Monday, February 23, 2015

Authorities Fear For Girls Joining ISIS But Not For The Raped Of Rotherham

Before the news that three British school girls have run away from home to become so called 'jihadi brides' joins Charlie Hebdo in yesterday's news file, it's worth looking at the issue and the resultant conclusions in closer detail.

These fifteen and sixteen year old girls, described as Bangladeshi-British, were supposedly intelligent, straight-A students who attended a school that provided an exceptional learning experience. This learning experience included the teaching of British values among which were democracy, tolerance and respect, particularly respect for other cultures.

Among other conclusions, this issue brings two immediately to mind:

Firstly it proves that this kind of contrived teaching is ineffective, designed more to make the government's 'progressive' educationalists relevant and the teaching unions feel good about themselves. This is opposed to effectively countering the radicalisation that is freely available in Great Britain's multitude of mosques, madrassas and over the Internet.

Secondly it blows President Obama's conclusion that radicalisation is caused by lack of opportunity and jobs, clean out of the water.

The reaction of politicians and their establishment, including the police, to these highly motivated young girls who are taking the initiative and fulfilling their destiny, is very revealing indeed.

Prime Minister David Cameron is quoted as saying that he is "deeply concerned and our authorities will do everything we can to help these girls".

It would appear that the Prime Ministers' concern for the welfare of young girls is highly selective. After facilitating decades of rape and horrific sexual abuse of under age white girls by Muslim grooming gangs in many of Great Britain's towns and cities, fourteen hundred in the town of Rotherham alone, no politician or establishment member has been prosecuted to date.

On the contrary, Senior officers of both Oxfordshire Council and the Thames Valley police refused to resign over their acceptance of child rape and both have been lucratively rewarded by the establishment.

Despite catastrophic failings by Oxfordshire County Council and the Thames Valley Police, former Council leader Joanna Simon gets a whopping $960k payoff while top cop Sarah Thornton takes over the National Police Chiefs Council on an eye watering $296k per annum.

While these three teenage girls willingly follow their dreams in the Middle East, some forty thousand unwilling underage victims of rape have received no justice for their ruined lives in Great Britain.

David Cameron expresses his 'deep concern' for these three volunteers, while underage white girls are still being groomed, raped and sexually abused in Rotherham to this day unhindered by him or the political class and their establishment.

The selective soundbites of concern for the three jihadi brides flows from the lips of the establishment like the tears of the raped and abused children of Rotherham.

In an echo of Cameron's 'deep concern', Muzzurut Zia from the Muslim Women's Network UK is 'gravely concerned' while police 'fear for' the girls.

In a statement deliberately designed to deflect reality, the Labour MP and member of the Home Affairs Committee, Yasmin Qureshi, believes that "it needs explaining that ISIS are not following the Koran" when quite obviously ISIS are doing just that and to the letter.

In an example of jaw dropping ignorance and to exonerate themselves from any blame, Members of Parliament have pulled their usual trick of calling for an inquiry, this time into the effectiveness of border controls.

There is no need for an inquiry, it ranks alongside the Titanic as one of Great Britain's historical disasters that border controls were deliberately dismantled by the Blair administration in 1997 to facilitate their mass immigration policy. Exit controls were abolished at the same time in order to make counting of immigrant numbers impossible.

Cameron's administration promised to re-instate these vital border controls when taking office almost five years ago but this went the way of all Cameron's promises, cast iron or not. His promise that earned him accolades in the global media, including Fox News, to cancel the passports of Muslims going abroad to fight jihad has been quietly dropped as we all knew it would be.

The carefully crafted image of young, impressionable, naive schoolgirls being seduced by Internet radicals into becoming ISIS brides gives the impression that they are comparable with pubescent girls skipping school to attend a Justin Bieber concert. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Terrorist police admit that educated British women are revered by ISIS, thus becoming members of the all female police force known as the al-Khansa Brigade. These 'young ladies' enforce ISIS's hard line rules with lashings, beatings and executions. Along with every other soul on the planet these girls know exactly what ISIS are about along with their aims and their methods.

