Thursday, December 29, 2016

Barack Obama - A Nasty Piece Of Work Or Just A Standard Progressive?

Watching President Obama doing his utmost to scorch the earth and make life as difficult as possible for the incoming Trump administration he gives the impression of a nasty piece of work displaying a petulant, vindictive attitude typical of a sore loser.

If that were the case then his backstabbing of Israel and the Jewish people could be dismissed as such and President Obama could be safely dispatched to the dustbin of history along with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and that other visceral Jew hater, Jimmy Carter.

Unfortunately it's not that simple. This global political class, of which the aforementioned are fully fledged members, are so dedicated to their cause everything they do from speech content to body language are the result of a cold political calculation.

The Obama administration sponsored UN resolution condemning Israel for building houses in their own capital city is the result of the anti-Israel agenda and Jew hatred that is one of the central tenets of left wing ideology as followed by the so called 'progressive' left.

The British wing of the global 'progressive' movement, the once noble Labour Party, is being led by a virulent anti-Israel Jew hater named Jeremy Corbyn. So visceral is his hatred for Israel and the Jewish people he numbers the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO among his friends.

Currently the Labour Party is undergoing a series of inquiries into anti-Semitism in its ranks which is regarded as nothing more than a PR exercise for public consumption only. No action is expected to be taken against the perpetrators since the eradication of Israel and the Jewish people are, as mentioned earlier, central tenets of the 'progressive' left agenda.

It must be noted at this point that Corbyn's hatred for Great Britain is equally visceral as evidenced by him breaking bread with the blood soaked leaders of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). It would appear that any hater of Great Britain is welcome as a friend of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Self loathing and hatred of ones own country is the hallmark of the 'progressive' left in the western democracies and they will work tirelessly and until hell freezes over to fundamentally transform their own countries and impose their agenda whether the people want it or not.

The UN is not alone in working for the eradication of Israel and the Jewish people. The European Union is infested with anti-Semites and they shamelessly support anti-Israel organizations such as BDS and the Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile in France under socialist President Hollande, anti-Semitic violence has reached levels not seen since World War II. It is now so bad Jews are leaving in unprecedented numbers.

The Obama administrations sneak attack on Israel and the Jewish people is more than a reaction to losing the Presidential election; it is a calculated political move ahead of the overtly pro-Israel Trump administration to embed in the UN a mechanism that will destabilize Israel and leave it vulnerable to future attacks from behind borders that are impossible to defend.

The Obama administration's nuclear deal with the fanatical Jew hating Ayatollahs in Iran virtually guaranteed the destruction of Israel sometime in the next decade or so but President Trump's promise to nullify the deal has scuppered that plan.

This latest UN resolution will act as replacement policy to weaken Israeli defenses and make it vulnerable attack from its surrounding enemies.

The 'progressive' left will never give up on its global agenda and that includes a borderless world and the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, its a fact of life and freedom lovers must be aware of the threat and remain eternally vigilant.

In conclusion, President Obama and his cohorts may very well be vindictive, nasty pieces of work but the actions they take between now and the dustbin of history will be part of a well thought out action plan designed not only to frustrate the incoming administration but to further embed their agenda hoping to pick up where they left off in four years time.    

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cultural Marxists v President Trump - Let Battle Commence

I'll begin this article on a note of optimism that the main weapon in the armory of the Cultural Marxists i.e political correctness, has met its match with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.

One of the unexpected, and enjoyable, benefits of his election has been watching heads explode among the liberal/socialist/progressive community as they have a collective mental breakdown. Their hysterical reaction to President Trump is proof positive that he was the right choice for the much abused silent majority in America.

The vast majority of people in America and the western countries are too busy earning a living and trying to survive the malign attentions of the Cultural Marxists to study the history of Gramsci and the political correctness revolution and how they usurped power. (An easy to read article on the subject here)

They will however be aware of the negative consequences of this malign attention because it affects every aspect of their lives every single day both covertly and overtly. It is effectively crushing the life out of their evolved culture and civilization.

Everything that symbolizes western culture and civilization, such as Christian festivals, flags and other emblems, are considered to be offensive and must therefore be banned. It has reached such a crescendo of viciousness that even white skin is considered to be offensive and is subsequently in the process of being stigmatized.

This is a dangerous development in the history of western civilization the consequences of which are unknown and potentially disastrous but I digress.

One only has to look back a decade or so to see the negative effects that rigidly policed political correctness has had on freedom of speech and of thought. People are reluctant to discuss anything outside of the imposed orthodoxy for fear of being labelled and smeared with charges of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia.

Even ridiculous titles such as Fascist and Nazi are being used with abandon in a last desperate attempt to smear and vilify anyone who supports the Trump Presidency.

The collective bottled up frustration of the American people was finally unleashed by the no-holds- barred, straight talking campaign of Donald Trump who said from the start that he doesn't do political correctness and America does not have time for it.

