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British People Lied To Again - Cultural Replacement Continues Unabated

The total humiliation of British Prime Minister David Cameron over the appointment of the new President of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, has demonstrated once and for all that Great Britain has no influence in the European Union. Governments of all shades have continually lied to the British people about the necessity to be in the heart of Europe in order to have influence in the decision making process.

They reiterate over and over again that Great Britain must have a seat at the top table or be relegated to the fringes of Europe and hence become a second class player in what is supposed to be a global superpower.

The facts are stark and tell their own story - politicians from all parties have done everything they have been ordered to do by the Brussels Eurocrats; they have surrendered British sovereignty, they hand over fifty five million pounds per day of their citizens hard earned money, they rigorously impose every law, regulation and diktat, no matter how destructive and their influence in Europe is exactly zero.

(Another fact that must be noted is that every bureaucrat that has been appointed by the British political class to any position in the European bureaucracy is more often than not a crony or a fellow politician getting payback for past favours. They also become extremely wealthy individuals with their personal coffers bulging with the fruits of their compatriots labour. The EU truly is the gravy train to end all gravy trains as far as the political class is concerned, but I digress)

One of the requirements of EU membership is that Great Britain must be un-homogenised, which means that the countries' unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture must be erased and replaced by a so called 'multi-cultural society'. Un-homogenising is a politically correct term which is used by the UN instead of the more accurate 'cultural replacement' which itself disguises the real term which they are loath to use and that is 'ethnic cleansing'.

This may seem like harsh terminology but it cannot be denied that any conscious, pre-planned agenda to replace one culture with another, or a mix of other cultures, is nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". This quote by Sir Walter Scott from the poem Marmion is never more apt than when it is applied to modern day politicians, especially those who continue to deny that the real agenda of the European Union project is a post democratic federal superstate. It would be easier for everyone, including themselves, if they just came out and admitted this truth and then campaigned on its merits.

A letter dated 30th April 1952 from one of the founders of the EU project, a French professional bureaucrat named Jean Monet, is in the public domain and lays out unequivocally their malign intentions.

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each described as having an economic purpose, but which eventually and irreversibly lead to federation".

From that moment onward the political class have followed Monet's deceit meticulously by surrendering British sovereignty treaty by treaty, from Rome to Maastricht to Lisbon, covering each surrender with a tissue of lies and continuing to deny the ultimate aim is a post democratic federal United States of Europe.

(A must read article on EU deceit here which includes information on the Merkel/Junker axis)

Current Prime Minister, David Cameron, is just one more in a long line of political charlatans who claimed to be Eurosceptic but who, in reality, are committed to all aspects of the federal superstate project including ethnic cleansing.

At this point as the British public wake up from their propaganda induced slumber and realise that they have been continuously lied to, David Cameron's lies get ever more desperate and as a result they become more obvious.

The rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and his humiliation by Angela Merkel and her cabal appears to have pushed him over the edge.

Previously he has promised a re-negotiation followed by a referendum in 2017 if he is re-elected, but Cameron and the British people know staright from the horses mouth (pun intended), that Angela Merkel and her cabal will not allow a renegotiation and will not recognise the result of any referendum.

Of all the issues around EU contributions, corruption, economic stagnation and stifling regulations, it is the issue of mass immigration and cultural replacement that concerns the British people most of all.

The mass immigration/cultural replacement agenda has been a qualified success for the political class and their multi-culti useful idiots, but without a shadow of doubt it has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people.

No hamlet, village, town or city has been unaffected by mass immigration with some areas being totally cleansed of indigenous British people. Ethnic cleansing in some areas is now so complete that they are unrecognisable as British, with some Muslim areas being controlled by imams or tribal elders and operating under sharia law.

Taxpayer funded services such as education, housing and health are collapsing under the weight of mass immigration where, in some cases, immigrants are given priority over the indigenous population in order to create multi-cultural areas and to promote 'cultural enrichment', 'diversity' and whatever other soundbite politicians use to justify their destructive agenda.

In a dishonest attempt to appease the anger of the British people, Cameron has promised to curb mass immigration and "cut net immigration' from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" during the lifetime of this Parliament.

He has promised to make welfare benefits difficult to claim for new immigrants and to put restrictions on immigration from accession countries, but every anti-British EU bureaucrat from two penny countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Lithuania feel confident enough to slap him down and refuse him permission to implement any welfare reforms.

If proof were needed that Cameron is committed to the cultural replacement agenda one only has to examine the issue of non EU immigration. He has it within his power to stop immigration from outside the EU but he steadfastly refuses to do so.

His promise to "cut net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" is not only a premeditated lie, if true it would still do nothing to prevent cultural replacement, un-homogenising, ethnic cleansing or whatever one chooses to call it.

This soundbite is so patronisingly juvenile one would have to be more than dumb to fall for it. If four hundred thousand and one educated western people leaving the country are replaced by 500,000 illiterate third world peasants that does indeed reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands, but it has also replaced one culture with another and, as an intended consequence, downgraded the nation closer to third world status.

Despite all the promises made to the people, Great Britain's population has increased by five million in twelve years with no sign of slowing down. By any measure this is unsustainable unless there is a deliberate agenda to gradually downgrade the country and remove the domination of the indigenous culture.

Regardless of the spin that the agenda driven politicians will use, it is a fact that seventy percent of graduates moving abroad will have a devastating impact on the economy.

(See the story here)

It is also a fact that if they are replaced by any number of illiterates from the third world it will further degrade the country in addition to progressing the cultural replacement, un-homogenising, ethnic cleansing agenda.

(See the story here)

In conclusion it should be re-iterated that this is a deliberate agenda of cultural replacement and downgrading which is being perpetrated by a cabal of self serving politicians. It is being imposed on a populace who didn't ask for it, don't want it and who weren't consulted.

In any other country this abuse of the indigenous population would attract the attention of every hand-wringing, bleeding heart 'progressive' do-gooder on the planet but because its happening to a country of white, Anglo-Saxons with a Judaeo-Christian heritage it is obviously perfectly acceptable.

Cameron poster from John L Jones

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Christianity Portrayed As Bunkum - Questioning Islam Is A Hate Crime

Accusations of exaggeration and hyperbole are the standard reaction of the 'progressive' global elite, whenever it is suggested that there is a deliberate campaign to denigrate Christianity as a precursor to its elimination from the western world. At the other end of the religious spectrum, even the mildest questioning of Islam is rapidly accompanied by accusations of Islamophobia at the very least, with threats of prosecution for hate crimes or racial hatred at worst.

One doesn't have to engage in hours of research to prove the veracity of this phenomenon as a glance at the television schedules and the film industry are all that is required.

Just looking at the programme headlines should be enough to convince any sceptics that there is a concerted effort to question and denigrate the very foundations of Christianity and, by extension, western civilisation.

The History Channel alone has aired documentaries such as:

Bible Mysteries Explained - This series concluded that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by a meteor storm, the collapse of the walls of Jericho was caused by an earthquake, the parting of the Red Sea was an unusual wind blowing on a unique underwater topography, the Star of Bethlehem was a comet, the Burning Bush was an atmospheric quirk and so on and so forth.

The Real Jesus - This questions the accuracy of the Gospels' with reference to Jesus being the Messiah or the Son of God

The Forbidden Scriptures - This programme suggests that there are Gospels missing from the Bible and that those that are included may have censored.

Lost In Translation - This programme suggests that the Bible has been mis-translated, selectively edited and censored and therefore compromised as the basis of Christianity.
(Documentaries info here)

It should also be noted that there always seem to be programmes questioning the basis of Christian festivals:

Programmes about the truth of the Virgin Birth, the census that took the Holy Family to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus in a stable, the existence of the three Wise Men etc. always seems to appear around Christmas time.

Programmes suggesting that Jesus really didn't die on the cross but was substituted, together with questions about the Resurrection, the existence of Pontius Pilate or the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin usually appear around Easter time.