Despite the fact that they were born and raised in Great Britain, attended the same schools as indigenous British kids, watched the BBC, used the NHS and played the same games in the school yard, they despise the British people and reject their culture along with the traditional British way of life.

These girls, and every other Muslim that has rejected all they have learned during their upbringing in Great Britain, do not belong on the Sceptred Isle and they should be allowed, even encouraged, to leave for their beloved shariah controlled Caliphate.

They will never integrate or accept any culture or religion outside their own therefore they will always remain a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no matter how many of their demands are met or what concessions to their way of life are given.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Roger Waters' Anti Jew Campaign - Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

Timing is everything for a musician playing complex music in a multi-person band and once that skill has been acquired it's never lost. It would appear that ex-Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters has carried over his abilities for perfect timing into the political arena.

At the same moment in history that rabid anti-semitism and Jew hatred makes a storming comeback in the western world, particularly in Europe and the USA, the loony left luvvie ramps up his anti-Jew campaign and calls on some six hundred or so other celebrities to join him and *BDS in a boycott of all things Israeli.

It's no secret that anti-semitism and support for the so called 'Palestinian cause' is a tenet of the 'progressive' loony left ideology which has been adopted by multi-millionaire celebrities like Waters. As is usual among this breed of celebrity they are most likely indulging in Radical Chic as part of their carefully manufactured public image.

Keeping their public image up-to-date and jumping on a popular bandwagon is essential for some superannuated celebrities because it gives them continued relevance which in turn keeps them in the public eye and the royalties rolling in.

In the event that Roger Waters is serious and actually believes the nonsense he is peddling it's worth looking at some indisputable facts for him to consider.

It must be noted however that the subject of Israel and the Jewish people is so charged with emotion it brings out the worst in people; it is almost impossible to discuss the subject rationally without the usual insults, threats and abuse pouring forth to distort the debate. Whether this is a tool deliberately employed by anti-semites to hide the truth and close down the debate is open to speculation.

Written evidence from multiple diverse sources confirm that the land of Israel has been the homeland of the Jewish people for some three millennia. This has been confirmed by archaeological evidence. Conversely there is no evidence whatsoever, written or otherwise, of a homogeneous, centrally governed nation called Palestine.

Israel as the homeland of the Jews is mentioned forty nine times in the Koran but Palestine is not mentioned at all. Jerusalem is mentioned eight hundred and twenty three times in the Jewish Bible and one hundred and sixty one times in the Christian Bible but it is not mentioned even once in the Koran.

The Jewish people as a defined group go back further than the land of Israel but there is no defined historical Palestinian people. They are assumed to be the Philistines referred to in the Bible who's origin is variously described as Syrian or Jordanian and according to some modern archaeologists, they originated on the island of Crete.

The history of Israel is too complex for this essay but it goes without saying that despite the many expulsions of Jews from their homeland, there has been a Jewish presence in the land of Israel for thousands of years. (Please refer to a previous essay which goes into greater detail here)

In tandem with the rise of radical Islam, ISIS, and the sympathy of supposedly educated young people for the Palestinian cause, is the rise of anti-semitism and unadulterated Jew hatred in the Western world, particularly in Europe and the USA.

The justification for this hatred is variously claimed to be the theft of Palestinian land, the treatment of the Palestinian people, apartheid, the protective wall etc.etc. Being an intelligent, educated man, Roger Waters should know that this justification is spurious and increasingly used as cover for the anti-semitic sentiments they hold but are too embarrassed to admit.

Anti-semitism and Jew hatred pre-dates the UN mandated creation of the modern state of Israel in 1947, indeed it goes back to the original expulsion of the Jewish people from their homeland by the Romans.

Roger Waters may want to explain how the massacre of the entire Jewish population of York, England in 1190 AD, the Russian pogroms, the cleansing of Jews by the Baltic states and the Holocaust had anything to do with the treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis after 1947.

The infamous coffin map illustrating the numbers of Jews murdered in the Balkan states and also declaring Estonia "Judenfrei" (Jew free) is dated 1942, five years before the creation of Israel.

