Monday, September 30, 2013

Conservative Party Conference - British People Are On Bullsh*t Alert

Political conference season in Great Britain is a tough time for informed voters and for those citizens who are immune to the spin, deceit and outright lies that passes for political discourse in this once dignified country.

If watching hoards of career political charlatans coagulate at their annual jamborees to congratulate themselves on deceiving the public isn't hard enough, then listening to week long outpouring of their bullsh*t is almost too much to bear.

As difficult as it is, one is forced watch and listen in order to find out what further misery they have planned for the downtrodden citizens they plan to ignore and abuse. This is achieved by listening carefully to their focus group formulated promises then assuming the opposite.

Many people, myself included, could hardly bring themselves to watch the Liberal Democrat conference as the very sight of Great Britain hater Nick Clegg, together with his accomplished band of liars, can bring on severe episodes of uncontrollable vomiting. A whole week of speeches about government mandated equality and fairness together with the submersion of Great Britain into the United States of Europe, was horrendous even for the most hardened cynic.

The United Kingdom Independence Party conference was a morale booster and they continue to give the main party charlatans palpitations: the amount of ridicule and smear they attracted is indicative of their growing influence on the political scene. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going into the 2014 elections and start the process of wrestling back the country from the traitors that have sold it out to the global 'progressive' elite.

The Labour Party conference was a throwback to the past, conjuring up visions of Dickensian poverty together with the emotional plight of welfare addicted victims, all suffering horribly as a result of heartless conservative policies. These policies are putting the chosen lifestyle of career claimants under threat so they need a champion.

These career welfare wallahs shouldn't worry because multi-millionaire workers leader Red Ed Miliband, has promised them a socialist programme to put right the damage caused by his previous socialist programme. Economic illiteracy doesn't go anywhere near describing this imbecile.

And so it's the turn of David Cameron's Conservatives to crank up their propaganda machine in order to churn out promises they know they have no intention of keeping. This will be the first conference where the threat to their power by a surging UKIP is very real and may cost them the next election.

It's worth reminding ourselves that David Cameron usurped power in the Conservative Party by using deceit and outright lies. He cloaked his dedication to the global 'progressive' agenda with a tissue of deceptions, he claimed to be a Europhobe, a fiscal conservative and a radical who would undo the damage done by the previous 'progressive' governments of Blair and Brown.

He promised to allay the peoples fears by promising an end to open border mass immigration, to deal with the unsustainable national debt, to end the stifling culture of political correctness, to halt the dumbing down of schools, to hold a bonfire of quango's, to shrink the size of government etc. He has done none of these.

As is typical of a remote elitist who is dedicated to implementing the long planned 'progressive' agenda, he surrounded himself with like minded cronies and started a programme of 'detoxification'. This consisted of purging the party of traditional conservatives together with their policies and carrying on where the Blair/Brown vandals left off.

Cameron must be the only Prime Minister in history who was happy not win an outright majority in a general election. His defeat allowed him to enter a coalition with his odious fellow 'progressive' Nick Clegg, thus saving him from having to implement a conservative agenda.

One of Cameron's main functions is to act on behalf of the global 'progressive' elite and prevent a Thatcher type conservative from leading the Conservative Party, therefore ensuring the continuity of their transformational agenda.

Prior to this circus conference in Manchester, Cameron's cronies, and his useful idiots, had been busy listening to their focus groups and commissioning surveys with the intention of highlighting the publics' fears: they will then design their speeches accordingly with promises to the public in exchange for their votes.

The list of promises is an insult to the intelligence of the informed electorate because they know Cameron will not deliver: either because he is a public relations man and therefore a practiced liar, or because his bosses in the European Union will not allow him to. Herman von Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barrosso will be keeping a close eye on this conference not to mention the increasingly powerful and re-elected Frau Merkel of Germany.

Cameron is promising to:

Deport bogey men such a Abu Qatata and Abu 'the hook' Hamza. He is lying because the EU will not allow him to do this.

Deport foreign criminals such as the Romanian street gangs that are causing misery on the streets of London. He is lying again because the EU will not allow him to do this either.

Prevent immigrants collecting welfare. He is lying for the same reason as above.

Prevent abuse of the NHS by immigrants and visa abusers. Nope he is lying.

Tougher sentencing for knife crimes. How many times have heard that one?

Tougher sentencing all around in conjunction with hugging a hoodie. Sounds like "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". Where have we heard that before?

On the economy he is going to continue dealing with the deficit and the debt. It's all spin and lies. He is borrowing  120 billion per year and the debt will be higher than when he took office. No government departments have been closed down and there has been no bonfire of quangos.

He is promising to build an efficient military that meets the requirements of any 21st century conflict. He lying through his teeth. Cameron is eviscerating the military and debasing it's unique history in preparation for its absorption into the European Union's defence force (the EDF).

He is promising to provide some relief for hard working families and small businesses. How does an increase in VAT and ever increasing utility bills achieve this?

In order to spike the guns of UKIP, and to cool down the peoples anger at his beloved European Union, Cameron is promising to renegotiate Great Britain's terms of membership and repatriate some of the powers that he and his traitorous political predecessors gave away. He then promises to hold a referendum but only after the next election and only if he is Prime Minister. This is the biggest and most cynical lie of all as he is well aware that no re-negotiation is possible with these Euro fanatics.

The course for a post democratic United States of Europe was set decades ago and nothing will divert them from their ultimate aim. There may be a cosmetic chit chat between the interested parties who's intention will be to give the impression of a serious negotiation. Cameron and the Europhiles will declare this as a historic victory but only the dumb will be fooled.

There's much more but I will desist for fear of triggering bullsh*t overload which could result in a boot through the television screen.

One promise he will keep and that is to be the greenest government ever. Cameron will proceed with his insane policy to 'combat climate change' even though the whole thing is now recognized as a scam: the only remaining adherents being a coalition of 'progressive' politicians like himself, dumbed down school kids and 1960'S hippies who haven't recovered from their excesses at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight.

Watching these political charlatans in full flow is a nauseating spectacle but there is one positive note, they fear the rise of UKIP and with lots of hard work and a lot of luck the hero's of UKIP will prevail.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Multi-Culturalism = Ethnic Cleansing - Why Is Tony Blair Still Free?

While the horrific scenes from the Muslim atrocity in Nairobi are still fresh in the mind, they serve as a reminder of the utter barbarity and savagery that the adherents of the so called 'religion of peace' are capable of. It's worth remembering that atrocities such as these and worse, are being perpetrated on a daily basis across the planet from the Philippines in the Far East to Great Britain and Europe in the West.