More recently there have been science programmes aired about the universe that suggest that, in addition to the the Big Bang, water came from the tails of comets and that the earth was seeded with life brought from outer space by comets.

Taking all these programmes together one can only come away with the intended message - there is no Christian God and the Christian faith is a load of complete and utter b*ollocks.

The film industry has had a field day where Christianity is concerned. Efforts to faithfully tell the Biblical story such as Jesus of Nazareth, The Greatest Story Ever Told etc. are accompanied by downright offensive and blasphemous films such as The Last Temptation of Christ and The Life of Brian.

More recently there's been The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons which challenge the basis of Christianity and the Catholic Church.

It is only right and proper that global religions which guide the lives and behavior of millions of adherents are subjected to detailed scrutiny.  Therefore one is entitled to ask why Islam is not being subjected to the same level of scrutiny.

Whenever there is any form of investigation into Islam it is either mild by comparison with Christian scrutiny and, more often than not, accompanied by violence and blood curdling threats.

The History Channel produced a documentary entitled Inside Islam which is woefully inadequate and which doesn't subject Islam to anything like the scrutiny it gives to Christianity. In fact it goes the other way with one reviewer quoted as as saying that it "explores the historic and poetic wellspring of the Muslim people".

The reviewer, Tom Keogh, goes on to say that  "it was Gabriel in fact who transmitted the Word of God to the 40 year old, seemingly ordinary Mohammad in the 7th century, making him extraordinary to millions today. Sure, anti-Western sentiment creeps into the story, but in every important way, 'Inside Islam' is an antidote to gross anti Muslim bigotry".

Anti Muslim bigotry indeed. Not only is Mr Keogh failing to question the historical accuracy of Gabriel transmitting the word of God to Mohammad but he is also ignoring the violent history of Islam and the news bulletins emanating from the Middle East.

There is no Koran Mysteries Explained questioning whether Mohammad actually did  ride to Jerusalem on a white steed and climb to Heaven up a sliver ladder.

Unlike for Jesus, there is no The Real Mohammad documentary to examine whether he really was a prophet, there is no investigation into his blood lust or his paedophilia.

Unlike for the Bible, there is no The Forbidden Koran to check if anything has been omitted or censored.

Unlike for the Bible, there is no Lost In Translation to check for mis-translation or selective editing of the Koran.

There are no television programmes around Ramadan or Eid about the supposed flight of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina. Neither are there television programmes around Haj time questioning the truth about Hagar and Ismael and the discovery of fountain of Zam Zam.

There has been no archaeological exploration of Medina to confirm that the tomb inside the green mosque is actually that of Mohammad or of Mecca to prove that the site was once visited by Adam or Abraham as claimed.
(Inside Islam story here)

When all this is added together the resultant conclusion is that the Christian God doesn't exist Jesus was just another historical man but the Muslim Allah is alive and well and Mohammad is most definately is his prophet.

Any attempt to scrutinise Islam in the way Christianity and other religions are, is met with threats, violence and blood shed.

Channel 4's documentary about the history of Islam had to be cancelled because of death threats to the writer and presenter. The Danish cartoons resulted in rioting and bloodshed across the world, the rape and murder of the American Ambassador to Libya, together with three of his colleagues, was blamed on a third rate video about the life of Mohammad.
(Channel 4 story here)

The fact that western governments continue to indulge Muslims and punish their critics is proof of their determination to impose multi-culturalism on people who are vehemently opposed to this 'religion' and who are revolted by its barbaric practices.

In their own countries Christians are being persecuted in the workplace for wearing only tiny symbols of their faith while there are no similar restrictions for Muslims, some of who are excused duty for anything that brings them into minor contact with pork products or alcohol.
(American flag a threat to the Muslim community? See here)

Christian festivals are being downgraded or their celebrations abandoned altogether while Muslim  festivals are being upgraded and given official sanction. Children are being bombarded with Muslim propaganda in their schools for reasons of 'cultural enrichment' while being forced to 'celebarte diversity' often against the wishes of their parents.

Some of the more barbaric practices of Islam are not taught in schools for obvious reasons nor are they included in the 'cultural enrichment' propaganda.

As Muslim jihadis behead their way across Syria and Iraq, as Muslim men rape their way across Sweden, Belgium and the other European countries, as Muslim men groom and gang rape under age white girls in cities across England, as Boko Haram kidnap hundreds of young girls in Nigeria for sex slavery and as young men, born and bred in Great Britain, flock to join violent uprisings across the world, the British government still insists on calling Islam the religion of peace.

The political class and its Common Purpose trained technocrats in the politicised institutions, together with their attendant armies of petty bureaucrats, are still installing Islam into the mainstream of British life giving it moral equivalence with other religions. As part of this agenda they are harassing and persecuting anyone who raises the slightest objection or exhibits any patriotic sentiment for Great Britain or England.

It goes without saying that the 'progressive' elite are using Islam as part of their cultural replacement agenda and their general downgrading of western civilisation.

The British and other western governments are ignoring the overwhelming evidence that Islam is a barbaric, blood soaked, murderous cult that has made no contribution to civilisation whatsoever and they are continuing to impose it on an unwilling people who don't want it, didn't ask for it and weren't consulted.

Update: In a story close to home, it has transpired that two supposedly ordinary young boys from Cardiff have disappeared only to reappear in Syria fighting for ISIS or to give it it's full name, The Islamic State In Iraq and Syria. This is a particularly blood thirsty army who's brutality is proving too much even for battle hardened Al Qaeda operatives.

Stories of their brutality abound which includes beheading, rape, dismemberment, crucifixion and mass murder of entire villages. All this barbarism is put on social media such as Facebook and Twitter for all the world to see.
(Barbarism in action here)

Being born some twenty three miles from my own village in South Wales, it is worth examining how myself and these two savages have evolved into totally different people with totally different values.

I was born and brought up in abject poverty but still taught to be polite and well mannered with a distinct knowledge of right and wrong. These values were instilled in me by a combination of parents, teachers and Sunday School Superintendents all working together to ensure I would become a law abiding, productive member of society.

'My fellow Welshmen' Nasser Mutharna and his brother Aseel enjoyed a typical middle class upbringing, they attended a Catholic school and by all accounts were ambitious, with the elder brother hoping to be the first Asian Prime Minister.

A clue to their subsequent taking of the murderous path to Muslim jihad is the admission by their father that he brought them up to be a mixture of British and Yemeni. They were born in Wales had a Welsh education and he wanted them to adopt British standards. However he took them to the mosque to learn Arabic, they ate Yemeni food except Sundays when they ate roast beef. They wore Yemeni clothes on special occasions and western clothes at other times.

Despite having an English grandfather with three English and one Irish great grand parents, I had no such clash of cultures to contend with because I was integrated. I have no urge to behead anyone who doesn't adopt Christianity, or who makes documentaries questioning the Christian faith. I don't want a fatwa declared on blasphemous film makers and don't want the Monty Python team beheaded because they made The Life of Brian.

If any proof were needed that multi-culturalism doesn't work and Islam is a blood thirsty death cult then these Welsh born jihadis are it. They were not radicalised by imams, their blood lust is inbred and if these two brothers can turn into barbaric blood thirsty sub humans then so can every Muslim in Great Britain.

The government and the multi-culturalists have created a monster that will have to be confronted sooner or later. When these battle hardened killers use their British passports to return to the land of their birth they will not be picking up their lives where they left off nor will they be integrating. They will bring their jihad and their cause back with them and use their newly acquired battle skills to foment violent revolution in Great Britain.

The Muslim population in Cardiff alone has doubled in ten years to twenty five thousand.  If only a quarter of these take up jihad there will be six and a quarter thousand people in Cardiff alone killing for the caliphate.

Extrapolating these figures to the country as a whole gives some idea of the potential disaster that British people are facing solely because the agenda driven political class and the multi-culturalists refused to listen.

