Thursday, January 10, 2019

Pigs Fly Over Italy and Poland As They Plan A ‘European Spring’

News that Italy and Poland are discussing plans to form a united front to overthrow the French-German axis that controls Europe is an indication of how their leaders are not only utterly deluded but also they haven’t been paying attention to recent history.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini met with Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawieki, where they announced plans to give the European Union a new energy and new equilibrium to replace the dominant French-German axis and overhaul the Brussels institutions from within.

Either these politicians are extremely na├»ve, or they are completely ignorant of what the European Union is and how it works. The EU is a political project and the course is set for ‘ever closer union’ toward a single, centrally controlled sovereign state. It does not negotiate, and it does not tolerate dissent.

The Italians should know better than anyone since the unelected EU bureaucrats dismissed the democratically elected government of Silvio Berlusconi and replaced it with Brussels appointed technocrats because he suggested giving the Italian people a referendum.

Italy is treated as a second-class nation with an impotent government in what is supposed to be a Union of equals.

In neighboring Greece their impotent government is controlled by a troika of Brussels appointed technocrats who refuse to accept a budget that alleviates the suffering of the Greek people.

As is the case in Italy, attempts to pass a budget that doesn’t get the approval of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, fail every time thus prolonging the poverty and misery of the Greek and Italian people for decades to come.

The plan to reform the EU institutions from within is so delusional its laughable. On three occasions the British government has tried to reform the EU from within to no avail.

Margaret Thatcher did have a small success with her budget rebate which lasted until Prime Minister, Tony Blair, negotiated it away in exchange for institutional reforms on which the EU promptly reneged.

If that isn’t enough proof to convince the leaders of Italy and Poland to get real and stop deluding themselves, they should look at the current Brexit negotiations.

Despite having two of the biggest mandates in history to leave the EU the British people are still bound hand and foot to the supranational institution after two years of negotiations.

It must be admitted that incompetent leadership by a Europhile Prime Minister has given the EU bureaucrats the upper hand, but they have remained resolute that Brexit will not deflect the nation building project from its course.

To bring the leaders of Italy and Poland down from cloud cuckoo-land and back into the real world of EU power, Great Britain is the fifth largest economy on the planet, it is the third biggest contributor to the EU budget, it is a nuclear power with its own seat on the UN Security Council and yet it has failed time and again to reform the EU from within.

Italy and Poland are economic basket cases and two of the biggest recipients of EU funds, so they need to explain what leverage they have and how do they plan to succeed where Great Britain has failed?

In conclusion: The EU cannot be reformed, it does not negotiate with bankrupt nations with unstable governments and they will wipe the floor with any nations that try.

The only possible way for Italy, Poland, and any other nation that wants to free itself from French-German domination and take control of its own destiny, is to join the British people and leave the corrupt and increasingly authoritarian EU and join an alliance of independent sovereign nations.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

President Trump and Brexit Are Threatening the Axis of Evil

One of the notable consequences of the election of President Trump in the USA and the decision of the British people to leave the European Union is the emergence of the borderless one world globalists from the dark recesses of government from which they operate.

The epicenters of the organization who’s dedicated mission is to destroy the independent nation states of the world are the United Nations in New York and its bastard offspring in Brussels, the European Union.  

Nationalism and sovereignty are two words that are striking fear into heart of every globalist who has spent their entire career eating away at the body politic and borders of independent nation states from their UN/EU headquarters.

These two words took on an added potency when they were uttered with absolute conviction by President Trump when he addressed the UN Assembly. As a staunch believer in nation state democracy he made it abundantly clear that he will put his country and his people first and maintain its status as an independent, sovereign nation in perpetuity.

His words were perfect and brought cheer to heart of every patriot and lover of liberty but must have struck like a stake through the heart of every globalist worldwide.

“Each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture, the rich history, and a people bound together by ties of memory, tradition, and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else on earth,” he said.
He continued: “That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governments, control and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”
Later, he added that "America is governed by Americans" and rejects "the ideology of globalism." 

