade or so ago.  They burned their bra's in protest at their status, so why are they not burning the burkas today,  in an act of sisterly solidarity?

Inciting violence or stirring up hatred, be it racial or otherwise, is supposedly against the law.  Threatening to behead anyone who does not accept Allah and his prophet obviously doesn't count.

The English (and the British as a whole in this case) are a nation of animal lovers and have standards for the butchering of meat. These are studiously ignored in the case of halal where animals have their throats slit without pre-stunning.

The political class and their useful idiots around the country are so flushed with success that even the most outrageous demands of the Muslim community are being treated as normal and spared no expense.

It came as news to many that there is a requirement for Muslims to shave their pubic hair or face going to Hell.  That shouldn't be a problem with the availability of cheap razors so why it should cost the taxpayer almost $500k?  In modern, transformed, multi-cultural England shaving ones private parts is now a public issue.

An unfortunate Muslim lady with special needs, who was in the care of the local authority, was to be released to the family who demanded that her pubic hair be shaved.  The local authority objected because the lady was not in a fit mental state to consent and a court case ensued.

Why the family didn't accept her and get out the Gillette and shaving soap at home is not explained, but the taxpayer was forced to pay $500k over a cultural practice that should have been left in the desert.

Out of curiosity, the pubic hair requirement for Muslims can be found here and here.  When it comes to pubic hair, Allah knows best apparently.

Despite the incompatibility of cultures, the violent Sharia controlled ghettos and the objections of the English people, the political class are showing no inclination to stop the de-homogenization agenda. It would appear they have set the course at the behest of the global elite and are determined that within a few more generations the England of old will be gone for ever.

The obvious question for the reader is why is England being singled out for attention rather than Great Britain as a whole?

The other nations that make up the United Kingdom are numerically small and consequently enjoy non English privileged minority status in their own right. They are already in the 'progressive' bag so to speak.

The negative effects of open border mass immigration are only apparent in the larger population centres such as Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast.  The more rural areas of these countries remain relatively untouched by multi-culturalism.

England is by far the biggest influence on the Anglosphere and therefore it has attracted the attention of the global 'progressive' elite and their de-homogenization agenda.

(Due to time constraints, this is a repost from October last year)

Friday, October 25, 2013

British Government's War On The Military - Heroes Prosecuted, Enemies Rewarded

It should be obvious to anyone who pays attention that any issue or institution will be used by the cynical and unscrupulous holders of power to gain electoral advantage over their political enemies. This covers everything from sport to the NHS and the BBC; it includes the police 'service', the Church of England,  schools,  social services,  charities, the art world, etc.

Nothing escapes the attention of politicians if there is the possibility of gaining political advantage or, in the case of the communist/socialist/progressive community, advancing their own ideological agenda.

One institution that should be free from political games is the country's military.  The men and women of the armed forces are willing to sacrifice their lives on behalf of the country and its people and therefore they and their families deserve the best support it is possible to give.

A previous post discussed how the hatred of the military by the 'progressive' community has its basis in their perverted left wing ideology but it would appear that politicians of all colours are now guilty of disrespecting the military and using it for political ends or to secure political advantage.

Shocking as it may be,  news that the British government is prosecuting three soldiers for dispatching a Taliban terrorist to hell will come as no surprise to anyone who watches the antics of the elite as it sacrifices its own soldiers to appease its enemies.

Politicians sent the military to fight a war against the Taliban on their home turf;  these are a ruthless enemy that civilization passed by in the course of history; an enemy that worships death like civilized people worship life, an enemy that spares no quarter nor expects none in return, an enemy that will never, ever give up.

Incredulously,  the government expects to defeat this formidable enemy using a stiff upper lip and the Marquis of Queensbury rules; they must think it's like a game of cricket or a few friendly sets at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

They claim that by topping an enemy combatant when he's vulnerable or is unable to fight back is lowering ourselves to their level and illegal;  no it isn't, killing the enemy is an unfortunate requirement necessary to win a war.

It is being claimed that the soldiers broke the rules of war as laid down by the Geneva Convention but it must be acknowledged that in any conflict or contest that is governed by rules,  both sides must adhere to those same rules.  It would be a lop sided boxing match if only one fighter obeyed the rules and the result wouldn't be in much doubt.

The three school kids that make up the current leadership of the British people don't have the first idea about conditions in a war zone or what its like to be shot at.  They won't have a clue about the fear or the adrenalin rush that results from the heat of battle, they won't know the feelings of utter despair as one sees a comrade lose his or her life and their remains repatriated to abuse from the enemy within.

Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband only care about politicking and securing the approval of the international 'progressive' community abroad and the Muslim community at home.

If the prosecution of the three soldiers from the Afghan war isn't an indication of the animosity against the military and the politicking of the political class, then the proposed prosecution of the soldiers of the Parachute Regiment for the so called Bloody Sunday Massacre should prove the point beyond all doubt.

This unfortunate incident happened forty years ago in the heat of battle;  a two hundred million pound (200,000,000),  20 year long investigation didn't prove any intent to murder but the government continues to hassle the soldiers concerned and is now threatening to prosecute.  This is a disgraceful act on behalf of the government and the British people should demand that they desist.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) were, like the Taliban, a ruthless enemy who had a total disregard for innocent human life.  They murdered anyone, man or woman, young or old, and in the case of the Omagh outrage, the yet unborn.  These are the terrorists that brought the Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) onto the streets of Great Britain with such terrifying effects.

While the government is threatening prosecution against the men they sent to fight the IRA, the IRA terrorists and its leaders have been given amnesty;  some have even reached the upper echelons of the government itself and are funded by the people against whom they waged a bloody war.

If any action demonstrates the utter stupidity and naivety of the school kids that run the British government, then it's the proposal by the European Court of Human Rights to extend their attitudes to cover the battlefield.

This is worth repeating, they want to extend human rights legislation, together with health and safety rules,  to cover the battlefield.  Who are these people and what in Heavens name are they thinking? The biggest question of all is, why is the British government even considering this nonsense?