If anyone thinks that this is an exaggeration as far as Great Britain and Europe is concerned then they must consider the daily occurrences of mutilation, rape, honour killings and general female abuse as normal, acceptable behavior. To right minded, civilized people the grooming of under age white girls by Muslim paedophile gangs and then subjecting them to bestial sexual abuse is an atrocity.

Incidentally it's worth reminding ourselves that 'honour killing' is a politically correct term used by 'progressives' to describe the premeditated murder of women and young girls by backward ethnic minorities. It makes it sound more respectable and gives the impression that this kind of murder is somewhat justified on cultural grounds.

This kind of uncivilised behavior was unheard of only a few decades ago and its prevalence today is a direct result of the 'progressive' cultural replacement agenda using open border mass immigration.  Multi-culturalism is the brain child of the global 'progressive' elite and which only applies to the Anglosphere. In their twisted minds they actually believe that the Anglosphere is to blame for the ills of the world and must therefore be eradicated as a dominant group to prevent global inequality.

With the promise of rich rewards in the future, Tony Blair was adopted by this elite and proceeded to implement their cultural replacement agenda with unbridled enthusiasm. This was a thoroughly well planned and thought out agenda as can be seen by its efficiency and success. Great Britain is no longer an Anglo/Saxon/Celtic country based on Judeo-Christian values but a multi-cultural, crime ridden cesspit run by a cabal of Common Purpose trained authoritarian technocrats who harass, smear and prosecute anyone who dissents from their perverted view.

Any analysis of how this cultural replacement agenda came into being leads to the obvious conclusion that a group of people convened a meeting then sat around a table and actually discussed the replacement of one unique culture with another.

It would be ludicrous to compare Tony Blair and his fellow 'progressives' with the Nazi Party but nevertheless this is ethnic cleansing by another name and the meeting where this was discussed was similar to the Wanasee conference held in Berlin in 1942,  the only difference being the method and timescale of  the cultural replacement agenda.

The criminal behavior, bloodshed and misery being suffered by the British people is a direct result of Tony Blair's actions as Prime Minister; he knew full well what a mass influx of Muslims and other incompatible cultures would bring. After the brutal beheading of Drummer Rigby on a London street, Blair finally admitted what everyone else knew all along - "there is a problem within Islam". If that's the case why did he engineer this unrestricted influx of Muslims which was unasked for by the British people?

After the Nairobi atrocity, Blair puts his lunacy on display by publicly trying to distance himself from Islam and calling for tolerance. He is aware that Muslims don't do tolerance so is he suggesting that the victims of Islam show tolerance? If so, why?

Despite all the evidence that Islam and its adherents are not compatible with British life and culture, Blair went ahead and opened the borders to battle hardened young Muslims from all corners of the globe. He then bestowed upon them citizenship therefore the means to travel abroad and commit appalling acts of violence as is evidenced by the Nairobi massacre of innocents and the barbarities being carried out in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya and elsewhere. Blair's British jihadi's appear to be present in every Muslim hotspot on the planet.

Even after the 7/7 slaughter on the London transport system Blair still tries to justify his mass immigration disaster by claiming that immigration has been good for Britain. I suspect that the victims of immigrant violence, the wives and daughters who were murdered to protect family honour, the under age girls who were sexually abused etc. ad nauseum would take an entirely different view.

This is not the Great Britain that previous generations cherished.  Their culture and their values have been deliberately replaced and this would not be the case but for the malign political intentions of Tony Blair. He is guilty not only of lying in order to start a war in Iraq but of premeditated cultural replacement better known as ethnic cleansing.

If Blair were to be arrested tomorrow and put on trial for his crimes, it would be with the support of the majority of decent people around the world who believe in justice and freedom from tyranny.

Update: Phony Tony Blair who claims that he "came to socialism via Marxism" is looking to add to his extensive portfolio with a property in Barbados. This will be property number eight. It appears that the self described "straight kinda guy" is just another socialist hypocrite whose only interest is himself and his parasitic family.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nairobi Slaughter Of The Innocents - Western Dhimmi's Have Blood On Their Hands

As a former resident of Nairobi in the late 90's, I have been following the horrific events in the Westgate shopping centre with particular interest. The place was becoming a haven for radical Muslims even in my day so I can only imagine what it is like today.

If Nairobi was a going down the toilet due to corruption, neglect and a malign Muslim influence, then Mombasa had already disappeared around the bend. Muslim influence and the accompanying degradation was everywhere.

My assignment in Nairobi started about a month after the East African embassy bombings and it appears that no lessons have been learned about the capacity of radical Muslims to wreak blood soaked havoc in the name of Allah.

As the current siege draws to a close and the twenty four hour news cycle moves back to its usual diet of the IPhone and Grand Theft Auto V sales to our brain dead youth, this incident will soon be  relegated to the inside pages before being shamefully dropped altogether.

Western governments, together with their fundamental transformers and multi-culturalists, will breathe a sigh of relief that the consequences of their surrender to Islam is off the television screens and the front pages, allowing them to proceed with their downgrading of western civilization via Islamification.

In their unyielding determination to impose the acceptance of Islam and all its blood soaked history on the peoples of the west, these fanatics in government have the mental ability to ignore the victims of  Muslim atrocities and the pain of their families.

It is the considered opinion of a growing number of people around the world, including many Muslims, that Islam is incompatible with western civilization: why else are they expending so much blood and treasure to bring it down and replace it with their own barbarity?

Muslim elders, mullahs, imams, ayatollahs or whatever they call themselves, throughout the civilized and the uncivilized world, have openly declared war on the people of the West and they have proved their determination and dedication by committing atrocities which western leaders fail to take into account as they are unconditionally welcoming these savages into our midst.

Looking at the behavior of the legislators and their lickspittle collaborators in the government machine, one would think that the murder of almost three thousand innocent citizens by Muslim terrorists didn't take place at all. Mayor Bloomberg and his fellow dhimmis in New York were in favour of letting Muslims build a victory mosque near ground zero to commemorate the atrocity.

The 'progressive' lunatic Bloomberg is well aware of the Muslim tradition of building victory mosques in order to humiliate the vanquished. Why he has not been tried for treason is a mystery.

Other dhimmis in the media, led by NBC deliberately covering up Muslim atrocities for reasons one can only guess at. They will suffer barbarities under the Caliphate just the same as everyone else.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri of Al Qaeda has openly called for attacks on the USA physically and economically but the politicians carry on giving Muslims special status and therefore the means with which they can commit acts of violence.

'Progressives' in the USA are so consumed with self loathing for themselves and their country that they can barely contain themselves. On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity a school in Boston added insult to injury by skipping the 'Pledge of Allegience' and recited a Muslim poem instead.

School children are being brainwashed with trips to the local mosques and given the Koran to read, while all references to Christianity are being removed from schools.