Ouch! This has got to hurt if you are a dedicated globalist who knows in their heart that their one world dream will not work if America remains independent, sovereign and prosperous.
(President Trump speaks at the UN here)
Since the globalist have spent five decades surreptitiously transferring sovereignty to their supranational organizations through Treaties, Compacts and Diktats, President Trump and Brexit have provoked a near hysterical reaction as their dream of a borderless, centrally controlled world hits the buffers.

Led by the fanatical globalist and mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the calls for the transfer of sovereignty to be speeded up are deafening.

At the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, Mad Merkel spoke loud and clear that nation states today must be prepared to give up their sovereignty. (See here)

At the same venue she elaborated on her statement by stating that nation states must give up sovereignty to the New World Order. (See here)

And to warm the cockles of every patriots’ heart Mad Merkel complained that Trump is destroying her beloved UN by cutting ties with some its more profligate and useless agencies. This commentator, and I’m sure many others, hope he is successful and this particular axis of evil is utterly destroyed.

Spare a few minutes to watch and enjoy Mad Merkel whining about President Trump’s battle against globalism here.

In an outburst of globalist fervour Merkel attacks nationalism and claims that only UN values and cooperation pave a new future. (See here)

Mad Merkel's lapdog, Emmanuel Macron of France, backs up his master's lunacy by claiming that Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. (See here)

Another consequence of the Trump election and the Brexit vote is that the totalitarianism that lies at the heart of the globalists has been revealed. As the President's administration and Brexit continue apace, the attempts to overthrow both are gaining momentum.

The globalists involved in these attempts are powerful, well organised and well financed and they would rather see America and Great Britain fail and fall into destitution than Trump and Brexit succeed without them. 

Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen but if they do the future for peace and democracy are very bleak indeed.  

Monday, January 7, 2019

Apocalypse Now - The British People Are Doomed

If the apocalyptic forecast from the globalists in the British government and beyond are to be believed one would conclude that the British people are about enter a new dark age of poverty, misery and destitution, should they go ahead and leave the European Union.

There are going to be shortages of everything that the people need to maintain their current standard of living including basic foodstuffs, medicine and money as the economy collapses and jobs are lost. 

Transportation is going to grind to a halt, airplanes will be grounded, and the roads gridlocked from the channel ports to the distribution centers across the country.

The people will be reduced to eating their pets, washing in the nearest river and burning cow pats to keep warm. 

The only possible way to avoid this nightmare scenario is for the British people to change their minds about Brexit and surrender the governance of their country to the unelected European Union bureaucrats in Brussels.

These bureaucrats and their puppets in Parliament believe that the British people are not qualified to decide how they are governed now, and in the future, and decisions of this magnitude should be left to them because they know what’s best.

This is what is known as Project Fear. A massive propaganda campaign by the government and their Europhile allies to scare the British people into remaining subject to the EU autocracy.

The truth of course is somewhat different. Great Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world with the City of London being one of the biggest financial centers generating tens of billions in revenue.

According to the City Momentum Index, London comes in at No 4 and according to the Henry Jackson Society’s Audit of Geopolitical Capability, Great Britain comes second to the United States of America. (See here and here)

Great Britain is a nuclear power with a seat on the UN Security Council and in possession of a powerful military machine, although this is being deliberately downgraded in preparation for it to be absorbed into Mad Angela Merkel’s EU military.

The very idea that a country like Great Britain cannot survive unless it is governed by some anonymous, unelected bureaucrats from a foreign land is ridiculous beyond belief and it speaks volumes about the people who are using Project Fear to scare a people who do not scare easily.   

Some of us who were lucky enough to enjoy a good, non-brainwashing education and who paid attention during history lessons will have learned about the stoicism of this hardy island race.

We learned that the French surrender in June 1940 completed Hitler’s takeover of continental Europe and left Great Britain isolated. With supply convoys running the gauntlet of U-Boats the British people actually did suffer the shortages and deprivation described earlier in Project Fear. 

As well as being bombed by the Luftwaffe they endured rationing of food and almost all goods and commodities and against all the odds they survived to go on and rebuild their country and become a great nation once again.