The biggest indication of the governments attitude to the military (and to its own public servants) is the cuts to military funding.  Putting modern technology to one side, all branches of the British military have been depleted to such an extent that they are smaller than the German military after they were disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles.

It is now accepted that it is unlikely that the British military could mount an operation to liberate the Falkland Islands should they be invaded in the near future.

On the part of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his Europhile government of Quislings, his evisceration of the military is in preparation for its absorption into the European Defence Force. (the EDF).

Cameron is a born and bred bureaucrat and he knows how to look after his fellow bureaucrats no matter how ridiculous and embarrassing it is.  If the Royal Navy has spent billions on an aircraft carrier that has no aircraft and has reduced its fleet to only 19 ships, it is not scrimping on officers.

The Royal Navy, once the scourge of the enemy, protector of the seven seas, the fleet that permitted unhindered global commerce and the guarantors of freedom around the world, still employs 40 Admirals and 260 Captains for its 19 ships.  The world can sleep safely in their beds knowing that the Admiralty is fully manned with Chiefs even though Indians are in short supply.

As always it is worth pointing out that our cousins across the Atlantic are being similarly embarrassed;  they are watching helplessly as their once mighty military machine is not only being eviscerated but it is being used as a huge social engineering project by their 'progressive' Commander in Chief.

Permitting open homosexuality in the ranks and feminizing the image of the military is progressing apace.  The once feared Marine Corps is about to be made a laughing stock with the release of its softer, gender neutral hat. The new hat makes a Marine look more like a member of the French gendarmerie or a railway porter at Grand Central Station.

As one commentator so rightly pointed out, they haven't got enough money for bullets but the Defence Department can find millions for a new girlie hat.

The Taliban and the enemies of civilisation around the world will be emboldened and they will lose any residual fear they may have had by watching the antics of the British and American political class......if they can stop themselves laughing that is.

Update: The prosecution reminds of the movie Breaker Morant.

Update II: I have been informed by a fellow Dissenter and renown wit that the defenders of Rourke's Drift are to be posthumously stripped of their Victoria Crosses for using rifles when the Zulu's only had spears. This is a clear case of unfairness on the battlefield and racism.

Update III:  Not to be outdone, a Scottish wit has informed me that the Scottish army of William Wallace are to be dishonourably discharged posthumously, for lifting up their kilts and showing their a*ses to the English enemy at the battle of Bannockburn. This was considered as awfully rude and using weapons of mass distraction.

Unless an Irishman has a military anecdote, there will be no further updates to this post.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Death And Taxes - Fighting Breaks Out In The Great British Asylum

"laughter is the best medicine",  according to modern psychology,  is not just an oft repeated old wives tale, it does actually have benefits conducive to good health.  It is also true that Victorian ladies in London would often visit Bedlam, the infamous asylum, to spend a relaxing afternoon laughing at the antics of the unfortunate inmates.

For those people suffering from stress or any form of depression, it is good idea to tune into the weekly Prime Ministers Question time and watch the antics of the lunatics who have taken over the asylum in Great Britain. These lunatics are not only involved in culling badgers in order to prevent Bovine TB, they are also engaged in culling vulnerable people through exposure and hypothermia.

Watching these adolescent loonies trying to pretend they know what they are doing in reference to an energy crisis of their own making, is hilarious although shamefully sad.  This isolated, wealthy elite are so out of touch and incompetent that they have no idea how the crisis unfolded, and sadly they have no idea how to fix it other than their standard response to everything, i.e  tax it.

Besides telling vulnerable people to wear warm clothes in cold weather, they have no other solution other than taxation; the long suffering British people should not expect anything else from these adolescents, they are career politicians straight out of school, it's the only thing they know.

The intervention of the former Prime Minister, John Major, not only ramps up the laughter factor to side splitting levels,  it also demonstrates the total absence of ideas from the current school kids in charge.

Those familiar with John  Major will remember him as the grey man of British politics, and a serially uninspiring empty suit, who infamously described his government colleagues as 'those bastards" because they wouldn't let him take Britain into the Euro.  Looking at the Euro disaster today it's just as well they did but I digress.

His reputation was somewhat altered when it was revealed that he had been cheating on his loyal wife Norma with the government's most odious loudmouth, Edwina Curry.  The nation was reduced to helpless laughter with the knowledge that such a boring nonentity would be indulging in such sexual shenanigans, especially with an old battle axe like Curry.

The hilarity returned yesterday when Major crawled out from under his rock and joined forces with Labour leader, Red Ed Miliband, to demand a windfall tax on the energy companies to help lower bills.  In good old Marxist fashion, Red Ed also wants the government to freeze energy bills by law.

In response, Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron used all his worldly experience ( 4 years as a PR executive for a now defunct TV company) to suggest rolling back green taxes, which he himself is committed to.

These two giants of the political world squared up to each other in the House of Commons and cut loose, Red Ed accused Cameron of being 'weak' and Cameron accused Red Ed of being 'a conman'; this was too much for the Speaker of the House who rebuked Cameron for use of un-Parliamentary language.

With the well being and lives of thousands of vulnerable people at stake this was the best they could muster.  No Thrilla in Manila or Rumble in the Jungle, no blood and snot up the walls,  just the accusations that Cameron is 'weak' and Red Ed is a 'conman'.

Impose a windfall tax or cut green taxes was all they had to offer to those about to suffer hypothermia and death.  It's so pathetic there's nothing else left to do but laugh.

As always, the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats from the European Union have a malign influence also.  They will not permit the government of Great Britain to act in the interests of its people and cut Value Added Tax (VAT) on energy.  These callous power hungry zealots have no compassion whatsoever for the vulnerable people who will suffer and die from cold this winter.

These foreigners will take perverted delight in the suffering of the British people; if they had an ounce of compassion they would allow a cut in VAT for the winter period at least.

Watching this nonsense gives one some idea of what made those Victorian ladies chuckle during their afternoon visits to Bedlam.

