Monday, June 25, 2012

Peter Hain - Bastard Son of Neath Tribal Voters

No politician in Westminster has divided public opinion more than Peter Hain and no constituency in Wales has demonstrated the futility of mindless tribal voting than Neath and Port Talbot. They obviously didn't understand or maybe didn't care that they were being taken for granted and used.

Peter Hain was twice rejected by the discerning voters of Putney where he failed to unseat David Mellor, a shallow Tory buffoon and philanderer.

Neath had a fine tradition of selecting a local people as their parliamentary representative such as Sir William Jenkins, David Williams together with Donald Coleman from nearby Barry. It will remain a mystery why the noble people of Neath allowed themselves to be patronised by the champagne socialist London elite who control the Labour Party.

The undiscerning voters of Neath swallowed the carefully constructed public image of Peter Hain lock, stock and heating oil allowance. The supposedly fearless warrior against apartheid was harassed and forced from his native land to carry on the fight in Great Britain.

Unlike their Welsh counterparts the discerning voters of Putney obviously had the ability to look at the facts, ignore the image makers and form their own opinion.

The story goes that Hain ran messages for the African National Congress and at the age of 10 his bedroom was searched by the South African police looking for incriminating evidence. At age 15 he spoke at the funeral of a terrorist hanged for murdering a 77 year old woman and mutilating 23 innocent civilians when he placed a bomb at a railway station.

His parents were banned for putting up anti-apartheid posters so they decided to abandon the cause and their people and head for the safety Britain.

Its worth noting that anyone opposing apartheid in South Africa at that time were harassed and banned by the government, this treatment was not exclusive to the Hain family.

At great personal risk most of his anti-apartheid comrades chose to stay and carry on the fight.

Unlike his future constituents Peter Hain went on to have an elitist education then joined the Liberals and became a Trade Union researcher.

His 'fearless' fight against apartheid consisted of the 'Stop the Tour' campaigns against the South African rugby and cricket matches. At great personal risk our hero was involved with digging up cricket wickets and scattering nails on rugby pitches before milking the publicity for all its worth.

This direct action associated with the anti-apartheid campaign proved to be good material for the image makers in the years that followed.

In the meantime back in his native South Africa his comrades were being harassed, imprisoned, tortured and killed.

Hain's political ambitions proved stronger than his principles. With no chance of a political career as a Liberal, he suddenly discovered socialism, dumped them and joined the Labour party. The only thing that was required was a brain dead electorate who could be guaranteed to co-operate and it wasn't the discerning voters Putney.

Peter Hain went on to have a controversial parliamentary and ministerial career, notorious for its scandals and resignation.

Joining his new rich friends he adopted socialist principles, such as having no respect for taxpayers or their hard earned money. 

Outrageous expense claims such as heating oil, a roof for his woodshed, asking the taxpayers of Neath to pick up he bill for servicing his Aga and cleaning his windows. And then there was the faux leather tray, the posters and calenders, pens and ink. He even put his 80 year old mother on the payroll.

High on the list of scandals was the contributions to his leadership campaign. These were funnelled through a non working, recently created 'think tank' and not declared to the commissioner.

His excuse was accepted by the commissioner but its still unclear what the 'think tank' was for.

He stabbed the people of Gibraltar in the back over sovereignty and is not welcome on the Rock. The same was in store for Northern Ireland over his agreement with Sinn Fein on a united Ireland.

It's been stated before that with the British economy in ruins and her institutions destroyed, Hain retired to the backbenches to finish his term in comfort and to await his sinecure in the House of Lords or the European Union.

One thing is for sure, unlike other anti apartheid exiles, he will not be returning the his homeland to live out his days in the peace and security of the 'Rainbow Nation'.

In conclusion, is Peter Hain the heroic fighter against apartheid, forced out of his native land to carry on the fight in exile, who then discovered socialism and selflessly stood up for the poor, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged.......or is he an impostor, a narcissistic, ambitious, political opportunist and backstabber who is prepared to go to any lengths for personal advancement?

Hain, you've brought enough shame on the people of Neath and Port Talbot with your cowardice and self serving, backstabbing antics. Do your constituents a favour and crawl back under your rock until you join the other freeloaders in the Lords or the European Union.

Update: As predicted the champagne socialist hypocrite was indeed elevated to the House of Lords and now labours under the grandiose title of Baron Hain of Neath in the County of West Glamorgan.

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