If the British people can survive that they can survive leaving the corrupt and failing EU with barely a hiccup.

The kind of people who are trying to frighten the British into surrendering their hard won birthright to the EU are the kind of people that surrendered France and the other European countries to Hitler’s Germany in 1940.

They are comprised of traitors, cowards and quislings and when the day of reckoning comes, they should answer for their crimes and if found guilty punished accordingly.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Free Stuff Insanity - Why Migrants Cross Continents And Oceans

Everyone with a modicum of common sense will know that easy access to generous welfare benefits are the overriding reason why immigrants will risk life and limb on a perilous journey to clamber ashore a tiny, wet and windswept island in the north Atlantic

As well as passing through safe countries they will cross deserts, continents and oceans to get their grubby hands on benefits that the ordinary hardworking, tax paying British people are denied.

In order to stifle the truth, the open border and welcome refugees crowd, including the government, denounce anyone pointing this out as racist and xenophobic while accusing these truth tellers of hate speech/hate crimes leaving them open to prosecution.

The details of these benefits are not widely known so here is the inimitable Katy Hopkins giving a brief explanation and links to the offending document she's holding.

Asylum Seekers Creating Chaos In The UK - Katie Hopkins

Asylum Support - GOV.UK

What You'll Get - GOV.UK

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Stolen Democracy - Is Violent Uprising Is the Only Option Left?

While the British people were celebrating Christmas and New Year thirteen new legislators were appointed to the Upper Chamber of the British Parliament without a single vote being cast. The House of Lords now consists of eight hundred or so unelected cronies, lobbyists and agenda driven party hacks who hold nothing but contempt for the British people.

Since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 the House of Lords has voted fifteen times to override the result of the biggest democratic exercise in British history and keep the people locked inside the corrupt and failing EU against their will.

Along with the Lower Chamber of this so-called Mother of Parliaments, the political elite obey their globalist masters and oppose the signature issues that are of most concern for the people they are supposed to be representing.

Mass immigration and border control, dispensing billions in foreign aid to basket case countries, re-instating the death penalty for certain heinous crimes, rigidly policed political correctness, imposed multi-culturalism and Islamisation are just some of the issues where the politicians ignore the people and obey their globalist masters without question.

To make matters infinitely worse this political elite are in the process of removing basic rights that have been won at great cost in blood and sacrifice over the centuries. These include freedom of speech and the right to form and express one’s own opinions.

With the advent of the European Arrest Warrant the ancient right of Habeas Corpus is also under threat.  

Now that the current occupants of the British Parliament have taken it upon themselves to ignore the people and override the result of the Brexit referendum, as well as ignoring the promises they made during the 2017 general election, what do the British people do now to peacefully redress their grievances and express their dissatisfaction with the government?

These were the tried and trusted avenues of protest and action which used to be sacrosanct in the British democratic system and are now closed off. The political elite and their establishment have overthrown the people and suspended their democracy to become a law unto themselves.

They now make the decisions that affect the lives of the people and how the country will be governed in the future without consultation or authority through the ballot box.

The disastrous decision to open the borders to millions of economic migrants from the third world was taken in secret without consultation as was the decision to destroy the centuries old British culture and way of life and replace them with a so-called ‘multi-cultural society’.

The British people were never consulted about the forced Islamisation of their country whereby their emblems and traditions are deemed to be offensive while any opposition to imported barbaric practices is declared to be Islamophobia.

Anyone expressing opposition to the course charted by the ruling elite are smeared, criminalized and left open to prosecution by the now heavily politicized police ‘service’ under draconian hate speech/ hate crime laws that favor everyone except the indigenous majority.

While the British people have been disarmed, the once benign police force have been slowly transformed from a public service into a heavily armed paramilitary force that can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

This usurpation of political power is not confined to Great Britain. Despite heavy censorship, violent civil unrest is occurring across the European Union as people rise in protest at their own governments for implementing laws and treaties derived from the globalists at the EU and the UN.

