Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fascist, White Supremacist And Nazi - Smears En Route To Civil War

One of the main weapons in the armory of the socialist/communist/liberal community as they seek to intimidate into silence anyone who disagrees with their campaign to destroy the United States of America is their use of demonization and smear as a prelude to violence.

Rigidly policed political correctness is the whip they use to discipline society, ensure conformity, impose groupthink and discourage dissent. Divide and rule is their modus operandi whereby everyone is categorized by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, culture and skin color then declared an oppressed minority and given victim status.

The mainstream media, which serves as the propaganda arm of the ruling elite, have constructed the narrative that the oppressors are exclusively white skinned particularly those with a Judeo-Christian heritage.

Students of history and politics will recognize this as Cultural Marxism. This replaced economic Marxism when the dangerous old fools’ predictions of a crisis of capitalism leading to the violent imposition of a communist state failed to materialize in the developed industrial countries.

The rich Bourgeoisie exploiting the poor Proletariat has been replaced with developed cultures (white) oppressing less developed cultures and minorities (non-white).

The words homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, misogynist and bigot are used as ad hominem smears against anyone who dared question the ‘progressive’ agenda. This included gay marriage, the imposition of Islam and its practises, women’s issues, border security, illegal immigration etc.

Even those who expressed their love of country and respect for its laws and way of life were routinely demonized and smeared as xenophobic.

By far the favorite and most used smear was ‘racist’. The race card was used against anyone who strayed away from the orthodox point of view on everything from border control, illegal immigration, opposition to President Obama etc. etc. It was also used to smear anyone who questioned the imposition of Islam and its practises even though Islam is not a race.

Due to overuse the word started to lose it impact and the people began to lose their fear of it. It’s not especially denigrating if every white person living in the real world is being smeared with the same word by the same swamp of politicians, virtue signaling Hollywood celebrities, wealthy black hypocrites and MSM propagandists.

With the demise of the word ‘racist’ the aforementioned socialist/communist/liberal community needed a new line of attack to keep their destructive momentum going and alighted upon ‘fascist’, ‘white supremacist’ and most risibley ‘Nazi’.

The sad thing is that their brainwashed army of street thugs actually believe the propaganda that they are the much publicized resistance valiantly waging a holy war against fascists and Nazi’s who they believe are intent upon establishing white supremacy or resurrecting the Confederacy or building a Fourth Reich.

These imbeciles are the living embodiment of what Lenin referred to as ‘useful idiots’. They have no idea they are being used by a powerful elite who are too cowardly to put their own heads above the parapet and fight for their communist revolution.

The irony is lost on these Toon Town revolutionaries and mommies’ basement dwellers that they are using the same tactics of violent intimidation that Hitler and his Nazi’s used during the rise of the Third Reich.

The upside to this new campaign of denigration is that the terms, fascist, white supremacist and Nazi are the most highly emotive terms in the lexicon of smears and are unsuitable since they do not accurately fit the people they are attempting to demonize.

The fact is that President Trump is not a fascist, a white supremacist or a Nazi; neither is Dr. Ben Carson or any other members of his administration and most importantly neither are the tens of millions of hard working Americans who voted them into office.

For what it’s worth neither am I, your humble correspondent, who was accused of being a Nazi for articulating forbidden views on border security and controlled immigration during the Brexit referendum campaign but I digress.

The very idea that an American administration, or a humble correspondent, is planning to send millions of innocent victims to die in gas chambers due to their skin color or minority status is beyond ridiculous and only a brainwashed mind can imagine such an awful thing to be true in modern America.   

To conclude, the final act is not for the faint hearted; just like the word racist is becoming ineffective due to overuse, these latest smears will also be overused and become ineffective. When that time arrives there are no other words the propagandists can use that can conjure up the monstrous image of genocidal maniacs running the government.

They will have run out of effective smears and the only way left to defeat their perceived enemies and progress their communist revolution is to ramp up the violence toward civil war.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Winston Churchill Would Be Banned From Speaking In Today's America

When Berkley’s KPFA Radio cancelled an appearance by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins for ‘hurtful speech against Islam’ the United States joined Great Britain and the rest of Europe by censoring any remarks about the so-called religion of peace no matter how minor or truthful.

Apart from his work in the field of evolutionary science and other disciplines, Dawkins is more renowned for his atheism and his criticism of all religions particularly Christianity. He has had many high profile clashes with the Roman Catholic Church and uses language during his discourse which has offended and hurt billions of Christians around the world.

The fact that KPFA were prepared to host Mr. Dawkins regardless of his attacks on Christianity renders their claim that they do not endorse hurtful speech risible as well as grossly hypocritical. What they really mean is that they will ignore hurtful speech against Christianity but they will not countenance any criticism of Islam. (Read the story here)

This is in line with the rest of the main stream media (MSM) that is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the ruling elite who are intent on forcing acceptance of Islam in the western world using censorship and threats by labelling any criticism of Islam as hate speech.

Shamefully, this brings the United States into line with Great Britain and the rest Europe who have virtually banned any criticism of Islam and use so-called ‘hate crimes’ to intimidate people into silence. The highly politicized British police ‘service’ are using their supposedly scarce resources to monitor social media such as Twitter and Facebook looking for ‘Islamophobic’ comments to which they boast they have zero tolerance.