Anti-semitism is reappearing in the world. Apart from attacks in Denmark, France and elsewhere, just recently a pre-school in the Baltic state of Latvia declared itself "Judenfrei" which coincided with the visit of a European rabbi who was visiting Riga to commemorate the murder of seventy thousand Latvian Jews during WW II.

Water's comparison of the Jewish people to the Nazi's is not only appalling in its ignorance and grossly offensive, it is deliberately calculated to incite his more emotionally retarded followers to anger and further Jew hatred.

If this comparison is valid then Roger Waters is duty bound to let the world know the location of the cattle trucks, the rail heads, the death camps with their gas chambers and crematoria. Who is the Jewish equivalent of Adolf Eichman or Dr Mengele?

Rogers uses the security barrier as evidence of apartheid but fails to acknowledge that it was built in response to terrorists and suicide bombers continually murdering Israeli civilians. It's going to be interesting to hear what he has to say about the proposed six hundred mile wall the Saudi's plan to build in order to prevent similar terrorist attacks on their civilians.

He fails to acknowledge that the people of his beloved Gaza elected Hamas as their representatives. An organisation that is committed not only to erasing Israel off the face of the earth but to kill every Jew on the planet.

"Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The last hour 
would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and 
the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves 
behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or 
the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but
the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews".

He fails to acknowledge that every peace offer, including land for peace and the two state solution, have been rejected by the Palestinians because they refuse to accept Israel's right to exist as pre-condition.

Most importantly he fails to acknowledge that Hamas and the Palestinian people are, by their own admission, part of the wider Ummah that includes, the PLO, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Shabbah, Islamic Jihad, al Asqa Martyrs Brigade, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS etc.

Roger Waters and his his merry band of followers are either naive, stupid, cynical opportunists or all three if they believe that the Palestinians and the organisations mentioned above are going to stop their murderous rampage should they achieve their goal of erasing Israel and the Jewish people from the face of the earth.

They will not settle down in their much longed for part of the desert and live peacefully ever after in perfect harmony with the world.

From childhood they have been taught to hate Jews and infidels, they have been indoctrinated to worship death and martyrdom. Killing and mutilation is in their blood, they will be unable to stop even should they want to. They have no interest in peace and making a contribution to civilisation. As we can see with their comrades in ISIS, they will continue their jihad until they succeed or claim their virgins in paradise.

When Roger Waters and the rest of the entertainment community give a series of concerts in support of their anti-Israel campaign in Gaza, the West Bank, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria etc, I will make a point of not buying the CD.

* Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions. This applies to Israel and Jews only, not Zimbabwe, Somalia, Pakistan, etc. who qualify for international aid regardless of their appalling human rights records.

Get your filthy hands off my desert - Pink Floyd

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama Abdicates - Who Is The New Leader Of The Free World?

Those who follow global politics, especially those who paid particular attention to the American scene, warned during his original election campaign that candidate Barack Obama was an anti-western, anti-capitalist, anti-American 'progressive' who's core beliefs revolve around the philosophy of Karl Marx.

Everything he has done since his election to the American Presidency confirms that original prognosis as being one hundred percent correct.

His latest stance, protecting Islam from the justified uproar of criticism despite the daily diet of savagery carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah, as directed by their prophet Mohammad and as written in their holy book the Koran, should dispel any doubts once and for all.

For the global 'progressive' radical left he is the physical manifestation of all the things they hold dear; from socialist tax, spend, borrow and debt economic policies, the expansion of government entitlements and dependency, to replacing individual liberty with collectivism and state control, the President has obliged in spades.

Of more concern to those who cherish, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a world infested with corrupt, ambitious, authoritarian despots who will stop at nothing to impose their perverted ideology or religion on the innocent, is the abdication of President Obama as the de facto leader of the free world.

The writing was on the wall when one of his first acts as President was to tour the world apologising for America's part in the history of global freedom. His hatred of America started to become apparent when he classified American exceptionalism, together with its willingness to sacrifice its sons for other peoples freedom, as arrogance.

