Monday, August 24, 2015

British Independence Surrendered Using Lies, Deceit And Treachery

                                       German Chancellor with British Gauleiter David Cameron

There was a time in the not too distant past when children were brought up to believe that lying was one of the most damnable sins possible, almost as heinous as murder itself. Those involved in bringing up a child, including parents, neighbours, teachers , Sunday School superintendents and the local Bobby, were consistent in embedding the message that lying was supremely bad.

Lying was a means of persuasion exclusive to crooks, cheats and vagabonds of all persuasions; the threat of eternal damnation being no deterrent for those who lived dishonest lives on the fringes of society and endeavored to take advantage of the decency of their fellow citizens.

In those innocent days nothing hurt more than being lied to, whether it was the disappointment of being taken advantage of or the realisation that a person in position of trust had betrayed that trust for their own personal ends.

As we know to our cost those days are long gone.  In this modern age of the professional generic politician, lying is an acceptable means of gaining and the holding on to power. The 'ends justifying the means' extends to all political parties as they fight to impose their ideologically driven agendas.

The long suffering British people have been the victims of serial lying since the then Prime Minister Edward Heath, surrendered British sovereignty using a premeditated tissue of lies. With malice aforethought Heath and his collaborators, deceived the people, took them for fools and rendered them powerless in the face of their historical enemies and subject to a hostile bureaucracy bent on the destruction of their nation.

                                                     Heath Signs The British Death Warrant

Lying through his teeth, Heath declared that those who feared that going into Europe would mean a loss of independence and sovereignty were completely unjustified. Heath and his political descendants have been lying to the British people ever since.
(Leo McKinstry article on EU lying here)

It is now an accepted fact that the creation of a post democratic superstate had been the intention of the politicians from the beginning with the surrendering of sovereignty to be achieved by a series of treaties. Each treaty was to be falsely promoted as a tidying up exercise or having an economic benefit with the object of creating the superstate without the people realizing what happened until it was too late.
(Fredrick Forsyth on superstate lies here)

This was lying on a monumental scale by the agenda driven political class and its like minded cronies in the establishment.  It was willful deceit in pursuit of their political goals.

In  the hope of a plumb position in the new superstate, a consummate and practiced liar, Tony Blair negotiated Great Britain's final surrender with the Lisbon Treaty, again claiming it was a tidying up exercise as opposed to the final nail in the coffin of the independent nation states of Europe. Blair along with Cameron and the leaders of the other two parties promised the people a referendum before its adoption.

They were lying of course as we all knew they were and as things stand today, the British people have lost their independence without the promised referendum. Apart from the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), all party leaders are totally committed to the European superstate project and will make any promise, tell any lie and stab any back to make sure that the British people stay locked in the EU prison.

The actual deed of signing the Lisbon treaty fell to Blair's successor Gordon Brown, a sociopath who's lies were so audacious they were an embarrassment to anyone with an iota of decency. His excuse for denying a referendum was his infamous 'red lines' which he claimed rendered a referendum unnecessary. These were a series of opt-outs which supposedly protected British interests. What they were and where they are now is a mystery.
(Red Line stories here and here)

                                              Brown signs away Great Britain's Independence

The government at Westminster may have changed but the habit of lying to the British has not, in fact it is so embedded into everyday political discourse one has to accept that a politician is lying as a matter of course. The modern politician no longer engages in proper debate or speaks to the public as adults, they are totally controlled by media managers, spin doctors and image makers.

They talk in a series of centrally issued slogans and sound bites and are unable to respond independently to any topic relying instead on the 'line-to-take' dispensed by the duty spin doctor. Any appearances outside the remote incestuous world they inhabit is choreographed down to the minutest detail and this mainly consists of a set of contrived and often embarrassing photo opportunities.

In a desperate rearguard action to avoid defeat in the recent general election, the Prime Minister David Cameron and his then Deputy Nick Clegg took political lying to levels previously unseen. These two had zero experience in the world that normal people inhabit and live under the impression that PR and spin can fool all of the people all of the time.

Even though they know, that ever increasing numbers of people know that they are lying, they persist with their nonsense in the hope that they can fool enough people to mitigate their predicament.