This is the same police 'service' that arrested the leader of the Liberty GB Party, Paul Weston, for quoting Sir Winston Churchill in a speech during his election campaign for the European Parliament. (See here)

The words used by Richard Dawkins which resulted in his censorship were mild by comparison to the observations made by Sir Winston Churchill in his book, “The River War” that resulted in Mr. Weston's arrest.

These were observations Churchill made from first-hand experience while serving as an officer in the British Army during the Boer War.

Who could deny the veracity of his words or the fact that they are as relevant today as they were back then.  

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”
― Winston S. Churchill, The River War

This paragraph alone would result in Great Britain’s war time Prime Minister being labelled as an Islamophobe and banned not only from an insignificant radio station in Berkley but the entire MSM in the USA.

When then Prime Minister Churchill was invited in May 1946 by President Harry S. Truman to make a post war speech in Fulton, Missouri, he laid bare the intentions of Stalin and communist Russia at a time when negative talk about the wartime ally was all but forbidden.

His Sinews of Peace speech, better known as the Iron Curtain speech, correctly predicted the expansionist plans of Stalin in Europe and the resultant cold war. (Watch it here)

He was accused of war mongering and castigated for insulting a wartime ally who was instrumental in the defeat of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi’s).

Churchill was right in his assessment of Stalin and his communist party just as he was right about the nature of Islam. Like Richard Dawkins, in modern politically correct America, the great man would most likely be censored if he was invited at all.

In conclusion, for the attention of Antifa and the rest of the George Soros sponsored cadres of socialist  juveniles, Sir Winston made his speech at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri. The site contains a relocated church that was bombed during the London Blitz and a superb Churchill museum marking the occasion of his speech. Outside stands an imposing statue of the great man which I am sure triggers many a snowflake as they pass by.

In line with your current behavior it is your duty to don your masks, tool up and knock the place down then convince yourself that Islam is a religion of peace and Winston Churchill was never there.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Statues and Monuments Offensive To Commies That Should Be Removed

Toytown wannabe revolutionaries accompanied by an assortment of left wing loonies and spotty basement dwellers continue their destruction of statues and monuments in their campaign to erase history and rewrite it to fit their narrative. The following is a picture gallery to help their global counterparts decide which ones to attack.

Hammers are available at the nearest hardware store, face masks are available from your local Soros financed Commissariat.

The Kiss by Rodin: This public display of love between a man and a women is homophobic and guaranteed to cause offence to those from the LGBTTQQ1XXWTFGFY69.2 community.

The Easter Island statues: These statues are grossly offensive to any self respecting social justice warrior. As well as being sexist, there are no lady statues on the island, they are demeaning to natives by depicting them as brutish, thick and savage.

The Emperor Hadrian and his wall: This brutal establishment and imperialist dictator was the oppressor of the British peasantry and working classes. His infamous wall is a reminder of division and racism against the fiercely independent Scottish tribes. This monster is wearing a kilt so he is also guilty of cultural appropriation.

Queen Elizabeth, tear down this wall!.....then abdicate. Up the Revolution!

Lady Justice: Sitting atop the Law Courts at the Old Bailey in London, this is as overt a symbol of gender stereotyping as is possible. This insensitive object is guaranteed to trigger any member of the transgender community who may happen to look up as they walk by.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: This appalling image offends more people on the planet than any other. Over 1.8 billion Muslims shield their eyes whenever this image appears in magazines or the visual media. This statue is beloved of the Brazilian people so social justice warriors would be advised not to attempt its destruction themselves, rather they should contract it out to their allies in ISIS: they are the experts in statue destruction after all.

And finally the most famous statue of them all - David by Michelangelo: There's no obvious reason to destroy this iconic work of art other than its a famous work of art and might as well be destroyed since you are on a roll and the blood is up.

It is understood that when the adrenalin kicks in it can be difficult to know whats offensive and what is not and therefore difficult to stop oneself from destroying everything in sight that looks even vaguely bourgeoisie but please note the following:

Do not, repeat not, under any circumstances destroy this statue or any other image of this great man. Rather make copies and erect them in every school and college campus throughout the land.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Barcelona - Death Is What You Get When You Invite the Grim Reaper

Back in February this year 160,000 Spaniards took to the streets of Barcelona, Spain, to demand the government open the doors to more refugees. It was just over two weeks ago on 4th August that a group of Spanish socialists rampaged through popular tourist resorts demanding their free spending visitors go home labelling them as the real terrorists while at the same time putting out the welcome mat for refugees. (See here)

On 10th August stunned tourists watched as phony refugees from North Africa stormed a popular beach in southern Spain in a scene resembling the D-Day landings in Normandy. (Watch the video here)

As an indication of their naivety, or stupidity, the imposing Town Hall in the Spanish capital Madrid proudly flies a ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner.

Prior to any of this, Islamic terrorist leaders have warned repeatedly that they are using the manufactured ‘refugee crisis’ to infiltrate its fighters into European cities with the sole intention of bringing death and destruction to the people in the name of Allah.

To the surprise of nobody, on Thursday 17th August refugees attacked two popular tourist centers in Barcelona and Cambrils killing fifteen people, including children and injuring over a hundred.

The people of Spain have yet to learn that the leaders of the European Union have embarked on a great crusade to destroy the ancient Judeo-Christian cultures of the nation states and replace them with so-called ‘multi-cultural societies’ regardless of the price being paid in blood and lost lives by the ordinary citizens.