Incidentally, another enjoyable consequence of the Trump campaign was watching the bought-and-paid-for MSM whores and their pundits get their comeuppance. It was truly a joy to behold.

The battle will commence in earnest after the inauguration and bearing in mind the forces ranged against him this going to to be an epic and monumental struggle. With his determination and the support of his family and the American people he has every chance of emerging victorious.

Read 'Trump is the Exorcist of Political Correctness' here and be uplifted.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mass Immigration Is More Important Than Berlin's Murdered Innocents

It was only some six months ago that an adherent of the so called 'religion of peace' hijacked a truck and ploughed it into crowds of innocent families who were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.

The use of vehicles by Mohammedans to murder innocent civilians in the name of Allah has been a widely used tactic in Israel for some time so the German, French and other European governments were forewarned. They were also warned by ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist leaders that they would use the manufactured 'refugee crisis' to infiltrate their fighters into Europe and the USA with the intention of causing murder and mayhem.

One would think that with mass murder being perpetrated by Muslim terrorists across the globe in places as far away and diverse as Ottawa, Sydney, Boston, San Bernadino, Brussels, Paris, London, Madrid and so on, that the UN and the various governments involved would take urgent, tangible and effective action to protect innocent citizens.

In addition to mass murder and mutilation there is the horrifying increase in sexual assault, rape and murder of women, children, and in some instances males, by Muslim men throughout the western world especially in Europe.

The safety and security of their citizens should be the number one priority of all governments but in the new UN/EU mandated borderless one world this is not the case.

They will take no action that will negatively affect their plan to use mass immigration from the undeveloped world to destroy and replace western Judeo-Christian civilization across the Anglosphere with so called 'multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural societies'.

To the agenda driven political elite currently governing the western world, the murdered innocents in Germany and elsewhere are acceptable collateral damage in the great project to re-order the post war world into an egalitarian, borderless planet where all nations, religions and cultures are morally equivalent and equal.

If anyone thinks this is just hyperbole or exaggeration then they need to pay attention to the statements emanating from the incoming UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, with regard to independent nation states, borders and global governance. (Read about his terrifying vision here)

In addition to Guterres there are similar noises about using mass immigration to engineer the end of independent, homogeneous nation states and destroy traditional European civilization from the Vice-President of the all powerful EU Commission, Frans Timmermans. (See here)

Outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a veritable pussycat compared to these two borderless world fanatics.

Firstly, if the leaders of Europe and the civilized world did the job they were elected to do and put the safety and security of their citizens first they would stop the mass importation of testosterone fueled young men of military age from the various war zones in the middle east, Chechnya, Africa and other Islamic hot spots around the world.

In the conflict countries safe zones should be established where genuine refugees can be identified and cared for until such time as they can be safely returned to their homes.

The mass transfer of millions of people from backward, incompatible cultures and religions into the developed world will not solve the problems of war, poverty and pestilence in their homelands but it will serve to degrade and destabilize the receiving nations.

To any reasonable person who has a modicum of control over their faculties what the deranged German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is imposing on the German people is total insanity by any measure.

She is unapologetic and determined to use mass immigration to pursue the destruction of traditional German society and by using the freedom of movement across the borderless EU, destroy the rest of the European nation states as well.

The second obvious step would be to close down the mosques and madrassas that act as schools and colleges for teaching radical Islam and jihad. These institutions do not encourage integration or even respect for the host nation instead they are an obstacle to peace, stability and instrumental in breaking down the civil order.

Thirdly, deport or jail all radical imams along with those that preach jihad, incite violence, propose a caliphate or advocate sharia law.

Sharia law is uncivilized, degrading to women and totally incompatible with western Judeo-Christian values.

Fourthly, barbaric cultural practises such as female genital mutilation, child brides, incest, paedophilia, gender selective abortion etc. must be banned and their practitioners jailed or deported. These also have no place in civilized western societies.

If anyone residing in a western democracy finds these requisites unacceptable they should be invited to leave and find a country which is more compatible with their religion, culture or preferred way of life.

For any of these steps to be successfully implemented the culture of political correctness, one-way hate crimes and incessant anti-nation state propaganda must be brought to an end.

In conclusion, the global political elite have set their course toward the UN/EU goal of a borderless, egalitarian, one world government and judging by their actions, and inaction with regard to mass immigration, nothing will deflect them from this path.

They are fighting Brexit with every weapon and dirty trick at their disposal which includes legal challenges and incessant anti-Brexit propaganda including smear and vilification. They will do everything in their power to get mad Angela Merkel re-elected in the up and coming German elections and everything in their power to prevent the election of anti-EU politicians, Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders in the respective French and Dutch elections.

What effect President Trump will have remains to be seen but at this moment in history he appears to be the only spark at the end of a very dark tunnel.