Cameron continues to promise a renegotiation of membership terms despite the politicians and bureaucrats that control the EU, and therefore Great Britain, are unanimous that there will be no renegotiation, there will also be no repatriation of powers to Westminster.

He knows when he promises to curb immigration or prevent immigrant access to the people's welfare system that he will be not allowed to do this by his EU masters but he makes the promises anyway.

He also knows that any referendum on Great Britain's membership will be an exercise in deceit unprecedented in political history. In the unlikely event that the people voted to leave, Cameron's EU masters will ignore the result as they did the Irish and the Dutch.

The sad thing about the current political class is that they would get more credibility if they simply treated the British public with respect, displayed a little honesty and told the truth. The public know where the politicians stand on the main issues so they might as well stop lying and maybe, just maybe, their Creator, whoever they conceive him to be, will judge them well and forgive them for their life of lying, cheating, and deceiving the very public they have sworn to serve.

(Due to time constraints this is a re-edited post from last year)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mass Immigration, Anchor Babies, Citizenship And Allegiance

To the horror of the establishment controlled political class, Donald Trump has once again brought a contentious issue to the fore, an issue which they would have preferred to be kept locked away in a dark recess somewhere, far away from the attention of the American people.

In addition to the issue of illegal immigration and sealing the deliberately engineered porous border, Trump has added anchor babies and citizenship into the mix and it is causing palpitations and apoplexy to the usual suspects in the establishment and the government-media complex.

Judging by the high levels of support being given to anti-American politicians - those are the ones who go around the place referring to themselves as liberals or 'progressives' - it is plainly obvious that tens of millions of Americans have no idea what 'fundamental transformation' entails or how it will negatively affect their lives and the lives of future generations.

In order to better understand the issues, a very brief visit to the basic historical facts is necessary:

Great Britain and the United States of America, along with their kith and kin in the white, predominantly English speaking, Judeo-Christian diaspora, are largely responsible for the advances in learning, science, technology and all the other disciplines that have allowed civilisation to advance to it's current level.

These advances have allowed those civilised nations to pull ahead of the undeveloped world in terms of knowledge, technical proficiency and prosperity along with the physical and material well-being that they inevitably allow.

This inequality of people and of nations is an anathema to the global 'progressive' elite and their
de facto world government based at the United Nations.

Dominated by representatives from the undeveloped world, who are by and large driven by a Marxist ideology or Islam, the UN has embarked upon a generational mission to permanently end this inequality of people and of nations by a global redistribution of wealth, technology and industry.

They have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal to help achieve this, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), UN Agenda 21, Monetary Development Aid and latterly the Combating Climate Change scam.
(Read a previous article about UN redistribution here)

Due to their natural propensity for discovery, exploration, curiosity and hard work - virtues which are unfortunately lacking in the undeveloped world -  these measures alone will not prevent the white, predominantly English speaking Judeo-Christian world from maintaining their advanced global.

The only way to end what is in fact a natural ability for global leadership is to bring them down to the level of the undeveloped world by stripping them of their prosperity and industries then eliminating them altogether by cultural and demographic replacement.

The only sure means to achieve this is open border mass immigration from the undeveloped and uncivilised nations into the developed world. This is combined with a rigidly policed policy of political correctness, along with positive discrimination and a statute book full of hate crime laws aimed exclusively at the white, predominantly English speaking Judeo-Christian population.

This brings us to the situation we see today. The once mighty and prosperous United States of America is in the process of being fundamentally transformed from 'the shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere' into an indebted, degraded socialist dystopia run by self loathing, agenda driven, Marxist ideologues and the Ummah.
(Read about US degradation here)

Not only is the southern border being deliberately left open; the laws of the land are being selectively applied, or ignored all together, when it comes to illegal immigrants. This allows them to remain in the country even after committing heinous crimes including drug trafficking, violent robbery, rape and murder.

Anchor babies and the deliberate misinterpretation of the Constitution is just another means to allow immigrants to gain a foothold in the United States and subsequently bring in an entire family. In the course of a decades long expatriate career I have personally met many people in various parts of the world who traveled to the United States at the last possible moment before giving birth then departing at the earliest possible opportunity after the baby's citizenship has been formalised.

If the United States is anything like Great Britain, then citizenship and passports are being randomly thrown at any third world immigrant like confetti, regardless of loyalty or allegiance.