The political leaders will go through the motions after every atrocity with their PR manufactured soundbites about thoughts and prayers, shoulder to shoulder, solidarity etc. ad nauseum, but they will take no effective action to stop the carnage and protect the people from a fanatical enemy that has sworn to kill and maim.

To the political elite the dead and injured from Barcelona and Cambrils, along with the dead and injured from every other terrorist attack in Europe, are acceptable collateral damage.

The cultural replacement project has a far higher priority than the deaths of few individuals from the common herd. Does anyone seriously think that fanatics like the insane German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, or the robotic British Prime Minister, Theresa May, give a monkey’s hind leg about the safety and security of their citizens when they steadfastly refuse to take any meaningful action to stop the carnage?

Despite the continued rape and murder of German citizens, Mad Merkel has already stated unequivocally that she will not countenance an upper limit on immigration into Germany or anywhere else in the European Union.

With all the faux sincerity she could muster, the queen of the soundbites, Theresa May, robotically repeated the exact same message she keeps for such occasions and the sad thing is she thinks the people believe it and take her seriously. “My thoughts are with the victims of today’s terrible attack” followed by the utterly meaningless “The UK stands with Spain against terror”

Exactly what does ‘standing with Spain against terror’ actually mean and how will it help the victims or prevent the next attack? We have already stood with France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the USA and a host of others against terrorism but it still keeps happening with terrifying regularity. (We stand with Spain here)

At this very moment a Muslim terrorist somewhere is plotting to kill us; we don’t know where or when or how but we know it will happen.  The sad fact is that the likes of Merkel and May know it will happen also and they have their soundbites and slogans ready for delivery when it does. Effective action to prevent it however they will not take.

To conclude, the Spanish people and the rest of the western world should understand that the Grim Reaper brings death and destruction in his wake in the form of phony refugees and when you invite him in that’s exactly what you will get.  

Stop Press:

It’s worth reminding the Spanish people as they demand the doors be opened for more refugees. Their economy has crashed since they joined the Euro, unemployment stands at 17.8% with youth unemployment at a staggering 39%; they should also be reminded that tourism accounts for 12% of the entire Spanish economy and is responsible for 16% of all jobs. (See here)

Young Spaniards who should be the seed corn of any sustained economic recovery are emigrating in record numbers in the search of opportunities elsewhere.

On the other side of the economic equation, recently arrived phony refugees contribute zero to the economy and present a drain on scarce resources. In the unlikely event they look for work, they will only increase demand for unskilled jobs and hence depress wages further and increase unemployment further.

The only possible upside for Spain is that, apart from migrants from former Spanish territories, the phony refugees are actually economic migrants that are using Spain as a gateway and will most likely leave as quickly as possible for those parts European Union that offer the best welfare benefit entitlements.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Condemning Violence – President Trump Bad, Communist Corbyn Good

Watching the hysterical reaction to President Trump’s condemnation of violence ‘on both sides’ of the organized Charlottesville mini-riot has been hilarious and in complete contrast to the same condemnation of violence 'on both sides' in Venezuela by Great Britain’s Prime Minister-in-Waiting, Jeremy Corbyn.

President Trump has been attacked by almost the entire political establishment on both sides of the Atlantic, including their associated media whores, who have gone into overdrive with their insults and smears.

Even senior members of his own Republican party, along with their very own media whores at supposedly fair and balanced Fox News, have been lining up to put the boot into the man they still cannot accept is the duly elected President of the United States.

One only has to watch the newsreels to see that President Trump was absolutely correct in his assessment that there was violence on both sides.

It is there for all to see that the  illegal gathering of the far-left extremists of Antifa, accompanied by a motley crew of other anti-American far-left loonies, came tooled up with baseball bats, helmets, shields and a home made flame thrower ready to violently attack the legal Unite the Right rally.

Any person with the minutest powers of observation will see this manufactured hysteria for what it is; i.e. part of the concerted campaign that started after his election in November 2016 to bring down the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, there was an opposite reaction to the leader of Great Britain’s Labour Party who are currently ahead in the polls and would form the next government should there be a general election in the near future.

The life-long Great Britain hater, communist and anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn, couldn’t bring himself to condemn the violence being used by the socialist regime he championed to oppress the Venezuelan people. Instead he condemned the violence on ‘both sides’ even though the violence is perpetrated by the government only.

It's risible to suggest that the half-starved people of Venezuela could actually engage in violence against Maduro's army of armed thugs who are indulging in an orgy of violence against the opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn has also refused to condemn the violence perpetrated by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during their murderous bombing campaign on mainland Great Britain during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s nor the violence committed by the various Islamic/Palestinian terrorist groups he supports.

When the facts about the organised Charlottesville mini-riot became known, President Trump came out and condemned the violent behavior of the right wing loonies, the white supremacists and the KKK; Corbyn on the other hand, despite knowing the facts about his soulmates, steadfastly refuses to condemn the violence of the Venezuelan government, the IRA or his Muslim terrorist friends from Hamas, Hezbollah and the various Palestinian terrorist groups.

Being the weasel politician that he is, whenever Corbyn is confronted with a request to condemn the violence of his supporters and his favourite terrorist groups he resorts to condemning violence ‘on both sides’ to avoid answering the question as it should be answered.