(Read the full shocking story here)

From the comments - NHS punishment squad harrasses a Christian on behalf of a Muslim. See here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nigella Lawson Barred From USA - Celebrity Junkies Welcome

In an increasingly dangerous world that is rapidly going to hell in a hand basket, national reputation counts for a lot, therefore it is imperative that governments and their agents do all they can to enhance that reputation and guard against incidents that put it at risk.

The actions of the lowest ranked government bureaucrats can have a detrimental effect in high profile cases which can generate disproportionate publicity, especially where celebrities are concerned.

Unlike Great Britain, the USA is an independent, sovereign nation and therefore has control over its borders and, quite rightly, it has the absolute right to decide which foreigners to allow in. When a controversial decision is made without an explanation, negative publicity is inevitable, the national reputation is affected and the nation as a whole becomes something of a laughing stock.

One such incident was the barring of the popular celebrity chef Nigella Lawson from boarding her flight to Los Angeles without an explanation. It must be noted that the authorities are not obliged to give an explanation but they should have been aware that this would fuel speculation and that in turn would call its competence into question, it would also have a negative effect on an already battered reputation.

The speculation over Nigella Lawson is varied and in many cases bizzar, the most plausible reason being the revelation during the trial of her domestic helpers that she had occasionally used narcotics in the past.
(See here)

Word around the world is that the USA has strict guidelines on allowing people into the country who have criminal records, especially where drugs are involved and it is the interpretation of these guidelines, among other things, that is making the country a laughing stock.

To recap very briefly; Nigella hit the headlines when her husband and high profile art collector, Charles Saatchi, was photographed throttling her outside a restaurant in London. This precipitated a bitter divorce battle where Saatchi threatened to ruin her.

Coincidentally after his threats a trial of their domestic helpers followed and it was at this trial that Nigella admitted smoking marijuana and taking cocaine with her terminally ill first husband. It was suggested by a friend that use of these substances would help both of them get through what was obviously a trying, stressful time.

Despite attempts to label her as a habitual drug user and bad mother, her doctor was able to confirm that no long term drug use was involved and that she was drug free.

It has been suggested that Saatchi deliberately engineered the trial knowing that the resulting publicity would alert the American immigration authorities and have negative affect on her lucrative American television career. Some say that he is such a malignant piece of work he alerted them himself but this again is pure speculation.

As is the case with their British counterparts, American bureaucrats live in an isolated world where common sense is a nonexistent commodity and America's reputation suffered as a consequence. If past drug use was the reason for Nigella's exclusion and her presence in the USA constitutes a danger to impressionable children, how does that square with the legalisation of marijuana in Colorado?


It is this kind of glaring inconsistency that shows up the bureaucracy and makes them look petty. This however, is nothing compared to the British celebrities they do let in.

If the authorities are worried that the domestic goddess may be a poor role model for young Americans then what on earth kind of role model is Ozzy Osbourne, an out of control junkie who probably reaches more American kids than a television chef however glamorous.

A serial alcohol and drug abuser, Ozzie is quoted as saying: "I get high, I get f*cked up, what the hell is wrong with getting f*cked up" which will have a much more devastating impact on young minds than 'check the seasoning and add a little more salt and pepper if needed'.

Apart from biting the heads off doves and bats, Ozzy apparently desecrated an American shrine when he urinated against the Alamo memorial.


(See here)

While Nigella gets banned, Ozzy gets a television series and an invite to the White House.

As bad as he is, Ozzie is an amateur compared the ultimate rock and roll icon, Keith Richards. Drug abuse has been as much a part of his life as music and to his credit he doesn't regret or apologise for his addled past. Keith has a mansion in Massachusetts and has recently bought a luxury apartment in New York.
(See Keef here)


It's not the fact that the authorities banned Nigella and rolled out the welcome mat for Ozzy and Keith but the fact that without an explanation it makes the American authorities, and by extension the country at large, look petty and incompetent before the sceptical world.

P.S. Along with millions of other punters, I'm a fan of all three so good luck to them all.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Cricketer v Muslim Bomber - British Values Absent From Government

As the repercussions from the Muslim Trojan Horse scandal rumbles on and the danger that these repercussions could have a negative effect on Prime Minister David Cameron's re-election prospects, he has resorted to what he does best, i.e. making promises he knows he won't keep.

Like the rest of the career politicians that make up the old political order, everything he says and does is concocted by spin doctors and media managers who's sole aim is gaining political advantage.

Whether a particular policy is right or wrong doesn't matter, how it plays in the media is the only consideration and this is with a view to winning votes.

For the uninitiated, the Muslim Trojan Horse scandal surfaced when school inspectors exposed a plan by Muslim activists to take over schools with intention of indoctrinating impressionable pupils with the joys of radical Islam and jihad. Some twenty eight schools had already been taken over with a significant number of pupils already brainwashed.
(Trojan horse scandals here and here)

It has been inferred that some school inspectors and government departments had an inclination that this was going on but true to form, as with the Muslim paedophile scandals, they turned a blind eye for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity'.

The long suffering British people are rightly outraged that this kind behavior is going on in their once green and pleasant land, but their outrage will be to no avail. The political class, led by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, have committed themselves to implementing a cultural and demographic replacement agenda that has been long in the planning.

The people are crippled by the same political correctness that the British institutions use to implement this agenda. The key positions in all of these institutions are manned with Common Purpose trained technocrats who in turn command armies of like minded petty bureaucrats.

These cultural Marxists run everything from the civil service, to the BBC and the NHS - more damaging is the fact that they also run the police 'service' and the education department.

David Cameron and the political class are single minded that this agenda will be fully implemented and this will require that the traditional way of life, along with British values, be replaced with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

It can taken for granted therefore that when David Cameron appears before the bought-and-paid-for media with promises to act in defence of British values, he is merely repeating a carefully crafted response which is designed by his spin doctors to do three things:

a) sympathise with the peoples' outrage in order to pretend he shares their concerns. In other words 'he gets it'.

b) make promises that are constructed to appease the people's anger and close down the debate for rest of that particular the news cycle.

c) stem the hemorrhage of votes that these scandals generate.

This kind of shameless media manipulation is what passes for acceptable political discourse with this new generic political class, where the truth or the public good are to be avoided at all costs in order to progress the project and keep it on the rails.

David Cameron's promise to teach British values in British schools is impossible because, as mentioned previously, the entire British establishment, including the education department as been politicised and manned with like minded technocrats who are committed to the cultural replacement agenda.
(Cameron on British values here)

Examples abound of government departments ignoring British values in order to facilitate the said agenda and none more so than the different treatment meted out to a Zimbabwean cricketer and a Muslim bomber.

Duncan Fletcher was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia of parents who were born in England. It's worth noting that all four of his grandparents were also born in England. A gifted cricketer he went on become the manager of the English cricket team and guided them to their first Ashes victory over Australia in eighteen years. As a reward for his services to English cricket he was given the honour of OBE.

Again for the uninitiated, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is an ancient order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch for services to Great Britain.


The one thing Duncan Fletcher was refused was British citizenship although he was entitled by the virtue of his parent and grandparents nationality. The Home Office claimed he hadn't met the residency requirements but ignored the fact that he was away touring with the English cricket team for six months a year.

In all Duncan Fletcher waited fifteen years before the British government were finally shamed into granting him citizenship in 2005.
(See here)

Muktar Said Ibrahim was born in Eritrea in 1978 and arrived in Great Britain aged twelve in 1990, supposedly as 'a child dependent on asylum seekers', whatever that means. He was granted residency in 1992'.


A violent criminal thug, he committed indecent assault when aged fifteen, he was involved in gang violence, and then two years later in 1996 he was sentenced to five years in prison for two armed robberies. He applied for naturalisation in 2003 and was granted a British passport in 2004. Despite his appalling criminal record, unlike Fletcher he had to wait all of one year.

Muktar Said Ibrahim rewarded the generosity of the British people by strapping on a bomb with the intention of killing and maiming innocent people while they commuted to work on the London Transport system on July 21st, 2005.