Giving citizenship to as many foreign born, non-white, non-English speaking and non-Judeo-Christian people as possible - and actively removing Christian symbols from public life - has allowed the political class to re-define citizenship in an attempt to erase the dominant two millenia long Judeo-Christian culture and claim a UN/EU mandated 'multi-cultural society', albeit a severely degraded one.

The allegiance of third world immigrants is most likely the easiest issue to deal with within the mass immigration debate.

Empirical evidence in Great Britain highlights the fact that second generation offspring of third world immigrants, and some developed world immigrants for that matter, are loyal to their grandparents and parents country of origin, not Great Britain, their country of birth.

Muslims in particular are loyal primarily to the Ummah - the global Muslim community - followed by their ancestral country of origin, then their country of documentation last of all.

Despite swearing a Naturalization Oath of Allegiance, being in possession of the citizenship documentation does not guarantee allegiance; far from it. After receiving their documentation, many immigrants remain openly hostile to their host country and wish to do it harm from outside and within.

The Oath itself is unequivocal:

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of born and raised British and American citizens have decamped to Africa and the Middle East to join the barbaric Islamic State raping, mutilating and killing in the name Allah the Merciful.

Many have sworn another Oath; to use their documentation to return to America and Great Britain with the intention of waging jihad, bringing mayhem and murder into heart of their host country.

These vitally important issues are routinely ignored because the 'fundamental transformation' agenda is the priority for the 'progressive' political establishment.

It is worth noting in conclusion that Donald Trump has exposed the hypocrisy of the establishment politicians that use the Constitution in their attempt to counter and disqualify his proposals.

These are the same politicians that trash the Constitution when it suits their political agenda then hide behind it when they are exposed as the frauds they are.

They routinely ignore the First Amendment with their attacks on free speech and freedom of religion.

They are in open contempt of the Second Amendment with their ongoing attempts to seize legally held guns from law abiding citizens on behalf of the UN.

They routinely ignore the Fourth Amendment with their warrentless searches and invasions of personal and professional privacy.

They do however hide behind the Fifth Amendment when they are caught misbehaving as was the case with IRS miscreant Lois Lerner.

They routinely ignore the Tenth Amendment by imposing federal law on the States and the people.

.....and so it goes on and ever on; these same anti-Constitutional activists are using the Fourteenth Amendment in order to justify anchor babies only to use them as a facility to import entire families from the undeveloped world and to further degrade America.
(Interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment here)

Trump is fearlessly tackling these contentious issues head-on, regardless of the opprobrium of his fellow candidates and his 'progressive' enemies; they would prefer he remained silent on these issues for the simple reason that it exposes their lack of spine and policy to tackle the issues themselves.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trumped - David Cameron And His Referendum Stitch-Up Is Exposed

If anyone has any lingering doubts that the current leadership of the political class are nothing more than puppets who have been meticulously trained in the dark arts of media manipulation and propaganda, then I suggest they follow the antics of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he continues with his EU re-negotiation/referendum confidence trick despite the fact that he's been rumbled.

Watching the carefully choreographed campaigns of the establishment controlled political class in the United States getting derailed by Donald Trump is a wonder to behold; watching the apoplexy of the useful idiots in the government-media axis is an even bigger source of amusement.

This includes Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino of Fox News, who can hardly contain their contempt for Trump largely because of his exposure of their preferred candidate, Jeb Bush, as nothing other than a bought-and-paid-for establishment puppet.

Fair and Balanced? You report we decide? You reported and we decided - with a few exceptions Fox News is just as biased toward the political establishment as the other networks.

For a little while at least, everything was going swimmingly; the meticulously planned, pre-packaged campaign strategies of the establishment candidates were seducing the electorate into believing that the fundamentally transformed and downgraded America is still exceptional.

Issues that were degrading life for ordinary Americans, such as being beaten, raped, robbed and murdered by illegal immigrants, along with continued impoverishment by joblessness etc. were being glossed over or brushed under the carpet until the explosive arrival of Donald Trump on the scene.

It is true that the issue of illegal immigration, and the horrific crimes committed by illegals, would not have the high profile it has in the campaign were it not for Trump; neither would the issue of sealing the porous border. The establishment and their candidates were preparing the collective American psych for an amnesty for all illegals thus changing the demographic and cultural balance for ever.