Bearing in mind they used the same words, the reaction by the British establishment to Corbyn is in complete contrast to that of President Trump. He is smeared as a Nazi, a fascist, a white supremacist and a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan. Corbyn on the other hand is treated like a latter day Mother Theresa of Calcutta and despite his links with terrorist groups he is given saintly status as a morally superior pacifist and peacemaker.

Instead of trying to prevent this vile communist from taking office in the same way they are trying to overthrow President Trump, the political establishment in Great Britain and their media whores, led by the taxpayer funded BBC, are doing their utmost to put Corbyn into office regardless of the disastrous consequences that will surely follow.

In the real world outside the incestuous political establishment, the swamp, as it has been rightly labelled, President Trump is an American patriot who is fulfilling his promise to put the American people first and halt the meticulously planned ‘progressive’ agenda to destroy traditional America.

Unlike the evil genius George Soros, who is financing the various groups fighting to bring down America, President Trump is most definitely not a Nazi, neither is he a fascist, a white supremacist or a supporter of the KKK.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand is most definitely, a life-long communist, an anti-British traitor, a terrorist supporter and a vile Israel hating anti-Semite.

The British people must do what they think best at the next election and suffer the consequences if they are seduced into handing over the levers of power to Corbyn.

The American people should stand by their President and watch his back as he fulfills his election promise to Make America Great Again



Thursday, August 17, 2017

T. May Acts Against ISIS - Welcomes Them Home For A Spot of Rehab

One has to wonder what goes on inside the heads of politicians especially those that laughably refer to themselves as ‘progressives’; they say and do the dumbest things that not only defy logic but pose a clear and present danger to the public they are supposed to be protecting.

Putting out the welcome mat for battle hardened jihadists returning from the killing fields of the Middle East and Africa as if they have been on vacation then thinking they will reform their murderous ways after a stint in a rehabilitation clinic is another classic example.

Barely two months ago on 4th June after 28 were people murdered and almost 300 injured by Islamic terrorists in Manchester and Westminster, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, declared on the steps of 10 Downing Street that there has been “far too much tolerance of extremism” in the UK and added that “enough was enough”. (Watch and read her platitudes here)

In reality it was the political class and the establishment that had tolerated extremism for decades by allowing sharia controlled no-go ghetto areas to proliferate and fester across the country which not only allowed preachers of hate to regurgitate their hatred of the west but also acted as recruiting grounds for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

It was Mrs. May herself who declared that some British citizens would benefit greatly from sharia law.

The queen of the soundbites and slogans, Mrs. May’s ‘enough is enough’ is matched only in its paltering deceptiveness by her now infamous ‘Brexit means Brexit’, which as the British people know to their cost has been diluted to the point where it's Brexit in name only and kicked so far down the road its almost out of sight.

Mrs. May and her government have taken no action that matches her words except curbing the people’s  right to privacy by monitoring their Internet browsing and taking steps to combat so-called ‘far-right extremists’ which happens to be anyone that opposes the imposed Islamification of their country.

The politicized 'police service' have been ignoring the Muslim grooming gangs that have been raping under age white girls on an industrial scale but spend their time and resources monitoring Twitter and Facebook to search for so-called Islamophobic hate speech to which they laughably claim to have zero tolerance.
If the best the government can do is to allow these seasoned killers to return and send them to rehabilitation clinics then they are ignoring the reality of a potentially lethal situation for the British people.

As the battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) turns against them, the chances of the British and European jihadis dying an ignominious death in some flyblown desert dung heap are greatly increased; therefore they are using their western documentation to return to the country of issue.

It’s not that they fear death; it’s the ‘ignominious death in a dung heap’ they are scared of. They would much rather go out in a blaze of glory taking as many infidels with them as possible to guarantee martyrdom status and seventy-two virgins in paradise.

Since the leaders of ISIS along with other affiliated Islamic terrorist groups have announced their intention to repatriate their jihadis one would think that the political class would take note and put the safety and security of their citizens first by preventing their return.

According to the security services and military intelligence, anywhere between 300 and 500 jihadis have already returned 'home' to Great Britain, a further 3,000 potential terrorists are under investigation and a mind boggling 23,000 jihadis are living freely in Great Britain. (See here)

Using the powers at their disposal and revoking their citizenship thus preventing their return is way too easy and logical for these agenda driven ‘progressives’ and their fellow western culture hating disciples. Instead they use the human rights scam as the reason to allow them back into the country to maim and kill at a time of their choosing.

Only in the twisted mind of a ‘progressive’ can the rights of sub humans who have publicly tortured and horrifically murdered anyone who is not a follower of Islam be they men, women, old, young, black white be given a higher priority than law abiding citizens.These animals are beyond rehabilitation.

The jihadi returnees are also using the opportunity to encourage other Muslims to murder nonbelievers in the name of Islam.

The politicians refer to this radicalization as if the mind of a pure and benign moderate Muslim has been stolen and poisoned against the western world. The truth is that jihad is in their DNA, children are brainwashed from birth by their parents with the requirements of the Koran to convert, enslave or murder Jews and nonbelievers. 

They are already radicalized by the time they start attending the mosque to be exposed to the demented anti-western rantings of an imported preacher of hate or the local imam.

There have been no significant changes in policy toward militant Islam since 7th July 2005 when fifty-two people were killed and over seven hundred injured after Muslim terrorists attacked the London Transport system.