It is not surprising to learn  that some of the Muslim terrorists who spilled innocent blood in Nairobi may have hailed from Great Britain and America. The politicians need to explain why such large  numbers of battle hardened, fanatical young Muslims from Somalia, Pakistan and other hotspots, were allowed to enter their countries and then given citizenship.

It doesn't stretch the imagination too far to understand that these young fanatics had no intention of integrating into the two countries that they hate the most and have sworn to destroy. Giving them western citizenship and passports has given them the ability to join the global jihad against the West.

British and American jihadis have already turned up on foreign battlefields, including Somalia and an NHS doctor in Syria.

Muslim men are raping their way across Europe particularly in Scandinavia where girls as young as ten are being assaulted. Why are the Scandinavian politicians subjecting their people to these horrors?

Other atrocities across the globe have not deterred our political fanatics from their transformation agenda in the slightest.

In addition to the Madrid bombings which the government ignores when deciding its immigration policy, there was the Bali bombings which targeting tourists that are mainly Australian. This atrocity didn't prompt the Labor government down under to rethink its immigration policy.

India has been on the receiving end of Muslim attacks many times including the Mumbai bombings and recent hotel sieges.

The July 7th London bombings or the Muslim paedophile scandals have not altered British immigration policy one iota.  On the contrary, passports and visas are still being thrown around like confetti, Muslim demands are still being met and Muslim crimes are still being covered up or ignored.  Even the court system is giving Muslim women special privileges by allowing them to make their plea as a defendant, with their faces covered.

This fawning attitude by the political class toward to the people who despise the west and openly  agitate for its downfall, only emboldens them to carry out further atrocities. Giving them citizenship  and passports legitimizes them and facilitates their ability to join the global jihad.

Innocent blood has been spilled in Nairobi and will continue to be spilled by Muslim fanatics who have been welcomed and legitimized by western governments therefore by extension, this innocent blood is on their hands and it should not be forgotten.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tough On Crime - Tony Blair's Daughter The Victim Of Her Father's Criminal Class

"Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime", is one of the most infamous, cynical and dishonest soundbites ever to be uttered by Great Britain's former Prime Minister and cultural vandal Tony Blair. This soundbite was dreamt up in order to steal the reputation of the Conservative Party as the traditional party of law and order during the '97 general election.

The perverted view that criminals are not bad people but victims of an unjust society is a core tenet of Marxism and has always been the driving force behind the 'progressive' law and order agenda as pursued by Tony Blair and his disastrous government.

How the Labour Party Members of Parliament who were jailed for stealing taxpayer's money are victims of society is not explained; nor is it explained how victim status can be given to the Muslim killers of Drummer Rigby, the 7th July bombers or Rose and Fred West.

As the British people are learning to their cost, Blair and his government turned reality on it's head and made the perpetrators of crime the victims and vice verce.  According to Blair and the 'progressives', those law abiding people who do the right thing, get out of bed and go to work everyday then get burgled, mugged, beaten or worse, have only themselves to blame for being so selfish and uncaring.

As part of the Blair 'progressive' agenda the police and the criminal justice system were  politicized and their mission changed from upholding the law and protecting the public to implementing the transformation of Great Britain into the multi-cultural, crime ridden cesspit that we see today.

Criminal behavior has skyrocketed and the well being of victims is routinely ignored in the interests of political correctness. Serious law breaking is also ignored in the interests of cultural sensitivity or community cohesion and when action by the police is unavoidable, any punishment is often derisory or non existent.

News that Tony Blair's daughter, Kathryn and her boyfriend were held up at gunpoint in a London street will hopefully bring home to her at least, the trauma suffered by thousands of victims of crime every day which is a direct result of her father's perverted ideology.

After her experience, maybe she will ask her father how a serial criminal went unpunished until his two hundredth burglary. That's two hundred victims whose well being was ignored by Blair's politicized police 'service' and criminal justice system. This criminal lowlife (or victim of society depending on your viewpoint) was sentenced to a derisory twenty months; fifty percent of which is automatically discounted with another possible discount for good behavior. He could be out in five months to continue with his criminal career leaving more victims in his wake.

To many people outside Great Britain, the idea that the authorities would put the interests of the criminal before the interests of the victim on ideological grounds sounds implausible but a tertiary glance at the facts should clear the issue up beyond doubt.

Bearing in mind there is no death penalty in Great Britain and the right to defend oneself has been taken away, here is a list of murderers who were released to murder again. In whose interests were these animals released and were the interests of the victims and potential future victims taken into account? Obviously not.

Maybe Kathryn Blair can inquire of her father why, in their ancestral home of Scotland, better known as the 'progressive dystopia north of the border', a criminals' well being comes before that of their victims?

Thousands of serious criminals are excused their punishment under early release legislation. Official figures show that five thousand criminals have been released early including 3,298 who have been convicted of serious assault and attempted murder, 277 convicted murderers and 161 rapists. Since 2007, 64,000 have become eligible for early release. These include an animal by the name of Darren McIntosh, a convicted paedophile who was jailed for four years after committing a sexual assault on an eight year old boy. McIntosh was released after two years despite being classified as a 'high risk' to children. The high risk to children comes secondary to the well being of this depraved child abuser.

It is incumbent on any 'progressive' to justify this release and why the horror of his victim was not taken into account nor any potential future child victims.

One must not forget that this criminal justice system released the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds, despite the protestations from the families of his 270 victims.

 If any more evidence is needed to prove the fact that the 'progressive' criminal justice system looks upon the criminal as the victim then one only has to look at the behavior of the coroner at the inquest into the shooting death of violent gangster Mark Duggan.  This is the death which supposedly triggered the 2011 summer rioting around Great Britain.

Prior to opening the inquest Judge Keith Cutler ordered a minutes silence be held for Duggan despite the fact that he was a violent gangster who was armed at the time of his shooting and allegedly involved in several murders. This imbecile of a Judge never mentioned any of Duggan's victims or took their trauma into account. Nothing will come of it and this so called Judge will carry on with his debased career of respecting criminals while showing contempt for their victims.

It would be ironic if the 'progressive' Judge Cutler would one day sit in judgment on Kathryn Blair's assailants and would he show them the same respect and compassion that he showed the late gangster?

In conclusion it's worth mentioning that the British people have had their rights of self defence removed with the result that law abiding citizens have been arrested and prosecuted for having the temerity to protect their families and property from criminals. It is also worth noting that the British people have been disarmed by Tony Blair and left at the mercy of armed criminals.

It goes without saying that if Kathryn Blair or her boyfriend had been packing some heat, the playing field would have been level and if the criminals had got their just dessert the possibility of re-offending would have been zero.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Child Poverty And Sex Abuse - Fighting One While Promoting The Other

To civilized people the world over there are no more heinous crimes committed than those against children. Looking after the well being and interests of children is one of the prime measures of a civilised society, therefore it is with absolute horror that one has to helplessly stand by while the political class sacrifices the well being of children in the interests of their 'progressive' agenda.