Along with his other gang members, all immigrants granted leave to remain or given British passports, he is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum set at forty years.
(See a brief biography here)

Although the news cycle has moved on, the people responsible for the different treatment of Duncan Fletcher and Muktar Ibrahim have not, in fact they have most likely increased in number and become more dedicated to their cultural replacement cause.

If the government had the interests and safety of the British people in mind, Muktar Ibrahim would have been deported after his release from prison the first time but, as the British people know to their costs, no immigrant gets deported anymore no matter how heinous their crime. The cultural replacement project takes priority over the people's safety every time.

If David Cameron is serious about restoring British values then it is imperative that instead of making promises, he clears the civil service, along with all the politicised government departments, of the indoctrinated Common Purpose trained technocrats that are instrumental in destroying those same British values and way life for their mythical multi-cultural society.

This a re-edited post from June.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Angelina Jolie And William Hague Distract Attention From Peacetime Rape

Despite the fact that she is only an actress, Angelina Jolie must rank as one of the most influential people among those who consider themselves to be the global movers and shakers.  Add to that the fact that she is married to Brad Pitt then the drawing power of this couple is increased beyond measure.

The ability to generate publicity on this scale can be used in a positive way to the benefit of millions of the less fortunate or in a negative way as the antics of imbeciles like Justin Bieber demonstrate.

The media gave Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt blanket coverage recently when they teamed up with the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to progress their campaign of tackling the issue of rape during wars. The campaign centred on Bosnia where a vicious and bloody civil war claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and where some fifty thousand men, women and children were the victims of rape.

Jolie, Pitt and Hague must be commended for using their celebrity to generate publicity for such a noble cause and hopefully their action to get as many of the perpetrators prosecuted will come to fruition. In addition to visiting Sarajevo, they have also visited other war zones such as Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo where rape was endemic during their respective civil wars.
(See the story here and here)

Looking a little deeper into the issue of rape, Angelina Jolie, who is fronting the campaign, has overlooked the fact that her efforts are not without their negative side and one has to wonder whether she has chosen the wrong target. By using her considerable ability to draw the media's attention to war zone rape , she has inadvertently taken the spotlight off horrific rapes that have recently been in the news elsewhere.

The world was shocked and horrified when young girls were not only gang raped in India but hung from a tree afterwards. Young girls were being gang raped on the transportation systems, including buses, with one unfortunate lady dying from the injuries she sustained during a particularly brutal attack.

In a country that is renown for its poor treatment of women, the negative global publicity that ensued had the effect of forcing the government and the police to act in the women's interests not only with the issue of personal safety but of women's rights in general.

Jolie's campaign has distracted the attention away from India and apparently the momentum for change has been lost, much to the relief of the authorities no doubt.

Looking at the issue of rape in a wider context, its been twenty years since the war in Bosnia ended and although fifty thousand rapes during the three year conflict is an appalling number it is a minor statistic when compared to rape generally.

When discussing war time rape it is worth remembering that rape and pillage has always been an indulgence of war from time immemorial, the spoils of war had always been counted in treasure, slaves and concubines.

In ancient times Alexander the Great indulged as did the Romans before the Vikings took things to whole new level. During the Second World War the Germans raped, pillaged and murdered their way across Russia before the Russians did the same as they conquered Germany. It is estimated that over a million German women were raped after the fall of Berlin.

It could be argued that the way to end rape during war is to stop war from starting in the first place and that is unlikely to happen. Angelina Jolie's campaign to bring the perpetrators to justice however remains right, proper and noble.

But what of rape during peacetime? The statistics are shocking and although there are no mitigating circumstances for rape, one would think that rape on this scale outside the heat of battle would be more deserving of Angelina Jolie's attention.

As mentioned earlier some fifty thousand people were raped during the three year Bosnian conflict but according to UN statistics eighty thousand were raped in the USA between 2004 and 2010. Even this is overshadowed by the US Justice Department figures of some three hundred thousand rapes per year. (That's 300,000 per year)
(See the DOJ report here and more stats here)

When looking at the country by country rape statistics, and they do vary considerably depending on source, the USA, India, Great Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Lesotho, Botswana and Canada are consistently at the top.
(See one such report here)

As the British Foreign Secretary William Hague will be well aware, the rape crises in some European Union countries is a scandal that is being deliberately ignored on the grounds of cultural sensitivity and political correctness.

Rape in Sweden is now reaching epidemic proportions due mainly to the sudden influx of Muslims. According to some statistics, one in four Swedish women will be raped by a Muslim in their lifetime. The Swedish government are renown for their craven obedience to the EU and they are at the forefront of the campaign to impose multi-culturalism across the continent but this shouldn't be at the cost of their women's safety.
(See Swedish rape stats here)

Sweden considers itself to be the vanguard of 'progressivism' in the EU and prides itself on its record of equality and women's rights but as one commentator noted they can have women's rights or Islam but they can't have both.
(See a report here, also Muslims rape 300 Swedish children in seven months, see here)

The story is the same in Belgium where there were five gang rapes in a single week carried out by Muslim gangs with similar horror stories in all other European countries and in countries as far away as Canada and Australia.
(See here and here)

In Great Britain, the adherence to the cultural replacement agenda by the political class is the stuff of legend; this is where the authorities including the local councils, teachers, socials services and the police 'service' ignored Muslims paedophile gangs in most of the major cities on the grounds of cultural sensitivity.

Hundreds of underage white girls were groomed then subjected to horrific sexual abuse, including gang rape, with the complicit approval of the authorities.
(See stories here)

In conclusion I will add that once the objectives of Angelina Jolie's campaign against war rape are achieved, she should concentrate her efforts on peacetime rape which is a far bigger issue and more widespread.

William Hague is well aware of the rape epidemic engulfing Great Britain and Europe, which includes the rape of children, and he should bring his influence to bear on Angelina Jolie and urge her to use her publicity generating prowess to combat peacetime rape. She should draw particular attention to Muslim gangs, who believe that all western women are prostitutes, and who are ruining the lives of thousands of victims across the continent and the wider world at large.

Some previous posts on Muslim child sex abuse in Great Britain here and here.

Update: Teenager raped by 30 men in Birmingham, UK. It's not a war zone so Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and William Hague are not interested. See here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Muslim Trojan Horse Scandal - British Values To Be Taught In Schools

It came as no surprise to the British people when the infiltration of British schools by Muslim extremists was exposed; after all, the Muslim community have been declaring their intentions to take over British institutions for decades. It also came as no surprise to learn that the government and the political class, who have been zealously imposing Islam on their unwilling citizens, are claiming to be unaware that this was going on.
(Read the story here)

As the long suffering people know to their cost, such was the determination of the political class to destroy Great Britain's culture and replace their way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society', they willfully ignored some of the most abhorrent practices imported by their client immigrants.

Horrific practices that were unheard of a couple of decades ago, such as female genital mutilation, spousal abuse, facial mutilation, honour killings, marrying child relatives etc. are now part of the everyday lexicon and, if the political class are to believed, form part of the rich cultural diversity we are supposed to be celebrating.

So determined were the political class to impose a 'multi-cultural society' that they allowed Muslim paedophile gangs, who groomed and horrifically abused hundreds of white girls, some as young ten years old, to operate unhindered in British cities for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity'.

It is not the fact that Muslim extremists have been taking over schools and turning them into something akin to Madrassers that is shocking but the governments response to it. Three of the most senior government ministers are pleading ignorance about the issue and fighting like children in an attempt to apportion blame for the scandal.
(Read about the bickering ministers here)

The government and the people were warned by a popular headmaster, Ray Honeyford as far back as 1986 about the fallacies and dangers of 'multi-culturalism but shamefully he was hounded out of his profession by the 'progressive' zealots of the day and forced to into retirement.
(Ray Honeyford recently passed away, read his story here)

In a predictable attempt by the government to close down the issue and get it off the front pages, while leaving their 'multi-cultural' agenda intact, the spin doctors have come up with a novel solution to fool the people. Prime Minister, David Cameron and his government have ordered that British values be taught in schools.
(Read Cameron banality here, here and here.)