Preachers of hate are still allowed into the country to rabble rouse unimpeded by the authorities. Sharia law is slowly being accepted and illegal female genital mutilation is still being performed with no prosecutions. 

Similarly, illegal child marriages are still performed with no repercussions; no-go Muslim ghettos are still allowed to proliferate and fester and battle hardened jihadis are being allowed to return with their religious zeal and blood lust intact. (See here)

No amount of rehabilitation is going to cure the hate and blood lust of these highly motivated seasoned killers and no amount of prison time is going to de-radicalize a born to kill jihadi.

It's not just Great Britain that's suffering from an overdose of  imbecility, things are just as crazy across the Atlantic where some genius in the United States has taken a leaf out of Great Britain's book of political stupidity and suggested a 'Hug a Jihadi' program to prevent radicalization as well as testing a post prison experiment to rehabilitate a Somali ISIS supporter.(See here and here)

Good luck with those two pieces of nonsense and if that's all the politicians can come up with to protect the law abiding public may the Lord have mercy on us all.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Slavery, Child Rape, Acid Attacks – What Happened To Great Britain?

Three news stories from the Sceptred Isle demonstrate how far Great Britain has been degraded from the global superpower that brought civilization and development to twenty-three percent of the world’s population and administered twenty-four percent of the world’s landmass down to something resembling the backward, undeveloped territories they first encountered.

Although the British Empire took just over two centuries to reach its zenith, it took British civilization some five thousand years to develop from Stonehenge c.4000BC to the Bill of Rights in 1689 through to Universal Suffrage in 1918.

In addition, at great cost in blood and treasure and with the help of its allies, Great Britain fought and won two great wars for civilization against enemies so debased that had they prevailed they would have set back civilization centuries.
It would be foolish to deny that during the course of British ascendancy mistakes were made as was the case with all empires but on balance the contribution of the British to civilization around the world far outweighs the negatives.

During this evolution of civilization abolitionist William Wilberforce and his fellow campaigners fought a twenty year battle to abolish slavery culminating in the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833. Wilberforce and his friends were unashamedly Christian and let it be known that their crusade was guided by religion, morality and education.

By design rather than accident of history so-called ‘progressives’ have driven these virtues from public life as part of the managed decline of the country and as a consequence Great Britain has seen the return of slavery to every major town and city. Likewise the grooming and gang rape of underage white girls by racist gangs of Muslim men and acid attacks on unsuspecting members of the public have entered the public domain.

The modern political class has stood by and watched this descent into barbarity and done nothing to stop it, in fact their inaction over the decades is proof positive it’s a deliberate policy to downgrade the nation.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported that modern slavery and human trafficking are more prevalent than previously thought with 300 live policing operations in every major town and city in the country. It also said that previous estimates of between 10,000-13,000 victims were found to be the “tip of the iceberg”.

To the eternal shame of the political class who allowed this to happen, some of the victims of this modern day slavery and human trafficking are children. (See here)

Equally shaming for the political class is their tolerance and tacit approval of Muslim grooming gangs who like slavery and human trafficking gangs have been allowed to operate in every major town and city across the land.

These sub human barbarians gang raped and pimped out 1,200 underage white girls in the English town of Rotherham until they were apprehended in 1997. This horrific abuse was perpetrated with the full knowledge, and therefore approval of, the police, the education system, the Member of Parliament and most horrifically the local authority including the child welfare department.

When the Rotherham grooming gang scandal first surfaced in 1997 the British public were led to believe that this was a one-off scandal exposed and rolled up in the nick of time. The majority of the British public was unaware that Muslim grooming gangs have continued to operate in hundreds of towns and cities across the country to the present day, gang raping and pimping out underage white girls on an industrial scale with the tacit approval of the authorities. (See here)

Now added to this are acid attacks whereby acid is thrown in the faces of unsuspecting victims for the purpose of robbery or punishment for recalcitrant women in the Muslim community. (See here)

These are in addition to other barbaric horrors that are prevalent and tolerated such as the genital mutilation of young girls, incest, child brides, polygamy and pedophilia to name but a few.

This is the sort of uncivilized barbarity one expects in backward, third world hell holes populated by illiterate savages that have yet to emerge into the modern era not in 21st century Great Britain.

This deliberate degrading of Great Britain in the name of the global equality of nations has been in progress for decades but has accelerated since the Blair government opened the borders to all and sundry in 1997 regardless of their position on the evolutionary scale.

But for the global political elite and their ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda there’s no reason that the upward movement toward greater civilization could not have continued in perpetuity for the good of all mankind. The last generation must be turning in their graves at what has become of the country they fought and sacrificed so much for.

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*Please note - The bought-and-paid-for politically correct media distance the Muslim community from these horrific crimes by altering the language they use when referring to the perpetrators and their crimes. 

Hence the grooming, rape and pimping out of young girls is referred to as 'Child Sexual Exploitation' or the initials 'CSE'.

The predominately Muslim offenders are referred to as Asian.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Socialist Theft - Confiscate Inheritances To Fund The Welfare State

Socialists never cease to amaze with their ability to remain committed to their perverted ideology despite the evidence of its failure unfolding before their eyes. From Venezuela to Zimbabwe, from North Korea to Angola, socialism has only ever succeeded in bringing national bankruptcy, poverty and eventually bloody repression.