Politicians always put children at the top of their agenda when they are slagging each other off at election times by citing increases/decreases in child poverty or educational standards depending on whether it's the government in office or the opposition doing the slagging. None of them ever mentions the dramatic and shameful increase in heinous crimes against children that has taken place over the last two decades under governments of all colours.

The catalyst for this article was the 30 day sentence given to a paedophile teacher in the USA who raped a fourteen year old pupil who subsequently committed suicide as a result of her traumatic experience. In his summing up, the judge all but blamed the girl and exonerated the perpetrator. One has to ask what kind of mindset does this judge have? Why does he not take the side of the victim or at least acknowledge that a terrible crime has been committed against a child and act accordingly?
(Story here)

By his actions this judge is treating this crime the same as the rape of an adult and is therefore normalizing paedophilia in the justice system and in the public psyche.

Further research reveals that this is not the isolated actions of a rogue judge but one of the fundamental aims of the global 'progressive' movement who's history of paedophilia goes back to the Bloomsbury Group and the Fabian Society, together with the Labour and Liberal Parties.

Since it was taken over and 'modernised' by David Cameron and his inner circle of remote, trendy elitists, these 'progressive' ideas have also infested the British Conservative Party in addition to the Democratic Party in the USA.

Even a cursory glance into the Bloomsbury Group shines a light on the history of the 'progressive' movement and reveals the origin of the descent into depravity which we see taking place today. It was a gathering of influential so called intellectuals, including artists, economists and politicians who believed that a 'progressive' socialist society should consider acts of sexual depravity, including those with children, as normal.

Influential people such as John Maynard Keynes, Lytton Strachey, Havelock Ellis and Bertrand Russell considered themselves to be 'progressive' and all were drug addicts, perverts and pederasts. They all had a penchant for sodomy, young boys and each other; they despised Christianity and any other form or morality. These people were depravity personified and agitated for the normalization of homosexuality and sex between adults and children.
(Story here)

It would appear that Keynesian economics is accompanied by Keynesian perversion and depravity. 

These words of Fabian Society founder, Havelock Ellis, would not be out of place today if spoken by David Cameron, Barack Obama or any other 'progressive'. "Love transcends age as well as gender".
(A Fabian Story here)

One only has to look back at the recent past to see the British political establishments' acceptance of paedophilia and child abuse.

The Liberal party's high profile Member of Parliament for Rochdale, Cyril Smith was a serial child abuser and paedophile. This fact was kept from the public by an evil conspiracy between the police and the political establishment including military intelligence. With this protection, the degenerate Smith went on to enjoy a long parliamentary career and therefore with the full knowledge of the establishment children kept being horrifically abused.
(Story here)

Even today the Liberal Democrat MP and self confessed child abuser, Mike Hancock, is still in office funded by the taxpayers. Not only is he a Member of Parliament, he is also on the local government gravy train as a councillor. The people in his constituency should hang their heads in shame.
(Story here)

There can be no bigger example of the political establishments' acceptance of child sex abuse than the Muslim paedophile scandals that have rocked so many of Great Britain's cities. The horrific child sex abuse scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford were shocking, not only for the nature of the crimes but by their acceptance by the authorities and their subsequent cover ups.

These heinous crimes not only went on with the full knowledge of the local authorities including local politicians, teachers, social workers and the police, they were actually enabled by the willful participation by these same institutions. After years of foot dragging and excuses, no one at this point has been held responsible, disciplined, fired or prosecuted.

After national publicity and pressure from the public, investigative inquiries are now being set up and the political establishment are in a panic to make sure their ars*es are covered by limiting the terms of reference of these inquiries, then running away.

Incidentally it's worth noting that the political establishment's spin machines in Rotherham and elsewhere are using the abbreviation CSE when referring to these appalling crimes. Child Sexual Exploitation is a more politically correct term than Muslim paedophile gangs.

The British Labour Party has supported the 'progressive' paedophile agenda over the years with leading lights Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt defending paedophiles in the past. Harman has also used her immense influence in the Labour government to support paedophiles by fighting to water down child pornography laws.
(Stories here and here)

The Labour Party has a previous history of supporting sexual deviants by using it's favourite homosexual campaigners Peter Tatchell and Greville Janner to advocate sex between adults and children .

That bastion of 'progressivism' and Labour Party mouthpiece, otherwise known as the BBC, is awash with paedophiles as the horrific Jimmy Savile scandal revealed. Some of the BBC's top attractions were rampant child abusers and they carried on with their depravity for decades with the full knowledge of the management. It's been over a year since this scandal broke but nobody from the hierarchy has been prosecuted.
(Savile, Janner and Tatchel stories here, here and here)

It is now accepted that the 'progressive agenda is being implemented in the civilized world therefore it is not confined to Great Britain.

Child sex abuse has been advocated in Germany for many years by that epitome of 'progressivism', the Green Party. They are trying to distance themselves from their advocacy in order to continue their place on the gravy train.
(German paedo stories here and here)

There can be no discussion about the 'progressive' child sex agenda without mentioning the European Union.  This place is awash with perverts and paedophiles nothing would please them more than to be able to have sex with children legally. Under the Lisbon Treaty paedophilia must not be disriminated against and is classed as an acceptable sexual orientation.
(Must read story here)

In conclusion it must be noted that although they project themselves as the guardians of children's well being, legalizing sex between adults and children is high on the 'progressive' agenda with their promotional soundbite becomeing more established -  "Paedophilia is just another sexual orientation".
(Story here)

Socialists/progressives call for action to reduce child poverty out of one side of their mouths and call for their legalised rape out of the other.

Due its topicality, this is a re-edited post from last year.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Washington Redskins And The Yid Army - Political Correctness Lunacy Crosses The Atlantic

I consider myself fortunate that since I quit work I am able spend time living in both the USA and my home town in South Wales.  One of the advantages of this arrangement is the ability to observe first hand the policies being imposed by both countries simultaneously in order to facilitate a 'fundamental transformation'.  It has always been my contention that this transformation is meant for the entire Anglosphere rather than just Great Britain and the USA, therefore it would come as no surprise to learn if these same policies were being imposed in the rest of the civilized world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Many people remain skeptical of New World Order conspiracy theories but the imposition of 'progressive' policies across the Anglosphere simultaneously suggests some measure of global coordination.

Is it really stretching incredulity too far to suggest that the expansion of government and welfare dependency financed by penal levels of taxation, across the Anglosphere simultaneously, is down to coincidence. This also applies to cultural replacement via open border mass immigration, the ending of traditional marriage, the human rights and overseas aid grievance industries, etc. etc.