In other words, making the fundamental transformation of America permanent and irreversible.

It would appear that the Trump anti-establishment phenomenon has contributed to the awakening of the British people from their media induced slumber and opened their eyes to the dishonest and treacherous machinations of their own agenda driven political class.

Thanks to Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent the anti-establishment Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, it is becoming almost fashionable to confront, disbelieve and ridicule the political establishment. At long last the people are beginning to accept that politicians routinely lie without conscience and deceive as a matter of course.

Apart from the increasingly popular United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), and their leader, Nigel Farage, the British political class is totally owned and run by the EU controlled establishment.

All the main parties are committed to the post-democratic European superstate project, an important part of which is the cultural and demographic replacement of existing societies - referred to in the USA as a 'fundamental transformation' - using open border mass immigration, particularly from the undeveloped, uncivilised third world.

To say that the British people have been lied to about the true nature of the European project would be the understatement of the century. Lied to, not just by the government of Edward Heath who signed the original surrender document, but by successive generations of all parties right up to David Cameron today.

These charlatans have been consistent with the lie that surrendering the power loaned to them after an election to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats is in the British people's best interests.
(Great article on EU deceit by Christopher Booker here)

Knowing that the replacement of the independent sovereign states of Europe with a post democratic superstate would be unacceptable to the various indigenous people, it was to be achieved "without the peoples of Europe realising what was happening, the plan was to be accomplished in successive steps. Each was to be disguised has having an economic purpose, but all, taken together, would irrevocably and irreversibly lead to federation". 

This quote has been attributed to EU founder Jean Monet and is now in dispute; what is not in dispute however is that the agenda and sentiments contained therein have been carried out to the letter; it is indisputable that the British people are still being lied to with reference to the EU by the establishment owned political class, including Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron is the archetypal politician for the post democratic era; hailing from a remote elite, he was exclusively educated and he has never had a proper job in the real world inhabited by real people.

He has adopted the modus operandi of the career politician of saying one thing to one client group and something completely opposite to another, as well as lying through his back teeth to get elected. This is considered to be acceptable behavior by modern day career politicians but it will only last if people like Trump and Corbyn stay silent and allow them to get away with it.

Having complete and utter contempt for the people he is supposedly representing, along with their views, their hopes and their aspirations, is another essential virtue for career politicians of the Cameron ilk.

It is universally acceptance by all and sundry that there will be no re-negotiation of Great Britain's terms of membership nor any repatriation of already surrendered powers. That includes border control, immigration and asylum policy, control over welfare, taxation or the criminal justice system; David Cameron still insists on carrying on with the re-negotiation charade.

Cameron has re-iterated his absolute commitment to the EU superstate project and will not campaign for Great Britain's exit even if his own negotiation ends in failure. This position is not just amateurish but untenable and an indication Cameron's confidence that he can con the British people into remaining in the United States of Europe.

Cameron's referendum stitch-up is now being seen for the charade that it really is by an increasing number of cynical observers who are returning the contempt that Cameron has for them but in spades.

It has now been revealed that Cameron and his controllers are going to orchestrate a phony bust-up with the French, who will then appear to concede some reforms; these will be nothing other than meaningless window dressing designed to con the British people.

The phony bust-up will, of course, be portrayed by the bought-and-paid-for main stream media as a victory for Cameron over Great Britain's historic and traditional enemy in a cynical attempt to play on the people's sense of patriotism and garner a few more votes for his dishonest project.

With the aid of an endless supply of resources including money and manpower along with compliant, agenda driven institutions, such as the trade unions, the bailed out banks, bonus addicted industrialists, the NHS, the Quangocracy, the NGO's, the government-media complex, including the taxpayer funded BBC, the referendum campaign will be a veritable tsunami of pro-EU propaganda.

If the treatment of Nigel Farage in the last general elections is anything to go by, the 'No/Out' campaign will be demonised, belittled, insulted and smeared without mercy.

In conclusion: Increasing numbers of people have realised that Cameron's re-negotiation is a confidence trick and his phony referendum will be a stitch up from beginning to end.