Despite the tens of thousands of American war graves in France and elsewhere, the President apologised for America being derisive and dismissive toward Europe.

Since those early days when he nailed his anti-American colours firmly to the mast, he has set about his promised 'fundamental transformation' of that shining city on a hill with extraordinary gusto.

He has eviscerated the US military subjecting it to a social engineering program that has had a detrimental effect on its image and reputation. It should be understood that when correctly led and motivated it remains the most efficient military machine on the planet but it has lost respect among America's enemies and they no longer fear it.

The enemies of freedom, from Russia, China, North Korea, and most worryingly from Iran and the Muslim world, have learned by his lack of fortitude - combined with his belief that America is a global force for evil - that the Commander-in Chief will not use the military resources at his disposal to their full potential.

Consequently the real forces of evil in the world are emboldened; the Chinese military build up continues apace, Putin is expanding into Ukraine and threatening action in the Baltic states, North Korea and Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons without let or hindrance while other American interests around the world are encroached upon with impunity.

Of greatest concern is the rise of radical Islam and its utter contempt for America and the rest of the so called free world. While the Western leaders fret about their 'progressive' agenda of 'multi-culturalism, religious relativism, inequality, gay marriage, celebrity worship and all the fluff that occupies its people, Islam is on the march.

Its fifth columns of legally documented operatives are in place in Western societies and they are openly threatening to bring their jihad into the heart of America and Europe.

While the former leader of the free world spends his non-golfing time on illegal immigrant amnesty, criminalising legal gun owners and otherwise tearing up what is left of the peoples' Constitution, who will take over the unenviable task of leading the free world?

The nominations are few and far between with whole continents on the planet bereft of anyone with suitable leadership qualities. The entire African continent remains a land mass of aid dependent, blood drenched, warring tribes mired in corruption.

Ignoring the fact that that he led the communist inspired and financed African National Congress, the closest Africa came to having a respected leader was Nelson Mandela. There's Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or long time President Museveni of Uganda but they are drenched in so much blood of their own citizens they are disqualified.

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya can be discounted on account he's suspected by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity. North Africa, including Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt have descended into chaos and fallen into the abyss of radical Islam.

Japan has disappeared off the face of the earth with near neighbours China and North Korea disqualified due to their authoritarian nature. South Korea and Taiwan appear to be lacking any recognisable or respected leaders.

President Putin of Russia is a strong leader who is currently running rings around President Obama and the Europeans on the geo-political stage but being an ex-KGB thug and tyrant disqualifies him also.

Canadian leader Stephen Harper doesn't set the world alight and although Australia's Tony Abbott started his Premiership with promise, unfortunately he is showing signs of buckling under pressure from the global elite with his acceptance of climate change/carbon emissions rhetoric.

That leaves Europe and the UN - and the nominations are:

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Tony Blair, Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Union

Donald Tusk, another President of the European Union

Martin Schultz, yet another President of the European Union

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

This appears to be the best leadership talent available so may the Lord have mercy on us all....

There is one who stands out like a beacon in the depressing gloom of the modern political scene, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who like the British during the Nazi onslaught in World War II, is standing alone while protecting his people from annihilation by a host of surrounding enemies.

Unlike the rest of the media creations that masquerade as statesmen and women, he has the qualities and experience to be the leader of the free world but due to the rabid anti-semitism that has risen from the ashes of history he would most surely be rejected.

The facts are plain for all to see, that apart from Benyamin Netanyahu there are no Winston Churchills, Dwight Eisenhowers, Ronald Reagans or Margaret Thatchers to stand up for freedom, liberty and democracy against the dictators, tyrants and evil doers of the world.

Until the people of the free world wake up from their media induced slumber and dump this current crop of self serving, agenda driven charlatans into the dustbin of history, evil will triumph over good, despair will replace hope and that shining city on a hill will become just another dust blown, run down, shanty town that is so familiar to the oppressed people of the world.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Muslims Kill Christians Daily - Christians Fight Back A War Crime?

News about bloodletting in Africa should come as no surprise to anyone who takes just the briefest interest in global affairs - as a matter of fact the only surprise is that it's made the news at all, especially when the country involved is the obscure Central African Republic (CAR).