They are also rising in protest at the murder, mayhem and violent attacks that are being perpetrated against them by incomers who refuse to integrate and openly call for death to those who refuse to adopt their religion or culture.

The Yellow Vest violence that started in Paris to protest about a rise in fuel tax has now spread to other cities in France and across Europe in protest at mass immigration, forced Islamisation and the signing of the UN Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

This UN Compact is widely seen as the legal basis and facilitation mechanism for the transfer of millions of incompatible migrants from backward third world countries into Europe and the west.

The vote by the British people to leave the EU has put the nation building project under threat and this has forced its terrified leaders to speed up the transfer of sovereignty from the national Parliaments to their power base in Brussels.

Led by the megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and her French lapdog, Emmanuel Macron, EU leaders are desperate to prevent other nations following the British lead.

The rise of President Trump in America has caused Mad Merkel to have a severe fit of globalitus insanitus resulting in her calling for other nations to surrender their sovereignty to the UN bureaucrats in order to combat the rise of nationalism but that’s another story for another day.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Selfless Politician Saves England From Iranian Refugee Crisis

The people of England owe a debt of gratitude to Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who selflessly interrupted his Christmas Holiday in Africa to deal with the sudden invasion of immigrants crossing the English Channel from France.

Variously described as a ‘crisis and ‘major incident’ that required the return of the Home Secretary, eighty-two migrants were intercepted crossing the English Channel since Christmas Day with a further twelve picked up the following Friday. (See here)

Using a fleet of small boats and rubber dinghies this invasion force consisted mainly of helpless Iranians who managed to cross two war zones in Iraq and Syria then making their way across Turkey before crossing the entire breadth of continental Europe undetected to the channel port of Calais.

The notorious ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais was dismantled with much media fanfare in 2016 and millions of taxpayer money spent on walls, fencing and hi-tech border security to prevent illegal entry into Great Britain and yet we are expected to believe these bedraggled and penniless people made their perilous trans-continental journey unaided.

Anyone who went to school before the education system was corrupted into socialist brainwashing academies will know what a naval crisis and a threat from the sea consists of and it isn’t a handful of refugees in small boats and rubber dinghies.

In July 1588 the Spanish Armada consisting of one hundred and thirty ships spearheaded an invasion force from Flanders which intended to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. The leader of the British Navy, Sir Francis Drake, didn’t even interrupt his game of bowls let alone a Christmas Holiday before routing the Armada off the coast of Calais.

In 1914 and 1915 sea battles at Dogger Bank and Jutland saw off the German High Seas fleet and in the biggest crisis in modern British history the Royal Navy played its part in forcing Adolf Hitler to cancel Operation Sealion, his planned invasion of Great Britain, when the rest of Europe had capitulated, and the British people stood alone.

One can only imagine how Sajid Javid and the rest of the modern political class would react under similar circumstances today. Led by Prime Minister, Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May, they can’t even disengage from the corrupt and failing European Union without surrendering the family silver.

The truth is that Theresa May has been a disastrous Prime Minister and will be dumped at the earliest opportunity with Sajid Javid being lined up as a possible replacement. This is designed to stop Brexit supporters like Boris Johnson and David Davies assuming the PM's office and taking the country out of European Union completely.

A globalist and dedicated Europhile, Sajid Javid campaigned to remain in the European Union during the referendum and only ‘converted’ to Brexit after the result was known. If appointed as May’s successor he will continue where she left off with her Brexit in name only Withdrawal Agreement or cancel Brexit altogether.

He also ticks the right boxes for the globalists who have made it clear they want a non-white Muslim Prime Minister to convince the world that Great Britain is a successful, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country. The truth is that this is an illusion created by the main stream media but that’s a subject for another day.

To conclude, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ has been an adage adopted by those with an agenda or an ideology to impose but the modern political elite have taken it a step further. ‘When there is no convenient crisis available, invent one’.

This phony crisis has been manufactured and the media response carefully choreographed to portray Sajid Javid as a selfless patriot who sacrificed a Christmas Holiday with his family to save the nation when anyone with an ounce of common sense could cure the mass immigration disaster in a heartbeat.