With that said, the EU superstate fanatics in the British establishment have come too far along the road to lose their prize of total integration at this late stage, therefore they will pour every available resource into the re-negotiation confidence trick and the referendum stitch up in the hope that enough low information voters will remain ignorant and anti-establishment figures like Donald Trump will not emerge and wield influence to the detriment of their beloved superstate project.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Busted Puerto Rico Joins Greece And Venezuela Down The Plug Hole

Anyone considering a career in politics shouldn't worry about a university education or a degree in this subject or that, they shouldn't worry either about gaining experience in business, the military or any other career on life's rich highway; the important thing for them to remember is.........nothing at all.

Whatever one has learned prior to entering the twilight world of the political class is redundant; all learning and experience should be filed away in some dark recess of the mind, or better still, forgotten altogether in case it interferes with the acquisition of stupidity that is the only qualification necessary for a politician.

Politicians at any level, whether local, national or supra-nation all live in a parallel universe where the laws that make the real word go around, and which govern the lives of us mortals, do not apply.

Even the insight of two of the greatest geniuses of the twentieth century has had no effect whatsoever on the behavior of this spectacularly imbecilic group.

"Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -  George Santayana

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

The latest casualty of economic incompetence is the American dependency of Puerto Rico. They join an ever growing list of scrounging states that rely on a begging bowl to keep them in the unaffordable style to which they have become accustomed.

In the recent past, advanced economies from all the continents, some of which are rich in natural resources, have gone bust due to incompetent, ideologically driven politicians repeating the same tax and spend policies that have proved disastrous throughout recorded history.

These include;

Argentina, Venezuela and Paraguay from South America,

Angola, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Zimbabwe from Africa

Europe is represented in this economic illiteracy Hall of Fame by Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Ireland with Spain and Portugal knocking on the door.

Maybe we should add a third genius more fitting to today's political class:

"Stupid is as stupid does" - Forrest Gump

The politicians from all these countries, and others, have behaved in a manner that would have landed 'we the people' in jail. They spend more than they take in revenue knowing full well that the consequences of their criminal behavior will end in bankruptcy, poverty and misery for the always does.

They also know full well that they themselves are immune from the consequences of their criminal behavior and, if past experience is anything to go by, they will avoid jail and be feted around the world instead, as well remunerated elder statesmen enjoying whats left of other peoples livelihoods.

One of the irresponsible policies that helped put the Puerto Rican economy into a tailspin was the introduction of a minimum wage. Despite masses of empirical evidence that disastrous consequences always ensue from this interference in the market, they proceeded anyway.

In fact, the minimum wage,  which in some countries has gone one step further and morphed into a 'living wage', is now the standard policy of most governments, even supposedly conservative ones like Great Britain and the USA.

It is worth noting at this point that the minimum wage, like overseas development aid and combating climate change is an international requirement emanating from the UN; despite its disastrous consequences; no 'progressive' politicians worth their salt will argue against it for fear of tarnishing their international credentials and putting any future sinecure in jeopardy.

The warnings that imposing the federal minimum wage on Puerto Rican businesses would result in bankruptcies, price increases, job losses and the migration of talent to the mainland United States, was studiously ignored by the politicians.

And so it came to pass and the predicted collapse followed like night follows day. Next came the loss of tax revenue to pay for all the 'free stuff' and then the inevitable increases in taxation along with further stagnation and the downward spiral.

This didn't suddenly happen overnight, the politicians, and anyone else with an ounce of common sense, knew it was coming months, even years ago, but they carried on regardless driving the economy into the ground with their tax, spend, borrow and debt policy because they don't have the guts or the spine to stop it.

The lenders must also accept their part in this disaster, be they governments, corporations or private individuals. Governments and corporations know before lending that default is likely therefore they are not helping by their indulgence. Governments don't care of course because it's only taxpayer's money they are throwing away and there's plenty more more where that came from.

In conclusion: As all informed people across the planet know to their cost, what has happened in Puerto Rico is nothing new, it has happened before and it will happen again. Like the politicians of Greece, Venezuela and the rest of the countries mentioned above, they will promise lots of 'free stuff' to secure their grip on power and to satisfy their perverted ideologies.

Unless the people wake up and take action it won't end until all the countries on the planet have lent and borrowed themselves into oblivion and global equality, along with equal misery, will have arrived at last.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Catch A Falling Star - Obama Is Being Bitch Slapped From Iran To Kenya

It seems like only yesterday that candidate Barack Obama was being anointed as the new Messiah, a new era of politician who was going to 'fundamentally transform' the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth........into what he didn't say.