It never ceases to amaze either that supposedly intelligent, well educated people are so dedicated to their ideology they are blind to natural human instincts particularly with regards to families, children and the freedom to do as they please with the hard earned fruits of their labour.

A columnist for The Guardian newspaper, Abi Wilkinson, is one such ideologue who has suggested a 100% Inheritance Tax to fund the welfare state which has witnessed a deliberately engineered increase in dependency, along with rampant waste, fraud and abuse.

The appetite of the welfare state for ever increasing sums of money to fund its vote gathering operations will never be satiated even after the last drop of blood has been sucked from the taxpayer.

Like all socialists this Guardianista has endowed the welfare state with divine status as a pretense to confiscate the private wealth of individuals for redistribution in line with her ideology while ignoring the Venezuelan type disaster this will engender. (See here)

It's irrelevant to Ms. Wilkinson and her comrades that any assets and savings belonging to the long suffering British people have been accumulated after the government has subjected them to penal levels of taxation throughout their lives.

It would appear that being a slave of the government for 20 years to pay one's taxes isn't enough, they want the rest as well to finance their vote harvesting operation. (See here and here)

If the waste, fraud and abuse were tackled and eliminated there could be room for a tax cut as opposed to confiscating the life savings and property of private citizens who made the right decisions throughout their lives and saved for their retirement and their children's future.

Cutting the welfare budget, or any government spending for that matter, would be inconceivable to the likes of Ms. Wilkinson who would prefer the abuses to continue as opposed to shrinking the budget and returning the money to those who earned it in the first place.

One of the greatest fears of the socialist/communist/liberal community and the political class is working people being prosperous to the point where they are financially independent of government.

This independence would rob them of their reason to exist making them irrelevant and without the power to lord it over others. It would also rob them of a very lucrative career in 'public service'.

Thus the political establishment and its agents do everything in their power to prevent working people getting ahead by using penal levels of taxation and increased dependency on government.

Like other government run programs the welfare state has been changed from a safety net into a taxpayer funded free for all for fraudsters, cheats and politicians who use it as a political football at election times in order to secure votes by bribery and thus retaining their seats on the gravy train.

In the meantime millions of genuine claimants find it increasingly difficult to get past the complex bureaucracy to get a timely adjudication and much needed relief from their desperate situations.

To illustrate the point there follows a few examples of the waste, fraud and abuse that Ms. Wilkinson and her ilk want financed by the confiscation of people's assets and life savings.

Shukri Yusuf had no such difficulty getting past the complex bureaucracy to defraud the taxpayer by posing as a single mother to claim $127k. She committed this fraud to fund her children's private schooling. (See here).

(This raises the question of real single mothers being funded to the tune of $127k but I digress)

Mother of four, Rejiya Mukith, had no such difficulty either when  fraudulently obtaining some $44k to move to a more affluent location with better schools for her children. (See here)

Kurdish illegal immigrant, Kerim Koroglu, who smuggled himself into Great Britain on the back of a truck had no difficulty swindling $40k. (See here)

These individual cases of fraud and abuse are small examples of a massive industry which is costing the taxpayer anywhere between $6 and $12.5 billion.(See here)

The welfare benefits bill for London alone is a staggering $45 billion which is bigger than the whole defence budget. (See here)

Waste, fraud and abuse, along with twisted priorities, are the hallmarks of most government departments and there doesn't appear to be any serious attempt to tackle the problem and restore some integrity to their obviously flawed systems.

With a minimum of research it's relatively easy to highlight the flaws in the system and point them out in an article such as this. It's also relatively easy find some solutions to tackle them and give the abused taxpayers a break.

Foreign students are absconding at the end of their courses without repaying their student loans. Why are British taxpayers funding foreign students and not their own governments? Stop funding loans for foreign students. (See here)

The Kurdish illegal immigrant mentioned above had been in the country for six years after being refused asylum. Deport all those who have been refused asylum.

People are coming from abroad in their droves to use the National Health Service (NHS) then returning home without settling their bills. Before treatment is administered, evidence of insurance should be mandatory or payment up front.

Open border mass immigration is costing the taxpayer some $21 billion. Much of this is from non-EU countries over which the British government has control. Until Brexit is finalised there should be a moratorium on non-EU immigration with a points based system thereafter. (See here)

Nobody should ever be accepted into the country without any means of support to enjoy a life on welfare benefits financed by the British taxpayer.

Suggestions such as these are practical for any government that have the interests and wellbeing of the British people in mind and the political will to implement them.

They are also the kind of common sense suggestions that would cause the heads of Abi Wilkinson and her comrades from the socialist/communist/liberal community to explode in a shower of  red flags and mushroom fertilizer.

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I've come to stay forever- not to work

NHS unpaid bills

British taxpayers fund Muslim family of 13

Friday, August 4, 2017

Socialists in Spain Put Their Twisted Logic on Public Display

Recent news that a group of young socialists in Spain are harassing revenue generating tourists and comparing them with terrorists while welcoming refugees is both laughable and disturbing in equal measure.

What’s laughable is the logic that wants to ban an industry that accounts for 12 percent of the entire Spanish economy and generates 16 percent of all Spanish jobs while unemployment stands at 17.8 percent with youth unemployment at a staggering 39 percent.

What’s disturbing is the fact that these young people are so brainwashed by their ideology they fail to see the flaw in their economic reasoning let alone the lunacy of painting tourists as terrorists while welcoming tens of thousands of potential terrorists into their midst who will put their safety in jeopardy and contribute nothing to their economy.