Its ironic that Cameron is making this announcment in Sweden where Muslims are in the process of taking over Malmo and Mulsim men are raping their way across the country with impunity.
(Sweden rape story here)

For those who completed their education before the Labour party wrecked one of the best systems in the world, it will come as a surprise to learn that British values, in addition to basic literacy and numeracy, had been removed from the school curriculae in the first place.

Cameron's promise to order the teaching of British values to school children should set alarm bells ringing among the more informed members of the populace for two reasons:

a) it affords Cameron and the 'progressive' zealots an opportunity to redefine British values in order to suit their cultural replacement agenda.

b) it gives them an excuse to brainwash impressionable young children with their multi-cultural propaganda.

One can bet their bottom dollar that teaching British values will not be confined to Muslims or the wider immigrant community but will include indigenous British children as well. Get inside their heads while they are young is something that was made an article of faith by Josef Goebbels and is the weapon of choice of the 'progressive' community.

When pressed to define what British values are Cameron and his ministers have variously mentioned:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Belief in personal and social responsibility

Respect for British institutions

Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs

This list appears to be reasonable but it must be stated that apart from the last one, there was no need to specifically teach these values in the schools because they were instilled at home to the point where they were almost in ones DNA. They were re-enforced in the schools by teachers who were dedicated public servants as opposed to agenda driven political advocates.

Traditional British values were undermined by the Wilson/Callaghan Labour governments of the1970's and started to disappear altogether under the Blair/Brown governments post 1997.

At this point it is worth looking at how governments of all shades have undermined traditional values and politicised British institutions for their self serving political ends.

a) Democracy is a sham with seventy percent of laws made by unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats in the European Union. Postal voting has opened up the previous system to abuse and corruption.

The unelected second chamber, the House of Lords, has been reduced to a den of iniquity, stuffed with criminals, drunks, perverts, lobbyists and corruptocrats of all descriptions.  Most are appointed and cannot be removed by popular ballot no matter how appalling their crimes or behavior.

b) the rule of law has been reduced to a farce due to its selective application depending on political or cultural requirements. Instances are too many to list here but as an example one can cite the refusal to apply Britain's animal cruelty laws to the production of halal meat or refusal to arrest Muslim hate preachers.

One can also cite the fact that habitual criminals, including, murderers, rapists, violent criminals, burglars and child abusers are free to walk the streets after serving what can only be described as derisory sentences. In the meantime crimes involving political correctness are dealt with severely as is watching television without a licence.

c) individual liberty disappeared during the Blair/Brown terror and there are now over one hundred reasons for warrentless entry to private residences accompanied by warrentless detentions and automatic extradition without cause using the European Arrest Warrant.

d) mutual respect needs to be addressed to the immigrant communities with particular attention to the Muslim hate preachers who are apparently above the law.

e) belief in personal responsibility disappeared with the extension of the welfare state. The Blair/Brown Labour governments deliberately set about the creation of a client state dependent on government as a source of voters. Its is now so deeply embedded it will be impossible to remove until the system collapses under the weight of its own profligacy.

f) respect for British institutions is risible considering the fact that governments have politicised  everything from the civil service to police 'service' and from the NHS to the the Church of England.  Even the once respected charity Oxfam is churning out socialist propaganda which it is expressly forbidden to do.

g) tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs will be used by unscrupulous politicians to force unwilling people to accept faiths and beliefs that conflict with their own and to accept practices that are incompatible with civilised society or be faced with smear at the least or prosecution at the worse.

In conclusion its worth mentioning some British values and institutions that the ruling political class have conveniently ignored.

Despite attempts by the government and the 'progressive' community to declare otherwise, British values derive from a Judeo-Christian heritage. The rise of atheism and the decline of church attendance does not alter this fact. When these are replaced by values derived from alien cultures such as Islam it will signal the end of civilisation as we know it.

Christmas, Easter and Bonfire Night are British institutions that government would rather see replaced by Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr and Diwali.

Like it or not sport is a British institution and that includes gambling on everything from horses, dogs or cricket.

Meeting and socialising at a public house over alcoholic drinks is a British institution that the government is desperately trying to kill off with beer duty escalators and like. Beer has been around since time immemorial therefore politicians and immigrants need to understand this.

Fox hunting is a Great British institution as can be seen by hunting scenes on everything from personal tattoos to beer handles in public houses.

It is the belief of many that these are some of the values and institutions that should be taught in schools and to every immigrant that intends to settle in Great Britain. The government cannot legislate away over a thousand years of history and tradition; if they try it will only spell disaster for all and sundry.



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UKIP And The Tea Party - Mohamed Bouazizi Did Not Die In Vain

The stunning victory of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) over the old, established political order in Great Britain was matched yesterday by the defeat of the establishment Republican crony Eric Cantor in the USA, both of which follow hot on the heals of Tony Abbott's wresting the Premiership of Australia from the socialist automaton Julia Gillard.

On the face of it, it would appear that the old established political orders in western countries, who have connived together to push a global agenda against the wishes of their respective national populations, are under threat like never before.

The UKIP victory in Great Britain was the first time in over a century that an election had been won by a party outside the established Labour/Liberal/Conservative 'progressive' axis that has, by virtue of its longevity, become self serving, arrogant and corrupt.

What these old political establishments have in common is that their positions of power have been usurped by a like minded group of activists who represent a global political class rather than their national populations.

After examining the common policies they are imposing simultaneously in their individual countries, it is plainly obvious they are dedicated to imposing a so called 'progressive' agenda whether their respective populations want it or not.

One of the effects of this common agenda is that party political distinctions and their respective ideologies have become blurred and the age of the generic politician has arrived.

As has been mentioned in previous posts, modern day politicians are interchangeable. Regardless of party affiliation, they look the same, they sound the the same and because they are all trained in the black arts of spin, media management, deceit and lying they often use the same centrally issued slogans and soundbites.

The relationship between the modern political class and the people they are supposed to represent has broken down completely and as a consequence the politician has assumed that he rules the people and not the other way around.

Like their counterparts in the less democratic parts of the world they have become arrogant and they have adopted an authoritarian attitude to their constituents which sees them scolding, insulting, demonising and smearing anyone who questions their agenda.

Judging by recent election results it would appear that the people have had enough and are not prepared to take it anymore, they appear to be reasserting their power over the politicians and demanding to be listened to.

Why this change has come about is open to speculation but it has been suggested that it is a knock on effect from the Arab Spring which saw long established political regimes get kicked out across the Middle East. Just a minor look at the facts does indicate that there are some parallels.

Nobody would have bet that a long established tyrant like Egypt's Hosni Mubarak would get deposed, never mind the 'Mad Dog' himself, Mohamar Gaddafi, over the actions of Mohamed Bouazizi, a lowly fruit vendor in Tunisia who couldn't take it anymore.

Like the European Union, the long established regime of President Zine Ben Ali in Tunisia had become arrogant, authoritarian and corrupt and acted in its own interests not that of the people. Also, like the European Union, there was no mechanism under the current regime for the people to influence or depose the bureaucracies that blighted their lives with taxes and stifling regulations.

Mohamed Bouazizi was the only breadwinner for his family and despite continuous harassment and thefts of his produce by the police, he managed to scratch a living selling fruit and vegetables from a market stall. On that fateful day, the harassment and theft was compounded by his being slapped by a policewoman after he failed to produce a permit.

The rest will go down in history, Mohamed Bouazizi snapped, doused himself in petrol and self immolated in front of the government ministry. He lived briefly but succumbed to his injuries and died an agonising death a day or so later.