Bloodletting in Africa has been going on unreported for decades, and indeed is still going on, in places such as South Africa and Zimbabwe in the south, to Chad, Mali and Mauritania in the north.

Central African countries have their own place in the historical bloodletting Hall of Fame due to its unbridled savagery. Rwanda and Burundi merit the top place with over eight hundred thousand people butchered, mainly by means of the panga. (a foot long type of machete)

The killings in the central region of Africa have been ongoing since decolonization and is mainly between rival tribes and warlords who are fighting it out for political control, particularly for control of the areas rich in natural resources.

In recent years the bloodletting has been exacerbated by the rise and spread of militant Islam and its desire to erase all other religions and subject everyone to its control.

For decades in places such as Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad, Pakistan and Iran, Christians have been systematically slaughtered in huge numbers, sometimes in the most horrific fashion, without so much as a squeak of protest from the international hand wringing community, including the UN, the EU, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope.

The list of attacks by Muslims on Christians is truly staggering but hardly raises a ripple among the professional bureaucrats from the UN, the EU, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the bleeding heart 'progressive' political class that infest the legislatures and institutions of western countries.

It is universally accepted nowadays that these supranational institutions, together with their compliant national governments, have embarked upon a global fundamental transformation agenda which requires equality of nations regardless of their individual levels of development. Disparity between nations is eliminated by downgrading the developed world until they are more or less in line with the undeveloped world.

(For proof of this one only has to look at the sorry state of individual European countries compared to a decade ago and the rapid descent of America under the ultra progressive supra-nationalist Obama).

The eradication of Christians and Christianity, together with those nations whose culture and moral code is derived from Christianity, is therefore tolerated by the global 'progressive' elite and this can be verified by their reaction to events in the Central African Republic.

To recap briefly - the population of the Central African Republic is 80.3% Christian, 10.1% Muslim and 9.6% Indigenous beliefs. The Muslims, situated mainly in the north and backed by co-religionists from Sudan and Chad, overthrew the government and started to do what Muslims do best - use murder, violence and brutality to impose their religion on others.

The UN, the EU and the rest of the international hand wringing community were relatively silent at this point only to wake up when the Christian community were forced to resist and fight back.

Unlike the inertia displayed when Christian communities were being slaughtered in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan etc. the UN and France sent a force of peacekeepers to protect the Muslims from the people they had previously been violently subjugating.

The embattled Christian community were having none of the UN and France peacekeeping nonsense and continued to send the Muslim population packing declaring that they want every Muslim gone from their country.

This act of defiance and subsequent fight back set the alarm bells ringing among the supranational elite for obvious reasons: if this act of resistance by a Christian community was allowed to continue, other embattled populations might be emboldened and do the same, which could stall their fundamental transformation agenda and even put it into reverse.

The UN authorised the EU to send in troops and negotiators in attempt to broker a peace deal but the Christian resistance appears to be adamant; they have declared that there will be no reconciliation. It would appear that enough is enough and there is no going back.

In addition to this the usual suspects from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are monitoring the violence and sending their reports which are designed to garner sympathy but which only seem to have the opposite effect. The prevailing infidel attitude seems to be that the Muslim community got what it deserved or is only getting a taste of its own medicine.

This is unfortunate because, as always, innocent people from all sides pay the biggest price in a civil war.

Again, unlike the mayhem and murder visited upon Christian communities in the aforementioned Muslim countries, the then Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, a Ms. Fatou Bensouda, instituted an investigation into possible war crimes.

At time of writing Ms. Bensouda didn't appear to have instituted any such investigations in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran etc. even though the number of murdered Christians is astronomically higher and the methods of dispatch are more horrific and heinous. See the list again here.

The thoroughly discredited and increasingly useless UNHCR couldn't resist getting in on the act in an attempt to justify its existence by hand wringing about one hundred thousand refugees and possible war crimes committed during the Christian community resistance and fight back.

They weren't nearly so vociferous during the original bloody overthrow nor during the decades of slaughter of Christians around the world.