The other villains of the scandal are the big 6 energy companies;  the short sighted politicians sold off  the energy sector to these foreign buyers without a thought for the well being of the British public or the National security implications.

Allowing Britain's energy supplies to fall into the hands of the country's historic enemies is irresponsible to say the least; but allowing them to fall into the hands of a bankrupt country such as Spain who is so desperate for foreign currency, is utter lunacy.

The well being of the British people is of no concern to these foreign owners whereas profits and personal bonuses will be their number one priority.  The British people are a captive market to be exploited and who do not have a government with the backbone to look after their interests.

The juvenile incompetents in government are still pandering to the now discredited 'Global Warming' scammers with their green taxes and windmill subsidies.  Anyone smart enough to tie their own shoe laces will know that if Great Britain cut its 'carbon emissions' by 100% it will not cool the planet one iota nor save a single polar bear from sunstroke.

For the benefit of the immature career technocrats and PR men that masquerade as a government, here is the whole tragedy of the disastrous British energy market summed up in as few words as possible to make it easier for them to understand.

The energy market should have not been allowed to fall into the hands of malign people who still harbor a historical animosity toward the British people.  They will always put profit before the well being of the people.

No section of the energy market should have been allowed to fall into the hands of a bankrupt country such as Spain, who's desperate need for foreign currency far outweighs their concern for the well being of the British people.

The whole of the political class should accept what the informed world has already accepted, the planet is not burning up as was claimed nor will it burn up any time well into the distant future. They have to accept that the entire 'combating climate change' industry is a scam which is only lining the pockets of the corrupt and the unscrupulous.

The solutions to the British energy problems are simple but are probably far beyond the capabilities of the career technocrats that infest Westminster, so when the laughing has died down the following actions will save lives now and in the future:

Green taxes and windmill subsidies must cease immediately and the idiotic Ministry for Climate Change must be abolished forthwith.

The politicians should rediscover their spines and tell the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels to Foxtrot Oscar and cut VAT on fuel and fuel bills.

The closure of traditional power stations dictated by the Eurocrats is to be halted, those recently closed such as Didcot are to be recommissioned immediately.

Fuel duty on home heating oil and gas must be reduced or better still abolished.

Great Britain has been blessed with abundant supplies of cheap energy in the form of oil, natural gas, shale gas, coal and in some areas hydro generation; these resources must be exploited to the maximum and with all possible haste.

This process can be expedited by replacing the Ministry for Climate Change with a Ministry for Resource Exploitation. This will be manned by experts from the mining and energy fields as opposed to agenda driven political cronies or career bureaucrats.

If this leaves a hole in the government's budget then that is an easy fix also but most likely beyond the imagination of the current crop of non entities.

Cut out waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers money, of which there are billions and they know it.

Put a moratorium in place on foreign aid.

Put a similar moratorium in place on open border mass immigration.

Welfare benefits should only be paid to born and bred citizens or to those who have paid in for ten years or more.

Likewise with the NHS.

The 30,000 or more foreign criminals in British prisons or those released into the community must be deported.

The 1,000,000 or more illegal immigrants should be regularized or deported, in the meantime no welfare benefits.

Due to the long history of incompetent management, late deliveries and budget overruns, the High Speed Railway project should be cancelled together with all other big government run capital projects.

Due to incompetence, spiraling costs and the high rate of death, the NHS should be privatized forthwith.

This is just a start but not difficult for any politician with a spine and the will to do what's right for the  British people.......after they've stopped laughing at the clowns in Parliament of course.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stephen Lawrence Celebrity Murder Victim - Richard Everitt, Who's He?

There can be no doubt that London, the capital city of history's greatest nation, is not the peaceful, tourist friendly destination that is portrayed in the glossy brochures. It is also not the multi-cultural nirvana that is portrayed by the agenda driven political elite, where diverse ethnic minorities co-exist in harmony, respecting each others religion, cultures and way of life.

The real London of mono-cultural, violent, crime ridden ghettos, where ethnic gangs defend their home turf, is not existing unseen below the surface; it is there in all its ugliness for all to see if one makes the unfortunate mistake of wandering off the tourist track.

Some areas in the heart of Great Britain's capital city are now so violent they are treated as 'no go' areas for the politicised police 'service' and some are virtually separate sovereign states operating under Sharia law.

This appalling situation didn't come about by accident, it didn't just materialize out of thin air; the truth is that this is the direct result of a deliberate policy of cultural replacement, embarked upon by the British political establishment at the behest of a United Nations who are committed to a world 'progressive' government.

At this point I must briefly digress just for the record. The core action of this transformation has been christened 'de-homogenization' by the elite and is only applicable to the white Anglosphere. It has already been applied in Zimbabwe and South African, with disastrous results; it is currently being applied with vigour in Great Britain, the USA and Canada. From what I understand Australia and New Zealand have attracted the attention of the 'progressives' and are undergoing a fundamental  transformation also.

As mentioned previously, 'de-homoginisation' is intended for the white Anglosphere only and is not being applied in the Middle East (except Israel), Arabia, Africa, Asia, Japan, North and South Korea or China.

If evidence is needed of a coordinated and concerted effort to 'de-homogenise' Great Britain, one only has to look at the tragic murders of Stephen Lawrence and Richard Everitt on the streets of London, then study the reaction of the establishment to both cases.

If the death Stephen Lawrence is ranked as the most high profile murder in British history then the murder of Richard Everitt must be ranked as the most anonymous.

Both were young men murdered on the streets of London, both crimes were classed as racist murders; one received endless media coverage and newspaper campaigns, the other was dispatched with indecent haste into obscurity. One victim attracted the attention of the unscrupulous political class who cynically used it to burnish their multi-cultural credentials the other, shamefully, did not.

It should come as no surprise that one victim was black, Stephen Lawrence, and was killed by a white gang and the other,  Richard Everitt,  was white and killed by a Bangladeshi gang.