The irony is that while they agitate against visitors to their own country and put out the welcome mat for third world refugees, the exodus of talented young Spanish people to other countries is increasing at an alarming rate.

This is population and cultural replacement in all its glory so it’s all going to plan for UN/EU global elite. These evil geniuses won’t be happy until Spain has reached the same depths of violent multi-cultural depravity as Sweden, Germany, Belgium etc.

On the Spanish island of Majorca the campaign against tourists has been labelled as an uprising coupled with an invitation for the uncommitted to join the combat.

In another act of supreme irony missed by Arran, the toy town revolutionaries leading the uprising, they tweeted “We are sick of the occupation of public space in the neighborhood by tourist companies. We must act! Join the combat!”

Either they are unaware or deliberately ignoring the occupation and trashing of public spaces in major cities and towns across the European Union by tens of thousands of homeless, incompatible refugees many of whom bear malice toward anyone not of their own community.

For obvious reasons Spain is not the destination of choice for immigrants and economic migrants searching for a better life and as a consequence they have not suffered the levels of immigration per head being endured by other members of the EU.

It must be noted at this point that some tourists, mainly from Great Britain and mainly from the younger generation, engage in such appalling public behavior they do actually degrade neighborhoods and invite the odium of local people.

They play into hands of groups like Arran and give all tourists a bad name. The blame lies partially with local law enforcement for tolerating such behavior and also with British parents who have raised inconsiderate, ignorant slobs with no regard for anyone other than themselves.

Although inexcusable, this behavior pales into insignificance compared to the rioting, rape and murder being experienced in cities across Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain etc. which is making life a dangerous misery for those condemned by their governments to endure it in ever increasing doses.

In conclusion, Spain is indeed experiencing an influx of tourists that do have a massive impact on communities, some of it undesirable. However, this source of revenue and jobs must be infinitely preferable to an invading army of destitute third world economic migrants and potential terrorists who will contribute very little if anything to the Spanish economy and increase the descent into third world status.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ignoring Charlie Gard - Senators Vote for Socialized Medicine

Whether it was the revenge of a bitter and twisted John McCain or the treachery of his colleagues in the Senate is of no consequence now. Despite acknowledging that Obamacare is a disaster for the American people they voted for it to remain the law of the land.

Their health and wellbeing doesn’t even register on the political radar when it comes to a self-serving political class who are immune from the disasters they impose on others.

After spending seven long years making solemn promises to repeal and replace Obamacare they reneged on those promises knowing that it would fail, as it was designed to do, thus paving the way for a government run single payer system, better known as socialized medicine.

It’s fair to assume that these Senators and Representatives knew the consequences of their action and therefore find the nationalization of the healthcare sector acceptable.

For the multitude of socialist/communists/liberals that infest the Congress this support for socialized medicine is a godsend which moves them closer to a core tenet of their perverted ideology.

The real treachery lies with those legislators who profess to be the champions of individual liberty and free enterprise but voted to inflict a healthcare nightmare on their constituents.

The American people need only to look as far as the National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain to understand the disaster that awaits them.

This 70-year old bureaucratic monolith has been given divine status, the questioning of which is considered blasphemy of the very highest order. Even minor questioning of its inefficiencies and failures is taboo and leaves the brave dissenter open to vilification and smear.

As is the case with any entrenched long standing bureaucracy they take on a life of their own and become a law unto themselves. The health and wellbeing of the nation come a long way down the list of priorities behind self-preservation, political correctness and an endless demand for ever increasing sums of taxpayer money.

The Sad Case of Charlie Gard:

These bureaucrats are without emotion or empathy and intoxicated with their own power. This includes the power of life and death as the recent heart breaking case of baby Charlie Gard testified.

Baby Charlie suffered brain damage because of a condition called encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). Doctors said Charlie cannot breathe without a ventilator and should be taken off life support and allowed to die. The Courts agreed that baby Charlie must be put to death.

Charlie’s parents however fought to keep Charlie alive so that they could take him to the USA for an experimental treatment that has previously helped a child suffering the same condition with some success.

Despite the fact that an American doctor has offered to treat Charlie and his devoted parents raised private money to finance the treatment, the bureaucrats refused to release him and insisted Charlie’s death sentence must be carried out.

The Vatican and President Trump intervened on Charlie’s behalf but the bureaucracy steadfastly refused. These inhuman creatures even refused a final request that Charlie be allowed home to die surrounded by loved ones.

Read the harrowing story of Charlie Gard here

The following are some brief points the American public and their legislators need to be aware of before they adopt government run healthcare:

There are no Choices or Treatment Options:

The utter contempt of the bureaucrats that run Great Britain’s socialist healthcare system for the parents of sick children knows no bounds and the case of Ashya King demonstrates the extraordinary lengths they will go to in order to exercise their power over the people they are meant to serve.

Briefly, the parents of 5-year old Ashya King had the temerity to disagree with medical staff over treatment for their young son’s brain tumor. They preferred proton therapy as they considered it less harmful than conventional radiotherapy. The NHS didn’t provide proton therapy in Great Britain but had funded treatment abroad in the past.

In this case they did not support Ashya being moved and in response the parents removed him from the hospital and took him to abroad for treatment.

The NHS bureaucrats instigated an international manhunt which resulted in the parents being arrested and banged up in a Spanish jail while the boy was sent to a local hospital for treatment.