Looking to raise his profile and that of his organization, one of the many leaders of the UNHCR, a Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, talked about issuing an arrest warrant for Colonel Gaddafi of Libya prior to his overthrow, some forty one years after he came to power and tens of thousands of deaths later.

In an exhibition of total incompetence, some other bureaucrat from the same organisation wanted the killing of Gaddafi investigated because the manner of his dispatch might have constituted a war crime. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

In conclusion I will add that these supranational institutions are loaded to the rafters with taxpayer funded, agenda driven placemen along with lifelong professional bureaucrats. They are so remote from real people who live in the real world that they might as well be from another planet. They are totally and absolutely committed to their fundamental transformation agenda; it's their only reason for living.

What we, the real people can do, is to give whatever support we can to the Christian community in the Central African Republic and to people everywhere, regardless of their beliefs, who are resisting and fighting back against the deliberate downgrading and Islamification of their communities and countries.

Due to its relevance, this is a re-edited post from last year.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Halcyon Days - Before Islam Was Imposed On The Unsuspecting

One only has to look at how life was a few decades ago to realise just what carnage has been wreaked upon Great Britain, its culture and its way if life. I suspect this is the case with the other countries that make up the Anglosphere but that is for others to ponder.

In my own case childhood was spent in poverty in the South Wales coalfield among the wreckage of the Industrial Revolution, however I don't recall being unhappy, angry or inclined to violence or a life of crime.

Like most other industrial areas of Great Britain, life was hard but relatively peaceful, revolving around family, community, school and chapel; although the latter was in decline much like the traditional industries.

The order of growing up was was fairly standard consisting of a teenage rebellion, finding a job, meeting a girl, getting  married and starting a family of your own. Outside of work and family life recreation revolved around sport including football, rugby, cricket and horse racing; annual highlights of which were the FA Cup final, the Five Nations rugby championship, cricket Test matches - especially those against Australia and the West Indies - the Grand National and the Epsom Derby.

There were other traditional annual sporting events such as the Wimbledon tennis championships and the University boat race that solicited a following but the main observation that can be drawn was that life in general was all quite benign.

On the cultural and political fronts there was the annual Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph, Trooping the Colour at Horse guards Parade to celebrate the Queens birthday, the State opening of Parliament, Budget Day, the Trades Union Congress and many other events celebrated in the regions such as the Durham Miners Gala etc.

The biggest celebrations and longed for events were Christmas, Easter, Guys Fawkes Day and summer holidays, which included a week at the seaside during miners fortnight when the pits closed down for a hiatus.

I realise that I have painted a very broad picture and used my creative licence to the full but although life was far from perfect, society was progressing slowly and on the whole life was uncomplicated with few, if any, disruptive outside influences.

This British way of life has been systematically erased by an agenda driven political elite. National symbols or festivals marking its Judaeo-Christian heritage are discouraged or banned because they are deemed to be 'offensive'. The British people are being cajoled, bullied and threatened to change their way of life and to accommodate alien cultures and religions from outside.

This includes being forced to accept practices that are nothing short of barbaric. Words and practices that were unheard of few decades ago are now a part of the everyday lexicon. They have become so commonplace they no longer solicit the horror and disgust that they would have done in previous years.

Beheading was a word confined to the history of Henry VIII and his wives, now it's in every day use as Muslims, some born and raised in Great Britain, behead their way across the middle east and Africa.

Female Genital Mutilation may be barbaric and illegal but it's rife in Great Britain and tolerated by the authorities on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivity'.

The establishment have invented a politically correct term to cover one of the most heinous crimes that they have committed in pursuit of their cultural replacement agenda. CSE is now routinely used as a cover for Child Sexual Exploitation. This in turn is used in order to soften the actual issue - Muslim paedophile gangs.

In many of Great Britain's towns and cities Muslim paedophile gangs were allowed to groom under age white girls then subject them to rape and horrific sexual abuse before pimping them out as sex slaves. This abomination was carried out with the full knowledge of the entire political establishment and local authorities. It included local government officials and their bureaucrats, the police, school teachers, social workers and child welfare officials.