The most potent weapon in the armoury of the 'progressive' transformers is rigidly enforced political correctness, otherwise known as Cultural Marxism. Its destructive power is enormous and if anyone is in any doubt about its effectiveness then they only need to compare the Great Britain of today with that of a couple of decades ago.

The country is unrecognizable and much of this is down to fear of transgressing the diktats of what can only be described as the government's thought police. Political correctness is everywhere, it is all pervading, it rules and ruins lives, it rules by fear: fear is the new element of the people, they eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they breath it every waking moment. Political correctness has crippled the people to the extent that they have lost the will to fight back.

What is noticeable is that British style rigidly enforced political correctness has made its way across the Atlantic and is now being visited upon the American people with a vengeance.

News that the Washington Redskins football team are being pressured by the 'progressive' elite to change their name, as it is deemed to be offensive, is a classic use of political correctness by an agenda driven minority to intimidate the majority.

At the same time the 'progressive' useful idiots at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in London (that means soccer in Great Britain) are ordering their supporters to remove the word 'Yid' from their songbook of chants under threat of prosecution.

It must be noted that the word 'Yid' is used with pride in order to commemorate the Jewish heritage of the club, even though it would appear that the Jewish influence is long gone. It must also be noted that the Tottenham area of London is popular with immigrants, particularly from the Caribbean.

The supporters of Tottenham Hotspur have called themselves the Yid Army for generations but suddenly Afro-Caribbeans referring to themselves as Yids is somehow offensive to the politically correct zealots of the 'progressive' community.

In reality the zealots are not offended in the slightest but are using the popularity of the English Premier League to push their political agenda and at the same time demonstrate their power to bully the majority into acquiescence.

This tactic has not been lost on the 'progressive' transformers across the pond. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" says Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama's previous enforcer, when attempting to impose their destructive agenda on the American people. It's a similar principle with large crowds as is evidenced by the Nuremberg rallies in pre war Germany.

Sporting crowds provide a mass captive audience that can be used for pushing a political agenda and the opportunity to do so is not going to go to waste by the 'progressive' transformers.

This issue also highlights the tremendous influence that the 'progressive' minority has over American life. Redskins spokesman, Roger Goodhall, wrote a letter to Congress defending their nickname, rightly calling it a "unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect". In a normal world that would make any American Indian proud to be associated with the club but notice how he changes his tune after he succumbed to pressure from God knows who. Goodhall is now saying that "if one person is offended we have to listen". This is a classic politically correct attitude if ever there was one.

Again, in a normal world if one person is offended by the name it would be tough luck, don't go to Redskin's games or patronize their brand; go follow another club. Sadly this is not a normal world any longer and one person objecting could mean millions having to adapt and change to placate.

As is the case in Great Britain, the useful idiots will never stop. British soccer crowds are subjected to endless campaigns such as 'Kick racism out of football', despite racism not being a big issue today. 'Drink responsibly' is another nagging slogan despite football clubs being sponsored by drinks companies. These patronizing idiots never miss an opportunity to lecture grown adults while they are going about their Saturday afternoon business.

If the Redskins acquiesce and change their name it will signal the beginning of an onslaught of political correctness that will change the face of American sport. If the serially offended industry win over the Redskin's name then they will most definitely be offended by:

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Cleveland Browns

The Cincinnati Reds

American Indians will be further offended by the Dallas Cowboys

Atheists will be offended by the Saints, the Padres, the Angels or the Cardinals even though it's a bird.

The Temperance movement will be offended by the Brewers.

Animal rights loonies and Peta will be offended by the Buffalo Bills.

All 'progressive' useful idiots and self loathers will be offended by the word 'Patriot' so it looks like New England will be needing a new moniker also.

As usual there is always a light amongst the gloom and a reason for hope. The Tottenham Hotspur supporters have indicated they will ignore the ban and continue to refer to themselves as the Yid Army.

They are also planning to wear Yid Army T-shirts at their future games. Lets hope they follow through with these intentions and send a message to the politically correct authoritarians in both Great Britain and the United States of America.

'We Will Not Listen, We Will Disobey, Go Jump In The Nearest Lake.

Update: It didn't take long before the suggestions started coming in.

The Redskins could change their name to the Foreskins to commemorate the d*cks who are pushing this agenda.

Apologies if the Yid Army are offended.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

EU President Warns The British People - Surrender Your Sovereignty Or Its War

When reference is made to the President of the European Union it must be noted that unlike normal democratic countries, such as the USA, this dictatorship of bureaucrats has more than one; at the last count it had at least four and all of them appointed.

It must be remembered that the EU is the vehicle being used by an elite political class to take decision making and governance out of the hands of the people and into their own hands via an enormous unaccountable bureaucracy. For the skeptical people of the world, the EU is what government in the post democratic age looks like.

This bureaucracy, which controls the lives of approximately five hundred million people, is entirely appointed and no matter how destructive it is, it cannot be removed by popular vote.

No one is sure which of these Presidents is the most senior or which one represents the United States of Europe; what is certain is that they all have impeccable socialist/communist/progressive credentials and they are all committed to governance in the post democratic age.  Please read on and take your pick.

President of the European Council, Mr. Herman von Rompuy. This Belgian totalitarian was the one that was going to be so important he would stop the traffic in Beijing. In reality he is a clownish  figure universally derided as Rumpy Pumpy; he is notorious for his belief that the sovereign nation state is dead and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and risks war.

President of the Council of the European Union, currently held by a Mr. Algirdas Butkevioius of Lithuania. Like most other people subjected to this nonsense I have no idea what he does or what purpose he serves other than making the bureaucracy more complex and expensive for the taxpayers.

President of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schultz. This thoroughly obnoxious character is a German socialist thug with a deep, visceral hatred for Great Britain and its people. Obviously he is still irked by the events of the last century. He really should learn to how lose wars with a little more grace.

President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barrosso. A Portuguese 'former' Maoist who, like his comrade President Rumpy Pumpy, does not believe in the sovereign nation state. Judging by his words and actions, Barrosso is still very much a follower of his long dead Chinese hero.

To complete this rogues gallery of appointed bureaucrats Presidents we have the Vice President of the European Commission, Baroness Cathy Ashton of Upholland. This appalling creature is the archetypal professional super bureaucrat. She also labours under the grandiose title of High Representative Of The Union For Foreign Affairs And Security Policy; she has never held a proper job in the real world and has never been subject to a popular vote in all of her miserable, worthless life.

In order to give the appearance of a real country, this gang of totalitarians emulate the traditions of the United States of America and it fell to President Jose Manuel Barrosso to give a sick parody of the real thing and deliver the 'State of the Union' address to the European Parliament. Incidentally, if it wasn't for threats, bullying and fines, no one would have turned up to listen.