In this case the High Court agreed with the parents and allowed Ashya to receive proton treatment in Prague, Czech Republic and he is now cancer free.

Read the Ashya King scandal here

The NHS Bureaucracy:

Due to its complexity, calculating the number of employees is not an exact science, however the NHS is a labyrinthine behemoth employing an estimated 1.8 million people of which 46-48% are not clinically trained. They fit somewhere in the following bureaucratic jungle. Some of these boxes are bureaucratic jungles in their own right.

The Untouchable Bureaucrats:

Healthcare provision for the British people is a low priority for so-called healthcare professionals who use the bureaucracy they created to loot the NHS for their own enrichment.

Unlike the private sector it is virtually impossible to offload surplus staff or dismiss anyone for non-performance or any other reason short of murder.

Continuous Shortage of Money and Political Correctness:

Since its inception the NHS bureaucrats and agenda driven politicians have been lobbying the government for evermore injections of taxpayer money. No matter how much is poured in it is never enough. Improving efficiency and cost effectiveness by reforming the archaic processes and procedures is beyond the imagination and capabilities of politicians and the entrenched career bureaucrats.

Despite this permanent shortage of cash, there is always plenty available to finance vanity projects and the imposition of politically correct imbecilities.

With a complete disregard for the taxpayer every hospital was ordered to change its logo by NHS ‘identity managers'. I’m sure the public will be interested to know that there exists 'NHS identity teams' using up precious resources that could be used for proton therapy for children as needed by the aforementioned Ashya King. (Read about this waste of resources here)

The following is an advertisement for a part-time for Assistant Director of Equality and Diversity at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust. Salary $56,000 - $69,000.This is more than is earned by a Captain in the British army, and about the same as a Major. If this is what a part-time assistant earns the person in charge must be making a fortune.

Typical of all taxpayer funded, government run enterprises, political correctness is more important than the service they provide or the needs of the patient. The job description for the above mentioned vacancy is a howler and says it all about the PC culture that infests the NHS.

“You’ll look to continually develop programmes that deliver our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2015 – 2019, which sets out a powerful vision: valuing the voices of diverse people to be the best we can. It’s a chance to lead and champion the development and delivery of all aspects of our equality and diversity work. This senior role will see you deputising for the Associate Director of Inclusion and Community, including working with external partners to advocate for the areas of Access, Community Partnership and Equality. You’ll also establish strong monitoring arrangements so we can track our progress.”

(Read about this scandalous waste here)

In conclusion: The inefficiency, waste, fraud and abuse is endemic with little or no appetite by the government or the NHS bureaucrats to reform or modernize the system in the interests of the long suffering public.

The American public should learn from their British cousins as their legislators vote to put an army of impersonal, self-obsessed, all powerful bureaucrats between them and their doctor.

This 1.8 million strong out-of-control, money hungry behemoth caters for a population of only 65 million, one can only wonder what a similar system would be for their population of 323 million.

Follow the links for further reading on the subject:

If we were British our son would be dead.

Addendum including a case history:

The Cases of Warren Hench and Charlie Gard

Warren was a close friend of many years and I was involved with him throughout his illness and eventual demise. He was in total control of his healthcare and treatments at all times right up until his passing.

Warren was a 62-year old businessman and former US marine noticed pink in his urine but ignored it for a year before seeking treatment. He was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer and advised by his doctors to seek hospice care and do anything on his bucket list while he was still physically able.

He was having none of it; instead he did his own research and found a sympathetic doctor who put him touch with a medic involved in prostate cancer research. He volunteered for experimental treatment and lived a quality life for three years before his cancer started to return.

This doctor knew of others in the prostate cancer research field that was developing treatments which were still in the experimental stage. He volunteered and enjoyed another two years of quality life, including being fully engaged in his three businesses, before again his cancer started to return.

Once again he was advised to seek hospice care and prepare for the end.

He refused and volunteered three further times for experimental treatments since his cancer kept returning as the various treatments became ineffective over time.

He finally succumbed after 10 years of quality life with family and friends. It also allowed him time to arrange for his businesses to continue after his passing.

The conclusions that can be drawn from this case:

He should have seen his doctor immediately he noticed a problem with his urine. The time delay allowed his condition to deteriorate.

If he had he left it to the medical experts he would have died in a hospice 10 years too soon.

If he had he been a baby or senile the medical experts would have condemned him to death earlier than need be.

There was no guarantee that the experimental treatments would work but they did in this case.
He made the decision to try experimental treatment not the medics, bureaucrats or judges.

He died at home surrounded by his family and friends.
The contrast with Charlie Gard.

The seven month delay arguing in the courts allowed his condition to deteriorate past the point where he could be helped. If he had underwent the experimental treatment sooner it could have worked in his favor.

The medical experts don’t always get it right and his parents were entitled to explore every option for their son.

The experimental treatment on offer had helped other children with a similar condition in the past.

Warren himself made the all decisions regarding his own treatment and in many cases going against the advice of the so-called medical experts.

As he requested Warren died at home surrounded by his family and friends unlike Charlie whose parents were refused permission to take him home.

As debate over Charlie continues it is my opinion, and that of many others, that treatment options, especially life and death decisions, should be taken by the patient and in the case of babies and young children by the parents.

Warren’s name has been changed to spare his family any distress