Official inquiries into these horrific crimes have revealed that there were at least fourteen hundred victims in the English town of Rotherham alone with as many as forty thousand countrywide. 'Cultural sensitivity' is cited as a reason for this horror along with fear of being labelled as 'racist.'

To the eternal shame of the 'progressive' political  elite, together with their bureaucrats and the useful idiots who do their dirty work, political correctness in pursuit of 'multi-culturalism' takes priority over the well being of innocent young girls.

The cover up is still going years after the scandal was exposed as the the authorities close ranks to protect their own. At time of writing no one in authority who oversaw these crimes against children has been prosecuted and the victims have so far received no justice or compensation for their ruined lives.

In addition to this, despite being against the law, the British are being forced to accept halal meat, polygamous marriages, incestuous child marriages, spousal abuse, family murder, which is known by its politically correct term of 'honour killing'.

And so the nightmare goes on and ever on; it is becoming apparent that the Muslim community are offended by anything that forms part of the British way of life. They refuse to serve customers with bacon or bottles of wine in a grocery store, they are offended by everything from bikini's on a beach to sniffer dogs at the airport.

They demand their own exclusive areas administered by their own theocrats and governed by shariah law. It would appear that the only thing they are not offended by is infidel financed free stuff such as housing, healthcare and welfare entitlements.

This destruction and cultural vandalism started when representative politics changed from being a public service to a lucrative career for power hungry ideologues with a global 'progressive' agenda to impose.

This global political elite found the dominance of white Judaeo-Christian cultures, which included Great Britain and its way of life, offensive and an obstacle to their vision of a re-ordered, egalitarian post World War II war world.

After their own Wansee Conference they set in motion their final solution of the Judaeo-Christian dominance problem. It began in earnest with the destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa with the destruction of Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the rest of the EU following close behind.
(Muslim ingrate wants white people to be a lost species)

In another decade or so the fundamental transformation of Great Britain will be complete with the biggest prize of all, the USA, not far behind.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emma Thompson Stands Up For British Culture Against Tesco

It was only last week that actress Emma Thompson, in concert with other wealthy celebrities, was in the news urging British Prime Minister David Cameron to open the borders to more Syrian refugees regardless of the catastrophic effect that open border mass immigration has had on Great Britain, its culture and its way of life.

There must be a shortage of stage and screen parts for wealthy elite actresses because she's at it again with another open letter, this time to grocery giant Tesco over their plans to open a store in Belsize Park. This is an upmarket town just two miles from Ms Thompson's home in the exclusive area of West Hampstead, North London.

What is revealing about this second letter from Ms Thompson is the fact that despite being a 'value she holds dear', her compassion for the poor and downtrodden, including Syrian refugees, is conditional upon their staying clear of her own back yard. It is also an indication of what an appalling snob this woman is.

According to Ms Thompson, Belsize Park is a "villagey area......who's very nature will be threatened" should Tesco proceed with their grocery store. Beside, their "meanly paid" staff would harm the local community spirit.

The following quote says it all about celebrities like Thompson, and in this case it includes fellow thespians James Cordon and Tom Conti.

"Wherever Tesco's goes, the local feeling is destroyed by staff who neither know nor care to know the inhabitants".

It is safe to assume that if a Tesco store 'threatens the very nature of Belsize Park' and it is not welcome on the grounds that its staff doesn't care to know the inhabitants and who will destroy local feeling, then thousands of Syrian and other refugees are most definitely not welcome.

This begs the question about her previous letter to the Prime Minister which urged him to open the borders to more refugees; if they are not welcome in her back yard then who's back yard will they settle?

Should they decide to settle in the exclusively white village of Dunoon, Scotland and 'threaten its very nature', Ms Thompson would most likely object on the same grounds and also because she has another residence there which seems to be a justifiable criteria for keeping Tesco and immigrants out.

As and example of Ms Thompson's double standard, not too far from "villagey" Belsize Park lies blighted Heston which, in the not to distant past, was also a quintessentially English village.