In a promise worthy of the Saviour Himself this photogenic so-called African-American, flanked by fake Greek columns, was going to 'stop the oceans from rising and heal the planet'.

So powerful was the Obama media created brand that world leaders would embarrass themselves with an undignified scrum whenever the chance for a photo opportunity came their way.

Great Britain's former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was so desperate for a photo-op that he disgraced himself, his office and the British people by chasing Obama through a hotel kitchen having been turned down for a meeting five times.

(Cynics argue that Obama was right to avoid Brown as the latter's reputation for imbecility went before him like a storm front. A photo-opportunity with Brown at this particular moment in time was to be avoided at all costs to prevent him tarnishing Obama's expensively created image)

The ultimate accolade came when after only nine months in office, a now sanctified President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people"; this was despite the fact that he was engaged in two wars at the time.

Many people had warned during his initial campaign for the Presidency that Barack Obama was a dangerous creation of the global 'progressive' elite who were determined, in the name of equality of nations and of people, to downgrade the United States of America, erase its Judeo-Christian heritage and consign American exceptionalism to the dustbin of history.

Some six years later every American patriots' worst nightmare has come true; the United States has indeed suffered a severe downgrade both socially and economically and its reputation abroad is tainted almost beyond repair.

During his tenure as Commander-in-Chief, the once mighty military machine has been so socially engineered by sexuality and gender obsessed politicians it is no longer feared or respected. Among some of America's more religiously motivated enemies, the move to allow gay, lesbian and transgendered people to serve openly is the last straw that has reduced the military to nothing more than a laughing stock.

A heavy dose of reality does have a sobering effect on the mind in addition to removing the rose tinted spectacles from those that put them on because they deliberately did not wish to see the truth.

Looking back some six years it would have been inconceivable that this man who was halfway to Divinity is now being bitch slapped everywhere from Iran to Kenya; not just by the big beasts of Iran and Russia but by every tin pot dictator from Assad in Syria, to Uhuru Kenyatta in his supposed spiritual home of Kenya.

In six short years the slobbering sycophants who were hoping for some of Obama's starlight to rub off on them have replaced their undignified scramble for a photo op with a polite 'say cheese and lets get the hell outta here' attitude.

During the recent mid-term elections, even his own Democratic party members made their excuses and hid in the trees rather than have their reputations tarnished by a photo op with their own President.

This disregard for Barack Obama, along with the associated disrespect for the office he holds, has made the world a more dangerous place.

The tyrants in Beijing are expanding their influence in the South China Sea and attacking America's cyberspace interests with impunity.

President Putin has humiliated President Obama on the world stage by ignoring his threats and expanding, without fear of retribution, his Russian Empire into Crimea and Ukraine. He is currently working on returning the Baltic States into the Russian sphere of influence and who would bet against him succeeding.

President Assad of Syria crossed Obama's so called 'red line' over the use of chemical weapons without fear of the threatened retribution. This has emboldened every other dictator and terrorist in the region and beyond to also pursue their goals without fear.

Embarrassingly for the American people, their President still believes in his own Divinity and that the whole world still hangs on every word he utters.

President Kenyatta rightly bitch slapped him when he proceeded to lecture him on gay rights in Kenya; this episode also serves as a clear indication that although he touts himself as an African-American, with Kenyan ancestry, he doesn't have the faintest idea about African attitudes to homosexuality.

Likewise when he lectured the British people about their remaining in the hated EU; he was told in no uncertain terms to mind his own business by a series of prominent politicians, including the leaders of the ever growing United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), which is campaigning to leave.

If, as British Prime Minister Harold Wilson is once quoted as saying, 'a week is a long time in politics' then six years is a lifetime and it shows in the demeanor and delusions of the once infallible, Messianic President of the United States.

In conclusion, like President Jimmy Carter before him, no matter what he thinks his legacy will be, it won't turn out that way. With the Ayatollahs openly humiliating him over their victory in the nuclear talks, they join Russia, China, ISIS and every other Obama emboldened enemy laughing as they belittle the person that was, until recently, the most powerful man on the planet.