Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chris Bryant - A Dumbed Down Electorate And The Demise Of Great Britain

It is becoming clearer by the day that one of the reasons for the rapid demise of one of history's greatest superpowers into a mediocre, welfare infested wasteland, which incidentally is being overtaken by the third world countries it was instrumental in developing, is the appalling standard of their representatives and the rank stupidity of the people who continually re-elect them to office.

For students of history, politics or human behavior, Chris Bryant and his constituents of Rhondda Cynon Taf are an excellent case study for degree dissertations.

One man one vote is the basis of elections in Great Britain. Electors choose their preferred candidate and the one with the most votes gets elected. Tactical voting degrades the purity of the system somewhat when electors ignore their preferred choice and vote for a different one just to keep 'the other guy out'.

The electoral system and democracy itself is further degraded by mindless tribal voting. The remote party hierarchy dump unsuitable candidates of their own choice on a constituency knowing the electors will comply out of a perverted sense of loyalty or because they have been misled with false promises, spin and deception.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Rhondda Cynon Taf. This used to be a noble place in times past, notorious for its hardworking and rebellious coal mining communities where people worked hard and played harder. In Labour Party parlance this was categorised as a 'masculine' constituency with attitudes that were unacceptable to their 'progressive' vision of a fair and equal, gender neutral country.

The Rhondda people used to be discerning in their choice of representative. From William Abraham their first MP through Bill Mainwaring the coal miner activist. There was war hero David Watts-Morgan, George 'order order' Thomas, the local boy Alec Jones through to the rebellious Allan Rogers.

It is surprising that from a population of some 60,000 souls not one could be found that was capable enough to represent them in Parliament.

Instead the metropolitan London based elite dumped their choice of candidate and the people meekly accepted him without so much as a squeak of protest.

Chris Bryant is an odious, publicity seeking narcissist totally unrepresentative of the people of Rhondda Cynon Taf.  He was selected by the London elite to pursue the homosexual agenda, not to deal with the dire problems facing the local people. He was born in Cardiff and raised in Cheltenham, which is about as far as one can get culturally and socially from Rhondda. He possessed no experience whatsoever of valley life and yet the dumbed down electorate continue to re-elect him, time and again.

Chris Bryant is an egalitarian, wealth redistributer with no experience in the wealth creating sector but he ticked all the right boxes for the trendy, London based 'progressive' elite. A homosexual, a priesthood dropout and an ex conservative who had discovered socialism and joined the Labour Party.

Socialism and authoritarianism go hand in hand so a spell at the sinister Common Purpose fake charity did not go amiss for Bryant.

For the uninitiated, the objective of this shadowy outfit is to train selected students for leadership outside authority in a post democratic age. That should wake up any Rhondda native who cherishes individual freedom and democracy.

After a spell working in the BBC/Labour Party axis and a stint as a local councilor, he's ready for Parliament.

Chris Bryant was dumped on the voters of Wycome who were obviously more discerning than the tribal voters of Rhondda and rejected him.

The voters of Rhondda Cynon Taf duly obliged the London elite in 2001 and Chris Bryant has been an embarrassment ever since.

A confirmed expenses cheat, he has no respect for the taxpayer or their hard earned money by treating it as his own. In typical socialist hypocrite style, he bleats about tax avoidance by the 'rich' but indulges in the same practices himself by changing the designation of his residences several times to avoid paying tax.

Most embarrassing was the incident of Chris Bryant trolling for sex on the Internet dressed only in his underwear. This disgusting and vulgar behaviour should have resulted in his resignation or deselection at least, but this is the new age of 'progressive' morality so this is now acceptable.

The people of Rhondda Cynon Taf  have disgraced themselves and embarrassed the whole of Great Britain by continually re-electing this shameless publicity seeking hypocrite who has abused their loyalty and trust to enrich himself and pursue his own agenda and that of the Labour Party elite.

His latest gaffs on immigration demonstrate once more to the people of his constituency not only his incompetence but his hypocrisy when talking about measures to deal with the disastrous consequences of open border mass immigration that he was instrumental in implementing.

When it is taken into account that this mindless tribal voting behavior is repeated hundreds of times across the country then it becomes easier to understand how the demise of Great Britain came about.

Candidates are chosen not by the people but the political elites of all the legacy parties. They are chosen not for their experience, skills or commitment to public service but for their loyalty to the party leaders and their ideology.

Some of the current high ranking members of the government including the Prime Minister and his Chancellor have no experience outside of party politics. A multitude of MP's have moved seamlessly from education to party politics bypassing the real world where the real people live.

Many of the current members of Parliament, Chris Bryant included, had no connection with their constituencies prior to selection as a candidate.

This has resulted in a government stuffed with political zealots who believe that only their opinions or their visions are valid and that they have a divine right to govern. Any dissent from their 'progressive' orthodoxy is treated as heresy and not tolerated. This applies to all the legacy parties; they really are all the same.

By indulging in tribal voting behavior and allowing the party elites to impose their choice of candidate, the people have disenfranchised themselves and the demise of their country is the result.

If Great Britain is going to be rescued from the dung heap it has become then a change in candidate selection and voting behavior must be the first step.

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