During his speech, he reiterated his assertion that Europe needs even more integration and if anyone disagrees with him, i.e. the British people, they are risking another war. Sadly, it is becoming more apparent with every word that he utters, that this creepy fanatic would rather have another war than see his fake nation disappear and the nation states of Europe regain their sovereignty.

It is beyond the understanding of this Maoist lunatic that the British people disagree with him and do not want to be powerless subjects in a German dominated United States of Europe. If anyone is in any doubt about German intentions then they should listen to the words of Frau Merkel herself.

Speaking on German television (she wouldn't dare say this on British television) Merkel called for "more Europe, including budgetary union". She then went on to add that "step by step we must from now on give up more competences to Europe and allow Europe more powers of control".

For those unfamiliar with EU jargon, 'competences' is the word chosen to disguise the real word they are afraid to use, that word being sovereignty.

This statement by Frau Merkel must be read in conjunction with her other statement about the increase in use of the German language in EU institutions. This is how domination starts and for Barrosso's information, war is how it ends.

Ireland has succumbed to Barrosso's threats and the Irish people have all but given up being the proud nation that they once were, therefore threatening them as he did over the Lisbon Treaty referendum is nothing more than the cowardly act of an authoritarian bully.

The British people have almost succumbed but not quite; the majority want out of his fake bureaucratic nation and this is most likely the reason for Barrosso's threats.

The world is changing and the rule of nasty little totalitarian communists like himself and von Rompuy is coming to an end; the British people will not surrender their country cheaply. These two warmongers should look through their history books lest the British give President Martin Schultz another reason for his reckless hate.

Update: It's worth remembering that President Obama is a big supporter of the European Union. It would appear that this dictatorship of bureaucrats is the type of government he would prefer for the American people. He has practically ordered Prime Minister Cameron to fix it so that the British people remain stuck in this disastrous dictatorship.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Putin Takes Control - American Global Influence Evaporates

On this day when the American people remember the tragic loss of their fellow citizens in the World Trade Centre atrocity, it is worth reminding ourselves that this is also the anniversary of the Benghazi atrocity where sections of the Muslim world celebrated their victory over the Great Satan on the 11th September 2001. These two atrocities came about as a result of the erosion of American power and influence over several decades and particularly during the last six years.

Those of us who support the informed American people in their fight to prevent a European type descent into third world mediocrity, the performance of their President and his acolytes in recent weeks will be depressingly familiar.

There was a hope that the USA, with its dedication to individual liberty, free enterprise and constitutionally limited government, would remain that shining city on a hill as Great Britain and the Anglosphere fell victim to the global 'progressive' agenda.  That turned out to be a case of false optimism.

Like their counterparts in the rest of the Anglosphere, the American people allowed themselves to be manipulated by unscrupulous, agenda driven political elitists in pursuit of political power. They were seduced by the slick advertising campaigns of the professional PR men to such a ridiculous extent that they elected a man solely on the basis of his half white skin colour, his telegenic persona and his ability to read pre-written speeches off a teleprompter.

As the British people did with their media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, they totally ignored his lack of history, experience, achievements and his lack of connections with real people in the real world.  It didn't seem to bother the American people when it was revealed that candidate Obama was steeped in Marxist ideology, anti-white racial politics and anti-American radical socialism.

When candidate Obama stood in front of his fake Greek columns and stated to the world that he was "five days away from fundamentally transforming America", what on God's earth did the American people think he meant? They were obviously not watching the disastrous descent of the great European nations into bankruptcy, poverty and third world mediocrity which was the result of the imposed 'progressive' agenda that would shortly be imposed on them.

What we are witnessing today during the Syrian crisis is the result of America's descent into mediocrity because of the imposition of that same 'progressive' agenda; this slow evaporation of American influence did not go unnoticed in the Kremlin, Beijing or the caves of Tora Bora.

President Obama's performance at the recent G20 summit was abysmal and an embarrassment for the American people; it highlighted the world of difference between a worldly wise, experienced political operator, albeit a KGB thug, and an inexperienced, media created fake who's only experience is in community organizing.

When one looks back into recent history, it is unimaginable to think that a tinpot dictator from a nonentity of a country like Syria can cause so much grief and humiliation for an American President.

One has to ask what would Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bushes 1 and 2 have done in the case of Syria? Conversely, what would President Obama have done had he been faced with the Cuban missile crisis, the nuclear armed Mad Dog Gaddafi or the invasion of Kuwait by a tyrant like Saddam Hussein?

It must be remembered that on the brink of nuclear war, President Kennedy stood nose to nose with Nikita Khrushchev, a ruthless, dedicated communist, and refused to budge an inch, forcing a humiliating climb down by this political fanatic.

It must also be remembered that Ronald Reagan stood nose to nose with seasoned Russian cold warriors Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov (who like Putin was leader of the KGB) and Mikhail Gorbachev, resulting in the defeat of communism and the liberation of Eastern Europe.

For years Colonel Gaddafi had sponsored terrorist organisations around the world, from the Palestinians and the Irish Republican Army to Carlos the Jackal and the Red Army Factions. After several warnings from President Reagan and a few strategically placed cruise missiles, including on several of his homes, Gaddafi retreated to his Bedouin tent not to be heard of again until his demise at the hands of own his people.

This kind of influence and respect has all but evaporated and it is not difficult to understand why.

Like Great Britain and Europe, the priorities of the American 'progressive' elite changed from economic strength and the interests of their own people to:

State mandated equality and fairness, including equality of nations and cultural relativity.

Redistribution of wealth.

Expanding government and welfare entitlements.

Replacing individual liberty with so called collective responsibility.

Gender neutrality and sexuality politics.

Downgrading the military and much more.

One has to bear in mind that there are fifty Muslim countries on the planet with a population approaching two billion souls, which is almost twenty four percent of the world's population. It cannot be difficult to understand that these religious orientated people are repulsed by the obsession with secular Marxist equality together with the homosexual agenda.

What must they be thinking about the West's obsession with homosexuals and especially David Cameron's vow to send his team around the world to encourage all governments to legislate for gay marriage?

President Obama's lack of experience or leadership skills becomes glaringly apparent by watching his performance during the Syrian debacle. He has surrounded himself with like minded agenda driven fanatics such as Hillary Clinton and now the appalling John Kerry. They are like rabbits caught in the headlight of a child's tricycle. They simply do not know what to do.

In an attempt to emulate Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush x 2, President Obama comes over all macho by making his infamous 'red line' threat over chemical weapons to the worlds media. He  looked as macho as a kitten when his bluff is called by Bashar al Assad and he failed to act.