His death was the catalyst that started a series of revolutions, referred to as the Arab Spring, which resulted in long established political orders across the world being challenged and in many cases deposed.
(See Mohamed Bouazizi story here)

The British people have seen their sovereignty surrendered, their economy ruined, their taxes increased, their institutions politicised, their lives blighted by intrusive regulations and their way of life destroyed by a remote, unaccountable bureaucracy that enriches itself with the fruits of their labour.

In the USA, President Obama and his Justice Secretary, Eric Holder, have gone rogue and are brazenly
bypassing Congress and ruling by executive decree. They have opened the borders and refuse to implement the law if it doesn't suit their purposes.  They want the populace disarmed and their taxes increased to pay for increased welfare entitlements and an ever expanding bureaucracy.

Like their British counterparts, their economy is being wrecked and their way of life is being wilfully destroyed as part of the same global 'progressive' agenda.

But the USA is not Tunisia, right?  Wrong, in shades of Mohamed Bouazizi cops are harassing kids for a lemonade stand permit in Midway, Georgia. See the story here and more harassment of children by policemen stories here.

Police in Great Britain threaten ten year old girl with arrest for playing hop scotch in the street.
See the story here

The rise of UKIP and the Tea Party is a clear demonstration that the people have had enough and they are prepared to stand up to the old established political orders to demand that governments listen and act in the peoples interests and not that of themselves or the global elite.

Compared to the sacrifice made by Mohamed Bouazizi, the ousting of Eric Cantor or David Cameron is nothing, but the people must follow his example, keep the momentum and the defiance going until the old orders are defeated and consigned to the dustbin of history.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Britain And America Open The Borders - Scorched Earth Intensifies

It would appear I was a little premature with the previous article on the scorched earth policies of both the British and American governments. Within hours of posting it, immigration scandals made the headlines in both countries simultaneously, giving credence to the points that were made in addition to highlighting the cold blooded malignancy of the political classes as they attempt to make their transformation agendas irreversible.

In Great Britain mass immigration is into its second decade and despite the social and cultural disasters that have ensued, governments of all persuasions steadfastly refuse to listen to the people and act to stop it.

Despite promises by senior government officials, and the Prime Minister himself, to limit the numbers, they keep increasing at an ever faster rate. One report yesterday highlighted the fact that in addition to the record levels of legal immigration, illegal immigrants are pouring into Great Britain without let or hindrance from the UK Border Agency. (See here)

Once inside the country the chances of them being deported are negligible, no matter what heinous crimes they may commit. This is due to the connivance of the politicised criminal justice system and its deliberately false interpretation of the insidious human rights laws.

To recap, mass immigration was instigated by the Blair government in order to:

a) satisfy the demands of the supranational elite who ordered that Great Britain's unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture be erased and replaced by a 'multi-cultural' society as part of their post war reconstruction of the world.

b) alter the demographic balance in order to engineer a new pool of Labour voters as the loyalty of their traditional voters could no longer be relied on.

c)  create hundreds of mono-cultural client groups that can each be given victim status in a classic divide and rule manoeuvre.

It is now accepted by all those who live outside the isolated world of the political class that mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster which has left Great Britain's towns and cities unrecognisable from a decade ago with social services degraded to the point where they are often unavailable to the indigenous people.
(See here)

In the final analysis, a once great country is being deliberately destroyed by a mass immigration policy that was unwanted and was not asked for by the British people. (See here)

The perpetrators of this disaster have realized that the tipping point has not been reached quite yet.  In the meantime the British people are awakening from their spin induced slumber. This, together with the fact that the people are losing their fear of political correctness, is a clear and present danger which is threatening to derail their cultural replacement agenda.

The response of the government is to ignore the British people and intensify their scorched earth policy by dropping what remains of the border controls in the hope that a final influx will allow the tipping point to be reached before they are removed from office next May.

It's a similar story in the USA where the 'fundamental transformation' of America threatens to be derailed before President Obama leaves office. Like the British Prime Minister, his response is also to intensify the scorched earth policy.
(See Pat Buchanan's report here)

With anything from twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants already in the USA an amnesty will spell the end for the prosperous, freedom loving America that has done so much to liberate oppressed people around the world.

To ensure that his transformation is irreversible, not only is President Obama refusing to enforce the law with respect to illegal immigration, he has recently opened the borders to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central and South America including unaccompanied children. (This is a cynical calculated move to increase immigration further by allowing in parents when their children are regularised)
(See the Megyn Kelly report here)

Thinking only of his agenda, and in an act of callous indifference to the wellbeing of the children, President Obama is transporting these migrants to Arizona and dumping them off at bus stations and street corners in Phoenix and Tucson leaving them in the hands of an unprepared state apparatus.

The policies on immigration, legal and illegal, by the British and American governments is for all intents and purposes identical, therefore one has to wonder whether there is some collusion with the intent of downgrading both countries to third world status simultaneously to satisfy the perverted agenda of the global elite.

There is one chance for the people of both countries to redeem themselves in the near future and to save their respective countries from their continuing descent into mediocrity and third world status.

The general election in Great Britain will take place in May next year. The momentum of the pro-British United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) should be maintained in order to facilitate the overthrow of the old political order. This is the same malignant order that is deliberately engineering the end of a sovereign Great Britain and its reduction to a mere province of a post democratic European superstate.

Similarly, the mid-term elections in the USA is the final opportunity for the American people to rid themselves of the corrupt political establishment that is destroying their country and reducing it to third world status. Failure to do this will allow their America hating President to continue his 'fundamental transformation' into oblivion.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Scorched Earth - Cynical Tactic That Hurts People For Political Advantage

Scorched Earth is a tactic normally associated with military campaigns where armies destroy anything that could be useful to the enemy during an advance or retreat. The tactic itself is nothing new and was used by the ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Vikings. Infamous uses of this tactic in more modern times include Sherman's March to the Sea during the American Civil War, Lord Kitchener during the Boer War and Hitler's retreat from Russia during World War II.

I have deliberately omitted Saddam Hussein's destruction of the oilfields during his retreat from Kuwait as there was no shortage of oil for the coalition troops therefore Kuwaiti oil was superfluous to the campaign. This destruction was not only an act of spite but also of pure evil designed to hurt the Kuwaiti people and make the reconstruction of their country more difficult than it otherwise would have been.

By their very nature scorched earth tactics hurt civilian populations the most but this fact is never taken into consideration when the implementation decision is made.

In the political arena scorched earth has now become a weapon that is being increasingly deployed, not in the interests of the people but to gain political advantage by cynical, agenda-driven politicians over perceived enemies.

It is worth taking a brief look at how scorched earth came to be a tactic and the reasons that engendered its common use today in both Great Britain and the USA.

At the end of World War II it was decided that Great Britain was a spent force with an Imperial past that rendered it a bad influence during the construction of the modern post war world. It was agreed that Great Britain would enter a period of 'managed decline' until its influence was decreased and its status no higher than that of its former colonies.

Things were progressing as planned until the arrival of Margaret Thatcher who opposed the 'managed decline' project but believed that Great Britain, with its history and free enterprise system, still had plenty to offer the modern world. It must be remembered that Thatcher's rise to power was enabled by voters from all sections of society including the working class, trade unionists, rich and poor alike.

The 'managed decline' project was halted in its tracks and those responsible for its implementation were cast into the political wilderness for thirteen years.

During those thirteen years the believers in 'managed decline' planned their return and made their political calculations to implement their project irrevocably and to such a degree that another Thatcher would be powerless to halt its progress and final implementation.

The election of Tony Blair's Labour government in 1997 signaled the restart of the project with a time table and contingency based on electoral calculations.

a) The assumption was that Blair would only get two five year terms therefore the project had to be completed and made irreversible during that time.

b) Should the project not be irreversible by that time, a scorched earth policy would be put in place that would make it impossible for an incoming government to operate without making itself so unpopular it would be limited to a single term.

History shows us that it was indeed Blair's second term where the scorched earth policy was deployed with complete disregard for the economy, the country and the wellbeing of the people. The policy was embarked upon with the ruthlessness of Sherman and Kitchener and with the malice of Saddam Hussein.