This village has been in the news recently because it has been transformed by hundreds of homeless immigrants to whom the values of "compassion and humanity" ,held so dear by Thompson and her fellow celebrities, does not extend.

She didn't worry about the local feeling in Heston being destroyed, or whether the incoming hordes would know or care to know about the local inhabitants or even whether its very nature would be threatened'.

If meanly paid Tesco staff would harm local community spirit in Belsize Park what on earth does she imagine hundreds of unemployed, homeless immigrants had on the community spirit in Heston?

It would appear that the British public are suffering from celebrity fatigue whereby they are tired of wealthy celebrities parading their faux compassion for the less fortunate in the media from atop their ivory towers.

If their emotions toward the less fortunate were genuine then they would not only welcome Tesco to Belsize Park but they would also bus the unfortunates of Heston there to stack the shelves.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Green Party Lunatic Joins The British Political Establishment

With the British general election campaign in full swing, the long suffering electorate are being subjected to the usual diet of false promises, tax bribes and lies along with bucket loads of bovine excrement expertly delivered by professional machine politicians who have been trained in the art of media manipulation and propaganda.

These career practitioners of spin and deceit who will be infesting television screens and the airwaves from now until the election are seen by the electorate as oleaginous, sleazy, self serving and thoroughly dishonest.

This reputation is rightly deserved and is causing consternation among the three legacy parties, together with their cronies in the establishment and the government-media axis, as they watch their century long grip on power rapidly ebbing away.

The contempt with which the political establishment holds for the British people is being returned in spades prompting one of the BBC's leading political correspondents, Nick Robinson, to state that he "is deeply alarmed at the voters' contempt for politicians".

The electorate are demanding spin free discourse and are no longer relying on the bought-and-paid-for MSM, led by the BBC, to frame the political debate. This manufactured debate has traditionally favoured the current political establishment and the legacy parties.

What has become blindingly obvious is that the these old parties, Conservative, Labour and the ludicrous Liberal Democrats, share a common agenda which is in direct conflict with that demanded by the people'. This has resulted in the rise of alternative parties led by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the Green Party.

The spectacular rise of the common sense, straight talking UKIP comes as no surprise but the Green Party, who already have a duly elected Member of Parliament in Caroline Lucas, is also gaining momentum to the point where their leader, Natalie Bennett is being invited to take part in the leaders debates. She was also invited to appear on the BBC's prime time Sunday Politics Show.

What is unnerving about the the Green Party gaining momentum and popular support is the fact that this lady can only be described as bat shit crazy and her parties' philosophy as totalitarian in the extreme.

 If anyone was under the impression that the Greens are a party of benign environmentalists concerned with saving the planet then Ms Bennett laid that to rest with a candid explanation of her parties' philosophy and policies.

'Decriminalising' hard drugs and the sex industry along with abolishing prison except where there is a substantial risk of further grave crime is just a start, and if zero or negative economic growth to save the planet isn't mad enough then a 'free money' citizens income of $115 per week for everyone regardless of wealth or need is positively insane.

Caroline Lucas MP pictured with a drug addled supporter (above)

In addition to replacing the army with a home defence force, Ms Bennett and her party want to scrap border controls with more assistance to asylum seekers; she made no mention of vetting refugees for possible terrorists.

Idealists more suited to outer space like Ms Bennett and her Green cohorts have the capacity to ignore any inconvenient facts that may conflict with their world view. Despite daily occurrences of the most horrific brutality imaginable perpetrated by medieval savages belonging to Al Qaeda and ISIS it would not be a crime to belong to either organisation.

They have convinced themselves that hundreds, possibly thousands, of violent jihadis belonging to both these organisations, which exist only to wreak mayhem and bloodshed upon the British people, will be accepted as legal providing they don't carry out the actions they exist to perform.

As scary and dangerous as they may be, the Green Party's inclusion into the mainstream political debate is welcome because i) they have little chance of taking power and ii) they are an alternative to the old corrupt political order and hopefully they will play a part in its downfall and herald a return of sensible government of the people, by the people, for the people.

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