The attitude of the establishment and the media towards Richard Everitt and his bereaved family is a total disgrace and unfortunately for the family, Richard's tragic death was of no use to the establishment in their pursuit of their 'de-homogenising' agenda.

The police force at the time were accused of not pursuing the investigation into Stephen's murder aggressively because of racial animosity toward black people but how does that explain the blatant leniency shown by the police during the investigation of Richard's murder?

The suspects in the Stephen Lawrence murder were pursued endlessly by the establishment and the media and this continued after they were tried and found not guilty. These suspects are still being pursued over twenty years after the crime.

Unbelievably, the suspects in the Richard Everitt murder were given bail which allowed several of them to abscond back to Bangladesh and escape justice. One suspect was given a sentence for assault and another was convicted of manslaughter and given twelve years; this is about as soft as it gets for such a heinous crime.

In an exhibition of undeserved leniency,  the murderer was allowed out of prison on unsupervised leave within weeks of his incarceration supposedly to attend a wedding. The feelings of Richard's family were obviously not taken into account,  however the feelings of the Stephen Lawrence family are hardly out of the news two decades later.

One would have thought that the local Member of Parliament would have taken up the fight for justice on behalf of Richard's family but it must be remembered that he happens to be a Labour Member and thus he is a fully paid up useful idiot of the 'de-homogenizing' class.

The silence of Frank Dobson MP is an utter disgrace and totally unbecoming of a human being let alone a representative of the people.

The family of Richard Everitt, and the British people at large, deserve an explanation from the government, and Frank Dobson MP in particular,  as to why the tragic deaths of Stephen Lawrence and Richard Everitt were treated so differently by the political establishment, the media and the BBC?

Read this and weep

Both of these tragic murders not only give an indication of the level of violence being perpetrated by different ethnic groups on each other,  but more importantly, the depths to which London has sunk as a capital city.

If the capital city continues this descent into savagery, it won't be much longer before some areas will be comparable with Bogota or Mogadishu.

This shameful tragedy is going on under the noses of the political establishment who are ensconced not a stones throw from the crime scenes and the ghettos they have created.

The fact they are not taking any action to dismantle the mono-cultural ghettos and prevent the formation of new ones;  the fact that they are refusing to deal with crimes committed by ethnic minorities on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivies';  and the fact that they refuse to put an end to open border mass immigration, is proof beyond doubt that they are indulging in 'de-homogenisation' of the indigenous British community.

I live in hope that one day justice will be done and the treacherous political class will be made to answer for their crimes against the British people and be punished accordingly.

Post Script: American readers will see a similarity with the high profile case of Trayvon Martin, the wannabe gangsta who was killed in self defence by a Hispanic neighbourhood watch captain.

This case was ruthlessly exploited by the Obama administration and the 'de-homogenisers' in the USA as an example of senseless white on black racial murder. All the cases of black on white senseless murders were studiously ignored.

Ted Nugent gives his view.

Thanks to the Anonymous commentator for the information on the late Richard Everitt.

Monday, October 21, 2013

British Energy Crisis - Hypothermia Deaths Forecast To Increase This Winter

" This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time". -  Aneurin (Nye) Bevan speech in 1945

They say history repeats itself.  In the case of the British government and the ruling political elite, this is demonstratively true.

The latest increase in fuel bills, ranging from 8 to 12%,  which comes on top of the inflation busting rises in previous years, is going to push more people into fuel poverty than ever before.  It is not an exaggeration to say that tens of thousands of vulnerable people, mainly the young and pensioners, will suffer from hypothermia this winter, hundreds of whom will die.

Hypothermia deaths have doubled in the last five years as fuel bills have been artificially inflated to pay for windmills and solar panels, which everyone with any sense knows, will not replace traditional sources of energy.

This horrific statistic won't bother the adolescent 'progressive' ideologues that dominate the government as they pursue their juvenile 'combating climate change' agenda, while sacrificing the lives of others.

All three of the legacy party leaders are identical; it's as if they were all cloned from the same flawed gene pool.  Cameron for the Conservatives, Clegg for the Liberal Democrats and Red Ed Miliband for the socialist Labour Party, share identical views on most things, especially energy policy.

For the record, they are all wealthy elitists who have had little if any contact with people in the real world.  None of them, including the people they surround themselves with, have ever had a job that the majority would consider as work.  They are career technocrats who went into party politics straight from school.

High energy bills and hypothermia will not be an issue for these isolated ideologues or their families. Multi-millionaire Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested that the freezing masses wear a woolen jumper to ward off cold this winter.

With a thirty million pound fortune in the bank, he'll be OK in both his London residence and his taxpayer funded residence in the country.  It is highly likely that the other two shysters, Clegg and Red Ed, won't be joining the masses by turning down the thermostat and donning woollies this winter.

Mr. Paul Massara,  CEO of energy company Npower, has told British consumers to stop using energy if they want to save money.  This out of touch, callous moron blames his exorbitant increase in energy bills on the cost of delivery and high prices in the marketplace.

If the British political class governed in the interests of the people they are paid to represent, they would exploit the resources under their feet, then idiots like Massara can seek their multi-million pound bonuses elsewhere.

It must be noted that without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable,  'de-carbonising' targets way in excess of the legal requirements agreed by the global 'combating climate change' scammers, were signed into law by Red Ed Miliband when he was the Minister for Energy and Climate Change.  This has resulted in green taxes being added to the already sky high energy bills.

This is the same Marxist devotee who is supposed to be the champion of the poor, the downtrodden and the victims of heartless conservatives.

Energy bills will also be inflated for the next 35 years to pay for a planned nuclear power station which will be built by a French company, the British being incapable of building it themselves.

When the 16 billion cost of this power station is added to the 17 billion for a High Speed Rail link that nobody wants, which in turn is added to the 12 billion wasted on the failed NHS computer system, and the 14 billion in overseas aid plus the yearly 21 billion to the EU bureaucrats etc.etc. then it looks like the British are going to be skint for a very, very long time.