The government spending flood gates were opened and the public sector expanded beyond recognition; government borrowing and debt reached record levels. Pension schemes were willfully wrecked and government assets, including gold reserves, airports, utility companies and all the remaining major industries were sold off leaving the Treasury empty and the nations credit card maxed out.

The borders were thrown open to anyone without checks, regardless of any criminal past and with a total disregard for the views or the wellbeing of the British people.

Incorporating the European Human Rights Act into British law was an integral part of the scorched earth policy as it made it virtually impossible to deport anyone and for all intents and purposes acted as an amnesty.

Unpredictably, Blair secured a third term which was marred by a succession battle with his Chancellor Gordon Brown. He lost the battle leaving the British people at the mercy of an unstable misogynist with a visceral hatred of anyone he perceived as an enemy.

It was a racing certainty that he would not get another term resulting in Brown pursuing Blair's scorched earth with renewed vigour. He increased welfare entitlements and made them available to all and sundry including immigrants and their children who may never have set foot in Great Britain.

His biggest crime was signing the Lisbon Treaty which surrendered whole new areas of  British sovereignty to the EU bureaucrats without first giving the people the referendum which he had made a solemn promise to give.

The wreckage of Great Britain and the state that the people find themselves in today was avoidable, it is primarily the result of a deliberate scorched earth policy embarked upon by the Blair/Brown governments to render the 'managed decline' project irreversible and to make the country impossible to govern. It was calculated that any incoming government would have to make unpopular decisions and subsequently be limited to a single term.

Looking at events in the USA, it is more than obvious that President Obama is following a similar agenda to Blair and Brown, although unlike the his two British counterparts he did signal his malign intention to 'fundamentally transform' America in advance.

The decline of the USA has been spectacular and in many ways it has outpaced Great Britain. Obama is the American equivalent of Tony Blair on steroids. The decline is there for the whole world to see.

The Constitution limits Obama to two terms and it is not guaranteed that he will be followed by a fellow supporter of America's decline. He is embarking on a scorched earth policy that makes Tony Blair's effort look mild by comparison.

By the time he leaves office the American people and future generations will be saddled with insurmountable debt. At time of writing it is already a mind boggling seventeen trillion dollars with two more years of spending to go.

He is deliberately orchestrating a tsunami of immigration both legal and illegal and refuses to implement the law to stem the flow. This tsunami is getting ever bigger with the promise of an amnesty.

He is increasing welfare benefits and extending entitlements to all and sundry including illegals.

He has wrecked the health care system and saddled the country with an unworkable bureaucracy that will eventually wreck the economy.

He has increased the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency to the point where it has gone rogue and operates outside the restraints of Congress.

He is dismantling the mighty American military machine and making deals with the Taliban. This has the effect of emboldening its enemies both at home and abroad.

He has bypassed Congress and he now rules by Executive decree.

This is not an exhaustive list but merely an example of what President Obama is up to.

I will add in conclusion that this is by no means the end for the American people, their spectacular decline will continue apace until they wake up and smell the coffee. They are being destroyed by malignant forces from within. Learn from the British experience and don't let it happen to you.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Honouring The Fallen - Commemorations Defiled By The Presence Of Politicians

Watching the ceremonies commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings was a moving experience especially when the screen was filled with veterans unashamedly weeping for their fallen comrades who didn't grow old as they that survived grew old. It was humbling to watch these aged hero's proudly displaying their hard won medals and one could only guess what was going through their minds as the day unfolded.

Looking at the deplorable state of the country that these hero's sacrificed so much for fills me, at least, with an overwhelming sense of shame and the very least we can do is to work tirelessly to restore the country's former dignity. 

As has been said before, it is without doubt that we are standing amid the wreckage of a once great civilisation, a civilisation that was deliberately destroyed by the country's own self serving leaders under the orders of a malignant supranational elite. 

The British people have nobody to blame but themselves. To the eternal shame of the post war generation, this destruction happened under their watch; while they were busy ridiculing the 'squares' of the old school and indulging themselves with their new age freedoms, the political class were busy dismantling everything that their hero's died for.

The people are in full possession of the facts about the malign intentions and motivations of the current political leadership and therefore they should start to show a little contrition for what they have allowed them to do in their name.

Initially claiming to be "the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister in history", David Cameron eventually admitted that his true loyalties lay with a federal European superstate but only after consolidating his takeover of the Conservative Party and purging it of the traditional British values of which they were the supposed guardians.

With echoes of Vidkun Quisling, he is currently working with German Chancellor Angela Merekel, together with the virulently anti-British EU Presidents, Jose Manuel Borrosso, Herman von Rumpuy and Martin Schultz, to further embed the British people in the EU swamp to the point where exit will be all but impossible.

Cameron's promise to renegotiate Great Britain's terms of membership in 2015 then hold a referendum on the result by 2017 - but only if he is elected Prime Minister - is not only an insult to the intelligence of the British people but a clear demonstration of his contempt in which he holds them.

He is totally dedicated to the European superstate project, his intention is to surrender what is left of British sovereignty between now and his supposed re-negotiation, then, true to form, he will renege on his referendum promise.

As part of the EU's stated goal of 'ever closer union' toward a post democratic federal superstate, Cameron is currently embarking on an unprecedented destruction of the the British military. 

It has now reached the point where the British will have a smaller military than the Germans after the Treaty of Versailles disarmament program and they would be unable to mount a mission should Argentina repeat their invasion of the Falkland Islands. 

This destruction is not designed to save money or to make the armed forces more efficient by using new technologies, it is in preparation for the absorption of the British military into the long planned European Defence Force.

Bearing in mind the fact that Cameron is eviscerating the British military in cahoots with our historic enemies, in addition to surrendering the hard won sovereignty to these same enemies, his presence tainted the commemoration ceremonies and robbed them of their dignity.

The sight of this man sitting among D-Day veterans while actively involved in surrendering the sovereignty that they fought for, and which their comrades died for, was an abomination.                                    

This leads to the wider issue of political presence at the Remembrance ceremonies at the Cenotaph and the Royal Albert Hall each November when the British nation pays homage to their Glorious Dead. During the previous years ceremony the leaders of the three legacy political parties were present with their faux gravitas on display for all to see.

Why do political party leaders need to be in attendance at all and especially in such a high profile position? If the political class needs to be represented then it should be by the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Chancellor for the House of Lords.

The three party leaders are as one when it comes to surrendering the sovereignty that our heroes made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve. David Cameron has been discussed earlier in this post but it is worth reminding the reader about the other two party leaders before looking at the final insult.

The leader of the ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party, Nick Clegg, can barely disguise his disdain for Great Britain, its people, their culture and their way of life. He is a first generation immigrant with East European roots on his fathers side and a Great Britain hating Dutch mother on the other. He has no roots in Great Britain and therefore no loyalty.

He is contemptuous of a sovereign Great Britain and openly campaigns for its destruction together with the replacement of British culture with a mythical 'multi-cultural' society. He is a fanatical supporter of a post democratic United States of Europe of which Great Britain will be minor province with an emasculated, subservient Parliament.

The leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, is a born and bred Marxist who is also a first generation immigrant with no roots in Great Britain and who, like Clegg, has no love for its people, their culture or their way of life.

His father was a Belgian Marxist who fled to Great Britain as the Nazis rolled across Europe and one must wonder why he didn't flee east to communist Russia as opposed to a hated class-ridden capitalist country of the type he despised.

The Miliband household became the refuge for any communist ingrate that happened to bowl up, including disgusting specimens such as Stalin supporting historian Eric Hobsbawn, who thought his idols purges were justified and acceptable.

The Miliband family actively work for everything that our heroes died for to be destroyed and replaced by a communist state which will use the Soviet Union as a template.

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are working towards surrendering what's left British sovereignty and to replace Great Britain's way of life with a 'multi-cultural' society by using open border mass immigration when a governments first duty is to protect the borders of the Realm.

