Thursday, September 10, 2015

Refugee 'Crisis' - UN Bigwigs Break Cover To Assist The EU Power Grab

The infamous quote "never let a crisis go to waste" has been attributed to various political players including Sir Winston Churchill, anti-American revolutionary Saul Alinsky and latterly Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when he was an integral part of the Obama political machine. Whatever the context they used, the interpretation is unambiguous; any crisis, no matter how small or what it is, can be used to gain political advantage or to advance a particular cause.

The current so called 'crisis' involving refugees, whether it is genuine or deliberately engineered, will not go to waste by either the European Union ruling bureaucrats or their masters at the UN de facto world government in New York.

Unelected EU President, Jean Claude Junker, is milking it for all it's worth in order to accumulate more power over the individual states especially concerning control over their borders. Not only is he imposing refugee quotas on the individual states using something called  the Common Asylum Policy, he is unilaterally changing international law by altering the criteria which defines refugee status.

This is draconian even for an unelected dictator like Junker. Anyone looking for work will now be considered as a refugee as opposed to someone fleeing war or persecution. This act alone opens the borders to practically the whole world.

The action by Junker is most likely to counter the fact that a person's status changes from refugee to economic migrant the moment they voluntarily cross a border from a safe haven country as most of these migrants have done from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. It would be illegal for genuine refugees to proceed further without registration in the first safe country.

This unauthorised movement across borders would have the effect of re-defining and downgrading the so-called 'refugee crisis' into one of economic migration and welfare colonialism.

Add the redefinition of refugee status to President Junker's intention to use the state of individual economies for quota allocation, Great Britain will be in his cross-hairs by virtue of its economy being not quite as bankrupt as Greece or the other EU members outside of Germany. Junker's personal hatred of Great Britain and its people will guarantee a quota far exceeding that of which it is capable of absorbing.

With the serial appeaser David Cameron as their Prime Minister, the British people had better prepare themselves for yet another deluge of economic migrants and welfare colonists.

In his usual attempt to appear tough before the people, Prime Minister, David Cameron stated that Great Britain will not be subject to the Common Asylum Policy or Junker's quota's and announced that he would accept five thousand Syrian refugees directly from camps in Lebanon.

After an application of pressure from President Junker, along with that of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the Labour Party, the tedious professional do-gooder Bob Geldof and a selection of other British celebrities, David Cameron caved in within hours with a subsequent announcement that Great Britain will now be accepting twenty thousand immigrants for starters.

Incidentally, one celebrity has past form with regard to Syrian refugees; the notorious champagne socialist Emma Thompson has led another protest to the Prime Minister demanding an increase in the numbers of Syrians admitted into Great Britain.

This is the same Emma Thompson that protested against the building of a Tesco grocery store near her residence because it would 'alter its village atmosphere' along with the horrific prospect that 'the underpaid Tesco staff would not fit it with the local residents'.
( See here and here)

If the British people have reason to worry that they are about to suffer another deluge of economic migrants then this would be further justified by the intervention of the UN in the form of its Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon and his malevolent enforcer Peter Sutherland.

Judging by the attitude and actions of both the EU and the UN toward the British people, their culture, their Judeo-Christian heritage and their way of life it is plainly obvious that these institutions and their leaders are determined to bring about their erasure and their replacement with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

In what is becoming a mantra similar to taxing the the rich, both the UN and the EU demand that everyone should take their 'fair share' of Syrian immigrants. In an interview with British television Ban Ki-moon is arguing that Great Britain 'should do much more' to alleviate the 'refugee crisis'.

He is deliberately ignoring the fact that Great Britain has been changed beyond recognition by a population increase of eight million since Tony Blair obeyed the UN and EU bureaucrats and opened the borders to mass immigration in 1997.

That's 8,000,000 consisting mainly of immigrants and their offspring from the undeveloped and uncivilised world. Although this has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people and their way of life, it has progressed the UN/EU agenda of replacing Great Britain's culture, heritage and way of life with a mythical 'multi-cultural society' by leaps and bounds.

Does the influx of six hundred and thirty-six thousand immigrants (636,000) last year alone constitute a fair share?

A thoroughly evil piece of work, Peter Sutherland is Ban Ki-moon's Special Representative for Migration. He is a life-long super bureaucrat who was also a former unelected European Union Commissioner, the former Director General of GATT then the WTO. He is currently Chairman of Goldman-Sachs International and the London School of Economics.

Sutherland is totally committed to the replacement of British culture and its Judeo-Christian heritage and he works tirelessly to bring it about. He has toured the capitals of Europe and addressed the British Parliament, and also the obsessively secret Bilderberg group, preaching his destructive message. He has even appeared on the BBC to urge the EU leaders to 'undermine national homogeneinty'.
(See here and here)

According to this monster the future of Great Britain and Europe depends on them replacing their cultures with 'multi-cultural societies'; how they became some of the greatest, civilised nations on earth before the influx of incompatible economic migrants and welfare colonists he doesn't explain.

Both Ban Ki-moon and Peter Sutherland need to explain the contradiction of why the great civilisations of Great Britain and Europe must erase their cultures to survive when Ban Ki-moon's native South Korea is the most homogeneous nation on the planet while at the same time being one of the most prosperous.

They also need to explain how many refugees from the current 'crisis' will be journeying to South Korea. Likewise the homogeneous countries of Japan, China, Saudi Arabia etc.

In conclusion: it must be accepted that both the EU and the UN are using this so called 'crisis' to further their agendas which consist of replacing the cultures and Judeo-Christian heritage in Europe to facilitate the creation of a generic European citizen and for the UN to create an egalitarian planet based on equality of nations, cultures and people.

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