In an attempt to convince the people that they do actually spare a thought for the freezing elderly, the generous political class pays a winter fuel allowance if Arctic temperatures persist for a set period of time.  Not to be discriminatory, it is a universal benefit payable to all pensioners, regardless of wealth and circumstances.

Millionaires and billionaires are 'entitled' to this taxpayer funded allowance and at this time, it is not known whether Sir Richard Branson will be accepting his 'entitlement' when he deserts Great Britain to live on his private Caribbean island.

To demonstrate the utter incompetence of this out of touch political class, one only needs to return to Nye Bevan's quote from 68 years ago.

Despite the destruction of the British fishing industry, fish stocks around British coastal waters have collapsed due to overfishing.  This is the result of the complex rules emanating from the European Union bureaucrats.  Tens of thousands of tons of fish are thrown back into the sea to die because of the insanely complex EU rules on by-catch.

The disastrous Common Fisheries Policy is the result of successive governments surrendering sovereignty over British territorial waters for their own personal gain.

It goes without saying that Great Britain is an island made of coal; my own residence sits atop a century or more of reserves consisting of high quality anthracite and steam coals.  This gift from nature is not being exploited because the school kids that are running the government are either naive enough to believe that if we do, the world will overcook or they just love the sight of windmills and solar panels.

The truth is that, despite the overwhelming evidence that the 'combating climate change' industry is a scam, they are unable to act because, like the fishing industry, they have surrendered sovereignty over the energy sector to the EU bureaucrats and the UN global government.

These faceless, unaccountable, foreign bureaucrats have decreed that Great Britain must close its coal/gas/oil fired power stations by 2015 and the British political establishment have meekly agreed regardless of the deaths that will result.

The sane world in it's entirety will agree that windmills and solar panels will not replace traditional forms of energy in the short or long term. Therefore, while we sit atop abundant reserves of energy, if the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, the vulnerable can't boil a kettle for a cup of tea let alone stay warm.  Maybe the government can go grovelling to their bosses in the EU and beg for a woolen jumper subsidy.

Great Britain has been blessed with abundant sources of cheap energy which will last for a century at the very least.  This includes, oil, coal and shale gas; which, if properly managed and exploited, will result in energy independence, economic revival, a boost to industry, an increase in jobs and more importantly of all, no need for anyone to die through lack of heating.

Friday, October 18, 2013

There'll Always Be An England? - Not After The Ethnic Cleansers Have Finished There Won't

News that a taxi driver in the English county of Devon has been threatened with losing her livelihood for displaying the English flag on her cab, may seem a minor incident, but looking deeper into the issue uncovers a concerted effort to ban the Cross of St George and discourage any form of English identity.

I would accept the charge of exaggeration or hyperbole but the anti-English behavior of the zealots in Devon is far from being an isolated incident.  Agenda driven bureaucrats from politicized institutions all across England, including local authorities, teachers and the police, are clamping down hard, using threats and intimidation, to discourage any display of English identity, no matter how small.

The fact that this is a concerted, coordinated effort to eradicate English symbols and identity by institutions all across England is indisputable proof that there is an official policy to replace English culture in England.

In the case of the cabbie in Devon, a mealy mouthed weasel from Teignmouth council named Mark Walters claimed that the small St George badges are "in breach of equality laws" and went on to say that the badges "puts anyone not English at a disadvantage in their day to day life".

This pathetic, anti-English apparatchik admitted that there was only a single complaint in over a year; which was all this jumped up little creep needed to puff up his chest and use his perceived authority to threaten an English lady with the loss of her livelihood.

Councillors in Thurrock, Essex called on the police to force taxi cab drivers to remove the St George flags from their vehicles despite the fact that it was St George's Day.  It's a pity that the new politicized police 'service' didn't demonstrate the same enthusiasm when Muslim hate preachers flew the crescent moon flag during the repatriation of the remains of British heroes from the war zones.

The words from an anonymous spokesweasel for Thurrock council demonstrates the arrogance of the modern day agenda driven bureaucrat and the assumption that they control the people rather than the other way round.  "In the spirit of St George's Day we are happy to let them display the flag but they will have to remove them after the event".  The use of we and they in this case should give cause for concern that the bureaucrats have a high opinion of themselves and assuming authority beyond their mandate.

On the south coast of England, taxi drivers in Southampton are being threatened by bureaucrats with the loss of their livelihoods for displaying signs informing customers that they speak English. This is a reaction to complaints that there is a plethora of taxi drivers in the town that are unable to communicate in England's native tongue.

An anti-English grievance monger and race baiter by the name of Ged Gubby claims this is racist, however if there were similar signs displaying an Urdu, Hindi or Swahili speaker Gubby claims this would not be racist.

I am sure that the author of this article, Alex Deane, speaks for us all when he muses thus:

'" I am left wondering - (1) how we ever let things get his far, when councils intrude into the lives of residents in such an absurd way; (2) how anyone on the said council could actually think that it was right to do so.; (3) why some people in this country hate our own language and flag so much".

The ethnic cleansing of English culture (de-homogenizing is the politically correct term) has been long planned and was clearly in evidence during the last World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa.

Binmen (garbage collectors to our American cousins) from the soccer mad city of Liverpool, were threatened with the sack if they displayed the flag of St. George in support of England's campaign. Taxi drivers in the East English county of Kent were similarly threatened.

An anonymous spokesweasel for the Enterprise-Liverpool garbage company blamed driver visibility and pedestrian safety for his anti-English actions while Roger Vick, the designated spokesweasel for the Kent licencing authority blamed public perception.

This faceless bureaucrat and anti-English enforcer is quoted as saying: "a taxi has to be seen as a public service vehicle".  He then proceeds to blabber on and patronise the cab users of Kent who he assumes must be totally incapable of spotting a taxi.

"If a taxi has flags this could create confusion as to whether it was a public service vehicle or not. We are not being killjoys. There is a degree of health and safety as well".

