Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Crisis? Mass Immigration Is Central To The Cultural Replacement Agenda

Watching the human tragedy unfold across Europe one has to give credit to the federalists who have successfully reached the tipping point with regard to their generational project to replace the independent, sovereign states of Europe with a post-democratic superstate.

Until the Euro-sceptics exposed the real project behind the lies and deceit of the federalists, the majority of the people's of Europe swallowed the line that the the institution known as the European Union (EU) was nothing more than a loose, mutually beneficial trading arrangement.

The real project to transfer sovereignty from the democratically elected national legislatures to appointed bureaucrats in Brussels, along with the creation of a generic European citizen, was not only kept from the people but actively denied by a malevolent political class.

The method laid out by EU  'founding father', Jean Monet, was that the transfer of sovereignty and the creation of the European Superstate was to be achieved by stealth using lies and deceit.

Using a series of treaties, each being disguised as being of economic benefit, would allow the transfer of sovereignty to be completed before the people realised what had happened. This was finally achieved with the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty as a Constitution, which was imposed on the peoples of Europe without the promised referenda.

The creation of a generic European citizen loyal to the European Union as opposed to the nation states was to be created using a combination of open border mass immigration and the wilful destruction of the various national identities along with their cultures and way of life.

The rise of Eurosceptic parties across the EU is in response to this cultural replacement element of the superstate project which is considered to be essential by the federalists if a generic European citizen is to be created.

Cultural replacement was being achieved by a combination of open border mass immigration, hate crime laws, which applied exclusively to the indigenous population, along with a policy of rigidly policed political correctness.

The peoples of Europe watched as their countries were being changed beyond recognition by a mass influx of immigrants mainly from the undeveloped and Muslim countries and this precipitated the rise of Euroscepticism accompanied by demands for a repatriation of sovereignty particularly over border control.

This has caused some consternation among the ruling political elite of Europe who see their superstate project being derailed at this late stage just when it is within their grasp.

Their response to this clear and present danger of people power is typical of the callous, heartless bureaucrats that they are.

This wave of immigrants didn't suddenly appear out of nowhere; deliberately creating a humanitarian crisis as a pretext for opening the borders to even more immigrants to add to the millions already admitted has the effect of bringing the tipping point for irreversible cultural replacement closer.

When it comes to imposing their superstate with its cultural replacement agenda on an unwilling people nothing is sacred to these fanatics and that includes using their massive propaganda machine to stir up emotions using the image of a dead child which is sick beyond belief.

To their eternal shame and condemnation these same fanatics refused to use the same propaganda machine when Christian children were being sold into slavery, raped, crucified and beheaded by Islamic terrorists in Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria or to insist on their evacuation to Europe. In fact they did the opposite; Coptic, Orthodox and Yazidi Christians were left at the mercy of Islamic savages for reasons of political and cultural replacement expediency.

There are other clues that serve to expose the appalling cynicism of the agenda driven monsters that populate the EU bureaucracy and one of them is timing. Although the river of immigrants has been flowing into Europe for over a decade, particularly into Great Britain and Scandinavia, this has turned into a tsunami in recent months from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, in addition to non middle eastern countries such as Pakistan, India, Algeria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia etc.

This is despite the fact that the Afghan wars have been raging since 1979, the Eritrean wars since 1993, the Iraq insurgency since 2003 and the Syrian civil war since 2011. Its more than a coincidence that this swarm of immigrants appear together like a perfect storm just as the cultural replacement project in Europe is under threat.

While the EU bureaucrats and their cohorts in the UN apply pressure on the the European nation state governments to ignore the demands of their people and further increase the numbers of immigrants, no pressure whatsoever is being applied to the oil rich countries of the middle east who could solve this so called 'crisis' overnight. They have both the money and the capacity to absorb millions of their co-religionists without the need for perilous sea voyages or arduous hikes across unfriendly countries that don't want them.

If it's the humanitarian crisis of Biblical proportions that they claim, why is no pressure being applied by the UN/EU elites to Japan, China, South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia or any other country outside white Judeo-Christian countries of Europe and the Angloshpere?

To prevent their cultural replacement agenda getting derailed, the EU/UN elites need to increase the rate of third world immigration into Europe without generating a reaction from the already abused people of Europe and consequently increasing support for the Eurosceptic parties.

To this end they will continue to precipitate this so called 'humanitarian crisis' and continue to pressure the Judeo-Christian countries to further degrade their cultures and way of life while ignoring the more suitable oil rich countries of the middle east.



  1. This is no less than a war on whites, a genocide. It is being waged in the USA by Obama and his controllers and by the EU in Europe with oversight by the UN, which is nothing but a bunch of muslim and other third world despots with the money to buy Western politicians and the race card to cower the rest.

    I see Saudi Arabia will not take any refugees but has offered to build 800 mosques in Germany, and people are too stupid to see what is happening right in front of them. Unless the peoples of the Western world take up arms and fight off both these invaders and their 'governments' soon, there will be no Judeo-Christian world in a couple of generations.

    1. I agree with what you have written except for one point - it will not take a couple of generations to erase the Judeo-Christian world, at this rate one generation will be enough.