In a cringe making attempt to save face, which only served to make him a bigger laughing stock than he already is, his red line suddenly becomes the world's red line. This is dismal and a pathetic attempt to absolve himself from blame.

The President, who doesn't think twice about using executive power to bypass Congress, tries to offload responsibility by demanding they vote on military action, which by his own account he doesn't need.

President Putin, who is wallowing in Obama's obvious lack of leadership and subsequent discomfort, rubs his nose further in the dirt by offering the life line of a negotiation which Obama gratefully accepts and asks Congress to delay their vote.

The world is watching as Putin's Russia replaces Obama's America as the power broker and main influence in Middle Eastern politics. To the dismay of freedom lovers around the world, the rookie is giving the so called master a lesson in global foreign policy.

In conclusion it's worth taking stock of the change in global influence since the western world committed Hari Kari by adopting the 'progressive' agenda.

The British and Europeans have been ousted from sub Saharan Africa by the resource hungry Chinese. The rest of Africa is dominated by the Muslim world from Egypt to Mali. As we have seen, the Middle East is becoming increasingly dominated by Russia and radical Islamic factions, including the supposedly defeated Al Qaeda.

Central and southern Asia, including India, is influenced by Russia with China dominating the Far East. The former western ally, Japan, dropped off the radar decades ago. Indonesia and the Pacific are increasingly being influenced by radical Islam.

Central and South America are dominated by socialist regimes who's political ideologies stem from Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar.

Great Britain, Europe, the United States and the Anglosphere in general have rotted from the inside out and are now reduced to bystanders in an increasing hostile world. The descent into third world mediocrity is unlikely to slow down while 'progressives' such as Obama, Cameron, and the EU bureaucrats remain in control.

All is not lost however and freedom loving people of the world should take heart; there is one tiny glimmer of light in this dark nightmare of destruction. The Australian people have demonstrated that with resolve and leaders armed with the right policies they can consign the 'progressive' destroyers to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Update: Putin lectures America in the New York Times

Monday, September 9, 2013

Progressives Kicked Out Down Under - Australian People Refuse To Be Transformed

While freedom lovers around the world celebrate the humiliation of the 'progressive' vandals that have been rampaging through Australia, destroying all the good things that have been built up over the centuries, the rag tag alliance of millionaire socialists, hippies, peaceniks and green fascists are crying into their champagne/carrot juice at the halting of their transformation project.

Although Great Britain and America are the number one targets for the global 'progressive' agenda, Australia and Canada, having been created by evil white Europeans are not far behind.

According to the perverted minds of the global 'progressive' elite these four countries are largely to blame for all the ills of the world because the prosperity they engendered were the result of the two things they hate the most, i.e. capitalism and colonialism.

At this point it's worth a very brief recall of history and attitudes.

Due to the religious nature of their belief systems, the ability to understand the shear momentum of historical circumstances is beyond a 'progressive's' mental capabilities. They cannot understand that the unfortunate instances of cruelty that accompanied the European expansion into the Far East and the New World are miniscule compared to the outright savagery that preceded it.

If one listens to the emotionally charged, hippie-like interpretation of history, one would get the impression that Genghis Khan's blood soaked rampage across Asia didn't take place or the bloodletting of the early Chinese emperors, African chieftains, Arab slave traders, Moghul conquers ad infinitum, were figments of western imaginations.

According to modern 'progressives', the native tribes of the world would be all be living in peace and harmony like some medieval version of Woodstock, or 1960's flower power San Francisco, if it wasn't for the invasion of the white European. Their tiny, closed minds cannot accept the reality that many of these primitive people were permanently hungry, disease ridden, nomadic and at continuous war with each other.

The truth is that on the American continent Indian tribes butchered each other and took body parts as trophies; the same was the case with tribes the length and breadth of African continent. Perhaps the human sacrifices performed on innocents by the Aztecs and the Inca's in South America would be considered as quaint cultural oddities by these 'progressive' history deniers.

Australia and its people loom large in the cross hairs of the global 'progressives' and like their counterparts in Great Britain and America, the Australian people must be punished and fundamentally transformed for their historical 'crimes' of advancing civilization and bringing prosperity to an undeveloped continent.

Until the election of Tony Abbott a few days ago the fundamental transformation of Australia was continuing apace by the motley band of socialists, green fascists, and hippies, led by the Labor Party. The Australia of rugged individualism and free enterprise, contact sports and the Amber Nectar was being gradually replaced. Throw another shrimp on the barbie and have another tinny Cobber was to be replaced by halal meat, sharia law and no bikini's allowed on Bondi Beach.

Like Europe and America, forced multi-culturalism using mass immigration is the weapon of choice for the government and with it came the usual cultural enrichment associated with importing incompatible cultures. Middle Eastern men harassing women, violence when asylum seekers demands are not met, Muslim anti-freedom protests and the usual calls for beheading of those who supposedly insult the prophet.

Then there is the cultural enrichment offered by the Australian Sudanese community who are involved in violence with other African groups from Burundi, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Rwanda. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if these groups murder each other in their own countries, they are not suddenly going to get along peacefully because they have relocated to Australia.

Although the Australian people have spoken loud and clear that enough is enough, they or their new Prime Minister cannot expect an easy ride from the global 'progressives'.  They will not accept defeat graciously and go walkabout quietly into the outback. This is a bitter blow for them and their spin machines are already cranking up to nullify this superb result for freedom.

CNN, that loyal bastion of 'progressive' reporting from America is detracting from the victory of conservative policies over socialism by claiming that the electorate were 'jaded', disillusioned and disengaged by continual Labor party infighting.  In typical Obama-like fashion they are blaming anything including Rupert Murdoch.

They seem to be ignoring the fact that the Main Stream Media in their own country, including themselves, are an embarrassment with their continual groveling to their obviously inadequate 'Progressive in Chief'.

In Great Britain, the ultra left wing Guardian, better known as the printed version of the BBC, was unusually restrained in it's reporting of this historic victory but a read through the comments at the end of the item gives the reader a clue about the mentality of its readership. Hippie heads are exploding at the thought of normality being restored by the Australian people.

The BBC are not so restrained, as the mouthpiece for global as well as British 'progressivism' they cannot help themselves. Their man in Sydney, Jon Donnison, can barely hide his disappointment and spins this stunning victory with the party line, "Abbott's victory is not so much a ringing endorsement as a rejection of Labor".

According to our intrepid reporter in Sydney this victory has nothing to do with Labor's socialist policies ruining the economy as they did in Great Britain and the EU.

It had nothing to do with deficit spending and national debt.

It had nothing to do with the disastrous policy of forced multi-culturalism via mass immigration.

It had nothing to do with taxes and lower living standards put in place to finance the 'man made global warming' scam.

It had nothing to do with being continually lied to by unscrupulous politicians.