It's not just local council bureaucrats and the police who are aiding and abetting the ethnic cleansers; brainwashing the kids from an early age requires the cooperation of school teachers, many of whom are only too happy to oblige.

A government report found that politically correct teachers were punishing school kids by sending them home if they wore clothing which displayed the cross of St George.

The guilty people in the 'progressive' movement can try to deny it as much as they like but the evidence that there is a coordinated campaign to ethnically cleanse or de-homogenise, English culture is overwhelming. (See here for more St George ban behavior).

In conclusion it's worth showing two iconic women who represent the faces of England and let the reader decide which one is preferable:

Firstly, Vera Lynn, the wartime darling of the British forces, English patriot and tireless motivator of the British people during their darkest hour when the lonely fight against the National Socialist German Workers Party looked hopeless.

There'll Always Be An England ( to be inspired this is a must see video)

Read the lyrics here

Secondly by way of comparison here is Rotherham's own Common Purpose trained England hater Joyce Thacker.

Dogmatic multi-culturalism ( to be depressed this is a must see video)

Sincere apologies for invoking the odious spirit of Joyce Thacker on a Friday and no insult was intended by putting her on the same page as Vera Lynn.

I can only suggest that after watching Joyce Thacker one takes a long hot shower to cleanse the body then imbibe five fingers of your favourite tipple to cleanse the mind.

Update: It would appear that some clarification is in order with reference to my status and attitude.

I was born and bred in the South Wales coalfield. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That's what it says on my passport.

I support the four unique cultures that make up the United Kingdom.

I have always been a fan of the English people and their culture from Shakespeare to the Premier League, from cricket to English ale. I recognize that England is the dominant culture of these islands.

That makes me a realist not a traitor.

Wales has played its part in British history and sacrificed blood and treasure to keep it free.

I am a proud Welshman.

I am also a British patriot.

I am not ashamed of who I am.

I am proud of British history.

I am not ashamed of our past.

God Bless England and the United Kingdom.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Richard Branson Deserts The Sinking Ship That He Helped Torpedo

It comes as no surprise that Virgin boss Richard Branson has decided to abandon the country of his birth at a time when the system that allowed him to accumulate his vast fortune is being dismantled and transformed into a system that vilifies and demonises wealthy entrepreneurs like himself.

Branson, in line with other millionaires and billionaires, has adopted the global 'progressive' agenda of abolishing global inequality and poverty by the redistribution of wealth but in truth what they really mean is the redistribution of other peoples wealth, not their own.

Any study of Branson's methods will reveal that his business acumen was surpassed by his ability to ruthlessly use the media for self publicity.  He had the ability to identify himself with the causes adopted by various age groups then milk the publicity for all it's worth. He turned himself into a high profile international celebrity businessman.

The question being asked is, did he really believe in the all the trendy causes that he adopted or were they vehicles he used to publicise his various businesses and make a ton of money?

It comes as no great surprise that Branson claims to be a passionate believer in Man Made Global Warming and he is actively engaged in the trendy 'combating climate change' agenda.  At the same time he is polluting the atmosphere with his Virgin Atlantic airline and has a personal carbon footprint the size of a village.  This should give an indication to the more gullible members of his fan club of his sincerity.

After making his personal fortune Branson now believes the system is unfair; he is now calling for the government to legislate for equality and fairness, which means redistribution of other peoples wealth through higher taxes and expanded welfare entitlements.

Along with other 'progressive' millionaires, he no doubt believes in de-homogenising the British people though open border mass immigration and multi-culturalism.  It's a racing certainty that neither he nor his spawn will suffer the consequences of this disaster.  It's his own private Caribbean Island for Sir Richard while his kids will avoid the crime ridden ghettos by buying his Oxford mansion.  How his children, who were born in the age of equal opportunity, can afford to buy and run a mansion remains a mystery.

To say that the British people, the working class in particular, have been conned must be the understatement of the century.  They keep falling for the spin of people like Branson and the political class, and at great cost to themselves, they keep returning them to power over and over again. Dumbing down the education system was a masterstroke of the 'progressive' elite; it will go down as the most productive policy ever.

As a means of helping the low information voter, the dumbed down school leaver and the tribal voter, here are a few facts to consider that may be of use while trying to form an opinion on people like Sir Richard Branson and the political class.

He is not the only one who advocates one thing for the collective good of the country but who do the exact opposite when it comes to themselves and their families.

Tony Blair, the leader of the working man's Labour Party and the "straight kinda guy" who claims that he "came to socialism via Marxism" is now a multi-millionaire who makes his fortune by using connections he made while in office.  He has no qualifications to speak of and he is probably having a good laugh as he watches the British people suffer the consequences of his disastrous tenure in office.

In the age of fairness and equality of opportunity for everyone, Blair's kids are doing very well thanks to the masses.  They've been given houses in up market areas of the country that ordinary kids can only dream about; and it is rumoured that young Euan is being groomed to follow his father's footsteps into Parliament.  They will need a safe seat to parachute him into and most likely the dumbed down electorate will ignore the appalling record of his father and mindlessly elect him.

Then there is the current leader of the working man's party, Red Ed Miliband and his brother David. Born and bred devotees of Karl Marx, these two millionaires have never had a job that anyone would describe as work.  They are career politicians who are both reputed to be millionaires in their own right. These two and their offspring will not suffer the consequences of the 'progressive' agenda they want impose on everyone else.

The previous leader of the working man's party and his venal wife are known as the first family of troughers, they truly are one of the most odious couples ever to pollute the air at Westminster.

Socialist hardliners, Lord Neil and Baroness Glenys Kinnock, have used political patronage and European Union corruption to amass a personal fortune which was mostly financed by the taxpayer. Their former constituents have been cast aside having fulfilled their usefulness as both of these shysters sit in the House of Lords.  This is the institution they despised and swore they would never patronize.  By strange coincidence, wherever Neil and Glenys went the kids seemed to appear shortly after.