If these three politicians are a stain on the Remembrance ceremonies then what of the other person skulking in the background between Clegg and Miliband?


Tony Blair is now a private citizen and increasing numbers of people consider this appalling man to be a war criminal so why he is given prominence at such a solemn ceremony is a mystery. This creature alone has done so much damage to the fabric of Great Britain and its way of life he really should be answering in a court of law as opposed to attending a national service to honour the dead.

His part in wrecking the nation and its values is there for all to see by the actions of his dumbed down generation who have little respect for themselves let alone our Glorious Dead.

The following are images are of Tony Blair's children who are being propagated by the self proclaimed 'Heir to Blair' and the other two traitors.


                                    Spoiled little rich kid Charlie Gilmour desecrates the Cenotaph


Idiot urinates over the war memorial in Leeds

Another idiot urinates over the war memorial in Margate

And in Brighton

And in Burnley

Blair and the rest of them have got a lot to answer for.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

British Surrender - Eurocrats Will Not Allow The Prime Minister To Govern

As the D-Day commemorations proceed, if anyone is still in any doubt that Great Britain is no longer the independent, sovereign nation that millions made the ultimate sacrifice to defend, then some recent news items should clear it up once and for all.

The pronouncements by foreign heads of state and the behavior of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union illustrates how powerless the British government has become. This is demonstrated by its inability to act in the interests of the people and its continual acquiescence to the diktats from Brussels.

This spineless behavior by the British political class is the result of their decades long, slow transfer of sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels in the face of a growing opposition from the people. This impotence is becoming more apparent as the people awaken from their long slumber and demand that their government stand up to the Eurocrats and act in their interests, not in their venal selves or their vested interests.

The British people's demand for a restoration of their democracy and the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, now universally referred to as UKIP, has challenged the old political order for the first time in over a century and this threatens to put an end to the taxpayer funded dictatorship of the elite.

On the advise of their expensively hired foreign spin doctors, including President Obama's own Mr. Nasty, David Axelrod, the old order are engaged in an undignified attempt to steal UKIP's policies by making promises that they know their bosses in Brussels will not allow them to keep.

In addition to this both Cameron and Tony Blair are showing undue reverence to an increasingly imperial German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at a time when a little more sensitivity would be in order.

Merkel must have the most kissed backside of any Chancellor in German history, with Blair offering her his services as President of Europe despite the fact that he is despised by the British people for his wrecking of their country and his warmongering ways, and Cameron is pestering her not to support Euro federalist fanatic Jean-Claude Junker for the same position.

The German Chancellor has a history of patronising David Cameron and showing him up for the lightweight politician that he so obviously is. (See previous articles here and  here for all the embarrassing details)

Among many others, the two issues that concern the British people most are enforced multi-culturalism using open border mass immigration and the handing out of taxpayer funded benefits to any economic migrant that turns up on British shores.

On both issues, the old order are making promises they know their bosses in Brussels will not allow them to keep but after years of routinely lying to the British people and getting away with it, they have no alternative tactics to employ other than making false promises and smear.

When David Cameron attempts to govern as requested by the British people by putting an end to welfare benefits for economic migrants, he is unceremoniously put in his place a Luxembourgian bureaucrat named Viviane Reding, backed up by a sister Swedish bureaucrat named  Cecilia Malmstrom.

Despite trying to hoodwink the people, he is now forced to admit that due to the surrender of sovereignty by his traitorous political ancestors, he is powerless to stop taxpayer funded welfare benefits being paid to people abroad who have never set foot in Great Britain.

Cameron claimed victory over the new EU budget proposals but with maximum publicity and humiliation the Brussels bureaucracy has ordered that the British taxpayers not only implement it as written, but pony up an extra five hundred million pounds to finance their insatiable appetite for money. It will come as no surprise that Cameron will cave in to their demands despite opposition from the people.

Emboldened by Cameron's public commitment to the European Union project and by his inherent weakness as a politician, the Eurocrats feel they can govern Great Britain from Brussels with complete disregard for the recent election results. They have instructed the government to implement the Liberal Democrats' long standing mansion tax in addition to building more houses, adjusting the governments 'Help to Buy' scheme and subsidising more childcare.

This is gross interference in the internal affairs of Great Britain but due to the surrender of sovereignty, Cameron and the government cannot and will not stand up to what is nation building by German Chancellor Merkel and her cabal of dedicated federalists in Brussels.

Immigration is the biggest single issue that raises the collective hackles of the British people and with complete disregard for the damage it has done to the very fabric of British life, governments of all persuasions steadfastly refuse to take action.

With total contempt for the views of the British people, the leaders of the three legacy parties are as one when it comes to the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

The ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party openly spit in the faces of the British people by continuing to advocate open border mass immigration and continue to extol its benefits.

Their collective hatred for Great Britain, together with its people, its culture and its way of life, is palpable and as result it looks like the people will reward them for their treachery by sending them into oblivion at the next election.

The Labour Party led by the millionaire Marxist 'Red' Ed Miliband not only supports open border mass immigration but also a federal superstate. A post democratic United States of Europe based on the old Soviet model fulfills their requirement for a dictatorship of the proletariat without borders, social class or nationality.

One big happy family living together in perfect harmony where the cancer of income inequality, gender distinction, race and the opium of religion has been abolished by government decree.

"Workers of all lands unite you've got nothing to lose but your chains" is the rallying cry passed on by Karl Marx. History shows us that the likes of Red Ed, and the cabal of elite bureaucrats who will govern this socialist Utopia, will not suffer the dire consequences of their own perverted creed.

As is usual with socialist agendas "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others" will be the real consequence if Red Ed and his pals prevail.

In fairness to Ed Miliband, he makes no secret of his support for mass immigration or the United States of Europe but by his adamant refusal to give the people a choice via a referendum he also displays the totalitarian instincts that are inherent in all socialists.

Due to the hostility of the British people to mass immigration Ed Miliband has started to make some conciliatory noises about curtailing it, but this is a crude attempt at vote buying by an unprincipled politician. It is plainly obvious that Miliband and the rest of the Labour party are happy for the British people to be governed by a remote group of like minded bureaucrats from Brussels.

David Cameron and his Conservative Party are the real villains of this treachery. This party was considered to be the guardian of traditional British values such as, patriotism, individual liberty, the military covenant, law and order, economic prudence, small government etc. These are the very values that he purged from the party when he underwent his very public 'modernisation'.

Among other non conservative values, Cameron has confessed to being a 'progressive', a Europhile, a disciple of Man Made Global Warming and horror of all horrors the 'Heir to Blair'.

His detoxifying of the party has made it indistinguishable from the other two and Cameron himself, like his fellow leaders, is an enthusiastic supporter of the European project in addition to multi-culturalism, tax and spend economics, overseas aid, 'combating climate change', green taxes, government imposed equality, gay marriage etc.etc. ad nauseum.

It must be understood that all of the various treaties, from Rome to Maastricht, were the instruments used for the transfer of sovereignty from the British people to the European bureaucrats and would have been signed by all three of the current party leaders had they been in power at the time.

The ultimate betrayal was of course the insidious Lisbon Treaty. This was the act of treachery where Gordon Brown signed away what was left of British sovereignty like a thief in the night after David Miliband had led the way prior to being ousted by his brother Ed.

He never gets asked by any member of the government/media axis, but would David Cameron have signed the hated Lisbon Treaty if he had been the Prime Minister at the time? The answer of course is a resounding yes, and so would have Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Miliband of the Labour Party.

In conclusion I will add that to people like myself who believe that our Glorious Dead made the ultimate sacrifice so that Great Britain will remain sovereign and free for all generations in perpetuity, the document signed in  Lisbon was not a Constitution or a Treaty but an instrument of surrender.

I will also add that the people who signed this surrender document did so by means of deceit, obfuscation and lying, and also without the consent of the British people. They have committed treason and it is my fervent hope that there will be a day of reckoning where they will answer for this treachery in a court of law.