According to the BBC's man in Sydney, it's all about a disagreement between Kevin Rudd and the lying Welsh bint, Julia Gillard who swore before the world's media that "there will be no carbon tax under any administration that I lead", prior to introducing a carbon tax.

The world's 'progressives' and their media whores are not going to allow Tony Abbott or the Australian people to take their country back without a fight and it's worth concluding with what the American people have to endure as they come to terms with what is happening to them.

The Los Angeles Times have cranked up their smear machine to fight Tony Abbot even though these geographically challenged numbskulls couldn't find Australia if it was the only country marked on an atlas.

Among other things, they insult the new Prime Minister of Australia by calling him a 'gaffe prone right winger ,with a propensity for insensitivity and controversy'. This is a bit rich from a country that elected a pot smoking, Marxist community organizer as it's President, not once but twice. This is not to mention the gaffe prone, insensitive plagiarizer Joe Biden as their VP.

Los Angeles itself and California as a whole is renown for its political geniuses like the brain dead socialist and race baiter, Maxine Waters or the serial sex pest and pervert Bob Filner.

If the botox crippled Nancy Pelosi is the best America can offer then the LA Times really should take care who they seek to belittle.

The freedom loving people of the of world should take heart and emulate the bravery of our Australian brothers and sisters and have the courage to kick out the 'progressive' rabble who are intent on destroying western civilization.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Putin Humiliates Great Britain and America - Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Watching macho man President Putin using the G20 summit to impose himself and his country onto the world stage is a wonder to behold. Conversely, watching the pathetic performances of the Western leaders in response is an indication of how degraded their countries have become.

As the world knows, President Putin is nothing more than a KGB thug who uses the residual power of his former organization coupled with outright corruption to stay in power. Putin can put a lifetime of experience in the world of intrigue and power politics to achieve his dubious ends.

His two main antagonists are media created products of the Public Relations world with no experience in anything other than advertising, spin, media management and lying. One would think with this experience they would win the PR battle with Putin outright but it is now clear that he is beating them hands down at their own game.

To the inhabitants of the world outside of the comfortable, entitlement obsessed, politically correct West, President Putin is the macho hard man who spends his free time in the great outdoors and who is habitually photographed riding horses, grappling bare chested with giant fish or shooting bears in the wilderness. This may be PR but he is going some way to restoring the image of mighty Russia, and the developing world lap it up as opposed to what the 'progressive' West has to offer.

Barack Obama and David Cameron are two cheeks of the same a*se, they were both plucked from obscurity early in their lives and groomed for high office by the 'progressive' elite that seems to dictate world affairs outside of public scrutiny.

While Putin gives the impression of offering the world traditional values and policies which appeal to ordinary people and with which they can identify, the Western world led by Obama and Cameron are imposing the gender neutral, equality obsessed, multi-cultural policies of a secretive 'progressive' elite which appeal to nobody but themselves.

Obama and Cameron have turned the Western world into a laughing stock with their unwanted 'progressive' nonsense such as their obsession with sexuality politics and gay marriage, government imposed equality and fairness, degrading their once mighty military machines by social engineering, perverting and politicising their institutions to the point where their dedication to political correctness makes them unable to carry out the functions they were created to perform.

It's an indication of how far the mighty have fallen when a political thug from a mostly lawless, vodka drenched giant gypsy camp can dismiss Great Britain as "a small island- nobody pays any attention to them apart from the Russian oligarchs who have bought Chelsea". Ouch!

He has the confidence to call US Secretary of State, 'Hanoi' John Kerry a liar over al Qaeda involvement in Syria. The fact that both jibes are true does not alter the greater fact that the status of Great Britain and America is so diminished that their history can be ignored and they can be insulted and abused like seven stone weaklings in a school playground.

The British and American people have no one to blame but themselves when they take a long, hard look at the quality of person they have elected to represent them on the world stage.

To the ordinary people of the world David Cameron is more like a limp wristed Hugh Grant than a giant of Sir Winston Churchill's stature. His defence against Putin's insult has been compared to Grant in 'Love Actually'. Cameron's stated objective was to purge the Conservative party of the very policies that put the 'Great' in Britain and make it more modern and trendy; in the process he has finished a degrading project started years earlier by his political predecessor and traitor, Edward Heath.

Instead of building on the historical greatness of his country and using the relationships built up over centuries to positive effect, he is carrying on with the policy of managed decline initiated by his political predecessors in order to bring about an 'equality of nations' as required by the perverted notion of national and cultural relativity.

The people of the once great USA are now finding out to their cost what the British people have been enduring for decades. One would have thought that they would have been learning from the degradation being suffered by their trans-Atlantic cousins and taking steps to avoid a repetition in their beloved homeland.

What in God's name were they thinking when they fell for a vacuous, media created fake like Barack Obama? The facts were there for all to see. He was an empty suit without a history or any qualifications other than hanging out with Marxist professors, smoking dope and 'community organising'.

What makes matters worse was that after a disastrous first term, which he kicked off with an apology tour of the world, he wrecked the economy and humiliated the military by introducing the sexuality agenda. They then went and re-elected him for another term.

Obama's performance at the G20 is juvenile and an embarrassment for the American people. He is on record for all to see declaring his red line over chemical weapons in Syria and no amount of spin can alter this. His attempt at denial is more than pathetic and typical of the cowardice he displays with his constant blaming of others. Even 'Hanoi' John Kerry confirms Obama's red line.

The world no longer has any respect for Great Britain or the USA and as a result, the enemies of freedom are emboldened, the world is a more dangerous place and will remain so as long as these two media created fakes are in charge.

Great Britain is being harassed by Christina de Kircher, the mad woman of Argentina over the Falkland Islands; and by the bankrupt Spanish over Gibraltar. Britain is being overrun by beggars, street criminals and welfare colonists and Cameron is powerless to stop it. Cameron is managing the further decline of a once great civilization.

The United States of America is not far behind Great Britain and its decline will only accelerate while President Obama remains in power.

America's welfare bill is growing by the day with record numbers of scroungers shamelessly trading the work ethic that made America great for 'free stuff' that is earned by some one else.

The once mighty NASA is reduced to outreaching to the Muslim world and what's left of America's astronaut community have to hitch a ride to the Space Station they created from Vladimir Putin's Russia.

America's once mighty military is now a vehicle for social engineering and sexuality politics. It may still have enormous firepower but it has no respect.  America's enemies, especially those who worship death instead of life, are losing their fear and are looking forward with relish to meeting the first all women or gay regiments on the battlefield.

Pictures speak louder than words and the images that went around the world of the President of the United States of America bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia has damaged the reputation of this administration and the country.

At this rate it will only be a matter of time before a real Count Rupert from a Duchy of Grand Fenwick fancies his chances.