Like the Branson, Blair and Miliband children, the Kinnock children will not be sharing the fate of the average British youngster.  They are the new elite, the one percent that their parents claimed to oppose.

Multi-millionaire 'progressives' who preach one thing but practice another are two a penny but no article about 'progressive hypocrisy can fail to mention ex-communist Peter, now Lord, Mandelson. This is another odious creature who, along with others, was largely responsible for dragging British politics and public life into the sewer from which it is yet to emerge.

Being a rider on the other bus, it's unlikely that multi-millionaire Mandelson will be having kids as nature intended, so it is most likely that Renaldo will take his millions and jump ship back to Brazil should the good Lord pop his clogs.

It may seem odd that ordinary, working class people, myself included, defend the system that allowed people like Richard Branson to accumulate vast fortunes, while at the same time he is using  his  wealth and power to destroy it.

This is justified by the fact that the free enterprise system involves personal liberty and freedom from overbearing government interference; the post democratic communist/socialist/progressive system that he is now advocating does not.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

She Is Malala - Shot Pakistani Teenager Ruthlessly Exploited By Unscrupulous Adults

When one thinks about the young people who accumulate multi- million dollar fortunes by shamelessly courting bad publicity, it's with eternal shame that shot Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai will be all but forgotten the next time Justin Bieber falls drunk out of a night club or Miley Cyrus does a sexually explicit dance on stage.

At this point in time Malala Yousafzai's star is high in the heavens and she is hot property in media circles; her presence is in demand everywhere from the United Nations to CNN, with the only dissent coming from within the global Muslim community.

As is normal in the world of modern political manipulation, every politician and celebrity worth their salt have crawled out from under their rocks in an attempt to associate themselves with Malala and her mission to make education for Muslim girls a right.

The usual suspects are all over this brave girl like a virus in the hope of enhancing their humanitarian credentials by basking in her reflected glory.  Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ban Ki Moon etc. ad nauseum.  These people have no shame.

There can be a no more debilitating sight than watching the reputed sociopath and one of Great Britain's worst Prime Ministers in history, Gordon Brown, making sure he gets his photo opportunity with Malala at the UN.

I was not aware that this more than useless freeloader, who oversaw the debasement of British education, is laboring under the grand title of United Nation's Special Envoy For Global Education instead of representing his constituents in Parliament. 'All must have prizes' on a global scale, Heaven help us all.

How many of these charlatans and opportunists could enlighten us about the life of Fareeda Afridi? I suspect none of them but then Fareeda was not sponsored by the BBC and lauded in trendy international media circles.

Like Malala, she also campaigned for Muslim women's rights and spoke out against the Taliban but unfortunately for her the hit was successful and she was shot dead.  Her achievements go largely
unrecognized by the same politicians and celebrities who have temporarily adopted Malala.

Incidentally, it's a measure of Malala Yousafzai's bravery, determination and colossal spirit that the murder of Fareeda Afridi didn't frighten her off her campaign as it was meant to do.

For those not familiar with the Malala phenomenon here is a recap which also raises a host of questions.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani teenager from the war torn Swat valley who was a vocal advocate of education for Muslim girls.  This goes against the beliefs of the majority of Muslims, in particular the barbaric throwbacks to the Stone Age, the Taliban.

Apart from blowing up schools in the Swat valley, they also climbed aboard her school bus and shot Malala in the face at point blank range in an attempt to silence her.  Miraculously she survived and has recovered enough to continue her campaign from outside her beloved homeland.

From the moment of her shooting the circus began in earnest.  Malala was taken to Peshawar where she was treated by a British doctor who happened to be working there.  Despite the atrocities carried out by the Taliban on a daily basis which are largely ignored, offers to treat Malala came from all over the world;  the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi even offered his personal jet, which has a fully equipped operating theatre on board, to fly her to a specialist unit in Germany.

Surprisingly she ended up in Birmingham, England (as opposed to Alabama).  To anyone with even the slightest knowledge of England's second city, this should come as an astonishing surprise.

Bearing in mind that Malala could have gone anywhere in the world for treatment and recuperation, Birmingham appears to be a strange choice.  Rumours are rife that the BBC used its malign influence in the political world to get her into Great Britain in order to exercise their rights over their very own blogger.

It is now claimed that Malala is going to settle in Birmingham and pursue her ambition of becoming a politician and possibly the Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Malala is obviously completely ignorant about her adopted city.

Birmingham has been variously described as a cesspit, a banana republic and more recently by the governments own inspectors, a national disgrace.

The Chief Inspector of Ofsted ( Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) has stated in his recent report that Birmingham is the worse place to grow up in the developed world.

It has a child mortality rate higher than Cuba and twice the national average.

A third of all children live in poverty.

Children's services are appalling and don't meet the basic expectations of keeping vulnerable children safe. (see here also)

While Malala survived the attention of the Taliban, two year old Keanu Williams didn't survive Birmingham Children's Services and was beaten to death by his mother.

In the case of medical treatment, bearing in mind the record of poor treatment, neglect and unnecessary deaths, Malala is taking a big risk.  Birmingham is within close proximity to the Mid Staffordshire Health authorities where nobody, at this point, has been prosecuted for the 1,200 'above expectation' deaths.

Things are so bad that Birmingham Children's Hospital has set up an App for complaints.

Sadly, Malala obviously hasn't been made aware that she is not welcome and even reviled, by the Birmingham Muslim community.  Some of her more vocal opponents have actually declared a fatwa against her to finish the job where the Taliban failed; to these barbarians she is an apostate and therefore she must die.

Unfortunately, for the Muslim community in Birmingham, and the whole of Great Britain for that matter, Malala Yousafzia is not the brave heroine fighting for children's education rights that the politicians and the media portray; she is a traitor to Islam that deserves death. ( see here, here and here).

If the brave Malala avoids her co-religionists with their fatwa and lives on for another few years, she will be living in Birmingham under Sharia law and her journey out of her beloved Swat valley will have been in vain.

Combined with Jamaican Yardies, Chinese Triads, Romanian criminal gangs and beggars, Russian Mafia gangs and a host of other economic migrants and welfare colonists, this is the new transformed Great Britain of 2013 that Malala has been conned into entering.

This is supposedly the peaceful, multi-cultural Utopia that is being touted by the treacherous political class, where all these different ethnic groups and cultures have stopped their usual habit of killing each other and living together in peaceful co-existence.

It's ironic that a young girl, persecuted for her beliefs by her own Muslim people, came to a Christian country for sanctuary only to find her adopted city is being slowly taken over by her persecutors.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Red Cross Food Aid To Starving British People - Ramping Up The Propaganda

My last post about 'Great' Britain being reduced to third world status was more than a little tongue in cheek, I didn't think for a moment it would attract the attention of the government and the Red Cross.

News that the Red Cross is starting a food aid program to prevent starvation among the people of Great Britain, once the world's greatest superpower, is either an indication of the wretched state to which the country has descended or it is an exercise in black propaganda for political ends.

It is without doubt that 'Great' Britain has all the attributes of a Third World country due to the deliberate actions of a traitorous political class but has it sunk so low that it needs the intervention of the Red Cross to ward off starvation?

Looking at the home page of the Red Cross this morning, food aid to 'Great' Britain was shared on the front page with relief from a cyclone in India and food aid to refugees from the Syrian civil war.  Starvation in places like Ethiopia, Darfur, Northern Kenya, Somalia, Bangladesh etc. were obviously not severe enough to knock the starving British off their front page.

As a professional expatriate who spent decades living and working in the developing world, I can state without fear of contradiction, that the scenes of poverty that I witnessed in places like Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan et al. are not repeated anywhere in Great Britain, not even in the poorest towns or villages.

Eradicating perceived inequality, especially income inequality, is the central core of the Marxist agenda being imposed by the multi-millionaires of the communist/socialist/progressive community.

This agenda has to be accompanied by a propaganda campaign in order to fix in minds of the subject people that cuts in government spending and balancing the budget produces poverty and hunger of African proportions.

It is beyond shameful that an internationally respected organization such as the Red Cross allows itself to be used by unscrupulous politicians as a vehicle of dishonest black propaganda.

To suggest that there are not people struggling to make ends meet in 'Great' Britain would be indulging in the same deceit as the politicians using the Red Cross but it must be remembered that Britain has one of the most comprehensive welfare systems on the entire planet.  In addition to free health care, free education, free or subsidized housing etc. people also get cash in hand from the taxpayer to spend on whatever they want, including food.

There are currently six hundred thousand (600,000) economically inactive immigrants from the European Union alone living on benefits in 'Great' Britain.  People from all corners of the planet are risking life and limb to enter the country and climb aboard the welfare gravy train.  For the Red Cross to be making comparisons with Africa is laughable as well as despicable.

The facts are simple if one cares to look and analyse for oneself without relying on the BBC or The Guardian for information.

It must be remembered that the communist/socialist/progressive community need poverty to justify their very existence.  Without poverty they have no victims to champion and therefore no means of making a lucrative living themselves.

The communist/socialist/progressive community worship poverty like a Muslim jihadi worships death.  They love it, they swim in it; it is their element.  Where there is no poverty they will create it, either in reality or in perception.

It must be remembered that the last Labour government deliberately created poverty by increasing taxes, including council taxes by one hundred percent, they deliberately destroyed the private sector pension schemes, they devalued state pensions and savings.  They presided over substantial increases in transportation costs, food and above all, energy.

People who were previously comfortably off found themselves in fuel poverty by deliberately inflated energy prices; energy prices that were increased by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Red Ed Miliband, a multi-millionaire Marxist from North London whose mansion has a bigger carbon footprint than a street full of council houses.

Creating visions of Dickensian poverty in a country where the vast majority are not even remotely close to starving has been standard tactic of the communist/socialist/progressive community and their useful idiots, but by reason of its own outlandish stupidity, their propaganda has become ineffective.

So from Charles Dickens and a country populated by millions of Oliver Twists and Tiny Tim's they have moved on to creating visions of starving Africa on the streets of 'Great' Britain and what better way is there to drive this home than to recruit the Red Cross.

It can be no coincidence that the Chairman of the Red Cross is Sir Charles Allen who is also Executive Chairman of the Labour Party, appointed by none other than Red Ed Miliband himself.

Gallant Knight of the Realm Sir Charles is also Chairman of 2 Sisters Food Group a multi-billion pound food empire which encompasses everything from chickens to pizzas to the humble sandwich.

In order to alleviate poverty and prevent starvation in 'Great' Britain and therefore release the Red Cross to alleviate starvation in more desparate parts of the world, I would suggest some small but achievable measures which could be put in place today without effecting front line services.

Abolition of all green taxes and a decrease of Value Added Tax from energy bills.

Abolition of taxes on food production.

Abolition of Fuel duty.

A moratorium on immigration.

Limit welfare benefits to born and bred British citizens and to those who have paid in for at least ten years.

Likewise with the Nation Health Service.

A moratorium on the sixty five million pound per day going to the European Union bureaucrats until
a) the EU accounts are signed off by an independent auditor
b) the British people leave the corrupt unaccountable institution.

Abolish the Common Agricultural Policy, which is the most expensive of the EU scams.

A moratorium on the fourteen billion pound foreign aid scam paid to dictators and fat cat executives from the lucrative foreign aid industry.

There is much more but it would be inspiring if Sir Charles and the 2 Sisters Food Group set an example and made a donation from its own mountainous stocks of food to the starving folk of the poverty stricken British Isles or would it impact on profits and his own bonus?

Update:  It's been pointed out that 'Great' Britain has to borrow 120 billion pounds per year, where spendthrift politicians have accumulated a national debt of 1.4 trillion pounds, which is a disgraceful 91% of GDP and now has the Red Cross called in to prevent starvation; isn't it time Saints Bob Geldof and Bono campaigned for the cancellation of Britain's foreign debt? (and aid)